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Staging a Public Intervention in the Star

I think I’ve figured out the latest attack strategy against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: Pity him (along with discrediting him of course..) The Star is only trying to help Rob Ford deal with his problems. His staff asked for the … Continue reading

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Let he who is without sin…

The print edition of today’s National Post contains a lengthy piece by Tom Flanagan (“The Quality of Mercy”) where he gives his side of the furor that began that fateful night at the  University of Lethbridge. He also attempts to explain … Continue reading

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Do you feel duped?

If you felt a bit outraged about the pantsuit question at Kathleen Wynne’s swearing-in, you can now relax. Turns out a gay man asked the question so it’s o.k. now (and BTW he is also a BIG Wynne fan!)  Christina … Continue reading

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Who needs the Opposition.. (Updated)

..when you’ve got the Media Party? And check out this video (also shown on Ezra’s show) of an all-out attack on Jason Kenney by a rabid member of the Media Party! Kudos to Gabby for sleuthing out the [alleged] owner of … Continue reading

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The Danger of Reading Headlines Only

Star Phoenix heralds the recent Ipsos Reid poll with the following: “Poll shows wide support for abortion rights”. Or using SDA’s theme of “Let Me Fix That Headline for You” we could say, “Overwhelming Majority of Respondents (60%) Favour limits on … Continue reading

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