Happy Birthday CPC!

The Conservative Party of Canada is a decade old this month and celebrating 10 of it’s major accomplishments with the Canada-EU Free Trade Agreement rightly ranking #1!

And there are so many more – my personal favourites being the senior’s income splitting option and TFSA’s.

Of course the CPC is synonymous with Stephen Harper, who has done us proud as leader over the last ten years.

But just take a moment and consider where this country would be right now if the Reform Party and Progressive Conservatives hadn’t learned how to cooperate and work together as a team?

A healthy democracy needs strength and balance on both sides of the political spectrum in order to hold the government of the day to account.

Fortunately back in 2003 the two parties from the right found a way to forge this stronger united party.

Otherwise the Liberals would likely have remained in power forever.

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CPC 10th Anniversary – list of accomplishmentsJust Right (complete with link to Sandy’s amazing list of CPC accomplishments [2006 -2011] [post 2011] and a lively discussion in the comment section.)

Cool story here about local MP Peter Braid joining the Canadian delegation – Braid heads to South Africa for Mandela memorial.

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Liberal Math

Bob Chiarelli boasted yesterday that his new longterm energy plan “is going to push rates down.”

Yet we will all be paying more.


Keith Leslie tries to explain:

“The average homeowner will pay about $100 a year less than they would have if the Liberals hadn’t killed plans to build two new nuclear reactors, renegotiated a green energy deal with Samsung and started paying wind farms not to produce electricity when it’s not needed, said Chiarelli.”

So basically we’re still getting screwed, but just not quite as badly as we would have if they hadn’t ‘corrected’ some of their earlier bungling.

But of course it’s still all Mike Harris’ fault.


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Absolute MUST-READ column by Kelly McParland: Mike Harris is responsible for everything bad that happens to Ontario’s energy minister.

Liberals’ energy plan is dead in the long run: CohnStar (In which Cohn doesn’t just blame Mike Harris!!)

Chiarelli’s New Math: Two Gas Plants Equal One CoffeeFuschi’s Forum:

…Rather than cups of coffee let’s ask these charlatans in more real terms, how many hip replacements will it delay; how many heart surgeries cancelled; how many MRIs rescheduled while people suffer; how many jobs would it create in the hands of those who must repay it?

Well said.

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Forever a Rock Star

Stephen Harper rocks out at the largest-ever annual Negev fundraising dinner after announcing plans for his first visit to Israel sometime next year.

And the crowd went wild!


Of course Stephen J. Harper is also an author.

Oh, and Prime Minister of Canada too.

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H/T to Bettie for this CBC link to the entire concert!

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Pros and cons of an empowered caucus

Conservative MP Michael Chong’s soon-to-be-tabled bill to give party caucuses more power is certainly getting a lot of attention from left-wing parties and media.

CPC critics are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of what they perceive to be more Tory backbencher malaise.

However most official responses from any of the parties (other than Elizabeth May’s) seem rather reluctant to take a firm stand and are waiting to see the exact wording of the bill.

Because of course the bill wouldn’t just apply to the Conservatives. It would give all backbenchers more power including the ability to turf their leaders and fellow MPs. (Coyne details the proposals here if you can stand reading his column.)

Something tells me Chong’s bill isn’t going to get much support though.

If you don’t have cohesion and party discipline, you may as well just sit as a bunch of independents.

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Conservatives should be wary of Michael Chong’s “democratic reform”Diogenes Borealis (H/T Sandy)

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Orange Crush starting to fizzle?

Things have stabilized a bit on the home-front for the moment, or at least enough to permit time to open up a thread here on the by-election results from last night.

My personal observation is that Angry Tom is in trouble. He may be effective as an opposition leader debating in Question Period, but I don’t think people really see him as Prime Minister material.

So if they are looking for an alternative to Stephen Harper’s Conservatives the default position is clearly the Liberals’ Shiny Pony.

Which is why I suspect the battle will likely now move to the arena of Trudeau vs. Mulcair.

It should be a most entertaining spectacle.


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This one may be behind a paywall but even the headline is intriguing:  Squabbling between Trudeau and Mulcair makes post-2015 coalition even more inconceivable - John Ivison

Indeed.  Two huge egos do not fit well within the framework of a coalition.

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