Tories vs. WynneWathUnion Coalition

As regulars readers know, I haven’t had time to thoroughly read all comments on my own blog much less put up new posts.

However I just had to mention this CTV report stating that Ontario Progressive Conservatives are targeting the NDP in the Niagara Falls by-election.

As Sandy has already noted, this particular by-election will be a contest between the Tories and everyone else. There is no difference between the NDP or Liberals in general, but especially so in that riding with Big Labour coming out in full force against Tim Hudak and his Tories.

I expect union resources will align behind the NDP candidate, so this could be a tough, nasty fight.

A vote for the NDP is really just a vote for more of the same Liberal entitlement, secrecy, scandals and taxpayer-scorning that we have seen so much of over the last decade.

Is that what you really want?


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Special Note to the “Blue Brigade”:

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. The twins are scheduled to make their entrance into the world next week. Needless to say I will be extremely busy but will try to keep the comment section open as long as there are no issues.  I really do appreciate how everyone here tries to get along and not take personal attacks. It makes my job so much easier.

Please keep the comments coming so I can drop by and catch up when I get a moment. Thanks.

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Wynne winding Ontario downCold Air.  Say goodnight, Kathleen.

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  1. Bec says:

    Every time I see what the ‘Ontario Coalition’ is capable of doing to undermine the brilliance of what was once Ontario, I shudder thinking of Canada’s close call with the 3 Amigos. A true nightmare.

    On a personal note, I am so excited for you and your Family, Joanne. God bless you all.

    • Richco says:

      The polls (if you believe them) are holding strong for the PCs in both ridings.

      In Niagara Falls it’s a 3 way race with the NDP looking to scoop the union vote away from the Liberals and Conservatives (yes folks, there are union members who LIKE the Work-to-Rule) and support it privately. Turnout is the key.

      In Thornhill turnout will be the key but the wild card in all of this is how loyal to Peter Sherman was this riding and could that result in a Liberal victory. Turnout here is key but this is also a riding the Tories would like to keep because it’s in the GTA.

      Lots can happen in a few weeks.

      • Richco says:

        Interesting that the CTV report that Joanne links to actually reads like the NDP are fearful of the PCs and not the other way around like the spin suggests.

  2. fh says:

    there is nothing that compares to welcoming a new addition to your family and you will be welcoming two precious new additions
    do not even think about anything but your family
    I am sending prayers for your family and I look forward to hearing your news reports
    God bless you and your family

  3. Richco says:

    Just in case we need to be reminded of how bad things have become under the McWynneWath government in Ontario here’s the latest illustration from

    “Ontario’s economy by the numbers:
    ** Province’s debt at end of 2013: $273 billion
    ** Province’s debt in 2003: $139 billion
    ** Amount to be added to debt this year: $20 billion
    ** Debt owed by each Ontarian, including babies: $19,928
    ** Amount owed in debt interest this year: $10.4 bilion
    ** How much interest on debt would increase if 1% hike in interest rates: $408 million
    ** Latest credit rating downgrade: Moody’s, Ontario went to Aa2 (stable) from Aa1 (negative)
    ** Amount Drummond report said province had to reduce in real spending to balance books in 2017-2018: 17%
    ** Amount reduced so far: 0%”

    • Liz J says:

      Speaking of Drummond, doubt he’d be interested in offering up any advice to the RED Riding Hood in the RED, they USED him once, they only take advice if it doesn’t affect sucking up for votes.

      • Richco says:

        I’m surprised that some of Drummond’s recommendations haven’t been implemented in some of the opposition planks/policies seeing as though the public really liked what Drummond recommended.

        Perhaps that will materialize.

        Seems like a no-brainer.

    • Sandy says:

      Good stuff Richco. I’ll have to check out that site next week.

  4. Richco says:

    Wishing you and your family safe arrivals next week Joanne.
    Believe me, this blog pales in comparison to family issues and what really matters in one’s life.
    Your priorities are elsewhere. No expectations whatsoever.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Richco. I’ll keep you guys posted. 😉

      • Liz J says:

        Looks like happy/exciting/busy times are assured for your family Joanne, more love to share.

        As a retired neonatal nurse I understand the range of emotions families can go through to get to the big day with multiple births.

  5. old white guy says:

    twins. my kids had twins six months ago. combine that with a four year old and even just doing laundry becomes a full time chore. I wish you all the best.

    • Joanne says:

      Whew! Yes that would be rough with another little one around. But they’re all God’s blessings. :) Thanks for the good wishes.

  6. Richco says:

    Harper & Israel

    Here’s a really nice column by Selley in the NP today. Really like the photo!

    • Richco says:

      “But Mr. Harper can at least claim to have known his brief, to have stuck to his guns, and not to have been laughed at repeatedly — something to keep in mind while people pine for the “good old days.”

    • fh says:

      Kudos to Chris Selley for reminding us of the Jean Chretien trip to Israel

      • Liz J says:

        John Ivison writes the “Harper visit forged a bond with Netanyahu rather than between Canada and Israel”? What kind of thought process would lead to such a conclusion when two leaders meet representing their respective countries?

        Getting along with leaders of other countries is key to having success in all dealings. Wonder if they’d like to talk about the POTUS, the darling of the Hollywood crowd?

        • fh says:

          I think John Ivison forgets PM Harper represents the Canadian people and also that the all mighty Liberals agree the ndpq have indicated they support Israel but it is a tempered support

  7. Anne in swON says:

    There’s another plant closing Wynne and McGuinty can add to the list of industries leaving Ontario because of growing energy costs. Westray’s Strathroy location is the latest victim.

  8. Bubba Brown says:

    Thinking of you and the twins Jo, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, may God bless you all!

    Hearts entwined
    Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
    two sweet babies with cheeks of rose.
    Born on the same day, two gifts from above,
    lives entwined, two babies to love.
    ~Author Unknown

    That Chretain visit to the Middle East was one boner after another Chretain was the Canadian version of Elmer Fudd.
    His predessor Trudeau senior was actually worse, infantile actually like his son Justin he never met a dictatorship he didn’t love.
    Yet somehow they are portrayed as “Statesmen” a larger work of fiction than the vows of fidelity in a French Marriage Contract.
    A good find Richco, there is nothing like facts to completly confuse a NDP-Q/Liberal.

    • Liz J says:

      Glad the Chretien escapade to the ME has been dug up at this time for comparison….a different time, different players but PM Harper’s state visit shows how it’s done when substance and sincerity are the order of the day.

    • Joanne says:

      Beautiful poem Bubba! Thanks. :)

    • Sandy says:

      A twin story:

      It’s interesting when twins are not born on the same day. 5 minutes to midnight and 5 minutes after.

      Know a situation like that and the kids have different birthdays — but they are identical.

      They are in their 40s now but when the mother, my friend, went into labour, she and her husband were expecting a single baby, a big one, but because her two previous children had been 9 lbs, no one was concerned that she was so large.

      However, after the first baby was born, her pains continued and then she heard her doctor say: “oh, oh”.” Which of course scared her. Then, he said “another one coming.”

      My friend said, in spite of the pain, all she could do was laugh uproariously — which apparently helped the second one enter the world. LOL

      I asked her about the heart beat and apparently it is not uncommon for two heart beats to beat as one. There were no ultrasounds then.

      • Bec says:

        Lovely story, Sandy and my cousins were born in the back seat of a ‘Packard’, their Mom having no idea that she was having twins and Premmies. The Taxi driver helping with the delivery and NOW, VERY successful women almost 50 years later.

        What a blessing, enjoy every moment of it. WE have 11 now in 15 years and 2 coming this year. Being a Grama is the best.

  9. fh says:

    I do not like to attack a politician’s family
    this article is a nice list of her family ties
    none of this is important
    Wynne is destroying Ontario and must call an election the sooner the better

  10. fh says:

    Australia thank you
    When you need more power it is not blowing in the wind
    Ontario voters take note vote PC Tim Hudak in the next election when ever that should come about
    in the by elections please PLEASE vote the PC Tim Hudak Candidates to save our Ontario and return the Province of Ontario to a have HAVE Province

  11. Martin says:

    For more on the honest broker period superannuated EA officials are so fond of, consider Trudeau Sr’s peace initiative of 1983-84. Histories of the cold war’s end have emphasized the influences of Reagan, Thatcher, Pope John Paul, Gorbachev and others. Trudeau’s journeys of the period if considered at all are dismissed as quixotic grand standing, or else go unmentioned. He was till preaching peaceful coexistence at the time, yet 5 years later the whole soviet system collapsed. Not for the first time, Trudeau was totally wrong in his reading of world events. How this episode enhanced Canada’s reputation for world leadership is hard to fathom, yet Liberals in particular cling to this notion.
    Some reporter might want to ask Jr about this, as I believe he was present on the Soviet trip and he has alluded to the golden age of foreign relations with Liberal PMs.

    • Monkey says:

      Actually in many ways it was under Mulroney that Canada had many significant achievements on foreign policy. He was able to get us free trade with the US which was no easy task and he took a strong stand against Apartheid in South Africa and due to his good relations with Thatcher and Reagan he brought them onside despite earlier skepticism. By contrast Trudeau was not seen well by either and I suspect they would have ignored them. But never mind people forget about his strong love affair with dictators. He refused to fight in WWII and rode around on a motorcycle with a Nazi flag. He supported just about every communist regime no matter how repressive they were. The only Trudeau I admired was Charles Trudeau who was a successful Montreal businessman, but all his offspring have basically just lived off his wealth. Justin Trudeau unlike his father strikes me as someone who is largely ignorant on policy and will just do whatever the party tells him to. I didn’t like his father’s policies, but at least he had brains unlike Justin

  12. fh says:

    My favourite Bruce Cockburn Coldest night of the year

  13. Monkey says:

    I think the biggest hurdle when taking on unions is hear people all the time say unions brought us the middle class as such many still sympathize with them. As Hudak has already pointed out the main problem is with the public sector unions who can hold the taxpayer’s hostage not the private sector ones, even though I think many of them haven’t adapted with the times. It feels like our unions are still stuck in 19th century England when you listen to their rhetoric. If anyone points out how the Nordic countries have high unionization rates and are doing well, there’s a key difference. Their unions work with the company understanding good wages can only exist if a company is profitable. Ours seem to be at war with those employing them. And anyone who says unions are needed for high wages, I know of many sectors that unionization is virtually nonexistent and they pay good wages with good benefits. What’s changed is you need strong skills for good salary, a high school education won’t do anymore. That’s why I think Hudak needs to emphasize his program on trades. Also the tax free zones in New York state introduced by a Democrat government to encourage business start ups is something he needs to mention everytime someone states corporate taxes don’t work. Also he should highlight policies that will be attractive to small businesses such as cutting red tape. Anyways as much as the Toronto Star may hate him, I suspect most of its readers are left wing to begin with so he needs to use other outlets to promote his views.

    Also congrats on the twins. I suspect you will be busy but they often do tend to sleep a fair bit, but whatever time you have for bogging works.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Monkey. I think anytime the babies are sleeping, the parents and caretakers will be too. 😉

      In any case, I agree with most if not all your thoughts about the unions. The public sector ones are definitely the bigger problem. As a society we are going to have trouble meeting all the obligations that various levels of government have given in to regarding pensions and such. This is a far larger problem than just Ontario’s.

      • Monkey says:

        It’s also going to be big soon as the baby boomers are approaching retirement. I suspect that’s why Wynne wants to rush the enhanced pension scheme so she can find all the baby boomer unfunded liabilities in the public sector.

        • Joanne says:

          This is a good link to check out:

          • monkey says:

            Great site. I am all for workers getting decent pensions, but it should be based on rate of return, not some artificial defined benefit. I work for a private sector non-unionized company and our company provides pensions for its employees. How it works is each employee can decide how they want their money invested and they get whatever the return is from it. Since it is the financial sector where most are at least somewhat knowledgeable about the market, I can understand why unions elsewhere might not want to follow this. Generally speaking the best methods of getting a guaranteed return are either investing in government bonds which have about a 5-6% return (this excludes inflation or economic growth) or an ETF, which is a weighted value of each stock exchange index, otherwise you invest in companies base on what percentage influence they have on the stock exchange index so some will do poorly but others will do well. The problem is both have a stable return, but its not high, so if you want a higher return you need to take risks such as picking new and upcoming companies or investing in emerging markets. Both can have a great rate of return, but they can also result in a loss. The problem is public sector unions set a rate of return above what it would be in safe investments and demand compensation in the case of risky investments if they under perform which ultimately cost taxpayers.

            • monkey says:

              I should add I find it ironic many unions go on about the evils of privatization yet they have no problem with their pensions owning significant portions of privatized assets. Whether it be airports, railways, electric utilities, large pension plans like OMERS or OTPP seem to be fine investing in those even if they advocate government ownership which shows their hypocricy. One railway in Britain privatized back in the early 90s is now owned by the OTPP for example. On this I support Tim Hudak’s plan on OPG and Hydro One which is to sell a minority stake but have the government own more than 50% of shares. Finland, Austria, France, and New Zealand have all floated their electrical utilities on their stock exchanges while still maintaining majority ownership. Never mind in the case of OPG, Dwight Duncan on twitter called for it to be privatized so Tim Hudak can use this if anyone attacks him on that.

  14. Monkey says:

    I was thinking on the right to work laws, two possibilities that would make Hudak look reasonable and the unions not.

    1. Allow anyone to opt-out of the union provided they give an equal amount of their dues to a charity of the worker’s choice, not the union. (that could even include a think tank like the Fraser Institute, otherwise any organization with charitable status according to Revenue Canada)

    2. Keep union dues for collective bargaining and pensions mandatory, but make dues for political action voluntary.

    Both these would kill the whole freerider problem, which is the union’s best weapon, while allow workers who don’t subscribe to their left wing ideology to opt out.

    • Richco says:

      Have you read the two white papers that have to do with rethinking labour and public service management monkey?

      Some of what you’re suggesting is there.

      • Richco says:

        I linked to the Labour paper in the last thread but the white paper on how to deal with the public service also has a section employee choice.

        • monkey says:

          Unfortunately I haven’t read all of the white papers, but I do read the sections where those were mentioned. I am more or less just brainstorming here as I could see this possibly costing them the election since as much as I cannot stand public sector unions they are quite effective. The main thing I’ve found is to look reasonable and make them look extreme, which this sort of does.

  15. Bubba Brown says:

    Chiming in on Unions, I was a life long Union menber, PPWC up North (Pulp Paper and Woodworkers of Canada) and Boilermakers out of Lodge 191 in Victoria.
    I have always had the POV that everyone is involved for the same reason, to make money.
    The Boss is not my enemy he deserves to make a profit.
    Up North the attitude on the executive was that no supplicant for money should be turned down.
    Once the word got around that we were a soft touch the letters never stopped coming.
    As a trustgee I found during a quartely audit that thousands of NDP flyers had been printed on our big expensive leased copier.
    I reported the concealed expenditure and the Dippers had to pay.
    Tough Nuggies.
    I wish I had been able to rally the rank and file to make any expenditure not clearly Union Buisness subject to referendum.
    Even with 600 + members paying two hours a month dues approx 12,000 $ coming in a month we were always broke.
    I have no fear of RTW the lefties take over your Union and think your money is theirs to spend on the “Cause”
    Boycott Israel, elect dingbats, raid attempts on other Unions, the list is endless.
    They very quickly forget who they work for.
    I would like to make it clear that the things I have described did not happen in the Boilermakers Local 191.
    Public service Unions getting involve in the Political Arena are pure poision to our democracy, giving Teachers the right to opt out would be very appropiate IMO.
    Peer pressure can be overwhelming and has no place in a democratic society.
    I am speaking from experience.

    • monkey says:

      Good to hear from someone who worked for a union. I’ve found many union members are not nearly as socialistic as their leadership is. I worked for a union company while at university at when you include my union dues it actually amounted to below minimum wage, but interestingly enough most of the senior co-workers were right of centre. In the case of public sector unions it is a different story although I remember during my university years as a member of the BC Young Liberals (the BC Liberals are not Liberal but more conservative than Liberal), one of our members mother was a teacher and she supported them despite the fact the BCTF hated them, but kept her mouth shut out of fear of being blacklisted by the union. So my point is many union members aren’t as left wing as some think, the problem is more with the union bosses and leadership who tend to be hardcore socialists. In fact I believe those who are private sector union members are more likely to vote Conservative than the general population.

      • Richco says:

        Even among unions the teachers are considered a bit off/entitled.
        It’s quite funny listening to line workers talk about teacher unions actually.

  16. Bubba Brown says:

    Hmm say goodnight Kathleen, what the Liberals decided to do with “renewables” 10 years ago has not worked.
    Will not work, cannot work, yet they continue at an accelerated pace, driving Ontario down, driving buisness after buisness out.
    As Forrest Gump said “stupid is as stupid does”
    Way past time to kick them to the curb good people of Ontario.
    I agree Monkey there are a lot of Conservative types in private Union ranks.
    My fights as a trustee, I won some, lost some, got the scars to prove it, kept them as honest as I could.

  17. fh says:

    This good news was not very prominent on MM
    Canada more business friendly than US

    • Liz J says:

      I somehow doubt Ontario contributed much to the score for Canada being more business friendly…..

  18. fh says:

    a special 24 SEVEN PM Harper Reflections from middle east

  19. Richco says:

    My apologies for the length of this list, but it’s necessary to see the scope of the Ontario Liberal screw-ups. It’s from
    It’s important to note the difference between these REAL scandals and the ones the left leaning media would rather focus on.
    Also, Ontario still feels the pinch of many, if not all of these.

    “The Top Scandals of Ontario

    1) Gas Plant Scandal – 2013- liberals
    2) E-health – 2009- liberals
    3) OLG –2010- liberals
    4) Ornge – 2011-liberals
    5) The Green Energy Act–2009- liberals
    6) HST – 2012 – liberals
    7) The Health Premium– 2003- liberals
    8) The pre – Kindergarten – 2012- liberals
    9) The Pan-Am games – 2012 -liberals
    10) Metrolinx & the Big Move – 2009- liberals
    11) Drive Clean Program – 2005 – conservative act (1988) changed by liberals so
    it costs more
    12) Coroner’s complex – 2012 -liberals
    13) LHIN – 2006 – liberals
    14) The teacher solution – every year in power – liberals
    15) The O.P.P. raise – every year in power- liberals
    16) Healthcare cuts to most used items – liberals
    17) The proposed 10 cents levy on a litre of gas to subsidize the liberal mismanagement of taxpayer’s monies.
    18) Gift Cards to Toronto residents which all of Ontario is paying for – 2014 – liberals
    19) Northlands – cost more to shut it down than it did to run it – 2013- liberals
    20) E-Health- again- with the bonuses paid out to employees when there is a wage freeze supposedly happening – 2014 – liberals.
    21) the proposed Ontario Pension Plan – 2013 – liberals, they want the citizens of Ontario to give them more money to mismanage – not going to happen. We have had enough of the O.P.P.
    22) the proposed hospital and the winery grant to attempt to win another buy election – 2014 – liberals
    23) Making the hydro users of Ontario pay $220 per hydro user to subsidize the selling of our hydro to other provinces and the states- 2014 – liberals.

    The list just keeps getting longer with more issues arising every day it seems.”

    • Liz J says:

      What a disaster zone the province of Ontario has become in the hands of the McGuinty government now continuing under chosen leader Wynne.

      What is it about this pillage so many people can’t see? Why would any person with a thought process beyond a turnip even consider voting Liberal for any reason?

      • Richco says:

        Remember that only a handful of loyal Liberals is the reason she’s leading right now. We really don’t know how the province feels. For that we need an election and we needed it yesterday.

        Another weekend……all roads in and out closed tight due to snow storm. Third weekend in a row. It’s a balmy -8 this morning, the wind is shifting to the northwest and we’re readying for round two that’s going to plummet us in to a deep freeze and more snow until this time next week.

        They’re even talking in New York about having to postpone the Super Bowl until Monday due to weather. If they do that they might as well call it a holiday because there is no one showing up for work.

  20. Richco says:

    Looking back on the Harper government anniversary from a smattering of characters.

    • Richco says:

      Should have added “a smattering of dubious characters” and rarely fans of the PM.

    • fh says:

      we should not feed the trolls
      thanks Richco for the heads up

    • fh says:

      Conservative Government PM Harper
      Supporting Canadian Families

      • monkey says:

        Dan McTeague was the harshest but he is a liberal so that’s expected and Warren Kinsella was pretty critical too. The two Conservatives I think gave much better reviews. The reality is Harper is a polarizing figure so if you are left of centre, you will probably hate him with a passion while if on the right you will probably at least generally agree with his direction even though some no doubt might question some of his policies. I should note Trudeau was every bit as polarizing as Harper, he didn’t unite Canada the way some on the left claim. It was just different groups who supported him and different ones who hated him.

  21. Bubba Brown says:

    Looks like “stormy weather” for the East stay safe Blue Brigade.
    The heckler from the Knesset will be hosting a “Tough but Fair” show about what else Politics he will also be writing articles for the “Red Star. Just kidding.
    CBC wants to give him the Justin Trudeau “Doobie” award, still kidding.
    Ezra is in rare form this morning turning the spotlight on Niel Young and his “Honour the Treaty”
    No Kidding.
    Ezra slices, dices, eviscerates, skins, tans and then makes hisself a very handsome “fringed Jacket” from Mr Youngs hide.
    I have been around politics for a while and thought Saint Suzuki was made to look very foolish by Ezra.
    This takes expose’ to a whole new, dare I say “Nuclear” level.
    God Bless Ezra!
    This is regardin Scott Walker and his success story in Wisconcin
    Stay real Tim and stay strong!
    Things can be turned around Ontario!
    Throw out the lying Liberals!

    • fh says:

      Bubba I repeated your link it needed repeating over and over

    • Richco says:

      “Things can be turned around Ontario!
      Throw out the lying Liberals!”

      Given the opportunity Bubba I hope that the rest of Ontario will do just that.

  22. fh says:

    Who knew? Global warming decreases storm activity and extreme weather
    it is not CO2 related however

  23. Bubba Brown says:

    Now here is a poll we all should vote in !
    Running 84% for Conservative Government single digits for hairy and fairy dust candidates.

    • Liz J says:

      Hey, that’s a poll we can agree with! Given the other choices, like media pick “Doobie” Trudeau or Angry Tom, we have to hope it’s spot on!

      I’m thinking there’s been an awakening in the land, people are realizing the games the MSM is playing, spinning facts into lies to feed their agenda.

  24. Tripper523 says:

    Those are fantastic numbers, Bubba!! Very uplifting on this frigid, stormy Saturday in the Niagara Region. There may be a bit of a distortion owing to the likely stronger Blue readership, but I’ll run with it. PM Harper is easily preferred over self-adorned prodigies “Hairy” and “Fairy” (I love it) with plenty of room to spare. I’ve enjoyed your imagery and vivid descriptions of late, and it’s invigorating to see you haven’t lost a step. I’ve appreciated too the many fine contributions and information from Blue Brigade stalwarts. Thanks, Richco, for that comprehensive list of Liberal Liabilities, and the so many reasons for people NOT to vote for them. Such items should be required reading for everyone before attending the polls… Print it and put it somewhere handy for reference, like on the fridge, next to one of Bubba’s famous recipes. Hey Joanne… Best wishes on the soon-to-arrive “20 fingers and 20 toes” (thanks again Bubba) and God’s richest blessings on the parents and Grandma too. As was stated, keep those family priorities first and enjoy it all… The blogs, news, and scandals will always be there…

  25. Jen says:

    O/T or not, please read.

    Letters to the Editor
    by Feature Editor
    Friday, January 24, 2014

    Classroom Socialism

  26. fh says:

    another excellent post by miltonconservative
    7 lies Liberals tell young Americans ( Canadians ? )

  27. Bubba Brown says:

    I agree Tripper523 this is not going anywhere, but I am seeing the “narritave” is not doing as well as MM would like.
    Feeling almost guilty sitting here in balmy Oceanside while the rest of Canada freezes,
    o’ overnight 46′ now at noon.
    I agree also that given SNN’s viewers it could be just a tad slanted, but hey CBC would do a poll of MM Press Gallery and dish it up as “news”
    “Harper’s in trouble” kinda thing, PM Harper must have trouble alright, keeping a straight face.
    What with JT playing over the hill middle aged, teen idol and the Hairy one playin’ Perry Mason.
    You know Justin is on a roll. Rollin’ a doobie maybe, but only if the kiddies are at Grandmaws house.
    The instant celebrity of the heckler who tried to interrupt PM Harper, with MM in this country shows just how desperate they are.
    He is a lying liar shouild get the “CBC-BS” award for his “DePape” moment.
    Nationally the gloom and doom leads to “I really hate Harper because………”
    When Hebert compared PM Harper to Pierre Trudeau . WTF!…..I threw up, a pompus little coward who rode around on his motercycle that daddys money bought him mocking real men going overseas.
    What people like the Trudeaus never seem to get is that the commies they suck up to. would use him, and the second they are no longer useful they would be denounced as Kulaks.
    If they objected to giving all wealth to the proletariat and going to work in the salt mines/ cane fields they would be fertilizer.
    Meanwhile Junior rides around in the million dollar car daddys money bought, pretending to be middle class.
    While the MM line the streets with tingly legs, musta PO’ed the metro’s when they were gender excluded from Girly night
    Note to JT have a “girly man” night, free thongs, balloons, white wine spritzers and them little weenies in blankets ( Liberal Soul Food) LOL
    Arrogance is not intellegence, this is Canada and I really don’t give a damn who your daddy was I want a real Leader to be PM not some wet behind the ears, middle age, snow board/ camp counseller whose favorite song is “doobie doobie dooo”
    That Junior T and Junior P have rushed to Katheleen’s side shows how much she fears the wrath of voters.
    Paulie Martin Jr always reminded me of a big old cat my dear old mom doted on.
    I watched it one day sniffin’ around a big fir tree in the back yard, a pine cone fell on it hitting it square in the middle of the back.
    I have never seen before or since such a display, that old cat was totally suprised, did a back flip, barrell roll, hand stand and a quadrupel axel simultaniously and then dissapeared up it’s own bum.
    Would I lie?
    If it is worth tellin’ it is worth embellishing. Laughed till I cried.
    Paul Martin Jr did the same thing everytime someone asked him a question.
    She is definetly not in a wynn-wynn situation and is desperately hanging onto power.
    Just a “dream team” that will give your great grandkids nightmares. JMO
    Life is good! home made shrimp ravioli tonight with garlic asiago sauce and fresh bread some porch climber.
    I can hear the angles singing!

    • Liz J says:

      With the snow that’s coming down here right now Bubba, I could use a shot of porch climber!
      We have a bottle of Newfie Screech in our cabinet, a gift from a few years back, maybe that would do the trick.

      • monkey says:

        I certainly was no admirer of Pierre Trudeau on the whole. The only two good things he did was introduced the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (it had its flaws for sure, but better than nothing) and his handling of the October Crisis (which ironically was probably the only conservative thing he ever did). Other than that, he vastly expanded the size of government to the point it took two decades and two administrations (Mulroney first and then Chretien) to undo the damage and he bitterly divided the country. Its thanks to his divisive policies that the West and Quebec both largely remain Liberal dead zones as many in those areas still haven’t forgotten what he did. In fact the Mulroney coalition initially and the two splinters, the BQ and Reform, were legacies of his as had he not alienated Quebec as badly the BQ would have never came around and had he not alienated the West as heavily the Reform Party would have never came around.

        As for his coddling up to communist regimes, unfortunately I think a lot in Quebec at the time were quite sympathetic to those regimes. Also Canadians in general were a lot more anti-American than today as our identity seemed to be more on not being American rather than being Canadian.

        Anyways I don’t think his son is as left wing as his father, I don’t think his son actually has a political ideology. He’s just a celebrity type politician that is ignorant on most issues and will say and do whatever his handlers tell him to.

  28. Martin says:

    Richco 9:19 : Liberal Scandals
    To this list one might add a politicizing of Ont public service after a decade of Liberal rule.
    Two examples stand out:
    The Environmental Review Tribunal is a creature of Ministry of Environment in charge of reviewing Wind Plant applications. They have about a 90% approval rating, but did turn down a Prince Edward Co application, not because of human concerns, but rather damage to a rare turtle species. The wind company appealed and the MOE joined the appeal against its own tribunal. One group of Ont lawyers fighting another group, all on taxpayers dime.
    NextEra Energy, the bad boy of wind corporate excesses, were filmed removing a bald eagle’s nest to make way for a wind turbine, while MNR officials stood by gawking at the process.
    Any new government in Ont will have to look at the record of key ministries involved in implementing Liberals’ GEA.

  29. Tripper523 says:

    Excellent, Bubba! You got me doing the Curly Shuffle with all that great material, and I’m not even drinking. Hilarious imagery. You’ve got the gift. I also agree with “monkey” on his great observation re. the spawning pools for the births of The Bloc and The Reform Party, the latter of which was an unfortunately unproven national entity holding a lot of potential. I know, as I was a member. Split-votes hurt us then, but no more. True, the QC factions were of a significant communist alignment, and the “constitutional wrangling” as Preston Manning coined it, post Meech Lake, is seemingly assured of its perpetuity. It remains a travesty to Federal politics that a totally provincial / regional party, The Bloc Québécois (whose sole existence and raison d’être is the furtherance of Québec’s interests and eventual sovereignty), is allowed to function under the guise of a Canadian national party while being federally funded. It’s like we’re financing our own separation, which ironically may not be too bad in the long run, but it does seem outlandishly ludicrous and hypocritically non-productive to the average reasoning brain. Such is politics in Canada, and why we can be thankful for the strong and dependable leadership we currently have in PM Stephen Harper and his stable majority government. Spectres of “instability” appear only when certain members of the Media Party churn out fabrications and their own brand of subjectivity to the Canadian public. Because of it, voters should be even better informed and able to think for themselves when assessing the parties and their platforms in 2015.

  30. fh says:

    Great blog post by A CAW Worker’s Voice of Reason
    good reasons to vote PC Tim Hudak Ontario voters let us get Ontario back on track and back to a have Province

  31. fh says:

    Many more CLEAR reason’s to vote PC Tim Hudak are found at Russ Campbell’s blog posted on Sat Jan 25
    Tim Hudak reminds me of PM Harper Tim Hudak is a devoted Politician he has been part of the PC Ontario Mike Harris Government Tim Hudak knows what must be done to turn this beautiful Province of Ontario around NOW is the time for a strong team of PC’s to be elected we need an election now
    if you are able to donate please donate now to the PC party of Ontario and help elect a STRONG PC Ontario Government

    • Richco says:

      “Right-to-work is necessary if we are to wrestle control of our economic future from the greedy talons of the public sector unions and their enablers. Make no mistake about it. And right-to-work has been sold to other North American voters who are not so very different from Ontarians.

      Solutions are abundantly clear for all to see—all who have open minds, that is. What we need is the courage to elect those who, themselves, will have the courage to implement those solutions.”

      Continue this discussion Tim Hudak because the province needs to have it.

  32. fh says:

    I am glad Liberals have abandoned their dirty tricks
    this one was disgusting

  33. fh says:

    Sorry I cannot help it I am obsessed
    this is about Christmas but BUT having found it I am sharing it is funny and true

    • fh says:

      sorry I forgot to mention it is on global warming and Wynne’s favourite Al Gore he’s making a list good for a laugh
      good production
      if you care to visit it will make you smile

  34. fh says:

    This blog post is from 2009 but it speaks the truth
    Where have all the reporters gone?

  35. Liz J says:

    Looking back over the eight years of the Federal Conservative government from day one, it’s hard not to note how many things/issues became in urgent need of fixing from the Liberal/Left and spouted by their media arms. Most, if not all were not even talked about, just accepted or got scant mention. I’m sure we can all think of several examples.

    We need to do some kick butt work provincially to get rid of the cancer that is killing Ontario.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      You’re right, Liz J. As soon as Conservatives gain power, there seems to be new-found urgency in fixing everything that’s supposedly wrong, all of it blamed on whichever Conservative government is in power.

      This morning, as I was trying to watch snippets of the four political shows that unfortunately air at the same time, I heard conservative Bob Plamondon argue (on CPAC) that immediately putting in sprinkler systems in seniors’ homes would not be realistically feasible, given the cost. However, he reasoned, simply implementing a no-smoking policy might help prevent tragedies such as the current one in Ile Verte, Qc.

      Reasonable as his argument sounds, it doesn’t take into account the human factor. Although the cause of the fire has not been officially determined, a story circulating in the media is that a resident who asked for permission to go outside to smoke, having been refused permission, decided to sneak a smoke, perhaps in his room. All to say, that no matter how many rules and regulations governments put in place, the human element, i.e. individual actions, can counter whatever outcomes governments hope to accomplish by adding regulation on top of more regulations.

      The same goes for the growing clamour to upgrade the type of train cars used to transport oil & gas or to block efforts to build pipelines. The reality is that, once again, human error or even deliberate intervention (sabotage), may contribute to the kind of accidents anti-oilsands activists have been focusing on, hoping to convince the public that conservative governments should stop supporting the resource sector.

      • Martin says:

        I saw snippets of the comments on P%P re federal regulation for nursing homes, but did not think anyone would take it seriously.
        Yet 92% of respondents to CBC’s poll said yes, the federal government should be involved. OK a small poll 840 people, still, surely there are some areas provincial governments are responsible for. I can’t imagine any Quebec politician seriously suggesting a here role for the feds. The constitution is quite clear on health and welfare jurisdiction, the federal government cannot regulate everything.

      • Liz J says:

        Yes, the human factor is huge. We had a tainted meat “scandal” which was blamed on the Conservative government, not enough inspectors. No amount of inspecting can prevent human carelessness or error at a particular time no matter what rules or what government is in power.

        In Ontario we had the Walkerton tragedy which was blamed on PC Premier Mike Harris, not enough inspecting or whatever. In fact it was the two people who were not doing their jobs and drinking on the job to boot.

        What amount of inspecting would have prevented idiots from not treating the water supply at that particular time? In fact, this would have happened no matter who was in power.

      • Joanne says:

        Excellent post Sandy!

        • Sandy says:

          Thanks Joanne. I asked myself why the Wynne Liberals would do what they are suggesting. Two things came to mind, higher revenues as it higher deductions/taxes and union support to get re-elected with a majority.

          One hopes urban Ontarians are not that gullible. But, I am not holding my breath, particularly in Toronto and Ottawa where the majority of public sector workers work.

          • Joanne says:

            Wynne really scares me. At least McGuinty wasn’t as far left as she is. She’s even further left than Horwath and her cabinet doesn’t seem to have a clue.

            • Richco says:

              That’s why Horwath is making a pitch for the centre. If she’s successful and takes the union vote with her that leaves the Wynne Liberals as a third party rump.

              • fh says:

                Richco I have heard very little about the Horwath NDP platform for Ontario
                Does the NDP platform include solid plans to get Ontario back to a have Province?
                If NDP win will they continue to work with the Ontario Liberals?

              • jon says:

                The NDP’s platform was given to the Liberals in a very public trade-off in exchange for the NDP keeping Wynne in power.

            • Monkey says:

              I wouldn’t vote for her but I think Sandra Paputello would have been a better choice. Likewise at the federal level Marc Garneau would have been a way better choice than Trudeau. It seems the Liberals are great at choosing the least qualified.

      • fh says:

        fantastic post Sandy you have the facts
        facts win every time

  36. Bubba Brown says:

    Just another day in the trenches Blue Brigade Comrades!
    Mr Kinsella is over at “Loonie Politics” parsing one phrase out of PM Harpers great speech in the Knesset.
    Weasel words 101 IMO
    “Generalizing about specifics” also comes to mind.
    Imagine a world where 6 million people were murdered and 65 years later people are trying to somehow say this, that is todays antisemetic hatred , is different somehow.
    Its not like people are standing up at the UN and threatening to wipe Jews from the face of the earth, oh wait.
    Never again is not a bumper sticker platitude, dude.
    But hey a “New” poll showing Middle aged Stud Muffin Justin of Trudeau is sorta, well could maybe, might just be gaining on the object of his quest.
    Now that is plus or minus 6 or 8 or 10 points, the guy that makes this s**t up is away from his desk, and I got mail to sort.
    Whew! I guess I should squash the nasty rumor that Justin is gonna rent a yellow Lambo and do a Bieber.
    Openly Hetrosexual young, middle aged, Trudeau was unavailable for comment, kids are at Grandmaws, and Niel Young musaic was heard coming from his house, you be the judge Blue Brigade.
    What the heck is it with Liberals they recycle everthing Paul Martin who has moved past any designation of his gender currently in vogue , to “still able to sit up and eat a poached egg”
    Gee I am glad he is on the chicken ladies team.
    Justin might just have snapped him up.
    Here is the push poll
    One thing that was not mentioned, probably saving it for the unnessary Federal Election.
    Justin is from Quebec everyone knows they make the bestest Prime Ministers.
    Interestingly enough to a political junky like me there is a “Correction” at the bottom of the poll.
    Apparently the first version was a bit too tooo gushy,
    “This story has been updated from an earlier version to state the methodology for the poll and to correct a quote referring to the good or excellent numbers for Trudeau and Mulcair. An earlier reference to Trudeau coming out “on top” has been edited to refer to the good/excellent numbers and note the similarity in Trudeau and Mulcair’s overall numbers.”
    Still trying to make a “silk purse ot of a pig’s rear” JMO

  37. Richco says:

    For all of those media twits who got mileage out of their spinning of Harper’s speech in to Israel’s parliament last week, here’s a little common sense from Lorrie Goldstein posted on his facebook page (for those who don’t use facebook)

    “Lorrie Goldstein
    I keep hearing and reading in the Canadian media that Stephen Harper said in Israel that all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic.

    I thought that was an incredibly foolish thing for him to say, so I went and looked up the actual passages in his speech in which he spoke of Israel and anti-Semitism.

    I now know what he actually said, which is entirely different.

    Here, in fact, is what Harper said:

    “Of course, criticism of Israeli government policy is not in and of itself necessarily anti-Semitic.

    “But what else can we call criticism that selectively condemns only the Jewish state and effectively denies its right to defend itself, while systematically ignoring – or excusing – the violence and oppression all around it?”

    “What else can we call it when Israel is routinely targeted at the United Nations?”

    “And when Israel remains the only country to be the subject of a permanent agenda item at the regular sessions of its Human Rights Council?”

    These statements aren’t even controversial. It’s a well-known and widely accepted idea that selective outrage about something is an indicator of bias.

    For example, if I only talk about crime by blacks being a social problem, but never put it it the context of crimes by whites, chances are I’m a racist.

    If I only write about crimes by poor people being a social problem, but never put it in the context of crimes by rich people, chances are I’m biased against the poor.

    If I only cite business failures by women CEOs, but never put it in the context of business failures by male CEOs, chances are I’m a sexist.

    This doesn’t mean you have to do it every time you write about or comment on black crime, poverty or incompetent female CEOs.

    But if, for example, I write about black imprisonment, crime by the poor and business failures by female CEOs 100 times over the years, and never provide any context, then it’s a safe bet I’m a racist, an elitist and a sexist.

    That’s what Harper was saying. If I only wrote about Israeli wrongdoing (i.e. wrongdoing by the world’s only Jewish state) in 100 columns, but never about wrongdoing by its Arab and Muslim neighbours, in, for example, Syria, Saudi
    Arabia or the Islamic Republic of Iran, chances are I would be motivated by anti-Semitism, or, to use the more accurate phrase, Jew-hatred.

    Finally, it’s simply inaccurate to assert Harper said all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic when he specifically said at the outset of his remarks that not all criticism of Israel was anti-Semitic and then went on to give three specific examples of the type of selective criticism of Israel he believed was anti-Semitic.

    Criticizing Harper in Israel, or anywhere else, about what he did say is fair game. Pretending he said something he didn’t say and then criticizing him on that, isn’t.”

    • Liz J says:

      The speech PM Harper gave was just so right on the mark and really remarkable in it’s content the Canadian media were gobsmacked, they had to go into action and do what they do best, distort and spin until they’re lies.

      • Richco says:

        Except that within days the spins and distortions were outed, making those who did spin it look like fools.
        Those from the media who DID the outing are to be supported for setting the record straight.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      That is why I favour not just listening or viewing a video of the PM’s speeches but also reading a transcript of the speeches he makes (I posted a link to the Knesset link on Jan 20, under the “Bypassing the Media Elitists” thread).

      The same distortion of the PM’s POV re: Israel was in full evidence on another political “analysis” show, this time on Radio-Canada’s Dessine-moi un dimanche, where two resident ‘philosophers’ completely distorted what PM Harper said and meant by his speech, especially in referring to the “moral relativism” in evidence when it comes to discussing Israel.

      Fortunately, people like columnist Lorrie Goldstein and this Twitter-er, whose reach to the public goes much further than a commenter on a blog, can help to set the record straight — if only before a limited number of the general public.

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks for this post attributed to Lorrie Richco. The tweet that Gabby provided was interesting too — PM said: Criticism of Israel policy is not necessarily anti-Semitism. Response in French: What part of that phrase don’t you understand.

  38. Bubba Brown says:

    I am glad to see I was not the only one to be abhorred by the moral equivalance displayed by the MM.
    In their case and in the antisemetic lobby in the UN you hear it said that being “anti-zion” is not being anti semetic.
    Weasel words from weasels.
    How many condemnations of Israel from the UN? 1000+
    Defending themselves is somehow a crime.
    How many condemnations of Arab nations? 0?
    Why are we still a member of the UN ?
    When Israel was created by the UN to give them back a place from whence they came.
    A place where they could be safe, Zion was the hill on which the temple was built.
    PM Harper is not a good PM he is a Great PM!
    He towers over his predecessors in his handling of our economy and foreign policy.
    Makes them crazy so they must spin and grin.
    same old same old and CBC keeps digging up polls that show junior “coming out on top” they musta got a whack on the peepee for that clanger hence the retraction.

    • Martin says:
      Read this piece by robo call serial writer Maher to elaborate on the Chantal Hebert idea that “evangelicals” are partly behind Stephen harper’s policy towards Israel. The story is little more than an exercise to associate moral majority, George W Bush evangelicals and Harper coalition in the same paragraph. The piece claims without reference that “American polling shows that white evangelicals are more supportive of Israel than even Jewish voters”.
      Therefor in the liberal mindset Canadian ones must be too.

      Obviously Maher salivates to the day when Trudeau Jr or whoever can return Canada to helpful fixer , honest broker, or UN coat holder Israel be damned.

  39. Bubba Brown says:

    It is always amazing the pretzyls these progressive MM types twist themselves into trying desperately to connect dots or spots or something.
    They are so smart they not only know the innermost thoughts of our PM, but every single self serving reason he does what he does.
    George Bush + Ronald Reagan + evangelicals = eevil christan conspiracy.
    The only thing they left out was “troops in our streets” a gift from ex PM Paul Martin Jr with a handgun going off in our faces.
    Of course it was “Just watch me” Piruetting Pierre that indeed did put “troops in our streets”.
    The United Church 5 doors down my street are classed by some as “Conservative Evangelicals” they however support boycotting products from Israel.
    Once again make up a story and repeat it over and over.
    PM Harper could not possibly be acting in any other than a self aggrandizing manner to vacum up the elusive “Evangelical vote”
    These MM people are so morally corrupt they could not walk a straight line.
    PM did the right thing for the right reasons at the right time.
    An attack on one Democracy is an attack on all democracys.
    The MM cannot get their heads around anything other than petty politics, this is much bigger than that, for the sake of humanity.
    PM Harper is a righteous man.
    He is calling a spade a spade he is not looking for “root causes”.
    I applaud him and his efforts and I proudly support what he has said and done.
    I would support the Leader of any of our parties for doing the same thing.
    We cannot be silent again in the face of hatred, descrimanation and boycotts by useful idiots.

    • Martin says:

      Wonder what Maher or Hebert’s definition of an “evangelical” is?

      Probably something like a non RC Christian who actually holds beliefs and has the temerity to hold to a non liberal political philosophy. Might be quite a few Canadians fitting that bill.
      Weren’t NDP icons Tommy Douglas and JS Woodsworth ordained ministers, how do the MM get around this inconsistent fact, or do they ever think of it? A few years ago Douglas, a Baptist minister was named most admired Canadian in a poll.

  40. Bubba Brown says:

    Tommy Douglas was also in favor of sterilazation for mental incompetents.
    But like Jacks Legacy Tm somehow Mr Laytons abuse of the expense system just did not matter, over 3,000 a day 24/7/365 pushed more “expenses” through in a month than Mr Duffy did in what 3 years?
    But that isn’t a scandal is it?
    Not when the “power couple” does it heck they even finessed their way into subsidzed housing.
    One last thought MM accusing PM Harper of fishing for Evangelical votes.
    They think . He. Is. A. Liberal.
    Liberals will do anything for a vote.
    They do. Not. Get He. Is. Not. Like Them.

    WCABHT slow cooked pork ribs in beer, (250′ for 5 hours) with onions and apple slices, perfect roast spuds and apple cobbler life is good BB.

  41. Liz J says:

    The Liberals of Ontario should be resoundingly defeated in the February by-elections. Anyone who votes for them would have to be totally blind to the carnage and/or getting something they want from Wynne’s basket of goodies and don’t care about the many who are losing jobs and the many who are struggling to keep their homes. They also approve of the scandals,the lying, and now blatantly buying votes in a frantic attempt to hold power.

  42. fh says:

    Common Sense We in Canada need to listen
    this is how common sense is working in Germany
    the coal that is being used is hard coal and burns cleaner I am assured by my Engineer son
    they use gas power also and do not rely on wind or solar

    • Liz J says:

      It would be a huge help if the Ontario Liberal wrecking crew would heed such information but there’s no chance of that…’s off the cliff we go if we don’t boot them out.

  43. fh says:

    Funny how MM does not mention this IMPORTANT FACT
    Canada number ONE
    The worlds most Reputable Countries 2013 Forbes

  44. Liz J says:

    How about this for covering gross mismanagement…. Wynne says we’re still suffering from the economic downturn. She sure is counting on a lot of people suffering from extreme amnesia coupled with extreme stupidity to swallow what she’s offering up for excuses.

    At this point I have to say I’m a person of little faith in the electorate of this province which has repeatedly voted for the lying, scandal ridden McGuinty government. The tandem team of Horwath and Wynne with union influence could make this province intolerable for a most of the little people who work, own small businesses or are retired on fixed incomes.

  45. Bubba Brown says:

    fh @ 5:37 there is the “Kerrick Process”which has been around since the 1920’s it is on Winkepedia.
    There is a “new” process which also heats coal in a vacum to crack it releasing the oil, kerosene, gasoline.
    But of course it would not make Billionaires, into Trillionaires, what would we do without subsidized Trillionaires?
    Give a read it seems a very viable process not fairy farts and ugly noisy wynn-mills that do not even make back the energy it takes to build them, install powerlines.
    roads etc.
    This process does NOT involve burning and is suitable for a small municapality.
    Here is the link to the Kerrick Process.
    Seems to me I read the other day that there are some 14,000 abondened windmills in America
    Here is the link at H/T to Tory Ardvark
    The Truth shall set you free.

    • Liz J says:

      The windmills of Ontario are a failed experiment at the expense of taxpayers and our entire economic welfare, but the McWynnty Liberals will not listen. When they continue to erect giant eyesores on once beautiful landscapes to produce what amounts to a fart in a windstorm of energy, or benefit to the environment….they kill birds and bats by the thousand scores…. WE NEED TO RISE UP AND STOP THEM!

  46. fh says:

    Bubba thank you for your links
    here is a link to the german hard coal power plant

  47. fh says:

    is the stench of the misleading information finally growing stronger on inherent uncertainties of climate change (global warming co2)
    this article needs to be forwarded to all politicians
    well worth your time

  48. fh says:

    Coal gasification has benefits but has been very expensive
    hopefully we will see more coal uses as these clean coal methods of burning are established

  49. Gabby in QC says:

    They’re baaack!
    The QP melodrama is on again, with over the top rhetoric and accusations flying. Four more additions, winners of recent by-elections: 2 Conservatives and 2 Liberals. One of the latter, Chrystia Freeland, entered the House wearing the same red dress she has often worn on previous election-related occasions and walking like one of the stiletto-heeled models on the catwalks.
    Yes, I admit it, meow!

    • Liz J says:

      Gabby, that sounds like a barf inducing sight to behold, glad I didn’t watch the drama.

      If she’s seated near Dr. Carolyn Bennett it could be very entertaining with the animations.

      • Richco says:

        I think that the Liberals need a refresher course on how to be an escort and be escorted.
        Compared to the style of Harper and Glover as they escorted their new members in to the house the Liberals might as well have put their new members in headlocks. Very clumsy and the body language unnecessarily assertive IMO.
        I wouldn’t be a bit surprise if the new Liberal MPs had bruises on their arms.
        Re: Ms. Freeland’s hands were in clenched fists the whole way up the isle.

        Something else I noticed was the for the two Liberals Tom Mulcair made a calculated move in to the isle to shake their hands. No such jesture for the new Conservative MPs. I don’t believe it was just Tom being friendly and welcoming. Not sure what it was but it was deliberate and noticeable.

  50. fh says:

    the suggestion in this ad that PM Harper would authorize confining the man to the trunk of a car and then what?
    this goes beyond decency
    where is the charter does it not protect the PM Harper of Canada against blatant lies and the blatant implication of the PM Harper committing a serious CRIME

  51. fh says:

    MSNBC airing an anti-Harper Ad during Obama’s state of the Union address

  52. Richco says:

    Contrary to the negativity in anti-Harper ads, I think that he did very well today on his first day back to the Legislature.
    He had a bit more fire in his belly in his answers, staying confident and consistent in his answers.
    I think Angry Tom is trying on a new personality and some new questions for a change before getting back to the Senate issue. Smart move on his part IMO and for the PM too.
    I quite liked that Mulcair went after Mac Harb independently of the 3 Conservative Senators. It shows that perhaps he’s recognizing that he’s going to have to defend from both sides.

  53. Richco says:

    Another nail in the coffin of small business in Ontario presented by the McWynnety government.

    • Anne in swON says:

      From the article comes more evidence of Ontario’s economic decline: “the number of minimum wage workers more than doubled since the Liberals were elected in 2003 to nine per cent of Ontario’s workforce in 2011, or 464,000 people.

      Young people used to make up the bulk of minimum wage workers, but the data show that by 2011, nearly 40 per cent were 25 or older.”

  54. Monkey says:

    Interesting comments, I was wondering what some think of the minimum wage issue. At least Wynne was smart enough to say no to the idiocy of a 14 dollar an hour wage, but it still think she needs defeated. As the Ontario Chamber of Commerce suggested just tie it to inflation so it will be predictable and cannot be used as a political football. Also the best way to reduce the number working for minimum wage is a stronger economy. In Alberta its only 2 percent while in Ontario its 9 percent.

    On the Israel issue, I support Harper’s pro Israel stance (even though from some of my earlier post I am not the hugest Harper fan), but I respect that some Canadians wish to return to the Pearsonian foreign policy. I just wish all sides would use less insults so we could have an honest debate. I think not just on this issue but many others the hatred towards the other side is too strong. One can respectfully disagree with those who have different views. Off course many on the left just have a blind hatred of Harper rather than looking at what he does and making a fair assessment. I never blindly agree with any leader, I support centre-right parties because I agree with them more often than not, but occasionally I may agree with those on the centre- left.

    Finally anybody have any ground information on the two by-elections? With how freezing cold it is I am sure not too many want to do door to door. Also I would be interested in what ridings people here are from and what way they are leaning. Mine is Trinity-Spadina which will unfortunately go either NDP or Liberal. I will be happy if the PC’S get over 15 percent here. I guess I can understand how it feels to be a liberal or dipper in Rural Alberta when you consider how rare a species we are.

  55. Joanne says:

    Quick update from the homefront: I am the proud Grandma of two more grandsons today! They are beautiful and seem to be doing well. Just a few hurdles before they can be released from the NICU. Please keep praying. Thanks!

    • Liz J says:

      Great news Joanne, congratulations. Betting big brother will be pretty excited too!

    • Monkey says:

      Congrats. Must be an exciting time. And don’t worry about blogging less, your grandchildren take priority.

    • fh says:

      Fantastic Jo sending prayers for their strength to increase day by day
      your son must be ecstatic
      hope mom is doing well
      you will be a busy grand mom
      I was praying today and wondering if today was the day
      very best wishes to your whole family

    • Bec says:

      This is such lovely news, Joanne. To you and your family a big hearty, CONGRATULATIONS!!
      Now the FUN begins and indeed, continued prayers and positive thoughts sent your way.

  56. Anne in swON says:

    Heartiest congratulations, Joanne! I am so very pleased for you all. Hurry home, little ones.

    • Anne in swON says:

      Btw, today would have been my Mom’s 92’nd birthday. January 27 is a wonderful day to celebrate.

  57. Joanne says:

    Thanks everyone! Life is good. :)

    • Gabby in QC says:

      Belated congratulations and best wishes to the new parents and grandparents. May all enjoy good health.

  58. Goody says:

    Congrats Grandma!!! What a blessing

  59. Richco says:

    Congratulations to you and your family Joanne.
    Very good news indeed.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Richco, Goody, Gabby and everyone who left good wishes here. I won’t have time to respond to each comment but I do thank you all so much.

      Babes, Mom & Dad seem to be doing well. 😉

  60. fh says:

    CTV’s anti- Harper bias seen on Sunday’s question period hosted by Laurie Graham
    is exposed by Russ Campbell’s recent blog post
    election Canada how about that level playing field not so much when misleading programs are allowed free rein and not held accountable
    Canadians expect better from these news??? opinion??? programs

    • Richco says:

      Good thing no one forces us to watch CTV and that they are no longer the voice of what the PM does or doesn’t do thanks to 24/7. Give the CTV your viewing time to the CTV and you boost their ratings. Heck, by the reviews I read here they’re not even that great at their biased reporting.

      On the issue of the “$1million dollar shot”, it was stupid thing to say IMO, move on. I’m sure that even Harper wasn’t too pleased that it was caught on tape, but it didn’t detract from what Harper was there to do.

  61. Bubba Brown says:

    May I join the rest of the Blue Brigade in welcoming your new grandchildren Jo!
    God Bless you all!

    The beat goes on Kinsella puts out a whiny “million dollar shot” column.
    He pretty much gets tarred and feathered in the comments LOL
    But seein`as how they missed a few spots, here goes.
    His scribblings should qualify him for the special effervescent`Justin bath water, don`t bite the bubbles Warren, just slug it down.
    Shouda stuck to his old job as resturant critic, his sorrow for the defeat of his hero Dryden playing out as a bitchy attack on MP Mark Adler, for an at best off hand remark.
    This Nation does not Mr Kinsella turn it`s loneley eyes to Mr Dryden, otherwise he would still be an MP.
    Losing the safest Liberal riding in the Country, that had been a Liberal stronghold for 4o years, Jean Chretain even showed up to try to keep the `stranglehold`on the riding.
    Weep, but weep softly Mr Kinsella, your hero was defeated.
    Get over it already
    The reality of the smallest comment being siezed by the MM as the most important thing about PM harpers historic visit to Israel is not at all suprising.
    They could hardly stand that he was treated like the World Leader he is, not some small town hick like Jean Chretain who was just embarassing.
    Or like Pierre Trudeau who announced to the wife of the American Ambassador that he was both a catholic and a communist and was there to criticize the American Government., but Trudeau-mania prevents any mention what an arrogant know nothing he was.

  62. Bubba Brown says:

    Here is the link to `coming up short`How tall is Kinsella anyway, just askin`

    • Liz J says:

      It appears very much like Kinsella and the rest of the Liberal rump party are seething with jealousy over the success of PM Harper’s visit to Israel and the area. His speech to the Knesset was magnificent and beyond anything we could compare it to from Liberal PMs of the past. Certainly beyond anything we could expect from the son of PET who sounds like a high school student playing the role of a leader in a mock parliament.

  63. Tripper523 says:

    CONGRATS, Gramma Joanne, and God bless the new arrivals and all the family! On a more sour note, back to Liebral politics, in the provincial, scammy, pre-byelection hoopla from a local rag which doesn’t even spell correctly… “Delcare” instead of “Declare”, for instance…

    • Richco says:

      It’s an article about nothing.
      I don’t understand its purpose.
      Looks like a Liberal flyer masquerading as news.

  64. Richco says:

    Two nice smackdowns in Question Period today.
    Nicely done!

  65. ed says:

    Congratulations, Joanne. Double the joy. :-) Twin boys in our family as well.

  66. ed says:

    “My Prime Minister – Conservative Stephen Harper . . . has done Canada PROUD by visiting Israel this past week, to unequivocally stand with the Jewish State on matters of PRINCIPLE, DECENCY and HONOR.

    He is perhaps the ONLY world leader who is not playing politics with the future of the Jewish State. And he is not using Israel as a foil with which to ingratiate himself, his Party and/or my country to the UN, the Arab/Moslem World, and other associated Jew-HATERS.”

  67. Gabby in QC says:

    I posted this on January 22, 2014 at 8:54 am under the thread “Bypassing the Media Elitists”:
    More good news about Canada …

    “Canada Passes U.S. in Bloomberg Ease of Business Ranking

    By Theophilos Argitis Jan 21, 2014 6:01 PM ET

    Canada, struggling to emerge from a two-year slump brought on by weak exports, has swept past the U.S., Germany and Japan in a Bloomberg ranking of the best countries for doing business.
    Canada rose four places to reach second place, behind only Hong Kong, which led for a third straight year. The U.S. fell one spot to third place in the index that’s based on six criteria, followed by Singapore and Australia. …”

    BUT during Obama’s State of the Union address, he claimed the US is now #1, passing even China as the best place to do business.
    So who’s fibbin’? Bloomberg or Obama?

    • Richco says:

      Obama clearly Gabby.
      What did you think of Obama’s address in general?
      It sure was a lot of him fluffing himself up IMO.
      Nothing specific, lots of platitudes, but hey, it got him elected and then re-elected before.
      Perhaps he thinks it’s going to work again for him?
      I wasn’t impressed or inspired by his spin.

      • Gabby in QC says:

        What did I think of Obama’s speech?
        Aspirational, i.e. it appealed to people’s emotions, something “progressives” have down pat.
        Obama’s excellent oratorical skills cannot be denied, even if delivered with a teleprompter.
        His second & final term is up in 2016, but he’s delivering for the 2014 midterm elections.

  68. fh says:

    I found it difficult to watch the segment on TV when our Veterans behaved like high school bullies refusing to listen to our elected Government officials
    I understand they are unhappy with the closing of their regional offices but surely discussing in a respectful manner would be appropriate
    as a taxpayer I expect that both sides need to be HEARD
    the man who asked to learn how to use the ap to get help then proceeded to treat the contact he reached for help as a joke he mumbled he had a rope around his neck and a tree to hang himself and was surprised when he was quickly advised to call 911
    this does not make me have respect for this disgraceful behaviour
    I realize the tempers are high
    but please bring your side forth with respect if this is how negotiations are to be held
    you have lost my respect

    • Liz J says:

      The Veterans are on the warpath against the Conservative government and many are vowing to campaign against them in the next election.

      They better think twice on this one given the choices.The Military was gutted by Liberals and the NDP doctrine is not conducive to a strong military.

      That said, I think the Harper government better take this seriously and do the very best they can for those who serve and have served. I think we need a change in that Ministry pronto.

      • Gabby in QC says:

        You’re right, the optics for the government are terrible.

        Funny how two parties which just a few years ago were accusing our soldiers of war crimes have now become the champions of the military, eh?

        • Liz J says:

          We are seeing the height of hypocrisy from the NDP and the Liberals. I cringe when I hear them stand up for the military in the HOC.

          However, the report on the Senate might just be the next biggie when the Liberals get exposed for their spending. It follows why Justin is going to do wonders on reforming the Senate. He’s gonna show that Stephen Harper a thing or two on how it’s done IF he becomes PM.

  69. Tripper523 says:

    You nailed it, Richco. That should be “Liebral-At-Large” instead of Niagara. It’s not the first time I’ve seen such a slant. Ed, that was a right-on analysis of PM Stephen Harper’s historic foray into Israel. Diogenis Borealis likes his “jazz” on Saturday nights; but being a classic rocker, I’d like to dedicate a suitable “oldie” to the Israelite, on a Wednesday “hump day”…

    • Richco says:

      You have my condolences if this is what passes for news in Niagara Falls these days.

      My publisher wouldn’t ever accept something that empty of purpose or slated from me.

  70. fh says:

    I respect our Veterans and I understand that they need help and they will get the help they need if they sit down and discuss the problems with our elected Conservative Government
    Minister Fantino deserves credit for all the work he is doing on their behalf he arrived to explain how the Veterans would receive the help they need but the meeting was not to take place as the Veterans choose to respond by finger pointing and shouted accusations
    yes he was late to the meeting but when he arrived he deserved to be listened too
    please listen and then express your needs I know Minister Fontino wants to listen and wants to HELP solve your problems

    • Liz J says:

      Why has the situation been allowed to come to this in the first place if the Minister is listening? This is the sort of stuff the NDP and Liberals will latch onto, they’ll be true hypocrites on this file jostling for votes.

      • Richco says:

        It’s budget crunch time.
        They’re hoping to change the government’s mind and doing that by going to a sympathetic media is good strategy for the Veterans.
        With a few weeks to the budget, it’s already likely in the can, but if they have a chance at changing things, all the power to them.
        I don’t think they’ll change Flaherty’s mind.

        • Liz J says:

          It’s small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. The Vets are the best ones to know what they need, what would work best for them and they deserve the best. They’ve fought for us, put their lives on the line, they shouldn’t be short changed on the home front. It’s a huge mistake.

          The government could cut multiculturalism and the CBC if they want to really make a difference on the bottom line.

          • fh says:

            Liz J I have been impressed by the willingness of our Conservative Government to bend over backwards for our Military I was disappointed that the very distressed Veterans were unable to talk with the Government
            I hope when the Veterans have a chance to see what the Government is offering them they will be willing to sit down and work together to solve any problems this is the best way to solve problems

  71. Liz J says:

    Who is feeding Trudeau ideas on the Senate?
    He seems to think he has the answer to the problem without touching the Constitution.

    The PM already has an idea that would work if the provinces would co-operate, beyond that you’d be hard pressed to appoint a senator who has no political bent, there’s not a person in the country who can be free of political beliefs.

  72. Anne in swON says:

    Is ‘somebody’ the recipient of Senate report leaks? Is ‘somebody’ running scared? Just asking.

    “Trudeau to his senators: You’re fired!”

    • Richco says:

      Anne – Trudeau wouldn’t have booted his Senators unless something else was up. Something BIG!

      This doesn’t pass the smell test for me.

      Yet the usual left-leaning media are suggesting that this show Trudeau means business when it comes to Senate reform and has just trumped Harper on this file?

      I’m saying let’s find out what this is REALLY about….because I’m betting it is smoke and mirrors to distract Canadians from something else.

      • Richco says:

        Sadly, I think that the Shiny Pony’s fans will eat this up.
        It’s true, it’s true Bubba,
        He really can walk on water.
        The insanity begins again.

      • Liz J says:

        We have to know the proverbial s**t is about to hit the fan and Trudeau’s brains behind the curtain think they can escape coming storm by kicking the Liberal Senators out. That’s going to make for some pretty interesting conversation among the Senators who have become orphaned.

    • Liz J says:

      Trudeau has freed himself from the coming fray, he has no Senators, or so we are to believe. How does he explain the fact they were Liberals all along, if they did wrong they were Liberals while doing it?

      How is this even allowed? It makes for some political theatrics, that’s all that matters when you’re a leader of the third party.

      I’d like to know who is the real brain behind this, Justin sure didn’t think this one up on his own.

      • Martin says:

        Correct Jr is simply a puppet in this move, the master is someone in party central. After all he is on record a few weeks ago welcoming Sen Harb back into caucus, as soon as he dealt with some minor problems. Now he is booting all Senators out of his caucus. Wonder what would happen if some of them refused to go; that would be interesting.
        I agree, some disturbing audits are about to be made public. MM will then be able to headline Sen X under investigation for expenses no Liberal party name attached.

  73. Bubba Brown says:

    That evil controlling Stephen Harper………oh wait!
    Junior is sweating I think on the Senate a lot of little “Liberal Entitlements” will be coming home to roost.
    Finish the dang audit already!
    It is past ironic that the NDP-Q and the Rump Liberals have now discovered our Vetrans.
    They all danced on their graves with dark accusations of abuse, never proven.
    I saw first hand the results of the beginning of the “decades of darkness” curtesy of a Liberal Minister Paul Hellyer.
    Paul Hellyer it is now revealed had night sweats about a UFO being shot down starting an inter-gallactic war.
    Anyway perhaps “Pot” permeated Liberal ranks long before JT just sayin’.
    The needs of our Vetrans should have been dealt with fairly and equitably before this.
    Seems we have 100’s of millions of dollars for foriegn aid but none for vetrans, fix this dammit!
    As for who is lying Gabby my money is on the Half-rican, lame duck, he is quacking bravely.
    His soaring rhetoric masks an empty man grasping at the levers of power.
    The MM sold this twerp to Americans, empty suit , nasty little man really.
    Tripper523, now that takes me back!

    • Liz J says:

      I think Fantino should be asked to resign, he’s not the man for the job. I cannot support what he’s doing or his attitude and I can’t imagine the PM will either. It’s a small issue in the big picture but it could become an Albatross the next election. The opposition hypocrites and their media will be on this incessantly and it will begin today.
      The Harper government are allowing this by sitting back until it all takes a life of it’s own. Elections are lost on small issues, especially for Conservatives.

  74. Martin says:

    Further thoughts on the problem of “evangelical” influences in the CPC ( mentioned by columnists Maher and Hebert) from posts a few days ago; this link is an interesting take on the issue. I still would like a definition of “evangelical”, seems to be any non catholic Christian who disagrees with liberal ideology.

  75. Bubba Brown says:

    To somewhat bend a 16th century proverb;
    “Every Liberal for himself and the Auditor take the hindmost”
    Things are just gettin’ interesting Blue Brigade, Justin has just sprinkled his “fairy dust” and his” Liberal senators” are now “Independant” or some other form of political life form hitherto unknown to Science, or Ottawa.
    Perhaps a new term should be “Coyned” of “Fifed” perhaps even “Solomoned” up from the nether regions.
    May Bubba suggest “Perps'”
    Spin at 6:00, perhaps a special from news reader Mandsbridge.
    Ali-Baba had 40 theives Justin only had 32 , what 24 from Quebec?
    Is Justin perhaps gettin’ ahead of the reality that a lot of them will have “numbers” soon? Just askin’
    Did not Justin say not too long ago he “Loved” the Senate and with 24 loyal Liberals from Quebec where the bestest PM’s come from, everything was “groovy” n’est ce pas?
    When the Liberal ship is heading for the “Audit shoals of reality “Justin seemingly has no problem shedding the “Liberals whose name may not be spoken”.
    Talk about a cluster-f*** of epic porportions.
    Gonna stock up on beer and popcorn for this.

    • Liz J says:

      Justin was transfused with the idea from some of the puppeteers behind the red curtain. Hand it to them, they stole a march, adding to the pile-on tactics we know they’re good at.

      The NDP are the worst of hypocrites pretending to care about the military when they don’t even believe in having one. They were front and center day after day in the HOC accusing our troops of war crimes, hope this isn’t lost on the Veterans, they should remember this. The Liberals have no bragging rights on the Military either.

  76. fh says:

    If Justin is serious he should ask the Liberal senators to resign immediately
    Does he think they will suddenly stop being Liberal?
    we need to elect their replacements
    remember Elizabeth May said Canadians are not stupid
    oh dear I am very mistaken Elizabeth May said ” Canadians are stupid”

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Lizzy did say “Canadians are stupid” as a pretty much deaf guy my lipreading skills came to the fore on that one, watched the clip, she did say that.
      I would say though that anyone voting her and her green dream ia at best kidding themselves.

  77. Liz J says:

    Somehow don’t think Justin’s ghost brains have thought this one through. Firing all Liberal appointed Senators doesn’t “fix” the Senate and it doesn’t whitewash any scandals that may be coming to light with the audit.

  78. Martin says:

    OK this is a major policy move by Jr. Let us see how relentless the PH reporters go after him for clarification, and how tough they are in rooting out disagreement with the ousted Senators. They cannot all be overjoyed with this. Will Solomon shout over him as he tries to explain this orchestrated move? Stay tuned.

    • Richco says:

      I think that both Harper and Mulcair nailed Trudeau very well in Question Period today on this issue….AND they both seemed to have as much fun doing so as I did watching it all. I was laughing right along with them.

      Today Question Period should be retitled “The Steve & Tom Show” because they both ruled the day. Trudeau? His training wheels were squeaking. Need grease. He really is very bad his delivery of questions. Can’t wait for the debates in the next election.

      • Liz J says:

        Does anyone really believe this idea to disown all Liberal appointed Senators was hatched from Jr’s brain? Better pay attention to how he is able to answer questions on the subject as this unfolds. I think he has no darned clue.

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Yes indeed Martin.
      Will they have a mass meeting and be drummed out, will they rip the “Liberal Buttons” from their lapels and the little pom-poms from their gucci loafers.?
      I don’t even wanna think about the Liberal red thongs
      From the Liberal “Brand” to “Branded”
      Shadenfreud me!

  79. Anne in swON says:

    ‘Former’ Liberal senators are not taking Trudeau’s announcement well. The live-blogging is done by 2 different bloggers and can seem a little confusing. Annie Bergeron-Oliver seems to be reporting from the Senate, while Kelsey Johnson is covering the House.

  80. Richco says:

    I’m betting that the AG report on senate expenses is brutal and hurts the Liberals more than it does the CPC.
    That’s the only reasonable explanation for Trudeau’s actions today. Nothing to do with leadership. More to do with covering his ass and getting as far away from the bomb that’s going to drop as he can.

  81. Martin says:

    That was quick! The Liberal web site under caucus already is reduced to the 36 MPs the Senators have been expunged, though the title of Senators and MPs remains. It is really a work in progress.

  82. Anne in swON says:

    “As far as political operatives, these senators will no longer be, you know, Liberal organizers, fundraisers, activists in any form,” Trudeau said.

    Let’s see how far he’s willing to go with this. Gotta keep an eye out for any of the aforementioned activities by any ‘former’ Liberals senators. Bet it won’t take long!

  83. Gabby in QC says:

    What a sham! Talk about a meaningless makeover. A little grease paint here and there and poof! they’re no longer Liberals.

    • Liz J says:

      It was an Abracadbra moment.

      The magic doesn’t appear to have worked on the Liberal Senators, they’ll do business as usual, they just won’t be in on the meetings.

  84. Bubba Brown says:

    The Audit results must be brutal, Junior can now say “Nyaaa Nyaaa they are not my Liberals”
    Maybe a new name Like “Independant Senators formerly known as Liberals”
    Or perhaps like the Pop star who became known for a while as an incomprehensible symbol.
    Ahemmm………..may I be the first to suggest a “Manila Envelope”

    Matthew 25:30.
    And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    Decimation (Roman army) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
    Decimation (Latin: decimatio; decem = “ten”) was a form of military discipline used by senior commanders in the Roman Army to punish units or large groups

    How do you ever win anything by destroying half of your own people?

  85. Liz J says:

    Having had a little time to think further about Trudeau’s Senate hi-jinx, what has changed aside from the fact he has no support in the Upper Chamber under the Liberal banner? They’ve suddenly been hit with magic dust and they’ve become independent?
    This action changes nothing constitutionally, it’s just a farcical move.

    • Bubba Brown says:

      A farcical move, yes, what does this lever do? As he yanks on it
      Just-in Hi-Jinx, hilarious, his big move.

  86. Martin says:

    My first reaction is, where is Trudeau Jr.? After making this major announcement he went to ground, leaving his pal LeBlanc to answer for him. Flipping between both hour news shows, neither had an interview with the Leader. Could reporters not chase him down the corridors, stake out his house, tell us where he is?
    Interviews with dissident Liberal Senators were also short in supply.
    One of Quebec’s female Senators claimed she would continue in fund raisers and campaigning as before, directly contradicting Jr. In fact renaming themselves as Senate Liberal caucus seems to be contrary to what the leader just said. I think it is beyond Trudeau’s power to dictate who can participate in Canadian political events. His father’s Charter would apply here, would it not? Someone might ask him.

  87. Liz J says:

    BTW Bubba, the former restaurant critic doesn’t agree with his leader either. He has no clue beyond his announcement, no clue about how he’d get bills passed through that Chamber if he were leader, it would be gridlock central. This is about the zaniest thing ever to come from any leader, it makes no sense whatever.

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Bingo! He has shown how “decisive” he is, blowing off 42 senior Party Members for a big Just Watch Me `moment`.
      The only thing funnier than his big move is watching everyone else go WTF and thats the Liberal types.
      PM Harper must be breaking out the bubbly.
      Reminds me of his bustin`out a few dance moves photo-op moment.

      • Richco says:

        Don’t forget that those LIBERAL Senators who are pissed at what Justin has done can be VERY helpful to Harper in the very near future in getting bills passed that the Libeal leaders doesn’t like or support. Push back by the disgruntled is a bitch and Justin will find that out I’m sure.

  88. fh says:

    I respect the Veterans but can not understand their disgust because three Conservative MP’s took time to come and speak with them about their problems
    the gentleman who the day before was helped to learn about how the ap would put him in immediate contact to get help when the contact person offered help he stated he had a rope around his neck and a tree to hang himself the contact directed him to call 911
    this man today displayed an attitude of disgust that these MPs are Veterans
    if they need help I would suggest that they at least take time to respect the MPs that were
    talking to them yesterday and not somehow find fault because the three MPs were Veterans

    • wilson says:

      If that Vet had a rope ready, why would he be calling the vets administration office ? and if calling the office was the answer to his problem, he needed to talk to a shrink, would it matter if the office was 5 hours away or around the corner, ? calling 911 was the proper response for something requiring an actionable in person response in minutes.

      • fh says:

        Wilson it was a “sick “joke played on the contact person the man was waiting to talk to minister Fantino and hoped he would not receive help but he was directed to phone 911

  89. Bubba Brown says:

    Definetly Liz J this was not on the menu.
    Question here is once you have burned down a bridge, how to get to the other side.
    Perhaps the narcissist could not stand PM Harper having a successful mission to Israel.
    Whatever, a lot of his own people are very unhappy, where does their budget etc. come from.
    Politics is all about seniority, past practice, respect, this is absoluely gonzo I will say it again GONZO!

    • Anne in swON says:

      Bubba, Junior is challenging the PM to do the same with the Conservative senators. Is that what all of this is about? Is it a ploy to try to force the PM’s hand? Something’s rotten, but not in Denmark.

      • Richco says:

        It’s a small part of it I think Anne but not the whole story. Not yet.
        Although the usual left-leaning media are all about how Trudeau has seemingly trumped Harper on this.
        Trudeau and his media puppies should know not to underestimate what Harper’s got up his sleeve.

  90. Bec says:

    This is pretty funny. The same puppet string that took over ‘The Count’ appear to have tangled up the latest anointed Liberal puppet.

    Let’s just for a moment imagine that this guy were to ever be elected PM, under the current process, he’d HAVE NO SUPPORT in the Red Chamber.
    He could never ‘appoint someone’ and save face plus this has NEVER been on his radar.

    What has he done this for other than IS IT going to be exposed that the Libs are worse crooks in the Senate than they were in Parliament?

    IMO, he has just walked in to the ‘Chess players’ hand. He is going to be eaten alive intellectually and there is now another ‘truth-ad’ with his name on it.

    • Anne in swON says:

      Bec, Nic Nanos stated on P & P that JT and the PM were in a statistical tie for who would make the best PM. Boy, how JT’s numbers have dropped. If this is his way to raise his standing with the public we ought to expect a lot more of these off-the-cuff grandstanding episodes between now and the dropping of the writ in 2015. Sounds like he’s free-wheeling it. A bit of a loose cannon.

    • Martin says:

      But who are these puppet string holders? Surely not wind developer Mike Crawley?
      Before today some of these veteran Senators might have passed for back room manipulators, some of them have years of experience toiling for the Liberal cause. Not much incentive to carry on now.

  91. Gabby in QC says:

    I’m having major computer problems, so I’m unable to dig up documentation about the number of bills the Conservatives introduced on Senate reform. That documentation would hopefully shut up the uninformed, the wilfully ignorant, and the liars who are claiming PM Harper has not done anything to reform the Senate, as he promised he would do when he was in opposition and later in the early years of his mandate.

    I’m also unable to dig up a bill introduced by Liberal Senator Wilfred Moore (?) back in 2007 or 2008, practically forcing the PM to fill the vacancies then existing in the Senate because according to that senator, the Senate was unable to do its work without a full contingent. Here again, that documentation should shut up the tongues wagging about the PM supposedly breaking his promise not to appoint any more senators.

    • Bec says:

      You are so great Gabby! It’s ok that for today you can’t fire up your links because that’s why we are all smiling. WE remember them.

      The TRUTH will hurt these people and I am pretty sure that the ‘Leader’ hasn’t a clue about any of this factual history.

      WE shouldn’t have too. The media should be informing the Canadian public of ALL facts regardless of where THEY put their ‘X’.
      This is very disturbing.

    • fh says:

      good site to get information about all bills passed by Government

  92. Joanne says:

    So glad you guys are keeping things going here. Hard to stay focused on politics but I did hear that Justin tried a slight of hand today. Poof! Liberal Senators are no longer in the caucus (but they’re still Senators and Liberal party members.)

    Babies are out of NICU! Thanks for the prayers.

    • fh says:

      Fantastic news about those precious new Conservative boys just kidding
      you thought you were busy before now there are three
      still sending prayers for boys and your family
      thanks for updating us

      • Joanne says:

        Fantastic news about those precious new Conservative boys just kidding

        lol! I’ll let them make up their own minds but I hope to be able to provide some balance against the indoctrination they’ll get in public school. 😉

    • Anne in swON says:

      Let anyone try to tell me now that prayers don’t work! It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Congrats to the family and to the medical team for a great outcome.

  93. Anne in swON says:

    JT has opened a can of worms to be sure. “Trudeau added any budgets from the Liberal party to the Senate would disappear. He said the rest of the budget for those senators was “up for negotiation.”

    Other questions were raised about the status of Senate staff and whether any of them who are funded through Liberal coffers would have jobs.

    Independent senators cannot sit on committees.”

  94. Liz J says:

    Trudeau’s Senate stunt may be just about the silliest, most pointless, meaningless act we’ve ever seen by a leader. The Liberal Senators are still going to do business as usual as “Liberal” supporting senators according to their leader in the Upper Chamber.

    The senate cannot be abolished or changed without opening the Constitution and the PM of the day must appoint senators to fill any vacancies. PM Harper has done all he can do without co-operation from the provinces to elect senators. He cannot wave a wand and abolish it, nor can he police those who he appoints to that place.

    Trudeau’s brains behind the curtain have goofed, he’s not too swift in going along with it. If this silliness has to do with the audit results the same applies, the PM of the day or the leader of the party they represent in the Senate is not to blame for those who bilk the system, the individual senators, senate leaders and those who sign expense checks are not doing their jobs.

  95. Liz J says:

    Has anyone seen the latest Nanos poll showing the Ontario Wynnmill party ahead?

    • Richco says: has the Liberals ahead by 1% point.
      If that’s happening it’s sad and it means that stupid people are buying what Wynne is selling and liking her gifts she’s handing out.

  96. Richco says:

    Just in case you missed it yesterday here’s the PM’s smack down of Justin’s Senate idea
    in QP.

    The only really positive spin I heard about this yesterday was from John Ivison who I think must have a man crush on Justin, because he’s going softer on him by the day.

  97. fh says:

    this may explain the way the Veterans responded in a negative shout and point attitude to the attempts of Minister Fantino to have a discussion about Veterans problems

    • Anne in swON says:

      Great find, Fh. This will definitely colour perceptions of the recent behaviours of both sides. It remains to be seen whether PSAC’s involvement becomes more pronounced. I, for one, am very disappointed at this revelation.

  98. Richco says:

    David Akin chimes in on Trudeau’s Liberal Senator disappearing act here

  99. Jen says:

    This sudden outburst from Trudeau is too protect the ‘liberal brand’ name from what is come from the auditor on the liberal senators abusive spending.

    PM Harper went before the Senate body to give his style of Reform. Unfortunately when he introduced his plans to the HOC, was voted down by the Opposition.

    • Liz J says:

      How can he protect the Liberal brand when the present audit results would include expenses incurred by Senators who were and still are Liberals in the Senate? The only thing Justin has done is disown them in hopes he won’t have to deal with any dirt, they’re flying on their own but will still be Liberals. The Leader of the Liberals in the Senate has said so, it’s business as usual in the Upper Chamber.

  100. Bubba Brown says:

    Justin seems to be a name associated with rash moves and unintended consquences.
    Now Justin Trudeau is suffering from “Premature Ejection too Far From An Election”
    Welcome to middle age Justin, trying out yer “wild oats” and ya get a “crop failure”
    His big idea of giving the Liberal Senators a “high colonic” with his handy dandy Canadian Tire pressure washer is not being well recieved.
    I don’t think the “baby bump” is gonna save him on this one.
    But ain’t he purty?
    The only thing funnier than this pathetic cry for attention is some of the MM lining up to applaud Justin’s high board “Belly Flop” into an empty pool.
    Liberal Senators are fortunate that unlike the other Leader that became Leader because of who his father was, I am speaking of Kim Jong Un, in Korea.
    Mr Trudeau II Dong Er does not have a pack of starving dogs at his beck and call ….yet.
    Thing of it is that LIBERALS have dominated the red chamber for 65 of the last 70 years.
    Only now is it seemingly a problem to young Mr Trudeau.
    The Audit must be a doozy even by Liberal standards.
    PM Stephen Harper brought a bill that was voted down that would have brought change, elected senators.
    His bill c-7 was declared unconstitutional by a Quebec Court
    There is an appeal before our Supremes I have not seen anything in a while on that.
    Changing the Senate will require cooperation of the Proviences.
    Justins “big idea” is not even window dressing he must have done this when his handlers went to lunch.
    Justin Trudeau in over his head indeed.
    I would like to have been a fly on the wall at the “raucous caucus meeting”
    I don’t think the Liberal Senators are at all amused gettin’ tossed under the bus by Mr Trudeau.
    This is one for the ages, however, a classic train wreck of vanity meeting reality, the attempt of Mr Trudeau to display his Leadership Ability.
    There must be a lot of Liberals, behind closed doors sayin’ “I told you he was the wrong pick for Leader” JMO

    • Richco says:

      It all helps Harper moving forward Bubba.
      Those Liberal Senators who are ticked at Justin can work to Harper’s advantage.

  101. Richco says:

    Joanne – posting this as a caution to bloggers and blog contributors. Worth remembering.

    • Joanne says:

      Very sad but noteworthy. That’s why anyone commenting here who is not in the filter has earned a level of trust.

  102. fh says:

    hard working Canadian Conservative Government
    great list of all activities of Government
    my favourite site for news

  103. fh says:

    Ontarians we need you to support Tim Hudaks PC party
    we need a clear majority when the Ontario election is finally called
    lend as much support as you can
    if you supported 100% last time we need 200% NOW

  104. Bubba Brown says:

    This is even funnier!
    A lady that i know just came from the Liberal Senate,
    She smiled because i did not understand.
    Then she held out some marijuana, ha ha!
    She said it was the best in all the land.

    And i said,
    “no, no, no, no, i don’t smoke it no more,
    I’m tired of waking up on the floor.
    The Liberal Caucus is a squeeze
    stay in the red chamber if you please
    No, thank you, please, it only makes me sneeze,
    And then it makes it hard to find the door.”

    Now watch as young Mr Trudeau “Cannot Find the door”
    Sorry about the multiple posts Jo, this just seems to have a life of it’s own.
    Life imitates art or politics?
    Meltdown a comin’ IMO

    • Anne in swON says:

      The video at the bottom of the post is worth watching. Alex Pearson hosts an analysis of JT’s move featuring an employment lawyer and a liberal commentator. Warren K. is seen in a brief clip. He’s not impressed and feels it will lessen JT’s chances of becoming PM.

      • Anne in swON says:

        Here’s Warren K. taking Justin to task on Byline. He even, get this, agrees with Pierre Poilievre! Bet we won’t see that again.

        • Liz J says:

          Yes, WK agreed with Pierre Poilievre but he couldn’t resist calling him a “Pipsqueak”.

          Pierre is really good, so good the Liberals can’t stand him as he pointedly and calmly gets his licks in.

          • Martin says:

            Poilievre was very effective yesterday, leaving Trudeau apologist Susan Delacourt (CTV) to sniff that he was lying, and that reporters were biting back and exposing these untruths. If she or her fellows would bite back at some of Jr’s statements, perhaps we could get some where. Oh, but I forget, Jr was not available yesterday to answer anything. Maybe today he will make an appearance.

  105. Liz J says:

    Question of the day for Justin: When is a Liberal not a Liberal ?

  106. Monkey says:

    Anybody see the most recent Nanos poll for Ontario. I sure hope it’s a rogue one (note Forum shows the Tories in the 36 to 38 percent range). If true god help us all. I will probably have to consider moving to Alberta if that actually pans out. Though somehow I just cannot see the Liberals winning with all the mess ups.

      • monkey says:

        Seems the polls are a bit over the place. Forum generally shows the PCs slightly ahead, Nanos usually shows them a bit behind so I wonder if the difference is methodology. Also I think there is a high number of undecided so a lot will depend on how the campaign goes. Nanos does have a fairly good track record for federal elections, but provincially he really polls in the final week so tough to measure the record of his polling. For Forum their polling has missed the mark badly on some by-elections but they were the closest in the last Ontario election 37 Lib to 36 PC, in Alberta showed the PCs and WRA tied while most showed the WRA 10 points ahead, and also in BC where they showed the NDP with only a two point lead over the BC Liberals so although wrong like all other pollsters they didn’t bungle it as badly as Ipsos or Angus-Reid did. Probably the best way to gage what the polls really say is to look at the behavior of the parties as they tend to have more detailed and more accurate numbers.

    • Richco says:

      As I posted earlier today this poll is showing the Liberals ahead by only 1% point, while the Nanos poll shows pretty much a tight race between three parties.
      No surprises there.
      What should concern us more than another Liberal government is that the NDP are trending UP.
      Word is that they’ve pulled their volunteers out of Thornhill (because even the NDP know that they’ll not win that riding) and are putting 100% in to Niagara Falls, WITH the unions help.

  107. Anne in swON says:

    O/T Ontario is not the only province promoting diversity in hiring. BMO in Manitoba: “Careers specifically for Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples – Mortgage Specialist – Winnipeg and surrounding areas
    BMO Financial Group (Winnipeg MB): “Turn your potential into performance with unlimited earning potential, ongoing training, the backing of our extensive branch network and bigger territories…”

  108. Richco says:

    Ontario’s Wynne government gifted a raise in minimum wage to Ontario today. Forget their spin, here’s what it really means for those already struggling small business owners and the province as a whole.

    • Richco says:

      This bit in particular strikes me a very interesting.
      Earlier today on SNN w/Batra the expert on that show said that over 80% of those earning minimum wage jobs did NOT life in a poverty stricken household, which again suggests that raising minimum wage to deal with poverty is off the mark.

      I’m sure Wynne’s going to get some votes for this though. Timing is everything and she’s had a giveaway a day since the buy-elections began. A bit transparent.

      “Fifty-six percent are still living with their parents and very unlikely to be the sole earner in their family. Only 12% are single individuals or lone parents. Only 12.5% live in poor households, using Statistics Canada’s “Low Income Measure,” to define poverty. If you change the minimum wage, you’re not generally affecting poor people. You’re mainly affecting kids living in households situated in all segments of the income distribution, including the topmost.”

  109. Richco says:

    I found MP Fantino’s responses in QP today very uninspiring and not at all convincing.
    I turned it off midway through today.

  110. Bubba Brown says:

    Richco I couldn’t open that link but tracked it down and read it;
    Chilling indeed, I would not want to go there nor see anyone here in that position.

    • Monkey says:

      I’ve never been a fan of Richard Warman. You don’t fight racism or discrimination (and note many throw their term racist around way too loosely), by silencing them, rather you argue why they are wrong. Unless a person is directly threatening another, free speech should be unrestricted.

    • Richco says:

      That’s why I posted it Bubba.
      As Joanne says the level of trust in her posters is important but I’m always afraid of about naming names and name-calling that we all do from time to time.
      All it takes is one disgruntled person to take exception to something someone wrote and it could happen to any of us, and Joanne in particular.

  111. Martin says:

    This link purports to give the background to Trudeau’s Senate coup. The puppet masters are identified as:

    “Those involved — including national campaign co-chairs Katie Telford and Dan Gagnier, principal adviser and longtime friend Gerald Butts, chief of staff Cyrus Reporter and national Liberal director Jeremy Broadhurst — marvelled at how the Senate expenses scandal had dominated the federal political scene for most of the year, almost to the exclusion of anything else.”
    Butts is former principal secretary to Dalton McGuinty; I’m not familiar with the others, maybe some of you know them.

  112. Richco says:

    This is an older column but considering the continued mess Ontario is in it boggles my mind how anyone can still say they support the Liberals.

  113. Liz J says:

    Leaders have advisers but they also need to have enough smarts to spot a good idea from a bad and figure out the best way to deal with any given situation. Leaders lead they are not led , they are not elected to be front men led by faceless puppeteers. With Trudeau, who appears so ill prepared for the job the Liberals and the media are polishing him for we would be getting the proverbial pig in a poke.

    On this crazy Senate stunt he cannot answer any questions as to how this nutty ploy will work because his advisers haven’t worked that out. It’s obvious Cowan was gobsmacked, he is defiantly going to do business as usual in as a LIBERAL leader in the Senate.

    • Richco says:

      It’s very good for Harper if he plays this right IMO.

      By the way if you go to and read about the error in the latest poll numbers which is the first story in the feed, it makes for an interesting read and shows how the polling companies make mistakes…other than the ones we all ready know about.

  114. Richco says:

    The gutting of Ontario by the McWynneWath government is almost complete.

    • Liz J says:

      It’s hard for anyone with a functioning brain to understand why anyone could vote for the Ontario Liberals when they’ve ruined the province for decades to come. They’ve all but bankrupted us and the spending continues.

      Wynne is campaigning on our dime by tossing out goodies ahead of the by-elections and will continue to do so until election time.

      As for raising the minimum wage, it’s just enough to make a difference for some smaller businesses already struggling.

  115. Richco says:

    Global News is spinning for Trudeau this morning.

    So what do our BLY friends from out west think about this? Are you buying it?

  116. Richco says:

    For some common sense clarity on the Veterans’ issue from this week check out Christie Blatchford’s column here:

    Another weekend approaching in Ontario……another snow storm.

    Any friendly wagers on the Super Bowl?
    Full confession – I’m a HUGE NFL follower.
    Have been ever since Doug Flutie played for the Argos and we followed him state side. I still have a box of Flutie Flakes.
    I have to go with Denver on Sunday. I’ve been a Payton Manning fan since he was with the Colts and hate how he was treated by that organization. They thought he was washed up. A win Sunday for him would be a sweet personal victory. Plus, I like the work he does with kids.
    Have a good weekend.

    • fh says:

      special thanks goes out to Christie Blatchford she has given us the view from all three parties
      thanks for the link Richco

  117. Liz J says:

    Have to think PM Harper knows a bit about what can be done and more importantly, what cannot be done to change the Senate.

    With this stunt by the Liberals should we expect the PM to react more than just shrugging it off ? Could he have a trump card up his sleeve?

    • Richco says:

      Good point, and I’m betting that our PM does knows plenty more than the Pony and has something waiting in the wings.
      In the meantime though, I hope he waits awhile and let’s Trudeau twist in the wind with what he’s done.

  118. fh says:

    Don’ t you love the term the majority of Canadians support or the majority of Canadians do not support
    digging a little deeper these statements are found to be FALSE
    these statements are used to sway Canadians to their side of the argument
    the FACTS never get in the way

    • Richco says:

      The only time that doesn’t work for the usual suspects fh is when we remind them that a “majority of Canadians” voted for THIS majority government…..WHAT!!!…..SQUIRREL!

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