“Nothing Has Changed”

New PCPO ad on how Kathleen Wynne is linked to the Gas Plant Scandal:

The McWynnety Government crew can try to call themselves ‘new’, but Ontarians know the truth: It’s just more of the same.

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There have been some stellar columns lately on the never-ending McWynneWath nightmares plaguing Ontario. I’m not even going to try to list them all here but I do want to point out a few Must-Reads, some of which have already been mentioned by readers in comments:

Scott Stinson, NPPremier Wynne determined to get Ontario unions back on side with Team Liberal:

“This guy [Hudak] will not blink,” the union boss said. “We can’t allow him to win here.

(Personally I find the union factor quite frightening.)

Rex Murphy, NP – Dalton Departs:

The gas plant cancellation is the truly big scandal of our time. It, by far, involves the largest disbursement of public monies in a dubious manner. The deletion of the emails is very close to sinister

I do like that word sinister.

Wynne courts teachers with our money Lorrie Goldstein, Sun

Poll: Does Premier Kathleen Wynne deserve any blame for gas plant scandal?Sun. Not looking good for McWynnety.

ABSOLUTE MUST-READ!  Van Moorsel: Grits’ teflon vaporized on gas plants – LFP

99 ways to shred your credibilityChristie Blatchford

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196 Responses to “Nothing Has Changed”

  1. Liz J says:

    Are we to believe Wynne didn’t know what she was signing? Is that part of her know nothing excuses? Guess we can say “nothing” has changed in more ways than one.

    As for trying to call the same old crew “new”, that’s quite a stretch, same old sinking, stinking ship with a different member at the helm is hardly “new”.

    • old white guy says:

      same poopy, different crew.

    • Anne in swON says:

      There’s an old sea story about a ship’s Captain who inspected his sailors, and afterward told the first mate that his men smelled bad. The Captain suggested perhaps it would help if the sailors would change underwear occasionally.

      The first mate responded, “Aye, aye sir, I’ll see to it immediately!”

      The first mate went straight to the sailors berth deck and announced, “The Captain thinks you guys smell bad and wants you to change your underwear.” He continued, “Pittman, you change with Jones, McCarthy, you change with Witkowski, and Brown, you change with Schultz.”

      Someone may come along and promise “Change”, but don’t count on things smelling any better.

      • Joanne says:

        Or in Kathleen Wynne’s case, they might be changing booty shorts. 😉

        • Liz J says:

          You’d think maybe she’d have more serious matters to concern herself with. We know because of her government’s mess we who pay taxes and try to survive in this crazy province have.

        • Anne in swON says:

          One more sign I’m getting old – I had no idea those bottom-baring garments had a name! The picture clinched it for me.

        • Exiled Maritimer says:

          Saw a study once that claimed hemlines went up in good times and down in bad times. Forget the Granny dress and go straight to the burqa. On the plus side they are unisex. Ontario – you are screwed!

  2. Liz J says:

    How about that? Our PM is showing his smarts when our traditional allies, US, France and Britain are sending arms to Syrian rebels, Canada will not. Given the instability of that place who can guarantee anything sent to help the rebels will actually stay in their hands? Smart move IMO.

  3. Bubba Brown says:

    Great truth ad! Doing the heavy lifting MM won’t do.
    I always chuckle when “new and improved” is used as a tag line.
    So what was wrong with the former Premier?
    Pretty hard to pretend you know “nothing” when you signed off on it.
    If Wynn couldn’t figure out the true cost she is incompetent, if she could she is just another Liberal guilty of “terminological inexactitude”
    Anyone who would believe the ironically named Wynn would also believe Junior Trudeau is an inspirational speaker and would line up to breath the “sanctified air”
    Or as Justin says “uuuh, uuuh, wait a minute, even if it means paying back the money………
    Hardly sounds to me like those charity folks should hold their breath till the cheque arrives.
    I am hearing that the Liberal heavy weights behind the curtain are seriously PO’ed with Justins traveling Road Show.
    The optics of not being in the HOC when it is in secession and having the worst record of missing votes while being out collecting outragoeus fees for being, well Justin.
    Well to put it mildly the shine is coming off, and inquiring minds are asking why this trust fund baby, of a trust fund baby, is someone who could be taken seriously.
    The bedwetters in MM who are doing their best to shield the Prince from his misteps, are not doing him any favors.
    They are acting like helicopter parents, hovering around, Justin needs to take his lumps.
    This enquiring mind wants to know, if and when Justin makes it right, if he will be looking for a tax deduction or if the repayment will be from a “secret Liberal Fund”
    Bourque is asking somewhat bluntly “Did Trudeau Screw more than one Charity?”
    If indeed that is what happened it raises more questions, how much for aah “stud fees”
    When they start laughing at ya…………
    I betcha Mr Garneau is giggling somewhere.
    Methinks they picked the wrong puppy.

    • Richco says:

      I’d like to see some good investigative journalist go digging in to just how Ontario’s school board shopped Justin around, and helped him get gigs in their schools.

      Some school boards charged kids a fee to attend the events that they developed around Trudeau. Did he take money from children? Martin, I believe that in Kincardine a fee was asked for from students was it not? Kids also got a day off school and were bussed in from the whole board which if very large, so it would have cost the board in bussing fees too.

      I have also heard that some school councils paid the fees from the money they received from the government for school council training sessions and other projects.

    • Mary T says:

      I want to see the cheque, if he repays the money, or says he has. Also, he can’t do it as a donation and get a tax receipt. And were all those fees a way to get around donation limits for his leadership bid. What is that song, I give to you and you give to me.

  4. Richco says:

    I think it’s a very mild ad that could have cut much, MUCH deeper IMO.
    I sense that the electorate and Ontario taxpayers are much angrier than the gas plants.
    Wynne needs to be tied as much to all of those other scandals overseen by McGuinty as possible because she was there too.
    I give this a 5/10.
    I don’t like the cartoonish nature of the piece.
    OntariOWE is in deeper trouble and I think that while it’s ok to remind folks of one scandal under these provincial Liberals even Bob Rae is seen as a rank amateur.
    I would have much preferred Hudak and his strong caucus beginning to tell us how they’ll begin cleaning up this HUGE mess.
    We know the WynneWath government did it.

    • Liz J says:

      Yeah, if they start talking about solutions to the messes it should highlight and impact on the voters the incredible mess the McGuinty Liberals have made of this province.

      I cannot understand anyone, even Liberals ,who pay taxes too, can support this wrecking crew, it’s mind boggling.

    • Richco says:

      it’s the goofy sound effects that make this appear cartoonish.
      I know that the PCs are likely trying to target Wynne because she’s who they’ll have to deal with in the next election and upcoming byelections, but imagine an ad that includes the laundry list of scandals, boondoggles and wasted money.
      Wynne has to wear it all, not just her alleged involvement in the gas plant scandal.

      • Joanne says:

        I hope more ads are coming. And I want reporters to ask McWynnety if she will continue the status quo on Caledonia, pesticide bans (which are approved federally), Green Energy, eye exam exemptions from OHIP, etc, etc.

        • Richco says:

          Me too Joanne.
          Just because McGuinty’s gone doesn’t give Wynne a pass on ANY of those other things.
          Actually, something has changed in Ontario.
          Hudak and the PCs have terrific white papers and a plan they should be promoting as a direct alternative to more of the same Liberal BS.
          It’s time for the PCs to start helping people make the comparisons between what they get with a McWynneWath government and what they would get with a Hudak government.
          Voters and taxpayers already know they’ve been screwed over by this government.
          Show them how you’ll fix it Tim and co.

      • Anne in swON says:

        The more I see that ad the better I like it. Just keep ’em comin’.

  5. Sandy says:

    For those who are asking what the Ontario PCs would do, just a reminder that in the last year they have released 14 policy papers that very clearly say what they would do if elected with a majority government.

    I agreed with some and disagreed with others. But, Hudak and his shadow Cabinet team have been pushing these options vigorously.


    However, IMO, at this point, the PCs have to hammer home why the Wynne government is corrupt so that the NDP will be pressured to join them in taking down the Liberals in the fall. In other words, Hudak and the PCs have to walk a fine line whereby the NDP (and their union backers) thinks they might have a chance at government as well.

    Re today’s ad, I think it is as good as the federal CPC truth ads. People will remember the signature, that is for sure. It’s summer. Short and catchy works. My reaction was: Hmmm. That signature puts a lie to the new Premier’s claim of not being “part of the conversation.”

    • Richco says:

      The days of walking a fine line are drawing to a close IMO. It’s a nice theory Sandy but if the gov’t falls it’s not because Horwath joins the PCs in anything at all. If Horwath changes her mind it’s going to be the findings of the OPP criminal investigation that changes it for her and hopefully Ontario voters.

  6. Sandy says:

    Richco — Sorry, didn’t see your last comment on the White Papers. They actually do show the electorate “how they would fix things.” However, as far as an election platform, that won’t be out until we are in an election, or very close to one — because ifd they released it now, the Liberal war room would trash everything as they did with Tory’s FB funding. It’s all about timing.

    But, as you say, the points of policy are all in the White Papers.

    What is frustrating to me is that when I read comments under MSM columns, people say that the PCs have said or done nothing. I swear Tim could stand on his head in the middle of the QP law and the media would ignore him.

    • Richco says:

      No problem. Those White Papers have been rolling out for the past year, have received little or no media coverage or attention of any kind even from Conservative bloggers that I could tell. Too much else diverted the pressers they had and of course the consensus media did its best to not even bother.

      That’s why I think that he’d do better to start sparking more interest and attention and doing his own ads in this same manner but make it about him and the PCs plans.

      In the early days of the Common Sense Revolution which actually began a good two years before the election he first won, he coined that phrase in every bingo hall and church supper as he toured the province. By the time the election rolled around the CSR was widely known and supported.

      No election platform necessary now. I didn’t suggest that.

      • Sandy says:

        Richco, I assumed when you suggested that Hudak to tell us what he would do differently, you were referring to an election plan or platform. Sorry if I misunderstood.

        • Richco says:

          I think the broad strokes are in those White Papers and I do think that the PCs made a deliberate attempt to be as contrary to the left as possible in those white papers.

          Less likely for copycatting by the Liberals maybe.

  7. Sandy says:

    Oops. Stand on his head in the middle of the QP LAWN, not law. LOL

  8. Thucydides says:

    The NDP can set the agenda and run Ontario without the fuss and bother of an election now, so don’t expect any changes until 2017. By that time, most people will have forgotten and the election will be another round of trivial events highlighting non issues. As a bonus, the economic fallout of the next 4 years of NDP governance can be placed at the feet of a criminal and/or incompetent Liberal government.

    The real contest will be the Taxpayers vs the Public Service Unions, and the Unions have millions of dollars and a savvy, well rehearsed organization to put the boots to the taxpayers yet again.

  9. fh says:

    Prime Minister Harper is encouraging us to watch G8

    • bettie says:

      Thanks for this… the coverage on Canadian media has been very scant, and I like to see what’s going on. The comportment of our PM makes us proud.

  10. Martin says:

    Anne in swOn alerted us yesterday to this story of rapacious wind companies finally hitting a legal snag in Ont

    These outfits are used to getting their own way and zoning rules, health concerns of residents, wildlife and bird problems have never stood in the way of their subsidized profits. Now Transport Canada has ordered GDF Suez Can. to dismantle 8 turbines adjacent to Chatham airport. The permits for these towers would have come from Ont bureaucracy, probably M. Of Environment; so who exactly screwed up here?
    Typically the company will look for someone else to pay for dismantling, namely Ont taxpayers. What will bear watching is Wynne’s answer to the wind company’s demand for compensation. The wind companies are Liberals’ friends and allies, will Wynne support them, or Ont taxpayers?

    • Anne in swON says:

      Thanks for the new link, Martin. Every comment I read following the story echoes my thoughts on these monstrosities.

    • Richco says:

      Collingwood has issues with the planned turbines being too close to their airport too. They hadn’t been erected yet, but the town fought tooth and nail to right the wrong.

      So I wonder how long it will be before we get to find out how much the dismantling of these Chatham ones will cost us? If ever?

      This looks like a good story for Ezra.

      • Martin says:

        Kincardine airport is also surrounded by turbines that have been mentioned as a problem.
        It is becoming a bit of a pattern for the McGuinty-Wynne regime, tearing down recently constructed power facilities. MSM should be all over this story.

  11. Now we hear that Robert Prichard was deeply involved in the gas plant negotiations which ripped US off from anywhere from $600 Million to over a Billion of our hard earned tax dollars to make sure this Liberal cabal hangs onto the keys to our vault at Queen’s Park………………..
    This is nothing short of out and out “theft” or better yet “misappropriation of public funds”……..no amount of psycho-babble from Wynne and company can hide this anymore!!!!

  12. Anne in swON says:

    What disturbs me deeply is the fact that a great many of these massive wind turbines line Hwy. 40 between Wallaceburg and Chatham enclosing a portion of the Mississippi Flyway which “encompasses the western portion of Lake Erie, Lakes St. Clair, Huron, and Superior”, the migratory path of the snow geese in this part of the continent. Certain fields are stop-off points for a day or two and are a marvel to behold. I shudder to think of the possible carnage of these majestic creatures.

    • Richco says:

      We’re on the snow goose flight path here also Anne. The migratory bird issue is very much an issue here. There’s a professor at Western actually who has been studying the effects of turbines on bird populations AND has been not just lobbying the gov’t but trying to raise the issue whenever he can. Can’t recall his name at the moment but it’s easily found if you’re interested?

  13. Liz J says:

    OT: Shiny Pony said he did nothing wrong in charging charities thousands of dollars to show up and speak at fund raisers but now says he’ll “make it right”, give it back? Making nothing wrong right sounds like Liberal speak for getting caught/exposed which he blamed on Conservatives.

    Just like experienced Liberal Senator Mac Harb, he’s fighting paying back what he’s been told to, saying his expenses were approved. He spent more than the new Conservative Senators getting media coverage combined. It’s always the fault of someone else when Liberals get caught.

  14. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak at http://www.cfra.com at 08:40 eastern.

  15. Richco says:

    More trouble for the Prince of Pi today….this time re: his Georgian College show/speech

  16. Richco says:

    Here’s a 2min.17sec. clip of Justin Trudeau’s speech to the folks who attended the Kincardine District Secondary School symposium on this day.

  17. Richco says:

    And finally an excerpt from the Director’s Annual Report of when Justin Trudeau made the Avon-Maitland District School Board swoon over his advice on how to develop Character Education.

    This event was paid for by money given by the McGuinty government and Ministry of Education headed by Kathleen Wynne to the then school council parent engagement committee, which was a representative group of school council chairs.

    An OUT & IN scandal perhaps? OUT of the Liberal government coffers paid for by our tax dollars and IN to Justin’s bank account?

    You be the judge http://server1.amdsb.ca/aboutus/documents/DAR06-07.pdf

    My apologies for the glut of posts Joanne. Working this morning….the new feeds are always “on”. No more from me today.

  18. Gabby in QC says:

    Re: Trudeau’s speaking engagements.

    IMO, the tack the Conservatives should emphasize is the double-dipping aspect, noting that even former Liberal cabinet minister & leadership hopeful Martin Cauchon raised the issue back in February.

    “Liberal leadership hopeful Martin Cauchon is questioning front-runner Justin Trudeau’s judgment in continuing to collect public speaking fees while serving as an MP. …
    … arguing that speaking to charities and other non-profit entities like school boards should be part of an MP’s regular duties.
    … And he called on Trudeau to reimburse the money. …
    He noted that Trudeau missed some votes in the House of Commons while he was delivering paid speeches, “so there’s a question of double dipping there” as well.”

    Of course, most MSM didn’t make an issue of it back then. Even the headline of the above article dismisses Cauchon’s criticism as a “gang up”. It was also around the time Martha Hall Findlay had to apologize to Trudeau for questioning his concern & understanding of the middle class he claims to be representing.

  19. Bubba Brown says:

    Well, well, well the good looks and charm, are getting a little thin on the ground.
    Mr Trudeau as has been noted asking for absolution before admitting sin is a very astute observation.
    Ezra’s closure on his article was very good also;
    “Gilles Vaillancourt, the Mayor of Laval, resigned in disgrace and faces charges of corruption for allegedly taking illegal bribes for years.
    See, he’s not as smart as Trudeau. If Vaillancourt had just given his benefactors a speech and an invoice, he never would have been charged and he’d still be mayor right now.”
    Now them mean old Conservatives were criticized for showing “good sport” Justin stripping for charity.
    But now inquiring minds can ask was Junior struttin’ his stuff for 650.$ a minute?
    Wonder what the little fella would charge one a’ his fans for a lap dance?
    Hey! once we have established that your services are for sale is it not just a matter of price, n’est-ce pas?
    IMHO any “Charity” that “Pony’s up” LOL 20,000$ for Junior has way too much money and certainly does not need my support.
    Any Union that is giving 20,000$, for the “Shiny Pony Road Show” , well, refer back to Ezra’s astute comment.
    Thing of it is Mr Trudeau has outed himself as being meaner than cat sh**.
    He makes Ebenezer Scrooge look like a giddy philanthropist. IMO
    One thing, after all the print that we have seen about Mr Trudeau’s speaking tour.
    Why was there no mention of the number of times he could not fill the house?
    Of course it does not fit the Liberal, MM narrative does it.
    This post by Dean Skoreyko at “BC Blue” shows how desperately the MM are when trying to protect precious little Justin.
    It seems that a board member of Grace charity has a daughter that has strong Conservative connections.
    Shows just how desperate MM is and what bedwetters they are.
    Trudeau has and is being given a free ride by MM.
    It’s about time he both paid back the charities and reimbursed the Taxpayers for his absences in the house IMO.

    • Liz J says:

      Recalling when Justin called a Conservative MP “a piece of sh*t in the HOC and how long the Media Maggots were interested in talking and writing about. It was a very juvenile comment, not as adult as his father Pierre’s famous “fuddle duddle”, he’ll be while catching up to that one.
      If however, this was uttered by a Conservative in the HOC we’d still be reminded on a regular basis.

      • Martin says:


        This shows the desperate attempt to link charity in question to CPC. Note it is not the board member Judith Baxter, but the board members’s husband Gordon who is a member of the local riding association. Horrors! the whole story then becomes a conspiracy by the PMO to discredit Jr.
        Actually this kind of baby sitting by the media does more harm to Jr than good, just reinforces his infantile image.

        • Fay says:

          Kadie O and her mean girls have also hunted down this board member’s daughter on facebook. The media party has gone way beyond manipulating the story to intimidating anyone who does not worship justin.
          What is with the blind devotion to the Liberal party from CBC. They looked the other way during the sponsorship scandal then onto manipulating the message to protect the Ontario McGuinty Liberal government.
          I want no part of the Canada that CBC represents!
          Sell CBC please!!

          • wilson says:

            Intimidation is the media maggot norm, but revealing a source is really a step over the line imo.
            there was a time when journalists would rather go to jail than reveal a source.
            As BC Blue says, whistle blowers beware.

  20. Bubba Brown says:

    Good grief now the MM and Little hurt feelings Justin are trying to change the channel.
    Delacourt at the Star is trying to link the PMO.
    The Star? a Somali drug dealer is a reputable source not a charity board member because she apparently “sleeps with a Conservative”
    It really is about the mean old Conservatives.
    In-Justice to Justin it is to weep.
    Look a Squirrel!
    No shortage of nuts in Quebec apparently.

  21. wilson says:

    And this is a real problem for Trudeau,
    double dipping.
    With just 9 speaking engagements, while being absent from the House, Trudeau raked in $147K. One more gig and he doubled his MP salary.

    ”…A QMI agency examination of those engagements founds that nine events for which he earned $147,000 were held on days the House of Commons was sitting.

    Hansard, the official record of House of Common proceedings shows no evidence Trudeau was in the House on the dates of those nine events.

    On April 20, 2012, for example, Trudeau earned $20,000 for a speech he gave to Literacy for Life in Saskatoon. In the House of Commons, other MPs were debating and voting on a pension reform initiative.

    On Jan. 31, 2009, MPs debated and voted on changes to employment insurance benefits. There is no record Trudeau voted on that initiative or participated in the day’s proceedings. But he did give a speech that day to the Toronto-based group, The Learning Partnership, for which he was paid $10,000….”

    • Richco says:

      That “Learning Partnership” in Toronto.
      More left-leaning types that was started by an ex Deputy Education Minister.

  22. Bubba Brown says:

    So here is a poll at the Sun asking who should explain themselves Justin the Inspirational Speaker, or the Grace foundation.
    Running about 86% for Justin to explain himself low teens 14% for Grace charity.
    Amazing thing here is the MM circling the wagons around Justin.
    Thomas Muclair had a very good critique of Mr Trudeau’s behavior also at Sun.
    The MM spiking stories and jumping in to defend Trudeau even to the point of trolling Face book for Conservative connections is troubling but not at all surprising.
    Any comment or criticism or news story from a Conservative is automaticaly suspect.
    An uncorroborated story/smear from Somali Crack Dealers, hey, front of the MM news cycle for months.

    • wilson says:

      The media maggots get how damaging this is to their Prince.
      Void of experience and smarts, he came with a celebrity name, the nice guy who will do politics different, and great hair.
      He blew 1/3 of his image, and leaves Canadians wondering if he has any ‘scruples’.

      1. [n] motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person’s thoughts and actions .

  23. Bubba Brown says:

    Wilson, “Does he have any scruples”?
    Perhaps, maybe it is just too far a reach from his gated community.
    The other half of his team is the Liberals and sycophants that have infested these committees.
    I mean, what do the commoners want from me?
    I don’t think he is immoral, just completely detached from ordinary Canadians.
    I have not yet heard of any charity getting a cheque, I am sure it is imminent.
    The irony of charging Smiths Landing First Nation 6,000$ for one of his handy, dandy, one size fit’s all plethora of platitudes and then jet back to Ottawa and vote against a clean water bill for first nations.
    He is getting clobbered on this and still does not really “get it”
    The crown Prince of Pi-Natas

  24. Anne in swON says:

    O/T Here’s a shocker – NOT: The woman who allegedly threw a drink at Mayor Rob Ford is Shannon Everett who “works at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa as a multimedia developer in the teaching and learning centre.”

    • Richco says:

      Apparently the Somalian community is up in arms today about the bad rap it believes it’s getting from Rob Ford and all the attention that has created.
      Saw on CP24 where a spokesperson for the Somalian community is looking for Ford for something. Not clear on what that was although she did say that no one from city hall had bothered to come in to the community since the allegations surfaced a few weeks ago.

      What this woman and the community failed to mention though is ask the Star for an apology, because if memory serves me correctly, it was in the Star’s breaking news article that actually used the terms Somalian drug dealers.

      Why no apology or accounting from that community from the Toronto Star?

  25. Martin says:

    Just noticed that the legislature channel has a repeat of todays hearings on the gas plant scandal at 6:00.
    I saw some of the testimony of Emily Marangoni staffer to McGuinty and Wynne and some of it strained credibility. NDP’s Peter Tabuns reminded her a couple of times she was under oath. See for yourself.

    • Richco says:

      So McGuinty’s former chief of staff says that it was the rule to delete emails.
      Are you buying this?

    • Joanne says:

      The whole thing stinks! I watched it live and it certainly did strain credibility.

      • Martin says:

        OK Ms Marangoni is a small player in this, not the chief but she certainly gave a poor showing and got a rough ride for it. To claim she never heard of “project Baker” when V. Fedeli has a FOI request with her name on an e-mail about Project Baker…, it doesn’t look good. Then she explained she didn’t have her e-mail because it had been deleted! Her testimony was a lot of “the dog ate my homework” variety.
        The more this committee keeps digging the worse it will be for Wynne; I can’t believe many staffers are willing to make fools of themselves to protect the leader over this.

        • Richco says:

          I really like Blatchford’s column that you linked to above Joanne.

          If we ever needed more proof of why the general public and career bureaucrats (usually very well paid ones) don’t ever get along her column gives us an insight.

          What a pompous ass McGuinty’s ex chief of staff was.

  26. Gary says:

    This reminds me of the pathetic appearence of Jean and Paul at the AdScam theft of tax -dollars where they used the Sgt.Schultz defense that they were too stupid to be expected to know what went on under them. They saw Nothhhin, they heard Nothhhin. Only a Liberal would try to take the credit for a disaster and then plea for mercy because they are too stupid to have been trusted with running the Province.
    Since Wynne wants non-canadians to be able to vote, why not out-source the Government to foreign Companies that couldn’t vene come close to why Furious George pi$$ed away for eHeath and the GEA scam. Why stop at just foreign voters electing morons to run Ontario, let foreigners run Ontario and store ALL emails on giant servers and then archive them.

  27. ed says:

    Heard Tim Hudak on CFRA this morning. Wow, Hudak has come a long way!! Haven’t heard him for awhile. He keeps on getting better. IMO, he exhibited supreme confidence this morning. Dramatic change from when he first started. He’s improved, and now he’s improved even more. Great!!

  28. ed says:

    CBC’s Julie Van Dussen and Liberal Wayne Easter defending Trudeau today. How pathetically, sickening those two are. They provide perfect examples of the depth of the decay and rot within the CBC and the same old Liberal party. They clearly exhibit what is wrong with the CBC and the tired, old Liberal party. Easter as a politician is a joke, heard him many times on CFRA and he’s totally out to lunch. The average Joe on the street has more sense. Disgusting what taxpayers have to endure. I still say the MSM is our number one problem. We should not put up with it.

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  30. Liz J says:

    Well knock me over with a feather, Citizen and Postmedia News win Michener award, the snarky duo of McGregor and Mahar get awarded for reporting on the “robocalls”.

  31. Liz J says:

    Appears the Media Maggots are in high dudgeon because PM Harper won’t answer their questions re the PMO supposedly outing their Shiny Pony over his fleecing of charities for his speaking fees.

    Trudeau is the leader of their Liberals, aspiring in their fondest dreams to be Prime Minister, how dare any opposition party question anything he does! Why don’t they just put him on a little red wagon and pull him along like the immature twit he’s proving to be?

  32. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Brian Lilley at http://www.cfra.com at 08:20 am eastern.

  33. Bubba Brown says:

    Well Sun news seems to have made Justin the inspitational Speaker Dude into a growth industry.
    Just can’t get enough Justin, reminds me of Mark Twain’s story of the man who decided to carry a cat home by the tail.
    ” A person that started in to carry a cat home by the tail was gitten knowledge that was always going to be useful to him, and waren’t ever going to grow dim or doubtful”
    Of course Maggot Media is trying hard to defuse, deflect, whooping and throwing crap like a troop of howler monkeys on crack.
    Now the PM’s office has unleashed it’s deadly, legendary, seldom seen “black op’s brigade” on unsuspecting, bambi Justin in the headlights.
    Run Justin, run!
    Can a “save Justin” movement be far behind?
    These guys make the Seal team that arranged Bin Laden’s meeting with the fishes look like a bunch of Rotarians gathered around Justin breathing the santified air at 20 G a drone-fest.
    That the PM’s office has folks who do political work is apparently news to the MM fartcatchers.
    This just in;
    Show us the Money, Justin
    Justin Trudeau is in trouble, and his loyal media are scrambling to find him a way out.
    Today’s shiny bauble is the fact that the Prime Minister’s Office provided journalists with publicly available information about Justin Trudeau’s controversial paid speaking engagements to non-profit groups.
    The Prime Minister’s office employs political staff who do political work.
    Yet Justin Trudeau’s taxpayer-funded staff have spent their week calling charities to apologize on Justin’s behalf.
    Justin Trudeau claims that his speeches to charities were strictly personal and have nothing to do with his business as an MP.
    If that’s the case, why are taxpayers paying the bill to manage his personal affairs?
    Yet more proof that Justin Trudeau’s favourite cause is… Justin Trudeau!
    I have yet to hear of any charity gettin’ a refund, or a pole dance lol

    • wilson says:

      Bubba, haven’t seen in the media any mention of your example of the Smiths Landing fee, anymore to add to the list I noted below?

      • Bubba Brown says:

        Hi Wilson, August 21, 2007, Smiths Landing , First Nations Water Conference
        Fee 6,000
        Scroll down for a complete list of JT`s speaking Engagements
        Seems to me that he is functioning as a his own lobbyist.
        Beggars the imagination that anyone would pay for his words of wisdom.
        Ezra has him pegged IMO.

        • Bubba Brown says:

          Whoops meant to mention Wilson the comments section is also very good.

        • Anne in swON says:

          According to the linked article “The money they paid him was reported in his disclosures as salary from a federal corporation, JPJT Canada Inc.” I googled JPJT Canada Inc. and learned that the list of officers consisted of JUSTIN P.J. TRUDEAU, director, alone. This indicates that Justin was paying himself from 2006-02-07 to 2011-03-24 when the corporation was dissolved. He became an MP in the 2008 election so was this corporation doing the bookings until dissolution and if so, was he hiring himself out to charities? So many questions.

          • Richco says:

            Did he have an agent?
            This is arrogant beyond belief!
            I think I’ll start a corporation and the product I’ll be selling is ME because I’m so fabulous, my name is Trudeau and who wouldn’t want to come hear me, see me and get up close to me for a photo op?


            • wilson says:

              Yes, he had a booking agency.

              • Anne in swON says:

                Did he have the booking agency prior to the dissolution of his own corporation? Do you have any info about the agency. I recall reading about a speakers’ agency he used after 2010. Is that the one you mean? He said his fees are paid to them, I believe, so something has changed over the years.

  34. Liz J says:

    Parliament is officially out of the House until September. The Kindergarten/opposition kiddies can go play their little games at BBQ’s around the country. Wonder what Jr Trudeau will find to attract attention?

  35. wilson says:

    So will Trudeau’s conflict of interest scandal be considered behind the closed doors of the secret board of internal economy?
    Perhaps that’s why the NDP with CPC agreement, insisted on a committee to look at flinging open the doors, perhaps getting rid of the secret board entirely
    -$122,500 speaking fees from Unions, then voted against union transparency legislation
    -$6000 fee from Smiths Landing First Nation, back to Ottawa to vote against a clean water bill for first nations.
    Ian McDonald points out more examples
    -$12,000 Ontario’s Queen’s University when he was the Liberal Party’s higher-education critic. (He has also done paid appearances before school boards and other learning stakeholders while serving as his party’s youth critic.)
    -$20,000 from Rogers Media for a speech shortly after he was first elected, in 2008. The telecommunications industry is regulated by the feds

    And then there is the double dipping
    -$147,000 for 9 speaking events, on days the House was sitting, Trudeau was absent
    -NDP say Trudeau has missed 44% of the votes in the House
    -$77,000 in gigs in 2013, just days before entering the leadership race
    If any Conservative had done this, the RCMP would have already been called in.

  36. Liz J says:

    Beginning to think Trudeau has the right attitude and expertise to do the “because I’m worth it” L’Oreal commercials.

    Is it too much to expect the crack journalistic award winning team of McGregor and Mahar to get on the Trudeau fund raising scheme?

  37. Richco says:

    See’ya Bob Rae.
    I will NOT miss you.
    Ontario sure didn’t miss you, well, until McGuinty did you one better and drove our province in to the economic dumpster.
    Now Canada will not miss you…..or your sorry bare a** on Mercer.

    The Liberal vultures are already swirling overhead before the retirement ink is even dry.

  38. Liz J says:

    At least Rae knows when he’s done, others, like Wayne Doorknob Easter, and Ralphie Goodale hang on like a bad smell.

    • Richco says:

      Listened to the interview Rae gave and he didn’t rule out a comeback.
      Egos-R-Us……that’s the new Liberal mantra….or should be.

      His parting words included that Justin Trudeau WILL be the next MP of Canada.

      Right Bob, just like Dion and Iggy were supposed to be the next PM.

  39. wilson says:

    Trudeau was asked by reporter to comment on the wisdom of talking to the Taliban.
    He hums and haws and then rudely says
    `you`re Sun News people, I know`
    oooops, it was a CBC reporter
    Did he think it was a trick question, or too hard ball to come from any of his luvin`media…
    What a jerk


  40. Richco says:

    watch this clip to learn everything you need to know about the CBC and Baby T.

    • Richco says:

      sorry I see this was linked to earlier…..and I commented on it already.
      I said what I wanted to.
      Long day, longer session of both on the Federal and Provincial fronts.
      I’m pretty disappointed all around politically.
      Although Hudak’s having a bit of an up-tick and hitting his stride, so that’s encouraging. Just hoping he and the PCs continue on through the summer because it needs to be a drip,drip,drip,drip of a reminder of who he is and what the PCs stand for that will see this province recover.
      Time for a nice long vacation away from news and social networking.
      It sometimes make me feel ill.

  41. Bubba Brown says:

    Well here ya go, the law of unintended consequences, hat tip SDA.
    I am suprised MM gets even 23%, the mean girls and all that trash talk, trolling face book, shameful really, defund CBC!

    • wilson says:

      Speaking of polls, curious that Nik Nanos has polls on P&P 2 days in a row, yet not on voting intentions. Is the Prince of Pi slipping?
      Haven’t seen a ‘Trudeau majority’ poll for awhile.

  42. wilson says:

    Is the Trudeau speaking fee actually a laundered political contribution from a union?

    Discussion at Macleans, this is not going to go away.

    Mr Transparency voted against the Union transparency bill which would have made his fee public.
    Mr Transparency missed the vote on the First Nations transparency bill.

  43. Martin says:

    The LPC must be thanking their stars that Parliament has recessed, and that Jr. will not have to face daily questioning from Ottawa. The past week has been disastrous for the Trudeau brand. In the next few weeks, most voting Canadians are going to make their impression of Trudeau Jr., once made, that is almost impossible to change. Liberal handlers must be desperate to get him into a studio and teach him how to ask questions, without the foolscap notes, how to make a political point and shut up, how to talk like a man, or at least an adult. Good luck with that, so far the impression given is that all his life he has been surrounded by those telling him how wonderful he is.
    The optics of the speaking fee scandal is a huge obstacle for him; all the cheer leading from Kady, Lisa and Rosemary cannot overcome the devastating quote from Jason Kenney posted earlier.
    The guy is 42 years old, Canadians have to be asking “Is he a professional politician or not?” From the SunTV video posted above one would have to conclude not yet. And for God sakes, if you wish to be taken seriously give up on the naked chest routine and close the 2nd button.

  44. Anne in swON says:

    I just watched the replay of Don Martin’s interview with Eve Adams. She states that the ticket she received was for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign on Parliament Hill, that she had NOT been talking on the phone and there was nothing on her ticket for that and that the amount of her fine was not what has been reported in the press. It’s highly doubtful we’ll see any apologies or corrections. Btw, she has paid her fine and wonders why Tom Mulcair was allowed to blow through multiple stop signs and not receive a ticket.

      • Anne in swON says:

        Notice how the misinformation is attributed to the ubiquitous unnamed source – not just any old source but a “well-placed source”. That just screams reliability, right? Payback from the NDP, ya think?

        • Fay says:

          I watched the Don martin attack on Eve Adams also today.
          Don Martins dislike of Eve Adam appears to top his tirade against Mike Duffy. Only this time his put down was in person. He even attempted to defend Thomas Mulcair. Something even Megan Leslie was smart enough to avoid.
          I am not a lawyer but i hope she can sue him over something.
          The whole thing looked like bullying abuse to me.

  45. Bubba Brown says:

    Good Grief! It’s only a stop sign when a Conservative does a “allegedly rolling stop”
    Tommy Muclair blew through how many?
    No ticket?
    The RCMP their slogan “without fear or favor” WTF?
    “Maintain the Right” huh!
    How about suck up to the left.
    Anyway at the professional speechmakers little soapbox, built by Union Labor and Funds;
    With an assist from taxpayers of course.
    Merde Frappe Le Ventrilator!
    Conflict of Interest Allegation Made Against Justin Trudeau
    Today Conservative Member of Parliament Ben Lobb wrote to the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner to request an investigation into Justin Trudeau’s conduct in accepting payments from unions who stand to benefit from his efforts to block Bill C-377 – the union financial transparency bill.
    Under the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons, Members like Justin Trudeau are banned from acting in any way which could cause a real or apparent conflict of interest, and from using their position as a Member to further their own private interests.
    MP Lobb wrote to the Commissioner to raise concerns that Justin Trudeau may be using his position as a Member of Parliament to advance the interests of groups who have made direct, substantial, personal financial payments to the Member.
    In his letter, MP Lobb specifically cited the $35,000 that Justin Trudeau has accepted in personal payments from unions while serving as a Member of Parliament. Justin Trudeau is now leading the charge against efforts to increase the level of financial transparency required by these unions.
    These are very serious allegations and raise serious questions about the judgement of Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau’s activities on this matter demonstrate once again that the Liberal Leader is just in over his head.

  46. fh says:

    O/T this is the reason we need new pipelines the old pipelines are failing

  47. Liz J says:

    Given the mess Ontario is in it is to be hoped the voters realize it will not be helpful to vote for any party that sucks up to the demands and threats of unions.

    • Bec says:

      We have a couple of family members who are ONT teachers and they are absolute Kool-Aid drinkers re this/past Liberal govt. There is no talking to them and this ideology goes into the classroom?

      It’s very frightening to acknowledge their power and wealth.

      • Richco says:

        You too eh Bec?
        If I have to sit through another family gathering and listen to teachers complain about how they got their 368 sick days cut back or how badly they have it, I’d sooner start passing on attending family gatherings all together.
        I have a family of teachers, two principals and two university profs.
        The teachers work for different systems. Public, Catholic and private.
        Watching and listening to them go at it is often entertaining with sometimes the Catholic and private teachers vs. the public ones.
        I also recall as a kid being advised by the older teachers in the family to consider going in to teaching because the benefits are great and you get the summer off.

  48. Fay says:

    I am waiting to see if Robert Fife will denounce Seamus o Regan if he runs for the liberals to replace Bob Rae.
    Will he receive the same treatment as Peter Kent and Mike Duffy on entering politics?

    • Anne in swON says:

      Short answer, NO.

      • Fay says:

        I agree Anne in SWont, not seeing the cold shoulder for Seamus oRegan from anyone on CTV news network so far.
        Guessing that Robert Fife will treat Seamus favourably like he treats former CTV employee Liberal senator Jim Munson.

    • Liz J says:

      They’ll be utterly giddy if Seamus runs, he’ll be a perfect fit for the Liberals under Trudeau.

      Looking at video of Justin with Rae showed quite a contrast of age and experience. The LPC is not on very solid foundation, Justin’s gaffe meter when attempting to answer “surprise” questions keeps rising.

      • Bec says:

        If you watch Rae closely, he winces when Jr Drama teacher responds.
        JT is so ill-informed and displays a intelligence void that boggles the mind. These are things that he SHOULD KNOW, not be learning on the fly.
        His entire gig is nothing more that an act.

        • Liz J says:

          Even good actors learn their lines before going on stage. Trudeau and the LPC figure he’ll wow voters by just being who he is.

          I know after his bumbling answer to a serious and apparently surprise question from a CBC reporter, he’s not ready for prime time. We don’t want him with his hand on the switch any time soon.

        • wilson says:

          I noticed that too Bec, Trudeau’s answer was so lame, he rolled around the question with platitudes.
          The reporter had to repeat the question to Trudeau,
          a Dion do-over.

          • Martin says:

            A professional politician and Jr is leader of a main political party, doesn’t get to choose which press groups he will respond to. Supposing he was correct and it was Sun mews, that doesn’t mean he can brush them off. If he ever achieved PM status, how could he handle QP? All indications so far point out that he is not ready for prime time. I doubt if he ever will be.

  49. Bubba Brown says:

    Reading Coynes article in the NP, on the travails of Justin the speechmaker, where he prefaces every rhetorical question with
    “Is it wrong”
    If you are asking the question.
    In my experience you already know the answer.
    But hey another day another “Cri du coer” from the CBC

    Dear Bubba,
    The Harper Conservatives are out to kill the CBC
    We can’t waste a single moment to prepare our biggest defence of the CBC – ever.
    If you could tell Stephen Harper just one thing about his shameful treatment of our CBC, what would that be?
    Your suggestion could be the headline in a full-page newspaper ad we are working on right now.
    This ad will appear in more than one newspaper just in time for the Conservative Party convention starting next Thursday.
    But to make this happen, I need your help.
    It will cost $25,000 to place the ads, and another $15,000 to commission a public opinion poll. Can you pitch in?
    After all Harper has already done to weaken and control the CBC, his agenda is crystal clear.
    All Canadians who value the CBC – and believe that public broadcasting is the oxygen that nourishes our democracy – must fight back.
    Stephen Harper is out to kill public broadcasting in Canada and this is exactly what will happen if the Conservatives adopt policy resolutions about the CBC that are up for discussion at the convention next week.
    We do not have a single moment to waste to prepare a massive on-the-ground campaign leading up to the next election to oppose the Harper Conservatives’ destructive agenda.
    With your help, our first salvo will come in the form of print ads during the Conservative convention.
    We are also launching other initiatives soon to demonstrate that Canadians will not stand for the destruction of our CBC. Stay tuned for more details.
    Please join me and give generously so we can send Harper a jolt at the Conservative convention!
    With thanks,
    Well there you have it folks dig deep lol
    I am waiting with bated breath for the CBC budget to be cut they are an affront to our democracy IMO
    Perhaps the CBC could get a donation from Justin.

    • wilson says:

      Haha, jolt at the CPC convention!
      Perhaps JT could do a striptease for donations to the CBC.

  50. wilson says:

    Trudeau, the champion of the middle class… will he get a limo ride to those summer BBQs?
    Hundreds of thousands of middle class Canadians volunteer their time and money to charities every year.
    He’s not one of us, not generous, not sincere.

  51. jad says:

    “I googled JPJT Canada Inc. and learned that the list of officers consisted of JUSTIN P.J. TRUDEAU, director, alone”

    If Trudeau was having his speaking fees paid toa private corporation, as this seems to indicate, this is essentially just a way to avoid paying taxes. The private corporation is taxed on income at a lower rate than personal income tax, and of course Trudeau could charge a variety of expenses to it as well.

    So not only does he think it’s OK to stiff the charities and non-profits, it’s apparently OK to stiff the Canadian taxpayer. Nice one !

  52. Bubba Brown says:

    Well pilgrims here is a “non-attack attack video” I know it is an oxymoron but consider the walkin, talking contradiction that is Justin Of Trudeau.
    Remember when he said “I will never go negative”? Me too.
    I can only ask “Is It Wrong”?
    Content warning…….may cause nausea and extreme language in middle class Canadians.
    Just remember no matter how tough it gets out there “Justin hearts you”
    Enquiring mids want to know does Justin write his speeches with a crayon?
    The Transparent Trudeau the Limosine Liberal for the middle class.

    • wilson says:

      When you say one thing and then do another, Canadians figure out pretty quick that you are speaking from notes, not the heart.

      • Richco says:

        except that Justin can do neither very well.

        Re: JPJT Canada Inc. – He’s incorporated himself as if he were expecting to be a hot commodity and that people WOULD if he marketed himself right flock to see and hear him.

        Sounds very narcissistic. https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/narcissistic

        • Liz J says:

          Suppose he has that monogrammed on his bathrobes and towels?

          • jad says:

            Lots of people incorporate themselves as it’s a very tax-efficient way of earning money. While it’s perfectly legal and not tax avasion by any means, my point is that a future PM (ahem !) should not be avoiding taxes.

            • Anne in swON says:

              So the knives were unsheathed by 2011-03-24 just weeks before the federal election that saw Michael Ignatieff’s dreams of being PM go up in flames. That’s when the Liberals must have decided on the identity of the next leader and everything they said from then until the Trudeau coronation was nothing more than political posturing. How demeaning and embarassing for Garneau, Hall-Findlay, Murray et al.

  53. Richco says:

    It is far too easy to fall in to the slime pit of negativity when it comes to politics these days.
    I’m as guilty as the next person and I just caught myself being sucked in to a place where I don’t want to go any more.
    I’m disappointed in all three levels of my government to some degree. None is perfect, some worse than others but federally we’re a country that’s in the best shape of any other in the developing world and being governed just fine, with absolutely no threat or challenge to that for the next couple of years at least.
    Provincially, Hudak’s improved considerably but the key for him is to have the stamina to keep up the pace through the summer and in to the fall, because we know that unless criminal charges are laid against the McWynnety gov’t, Wynne is going to try to cling to power any way that she can. Those byelections are going to be very important in the coming months.
    Locally my community is in its 2nd year of recovery after a tornado ripped through it. It’s been a mixed bag of experiences and feelings. That change is in the wind is a nice hope but that too may take a while, but opportunities exist now like never before, so that’s hopeful and encouraging.
    I’m a news hound.
    So for me to actually look forward to days when I don’t watch, read or listen to any news is unusual but it’s getting to be the case more and more and more.
    Summer vacation is going to come in very handy this year.

  54. wilson says:

    MP Alexander was not caught off guard when asked the same question the Prince was asked. No talks until they put down their arms.
    little Trudeau’s answer was more like the beauty contestant who wants world peace…

    Trudeau Caught Off Guard By Taliban Question At Press Conference

    • Martin says:

      Even Rosemary of all people, understands the concept of press conferences.

      “You get questions,” Barton wrote. “You don’t get to decide which ones.”
      And this from CBC.

    • Anne in swON says:

      Get a load of Rosemary Barton’s snide tweet: “Also, dear Justin Trudeau, that question about negotiationing with the Taliban came from CBC. And is actually newsy.” The woman is full of herself, and that’s being kind.

      • Richco says:

        I have to give her kudos for that actually and, I’m actually glad that it happened because now the CBC has had a taste of what the SNN has had to put up with with idiot politicians.

        The fact that it’s on tape is even better.

        • Anne in swON says:

          I got the impression that she was implying that the CBC would ask “newsy” questions as opposed to Sun News and I found that offensive.

  55. fh says:

    very appropriate welcome for our Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper

  56. Bubba Brown says:

    Now this is as weird and wonderful as I have seen or heard.
    Justin did not give speeches as an MP he claims.
    Justin did not take a single penny as an MP he claims.
    The thing that people stumble over according to Justin is he was not wearing his “MP hat” when he was being paid to speak.
    I seen him wearing a hat in Calgary now was that a cowboy hat or a MP hat?
    Now enquiring minds wish to know, does Justin leap from a phone booth wearing his “professional speaker” cape ?
    Does he pass through the “looking glass” on his way to another dimension?
    Listen to this, it is damn weird.
    I think they did make a space cadet Liberal Leader.IMO
    Liberals really do occupy another dimension it seems.

    • Richco says:

      Wow. How many personalities does this guy have?
      Call Bill Shatner at Weird or What?
      I wonder if other educators consider themselves to be “professional speakers” too?

    • Anne in swON says:

      What a load of crap, Justin. Do you think the people who hired you or the ones who listen to you are making that same distinction? I doubt it. You’re on the horns of a dilemma methinks.

  57. Joanne says:

    Stay safe Alberta!

  58. Martin says:

    Right, except that Kincardine High School thought they were hiring an MP under the hat. See Richco post above for the advance billing: (Jun 2011) And yes info on ticket prices etc has been removed.

    “Kincardine District Secondary School is planning to host a two-day symposium in June, and MP Justin Trudeau, son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, is to be one of the keynote speakers.”
    The more he explains himself, the worse he makes it; Canadians are not the fools he thinks to be taken in by this angle. People can easily peruse his speeches and point out the political references. I’m sure many will.

  59. Richco says:

    So what do you all think of Trudeaus no-attack ad attack ad?
    Seen it yet?
    You’ll love it…..it’s Trudeau at his drama-teacher best.
    It’s summer kiddies, glad to be out of “that place” (you’ll see), and have a nice summer.
    Remember when he said he wouldn’t DO attack ads?

    • Richco says:

      make that “this place”. As Brian Lilley said on his show tonight(I am paraphrasing), if it wasn’t for “this place” Trudeau wouldn’t exist, the Trudeau name wouldn’t exist. “This place” made Trudeau.
      How would he know anyway? He’s hardly ever there.
      And I think if we review the questions he’s asked at Hansard, we could probably put a lie to his statement claiming to have fought for jobs for the middle class.
      Lastly he talks about all of the negativity of “this place” yet wasn’t it he who called Peter Kent a piece of s***? Another Liberal hypocrite. Same old, same old.

  60. Liz J says:

    Who is going to be feeding and taking care of the Shiny Pony as he gains the experience and knowledge he lacks in spades to be PM? Bob Rae said he will definitely be PM after next election.
    I say thanks for the warning, that should put all people who care about the country on high alert and vigilant for attempts by the Media Maggots as they push for Junior Trudeaumania.

    Does anyone think he’ll be rolling around the BBQ circuit in a dusty mini van with wife and kids in tow ?

  61. Bubba Brown says:

    This is all so confusing, did the good folks of Papineau know they were gettin’ not only the “begat” of Pierre the elder but a “Bo-Go” (buy-one-get-one)
    This one could also be called a “Bo-Go” (buy-one-get-overdose)
    Maybe to stop all the confusion he could wear a hat when he is “not” MP.
    I would suggest a beanie with a propeller to keep his fevered brow cool as he is holding forth on his “Quebec Owned Canada”.
    It’s a special place, where unicorns play and all expenses are approved by the ethic Commisar, and the Liberals run the show.
    As for his relief at getting out of “this place”
    Seems to me that with the 4th worst attendance record he hasen’t exactly wowed anyone paying attention.
    Bob Raes prediction that Junior will be PM ?
    If Mr Rae really believed that,there is no way he would be going anywhere.
    As it is playin’ Tonto to the “Lone Stranger” is heavy lifting, hard to keep a straight face.
    The look he gave Junior as he was doing his tap-dance around the “negotiating with the Taliban” question, well if looks could kill, we would be having a State funeral.
    Junior has yet to figure out that “Peace” in wherever-stan is that brief glorious moment when everybody is standing around reloading.
    Funny that Justin figured it was “Sun” media asking the question.
    Of course CBC usually asks stuff like “what is your favorite colour for couch coushions”?
    Or “who does your hair”?
    As it stands the only thing more transparent than Justin are the MM who are vainly trying to keep his “twin track train wreck” on the rails.
    He does remind this old guy on an observation from Oscar Wilde;
    “Absorbtion in one’s own personality can
    be the beginning of a life long romance”

    • wilson says:

      ‘If Mr Rae really believed that (the Prince will be PM),there is no way he would be going anywhere.’
      Exactly, why would he take a gig with Ontario First nations if he could be Minister of Indian Affairs, Rae could have any Ministry he wanted in a JT govt.

  62. Richco says:

    Here’s a typical lefty spinning for Justin Trudeau and shock of shocks blaming what’s transpired re: Justin’s speaking to charities as being the fault of…what else?…the PMO.

    Consider the source of this column. Delacourt wants us to believe that those charities that are not pets of the PMO are forced to hire speakers like Trudeau to make money, because the government has somehow done the charities wrong.


  63. Richco says:

    Here’s a good column by Charles Adler about the elephant in the Liberal room

    Have a good weekend Joanne….lots of R&R in between the rain storms they’re predicting. I’m going golfing anyway.

    For our Alberta friends, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll all be high and dry.
    The pictures coming out of Calgary are very concerning indeed.

    Mother Nature always has the last word it seems.

    • Bec says:

      Thanks Richco! It’s been quite the night/day. 100,000+ evacuated people is quite the event but………the PM arrived and his helicopter flew over our house. I kid you not and then within 5-10 minute, BLUE sky emerged…..
      So hmmmmmm…..:)

      Thanks to everyone who has cared. This is unprecedented in a major city and has done a kazillion dollars in damage. The ‘Flames’ needed help but destroying their rink is perhaps over the top…..It’s been that bad.

      • Joanne says:

        Wow. Sounds like you still have your sense of humour in spite of all the frightening weather and destruction, Bec.

        Stay safe.

        • Fay says:

          Everyone is watching and worrying about Calgary and southern Alberta here in southwest Manitoba. It is very good to hear you are dry . Stay safe.

          • Joanne says:

            Saw a clip last night with PM Harper, Redford and Nenshi standing together in a press conference after having seen the devastation from above.

            Good to see all levels of government coming together to support the people of Calgary and beyond.

            Is it true that insurance doesn’t cover this kind of damage?

  64. wilson says:

    CPC MPs should be spending the summer reminding their constituents what this government has achieved, not be on bended knee over some overblown Senate expenses.
    Time to get back in the drivers seat.
    PMSH knows what he has to do.

  65. Anne in swON says:

    There’s been a lot of talk recently about an article by L. Ian MacDonald for the Montreal Gazette entitled “MacDonald: Trudeau errs on speaking fees” which has now gone. A search turned up the same page on all of the news sites I checked: Page not found We’re sorry, the page you requested is not available. Thanks to our friend Google I found the cached page. Now I know why the powers that be had it pulled. Read it for yourselves. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3Awww.montrealgazette.com%2Fopinion%2FMacDonald%2Bspeaking%2Bfees%2BJustin%2BTrudeau%2Bmakes%2Bunforced%2Berror%2F7986181%2Fstory.html&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

    • Gabby in QC says:

      When I clicked on your link, I got this message:
      “404. That’s an error.
      The requested URL /search?q=cache%3Awww.montrealgazette.com%2Fopinion%2FMacDonald%2Bspeaking%2Bfees%2BJustin%2BTrudeau%2Bmakes%2Bunforced%2Berror%2F7986181%2Fstory.html&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a was not found on this server. That’s all we know.”

      But this link I saved among others in my personal “archives” still works for me:
      I don’t know if that’s the same article you’re referring to, but with a different headline? Notice though that ‘your’ article is dated Feb. 20, 2013 whereas ‘mine’ is dated June 18, 2013. In my Feb. 2013 “archives” I have a reference to this Macdonald article “On speaking fees, Justin Trudeau makes an unforced error” but the link no longer works.

      • Anne in swON says:

        You’re right, Gabby, I just tried it myself and got the same result as you. However, when I tried it several times earlier it worked. Maybe I’m becoming paranoid but I’m beginning to wonder whether something must have happened to the story in the meantime. The story I linked to is not the same one you refer to. But I just happen to have left that page open and can copy and paste if anyone wants it and if it’s OK with Joanne. The troubles the government finds itself in seem to stem from that date. Opposition attack dogs were unleashed and the willing media lapdogs were only too eager to assist. L. Ian certainly opened a can of worms for Justin Trudeau when he penned that article.

        • Gabby in QC says:

          I’ve noticed that some media outlets’ links become inactive after a certain period of time. Perhaps there’s a way — beyond my expertise — to retrieve them.

          I agree with you about the “opposition attack dogs” but I also believe that the Conservatives often suffer from self-inflicted wounds.

          Was it really necessary to play up the angle of the Grace Foundation, putting that organization in the position of having to partially deny its original complaint in order to save face? Was it really necessary to make that amateurish leak to the Barrie Advance about a speech Trudeau gave in 2007 at the Georgian College?

          IMO, once Ezra Levant began to examine how many speeches Trudeau had made, before whom, and how much he had earned from various charities and non-profits back in February when Trudeau made his disclosure, as if he was being so virtuous & transparent, I would have emphasized Trudeau’s absences from the House & supported that argument with what former Liberal Justice Minister & leadership hopeful Martin Cauchon said: that Trudeau was in effect double-dipping (ref. NP article by Joan Bryden titled “Martin Cauchon joins last-minute gang up on frontrunner Justin Trudeau as Liberal leadership race heats up”). I think that’s a far more important point –made by one of Trudeau’s own tribe! — than a charity organization complaining it hadn’t made enough money despite Trudeau’s “star power”.

        • Sandy says:

          I tried it this morning and it worked. I had to wait a few seconds for it to come up though.

        • Gabby in QC says:

          I tried it too after reading Sandy’s & Liz J’s posts & it did work for me too.

        • Anne in swON says:

          Yup, it worked when I tried it today. Helpful hint – there is a cached page for almost all pages posted on the web and to find it simply type (cache:web page address you’re looking for) without the brackets or spaces into the search box and hit enter. I told you Google was my friend 😉

        • Joanne says:

          But I just happen to have left that page open and can copy and paste if anyone wants it and if it’s OK with Joanne.

          Thanks for asking about that Anne in swON. I would prefer that only snippets of articles be copied due to copyright concerns. In any case it appears that others have now found the article.

          I have been so busy it’s going to take me days to catch up here. 😉

          • Anne in swON says:

            Thanks for getting back to me on that, Joanne. I never thought about copyright infringement only about the space it would take up on your blog. I put the blame on my single-minded determination to find that article because I think that’s when all he!! broke loose for the government. It’s my belief that the opposition and the msm are determined to bring this government down at any cost. The msm hatred of Mike Duffy and L. Ian Macdonald’s exposure of the possible effects of Trudeau’s ‘speechifying’ were the catalysts for the chaos that followed. How disappointing that Duffy has given them just cause for their attacks.

  66. fh says:

    great catch worth our time to read thanks to Anne in swOn

    • Bec says:


      • Richco says:

        Thanks Anne.

        It’s usually not about the politicians make it’s how they respond to it…or not.

        There’s a paragraph in there where MacDonald actually gives Trudeau kudos for proposing that all Senators throw open their books for a look see.

        We have just the government in place with Harper at the helm that can make that happen.

        Perhaps that will be part of his and his gov’t’s regrouping at the policy convention in Calgary….IF it goes forward at all due to flooding there.

  67. Liz J says:

    Have to wonder if the Liberals are telling Trudeau to go forth and smile, dazzle and sparkle we’ll take care of the rest. This could be why he doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, whether he got paid, how much he got paid by whom and why he can’t answer questions on current world news without looking and sounding lost at sea.
    Trouble with this idea is he’s playing to and strengthening the “Shiny Pony” tag. It’s obvious he’s in an on the job training mode and not ready for prime time.

  68. Richco says:

    Ontario Politics – Take a look at how Kathleen Wynne is going to stick it to Rob Ford. As this column says, this is not at all about fiscal management, it’s about Wynne and the Liberal Ont. government looking to do to Ford what his left-leaning colleagues on Toronto Council can’t.

    If SNN is looking in here (and I know you are), start tracking Wynne back to her Metro Parent Network days and make connections with her friends on Toronto Council now who were her MPN and P4E friends.


    • Liz J says:

      Liberals and their network of friends and connections seem endless in this province. They can stack the deck against Conservatives at any level, at any turn.

      If the people of this province give even a moment’s thought about supporting the Liberals with the colossal mess of scandals they’ve been the architects of, we have to have the dumbest electorate in the free world.

      The PC’s need to take them off their track at every turn, they cannot take off for a lazy summer. Talk about the scandals and offer up what they will do to correct the mess.

  69. Bubba Brown says:

    I hope family and friends are safe in Alberta.
    The usual frauds have shown up squalling about climate change, shut down the industries.
    Anyway it is saturday, time to get out the banjo, a little tune somewhat loosely based on “King of the Road”.
    I did considerer “I am just a Gigolo” but perhaps another time.
    This is about an anony-mouse politican who travels and sings for his supper.
    King of the Toads
    Speaker for sale or rent,
    Bumper sticker wisdom for 20 K,
    And you pay the bills,
    Extra charges for the thrills,
    I get paid way more than you,
    And all my expenses too,
    20 minutes of gushing bull,
    Is a 20 thousand dollar bill,
    I am a man of middle class by no means,
    King of the toads,
    Buisness class midnight flight,
    Destination easy street,
    5,000 dollar suit and shoes,
    I get paid from Union Dues,
    I know every Liberal without a brain,
    All of the NGO’s and all of their names,
    I am singin’ Plat….tit…tudes for sale or rent
    I am so tran….sp…ar..ent
    Platitudes for sale or rent
    I don’t show up for work,
    Anybody who complains,
    Is a bullying jerk,

    • Joanne says:

      Good one Bubba! And I remember the original so I guess that dates me.

    • Fay says:

      I love it well done. Now we need Stephen Harper to play it on the piano and Charlie angus to sing it! A combined Conservative and NDP approach to help with the King of Toad transparency problems.

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