Canada’s Worst Premier

Blogging Tory Political Insider has an intriguing post up: Who is the Worst Premier in Canada?

Boy that’s a tough call. But it is interesting that most of the top contenders are female, no?

Marois, Wynne (or McWynntey), Clark, and perhaps even Redford. They all seem to be stumbling over each other in their race to drag down their own provinces.

Maybe I’m prejudiced but I think Kathleen Wynne is the worst. True she struggles with Dalton’s legacy but she doesn’t seem to be doing anything to overturn the worst offenses – especially ‘Green Energy’. It’s a scam. It’s dragging down our economy and encroaching on our rights as citizens.

Here’s the latest. A Vet is incensed about his Smart Meter. He’s refusing to pay his bills until they put back his old one and now they’re threatening to cut him off.

Why is the Ontario Liberal Government bullying Vets? Why are Smart Meters forced on us just like Industrial Wind Turbines?

What happened to our freedom?

*    *    *    *

Brian Lilley’s on it! You won’t believe this – especially regarding privacy.

Wynne Government ignoring Health & Safety Issues: Activists challenge Wynne: Close illegal native burger shack or eat from it!

One of my personal pet peeves is up for a vote today (Sept. 19) in the Ontario Legislature: The Record’s Luisa D’Amato eloquently explains why Bill 73 should be supported by all parties.  Open up public-sector construction projects to all bidders.

This better get passed. And kudos to Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris for spearheading this initiative.

Update: The McWynneWath Coalition defeated Bill 73. Cowards.

Michael Harris has more:

“I am saddened and deeply disappointed to see that the Liberals and the NDP have taken a stand against taxpayers with their unreasonable opposition to the fair and well-researched proposal I put forward,” Harris said. “Because neither of these parties had any substantive arguments to use against Bill 73, they resorted to fear-mongering and a deliberate campaign of misinformation.”

( .   .   . )

“I am particularly disappointed with local MPPs John Milloy and Catherine Fife who have voted against our Region, local construction companies in our community and our constituents who will now have to foot the bill for their short-sighted decision,” Harris said. “We now know that both of these MPPs are more interested in advancing their own partisan agendas than advancing the interests of ordinary Ontarians.”

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81 Responses to Canada’s Worst Premier

  1. brad maynard says:

    thankfully much of my business is not geographically dependent. if this province continues on this path I have no problem leaving it.

  2. Liz J says:

    Maybe we should be asking which province is closest to Communism when the state can take away so many of our freedoms to the point you really have no say in what you do with your own property.

    “Smart” meters are only part of it, we have water meters, we cannot cut down trees in our yards, we cannot use products to kill weeds to save our lawns and keep allergens down, the list is getting longer and the cost of living is killing us. Adding to the madness the health care
    system is broken, people are dying on waiting lists and our doctors are told how much time they can work. It’s a crisis, it’s red alert time in Ontario.

    What’s it going to take to educate the people who still vote for the monster that’s been slowly killing the province?

    • Joanne says:

      That was quite eloquent. 😉

    • Alain says:

      I agree with Liz, or perhaps the survey should determine the province (actually likely none) that most respects individual freedom and the province that has most eliminated freedom (communist). I think we have one up on you here in BC with all you described along with pixie dust tax called carbon tax.

      As for the premiers in question being female, that in itself is not the problem. Remember Lady Thatcher who showed more strength than any British male leader since.

      • Joanne says:

        As for the premiers in question being female, that in itself is not the problem. Remember Lady Thatcher who showed more strength than any British male leader since.

        Very true. It’s just that I sometimes wonder if in our haste to embrace political correctness and equal opportunity we actually give women an advantage – instead of basing our decisions on competence.

        • Alain says:

          Joanne, I think you are spot on. When the selection is based on affirmative action target group members instead of the abilities and competence of the individual, we get that kind of female politician. Lady Thatcher however was not chosen due to her sex, which makes all the difference.

          • Joanne says:

            Yeah and I’m not saying that’s the only reason these ladies won the leadership of their parties but I don’t think being female hurt them.

            And in Wynne’s case her leadership victory was touted as the first openly-gay female Premier.

            That’s all we heard about for the first few days. But that doesn’t mean she knows what she’s doing.

            And it also doesn’t mean she has a mandate from the electorate.

  3. Bec says:

    What a horrifying story and I want to believe that Canadians would support and agree with this man’s right to freedom but especially, his privacy.

    These 2 Ontario Premiers have turned a beautiful, successful Province into total and utter chaos.

    As far as the female Premiers go in order of most awful, Marois, Wynne with Clark/Redford tied for third as they are both equally pathetic.

    • Liz J says:

      These women are poor examples for women who have ambitions to enter politics, they’re abject failures.

      Ontario was messed up by McGuinty but Wynne was willing to take over from him and continue down the same destructive path.

    • wilson says:

      Wynne threatened to call an election if her ‘tanning bed’ legislation is not passed.
      Seriously, Ontario is have-not on welfare from other provinces, and on the precipice of becoming the next Greece and she takes a stand on tanning beds…..
      She is the worst.

      • Fay says:

        The media party look so stupid when the worship liberal premier Wynne for taking a stand on tanning bed. No wonder ontario is in such dire straits when the the media refuse to hold the Liberals to account?

      • Liz J says:

        This is all part of the continuation of McGuinty’s nanny state,from Daddy knows best to Momma knows best. We’re already in legislative gridlock, not much left we can do that’s not against some law they’ve concocted, in rural parlance ,we’re hog tied and more broke than this province has ever been since the great depression.

      • Joanne says:

        I agree with Wilson that Wynne is the worst. But NDP Linda McQuaig thinks Harper’s is the worst gov’t ever. Even worse than Wynne’s I guess.

        • Liz J says:

          Well, that’s about what you’d expect coming from an NDP candidate who really doesn’t have much concern about the economy and who’s doctrine is based on money growing on trees for their social programs. She’s proving she’s really in La La land, not aware of the good management this country is under.

          I wish the Conservatives would take this riding more seriously, using a token candidate is a defeatist attitude, people can’t be that stupid all the time or forever.

          • Joanne says:

            Well personally I doubt that Toronto Centre is a viable contest for the CPC. However if both the Liberal and NDP candidates went after each other, I wonder if there would be any chance of the Conservative one winning by accident as it were?

            • Sandy says:

              Some historical bits of info:

              Provincially, the Toronto Centre riding used to be made up of St. Andrews-St. Patricks and St. George-St. Davids prior to 1999 when it became the same as the federal boundaries.

              In fact, when Bill Graham held St. Andrews federally, during the first Harris mandate, ONPC Isabel Bassett held it provincially. Similarly, PC Al Leach held St. George.

              Interestingly, as this Wikipedia link shows that riding went PC federally for 24 years in the 80s and 90s.

              So, the CPC actually might have a good chance with a high profile candidate that was seen as moderate.

              • Sandy says:

                Other interesting facts I had forgotten.

                Don Mills riding was held by ONPC David Turnbull from 1990 until 1999 when it became Don Valley West riding.

                Conservative Turnbull still held it until 2003 at which time Kathleen Wynn took it. Recall that was the same riding John Tory lost to Wynn in 2007. We all thought he was nuts to run there but now that I know that was Turnbull’s old riding, not so surprising. His losing is what now seems surprising.

                Turnbull was very definitely a conservative and help the position of Whip for many years. I became good friends with his EA at the time and know that it was strongly PC for years. Interesting how things change.

                This riding is immediately adjacent (to the north and east) of Toronto Centre.

              • Joanne says:

                Well it’s certainly worth a shot!

              • Liz J says:

                Thanks for that Sandy. I feel the PC’s should take it seriously and go with a well chosen candidate.

                Listening to the two who have now been chosen by the NDP and Liberals should spur them on, they’re not too swift.
                With the NDP sitting in Official Opposition gratis Quebec strategic voting reducing the Liberals to third party status with a poor choice for leader should give them pause for thoughtful selection.
                The Conservatives better muster up a fighting spirit. It’s a cop-out using the worn out banter like “you could run a dog for the NDP or a Liberal. yada. yada”.

              • Joanne says:

                Good points.

  4. wilson says:

    So the global warming (scientists) alarmists have changed their own predictions…
    ”It is significant because it points to the very real possibility that, over the next several generations, the overall effect of climate change will be positive for humankind and the planet.”
    Arctic ice increased by 60%, no warming for the last 17 years, CO2 rates will actually increase crop production and forest expansion, with no dangerous sea level rising…. time for governments to respond to the report coming out this month and stop pouring taxpayer money into the Green Fraud.

    • wilson says:

      ps. the models used by the global warming scientists used numbers 3x the actual warming effect, it was all a big lie.

      • Liz J says:

        What are the chances of the likes of Al Gore or Suzuki being hauled up and asked what formula they were using to predict a climate Armageddon caused by humans?

  5. Bubba Brown says:

    You just had to know when BC Hydro spent a billion dollars on smart meters it was not just a bad idea, it was a stupid idea.
    These non CSA plastic pieces of junk are made of course in China and installed by an American contractor.
    I guess the Chinese escape liability that way.
    I ran off two contractors on seperate occasions, must confess that was the fun part.
    I am now in the twilight zone.
    I can choose a radio-off meter BC Hydro will charge me 100$ to set it up and 20$ a month.
    I can keep my “old” meter “no set up fee” (I am giddy with glee) but 35$ a month to have a techie walk up my driveway to the meter and wave his reader over it, that would probably take abour 30 or 40 seconds.
    * asterisk and very small writing at the bottom of page informs me that ;
    “Costs of providing service will be shared between customers who “choose” them, costs will be reviewed”
    Sounds to me like screws will be tightened by committee getting 1200$ per diem plus expenses and gold plated bonuses.
    But that is just me.
    I don’t see any reason the meter has to be read more than once a year, we are after all on a yearly budget.
    Doin’ a slow burn in Parksville.
    As has been said which is the worst Premier?
    Christy now like lil’ Justin thinks her cutsy wootsy show has been bought by the voters.
    Not so, she was the least worse choice.
    BC Hydro is angling for a 29% increase, Christy is pretending she is fightin’ for us little people, my personal opinion it will probable be about 25%. Bait and switch.
    All this has been brought to y’all under the flim-flammin’ IPCC , Al the Bore, So’Kooky and of course Mz Dizzy.
    She was in my area and breathlessly reported that PM Harper was “destroying Canada every day”
    Apparently even the home owner tax credit she claimed that you could only buy granite countertops not insulation or solar panels and windmills?
    Sounds like industrial strength bulls**t to me Ellie.
    If she was soo concerned with the saving the planet maybe she could cut down on her personal consumption, or is she on a “hunger strike” also?
    Enquiring minds wish to know.
    If that strainin’ spandex ever lets go the shock wave is gonna wipe out a lot of us poor folks.
    Anyway here is Choo Choo Puchuris report “leaked” more like sunk on the shoals of reality like the Concordia Captain with the UN staff all wavin’ from the bridge at their mistresses herding goats on some rocky shoreline.
    Gee only 50% bulls**t !

    • wilson says:

      Makes one very proud of the Fossil Awards that Canada was presented.

    • Joanne says:

      Ha-ha Bubba. You’re a hoot!

      Interesting that you even have a choice about the meters though (albeit not a very palatable one.)

      • Bubba Brown says:

        Choice alright Jo, between the unpalatable and the disasterous IMO.
        That little cabin in the woods is looking better all the time.
        Maybe it is time to dust off my trappers licence.
        Now the weasel world of the IPCC is opining that the globe is warming, just not as fast as their false computer model predicted
        Tell me why we belong to this fradulent organization.
        PM Harper was right the whole green movement is a “Money sucking socialist scheme”
        A fellow named Diderot 1713 – 1784 said that “The world would not know peace till the last King was strangled with the guts of the last priest”
        substitute UN chairman for King, and take your pick of the usual suspects to provide the guts.
        These people will never quit, and you just cannot fix stupid.
        Perhaps a change of wording?
        Stupid meter.
        Stupid Car
        Stupid global warmist
        Stupid IPCC
        Worst of all stupid low-information voter that believes this malarky.
        Had an interesting conversation the other day, fella was piling onto Duffy, fair enough, I suprised him by agreeing with him.
        I then pointed out that his hero Jack and his partener Olivia made Duffy look like an amateur.
        They took the taxpayer for 10 x that amount each and every year plus their generous salaries.
        Over 3000 dollars a day, did they ever sleep?
        I thought he was gonna blow a ring valve (located by profundus orificees) especially when I slid in the “at least Duffy made amends”
        Didn’t even get to the “red light, green light, open all night Community Shaitzu clinic” at 787 Dundas St.

        • Joanne says:

          That little cabin in the woods is looking better all the time.
          Maybe it is time to dust off my trappers licence.

          I believe you would survive Bubba with all your cooking skills and common sense. 😉

        • Bec says:

          You have described perfectly why I have family members with fantastic jobs, planning to leave BC as soon as they can.
          Their jobs are headquartered in ‘Van-man’ but their income is not generated at all because of the BC economy. The taxes are nuts, they hate the attitudes, traffic is crazed and all coming from the Province that claims to be an oasis.

          Not so.

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    • wilson says:

      oops, wanted to add this
      ‘The announcement comes after a media report, on Radio-Canada, that said police quietly conducted a search for evidence of illegal fundraising.’

      Where were the CBC reporters and cameras ?

  7. Liz J says:

    A headline in the NP that grabbed my attention: Mulcair’s economic policy less clear than Trudeau’s after 18 months in opposition by Michael Den Tandt. This is a bit of a head scratcher, have no idea when Trudeau put forth any economic policy. Wonder if this was before he came out puffing for pot legislation?

  8. Liz J says:

    BTW, can anyone imagine where an NDP economic policy paper would take this country? We’d be looking at an empty till and nothing left to feed it. They want to tax corporations out of existence, the oil sands are bad, the pipeline must be stopped, what’s left to eke out life as we know it?

    • wilson says:

      NDP economic policy was to tax carbon. (Arctic ice is back to 1970s levels and no warming for 17 years)
      Trudeau policy was to be evidence based, with the oilsands looking like a cash cow. (carbon is a good thing)
      Now they are hooped, as the Green Fraud is about to be internationally exposed.
      ”…The effects of climate change could actually be beneficial to the planet, writes House of Lords member Matt Ridley in the Wall Street Journal: “Warming of up to 1.2 degrees Celsius over the next 70 years (0.8 degrees have already occurred), most of which is predicted to happen in cold areas in winter and at night, would extend the range of farming further north, improve crop yields, slightly increase rainfall (especially in arid areas), enhance forest growth and cut winter deaths (which far exceed summer deaths in most places).”

  9. Sandy says:

    Odds n ends.

    What is amazing to me is that the federal Liberals have done it again and seem totally oblivious to that fact. They now have a female “just visiting” journalist who has returned to Toronto to save the day. What part of parachute candidate don’t they get.

    Speaking of parachuted candidates, the same thing was tried with that ONPC MPP who Hudak recently demoted from the Finance critic role (who shall remain nameless). His riding was in Thornhill in Toronto. He bought a property in Niagara-on-the-Lake and moved here and apparently wanted to run here and Niagara Falls next time, in spite of the fact that we already have nominated a PC candidate, Bart Maves, the PC MPP from 1995 to 2003. Now, Maves was not our candidate but he won fair and square.

    The thing is I live in this area and my former boss was the MPP here from 1995 until 1999. He was born here. His extended family have tender fruit and grape farms. It’s similar in Niagara Falls. Outsiders are usually tourists. LOL Meaning, there is no way in a million years a parachute candidate could win. Talk about clueless.

    Then, along comes Randy Hillier wanting a leadership review just before an election will be called.

    Yet, Hudak is being called heavy handed. What part of leadership do some people not understand?

  10. Sandy says:

    I often hear people go on and on about Hudak not showing he is Premier material. Catch 22! You can only prove you can be an effective premier when you are premier. Definitely can’t do so as opposition leader. Yet, IMO, his recent tough love decisions show his mettle as a good leader that will do the right thing even if it is difficult decision.

    All the same, I agree with Richco and others who are concerned Ontarians will make the same mistake again because they don’t like the way Hudak looks.


    • Liz J says:

      There’s a lot of evidence the Ontario PC’s are their own worst enemies. Smart people, winners, never run down their own people. Hudak is our leader, we need to smarten up and defend him against the opposition which includes the media.
      If I hear any reference comparing him to Mike Harris I say yes, Harris was a good Premier, we’d be lucky to have another person like him, especially with the mess made by the McGuinty romp continuing on with Wynne.
      There’s also no way an NDP government would sort out the mess, they’d add to it.

    • Joanne says:

      his recent tough love decisions show his mettle as a good leader that will do the right thing even if it is difficult decision.

      Exactly. There are a few Liberal Ministers that need to be fired for incompetence but we’re not seeing Kathleen Wynne do that.

    • Richco says:

      Can’t explain anything these days when it come to reading the Ontario electorate Sandy. Turnbull lost his riding with the help of Wynne’s teacher union buddies who actually rented apartments in that riding for the short term so they could vote there……getting leaves from their teaching jobs of course. I was there at a town hall meeting in 1999 when Wynned got boo’d from the hall for causing a disturbance. I’ll never forget it.

      Something else to remember about Toronto Centre is that this is a riding that will be split in two for the next federal election north of Wellsley will be the new Mount Pleasant riding while south of Wellsely will remain Toronto Centre. So it would make absolute sense for the CPC to at least present a good candidate against the NDP and Liberals because whoever wins the riding now will only have the whole riding until 2015.

  11. Liz J says:

    The Toronto Centre by-election should be a real dust up between the two journalists. The media will have a tough time choosing which one to favour.
    Trudeau has fingered Freeland to help craft economic policy, no doubt he was impressed with her stating Canada is at a tipping point and implied she came home from NYC to save us from toppling. Will it be the team of Freeland & McCallum or McCallum & Freeland who save us from economic disaster?

    Looking forward to the feline frolics in hopes the PC’s can snare a formidable cat catcher.

    • Richco says:

      Liz – the Toronto Centre contest is federal.

      Tragedy in Nepean (near Ottawa) this morning. Many fatalities in OCTranspo bus and Via train collision.

      Sad stuff amid the press conferences of by Hudak and Wynne this morning.
      Got a day off today and the weather’s cooperating here in Ontario…..lovely!

      • Liz J says:

        Thanks for the correction Richco. I do know it’s Federal…… Trudeau is Federal….. just a little too hasty and not checking before posting!

      • Joanne says:

        I just have no words for that tragic situation in Ottawa. It is incredibly sad and upsetting.

  12. Bubba Brown says:

    Ms Freeland sez “Canada is at a tipping point” that means what exactly ?
    Did any of the maggot media ask her to explain how being #1 in G7 for the sixth year in a row is something to be worried about?
    Meanwhile back at the Liberal Convention , anal sex and leaglizing Pot are on the menu
    But hey we will know what Junior adds to the Red Book, the tip-off is that he will write in crayon…..
    Or, as Paul Martin said ” Don’t tell ME about the red Book. I wrote the damned thing and it’s a piece of shit”…
    So Journo’s are fleeing the Maggot Media for politics ?
    Rats, sinkin’ ships, running aground on Gigalo island, shipwrecks the Liberal party is like the cast of Gilligans Island on LSD

  13. Liz J says:

    Has anyone heard any of the regular media wags ask the two nominees set to run in the federal by-election in Toronto Centre tough questions
    Aside from asking them about books they have written?
    Specifically have any of them asked Liberal nominee Freeman what she means by “Canada is at a tipping point”? This is one we need to highlight and use as a comparison to Iggy who came “home” when opportunity knocked for a promised rise in the politics of the country.

    The irony that someone would talk about tipping a point then don a red dress and climb into the Liberal tippy canoe with Trudeau as coxswain
    is a comedy of errors.

    Toronto Centre has the makings of a political soap opera, the Conservatives need to inject some substance into the equation, the people there need to have their attention diverted into the realm of reality, something they will not acquire electing activist journalists hgh on themselves and not much else.

    • Liz J says:

      Oops, paragraphing bad and last line should read…..*high* on themselves and not much else!
      There’s a fine line between too much coffee and not enough!

  14. Bubba Brown says:

    So is this why Ms Freeland is jumping onto the Liberal Ship Of Fools?
    She jumped before she was pushed perhaps?
    So put on a red dress and jump inna canoe with Justin indeed Liz J. with Liberals the plot dosen’t thicken, it sickens.
    A related but sorely undeveloped topic, the majority of the graft generated in Quebec gravitated to the LP of Canada there has been a lack of outrage and stories from our ever viglant (koff koff) prestitutes, enquiring minds wish to know.
    The coverage has been as thin as Jack’s wardrobe at 787 Dundas st.

  15. Bubba Brown says:

    Interesting that Premier Redford thinks that aging one time star Robert Redford’s point of view is not worth a pich of coonshite.
    If you want to know where folks are coming from just look at their lifestyles and their homes.
    Redford bulldozed a moutaintop for his humble abode, flies around the world in a private jet.
    Cameron who made Avatar, the blue people, (natives) who are under attack from “developers” looking for un-ob-tainum.
    That both these hypocrits live in homes that are big enough to have their own area codes, does not mean I am jealous of their success.
    I do wonder how well recieved advice would be from this old retired Boilermaker on their living arrangments and lifestyles?
    Oh and I would include an autographed picture so they could genuflect in front of it every morning whist they pore over copy of Bubba’s thoughts on life and welding overhead seams on super size cruise ships.
    When an actor, and I include Suzuki in that group gets up on a stump and starts to bray about how I, and the rest of humanity should be living and doing with or without.
    If they want to talk the talk they better walk the walk first.
    Just my thoughts have a good weekend and hold your loved ones close.

  16. Liz J says:

    Ezra’s segment “Pot Head Politics”is so on the mark. He’s got the Lady in Red, Chrystia Freeland pegged to a tee. She has written a book or books on the rich and famous so she qualifies as part of Trudeau’s economic team. This stuff may make a good story line for a comedy act but we sure don’t want these animated tools running the country.

    Wonder how Scooter Brison feels to have her on the team as financial adviser? Of course she hasn’t won the seat yet, but they’re so certain she will they’re padding her seat.

    • Bec says:

      Watching ‘Scooter’ in a part of that segment was telling, I thought. WE have the royal leader nodding his head at her every utterance with ‘Scooter’ on the other hand, looking rather confused and I’d say, bored.

      The piece from Ezra was brilliant and so dead on it was scary. I always expect a reaction from Mr. Nepotism when something is nailed. He has a very, very thin skin.

      • Bubba Brown says:

        The Prince of Pot, like the Princess in the fairy tale, is so exquisitely sensitive that he would feel the smallest pea (of criticism) under many mattresses.
        As for the interview Bec, someone is missin’ a bet here Junior would make a great model for a bobble head doll.
        Could even hav a theme song!
        As for Juniors mouth
        JT puts his left foot in
        JT pulls right one out
        He dance round in circles
        pretendin’ he knows what it’s all about

    • Richco says:

      Did anyone see Ezra’s piece on the hamburger shack in Caledonia?
      He did a great job of shaming the government.
      It’s not likely that they’ll act on it but it was classic Ezra.

      On another note the PC Convention starts in London this weekend. Link here – Steve Paikin’s Agenda last night was on the future of the PCs and surprisingly good. I had expected it to tilt left but it didn’t and was actually very well balanced. The one consensus from the four on the panel was that the longer Kathleen Wynne stays in power the harder it’s going to be for both oppositions to beat her, unless they get it together themselves. With Hudak the four panelists did suggest that even though the PCs have put out many white papers of policy that a review of those policies is needed to weed out some of the bad ideas…..including right to work, some elements of the education paper and one that I believe Sandy caught (remember Sandy), the panelists agreed with you on that one.

      A good weekend to all.

  17. Liz J says:

    There is but one thing the PC’s need to do above all else and immediately, we all know what that is.

  18. Richco says:

    Is it my imagination or does Justin’s “star” candidate Chrystia Freeland resemble a young Margaret Trudeau?

    Watched the presser from Ottawa earlier in the week and I thought this woman a bit of a goofball.

    • Liz J says:

      I’d compare Freeland more to Doc Carolyn Bennett on several front’s, she’s very animated, likes to wear red and doesn’t make a lot of sense since she doesn’t know of what she speaks.
      She’s in the same category as Iggy, swanning back to Canada and jumping into politics before knowing what’s actually going on. Anyone clued into the state of this country under the management of PM Harper would never declare we are a “tipping point”.
      The only thing tipping is JT’s red canoe she has jumped into with promises of a high profile portfolio should the country go out of it’s mind and vote for the Shiny Pony with whom she’s very impressed.

  19. fh says:

    Why are we finding fault with Tim Hudak while this is being imposed on Ontarians?
    let us support the Tim Hudak PC party and get Ontario back on track to a strong HAVE Province

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