Shame them NOW!

Every once in a while I slip into a mood of despondency when I ponder the current Ontario political situation – and then a reader snaps me out of it:

For example Martin lays out a plan to at least shame Kathleen Wynne until we have the opportunity to get rid of her and her Toronto Elitist Cabinet Ministers:

By next spring it may be too late, at least for the Ont we once knew. Wynne can OK all sorts of new spending excesses before then plus as many industrial wind plants as she can approve. Today the trial balloon of 10c l increase in gasoline taxes was raised, or should this be called a “revenue tool” Didn’t McGuinty campaign on no new taxes? I think Hudak and Horwath should be working together to explore all possible means of shaming this government into calling an election, or allowing a non-confidence motion. This could include actions outside the legislature, boycott of the house, public awareness campaign, something outside the box. But does Horwath really want an election, that is the question.

I know we discussed this here a few weeks ago, but I just feel we can’t simply sit and wait for the next money bill, there must be a way.

I agree. And Ontario voters can do the same. It could be rallies, letters to the editor, use of social media, whatever. One of the best ways to retaliate is to volunteer at the local political level.

But let’s not give up while we still have any hope of reversing this nightmare.

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Ontario hydro workers caught sleeping as Wynne jacks rates 42%Sun

Premier Kathleen Wynne says she is willing to risk fallout from transit levies – Star

Must-read column by Lorrie GoldsteinWynne can’t fix hydro mess.  Snippet here:

…In the next few months, there will be a lot of talk by the Liberals about reforming OPG, just as there was in 2003, until the heat dies down and everything is overtaken by the provincial election now expected this spring.

The reason nothing will happen is that controlling spending at OPG or Hydro One isn’t in Wynne’s or the Liberals’ political DNA. After all, these are the folks who almost doubled Ontario’s debt in the past 10 years!

So it turns out that Kathleen Wynne’s push for enhanced CPP is really all about Public Sector Unions!!  Check out another MUST-READ column by Chris Vander Doelen in the Windsor StarPension Ponzi Scheme:

…Tufts says most civil service pensions are also underfunded, unsustainable Ponzi schemes, as are many private corporate pensions negotiated by unions. The whole stinking mess is about to pop like a Wall Street financial bubble, Tufts says. “This is a back-door bailout of their pension plans.”

According to Tufts – who is loathed in labour circles because he delights in pointing out this stuff – raising CPP payments won’t do one bit of good for anyone who earns less than $51,000 per year because they don’t make enough to contribute more...

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252 Responses to Shame them NOW!

  1. fh says:

    this is the current standing in the Ontario Legislature
    we need to heed the call to action NOW
    we must have an election for the sake of saving ONTARIO

  2. Richco says:

    Ontarians are quite tired of being told what to do by political parties. ALL of them.

    Rural Ontario did the job last election and threw the Liberals out soundly. It’s now up to you urbanites to finish the job. We’ll continue to hold the fort out here…and we are. You have no idea that there are people out here working, writing and complaining every day about the McWynnety screw-ups. We’re living proof of what happens to a small town when the Liberals are in power. Please Martin, Joanne and others don’t make the mistake of making assumptions that there are not folks out there working to oust this sorry excuse for a provincial government because that’s simply not true.

    The Ontario Legislature rose yesterday. They’re not due back until mid-January and the first order of business is the budget. It’s not really that long to wait.

    What I do NOT want to see is for Hudak and Horwath to back down over the time the legislature is risen. They both have to keep up the momentum because Wynne’s got two things to her advantage 1) like it or not that she’s hung on this long has surprised even some loyal Liberal critics, she knows how to play the long game, and 2) she’s got time on her side.

    Running on a platform of tax increases in this province after her government stole billions from taxpayers through scandal after scandal after scandal is a sure guarantee of a loss at the polls in the spring.

    My concern is that Horwath wins in the spring. That the seats in Toronto that the Liberals now hold go to Horwath….Hudak wouldn’t win them anyway.

    The other issue is that there are two empty seats currently. I’m not sure whether a byelection is necessary BUT it’s a way that if she wanted to Wynne could delay a provincial election. I wouldn’t put it past her.

    • Martin says:

      Right, people all over the province are working to oust this government, but unfortunately they are determined to hang on, no matter what. It’s important to keep the pressure on, even though the legislature is now in recess.

  3. Ruth says:

    The big news today seems to be that the CPC is down 10k donors. Just like in Ontario, we get huffed about something and then the guys we don’t want win. Do we really want Trudeau to win or Horwath in Ontario. The Conservatives themselves have to smarten up or the other guys will win.

    • Liz J says:

      Well, if the people of Ontario vote for Horwath they’re voting for more and continuing problems. We have an economic disaster, the doctrine of the NDP will make it worse.

      Given the cost of living in Ontario most people haven’t any spare cash to donate to political parties. This isn’t the best time to be looking for donations, we are busy paying high hydro and other utility bills and keeping the wolf from the door.

      • fay says:

        Only the unions have money to donate to political parties!

        • Richco says:

          I don’t think that news item about the CPC donors being down by 10K is anything to worry about.

          It’s more of the left leaning media doing what they do – throwing something out there in hopes that those NOT following politics 24/7 will think the PM and CPC are in trouble.

          Those of us who do follow politics 24/7 should remember that:

          1) donations could be down because an election is two years off and we do best with our donations during a campaign. It’s very normal that they slide.

          2) it’s no indication of what’s going on in the Senate. There’s no proof of that. It’s the media trying to make this stick.

          3) even if the spin were true we’re still WAY above the other two parties when it comes to money coming in to the party.

          4) for us in Ontario IF in fact donations are down it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if folks are hanging on to their money because they no longer can afford to make political donations. This is a reality that’s going to affect all parties in Ontario thanks in large part to Wynne’s government.

          5) if there’s an Ontario provincial election in the spring it would be stupid for the CPC in Ontario to be launching fundraising drives when the Hudak PCs will need to pull their own rabbit out of their hat on funding.
          I think that it is THEY who will see more hardship than the CPC and may need to borrow volunteers and efforts from the CPC in the short term.

      • Richco says:

        I would never vote NDP, but unfortunately, I think that Horwath is still in the best position to win government at the moment.
        That could change between now and an election.

    • fh says:

      that is old news

  4. Martin says:

    Just as truth is an early casualty of a war campaign, Wynne has replaced taxes with the euphemism “revenue tools”.
    I believe it is time GTA was responsible for their own services, be it small scale electricity generation, garbage disposal, or public transportation. It is not clear to me why motorists in Bruce Co or Rainy River should pay for subways they will never see, let alone ride in.
    As for the 10 c increase in gasoline tax, it would like the Health premium find its way into general revenue and be diverted down some Liberal rat hole.
    By the sound of things it looks like the spring budget will be the deciding factor, but Liberals can waste a lot more money between now and then.

    • Richco says:

      Agree totally Martin!
      It’s also going to be a guarantee that no tourist in their right mind will want to visit Toronto, or Ontario for that matter.

  5. Martin says:

    I just cannot see how Andrea Horwath could emerge as winner next time out.
    There are about +30 rural seats where her policies on agriculture and wind development are anathema to voters. Horwath is held responsible for much of the wind energy woes, if anything NDP’s position is even more radical than McGuinty-Wynne’s.
    Just as Hudak supposedly is shut out of seats in GTA, both Wynne and Horwath are shut out of these 30 odd seats. Arithmetically, if Wynne totally collapsed in GTA and other urban centres, she could conceivably eke out a minority. But I don’t see that happening, NDP fortunes have not been great lately in other provinces. Liberals are nothing if not resilient in large cities. I would expect Libs-NDP to split urban Ont.
    So I don’t see 1990 happening again, once is enough for most people as far as the NDP go. I certainly hope so, if not we can surely kiss the province goodbye.
    Finally if NDP prospects were good, would Horwath not be doing more to bring on an election now?

    • Richco says:

      I think that the northern rural seats that Horwath has now will stay with her.
      The PCs pretty much have the rest of them now.
      Wynne will not totally collapse in urban centres. There are diehard that will follow her and her Liberals every time, BUT, I think there are there were enough close NDP & Liberal contested urban ridings that would go NDP giving them the minority as a snub to Wynne but still protected by the left ideology.
      I can see all currently held Liberal ridings in Windsor going to the NDP, Ottawa? some deep seated Liberal machines there that could hold.
      I think Horwath is holding out will not hurt her yet. She can also, in a campaign successfully point to how she made the Liberals bend for her.
      She’s got the edge on both Wynne and Hudak on coming across as genuine and likeable.
      Also, if Olivia Chow makes a push for the Toronto Mayor’s chair there could be something really odd brewing in Toronto with a HUGE swing provincially and municipally to the NDP….and you have to bet that Horwath and her team will milk that to the max.

      • Richco says:

        I will not vote NDP or Liberal but while Hudak may have the support of loyal PCs in Ontario who know his stance against taxes and job creation, his challenge is to attract new votes his way.

        He could do it, but Horwath of late has been dropping all kinds of mom & pop type comments that connect well.

        It’s going to be impossible to predict until we see how the oppositions continue to hammer the Liberals over the next few months. If the PCs go quiet like they do over the summer months, I’ll be shocked.

      • Martin says:

        The 5 urban Ottawa seats that the Libs currently hold the alternative in 4 is PCs not NDP. Chiarelli would be extremely vulnerable were he to run again, he barely defeated a very good PC candidate last time. I don’t really know, but I think Horwath, correctly will be blamed for having Wynne’s back and could pay for it. Let’s wait and see.

    • Richco says:

      We can almost be certain that the usual suspect media will not linger too long on this.
      It may make Jr. a little too uncomfortable.
      Although, I did see a clip of a CBC interview with Shiny Pony where the interviewer asked Trudeau the same question four times in different ways, but Trudeau dodged and answer that a leader should have been able to give.
      I believe it was the question on our Arctic issue.
      He (Trudeau) really looked more like a deer caught in the headlights rather than a Shiny Pony.
      I didn’t see the CBC interviewer going easy on him at all.

  6. Bubba Brown says:

    Adscam!!! Does this mean Justin Two-day-oh will resign?

    • Richco says:

      We’re not that lucky Bubba.
      However, at this rate we’re not going to see charges laid (if any) re: the Senate dust-up until at least 2025.
      Unless the courts too hold a double standard and will expedite things because there’s a Conservative in charge :-)
      NOTHING would surprise me.

      • fay says:

        G+M story on Liberal adscam with comments closed! Watching to see if the media party close comments for every column on Corriveau adscam charges???

  7. Bubba Brown says:

    Nothing would suprise me anymore either Richco.
    Will news reader Mandsbridge confront Jean Chretain?
    Will Justin keep his third place attendance record as he is Leader of the third place Party.?
    If Liberals used stolen money to fund their election machine do they have to pay it back?
    This is a real scandal involving Millions of dollars and kickbacks to the LPC.

    • Richco says:

      The RCMP I saw interviewed last night said that there are more charges to come.

      • Liz J says:

        It was Chretien who decided to toss “what’s a few million” to the wind with no specific targets for the money. It was to play nice, nice to Quebec.
        It should be no surprise to him that money ended up in brown bags when there was no specific use for it other than to buy Quebec votes.
        Not a very responsible way to treat taxpayers’ money, forty million isn’t chump change but we were treated like chumps.
        The Senate affair pales by comparison but the Liberal shills keep equating it with Adscam.

    • fh says:

      yes Bubba that was stolen TAXPAYER money by the ruling Liberal Government of Canada and it should be paid back to TAXPAYERS
      Don’t you love the Maggot Media talking points the Government will have to pay
      it is the TAXPAYER who has to pay the Government is the keeper of the TAXPAYERS money but if the Government has to pay it is the TAXPAYERS pocket book that pays

  8. Tripper523 says:

    Lots about “suits” and dealing from the bottom of the deck. Mayor Ford fills his suit well, but the lawsuit directed against him is EMPTY, accusatory of “insinuation” only. Since when is a guy denied his freedom of speech? Who needs jokers coming around unauthorized, snapping pictures of your kids? Conrad Black, a victim of other “suits”, was well-suited to do that interview. True enough, Bubba and others….the Liebral ADSCAM was a massive piece of damning scandal, swept under the big maggoty rug. It should have easily trumped the mini-Senate fiasco of a few thousand dollars repaid, but the Shilly Filly and the Mohair Suit keep swinging at the air, counting on a forgetful Canadian public and the relentlessly conspiratory tactics of MSM broadcasts, all following suit to unite the Left. Conversely, it is indeed time to unite components of the RIGHT, especially in Ontario, where suits are increasingly “white collar”, as many “blue collar” jobs are disappearing. Many closures, particularly in the Niagara Region, have put the province at a disadvantage and even less able to support the tax base, with more and more people turning to a social safety net with more and more holes in it. I fail to see the benefits for Ontario in any of these latest headlines, unless you enjoy seeing your hydro bills increase for nothing you’re getting, while it seems apparent we may have to import the finished products and export our natural resources, just like in the old days. We’ll have to shop in the U.S. for a lot more than cheaper petrol. How about Heinz ketchup and Kelloggs cereal, just to name two? But we live in a society, North American speaking, that is becoming increasingly twisted… You can allow a guy who’s cut off somebody’s head on a bus to take his time-bomb brain back out to probably do more of the same. Dangerous offenders and pedophiles can be placed in your neighbourhood and you’re supposed to welcome them with open arms and legs to help them “reintegrate” into society. Then there’s that menacing little boy who kissed a girl’s hand…. Ewwwww!! We’d better make sure he doesn’t swing in that direction again. Learn your manners now, and your rights later on, when you’re on the table for a sex change, mainly because you were raised in an asinine liberal culture where your natural personhood and childhood innocence were suppressed and penalized. Can’t get a job after school? Oh, it’s because you were a sexual offender at the age of 6. “I kissed a girl, and I liked it.” Yes, there are many unsuitable developments in western society, a reflection of an unholy and exhibitionist Hollywood mentality, where money, tongues and rear-ends are the focus of the day. No wonder we are hated by the eastern fundamentalists. As twisted as they are, they’ve got to be bubbling in their burqas at the way we are imploding over here…. Hey…didn’t mean to ramble, but just sayin’….

  9. Bubba Brown says:

    Green Party doubles in size!!!
    And no Elizabeth May did not go on the Oprah Baked Ham diet.
    She has been joined by another MP
    Bruce Hyer independent MP
    He said that the Greens don’r whip votes.
    Okay, but Elizabeth has never had anyone to “whip” before.
    Methinks she could be somwhat “demanding” n est ce pas?
    Soo time will tell Bruce.
    Bad time to go Green in my humble opinion.
    IPCC can’t seem to find Global Warming anywhere seems to have disapeared faster than Kim Jong Dongs Uncle, and the 40 million adscam dollars.
    As scarce as 5 day work weeks for Junior Two-Doh’
    Who said Canadian Politics wasen’t exciting?
    We have it all, inbreeding, scandals that aren’t, followed by real scandals that are ignored by Maggot Media.
    I guess saving the planet from imaginary threats is pretty safe stuff compared to actually doing the grown up stuff that keeps us all safe.
    Just sayin’

  10. Liz J says:

    Lizzie May is pretty good at whipping herself by shooting from the lip. It won’t be quite so lonely having a twofer wearin’ the Green pointy hats. Two hats are better than one, especially with the planet going all haywire with below freezing temperature records when Goreacious says we’re going to fry.
    I bet Lizzie was jealous of runner Wynne when she paid a fistful of Ontario taxpayer money she doesn’t have to have her ego stroked by Windbag Gore.

    • Martin says:

      Best line on this move cane from Gerry Nicholls yesterday.
      He could understand someone leaving Mulcair’s NDP ship, but why would they then sign on with the Greens to be bossed around by Lizzie May? He mentioned that Hyer better hope she doesn’t cut a deal with Trudeau Jr. for the Greens to stand down in his riding.

  11. Martin says:

    Its official now. Yesterday Trillium Power filed a suit against Ont for canceling its wind plant in Lake Ont. This suit is reduced from over $2B to a mere $500 M. According to Chiarelli logic, this would constitute a saving for taxpayers, of $1.5B. All for zero power, or anything else produced of course, but still a good deal for us.

  12. Bubba Brown says:

    This is very good when Lord Black writes I can hear the (conservative) Angels singing;
    His take on the “escresent tide” is one for the ages, and a good thing for all of us who see the Maggoty Escresent Tide rising daily up out of the septic tanks of the Red Star, peering over our back fences.
    As Conrod so succiently puts it the good people of Toronto elected Mayor Ford not the ink stained wretches at the Red Star.
    They are losing! Halleluia!
    Bruce Hyler having voted his concience on the long gun registry, and left the NDP-Q to sit as an independant, has I think jumped from the frying pan into the Lizzie windmill, just wait till “Matlock Muclair” spies him in the cheap seats, next to Junior, a loong way from the salt.
    Hell hath no fury like a jilted, ranting, socialist control freak IMHCO
    Hold the thought “love is better than anger” or frothing at the mouth on a daily basis I might add
    Funny that and PM Stephen Harper is the control freak?
    Just try voting against abortion on demand in the Liberal party or the NDP-Q.
    Or perhaps suggesting returning adscam money for the former and vetting expense accounts for the latter
    Jack and Oliva both claimed full amount for their Ottawa condo try that little trick on your taxes.
    Love the Justin joke fh :<)

  13. wilson says:

    Did RCMP make the ADSCAM ITO public and I missed it?
    Chretien’s ‘good friend’ ran a money laundering operation out of a federal Ministry, Dept of Public works,
    funnelling millions of stolen taxpayer money into the hands of Liberals and the LPC; $100 bills stuffed into envelopes,
    aiding 12 Liberal candidates election campaigns….. statute of limitations (law changed in the Accountability Act) protected the Liberals involved from being charged,
    but shouldn’t we at least be told who the 12 Lib candidates were/are??
    Paul Martin announced the repayment of $1.1Million from the LPC to taxpayers,
    where’s the missing $40 million????

  14. Gabby in QC says:

    To be fair, though … not like Evan Solomon “fair” but actually fair … one of the articles about the couple was in the Toronto Star, of all places.

    Mind you, the Google search for “Layton and Chow: the million dollar couple” yielded a mere “About 565 results”.

    The lack of coverage the power couple received shows the same disinterest the opposition and the media jackals have shown in highlighting only certain items in the RCMP ITO, i.e. those that may be harmful to the Conservatives. But little interest was shown by the media:
    From the Feb 20 (page 15, letter q, ) entry in the ITO:
    “Senator Tkachuk called Mr. Wright later that day and suggested a solution that he and Stewart Olsen thought may solve the issue. He suggested that Senator Duffy could write a letter to Deloitte admitting his mistake at making the claims, and ask what the repayment amount is. In return the Steering Committee would stop the Deloitte audit. Senator Tkachuk cited a previous matter involving Judy Sgro as a precedent for doing this. Mr. Wright agreed that if this was the solution the Senate wishes to propose then he was fine with it; …”

    What about Judy Sgro?

    Double standard? You bet.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      This comment was intended in reply to Martin @ 12:01 pm but somehow showed here on its own.

      • Martin says:

        Right that is the story I reference for the actual amount they claimed, over $3000 a day. It was reported and was an item for exactly a day, then forgotten. Chow and Layton did not have to endure a relentless media inquisition.
        Chow even had the gall to appear on CBC and tsk tsk about the Senators housing expenses, and the moderator never even asked her about her own problems. That is the difference.

        • Richco says:

          The media has been giving Chow and Layton a pass ever since Layton’s days as a Toronto councilor.
          When they got married it was deemed to be akin to Toronto’s royal wedding.
          Perhaps it will all come out in the wash when (and if) Chow runs for Mayor of TO as Oppo. team fodder.

  15. Liz J says:

    Another excuse I recall hearing from the Laytons when they were living in geared to income housing was they were paying the highest amount charged for such accommodation. It’s not about the amount they paid but about the fact they were using accommodation meant for people with lower incomes, taking away from someone who really needed it.

  16. Gabby in QC says:

    Re: Bruce Hyer joining May’s party: she apparently supports the Michael Chong PMB. which supposedly provides for a minority of caucus members being able to oust their leader by calling for a leadership review. But wasn’t she the one leader who objected to a leadership review being held … if she was the leader in question?

    Unfortunately, the links provided by both The Iceman
    Alberta Ardvark
    are no longer active.

    • Joanne says:

      That’s strange. I can see those links, Gabby.

      • Gabby in QC says:

        Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I can open both The Iceman’s & the Ardvark’s blog posts, but not the links they provide in their respective post.
        For The Iceman, the link embedded behind the phrase “internal strife boiling over within the Green Party”, I get the message “We’re sorry, the page you requested does not exist at this address”.
        And for the Ardvark, the link behind “trying to disregard the Green Party Constitution and avoid a leadership vote.” the message “PAGE NOT FOUND – ERROR 404” appears.

        Were you able to view those stories, Joanne? If yes, my computer, which is not that old, seems to have reached the “obsolete” label.

  17. Greg says:

    But back to the original subject, every time someone mentions a negative about Hudak, or conservatives in general, I’m going to say ’10 cents a litre’ with varying amounts of profanity mixed in depending on who I am talking to.

  18. Greg says:

    I won’t be able to afford to put gas in my lawnmower to hack down my McGuinty weeds next spring.

  19. Bubba Brown says:

    Good comments Blue Brigade! We have a collective memory that is awesome!
    Jack and Oliva did pay maximum of their co-op suite after folks started complianing and picketing.
    I remember that there were questions from ordinary folks who had been on the waiting list for years as to how they got ahead of them.
    The co-op rent subsidized apts were picketed for what 5 weeks they got tired of running the gauntlet and used Midnight moving co as I recall.
    All animals are equal some animals are more equal than others.
    JMO but Commodore Jack should have had an audit not a State funeral.
    Whats cookin’ at Bubba’s house today?
    Roasted red pepper Spagetti sauce ith a bouquet garni from my herb garden and tiny Scicilian meatballs with aloaf of fresh baked bread, some red wine, life is good.
    I only roast skins off peppers when my sweetie is out, the brazing torch makes her nervous.
    Amazing the MP Judy Sgro’s housing expenses are of no interest.
    She put forth a claim after selling the condo to her kids and then claimed rent paid to guess who?
    She paid back, no interest from MM funny that.
    I remember Elizabeth Mae blocking a mandatory Leadership review, something to do with “what if there is an election” right, but PM Harper is the undemocratic one.
    MM gives them all a pass a good thing the majotity of voters don’t.
    81% did not vote Liberal
    70% did not vote NDP-Q

  20. Greg says:

    Like many of Joanne’s fans I am from SWO, be careful if you have to drive. I’m up in Orillia to pick up my mom to spend Christmas with me an mine. Ironically, the weather is fine up here in the snow belt. Cold but little snow.

    • Richco says:

      Have one disappointed child who was supposed to drive home from Ottawa today that’s having to wait until tomorrow. They’re seeing the tail end of the storm there apparently and the forecast is for squalls setting up between Kingston and Port Hope, AND here in the Bruce/Huron region as an Alberta clipper comes through this afternoon.

      • Liz J says:

        The weather is terrible, can’t count on it for travel, it’s day to day. It sure adds to the stress to have family having to hit the roads for Christmas holidays.

        We need to talk to the experts, Gore and Suzuki, according to their theories we should be having rain.
        Funny though, Gore won’t answer questions and Suzi is no where to be found.

    • Joanne says:

      I heard the driving was frightful yesterday. I didn’t even venture out. 😉

      You are a good son Greg. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas together.

  21. Bubba Brown says:

    Thing of it is with Liberals, Liberals in a hurry NDP-Q and Green’s if they do or don’t do it is not illgeal.
    Example Liberals push through law making same sex marriage legal.
    If a Justice of the Peace or Marriage Comissioner does not agree to perform a ceremony for a same sex couple, they lose their job.
    Conservatives set minimum sentences for possesion of a loaded handgun.
    If a Judge does not agree they refuse to implement it and give the thug a hug and nothing happens.

  22. Ruth says:

    Cheryl Gallant has a petition for everyone to sign on her Facebook page to try and stop the light bulb ban that will take effect in January. Not sure if everyone can get into this link or not…….

  23. fh says:

    when is enough enough?
    I say enough is now Ontario
    the evidence is clear we have all been scammed

  24. Tripper523 says:

    “A Great Game” is a great book. I recently purchased PM Stephen Harper’s final product of research and expression which gives us a vivid picture of the early hockey days in Canada. This pre Maple Leafs imagery is sure to be another volume in Mr. Harper’s life of successes, and should satisfy with much revelation the yearnings of sports and history buffs alike. I’ve just started the book and I even like its design and introduction. True enough, you wouldn’t know it was written by a Prime Minister. (If the author were Michael Ignatieff, you’d have been forced to know all about him, and probably not so much about the book’s subject…) I give a big “thumbs up” to Mr. Harper for the style, initiative, and intent of his work. With the proceeds going to the military families, it makes it all the better.

    • Bec says:

      Phantom’s critique is very well done and hits the mark. I had never thought that ‘history’ wouldn’t be of interest to hockey fans but to many of this generation, it may not be.

      History is certainly the best part of this for me (us) and I admire the humility of this PM. To research and then write a book about a subject other than himself while sitting as PM, smile worthy.

  25. Liz J says:

    Rumour has it Wynne will prorogue until February. Sounds like aplan to give her more RUNNING time.

    • Joanne says:

      That would be excellent. Less opportunity for her to continue to destroy this province!

      • Joanne says:

        BTW where did you hear that rumour about prorogation? Just curious. Thanks.

        • Richco says:

          I’d like to know too. First I’ve heard of it.
          However, it would be just like Wynne to follow McGuinty’s lead on this.
          When the going gets tough they prorogue and leave to deflect scrutiny.
          But, you’ll know that the federal opposition and media will say the same about Harper.

          • Martin says:

            The all time king of this of course is Bob Rae. He prorogued the legislature 3 times in his short government, the last one from Dec 94 to Apr 95.
            He never even submitted a budget in that year.
            Then he had the face to criticize Harper.

  26. Richco says:

    From Lorrie G. this morning

    I thought Hudak did MUCH better in his interview last night with Alan Carter on Focus Ontario. More relaxed, and Congratulations are in order as Tim and Deb await a new arrival in the Spring!

    Horwath actually did worse in her Carter interview. Very tentative and seemed clearer than ever that she’s singing pretty much the same tune as Wynne.

    • Richco says:

      What’s very clear in Goldstein’s column is that it supports what Sandy was saying a few threads ago about the mess with OPG starting with the PCs and continuing unchecked through the McWynnety years.

      I like the idea of privatizing OPG as a start.

  27. Richco says:

    Here’s Chris Blizzard’s take on the three Ontario party leaders, the year they’ve had and what’s in store

    • Richco says:

      The suggestion of proroguing is contained within this one and looks to have been suggested by Blizzard.

      • Richco says:

        The comment below should send shock waves through the progressive Liberal and PC camps because if she can keep that up she’ll set herself up to be to the right of the Wynne Liberals in Ontario.

        Blizzard writes that Horwath raised the issue of NDP led provinces across the country being of smaller government and tighter spending as proof that she can straddle the middle better than Wynne currently.

        That too is my fear.

        “She’s not a wild-eyed socialist. She’s a pragmatic champion for middle-class pocketbook issues.”

        • Joanne says:

          Mmmm… That could be very interesting Richco. I don’t see that as a fearful scenario though. It could bode well in certain ridings.

  28. fh says:

    interview with PM Harper The house May 2011 worth your time

  29. Bubba Brown says:

    This is worth a read the green s***e hits the fan all the elite are outed in the UK
    After Kellogs and Heinz close in Ontario Wynn still thinks y’all have a dynamic and inovative buisness enviroment?
    Only the elite on the green gravy train Katheleen, everyone else is gettin’ Liberaled good and hard.
    This woman is demented and seriously dangerous to your way of life.
    Meanwhile lil’ Justy thinks the Conservatives should leap to defend Canada Post he prattles on in an article at True North Report which is so predictable as to be unworthy of a link.
    He offers no solutions, other than his handsome self as savior of the little people in the middle class we apparently are his focus, lucky us
    Sure not seeing much on Adscam, will that allegedly aggrevied, alleged reporter from the Red Star alleged newspaper skulk around the Shawinigan Strangler’s back fence?
    Heading into court to sue is a perlious venture I wish him all the bad luck in the world.
    If Mayor Ford ever stops suddenly on his dash to his car half of the Star’s, star reporters would dissapear from sight LOL

    • Richco says:

      “This woman is demented and seriously dangerous to your way of life.”
      Once the Ontario Liberals get through with this province we’ll not recognize it.

    • Liz J says:

      McGuinty is gone but not gone enough, his legacy lives on, the disaster is growing to the point of economic shut down.

      Just wait until the January hydro bills arrive at our doors, for some it will be pay the bill, freeze or head to the food banks.

      Those who voted for this lying scandal ridden lot, not once, not twice but three successive elections can look in their mirrors and talk to themselves.

  30. Tripper523 says: Another good one from the Daily Mail in the U.K., questioning the validity of financially supporting China. I guess they’re in a similar predicament as the U.S.A., spreading themselves thin while helping out internationally, and where their own domestic constraints, population control, and starvation programs are the norm. Not quite… Why is it that the so-called “superpowers” excel in military armaments, technological power, and international aggression, while being mainly irresponsible toward their own citizens??? Certain “rogue nations” are almost the same, but on a much smaller scale. Still, the aggressive and abusive tendencies are there. Sort of like the provincial Liebrals in-drag… Anyway, it all makes our nation of Canada look ever more like the most appealing place on earth, and with the best governance FEDERALLY, at least.

  31. Bec says:

    Are ‘they’ calling Christmas in Ontario “December Time”? (Teachers’?)

    Wow if so.

  32. Liz J says:

    Looks like the we have a domino effect in motion on the job front in Ontario and it can only get worse. This winter will be tough sledding for ordinary earners and those on fixed pension incomes who live in Ontario.

    Meanwhile Wynne runs while Andrea runs off at the mouth. Sorry, she’s not speaking for me, I don’t call someone pragmatic who props up a scandal ridden government continuing to take the province over the cliff with wild green policies killing the economy.
    Andrea will be true to her NDP brethren, that includes unions which is all part of the sad economic mess we’re in.

  33. Richco says:

    A Letter to Kathleen Wynne

    Merry Christmas!

    • Martin says:

      Seems most pundits think a spring election is inevitable. Wynne eventually will have to present a budget, or some type of “revenue tool” forward that Horwath will be unable to accept. What is to be gained by Ontarians putting off a fall election until spring? Nothing whatever, except that Wynne staring defeat in the eye may go on one final spending orgy, rewarding friends, appointing Liberals and signing contracts a succeeding government will be bound by.
      The suing frenzy over wind development, which appears certain to dominate future Ont governments continues. Ont Wind Resistance reports on the absurdity of 1 branch of government suing another. The MOE (ministry of the environment) and Wind company (Gilead Power) are appealing, taking the Ontario ERT to court. CanWEA (Canadian wind energy association) has also asked for “intervenor status” as well. This over a decision the Environment Revue Tribunal made against a wind project in Prince Edward Co. One of very few projects ever turned down by ERT, mostly it has been a rubber stamp.
      The poor taxpayer is stuck with the bill for one group of government lawyers chewing with another group.

      • Richco says:

        “Wynne staring defeat in the eye may go on one final spending orgy”

        We can pretty much count on that Martin. The big question will be though is will voters and taxpayers fall for it again this time around?

  34. Bubba Brown says:

    Plants closing jobs and buisness fleeing, massive tax increases coming no money , but wait 200 million for a consulting firm?
    Closing the Northern Railroad, will they use the right-of way to put in a bike lane?
    But hey Rob Ford was at church last night!
    Now that is news.
    Dancing as is being breathlessly reported, is Queen Kady on this like Justin on a day off ?
    Move to Alberta while you can still rent a U-Haul the highways will be packed.

    • fay says:

      It really is breath taking to watch the media party totally ignore the disaster that is happening after a decade of Liberal mis-mangement in Ontario.

      • Liz J says:

        It is breath taking Fay. It’s at a point where it’s so bad they really don’t want to talk about it, it would foul up their anti-Conservative agendas, it would take up all their news print, air time and band width to deal with the colossal mess. We are right into it, we’re going to be paying beyond our collective abilities to pay, we’ve reached a point of no return on indebtedness. The NDP and Liberals cannot be allowed any more chances, we have to have a PC government with some economic smarts, CONSERVATIVE policies, not PROGRESSIVE/REGRESSIVE.

  35. Bubba Brown says:

    What Blue Brigade was the definition of (Green) insanity again?
    I guess BC progressive types are envieous of the “innovative dynamic Job market” in Ontario so are gonna double down on the stupidity.
    Time to build a trailer and consider a relocation methinks.
    With apoligies to Diederot
    “We shall never have peace till the last progressive is strangled by the taxpayer with the guts of the last enviromentalist” JMO

    • Martin says:

      The operative word here is “could”. With adequate wind and turbines operating at peak efficiency, theoretically that much electricity could be generated. In the real world, no turbines anywhere approach that level of efficiency, wind companies always list the theoretical level. It is similar to building a car which starts 20% of the time, not many Canadians would be interested in such a vehicle. So why invest in technology that has a 20% efficiency rating?

      Just 2 weeks ago Ont fleet of 1200 turbines generated about 75 MW or .4% of provincial demand; this on the day Chiarelli introduced his latest 5 Year Plan for power.

  36. Liz J says:

    Ontario Wynne Liberals need to go to fiscal management classes but first have to admit they have a problem. We know we have a problem, we are paying the bills to prove it but the provincial Finance Minister is on for enriching CPP benefits even though federally, Flaherty says not now.
    Where is the money going to come from? The employers are already stretched due to the bad management, bad policies and expensive scandals of the worst government Ontario has ever had. McGuinty, champion liar and quitter when his mess overwhelmed him is off the radar, his willing successor chosen by the party thinks she has won a huge honor when it’s more like a booby prize.

    How long do banks allow businesses to continue to spend operating with a balance sheet in the red?

    • Richco says:

      Hudak’s ideas are excellent and very practical
      Some “maggots” sure did carry it fh.
      I watched it live yesterday on CP24 then saw it covered a noon at Global and over the noon hour at SNN.
      The story was also up on Ontario News Watch aggregate yesterday.
      The NP and G&M are covering the bigger stories IMO which in case we’re missing it are two stories around Jim Flaherty 1) CPP 2) him going after Kenneyand the speculation that the infighting on the gov’t side of the bench is heating up.
      Hudak’s challenge is always going to be being overshadowed by all of the other things going on. That’s why the PCs have to be relentless from now until the election on keeping these balls in the air.

  37. fh says:

    Ontarians do you want to see a plan to get Ontario back on the right track to prosperity?
    Please take the time to read Tim Hudak’s PC parties white paper
    I suggest you read all ALL of the white paper not just the highlighted points it will be well worth your time.
    the media need to report fairly on the PC plan
    Tim Hudak has the plan to get Ontario back on the right track and he has the experience to do the job

    • Richco says:

      The Federal issues are blowing anything Hudak is doing out of the water fh.
      Jim Flaherty’s pressers are the bigger & more urgent story. Even among the media that leans right.
      I think Hudak got fair coverage in local Ontario media yesterday. However, because the news cycle is 24/7 what he said yesterday is yesterday’s news. It moves faster than ever.

  38. Richco says:

    Hudak did an amazing job on Focus Ontario in Saturday evening with Alan Carter.

    With all due respect, while some media deserve the “maggot” moniker I think that in Hudak’s case, and despite the bigger Federal stories out there, that Hudak’s message is getting out there way better now than a few months ago.

    He’s also hot on Facebook and Twitter – somewhere where anyone can post and support him.

    • Richco says:

      No problem – it’s easy to miss, but Hudak’s building steam that I see helping him a great deal if he and the PCs can keep pace and perhaps snag a few more choice candidates in the election like Doug Holyday. It’s very doable in fact.

    • Anne in swON says:

      The problem with any poll hosted by the CBC is that the results will almost invariably be positive for the liberals or the NDP and negative for the conservatives, both federally and provincially.

  39. Martin says:

    From the meeting of government finance ministers, on revised CPP, comes this alarming outburst from Ont Sousa: “if Ottawa doesn’t act, we will work on a made in Ont solution”
    Yesterday I warned of a last minute spending frenzy by Liberals. The thought of an Ont administered pension fund should make citizens blanch. Interesting that the push for a bigger CPP comes from another Liberal, Robert Ghiz of PEI.

    • Richco says:

      ” “if Ottawa doesn’t act, we will work on a made in Ont solution”

      THIS from the man who the Liberal seat-saver program benefited the most.

      They’ll destroy this like they’ve destroyed pretty much every file they’ve touched.

      Predicting last minute spending by the Ontario Liberals isn’t magic, they’ve got very long list and proven track record exhibiting as much.

    • Liz J says:

      That’s exactly it, what else could it be but a Ponzi scheme in the circumstances in this out of control Liberal Ontario?
      Wynne is starting to look scarier by the day.

      How long before the people wake up and realize what a dangerous situation we are in for our very own welfare right at our own front doors?

      SOS Ontario!

      • Richco says:

        This is so typical to what we’ve become used to expecting from Wynne and NDP tag-a-long co-premier.

        What I’m very glad about is having Jim Flaherty pushing-back.

        If it’s a choice between doing what’s right for everyday Canadians Jim’s your man.

        If it’s all about doing what’s right for the union hierarchy that’s the choice of Kathleen Wynne.

        It puts Wynne in a very risky spot heading IN to an election in the spring, AND, what it does for Hudak, is it helps him very much too. It will make the unions look especially greedy when so many others employed outside of a union shop either have no pension or have had theirs scaled back.

        Both Hudak and Flaherty could benefit.

  40. Bubba Brown says:

    Looks like things are heating up in Ontario. Good!
    This article about Chretain’s adscam with the Maggoty obligatory “scandal attribution”tm device.
    No Liberal or NDP-Q scandal can be mentioned without first referencing the Conservatives and how “lucky” they are that this is putting out the eternal flame of shame and scandal attached to them by MM and Matlock Muclair.
    Junior would show up more often but I think he is worried he will run out of clever quotes from Pierre, besides 2 days a week is tough, he is so part time oriented.
    That the Liberal scandal is in the 40x the amount of money that just dissapeared, let alone paid back, except to selected candidates, Liberal candidates.
    Well how about the golf balls Jean tossed on the floor to see the Media scramble for them like beggars in a Middle Eastern bazzar.
    Maybe Chretain will like Scrooge find enlightenment?
    Naah, Scrooge was a Liberal!
    Just a story, he had to think of a way to expence the turkey entitlement.
    Looked a lot like Pierre now that I think of it.

  41. Richco says:

    My money’s on Flaherty. How long is it going to take for the “progressives” to clue in to the fact that the way the CPP is set up now is not sustainable.

    • Richco says:

      “”There’s no point … in using a bazooka and blowing money all over the place,” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said after meeting Monday with provincial and territorial counterparts in Meech Lake, Que., just north of Ottawa.”

      Perfect comment!

      • Liz J says:

        But, but, I thought the big story of the week was Flatherty telling Kenney to “shut the eff up about Ford” and how there’s division in the Party and the PM is going to quit , etc, etc……..

        • Richco says:

          from my post @ 8:37am this morning Liz J.
          “.. the bigger stories IMO which in case we’re missing it are two stories around Jim Flaherty 1) CPP 2) him going after Kenneyand the speculation that the infighting on the gov’t side of the bench is heating up.”

          Federal still trumps provincial, and this had the Rob Ford element, which makes it extra appealing for media (and readers, viewers).

  42. fh says:

    mining tax was discussed with Tim Hudak

  43. Richco says:

    Tim Hudak just finished a live interview segment on CP24.
    Touched on his jobs platform, was incredibly relaxed and spoke off the cuff.
    He’s turned a corner!
    More of the same!

  44. Bubba Brown says:

    Ontario is broke, where to get money to buy the election and keep the Big Unions on board.
    Cue the pension dollars.
    Might even be a few goodies for the other half of the coalition the NDP, for their pet projects
    Thing of it is Liberal progressive types have no scense of irony, a video showing Wynn running?
    Running for the office she occupies courtesy of the corrupt Liberals is the last thing she wants to do.

    • Richco says:

      It’s not just the Ontario Liberals on this though Bubba. Kathleen’s made fast friend of Clark and that other Liberal-lite Premier from Alberta. They’re all singing from the same songbook because they, like Wynne just LOVE to throw money at problems, adding layers or bureaucracy and pandering to unions.

    • Richco says:

      This would explain the slip in standard. That the N.P would be conned by Forum enough to make this news, based on a very slim number of responders to the survey, is just sad for the National Post.
      “The survey was conducted by Forum Research Inc. for The Hill Times.”

      • Liz J says:

        National Post is following in the footsteps of the Ottawa Citizen, all feeding from the same table.

        • Joanne says:

          So glad I dropped my Post subscription!

          • fay says:

            It appears the national post is competing for business with the Toronto Star.
            Very glad I dropped my subscription to the National Post when they hired Andrew Coyne.

            • Richco says:

              Apologists for the Liberals isn’t something I thought I’d ever accuse the National Post of….but in this case, it fits.

  45. Bubba Brown says:

    Wow Richco 135 people, or 3 people voting multiple times, think Justin is the most valuable politician , can a Nobel Prize be far behind?
    Shows up two days a week, but hey he has it nailed.
    Elizabeth May well there you go, maybe they should have children.
    I wonder which side of the family they would resemble.
    Probably feeding time would best be conducted with a sling-shot.
    That this is all news according to the ironically named For-em and fed to the Post as the real deal is embarassing.
    Did not For-em have a push poll out recently singing the praises of the Star-child Justin Two-Day our new Messiah?

    • Anne in swON says:

      Forum Research claimed the Liberals had a 29 point lead in the Brandon-Souris by-election. So much for their credibility!

      • Richco says:

        You’re right Anne and you’re as hilarious as ever Bubba.

        This kind of stuff just makes you want to curl up with a good book, a brandy, put a log on the fire and ignore the world for the next few weeks, doesn’t it?

  46. Martin says:

    Now Deb Matthews has jumped on the blame the feds for Ont financial woes bandwagon.
    From the most incompetent health minister in memory, this takes some effort to believe.
    I am seeing a pattern here where all problems of the province are the fault of someone else. Much like Quebec,Ont liberals are attempting to run against the federal government. But who exactly has been in executive control of Ont for the past 10 years?
    This ploy has played very well in Quebec, but it won’t play here. People can read of the huge waste and rot in Matthew’s own ministry; all the money in Ottawa wouldn’t bail out her incompetence.

    • Liz J says:

      People have a problem figuring out who has jurisdiction over what between the Feds and the Provincial governments and the overlaps. Given the mess the provincial Liberals have created and their penchant for lying when the truth hurts, we can be sure they’ll attempt to confuse. The maggots won’t bother to explain, it would weaken their agenda.

    • Richco says:

      More left-twisting from the National Post.
      Why not kick the Feds. when they’re down…or appear to be, even by the supportive right-leaning media here

  47. Bubba Brown says:

    I see lots of push polls like For-em and loads of negative by the MM re our Conservative Party.
    Real people, folks like you have contributed over a million dollars this month to the CPC.
    I am not shilling for donations here, just want to make the point that all the shrieking and accusations ain’t shaking our bedrock, the real deal Blue Brigade.
    We ain’t out there pimping “dinner with Junior” or Limited edition Justin scarves.
    Just good sensible focused on what works Government.
    Perfect no, but so far ahead of second and third place MM weeps.
    Believe me our neighbor to the south is envious they elected an MM sanctioned empty suit, look at the mess they are in.

    • Richco says:

      It’s not just the left media piling on Harper of late Bubba.

      Also, usually this close to Christmas we’re hearing word of the PM’s year-end interviews. Some are even advertising it already.

      So far…..nothing much.

      Speculation is running wild as to the meaning behind it all. If the PM and PMO aren’t in front of it and silent, there’s nothing left to do but speculate and make things up, WHICH the MSM are very VERY good at.

      IF and when the PM does announce his plans for a year-end interview what would you like him to say to Canadians?

  48. Martin says:

    More evidence of deteriorating standards at NP, is this swarmy piece speculating on Jim Flaherty’s health. Written by Stephen Mayer, hero of the robo-calls saga, it seems unnecessary and is at best a story about nothing. The caption includes a large photo pf Flaherty and Ford together, no obvious connection provided. Not high journalistic standards.

    • Richco says:

      I too questioned why the Post needed to print this story…which IMO isn’t a story at all. Why?

      1) Flaherty IS sick. It’s not news and yes, he has been sick this week. If he’s unable to keep up his normal pace a bit of compassion might go further than criticism.

      2) Rob Ford and Jim Flaherty are long time family friends. Flaherty doesn’t bail on his friends when the going gets rough for them. The Ford photo can’t hurt Flaherty or Ford, IMO. It only hurts those who have bought the media lines hook, line and sinker.

      Big losers….the National Post.

      We don’t subscribe but we do make the trek to town to purchase all of the hard copy Saturday papers to peruse through the weekend. I’ll be passing on the National Post this Saturday.

      Over the next two holiday weeks it’s a no news, no new media or social media time in our home.

      There’s just far more important and valuable time to be spend on what’s important and what we can immediately affect…..home, family and ourselves.

      • Martin says:

        If nothing else, this piece belongs in their comment, or gossip section, instead it is a news headline. That is unacceptable.

      • Joanne says:

        Over the next two holiday weeks it’s a no news, no new media or social media time in our home.

        There’s just far more important and valuable time to be spend on what’s important and what we can immediately affect…..home, family and ourselves

        Excellent plan. For me the focus on family has never been so intense. My unborn grandsons are staying put for now but they’re still causing their parents and the rest of us a fair bit of concern. For me the best Christmas/New Year’s gift would be healthy babies and mama.

        • Richco says:

          That would be awesome Joanne.
          I wish that for you and your family as well.

        • Bec says:

          You know, although I haven’t checked in, I have been thinking about you and your family every day and every day ‘in the oven’ with twins is a blessing. Ours were 26 then a lull and it was again 32 weeks when the started creating fear. Our boys just turned 14.

          I’m thinking of you and your family. I get it.

  49. fh says:

    cool Jimmy Kimmel on Mayor Ford worth a look and laugh
    from Jo’s twitter

    • Richco says:

      Beauty fh.
      Answer to Kimmel – “yes” they all smoke drugs. How else do explain Toronto Council past, present and future.

  50. Bubba Brown says:

    Well Blue Brigade the stories of late are SOSO (same old…etc) reminds me of Ronald Regan meeting with Bishop Desmond TuTu, when asked how his meeting went with TuTu he smiled and said so so.
    The tales of our demise are as premature as they are maudlin squaked by a venue of MM
    Anyway after the article chortling about PM Harpers “Annus Horribilus” by the fellow with the picture accompanying his article like an erstwhile realtor, can’t remember his name, but his face would make a great “after” picture for a proctologist LOL.
    Justin just had the bestest year! and Oh! Oh! that other Justin fellow is retiring!
    I am spitballin’ here folks and assuming “hard work” is rolling out of the sack, being dressed by my valet, kickin’ the pile of panties and hotel room keys off the matt in the porte-coche’re as he slides his oh so priveleged butt into the limo for his big day in the HOC.
    Maybe I am being too harsh but will Justin stand up to the strain of 3 or even 4 day weeks?
    Groupies and bromancing presstitutes all over our Canada quaver and hold their Justin scarves to their noses hoping to breath the santified scent of Justin.
    But wait!
    This is a two-fer!
    Seems not everyone is struck with the leader of the Liberal rump.
    Daniel Dickin chronicles the Dauphins mincing little steps in poo-poo since his Coronation.
    As for Jim Flaherty I hope his health improves.
    He was wise not to cave to Wynn she is desperate for only one thing, buying re-election and building billionaires bank accounts.
    You and I will not freeze long in the dark starving will also be a possibility if the Liberals get their hands on Pension monies.
    There are 14,000 abandoned windmills in America as soon as the subsidy goes the expensive monoliths are abandoned.
    Easter Island comes to mind the huge heads carved from stone and dragged to the waters edge, the destroyed eco system denuded of trees to move the Idols, why?
    What Gods were they worshiping?
    We shake our heads at the primitive belief system.
    Are the Liberals really doing any different?

    • Martin says:

      I read this piece by Jr groupie Den Tandt, more adulation for the coming one.

      The question I have, does any photo exist of Jr and Jacques Corriveau together?
      It seems likely, since politicos shake with all sorts of people. If so, would NP or Ottawa Citizen feature such a photo on their front page?

      I happened to see the tail end of an interview with Jr and Don Martin, one day he happened to be in Ottawa. A tough journalist would have grilled Jr relentlessly about the names of 12 Liberal candidates reported to have receive the stolen money. Are any still in the Liberal caucus, and if so will Jr be demanding they resign? Will LPC be refunding the money?
      I missed most of the interview, but somehow I doubt Martin got around to these types of questions. Some inquiring reporter needs to.

      • Richco says:

        When the Post hired Den Tandt I sure hope it wouldn’t start the dreaded left turn in to Lemmingville.
        I was wrong it seems.

  51. Gabby in QC says:

    Hmmm … some thought provoking observations … and one not so …
    • First, from an Ottawa Citizen column by McGill Economics Professor William Watson titled Weaken the PM, strengthen the President?:
    “An informal and almost always wise rule of column-writing is not to write about other people’s columns. It leads to inbreeding and is undeniable evidence of a lack of imagination: There’s got to be something more interesting to write about. …”

    • Then, from L. Ian MacDonald, editor of Policy magazine, in a column titled A wretched fall sitting for the Conservatives:
    “But on the same day [as the Throne Speech], the Conservatives stepped on their own message by turning the Senate into a star chamber rather than one of sober second thought. …
    In all, the fall sitting was utterly wretched for the Conservatives and the PM. In fairness, he did sound a lovely and appropriate grace note last week, on the death of Nelson Mandela. …”

    • A reminder about effective communications strategy by Tasha Kheiriddin in her column Moore on child poverty: Cue the smug Twitter smackdown:
    “Expounding on the conservative virtue of self-reliance during the Season of Giving is a tricky business at best. Do it in so blunt a manner and pair it with the word ‘children’, and you’ve lost the argument before you’ve begun. …”

    • And, finally, some irony from Arianna Huffington, the founder of the gossipy HuffPost, nagging her readers in an article Our Unplugging Challenge: Seven Days Without Our Devices:
    “With the holidays almost here, Cindi Leive, Mika Brzezinski and I have decided that there is no better time to unplug, recharge and renew ourselves in time for the new year. And what better way to do that than by unplugging and disconnecting from all our devices? …”

  52. Bubba Brown says:

    I sometimes wonder how did we get here and from where, really, the universe is a baffling, wonderful place.
    Is Justin really the reincarnation of his former PM father?
    Is this an example of some kind of parthenogenesis?
    Will the “Justin Chia Doll” sweep the press Gallery as the “tickle me Elmo” of 2013?
    I can see clearly the looks of glee on their grubby little faces on Christmas morning and their rush to the sink to water and gaze in wonder at the “grass” growing on Justins little clay head.
    Aaah Christmas truely a time of wonder?

  53. Richco says:

    While Ontario’s government is singing the blues and now taking aim at the Feds. because they couldn’t account for their spending habits let’s not forget that the Liberals have created over 630 new agencies, boards and commissions and have also implemented new entities such as LHIN and CCAC. As a result, we now have over 300,000 new bureaucrats, many of whom, are on the sunshine list. Public sector employment in health care alone has increased by 39%. While we pay more Liberal taxes including, for example, their Health Premium, we receive fewer services as our tax dollars must now be spent to pay the salaries and perks of our newly-assigned bureaucrats. We need to reduce the size of the Liberal’s bloated bureaucracy if we are to have our tax dollars pay for services and not salaries.
    Why SHOULD the Feds. bail Ontario out when they can’t manage their way out of a paper bag.
    I wouldn’t trust this Ontario government to be in charge of a child’s piggybank.

  54. Bubba Brown says:

    “Most valuable Politician” is that a typo should it not be most “expensive” based on what he gets paid as opposed to actual hours on the Job in the HOC hello Justin?
    Just askin’ the MM who are all nuts over 17$ glass of orange juice and a 90,000 dollar refund of taxpayers money.
    Anyway good news for the “chia Justin pet growers” it comes with a green Justin Scarf and a recording of Justin dispensing such bon-mots as “Children are our future” and the always popular Duo of Mao and Pierre the elder and backed by the Red Comrades Choir belt out a rousing rendidion of “The East Is Red”
    If that don’t put a tear in these old eyes this just up, Justice Minister Peter Mackay is considering fines for people caught with small amounts of pot.
    That sound you are hearing is one of Justins platform planks being converted to chopsticks by a Tory Remanfacturing Machine hooowaa

  55. Liz J says:

    So, an apology from Mayor Ford and Vision TV has satisfied the Star and their reporter, case closed. Wise move perhaps?

    Have to say the Mayor knows how to get attention, they’re watching his every move, he’s entertaining them, he’s dancing around town, from City Hall to a church with replays on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

  56. Liz J says:

    Has anyone else found their hydro bills have gone higher with “smart” meters in spite of all attempts to conserve?

    Should we be asking the OPG to check all meters to ensure they’re “honest”?

    While we’re at it we should demand the Energy Minister be fired, he’s totally stunned, out of his depth.

    • Joanne says:

      More here: “Among the measures announced today, the CRTC is requiring that Canadians be given the option to subscribe to all Canadian news services, either in bundles or à la carte, no later than May 18, 2014.”

      Will Evan Solomon’s head explode?

      • Bubba Brown says:

        Gee moving forward, and giving us a choice, now how many folks will choose CBC and their silly bigioted, unbalenced but “fair” soloman style shows.
        Sure sounds like a move in the right (lol) direction to me. Jo.
        Meanwhile Matlock Muclair vows to keep doing the same thing, whatever, I think most people got it about 6 months ago and are heartily sick of it.
        Inappropiate expenses repaid.
        Senators suspended.
        He seems to have a fixation to do the same thing multiple times.
        Driving through stop signs.
        Multiple mortage renewals.
        Asking pretty much the same question 276 times.
        His numbers are falling maybe he needs to go positive. JMO

        • Richco says:

          Choice works!
          It means those viewers can vote with their feet and their choice…..or not.
          Any provider that doesn’t keep up will be the big loser.

      • Liz J says:

        Solomon’s head explode? It’s pretty bloated already, wouldn’t take much. Ditto Mansbridge.

  57. Richco says:

    Here’s a little something to make you ALL smile!
    Well done Mr. Prime Minister! Well done!

  58. Liz J says:

    The dirty, rotten slimy, lying Ontario Liberals, (no apologies, it’s my opinion of them), are sucking up to the cities where they know they can win at least minority and with their pals in the NDP can govern.
    They’re promising funds for transit so that’s a big deal in the cities where they’re Liberal lovers anyway. The rural rubes can lump it, even freeze in the dark, no matter, just pay through the teeth for energy and everything else.
    We need to be very afraid.

    • Richco says:

      I rec’d my message from the PC’s and Tim Hudak today Liz J. Guess what? It was all about the cities and the party’s plans for transit.

      That should tick us off too, no?

    • Richco says:

      “I understand the Liberals and the NDP playing politics with this so-called “scandal”. That’s their job. What I don’t understand is Andrew Coyne carrying their water. That’s not his job. His readers should demand better.”

      I’d like to demand better of the National Post….totally.

  59. Richco says:

    Kitimat approved!
    That scurrying of furry feet you hear are the opposition parties and climate change alarmists heading off the cliff.
    It’s breaking all around us at this moment.
    Mulcair and Trudeau to comment shortly…..lemmings to your posts!

  60. Tripper523 says:

    I just got the email with the link now, so thanks Richco, for bringing it to BLY. Another good piece of “true propaganda” that we may revel in until the next election!

  61. Tripper523 says:

    Just getting caught up here… BRAVO Bubba! BC Blue helps with the illumination to hold these maggot maggot members close to the fires of purification…

  62. Tripper523 says:

    “They” should be shamed too. Lord love a duck, and “Duck Dynasty”… Ol’ Phil Robertson isn’t allowed to speak his mind on things, certainly NOT when special interest groups have their paranoia barbs up. I thought this was an especially interesting and revealing read, and you get to the bones of his life experiences and belief system, which I sincerely can’t discredit as some would wish to…

  63. Bubba Brown says:

    Kitamat approved! Well there are going to be some damp panties out there tonight.
    Justin will comment as soon as sombody tells him what he thinks.
    Muclair will have great difficulty framing a sentance that does not have Duffy, senate or Scaaaandal in it.
    Anyway I am Victoria BC born and bred 1949 vintage, a classic if you will.
    They have been hauling oil out of Vancouver since about 1906 with not one spill.
    Here is a good article with a bit of information.

  64. Bubba Brown says:

    This is a snapshot of my work world, these ships are huge, their crews are professional.
    The safty measures the most comprehensive in the world.
    The stakes are high, the saftey measures are well thought out, I guess we could go back to the horse and buggy.
    I will just say you first Suzuki, Gore and the rest of the Green snake oil salesman.
    I worked on these ships, welded their hulls, to Lloyds standards, 40 years on the job and never, never a failed weld test.
    Some of the people whining the loudest come from a provience that just got their equilization bumped 1.5 billion.
    We are doing the heavy lifting, we would like you just to say thank you and then shut the frig up.

  65. wilson says:

    Happy to hear a positive update on your grandbabies Joanne! ….
    Love the positive CPC ad.!!!
    PM is leading us into the 2015 election, no doubt about it now, with the ad and year end interviews.
    -Northern Gateway gets the approval after 4 years of scientists and experts and thousands of witnesses (and many protests), so how can Trudeau keep up his disapproval, will he flip flop , clarify the Lib policy. ???
    The ‘experts’ have decided the NGW Pipeline will be a Nation builder,
    so little Prince, get on board or get out of the way and let the big boys get ‘er done.
    -Senators fighting back against the media maggots, gotta luv it!
    -So how did Harper do it when Mulroney and Chretien couldn’t?? The threat of Quebec separating seems to have vanished. Good job Prime Minister!
    -The Ottawa bubble bursts, SunNews gets good news from the experts at CRTC, ha.
    … 2014 will be a good year to be Conservative.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Wilson. Yes so far so good, although my daughter-in-law is in the hospital right now with a few concerns, but she’s in the best place she can be right now – especially with a weekend of freezing rain forecasted!

      • Joanne says:

        And yes, I do believe 2014 will be a great year to be Conservative. 😉

        • Richco says:

          It will be IF they (meaning the PM, PMO and his communications team) take a few hints from their base, savvy bloggers and get out IN FRONT of some of those idiot “faux” scandals before they have a chance to fester and morph in to something that COULD have been massaged nicely.

  66. Liz J says:

    I’d wager big that high on the Christmas wish list of the Media Maggots and Opps is that PM Harper would resign.
    Where is this coming from? When did he ever say or hint at resigning?
    I’ve heard him say several times he intends to run in the next election, 2015. What part of that do they not understand and why are they continuing to ask him that question?

  67. ed says:

    Orchestrated by the lefty Liberals, NDP, and their MSM collaborators: PM to resign. They’ve been doing it since day one. Anything to get rid of the PM. Why? Because they know their chances of defeating him are zero. They’re at the bottom of their desperation barrel at this point. What a pathetic bunch of losers!! How can anyone have respect for a gang of rotten collaborators!!

  68. Bubba Brown says:

    Forward Blue Brigade!
    If it needs building build it!
    The latter day Luddities financed by your tax dollars as they dance around in their poley bear suits followed adoringly by MMMM (Media Maggots Mindlessly Masturbating) on the 6:00 “News”
    Here is a good look at the actual conspiricy to kneecap our resources, financed by these “charitable organizations”
    Why oh why are so many things called what they are not?
    “News” as spewed by CBC/CTV
    “Anchorman” might just make a boat anchor.
    “Global Warming” when it is cooling
    “Green” that is just plain mean
    “Enviromentalist” commie control freak
    “protestor” 500$ a day traffic cone
    These people can think what they like, when they try to suborn our Democracy with their spin the ignoring that there are more Liberal Senators, then Conservative, some actually in jail involved in the Senate mess.
    Ironicaly they are trying to smear the very man who tried to clean up the Senate to start with the best PM in my lifetime.
    Thanks CBC, but then did not Mandsbridge have a day count going on Chief Spences “Starvation charade”.
    It’s day 37 and even though she looked like she was on the Oprah baked ham diet, he tried to make out it was a life and death drama.
    CBC sucks.
    By next May we as consumers will have a choice I want SUN!
    I told Terry Mildewski on BC Blue that we came for the corrupt Liberals and that the CBC was on the list.
    He was chaffed that we critized his nasty little tirades in public as he followed the PM on the campaign trail.
    How sensitive these little men are just can’t take what they delight in dishing out.

  69. Liz J says:

    Don’t ya love headlines “Concern over Flaherty’s health”?
    The only concern from the consortium we’ll call Hypocrite Central is he’s such a great Finance Minister, great experience and possibly the best we’ve had in memory,they’re hoping he cannot continue for health reasons.
    The man has to take a drug for a skin problem which has side effects and recently has had a bad cold like many others at this time of year.

    • Richco says:

      I’m a Conservative and Flaherty loyalist from WAY back Liz J.
      There is no hypocrisy about the speculation on Flaherty’s health. He’d be the first on to admit that..and he has quite candidly IMO.
      I’m not taking it lightly.
      If hypocrisy exists at all, it’s because the same media who have beaten him down over the last many years appear to be caring now.
      Some may, but others truly are hypocritical in that regard.
      I heard Harper in his interview clip on Global last night.
      I’m going to reserve my opinion at this time, just because it’s the giving season and I don’t want to give you all induced indigestion.
      I hope he sees things through until past 2015.
      Honestly, he may feel it necessary to maintain consistency and deliver a balanced budget should Jim F. decide to step aside. I’ll bet Harper and his team have considered that.

  70. Bubba Brown says:

    Tripper523, it would seem that Ol’ Phil on duck dynasty is simply not allowed to have an opinion let alone express it.
    Apparently he did not check with Oprah to find out what he thinks.
    Yet that Martin Bashir’s hateful disgusting spiel towards Sarah Pailin was OK apparently.
    I don’t a 100% agree with Ol’ Phil either, but he can think what he likes I did not hear any hatred or disrespect from him.
    It is no wonder “I don’t give a duck” t shirts are flying off the shelves.
    Here are some interesting thoughts from a good writer.
    I can relate, I spent a good deal of my younger days among folks very much at home a long way from the pavement.
    A movie star whose name escapes me , mr macho kinda guy, was to star in a epic movie and to get his “inner trapper” on he came to stay with a couple I knew well in their palatial log home on their 50,000 sq mile trapline.
    They trapped, hunted, fished and logged in their seasons, were about 125 miles North of the nearest traffic light, turn left and 60 more miles of logging road.
    He arrived and as soon as he opened his mouth he began using language that would make a Boilermaker blush.
    I guess that is how sophiscated hollyweird types express them selves.
    Took the lady of the house about 10 seconds to shut that down.
    She told him to shut it down or get out.
    He was 60 miles from the pavement, he shut it down.
    He simply could not believe that folks could communicate without profound language.
    Saying grace before sharing a meal, respecting each other and the sabbath, what he found was he found no longer in Kansas.
    He was amongst real hardworking folks.
    I never did hear of the movie, we had the real thing and didn’t need hollyweird.

    • Richco says:

      Brian Lilley made an excellent point last night.
      He said that because the Duck Dynasty brand is SO HUGE and so profitable that the A&E people may have just made the biggest mistake EVER.
      The Robertsons would have every right to pick up their wealth and viewers and change networks without batting an eye.
      Also, when A&E signed the contract with the Robertsons they knew exactly what they were getting and what their audience wanted.
      Talk about hypocrites!

      • Bubba Brown says:

        Indeed Richco ther is nothing more shocking to a Liberal when he/she realizes that everybody does not think like them.
        They clutch their pearls and are shocked and horrified.
        I must confess I have never watched the Robertsons but might just now have a look.
        Damn! snow in Oceanside!
        Mercury has plummeted must be around 0′ F it is melting already so OK.
        I wrapped christmas light rope around the humming bird feeder when I looked out this morning he was sitting on it warming his feet, cute little beggar.
        As far as the networks and Hollywood are concerned we should just shut them off and ignore their movies if they don’t portray our heartfelt values.

  71. Anne in swON says:

    How heartening it was to find the press reporting something positive about a Conservative MP after all the negative crap they’ve focused on over the past year.

  72. Anne in swON says:

    Tweeted by G&M reporter Steven Chase: “North Pole Dispute: Harper government issues Santa a Canadian passport. Your move, Russia.”

  73. Joanne says:

    Quick update on the family front: Mom & Dad and 2 unborn grandsons safely back home now. My fondest Christmas wish is that they all stay put.

    • Liz J says:

      For many of us our wishes at Christmas are for the things that money cannot buy, there is no price. With the gestation weeks ticking along as they are, all should be well.

  74. Anne in swON says:

    That’s great news, Joanne, just in time for Santa to use his new Canadian epassport. That’s one determined momma and two determined babies.

  75. fay says:

    That is wonderful news Joanne. I hope with all my heart that your Christmas wish comes true!

  76. Tripper523 says:

    YAY on Santa being Canadian! Thanks for that, Anne in swON. For Joanne and all of her family, we wish everyone, including all BLY brigade folks and loved ones, the very BEST of special Christmases; and yes, keep safe and avoid the travel. Too many potential tragedies out there waiting to happen. Stand firm and lay low. Reflect, be thankful, and refuel for 2014. On my mind right now is what I saw in this morning’s Red Star and its commie columnist Heather Mallick, who affirms her ignorance and colour of her flag by exalting two idiots among her selections of “the best” of 2013. “Thomas Mulcair/Justin Trudeau. I veer between Liberal and New Democrat. But what I like about these two leaders is that they form the opposition to a secretive and contemptuous federal government run by Stephen Harper. They offer an alternative to a government that has little respect for democracy, for Parliament. As young people give up on voting, our democracy is failing. The opposition parties keep it alive.” What she says here about the Prince of Porn and Justin Thyme is absolute anathema. I certainly see no real “alternative” to the very near-to-excellent government we now have, which is viewed as “contemptuous” only by the contemptible. This is prime maggot-media meanderings, in the mode of “self-gratification” in the foul fields of sowing smut, as our stalwart Blue soldier Bubba Brown attests. I must also join him in a collective admonition that we indeed should “ignore those Hollywood movies which don’t portray our heartfelt values.” Let’s all have a “Blue” Christmas, WITH you.

  77. Bubba Brown says:

    This is good Lord Black elegantly slices and dices the Star’s chairman of the board and dishes some tasty little “amuse bouche” for the Christmas festivities.
    Hat tip Kate at SDA :<)
    We have the same thing going on with the constant attacks on the best PM in my lifetime over a piddling affair, heck Commodore Jack and his partener pulled down over 3,000 a day each and every day of the year.
    Where were Fife, Mandsbridge, Coyne, and last and least Mildew-ski on that file?
    Now if our PM was only a lying, misinformed, unelected, incompetent, openly gay person with delusional tendencies that windmills /solar panels produce more power then it takes to build them.
    Or perhaps a trust fund baby whose other job is to charge charities huge fees to spout 20 minutes of platitudes or to thrill the girlys with his tales of bromance with the old murder Mao.
    CBC would be scattering rose petals in his path and clamoring for one more sip of his bath water.
    The Green Meanies are frothing at the mouth about the possibility that "The Great Bear Sea" will be defiled in various ways now that Northern Gateway is a-coming.
    Lived in BC all my life folks there just ain't no Great Bear Sea, then again there ain't no "global warmin'" either.
    NDP-Q is the official opposition to reality
    David Suzuki should really run for office.
    Ezra Lavant poined out a few things on his show re St Lawerance seaway very interesting that Giant Oil Tankers full of conflict oil from the most misygonistic regieme on earth can ply those dangerous waters of the St Lawerance.
    But of course that is in gimme another billion Quebec.
    Classic Ezra

  78. Liz J says:

    A great and much deserved smack down by Black as only he can do it.

    • Richco says:

      I love the way Black fights the good fight by winding his words up and insulting his opponents. It works in so many ways for me.

      His smack-down of the Star’s own lord is particularly sweet, but I’ve been following Bland and Rosie D’s spitball fight over the past couple of weeks and am so glad he holds her to account and gives us a little of her own back.

      Brilliant piece.

  79. Tripper523 says:

    I have another article well worth the read, if anyone hasn’t yet seen it. The writer is Les MacPherson, accomplished columnist for some 20-25 years with the Saskatoon Starphoenix who happens to be my very good friend’s niece’s husband. He sure sets up the next Federal “main event” in a captivating way, and it all looks very good for our champion Prime Minister. Let’s all help keep the foot on the gas…

  80. Bubba Brown says:

    “The feared, the weird and the beard” love it !
    Reminds me of my favorite movie “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”
    Some folks fear what the can’t possibly understand, a Leader who works hard has achieved much, demands people he apponits rise to a high standard and if they screw up he demands they make it right.
    There is no scandal in that.
    Excellent take thanks Tripper!
    They Opposition have only scandal, rumor and innuendo helped along but the usual suspects in the press gallery.
    Makes very thin gruel if you wanna eat steak better vote Conservative, neither the Bad or the Ugly has a plan to make this Canada of ours work better.
    The Bad wants to make Pot legal.
    The Ugly wants to shut down our economic engine with a carbon tax, and buy the conflict oil enriching dictators.
    Hilarious listening to the squealing from the Greenies saw one comment today that we are going to be under 220 feet of water?

  81. Tripper523 says:

    My favourite movie too, Bubba!! Something about it – a great Clint Eastwood story, the music, historical aspects, and everything, make it all so very captivating. I’ve seen it several times without tiring of it. I love your appropriate assignment of Mr. Harper and the two other so-called Party leaders to their qualitative roles. “Ugly” sure is ugly too… Makes Eli Wallach look almost handsome… Shiny is “Bad” alright, and our “Good” is a sure shot and confident in his righteous aims. In the climactic 3-way showdown, it’s like PM Harper is truly fighting opponents who are either “unarmed” or “unknowing”, and their demise is all but academic.

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Indeed Tripper, Eastwood is cool, ignores the pissants they take his cool demanor as cowardice and go just too far and get their comeuppance.
      I can see the hairy one as Tuco.
      Junior well not ready for prime time, bringing platitudes, attitudes and hair spray to a gunfight is not how the “West was or indeed will be won” JMO
      Them Eastern Dudes ride in side saddle wearing “Boulet Boots” and think they are cowboys.
      Drugstore Cowboys sez I.
      All hat and noooo cattle.
      I remember Clint Eastwood in the “Rawhide Series” he played Rowdy Yates
      One of the spin offs of that show was a leather womans braziere.
      “Rounds em’ up and heads em’ out”

  82. Tripper523 says:

    I was a little kid when Rawhide was on, but I watched it, and the déja view presentations sometimes these days. “Rowdy Yates” sure blossomed into a Mega-Star, just like our PM is doing. Eric Fleming died way too young, something like 41, and from drowning, I think. No telling where his career would’ve taken him. Yes, ol’ Nullcare would make a typically hairy and greedy Tuco. As for the Shiny One, he’s perhaps in the mold of a bushy jelled Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Quick and The Dead”. I’d never wish the latter on him, but I do believe a quick end to his career might be of benefit to most Canadians. As for “winning the West”, I think Sharon Stone would have a better chance, with or without that leather braziere… LOL Let’s keep them doggies rollin’…

  83. Bubba Brown says:

    LOL Tripper “rollin’ rollin’ rollin'” indeed me I want the Prince of Pot to hang around.
    He is the best friend the Conservatives have, just needs to keep talking.
    Keep walkin’ thru them cow patties he has not missed one yet.
    Tuco is fixated on a non scandal, his gun has no bullets, he keeps digging the hole deeper.

    • Tripper523 says:

      Great imagery, Bubba! You have me falling off my chair this morning. I have to agree. Those “cow patties” are as effective as political IED’s, so we’re doing fine. As for Tuco, from the movie… perfect! No ammo and essentially we see the scruffy Groundhog digging that hole for the Prince of Pot to fall into while we end up with the treasure. I love the analogy.

  84. Liz J says:

    My wish for the new year on the political front is for the Harper Government to take a serious look at Equalization. It’s going to be a bigger and bigger disaster. It certainly doesn’t encourage provinces to be fiscally responsible when they know they have this to bail them out.

    A province like Quebec remains top taker while being rich in resources as one example.

    • Martin says:

      It would be extremely difficult to look at changing much, equalization is embedded in the 1982 constitution. Not many provinces would welcome significant changes.

  85. Bubba Brown says:

    Equalization is locked into that “Charter of Wrongs” gifted us by the pirouetting commie Tru-doh the elder, would take everyone at the table to change.
    That mess is why Quebec has 24 Senators Junior is OK with that.
    Here is an excellent take on the climate commies, well written.
    I am sick of f-list fading celebrities wandering aound like Pam Anderson saving the seals.
    Me I wanna know how many “silly-cones” she sacrificed over her career as a Boob Display Platform.

  86. Joanne says:

    Anyone got some ice-storm stories? Craziness here in Southern Ontario. I see Wynne is trying to look like Premier Mom to the rescue in TO.

    • Liz J says:

      Yes, that’s all they need is to hear from Premier Mom when they’re trying to deal with being without power….. like she can do any better than the Mayor, aside from horning in for equal “billing”.
      Wonder how her windmills are doing laden with iced appendages? Her STUPID “smart” meters won’t be rolling in too much revenue, they’ll be rolling up the bills when it does come back to heat up everything.

      My people in Toronto have been without power since 3:30 am, at this point their still out but crews are working on their street. They’re considering going to a friend’s place in an area with power if it doesn’t come back soon.

      • Anne in swON says:

        We have been fortunate so far in my neck of the woods. We appear to have avoided the worst of this phenomenon. I’m glad to be among the few who resisted installing an electric or gas insert in my fireplace when the trend began. By still burning wood I’d be warm and still able to cook/heat food.

        • Joanne says:

          Anne – I’m a wood fireplace hold out too.

          • Richco says:

            We also stayed with our wood burning fireplace.

            Power never even flickered here, but our son drove from Toronto this morning and found the drive not too bad on the 401 but off the main roads…awful. Lots of flying ice from folks who didn’t clear it off their vehicles and blowing off of wires.

      • Joanne says:

        Liz – Yes it seems Wynne is already in campaign mode and shamelessly using this crisis as an opportunity to score points.

        • Richco says:

          She’s all out of points.
          Coal for her this Christmas.
          Sorry, no can do, Ontario Liberals scraped coal too.

  87. Joanne says:

    BTW hoping to put up a new post soon. Thanks for your patience. 😉

    • Richco says:

      Ice storm related story.
      Rob Ford has the last word today when folks were complaining about why he hadn’t issued a State of Emergency in the city.
      His response was that he couldn’t because “they” (meaning Toronto Council) took his powers away, so he couldn’t do so.
      I did happen to notice that this evening it was HE and not his stand-in reassuring and encouraging Torontonians as to what to do.

      • Joanne says:

        Is that true that Ford can’t call a state of emergency? That would be hilarious!

        • Liz J says:

          Well, if they stripped him of all his important duties I’d assume that would be one of them. Toronto Council appointed the Second In command to take over so with Wynne’s “help” hopefully the city will be well taken care of!

          It is ironic this would happen to give Ford a bit of an edge if the job isn’t well done. He’ll escape all criticisms and can say what he would have done.

          Actually I’m not sure what the council did was legal in the first place since he was e;ected by the people to be Mayor.

          • Joanne says:

            It is ironic this would happen to give Ford a bit of an edge if the job isn’t well done.

            Totally agree.

            • Richco says:

              I agree also. Watched the press conference this morning and the same media twits who have been all over Ford, were treating his with more respect. Actually calling him “Mr. Mayor”.
              Because he’s who people look to for leadership and he’s the face of Toronto.

  88. Tripper523 says:

    There’s been a LOT of great stuff (thank-you Blue Brigade) on this thread, but before we eclipse into a new train of thought, I’d like to introduce this mother of all articles on “intolerance” by Mark Steyn, if you haven’t already read it. He really brings it, and it is so glaringly true. Turns out Bob Hope was a comedic visionary too… A very skillfully-constructed essay, describing the expanding power and intimidation emanating from what used to be merely another minority special interest group. Avoiding the eggshells under foot, let us prepare for this blessed Season by donning our gay apparel and mindset.

  89. fh says:

    Steve Paikin on Mark Steyn and Islamophobia guests include Mark Steyn 2008
    worth your time

  90. fh says:

    this speech is from 2007 PM Harper at CFR Council on Foreign Relations
    well worth your time

  91. Richco says:

    Ice storm & Toronto.

    When council said they made Norm Kelly the Emergency Management head for Toronto, I just laughed because everyone knows they didn’t have the statutory power to do that. Rob Ford is charge of Toronto’s EM response until Jan 2015.

    I hope he refuses to declare a state of emergency just to stop Kathleen Wynne from getting any credit for doing anything.

    He’s also been named Canada’s newsmaker of the year.

    I’m totally fine with that only because it wasn’t Baby T. or Mulcair, but I really think the honour should have gone to Chris Hatfield.

    • Martin says:

      The only thing Wynne can claim credit for is ignoring vital updates to line infrastructure in GTA; the core city is vulnerable because many of the lines are outdated. Instead McGuinty Liberals have poured millions into useless wind projects and longterm deals with people like Samsung. At the height of the storm Ont’s fleet of wind turbines generated about 2% of demand. Were would Ont be were the fantasy of wind power to be realized? Freezing in the coldand dark is where.

    • fh says:

      Chris Hatfield gets my vote
      Thanks Richco

  92. Liz J says:

    Here we have it from the Red Star: Rob Ford MIA during morning of storm recovery: source”. Isn’t that about as pathetic as it can get from that rag?

  93. Liz J says:

    On the Rob Ford boot out, I think he’s just got a ceremonial role left, he can prance around wearing the chain while the lefty do-gooders run the show. I’m sure they’ll have all the right answers.

  94. fh says:

    latest MM concern pensions
    Sandy has an excellent post
    this is a site commenter Candy recommends

  95. Bubba Brown says:

    I hope all you folks in the East are staying safe and warm.
    Mother nature can bite hard, we kept our wood stove also.
    I always feel better when the woodshed is full.
    Well another day, another friends of CBC appeal for funds, they helpfully list amounts from 5 to 5000 $ to help save CBC from becoming the propaganda arm of the eevil Consertive Government.
    I guess being the propaganda arm for the Liberals is preferable.
    These people IMO are living in fear and in wilful ignorance for so long that they being out of touch with severly ordinary Canadians just can’t quite figure out exactly what and how this Canada of ours has changed.
    We have changed, most Canadians have realized there is no hidden agenda.
    I have not seen any of the other Leaders ambushed as PM Harper was with the Abortion question hat tip to news reader Peter Mandsbridge.
    Or sneered at constantly during the 2011 campaign as Mr Mildewski did to PM Harper.
    I won’t even begin to get into the Mayor Ford pile on. disgusting by any measure.
    Yet the Liberals convicted of fraud………CBC crickets
    Liberal in Guelph robo call fraud……..where was Mr McGregor why not 100 stories on that.
    Have any of you seen any 20 minute specials on Adscam the star of which was “small town cheap” former PM Chretain.
    Last but not least the biggest case of “Electrol Fraud” in Canadian history but that was “BA” (before adscam)344,000 in illeagal donations to NDP-Q
    I won’t even get into his golf course deal and disgracing a bank manager who recieved the biggest lawsuit payment in Canadian History for improper dismissal.
    This old guy is looking forward to May when I can “choose my news”
    I sure won’t be looking at corrupt, news spinning CBC or CTV, Sun for me!
    I am keeping you and yours in our thoughts and prayers Jo.
    I remember my daughter and her twins 16 years ago a late night delivery, it came out ok.
    Fraternal twins a boy and girl, as my old Dad, God rest him, said “econony with efficancy”
    My Grandson made the cut for RCMP cadet camp last fall a week of what it is all about.
    Seeing him in a cadets uniform, or my hearing my Grandaughter play “fur Elise” something always seems to get in this old guys eyes, they water some.
    My wish is that it all works out life is so precious.
    The whole gang is coming to our house for Christmas, so looking forward to it.
    It has been some year, we have seem 8 family members pass this year, some in their time some before it, we will remember them.
    Ecclesiastes 9:11
    Merry Cristmas Blue Brigade ;<)

  96. fh says:

    we are in BC at this time and are thinking about all our friends that are without power.
    I want to wish everyone Blue Brigade a very Merry Christmas
    also to all Conservatives and PM Harper and his Family a very Merry Christmas

  97. fh says:

    Helpful travel advice from the Conservative Government of Canada

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