#M-408 Aborted in Committee

This morning a Parliamentary subcommittee unanimously decided that M-408, MP Mark Warawa’s motion to condemn sex-selective abortion is non-votable. Conservative members joined the opposition in this effort to squelch the Private Member’s Bill. Apparently it impinges on provincial jurisdiction.

Kady O’Malley has the background and updated story. She reports that Warawa says there will be an appeal, but I’m not optimistic about the outcome with the deck seemingly fully stacked against him.

As a Social Conservative I find this turn of events extremely disappointing and deflating.

Brian Lilley rightly points out that the excuse about provincial jurisdiction is flimsy. There are lots of bills and motions that affect the provinces and somehow they seem to get through.

How will this affect my feelings about the Conservative Party? Well I would say that Brian’s last paragraph pretty well nails it for me:

But what his actions today will do is convince a good chunk of pro-life voters that he doesn’t care about them. They may not turn to another party but they will certainly not run to donate, volunteer or campaign for the Conservatives in the future.

That’s for sure. I can live without the annual Christmas card.

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Committee finds sex-selective abortion motion non-votableToronto Sun

The Science of Preborn PainNational Right to Life

Unborn babies can feel pain – MCCL:

Unborn babies at 20 weeks development actually feel pain more intensely than adults. This is a “uniquely vulnerable time, since the pain system is fully established, yet the higher level pain-modifying system has barely begun to develop,” according to Dr. Ranalli.

“Having administered anesthesia for fetal surgery, I know that on occasion we need to administer anesthesia directly to the fetus, because even at these early gestational ages the fetus moves away from the pain of the stimulation,” stated David Birnbach, M.D., president of the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology and self-described as “pro-choice,” in testimony before the U.S. Congress…

How to turn Mark Warawa into a symbolAaron Wherry, Macleans:

this now threatens to become a question about the nature of parliamentary democracy and the independence of MPs.

Tory backbench upset with PMO over anti-discrimination motionSun:

…If the committee fails to declare his motion votable, Warawa says he’ll take the unprecedented step of appealing to the full House of Commons.

Now that I’d like to see. Let’s watch every MP in Parliament squirm over the fundamental question of democracy and ‘inconvenient’ issues.

Are there actually some conditions in Canada when discrimination is acceptable?

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  1. fh says:

    I can understand that it is health care and under Provincial jurisdiction
    we may need to work one Province at a time
    glad to see Mark Warawa is not giving up
    We need more like him
    I support the Conservative party with my vote and money
    Just remember we would not have traveled this far with green, ndpq or Liberal

    • AEK says:

      The Conservative Party of Canada tries to stay the least amount to the right of the left-wing parties as possible.

      That way, they remain the most right-wing alternative (barely) and therefore capture the conservative vote, plus they pick off some votes from the left-wing parties while minimizing opposition.

      It’s a strategy to remain in power rather than being ideological.

  2. fh says:

    I just voted yes the motion should proceed via tweet at Jo’ s twitter

  3. Dirt says:

    Yes it’s a health issue, but it’s also a moral and ethical issue and it’s clear that females are not going to gain protection under Harper. Sadly the conservative’s voting for the transgender bathroom bill gave us a view into our future and neither the left or right seem to care if gender equality begins in the womb.

    • Joanne says:

      it’s clear that females are not going to gain protection under Harper.

      Certainly not the ones still in the womb – even if they’re viable.

    • Joanne says:

      Well my understanding is that PM Harper himself voted against it.

      Still it’s interesting that only Conservatives seem to have a diversity of opinion regarding PMB’s and motions. Everyone in the other parties march in lockstep with the leader.

      • harebell says:

        “Everyone in the other parties march in lockstep with the leader.”
        I hope that comedic statement was intentional and you truly meant it as a joke.

        • Joanne says:

          With regards to contentious private members bills I think PM Harper allows the most latitude with the caucus; NDP the least (when PMBs and motions are actually allowed to come to a vote that is.)

        • Sandy says:

          It is not a joke Harebell. The NDP leader is the worst in terms of party discipline. He never allows a free vote on anything or a difference of opinion. I find it interesting that people think Harper is a controller when the real dogmatic leader is Mulcair.

          Think about it. The PM has made it clear that he does not want to reopen the abortion debate, yet Conservative backbencher after backbencher does in one way or another. He even allows Rona Ambrose to vote as she wants on related motions.

          • Sandy says:

            There really is a Stephen Harper derangement syndrome.

            You can see it in the comments under Globe and Mail or CBC comments.

            No matter what the gov’t does or announces, the automatic response of those with the syndrome say that ____ will be bad for Canada because Harper or the Harper Gov’t is ____.

            It is completely irrational just like the idea that Harper does not allow his caucus to vote on PB business as they wish.

            • Joanne says:

              Yup. I think the trolls are coming out tonight Sandy. Must be a full moon.

              The hatred for PMSH is palpable among the left.

              I feel justified in voicing my disappointment with some decisions but I won’t change my vote. I mean, look at the alternatives. Yikes!

              • harebell says:

                The dislike for the lieing that Harper and his cronies have done is also palpable among fiscal Conservatives too. But you can call them left if you really want to.
                It started with income trusts and has continued with massive amounts of uncontrollable spending all the while reducing the money taken in to pay for it.
                Anybody knows that you should only spend what you earn, well anybody except for the glorious economist in chief that is.
                Tax relief and subsidies for the wealthy and accompanied a promise not to go into deficit – promptly broken.
                It’s not hard. If you make a promise with the intention of breaking it you lied. Harper and Flaherty both lied repeatedly on the economy.

              • Joanne says:

                Fiscal conservatives have certainly not been happy with everything this government has done. I don’t like the word “lie” though.

              • Sandy says:

                Harper did NOT lie about Income Trusts. The situation changed when corporations like Bell were taking advantage. Only then, reluctantly, did Harper change his stance.

                That is a PM doing what is right when new information becomes available. That is leadership.

                If he hadn’t done anything, he would have been accused of being inflexible and unable to make the tough decisions.

                Let’s face it, the man can’t win.

                In any event, all gov’t make estimates based on how they think/hope the economy will perform.

                Paul Martin and the McGuinty Liberals did it all the time and were wrong as often, if not more often, than Flaherty.

                However, best guesses that prove to be wrong are not lying. They are simply trying to make sense of the future.

                If gov’ts didn’t do that, they couldn’t design budgets, period.

                Harebell is connected to a university and, as such, it is not surprising, even if disappointing, that he thinks a hypothesis that turns out to be wrong is only lying when it is a Conservative gov’t.

                I have been following the PM and his gov’t closely for all seven years. I would push back if I caught outright lies. I have disagreed with things for sure, and have said so, like my post yesterday on the Jobs Grant, but I have never noticed an outright lie. Never.

  4. fh says:

    Liberals ndpq and Green have all voted against
    I guess we have no party support
    my money and support are with the Conservative party

  5. ed says:

    “The Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study in April that suggested Canadian women born in South Korea and India have an unusually high proportion of boys compared to other women.”

    “Although there is no available data on the number of sex-selective abortions in Canada, there were at least 93,755 induced abortions performed in 2009 (the last year national data is available.) in Canadian hospitals and clinics, according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information in 2009.”


    Joanne, I agree with you. Hard to believe the Conservatives would not support such a motion. I guess it takes courage when it comes to these controversial issues. Avoiding controversial issues is not the way to go. The Conservatives ought to act. At least, begin a public awareness program to enlighten the people on these issues.

    • Joanne says:

      And this was just a motion. Not even a bill.

      I’m sure the problem is that MPs were worried they would be criticized if they didn’t condemn post-conception gender selection but didn’t want to raise the hackles of the raging feminists either.

      But the big issue is that the committee’s decision was wrong (from Kady’s blog):

      An impartial expert from the Library of Parliament repeatedly and emphatically stated M-408 is fully compatible with all four criteria.

      Despite the analyst’s expert opinion, the Subcommittee mistakenly decided that M-408 should be deemed non-voteable. Members stated that it falls outside the jurisdiction of the Federal Government and is similar to a motion already voted on in the House.

      “My motion is fully in line with the criteria to deem Private Members’ Business votable,” said Warawa. “The idea that Members of Parliament aren’t allowed to express an opinion on any subject is beyond belief.”

  6. Joanne says:

    AEK – Do you think you could possibly rephrase your comment a bit more concisely and coherently? Then I may consider allowing it.

  7. fh says:

    O/T decide after reading if you want to turn off your lights for earth hour

  8. Joanne says:

    Note to “Bill” – I’ve decided not to approve your two comments. I hear your frustration but perhaps you could rephrase them a bit? Thanks.

  9. Bubba Brown says:

    Another disapointment for us who believe life is precious and begins at the moment of conception.
    A continuing tradgedy for those who cannot speak, whose stirrings are stilled and whose voices will never be heard, we are all the poorer for this.
    “The quality of mercy is not strained, the place where it falls is twice blessed”
    William Shakespeare
    I hope to one day see these hearts change.
    Kyrie Eleison
    I also know that perhaps we can change this one day in the Conservative party.
    There are many of faith among us.
    Far more than in the other parties.
    I will not give up on this.

    Two OT’s on a Friday morning with a skiff of white stuff on the blossoms, so beautiful!
    As for earth day fh it is no coincidence it is Vladimer Lenins B day.
    The lights in my house will be on, all of them, that little bulb was one of the major advances of civilization.
    The darkness of ignorance, the ability to see, read, and socialize, push back the darkness, the comfort of sharing a meal is trivalized by the silly.bullying greenies.
    They are welcome to go back to a mythical time of unicorns and living in caves,.
    I am not goin’ there.

    Gee even with an extra week Junior’s imaginary supporters have not materialized,
    but the little dickens thinks less than 5o% actually registering to vote is cool.
    Perhaps it is, considering on a par with his attendance in the house of commons.
    Kinda blows up the “60% didn’t vote” meme.
    Face book “friends” can be fickle, maybe if he was running on a ticket with “Honey Boo Boo”

  10. fh says:

    O/T Canadian Government sanctions Iranhttp://www.international.gc.ca/sanctions/iran.aspx?view=d

  11. Joanne says:

    Note to “Jymn”. There is no free speech here. My blog, my rules.

    See ya!

  12. Theodore Hoff says:

    Reform ideals came from nowhere to relevancy to assimilation all in just a few years due to the merger of two parties. While we did gain power we also gave up many things we believed in, honesty, transparency, fiscal responsibility and social conservatism and I don’t think the cost of depriving the Liberals of power has been worth that price.

    I for one would rather start over by supporting and building the CHP than these hypocrites and liars who’ve found that power is better than ideals.

    • Joanne says:

      That’s a little harsh.

    • harebell says:

      A classic case of the “unintended consequences. Though I must admit gioven the duplicitous, underhanded and deceitful way that MacKay gained leadership of the party and the merger happened I’d have to say the writing was on the wall. Something born is such squalid surrounding could not flourish and the festering boil we see today is proof of that.

      I do have one issue with your list though. The Reform Party and before them the SocCreds were massively socially conservative, so I’m unsure as to where you get the loss of social conservatism from because of amalgamation with the Reform zealots. Bible Bill and the two Mannings were all bible thumping protectors of “traditional family values” whatever they are.

  13. Sandy says:

    Theodore — Sorry I don’t agree.

    Like Jo, I have been blogging for seven or more years and, while I am aware that the Conservative Government is not perfect, there is no hypocrisy and our PM is not a liar. He is just careful who he tells what, particularly given the gotcha attitude of our media and opposition.

    In terms of ideals and principles, I remember when John Tory was running for the Ontario PCs in the October 2007 election campaign. I heard a lot of Conservatives complain about him and his faith-based funding policy (which would never have passed even he had been elected) and why they wouldn’t vote for him.

    Well, they didn’t and we got Liberal McGuinty a second time. Then, the same thing happened in 2011 regarding Tim Hudak and we got Liberal McGuinty a third time.

    How much worse is Ontario now?

    So, you see, depriving the federal Liberals of power has been a very good thing for Canada indeed.

  14. Bubba Brown says:

    Gee thunderous pronouncements, declarations that the CPC is just not Conservative enough and if it is, it is to damn Conservative.
    If the merger had not have happened we would certainly would still have the Liberals as the UN-natural governing party.
    At any rate it is behind us and we are moving forward as the envy of the world.
    We would have been exporting abortion to the third world, would have given billions to the UN for the fraud that was Kyoto.
    Our economy instead of being the strongest in the world would have been sunk under universal day care, windmills and Lizzy Mae.
    Of course high speed rail between TO and Montreal would also have been a priority.
    Every school would have a BIG picture of Saint Jack and Saint Suzuki the children would sing the greenie anthem and genuflect before the heroes of the revolution.
    Is the Conservative Party perfect and does it get everything right?
    Heck no!
    But it is light years ahead of the second and third place losers.
    Example Liberals “embarrassed” about the inappropriately named “Leadership Race”
    If having a light weight like Justin as Leader isn’t embarassing I don’t know what is.
    The Conservatives allow free votes.
    The others don’t.
    My Party right or wrong sir, if right to be kept right. if wrong to be made right.
    If that does not float yer boat feel free to jump onto the Titanic with Tommie and Justin fighting over which iceberg they want to run into.
    As for “Squalid” look under “adscam”
    Your welcome.

  15. Richco says:

    O/T – Ontario Politics – turns out that maybe Kathleen Wynne wasn’t as “Harvard-educated” as some media would have had us believe.


  16. Bubba Brown says:

    SHOKA! Justin of Trudeau, Prince in waiting for the Liberal Throne is supported by “Middle Aged Metros” from TO.
    I guess nobody has figured out yet that the openly heterosexual man-purse carrying Justin is “middle aged”.
    In other news Thomas Muclair and Kevin Page are seen openly weeping clutching copies of the new budget to their heaving breasts.
    Just another perfect Conservative Good News Day in Canada folks!

    • Joanne says:

      Ah yes. Tommy & Kevin working hand in glove or so it would seem.

      • Bubba Brown says:

        Yup they are a team alright Jo.
        Itchy and Scratchy.
        Mr Page has worked very hard attempting to expand his mandate, wanted mo’ staff mo’ money.
        I think now he can just go ahead and run for the Liberals.

  17. Liz J says:

    I’m sure everyone is listening to the exciting Liberal debate featuring Justin Trudeau and all the bit players.

  18. fh says:

    good blog about happy hour oops I meant earth hour
    remember to turn on your self cleaning oven when you turn out your lights I hate seeing power go to waste. Don’t you?

  19. fh says:

    prediction of mildest winter fails
    now he is predicting for our arctic ice. Could he be Mistaken again?

  20. ed says:

    Great comments, Bubba. I have just one word for those trolls: imbeciles. They falsely accuse the Conservatives of telling lies while they themselves tell lie after lie in their comments. Hilarious. How anyone in their right mind cannot see that the Conservative government is so far superior than the opposition has really got a problem. I mean, it’s a no-brainer.

    BTW, heard that Trudeau said that May told him she may not run a candidate against the Liberals in Labrador. He was so happy. Fool. With the opposition, democracy takes a back seat.

    “The left want us to turn off our lights because they like to keep us in the dark.”

    • Martin says:

      Yes, BC Blue has the story and official word from May that she will stand down from this contest. It shouldn’t make much difference, the Green candidate received 136 votes, 1.3% of the share last time. NDP are real players here about 20% of vote. They will continue to ignore May, they realize she heads a protest group, not a national party, always willing to cut a deal with the Liberals.

  21. ed says:

    On the topic of abortion, I’ve read that by eleven weeks the fetus can feel pain and is able to learn. There was a needle and sound experiment to demonstrate these facts. This information comes from the seventies.

    • Joanne says:

      Right. I have an update at the end of this post regarding the ability of the unborn to feel pain. Funny how nobody talks about this. I think at the very least the fetus should be administered some kind of anesthetic before killing it – no matter what the method.

      • Liz J says:

        They don’t talk about it because it doesn’t fit their purpose. It’s an extreme case of the truth hurts, the cowards don’t want to admit to it, or talk about it.

  22. ed says:

    Martin, I found some more stuff:

    “MONTREAL – Joyce Murray was handed some unlikely ammunition by Green Leader Elizabeth May for the final Liberal leadership debate in Montreal on Saturday.”


    Trudeau rejects Murray’s idea of the Liberals co-operating with the Greens and New Democrats on a riding-by-riding basis in a bid to beat the Conservatives in the next general election. Yet he was happy to hear that May’s Green Party announced it wouldn’t field a candidate to challenge the Liberals in the upcoming Labrador byelection. Also, the Green Party urged the NDP to follow suit.

    Would you say Trudeau is being somewhat of a hypocrite here? Makes you wonder what the Liberals will do down the road re coalitions, etc..

    • Liz J says:

      I’d say the Greens and Dippers are interfering with people’s democratic rights by not running candidates, they’re telling people how to vote.
      As for Labrador, I wouldn’t be too optimistic.

  23. fh says:

    maybe a Royal Commission could study medical necessary ABORTION against ABORTION of convenience such as married couples choosing not to have ANY children
    they should be counselled on prevention methods including Vasectomy or Tubal ligation
    before the screaming starts many Abortions are done 2, 3, and more for no other reason than the couples do not want children
    we investigate our Politicians every detail of their lives
    we need to investigate Abortion Killing babies should be investigated IMHO

  24. fh says:

    It is the time for every Canadian to demand that our Tax dollars spent on health care be spent to improve our health not kill our future generations
    All Canadians especially our young Canadians not just our Politicians need NEED to be listened to and heard HEARD on one of the most important issue of our Country
    at the very least Provinces should defund all Abortions that are not medically necessary

    • Joanne says:

      at the very least Provinces should defund all Abortions that are not medically necessary

      Agreed, but it is another political hot-potato that elected officials are too weak to take on.

  25. fh says:

    now that earth hour is over and we have succeeded in stopping global warming we can begin to deal with the severe winters

  26. Bubba Brown says:

    Thanks Ed good thoughtful comments re pain and abortion one day we will put this behind us.
    As for the trolls well the right merged.
    Get over it.
    To call such a thing “duplicitous” while ignoring a coalition that tried to overturn an election while putting the Bloc’s boot on our throats with a veto on all votes.
    Or to ignore a PM (Chretain) that says the GST is gone until after the election of course.
    Or to give a pass to “zap you are frozen” Senior Trudeau who then after the election puts wage and price controls in place.
    Of course when a Liberal does it, it is not duplicitous or decitful, let alone underhanded.
    So Lizzy ain’t gonna run a candidate?
    Big hairy deal that, sarc/off Greens pulled in a whopping 1.30% of the vote in Labrador.
    But hey Justin is excited, what a lightweight.

  27. Martin says:

    My take on the calls for non competing candidates is this. It is always losing, or declining parties pushing such schemes, namely May and certain Liberals. The NDP spent 50 years as perennial also rans before achieving the breakthrough to opposition. Why would they be interested in cooperating with Greens to advance May’s career? Greens have been around more recently and have only ever elected 1 MP in 9 federal elections. This occurred while putting much of their resources into electing the leader.

    I happened to see May and an NDP MP arguing on the eve of the Calgary byelection. The screeching and vitriol coming from her embarrassed even the host moderator. Don’t look for any cooperation from NDP , in furthering May’s half baked ideas.

    • Richco says:

      My take on this is that the one and only reason any party in opposition is considering anything remotely close to this is that they’re desperate. No one party on their own can beat Harper.

      Actually, neither can the Scary Hairy Coalition (and I included May in as a member of the Scary Hair bunch).

      • Liz J says:

        Right Richco, I agree and May definitely qualifies as member of the Hairy Scary Coalition coalition

  28. Bubba Brown says:

    Scary Lizzie?
    You bet!
    Watched a clip once of her debating some fellow re spruce bud spraying.
    She presented her POV very clearly and was very articulate.
    When it was her opponents turn, I don’t think he had three words out of his mouth
    before she started attacked squacking, talking over him continuously.
    She compared him to Herr Gobbels and simply would not let the man have the floor.
    This is the same woman that waved her pudgy little fingers in PM Harpers face at the debate (ambush).
    She however complained bitterly when the NDP-Q among others heckled HER.
    I am hearing that the Green party are not very happy with her and want her to resign.
    Me ?
    I really, really wanted her to do better, every vote for a Green is a wasted vote for the NDP-Q and the Trudeau-Libs.
    Thats why prop-rep keeps surfacing like a floater in a septic tank, it is the only way a fringe party can get in the house.
    First past the post keeps the nuts out.

  29. Martin says:

    “I am hearing that the Green party are not very happy with her and want her to resign”.

    That must be putting it mildly; obviously this is one party where the leader’s personality is holding it back. For all intents and purposes she sees it as the Elizabeth May Party.

  30. Jen says:

    She just like Muclair, went to the USA to talk to a couple of congressmen against Keystone XLP then brag about it here in a Press Conference in Ottawa.

    Where is PM Harper? I notice not one media SNN included has not mention him at all which they do regularly. SNN obsession for Obama is greater than for reporting the accomplishments made by PM Harper or show him in his travels.

  31. Jen says:

    About PM Harper, spoke to soon ealier. found out that he is at the Pearson International..Pandas arrived.

  32. Bubba Brown says:

    Good morning all, sending you an e-mail Jo

  33. Jen says:

    How is it that the KEVIN PAGE has not done an audit on the money the CPC spent on the reserves?

  34. fh says:

    this is all fine and good but PM Stephen Harper promised that he would not bring in legislation about abortion
    we all knew this when we voted for him
    the ndpq are pro Abortion and with every vote more Liberals are now voting Pro ABORTION Elizabeth May is PRO ABORTION the Bloc is PRO PRO ABORTION ABORTION so it will need to have pressure brought to bear on all our Politicians
    and I feel you are not making sense with your argument that you must be sure PM Harper is not re-elected If you continue to put this BLAME solely on PM Harper you will fail miserably and maybe that is your plan Good Luck with that
    Provinces handle health care and as a taxpayer I feel we need to demand that Abortion Physicians and Abortion clinics need to have their books audited and their abortions audited. Privacy of their patients is never revealed in any audit of a physicians office.
    Taxpayers pay for ABORTIONS and we need to have full disclosure.
    Concentrate your efforts on your Provincial Government and insist they do full audits and reveal all ALL the Abortion statistics

  35. fh says:

    It seems strange that CBC did not send reporters to cover the Cree walk??????
    as they made their protest trek they should have had full coverage not spotty reporting what a disgrace that they did not give full coverage to the Cree’s who took on this protest for Idle No More

    • Jen says:

      A reporter asked a Cree Walker what he wanted from the government and his response was “I don’t know”

      Monies have gone into reserves for the people but how the chiefs and councils spend the money is not the fault of the gov, imo.

  36. fh says:

    we need to contact Elizabeth May Evan stated he had written communication from Ms May that only one to two birds were killed each year by windmills this article appears to indicate that many birds are slaughtered each day by windmills

  37. fh says:

    good article here World Council For Nature

  38. Jen says:

    IMHO, The 1600 km which the Cree walkers walked from James Bay to Ottawa leaves me with a number of questions:

    (1) If these young kids were walking for 1600kms in protest, how come there was no television coverage of the march until this group arrived at Ottawa?
    (2) If these kids were actually walking there was no accompanying support vehicles for rest and meals.
    (3) Upon arrival in Ottawa, CPAC interviewed two of the natives kids. The questions was ” what do you want to say to the PM?
    Answer: “I don’t know what I’ll say to the PM.”

    This whole episode appears to be just another attempt by the opposition to create an ARAB SPRING. These incidents have come up since the NDP formed the Official Opposition.

  39. Bubba Brown says:

    The Cree who marched to the sacred place Ot ta wa in search of “I don’t know” are I think beginning to realize something is terribly, terribly wrong.
    If they ever focus that energy on the real problem, their leadership, which is where the tax payers buck stops after all.
    I am thinking there will be more than a few “Chiefs” treated to a traditional costume
    Of feathers held in place with tar.

  40. Jen says:

    BB, On Sunday March 24, 2013 in the Edmonton Sun, my hubby showed me an article (not front page mind you) but somewhere within the pages that:

    I wish that I have saved that article but for those who read it let me know.

    I noticed the liberals are brazingly throwing all which they neglected to do throughout their years in government onto the conservatives shoulders to ‘clean up’

    So let’s see for one minute, If the liberals did a wondrous job for the aboriginals surely those Cree students should be in schools and universities learning many trades than walking to Ottawa. But it looks as though, monies for the aboriginals’ needs were limited since the rest of money went into the liberals coffers.
    So, if the liberals gave limited amount monies to the aboriginals and are please with it. Then surely the cpc should do the same and tell the chiefs ‘too bad’ the liberals gave less you didn’t complain rally form ‘idle no more.’ which tells cpc that all extra monies is truly not needed at all.
    IMO, the ndp are behind all this mess.

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Jen I know the Conservatives have given more and worked harder than the Libs and Lib-Light the NDP-Q ever did to assist Natives.
      The money and direction for the “Spontanous Protests”come from a melange of enviro greenie progressive types.
      The teachers Union, the government workers, tides foundation, greenies of all stripes.
      Supported by so called leaders like Muclair and Bob Rae they do not care about Canada or Canadians.
      That the Natives seem to be able to get away from the consquences of civil disobediance is why they are getting money from these activist types.
      All comes down to the fraud of global warming and agenda 21 courtesy of the UN.
      The Natives when asked say “I don’t know”
      Their Chiefs are scared to death of losing their grip on the purse strings
      The progressives could not win at the polls so they are tying themselves in knots to try to present a scandal-palooza to the public.
      The CBC , CTV simply never tell the whole story or ever present anything in a positive light.
      Truth is Canada is the envy of the world and first in G-20.
      That is not shabby or an accident.
      Of course when you tell a progressive that, it’s because of Paul Martin and Jean Chretain.
      That is also why they continue with 60% did not vote for Harper.
      But when you counter really?
      81% did not vote Liberal.
      70% did not vote NDP-Q.
      Gets quiet very quickly.
      Reality is Conservatives took over 60% of votes actually cast.

  41. Richco says:

    O/T – Ontario politics. Well, Toronto really. Looks like the usual suspects are ramping up yet another Rob Ford scandal.

    I wonder how long it will take for those who continue to heap manure on Ford to realize that every time they do that, Ford gains support. Exactly the opposite of what they want.

    If there’s one thing that voters like it’s an underdog. Ford, in the eyes of the liberal media is gaining underdog status and I think would still win an election if one were had right this minute.

  42. fh says:

    now the ndpq are against marriage what next!!!!!!
    they are against life for our babies, against the keystone XL pipeline, against all Canadians saving for retirement, against the budget and on and on

  43. fh says:

    this is a very touching story about a broken hamburger and the restaurant that fixed it for a little autistic girl

  44. Ruth says:

    If everyone thinks the abortion issue is going to be opened again, why not change the topic to be a law against telling any one the sex of the baby. We lived for years without knowing which we were having. Just make it against the law for any Doctor or ultrasound tech to record the sex of the baby.

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