Bottom-Feeders of the Cesspool**

The drive-by smear campaign by Toronto leftwing media, socialists and elitists against the Ford family is nothing short of scandalous. It’s like Wafergate on steroids. They despise Rob Ford and anyone related to him and will stop at nothing to attack them. And why?

Why can’t they wait until the next election and do things in the old-fashioned way: run a campaign against Rob Ford’s record?

The answer is they can’t. Rob Ford and his brother Doug have done a great job and could do even better if their detractors weren’t constantly carpet-bombing them with pseudo-scandals in an effort to get them to resign before the next municipal election.

So rather than let democracy work, they are engaging in a full court press to get rid of the Fords before the lowly voters of Toronto do the unthinkable:  Re-elect them.

And that’s the real scandal.

It’s time for the great unwashed masses to rise up and let them know who’s boss. Vote now with canceled Star and Globe subscriptions. Try to avoid clicking on their web sites (and anything to do with Gawker of course.)

There are other newspapers out there and other types of media too including talk radio.

Please listen to Rob and Doug this afternoon on Newstalk1010 and call in with a message of support if you are able to get through.

*   *   *   *

** And maggots


Eric has a must-read post: L’affaire Ford.


..The people howling for Ford’s head on a platter are physically and emotionally repulsed by him. They have the same reaction to his presence at City Hall that most people have when they find some loathsome grub under a rock – “eew, kill it!” They cannot accept that this fat slob was democratically elected by the citizens of Toronto, so he must be destroyed. They cannot wait until the next election in 2014 to oust him – he has to go NOW before David Miller’s Toronto becomes unhip, so an unprecedented campaign of harassment and vilification has been unleashed on him...

Great job Eric. You nailed it!

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  1. fh says:

    off topic GOOD NEWS
    CANADA number 2 How the WORLD views CANADA’S influence

  2. Liz J says:

    “Ford needs to leave Office” says Kinsella.
    Have to ask what Ford is guilty of that he needs to leave office? At this point it’s all media slime and muck that needs to be stopped through litigation.
    The Lib/Left and their media muck rakers have no scruples, it’s time they look at their own behaviour and start apologizing for their out of control hatred and jealousy before they’re forced to. This kind of abuse of a person in public office is so far beyond the pale it’s dumbfounding.

    • Joanne says:

      Completely agree.

      Maybe Doug Ford should stop donating his salary to charity and start funding a legal challenge instead.

      • Liz J says:

        How many know Doug Ford donates his salary to charity? I didn’t read that in the media.
        Perhaps it’s time all Canadians set up a big barrel for donations to help the Ford’s shut down the muck rakers, we would all benefit.
        It’s serious business when the MSM of the country make a fool of and denigrate at every turn with lies and innuendo a democratically elected official for just being Conservative and doing what he was elected to do.

    • Joanne says:

      Memo to ‘Bocanut’ who left a reply to Liz about Kinsella. Let’s just let that one go based on his penchant to threaten litigation. Thanks.

      • Bocanut says:

        I don’t have a problem with your reluctance to be embroiled in a nuisance lawsuit,however factual the post may have been. Thanks for the memo.

        • Joanne says:

          Thanks for understanding. My personal advice about Warren Kinsella is to ignore him.

          • Bocanut says:

            Hard to ignore this delightful E-mail from Kinsella sent because he disagreed with something I said:

            [Content deleted by blog admin]

            • Joanne says:

              Ignore, ignore, ignore. Don’t go there.

              And “John”, I’m not allowing your comment either even though it’s entirely legitimate.

              Please go find an ‘I hate Warren Kinsella’ website to vent. Thanks.

              I would like to keep this a WK-free zone.

  3. Eric says:

    Thanks for the link and the comment, Joanne. I don’t live in Toronto, but I think it’s quite disturbing what’s going on there. We should all pay attention.

    • Liz J says:

      I agree, we should all pay attention, not just those who live in Toronto. This Leftist creep has been allowed to infiltrate from kindergarten to the halls of higher learning, it’s been a slow and sneaky process, making us all feel guilty for living our lives in a manner that made this country, following the honesty and hard work of our ancestors. It wasn’t all about how much you can take, it was about helping your neighbour and building an honest society.

      We’ve almost reached a crossroads, what’s going on in Toronto is scary proof of that.

      • Joanne says:

        Liz I agree. This is a scary sign when people who aren’t satisfied with the way elections have turned out attempt to thwart democracy any way they can. Toronto is the epicenter but it is seeping outwards.

        • Liz J says:

          Didn’t we also see an example of this with the attempted coalition at the federal level?

          • Joanne says:

            Oh yes, there have always been these leftwing forces coming even from out of our country, but this attack on Ford is so personal and it is extending now to his family. To me that is the red-line.

            And keep in mind that a debate on Ford’s record is entirely legitimate whether you agree or not. It is what politicians and press are supposed to do. But harassing family members and digging up unsubstantiated dirt is unconscionable.

        • Martin says:

          Right. I saw a comment from Maud Barlow supporters that it was unfair that the Council of Canadians who collected their funds, had to fight the CPC well healed from wealthy donors. Not mentioned, is that some of her funds came from foreign sources, and the purpose was to overturn a legitimate election. There was scant chance of that ever happening, especially after the Etobicoke decision, but they persevered more as a publicity stunt. In fairness, all court costs should be laid at the CoC.

    • Joanne says:

      Eric, I was so impressed with how articulately you expressed your feelings. It was everything I was thinking too but you said it so much better.

      As you mentioned at the end of your piece, Rob Ford is neither tactful nor diplomatic but I do believe he is what Toronto needs right now in order to get back on track. The pendulum may swing in the other direction next time but let the people decide!!

      BTW I gave you a little plug on Twitter too. :)

    • bluetech says:

      Great post on your blog Eric. Thanks for the talking points. My colleagues sadly think that ‘Somali drug lords’ can be trusted. It is disturbing enough that the lefty media has this agenda. Even more disturbing is the number of sheeple that fall for it.

      • Joanne says:

        Bluetech, I agree. Sadly most people just gloss over headlines and don’t really bother to investigate a story very deeply nor do they ask critical questions.

        It’s the old “if it’s in the paper, it must be true” syndrome. But the Star and Globe are killing print credibility for their genre. All publications should be calling them out on this.

  4. Doris Kane says:

    Love this blog. I want to start using the term, “social elites” more in my defence of the mayor. Can anyone help give me a definition – in case I get stuck in a “gottcha” type of question?

  5. Doris Kane says:

    Oh I know – Eric’s comments r great.

    But that’s not exactly how I heard Doug using it yesterday in his interviews. And also, do you have to be wealthy to be a social elite? I hear the word elite and I can’t help but think money. And people are saying on Twitter that the Ford’s are social elites (they don’t take salaries, they throw big parties) … Just trying to formulate my argument.


    • Joanne says:

      Feel free to interpret that however you like.

      • Joanne says:

        (I smell a troll.)

        • Liz J says:

          Oh yeah!
          They start off friendly enough then the true colors flare…….
          Could be an ominous sign, they’re starting to get worried….their assumed fiefdom is cracking.

          • Richco says:

            it’s a socially elite troll.

            Let’s just cut to the chase ok Doris (if that’s your real name, which I doubt).

            The Fords are successful business owners. A family business that started small and grew largely because of the hard work of that family.

            It’s never been a secret that they’ve done well for themselves.

            A crime in Canada to do that now is it?

  6. Bubba Brown says:

    What the heck does Kinsella know anyway? J
    Just another left leaning member of the Media Party.
    The amazing thing here is that if 1% of this crap was dumped on little Justin they would all be setting their hair on fire, and did actually.
    Remember Kinsella’s remarks on Justin’s Quebecentric POV video, which he learned at Daddy’s knee?
    “Quebecers ARE better than the rest of Canadians, because they are Quebecers, or whatever”
    According to Kinsella that was far, far off in the distant past.
    This harassment is just plain wrong and unlike the gentle chiding of Justins immature pronouncements will “backfire” big time IMO.
    Not really OT but an example of how off center things get, when people are attacked because they don’t “vote the right way” remember the raid on iconic Gibson Guitar Company?
    Here is the rest of the story.
    As far as Rob and Doug Ford are concerned is there an e-mail or petition going where ordinary people could express their support.
    Globe and Mail and the Star need to be sued, these Media types are brutal beyond belief.
    A great link to Eric I always find him a thoughtful read.
    The comment that lays out Mayor Rob Fords accomplishments is great.
    We cannot let the bullies win, this sort of crap has gone on at a lower level for long as I can remember.
    Kinsella with his dinosaur.
    The pile on of Stock Day, at least he wore a wetsuit, unlike bare-ass Bob.
    The Missed photo op.
    The rudeness of little petulant Mildewski and his official languages sneer at our PM.
    I could go on my memory is long and my temper she is gettin’ short.

  7. Rob C says:

    Left wing loonies don’t like the results of a democratic election and go to great lengths to undo it. Islamists prefer Shari and don’t like the idea of a western democracy and go to great lengths to undo it. Is there a difference??

  8. Doris Kane says:

    Hey! That’s not fair. I’m asking for help here.

    How am I supposed to answer the social elite question? When they come at me with logic and reason, I get flustered. :(

  9. Bubba Brown says:

    Now here is a chance for the Flyin’ Lyin’ Media Monkeys to show that they are not on a mission to harrass successful Conservative politicans.
    There you go guys and gals swarm Justin here at least there really is a video, bonus points for first backyard invasion!
    There also will be a prize for “loudest, rudest most inappropriate question yelled at Justin’s presser.

  10. Fay says:

    I am definitely listening to the Fob and Doug Ford radio station on line today.
    Canadians need to stand up and hold the media accountable. The media party are displaying lawless mob behaviour. CTV question period bullies actually chuckled with approval after watching a clip of media mobbing Duffy and the Ford brothers.
    Does anyone else remember kevin newman defending Dalton McGuinty in his request for personal space bubble by media a few years ago?

    • Liz J says:

      CTV Question Period isn’t worth the time of day,they have no concept of how irrelevant they are and they’ve done it to themselves.

      We don’t tune in to such shows to hear their nasty remarks on people in politics they don’t agree with. They’re fast becoming the laughing matter they’re trying to make of others.

      Like out of condition car engines they could be setting things up to backfire.

      • Fay says:

        I decided to tune in to question period to confirm my low opinion of them. They did not disappoint.

        • Liz J says:

          Well Fay, it’s a good place to tune in to if one is looking for aggravation for sure!

        • Bec says:

          Yes but you are giving them a ‘hit’. In order for this to work, ‘hit’s’ need to be kaboshed entirely! :)

  11. Greg says:

    I don’t know the truth of any of the accusations against the Ford’s, because nobody has presented any evidence, so I lean towards nothing there. I pesonally think it is much more likely that several members of the ‘progressive’ movement in Toronto have banded together to smear them with a fake video (easily done), and phoney stories from 30 years ago. ‘Progressives’ have no shame, and to them the end always justifies the means no matter how unethical or illegal. ‘Progressives’ is always in quotes for me because they are uniformly anti progress in fact.

  12. wilson says:

    Newman asked G&M boss if they have ‘ever’ gone to print with a story based on only anonymous sources. He said no… but this was an exception.
    Imo, freedom of the press just crossed the line and is now cyberbullying.

    • Joanne says:

      Stackhouse looked very defensive in that interview. You can watch it again here. Click on the appropriate tab on the right.

  13. Dirt says:

    We’re all Rob Ford, because the unhinged media won’t stop at him we all know if they can’t win an election they’ll use whatever means possible to destroy the conservative who beat them. I have boycotted liberal media since this unethical witch-hunt began, and I am not going back. I will not be part of the media’s party unethical treatment of Ford. The left called Harper’s attack ads “Bullying” and not one week later the self same ignorant nasty hateful media went after Ford like a pack of animals with rabies. I wish I could do more to destroy the liberal media, but boycotting them is just one step in saying you aren’t fit to report the news.

  14. Joe says:

    I had a chuckle over the coverage of the ‘video’. I deal with a lot of addicts and recovering addicts in my line of work. I have never witnessed someone doing crack but I know a lot of people who used to be hooked on the stuff. One feature of a long term user is the seeming lack of fine motor control. To pick up a glass of water it looks like they are throwing their arm towards the glass. The motion is so common amongst the addicted that if you know what you are looking for you can pick out an addict from across the room just by the way he does simple tasks. I have watched Mayor Ford on TV and he does not display that kind of motion in what he does. Doing a bit more research I asked some of my recovering addicts what it was like to do crack and would what was described by the Star reporter sound like someone who was inhaling crack. To a man they all laughed and said ‘IF that was Rob Ford, he was NOT smoking crack”. They said that someone smoking crack would not act that way. According to them when you breath in crack you don’t say anything for quite a period of time and you certainly would not be muttering about things like the sexual orientation of Justin Trudeau. Then yesterday on the net I read an article by a recovering crack addict who said almost exactly the same thing!

  15. wilson says:

    On Duffygate,
    it appears to me that the decisions made by the secret internal boards in both the House of Commons and the Senate, have the underling objective when dealing with the Senator’s indiscretions , to do so as quietly and swiftly as possible.
    Get the money back and make it go away.
    The Senate Ethics commish in both places, are given rules to follow that are easily skirted, can cast a shadow but it appears the same objectives are in that mandate too.

    Is a Conservative Senator who winterizes his summer cottage and then charges taxpayers for living expenses
    any more in ‘Breach of Public Trust’
    than a Liberal MP who buys a house, sells it to her kids and then rents it back and charges taxpayers for living expenses…?
    In both cases, the secret internal boards required that the money be paid back a.s.a.p., that’s it.
    How many other cases are there like this that we are not aware of?

    If my government wants to gain back my trust,
    call in the RCMP to review every case decided by these secret boards,
    going back to the time when my Conservative MPs and Conservative Senators had a majority on these boards.
    Let the chips fall where they may, and clean up these Houses.

    • jt says:

      My take exactly! This “story” needs to “go away” for both the Senators and more importantly….our MP’s. They all feed at the same trough…..everyone of them, from all parties. The media is treading on sacred ground here and might get a slap up side the head if they pursue this much further.

  16. wilson says:

    “We have 24 senators from Quebec and there are just six from Alberta and British Columbia. It’s to our advantage. To want to abolish it is demagoguery. We’ll have to improve it.” said Justin Trudeau

    If it disadvantages Alberta and BC to the advantage of Quebec, keep it!!!
    See why we Albertans don’t believe anything a Liberal says,
    and won’t give them a seat.

    No Senate/robocall scandal is going to make this, to put it in Justin Trudeau terms, ‘piece of sh…’ look good to Western Canada.

    • Greg says:

      No way to polish the Trudeau turd, that’s for sure. (In spite of media efforts that is)

      • Richco says:

        So is Trudeau looking to be Prime Minister of the Country of Quebec or Canada?
        By those idiotic comments it’s hard to tell.

        • wilson says:

          I think he is being realistic. He has to beat Mulair in Quebec because the West will never give him the seats he needs.
          To win in Quebec you have to make decisions that always always benefit Quebec.
          They don’t care who is disadvantaged as long as it isn’t them.

  17. Jack says:

    Watching closely, Joanne. The best part came after the Ford’s left and Tarek Fatah weighed in interviewing Doug. If the video comes up on Youtube please contact me. I want to play it in my sidebar.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Joanne says:

      Jack, I was listening to Tarek and Doug on the radio at that point but I agree that it was the best part of the afternoon. When Doug explained how he felt that morning that his daughters were out for a run and saw all the commotion with the press and everything at his house… Well I really felt badly for him.

      I’m not sure how to get a video but possibly it would be available through Newstalk 1010? I’d love to see a replay too.

  18. ed says:

    Great post, Joanne. A number of people today mentioned bullying. That’s precisely what’s been going on. Rob and Doug Ford and their families are victims of pure and simple bullying by the leftist media in this country. Considering how upset Canadians have been, over the past number of years, about the bullying going on among our youth, isn’t it wonderful the example set by our leftists media at this time!! Yes, the MSM demonstrating to our youth how to effectively bully others. These so-called adult journalists displaying their great talent at bullying individuals and families alike. What a bloody disgrace!! What a rotten, bunch of losers. They bring shame to the trade of journalism. If they had an ounce of decency, they’d hang their heads in shame. If there’s a crisis in our country, it’s our media. And for that reason, to the leftist media in this country, I’m out.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Ed and Bec.

      I’ve decided to write more from the heart rather than worrying too much about linking to MSM with all their stupid paywalls.

      Anyway you guys know how to ferret out information. I don’t need to spoon-feed you.

  19. Bec says:

    Indeed, an amazing post! I particularly love the header and it’s visual.
    For the verbal though, I’m rather appreciative of ‘pond scum’ and hey, if the mudrakers fits……..they should wear them…..

  20. Gabby in QC says:

    Until solid evidence is presented, I tend to believe the allegations against the Fords, especially considering the sources, are nothing but malicious hearsay.

    I posted this comment over at Lilley’s blog on May 17. It applied to the senators under scrutiny but it can apply just as well to the allegations against the Fords. Here is my comment, slightly revised:
    How would you all reading my comment like to look out your window only to see a bunch of journalists waiting to catch a glimpse of you, ringing your doorbell, ready to snap a picture of you, preferably in an embarrassing position or making a questionable gesture?
    True, current events don’t inspire much confidence in politicians. I may not trust some politicians but that distrust is matched by an equal distrust of many in the media. Why? Because they seem to derive an inordinate degree of pleasure in destroying people’s reputations.
    So CTV has succeeded in bringing down Mike Duffy. They’re not finished yet, their sights set on Pamela Wallin. Having recused herself from the Conservative caucus, she’s now behind a self-imposed wall of silence, so that CTV can make all the allegations their sweaty little palms can rub together.
    Talk about entitlement. Journalists think they’re entitled to scrutinize practically every facet of a politician’s life while they themselves are immune from such scrutiny. They may think they’re providing a public service by shining a light on the peccadilloes and/or malfeasance of politicians but all they’re doing, IMO, is eroding the general public’s trust even more. They demand transparency from politicians but seldom show any themselves, usually relying on anonymous and unverifiable “senior sources”. If their stories turn out to be untrue or inaccurate, rarely is an apology extracted from them. They just move on to the next dumpster to see what rot they can dig up.
    So maybe the dictum “Put not your trust in princes, nor politicians” [headlining Lilley’s post] should include “parliamentary press”.

  21. Liz J says:

    QP in the HOC is being billed as a drilling of the PM over the Senate spending affair. Guess we’ll call it a virtual inquisition. After all nothing else matters in the business of the country to the media and opposition who are acting like vultures who have found something to satiate their ravenous appetite whetted by hatred for this government.

    I’m sure nothing short of jail time for those accused of overspending will quell their lust to put down the PM. If anyone has a stable blood pressure and wishes to watch the usual loud mouthed windbags like Chuckup Angus et al, be my guest.

    • Joanne says:

      Well if there’s one thing I’m not worried about it’s how PM Harper will handle himself in QP. However I’m sure Nigel Wright must be wishing he could get a do-over. He probably had the best of intentions trying to help Duffy but it led to nothing but trouble.

      • Liz J says:

        Thing is, who advised the people involved of the spending rules? Who meted out the money, signed the cheques?
        Did Nigel Wright get permission to help Duffy out of his jam or did he think it was too personal to make public and just did it? We don’t have all the answers, the vultures don’t want all the answers until they can bleed as much out of this whole kerfuffle as possible. I just can’t believe any of them were acting without the knowledge and permission of those holding the purse strings in Senate affairs.
        It’s also hard to imagine the Senators involved wouldn’t consider their spending rather high and attempt to curb it unless it was over time and they had no idea of the costs they were racking up.
        I’d say there’s a chain of people who may have to share the blame in all this that has sent the opposition and the media party into a state of madness.

        • wilson says:

          Our media ‘maggots’ can make an innocent/noble act look nefarious, with their anonymous sources and by telling half the story.
          I doubt many people knew, because of how unprepared the PMO appeared.

          PMSH did not accept Nigel’s ‘first’ resignation, so imo we can assume ‘everything’ is on the up and up with the private deal between Nigel and Duffy.

  22. fh says:

    Global Warming I need some Global warming
    Ontario what did you do?
    you have stopped global warming from coming to Ontario
    I need global warming I am freezing
    help bring back global warming sarc off

    • Joanne says:

      lol!! I hear ya! I’m sick of hauling all my plants in at night. I do believe things will be warming up soon though. 😉

      • Richco says:

        Apparently we’re in to a Global “cooling” now. Just like we were in the early ’70s when Suzuki was warning us of an impending ice age. I remember that clearly as my Grade 9 Man & His Environment teacher asked us to do a project on the subject.

        In Ontario Man & His Environment disappeared as a subject eventually, as the scaremonger predictions faded out like yesterdays bluejeans.

        The whole Rob Ford episode gets more bizarre by the day. Advance warning. This is from the same paper that gave us the terrible piece on Doug Ford and the Ford Family drug connections based on the anonymous sources. Those anonymous sources? High ranking public service union types allegedly. Surprise, surprise…NOT

        Newstalk1010 reporting on the Globe’s continuing sham of stories.

        • fh says:

          but but I am being asked to support windmills
          I am told by the German experience that windmills do not like the ice age
          is this more Liberal NDP deception?

  23. Jen says:

    Hicks on biz: Our oilsands are clean! 26

    By Graham Hicks ,Edmonton Sun


    Examples of spending by oil companies on environmental research and implementation (sourced from annual reports and press releases)

  24. wilson says:

    The media personal attacks on the Ford’s and allegations against the characters in Duffy-gate sure makes the CPC ‘attack ads’ on little Trudeau look like a polite ‘ excuse me, but did you know’….

    On what grounds can the media now ridicule any ‘attack ads’?

    Other than a few meek points made by some in the media, they have all condoned even cheered on the lack of journalistic integrity.

    As for the term ‘maggots’, a definition of decay: the process of gradually becoming inferior.

  25. Liz J says:

    Maggots is the best description yet to describe the media who have nothing better to do than dog Rob Ford and his family. They’re chasing after nothing but garbage with no proof of any of their allegations.In their hunger for rot they think will fill their bellies with the right stuff to get those pesky Conservatives out of office they’re batting zero.
    This is a democracy, the media doesn’t get to choose our elected officials.

  26. fh says:

    if Doug Ford was not charged and convicted of a crime he is innocent INNOCENT
    nuff said

  27. Bubba Brown says:

    I must really object to the use of the word “Maggot’s” as an adjective to describe the self described “journalists” at the Star and the Globe and Mail.
    Maggots are useful part of mother natures way of recycling dead organic material back into the soil.
    About 80% of Journalists seem only to exist in the Media Flyin’ Monkey Mode in which in large troops they indulge in behavior which is chaotic, and bizarre, destructive and as focused as a shark attack.
    They have no regard whatsoever for truth or compassion.
    They attack and ridicule anything which does not closely resemble themselves and their belief system in which they see themselves as “Kingmakers”.
    They think they can “Make or Break” any public figure.
    Unless the chosen victim(s), subjugate their beliefs or are fortunate enough to be part of the “elite” that the Media aspire to be among the leaders of.
    There is your definition of “Elite” Doris Kane.
    The bullying is organized, as is the attack of a school of piranha, no mercy is shown.
    The truth, substantiated or corroborated facts are not needed or wanted.
    Sources or unnamed sources that can be a ethereal as “Somali drug dealers” or “Tinkerbell from hell” it does not matter.
    Truth is alien to the Media Monkeys and just gets in the way of a swarming attack.
    I see now that one of the young men that were called Somali Drug Dealers has “reportedly” been shot to death.
    In their line of business that is an occupational hazard, publicity is bad for buisness.
    In other news Justin fell off his unicorn again, he was standing and reading his script prepared carefully by the “Men behind the curtain”.
    Someone captured his attention briefly, he does resemble a ferret after a triple espresso, but I digress.
    The Senate?
    “We have 24 Senators BC & Alberta have only 6″ purred Justin, turning his head so his profile was presented to the camera at the optimum angle.
    “We must improve on that”?
    Howls of anguish were heard deep in the bowels of the Liberal beast.
    Justin of Quebec has once again blown his cover.

    • wilson says:

      Curious, can’t find CTV or CBC repeating the story about a link to the drug tape and young man’s death via yet another anonymous tipster.
      Sunnewsnetwork isn’t repeating that story either, at the moment.

  28. Richco says:

    O/T – Here’s a link that allows you to read that even journalists are frowning on the media’s handling of the Ford crack video thing. To those not familiar with J-source it is a vehicle for journalists to discuss their craft and share experiences related to the profession.

  29. Bubba Brown says:

    Robo-call we hardly knew ye.
    At Election’s Canada where no crisis is ever wasted and “truth” is a elusive as virtue which is entirely absent from the ranks of self proclaimed “Journalists”.
    They have after two (2) years of enriching Liberal contributors to the tune of one million tax payer dollars.
    Proclaimed robo-call a complete bust.
    Maybe now they can concentrate on figuring out how to not have 165,000 boo boos in the next election.
    Daniel Dicken has a good post here;

    • wilson says:

      And the long form census crisis…. where is it?
      Did those ‘busty hookers’ surface yet and were they in possession of the wafer PMSH reportedly put in his pocket?

    • Liz J says:

      Stevie likes to talk out of both sides of his mouth thinking that makes him impartial. His impartiality act makes me partially agree with him part of the time, sometimes not at all.

  30. Bubba Brown says:
    Here is a chance to vote on whether a so called National Leader Justin of Quebec, should put one provieance ahead of the rest.
    It is running 98% against Trudeau, chime in and vote, and let’s go for 100%.
    I don’t know where they got 2% to vote for Justin, maybe Maggie voted twice.

  31. wilson says:

    re Trudeau’s comments on the Senate ‘advantage’ in Quebec validate the CPC attack ads… he’s in over his head.
    ”….Comments like these may let some air from the tires of the Trudeau juggernaut and validate Conservative attack ads that the new Liberal leader is still in his salad days — green in judgment and cold in blood, to invoke the Bard….”
    John Ivison

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Indeed Wilson, his only claim to fame is the accident of his birth.
      “Youth has been a habit of his for so long, he cannot abandon it”
      R Kipling

  32. Joanne says:

    Ohhh… I think Trudeau just got his @ss handed to him by Rob Moore in QP!

  33. wilson says:

    oops, should be West of the Man/Ont border , yiks!

  34. Liz J says:

    Busy with flowers outdoors today, missed most of QP.
    How did the PM do, did they treat him like a bum, infer he was telling lies or any such thing?
    I caught a couple of “questions” from NDP, one referred to the name Rob Ford, whatever Rob Ford has to do with the HOC business I have no idea……
    It also appears the NDP are not too happy with immigration policies, what else is new?
    I note Ralphie Goodale is keeping his hair well oiled and his questions as ignorant as ever. Other than that, I don’t think I missed a heck of a lot.

    • Joanne says:

      Busy with flowers today here too but I caught the beginning of QP. PM Harper wasn’t there but he is supposed to make an appearance sometime this week.

  35. Jen says:

    Liz j, 8:27am

    “Ford needs to leave Office” says Kinsella.

    Why must Ford leave office and not Joe Fontana who was charged by the police?

    • Joanne says:

      That’s a fair question (your question about Fontana) but let’s just call him WK and then ignore him.

  36. wilson says:

    P&P question of the day:
    Has media coverage of the Ford family been fair?

    Vote here, voting open for 40 more minutes.

    • Fay says:

      When I click onto your link, I am not given a chance to vote on the ballot. I immediately see the results.
      Then when I login , I am not able to leave a comment at CBC.

  37. Bubba Brown says:

    Under the heading of “careful what you wish for” That 24 senators for Quebec and only 6 for Alberta and BC thing might just be next.
    Here is what Liberals won’t support, a tightening of ther rules for Senators.
    It is a start
    Today, Minister LeBreton highlighted the tough new rules governing Senate travel and expenses proposed by Conservative Senators and called on the Opposition to pass them.
    These new rules were introduced despite objections from Liberal senators who want to protect the current rules.
    Whatever it takes, we will get these tough new accountability measures passed, to better protect the taxpayer.
    We are calling on the Opposition to join us to improve the accountability of the Senate by passing them before the summer.
    Canadians want change in the Senate and our Government will continue to push forward in our efforts to achieve fundamental reform.
    The proposed changes to Senate expense rules include:
    Removing the principle from the Senate Administrative Rules that states a Senator is presumed to act honorably with respect to expenses.
    Clarifying and make consistent terminology surrounding residency for the purposes of expense claims.
    Requiring a Senator to provide a specific purpose for travel when claiming expenses.
    Requiring Senators to maintain mileage logs for the purpose of claiming mileage.
    Requiring taxi receipts be provided when claiming taxi expenses.
    Restricting per diems in the NCR to days the Senate sits, days the Senator attends committee meetings and up to 20 additional days while on approved Senate business.
    Amending the 64 point travel system to limit Senators to 12 trips not between the NCR and the Senator’s provincial residence.
    Restricting a Senator’s designated traveler to a spouse or partner.
    Requiring Administration to provide Internal Economy with monthly reports on travel patterns.
    Amending the categories of travel to Regular Senate Business Travel and Other Senate Business Travel.
    Eliminating the ability to use a travel point for international travel except for the currently authorized maximum of four trips in total to New York City (for UN-related business only) and Washington, D.C.

  38. Martin says:

    Re Trudeau and his Senate musings, he is showing an ingrained habit of approaching a microphone and spilling out exactly what he is thinking. In this he resembles no one more than his mother. His own comments do much more harm to the LPC than attack adds could ever dream of. He is also following the Liberal practice of saying one thing in French to Quebec press, and quite another to English media. J Chretien did this for years, but with the internet it is a bit harder now.
    Which begs the question, if Jr is to be the next PM, according to Forum research and many others, where are his seats to come from?
    If Wilson is correct that he has alienated all west of Manitoba border, and no Liberal since his father’s time has won a majority of Quebec seats, is it to be Ont.?
    In rural Ont, Liberals Green Energy Act is to Ont what NEP was to Alta in Trudeau Sr’s time. The next election will stress that Mike Crawley is a former Wind Company Executive and many of Trudeau’s advisors are former Dalton McGuinty aides.
    Jr may poll well in Toronto and Montreal, but Liberals already do well there. To make gains he has to appeal to the very people he is prone to insulting, when he is relaxed and talking to someone with similar views to his own. It won’t get any easier for him.

  39. wilson says:

    I hope PEI is mad enough to elect a Senator at the earliest opportunity.
    this is just a goofy response from Trudeau
    re: Advantage 24 Quebec Senators
    ‘..In an attempt to defuse his initial comments, he also criticized the Conservative position of pushing for elected senators, which would impact the West adversely because it remains under-represented…’ Ivison

    Dear Mr Trudeau,
    Alberta, has right now, elected Senators sitting in the Senate,
    this year Scott Tannas replaced retiring Bert Brown and Doug Black replaced Lib Joyce Fairbairn.

    Please explain how this has had or will have, an adverse impact on the West?
    And seeing as you are so concerned about Albertans being under represented,
    just what is it the LPC will propose to address the redistribution of Senators.?
    Will you redistribute the over represented Quebec and Maritimes seats, or increase the seats for the West?

  40. ed says:

    I agree that what comes out of Trudeau’s mouth is what he believes. Everything that he has said over the past year points to where his allegiance belongs. It is to Quebec, not Canada. A recent CROP poll in Quebec has the Liberals way out in front. No surprise, really, there. Quebec will always turn to a party that promises them more and more power despite the detriment to the whole of the country. That’s their primary goal. Given the recent comments by Trudeau of a pro-Quebec viewpoint, he has attracted their attention. I believe a Trudeau government would mean a return to a Quebec-directed country meaning the Quebec vision of Canada taking precedent over a Canadian vision. IMO, that’s the real choice in the next election. I’m convinced of that. As for Trudeau, it should be clear to Liberals by now that he just doesn’t have it. He’s out of his element. That’s the only thing he has demonstrated. My only concern is the devastation to our country should the “same old” Liberal party return to power. The only thing the Liberal party has changed is their “mascot.” How pathetic is that!!

    • Martin says:

      I agree except that the current Quebec vision of Canada is diametrically opposite to the one envisaged by Trudeau Sr. How can Jr. campaign on his father’s heritage in English speaking Canada, without alienating Quebecers who remember his father with very mixed emotions. This is the major puzzle he must solve to be successful. So far he has said one thing in French and quite another in English, but that will not wash these days. One thing about Sr., he said the same thing wherever he was and did not care about anyone’s feelings
      The current polls showing widespread support for Liberals in Que, I find suspect. I still believe a renewed Bloc, or something similar will be around come next election. I don’t think Jr is capable of solving the above puzzle and will end up alienating all regions.

  41. Bubba Brown says:

    “We Quebeckers” That is the song of Justin, he is at best a Quebec Politician.
    here is a break down of Senate seats Quebec VS Alberta and British Columbia
    Quebec Senate seats 24 Alberta British Columbia seats 12
    GDP 3.5 Million GDP 5.1 Million
    Population 8 Million Population 8.5 Million
    I think this needs to change like yesterday.
    Justin wants YOU to send in questions?
    Here is one
    When is the PM going to adress the disparity between the number of Senators from Quebec and the number of Senators from BC and Alberta?
    Justin thinks he can say one thing in French and quite another in English, not any more with the Internet.
    I wonder what Quebec’s economy would look like with NO Government jobs?
    Just askin’
    Ezra has a thoughtful take on all this.

    • Joanne says:

      “We Quebeckers” That is the song of Justin, he is at best a Quebec Politician.


      • Liz J says:

        We can’t let him or his “handlers” try to pull away from the fact he has given us plenty of reason to believe he is Quebecer first, also they are better than than the ROC. How can he explain that away?
        I don’t doubt when he says he loves Canada his love is for what Quebec gets from the ROC in spite of being rich in resources they cash in on equalization in perpetual have not status. Right up there with having more Senators than any other province.

        All Trudeau’s missteps should serve as a reminder it’s time to revamp criteria for equalization, let the provinces act more responsibly with their resources.

  42. jon says:

    RE PnP Ballot Box poll

    “When I click onto your link, I am not given a chance to vote on the ballot. I immediately see the results. Then when I login , I am not able to leave a comment at CBC.” – Fay, May 27, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    I would advise against casting a vote on Solomon’s Ballot Box. I mean, why on earth would anyone want to help him and the CBC out by trying to even out any of their polls? Let them wear what the lopsidedness already says about them as a public broadcaster and the left-leaning political demographic they attract.

    Has media coverage of the Ford family been fair? As of 10:49pm EDT…
    82% Yes
    16% No
    2% Unsure

    Does anyone really believe those numbers adequately reflect public opinion on the matter? The goal of the right should be to try and get that 82% even higher. The more lopsided, the better!

    I’d like Solomon to address what not only the numbers of virtually every poll result he yields but why the twitter feeds posted on the screen are always so anti-conservative, often times with a 9:1 ratio and how that squares with his claim of being “fair’. If that’s the case, then why is both he and his program such a magnet for the left? Why do they constitute the vast majority of his fan base? Both he and the CBC have created a monster with PnP. He should do the honorable thing and quit, perhaps seeking gainful employment in the private sector media, where what he does wouldn’t be such a problem. But then again, he lacks any integrity, IMO, so he’s likely proud of the viewing demographic he attracts to have such a thing even cross his mind. And doing so on the taxpayers’ dime as he does is just an added bonus for him. People like Solomon are just wired differently.

    • Joanne says:

      The CBC relies on public funding so of course they’re going to be biased against the right that seeks to reduce reliance on the public purse. You always have to keep that in mind when watching anything on that network.

      My husband and I laugh at the poll results. We try to guess how skewed they will be each time.

      • Richco says:

        “I would advise against casting a vote on Solomon’s Ballot Box. I mean, why on earth would anyone want to help him and the CBC out by trying to even out any of their polls? Let them wear what the lopsidedness already says about them as a public broadcaster and the left-leaning political demographic they attract.”

        Good question that I keep asking here.
        We get what we pay for…..literally, and growing their numbers doesn’t help us one bit.

        However, as I’ve been reminded here more than a few times, someone’s going to have to watchdog the bias. It’s a matter of choice. Choice which we now have too.

  43. wilson says:

    Attack ads work when……..
    the target confirms the message.

    Wow, did they nail it or what!!!
    Trudeau just keeps proving he’s antiWest
    and in way over his head.

      • wilson says:

        With the attack ads being out there early, the Prince of Pi has turned them into ‘truth ads’.
        That build’s trust in the messaging when the next round of attack ads come out.

        The Liberal Puppets in the media can not fix Trudeau.

        • Martin says:

          Right, the first comment re Quebec is better, was made while a mere backbencher; perhaps he could be given a pass on that one. But he has said something similar now what, three or four times and as leader of a major political party and aspirant to be PM. If he says such things when not under any pressure, and with the media having his back, what will he do in a campaign debate, with Harper, Mulclair and the Bloc leader all attacking? That must give his handlers nightmares, maybe they chose the wrong leader again?

          • Richco says:

            “The Liberal Puppets in the media can not fix Trudeau.”

            Let them continue as they are by all means.

            Justin Trudeau is plainly and simply a really bad actor. He’s still trying to teach drama to students..only his classroom is the country now and he’s failing miserably.

            He’s a very VERY bad speaker IMO. Fills his words with “ah” way too much and he comes off looking arrogant no matter what he’s wearing.

            Reminds me of Gerard Kennedy in the early days of the McGuinty gov’t. His Harry Potter looks charmed many but as soon as he opened his mouth……disaster.

  44. Liz J says:

    Given recent history we should suspect all the polls and consider the source.
    Solomon and CBC are a perfect fit, he exemplifies their doctrine to a tee.Personally couldn’t tolerate enough Gravol to watch his performances. I wonder if he had some lessons in drama from Justin T?

    • wilson says:

      I watch P&P to see the Opposition angle, but it’s become boring and repetitive.
      Gonna switch to Don Martin and Tom Clark.

  45. Liz J says:

    Perhaps the Mayor could find some very smart Toronto tax payers who would be happy to fill the seats vacated from his office.

    As for the video, those who claim to have seen it doesn’t make it real.
    It’s pretty well known fake videos are made and if one is made public Mayor Ford has the goods to sue their butts to oblivion. What’s the hold up, is it money, fear of legal repercussions?
    It’s hard not to be concerned for the safety of Mayor Ford and his family.

    • Joanne says:

      There’s so much going on with this story right now and many others. Wish I had time to pursue it more but Grandson duty calls. 😉

    • Jen says:

      Look out for when the media start to make ‘nice’ with Rob Ford like they did with Guergis. They will call on Rob Ford to their station probably give him a glass of water for free out of a token of their appreciation for appearing then the kissing up to him begins. All this and more just so Rob Ford would not sue them.

    • Jen says:

      What’s the hold up, is it money, fear of legal repercussions?

      Exactly Liz j.

  46. fh says:

    well well no help coming by way of global warming
    I guess it will take time for our msm to catch up anyone seen Elizabeth May

  47. wilson says:

    Lots of speculation out there, but this is reported as fact:
    Tip came into Mayor’s office about where the drug video was, and police were called in.

    ”…The Post has confirmed, however, that a member of the mayor’s office received a tip in relation to the whereabouts of that footage, leading that person to alert a senior member of the office who instructed the staffer to contact police.
    (Mark Towhey is reported to have gone to police)…”

  48. jad says:

    Fascinating piece on BC Blue on how to make a video showing Rob Ford smoking crack.

  49. Richco says:

    it gets more bizarre by the day. Coming from the Glum and Mopey as this does consider the source. Interesting nonetheless.

  50. Liz J says:

    Anyone up for watching the opposition attempt to skewer the PM in QP today?
    Will it be Justin or Ralphie for the Liberals?

  51. fh says:

    this is the real scandal why do we hear very little about this scandal

  52. Liz J says:

    Wondering if the opps in the HOC are trying to make the HOC into a cesspool. Given the questions they’re asking one would think we had a corrupt, scandal ridden government and a PM who is not being truthful.

    Wonder who loads Justin’s question sheet for the big exhibition called QP?

  53. wilson says:

    Mulcair was good until his last question which was more an accusation than question, Trudeau was his usual dramatic self .
    It was actually a good QP, without a lot of grandstanding.
    PMSH was concise.

  54. Fay says:

    Same old, same old on CTV. Don Martin in interview with good liberal Senator former CTV employee jim munson to bash the bad conservative Senator former CTV employee Mike Duffy. Senate is wonderful just conservative senators are bad message. Same old, same old. Put more Liberals in charge to restore respect to the senate. Baloney!
    Does anyone believe that CTV is non partison?

  55. Martin says:

    I did see most of QP today, and would say that both Mulcair and Harper gave solid performances. Both appeared to be competent parliamentarians with plenty of experience and ability. On the other hand Trudeau Jr seemed to be acting in a c0llege student parliament. I have not listened to him speak much, but his voice and mannerisms are quite off putting to me at least. He has a lot of catching up to do if he is to compete with these two.

    • wilson says:

      Communications guru on CTV said Trudeau ‘read the questions, which he wouldn’t recommend’… called him a ‘junior version’…and too much ‘theatrics’
      Gave both PMSH and Mulcair the thumbs up

  56. Ontario Girl says:

    I also watched all of QP today. The Prime Minister was straight forward and precise, and truthful, with all the answers to the questions put forth by Mulcair and Trudeau. No theatre or BS . The lefties just don’t like the answers. Trying to drag PM Harper down to their own nasty level didn’t work, so near the middle they moved on to Robo-calls but left out the ruling part where the judge cleared the Conservative party.

    I think Don Martin from CTV has some BIG problem with himself attacking and attacking the Conservatives on his show, and showing his extreme bias…he looks like he could use a good stiff DRINK or something. What a witch hunt Power Play is against any subject concerning Conservatives. Don Martin needs phyco help.

    • wilson says:

      Martin wants all Harper-haters to watch his show instead of Solomon, so he just gives them what they want.
      CTV probably picked up some viewers with Duffy-gate

      Mulcair knows no PM can or will divulge what was said in Cabinet, but he harped on it a couple of times. Questions with zero chance of getting an answer, he just wanted it to look like PMSH is avoiding the questions.

      The govt messaging has to better separate the goings on in the Senate from the House, somehow. The line has been blurred.

      • Fay says:

        I got the feeling watching Don Martin today that the media party know the whole story . Instead of reporting the details, they have decided to report on the parts of the story that are damaging to Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy and the conservative party. I have a feeling that the cheque from Nigel Wright to Mike Duffy is sitting in trust with Mike Duffy’s lawyer.

        • wilson says:

          I think you are right Fay.
          PMSH did not accept Nigel’s first resignation (assuming it was offered the morning of May 15, when Nigel first told PMSH he cut the cheque),
          so that indicates that no rules/laws were broken.
          PMSH was going to ride it out on the facts.

          In Peru, PMSH told reporters that upon reflection, he decided Nigel should have told him, and accepted Nigel’s second resignation, and ‘perhaps he should have done so sooner’.
          Opps and media playing dumb, keep asking what changed…..

          And why would PMSH have seen or have a copy of Nigels personal cheque, that’s just a stupid line of questioning.

  57. Ontario Girl says:

    Soon were going to see white foam running down Don Martins chin. He has a Liberal, an NDP and a Conservative on his show for balance…HA….and what does Don Martin do? When Conservative Tom Lewinski answered Martins questions, Martin “ATTACKED” him like a raving lunatic. Looks like a real pile on ….3 against one like the CBC Solomon show. Don Martin did the same thing yesterday with the Conservative guest. Could his problem be jealousy, because him being on CTV and a talk show host not being in the SENATE?…Craig Oliver is just like Martin. Such a HATE on for Mike Duffy. If Don Martin knew what he looked like…a bloated, biased pompas a$$.

    • Joanne says:

      Ontario Girl, I hear your frustration and anger but let’s please be careful not to stoop to their level regarding appearance. Thanks.

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  59. Ontario Girl says:

    Actually, it wasn’t his appearance I was referring to….it was what’s coming out of his mouth and how it makes him come across on TV….bloated, biased and pompas minus the white foam dripping down his chin, to come soon.
    I didn’t call him a maggot or a vulture…..

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