Ontario Buy-Elections

While Fuschi rants about the questionable timing of various Ontario handouts (great catch BTW), the Ontario Tories call on Premier Wynne to release the Auditor General’s report on the Gas Plant Scandal now instead of after the August 1 b(u)y-elections.

Do these Liberals have no shame at all??

Please put on the pressure for Kathleen Wynne to come clean whether by Facebook, Twitter or email.

That report belongs to us, the people of Ontario!


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If Ont. Liberals feel threatened, they will turn on spending tapsToronto Sun (Note: Don’t click on the link if you’re concerned about using up your 20 complimentary Sun articles.)

Wynne’s green power bluesLorrie Goldstein, Sun:

…The Liberals have ignored complaints from thousands of Ontario residents about health problems caused by noise and vibration from industrial wind turbines, accusing them of NIMBYism (Not-In-My-Back-Yard) syndrome.

But when it came to saving five Liberal seats in the last election, they cancelled the Mississauga and Oakville gas plants, at enormous cost, because of health concerns raised by residents in those communities.

Ontario, learn from detroitWindsor Star

Liberals adept at manipulating the truthSue-Ann Levy, Sun


Liberals erected $3.5-million gas-plant e-mail ‘stonewall’: PC MPP Lisa MacLeod – Sun

Not prosecuting Idle No More wrong move: OPP bossJoe Warmington. This is really scary stuff.

Gas plant scandal: Privacy watchdog Ann Cavoukian cites ‘misinformation’ in search for emails – Star(!):

“I clearly believe that this is a cover-up . . . . I can’t see why a deputy minister would try to embarrass and impede the information and privacy commissioner.
“I think that this has been politically directed, politically motivated for political gain.”

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113 Responses to Ontario Buy-Elections

  1. dmorris says:

    Why don’t you picket Wynne’s constituency office and call the media to make sure she’s embarrassed into doing the right thing?

    If the Premier was Conservative, the Left would have a couple of dozen protesters in front of the CO in short order,so why not steal a page from their (Alinsky’s ) bible?

    • Joanne says:

      Yep. Except the Liberal media wouldn’t cover it.

      • dmorris says:

        Call Sun-TV,they’d cover it.

        Wynne is embarrassed and possibly as guilty as McGuinty in some backroom deals with the power companies. The people of Ontario have to make sure this devious woman doesn’t get a majority government.

        That saying at SDA is most appropriate” “not showing up to riot is failed conservative policy”.

  2. Mary T says:

    Great title for this post.

  3. Bubba Brown says:

    Good title indeed! I hope y’all vote.
    OT the video from “friends of the CBC” who obviously are not friends of ours or the PM.
    Now this is an ATTACK AD
    The enemies list was puzzling to moi.
    Why not just have a “friends list”.
    Much shorter, just sayin’

  4. Richco says:

    The Ontario Liberals have bought every election they’ve run in. The lump sum money to students in the form of cheques happened ahead of the last provincial election as well.
    Absolutely nothing has changed in how they shamelessly operate.

    In London West the anti-Liberal protestors have been out picketing regularly. At the all -candidates meeting too. Papers here covered.

    Don’t judge all of the by-elections by what’s taking place in Toronto or what’s not being covered by the left leaning media.

  5. Liz J says:

    What kind of people vote for a scandal ridden government in by-elections when they have a chance to send them a message?
    McGuinty lied repeatedly and his successor, chosen by Liberals, not the electorate is playing the same game. She has to know all about the gas plant fiasco, the disgraceful cost to the taxpayer now and into the future. If she refuses to put out the report, anyone voting for her party are irresponsible idiots.

    • Liz J says:

      Further, where is the money coming from to “buy” these by-elections? Can’t anyone with a functioning brain realize we are in have-not status? Any promises they make will put us further in the red and we’ll all be taxed into poverty to pay for them. Of course there’s another consideration, believability on anything promised by Wynne’s government with the stench of McGuinty still evident.

      • Richco says:

        What’s astonishing to me Liz J. are the poll numbers. Yes, I know that most don’t put any stock in them, but I would have expected the PCs to be out ahead by way more in their strong ridings than they are. I’ve been following by-election poll numbers at 308.com.

        Also, in London West looks like the NDP are taking advantage of the those teachers angry at the Liberals and Coren because the dippers are biting at PC heels.

        I’m hoping that internal PC polling is showing Hudak in much better shape and are playing it down so as not to appear too overly confident.

        • Liz J says:

          When it comes to bi-elections at the best of times a lot of people don’t take them too seriously. Wynne has created a double whammy by calling them for August 1st, holiday time, when politics is the last thing people want to think about. This administration is one of, if not the worst we’ve ever had, they don’t deserve our support, nor does the party keeping them in power.

          • Richco says:

            Liz – you don’t have to convince me that we need to get rid of the Liberal government.

            We got rid of the Liberals in my riding last provincial election.

            The sad truth of these by-elections is that in some of the ridings up for grabs the people may well be bought.

    • old white guy says:

      stupid people vote for a scandal ridden government. stupid, stupid, stupid. unfortunately those of us who actually produce the wealth that the stupid squander are always wondering why this is happening.

  6. old white guy says:

    I do not think there is an honest politician in all of Canada. the corruption is so bad and so deep all of them should be turfed. I do not care whose ox is gored, just get rid of all of them. they are useless parasites. we should also pass a constitutional amendment that says lawyers are forbidden from participation in the electoral process.

    • Liz J says:

      Good luck with a law forbidding lawyers from participating in the electoral process. Many of them go into law in preparation for entering politics. There’s plenty of evidence this is not a good thing, we could be better served by an honest rube who knows the value of a dollar and hard work over a manipulative legal, given to convoluted jargon which impresses the uninformed who go out to vote with stars in their eyes and their brain out of gear.

  7. paulsstuff says:

    The liberal version of in and out is your tax dollars come in, and we then send it out in hopes of winning a few seats. After all, what’s a million or two, or $500 million for that matter.

  8. fh says:

    wow talk about a lack of decorum
    Justin Trudeau does not donate to charity after charging $20,000.00 for his appearance
    he waits for charity to ask for return of $20,000.00 speaking fee

    • Fay says:

      Shocking to see Canadians in the Maritimes support Justin Trudeau taking money from charities.

      • Liz J says:

        Voting Liberal seems to be genetic, family tradition in the Maritimes, it’s like a security blanket of sorts.
        Trudeau should take his RV with wife and kids along for a trek through the Atlantic provinces, they’d bolster his ego, give the media a chance to help him boost his polling numbers.

  9. fh says:

    wynne wind farms yes or no?
    should we be taking Elizabeth May to the wall over this?

    • Fay says:

      Elizabeth May definitely needs to be held accountable for the death of many birds from the windmills.
      I am even more shocked that the media party hides this info from the public to protect the liberals. It is becoming more and more obvious the media is corrupt.

      • Joanne says:

        Wildlife destruction is to the Green Movement as abortion is to ‘Women’s Rights’.

        The end justifies the means (and any collateral damage.)

    • Gabby in QC says:

      Yes, FH, very good news indeed. But as the usually anti-Harper journalist Andrew Coyne surprisingly points out in another column about the same topic:
      “… You would think a near-halving of the “poverty rate” (StatsCan doesn’t call it that, but that is what it has always informally been called by others) in the space of 15 years would be cause for celebration. You’d at least think it would be news. <b.But you may look in vain for any mention of it in any major media. This is surely as remarkable a story in itself. …”
      In other words, most media prefers to ignore good news, concentrating instead on denigrating Canada’s performance.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      Sorry, I was distracted by some jerk on the radio talking over Conservative MP Joy Smith, whom he invited on his program only to rudely talk over her.

      Re: that other Coyne column I referred to, Coyne doesn’t mention PM Harper at all in the column. The reason I wrote “the usually anti-Harper … Coyne” is because the majority of MSM journos always seek out the negative “news” about the current government, which Coyne indirectly confirms by saying “… But you may look in vain for any mention of it in any major media. …”

      P.S. messed up the highlighting in the previous comment. I guess that radio jock really got me upset!

  10. Liz J says:

    Bi-elections August 1st, the report on the cost of the gas plant fiasco will be out to those who will be paying for it, the Ontario taxpayers, on August 6th. Tell me, is this not already on Wynne’s desk or soon to be? Why aren’t we hearing demands that it come out before the elections?
    The media are not interested of course, even if we went to the streets in droves they wouldn’t cover us or lie about the crowd numbers.

    • Martin says:

      I suspect the AG report is due for release Aug 6 to everyone, that Wynne would not get an advanced look ( I stand to be corrected on this). The schedule all along was for an Aug release. What is likely is that the election date was contrived to precede publication of what no doubt will ratchet the costs even higher. When all is calculated the figure will be closer to $1 B than the 40 M first advanced by the Liberals, and repeated as gospel by their media cheer leaders.
      Sadly a large part of voting public will have forgotten the gas plant fiasco and Liberals have a vested interest in keeping things that way.

      • Richco says:

        Like Sue-Ann’s column says the Liberals are adept at manipulating the truth which garners more headlines from the left than the PCs actually telling the truth.

        Holding back that report is just in keeping with that manipulation.

        Other than the two Toronto ridings apparently the other ridings aren’t following the gas plant fiasco and taxpayer robbery much at all…..even though all Ontarians will be paying for it for years.

        London West, Windsor and Ottawa South all have their own issues which usually blossom in by-elections.

        • Martin says:

          Do you know if the AG report is released to everyone at the same time, as I suggested?

          Ottawa South is reported by 308.com to be close, with Liberals enjoying a 4 point lead. However, McGuinty won here with something like 45% of the vote, staggering considering his record. The columnists of The Citizen have been following and unsurprisingly are solidly in the corner of the Liberal candidate, McGuinty’s assistant. Not too often is K Wynne described as decisive, innovative, her own person, very little mention of any nagging scandals in the background.

          • Richco says:

            Hi Martin – I suspect that the AG report goes first to the Premier, or at the very least a summary of what it contains, then the gov’t would release it to the public.

            For sure Ottawa South is going to be a nail biter, but the fawning Ottawa media would try to keep the gas plants off their pages.

  11. Richco says:

    How do you like this admission from Ontario’s Education Minister. Apparently she doesn’t even read the curricula that she’s responsible for.

    What a fine use of tax dollars…………NOT!


    • Liz J says:

      Would this have anything to do with Levin’s involvement and his being charged with child porn? If Wynne and Sandals don’t know what’s in the curriculum what exactly is their job description? Why is there an Education Minister?

  12. Bbba Brown says:

    fh @ 7:25 the prince did say that he would pay the charities back the money
    “If it came to that”
    The Directors that came forward are no longer on the board.
    With of course the usual MM Mewling about partisan politics.
    That wraps that up very neatly.
    No claim, no refund.
    As for the cost of Teachers in the “Windmill Paradise” this is interesting.
    Enrollement drops and Teachers numbers increase.

  13. Gabby in QC says:

    I’m pretty sure I closed the HTML tag for highlighting at the proper place, but more than the text I intended to highlight has been highlighted. I hope my mistake doesn’t mess up other commenters’ text.

  14. Bubba Brown says:

    Here is the skinny on the board members
    Meanwhile Miss Lizzy is seeing train wrecks everwhere climate emergency! and all that.
    I can anwser Miss Lizzys question as to why “nobody” is reporting the train wreck, simply put it never happened.
    But then she believes Mr Suzuki is a deity, and Ban Ki-moon is infallible.

  15. fh says:

    how HOW HOW did Ontario vote for the Liberals? why WHY WHY?
    the Liberals knew in May but only stopped construction now
    if even one Liberals is elected in August 1 buy elections Ontario you deserve what you are getting

    • Richco says:

      All of Ontario did not vote for the Liberals fh. Only those ridings suckered and bought by them fell for it again, and again.

      My part of Ontario got what it deserved. A PC MPP.

      In Chatham-Kent the Liberal government has been ordered to remove 8 wind turbines by Transport Canada because they (the turbines) are built too close to an airport. Safety went out the window when the McWynnety gov’t jammed those turbines down the community’s throat I guess. As it turns out the Wynne government is stalling on the removal, why? Because it’s going to cost them plenty to remove them……..another gas plant removal scenario in the works that’s costing taxpayers for their mistake.

      In my immediate area a wind turbine caught on fire and exploded many months ago, with bits flying into farmers fields. Lucky no one was injured or killed. That burnt turbine was to have been removed…..but there it sits in all its glory today.

      The Liberals will not be elected in my region for a long, long time.

      • Martin says:

        Right and yesterday approval was granted for a mega wind project a few miles up the road. The K2 wind factory will include up to 150 turbines, part of the discredited Samsung deal. Wynne in her role as self-appointed Agr minister, presides over removal of more irreplaceable cropland, to erect useless wind turbines. All this to assuage urban sensibilities over “climate change”.

  16. Richco says:

    IMO the only news agency doing the heavy lifting by holding the governing Liberals to account in Ontario is Sun News. I have a bias in that direction and it’s my choice for political news and more.

    Good luck Joanne for your continued commitment to conservative blogging and to those who contribute here who are equally passionate in efforts and contributions.


  17. Liz J says:

    Too bad someone couldn’t spring a leak on the AG report, get the cold hard figures out before the elections. Ontario stands to lose credibility if the people are stunned stupid enough to vote for any Liberal in the bys.
    By-elections may not count for much in the minds of some but this is different, supporting this Liberal regime is supporting a scandal ridden government at best and corruption at worst will take the province farther down the hole. Who will invest in a mess such as they’ve created? Our education systems are worrisome,no one is minding the curriculum that affects our kids so it’s open season for abuse, our health care is suffering, services are being cut, IT’S A FREAKING MESS!

  18. Jen says:

    Lizj, they (media) are hoping that the FREAKING MESS will become or fall on Hudak so they can go after him like a ton of bricks leaving the Ontario liberals free and clear. In the meantime the media will continue pulling or protecting the liberals from the dark cloud which the liberals created onto the province of Ontario from the general public.

    • Liz J says:

      If the Hudak PC’s win power from the Liberals the media will give him no peace, he’ll be blamed for all the wrongs they ignored under the Liberals and attack everything he does in attempts to make things right from an impossible quagmire they created in this province. That’s just the way of the Media Maggots, Liberals good, Conservatives bad, case closed.

  19. wilson says:

    Looks like Hudak has momentum, if the polls can be believed.
    It will all come down to getting out the vote, as usual.
    Remember when the LibDippers were all about protecting the ‘less fortunate and most vulnerable’ from the mean and evil Harper Conservatives?
    Under Harper’s watch poverty is at it’s lowest level in Canadian history (as others have noted), nearly half what the rate was a decade ago, now under 9%.
    This improvement directly affects the lives of our First Nations, as half the children living in poverty are FN.

    Now LibDippers have shifted their focus to ‘working families and the middle class’.
    There again, they are too late to the party.
    Good work PMSH!

    • Liz J says:

      No surprise with the choice of names, they all have royal connections befitting to a future King.
      Maybe they’ll call him Georgie Porgie around his nursery, but I like their choice of names.

    • Joanne says:

      “George Alexander Louis” definitely a better name than Wiener.

      • Liz J says:

        As for the name George, the Queen’s father reigned as George the sixth but his given name was Albert and he was called “Bertie” by his family.

        This little Prince will hopefully have a lived a lot of his life before he becomes king, our present Queen could live as long as her mother who lived to 101.

        • fh says:

          interesting Liz J I just googled King George VI
          full name Albert Fredrick Arthur George
          I suspect he was tired of being Bertie and honoured his Father George V
          anyway I guess one of his names was George a strong name

    • fh says:

      My Dad’s name George Edward
      I love the name George

  20. Anne in swON says:

    I see that Justin Trudeau doesn’t support legalizing marijuana until he does. Oops, another about face.

    • Liz J says:

      It’s hard to believe Justin is thinking for himself which may be confusing enough. He’s acting like a person who is being told what to say by several people who keep changing their minds on any given subject to latch onto the prevailing winds that will set them soaring.

  21. fh says:

    where is Elizabeth May?
    Ms May you purport to want WANT to protect the environment. Where are you on this pollution?

  22. Liz J says:

    I’m thinking the McGuinty/Wynne regime may be learning there may be some truth to the old adage “Oh what a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive”.

    How anyone with scruples, anyone of character, can even consider voting for any Liberal in the By-elections is mind boggling. We’ve been and continue to be lied to, we’re taxed to poverty with more taxing on the way to pay for their supreme stupidity with green crap we’ll be generations paying to clean up.

    • Joanne says:

      Yeah it’s pretty crazy. I’m hoping the voters in the buy-elections send McWynnety a strong message. “We’re mad as h@ll and we won’t take it anymore!!”

      • Liz J says:

        I especially want the Ottawa South riding owned by the McGuinty family for years to go to the Conservatives. That’s the slap upside the head that would really smart.

        • Liz J says:

          Actually I watched a short video of the Liberal candidate in Ottawa South who worked for McGuinty and his voice sounds a lot like him and he even has some of his mannerisms.

  23. Liz J says:

    Another serious issue spurred on by the green movement that needs to be addressed are bicycle lanes on busy city streets as well as allowing them on highways. Given the heavy traffic the motorists have to deal with it’s another obstacle to divert their attention and causes accidents as well as deaths and injury.
    A couple from Ottawa area were killed cycling with a large group along trans Canada highway, heading across Canada. It’s inviting tragedy for all involved, those killed and the motorists who have to live with having struck and killed someone. This is a lethal mix, should not be allowed, there are loads of back roads across this country for those who feel adventurous.

  24. Bubba Brown says:

    Another beautiful day!
    Yesterday I watched a video of Just-a-ninny scratching himself in front a crowd of “dozens” in Penticton.
    Sharing his thoughts, his plan for “building” the “kind of society” instead of bricks and mortar, he wants pot and mega-welfare
    He now apparently thinks pot should be legal?
    We really, really missed the boat not giving gazillions of dollars to the Chiefs?
    Ala the Paul Martin Kelona Accord?
    Justin is the Tony Weiner of Canadian Politics, just when you think he has embarassed himself enough to grow up, here he is again taaaa-daaa!
    I have seen bigger crowds gather for the guy that twists balloons
    I see the camera man was careful not to show the crowd.
    Simplistic solutions for complex problems IMO
    “Having a conversation” with Justin, I hope he just keeps talking.
    So Wynn was in the room when the gas plants were discussed
    I sure hope the good people of Ontario send a message to the Liberals.

    • Liz J says:

      Speaking of Tony Weiner, candidate for Mayor of New York, that’s an example of a person who has no shame. If I could cast a spell on a person like him I’d chant “may your wienerschnitzel always stay below your lederhosen”.

      • Bubba Brown says:

        If his wienerschnitzel is below his lederhosen, I am thinkin’ Mrs Weiner needs to lengthen the legs on Oscar’s lederhosen.
        Just sayin’
        Sorry Liz J you probably meant under.
        True Story;
        Reminds me of a family with the surname of Head they called their eldest boy Richard,
        some folks have no sense of irony.

  25. Martin says:

    All party leaders have been to Ottawa-South recently to contest McGuinty’s old fiefdom.
    The Liberal line is that John Fraser, McGuinty’s riding executive assistant was concerned strictly with local matters and would have no inkling of policy decisions in Queens Park. He represents a new Liberal face. Good luck with that.
    From what I read of the debates, the gas plant scandal is an issue, but the paramount issue of the GEA and energy policy is not. Tim Hudak, or anyone else has not mentioned industrial wind plants, this despite plans for a development in the adjacent riding.
    To urban voters in Ottawa-South, this development may as well be on the moon, it just does not resonate with them. In London, more attuned to large scale projects, anti-wind protesters did confront Wynne at a rally; she had them rudely removed by her OPP bodyguard detail.
    Hudak is no doubt wise not to mention wind turbines in an urban riding, as it would lose him support. Still it is frustrating and shows the complete divide rural/urban divide, brought about by long time Liberal policies.

  26. fh says:

    Evan Solomon quotes one ONE source to prove the point that carbon tax is a GOOD thing
    not everyone agrees

    • Joanne says:

      Don’t listen to Evan Solomon.

      • Liz J says:

        For sure don’t listen to him, he’s like an actor in a play, trying to portray himself as something he is not, a fair and balanced journalist. His bias just oozes through the TV screen, the very sight of him raises my blood pressure.

        • jon says:

          For evidence of Solomon’s bias, you need look no further than the the twitter feed posted at the bottom of the screen during his program and the lopsidedness of the Harper-bashing comments. The anti-to-pro conservative ratio is often 9:1.

          Simply put, Solomon’s critics aren’t needed to establish his bias, his supporters already do that for us. After all, if he didn’t have a bias, then the vast majority of his fan base wouldn’t be comprised of those who reside on the left.

  27. wilson says:

    Harper Govt doing it right!
    Poverty at lowest level in Canadian history ( rate increased 50% in Chretien years, from 10 to 15%)
    Crime rate lowest level since 1972 (even with killing the long gun registry)

    “The police-reported crime rate has followed a downward trend, and, in 2012, reached its lowest level since 1972,” Statistics Canada said in its latest report….
    Also, the Conservatives have introduced at least 30 bills designed to crack down on crime since Prime Minister Stephen Harper won power in 2006.


  28. fh says:

    we in Canada will need to be concerned about our neighbour the USA

  29. fh says:

    good site to get the news that matters to all Canadians
    Government events listed for each day

  30. Joanne says:

    Big news bomb dropped last night: RCMP allege Senator Mac Harb claimed expenses on ‘uninhabitable’ home

    Harb is a Liberal appointee.

    • Liz J says:

      What’s coming to light on Mac Harb is far more newsworthy than Mike Duffy’s. At least Mike Duffy did live at his place ind PEI part of the year even prior to his Senate appointment and it’s legitimate for him to spend more time there as a PEI Senator.
      Let’s see a nice big balloon of Mac Harb floating about from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. He was claiming as a permanent residence a place that wasn’t habitable and no one in the area ever saw him there.

      • Fay says:

        Did anyone else notice that CTV National news lead the story as independant Senator Mac Harb last night? CTV never reports Mike Duffy or Pamela Wallin as an independant?

    • Liz J says:

      Actually Joanne, reading the article you linked to what Harb was doing is a major scandal. He sold 99.99 percent of the property and retained 0.01 percent of the property to claim as his permanent residence to collect a Senate housing allowance.
      If this is all proven to be true he should have to take up residence in jail.
      For now he should be kicked out of the Senate and Duffy should sue those who continue to make a fool of him.

    • Jen says:

      Apparentl,y the media are leaving out the fact that Harb is a a liberal and appointed by PM Chretien

      • Fay says:

        I noticed that also Jenn!

        • Martin says:

          Also not mentioned is the fact that Harb was MP for Ottawa Centre and a long time Chretien supporter. Don’t see the story yet on CBC web, lots of coverage of Trudeau Jr. latest musings.

    • Bec says:

      The ‘uninhabitable’ part is the smoking gun although it does sound as though the mice and birds enjoyed the shanty.

      The arrogance of this alleged scam is so insulting that it challenges one to believe it could ever be trumped. If this is proven to be the behaviour of this man, perhaps he will have a chance to enjoy some company with maybe not mice but some crooked weasels and jail-‘birds’?

  31. Bubba Brown says:

    One of those things is not like the other.
    The Guru of Hairdo is however quite ready to welcome Harb back because he is likely just a victim of a misunderstanding of an interpretation of the rules.
    After all the expense of maintaining 0.01 percent of an uninhabitable shack must be onerous.
    Offloading 99.99 % of the said shack to the Sultan of Brunei does make at least as much sense as leagalizing pot, and scrapping the licence requirements for unicorns.
    It is right up there with payin’ 20 large for a nonrefundable 20 minutes breathing the rafied air emenating from Justins silk shorts as he breaks wind to the tune of “I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner”
    Only in Canada folks.
    Oh, and the Mac Harb balloon ?
    Silly Canadians! in Justin’s Canada Liberals are never guilty, just ask Solomon.
    Seriously the good news and the good work that our Majority Government is doing are ignored, or damned with faint praise.
    These are the good old days, best leadership in my lifetime.

    • wilson says:

      ”…The Senate committee claimed Harb’s questionable expenses totalled as $231,649 between 2005 and 2012 …”
      Factor in the years 2003 and 04, well over $250k,
      that is on giant balloon the CTF has to fly!!
      Suppose because Duffy paid back the money, he is fair game.
      Harb is lawyered up and fighting the allegations, so almost untouchable.

  32. wilson says:

    so the short is
    Chretien Senator Harb gets appointed in 2003, buys a dilapidated shack he spends 3 years renovating (no water until 2006).
    Sounds like only birds and mice lived there.
    In 2007 Harb ”transfers” 99.9% ownership to then Canada’s high commish
    for Brunei (Ms. Teo), but Harb claims he lives there, Harb pays the mtg and expenses as ‘rent’.
    (Lib MP Judy Sgro did something similar, buy house, sell to kids, rent back. I remember reading that housing expense payback higher if you rent rather than own, can’t find the article now)
    RCMP allege it was unlikely that Harb lived in the mouse house up to 2011, cleaning lady swept up all the flies in 2010, it was sold, and same or his next house, he visited but not likely his principle residence.

    So, why did Harb keep an interest in the property? I assume his name remains on title and for a reason yet to be alleged.
    Who got paid the proceeds from the sale of the mouse house?
    What was the relationship between Harb and Ms Magdalene Teo (now Brunei ambassador to China)?

    Liberals always have much more juicy scandals than Conservatives.

    • wilson says:

      October 12, 2007, Harb was granted a mortgage on the property for $177,000 and later that day the property was sold to Teo. He maintained a 0.01 per cent interest in the property.

      “Obtaining a mortgage on the property and then transferring 99.99 per cent ownership of the property to Teo on the same day potentially put the bank at risk,” it says. “Additional investigation will be conducted relating to this transaction.”

      • wilson says:

        RCMP investigated Harb in 2011 also,
        this is the 2nd investigation into his dealings
        h/t BCBlue

        • wilson says:

          On Oct. 12, Harb got a mortgage on the property for $177,000. That same day he transferred 99.99% ownership to Teo, who paid him $567,000, RCMP said.

          For detectives, it raised red flags.

          “Obtaining a mortgage on the property and then transferring 99.99% ownership of the property to Teo on the same day potentially put the bank at risk,” Horton wrote.

          • Liz J says:

            How could anyone conjure up such a scheme and how can it even be legal?
            He retained a pittance in order to pilfer money from the Senate of Canada supported by taxpayers?

            How can any lawyer get around that one?

            Then we have Trudeau saying harb’s case is much different than Duffy’s or Wallen’s, you bet it is!!!!

  33. Martin says:


    Jr continues to put his food in it on most controversies, he has this to say re Sen Harb:

    “Yes, absolutely,” Trudeau said in an interview on the Global News program The West Block with Tom Clark when asked about Harb’s future with the Liberals. “For me, there’s a real difference between what Mac Harb is going through and what Senators Duffy and Wallin seem to have on their plate.”

    Let Canadians be the judge on that, these latest allegations appear to warrant criminal charges.
    The Ottawa Citizen carries the story on p 1 and identifies local boy Harb in paragraph 16 on p 6, as a “onetime Liberal Senator”. Like that is so yesterday.

    • wilson says:

      Harb was a Liberal MP for Ottawa Center from 1988 until? Chretien appointed him to the Senate in 2003.
      The dude is Liberal.

  34. wilson says:

    And the hits just keep rolling in!!!

    Paul Dewar fined $7,000 by regulator over election campaign robocalls
    (and the horse he rode in, Strategic Communications , fined $10k)

    • Liz J says:

      Sorry Wilson, we must have been posting at the same time!

      I’m thinking they’ll have to keep trying to even things up, can’t have the poor Libs and Dippers taking all the blame /charges for robocalls.

    • Bec says:

      And of course it’s a ‘Friday’ to dump the scandal news….how convenient of them!

  35. Liz J says:

    Oh, another holier-than-thou yapper about robocalls has been charged and fined $7000.00 smackeroos, his name is Ottawa NDP MP Paul Dewar.

  36. Martin says:


    The Citizen story of another local boy charged comes from robo call sleuth Glen McGregor. He is careful to point out the charges are not laid by Elections Canada, and…

    “A former Conservative Party campaign worker, Michael Sona, is so far the only person charged under the Elections Act over the “Pierre Poutine” robocalls that directed voters in Guelph to the wrong poll location.”
    If it’s not EC it is really not too serious, and Dewer apologized.

    • wilson says:

      EC audit showed 160,000 ‘irregularities’ in the 2011 election,
      not exactly an unquestionable source for information, eh.

  37. wilson says:

    Wow, polls (if you can believe them) have Hudak’s PCs ahead in 2 Lib strongholds.
    Ontarians beginning to wrap their heads around just how serious the gas plant scandal is.

    • Joanne says:


    • Liz J says:

      But you see the defenders are saying it’s not as bad to be charged by the CRTC as EC.
      Wonder when we’ll see Dipper Puritan Paul Dewar’s mush in the media yapping off about robocalls again?

      Chuckie Angus, where are you?

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