Does A.H.R.A. need updating?

A fertility lawyer for a ‘surrogacy agent’ facing 27 charges under Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act calls the rules  surrounding acceptance of payment for making surrogacy arrangements ‘confusing’.

Tom Blackwell of National Post has the story –‘Business has boomed’: Canadian surrogacy agent facing 27 charges continues her controversial work.

Another item which I personally finding ‘confusing’ is the sex-selection prohibition:

(e) for the purpose of creating a human being, perform any procedure or provide, prescribe or administer any thing that would ensure or increase the probability that an embryo will be of a particular sex, or that would identify the sex of an in vitro embryo, except to prevent, diagnose or treat a sex-linked disorder or disease;

Perhaps that was relevant in 2004, but today it seems rather benign compared to the concept of aborting a fetus due to unwanted gender.

Why not proactively allow women the opportunity to ‘balance their families’ instead of having to resort to abortion to do so?

After all it’s their bodies, their choice, right?

Or so I’ve been told.

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Status of Women minister waffles on motion condemning sex-selective abortion – LifeSiteNews

Tory MP’s motion to condemn sex-selective abortions up for debate March 28 – Lifesite

Defund Abortion Rally March 19 at Queen’s Park – The Interim

Defunding Abortion – more popular than any political party in Ontario? – Campaign Life

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42 Responses to Does A.H.R.A. need updating?

  1. fh says:

    this topic has become a tool for the ndpq to win elections it is used by the left to create screaming matches and protests
    I do not think you can have a sensible debate with the left
    I hope we can win the minds of common sense people over time Killing our future generation is not a legacy to make Canadians proud
    we need to concentrate our efforts on Liberal and common sense ndp supporters maybe MAYBE we will be able to get a good discussion and be able to break up this money making industry ABORTION

  2. Bubba Brown says:

    This is a difficult conversation but a needed and necessary one.
    The reason for the scream down vagina costumed idiots who simply can’t handle the facts is that people are looking at this question differently.
    IMO he should have been in a penis costume “Mr Dick Head”
    How far the pendulum swings is up to all of us not just some rude jackass in a silly costume
    It never gets a mention but the champion of the abortion cause who received an order of Canada turned a nice tidy profit on each and every free standing Abortion Clinic.
    I have heard as much as a million a year on each clinic.
    Now that is tax payer money I have a right to say how it is spent.
    As soon as we presume to play God we are opening the door to so many other things.
    I really don’t think it’s as winning a cause as it used to be.
    Tommy Muclair is boosting a lot of lost causes, has no understanding of monetary issues or morality.
    Supporting a individual that entered Canada illegally after shooting a policeman and living here illegally does not a good citizen make.
    But then Tommy is hedging his bets there too with dual citizenship.
    Our voices are heard here papers like the “Red Star” are sliding down into the dumpster CTV and CBC no longer have the sway they once did.
    We need to keep being heard, lots of lurkers out there reading and they really don’t like being criticized.
    Speaking up, speaking out, writing the truth as we know it, never gets old.
    Bit like making love to a widow, you just can’t over do it .
    30 years ago we were told that nothing would ever change, election results were announced before we even got to vote.
    We do however have much further to go on our journey, throwing the helpless off the bus in the name of convenience or for being the wrong sex is not an option or even a sound evolutionary tactic.
    As I pointed out to a favorite niece who was concerned that a woman’s right to choose might be compromised.
    The one person the left like her love to hate George Bush had his biggest strength in localities where traditional families held sway.
    If you don’t have offspring you cannot pass on the good china or your values.
    Abortion is an ugly word and an even uglier practice IMO

    • Richco says:

      “Our voices are heard here papers like the “Red Star” are sliding down into the dumpster CTV and CBC no longer have the sway they once did.”

      Exactly Bubba.

      We have the election results to prove just how wrong the spinners and weavers of the truth have been. They’re not penetrating the minds of Canadians, not any more.

  3. Joanne says:

    Well I’m obviously not a pro-choice/gender selection supporter but I still wonder how we can say gender selection is not allowed before conception but as a country we must tolerate it afterwards. Makes no sense to me.

  4. fh says:

    Your link Campaign life is encouraging Jo we may be making inroads
    long overdue defunding of medical unnecessary Abortion
    we then need to ask the question Why are these abortion being performed if not medically necessary?
    Abortion is a money making industry and it is difficult to pull the rug from under this industry

    • Joanne says:

      Big defund abortion rally tomorrow. Hashtag here.

      • Bubba Brown says:

        Good link Jo, I don’t see any reason to fund abortions, a baby is not a disase.
        OT Chretain has surfaced, in response to criticism Junior Trudeau has no policies whatsoever.
        Jean is saying that the Dauphin has made a major policy statement.
        I.E. replacing the Conservatives taaa daaa drum roll…………
        I guess I could add having a PM from Quebec, those Westerners are just soo icky.
        I think former PM’s should just go away, their moment has passed.
        The voters have spoken.

  5. fh says:

    this topic needs input but it is too difficult for most to comprehend
    everyone needs to spend a week at the office of an ABORTION physician
    I think that would help calm the screeching
    the truth needs to be exposed and solutions need to be discussed
    I am encouraged but we have a long road still to travel
    God Bless Stephen Woodworth

  6. ed says:


    Whatever happened to “Prevention.”

  7. fh says:

    That is a great link ed it led to this one Michael Coren and Jack Fonesca discussing defunding abortion we are slowly getting people to look at the abortion issue

  8. fh says:

    this happened in US do we know if it is happening here?
    very horrific
    Hunter discovered it

  9. Bubba Brown says:

    That is chilling fh and predictably he is playing the “race card”.

  10. Bubba Brown says:

    “OT ” I guess this could mean “Outing Trudeau” all is not bliss and unicorns in Liberal La La Land.
    150 registrations at one (1) e-mail address huh phony pony rides again.

    • Richco says:

      Yep, Bubba. Still all smoke, mirrors and lots of hair gel gumming up the works of the LPOC.

      Funny too for me is that if you go to some Liberal websites and blogs and watch them fight over whether or not to merge with the NDP, that fight alone, IF they decide on a merger is going to tangle up the Hairy Scaries for the next 10 years.
      Just sit back and watch them fight it out, is all Harper has to do.

      Meanwhile, I think we’re going to get a budget tomorrow that will Harper through to the next election…..whether he stays or not.

      I’ve speculated on that previously but the more I think on it the more it makes sense for Harper to see the next election through and at the one-year mark after that. That way he can secure a CPC agenda while the Hairy-Scaries duke it out.

  11. Bubba Brown says:

    Gee when things go sideways seems Juniors ain’t animating the youth as much as reviving the blue rinse crowd, gettin’ groped by grannies who knew, 60 % of support over 50, he is such a “nice” boy
    Scroll down for a couple of good comments and the “Cabin boy dance”
    too funny.
    hat tip SDA
    When they start laughin’ AT you…………….

  12. Martin says:

    If Jr’s committed support on election day is as elusive as his leadership support, his journey to 24 Sussex may be longer than anticipated. I still believe that his parents legacy cuts both ways and is as likely to repel as attract voters. Without this legacy, what has he to offer? Dion and Ignatieff with solid accomplishments couldn’t turn Liberal fortunes around it is hard to see how someone with none would.

    • Richco says:

      Right Martin, Bubba,

      the one thing people seem to forget is that it’s NOT the 1960s. Canada is just not in the same place. Canadians are just not in the same place collectively.
      Thinking that they can jump start another Trudeaumania is as hopeless as Hollywood continuing to turn out remakes of the old classics.
      If the Liberal back room boys who are leading the coronation were honest with Baby T. they’d sit him down and tell him straight-up that “This is not your Daddy’s country any more”.

  13. fh says:

    O/T neat image from Finance Canada

  14. Bubba Brown says:

    This makes me damd proud to be a Canadian Conservative
    U.S. magazine calls Stephen Harper an ‘exceptional leader’By Andy Radia
    It’s no secret that American conservatives have a political crush on Stephen Harper.
    Over the past couple of years, there have been numerous op-ed pieces in U.S. newspapers praising his leadership, his foreign policy and his stewardship of the economy coming out of the 2008 recession.
    Well, another right-leaning magazine has jumped on the pile of praise.
    In the current edition of the National Review — the bi-weekly founded by William F. Buckley Jr. in 1955 — the editors call Canada “the best governed country in North America” and call Stephen Harper an “exceptional leader.”
    Canada came out of the recent recession in a stronger position than virtually any other country. Harper has cut taxes repeatedly, able to boast to Canadians that they enjoy “the lowest federal tax burden since John Diefenbaker was prime minister.” (That was during the Eisenhower and Kennedy years.) The government indulged in deficit spending, when the financial crisis hit, and now they are about $21 billion in the hole. But they expect to be in balance in 2015. Forbes magazine ranks Canada the best G-8 country in which to do business. The corporate tax there is famously low — 15 percent, down from 21 percent when Harper and the Conservatives took over.
    Paul Ryan cited Canada’s kindness to business in the vice-presidential debate last fall: Why can’t we be more like Canada?
    Jay Nordlinger, senior editor of the magazine and writer of the article, appeared on Sun News with Ezra Levant on Monday.
    “Stephen Harper is very impressive. People ought to pay attention, especially conservatives wherever they live,” Nordlinger said.

    “Harper kept getting my attention in domestic affairs but particularly in foreign affairs, he seems such a departure. He seemed un-Canadian in a way or at lease un-Trudeaupian.

    “Here is a man who is so staunchly pro-Israel, who didn’t mind talking back to the UN, who withdrew from the Kyoto protocol and…who opened an office of religious freedom. This was something new under the Canadian sun.”

    Nordlinger added that Harper rises above other conservative leaders in the world such as Cameron in Britain, Merkel in Germany, Netanyahu in Israel, and Singh in India.

    “I think Stephen Harper is a leader of the west, he sticks up for the principles and values of the west,” he said.

    “This is a guy with some clarity, and I find it very refreshing and it’s surprising for me as an American…to see it in Ottawa. I think a lot of us thought Canada would be pretty much a social democratic…or a Scandinavian style welfare state.

    “And here comes Stephen Harper and he is sort of a breath of fresh air from the west.”

    For, what’s it worth, Nordlinger also calls Levant a sort of “regular folk hero” in some U.S. conservative circles.


    • Martin says:

      Searching Nordlinger Harper on the net brings up nothing from the MSM on this story, only on Sun.
      Flicking back and forth from CBC P&P, to CTV Power Play daily, one could imagine that Mussolini had been reincarnated and was in power in Canada.

    • Joanne says:

      Awesome! Thanks for that Bubba.

      Here’s the link.

      • Richco says:

        Yes, thanks Bubba. Martin if you’re waiting for the MSM to change you’ll be waiting a long time.
        They’re dying anyway of their own doing.
        Thanks to the Internet, blogs, tweets, websites the Citizen Media is taking over.

  15. Jen says:

    Bill regarding to gender identity and gender expression (human Rights)

    Again votes in the HOC and guess what the only party that allowed ‘free’ vote were the CPC. Yet the opposition parties clapped for what, for being force to vote for a bill which many of them don’t want:

  16. Richco says:

    O/T – Unions are spending $$$ to smear our PM Stephen Harper. Please consider circulating and signing this petition

    • Jen says:

      You mean the ‘union dues’ from the innocent workers who want that extra money for personal items are paying for it.
      No hot shot big union ceos are going to pay for this out of their own pocket.

  17. fh says:

    O/T calling Elizabeth May Ms May we know you would want this misinformation corrected

  18. Joanne says:

    If anyone’s following the gasplant scandal, the Ontario Legislature is live-casting Hazel McCallion interview at the Justice Committee hearing.

    • Richco says:

      I’ve got it on too Joanne. Cansfield is trying to wiggle away from this mess and make excuses for the government she’s a part of. She thinks this is going to go away.

      • Richco says:

        OMG – Hazel’s comparing the G20 to the gas plant fiasco. She’s helping the government…….surprise! Remember who was sitting next to Kathleen Wynne during the Liberal Leadership race….it was Hazel. She’s going to help Wynne.

        Disappointing, coming from her.

        Too bad really. She was once quite supportive of the the PCs.

        • Richco says:

          “Challenge the OPA” says McCallion.
          “They have been arrogant. They’ll take any part down to defeat”.

          Look for Hazel’s comparison to the G20 and her OPA statements to be the headlines tomorrow in the media.

        • Joanne says:

          Remember who was sitting next to Kathleen Wynne during the Liberal Leadership race….it was Hazel. She’s going to help Wynne.

          I remember. That apparently has something to do with them both supporting Light Rail. So she’s likely trying to help the Liberals in order to get what she wants.

  19. Richco says:

    Good comeback by the PCs asserting that the government has mismanaged the Energy file. Keep driving that home! The gas plant fiasco is part of a larger problem.

    Hazel again, looks to the feds. for money and gives the government a tongue-lashing about their ability to grow jobs. It’s up to the private sector to turn things around.

    • Richco says:

      As if we haven’t heard it all when it comes to that sneaky Dalton McGuinty, here’s something else that escaped scrutiny. Not just from the MSM but the opposition parties as well.

      Sorry for the play-by-play…..working at home today, snow squalls on this spring day and a sorry robin outside in my yard singing “WTF?”

      • Martin says:

        The gall involved for McGuinty to make these appointments months down the road is breathtaking. I assume that they are legal, just ethically unacceptable. The person who has to answer for this is Wynne, surely she can cancel these appointments. She is roughly in the position of John Turner, having to accept Trudeau’s last minute patronage listings. She has the choice, if she does nothing then she should accept the voters decision next election.
        As for the Forum poll mentioned, that organization has lost any credibility in forecasting election results.

      • Joanne says:

        Yup. That one sure slipped under the radar. Good for Blatchford for ferreting it out.

        • Richco says:

          hold on to your wallets Ontario because Wynne is taking over where McGuinty left off.
          How can the opposition parties stand for this much longer?

          • Richco says:

            in McWynnty’s Ontario she’s changing the language and they’re called “Revenue Tools”.
            We know them as TAXES.
            Who is she trying to fool?
            Remember the post and link I posted here last week showing how Wynne was trying to fool Ontarians by changing the language she and her party speak? Well………here’s a perfect example on how the Premier plans to pull a fast one.

            • Joanne says:

              She must think we’re all so stupid.

              • Martin says:

                Yes, that is what is so annoying about the Wynne regime, that serious problems can be solved with better communications strategies. Putting lipstick on a pig still makes it a pig and calling taxes revenue tools still means taxes.
                If she gets as far as a budget, look out for new taxes.

  20. fh says:

    I cannot resist the water shortage in Britain followed by wet Britain
    climate change I agree

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