Policing Political Activism by Police?

A few years ago Stephen Taylor and I had a little disagreement regarding third party advertising rules during Ontario elections. He felt that there should be no further restrictions. Free speech and all that.

I however shared Chief Electoral Officer Greg Essensa’s concern that the amount of third party spending was disproportionally large compared to the political parties.

But all this pales in comparison to the first time-ever Ontario Provincial Police Association’s attack ads targeting Tim Hudak.

I understand there have been times in the past when the OPP union apparently supported the Tories but that doesn’t make it right especially when the OPP is currently conducting two investigations that occurred under Liberal governance.

Is it time for Ontario to have another look at third party ads and place some kind of restriction on amount spent and who can advertise?

In any case let’s hope that little Miller Hudak doesn’t see or hear any of those mean-spirited OPPA ads against her Daddy.

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Excellent editorial in Waterloo Region RecordTo serve and protest:

…Now ads, showing images of uniformed officers, have taken the equivalent of a nightstick to the Hudak campaign. Progressive Conservative supporters — and there are hundreds of thousands of them — will take notice and wonder what it could mean for them. Could a citizen with a Conservative campaign sign on her lawn be absolutely certain the OPP would respond to a call for help with the same enthusiasm that a neighbour with a Liberal sign would receive?

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Wowza indeed!

VERY disturbing development on the Ontario Election campaign front:


More at BC Blue: Ontario Police union openly campaigning against Hudak and PCs.

Developing story.

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OPP Attack Ads Against Tim Hudak A Violation Of Police Services Act?Paulsstuff

Ontario Provincial Police Association launches unprecedented attack ads against Tim Hudak’s ‘Tea Party’ politics National Post. Comments also worth checking out there.

Ontario Provincial Police news release self-serving twaddle & THE BIG LIE!Sandy

Kelly McParland: OPP attack on Hudak relegates the public interest to second placeNational Post

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Twitter as a Campaign Tool

Critics of Twitter often complain that the social media site is merely a sounding board for like-minded opinions. That may be true but it can also be effectively used as a news source and even a way of engaging thoughtful debate during an election.

For purposes of the present Ontario election, I thought I’d share a few tips that I’ve discovered along the way.

First of all you must maintain credibility if you wish to accumulate both followers and influence.  You should be able to back up any of your tweets with facts and links to the data.

Secondly, use popular hashtags to reach your intended audience. Therefore in this current election you might use #onpoli, #ontpoli #VoteOn, #OnElxn, and possibly also #pcpo, #ondp, #olp, and of course my own personal favourite #FireWynne.

Third, try to maintain a civil, respectful discourse when debating on Twitter, but don’t allow yourself to get drawn into a troll trap. You will never change a troll’s mind. They only want to waste your time and use you as a target for their hate and venom.

Above all, try to avoid the momentary satisfaction of a knee-jerk tweet. It could prove to be an action you may someday regret – especially if you end up running for political office.

The Internet Never Forgets.

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I love the background music here:

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Best ad yet:

Update:  Don’t miss our own Paul Burling on the Agenda!!

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Ontario Election 2014

A couple of things before I get started.  No, I’m not back from my hiatus. However this Ontario election is extremely important not just for Ontarians but also for anyone paying taxes in Canada and having to support a Have-Not province.

What I plan to do here is highlight critical articles as I come across them. They’ll mostly be from an economic perspective because after all, that’s what drives jobs and provides tax revenue for governments to spend on whatever it is they perceive to be important to residents and taxpayers.

I won’t be allowing comments at this point because that requires time and energy that I just don’t have right now. However Twitter is also a medium for discussion and the plus for me is that I don’t have to vet comments with a concern about legal repercussions.

So after you read the articles you can discuss them with friends, family or on other social media forums if they interest you.


The first piece I want to highlight is this excellent article by Harrison Ruess: Hudak’s public sector cuts are Economics-101 (Sun). I found this to be an exceptionally easy to understand analysis of the concern of over-investment in the public sector.

Ruess explains the bloating:

“The public sector in Ontario has ballooned under former Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty and current Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne. In fact it’s added a staggering 100,000 public jobs in only the last five years. That’s an expansion of about 10% – growth not matched by population numbers or the private sector, not by a long shot.”


He goes on to explain the economic imbalance that can occur if the public sector becomes too heavy and how it impacts us all in a negative fashion.

These are solid arguments to present to your family, friends and colleagues if you’re in an election discussion.

Well thanks taking the time to get through all this. More to follow in coming days.

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Also worth checking out:

Ontario Election: Business vs. Labour. (Sun)

Proof Tim Hudak’s “Million Job Plan” CAN indeed work!Crux of the Matter:

The problem we have now is an over-abundance of public service workers — which is totally the fault of the Liberals, not the Tories. They allowed the Ontario public service to hire 100,000 people just since 2008/9. What were the Liberals thinking? Hiring like there was no tomorrow right in the middle of the worst resession since the 1930s.

Indeed. And now Kathleen Wynne wants you to believe that losing some excess public service jobs through attrition would be the end of the world. Well yeah, maybe for her union boss friends.

Russ Campbell also has an excellent post here – On June 12 Ontarians have chance to choose a better way:

Option a: choose more of the high-tax, high-debt, low economic performance of the Liberals and New Democrats, a.k.a., tight job market and, basically, more of the same.

Option b: choose Tim Hudak’s version of an economically strong Ontario with a government sized appropriately for our needs and means, a.k.a. a return to the days of responsible government, of jobs and prosperity that result from prudent fiscal management.

We need a Strong, Majority, Progressive-Conservative Ontario Government. Nothing less will do.

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Family first

Well this is a good news/bad news story.

The good news is that the babies are almost ready to go home. They are healthy and doing well. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

The bad news is that the sum total of my attention and energy is going to be required to help the new parents for at least the next several weeks. So therefore I will have to put this blog on hiatus. Even with the filter there is just too much of a chance that someone could make a comment that could be taken the wrong way (see Sandy’s post), and I just won’t have the time to assess each comment for litigious nuances.

So thanks once again for your understanding and patience. Comments may stay open for a short time but will definitely close within a day or two.

God Bless!!

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March 21 Update

Will continue to be on hiatus for a while. The boys are thriving but it’s still all hands on deck in the help department!

I manage to get the odd tweet out though. Not as time-consuming as maintaining a blog.

Thanks for your patience.

May 2 Update

So Ontarians finally get a chance to render a verdict on the Wynne Liberals. Sandy is planning to cover all the excitement.

I may chime in here as time and circumstances permit, but please do everything you can to take back our beloved province! Thank you.

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