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As regulars readers know, I haven’t had time to thoroughly read all comments on my own blog much less put up new posts.

However I just had to mention this CTV report stating that Ontario Progressive Conservatives are targeting the NDP in the Niagara Falls by-election.

As Sandy has already noted, this particular by-election will be a contest between the Tories and everyone else. There is no difference between the NDP or Liberals in general, but especially so in that riding with Big Labour coming out in full force against Tim Hudak and his Tories.

I expect union resources will align behind the NDP candidate, so this could be a tough, nasty fight.

A vote for the NDP is really just a vote for more of the same Liberal entitlement, secrecy, scandals and taxpayer-scorning that we have seen so much of over the last decade.

Is that what you really want?


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Special Note to the “Blue Brigade”:

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. The twins are scheduled to make their entrance into the world next week. Needless to say I will be extremely busy but will try to keep the comment section open as long as there are no issues.  I really do appreciate how everyone here tries to get along and not take personal attacks. It makes my job so much easier.

Please keep the comments coming so I can drop by and catch up when I get a moment. Thanks.

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Wynne winding Ontario downCold Air.  Say goodnight, Kathleen.

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Bypassing the Media Elitists

The second edition of 24 Seven has been released.

At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this production, but it is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at what the Prime Minister is doing.

And best of all, it has caused certain members of the Media Party to totally flip out at the prospect that we actually don’t need them to interpret what we see, and interject all sorts of prickly questions.

Who knew?


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You can follow Prime Minister Harper’s first trip to the Middle East here.

Harper feels no need to temper sugar with vinegarThe Jerusalem Post:

In contrast to the hypocrisy Netanyahu bemoans, along comes Canada’s Harper and shows a very different way.

Israel: The Defining Speech of Harper’s CareerMitch Wolfe, HuffPo:

…This is Harper at his best — thoughtful, sensitive, principled, hard-nosed, tough, supremely confident and fiercely independent of morally relativistic and conventional international opinion…

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Neil still trying to be Young

I am really tired of aging ‘celebrities’ attempting to use their legendary status as a soapbox to cram their hypocritical hyperbole down our throats.

Neil Young is one such offender among so many others such as David Suzuki, Darryl Hannah, Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson and the list goes on and on.

If they actually believe what they’re saying and are passionate about it, why don’t they seek out the truth and present a balanced approach to an issue? Wouldn’t they garner more credibility and enhance their cause if they did their due diligence before taking the show on the road?

Or is the real reason they do it because they’re so fearful of going gentle into that good night?

And so any press is good press.

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Hypocrite NeilEzra Levant.

When Neil Young and Daryl Hannah Came to TownTim Moen, HuffPo via Paulsstuff and CTV.

If Neil Young actually walked his talk, we’d see …Les MacPherson, StarPhoenix

And from Ryan Simper whom I follow on Twitter – a brilliant parody:

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And you know you’ve really gone too far left when even Jim Cuddy starts criticizing you! Neil Young Warns Oilsands Will Look Like ‘The Moon,’ Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy Calls Him ‘Extreme, Crazy’HuffPo

Corbella: Neil Young chooses his own comfort over his convictionsCalgary Herald

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The Wisdom of Toronto ‘Elites’

Jim Cuddy:  “You cannot raise a people up by dragging others down and that is what the mayor attempts to do.”  And apparently so does the Toronto Star. [H/T]

My only regret is any part I had in enhancing Cuddy’s financial status with money spent on Blue Rodeo CDs and concert tickets.

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Toronto Star fails in effort to find out how Drake really feels about Rob FordMarc Weisblott

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Security Breach

I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the security breach of our Prime Minister’s safety during the Vancouver Board of Trade talk yesterday, but I see Spin Assassin had done an excellent job so I will refer you there.

The ease with which the activists got into the venue is appalling (Record link here):

While reporters and TV camera operators were forced to have their equipment examined by a police dog, there appeared to be little in place — such as a security checkpoint to check credentials or ID — that would have prevented anyone from just walking into the room.

One of the two protesters, local activist Sean Devlin, said he and his colleague weren’t stopped or approached by security at any point before they walked on stage.”

This is a non-partisan issue.  The activists admitted to CBC they would have done the same if a Liberal government had been in power and held the same environmental policy on pipelines.

Canadians deserve better.

So does our Prime Minister and his family – even if he did handle the incident with humour and grace.


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