McGuinty Exit #2

Yeah I know. You thought he had already left. No, apparently he was still drawing taxpayer $$$ as the MPP for Ottawa South and showing up for a couple of confidence votes except for today.

But now this is it. The Grand Finale (if we can believe him).

Was there EVER a worse Premier than Dalton McGuinty? Ten years of misery.

And fellow Ontarians, how and why did you manage to keep him in power so long???



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Another terrific column by Scott Stinson! McGuinty quits, again, to avoid talking – NP

And this column by John Ivison is relevant if you consider how much unions are in control of Ontario today – and how the same thing could happen to the whole of Canada under the federal NDP: Don’t believe Thomas Mulcair’s clap-trap about the NDP not serving special interests (Post).

Sorry if you hit paywalls on the above articles.

Liberals buy union votes with taxpayers’ cash in elementary teachers deal – Blizzard, Sun

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153 Responses to McGuinty Exit #2

  1. Pissedoff says:

    McGuinty’s status and his pay was brought up on the Lowell Green show today, maybe he got the message.

  2. Thucydides says:

    I’ll take watching him do the “perp walk” for corruption (along with Wynne and the rest of the crew) as the true “exit”. A man can dream…..

  3. fh says:

    Where are the headlines?
    Where is the disbelief?
    Where is the outrage?
    Why are there no calls for an election in Ontario?
    What has turned Ontario into a have not Province?
    What has lowered Ontario’s credit rating?
    Why WHY are MM responding by keeping quiet QUIET?
    We hear that although the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper is on an important trip to G8 and honoured by an invitation to speak to the Parliament in Britain a great honour for all Canadians that the Prime Minister is running away from Senate ????? scandal?????
    REALLY!!!! that is all the headlines MM feel Canadians should read????

    • Richco says:

      Relax fh. This is all about to blow up in McGuinty and Wynne’s face.
      Yesterday in a post I made comment about all of the columns just one news outlet had on this issue.
      Did you catch all of those?
      The other liberal friendly media have been too consumed with Conservative smears.
      That’s going to change. They can’t ignore. The failings of the Education Premier. Not any more.

      • fh says:

        WOW they are finally reporting the news

      • Joanne says:

        Anyone know how Wynne is tied directly into the gasplant or deleted email scandals?

        I know she was second in command for the election campaign in 2011. thanks.

        • Richco says:

          Joanne – tying Wynne to this may just be what that Sr. bureaucrat’s saving of correspondence may tell us in the coming weeks, months.

          It’s may be cool in Ontario now but it’s going to be a long HOT summer for Ontario Liberals….and by extension Horwath and the NDP because she now wears their scandals.

      • fh says:

        wow Bev Odas orange juice making news at talk shows with Mark Sutcliffe he is obsessed
        great news for all Canadians
        who is Bev Oda? oh she retired July 2012

        • Richco says:

          They can’t really avoid it now. It’s pretty much hitting them in the face and coming quickly.

          This is all going to hinge on what the OPP finds and we may be very thankful to that Sr. bureaucrat in the long run.

          My concern is that I wonder if we trust the OPP on this. They’ve been very loyal to McGuinty remember?

  4. Liz J says:

    McGuinty should have resigned his seat when he resigned as leader.
    Who needed him to stay on? I’m sure Wynne can carry on his legacy without his presence in the legislature, she was in the dark as to what was going on but is very sorry, it won’t happen again, etc, etc. yada, yada.
    Of course it’s a one off, how many times would they move two gas plants to save seats?

    Wonder how many Liberals will be scrambling for Dalton’s Ottawa South seat?

    • Richco says:

      Thanks to a Senior bureaucrat there now indeed may be something to tie Wynne to this, along with her former boss.

      It’s all breaking this morning.

  5. Richco says:

    If you haven’t seen the headlines you’ve not been looking in the right place because they’ve been thick this week and are about to get much thicker. Check the Ontario news aggregate that I’ve posted here before. Better yet, letters to the editor are free. I had one in a major paper yesterday. A great time to speak up on this.

    BREAKING NOW – The most Senior bureaucrat at Queen’s Park has come forward alleging that when he got wind that a deletion of emails was going to happen he immediately disabled the program and changed a few things. The bureaucrat says that all that has to happen for police to retrieve a trail of emails is that the system can be enabled again for that purpose.

    Seems also that just before the leadership convention where Wynne won the Premiership that’s when things started to allegedly go missing.

    Rumour is that McGuinty is resigning as MPP because then he doesn’t have to testify before committee BUT if the OPP find enough evidence that he or anyone else (Wynne for example) a judge can make McGuinty appear to testify.

    Also, apparently if the OPP find a clear trail connecting then McGuinty or now Wynne to any cover-up or criminal activity the gov’t could fall.

    Stay tuned…..all of this is just breaking now….there will be more to come.

    Education Premier my ass……educated in alleged corruption, lies and broken promises. Not exactly the role model government I’d want kids to look up to.

    How do you like your partner Liberals now Andrea Horwath? You’re now wearing their scandal as if it were your own.

  6. Liz J says:

    Will McGuinty’s swan song start off with ‘I am not a crook, I am not a liar’ to dispel all those nasty rumors?

    • Joanne says:

      No kidding. Shades of Watergate.

      • Richco says:

        McGuinty’s shot at writing his own swan song ended a long time ago. It’s now going to be written for him….and it’s not going to be pretty.

  7. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Sun News Network’s Brian Lilley on at 08:10 am eastern with Mark Sutcliffe.

    • Joanne says:

      Oh that should be good!

      • Richco says:

        Listening now.

        • Joanne says:

          Well not a whole lot more about McGuinty than we already knew.

          • Richco says:

            did you catch in the preamble in the run-up to this spot that it’s being speculated that another McGuinty may run in Ottawa South?

            Apparently before Dalton held this riding, Dalton’s father held it.

            Will one of Dalton’s sons be the next one?

        • Richco says:

          Lilley: McGuinty should have stepped down much earlier. He’s broken his last political promise which was that he said he’s stay until the next election.

          McGuinty will make a statement later today. Not sure about a news conference at Queen’s Park.

          A “likeable” guy but his legacy is going to be one of scandal. He’s taken Ontario from a have to have not, Green Energy waste of money.

          Lilley thinks that Ontarians will give him a free pass and not remember these scandals 6 months down the line.

          Will still be remembered as the Education Premier and did good work on that despite education spending increasing and that the jury’s still out on full-day K.

          Now they’re on to the NDP’s slamming of Justin Trudeau.

  8. Liz J says:

    Here’s a beauty: Dwight Duncan’s tweet Tuesday night “Dalton McGuinty served Ontario with integrity throughout his years in public office. He will go down as one of our greatest premiers”.

  9. Richco says:

    So, on the one hand we have the Tor. Star breaking the story about the Senior bureaucrat who may just have what the OPP needs to allegedly link McGuinty & Wynne to the gas plant cover-up. Fair article, even for the Star.

    On the other hand we have this pap from the Star which is trying to spin hard to help McGuinty. Proof positive that the Star is way out of touch with how the public, voters and taxpayers will see this man’s legacy and Ontarians are sure as shooting not giving McGuinty a pass. Oh, unless you’re a union hack or teacher

    • fh says:

      yes headlines and then smear lines big difference in reporting

      • Richco says:

        to be fair though, this came before the breaking news from the Sr. bureaucrat.

        Even Brian Lilley had some nice things to say about McGuinty this morning. One of which is that he (Lilley) believes that Ontarians will look back at McGuinty fondly for some of his accomplishments in education.

        I would totally disagree with that by the way where education is concerned. All he did was buy peace with the teachers, bloat the education bureaucracy/Ministry and cost us more for educating fewer and fewer kids.

        Kind of surprised by Lilley’s compassion for the man actually.

  10. Joanne says:

    This Youtube video is hilarious: (Harper unscripted)

  11. Ontario Girl says:

    In our local newspaper today it says….Duncan tweeted Tuesday night :” Dalton McGuinty served Ontario with integrity throughout his years in public office. He will go down as one of our greatest premiers”.

    A few pages over big headlines PM HOPES TO LEAVE SCANDAL BEHIND…as he waves and boards his newly painted aircraft. Tories hope Harpers trip will revive party.


    • Liz J says:

      It’s beyond pathetic how the media treats the PM
      The plane does not belong to the PM, it is for and is used by all who serve as PM. He doesn’t order it be serviced or painted either. We all know the Left and the media would like to see him fly around in a dirty bid sh*t laden rust bucket, too bad to disappoint them. They don’t care for the colors used either, red, white and blue, a little too British maybe? Perhaps a good dollop of Orange on the tail would have helped defray their concern.

      • Richco says:

        I don’t think our PM gives the media too much thought to be honest. He knows he’s in charge and he’s calling the shots….even with the media, and even though the media think they’ve got Harper on the run.

        They don’t. They know it. The media have nothing else to cling to but their own spin and scandal-a-day stuff.

    • Richco says:

      If you’re reading the Windsor Star….why are you surprised?
      Turns out they’ll be playing catch-up like their sister Toronto Star did this morning.
      When even Brian Lilley has nice things to say about McGuinty, is it possible that he’s balancing things off and actually giving up balanced reporting even though we don’t like it.
      I heard someone on a news show last night suggest that now that Wynne has nicely swallowed up Horwath and the NDP, if an election comes in the fall it’s conceivable that Wynne could win again. Another boo-boo for Ontario’s Honey Boo-boo.
      If Wynne can be linked to the alleged cover-up and the crime of destroying documents/emails, and criminal charges are filed….nothing’s going to save the Liberal in the next election IMO.
      In hindsight if the government had of come down yesterday, how would what happened since yesterday re: what the Sr. bureaucrat did and knows play in to this?

      It’s all in the OPP’s hands now.

  12. Joanne says:

    I’m hearing that Dalton McGuinty just resigned officially by press release. Coward.

    • Liz J says:

      Dalton the new shy guy….

      This resignation has been cobbled up just long enough for McGuinty to arrange to have his former lieutenant John Fraser be the only candidate to run for his seat, a nomination meeting has been set up for next week. So let’s say the Liberals at all levels are high on coronations.

      • Richco says:

        apparently another McGuinty may be one of those candidates. That too was mentioned in the run-up to the radio spot this morning that Joanne posted here.

    • Richco says:

      it’s true. Brian Lilley eluded to that being the case when he was on CFRA this morning.

  13. Martin says:

    I am not surprised that the e-mails can be recovered especially if the OPP have the original hard drives. All it will take is 1 incriminating message to McGuinty with a cc to Wynne, the smoking gun. This days news explains the undo haste with which Wynne and Horwath wanted the budget wrapped up and the session over with for the summer.
    The news highlights what I was alluding to in a post late last night, in the previous thread. According to Sandy only a non-confidence motion related to a money bill can end a government, and the legislature would have to be sitting. We can rule out, I think, the Wynne government resigning on principle; it will have to be forced from office. My concern is we will see a regime desperately clinging to power over the summer, as evidence of more corruption surfaces. Not at all good for Ont well being, to put it mildly.

    • Richco says:

      Martin – everything changes when there’s a criminal investigation involved. If charges are leveled and corruption confirmed with a direct link to McGuinty and/or Wynne it changes everything. That’s how it was explained on the talk radio show I had on earlier. Bottom line is legally this government could be history.

      Also, the way it was explained was that the quick-thinking Sr. bureaucrat simply
      deactivated the program where the emails were, the Premier and his staff may have thought they deleted them but by simply deactivating the account all that has to happen is for it to be reactivated again, this time by the OPP.

      • Martin says:

        In the Scott Stinson column it is a bit ambiguous if Peter Wallace was able to save e-mails of political staff, or just civil service staff.
        Anyway some of the mail traffic to both Premier’s offices is available, and that is the most interesting.
        I am convinced hat this scandal is far from over, no matter what Wynne and McGuinty may wish for.

  14. Bec says:

    Maybe all of those windmills were retrofitted with a hypnotic pro-lieberal message because nothing else makes sense for Ontarian to have supported this Premier.

    He and his bandits define ‘failure’.

    GREAT post and fascinating comments/links. We are ALL in trouble if the MM’s don’t care about what has (possibly) occurred in Ontario.

  15. Bubba Brown says:

    So A “Senior Bureaucrat” disabled the system so the e-mails are still accessible.
    I hope so, the guilty should pay.
    If the “I know nothing Wynn” was in on it she should resign also.
    McGuinty finally leaving is a blessing, “the education Premier” is laughable are y’all feelin’ smarter yet?
    The Ontario Liberals, heading off to court , with the NDP under their arm, priceless!
    Like Saint Jack they sold their legacy for a mess of pottage.
    The video of our PM Harper is funny!
    Shows a very connected family sharing a moment.
    The MM crowing about a “Flying taj majhal” on account of a scheduled 40 or 50 K paint job which the PM’s office did not order.
    Where oh where was the MM when Jean Chretain bought not one but two challenger jets for 250 mill? CRICKETS!
    Trying to avoid a scandal is another clanger, PMSH is overseas working hard for us.
    MM just live in their own little fantasy world.
    Anyway this is also very good Rookie Leader might just get exactly what he asked for.
    Justin talks the talk now lets see if he can walk the walk out HIS expenses, per Diem’s and did we pay for family to accompany him on his speaking tour.
    Inquiring minds need to know.
    Hilarious that his motion went nowhere but the NDP motion sailed through.
    Rookie moment, his little scrum wanking about “people playing politics” with people wandering by like he is giving a blender demo at Walmart, funny!

    • Richco says:

      Hi Bubba -just flew in from a meeting and didn’t read your post before posting myself. Sorry. We’re on the same wavelength.

      • Bubba Brown says:

        No problemo Richco, some stuff bears repeating, with no paywalls.
        Here is something else interesting, Libby Davies, the Deputy Leader of the NDP-Q goes to town.
        I wonder if it is on our dime?

        The NDP Travel to the US to Promote Left Wing Extremism and Attack Canadian Interests
        Once again, the NDP travel to the US to promote left wing extremism. Over the weekend, Deputy NDP Leader Libby Davies participated in Left Forum 2013 in New York – a conference committed to addressing the “destructive nature of capitalism’s inherent drive to growth”.
        The conference featured anti-capitalist, anti-Israel, anti-responsible resource development seminars, including among many others,
        “The Renewal of Radical Thought and the Question of Communism”,
        “The Intertwining of Red and Green: Ecocide Can Only be Stopped with the Defeat of Capitalism”,
        “Thinking Across Crises: Anti-Capitalist Strategies and Imaginaries”,
        “The Necessity of Direct Action to Prevent Expansion of Gas and Oil Infrastructure”, and
        “Deadly Economies: Israel’s Role in Worldwide Repression”.
        Canadians should not be surprised by this latest demonstration of left wing extremism from the NDP. After all, Deputy Leader Libby Davies believes that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 are “irrefutably false”, and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair doubts that Osama Bin Laden is dead.
        This is hardly the first time the NDP have travelled to the US to promote left wing extremism and attack Canadian interests. Months ago, Thomas Mulcair travelled across the US to advocate against Keystone XL. In fact, the only thing the NDP Leader did advocate for was the return of convicted cop shooter, Gary Freeman.
        As the senior ranks of the NDP travel south of the border to discuss “anti-capitalist strategies”, Canadians are once again reminded that they simply can not afford the risky economic theories of the NDP.

        The NDP-Q and the Tiny-Trudeau Liberals
        “Dumb and Dumber”?

  16. Bubba Brown says:

    Our Conservative Government is working hard for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised.
    The MM pretend a paint job is a scandal, the MM pretend Tiny Trudeaus blatherings are newsworthy and gloss over the traitors that go to other countrys on our dime to slag Canada.
    Liberals and the NDP Vote Against Protections for Aboriginal Women

    Today our Conservative government passed Bill S-2, the Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act.
    The Liberals and the NDP shamefully voted against this important legislation that gives women living on First Nation reserves the same matrimonial rights as all Canadians, including access to emergency protection orders in violent situations.
    It should come as no surprise that Justin Trudeau forced his caucus to vote against this legislation – the Liberal Leader has refused to call honour killings barbaric.
    Our government continues to stand up for the protection of Aboriginal women. Unlike the Liberal leader, we are not afraid to call violence against women is exactly what it is – barbaric.

    • wilson says:

      The Coalition of Losers also held up the First Nations transparency legislation, took a Harper majority to get it passed.
      We’ve come a long way….

  17. Richco says:

    O/T – Federal Politics – Yes! Let’s look under THIS rock too. Next up Mulcair and his party

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Ed @ 1:09 PM Gee I just thought PM SH was not only the best PM in my lifetime and a pretty darn good piano player but he also does comedy hilarious!
      Junior has outed himself Richco, going to be interesting when they look under the “Rock Stars Rock” now is that an oxymoron or conumdrum?

      • Richco says:

        I heard Junior made a Freudian slip on his first question in QP today. It was perfect and so was Moore’s comeback.


  18. ed says:

    Take a bow, Stevie Harper, for an excellent PR move
    11:39 am, June 12th, 2013

    Is this for real? :-)

    • wilson says:

      Yes, it’s real. PMSH having fun entertaining the crowd, while his family tries to get him to do a mic check.
      It’s just as human as when PMSH played piano and sang to the Beatles

  19. ed says:

    CTV has it, too:

    Due to my old Mac, not able to play the video. CTV?? Now, I’m suspicious.

  20. wilson says:

    ‘CBC reporters Sasa Petricic and Derek Stoffel have been detained by police in Turkey amid ongoing protests in the country.’

    Yiks! Hope they are released soon and unharmed.

  21. ed says:

    wilson, we’ve met the PM and he is a very easy guy to talk to, very approachable and down to earth. We’ve had a photo taken with him which is a terrific honor. I’d say he’s a man of the people much like Nelson Mandela. The PM is an average guy, like many of us, working for all Canadians, including the middle class. He’s not a privileged elitist claiming to care for the middle class. You know who I mean. Stephen Harper may be somewhat shy but underneath that mask there’s a whole lot of talent as Bubba alluded to. I’m beginning to think the Liberals are in a state of shock because they finally uncovered the PM’s secret agenda, that he is a multi-talented individual. LOL As Bubba pointed out, we have in Stephen Harper a top of the line PM. – and, don’t forget, he has a terrific bunch of MPs who are getting it done all along the way. BTW, when we have the opportunity hopefully to meet Laureen Harper, I’m going to ask her for a ride on her motorcycle. LOL

  22. ed says:

    Oops, sorry Joanne. Usually, I read all the posts but not today. You had that PM’s video up earlier this morning. I didn’t check close enough. Picking up so much from the Bly’ers everyday, it’s great!!

  23. Bubba Brown says:

    Here is another shoe dropping after al the fuss and fury over MP Rathgebers bill not getting any support I wondered why too.
    Simply put it did not go far enough the mp’s and Senators doings, going and comings need to be scrutinized also.
    Have a read and I am waiting to see what comes out of our convention.
    * Each year we communicate to Canadians on the number of executives in the public service, their classification, and their salary ranges. ( and
    * The amendment to Bill C-461 will apply to the top earners of the public sector, whose names and salaries will now be revealed to taxpayers.
    * We are the party of transparency. When the salary disclosure bill last came to a vote in Parliament, 127 NDP, Liberal and Green MPs voted to kill the bill on the spot entirely. We voted to move it forward to a committee for further study.
    Let me add some background detail.
    From publicly available information, we know that on March 31, 2012, there were 6,923 federal public servant executives plus 42 Deputy Ministers. 3,697 earned between $104,000 – $123,000. 2,790 earned between $117,000 and $154,000. 436 earned between $150,000 and $177,000. 42 Deputy Ministers earned more. There was a decline of 241 public servant executives between March and December 2012 (government cutbacks). A lot of additional information of this type is freely available through Access to Information.
    This is the sort of transparency that allows Canadians to form judgments as to whether the size of the public servant executive population is appropriate, whether their pay is appropriate and whether government is taking proper action to reign in the growth of public service executives. There is very little transparancy advantage for your average Canadian in knowing, for example, that Peter, working at DFO Headquarters, who is classified as an EX-01, gets paid $123,000, (ie, at the top of his salary scale), which is what C-461 would disclose. But Paul, who might work two offices down from Peter as an DFO classified as EX-01 being paid $115,000 would be very interested to know that, and would certainly take note of this fact during his performance and salary review. This “competitive knowledge” would, over time, cause upwards pressure on overall public servant compensation, increasing the cost of government with little discernable public benefit.
    CEOs of Crown Corporations, however,typically wouldnt derive this negotiating advantage from salary disclosures, as each corporation only has one CEO. Many are also paid well in excess of $400,000. In this case, additional transparency would be welcome, at no cost to government.
    Its important to note that C-461 bill had no impact on information relating politicians (MPs, or Ministers, or Senators), whose annual salaries and overall expenses are all disclosed right now down to the dollar. Indeed, the individual invoices of Ministers are open to Access to Information requests. We would support all MPs disclosing individual travel and hospitality expenses (rather than just their totals), but the NDP blocked that motion today in the House.
    Hope this helps

  24. ed says:

    Bubba Brown says:
    June 12, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    “The NDP Travel to the US to Promote Left Wing Extremism and Attack Canadian Interests
    Once again, the NDP travel to the US to promote left wing extremism. Over the weekend, Deputy NDP Leader Libby Davies participated in Left Forum 2013 in New York – a conference committed to addressing the “destructive nature of capitalism’s inherent drive to growth”.”
    “The conference featured anti-capitalist, anti-Israel, anti-responsible resource development seminars, including among many others,
    “The Renewal of Radical Thought and the Question of Communism”,”

    Bubba, here’s something I found that connects to your post:

    “Susan Rice – The piece of work who made the FIVE Sunday Morning Television News shows to LIE about the reason for the Benghazi slaughter, has being promoted to become Obama’s National Security Advisor. ”

    “But, what’s even worse . . . is the appointment of Samantha Powers to replace her at the UN, which will hopefully not be approved by the Senate.
    To suggest that Samantha Powers is just about as far to the LEFT as one can get without being a Communist, is not an exaggeration. In fact, I think she really is a Communist.”

    “And to get a better picture of where her politics lies, her husband is the notorious LEFTIST Cass Sunstein, noted for his absolute DISDAIN of American Conservatism and EXCEPTIONALISM; and friend, ally, and confidant of self-hating-American George Soros.”
    “Cass Sunstein is a Law Professor out of Chicago, who is a Communist, who was handpicked by Obama to be one of his army of LEFTIST Czars. He is also a TRUE BELIEVER in a controlled society where the government manages everything.”

    “In the case of Samantha Powers, it MUST be known . . . that while being a part of Obama’s INNER CIRCLE, she has repeatedly endorsed the NEED for American COMBAT TROOPS to INVADE Israel, and OCCUPY Israel in order to FORCE a Two State Solution on the Jews, whether the Israelis like it or not.”

    “5 – Welfare is promoted as a legitimate American RIGHT and LIFESTYLE.
    7 – The education system is turning out LEFTIST children believing in extraordinarily UN-AMERICAN values.
    9 – FIFTY Million Americans are on FOOD-Stamps . . . AND GROWING.”

    “This is what happens when the people surrender themselves and their trust to the government, in exchange for the promise of FREE stuff, not knowing or caring that FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.”

    Obama Is Pushing The Envelope For Civil War
    Wednesday, June 05, 2013 By: Howard Galganov

  25. Anne in swON says:

    Breaking on CBC – Mac Harb must pay back $240,000. Now what, Justin?

    • Fay says:

      Wow, funny how that did not break until after question period??? I am watching to see what scandal the media party dream up to deflect from a precious Liberal Senator who broke the rules!!!

      • Richco says:

        It doesn’t matter.
        Today belongs to the PM doing impressions, and people are loving it.
        The usual left-leaning media can’t do a thing about it either.
        And the CBC have something more urgent to worry about – the safety of their reporters caught up in the riots in Turkey.

    • Liz J says:

      Wow, now that’s a kick in the old Liberal wazoo, guessing that’s why his out of town “residence” that apparently none of the neighbours ever saw him at is for sale.

    • Bec says:


      • Richco says:

        that video of the PM is EVERYWHERE and it’s working better than spending money on any ads would right now.

        I hope there’s more of these in the can hidden away somewhere.

        They work on SOOOO many terrific levels.

        Hey Justin and Tom – here’s Harper’s TRUE hidden agenda….he’s a normal everyday man, father & husband goofing around.

  26. fh says:

    anyone notice that if you listened to the shows that allowed phone calls from Canadians
    during the past elections particularly the may 2 2011 federal election
    The week Mark Sutcliffe would not refer to our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper by his proper title Prime Minister because it gave PM Harper an unfair advantage but during the Ontario election Dalton McGinty was always ALWAYS referred properly as Premier
    callers all ALL well maybe 99.9% supported the Liberals we know that the federal election results did not show this 99.9% support for the Liberals
    we cannot listen to callers who state they will not vote for Tim Hudak
    Tim Hudak is respected by Conservatives true Conservatives know he is a strong leader

    • Fay says:

      I sure remember Mark Sutcliffe dropping prime minister when referring to Stephen Harper in the last election. I called into one of his CPAC shows to defend Stephen Harper and was given the interrupt treatment perfected by Evan Solomon daily on CBC.
      Mark Sutcliffe and majority of callers were proLiberal on CPAC. There was nothing fair and balanced. Haven’t listened to him since.

  27. Joanne says:

    Storm and Tornado warnings issued for Edmonton area. Stay safe!

  28. Bubba Brown says:

    “Mac Harb must pay back 240,ooo “? But, But, But, But But, But, But, But, But, Aw ya just turned the Faux Prince of Papineau into a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower LOL
    He the faux prince who would be King, but he is only a faux King Liberal roflmcao
    In Orange on Red news the NDP-Q turn on Lil Justin and pass a motion that the Prince of Papineau reveal his finances.
    This is good, this is very good, that is not the sun shining out of Justins “fundement” it is Tommy the Commie with a searchlight.
    As Henry Kissenger was wont to say every time Iraq and Iran fell on each others necks in battle “Now if there was only a way they could both lose”
    Fun stuff to do today cause it’s raining scoot over to Sun News and vote as to weather or not Shiny Pony should “bare all” he did say that Justin wanted transparency, help out, vote! Often it’s running 98% in favor of auditing the inspirational, dreamy speech making middle aged muffin.

    • wilson says:

      On P&P…but but but the rules were unclear!
      Oh right, and when Duffy said that he was treated like a virus.
      Harb owes 3X what Duffy paid back. And Duffy paid pack over $80K more than the audit found because he included all expenses including residence and living.

      Oh and the top 10 spending Senators are mostly Liberals, where the AG is likely to start his audit…..
      Unintended consequences.

  29. paulsstuff says:

    The bureaucrat who prevented the emails is a genius. McWynnety and the rest of the MPP’s most likely sat down and decided that the blowback from illegally deleting the emails would be less damaging than the blowback if Ontario voters see first-hand they blew $500+ million trying to get themselves re-elected. By letting Wynne publicly say oopsie about the emails being deleted and now being able to provide them Wynne has a huge problem on her hands.

    Also the timing is impeccable in the fact that the House is now going to break for the summer, allowing the OPP to fully investigate the emails and ll the lurid details to be gathered and made public for the fall session.

    My final point, and the most important, is you hear many political “journalists” say there will likely not be any criminal charges coming from the investigation. If deleted emails show the gas plant cancellation was done intentionally to secure Liberal seats and McWynnety was aware the costs would be in the millions, then indeed charges can be laid. Can’t remember the exact name of the charge but is basically abuse of public office for personal gain.

    • Joanne says:

      Please keep us posted on any further info you might know and are free to share, and if you post any stuff on your blog feel free to leave links here Paul! Thanks.

    • Richco says:

      “By letting Wynne publicly say oopsie about the emails being deleted and now being able to provide them Wynne has a huge problem on her hands.”

      She sure does Paul. It would put her into the beginning cycle of her own lies, AND, if her name is on any of those emails then she can’t ever tell Ontarians again that she was not involved or knew nothing.

      “If deleted emails show the gas plant cancellation was done intentionally to secure Liberal seats and McWynnety was aware the costs would be in the millions, then indeed charges can be laid. ”

      Yes indeed. In addition, apparently those emails, all property of the province were downloaded on to a USB stick and taken off the property. That could net those folks a nice theft charge.

  30. Bubba Brown says:

    The difference between Deleting and disabling is what is going to sink the Liberal ship.
    Captain Wynn gave Mcguinty praise for ? .
    After all her inprobable denials as McGuinty’s #1 Minister, it will be interesting to see what’s in her mailbox.
    As for the NDP leader?
    Once more it has been shown those letters stand for No Damn Principals
    Ontario has to be the only place on the planet where a rat deserting a sinking ship is news and deserves praise.
    As far as criminal charges Paulstuff, I am no lawyer but I think it is called conversion under the criminal code #322, basically depriving the people of Ontario the use or posession of something that belongs to them by person or persons acting as trustees.

  31. Martin says:

    Harb owes over $1/4 m? That isn’t exactly chump change. By my rough reckoning that is more than Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau combined, are alleged to have misspent in Senate funds. So what is Trudeau Jr. point that Harb is somehow different from the other three and would be welcomed back to the Liberals caucus?
    Jr. is not the only Liberal welcoming a summer recess, it has not been a great week for him in House. He is so much better at mingling and speaking on the summer picnic circuit, no nasty questions from political opponents to bother with.

  32. wilson says:

    Still reading from notes, stepping in it ‘every time’ he is asked a even softball questions, the Prince of Pi is so in over his head.
    He will go into intense training this summer, but he just doesn’t have the Royal jelly, just the Royal name and really great hair.

  33. Richco says:

    It’s a HIT! Lead story right now at the NP and trending. How can any self-respected Canadian not totally like what they see here. For me this was a masterful stroke of genius to let this see the light of day.

    As for timing. It was good timing and it’s working beautifully.

  34. Richco says:

    What’s even better is that the Harper video is a hit and the usual scandal-0f-the-month media CAN’T stand it.

    Just reading that story in the Post I had to laugh as the writer does his best to find fault with it but dude, it’s just not happening.

    Let the conspiracy theories begin……and they will. Who cares? We’ve got Harper at the helm running circles around Angry Tom and Baby T.

    • wilson says:

      Yah, they whine about the timing.
      We needed to lighten up, it’s been weeks of angry……

  35. Anne in swON says:

    There’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E in the air after an ad hominem remark made on John Oakley’s show: “Lou Schizas, an on-air personality for Toronto talk radio station AM640 referred to Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath as a “whore” on Wednesday morning.” There’s a short radio clip here

    • wilson says:

      NDP MP Pat Martin:
      Dec 20, 2012 – “I’m not ‘worked up’ so much as ‘fed up’ with the rat faced whores in the CPC ….”

      And let’s not forget that it’s ok for Trudeau to call a minister of the crown a piece of sh…, media was as giggles over that one.

      • wilson says:

        NDP can dish it out but they can’t take it!

      • Anne in swON says:

        But, Wilson, we all know there’s a double standard when it comes to judgements against conservatives. There’s no ‘what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’. You can count on it.

  36. Bubba Brown says:

    Gee Junior T is looking a little green around the gills.
    Did he double expense?
    Seems to me giving speeches when he is AWOL from the house IS double dipping.
    If a School Board is also paying him a fee it is beyond disgusting.
    Will MM go over times, dates and numbers with the same zeal they showed on Mike Duffy?
    How many of our tax dollars is this privileged trust fund baby entitled to.
    A Union can’t give a politican a bribe, a envelope full of cash, they can however pay him to blather for 20 minutes.
    Should be illeagal
    Worst attendance record in the house.
    Here is Ezras take on MM’s ignoring Liberal jiggery-pockery.

    • Martin says:

      The provided list is here, easy enough to check dates after he was elected Oct 2008. With a bit of digging media could ask him about double dipping. Of course it was OK’d by Ethics commissioner.

      • wilson says:

        The Prince of Pi may not have broken any of the vague Ethics rules, but if he double dipped, it’s criminal when a conservative does it.
        Unintended consequences from over kill of so-called scandal.

      • Gabby in QC says:

        Perhaps it depends on what question was asked of the Ethics Commissioner. There may be no conflict of interest if an MP gets income from a source other than his MP salary; it may be OK for an MP to “moonlight”, run a business, etc. but not during House of Commons business hours.

        But when the Ethics Commissioner states (from the link provided):
        “There is no information before me to suggest that Mr. Trudeau was performing parliamentary duties and functions when he spoke at these events or that he acted in any way to further his private interests as a paid speaker when performing those duties and functions.”
        Trudeau may not have been performing “parliamentary duties” at those speaking events but he wasn’t performing his parliamentary duties when & where he should have been performing them: in the House!

        With reform in the air, maybe it’s time presence in the House should be made mandatory, with unexplained or unwarranted absences carrying heavy financial penalties.

        • Fay says:

          I remember the ethics commissioner’s decision on Justin Trudeau and Bob Rae seemed to take only a couple weeks. Wonder what is taking so long this time?

          • Richco says:

            what do we know about our Ethics Commissioners political leanings? Career bureaucrat? Since when?
            That may tell us something about how impartial and objective she is?

            My school board was one of those who paid a speaking fee. The board north of us did one better, they made students buy tickets and bussed the kids to the Trudeau event….even gave them a day off school. The event was totall build and billed around Trudeau.

            I actually wrote about it on this blog before it happened and linked to the actual PR for the event.

  37. Liz J says:

    Mac Harb , who loved to reiterate over and over that Chretien was the best PM Canada ever had and was rewarded with a Senate seat. He is not going to pay up, he’s going to fight it. It’s all about the Liberal attitude, they never do anything wrong, it’s mere entitlements.

    If the Media Maggots had been watching Liberal Senators with the hate filled zeal and jealousy they did with Duffy they may have netted a few more. The Senate only became of interest when Conservatives became the majority in that place.

  38. Liz J says:

    If we compiled a list of stuff banned by McGuinty and the taxes he imposed or raised on everything we need to survive, the visual pollution of our scenic shores and fields with wind contraptions and solar panels, it’s enough to send us into a state of panic or depression trying to deal with living in Ontario.

    As for Horwath, the stuff she bargained for to save both herself and the Liberals from facing the people will make no difference in the lives of the taxpaying people of Ontario. Shame on them all. Double shame on the architect of this mess Dalton McGuinty who scuttled out because he couldn’t bear to face the music, a sad song for a sad mess.

  39. Richco says:

    Thanks to David Akin for covering this historic event for Canada and our PM

  40. Martin says:

    Re Trudeau Jr speaking engagements list:
    Perhaps what is really required here is an Ethics Commissioner for local school boards, or an ombudsman for taxpayers who don’t happen to adhere to Liberal philosophy.
    One would hope the Kincardine Secondary School Board would have better uses for $10000 then to pay Jr to talk.

    • Richco says:

      Ethics Commissioners for school boards Martin?
      No such animal.
      There was a Private Members Bill touted a few years ago by a PC backbencher whose name escapes me, but I think he was from Durham – O’Toole maybe?
      He wanted the parameters of the Ombudsman extended to be able to address school boards, hospital boards and social service agencies.
      You can probably guess what happened to that?

      Re: the school boards and those speaking fees.

      A cynic might just call it an addition to the McGuinty government’s contribution to recycling in Ontario. The Liberal – lead provincial government gives money to the schools and the schools spend it on Liberal speakers like Trudeau. Handy isn’t it?

      This at a time when we’re now hearing about boards being in deficit and having to lay off teachers. The perennial year-end mantra.

      I posted a link this week to a Moira MacDonald article about the money school boards wasted sending their trustees and their entourages to a retreat at Deerhurst. How closely is the public, schools and teachers scrutinizing how THAT money was spent? Considering that they can claim mileage, meals and even hotel costs. This is the culture of liberal entitlement that has also recycled thanks to the former McGuinty government and our new NDP government headed by Katheen Wynne.

      To top that off we were constantly being told that money to boards increased every year yet enrollment is still tanking.

      We closed schools but trustees were living high.

      • Martin says:

        Right. Particularly galling to Kincardine rate payers is the fact that Trudeau’s advisors include wind energy enthusiasts left over from McGuinty’s office, and of course Mike Crawley President of Liberal party is a former wind company executive. This in the heart of the regional battle with McGuinty-Wynne plans for turbine plant development.

  41. Bubba Brown says:

    What Gabby in QC said at 8:50, you nailed it Gabby!
    An ethics Commissioner that cannot see a problem with Justin Trudeau absenting himself from his duties in the HOC, where he draws a generous salary, to give speeches to schoolkids at taxpayer expense, is severely challenged.
    My Mp James Lunney has 4,473 Km to travel to get back to his riding of 8,945 square Km
    Justin Trudeau has 91 Km to travel between Papineau and Ottawa which is 8 square Km.
    My Mp spent 102,000 on travel
    Justin spent 50,000 on travel
    His riding is little more than an hour from Ottawa, how does that work?
    I think there are lots of questions here, my MP’s riding is nearly 1000 times bigger than Trudeau’s and nearly 50 times the distance from Ottawa yet Trudeau’s travel is half of my Mp’s.
    What is up with that?
    Some transparency please.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      I’m not ready to impugn the Ethics Commissioner’s impartiality, though. Remember that sometimes her rulings have gone in favour of whichever Conservative was being scrutinized. Some examples here:

      What I was bringing up was more about clearly spelling out the rules or even toughening them up. Why shouldn’t MPs’ attendance in the House be noted?
      I’ve often pointed to the absences of MPs running for the leadership of their parties as another example. Even if their on-the-road expenses are covered by party funds, as one strategist assured me on a call-in show, those MPs may still be getting their full MPs’ salary (I don’t know for sure). In other words, they’re conceivably paid for not showing up for work.

      I share your POV on travel expenses, which I also pointed out in a previous thread, comparing the travel expenses claimed by Charlie Angus and Mark Warawa.
      As well, I don’t see the reason for allowing claims of per diems for food, drink, clothing, etc. — which MPs have to spend on whether they’re on the job or not. Human nature being what it is — fallible — some people, regardless of political leanings, may be tempted to abuse the system. So, remove the temptation snd maybe lessen the problem.

  42. Liz J says:

    That settles it, forget about Quebec, time for Toronto to separate from this country. Toronto City Council voted in favor of allowing non-Canadian citizens to vote AND apparently our “friend” Wynne thinks it’s an idea worth looking into. Of course the Mayor Rob Ford voted against it.

  43. Richco says:

    For those interested and who might be able to pick this up via a dish
    Tonight on The Agenda with Steve Paikin at 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. EDT: A Conservative View of Canada?

  44. Joanne says:

    Tommy Boy must think he’s above the law:

    • Liz J says:

      What more proof would be needed?

      Why would he be driving himself? I didn’t think a person in his position would even consider driving himself around. What about security?

  45. wilson says:

    Both Liberal and Conservative MPs have said they will post all their expenses online this fall, NDP so far hasn’t agreed, call it a stunt.
    Jack and Olivia rung up huge bills re: running their offices.
    Makes yah wonder what Dippers expense thru the office that may be a little too close to the legal line….

  46. Liz J says:

    Dippers have great ideas and plans until they run out of other peoples’ money.
    Can anyone name a poor socialist leader?

  47. Liz J says:

    Guessing Turbine Dalton is aware of the saying, timing is everything. His timing on announcing his retirement at the beginning of the lazy days of summer means everyone will be off, tuned out of politics.

    Problem he may not realize there are many in this province who will be staying home, and will know the reason why and who to blame.

  48. Liz J says:

    The coalition government of Ontario is operating like a dictatorship,it’s our money but none of our business what they do with it.

    Actually it’s money we don’t have they’re currently tossing around, in the real world that means adding to a huge debt we will be paying for years to come through increased taxes.

    • Joanne says:

      McWynneWath is buying union votes with our CHILDREN’S money!

      • Richco says:

        Yes, pretty much Joanne. I read some of the details of the deal. Scathing.
        Yet the boards are filing deficits, closing schools and attending luxury resorts for love-ins….all under the education minister’s watch. Former OPSBA head too I might add.

  49. Gabby in QC says:

    Megan Leslie is wearing a “jailbird”-like dress replacing her leader during QP. Appropriate, no?

  50. Gabby in QC says:

    BTW, Megan Leslie said that Mary Dawson, the Ethics Commissioner, has suspended her inquiry into Nigel Wright’s cheque to Mike Duffy. Accurate?

    • Liz J says:

      If high on herself Megan said so it must be true, she does know it all.

      I hope it is true, something else for the whiners to drone on about besides the paint job on the plane used by the PM to travel at home and abroad.

      • wilson says:

        ‘The federal ethics commissioner has suspended an investigation into the actions of Nigel Wright Thursday as the RCMP launch its own probe into the controversy’
        (behind NP paywall)
        Probe… Opps have called on RCMP to look at this, Duffy etc.
        Hope the same RCMP ‘probe’ is done on Lib Sen. Harb

      • wilson says:

        ‘The RCMP says there’s enough evidence to start a criminal investigation into the $90,000 the prime minister’s chief of staff gave to Sen. Mike Duffy to cover bogus housing claims.’

        • Richco says:

          I smell a tit-for-tat thing going on here.

          Is this a counter to the Ontario Liberal government’s OPP criminal investigation?

          All too convenient and timely…..once again that whole timing issue.

  51. Gabby in QC says:

    The Speaker is somewhat inconsistent, IMO. He’s twice reminded Heritage Minister James Moore not to point out the absence of MPs (in this case, Mulcair) yet he always allows the opposition to put questions to the PM when it is a well-known fact he seldom attends QP on Mondays & Fridays.

  52. Bubba Brown says:

    There is something in the water in Ottawa. it causes amnesia apparently.
    Mr Muclair considers security checks optional and stop signs, well let’s us just say where is Brigette DePape when you need her.
    But after waving himself through a security stop and more than a few stop signs Mr Muclair asked the RCMP Constable if he “knew who he was” obviously there is some confusion here.
    All kidding aside, security clearance should not be taken lightly by anyone,that is how people with mayhem on their minds gain access to places that are supposed to be protected.
    Mr Muclair needs to grow up and wait his turn in line.
    I remember a Senator who, back in the day, was taking the BC Ferry from the mainland BC to Van Island.
    Her destination was Salt Spring Island, which necessitates landing on Van Island and then taking a much smaller Ferry to Salt Spring Island.
    Well when Senator Judy found that the ferry was going past Salt Spring she “Ordered” it to go to the Terminal there so she would not have the inconvenience of taking another Ferry.
    She had a major hissy when she did not get her orders followed.
    My brother was on the ferry and was not in the least impressed, nor was anyone else.
    Don’t get me wrong, I liked Judy LaMarsh. There was a lot about her to like, even admire. Yet if Judy had gotten her way, Pierre Trudeau would never have won the leadership of the Liberal Party.
    Judy, you see, supported Paul Hellyer and, to her, Trudeau was an outsider who hadn’t paid his dues. At the 1968 Liberal leadership convention, LaMarsh urged Hellyer to throw his support to Robert Winters, telling Hellyer, “Don’t let that bastard win it, Paul – he isn’t even a Liberal.”

    Gabby I realize the Ethics Commissioner is following a template, attendance, the per Diem’s need tightening.
    It is too easy to circumvent the rules at present IMO.
    At the end of the day it all needs to be posted where we can all see it, it’s our money after all.

  53. Bubba Brown says:

    This just in and I think worth supporting;
    Convicted terrorists should lose their Canadian citizenship – that’s why I’ve put forward a private member’s bill to make that the law.
    We’ve secured the support of more than 80 percent of Canadians and groups like the Air India 182 Victims’ Families Association and the Muslim Canadian Congress.
    The Conservative government has supported my bill – and we’re very close to passing it.
    Sadly, Thomas Mulcair’s NDP have filibustered my bill for three days at committee – a new low, even for them.
    Instead of sending a clear message that Canadian citizenship cannot be used as a flag of convenience by violent terrorists, the NDP are standing up for the interests of convicted terrorists.
    Help me send the NDP a message: sign our petition asking the NDP to pass this bill and stop defending convicted terrorists.
    Devinder Shory
    MP, Calgary Northeast
    P.S. The media won’t cover this story, so we need to spread the word – can you share this e-mail with ten friends

    • Richco says:

      Stunning, but what do you expect from a party headed by a leader that thinks he’s above the law and the RCMP security detail on Parliament Hill?

      Actually it’s a bit rich for the NDP to crow about an RCMP investigation in to a personal cheque written to Duffy and yet think they’re above the law.

      Can’t square that circle at all but then that’s their hypocrisy showing again.

      Can’t help again wonder about the timing of this in relation to the criminal investigation of the Ontario Liberals.

      And now breaking news that CTV has some evidence allegedly from a highly placed source of news of wire taps and the Rob Ford crack video, so that circus has begun all over again.

  54. Anne in swON says:

    The $231,000 owed by Mac Harb appears to be little more than a ‘guesstimate’ by the powers that be in the Senate. They’ve asked him to repay that amount or they’ll do an actual in-depth audit which may result in him owing a greater amount. Why haven’t they ordered that in-depth audit already? They sure as he!! did for Pam Wallin. Why not for him? This whole thing has a stink to it.

  55. Bubba Brown says:

    It does show a certain amount of overwhelming arrogance Richco best comment so far……
    Angry man + beard + refusing to stop at security checkpoint or for RCMP car with flashers on = terroist
    Thing of it is now any one wanting to make a fuss on the hill just has to have same make and colour car, wave at the Infidel, he won’t stop us.
    The “angry, hairy infidel” has cleared the path for us, Achmed
    A checkpoint is just that, if you really want an a** chewing in the service just let someone, anyone breeze through.
    On the expense thingy that Justin wants “transarent” how about a clear as a double shot of Justins favorite “Grey Goose” vodka
    After all “His Daddy built that”

  56. Ontario Girl says:

    Don’t miss Ezra Levant tonight on Sun News….it is so good.
    The media and their double standards in his opening.

  57. Bubba Brown says:

    Yes Tommy’s “Witherspoon Moment” had a busy day haven’t we?
    Thomas Mulcair’s day in review:
    Ran five stop signs
    Was chased by the RCMP
    Intimidated a female police officer
    Skipped Question Period in embarrassment
    If the NDP believe in accountability and responsibility, their leader should explain to Canadians why he thinks he is above the law.
    I myself want to know why our security arrangements are so lax.
    We are on the cusp of passing a bill to take Canadian Citzenship from those who engage in terriost attacks, no thanks to Angry Tom, who is filabustering it with his whipped comittee.
    Talk about control freaks ,Mr Muclair thinks he is in charge,
    “Don’t You Know Who I Am”
    Not Ready For Prime Time, are we Mr Muclair?

  58. Fay says:

    CBC announcing exclusive interview between peter Mansbridge and Pamela Wallin on tonights National.
    Looks like this is the new scandal to tarnish the honour of Stephen Harper speaking to the British Parliament.
    The media party never disappoint!

    • Fay says:

      Just watched part of the interview on CBC national and read the whole Pamela Wallin Interview with Peter Mansbridge on line.
      Pamela Wallin is one class act and I support and am proud of her efforts to give back to Canada. Pamela is the type of person we need in the senate to enact change. You go girl!

  59. ed says:

    Why didn’t the RCMP arrest Mulcair for his trangressions on the Hill? Anyone else would have been. Hell of a lot wrong up on that Hill.

    CTV Online News tonight: you’d expect it to be about Mac Harb but, no, as usual, two stories about the Conservative types: Duffy and Ford. CTV Biased News, so blatantly obvious.

    IMO, the biggest threat to democracy in this country is the MSM. Canadians should go after them relentlessly until they smarten up or vanish. To me, it’s a fundamental issue. Everything evolves from the media and, when it is unethical, it contaminates our world.

  60. Gabby in QC says:

    The PM’s speech in London, about 25 min., can be viewed here:

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