Security Breach

I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the security breach of our Prime Minister’s safety during the Vancouver Board of Trade talk yesterday, but I see Spin Assassin had done an excellent job so I will refer you there.

The ease with which the activists got into the venue is appalling (Record link here):

While reporters and TV camera operators were forced to have their equipment examined by a police dog, there appeared to be little in place — such as a security checkpoint to check credentials or ID — that would have prevented anyone from just walking into the room.

One of the two protesters, local activist Sean Devlin, said he and his colleague weren’t stopped or approached by security at any point before they walked on stage.”

This is a non-partisan issue.  The activists admitted to CBC they would have done the same if a Liberal government had been in power and held the same environmental policy on pipelines.

Canadians deserve better.

So does our Prime Minister and his family – even if he did handle the incident with humour and grace.


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  1. Richco says:

    It’s possible that we’ll never know where the breech occurred, but someone should be held accountable. We and our PM are very lucky indeed that kindergarten signs were all they were carrying.

    Watched the clip over and over again and CTV’s spin was so off the mark as to the PM’s demeanor to be just plain bad journalism. Global, SNN and other networks all reported the truth. That the PM took it all in stride, wasn’t upset at all.

    All roads in and out of my county and those to my east and north are closed at this hour. Plows have been taken off the roads because even they were getting stuck and it’s coming down faster than they can clear it away.

    Nice Climate Change we’re having, isn’t it. Here’s Lorrie’s column from today.

  2. Liz J says:

    This is NOT about who the twits turned out to be who got close to the PM, it’s the fact they got there, they were imposters to even be allowed in, they’re beyond sneaks and jackasses and this will endanger the PM, terrorists or just plain deranged crackpots are watching. Charges need to be laid for the public to realize the seriousness of such acts.

    • Richco says:

      the fact that the fellow is a known political protestor and known to authorities is very much a concern IMO.
      It didn’t take many long to connect him to other protests, yet they and some media have painted them as concerned university students…just your everyday concerned Canadians. Um, no.

  3. Richco says:

    Here’s John Ivison’s column on this subject.
    On did hear last night on SNN that one of those protestors, the guy was the same guy who kicked SNN out of an environmental conference earlier in the year. He’s essentially a professional protestor.

  4. fh says:

    I think John Ivison needs to follow JT around to recognize a true leader
    I am disappointed in his column

    • Richco says:

      Funny and yet on Sunday’s Question Period Ivison was supportive of Harper. He did also though make mention about JT being a quick study.
      Perhaps all of the pundits at the N.P. are letting their standards slip?

  5. Monkey says:

    I once went to a board of trade event when Paul Martin spoke and there was no security checks to get in at all. You only had to purchase tickets in advance which anyone could do. Still I agree this breach should have been prevented, but it’s not a surprise to me.

    • Monkey says:

      Further to add it looks line when tried to fake being a server to get in. Anyways how it works at the board of trade is anyone can pay an annual fee to be a member. You get emails of various speakers (I also went to one with Chicago mayor Richard Daley which had no security either) and you sign up and pay an addition fee to attend. At the entrance they only check you have a ticket. I guess they assume people who join boards of trade won’t cause problems, but I think as a rule there should always be security when the PM is speaking. Not the extreme the US goes too (Since they are a superpower the US president is always going to be a bigger target), but at least check bags. Checking ID is not going to do the trick as anyone can be a board of trade member and sign up to come to such conference

    • fh says:

      PM Martin was before that terrorist group was preparing to behead PM Harper
      they were arrested before they could carry out any of their plans
      I understand that intelligence is aware of threats against the PM of Canada currently PM Harper but the threat is against the PM of Canada and would be against Trudeau or Mulcair if they were PM

      • Monkey says:

        FH – True, but it was after Bin Ladin named Canada as a potential target. This is also not about being partisan, I am just pointing out the Board of Trade does these politicians of all stripes and other than checking your ticket at the door, there usually aren’t any other threats. Since we’ve never had an assassination or terrorist attack I think many don’t take it as seriously as they should. Ever since 9/11 there should be security checks for anyone going to a function where the PM is.

  6. fh says:

    over one year before the next election in 2015 and the media have reverted to Mr Harper
    he is the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
    Please stop showing your ignorance and refer to the Prime Minister of Canada as Prime Minister Harper

  7. Gabby in QC says:
    “Soofi [the woman protester] said it was “quite easy” to get through a security cordon that had all official participants identified with special passes and an RCMP bomb-sniffing dog that checked all equipment carried in by the media.”
    While I don’t think the media deserves special treatment or consideration, it’s overkill IMO to use sniffing dogs on the media’s equipment yet evidently be rather lax in screening all “wait”. staff, although the real wait staff was apparently properly identified, according to the Vancouver Sun article

    • Joanne says:

      Gabby that link is a goldmine of information; especially the following:

      Hotel workers became suspicious because the protesters’ garb didn’t match outfits worn by serving staff, according to Fairmont Hotels regional vicepresident Phil Barnes.

      “They were dressed in black and they weren’t wearing name tags,” he said. “Our servers were dressed in black and white and they wore name tags.”

      So why didn’t the RCMP notice?

      • Liz J says:

        Why not call it what it really is with the RCMP: SNAFU?
        When it’s about protecting the PM of this country there’s no room for screwing up, overlooking the little details, and flanking the stage the PM is appearing on for starters.
        It’s unacceptable and inexcusable.
        Betting there would be some firings if this happened in the US.

        • Joanne says:

          It’s totally about the RCMP and their ineptness in this instance. They have been excoriated on this security breach by Liberals and NDP alike.

      • Anne in swON says:

        And why was security limited to only one side of the dais!

  8. Bubba Brown says:

    Gee a couple of paid activists, pretending to be working people, so that they are able to hold up their little signs.
    A “DePape moment” if you will.
    So what exactly was accomplished?
    Other than giving some wretched MM the opportunity to give a new slant to the same old negative narrative.
    I like the spin asasassin’s take on things.
    The security detail, now that is an oxymoron, were punked.
    Stay warm Richco today would be a good day to hang out in the kitchen.
    I wonder how they could pass themselves off as “waiters” without the other employees being curious about these two?
    Some inside help perhaps?
    Not good enough R.C.M.P. security detail, it is a good thing they only had their little signs, not violence in mind.
    Grinding my way through “The truth About Trudeau” best line so far “The pirouttes were not worth the price” Bob Plamonden’s book is comphrensive and backed by facts.
    Trudeau the elder was a train wreck from the git-go an adoring MM ties to sell us “Camelot”.
    The reality Trudeau the elder was an arrogant little man, who on Setember 1, 1983 after the Soviets downed flight 007, killing 369 passangers.
    Trudeau told the HOC any denounciations of the Soviets was “hysterical”.
    I guess he was looking for “root causes”
    The apple does not fall far from the tree.
    Good read, full of facts and quotes.

    • Joanne says:

      Not good enough R.C.M.P. security detail, it is a good thing they only had their little signs, not violence in mind.


      • Alain says:

        I concur also. It really was not difficult to carry out the most basic security to identify and weed out these two professional protesters. That they are only a danger to themselves is beside the point, since it could have been different people with a very different agenda. I would say the same if the PM were J. Trudeau (heaven help us) or anyone else. I am waiting to see disciplinary action taken with the RCMP.

        • Joanne says:

          Exactly. I haven’t seen anyone from any other party condone this action. They understand that if their leader were in that position they would be alarmed as well.

          This is a wake-up call and perhaps we can thank these activists for that.

  9. Martin says:

    Irritating but inevitable, DePape and her sidekick were guaranteed seats with Evan Solomon last evening to grind their axes. I watched P&P for 15 seconds to confirm that they would be given star treatment. Better that they would be cooling their heels in jail rather than getting preferred TV status. This simply ensures further acts by similar professional protesters, Quick question, How does DePape travel across country protesting, without any obvious job? That is what CBC should be asking her.

    • Monkey says:

      Brigette DePape needs to get a real job in the private sector and then maybe she will see how ridiculous her views are. It’s easy when your young and naive to believe you can solve all the world’s problems, but once you get into the real world you learn the facts and what can and cannot be done. Besides the oil sands contribute 0.1 percent of world’s GHG’s so shutting them down would make no difference whatsoever. And the whole green energy thing has been a bust. It’s supply and demand, not central planning (as DePape and her ilk advocates) that determines what is produced and people demand oil and thus the oil sands supply it. But unlike her I got my degree in business not basket weaving or women’s studies.

      • Mary T says:

        A guy on with Megan Kelly said all those OWS and other female protesters graduated from universities with degrees in lesbian dance.

  10. fh says:

    Martin another question does she use windmill ,solar ,bicycle etc
    or that hated gasoline

    • Monkey says:

      She uses gasoline, but that’s the whole hypocrisy. I just ignore her as she comes across as young and stupid.

  11. Bubba Brown says:

    Interesting Martin, thank you for watching 15 seconds of Solomon.
    Makes me wonder if this “star interview” of the little signstress was pre-arranged?
    That is a very good question re Ms DePapes finances.
    Some American foundation perhaps?
    Well Ms DePape?

    • Richco says:

      SNN has calls in to DePape. Access info. was included in the press release.
      Crickets were chirping for SNN when last I checked.

    • Martin says:
      These quotes from Oct 2013 show a bit of the well traveled DePape:

      “She now helps run a website,, which stands for a more crude version of “Stuff Harper Did.” She also speaks at demonstrations, and will be in Calgary to protest the Conservative Party at its convention at the end of the month.

      Being in demand for rallies and protests against pipelines and against the Conservatives puts her in a realm with social movement names like Council of Canadians national chair Maude Barlow, national union leaders and environmentalist David Suzuki (DePape says most of her protest work is unpaid).”

      Again no mention of any job whatever except helping running a website. Travel across Canada isn’t usually free. Any PPG reporters wish to ask her?

      • monkey says:

        The unions probably pay for her travel. When I attended university many of our student union reps were paid out of mandatory student union dues to fund going to every protest they wanted to even one’s that had nothing to do with education. We need to make paying union dues for political advocacy. Only the cost of bargaining should be mandatory (to prevent free-riding) all other political activity should be optional.

  12. Bec says:

    It sounds to me like the activist dim-wits were attempting to appear like bus-boys or kitchen staff which also implies fraudulent representation of oneself. They should be charged with something imo.

    Having gone to numerous Party events, every single time I have been checked and required either an invite or accreditation of some kind plus ID.
    I just cannot believe that this happened so easily and that there are no criminal consequences for these insolent brats.

    • Richco says:

      the place to look is to the person/people who ok’d them as wait staff and gave them their uniforms. That’s the first place I’d look.

      • Bec says:

        The article Joanne linked too speaks of these goofs buying stuff at Value Village implying to me their intention to deceive everyone and in fact they gained entrance due to fraudulent behaviour imo towards more than one party.

        There must be a crime somewhere here and especially when it involves a Prime Minister.

        Their Parents must just be falling all over themselves with pride of what they have offered up to society, hey? (sarc off)

        • Martin says:

          “First my dad was really critical about the action. And he was also worried. He was like, how are you going to pay the rent? But he also sees how Harper is taking this country in the wrong direction, like, gutting environmental laws and building these spy castles. In the end, he said he was proud of me. But it took a while to come to that,” she said.

          Whatever university she emerged from, spoken communication does not seem to have enjoyed a high priority in the curriculum. How about that rent?

      • Mary T says:

        They said they bought the outfits at value village.

  13. fh says:

    One of my favourite Bloggers has returned
    Russ Campbell has a look at 2013

  14. Joanne says:

    To “James” who has a comment pending. What the h*ll are you talking about?

  15. Richco says:

    So what do you think? Is is possible that Harper might call a snap election? Can Ontario stand three elections in one year? Might it push Ontario’s election off the radar?
    I never thought about this possibility before but you know what? If the budget can be balanced ahead of schedule and before both oppositions have a chance to organize, why the heck not?
    Curiouser and curiouser

  16. Richco says:

    Looks like SNN finally got an answer from Ms. Depape here and it’s just as one would imagine she’s had a few too many sips of the green enviro. Kool-aid.

    • Liz J says:

      Depape sounds like she’s not too swift.

      • Richco says:

        Sadly, she sounds just like the kids coming out of our institutes of higher learning these days.
        Social engineering 101 that starts in elementary school and continues through secondary.

        • Liz J says:

          You are so right, another reason we should be fighting all day kindergarten, just more time to indoctrinate.

  17. Richco says:

    You’ll like this folks. Delivered as only Ezra can deliver on something we knew would happen. The environuts are blaming the cold and snow on……….you guessed it CLIMATE CHANGE.

  18. Nicola T. says:

    I wish the organizers of Conservative party b.b.q.’s and such would smarten up. I have attended several of these and, besides the fact that it would be easy to sign up and pretend to be a conservative for a local association and get your name on a list to get in, usually the entrance is manned by elderly volunteers who would be no match for someone or several persons forcing their way in during an appearance by the PM. You might have sharpshooters on a nearby roof, but are they really going to shoot into a crowd, even if they saw the danger in time? It only takes one Islamist nutbar to take out the PM and bring on a new leader and a premature election and an enhanced chance of the Conservatives losing.

  19. Tripper523 says:

    Certainly an unsavory suggestion, Nicola T., but unfortunately in this day and age the “violent threat potential” exists, even for Canada. It’s been 50 years, but who could forget the startling, surreal images of a shattered Camelot on November 22, 1963, when we went from open hand-shaking and mingling with crowds to armored motorcades and a security so deep that any pristine moments of interactive innocence became a vision of the past? Certainly the many assassinations and near assassinations since, along with the documented and perpetual intimidation of the free world by Islamic jihadists has out of necessity forever changed the way we do things. A certain amount of stereotyping is actually a form of survival, but again, in this “day and age”, the appearance of a person bringing violence into the kinetic mode can be literally anyone of any colour. As we’ve seen, anyone can snap and wreak havoc and destruction at the drop of a hat. It’s happened in unsuspected places too, like Norway. We just don’t know where the next smoldering, wacked-out brain is percolating, and no place is sacred, safe, or out-of-bounds. No such thing as a safe haven anymore. Churches, schools, nursing homes… all fair game for the demented mind. So, we do NOT need ANY security breaches, and let’s all be vigilant… Thank-you very much!!!

  20. Tripper523 says:

    Here’s a fine “good morning” from Vancouver’s elite…. I’m sure glad they do NOT represent normal, sane Canadians. I’d hate to say “goodbye” to PM Harper or the pipeline. We need continued sound leadership as well as economic stability. From whence would come the funding to pay these protestors’ welfare cheques???

  21. Liz J says:

    So now we’re being told the “protesters” at the PM’s event will not be charged because “it’s not in the public interest”….eh? What?

    Then we have another header telling us a security expert says “security breach should be a wake up call for the RCMP” so there we have it, it’s not something to brush off.

    • Richco says:

      On SNN last night they said it was a private event – invitation only. So it may be that the Board of Trade doesn’t want to press charges seeing as they were hosting.

      I think it’s a HUGE issue and one that the RCMP need to be held to account for.

      Something we don’t know though is, did the PM make any of his decisions that day re: his own security? It shouldn’t matter but perhaps his guard was down too.

      • Liz J says:

        Dammit it’s not about the event, or the sponsor, it’s about who was there, the PM of the country, he could have been in danger, these dopes could have been armed for all anyone knew.

        I’m blaming the RCMP for being asleep at the switch.
        A very dangerous message has been sent to terrorists and various and sundry crackpots.

        • Richco says:

          I don’t read that anyone’s disagreeing with you.

          However, it is impossible to know what went down between the PM, his security detail.

          The PM did joke about the fact that it wouldn’t be B.C. without protests. So, he wasn’t put off or threatened that we know of.

          It did get lots of air time and many media did take it seriously and I’m betting that those around the PM do too now.

        • fh says:

          I think charges should be laid to discourage this activity if you have a criminal record your travel is very restricted
          possibly a year and have them surrender their passport
          the passport and travel restrictions can be lifted after a year no jail time but regular reporting to police during that year
          this may sound harsh but as a Canadian I want to see our laws upheld if you do the crime expect to do some time

          • Richco says:

            If the hosts, the PM and the RCMP don’t want to press charges, it’s not going to happen…this time.

            There’s nothing stopping things from being done differently in the future.

            I can see the PM’s people tightening things up for him and future PMs but not too much else.

  22. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    CTV’s Don Martin now on CFRA Steve Madely Show at

  23. Gabby in QC says:

    Although this column by L. Ian Macdonald is O/T I believe it’s a good read.

    I’ve often wondered why PM Harper didn’t avail himself of Mr. Macdonald’s experience and wisdom. I’m pretty sure that the Duffy/Wright controversy might have been avoided had Macdonald been involved in some capacity in the PMO.

    I don’t think PM Harper should necessarily embark on a “charm offensive” or change his persona to suit some pundits’ expectations but I do believe that a more conciliatory and optimistic tone is needed.

    • Liz J says:

      I agree Gabby.

      I’ve long been a big fan of and respect the opinions of L. Ian MacDonald, he’s a gem.

      Hopefully the PMO is reading this blog today and taking note!

      • Richco says:

        MacDonald makes every eloquent points in his column. There’s nothing in it that I disagree with.

        I’ve always liked his writing style. No hard edges but points made very well.

        • Gabby in QC says:

          Mr. Macdonald would IMO be invaluable also in dismissing the brewing controversy about Red Tories vs. Blue Tories, which the anti-Harper media, viz. Solomon, hopes develops into an internal struggle within the Conservative Party, and thus prove their theory that PM Harper’s control of his caucus and his leadership have been damaged.

          But like many other things in life, coulda woulda shoulda doesn’t solve much.

          • Richco says:

            He would indeed Gabby and you’re right in that he would have been good for the PM if he worked closer to him.

            Something else I liked about his column is that he gets specific with his advice for the PM in very few words.

            Too many others dance around their words, or use so many words to flower up their writing but never get to the point.

    • fh says:

      Excellent kudos to L. Ian Macdonald
      thank Gabby

  24. Richco says:

    Ontario Politics

    The Ont. PCs held a press conference yesterday. Saw clips of it on CP24, Global and SNN.

    Here’s the Star’s version:

    • Richco says:

      and Global’s version

      There were a few more but IMO I think that the PC’s missed the mark entirely on this. Yes, the whole gift card giveaway was a tangled mess of mistakes, but it should NOT have happened in the first place for reasons we’ve written about here last week.

      First and foremost Wynne’s Red Riding Routine hasn’t fooled anyone who saw it for what it was, political propaganda.

      Lisa MacLeod is a very, very good front person for this for the party and the party’s critic, but wouldn’t this have looked much better delivered by Doug Holyday, who actually lives in Toronto? What is Hudak saving him for? He was standing with Lisa but…………..

    • Richco says:

      that’s ANOTHER $2.2billion MORE!!

      I’m not sure our province can take much more.

      If the opposition parties and their leaders aren’t out in front of this today and tomorrow….they both need to give their heads a shake.

      What a disgrace Ontario has become and it’s all at the feet of the Liberals, with support from Andrea’s NDP. Idiots!

      • Martin says:

        This news came out a few weeks ago, I commented at the time here. The only difference is the amount the company seeks in damages, the last amount was about $875 M. These figures are presented only to pressure the government into settling for a lesser amount.
        Still, this project was only in planning stages. For Ont to get out of some of the deals with Samsung and wind plants under construction will cost many times this amount. This is why any succeeding government will be hobbled by Liberal energy planning for decades. Contracts signed by government of the day are enforceable by courts.

        • Liz J says:

          It appears the McWynnty Liberals have decided they’re so badly in the RED what’s a few more million? They’re already buying votes with money they/we don’t have, catering to special areas where they get the votes and special interest groups.

          The PC’s need to come off vacation, get their tongues moving and that includes the leader.
          Lisa McLeod is good but she’s not the leader, she’s not from the center of the Liberal universe, Toronto and environs.

  25. fh says:

    good site lots of info on Ontario MESS

  26. Bubba Brown says:

    Our PM visits the Cowichan Valley, first visit in 60 years apparently by a PM.
    He is greeted by about a dozen DePape-pot-a-rot-zis?
    I have seen bigger crowds at all you can eat fis-n-chips.
    Apparently that is news??
    He did visit Brentwood College a fine school probably one of the best private schools on the West Coast.
    PM Harper spoke to a packed auditorium, I am sure he did not bring up legalizing pot.
    This is a good article you kinda have to read between the lines a little.
    Mentions Yawn Martel, the guy that sends PM Harper books all the time.
    He is married Yawn stop already!
    He is the guy who wrote a story about a kid that ends up in a lifeboat with a Tiger.
    Life of Pi. no, no, no, not mini me, he was last seen handing out food to street people.
    There is a shot of Junior with his Bro-an-danna on.
    Maybe he wants to be a pirate when he grows up?
    I don’t know if he was wearing red gum boots.
    But if he did the smart money is on a pair with high heels.
    Is a good look at Harper derangement syndrome.
    Here is Junior Warning “Picture”
    McParland misses the point entirely IMO if Junior wants to “raise his game” the little wanna-be has to actually show up and play, one or two days a week ain’t gonna cut it.
    Of course his problem to begin with is his narcissism, he isn’t the center of attention.
    Except of course for when he is and he is not a good or effective speaker.
    He looks like a “bring yer kid to work day” hoooooowaaaaaaaaaaa
    Muclair is much better be he has flogged the dead horse of the Senate non scandal for so long there isn’t enough left for lunch for a crow.
    Continue Tom your numbers are falling.
    I sure hope the big guy dosen’t get tired of scoring goals on an empty net.

    • Richco says:

      I like the McParland piece.
      Particularly this “Six points in a mid-term poll isn’t a great show of strength. Unless the Conservatives unaccountably continue to serve as their own worst enemies, Mr. Trudeau will have to step up his game. Youth, vigor and good looks can only get you so far if not backed up by solid ideas and concrete evidence of leadership ability. As the first anniversary of his leadership approaches in April, the newness will begin to wear off. Is there any meat to Mr. Trudeau? It will soon be time to answer that question.”

    • Gabby in QC says:

      “Mentions Yawn Martel, the guy that sends PM Harper books all the time.
      He is married Yawn stop already!”
      Too funny!
      I think you’ve captured Martel’s schtick, by referring to him as “Yawn”.

    • Mary T says:

      DePape-pot-a-rot-zis? What a great name for her and her gang of idiots.

    • james says:

      I was there and was harassed by those characters walking in. It was more than a dozen but not more than 30 I’d say. They blocked traffic and caused a big traffic jam and yelled at anyone going onto the campus. If the police weren’t there at the gates to the school I’m sure they would have assaulted us. They got right into our faces as we walked in and screamed at us. One lady said I should be ashamed of myself. I was born at night but not last night so I know what the game is and just calmly walked on through.

      • Joanne says:

        Thanks for that inside story, James.

        I still maintain that the activists did our PM a great favour. The chinks in the security armour were exposed. Hopefully lessons have been learned. That is a good thing.

  27. Richco says:

    It’s finally stopped squalling here, but we’re really in a mess with all roads still closed due to over 400 abandoned vehicles and heavy drifting on the highways.
    Here’s a clip from Scott Miller, our local CTV London reporter.

    On Saturday it’s supposed to go above freezing and rain. Back to Global Warming :-)

  28. fh says:

    WOW Richco just watched that news
    I hope all stay safe
    How is your hydro?

    • Richco says:

      Hydro is still running here in our town but the counties are without still.
      Thankful that it’s almost over and VERY glad that my two kids decided to leave to head back to their respective locations on Saturday so avoided this mess.

  29. ed says:

    Don Martin on CFRA this morning: talk about nonsensical commentary. These guys don’t change, they just get worse. The worst part is that they get encouraged by certain radio hosts. Thankfully, CFRA has some great hosts: Lowell, Nick, and Rob.

    RCMP: something weird going on there for too long. Makes you wonder.

  30. fh says:

    SDA has a you Tube link produced by Stephen Taylor about the Maggot Media taking PM Harper’s answers to question COMPLETELY out of context
    worth your time

  31. Mary T says:

    Just have to brag a little. It is 42%F here now, it was 31% an hour ago.

  32. Bubba Brown says:

    I remember that 2006 drive by smear of PM Stephen Harper disgusting Maggot Media!
    I did see “The Life of Pi” interesting story, it got strecthed very thin, a conversion to three different religions and wild animals prefer order and aren’t er… wild?
    Sorta reminded me of the two Swiss tourists at Banff.
    The Swiss ducked under warning tape on a trail where two Grizzlies were on a bit of a rampage.
    The ranger admonished them and they informed him that they meant thr Griz no harm and he/she would “know” that.
    Yawn is I’m sure a nice fellow he is however incredibly naive and has an ego which permits him to send books, which he considers important , to someone he has never met.
    The premise is seemingly he believes PM Harper can read, but that he is unaware of all these great thinkers.
    The only book in PM Harpers house was the Eaton’s catalogue and it of course was nailed to the wall in the outhouse.
    Apparently Yawn thinks that a Masters degree from a Western University is based on how far you can throw a horse turd.
    Cue Margret Atwood and Mr Iggnatieff we need to perform an exorcism, get this guy a library card !

  33. Anne in swON says:

    Wow! Now Toronto is considering whether to ask the provincial government to declare Toronto a disaster area. That would enable them to have the rest of the province’s taxpayers “share” the cost of the ice storm with the city. Wynne can refuse and upset her voting base or she can acquiesce and upset the rest of us in Ontario. What to do, what to do? Any bets? This just gets more and more ridiculous.

    • Liz J says:

      I’d say Toronto’s disaster might be sitting in City Hall, they don’t appear to know how to deal with the issue they face. They need to call Nanny who will then disperse more money from the coffers of all taxpayers. It appears the handouts are growing, another boondoggle in the making.

  34. Bec says:

    How on Earth can the Ice storm re Toronto be considered a “disaster”? Does this not just involve broken trees, downed lines and spoiled food? These are very manageable issues if people would simply get together and help each other.

    If these wusses could see street after street, community after community with everything they own out on driveways such as what occurred during the June flood in AB, they’d surely get some perspective as to what a “disaster” looks like.
    Having said THAT, there are many who resented tax dollars being spent repairing ‘political priorities’.

    Politicians should NEVER be allowed to pick and choose unless they pick and choose from a distance plus include ALL victims or none.
    This definitely appears whiney and political.

  35. Anne in swON says:

    The councils in Mississauga and Brampton have already declared their respective municipalities disaster areas and are urging a united approach for provincial AND federal assistance.

  36. Liz J says:

    Column of interest in the NP that should get your blood boiling”York University professor who refuses student’s request to be separated from female classmates broke ‘ obligation to accommodate’: officials”

    OMG, where are we headed if this is allowed to proliferate, to go on in this country?

  37. fh says:

    Our hard working straight shooting Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets workers at groundbreaking ceremony marking the beginning of construction of the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk

  38. Martin says:

    Have a look at Richco’s link and reports of massive blizzard in western Ont which shut down every road in 4 counties. True to the Toronto centric mentality of our major dailies, this didn’t even get reported in NP, unless I missed it.
    This is part of their problem, of course it is only a disaster if Toronto is involved. Particularly irritating is casual comparisons to the 98 ice storm; a glance at the fact list of that disaster would dispel any notions immediately, if one bothered to check.
    I don’t begrudge some provincial assistance to Toronto, if genuinely needed, but the antics of premier Mom and the D mayor certainly don’t help their cause. I guess it is just difficult to judge what is deserved, especially if you get your information from the newspapers.

    • Joanne says:

      I saw some pics from some relatives in Port Elgin too. Absolutely mind-boggling how much snow there is!

  39. Richco says:

    Digging out today but wanted to post this here before I head back outside.

    I did see Kinsella on Brian Lilley’s show last night who was on-side with those who believe that someone should lose their job over the PM’s security breach.

    It’s lovely to see the sun and the heatwave of -5 here now.

    • fh says:

      very interesting Richco sorry about your global warming snow blizzards
      what has Doug Ford done?
      Justin Trudeau stated his youngest brother had drug problems before his untimely death in that Avalanche accident
      I do not believe we should dismiss Justin’s political career over something Justin stated his brother was involved with

  40. Bubba Brown says:

    Well here is a slightly OT or off center rumor.
    Weird or what?
    Anyway the security breach in Vancouver is not a victemless crime.
    We paid what a billion for security art g8/g/20, I am thinking it was more.
    These people can protest all they want in this Country.
    When they disrupt other peoples lives because they don’t agree with the reality of living in the real world in a cold Northern country, they should get the treatment that Russia meted out to the Greenpeace loonies that invade an oil platform.
    Jail, no special vegan menu, or heat, general population.
    That crowd of backwards bullies in Brentwood was some ugly.
    James @ 5:41 reminded me of the crowd that screamed “racist” among other things at my wife and I for attending a rally in Victoria many moons ago.
    Same crowd of D******s their stilted juvenile view of the world from Mom’s basement is the only one to be considered.
    I have wondered how they would like the same thing right back in their screeching faces?
    Potty training must have been traumatic for that bunch.
    From what I could see the men were a bunch of dicky-doos LOL
    I am thinking we will see more of the same as the game is up, global cooling is what is happening, everywhere but here on the Island.
    Mount Washington has yet to open their ski hill, no snow.

    • Bec says:

      I think her mouth and the smoke that comes from her head is an undefined ‘carbon footprint’. If she were to do this, I hope her green gang see her for what she is, an opportunist and unfortunately what her current constituents DID NOT see her as when she relocated herself in a new riding on the extreme opposite side of the country.
      How did she get there? A horse and cart?

      I’d take these enviro-quacks a lot more seriously if they were not such hypocrites but they ARE hypocrites in the extreme and she would be in good company should she engage in personal opportunism and water carrying for the well heeled son of PET.
      A suitable recruit considering the other screechers they have on that bench.

      • Martin says:

        Nothing this woman does would surprise me. Did she not already cooperate with Liberal leader Dion, 2 elections ago so he would stand down a presence in the riding she wanted? Unsuccessfully, of course, then she appeared prominently in the shadows of the 3 amigos coalition. Rumours were that the hapless Dion would appoint her to the Senate, giving her a life long sinecure. I don’t understand why any Green members would trust her after, but that is their concern, not mine.
        God help us if she ever gets to implement some of her climate based ideas, Ont has seen how these schemes play out.
        Remember that Michael Crawley, former wind energy executive is president of federal Liberal Party, and that Trudeau’s chief aides also come from McGuinty’s office.
        The idea cannot be discounted completely.

        • Liz J says:

          So is May going to fold the Green party into the Liberal party? Can she do that on her own, is she the sole part and parcel of the party?
          IMO it’s a protest movement at best and a waste of space in the HOC.

          • Martin says:

            IMO she would toss out the Green party like yesterday’s trash if only she could get into cabinet or the Senate. She already abandoned voters in Ont and NS to move to BC and she still has an Anglican church gig lined up if all else fails.

  41. fh says:

    this is interesting from SDA Liberal Party of Canada Proactive Disclosure

  42. fh says:

    I could not find the Conservative boutique. was this discontinued ?
    I visited Liberals and they have an extensive boutique
    This could raise money or lose money
    What does everyone think?

  43. Jen says:


    A Media Critique of Revelations about Canadian Duplicity in Iraq
    By Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade and editor of COAT’s magazine Press for Conversion!

    • Anne in swON says:

      Jen, the following statement is found at the end of the article to which you linked: “The above article will be published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in The CCPA Monitor.” The CCPA just happens to be associated with professional protester Brigette DePape so I’m inclined to be suspicious of Mr. Sander’s motives. I think we’ve known for years that Cahadian ships were deployed to the Gulf during the Iraq war but were never used in combat.

    • Bec says:

      I heard today that Pot is $400. an ounce in Colorado and when the pot stores opened up, they were lined up. Out of State purchasers could buy only 1/2 that but it must be consumed state side or it would be considered ‘IP’ if they took it to their home States.

      So my question is this to likes of JT and ME, if Canadians buy alcohol in their Province and take it to another Province for someone, it’s considered ‘bootlegging’ and a federal offence. Believe it!
      So if the federal govt have been unable to interfere in Provincial laws re this issue, what makes these goofs think they can interfere in Provincial laws re pot?
      They can’t!!! It will have absolutely nothing to do with JT or ME and if pot smoking voters/supporters can clear their heads long enough to GET IT, maybe they will think ‘It is the economy’

      After all, if it’s $400. an ounce in the @ legal states in the US, it will be way more than that here and people need a JOB (i.e. economy) to spend that kind of money on anything let alone weed.

    • fh says:

      that is hilarious Anne

  44. fh says:

    nothing to worry about figures manipulated
    what figures?
    figures that disprove allegations about 2013 being Australia’s hottest year

  45. fh says:

    Michael Coren was on fire today

  46. fh says:

    this a very informative video
    24 Seven Jan2 – 8 2014 shows the many things our hard working Prime Minister Harper
    does for all Canadians

  47. Liz J says:

    Anyone catch Evan Solomon being rude to our Foreign Affairs Minister over the choice for the Ambassador to Israel? He was very incensed, laid his true colours bare. He should be fired IMO.

    • Richco says:

      I saw it but only after Brian Lilley first showed the clip on his show and them ripped Solomon a new one.

      Lilley also had a clip that showed CTV’s Bob Fife being, well, Bob Fife and asking equally idiotic “stump the Tory” questions.

      Neither of them did stump Baird.

      All they did was remind me why I don’t watch CBC

    • Bec says:

      Since when did journalists care about Ambassador choices? Especially really lousy journalists……..

      • Martin says:

        Where were the TV journalists when Jean Chretien appointed his nephew ambassador to US? He was so inept as a diplomat that he blundered into the 2000 election, mentioning that Canadians generally preferred Democrats in the While House. Only problem was Bush won, and relations were ruined before he even took office. He was reappointed ambassador to France

        Chretien had no obvious qualifications except that his uncle was the PM at the time.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      Whenever appointments are made, like ambassadors, instead of being defensive and denying that the appointee is not too “partisan” I wish critics would be asked point blank whom THEY would appoint in a similar situation: someone who agrees with their POV or someone who is diametrically opposed to those views?

      Solomon, in love with the sound of his own voice, usually drones on and on … but yesterday, he was surprised by Minister Baird’s rebuttal to his silly questions about the appropriateness of appointing Ms. Bercovici as Ambassador to Israel. He was so taken aback by the minister’s push-back that he made the issue a main topic for his “power panel”. I guess he needed some soothing to his wounded pride, poor boy.

  48. Gabby in QC says:

    Examples of the media’s lack of originality, repeating like an echo the very same criticism (all links found at NNW):
    Stephen Harper should take crisis management lessons from NJ Gov. Chris Christie
    Jan 9 2014 — Andy Radia — Yahoo News
    Stephen Harper could learn about damage control from Governor Chris Christie
    Jan 10 2014 — Tim Harper — Toronto Star
    What Harper, Ford and McGuinty can learn from Chris Christie
    Jan 10 2014 — Robin V. Sears — Toronto Star

    Rather than PM Harper needing to “learn” anything from the Jersey episode, what journos should be doing, if anything, is contrasting the two “scandals”:
    • PM Harper’s chief of staff REIMBURSED alleged inappropriately obtained funds to taxpayers, in the process trying to quell a politically damaging situation.
    • Governor Christie’s chief of staff apparently caused traffic on an important bridge to be reduced to a crawl in order to inconvenience some mayors who oppose her boss, perhaps resulting in a fatality of someone stuck in the traffic jam.

    • Liz J says:

      May take a gravol and tune in to Drone Martin and/or Evan’s World to see if they pick up on this.

    • Richco says:

      You’d think that the brain trusts of some of those media outlets would do that Gabby but it’s way too easy and doesn’t sell papers…or news.

      The other contrast between the two is that the consequence of wht Christie’s chief of staff did affected everyday people in a way that was visible and apparent to anyone who lived it and watched it. Not so for the issue of Harper’s issue.

      That’s a huge difference between the two.

      You have to also know that the usual suspects are looking to draw a parallel between the two conservative leaders who in their minds appear to be sinking their futures in politics…NOT IMO.

      • Gabby in QC says:

        “ … the consequence of wht Christie’s chief of staff did affected everyday people in a way that was visible and apparent to anyone who lived it and watched it. Not so for the issue of Harper’s issue.”
        You’re absolutely right, Richco.

        However, I disagree with the notion that contrasting the actions of the two chiefs of staff “doesn’t sell papers…or news”. That wrongly places the onus on the public, IMO. Magazine editors, paparazzi, and similar jackals spout the rationalization that the public demands that kind of coverage whenever their tactics are questioned, claiming they’re just feeding the public’s appetite. That’s BS, as far as I’m concerned. They’re just trying to shift their responsibility & blame onto the public. It is not the public who chooses what reporters report on, what analysts analyse, or what talk show hosts decide to talk about. The only choice the public has is to dig up information, thus bypassing the media filter, in order to form their own opinions or else, shut everything off and be completely oblivious to what’s going on around them.

        • Richco says:

          Sadly, those media jackals count on the public not being to cleaver to notice. Most will not.

          In the Christie/Harper comparison, most of the Canadian public will not have a clue as to who Christie is or what he’s being accused of doing and whether it relates to Harper. The media has been so bad in fact that even after reading what they have to offer the public is no more informed than they were before.

          The only reason we’re still talking about Rob Ford is because the media keeps reporting it, and it’s captured the attention of the public, so the publishers keep on keeping their readership happy.

        • Sandy says:

          When I watched the Christie Press Conference yesterday I was gobsmacked. I kept saying “YES” and my husband wondered what I was going on about.

          I finally said, yes, Christie is demonstrating how politicians and corporations need to deal with a crisis/potential scandal, no matter how serious it is or who the media are.

          It reminds me how well Tylenol and Maple Leaf Foods handled their crises in years past.

          Apologize. Accept responsibility. Explain what happened. Explain why it won’t happen again. Answer all questions no matter how negative the answers may seem because the truth will eventually come out.

          And, keep answering then for a few days because in a week, it will be old news.

          My bet is my this time next week, only a few democrat diehards will still be writing about the bridge scandal.

          IMO, Christie is a genius. He did exactly as Harper should have done. Come out the day Nigel Wright was let go. Accept responsibility in a news conference. Sit for however long it takes to answer questions. Look contrite. And so on. As new information comes out, eg. Duffy et al, just keep taking responsibility.

          Yes, the PM eventually came out strong (You’re darn right I said he should pay the money back) but that was weeks after the initial event. Too little too late.

          Crisis Management 101.

          So, yes, in a round about way, I think I agree with you Gabby. LOL

          • Richco says:

            Many of us said the same thing Sandy.

            We also said here that if Harper had of stayed ahead of things from the get-go we (and he – Harper) may not be here today.

            In addition I believe that neither Harper or Christie will suffer too much in the end.

          • Gabby in QC says:

            “… in a round about way, I think I agree with you Gabby.”
            Umm, I’m not sure we do.

            I’ve expressed in other threads my doubts about all the apologies extracted out of politicians and entertainment personalities. More often than not, they sound very phony to my ears, apologies made not because the person is truly contrite but because a mea culpa is expected or even demanded by the chattering classes. IOW, it is indeed “crisis management” NOT a sincere act of contrition. Anyway, if that apology is not worded exactly in the way the chattering classes expect, the apology is considered not valid, so what’s gained, except personal humiliation?

            I also do not agree that the boss is responsible for the actions of his “hired help”. If Nigel Wright chose to do what he did without his boss’s knowledge, why should his boss be blamed for that individual’s action? That takes away an individual’s responsibility for his/her own actions. IOW, all the hired help can do whatever they want to do if ultimately it’s the boss who’s solely responsible? Doesn’t make sense to me — just as it doesn’t make any more sense than if the boss does something stupid or wrong and the hired help is blamed. I believe firmly in individual responsibility.

            Where I do agree with you is in a frank communications policy. If something has gone wrong, as in the Wright/Duffy mess, rather than clam up, answer questions clearly at the very outset, explain what corrective actions you intend to take, and leave the Senate, the auditors, the AG, the RCMP to do their work, telling your inquisitors that you will not comment further until all those bodies have completed their investigations.

            • Richco says:

              Nicely put.

            • fh says:

              I agree with you Gabby at some point we need to bring back common sense and hold the person doing the act responsible

              • Richco says:

                Please remind me why all of a sudden we think Harper should apologize if we believe him that he did nothing wrong?

                When I watched the Christie news conference, quite honestly I didn’t think to connect it to Harper or the Senate mess.

  49. fh says:

    Statistics Canada a great site for news
    latest jobs and unemployment

  50. jad says:

    Is there a point to this piece by ace investigative journalist McGregor or is it just a nother smear piece about a Conservative MP doing his job. Whatever the merits, the event described happened in 2003 and 2004, and the case was settled in 2008.

    I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, or the fact that I am not as involved in politics as I used to be, but it seems that more and more, the only articles so-called political journalists write these days are either opinion pieces, as in Harper is likely to call a snap election 2014, or smears like this epic. Are there no journalists out there who want to write about policy or do they just not undertand all the big words involved ?

    • Liz J says:

      What passes for journalists whose screed we see in the left wing rags can’t write about policy, that would be too much work and the advantage wouldn’t go to their agenda.
      Instead they have their snoots sniffing up the dregs at the bottom of the barrel, gossip and waxing historical on crap that has no bearing on anything that affects the lives of Canadians.

    • Anne in swON says:

      Jad, that’s the $64,000 question. In my daily jaunt through various news sites I’ve resorted to scanning the headlines only (for the most part) unless something really grabs my attention. I don’t recall there ever being such a ‘pile-on’ with Chretien or the elder Trudeau as there has been with PM Harper, and I have lived a long time. These diatribes by so-called reporters don’t belong in the News section and instead should be relegated to the appropriately named Opinion section.

    • fh says:

      total slime says more about the Ottawa Citizen and the gossip monger reporter

      • Richco says:

        Consider the source of the article folks.
        This is allegedly from Glen McGregor, formerly of Frank Magazine.
        It’s gutter politics guaranteed to try and snag the public’s attention to something that no one cares about but because it’s some old dug up information on a sitting Conservative some news sources offer it up as something close to “news” today.
        Garbage in, garbage out.

  51. fh says:

    more lies
    Ashley Csandy has made an error in the tweet that is sent out by this person
    if you check the Government of Canada site
    7.2% is the unemployment figure for Dec 2013

  52. Anne in swON says:

    There is some push-back re: Evan Solomon’s Jan. 9 interview with Minister Baird. What’s that about not suffering fools gladly?

    • Jen says:

      Evans will sit by and allow Bridgite talk without intervening asking her, “what will happen to Canada’s economy when and if you succeed shutting down the pipelines.” Instead, Evan is more worried about the selected Ambassador to Israel. What a fool.

  53. fh says:

    O/T this student at York who can not attend classes with women is bizarre
    I am not a fan of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau but this is not what he intended with the charter
    I know that was not what he intended
    he intended harmony for the world a bit naive but he to was not God
    this Lawyer interpretation is destroying all PM Trudeau’s hard work to accomplish world harmony and peace

  54. fh says:

    the court interpretation is we can all do whatever we like
    no matter where we live in Canada as long as no bodily harm occurs to another person
    total disorder in Canada

  55. Richco says:

    With all of the faux news going on is it any wonder that the real news Re: Liberal Senator Harb that broke early this afternoon is getting a pass…..except on SNN?

  56. Bubba Brown says:

    Some of the stuff that gets dreged up by people posing as journalists.
    makes you feel sick.
    Their selective reporting is beyond belief, industrial strength bigots IMO.
    Just hatred of all things Conservative.
    Paul Calendra’s family dispute over money is not at all unusual when one sibling does all the heavy lifting, care giving, sometimes for many years.
    Expenses go on piling up, bills are paid and all of a sudden the people that were just too busy to show up want to know where is all of “their” money.
    Thing of it is it was resolved in the family it is nobodys buisness but theirs.
    After the 100 stories in a 100 days on robo-call I am thinking there is no credibility to this scribbling whatsoever.
    Maybe he could take a look at the creative mortgage arrangments of a certain Liberal ?

    • Mary T says:

      This isn’t the first family to have money fights and it wont be the last. I know of one family where sisters never talked for 25 yrs, over a teacup. I also know of many families where one member stayed and took care of a parent for years, but when she died all the rest came running home to get the money. Many very rich families have lost everything due to greed. To bring this case up is the act of a very idiotic journalist wannabe.

  57. Gabby in QC says:

    Richco says @ January 11, 2014 at 9:15 am in answer to Fh:
    “Please remind me why all of a sudden we think Harper should apologize if we believe him that he did nothing wrong? …”

    With all due respect … I think you’ve misread or misinterpreted what Fh said. IMO, Fh was simply agreeing with my argument about personal responsibility and accountability, in general terms. Neither Fh nor I have said that the PM should apologize.

    • Richco says:

      I actually wasn’t responding to fh chronologically Gabby.
      What I wrote was a general comment and question and actually applies more to the Sandy’s excitement and perhaps our own thinking that Harper might have something to apologize for and thus fall in to the trap set by the jackal media.

  58. Richco says:

    This is very interesting. I like Peter Kent’s response in standing up to the bully media. In this case the Star.

  59. Richco says:

    Politicizing child birth?
    It’s exactly what Scott “beer and popcorn” Reid does in this column as he spouts off on how the impending birth of Trudeau’s baby will further endear him to Canadians, win over hearts and votes. Oddly enough early on in the column he cautions against doing what he does in this column.

    • Liz J says:

      Jeeze, if I were Trudeau and his wife I’d be angered by this, Beer and Popcorn Reid should be ashamed of himself.

      Frankly I don’t care if they have triplets, it doesn’t change the fact Trudeau isn’t suited to be Prime Minister, he needs more fine tuning in affairs of state for starters. When we elect a PM we don’t want faceless, nameless people pulling the strings which is what will happen if he is elected.

  60. Liz J says:

    Citizen headline: “Ontario Liberals defend low December job numbers”.

    Maybe they would be wise to shut up when it’s largely due to their policies chasing industry and people out of province. Of course they’ll be blaming everyone/everything but themselves.

  61. Richco says:

    My apologies if this has been presented here before. If it has I must have missed it, but this is the first in a series of videos presented by the PMO and if you ask me exactly what we need to see.

    I must also apologize for monopolizing BLY this morning. I’m a news hound and my usual Saturdays consist of me going to buy all of the major newspapers and reading them. Unfortunately, due to weather no newspapers of any kind were delivered to my town or those around me this morning. A combination of freezing rain, then rain has us entombed in thick dense fog making newspaper deliveries impossible. So…..I’m reading (and sharing) on-line.

    I’m done now.

  62. Bubba Brown says:

    Peter Kents response was classy, bullies always need the backing of a group of sycophants.
    They could do a “Depape” and stand at the side of the road with a little cardboard sign, trying to drum up support.
    Speaking of which a little clip from SNN on “Who is Financing Depape”
    Depape is putting more air miles in than Suzuki, where oh where is she getting the money?
    Fair question, she will not answer apparently.
    At about 5:25 on the SNN clip she shows her acting skills, I can see now why she went with the little sign.
    I sincerly hope that the blessed event that the Trudeaus are expecting goes well for both mother and baby, a very special time in a life and family.
    How this translates into votes is puzzling only if you are not of the opinion that the very name Justin bears makes him our next ruler, why indeed have an election?
    Stay warm Richco, and keep writing!

    • Martin says:

      It would be very interesting to know if Depape’s enablers issue Revenue Canada T4 slips to her, which they are required to do. Parents of young people in work force will know of multiple T4s for even a few hours worked. Of course such matters are confidential, but one can’t help wondering what sort of income a professional protester does declare.

      Someone else mentioned the stark difference as to how an individual like Depape is treated on P&P. Juxtapose Solomon’s deference to her, and his boorish behaviour towards a minister of the crown, John Baird. He is by no means the sole CBC flack that acts in this way.

  63. fh says:

    West Block is keeping a tight rein on their interview with PM Harper
    when the interviewer speaks for the PM Harper I feel the bias comes through
    important for us to actually hear the PM Harper speaking
    scroll down to get full interviewer

  64. Bubba Brown says:

    I just read Scott Reids article, 5 minutes this old guy will never get back;
    I don’t want to appear ungratful to him.
    After all he is taking time away from his enormous comic book collection.
    “It does seem rather cretinous to view something as revered as childbirth through the greasy lens of partisan impact.”
    I must agree, with Scott here, without reservation or hesitation.
    Though I think it is more like “cretinous and cringe worthy ” JMO
    I am grateful to Scott for earnestly peering through that “greasy lens” of Media.
    I did not realize that the “Boiler Maker Beer Goggles” which enabled everyone in the beer parlor to be “charmingly fecund” by closing time had a parallel amongst the “chattering classes”
    I would hope that he would try to peer through that lens with both eyes, hopefully there being enough “grease” to give him the sought after “racoon eyes “.

    • Joanne says:

      I just read Scott Reids article, 5 minutes this old guy will never get back;

      Moi aussi. That was gag-worthy.

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