Something smells in Lieberal Land

There is a bad odour emanating from Queen’s Park and it’s growing more offensive by the day.

It is the stench of corruption.

While the Media Maggots and Vultures hover around Rob Ford, we have much more serious issues going on in the same city, which is the capital of what used to be one of the greatest provinces in the country.

The Privacy Commissioner found the Ontario Liberal Government guilty of deleting emails pertaining to the gas-plant seat-saver scandal.

Laws have been broken and many of the same crew are still in charge – including Premier Wynne who was part of that Cabinet. Dalton McGuinty still sits in the Legislature along with Brad Duguid whose staffers were named in the report.

To their credit, Star reporters and columnists do seem to be demonstrating a bit of outrage on this megascandal. Martin Regg Cohn has a great piece (You can’t rewrite history — or delete it). I don’t agree with everything he wrote but this line is a beaut:

Who knew that a gas plant cancellation, code-named “Project Vapour” would culminate with vapourized emails?

Unfortunately as the Privacy Commish noted there are no teeth in the laws that say you can’t delete emails that are really the property of the Province of Ontario – and hence the Ontario people.

So perhaps that is the first step – legislate some consequences for breaking the law.

Or maybe the real first step should be to call an election to clear the air and throw out the trash.

Will Andrea Horwath find the courage and integrity to make it so?

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BREAKING: OPP to investigate deleted gas plant emailsNewstalk 1010

Outstanding article in the Ottawa CitizenLiberals’ story on deleted emails remains beyond belief:

…Lately, there seems to be no shortage of political scandals to make us (more) cynical about government. But the provincial Liberals’ attempts to conceal their communications over the gas plants — and worse, insult our collective intelligence with their explanations about the lack of records — may do the most long-term damage to political engagement.

( * * * )

But the escalating scandal surrounding the gas-plant cancellation is different. The cover-up feeds the public’s existing cynicism about how politicians operate. That’s not always fair, but this incident only serves to heighten suspicions that government operates in an aura of secrecy, within a cover-up culture…

This column by NP’s Scott Stinson is a MUST-READ! Ontario developed workaround for wage freeze in apparent attempt to mend fences with big unions (May be behind a paywall):

when the LCBO settled with its employees just before the long weekend, with a deal offering signing bonuses and an eventual wage increase, PSAC’s Woodbine negotiators knew that they had effectively discovered a workaround for the Finance Ministry edict that did not allow for compensation increases.

Hold onto your wallets, Ontario Taxpayers!

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188 Responses to Something smells in Lieberal Land

  1. Nicola Timmerman says:

    I am beginning to think that there is a majority of people who will vote Liberal and N.D.P. no matter what, as we found in the last election with Obama.

    • old white guy says:

      there are people who would vote liberal even if the candidate went to their house and cra–ed on their cornflakes every morning. my grandmother was one such voter.

  2. Bubba Brown says:

    Here is a little gem that “smells” too a secret fund .?
    If it’s so “secret” how come Greg Weston knows about it?
    Oh I know “sources”
    The Conservative Party has already issued a statement that it’s simply not true.
    That the e-mails could be deleted is a disgrace, that MM really aren’t that interested is the real disgrace.
    Meanwhile the never ending Crack+Rob Ford story just keeps bein flogged by MM.
    CBC is worried expect more of this.
    Interesting that NDP-Q are lock stepped in any vote but, but PM Harper is the controlling one.
    MP Rathberger is getting his 15 minutes maybe a better fit for NDP-Q?
    Just another day in Canada

    • Richco says:

      Nothing secret at all about the PMO having access to CPC money. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s not a crime.
      You’re right bubba.
      If we’re discussing it now because the media knows about it, then it’s not a secret.
      I also bet that Mulcair and Trudeau know how to get their respective parties money….if they had any that is.
      The left and consensus media are still looking for something to stick to the PM and PMO.
      To the PMO’s credit they seem to have been quicker off the mark in a response and denial. Good for them! Keep that up!

      Re: Rathberger – I still don’t like it that the gov’t is supposedly backtracking on keeping the CBC accountable. What’s their explanation on that one because I really would like to know why when they (the gov’t) have the best chance ever to curb the CBC and give taxpayers a glimpse in to how their money’s been spent, they’re balking and easing up. Makes no sense to me and yes, it’s got me wondering about the PM’s mindset.

      • Bubba Brown says:

        I wonder too Richco, MP Rathberger was not mentioned as being among the Con Senators and MP’s who marched with the Pro lifers.
        My Mp James Lunney was, I expressed my support of his position to him personally.
        This happens every year, the numbers are growing.
        I wonder if there isn’t something in the works that would have made MP Ratherbergers bill redundant?
        I am quoting “sources” on that one.
        Would explain the CBC going even more shrill than usual.
        We have heard Junior Trudeau say he would cast any member of his caucus into the outer darkness for supporting pro-life.
        So who is the control freak here?
        Anyway this is as much as I know right now.
        These baseless claims from CBC are false.
        In order to ensure that partisan activities undertaken by the Prime Minister are never billed to taxpayers, the Conservative Party covers some legitimate expenses, such as Party events that he attends.
        All funds spent by the Conservative Party are appropriately accounted for in yearly returns to Elections Canada.
        Furthermore, no Conservative Party or taxpayer funds were used or involved in the payment of Mike Duffy’s expenses.

        • Richco says:

          “MP Rathberger was not mentioned as being among the Con Senators and MP’s who marched with the Pro lifers.”

          There was mention made on SNN last night (don’t remember who) saying that Rathberger sided with the backbenchers when it came to allowing debate to happen and allowing MPs to vote freely I believe. No mention of a pro-life march attendance.

          “I wonder if there isn’t something in the works that would have made MP Ratherbergers bill redundant?”

          If there is I hope that the PM doesn’t makes us wait to share that with his base.

    • old white guy says:

      this may sound silly but worldwide communists have gained control. the u.s. is literally in the control of communists. the Obama administration has made no excuses for hiring avowed communists. one does not need a great deal of effort to follow the history of those who are now in power.

  3. Richco says:

    There are so many media outlets finally calling out the corruption by this Ontario today. When the Star comes out swinging (even though they still low ball criticism of the WynneWath tag team darlings of the left), it’s seriously time for an election.

    Don’t forget that the Ont. Legislature is due to rise next week for the summer. I’m betting that Wynne is just biding her time until then to secure her grasp on power until school comes back in September. She’s likely hoping that over the summer the PCs will let up and taxpayers will forget.

    Also due up very soon is the truth about how much the Oakville plant mess cost us. The REAL cost not the made up Liberal version.

    Not this time Kathleen. Not this time. This time I’m betting Ontarians will remember you and Andrea appropriately in the next election….whenever it comes.

    Check out this news aggregate for many stories on Ontario politics today

    • Liz J says:

      I’m sure Wynne is breathlessly waiting for summer shut down hoping her troubles will go up in smokey BBQ’s.
      She’s outta luck since most of the people in this province can’t afford to leave it for vacation and will have staycations and will be reminded of the state of affairs every time they buy anything from groceries to other goods PLUS tax. All this while overlooking sick lawns and barbequing wienies instead of steaks thanks to their corrupted management.

      • Martin says:

        Obviously both women desperately want an end to this session and any talk of a non-confidence motion. The notion that Ontarians will forget over the BBQ season will prove false, I believe, as the AG is set to release his Oakville report sometime in the fall. This is almost certain to be higher than currently reported, and it will bring the whole issue back to the news, that is if the party media wish to cover it.
        There is just too much money involved for the story to disappear.

  4. Richco says:

    I have to say that with each and every day that I tune in to watch Ontario’s Question Period I am so impressed with Lisa McLeod Hudak’s front bench. She’s the perfect foil for Wynne but she’s also has the potential to be the PCs next leader and just as popular in her tell-it-like-it-is style as Horwath is with the NDP (or used to be before she became Wynne’s best friend). I’m pretty sure Andrea’s numbers are tanking, which has everything to do with propping up this gov’t.

  5. Martin says:

    Tyhe continuing reluctance of the party media to seriously investigate this scandal, will destroy any remaining credibility they enjoy. I believe the true saga will unravel, there is just too much rot not to. As in all these scandals it is the cover up which is worse than the crime. And crime it is according to the Cavoukian report. Note that this is an official document by a highly regarded appointed official, not a backstreet drug dealer with a deal to score.
    The key to the whole sorry mess is Andrea Horwath. The McWynnty Liberals would be gone in a week with any serious opposition cooperation. Tim Hudak has the motion ready, it was prepared in Apr, to end this regime.
    What point is there in having the balance of power if one is unprepared to use it? Horwath is putting short term selfish gain ahead of the welfare of the Ont public, something that will cost her far more later, than doing the right thing now.
    She cannot be premier today, so like a dog-in-the-manger she is determined that Tim Hudak will not be either. In so doing, she ensures that the corrupt, dysfunctional Liberals remain in power. This is not a record I would want to take to the public come the election, were I in her shoes.

  6. Dave B. says:

    Did you ever think that the media new this auditors report was due out. Knowing how damning it would be for McWynnty, they created a story about Rob Ford and drugs so they could distract the public. Notice how the main headlines are all over Ford still while the Provincial scandal gets a little sidebar story. The media are going down and they still don’t realize that the public has access to the truth through the Internet. Why can’t they report the real news instead of generating bogus stories.

    • Lyndia says:

      The owners of the Globe and the Star are big time liberals who have committed a lot of money for their liberals. Until Wynne makes a mistake, they will support her and I believe the whole disgusting story about Rob Ford was to take him out of office or decrease his support. THEY DON’T CARE!! This is the unions doing their dirty work.

    • Richco says:

      I don’t think this is a coincidence Dave B.

  7. Martin says:

    For people tired of the Ford brothers saga, here is a story media might want to consider:

  8. Ontario Girl says:

    this morning question period is a joke. The opposition are all over CBC’s Greg Weston’s FALSE story about a “secret slush fund”. What a desperate bunch and absolute nonsense.

  9. Mary T says:

    Those deleted emails are somewhere. Last year my server went down, and it took 3 days for things to get back on line. Imagine my surprise when I opened my e-mail and discovered every one I had sent, received or deleted. And I had to delete all of them again. But it was sort of fun to re-read some of them. So, those gas plant ones are out there on some server somewhere.

    • Martin says:

      Absolutely, a court order and some forensic expertise would recover all messages in short order. Just don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

      • Liz J says:

        Obviously there won’t be any attempt to recover the messages by this administration, it’s where they want it and they want us to believe it can’t be retrieved.
        I’m sure it can be retrieved but it will cost us all to have the “experts” retrieve it.

        The whole chain of events from McGuinty quitting as leader midstream, resignations of ministers leaves a lot suspicion. It’s akin to leaving the scene of the crime because what McGuinty’s administration has done with this once economic engine of the country.

        • Richco says:

          good analogy Liz J. All of the bravdo and doublespeak by McGuinty about him doing it for the good of the Liberal party in Ontario and its renewal was such a crock of crap.

          He was saving his own butt and he might have been able to change the channel but the picture was as clear as day.

          He also is succeeding in taking his party down with him nicely.

          McGuinty’s legacy will be far FAR worse that Bob Rae’s ever was.

      • Anne in swON says:

        The problem, according to Cavoukian, is that there would be perhaps billions of recoverable emails they’d have to search through thereby making it economically prohibitive to do. Score: Wynne/McGuinty Liberals 1 and Opposition 0. More’s the pity.

  10. Bubba Brown says:

    Predictable behavior by the Opp’s and b o r i n g it must be true “sources”! CBC !scandal!
    Gee a blog says the “alleged” house were “allegedly” the Mayor Rob Ford “alleged” video was stored invaded by thug with pipe “sources” say . allegedly?
    Also Mayor Ford went to school with one of the occupants? OMG!
    Dosen’t say whether it was kindergarten or Junior High
    I won’t link to it but maybe it was just a MM with a microphone?
    That this stinks is a no brainer, a blog?
    Next instead of third hand sources we will be treated to a Ouija board maybe a letter from Nigeria as a source.
    Moogubudo say’s sorta thing, overheard at the Village loo.
    All this while nearly a billion dollars is flushed by McGuinty and Wynn was enjoying the trip to outer space on Virgins Spaceship so she wasen’t even on the planet when this happened.
    Our economy is strong and getting stronger Liberals and NDP-Q hate that.
    Another topic MP Goldring welcomed back by PM Harper, good stuff!
    I was stopped by a very pushy RCMP Officer in a roadblock in Oceanside.
    He did not ask “If” I had consumed any alcohol.
    He demanded “How” much I had had to drink.
    When I objected, politely to his accusation ,he got his knickers in a twist.
    Nasty man with way too much authority.
    A bad law, with the police acting as judge and jury.
    Good for you MP Goldring !

  11. Bubba Brown says:

    O.K this is now an official Conservative statement on the FALSE CBC release;
    Conservative Party statement regarding false story on CBC
    Last night, the CBC ran a false story by reporter Greg Weston.
    The CBC claimed there is a “secret” Conservative Party fund run by the PMO.
    This is false.
    The CBC claimed party funds are hidden from Elections Canada.
    This is false.
    All Conservative Party expenses are paid by one account, controlled by the Conservative Party. All funds are properly reported to Elections Canada and audited annually.
    The Conservative Party ensures that non-government activities undertaken by the Prime Minister are never billed to taxpayers.
    The CBC is being selective, failing to mention this is a standard practice for all political parties.
    The NDP and the Liberals confirmed they also maintain funds to cover expenses that should not be charged to taxpayers.
    “There is a fund which is used for party-related leader travel and expenses,” said Nathan Rotman, NDP national director. (Postmedia, June 6, 2013)
    Liberal party spokesperson Kate Monfette said the party pays for expenses for its leader that are “strictly partisan in nature” and unrelated to parliamentary duties “so as to ensure the separation between parliamentary activities and political activities.” (Postmedia, June 6, 2013)
    No Conservative Party funds were used to repay Mike Duffy’s inappropriate expenses. No taxpayer funds were used. Nigel Wright was not reimbursed by anyone. We cannot be clearer on this point.
    The CBC, Peter Mansbridge and Greg Weston misled Canadians. They should retract this piece of shoddy journalism.

    So Peter how much do you make as “News-Reader” or is it a “CBC Secret”?
    Here is something to read out Pete;
    1,000,000,000 new jobs since the Global recession hit in 2009. Net.
    Over 90% of the jobs full time.
    Over 75% of the jobs are private sector.
    This May’s monthly gain for young Canadians is the biggest one in thirty years.
    Get on it Pete!
    This is good news for Canadians!
    C B Crickets

    • Liz J says:

      Good luck finding out what we pay St Peter Manbridge to “read” us the news, unfiltered of course, that’s one of the top secrets of CBC. We can be sure if there’s a sunshine list he’ll be soaking up a lot of rays.

    • wilson says:

      Wow!!! That is good news all around.
      CBC keeps poking that stick in PMSHs eye, they want a fight.

      • Richco says:

        The CBC’s still trying to squeeze some mileage out of the latest “secret” fairytale. NNW helps them right along in that regard as I see that the truth from the PMO’s office is right beside the lie on that aggregate’s top stories.

        Too bad for the CBC and consensus media that all that good news on the jobs front is cramping their style…..what little of it they have left.

    • Martin says:

      Glanced quickly at CBC and they are breathlessly reporting their “exclusive” story of the sinister “secret fund” in PMO. The latest I heard was in spite of the denial issued by CPC , CBC was sticking by its story.
      Strangely the Ford story seems to have been pushed to the back burner today, perhaps people’s credibility was stretched beyond the breaking point on that story.

      • Richco says:

        should have read your post before responding to wilson.

        CBC’s grasping for relevance along with the opposition they love to coddle.

  12. Bubba Brown says:

    Just one more thought; I am primary care giver today, so gotta go, think of how much better Canada would be doing if all those billions wasted by McGuinty Liberals had been either been used sensibly.
    Instead of being squandered on green stupidity.
    Or better yet left in the pockets of working Canadians to spend as they see fit.

  13. Liz J says:

    Yeah, good one Richco , they sure do qualify and then some.
    At this point they must be breaking records.

  14. Liz J says:

    BTW, where’s Mr Spic’n’Span Dalton these days, any sightings at all?

  15. Richco says:

    On Joanne’s breaking new “”

    This is good news on the surface for sure! My problem though is that we already know how the OPP did with Caledonia right? Are they too bound by the ties that bind and gag them to the Premier’s office?

    • Liz J says:

      Fox and hen house comes to mind…..

      • Richco says:

        Watching David Akin’s Battleground this evening apparently Dalton McGuinty released a statement late this afternoon re: the criminal investigation of the deleted information.

        Akin read an excerpt from the letter in which McGuinty wrote that he didn’t delete or instruct anyone one to delete anything, and maybe staff should have been better trained. So Dalton effectively tossed his own staff under the bus to save his own ass.

        I’m sure the morning papers will have McGuinty’s letter. At least if they’re any kind of information source they should.

  16. Martin says:

    This link is to CP story that OPP will investigate. That at least is a start, but remember there are at present, no penalties for the law that was broken.

    This quote from NDP in the story is a bit baffling:
    “NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns said the party has formally requested that McGuinty appear at the justice committee hearings into cancelled gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville to explain the mass deletion of emails on the two projects”.

    Since we already know enough about McGuinty’s role in the affair, why not simply vote the non-confidence motion and be done with the Liberals?
    Quick, can anyone remember what concessions Horwath got in the budget? More importantly what kind of assurances did she receive from Wynne, that would be worth the paper they were written on?
    This conceit that Wynne must remain in power because of budget policies is more than a bit tiresome.

    • Richco says:

      thanks Martin. I linked to the same source Joanne did but it made an error in copying. No problem though.

      Interesting timing on all of this too.

      It’s Friday, end of day. Coincidence?

      You know what. The NDP can say anything they want but it is ALL overshadowed by their own support of this government so as far as I’m concern we may as well be listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher….WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH. Meaningless NDP drivel.

  17. Richco says:

    Hey Sun News Network – make this shot Ontario’s NEW version of Ezra’s Librano’s poster.

  18. wilson says:

    I don’t get what the big deal is about this so called super secret fund CBC says the PMO has.
    So what if the leader has a separate ‘account’ that comes out of CPC funds, it would make the paperwork easier.
    So what if Nigel Wright could make decisions on what partisan activities got paid out of the PMs account. That was his job.
    No Conservative spokesperson is worried about the Ethics commish and RCMP looking at Nigel Wrights cheque,
    all will be proved to be exactly as PMSH said.

    It’s obvious why the Sun chain fired Greg Weston, he’s a fit in the MM.

  19. Bubba Brown says:

    Here is a classic, the Oppo’s are all in an uproar over Canada #1 getting a paint job, due every six years.
    They seem to feel it is being painted in “gasp” Conservative colours.
    Red and white and blue are actually Royal Canadian Air Force colors.
    It’s motto is Per Ardua Ad Astra or through adversity to the stars
    Mr Muclair wanted it painted orange with alternating fleurs-de-lis and traffic cones.
    His motto? Je Ne Me Souvains Pas Enveloppe or I cannot remember the envelope
    Mr Trudeau Fuchia with Glitter sprinkles and a profile of himself riding a unicorn
    His Motto ? Qui Est ton Papa or whose yer Daddy?
    Beats the heck outa me, ask Maggie.
    This is the official straight goods.

    Scheduled Repaint of RCAF 001
    As part of regularly scheduled maintenance, the Canadian Armed Forces has repainted the aircraft primarily used to transport members of the Royal Family, the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and other dignitaries. Repainting of the RCAF 001 is required roughly every 6 years. RCAF 001 was scheduled to be repainted in 2013.
    Our Government has reduced average annual spending on ministers’ challenger flights by 85% compared to the previous Liberal government. The planned retirement of certain Challenger aircraft will also save taxpayers millions of dollars.
    By comparison, the incremental cost to repaint the RCAF 001 aircraft is modest – 2% of the total maintenance cost.
    This aircraft is a symbol of Canada. We are proud to showcase Canada to the world.

  20. Anne in swON says:

    Trudeau’s motto: “Qui Est ton Papa or whose yer Daddy?” Bubba, you’re a treasure. Love it!

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Well thank you Anne in swON, I must confess I have been called a lotta things in a well lived life “treasure” is a first.
      But will be treasured .
      God Bless

  21. fh says:

    O/T breaking news CBC reported on Power and Politics NDP have a secret fund operated by their leader Tom Mulcair could this fund be related to the Lavalle Mayor’s offer of a brown envelope????
    sarc off

  22. fh says:

    What part of the clear written statement received from the Conservative Party of Canada is difficult for the CBC to understand?
    Greg Weston needs to check the facts and apologize
    should Canadians believe that this is the first time a Prime Minister ‘s partisan duties are paid for by the political party not the taxpayer?
    have Canadian taxpayers foot the bill for past Liberal Prime Ministers that participated in partisan duties while they were Prime Minister?

    • Fay says:

      The CBC scream and yell about the cost when our prime minister attends a hockey game with his son. So the Conservative party pay the cost. Now CBC reporting the Conservative Party fund to pay for these costs is secret and illegal?
      CBC has never reported a positive thing about Stephen Harper and never will!

      • Richco says:

        and yet Fay the gov’t is going easy on the CBC with respect to the Bill which would require more transparency and accountability for to the public who own the CBC.

        Where is the outrage by taxpayers and the media on that?

    • fh says:

      media are trying to equate a donation (once made a donation belongs to the party it was donated to)
      with taxes, that are paid to the government of Canada with the knowledge that the Government will use this Taxpayer money wisely for the benefit of Canada and Canadians

  23. fh says:

    having watched Steve Paikin’s show about the fact Canadians no longer have to fill out a Mandatory long census and listening to a suggestion made on this program that Canada needs Mandatory voting
    I disagree strongly with the idea that Canada needs Mandatory voting.
    It is a privilege to vote in Canada If you do not vote then you have lost the ability to elect the Government of your choice
    the Government that is ELECTED by the Canadian people deserves the right to bring forward the Platform they were elected on
    Obstruction by the opposition must be stopped
    opposition stand and say they will be supporting the bill but continue to slow passage in an attempt to say the Government is failing to do what it promised to do during the election
    Tom Mulcair acting like he is in a courtroom is very tiresome. Does he even care about Canadians? Does he even care about Government business?
    Mandatory voting is not something I want for my Canada
    all Canadians need to want to vote and be encouraged to vote but please do not make voting Mandatory
    interesting article worth a look not mandatory

    • Richco says:

      if Angry Tom is acting like the Legislature is his court room, it’s because he’s going unchecked. We’ve lamented about the lack of decorum in the House yet IMO it’s being enabled.

      It’s a $90,000 personal cheque the lame-stream media and oppositions are worried about, yet up until yesterday when it became a criminal investigation the wasting of what could amount to over $1billion by a sleazy and corrupt McWynnetyWath Ontario government has been blown over. That ends today.

      • Liz J says:

        Angry Tom is playing to the TV camera, he puts on a better act than the Shiny Pony whose cv lists drama teacher.

        • Richco says:

          He’s really trumping that Shiny Pony these days.

          I notice that Trudeau’s still reading script :-)

  24. Richco says:

    Ontario Politics – Horwath Speaks…..but it’s all empty rhetoric to me. We’ve heard this all from you before Andrea. Trouble is that you’re starting to be as unbelievable as your NDP Premier Kathleen Wynne.

    • Liz J says:

      Andrea has some gall to stand before the public critiquing a scandal ridden government while she keeps them in power. Every time she does it she loses more credibility, really don’t think she has a shred left, she’s dragged herself right into the cesspool.

      Keeping the Liberals in power will not get answers,they “know nothing”,that’s their mantra. Neither will it get our money back,it will only add to the debt because they’re still making “promises”.

      • Martin says:

        In the end it all comes down to trust, do you trust the Wynne Liberals to behave differently than the McGuinty Liberals. I don’t, given that they are the same set of political players with a different leader. Neither do I expect them to keep any promises made, given their past behaviour.
        Horwath does apparently, which is why she keeps trotting out the budget promises like a mantra. She wants all sorts of inquiries and hearings into the scandal, yet is unprepared to act on the one thing which would end Liberal misuse of public money. End the government now, hearings and legal proceedings can come later. By not acting Horwath only confirms what an inept political player she is.

        • Liz J says:

          Horwath wants us to think she can save the province by making demands of the lying perpetrators of the mess of scandals to vote for their budget and keep them both from facing the electorate.
          It’s not about what’s good for the taxpayers of Ontario, it’s all about keeping their own butts in the Legislature, they’re a team playing out the worst in politics.

        • jon says:

          “[Horwath] wants all sorts of inquiries and hearings into the scandal, yet is unprepared to act on the one thing which would end Liberal misuse of public money.”

          I agree, Martin. And although I’m not a New Democrat, I always thought Horwath was someone of principle. And while instituting policies that I do not agree with that she would, at the very least, provide clean, ethical gov’t. But now I’ve changed my views on that. Think about it: if she’s willing to support ANOTHER party engaged in what the Liberals are involved in, then most certainly she would be prone to engaging in a similar cover-up if her own party’s survival as the gov’t was at stake. If Horwath still supports the Libs with the OPP now involved, then it’s fair game to attack her ethics and integrity. From now on, I think the PC’s should refer to these two partners in “crime” as the “Liberal-NDP Gas Plant Coalition” in every media scrum from this point forward. Make Howrath wear the scandal along with Wynne, I say.

  25. Liz J says:

    Rathgeber has the ear and attention of the Media Maggots and opposition, useful to their anti Conservative agenda for a day or two, but his riding association has cut ties with him.
    Good luck to him on the issue he scuttled out over.

    Who is he gonna call next time he wants to run for a seat?

    • Richco says:

      What’s being missed by the media and opposition is that no matter how badly Rathgeber did what he did, at its core is the reasons he did it.

      The watering down of the Bill that was supposed to see more accountability by the CBC is still an issue. One that the CPS base really dislikes.

      Then there’s the issue of being whipped to conform by the PMO. We’ve heard that lamented here before on different issues. That too is still an issue that’s being wallpapered over by a media circus designed to distract and divert.

  26. Bubba Brown says:

    Good Morning! IMO When your Riding Association cuts you loose as is reported to have happened to Mr Rathgeber, you are beyond the pale.
    They with the boots on the ground are your foundation.
    I still think that there is more to this story.
    Mr Rathgeber has to make his case to the voters in his riding.
    I am remembering Helena Guergis she did not fare well with her constituents drama might thrill the MM but it is sound bite soon forgotten.
    All the blotivating by the MM news readers needs a lawsuit, they are just making shit up.
    They are the ones with a “secret agenda”
    We should not lose sight that 90K they keep going on about was money paid back that Senator Duffy was not entitled to.
    I know this is absolutely unheard of in the Liberano, NDP-Q world where “passing the enveloppe” is the way buisness is done, with no drum roll.
    I guess that is why they are having such a struggle with it.
    Just imagine if you will a Liberal or a NDP-Q paying back taxpayer money.
    Can anyone tell me if such a thing has ever happened?
    I am all for a Senate Audit and a HOC audit.
    The Conservatitives have cut the travel budget for the challenger jet by 85% and all the Oppos can do is shriek over a sheduled paint job?
    Pathetic, I expect Mr Muclair to set fire to his hair anyday now, his phony indignation is however way better than Mr Trudeaus.

  27. Anne in swON says:

    It’s my belief that the media desperately wants to tie this Mike Duffy fiasco to the PM in any way possible and a “secret” fund operated out of the PMO would suit them to a “T”. They cannot accept that this “secret” fund is merely the CPC fund which comes from donations to the party. One pundit (it may have been Greg Weston) mentioned the per vote subsidy being a part of that. As though that would tar the PM with it all.

    • wilson says:

      So true.
      The new transparency and accountability rules/Acts brought in by the Harper government are working as intended.
      We are walking the talk, even when it’s our own who have broken the rules.

  28. wilson says:

    When we have real scandals coming out of the US and Ontario, sure makes troubles in the PMO look pretty minor.
    Weston’s lame attempt to tie Nigel Wright’s cheque to PMSH was a bust.
    Mulcair’s questioning is boring and the man-child superstar is so in over his head.

    Media Maggots wishful thinking that Harper’s base will abandon him over these so-called scandals.
    Nah, imo the Opps and MM are going to suffer unintended consequences of an even stronger base, as we watch our ‘team’ fight for change, while the Opps go negative 24/7.
    We have the big tent, interesting and intelligent MPs, and the best PM in my lifetime.
    The CPC convention will get more coverage than usual as the MM look for wide spread infighting, trouble in Toryville.
    Watch the polls soar for the CPC as they watch common sense at work.

    Peter Goldring was aquitted, both Duffy and Wallin could be cleared of wrongdoing too.

    • Fay says:

      Agree, I am waiting to see what comes out of the ethics department, before assuming Duffy and Wallin and Nigel Wright are guilty, just because the media party says it is so!

  29. jon says:


    Recently, some in the Media Party, while in the midst of attacking the Harper gov’t, have reminisced about other conservative “scandals” & controversies from the past, including Oda’s $16 OJ brought up again, if you can believe it. So it got me to thinking… how many glasses of that “pricey” OJ could be bought for the $585 million wasted in the Liberal Gas Plants Scandal. Answer: 36,562.500 glasses worth.

    And from a visual perspective, I wondered how high all those glasses would be if it was possible to stack them up to create a vertical column.

    So assuming each glass is 6″ tall — with 6 inches being what’s probably average for a glass used for the purposes of sipping on OJ — 10,560 of them would stand a mile high. That would mean that 36 million plus glasses would have a height of more than 3,400 miles OR if they were horizontality aligned, would stretch from Toronto to the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between San Fran and Hawaii. Shocking!

    lol, too much time on my hands? not really… pretty quick and easy math to do. lol

    • Martin says:

      Or figure the original power couple Layton-Chow spending $1.16 m annually in parliamentary expenses, @$22307 per week, how much juice could that buy?
      The old adage applies here: Socialists can always be bought, but they don’t come cheap.

  30. wilson says:

    The Elections Canada dispute with MPs Shelly Glover and James Bezan is a head scratcher.
    Candidates buy signs, expense the entire cost of the signs, and in subsequent election campaigns EC insists they have to again show the entire cost of the old signs as a campaign expense.

    -First thing that bugs me is we the taxpayer cover off some costs when a candidate gets a percentage of the vote.
    So isn’t that double dipping on the taxpayer dime when no actual money has changed hands yet we the taxpayer have to reimburse the candidate for fictional costs never incurred ?
    This is rule favours the candidate, not the taxpayer.
    No way Revenue Canada would allow a taxpayer to expense the same item, at full cost, year after year, when it was bought once.
    -Secondly, not all signs are reusable in another campaign, logo change, name change, loss and damage etc.
    If their usefulness has not expired, than for winning candidates the items should be depreciated over subsequent campaigns and not fully expensed at the time of purchase. The reports could be revised for past and present campaigns.

  31. Richco says:

    Is Rathgeber telling the truth when he suggests that his Bill is being watered down by the gov’t?

    • wilson says:

      Funny thing, NDP want to toughen up the bill… oh won’t the Friends of CBC be impressed!

      • Richco says:

        I was thinking much the same thing wilson. Then again I’m pretty sure that definition of “toughen” for the NDP might be a bit different than what Rathgeber had in mind.

        I just can’t believe that the Harper gov’t would dumb things down like that. It’s true then?

        • wilson says:

          Head scratcher eh.
          But surely just a handful of people make over $400k, wonder if Peter Mansbridge is on that list.

  32. Bubba Brown says:

    Rathbergers EDA bailed on him why? The folks at home don’t support him again, why?
    CBC is in full panic mode another “dear Bubba” LOL
    CBC and their MM story about secret funds, what about all their salarys being secret?
    BS story anyway here is why;
    Dear Bubba,
    Harper and his gang are attacking the CBC from all sides.
    You can stand up to this affront to our culture and democracy by joining the campaign now:
    I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes… The Harper Conservatives have released the policy resolutions that will be considered when delegates to the Conservative Party convention meet in Calgary later this month.
    Among the proposals are policies that would ultimately kill CBC funding altogether, converting CBC into a beggar broadcaster and eliminating services Canadians depend on.
    One proposal would actually delete a statement about the importance of the CBC to Canada. Check it out for yourself here.
    In the name of public broadcasting, I need your help.
    Make no mistake. These proposals would not have been published in this official Conservative Party publication without approval from the highest office in Conservative circles. They must be taken seriously.
    Perhaps the Conservatives are trying to distract attention from the Senate scandal and other transgressions that are eroding their base of support.
    In so doing, Stephen Harper is becoming a rogue Prime Minister who has abandoned important traditions inherited from his political forebears across political party lines, and supported by the vast majority of Canadians – who value the CBC.
    Our challenge is to make sure that Canadians do not forget these attacks in the future, especially as the next election draws near.
    We must also defend public broadcasting on every front they choose to attack. The battles include:
    Stephen Harper’s Omnibus Budget Bill C-60 is set to become the law of the land in a matter of weeks. Without change, it will give the Harper Conservatives all the power they need to turn our CBC into a political propaganda machine. FRIENDS is committed to defending CBC’s independence and we are actively strategizing to exploit all political and legal options at our disposal.
    If adopted and implemented by the government, any one of the convention proposals would spell the end of CBC TV and Radio services that are vital to Canadians and the oxygen our democracy needs to survive. FRIENDS is developing a strategy to highlight these policy proposals when the Conservative Party convention meets in Calgary from June 27 – 29.
    We are also laying the groundwork for the most ambitious on-the-ground campaign we have ever mounted in defence of public broadcasting in Canada.
    Stay tuned for updates on all of these initiatives. You can see this fight will be intense and the stakes are enormous.
    That is why I am writing to ask for your support in the name of public broadcasting. We need your help right now!
    We’ve got to fight back. If we do not, our silence will embolden the Conservatives and the opportunity to inform Canadians will pass.
    The very future of the CBC as a PUBLIC broadcaster, not a STATE broadcaster, is at stake.

  33. wilson says:

    More on CPC fight with EC:

    There’s that little issue about the EC audit finding 160,000 irregularities in the last election that Mr Hicks seems to have forgotten.

    ‘Political analyst Bruce Hicks told CTV News that the chief electoral officer’s word was at one time “final.”
    “It used to be the chief electoral officer was almost like a judge, appointed by Parliament to oversee elections,” Hicks said.
    “What the practice now has become, under the Conservative Party in particular, is to automatically appeal.”

    Funny how the anti-Cons say challenging the authority of EC was just unheard of before PMSH, yet call him a dictator.

    Read more:

  34. Richco says:

    O/T – Rob Ford Crackgate. Thought it was going away right? Thought that the Star couldn’t stoop ANY lower to hone their trash tabloid image. Think again. Here’s a perfect example of how the Star allegedly entraps the Mayor then craps all over him when he extends a courtesy.

  35. Ruth Selves says:

    With so much talk about Stephen Harper stepping down this summer, I think we all need to send notes of encouragement to him to stay on. I hope it’s only wishful thinking from some of the journalists.

    • wilson says:

      It’s MM and Opps wishful thinking Ruth
      Politics has just gotten more interesting, these so-called scandals are pretty timid.
      PMSH still has a lot of work he wants to do.
      Looking forward to big CPC convention with lots of policy, and big cabinet shuffle coming up.

  36. Richco says:

    Are you sure that the Ottawa Citizen wrote that you linked to in your original post….wow! Doesn’t sound like them at all, but hey, I’ll take it. It’s very good.

  37. Anne in swON says:

    Friends of the CBC “are actively strategizing to exploit all political and legal options at our disposal” and “are also laying the groundwork for the most ambitious on-the-ground campaign we have ever mounted in defence of public broadcasting in Canada.” Thanks, Bubba! Those two statements explain why this all out blitz on the Conservatives is taking place and why Weston is heading the most recent attack. The CBC fear of the PM is almost palpable. Why the rest of the media is going along with it is another story. Could it be because if the CBC is privatized and its budget gutted they won’t be able to afford the resources/staff to gather their own news stories and the rest (including CTV, Macleans, Global, et al) be affected?

    • Anne in swON says:

      Oops, that should read “would be affected”.

    • Richco says:

      all on our dime, because their ratings are tanking AND because now there’s a little competition with the SNN.

      • wilson says:

        Well if there are some CBC employees on that over $400k sunshine list, the CBC might have to find some new friends.

  38. Bubba Brown says:

    Yes the MMCBC is howling, they see that the days of wine and roses have come to an end.
    Talk about attack ads, the Weston drive by smear is disgusting.
    The howling, accusations unfounded stories with no foundation in fact deserve a lawsuit.
    They are nothing but a self centered bunch of bigots who think they have a bully pulpit to preach at the very people who pay their obscene wages.
    Now that the French wing of Radio Canada is rebranding as “ICI” or Here in French, perhaps the Quebecers should pay the freight.
    They felt that they were the makers and breakers of politicans in this Country.
    No Longer.
    I do not see a reason in the world to pay for juvenile, mean ambushes, by self proclaimed “Warrior Woman” on Conservative Politicans.
    As she did with Rob Ford and PM Harper.
    If she pulled that crap in junior highschool she would be hauled up as the bully she is certainly not funny.
    As for Solomon, Fife, Mildewski, kady wit da sunglasses welded to her head, get a real job delivering Pizza.
    They like the MM at the Star just cannot accept the will of the people.
    Defund the MMCBC PM Harper they have been on the gravy train far to long.
    Like a spoiled teenager they need to get out into the real world and stand on their own two feet.

  39. Bubba Brown says:

    So anyway obviously the CBC funding is one of the things that is going to be dealt with at the Conservative Convention.
    I am quite confident there will be no bonus for the “Star Newsreaders” at CBC tough nougies Pete “Canadas most trusted” ?
    Not by me bucko.
    I am spitballing but this kinda takes the thunder out of MP Rathbergers big moment.
    I had heard that there were some positive changes coming down the pipeline.
    A team player would have colled his jets.
    His riding, EDA is not at all impressed, neither am I.
    I have been waiting a while to see CBC get their comeuppance.

  40. Bec says:

    A common disorder exists in people who can’t admit they are wrong, they don’t.

    That would apply to the Media Maggots in this country and South of the border. Just think about it. They are all egotists struggling to keep their names up on the marquis so if they need to admit an error, ummm they are done.

    Our Canadian wanna-bees are true amateurs compared to their US counterparts but they are giving them a run for their money. To admit they are wrong, were liars, got snookered is not going to happen with these people.
    We just need to accept that in the case of CBC, they hate the conservative mindset because they are a socialist entity. To watch them is to hate them.

    The others have no excuse except they are full of useless editors (especially) and programmed progressives. It’s sad really that we have no options because our national intellect has resorted to this apathy via the media.

    ps Bubba…you really do make my day, every day!

    • Richco says:

      This is going to surprise you. Who’d have thought that Warren Kinsella (yes, I already know some will not read or pay attention), would come out with a column that supports Harper and the CPC, but that’s exactly what his column for tomorrow’s Sun does. It’s up at his website. Actually, I like that the Sun’s columnists post their columns on social media. Another way to get around the pay wall.

      • Richco says:

        it’s also why Harper just may hang in until the next election. Personally, I hope he does stick around because he still has work he could champion.
        My gut feeling though is that he’s going to leave on a high note, before the next election? Maybe. If he thinks his caucus without him is just as strong and capable, he just might. Better to get a leadership out of the way now.
        However, if he sees that as a destabilizing what he’s built thus far, I see him sticking around until just after the next election.

  41. Richco says:

    Lorrie Goldstein’s column re: Ontario Liberals vs. Rob Ford

  42. fh says:

    w5 rob ford hatchet job
    w5 just reporting the facts or bull s**t
    the facts I care about are what Rob Ford has done for Toronto
    lets get the real facts out

  43. fh says:

    why not compare what Ontario Liberals have done to Ontario
    WITH what Rob Ford has done for Toronto

  44. Richco says:

    Ontario Politics – Who will play Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath in the movie version of The McWynneWath Affair: Gas Plant Cover-up?

    According to the Sun’s Christina Blizzard – Honey Boo-Boo.

    Chris asks who will play the role of Kathleen Wynne? Easy one. Irene Ryan who played Granny from the Beverley Hillbillies. Dead ringer.

    • fh says:

      good one
      why are MM not delving into Wynnes personal life?
      it must be relevant!!!! huh maybe sarc off

      • Richco says:

        I’d be just as critical of the media going after Wynne’s personal life as I would (and am) of them going after any other politician’s personal life.

        • Liz J says:

          Absolutely. However we don’t have to look far to find the media maggots going after personal stuff on Conservative politicians at any level.
          It usually happens when the Conservative(s) in power are doing well, they have to resort to tabloid journalism, anything they think will degrade and detract. Rob Ford is a prime example, they talk about his weight, make up lies and phoney videos to defame his
          character in hope they will break him down.

          It’s enough to make an honest person physically ill to read or listen to the news
          that they’d focus so much on the Federal Conservatives and Senators when Ontario is being run by the most scandalous government in memory. It should be the concern of all of Canada.

          • Richco says:

            So far, the biggest losers in going after the personal lives of politicians, doesn’t matter who it is or what party is always the media.

            If don’t think that the shots they’ve taken at Ford haven’t backfired, it has. Not in the numbers we’d like to see, but fewer and fewer media pundits who take that low road are to be believed.

    • Liz J says:

      Full marks for good casting!
      How can these people get away with this? Sadly I’m including the NDP among “these people”, their leader is allowing the perpetrators to continue their romp and further attempts to cover their asses.
      Is this not the unveiling of the anatomy of corruption unfolding before our eyes?

      Remembering Caledonia, we have good reason not to have much faith in the OPP investigation but for now we’ll wait and see what transpires.

      Where’s Dalton, why are the MM’s not seeking him out like they did Mike Harris?

      • jon says:

        Same with R Ford, Or N Wright. Since the Ottawa-based press does from time-to-time comment on stories from Queen’s Park — such as Fife did last Oct when he called the Gas Plants Scandal “minor” in scope — why not have some of them show up at his home in south Ottawa? Assuming that he’s there, and there’s no reason to suggest that he’s not, why not bring their crews there, setting up their camera tripods at the end of HIS driveway, such as they did to Ford, or stake out his home in the middle of the night, the way CTV did to Wright? Why aren’t they in hot pursuit of him, following him in conveys to coffee shops and gas stations? Why do they respect HIS privacy? And does anyone truly believe that had the McLiar not issued his pathetic statement as he did a few days ago that they’d be badgering him to issue one? Hardly.

  45. Liz J says:

    When laws are written what good are they if there are no consequences listed along with them when they’re broken? Why bother?
    Is this some kind of methodology created for and by Liberals for allowing them to make and break laws and suffer no consequences?
    Isn’t this what one would expect in a tin pot dictatorship?

  46. Martin says:

    Slowly but surely ths gas plant cover up is unraveling. Once the OPP begin an investigation, it becomes harder for the premier’s office to control the story. At least, Ontarians have to hope that is the case. The OPP’s diminished reputation will not survive any political interference in this case. The party media will also be forced to cover the story seriously, it is just too big to ignore any longer.
    As for Horwath, the pressure will continuously increase on her to do the right thing. Unless something dramatic happens tomorrow, I guess she will vote for the budget Tuesday, but even she must be having some second thoughts now.

  47. Richco says:

    Interesting column by Maddie DiMuccio in today’s Sun. It touches on something that I’ve been hearing of late, which is that if Horwath smartens up and pulls the plug on the Liberal gov’t, sending us in to an election now, it just might not end up with the result that we and the PCs want. I have heard many Liberals who don’t like Wynne and PCs who haven’t taken a shine to Hudak indicate that they’d park their vote with Horwath if she brought them down. A another huge mistake for Ontario, BUT, one that would see the support of the unions throw everything they have over to Horwath. I think there’s some serious truth to what DiMuccio pens in this column. The fact that Lisa McLeod and the PC energy critic (his name escapes me right now) seem to be fronting the scrums more than Hudak has been mentioned more than a few times about possible successors to Hudak. Anyway here’s the column. Enjoy this nice summer Ontario day (finally!)

  48. Bubba Brown says:

    A very pertinent question Liz J, where indeed are the storm troopers of MM.
    Dandy Dalton should not be able to take a deep breath without squeezing a MM so hard they make “whoopee cushion” noises.
    When a person looks at the damage he and his acolytes have done to Ontario, then squeaks out “it’s never too late to do the right thing”
    It got my hopes up.
    Well this old guy thought McGuilty was going to commit seppuku in public.
    With No-Wynn providing back-up of course assuming she was actually there, or here, or somewhere when something happened.
    It is so confusing to have a “Dear Leader” that got stuck on the people of Ontario in much the manner of an unclaimed “divot” in a dog park gets stuck to your shoe.
    She not only has an “alternate view” of reality, but occupies a different dimension where here isn’t here but there, or at least somewhere else when things happen, or are discussed.
    MM let’s her not only clutch her pearls and squeak “I know Nothing” but gives No-Wynn a bully pulpit to criticize Mayor Ford.
    Or at the very least an innate inability to hear discussions that precede flushing a billion dollars down the progressive rabbit-hole.
    I know it’s confusing but don’t think for a minute that denial is easy.
    You should be grateful that No-Wynn is willing to play “Once Upon A Time In Ontario”
    Which of course brings us to the CBCMM where reality is anathema to the cult of the News Readers.
    Their motto “It Ain’t A Made-Up Story If It’s About A Tory” if “Most Trusted Petey” appeared on camera wearing a tinfoil hat I would not be in the least surprised.
    He wouldn’t be reflectin’ any more of the visible spectrum than he does already
    Dead on Richco, Horwath as Honey Boo Boo works for me.
    But I really think No-Wynn is a ringer for Miss Hathaway.
    Enough with the satire the pity here is the people being given a pass by MM are so inept they are criminal.
    The people being hounded are running for the most part the best National Government I have seen in my lifetime.
    Yes we have some problems they are being addressed as we speak.
    Thinking back every Media type whether Adrianne Clarkson or Michaelle Jean, Wallin, Duffy all seem to come with a very hefty price tag.
    Just My Opinion, they do not have any observable connection with ordinary Canadians but rather a very inflated sense of entitlement.
    We deserve better.
    Pull the plug on the CBCMM, the only way to clean up that mess IMO.

  49. Liz J says:

    I like the sound of “No-Wynn” Bubba, also appreciate your humour to take alleviate some of the stress and frustration.
    However, what’s has gone down and is going down in Ontario “Once Upon a Time” should be retitled to “Once Upon a time and a half” the way the Liberal regime has taken Ontario tax players to the cleaners.

  50. wilson says:

    Just watched the Prince of Pi on QP, omg he is so in over his head.
    He’s not impressive in any way shape or form.

  51. wilson says:

    Maybe the over $400k sunshine list is a good strategy.
    If a couple of CBC execs and media personalities are on that list,
    making more money than the Prime Minister, what better message to take to Canadians about why the CBC should be privatized.

  52. fh says:

    great interview withPM Harper by Dr. Shan Chandraseker

  53. Bubba Brown says:

    Taaa Daaa The hair care for men third place Party Leader weighs in ?
    It is different when a Liberal does it, it is either an honest mistake or you are asking questions that you have no buisness asking.
    It is just a misunderstanding says young, middle aged Trudeau.
    This is very, very different says the heir to the Trudeau Magic, their housing allowance overpayments are “different”
    Unlike those nasty Conservatives who paid back their “overs” Senator Harb being a Liberal is going to fight “tooth and nail” to keep his clutches on our tax dollars.
    Besides all that Senator Harb was Peta “Person of the Year” in 2012 for defending Seals from scantily clad Peta-tetts
    Unbelievable this is a National Leader, failed logic 101, one of these things is NOT different from the other.

  54. Ontario Girl says:

    Gear up for this week…the sexual assult case will be heard tomorrow for Senator Brazeau….I can hear all the political talk shows gleefully reporting the details for the next month, along with all the lefty MM report headlines on national Newswatch.

    • Richco says:

      yep fh. This is one of those items that got missed by the media when it broke over a week ago in favour of Rob Ford.

      Wynne never passes an opportunity for the her government to cost us more money.

  55. Liz J says:

    So we might have guessed, Justin is welcoming Mac Harb back to caucus saying his expenses for a property he never lived in were a “misunderstanding of the rules”. Of course Harb, being a Senator for several years had a lot more time operating under that misunderstanding than Duffy or Wallin who the MM’s are tearing apart.
    So there you have it, Liberals misunderstand, according to Justini Conservatives break the rules and abuse taxpayer’s money on purpose and they’re character’s are defamed daily in the media.

    Justin is not ready for prime time. Justin is in over his head.

  56. Richco says:

    Agree with all the grade Blizzard gives these politicians except that I would have included Lisa McLeod on par with Elliott.

  57. Liz J says:

    It’s official, no more suspense, Horwath will support the corrupt, scandal ridden Liberals so they can tax the air we breath.

  58. Liz J says:

    Can anyone do some sleuthing and find the clip of Bob Fife a while back saying the McGuinty Liberals had a few minor scandals?

  59. Bubba Brown says:

    Well, Good Morning all! A beautiful day in Oceanside.
    A picture of Young Justin of Trudeau, the middle aged pretty boy toy of the blue rinse set.
    Young Justin did this photo-op the other day and then those nasty demonstrators showed up, no picture of them.
    Did the MM block those demonstrators?
    Who were those people trying to block the kids with the signs?
    What the article does not mention or explain, perhaps somewhere under that shiny hair there is an explanation as to why Senate Liberals are attempting to block the Audit of the Senate.
    Sucking and Blowing much Justin eh?
    Just another W. T. F. (Widdle Trudeau Fairy-tale)

    • wilson says:

      The Prince of Pi is in waaaaaaaay over his head.
      Comments on ‘root causes’, cheering on Khadr, honor killings not barbaric, Albertans are the problem and ain’t it great Quebecers have a Senate advantage over them, Liberals don’t have to be accountable because they aren’t Conservatives.

      On Sunday QP he said Senators should be appointed by an appointed selection committee (instead of elected) so as to have the public trust.

      Ding dong…anyone home JT, you don’t think the public can be trusted to pick their own Senator? Smarter people in the LPC should do it for us…
      No media reports on that piece of stupidity coming out of the Prince of Pi’s mouth.

  60. wilson says:

    Our diplomats are on strike over pay parity.
    Easy fix that Canadians are in the mood for…. reduce pay perks to bring about parity.
    Minister Clement is not in the mood to kiss up to civil servants, in case they haven’t noticed!

  61. Liz J says:

    Guess we can start crying now, Andrea of Big Mouth will support the budget and they’ll all be off for summer fun and frolics. Come September or October we’ll be further down the hole.
    Thanks Andrea, hard to believe someone who criticizes the Liberal catastrophe the most is able to stand and support that disgrace.

    • wilson says:

      No principles.
      She’ll do a Jack Layton and support the Liberal govt until the NDP numbers are moving up.
      Lib partisans still mad that Paul Martin caved on $2B in Dipper spending and Jack still pulled the plug.
      Still saying Dippers are the reason we have a Harper govt.

  62. Richco says:

    Will he or won’t he. Gerry Nichols weighs in on whether Harper will stick around for another election. He sides with WK on this one.

    • Richco says:

      “Political consultant Gerry Nicholls, however, has a very different point of view. He says that we all — collectively — need to relax.

      “Politicians rarely surrender power easily and in Harper’s case he has good reasons for hanging on. He needs one more term to do what he wants to do and despite all scandals swirling around Ottawa, he’s still in a good position to win in 2015,” he told Yahoo! Canada News.

      “Yes, I realize that goes against the emerging conventional wisdom, but the media tends to exaggerate the political impact of scandals and they also forget that Harper still has two years to turn things around.

      “Anybody writing Harper’s political obituary should remember the lesson of B.C. Premier Christy Clark, who managed to overcome both bad polls and scandals to win a majority government.”

      • wilson says:

        ”the media tends to exaggerate the political impact of scandals”

        now that’s the understatement of the year!
        But Gerry should have added ‘conservative’ scandals, Liberals and apparently the NDP too, are given a pass.

        The Media Maggots and Opps went so overboard on Duffy,
        Minister Clement has been given a free hand to cut civil servant spending and that new union transparency legislation, who dares to defy it now .
        Unintended consequences.

  63. ed says:

    PM Harper should stay for, at least, two more terms. There is so much yet to do. The price we pay for electing all those Liberal governments in the past: they have their people in all government agencies, departments and in the media. Today they’re coming out of the woodwork to attack the Conservative government in any way possible with the goal of returning their Liberal party to power. We have all these Liberal supporters sitting in positions of authority whereby they can disrupt and attempt to discredit the Conservative government at will. The sooner we reduce their numbers the better Canada will be. CBC? I fully agree, get rid of them period. Nothing better than to see the likes of Mercer and Walsh totally disappear. The way these individuals go after the Conservatives reflects, IMO, the self-hatred that consumes them. Let them become a PBS station and find their own funding. NDP? Well, at both levels of government, they live up to their slogan: No Damn Principles. Trudeau? How pathetic. On day one, he clearly demonstrated that he was out of his element. The media says “Trudeau said this, Trudeau said that ….” If they were truthful, they’d say “the Liberal hierarchy said this, the Liberal hierarchy said that…” It’s so evident. Biggest problem in this country, IMO: our MSM. Canadians should be going after these guys and demanding high quality, objective journalism – journalism that works to make Canada a better place to live. IMO; the MSM and the opposition parties are failing badly, actually embarrassingly so.

  64. ed says:

    O/T: a tribute to our Canadian soldiers.

    Reasons To Weep With Pride
    Tuesday, June 04, 2013
    By:.Howard Galganov

    “In the amphitheater is a back wall that is adorned with the photos of 158 Fallen Canadian Soldiers. In front of the amphitheater is a Pipe and Drum Band. Behind the Pipe and Drum Band is a long line of young people, some holding large photographs, some holding large Canadian Flags . . . ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-EIGHT OF EACH.
    As the ceremony begins with music . . . the name of each FALLEN soldier is read aloud, as the person carrying his photo marches up the BERM, followed immediately by a person carrying a Canadian Flag.

    “1 – Canada was the FIRST Commonwealth country to send troops to Britain at the Declaration of World War Two in 1939 (my dad was amongst the FIRST).

    2 – Canada had a total population in 1939 of about eleven million People.

    3 – YET . . . Canada sent more than One Million Men and Women into harm’s way.

    4 – And more than FORTY Percent of Canada’s male population between the ages of 18 and 45 wore the Canadian Uniform to rid the world of the Nazi scourge.”

    “Even as I write this several days later . . . I can’t hold back the tears.

    I am PROUD to be a Canadian.

    I am PROUD to be a Jew living in a country where being Jewish isn’t a crime.

    I am PROUD to know men of incredible distinction in the names of Lou DeVuono, Graeme Hume, Trapper Cane and Greg Shepherd.”

    “Sometimes, the most comforting and proud moments are best described in tears.”

  65. Gabby in QC says:

    For your consideration, a good turn of phrase. Some examples:

    • From Paul Wells’s June 10 article “Awaiting the Stephen Harper comeback”:
    “… Wells’s Second Rule, which holds that if everyone in Ottawa knows something, it isn’t true.

    • From Terence Corcoran’s June 9 op-ed “Stephen Harper should be hailed for gutting Brent Rathgeber’s salary disclosure bill”
    “Even columnists not based in the Ottawa war zone, including some who in the past decried the herd instinct of the press gallery, discharged their weapons of mass verbiage into the Prime Minister’s riddled body.”
    I’m afraid I’m often guilty of same.

    • Apparently few PMBs make it into law, yet 8 did during PM Harper’s tenure, including one sponsored by a non-Conservative, so draw your own conclusions about backbenchers: “trained seals” or not?
    From John Ivison’s June 10 Full Comment “Cabinet shuffle could be what saves Harper’s government from the noose”:
    “Very few private members’ bills become votable, far less receive Royal Asset. Between 2004-11, only 1.3% made it into law – between 1945-1993, just 127 privately sponsored bills became law, and just 31 of those did not deal with name changes to constituencies.
    Eight private bills have passed into law since the Conservatives won their majority two years ago, including one to increase public awareness about epilepsy by Liberal Geoff Regan, which suggests the government is aware of their capacity as a safety valve for members.

    • Joanne says:

      Excellent quotes! I love the one by Wells. 😉

      And thanks for keeping them short and providing attribution and dates. I was reminded recently that we need to be careful about copyright rules here, which means short quotes and full original sourcing.

      Author/source and links (even if behind a paywall) are ideal. Thanks everyone!

      • Gabby in QC says:

        Some sites “dislike” links, causing comments to go into the filter, to be delayed or completely lost. That’s why I’ve training myself to omit them. But you’re absolutely right. When multiple paragraphs are lifted from someone else’s writing and copied & pasted without a link, that is definitely a no-no.

        BTW, the 3 above are not behind a paywall. But something else is happening … some media are limiting commenters’ ability to post. In addition to moderation or downright censoring (CBC), or limiting comments to Facebook accounts (Ottawa Citizen & others), now some are allowing comments only from subscribers (Winnipeg Free Press, as of June 3). The WFP is not so free any more.

  66. fh says:

    why do we believe BELIEVE the media that Tim Hudak is not connecting with people in Ontario?????
    go back to 2004 federal election remember how media portrayed Stephen Harper
    we need to get the word out that Tim Hudak is an experienced Leader with a real plan for Ontario and Ontario has a long history of good PC governments

    • wilson says:

      Media, with polls to back their opinions up, said same thing about now Premier Clark.

      It’s all about the ground war which is invisible to the media.
      Volunteer for your MP/ Candidate long BEFORE the election is called.
      Fund raising now at the community level , like holding a giant yard sale in a mall parking lot, to connect with the ‘people’ (media only cover those $500 per plate events).
      Imo, the most important part of a campaign is ‘people’ making phone calls
      (no more robocalls) to constituents on behalf of your MP/Candidate.
      Then send emails and snail mail re:donations/memberships.

  67. Liz J says:

    You know the missing Mr Spic and Span isn’t a figment of our imagination when the Ottawa Citizen is asking “Dalton McGuinty, where are you?”

    • Joanne says:

      Yep. Link here:

      Liberal media outlets are being to realize that they have to cover this scandal if they want to appear objective.

      • Martin says:

        Right, but one can easily see their hearts aren’t in it.
        Where are the reporters and video cameras camped out in McGuinty’s driveway? Ottawa is a centre of TV journalists and commentators, while not usually focused on provincial affairs, what does one call coverage of the Ford saga?
        Citizen’s Election Canada sleuth gave equal space today to coverage of Eve Adams expenses__ all $2777 of them. Sort of pales compared to $600 m wasted by McGuinty’s office, and that is a low estimate, but that’s their priorities.
        I say if the Citizen really wanted to talk to McGuinty, they would root him out.

        • Liz J says:

          Their priorities are all about going after Conservatives at any level of government.
          Since Toronto is the centre of the Liberal universe and Ford is Conservative they focus on anything negative they can find on him or make up, no bar is too low for them as we’ve seen with the non-existent crack video.
          They have no shame, the sky’s the limit.

          As for the Citizen, that’s just one little headline, an attempt to look like they’re neutral and perhaps get back some customers.
          Good luck to them!

      • Richco says:

        “appear” is the operative word Joanne.

        What’s gone on in Ontario is the biggest scandal in the province’s history. It’s bigger than Duffy/Harper and bigger than Rob Ford’s crack video.

        It’s more likely that the left-leaning media are playing catch-up because others are beating then to the punch AND Ontarians are NOT amused.

  68. Liz J says:

    The unbelievable will happen today, Horwath will support a Liberal government of Ontario which is the worst in memory for scandals which may yet reveal corruption. She has leaped right into the cesspool and cannot be differentiated from the Liberals when she allows them to continue their romp.
    If things go from bad to worse who’s to say Wynne won’t do a prorogation come September? Liberals like to prorogue, they never take any flak for doing it from the media, that’s reserved for Conservative governments.

  69. Liz J says:

    The situation in this province should be giving thoughts about what a political crisis looks like. It’s going to be a crisis for the taxpayers, Wynne is still talking about more taxation.

    • Martin says:

      Horwath’s decision is not really news, she cannot go back on her agreement with Wynne without looking totally incompetent. Having said that, she doesn’t really want to end the Wynne regime, not if she has to risk an election.
      I would like to know whatever happened to Hudak’s non-confidence motion of late Apr specifically based on the gas plant scandal. There is nothing mentioned since that time in MSM, no surprise there. I cannot determine when the current session will end.
      If this motion could be tabled, it would starkly frame Horwath as the prop which supports this corrupt Liberal government. Anyone have any info on this?

      • Liz J says:

        Horwath has already framed herself in the same picture with Wynne, they are a team, as good as a coalition. Horwath is the life support for Wynne which in turn saves them both from their mutual dread of facing the electorate.
        In plain English they’re saving each other’s politcal butts.

      • Richco says:

        Word is that the house will rise either today or tomorrow. Everything stops. Everything.

        It’s the unions encouraging Wynne and Horwath. That’s it in a nutshell.

      • Sandy says:


        Even if Hudak’s Motion of NC had passed, it was only symbolic. Only NC on a money bill can bring down an Ontario gov’t.

        • Martin says:

          Thanks, could you explain that further please. I assumed, wrongly again, that this government could be ended as soon as an opposition bill could be tabled and brought to a vote of the legislature, somewhat similar to the federal Liberal motion ending the Harper minority government.
          Does this mean the Wynne regime could last until a money bill came to a vote, meaning a long time, once the budget passes?
          Is that what Horwath meant by labeling the motion a publicity stunt? All this I find frustrating and confusing.

        • Liz J says:

          I’m guessing it’s all up to Wynne and she’s not going to introduce any money bill and risk being defeated during the remaining term of this mess.
          So that’s it, that’s all folks, Ontario is screwed for the full term of this corrupt government and we all know who to thank. It’s a bleak outlook.

          • Richco says:

            the session ended this afternoon for the Ontario Legislature.

            They’re back on September 9th.

            What a sad day for this province.

  70. Ontario Girl says:

    This opinion article by Warren Kinsella takes the cake….it is absolute pea brained drivel

    • Richco says:

      Along with that column in today’s Toronto Sun there are: a full two-page spread condemning the NDP and including an interview with PC critic Vic Fedelli on calling in the OPP, a column by Chris Blizzard entitled “Enough is Enough! It’s time to let the voters decide, 3 letters to the editor critical of the Liberal government and Horwath, and a column by Gerry Agar entitled The Liberals’ Fishy Behaviour.

      On the National front support for Clements and his attack on civil servant sick days, the backtracking of CBC’s new ICI, an editorial taking on Trudeau and Harb, and a Mark Dunn piece on how the scandal focus turns now to Harb.

      All of which counter WK’s spinning in his column. He’s trying to save the dying days of the Liberals in Ontario.

      re: Christina Blizzard’s grading of MPPs and Hudak in particular. True that she’s just one columnist so shouldn’t be seen as speaking for all media by any stretch of the imagination. However, I do think that Hudak is now stuck for the time being and on the big files he has been absent, leaving McLeod, Fedelli and Sherman to the scrums. Perhaps we’ll hear more from Hudak over the summer? However I doubt it because not many pay attention to politics over the summer months.

      • Joanne says:

        Hudak was on fire in the Legislature this morning!

        I have nothing but contempt for Horwath.

        • Sandy says:

          Yes, Hudak is frequently on fire but none of the regular MSM show the videos!!

          • Richco says:

            He was today. I’ve been watching for a few weeks and it’s been his front bench lighting the fires….they’ve also been the ones in front of the cameras in scrums after QP.

            Today was likely one of the last of this sitting, so I’m glad he was there. He’s done way better this last sitting and in laying out his white papers which lay out very clearly where he’s going and what the PCs stand for.

          • Richco says:

            CP24 does and QP is broadcast daily just like the federal QP.

            Those parliamentary reporters are in the house every day and know who’s on their feet and who’s in front covering scrums.

            That said, they should be all over Dalton McGuinty and hounding him in the same way Ford and Duffy were being hounded but as we know there’s a different standard for Conservative politicians.

  71. Richco says:

    Here’s another must read for Ontarians who are sick of the entitled spending their tax dollars.

    What’s interesting about this retreat for entitled school board trustees and their entourages, is that likely the same people who attended this shindig where the G7 was held are the same people who complained about the feds. spending money on it. More leftist hypocrisy in action.

    When you consider that school boards spend our taxes paying for membership to OPSBA, and that those attending this retreat get to expense mileage, hotels and meals the cost to taxpayers jumps greatly. I wonder how scrutinized those expense claims are? Room service, orange juice?

    Look for more of the same with the blessing of the McWynneWath gov’t.

  72. Gabby in QC says:

    As if any more proof of media inaccuracies, exaggerations, or untruths were needed …
    “Prime Minister Stephen Harper took off for Europe Tuesday, hoping to leave the Senate scandal behind and bask in the glow of international summitry. …”
    Another example of crack reporting, courtesy of Milewski.
    As if those international meetings were organized on a couple of days’ notice to accommodate our PM’s whim.
    “Attempts to hide scandals may only make things worse”
    Although I basically agree with Andrew Coyne’s premise that a lot of controversy could be avoided if politicians would immediately react to those controversies, putting all the information they have out for everyone to see, I question the accuracy of Coyne’s opening paragraph, where he states “So let’s see. We’ve got the RCMP investigating the Prime Minister’s Office. …”

    As far as I know, Mary Dawson, the Ethics Commissioner, is looking into Nigel Wright’s possible breach of the rules, not the RCMP. Saying the RCMP is investigating the PMO is a gross overstatement on Coyne’s part.

    • Liz J says:

      Gabby, those journalist/reporters are prime examples of how low they will go skewing the facts to manipulate opinion. They are a despicable pack of hacks who cannot hide the hatred for the Harper Conservative government, it simply oozes out of them.

      Apparently they don’t mind taking their profession to the level of the lowliest of tabloids either.

    • Fay says:

      There is no doubt in my mind that the media party will dream up a scandal to deflect from the honour given to Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressing the British Parliament.
      The Harper hating derangement syndrome media party will manipulate the message to discredit this great moment.

  73. Richco says:

    More Ontario Politics today from SNN – look out for your wallets folks!!

  74. Richco says:

    Ontario Politics – Tuned in to Question Period this morning. In her last question before the summer recess Lisa McLeod asked Premier Wynne to expel Dalton McGuinty from the Liberal Caucus and encourage him to resign from the Assembly over his role in the gas plant scandal.

    McLeod did very well. Here’s an instance and question though that may have been better posed by the leader. I wonder though if it’s all about optics?

    • Richco says:

      Hudak did do well today for sure but I would have liked him to ask THIS question in particular.

  75. Liz J says:

    As if there isn’t enough nonsense coming out of the media and Opps they had to critique the fact the plane used by whoever happens to be PM of this country got painted. Do they expect the PM to fly around in a dirty old rust bucket? Have they no pride in this country?

    They even had to critique the colours used. Wonder if the NDP wanted a touch of orange?

  76. Richco says:

    McGuinty didn’t even show up to vote for the budget.

  77. ed says:

    CFRA Podcasts:

    Andrea Horwath, Leader of the Ontario NDP, joins Mark Sutcliffe to discuss whether or not the NDP will support the Liberal budget today.

    If you can stomach it.

  78. Bubba Brown says:

    W.K’s Article was pathetic, it was not an e-mail from Mom Warren, it was about a billion dollar scam.
    Of course the video rodeo was more important only there was no video.
    People who Rob Ford had his picture take with were shot?
    That has what to with what?
    If there was a point there Warren failed to make it imo.
    The e-mail deletion did happen to cover up a crime.
    Anyway Liberals like Prancin’ Dancin’ Pierre answer questions by clutching their pears and shrieking “How Dare You”!
    Remember Pierre when a Media type asked him about Maggie and the Stones?
    “A gentleman would not ask a question like that, and a gentleman certainly would not answer it.”
    Anyway a Liberal MP answers a question about her jiggery-pokery with her housing allowance with this little snit;
    Remember folks it’s different when Liberals do it.

  79. ed says:

    CFRA Podcasts:

    “We continue the discussion about the deleted e-mail. And how do you feel about the changes to the Public Sector’s Sick Leave Policy? Rapid Poll – Should Dalton McGuinty resign?”

    Lowell Green attempts to contact Peter Wallace, head of the Ontario Public Service about the deleted e-mails. He comes up with a number of very important questions.

  80. Martin says:

    The news link for McGuinty is here. This can hardly be news, as he didn’t have much of a future left at QP.

  81. Martin says:

    From my post @ 2:47 and comments from others, can anyone outline what is required to pass a NC motion in the Ont Legislature?

    • Sandy says:


      It is my understanding that the only vote that can take down an Ontario government has to be a money or supply bill (such as estimates or ways and means that is allocated to pay public sector wages, etc).

      The next such vote will be in the fall when the Wynn Liberals presents the economic update motion. All other votes of non-confidence are simply symbolic.

      For example, this Wikipedia link indicates that in the Westminster system, the VofNC must be through a money bill.

      It states:

      “In the Westminster system, the defeat of a supply bill (one that concerns the spending of money) automatically requires the resignation of the government or dissolution of Parliament, much like a non-confidence vote, since a government that cannot spend money is hamstrung. This is called loss of supply.”

      • Martin says:

        OK this is all new to me. I thought that the Harper government in 2011 was defeated on a nc motion which stated something about the government being in contempt of parliament; I was unaware that this had anything to do with a money bill; a budget vote was pending but never held.
        With respect to the current situation in Ont, supposing the OPP investigation results in startling criminal charges against prominent Liberal officials, Suppose further that these allegations reach into the premier Wynne’s office.
        Could she, being never elected by Ontarians return to the legislature in Sept. and carry on governing because no money bill was introduced? Surely the combined opposition would have someway of forcing her out of office? I thought the whole idea of a minority parliament was that the government served at the will of the opposition. This is a dire hypothetical scenario I am describing, but the actual reality is also very stark for Ont. There must be some way to end this regime.

  82. Joanne says:

    FYI if you’re a political junkie and missed QP in Ont Leg today, tune in to Ont Parl channel right now. 😉

  83. Bubba Brown says:

    Big Sigh………….this is soo sad…….LOL another appeal from CBC this time to “invest” I guess “donations” didn’t work out, maybe “give blood” Just sayin’.
    Good grief “Harper” and “his Gang” “Harper has said precious little about the CBC”
    Certainly has not stopped their secret agenda to present all things Conservative in a negative light or simply fail to report anything positive, has it.
    Dear Bubba,
    Harper and his gang are attacking the CBC from all sides.
    You can stand up to this affront to our culture and democracy by joining the campaign now:
    Since he became leader of the Conservative Party, Stephen Harper has said precious little about the CBC.*
    Until recently…
    Bill C-60…
    In early May, Harper introduced Bill C-60 which would curtail CBC’s editorial independence, putting its employees under direct government supervision – in conflict with the Broadcasting Act’s guarantees of CBC’s independence from government control.
    Ads on Radio 2…
    Then on May 28th, the CRTC – all of whose Commissioners Harper has appointed – allowed Harper’s appointed CBC President to place ads on Radio 2 – ending 40 years of commercial-free public radio in Canada.
    Conservative Party policy resolutions…
    And Tuesday, Harper’s Conservatives issued policy resolutions to be debated at the Party’s Convention in Calgary on June 27/29. Among them:
    “The Conservative Party believes that the CBC should move to a user-supported model.” (page 24)
    Eliminat(e)… all public funding of the corporation (CBC) which creates unfair competitive advantage with privately owned and operated networks and stations.” (page 36)
    One proposal would actually delete a statement about the importance of the CBC to Canada. Check it out for yourself here.
    You can connect the dots! Harper’s hidden agenda for the CBC is now visible for all to see.
    We’ve got to fight back. If we do not, our silence will embolden the Conservatives and the opportunity to inform Canadians will pass.
    In the name of public broadcasting, I need your help.
    Standing together, we will:
    Intervene through the courts to challenge Bill C-60 on the grounds that it conflicts with Clause 2(b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Clauses 35 and 52 of the Broadcasting Act.
    Rally public support through advertising, events and direct action – starting with the Conservatives’ Policy Convention in Calgary.
    Commission opinion research to demonstrate forcefully the intensity of public support for public broadcasting.
    Focus on a small number of highly-contested federal ridings that the Conservatives believe they will have to win in order to survive the next federal election.
    At Canadian public broadcasting’s hour of greatest peril, we need you to stand with us so that – working together – we can win this struggle and preserve public broadcasting for future generations of Canadians.
    Please join me and invest as generously as you can!
    The very future of the CBC as a PUBLIC broadcaster, not a STATE broadcaster, is at stake.
    With thanks,
    Ian Morrison
    FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

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