Neil still trying to be Young

I am really tired of aging ‘celebrities’ attempting to use their legendary status as a soapbox to cram their hypocritical hyperbole down our throats.

Neil Young is one such offender among so many others such as David Suzuki, Darryl Hannah, Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson and the list goes on and on.

If they actually believe what they’re saying and are passionate about it, why don’t they seek out the truth and present a balanced approach to an issue? Wouldn’t they garner more credibility and enhance their cause if they did their due diligence before taking the show on the road?

Or is the real reason they do it because they’re so fearful of going gentle into that good night?

And so any press is good press.

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Hypocrite NeilEzra Levant.

When Neil Young and Daryl Hannah Came to TownTim Moen, HuffPo via Paulsstuff and CTV.

If Neil Young actually walked his talk, we’d see …Les MacPherson, StarPhoenix

And from Ryan Simper whom I follow on Twitter – a brilliant parody:

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And you know you’ve really gone too far left when even Jim Cuddy starts criticizing you! Neil Young Warns Oilsands Will Look Like ‘The Moon,’ Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy Calls Him ‘Extreme, Crazy’HuffPo

Corbella: Neil Young chooses his own comfort over his convictionsCalgary Herald

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  1. Richco says:

    It’s more like Neil still trying to be relevant.
    He’s not.
    Neither are the rest who cling-on blindly.
    Facts and accuracy are not in their song books.
    That’s ok though,
    Because it’s the steady diet of the lemmings of the left.
    We once were relegated to sitting back and letting them jump off their cliff.
    Now with a surge of facts challenging the myths and a fight-back conserverativism The truth will get out there eventually, so until then it gets the attention and fawning it doesn’t deserve.
    They’ll scurry off that cliff eventually.
    They almost always do.

  2. Richco says:

    O/T – mean while the usual suspects are pouring cold water all over Hudak’s announcement yesterday.
    Main criticism is that there were no specifics to just how Hudak and the PCs will bring a million jobs to the province. Hey, at least they HAVE a plan, which neither the Liberals or NDP have.
    We’re less than a few months from an election in this province.
    In talking to folks locally, Hudak’s still not hitting his mark and rumoured strong Liberal and NDP candidates for this area might change things.
    It is being rumoured in my riding that the conservative who lost the nomination last time to our current MPP will be running for the Liberal nomination. He’s anti-Hudak apparently, but I’m confident that we were successful in running the Liberals out of this riding last election for a very long time. However, it was the NDP who came second in this riding and many surrounding ridings last election that could bring us a huge upset.
    I hate to think of it, but I have to put it out there as a possibility.
    One thing is certain in Ontario politics these days is that nothing is certain at all.

    • Monkey says:

      Which riding? I think the Tories have a decent chance of winning Thornhill and Niagara Falls, but neither is a guarantee. I cannot see the Liberals holding Niagara Falls but I can see the NDP picking it up and there is an outside chance of the Liberals winning Thornhill (ugh). I am in Trinity-Spadina which is a Liberal-NDP riding so I will be happy if the Tories can get over 15 percent there.

      • Sandy says:

        I live in the Niagara Falls riding. The NDP has no chance at all. 1990 was a fluke that will not be repeated.

        • Monkey says:

          Good to hear. I just know they did well there in the 2011 election, mind you Fort Erie is the only of the three municipalities that seems somewhat favorable to them. Either way I hope the PC’s win most but I know as well as they CSR worked, many if not the majority have bought the union line that it was a disaster. The public sector unions are great at convincing people their interest align with everyone even when they don’t

          • Richco says:

            You’re right Monkey.

            If Hudak is now borrowing from the CSR I think it’s a big mistake. He’s not Mike Harris, who I believe was the perfect leader to sell the CSR at that time.

            Even IF those helping Hudak out were Harris helpers from that time…and they are.

            I think Hudak can still pull out a win in the byelections but it means being as quick on the draw as the opposition are to him. Of that I’m not sure.

        • Richco says:

          Never say never Sandy.
          I hope you’re right but there’s nothing traditional about politics in Ontario these days.

          • monkey says:

            I don’t think the NDP would win Niagara Falls in a general election, but in a by-election where turnout is lower and the unions can focus on one riding its very possible. After all Kitchener-Waterloo and London West don’t exactly fit the demographic profile of NDP friendly ridings and I actually think they will lose both those in the general election much as the Liberals lost Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock in 2011.

            Correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is you can divide the riding into three municipalities each with different economies and somewhat different politics.

            Niagara Falls (municipality) which is the largest is a mid size industry with a large tourist industry. PCs are competitive here but always do slightly worse while Liberals slightly better and NDP about the riding average.

            Fort Erie – Is more a blue collar town and seems like populist politicians. The Canadian Alliance won it in 2000 yet the NDP won here last provincial election. PCs do slightly better, NDP is strongest here, while it is the weakest for the Liberals.

            Niagara on the Lake – The smallest of them and its main industries are tourism and its vineyards. Also a large senior population. By far the PCs strongest of the three, but the Liberals also get close to the riding average as the NDP is extremely weak there.

            I believe the population split is around 70% Niagara Falls, 20% Fort Erie, and 10% Niagara on the Lake.

            • Richco says:

              Good point about the unions and byelections.
              I’ve also heard that the some school boards have yet to settle contracts with teachers and staff. Saw a union rep. interviewed on CP24 yesterday, so if that machine revs. up then what monkey suggests could very well unfold.

    • Sandy says:

      Actually Hudak did say how he would bring the jobs to Ontario. The usual suspects, however, are looking to how his “government” would do it. He has said they would lower personal taxes so that ordinary taxpayers had more money in their pockets and lower corporate taxes so businesses would invest or come here to set up.

      In other words, he’ll do what the Harris gov’t did — provide the “conditions” for job creation. Make Ontario a place to invest.

      I know the Common Sense Revolution text by heart and that is how it was explained. And, you know what? In the first four years 700,000 jobs were created, good full time jobs.

      They also reduced red tape which also helps businesses. My husband was telling me about Chrysler wanting consessions for a new van plant in Windsor. The union has already said it can’t help out because they are competitive with the U.S. If that were true, they would not have invested most of their new brands in the U.S.


      • Sandy says:

        Meant to say, Chrysler would NOT have invested most of their capital in the U.S.

      • Richco says:

        He didn’t say anything specific in his press release yesterday.
        I did quote from it directly in a post yesterday saying that it’s the specifics that are needed, and that if they’re contained in the white papers there was no indication on the release that that’s where folks can look for those specifics.

        • Richco says:

          That’s not to say Sandy that Hudak hasn’t said those things at other times. I’ve heard him, but for those tuning in to the press conference yesterday he touched on I think it was five very general plans.

          Brian Lilley will be interviewing Tim on his show at 7pm tonight for those who are more worried about Hudak beating Wynne & Horwath than they are about Neil Young doing any damage at all to Harper. He can’t and there’s nothing the flash mob media or opposition can do about that. Nothing whatsoever. Harper just keeps on doing the job he was elected to do.

    • Martin says:

      NDP finished a distant 3rd in Huron-Bruce, provincially with less than half of PC Lisa Thompson’s numbers. They finished 2nd federally in 2011 but again with less than half the votes; it was the same candidate both times.

      I cannot see NDP making headway in SW Ont, certainly not in Huron-Bruce. Their problem is the same as 1990 in that they lack a credible, coherent agriculture policy. They did win seats in the region 1990, but people remember their actions and are not apt to repeat this mistake. As for energy policy NDP supported the GEA and have policies more extreme than Liberals.
      They are hampered as being perceived as the party of urban Ont. that will be hard to overcome.

      • Monkey says:

        The NDP’s support in Southwestern Ontario would most likely come from blue collar towns, not from small towns or largely rural areas. They will do well in Windsor, be competitive in London, while in manufacturing centre’s like St. Thomas or Woodstock (note there is no town over 10,000 people in Huron-Bruce), they will do well, maybe not beat the Tories but be competitive. But they won’t win those ridings as in the rural portions the PC’s will run up the numbers. In the last federal election, the NDP got close to 30 percent in Southwestern Ontario yet only won three ridings so I suspect the distribution of votes will be similar to that. One interesting case is Essex where the NDP got almost the same percentage both federally and provincially but lost federally as the Liberals did worse and most of that went Conservative. So a collapse of the liberal vote there if one looks at past elections as opposed to polls could just as easily benefit the PC Party.

  3. Martin says:

    Besides creative talent, most of these entertainers share massive egos enabled by an entourage of agents, personal assistants and hangers on. this tends to isolate them from the normal work-a-day population. They also tend to be uneducated in the formal sense, Young must have left high school early, though obviously this would in no way hinder a very successful music career. They are used to being listened to and their whims being realized. They are not used to ridicule and this is where the press come in.
    Instead of accepting Young’s absurdities that he drove a modified car from Cal to northern Alberta without using oil, they should ask what was used in the crankcase. No vehicle would go that ear without lubrication. Reporters tend to be merciless with mere ministers of the crown, but take as faith the utterances of these self appointed experts. Rob Silver mentioned yesterday on CBC the obvious, that Young’s opinions on resource development are in no way more valid than those of anyone else.
    The correct attitude of the press would be skepticism, but not one we usually see applied to these people.

  4. Paul says:

    Of course the K-W Record had to make sure to give him some print space.
    3rd page and editorial section…their liberal biases are alive and well.

  5. fh says:

    Good Tim Hudak interview with Julie Brown done in October 2013
    worth your time

  6. fh says:

    Tim Harper Toronto Star believes Neil Young has done his homework
    anyone agree?

    • paulsstuff says:

      Far from it. I’ve already done a few posts on my blog exposing Young for the hypocrite he is. Case in point. Young states the average fuel economy of vehicles in North America is 22mpg, when in fact it’s just under 25 at 24.8mpg. So right off the bat his numbers are off more than 10%.

      Next is Young’s Lincvolt electric car. To inflate his numbers for comparison he uses a 2013 Cadillac Escalade with a highway mpg rating of 21. Not A Chevy Cruise. Heck, the new pickup trucks from GM, Ford and Chrysler get over 30 mpg on the highway.

      Next is Young’s statement he burned no oil driving his electric car from California to Fort Mac. The problem being Young himself states on his blog he used E85 for the 1800 mile trip. E85? It’s called that because it’s 85% ethanol. The other15%? Gasoline!!! And then there is the pesky detail that he had his crew follow him the 1800 miles in a diesel fuelled bus.

      And of course Young, Suzuki, May, Gore et al never mention the chemical produced from the use of ethanol fuels, acetaldehyde. This chemical is classified as a known carcinogen. So let’s all worry about CO2, a natural gas produced from among other things breathing. I guess Young thinks filling the enviroment with cancer causing chemicals is a good trade-off to save us from non-existant global warming.

      And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the fact that Young, like Gore, Suzuki, etc, will be making cash pushing this agenda. The great thing is I know cars. I know different fuels. I know electric cars. I’m guessing Young must have no idea the process, with all it’s ghg emissions, that was involved producing the battery in his electric car. Mining, refining, shipping, and the big problem of disposal at the end of it’s life cycle.

      Done his homework? Hardly. I think Young must have been the kid skipping class to smoke weed when the other kids were getting educated.

      • dmorris says:

        Good post! Young left home and school at 16,and probably was in the vanguard of rock and roll dope smokers in the early 60’s.

        Nothing makes me more angry than when the idle rich and famous deign to preach down to us peasants with all their sneering condescension. None of them ever offer reasonable alternatives to the tar/oil sands and their tens of thousands of jobs,they just keep preaching about shutting them down.

        No true facts and figures are ever presented, just typical enviro-zealot’s exaggerations and outright lies.

        I ran across this article some time back, and wonder why the Hollywood set will come all the way to Canada to bash us, but never say a single word about the oil industry right in their own back yard.

        I suspect it’s because to take on the powerful California oil interests would be to soil their own nests. Early development in LA was due to the discovery of oil, well before the movie/recording industry even began, and I would bet the California Big Oil companies are well invested in the entertainment industry.

        And I’d bet some of that LA oil finds it’s way to China, to be turned into that lovely smog Neil Young was preaching about to us the other day.

        • monkey says:

          I think people like to go after Canada as we have this false reputation of being the nice guy and always wanting to please others so many think we will just bend to them. The US has a reputation of only caring about its own interest meaning if it doesn’t serve them, they will ignore it. I don’t believe Canada actually is that way, but its a stereotype I think a lot believe thus the reason.

          Its also seems like they like to go after easy targets. We produce only 2% of the World’s GHG’s and less than 10% of that comes from the oil sands. If they really cared about climate change, why don’t they go after China whose single coal plants emit more GHG’s in one month than the oil sands does in a century. And unlike Canada GHG rates are growing rapidly there as well as smog is a real problem in Chinese cities (I’ve been there and if the winds are blowing in the wrong direction its bad).

        • Joe says:

          So where, if as Neil says he used E85 fuel, did he put the 90 gallons of E85 he needed to make the trip? I’ve driven the road to Fort Mac many times and I have yet to see any E85 for sale.

      • Greg says:

        If he had done his homework he would know that hybrids and electrics use more energy in their manufacture, up to 5 years worth of driving a standard gas model. This is due to the extra energy used in processing the lightweight alloys, battery materials etc. How many celebs even keep a car for 5 years.

      • Richco says:

        really great posts at your blog spot paulstuff.
        I can’t post there either so hopefully Joanne will not mind your kudos being here.

        • paulsstuff says:

          Thanks Richo. And a great job here by Joanne as always. Seems BigCityLib doesn’t want to reply to my offer of a live time debate as I alluded to in two of my blogposts.

          • monkey says:

            Paulsstuff – That’s too bad. We need more debates between those of different views. Refusing to debate simply says to me one is insecure of their views. I am no Rob Ford fan, but I fully agree with his willingness to debate anyone anywhere.

  7. Bubba Brown says:

    Good title for a post Jo!
    We may grow old but we can stay immature forever, growing up is optional, if you are a rock star.
    I don”t get any profound thoughts from ceral boxes or aging rock stars, liked your songs Niel.
    But I liked you a lot better when you just shut up and sing.
    Canadians work hard and will move with their famlies to to places that a lot of people would not even consider.
    They will work and prosper and build towns and through volenteer groups, local boards, build healthy communities.
    I know, we went north 600 miles to a steady job, raised our kids, built a hospital, ski trails and had a life, and a whole lot more.
    We left the place after 20 years better than we found it.
    We don’t get no song or thousands of fans, just a very wrong old guy who hasen’t a clue, good entertainer, clueless about anything else.
    But hey he has an enviro-mental guru who don’t pay taxes and wants the prosperity to go away, for us, he will be living in one his mansions anyway.
    Mr Young does not know us,and does not have a friggin’ clue who we are or what getting up every morning when it is -40 -45 for 5 weeks straight, keeping the mill running because that is how we make our money.
    Every machine not plugged in is running 24/7
    I got a new definition for ‘seriously disconnected’, driving a million dollar car, whose charging system set a ware house on fire.
    While your crew follow in a 2 million dollar bus up to the prosperity sands to tell us pesants how we should be living.
    Go back to your 1500 acre estate and your model train set Niel.
    I am thinkin’ you show your moosh up North again hard working people just might want to take you to task along with Henny Penny’s guru.
    Seems to this old guy we never asked you what you thought.
    Gee we have had Pammy Anderson savin’ the seals, KFC chickens,
    Obama giving us financial advice?
    Good thing we have the Internet.

  8. Liz J says:

    Both Young and Suzuki are prime examples of how not to grow old gracefully showing a lack of the proverbial advantage of growing age with growing wisdom.

    Young has a right to his opinions but coming back to Canada where he hasn’t lived for close to five decades to strum up a hate fest, run down the PM and the engine that’s driving the economy of the country is not exactly clear thinking. Maybe he could add some entertainment to the Idle No More gang.

    • monkey says:

      He also is ineligible to vote in Canada too. Unlike the US where as long as you are a citizen, you can vote regardless of residence, in Canada you cannot vote if you are absent for more than 5 years.

      He should also be thankful we don’t tax him either unlike the US which taxes expatriates. I still like his music, but not his political views. I am big fan of 60s music so its probably fair to say most musicians I listen to don’t share my political views. The Beatles are my favourite band, but I am definitely not a staunch lefty like Lennon was and McCartney still is. I also didn’t appreciate it when McCartney based Newfoundland over its seal hunt.

  9. Joanne says:

    Dear “Baby Omar”: Your comment will not be allowed. It is just a little too provocative and I don’t have time to deal with all the fallout of such rants. Goodbye.

  10. Stuart says:

    Kinda like Clint Eastwood?

    • Joanne says:

      Clint Eastwood can rant all he wants in the States. If he comes here and tries to tell Canada what to do then I’ll get my back up.

      • Richco says:

        I’m assuming that Stuart is talking about Eastwood’s stupid celebrity trick at the Republican convention, so in that respect yes, Young looks just as ridiculous.

        The only difference was that Eastwood did a really bad job of speaking to an empty chair, while Neil Young is just empty of facts, and comes back to Canada to pretend he gives a damn.

    • Greg says:

      No, because Eastwood didn’t tell anyone how to live their lives. Plus he didn’t step 93,000,000 km outside of his area of expertise. He entertained. His job for the last 70 plus years. Sorry Stuart, you failed on that one.

  11. Richco says:

    Correction – Tim Hudak will be on SNN at 7pm tonight, not on Byline.

  12. Anne in swON says:

    Neil Young’s disapproval of the Canadian government under Mr. Harper can’t be a sudden reversal of opinion, can it? He surely must have had that same opinion when he accepted the Order of Canada from the same government in 2009. When is he going to rightfully return it? I recall Marlon Brando refusing to accept an Academy Award on principle which is what Young should have done with the honour mistakenly awarded to a trumped-up old “rock star”. Now, I just want him to return it with thanks and an apology for accepting it in the first place. He certainly did not deserve it.

    • Richco says:

      Got a photo of Young shaking hands with Harper?
      Money shot that I’m sure Ezra would like to get his hands on.

  13. Jen says:

    From Jason Kenney in email regarding to the website:

  14. Jen says:

  15. bertie says:

    I have to make a comment on this Neil Young Crap.With Suzuki showing up at this,whatever it was.These two have got to be getting BIG BIG money from someone to keep up this kind of rant against the Oilsands.Someone is very very scared of the capacity that this project brings to the world.But why do they want foreign oil flowing into this country and not Canadian oil??And does anyone question these wackos and find out how Canadians are expected to heat their homes?drive their cars?light there homes? And in particular how do these wackos get to their venues,planes ,autos,bus.How many homes do each of them own and heat.The hypocrisy is astounding. That,s it,this subject could go on and on and on and until the MSM start to get onside and start publishing the truth.

  16. Anne in swON says:

    Here is what one reporter would like Neil Young to say to prospective concert goers:

  17. Tripper523 says:

    Neil Young’s been “a miner for a heart of gold” (and he’s gettin’ old), so I don’t think he’s been into OIL at all, unless it’s from Ahab the Arab. As for Clint Eastwood, I don’t think he belongs in the same thread, unless it’s re. his outspokenness and more of a sage, common-sense imagery he can put out there. (He had the ’empty chair’ and we have the ’empty suit’.) I believe he would align with our main themes here fairly well. It’s more likely that “Angel Eyes” and “Tuco” (alias the Empty Suit and Nullcare) would raise my levels of suspicion and apprehension…

  18. fh says:

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  19. fh says:

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    • Richco says:

      He felt flat for me in his interview with Alex Pierson on SNN this evening.
      Pierson asked him many good questions too.
      She asked Hudak how he intended to fight the backlash of the left when they started their “big bad Mike Harris” mantra, saying that he’d be a job killer not a job creator? I didn’t hear a direct answer to that question.
      I think he talked too fast, tried to get too much in to too little time.
      I was hoping for more.

      • Liz J says:

        Hudak should have no trouble answering any questions when the media invoke the tired old Mike Harris rhetoric. The Liberals supported by their partners the NDP have killed more jobs in this province with their green energy wackiness which continues to this day. When companies start pulling up stakes and taking their operations south jobs are lost, pensions are lost, it’s a whole chain reaction, some even lose homes.

        We need to support Hudak, we need to stop the nitpicking if we are to even make an attempt to get this province back on track. For sure we cannot reward either the Liberals or the NDP for the state they’ve put this province in, to do so would be proof we are the dumbest electorate in history. We are ruined.

        • Richco says:

          I haven’t ever said I wouldn’t support Hudak.
          The PCs are the only choice out of this mess we now call Ontario.
          I’m also not nitpicking. It’s how I really feel.
          fh has the interview up below.

    • Richco says:

      The actually interview with Hudak starts at the 6:00 minute mark, but in my opinion Alex Pierson was absolutely awesome in her preamble re: Where’s Waldo Wynne when it comes to what’s going on at York U.?

      Pierson’s line of questioning to Hudak were very good too.

      And yes, Hudak did ok.

      Here’s my point that I was trying to make after first seeing this last evening.

      At the 7:34pm mark Pierson asks Hudak a question about what his response to the spin of the opposition when they frame him as just another big, bad, Mike Harris job killing machine.

      Hudak’s response was that at least he and his party has a plan, following with what’s wrong with the Liberals instead of talking himself and his plan up or defending it and the party.

      A follow-up question by Pierson was about how he would swim against the media pool, which we know is stacked left and doesn’t give Tim the attention he deserves while giving Wynne and Horwath a pass.

      Hudak’s response to that was that he’s going on tour to promote his jobs plan.
      He’s going to be consistent and confident that he can. I’m not sure he answered the question.

      Where he did answer very well was in response to Pierson’s question about fighting the unions. He hit his stride with that question. His voice changed, he slowed down and he said that we fight them “on the power of our ideas”. He then went on to talk about how the Working Families Coalition will try to beat him down and outed them for what they were. He did best on that question IMO.

      After that question is was almost time to wind it up.

      I really do think he needs a better response to how he’s going to counter the opposition’s crap with more about him and his plans and less about them.

      • fh says:

        Richco thank you for your YOUR analysis

        • Richco says:

          Of course it’s mine.
          Not sure I understand why you needed to emphasize “YOUR”
          Aren’t we all expressing our own opinions here?

          • fh says:

            I am sure Tim Hudak appreciates your advice
            Thank you Richco

            • Richco says:

              Whether he does or doesn’t has nothing to do with my question to you. That we all have the opportunity to express our opinions and be recognized as such does.
              Your comment is simply condescending and emphasis unnecessary.

            • Richco says:

              We know he’s swimming against the tide of left leaning media, and the unions are terrified of his policy so it’s only reasonable for his team to have some zingers up their sleeves to respond to what are going to be predictable questions. They probably do, who knows for sure fh.

              Hudak’s year end interviews were the best I’ve seen him give in a while.
              If he and his team could capture him in those interviews with the best parts of the Pierson interview, he’s unstoppable.

              • Sandy says:

                Richco — True, we are each able to give our own opinion here. But, fh was right. It “was” your analysis about the interview. No problem with that. We all give our analysis. However, she (fh) didn’t agree with you and was trying to say so while being polite, not patronizing.

                In fact, I too thought Hudak gave an excellent interview.

                Thing is though, I don’t think you realize it Richco, how tough you are on Hudak.

                For example, during the holidays you were down on him for not getting out there in front of the media about Wynn’s gift cards. As it turns out, he was right to ignore the issue for a few days and let her make a fool of herself.

                Anyway, you are entitled to state your opinion as is fh. I think the issue is that some of us are desperately trying to put Hudak forward as the next Premier of Ontario and want to hear what he is doing right.

              • Richco says:

                In your opinion you believe fh to be “right”.

                My issue is the use of the “YOUR” emphasis that was not necessary for the reasons I wrote.

                As long as you’re keeping score though Sandy, you failed to recall that before the holidays I wrote glowingly of Hudak’s year end interviews and sprinkled what I felt were positive attributes in Pierson’s interview last night.

                Re: the gift card fisaco and Hudak being MIA. I still believe it would have helped me to see him fronting that….as it did others here as well.

                As to your comment “some of us are desperately trying to put Hudak forward as the next Premier of Ontario and want to hear what he is doing right.”

                That judgement on your part is low. What on earth makes you think that I don’t want the same thing?

                I’ve written about what he’s doing write.

                It’s unfortunate the you missed it or that it might offend others and Hudak.

                It shouldn’t. If it does then we have a bigger problem on our hands.

            • monkey says:

              I think Richco is bang on. I hope and want Hudak to win but one should not underestimate how well the unions can sell their message. They generally play the idea that PCs only benefit the rich and are bad for anyone who isn’t wealthy and since most are middle class or lower income that is their success. They try to play the idea the amount of money in the system is fixed so you can only improve things for the middle class or working class by making the rich better off. In fact the amount of money in the system is not fixed and its possible for people of all incomes to go up or down simultaneously. Hudak needs to find a way in short sound bites to repudiate their claims. I still think we the mess we are in, Hudak has a better than even chance of being premier, but right now I would probably only be a minority, so he needs to work on presenting his ideas better so he can get a majority.

  20. Stan says:

    CBC has several stories on neil’s protest about how the treaties aren’t bein honoured.
    One thing is missing from every story: What isn’t being honoured in the treaties?
    Wouldn’t that be the central question and subject to explore, after all that is the name of the protest.
    So why don’t they ask the most obvious question?
    It’s pretty obvious, they know damn well it’s bullshit but they are going to take our tax dollars and lie to us.
    All part of their attack on the party that cut their budget.

  21. Liz J says:

    Who is playing who in the ongoing Toronto Mayoralty saga?
    We have the elected Mayor of Toronto asking the appointed Premier for a meeting re the storm cleanup which the appointed one refuses. Wynne will only meet with Deputy Mayor Kelly.

    • Joanne says:

      Yes I think Rob Ford would be wise to play that card in the election race.

      • Liz J says:

        Ford may have done some stupid thing in his personal life but he’s no dummy when it comes to relating to the average Joe and Jane. He’s approachable and seems to have a handle on the city of Toronto needs. The Left know this, it’s what has them in a frenzied state and why he has been demoted by the lefty council. If he were to do what he knows needs to be done it would be to his advantage in this election year.

        Too many politicians at all levels are approachable by appointment or when an election rolls around, putting on the phony smiles and making promises to look into your concerns and never do.

    • Martin says:

      That is rich, Ford was elected with a sizable majority, Wynne has never even stood for the premier office. She refuses still to call an election. Likewise Kelly never even ran for mayor.

      • Richco says:

        Lorrie Goldstein was just on SNN talking about this and how petty and grossly political the Premier is being in refusing Ford.

        My own perspective is that I think that the more Wynne publicly refuses Ford the better it is for Ford.

        She’s helping him get re-elected.

  22. Richco says:

    For the first time ever the PMO has set up a website so Canadians can follow PM Harper on his trip to Israel.

    Link here:

    • Richco says:

      I’m going to say it just in case you’re still doing the Neil Young thing, but this is a very good outreach by the PMO.
      As it’s the first time it’s being done and the media are alongside the PM, this will give Canadians the ability to follow Harper along on his trip and see for themselves, and not through media filters what he’s doing.
      Good on the PM and PMO.

  23. Richco says:

    Wynne’s on her BUY-election tour it seems. Enter gift giving season for the Ontario Liberals. Will these ridings be suckered in by what can only now be described as a BIG LIBERAL SNOW JOB??

    • Liz J says:

      Yes, who does “BUY-elections” better than Liberals even when they haven’t a proverbial pot to pi** in?

      Only the uninformed, people who read the leftist rags as fact sheets and those who Wynne and Horwath manage to convince they “feel their pain”, could care less beyond their own doors would vote for either of them.

      • Richco says:

        It was interesting in the Pierson/Hudak interview to hear Tim say that the Niagara region leads the province in unemployment.
        We hear very little about that because of the focus on Toronto, the GTA and the media bubble there.
        That needs to come out in a big way now that the focus will be on this riding.
        Sandy – who is the PC candidate there?

        • Sandy says:

          Who is the NF/NOTL/FE candidate? Bart Maves. He was the ONPC MPP for two mandates from 1995 to 2003. He then stepped back and ran for Regional Council, which he is on now. But, was nominated a few months back even before Kim Craitor resigned. I would have preferred someone else but with his experience, he can hit the ground running and is very well known. As such, with name recognition alone, I have little doubt he can win.

          • Sandy says:

            The reason the job numbers are down here is because manufacturing is in the tank. McGuinty, you will recall, shut down the racetracks and slots putting thousands out of work in Fort Erie and surrounding area. The hospital has been in the works for years. If they put it near the QEW in NF, there will be big trouble as the hospital in Welland will be closed. The hospitals in Fort Erie and Port Colborne were already closed under McGuinty’s watch. That will mean that 200,000 people will be 40 minutes away from either of the two new hospitals. Insane.

            • Richco says:

              I see by today’s announcements that Wynne is trying to buy off the Niagara wine makers with a nice cash gift.

              First the hospital, now this.

              • Sandy says:

                I doubt it will make any difference how much they are trying to bribe us. But, the Liberals sure are trying.

                The only plus is that Craitor won because of who he was personally, not because he was a Liberal. In fact, in 2011 he won in spite of being Liberal. His election signs were pink and had not even the party logo on them.

                Traditionally, NF Is a bell weather riding. How it goes, the province will go. A by-election should be interesting. I am hoping, however, that a full election will be called.

              • Liz J says:

                Oh ya, and she’s not doing a “buy” election, no siree. Believe that and you can believe the province is debt free.
                She’s following the McGuinty blueprint, taking us for fools.

              • Richco says:

                What was interesting about today’s gift giving ceremony to the wine makers of Niagara was that it took place in down town Toronto.

                A bit of a miss if she’s intending to sway voters in Niagara but then it’s likely because the MSM was closer to her there than in Niagara.

                She might pacify some but isn’t this government responsible for the fruit growers fiasco – peaches in particular.

  24. fh says:

    Interesting Ontario Wynne’s job creation plan won’t create a single job

  25. Richco says:

    Note that this week’s Nano poll is very hard to read. Font they selected is awful, but here it is

    • Sandy says:

      Interesting Nanos poll. The reason it is inaccurate is because they ask for your top TWO choices. They did the same with Dion and Ignatieff. In other words, so someone asks me which are my top two choices. Well, Conservative is my first choice and I have no second choice. But they press and demand (it has actually happened to me) and so you say Liberal. Yet, I wouldn’t even consider voting Liberal at the moment.

      Makes you wonder why they continue to ask for a person’s top two choices. Very few people have two choices. I even got in a personal argument at JNW once with Nik Nanos over this technique. Didn’t get it and obviously still doesn’t get it. Only the undecided might have two choices.

      • monkey says:

        The Nanos poll is really just the same as we’ve seen for the past 6 months. Although his methodology may be different I tend to trust his poll numbers more (Ekos I generally ignore considering how many elections they’ve missed) since his final poll numbers in the last few elections have closely matched the actual result. I think the Tories aren’t in a great position now but they still have 20 months to turn things around so I wouldn’t get too panicked yet as in the past few years we’ve seen leaders in worse shape (be it Christy Clark in BC, Alison Redford in Alberta, Greg Selinger in Manitoba, Dalton McGuinty in Ontario, Jean Charest in Quebec) who were much further behind and with the exception of Jean Charest they all came back and won while Charest came close in an election most predicted he would lose badly. If the poll says anything to me, its that its still anyone’s game and who wins will likely depend on the ballot question. If its the economy, then it favours the Tories, if its about change or personality then the Liberals, while if about income inequality then the NDP.

  26. Richco says:

    Was it just last week that we(including me) were singing this fellow’s praises?

    • Liz J says:

      He’s not telling us anything we don’t know given the way the media will focus on all the negatives they can muster.

      The Senate “scandal” should be far off the radar compared to the economy for most people who are interested in their welfare, their ability to make a living and even a profit to build for their future and the future of this country.

      If we need a contrast as to what can happen with bad management we can look to the Obama administration.

      • Richco says:

        Very true, and with all due respect though he is telling us something we may not like to hear about what used to be Harper’s narrative moving forward and the challenge Harper faces by continuing in that vein.

        Even so, I still like the way he writes. Clear, soft and strong all at once. No fuzzy words or double-meanings.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      I was singing L. Ian Macdonald’s praises last week … and continue to do so, despite this column. He is simply stating the realities of the North American economic situation.
      • The American economy has lately been playing catch up to ours, something the Conservatives may consider saying outright. What do I mean by America playing catch up? Because of all the exploration, fracking, and other resource-based jobs they have been creating.
      Yes, the very same kind of jobs that the environMENTAL crowd uses to malign Canada and Alberta, jobs that cannot be created or maintained here in Canada because of all the hearings that have to take place before any project goes ahead.

      • Macdonald also mentions the job losses in Ontario, a fact often pointed out here by commenters, again energy-related. If energy rates have become prohibitive for industries, of course manufacturers will flee to less costly places, perhaps to the US.

      • Quebec’s job losses? Never a surprise, particularly with the PQ in power. According to some, businesses and individuals are fleeing my province because of the odious Quebec Charter of “Values” and the perennial disputes over language laws.

      So, I don’t see this L.Ian Macdonald column as being anti-Harper.

      • Liz J says:

        I certainly don’t see L. Ian MacDonald’s column as anti-Harper, anything but.

        I find him most insightful and fair, always read his columns.

    • Sandy says:

      Yes, the latest numbers threaten the Harper narrative unless they get out in front and tell people to look to the Ontario Liberal government for dragging numbers down. Flaherty, thankfully, did that earlier this week. I didn’t read MacDonald’s article. I hope he mentioned that.

      • Richco says:

        He did touch on Ontario numbers and their relevance Sandy.
        You’re quite right about getting out front and ahead with the qualifier like Flaherty did…and very well too.

        • monkey says:

          Much like the stock market, you need to look at the long term trend not one month. It will be a few months before we know if this is a reversal of the trend or just a blip. If the unemployment numbers drop in the next few months, it will be old news. The reality is when the election comes, it will only be the unemployment in the last six months that will really matter.

  27. Richco says:

    This may interest those who follow print media, as the both the National Post and Globe and Mail announce layoffs this morning.
    This is posted from the results of a survey journalists were invited to fill out some months ago.
    Sign of the times for traditional media as fewer and fewer new journalists are fading in to the sunset. It was bound to happen IMO.
    Social media is in large part the reason why and the print media’s inability to read the tea leaves.

  28. ed says:

    “But the pregnant question raised by the conference was the extent to which native people might be more badly served by their “friends” than their alleged enemies.”

    • Liz J says:

      Thing is, what’s in it for the Indians/Natives that they would allow themselves to be exploited by a couple of old hippies and/or any cabal of their own people who are making money doing “protests”. Also they are doing more than “peaceful protests”, they’re terrorizing people across this country run by the rule of law.

      Think maybe the Natives are playing both sides of the fence and laughing at us as I’ve long suspected?

  29. Bubba Brown says:

    Misguided? Naw Malicious is more like it.
    Folks in Alberta walk the walk every day, they don’t have a bunch of groupies clinging to their bootlaces.
    The CBC chiming in with some half baked generalizations, about specifics, with no details is so typical of this bigoted beast of a corporation.
    Here with a tip of the hat to SDA is the best speech I have heard yet, one for the ages! Thanks Rex!!
    It is time to throw the hippie luddities off the cliff of stupidity along with their has been Stars.

    • Liz J says:

      Thanks Bubba, that is one of the best yet. Neil Young and his buddy Suzuki need to hear that one but we know they’re hopeless cases. Bugs Suzuki is on the side of settled science which doesn’t exist as long there is life on earth. Young isn’t worth bothering with either but at least we don’t support him, he isn’t on our payroll like Suzuki who is still sucking from the CBC trough.

  30. fh says:

    Thank you Bubba and SDA
    great speech Kudos to Rex

  31. Gabby in QC says:

    Maybe this has already been linked to here or in another thread …
    “Canada’s economic freedom score is 80.2, making its economy the 6th freest in the 2014 Index. Its overall score is 0.8 point better than last year, reflecting improvements in investment freedom, the management of government spending, and monetary freedom. Canada continues to be the freest economy in the North America region.
    Over the 20-year history of the Index, Canada has advanced its economic freedom score by 10.7 points, the third biggest improvement among developed economies. Substantial score increases in seven of the 10 economic freedoms, including investment freedom, fiscal freedom, and the management of public spending, have enabled Canada to elevate its economic freedom status from “moderately free” 20 years ago to “free” today. …”

    • Liz J says:

      Wow, that’s quite amazing.

      I’m betting this will not sit well with Maurice Strong from his dwelling place in Commie China where he lives for the day all industrialized nations fail.

  32. Bubba Brown says:

    Here is more also from SDA thanks Kate!
    Now if Niel Young and Robert Redford want to jet into East Berlin taking along Lizzie May and Dr Fruitfly I’m Ok with that.
    Won’t be room for “big Al”
    They could take along Young Mr Trudeau who loves Communism , now what a concert they could give!
    Justin could play his kazoo, hand out JT custom scarves, does he think he is Elvis?Lizzie will sing her rendition of “Nails onna blackboard”
    Neil’s stinkin’ Lincolin will wow the Trabant drivers and Cowboy Bob can show off his quick draw skills with a imataion six gun from the prop department.
    After they finish wowing the Russians they can jet into China with a side trip to India so they can see what actual pollution looks like.
    Rex has nailed it folks, why do these people get any air time.
    A very good question for the bigoted bad mouthing negatives at CBC.
    They hate Canada more than they hate Conservatives just a little weird isn’t it.
    Yet the economy destroying, unelected, clueless, wrongheaded Premier of Ontario gets a free ride, to keep on destroying what is left of Ontarios economy.
    But hey she does door to door chicken delivery, does Pamalea Martin know?
    Yet Mayor Ford and a non-scandal in the Senate is front page wall to wall all day every day.
    The rest of the audit will be coming out Liberals are going to be crushed in the stampede to the door to save their pensions.

  33. Richco says:

    “Yet the economy destroying, unelected, clueless, wrongheaded Premier of Ontario gets a free ride, to keep on destroying what is left of Ontarios economy.
    But hey she does door to door chicken delivery…….”

    This is hilarious Bubba, but true to Ontario Liberal form and because we know that Liberals will do anything to cling to power today’s Wynn handouts just in time for the byelection in Niagara was $$$ for the wine producers of that region.

    This sick Ontario Liberal party continues to buy us with our own money.

  34. Richco says:

    Premier Wynne is “confused” says Rob Ford.
    Understatement of the century Mr. Mayor!

  35. Sandy says:

    Well, the By-election has been called. Tim Hudak will be having a TownHall next Tues evening at Bart’s campaign office. My husband and I have been invited so we plan to go. Don’t know how much I’ll blog about this because it is so local.

  36. Bubba Brown says:

    Well Richco if only our hard working PM, the best in my lifetime was not being constantly attacked for running the best Government in the free world.
    Perfect heck no but when the official opposition has the same position on development they had in the early 7o’s.
    Justin still has not figured out 81% did not vote for the Liberal rump.
    As far as Mz Red Boots goes brings to mind the wisdom of H.L. Mencken
    “Every election is an advance Auction Sale of stolen goods”
    and to paraphrase Mr Mencken.
    If Wynn-mill thought for a minute she had cannibals amongst her constituents she would promise them Conservatives for dinner.
    Liberals may be edible but by the time you clean out all the stuff that just isn’t true there really isn’t anything left JMO

  37. Mary T says:

    Sent you an email re my email address. It needs to be changed, problems with our server. Old one still shows up here.
    OT I know but am having lots of problems.

    • Mary T says:

      thanks for your input. Neil Young will be in Calgary Sun for a concert. Would love to have hundreds of protesters show up with signs supporting the oil industry.

      • Joanne says:

        Yes that would be great! He needs to go back from where he came.

        I was just watching Lorrie Goldstein on Sun and it’s disgusting how the people come from the States to wag their fingers at Canada when the US is actually worse with all their coal.


      • Liz J says:

        Can’t imagine people from Calgary not giving Young the boot out of town but failing that at least let him know what they think of his stupidity, running off at the mouth with his lack of knowledge about the Oil Sands.

        • Monkey says:

          It would be nice if he got the same welcome Pamela Anderson did in St. John’s. That’s one thing I like about the Newfies is you go after their province they will chase you out. It’s probably the one province I can safely say Paul McCartney will never perform. Otherwise Albertans should treat celebrities who bash the oil sands the same way Newfies treat those who bash the seal hunt.

  38. Bubba Brown says:

    Ohhhhnoooooo Aging rocker off his rocker on air quality, should be in a rocker, hate to ruin someones fantasy with facts, but, the truth is the truth and a proof is a proof and when you have good proof it is proven.
    Compare if you will gentle readers the difference in air quality between Mr Young’s former home town of Toronto and Fort Mac.
    Looks like Neil took the same math class as the Prince of Pi.
    Actually LA is about #3 on the 10 most polluted cities in America.
    Mr Young perhaps did not recognize the clean, fresh air in Fort Mac after LA ,his lungs were missing that high particulate count.,,20490855_4,00.html
    Karma is hilarious, after the pride of Hubris comes the avenging sword of Nemesis, who was female BTW, from the Greek (to give what is due)

  39. Bubba Brown says:

    Dang! tricky on second link, hit close, the advertising will dissapear and you will be on the right page.
    WCABH? Shrimp fettucini with whipping creme asiago sauce with a slug of garlic and fresh thyme.

  40. Joanne says:

    Just a quick update on the home front. Things are going well. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers. By the end of the month the twins should be born (if not earlier.)

    At this point I’m not sure how all of this will impact the blog but I will certainly update everyone when the time comes.

    I may need to go on some kind of temporary hiatus depending on how hectic things get but we’ll see how it goes. So this is just a kind of heads-up. Thanks for your understanding and support!

    • fh says:

      Great news Jo you need a break from politics
      Family is the most important part of life
      I love that both PM Harper and Tim Hudak put their family high up on their priorities
      we will understand and will be waiting for your return after your time with your family
      until then expect to have comments fill up on your posts

    • Richco says:

      There isn’t anything more important than what you’ll be doing Joanne.
      The politics will be here when you get back.
      Really great news for you and your family…and a lovely way to start the new year.

  41. ed says:

    How do greenhouse-gas emissions from coal-fired electricity stations in the U.S. compare to those from the Canadian oilsands?

    And, compared to Europe?

    The oilsands are responsible for what percentage of emissions in Canada, and what percentage worldwide?

    With the latest technology, what is the difference between sands oil and traditional oil drilling when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions?

    Where in the USA do we find oil that is dirtier than oil from Alberta’s sands?

    Guess where Al Gore and Neil Young have residences.

    What is the percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions emitted by:

    a) USA B) Canada

    For the answers and other facts, check out this excellent article by L. Ian MacDonald:

    • Monkey says:

      One single coal plant in Kentucky produces 70 percent of the emissions the entire oil sands does, so coal in the US is definitely worse. Europe does better but due to its much higher population density they have a better transportation system which is probably not realistic in Canada. Also the biggest electricity producer there is France and they use nuclear which is clean, but still hated by the greens. Though Germany may in a decade be worse as they are phasing out nuclear so without nuclear they need more coal. Also the EU uses 1990 as its base which is when Germany was reunited and all the inefficient polluting factories in East Germany were shutdown as well as in Britain, Thatcher privatized the coal industry which relied heavily on government subsidies and without those went under. If you use any other date as a base the EU record is not so impressive.

  42. Richco says:

    Here’s a little light reading on an untested Justin playing in the big leagues while still on his training wheels.

    • Richco says:

      “At February’s national Liberal convention in Montreal, members have a chance to get ahead of their leader on prostitution policy as well: A resolution from the party’s youth wing proposes to treat (and tax) the sex trade just as it would “any other commercial enterprise” — a steakhouse, say, or a shoe store.”

      Lilley and Kinsella spoke out soundly against this on Byline this evening.

      Rightly so IMO.

      Looks like the LPOC will finally be able to make use of those thongs.

      This almost makes Mulcair look tame…..almost.

  43. Richco says:

    Ontario Spring Election? That’s not what Wynne’s after. Here’s her plan.

    • Richco says:

      the more I think about this the more I believe that this is EXACTLY what she’s got up her sleeve.

    • Liz J says:

      Wynne wants to play games that will divert attention from the mess her government has made of this province and by-passing Ford is one of them but that will be to Ford’s advantage in the end game.

      She’s buying as much time as the law allows, passing out OUR tax dollars from the red column to the areas of the by-elections and counting on people to forget the scandal ridden McGuinty reign she was in up to her neck.

      What part of broke do these Liberals not understand? When you are in have-not status you don’t keep spending and raising taxes putting people out of work, chasing industry and people out.

      The media and the Liberals like to keep dredging up the Harris years when they should be seeking out and talking about McGuinty who is the architect of Ontario’s decline.

      • Martin says:

        I would think at some point Wynne would need to present a budget, or a money bill which NDP could defeat if they chose.

        However, Bob Rae prorogued so long in 1994 that he never presented a budget, see from Sun archives …

        “Limping badly, he prorogued for the third time on Dec. 9, 1994. The House did not sit again until the legislature was dissolved April 28, 1995.
        Rae didn’t even bring in a budget that year”.

        Is it possible she plans something similar? Ont really is hampered by its rules on non-confidence.

        • Liz J says:

          She may pull a stunt like that she loses the by-elections…..

          • Monkey says:

            I think she wants to give the unions a sweetheart deal and in exchange hope they throw their weight fully behind her and since the contracts don’t expire until later this year that’s a reason to avoid it. The NDP in BC did this back in 2000. Thankfully voters annihilated them and they still 13 years later remain in opposition.

  44. Richco says:

    Wynne using Justin to snag byelections. Let’s see how this works for you Kathleen.

    • Richco says:

      Nothing like using this empty headed twit for all the fawning he’s worth.
      Last time Wynne and Trudeau were photographed together was with alleged child pornographer and Wynne education guru Ben Levin.

    • Liz J says:

      What will Justin be doing for the people who live in the areas of the Ontario By-elections? Is Wynne trying to imply they’re dumb enough to fall for an empty suit with hair and a smile and vote Liberal?

      • Richco says:

        She doesn’t have to imply it Liz J. That’s exactly what she thinks of the voters of this riding.
        I would bet that she has plans for Pony to visit Niagara too.
        He and our money are all she has, which, unfortunately in the past has been enough to keep her party in power in this province.

        • Monkey says:

          This might hurt him next time around federally. Ontario is the big prize federally so the Tories would be wise to mention Justin’s association with the McGuinty government. Most people have forgotten how bad his father was economically while the Chretien/Martin government at least balanced the budget and ran a fiscally responsible one unlike the McGuity/Wynne one did.

    • Richco says:

      “The election forecast is more unpredictable than at any time in recent memory.”

      He’s right. Toss out all of those traditional notions you ever had about Ontario and it’s politics.

    • Joanne says:

      Not a bad column but Cohn has his own agenda of course.

      I do agree that these byelections will be fascinating!

  45. Richco says:

    Here’s an excellent column from Bob Runciman. A very respected fellow on all sides of the house as I recall. Nothing like some common sense to remind Ontarians what that looks and feels like.

    • Liz J says:

      That’s a superb column Richco.

      Standout message re businesses that remain to “get off the bench and into the game” hopefully stirs a few.
      Also, what the media fail to emphasize the fact of the 45,000 jobe lost in all the country 39,000 were right here in Ontario/

      What a disaster we are in and still there are fools still supporting Liberals in Wynne-tario. She has the gall to keep on smiling, hasn’t got the guts to face the electorate until she passes out more of our money to buy it.

      • Monkey says:

        That’s been my question too. Also what about small businesses as they hurt most by Liberal policies and unlike large corporations most people have a positive opinion of small businesses. They may not have enough money individually but surely they do collectively. In BC last May the unions spent a lot on getting the NDP elected but this was countered by business supporting the BC Liberals (despite their name they lean right unlike the OLP or federal Liberals)

  46. Sandy says:

    Feel free to pass this URL around. I believe I have proved that the Hudak one million jobs in 8 years CAN happen.

    • fh says:

      that was a lot of hard work Sandy I appreciate your post and have printed it to take on my coffee clutches immediately
      hope your health is improving do not hesitate to take time for yourself and family
      we need to get the PC Party of Tim Hudak elected for the welfare of our beautiful Province of Ontario
      Thank you Sandy for your hard work

    • Joanne says:

      Great job Sandy! You’re on a roll. 😉

      • Monkey says:

        Interesting graph. I think it’s doable, the main barrier to achieving is the global economy as there is only so much any government can do in the event of a global slowdown. Either way it’s better than what we have now.

  47. Bubba Brown says:

    Well so Justin is jumpin’ in to help out Wynnie the chicken wallah , just can’t make stuff like this up.
    Unelected Premiers or PM’s should have to face the voters to confirm their mandates within a reasonable period of time.
    But the NDP-Q + Liberal coalition keeps rolling along.
    I hope the good people of Ontario step to the line and take back their province
    It sounds to me like Mr Hudak has a plan and should be given a chance to show what he can do.

    • Martin says:

      Sadly, with Ont’s arcane legislature rules Wynne can cling to power almost indefinitely, or at least until she has to pass a money bill. There seems little point in limiting a government to minority status if they can continue to govern and in her case spend vast amounts of money and commit Ont to ruinous contracts for decades to come. Even losing another seat in the by election would not affect her that much, given the rules in place.

      • Liz J says:

        It’s certainly pretty much up to her and Horwath what happens to Ontario for the rest of the legislated term of office. Neither of them want to face the electorate we may as well call them the Kling-On Twins.

        • Martin says:

          With the present rules, Wynne can ignore both Hudak and Horwath for a considerable length of time.

  48. Bubba Brown says:

    HoooWaaaaa hot from Bubba’s mailbox News Alert!
    Hmm Mr Youngs faithfull Indian companion seems to have some interesting things in his background.
    As well Young Mr Trudeau seems to have some “expenses” to explain.
    See all this and more on Sun News this PM
    1 Source Exclusive: Who is Neil Young’s Indian Chief Sidekick?
    Ezra has done his research. You won’t want to miss what he’s dug up on the Native Chief championing Neil Young’s anti-oilsands message. Just who is behind this dynamic duo? Tune in for all the alarming details.
    The Source with Ezra Levant: 8PM ET & 10PM ET
    2 Did Trudeau con Canadians?
    After telling Sun News he didn’t use a cent of taxpayer money to travel to his various speaking engagements, Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau now admits that wasn’t exactly the case. Tune in to Byline tonight for more details.
    Byline with Brian Lilley: 9PM ET
    A two-fer folks, beer and popcorn at Bubba’s house tonight!

  49. Anne in swON says:

    It’s OK when liberals pay back money they had no right to claim but not for conservatives (i.e. Duffy et al.). Whoops, not just one but three oopsies. After all, Justin says it was just an honest mistake/sarc off.

  50. Gabby in QC says:

    Re: Trudeau repaying some ineligible expenses.

    My evil conspiratorial side tells me this is a ploy to
    1. have Honest Trudeau be in the news, from where he has been missing of late
    2. contrast him to the senators — you know which ones.
    The media is going to highlight this as Trudeau being oh so honest in voluntarily disclosing his returning the paltry sum of some $800, whereas those greedy senators rooked the taxpayers for thousands of ineligible expenses.

    That’s where the PMO communications strategy failed miserably, IMO, by not EMPHASIZING again and again that Nigel Wright was honourably trying to reimburse alleged ineligible expenses obtained from the public purse back to the public purse.

    • Martin says:

      Probably something like that did prompt this story, or the realization his double dipping was about to be reported.
      On the question of Senators, the awkward reality is the one being investigated for serious criminal fraud happens to be Liberal Mac Harb. Jr already welcomed Harb back into Liberal caucus, once he dealt with his Senate problems, but Harb has made that mute by retiring completely. Don’t expect to hear too much more about Harb from MM and certainly not from Jr.

      • Gabby in QC says:

        The mere fact the “honest disclosure” is from McGregor’s blog raised my “spidey” sense.

        On another tack … as if more proof were needed that many politicians are outright liars … Tom “pants on fire” Mulcair told Solomon re: the XL pipeline that PM Harper went to Washington last year, wagged or held his finger under Obama’s nose, and threatened him, saying he would “not take no for an answer”. I consider that a big lie.

        In the first place, the PM used the so-called “won’t take no for an answer” phrase in New York, not Washington, in a meeting before the Canadian American Business Council. Obama was not present.
        Secondly, the PM meant that despite a possible no from Obama, he would continue to press on, arguing the benefits of the XL pipeline.

        Oh, and the exact context, which Mulcair lied about?
        « “… my view [PM speaking] is you don’t take no for an answer.”
        “We haven’t had that but if we were to get that, that won’t be final. This won’t be final until it’s approved and we will keep pushing forward,” Harper said in his strongest statement on the proposed cross-border pipeline to date. »

  51. Gabby in QC says:

    Yay!!! John Ivison asked the same question I’ve asked on various threads: why should MPs or senators be able to claim per diems at all? Why should they get money back for their lunches when they go to work? Regular stiffs don’t, why should they?

    • Martin says:

      Surprisingly the whole P&P hour was a rough ride for Jr; except for Solomon having his back, everyone else was quite critical. Ivison also confirmed our suspicions as to why Jr came out now with the explanation, he said bluntly that he had been caught.
      Most commentators pointed out it is not the paltry $800 or so he is repaying, but what was he doing charging school boards and hospitals such outrageous sums to begin with. Why does a potential PM need an ethics commissioner to tell him that charging Kincardine school board $10,000 to appear, is not a admirable action? This will only rekindle the original story and further illustrate his lack of judgment.
      Solomon for once seemed back on his heels when Stock Day asked him would the media be persuing this case as relentlessly as they did the Senate investigations. Solomon muttered something about they would if “new developments” arose. My take was that Solomon wished there was more important stories breaking today.

      • Gabby in QC says:

        I applauded Stockwell Day when he raised the issue of blanket media coverage if it were a Conservative in the same situation, while wondering whether this Trudeau story has “legs”. Solomon looked crestfallen, that anyone should raise doubts about the MSM’s objectivity.

        But despite the expected negative reaction from Stockwell Day and Minister Bergen, that of John Ivison & the one from Gerald Caplan, also expected, I still think many media will point out & praise Trudeau for how quickly he admitted the “administrative mistake” and apologized. He’s still going to be let off as being so open and honest.

  52. fay says:

    Poor Justin, his staff made an honest mistake by bundling all the per diems together??? Ahh! Whats the media party going to do? Poor justin HaHa… give me a break!
    The National Press Gallery will be meeting to coordinate a new Scandal to detract from the Prime Ministers visit to Israel.
    The media party is becoming so predictable!!

  53. fh says:

    Minister John Baird ‘s address to the US chamber of Commerce

  54. Tripper523 says:

    A day of mourning, for the great “Professor” (Russell Johnson, 89) from Gilligan’s Island and “Reuben Kincaid” (Dave Madden, 82), for those unfortunate enough to have watched The Partridge Family. Very unique actors who provided a lot of humour and entertainment.

  55. ed says:

    “”As far as me not knowing what I’m talking about, everybody knows that, that couldn’t be more obvious, I’m a musician,” he said.”

    Well, he’s got that right!!

    • Joanne says:

      Yes I just saw that on CBC!! Well straight from the horse’s mouth.

    • MadMacs of Bytown says:

      Maybe Calgary can show him a moon or two.

      • Joanne says:

        Ha! You guys are funny! 😉

      • Liz J says:

        If he’s doing a concert a large group should request he sing Harvest Moon and give him a line up of moons…..

        He’s doing himself no favors swanning back here to talk about something he knows nothing about. He’s simply getting on the bandwagon with no clue, out of tune with reality.

  56. ed says:

    Talk about losing credibility!!

    He comes across as an angry old man. — I suspect he’s been put up to this by others. Guess who the moderator is??

  57. Liz J says:

    I thought we’d heard the last of Helena Guergis, but apparently she’s got a lawsuit against our MP Shelly Glover. What’s up with that? What did Glover say to hurt her delicate feelings or her reputation?

    She lost her suit against PM Harper so she moves on to another one.

    It’s hard to get info any more, blocked from reading the rags online unless you pay up. The citizen will allow horoscopes and obituaries, the NP won’t even allow those.

  58. Richco says:

    If you need any proof at all of how the left-leaning media is already moving the Trudeau story off the pages less than 48 hours after him coming clean, most aggregates have already moved the story off their pages.

    It was quite interesting to read how Trudeau was quickly willing to cast blame on clerical staff and turn accountability away from himself when it would have been he who submitted and signed the expense claims…not just once, but three times…that we know of so far.

    • Martin says:

      Right, as Gabby points out the PostMedia story is written by McGregor with a somewhat different attitude than his accounting of CPC problems.
      Much of his story makes Trudeau’s case for him talking about the speaking events as “fundraisers, some for charities” and that he “helped sell tickets”.
      As Gerald Caplan mentioned he could have helped even more by waving his $15,000 fee.
      I am amiss to understand what the South Huron school board was raising funds for when they paid Trudeau to speak there perhaps you can fill us in.

      Even Rosie Barton said that in politics it is never a good idea to categorically deny ever doing something, as he did with using parliamentary funds on personal business. Jr has a lot to learn about politics.

      • Richco says:

        “I am amiss to understand what the South Huron school board was raising funds for when they paid Trudeau to speak there perhaps you can fill us in.”

        Before you joined BLY Martin I posted all about how school boards across this province were promoting the Justin speaking tour and how Kincardine and South Huron took advantage of that.

        I even sent alerts to the PC riding assn. at that time……crickets chirped silent. I couldn’t raise interest then. My how times have changed.

        FYI the South Huron event was not a fundraiser. It was an event that was sold to the parent councils by board admin. as a way to spend their allotments given them by the Liberal government because the parents had no idea how or where to spend their windfalls.

        The result was that what should have been a training session for school council parents morphed in to a “character building” lesson built around Justin Trudeau. NOTE – he had not yet been elected as MP, unlike the Justin Trudeau event which was MUCH bigger in scope, money spent, day off school for kids being bussed to the event, than was the South Huron event which was held on a Saturday…not over regular school days as in Kincardine.

        At the end of the day, what we see happened was 1) the school councils had money to burn given them by the Liberal government, and 2) the parents turning that money around to support a Liberal – Trudeau.

        It’s alleged that the biggest promoters of the Trudeau school tour were none other than Wynne and her DM.

        • Martin says:

          No surprise there.
          Worthy of note, a couple of people with local ties maybe could have been persuaded to speak on character building. Nobel winner Alice Munro lived in Clinton at the time, Lucknow native Paul Henderson, like Trudeau was in the business of motivational speaking.
          Perhaps the parents preferred a native from Montreal with absolutely no ties to Huron county.

          • Richco says:

            And the folks in Kincardine could have picked a more local person to, no? At least in South Huron no children missed a day of school to hear the silver spoon. In Kincardine didn’t they have to buy tickets? What of the cost of bussing?

            Let’s call this what it was shall we?

            The Liberals shopped Trudeau around the school boards and the boards did what they do best….made it happen.

            • Martin says:

              Either person would be quite local to Kincardine compared to an MP from Montreal. Parents and board members no doubt thought both were too old to relate to the students. Interestingly Jr was 40 when he appeared in Kincardine in 2011, to my thinking 40 or 70 students do not notice a great differential.
              I’m sure you are right about the ticket prices, that information disappeared off the board website. No school board should have expended that kind of money for a political speaker of any stripe.

              • Ruth says:

                and maybe this tweet is on to something about his speaking tour……
                Manny Montenegrino
                .@JustinTrudeau since the media will not ask you a direct question, is this theory true?

              • Richco says:

                Parents had nothing to do with the decision Martin. They were coopted by their boards. The parents just followed the leaders.

        • fh says:

          Richco you need to start your own Blog the reason I say this is only the post by the Blog owner can be followed
          you contribute many valuable post comments
          I know you are very busy and do not feel you have the time but perhaps in the future you can take on establishing a Blog
          until then we all comment on the best blog Jo’s and Jo is very gracious to allow us
          some topics are best avoided and from time to time Jo lets us know she cannot permit the comment
          unfortunately the Blog owner is held responsible for the Blog in its entirety and that includes all comments
          we appreciate your contributions but are not able to track
          your comments so they are lost
          Gabby keeps track of her comments but that is done by Gabby and involves additional work by Gabby
          Blogs are a lot of hard work and we appreciate that our Conservative Bloggers are available and allow and encourage our comments
          please do not feel I am being critical I find your comments to be one of the best but I do not always agree with you and you do not always agree with me

          • Joanne says:

            My only rules are keep it clean, simple and provide links to snippets.

            (And please don’t attack other readers of course.)

          • Richco says:

            I’m only sorry that I just read this today fh, because I would have liked to counter your judgements on what I should or shouldn’t do based on your own opinion.

            However I think Joanne spoke to it effectively.

            FYI – I have no intention of starting a blog of my own, and I could make the same suggestions of you, but I will not.

          • Richco says:

            “we appreciate your contributions but are not able to track
            your comments so they are lost”

            Who exactly do you propose to speak for fh?

            I’m abiding by the rules Joanne suggests. Until she advises otherwise I’ll continue as always.

  59. Liz J says:

    This Trudeau habit would be a scandal of front page proportions if it were any Conservative. It’s another sign of his incompetence, his unpreparedness for prime time.

  60. Richco says:

    I think that THIS bears watching closely. As Olivia Chow heads out on a book tour, I certainly hope she’s taking a leave of absence from her MP duties and not collecting a salary. Is a book tour an easy way of getting in to the Mayor’s chair at Toronto City Hall?

    • Liz J says:

      I wish her luck but she needs to decide what she want’s to do, be an MP or the Mayor of Toronto.
      I don’t know if there are any rules preventing her from flogging her book while sitting as an MP, perhaps she can do both, it’s up to her constituents who require her attention. The nature of her book may be to hook more votes for whatever is her choice politically which may be part of her strategy. Doing a book at this precise time is suspicious.

      • Martin says:

        Mulcair gave a very strict guideline yesterday on what he expected of his NDP caucus with respect to seperating private business ventures, from MP duties. This interview still up on CBC P&P.
        Wonder if Chow was paying much attention. It will be up to reporters to see that she adheres to Mulcair’s high standards.

  61. ed says:

    Wow, so many excellent articles out there!! Here’s another one well worth reading, imho:

    Terence Corcoran: Fahrenheit 45.2, or how the CBC helps promote scares and confusion
    January 14, 2014 8:41 PM ET

    Corcoran quotes the words of “the great American essayist” H.L. Menchen which was written in 1918:

    “ The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    He applies the above quotation to CBC radio and television network broadcasts. He cites a number of examples and disputes what is said.

    The misinformation, distorted commentary, myths, intellectual dishonesty, false information, deceptive phrasing and wording, rhetoric, and outright lies are all too common. I believe the MSM is Canada’s major problem.

    • Richco says:

      It is a good article for sure ed and this must be a verse from the CBC’s theme song because it sure fits their narcissistic tendencies.

      “ The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  62. Liz J says:

    It’s a lucky break for Trudeau that he got caught, he’s now taking credit for setting a new standard for transparency. Barf inducing to say the least.

    • Richco says:

      That’s rich Liz J.
      Richer still is that the Pony’s “new standard for transparency” was birthed as he was being paraded around Thornhill by Premier Wynne, the Queen of a new standard of something in Ontario but it sure isn’t transparency.

      Apparently Sandy you’re being graced with Justin this afternoon in Niagara Falls where I’m sure he’ll make his usual big splash.

      What worries me is that people who I thought intelligent politically actually falling for Trudeau for no apparent reason to speak of. I met up with a friend for coffee this morning. She’s always been a Liberal, hated, Ignatieff and Dion, but is sure that Trudeau’s got what she needs. When I asked her for specifics she couldn’t tell me. He’s just Trudeau and he’ll eventually come around to doing something. So apparently, according to my friend we shouldn’t worry.

      • Liz J says:

        Even though Wynne is running around with the Shiny Pony he doesn’t produce enough substance to require her to carry a shovel….maybe a fart catcher would come in handy.

  63. Anne in swON says:

    “Apparently Sandy you’re being graced with Justin this afternoon in Niagara Falls where I’m sure he’ll make his usual big splash.”

    Is he planning to go over the falls in a barrel? I’d pay to see that. sarc/off

    • fay says:

      That brought a chuckle to me Anne in swOn. Justin Trudeau graced Brandon Manitoba with 3 visits during the federal by-elections here. Our local newspaper worshipped the ground he walked on!

    • Sandy says:

      Now that I would go and see. Trudeau going over the falls in a barrel I mean. LOL

  64. Martin says:

    This column from NP provides provides evidence of how editors attempt to influence readers with photos. The photo of Wynne and Trudeau is carefully cropped to exclude the adjoining people, one of whom is Wynne’s former DM of education Ben Levin. This is the man charged with several counts of child pornography; possibly the same DM Richco alludes to at !!:46. Photos at this event before his fall, included the full party.

    Not to suggest that Trudeau is implicated in this at all, merely to point out how NP published photos of Rob Ford with Stephen Harper and with Jim Flaherty when they had no connection whatever with the Rob Ford story.
    Unfortunately pictures are still worth a thousand words to some people, just be aware of how they can be doctored.

    • Richco says:

      It would indeed be interesting to determine how deep in to the Liberal party Levin was. It was a very cozy family photo as I recall that I’m sure most liberal media crop but SNN has no problem with showing the full frontal family shot.

  65. Bubba Brown says:

    “It was the staff that screwed up” Junior throws them under the bus, or should I say Limo.
    He is actually quite transparent to me.
    Maggot Media having mentioned his transgression briefly, will now laud his “taking ownership”
    I know whereof you speak Richco about “low information voters” they see a pretty face, hear a few concatenatious platitudes and they see a Messiah.
    Go figure the MM are a grave danger to our Democracy they do not hold twits like Trudeau or Wynn-Mill the Queen of Ontario, to the same standard as Conservatives.
    Easier to bash Mr Hudak as the MM in America did with Mr Romney who did have a plan BTW
    Aah the Liberals they tried a out of touch professor replaced him with another out of touch professor and now Justin.
    The first one could not figure out what we were taking about, the second nobody could figure out what he was talking about.
    Now that leaves the Liberals with the apparently “purpose bred” Justin?
    Looks more like a “rescue darg” to me, just sayin’ .
    Ontario cannot get out of the hole it is in by Winnie the chicken whallah digging it deeper. JMO

  66. Jen says:

    Ot, just a piece I took rom David Akin article:

    ‘PM Harper will receive an honorary doctorate at the university of Israel’.

    • Sandy says:

      Yea, Jen, I saw that yesterday. Honourary doctorate is quite an honour. I turned on the CBC National last night to hear what Peter Mansbridge and Terry M. said about that. Funny, I didn’t hear anything. (Sarc off).

      Imagine if it had been Chretien or Trudeau, either one of them.

  67. Anne in swON says:

    Neil Young needs to return immediately to California, his adopted state, and campaign for water conservation ( a very green, life-giving and life-saving commodity) as the governor declares a drought emergency. His assistance is urgently needed.

  68. Liz J says:

    Glad I signed up for coverage of the PM’s historic trip to Israel to get the straight goods.

    I can only scan the headlines in the NP and Ottawa Citizen, they’re walled up well, no freebees…..

    When I see a headline from Ivison in the NP “Harper’s bromance with Netanau designed to shift focus from PM’s domestic troubles” I’ve had enough.

  69. fh says:

    Liz J if you google the topic you are interested in you often find a source without a wall
    worth a try

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