“We have met the enemy and he is us”

If Pogo were able to attend the Ontario PC convention this weekend I’m sure he’d be shaking his head.

For the last decade Ontario has been saddled with a corrupt Liberal Government that has been mired in scandals and displays of abject incompetence on so many levels including fiscal and energy.

Ontario Progressive Conservatives have become increasingly frustrated with this situation and now it appears that we’ve turned inward and are attacking our own instead of focusing on the real problem.

The issue is not the leader. There are a myriad of reasons why the Liberals are still in power, albeit now reduced to a minority situation. The NDP enablers are part of the problem but there are others.

Left-leaning media bias is a factor – and their readers/viewers who only bother to skim the headlines instead of making an effort to become better informed from a variety of media outlets and social media venues.

Poor voter turnout also tends to contribute to status-quo in elections. There are rumours that Premier Wynne deliberately timed those last byelections to favour their party.

What can we do?

I think the Party itself might consider reworking some of those policies that seem a bit too far to the right. Last election the lament was that we were too close to the Liberals on policy, so Tim Hudak seems to have moved things more decidedly to the right.

However those were the Dalton Days. Kathleen Wynne seems to be closer to the NDP on policy than Dalton, so the PC party might consider reclaiming the centre in some areas.

Both the NDP and the Liberals will be fighting for union support. That is something that we must always remember and could possibly use to our advantage if we give it enough thought.

There are ways to win but self-destruction is not one of them.


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If you need something to get your blood boiling for purposes of political motivation, check this out from MPP Michael Harris. This is going to have a scary effect on the costs of municipal projects going forward. Liberal and Dippers are only interested in dipping into your wallet to keep their union buddies happy. They don’t care about you.


Sunday Update

Ontario PC leader Hudak won’t face leadership reviewSun

Tim Hudak’s daughter answers a lot of questions about dadChristina Blizzard


Monday Update

Great column by Kelly McParlandTim Hudak has his party. Now he needs an election (Post):

The test will be whether Ontarians really do want serious change, or prefer to coast along as a have-not province...


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99 Responses to “We have met the enemy and he is us”

  1. Sandy says:

    Right on! Are the delegates listening? You can’t govern without winning power and to win power you have to be together in every way, sing from the same hymn book as it were.

    I lay the current problems at the feet of the current ONPC President. Where there’s smoke, there is fire.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Sandy! Yes I am hearing that too about the prez.

      • Bubba Brown says:

        I am hearing that there were Liberal moles in the Cummings
        B. C. Conservative party.
        Get in, then attack the leader, more I am sure will come out.
        Does this sound familiar to Ontario-ites?
        Damning with faint praise, a few negative stories……..
        MM loves airheads like lil’ Justin potty mouthed, pot head, dreammy.
        When a “leader” like Wynn is lauded in the MM and all Mr Hudak gets is he is not Conservative enough yada yada.
        The monkeys are playing the voters, enough already!
        It is either your party right or wrong, if not right to be made right.
        I really dislike the “I used to vote Conservative but…..”
        Quislings all!
        Ontario cannot be fixed from the wrong side of the house people!
        Anyway here is a little bomb about the CBC and Pete Mandsbridge “celebrity newsreader”, enjoy :<)

        • Richco says:

          Bubba – I’ve been following that CBC/Parks Canada story since it broke.

          Now there’s an issue that’s got legs to spare and needs a serious look see.

  2. Liz J says:

    We should all be very concerned about unions interfering in the democratic process which they do at every election in this province.
    It should be made illegal for this sort of activity. It’s all about extracting more and more money from government coffers to pay higher wages and benefits beyond most companies , school boards etc ability to pay and still function within reasonable budgets.

    How hard can it be to drum this into the minds of people with the ability for reasoned thought, who know there is only one source of government money.

    • Richco says:

      Hudak and the PCs went the legal route but, surprise, the law went against them.

      As Joanne wrote in her initial post, we have to find a way to move around that union influence.

      Remember how Mike Harris did it Sandy? He did do it and very successfully I think because his CSR policies were so simple. They were clear AND Harris and his team were able to sell that like no one’s business. From Harris to the secretaries at PC HQ to those on the ground on riding associations to the general public eventually. We all GOT IT and we all supported it.

      What’s more, even as hard a line as Harris took on the teacher unions, individual teachers were the ones who helped get Harris his two majorities. It can be done.

  3. Misthiocracy says:

    As long as Conservatives are in power federally, the Ontario PCs will be at a major disadvantage, because it’s much harder for them to employ full-time activists.

    There are plenty of dedicated volunteers at the provincial level, but necessity dictates that most of them can only be part-time activists. Everybody has to pay their own bills after all.

    Full-time activists go where the jobs are. For the time being, for conservatives that place is Ottawa and for Liberals that place is Toronto.

    The NDP has the advantage that it can tap its union allies when it needs manpower. Lots of NDP activists are paid by one union or another to work full-time on political activism.

    This state of affairs is a simple, and perennial, fact of Ontario politics. Changing the party leader won’t change this.

  4. Michael Harkov says:

    Well, I am tired of rejecting out of fear what was has worked marvellously in the past for the PCs to embrace a Liberal-lite mentally which has lead to repeated failure. To me, that is a non-started right there.

    • Joanne says:

      So you’re saying stick with the plan as it is? Not arguing here. Just trying to understand your position. Thanks.

      • Michael Harkov says:

        Yes, stick with the leader because it is to late to change, but if he loses, go back to the drawing board of what being conservative means. Like I say, we won with Mike Harris because he wasn’t timid in advocating real conservative policies. As soon as we became Liberal-lite, and started running away from being conservative bcause of a concerted attack, that is how we lost, and we’ll keep losing.

        • Joanne says:

          Thanks for clarifying that. Pretty sure I can agree with you on all that.

          BTW leadership review question is now happening at the convention. Following it on Twitter.

            • Richco says:

              the naysayers were outnumbered from the get go. The usual suspects made more of it than was necessary but the negative stuff grabs the headlines and sells papers.

              I read somewhere today that memberships and donations to the PCs are dismal and the convention attracting just over 500 delegates?

              Great that Tim’s sticking around but what message is being absorbed at the grassroots level tomorrow?

              How many here still haven’t renewed their membership or made a donation?

              • old white guy says:

                as a former conservative supporter and donor I have little respect for those who are conservative in name only. not one conservative when in power reduced the actual size of government or the actual cost. it has become more difficult as I get older to even vote for the lesser of two evils.

            • Liz J says:

              Any bets they’ve been hearing from membership and they’re listening because people don’t donate to stupidity? I know that’s what I told them. Appears they’ve been listening.

              • Richco says:

                I think you’re right Liz.

                I haven’t done either, why?
                Not sure.
                Don’t feel part of the team I guess, too much guessing as to what’s going on….. and I’m IN a PC led riding.

              • Liz J says:

                Old white guy, IMO it’s not a “lesser of two evils” we’re dealing with if you’re comparing the PC’s to the Liberal minority with NDP supporting them.

                The PC’s are our only option, to not support them at this critical time we’re cutting off our noses to spite our faces.
                We may have to show some tough love to get through to the party hierarchy but in this case it worked.

              • Joanne says:

                Indeed. And let this help motivate you to get involved.

                Every minute McWynnety gov is in power the more waste and cost for Ontario power consumers.

  5. Richco says:

    Two sides, same issue, same news agency

    Blizzard http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/straighttalk/archives/2013/09/20130921-065750.html

    Levy http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/straighttalk/archives/2013/09/20130921-070410.html

    IMO Tim’s not going any where any time soon and I don’t believe we’ll see an election this fall, which, as I’ve penned before is going to make it harder for both oppositions…..unless the McWynnety Liberals keep tripping up and screwing us over and over and over. Even then I see the Horwath NDP continuing to prop up the Liberals in their cozy coalition deal.

  6. Richco says:

    Joanne wrote “I think the Party itself might consider reworking some of those policies that seem a bit too far to the right. Last election the lament was that we were too close to the Liberals on policy, so Tim Hudak seems to have moved things more decidedly to the right.”

    Let’s not forget that Hudak’s team and party have come up with, I believe it’s 14 white papers that outline policy, since that last election. The are much MUCH better but the selling of that content has been next to impossible. You can blame left-leaning media all you want but some of our usual right-of-centre friendlies are just as guilty.

    In fact, I see that my comment as the positive points made by a diehard Liberal pundit was passed up on comment, but in his comments yesterday on his website, Kinsella was kinder to Hudak than Levy.

    • Richco says:

      A very positive excerpt from WK’s website posting yesterday. He says essentially what we’ve been saying here…..Hudak stays.

      “I’m not involved with the Ontario Liberals in any way, shape or form. I’m a garden-variety pundit, now. I can say whatever I want. So, gratis, here is why I really, truly think the Ontario PCs are certifiable to go after Tim Hudak now.

      You get two kicks at the can. He’s had only one.
      Before you win, all the “experts” always think you’re a loser. Family and friends told me I was crazy to go work for Jean Chretien in 1990. Stephen Harper was openly being called unelectable in the Fall of 2005. Both of them did okay. Hudak could, too…”

      [This comment has been edited by Blog Admin to comply with copyright policy. More of the quote can be found at http://warrenkinsella.com/2013/09/warrens-free-advice-to-ontario-pcs-ten-points/ ]

      • Joanne says:

        Well Kinsella is not to be trusted IMO but he does have good political acumen.

        BTW I would really appreciate it if readers would only post a snippet of a column or whatever & then provide a link back to the original site. This is more of a copyright concern than anything else. Thanks.

        • Richco says:

          No problem Joanne. I did think about that before posting the excerpt but felt that because it was a link from Kinsella many hear would not bother because, well he’s Kinsella.
          Of course you don’t trust Kinsella Joanne, he’s a Liberal by association, but giving credit where it’s due isn’t, or shouldn’t be beneath us either.
          He’s as guilty for wearing his party preferences on his sleeves as we all are.
          Right wing media and pundits have said much worse but we tend to give them a pass.

        • Liz J says:

          I think Kinsella is lost, nothing for him to do in Liberal land either because he’s not wanted or he’s ashamed to be associated with either of them.
          I certainly wouldn’t trust him but he can be a formidable opponent, the Liberals may soon be begging for his help if they go to pot federally or right over the cliff provincially.

          • Joanne says:

            Yes Kinsella was really loyal to McGuinty. I got the impression he wasn’t too keen on Wynne; preferred Pupatello as leader.

            • Liz J says:

              Being as he was so loyal to McGuinty , given the disaster he turned this province into, could be the reason WK is taking leave from his party hoping people will forget. He may need more time away than he thinks, the rudder’s scraping, Captain Wynne is still spending, we need critical care to
              prevent sinking.

    • Joanne says:

      Let’s not forget that Hudak’s team and party have come up with, I believe it’s 14 white papers that outline policy, since that last election. The are much MUCH better but the selling of that content has been next to impossible

      I think they need to simplify that a bit. Little sound bites for the evening news. JMHO

  7. Joe says:

    I don’t live in Ontario and I don’t follow Ontario politics all that closely. Having said that from the little I know about Hudak, were I from Ontario I would likely just stay home. Yes the Liberals suck and yes the NDP suck but so too suck the PCs! Forget about the MSM or the unions or the boogie man that lives under the bed. From what I see Hudak, like Danielle Smith, here in Alberta does not have enough Leadership qualities to cause people to jump from the devil they know to the devil they think would be better.

    • Liz J says:

      Jo, I do hope most don’t take such a bad attitude, it’s foolhardy, especially when the party in power has taken the province to economic disaster, the likes of which we haven’t even yet felt the full brunt of and they’re still spending.
      Hudak has gotten a bum rap from all angles, he’s the best of the options for Ontario, an NDP government is not a fix for the economic mess this province is in.

  8. Lori says:

    An observation.

    A year ago I sent an email to two people in my PC riding riding association. I offered to donate $200 if I could get 15 minutes face time with our candidate, or with our riding association president. I never heard back.

    This is just a symptom of a profound lack of professionalism and organization in the PC Party of Ontario. This is why we are losing. Not because Hudak is unlikeable.

    • Joanne says:

      I find that hard to believe. Most candidates will bend over backwards to talk to people even without the donation incentive.

      But I do admit I have witnessed some of that disorganization myself. Hard not to get frustrated.

      BTW next time try calling the candidate directly.

      • wilson says:

        Sometimes volunteers take on more than they are equipted to handle. In many ridings there is a shortage of volunteers.
        Best to go to the ridings annual general meeting,
        you can donate and/or volunteer there.
        Mr Hudak can not succeed without donations and volunteers.

        • Liz J says:

          The leadership being questioned by a few in the party were so far offside at the worst possible time a lot of people withheld donations.

          People don’t donate to a party not united behind the leader, it’s a lost cause before getting out of the gate. Now it appears to be settled, we can only hope donations and volunteers follow for the sake of survival in the pathetic, desperate mess the Liberals and their supporting cousins the NDP have us in.

          It ain’t funny McGee, anybody pay a hydro bill or utility bill lately?

          • Joanne says:

            anybody pay a hydro bill or utility bill lately?

            Exactly Liz. We have to remember the bigger goal here: Save Ontario!

        • Joanne says:

          Well said Wilson! Actually quite a brilliant response to Lori’s complaint.

        • Richco says:

          Quite right wilson although a riding association volunteer should at the very least have acknowledged Lori’s offer and request.

          Volunteerism shouldn’t be an excuse for poor communication at the local level….ever.

      • Richco says:

        It’s not that hard to believe for me. I have experienced a real lack of outreach myself, as have other in my riding.
        Very simple things like getting back on the mailing list for fundraisers.
        Also signed on few times at the PCOnt website to get the daily bulletins……nothing happened.

  9. fh says:

    I can only hope the insanity will be stopped on “global warming”

    • Fay says:

      I watched Robert Fife on CTV Question period push the global warming message in the hopes of cancelling the keystone pipeline this morning. He highlighted Neil Young and Robert Redford and gave lots of air time to US environmental activist McKibbon to bash Canada and the oil sands.
      Same old, same old from CTV… Canadian oil bad and middle east oil good message.

      • Liz J says:

        You have to wonder how the likes of Robert Fife can consider themselves loyal Canadians when as journalist and act like activists. Going against the engine that’s driving our economy while applying all safeguards against harming the environment forcing us to use oil from the ME is brainless activism of the highest order.

        • jon says:

          Agree with most of what you said except for the expectations you have on journalists to be loyal to their country of birth and that that should guide them in how they approach a story. I couldn’t disagree more.

          Part of the problem is that they can’t separate their biases in their professional careers as reporters, news anchors, and moderators (excluding commentators, of course), while claiming at the same time that their “private” political views don’t affect them and that the claims of bias from their critics is baseless and without foundation. The last thing I want is to see is bias in the form of nationalism enter into their reporting styles — even if it’s only national energy policy.

          I agree with you on Fife in general though. Journalists like like him are not only aware of the criticisms against them but that they wear it. And the amazing thing is that in spite of that, he can still appear on camera as he does in capacity as a reporter (QP aside) without even flinching, without displaying those non-verbal body queues that most normal people would display when engaging in such deception. It really goes to show what little regard both he and CTV have for Canadians watching their broadcasts.

      • Bec says:

        Maybe he should buy a canoe so that when he travels to the next venue to spout his rhetoric, he can put his money where his mouth is.

        A true win/win….it will take him forever to get there and thus, no one will have to listen to him about anything, ever again.

        We can dream!

  10. Liz J says:

    Something else that’s really troubling about the Liberals and NDP is sucking up to Unions, giving in to their demands. Unions know the Conservatives will not let them dictate government policy, another strong reason to vote Conservative.

    People don’t necessarily connect the dots when it comes to unions. They don’t seem to realize how much they’re demands are costing us and how much those demands given to them by Liberals have affected our services.

    Shortages and cutback for things like nursing staff and housekeeping in hospitals is something that might be linked to so many infections post surgery and in some case the patient dies from such infections even after knee or hip replacements.
    Cutbacks will be growing and may be necessary but it’s certainly shouldn’t be where people’s lives could be at stake. We should be looking at the waste in education like all day baby sitting called Juniour kindergarten.

    Time to waken up the masses to the number of Ontario Hydro workers on the sunshine list as we pay exorbitant rates for power as another abuse.

    • Michael Harkov says:

      Union executive support for the Liberals and NDP (and vice versa) is fine with me, seeing as we are the only party that won’t cave to their increasingly ridiculous, unrealistic, and dangerous demands. Union membership is much more fluid. Not everyone is a union member is a Liberal or NDP supporter, or even a union supporter. The more their leadership executives act outside their mandate with their dues (like givng money to Trudeau), that will be a more fertile field to harvest from.

      • Richco says:

        Michael – You’re right on that re: not everyone in a union is a Liberal or NDP supporter. This is as true for teachers and auto unions.

      • Joanne says:

        Very good points Michael Harkov!

        And BTW I fixed a coding error in your comment. There was no final ‘close italics’ after ‘membership’ so I took the liberty of adding that in order to prevent the rest of the paragraph from ending up in italics. I hope that was what you had intended. :)

      • Liz J says:

        Seems to me even executive support can still have influence over the less than astute political observers and those who are concerned only with their own bottom lines.

  11. Richco says:

    really nice column by McParland. The concluding paragraph wraps it up nicely.
    I bet you though that Wynne’s going to do anything to cling to power now, what with an invigorated PC party because it’s what Liberals in this province seem to do.
    “Mr. Hudak is reported to have offered a deal to Ms. Wynne, in which his party will help pass a series of minor initiatives she’s been championing, rather than waste the winter debating tanning beds and locally-grown tomatoes. That would clear the way to the real issues: the economy, jobs and how to reverse Ontario’s decline. Mr. Hudak now has the policy ammunition he needs and a party willing to put off its infighting. He’d be best to put himself before the voters as soon as he can. More uncertainty is the last thing Ontario needs.”

  12. Bubba Brown says:

    Well, now that the nay-sayers and bone-heads in the Pc party have been given a spanking.
    Mr Hudak seems re-energized and laying out an alternative with specifics.
    Saying “I’m not the other guy, party”, is not a recipe for success IMO
    Friedrich Nietzsche, from The Twilight of the Idols “Out of life’s school of war: what does not destroy me, makes me stronger.”
    Time for an election folks!

  13. fay says:

    Wow, even glen mcgregor of the ottawa Citizen is questioning decisions by ethics commissioner Mary Dawson. Who is this Mary Dawson???

  14. Richco says:

    A triple play in Ontario yesterday.
    The winners Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, Tim Hudak and Rob Ford.
    The losers.
    The WynneGuinty Liberals!

  15. Bubba Brown says:

    Good question Liz J, Pat’s big mouth got him into trouble and now the little people pay.
    Typical Dipper
    Saint Jack of 787 Dundas st. met with Mr Ignatieff trying to set up his coup de main illegally taking control of our Country.
    Mr Ignatieff uses coup de theatre, semantics Iggy, still it was wrong and you supported it sir.
    There is more in Mr Ignatieff’s book I may just read it if I can find it at a garage sale.LOL
    N,D.P. No. Damn. Principles.
    Now down is Aus they asked the “God Like” Davy Suzuki some pretty basic questions and he is ignorant of the answers, no suprise there
    Aus has kicked their very expensive Climate Control Committee to the curb, good on ’em!
    Tell me again why we are a member of the UN, the IPCC report is just garbage, uniformed opinion by A committee headed by a Railroad engineer, Choo Choo Pachuri.
    Very good article worth reading.
    Oh Mr Ignatieff admits he “Was in it for himself”, much to Bob Rae’s chagrin what a bunch, now we have puffin’ Justin trying to look relevant.
    Just another day in Canada folks.

    • wilson says:

      Trudeau wants to consult experts and Canadians to find out what the next election campaign policies should be….
      Seriously, why does he want the top job when he doesn`t want to lead, but instead follow.
      He must be looking for the root causes of a strong growing economy, keeping our nation safe and prosperous.
      That root cause is Stephen Harper

      • Liz J says:

        Seems to me we heard this sort of consulting the people idea before he made policies and we all know how he listened. As for Trudeau consulting “experts”, that’ one we can believe, he hasn’t got any experience or clue but the kicker is who will pick the “experts” and will those experts be old failed Liberals? In whatever scenario, what you see is not what you’ll get, Trudeau will be dressing up like the boss, delivering ideas handed to him by the minds behind the curtain. If you want a Puppet PM, he’s your man.

  16. wilson says:

    Ontario will receive $3.169 billion in equalization from 4 provinces BC/Ab/Sask/Nfld this year.
    Time for Ontario to get off the dole.
    Not to begrudge Ontarians a hand up with the losses in manufacturing and the auto industry, but a hand up can turn into a hand out, Quebec as the example.
    In people and resource rich provinces equalization should not be considered a revenue source to be depended on year after year.

    • Joanne says:

      Wilson you are so right. And that is exactly why everyone in Canada should care about who is in charge in both Ontario and Quebec!

      • wilson says:

        It also looks like Wynne would block `nation building` projects too.
        New Brunswick can get off the dole with the reversal of the flow in the existing west-east pipeline. But Wynne`s green donors don`t like Alberta crude.
        Lead or follow, but at least get out of the way of other provinces succeeding.
        63% of Canadians live in Ontario and Quebec, combined taking nearly $11 billion this year in equalization.
        Both provinces are resource rich, but `progressive` governments keeping the good people of both provinces in the poor house.

        • Joanne says:

          Wynne needs to go. Another Liberal MPP just resigned.

          • Richco says:

            Wow….and someone who is very well respected in his riding. I think he’s Sandy’s MPP.

            I think that the feds. kicking in money to Toronto transit yesterday has really blown Wynne and company out of the water.

            It was a terrific move IMO.

            • Sandy says:

              Yea, he is my MPP. A good man and as you say, Richco, very well liked. I believe he would have won again. He was everywhere to every event in the riding. I don’t know how he did it. I believe he was well liked because he was soft spoken and mild mannered. Not an in your face type of politician.

              He’d walk up to people and say “Hi, how are you doing? I’m Kim Craitor, your MPP.”

              He had a real battle early in his first mandate with cancer. Lost his hair, everything. Hope it has not returned.

          • Sandy says:

            Kim is a good man. One of the few who crosses party lines. Spoke up often against his own government. It’s amazing McGuinty didn’t fire him when they shut down the Fort Erie hospital. He was out there yanking their chain day after day big time.

            Plus Kim’s election signs in 2011 were pink and the Liberal logo was nowhere to be seen.

            Anyway, he was my MPP. His resignation now makes it possible for this riding to elect a PC again.

            I just hope Kim’s resignation is not because his cancer has returned.

            • Joanne says:

              Yeah I did get that impression that Kim was a good guy and I share your concerns about his health.

              • Liz J says:

                Let’s hope he’s leaving for the good of his health not because of it!
                It can’t be easy being part of the Liberal Party of Ontario, there must be a lot of stress and a lot of frustrations for the good guys trying to fulfill their obligations as elected politicians.

          • Liz J says:

            After the by-elections just over I’d say he picked a fine time to leave to exact the most inconvenience and damage.
            We need an election…yesterday…

    • Liz J says:

      Thing is, Wynne doesn’t get the concept when you are on the dole from other provinces you quit spending to keep yourself power. IMO equalization encourages provinces to mismanage and spend beyond their means. It’s abused IMO by a province like Quebec in perpetual have-not status, which is rich in resources and just needs to get to work and make their province friendly for people to invest in. We all pay and they just worry about saving their “culture”. They’ve really already left Canada, they have their own state,their own constitution, their own immigration, they’re staying here for the money handouts.

  17. Tripper523 says:

    Indeed the “enemy is us”. Our notable “enemy within” is one of disunity and even in league with Satan himself, through various defectively human manifestations. Perhaps a fresh, “grassroots” approach may be most advantageous for Tim Hudak in his continuing quest for the Ontario premiership. Why not start by getting outspoken about marijuana, maybe admit to trying it, etc., in hopes of decriminalizing it at the provincial level and eventually integrating its legal production to improve the economy? It worked for Turdeau JR and may yet prove to be a coup worthy of the times. Alcohol has certainly proved more destructive… Anyway, knowing Tim somewhat personally, and his father especially (who was my high school Health & Phys-Ed teacher), this proposal may not be so impervious to cynicism and should remain the sarcastic suggestion it is. Solid platform planks, with no slivers of disunity, is the formula for success. Persistence should pay off, especially against the dark-side shenanigans of the loathsome Left.

  18. Tripper523 says:

    P.S. > MPP Kim Craitor faced a lot of fires. Too good a man to be a politician, and perhaps that’s what made him so likeable and well-respected. His integrity certainly contradicted his party’s banner. I’m sure we can all wish him well in retirement, and yes, hopefully good health too.

  19. wilson says:

    NDP MPs Nathan Cullen, Jinny Sims, Peter Julian and Fin Donnelly going to say bye bye to Mulcair and run provincially (for BC NDP leader..?)
    Shocking news that they are ‘considering’ the move.
    But it is the left coast…

  20. Liz J says:

    Ontario Teacher’s Union are now putting Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on their hit list, want to change it to “parents’ Day” so those who have not mother or no father or two mothers or two father’s or bisexual or transgendered or whatever are not left out.
    Is anyone surprised?

    • Joanne says:

      Oh good grief. Hallmark will not be impressed.

    • Richco says:

      idiots with no link to the world outside of their politically correct universe.
      What’s stunning is that ETFO seems to have nothing more urgent to do, I don’t know, like actually educate our students, who as last week’s EQAO results showed are continuing to slip through the cracks when it comes to basic math skills.

      I’m betting that Lizzie Sandald jumps on this bandwagon. Why? She’s cut from the same school board cloth as Wynne.

      Very glad that my kids are out of the public system now. If I had to do it again, there’s no way I’d choose public.

  21. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Brian Lilley now on Steve Madely Show at http://www.cfra.com

    Podcast later.

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