“Tolerance” and “Free Speech” belong only to the Left

Blazing Cat Fur and National Post cover democratically-elected MP Stephen Woodworth’s aborted attempt to deliver a lecture organized by Waterloo Students for Life at the University of Waterloo.

Notice the police standing by impotently in the video.

As noted in the National Post article, the Giant Vagina states, “That kind of speech, that kind of facts, are not acceptable.”

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

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John Carpay of JCCF writes to Dr. Hamdullahpur, President of U of W (via NCLN.)

Stephen Woodworth on Power Play.

Pro-abortion protestors disrupt MP’s speech at University of Waterloo – CTV Kitchener

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Saturday Update

Vagina monologue: Free speech on Canadian campuses? – Ezra Levant

The Waterloo Region Record has finally covered this story in the print edition. I will update here with links once they become available.

O.K. Here we go: Protesters disrupt local MP’s talk at UW:

University of Waterloo President Feridun Hamdullahpur condemned the protesters’ actions.

“We are examining ways in which we can ensure all invited speakers, whatever the topic, are able to speak in a safe and productive environment. We are also exploring ways in which we can partner with student groups to provide appropriate support for their events on campus,” he wrote in a statement.

Even if the school did not adjust its policies at all, Woodworth said he would return to the campus to speak.

Now that’s a class act.

And don’t miss this column by Luisa D’Amato: Protesters should join the rest of us in the real world.

UW must guard free speechRecord Editorial


Rex Murphy: The deplorable hollowness of our campus ‘progressives – National Post

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111 Responses to “Tolerance” and “Free Speech” belong only to the Left

  1. Liz J says:

    Yeah only the Left are allowed free speech, this video is a prime example of the law enforcers allowing them to yell and act out, shutting down those whose views they oppose.

    • Joanne says:

      Yes it’s all about who shouts the loudest. But it sounds as if U of W is embarrassed by the actions of these students.

  2. fh says:

    Jo thank you for this post
    A man dressed as a vagina and we are to believe that this represents the right of a woman?

  3. fh says:

    I find this quote applies to the conditions we find our society in today

  4. Bubba Brown says:

    WHOA! I was still on my first cuppa when I scrolled down to “Alott-a-fagina” his parents must be proud !
    But then I thought that an anonymous donor at the fertility clinic somewhere must have a nagging feeling that somewhere something is terribly wrong.
    Seems to be a anatomically correct presentation ?
    His little face is peeking out of ……………where?
    Cleaning coffee off of monitor…….
    Good quote fh!
    Slightly OT Jo, Reading a quote from Pope Francis he said that “Life is a journey, when you stop something is wrong”
    You are in good company Jo, as are we all here.
    Not letting others speak,
    not letting other opinions be heard,
    not letting others draw the very breath of life
    or even to exist.
    imagine the outrage if their juvenile tactics were used against them?
    As Ronnie Reagan said “everyone in favor of abortion has already been born”

    • Joanne says:

      Must admit that pink costume had me a bit confused too. Very strange.

      • Bec says:

        “Must admit that pink costume had me a bit confused too”

        The ‘Lefties’ never criticize or analyze one of their own but they sure as heck would have called ‘racism’ had this been a conservative, just saying………..although I rarely if ever see conservative minded people demonstating in combination with repulsive garb,’Dressing up’, acting like fools, seems to be, historically from the left.

  5. fh says:

    anyone see the PM and Laureen with a group of children speaking with Chris Hadfield
    CBC carried it live also on live streaming from NASA
    excellent questions asked from children from all over Canada
    I watched and am very proud to be a Canadian and proud to have Chris Hadfield a Canadian Commander of the Space Station

  6. Bill says:

    What we could use is some true policing by Staff Sgt. Hugh Stewart otherwise known as Sgt. Pepper! Staff Sgt. Hugh Stewart sure as hell got the hippie left winged bleeding heart protesters off a B.C. highway in 1997. The problem was that Staff Sgt. Hugh Stewart was operating under the orders of bleeding heart left winged PM Chrétien. Go figure that one eh? Back then we pounced the hippies. Today we embrace them with love and arrest the dude peacefully protesting near the Abortion clinic.

  7. Enkidu says:

    Nobody hates like a lefty, and the police empower them in their bigotry, even while they squelch the supposedly constitutionally enshrined rights of conservatives.

  8. ed says:

    When you don’t have a leg to stand on, when you have no valid counter argument to offer, when you know that your stance is without merit, you have but one thing to do: you shout, you scream and you disrupt. Typical lefty mode of operation.

  9. ed says:

    From Joanne’s previous post:

    Joanne says:
    March 14, 2013 at 5:38 am

    “Coyne is worth reading on this topic.

    Jonathan Kay too.”

    Joanne, I agree, very good articles. Here’s a very interesting interview with Marc Garneau. He comments on the West, Trudeau, Quebec-Canada, his family, and other somewhat surprisingly candid remarks. Of course, there are also a number of things he said that I disagree with. However, what a contrast when compared to Trudeau. I still find it incomprehensible that Garneau with his life’s history of accomplishments would give up at this stage. An astronaut does not quit, it’s not in his nature based on what he has accomplished.


  10. paulsstuff says:

    Speaking of tolerance and free speech, I’m hoping those in the Tory communications epartment have improved. Seen the latest “scandal” now being pushed by the opposition and media?


    Quite easy to put that one to rest. Simply point out the show is taken from an American show called To catch a smuggler. It’s filmed at JFK airport. So all any Conservative Party spokesperson has to day is ask Libby Davies if she is equally outraged that the Obama administration has allowed the same thing to occur, and in fact were the trailblazers.

    p.s. Watch Border Security, it’s a great show and gives insight to the people and drugs entering Canada on a daily basis. Ditto for To catch a smuggler.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks for the heads-up!

      I’m hoping those in the Tory communications epartment have improved.

      I think they need you and Gabby.

  11. fh says:

    o/t before voting ndpq look at the devastating carbon tax to economy as studied in USA
    Andrew Coyne is wrong Canada does not need a carbon tax

  12. Richco says:

    O/T – Baby T. mythbuster column by Gerry N. is worth a read and a giggle.

    • fh says:

      Richo that is a great column by Gerry he is best when he is funny sarcastic

    • Martin says:

      Myth 4 that he is likable; Yesterday it was pointed out by BC Blue, that he was continuing to tweet negative, obscene comments, referring to opponents as being “full of shit”.
      As Liberal leader he may have to work a bit on his vocabulary.

      Myth 6 His intelligence: Little evidence is given to support this. Fine, he went to an elite private school, graduated from university and obtained a masters after switching around a bit.
      Think of this in comparison to Dion and Ignatieff. There simply is no comparison and nobody claimed they weren’t smart. Together they have probably written more books that Jr has read. One would have to go back to Joe Clark ?, for a PM with such modest academic qualifications.

  13. fh says:

    A very sad , tragic , preventable story
    Canada wake up and listen these crimes are preventable KEEP the criminals in jail

  14. Bubba Brown says:

    Ed @ 9:39 I don’t believe that Mr Garneau quit. I think the men behind the curtain pushed him under the bus.
    Mr Trudeau has found that his thousands of imaginary supporters can’t make the big trip from cyberspace to actually registering and voting.
    I think a lot of them are just “key-strokes” just like a lot of the outrage behind the robo-calls, the “protestors” to Elections Canada, remember?
    Where is the outrage when the Liberals were found to be the only guilty ones?
    They were people sitting in mom’s basement at a keyboard.
    The constant fluffing of junior Trudeau is just another hail-mary pass by the usual suspects.
    His depiction as a cardboard cutout, a one dimensional i/4 inch thick display item is spot on IMO.
    He is as my dear old Dad was wont to say “Like a young bear with all his troubles to come”

  15. ed says:

    “I don’t believe that Mr Garneau quit. I think the men behind the curtain pushed him under the bus.”

    Bubba, I agree – at least, that’s my opinion. The media should be on Garneau questioning him more about it. Oops,I forgot, that only occurs if you’re a Conservative. My concern here is that the Liberals continue with their same old tactics. So much for renewal and so much for democracy. No shame have they.

  16. fh says:

    at SDA Kate has a winner by Dr Ben Carson
    well worth the time to view

  17. bluetech says:

    Since ‘bullying’ is a huge topic these days (anti-bullying is overated IMHO) this line from the Regressive blog is right on:
    (discussing the weird dressups at Mr. Woodworth’s presentation)

    …”supposedly the exact type of person who would be concerned about bullying then becomes a bully when he doesn’t want someone he disagrees with speaking. The hypocrisy. …”

    • Joanne says:

      Exactly. And the ‘bully’ in this case is doing his side no favours by acting like such a “fool” as the Record editorial calls him (as well as calling the whole lot of them ‘bullies’.)

      • Liz J says:

        What we really should also be concerned about is the fact these people are university students. They’ve made it to the halls of higher learning and don’t understand the concept of free speech.

        • Joanne says:

          Exactly. Of course we shouldn’t put all University students in the same pigeon-hole. But sadly it’s the noisy obnoxious ones who get the attention.

          • Liz J says:

            Another thing, these bozos don’t seem to realize this activism they’re engaging in is being recorded. It will bet there to haunt them for years to come when they grow up and attempt to be productive members of society. Meanwhile they look like unintelligent people wasting somebody’s money attending university.

    • Bubba Brown says:

      Good link fh! I love Sarah Palin, typical Conservative woman classy and sassy!
      I really liked her take on more through background checks.
      She was all for it, with Potus Obama’s background check being the first up.

      • Liz J says:

        I also like Sarah Palin, she and Ann Coulter are great Conservative women, so good they scare the media senseless. Sadly too many of our Conservatives have fallen prey to the media portrayal of them and are ashamed to admit they are fans of these awesome conservative women.

    • bluetech says:

      Great speech by Sarah!
      Love the huge cup of ‘diet pop’.
      And her focus was renewal and recovery for the USA, not the ‘party’.

  18. fh says:

    Reg Bowers a real gentleman
    listen the house evan

    • Fay says:

      I just listened to the whole interview between Evan Solomon and Reg Bowers. It certainly appears to me that this man is not being treated fairly by Elections Canada.
      Tom Clark interview retired head of Elections Canada peter kingdom and he made predictions that Corporations will be criminally charged. It appears to me that he was inflamming the story to hurt Peter Penashue before any details have been confirmed.
      When Frank Valorte’s campaign made mistakes it was innocent and unintentional but when Peter Penashue’s campaign makes mistakes it is criminal.
      It appears to me that Canada needs a royal commission into Elections Canada treatment of candidates. In my humble opinion they have a different set of rules for Liberal candidates .

      • Fay says:

        Sorry, that should be Jean Pierre Kingsley!!! not Kingdom.

      • Liz J says:

        IMO Elections Canada is long overdue for at least a look at how that body is operating. When we see examples of different treatment depending on party affiliation we have a right to ask why.

        It appears the Liberals and media never have anything untoward to say about Elections Canada, I think we have another clue there.

        Ditto the PBO Kevin Page, a media darling because he has nothing good to report on the government.

  19. Bubba Brown says:

    Here is a very amusing take on Junior T’s extra week to do what?
    There is nobody even close to him among the “contenders”
    I agree with Rex this isn’t just a cakewalk, he wants to kick all the cake into their faces for daring to think they had a shot against his awsome DNA.
    Unless of course his “numbers” aren’t what his team has been telling us.

  20. Bubba Brown says:

    Slightly off topic but certainly leading the Lefty Parade of Fools.
    Thomas Muclair does not just “Jump the Shark” he romances it.
    Of course the meme is Minister Kenny well he must be a racist not welcoming Tommy’s new BFF into our country.
    Plays the “African-American” card.
    There is no place the left won’t go to smear Conservatives.
    Disgusting, pandering it is hard to describe this folks.

  21. ed says:

    Let’s face it, the media plays a big part in what people think. A non-objective media will hurt the people badly in the long run. The people as well bear a large responsibility. Somehow the general public has to be reached. It’s the only way to deal with the damaging lefty mentality.

    • Richco says:

      I think you have it backwards ed. Media gives the people (viewers, listeners, readers) what they want. Media takes its clues from the public trough that keeps feeding the media.

      It also speaks to both the right and left media. There are choices to be had out there. Choose to reward the left-leaning media? Be prepared for what we already know will be the offering. Choose right-of-centre media and we may be satisfied…or not.

  22. ed says:

    But, Richco, don’t you think that too many people are brainwashed by what they see, hear and read? How many people just read the headlines and then form opinions? I don’t think it’s hard to hear slanted news from our major Canadian networks. It’s easy to lead the uninformed through propaganda. People are so busy with their lives it makes it difficult for them to keep on top of things. They count on the media to fill them in. My concern is the quality of media and how well-informed the general public is. I’m searching for a better means or method of communication that will effectively get through to the people the other point of view so that there is some balance in their news diet enabling them to make more informed decisions. Presently, I don’t think there is that balance when it comes to the CBC, CTV and Global. Richco, I appreciate your comments. Please don’t be too hard on me. :-)

    • Fay says:

      I agree with you Ed.

    • Richco says:

      if they’re brainwashed they’re brainwashed by choice. Their own choice.
      Alternatives exist.
      How many people form opinions from reading just the headlines? It’s impossible to know the answer to that….do you? If they do however, isn’t that part of their own responsibility? If they believe slanted headlines and the headlines turn out to be wrong, could it be the fault of both media and reader? I think so.
      There is better quality media out there IF you choose to follow it. We had a long list somewhere here and over at Sandy’s for a long time.
      Ever since I’ve visited here it’s been standard assumption that when it comes to balance the CBC, CTV and Global political fare doesn’t serve it up. Does it mean that balance isn’t out there or that you and others choose to tune in to what bothers you the most? AND, when you do that you actually help ratings of those forums whether you like it or not.

      • Richco says:

        Warren Kinsella has posted a link to a very good piece on the death of traditional news media today. Well worth a look and I happen to agree with his take on the death of news media thanks in large part to Citizen media gathering via….well, blogs like this one.

      • Fay says:

        The one sided reporting on Theresa Spence’s hunger strike by CBC, CTV( I don’t watch global) was the nail in the coffin for me.
        On top of that they completely ignored the winter road blockade to the diamond mine. There is nothing balanced on CBC or CTV. I have a feeling CBC knows that they are the only news channel that provides translation for Labrador. It appears they are manipulating the negative message about conservative MP peter penashue for Labrador. Do the people of Labrador choose to listen to CBC?

      • fh says:

        It is important for all Conservatives to keep track of the MSM and to set the record straight when there is deliberate misleading information

        • Richco says:

          it’s the choice of Conservatives to keep track of the MSM and to set the record straight when there is deliberate misleading information. Even if by doing so you’re helping their numbers and bringing them more attention than it deserves?

          it is also the choice of Conservatives to ignore traditional media and their leanings to misinformation, sensationalizing, etc. and make alternative choices for themselves as to where they get their information and news.

  23. Richco says:

    O/T – Harper planning major cabinet shuffle this summer. Is this coming ahead of his departure?

    • fh says:

      this is a direct example of Conservatives feeding on MSM speculation frenzy
      do we need to let the MSM know our PM Stephen Harper’s plans?
      why not just ignore this, or not, everyone can make up their own mind about what bothers them.
      Jo allows us to contribute to this Blog in the comment section it is a privilege not a RIGHT
      I have had occasional comments pulled and I agreed with them being pulled

      • Richco says:

        this is an example of nothing specific at all.
        It’s a contribution to this blog, just as yours are.
        It’s up to you if you read or ignore fh.
        If you read and believe, that’s your choice.
        If you read and disbelieve that’s also your choice.
        “Jo allows us to contribute to this blog in the comment section it is a priviledge not a RIGHT” – it’s our choice.
        There is nothing remotely personal in what I’ve posted. Asking a question of a piece and linking to it is actually pretty par for the course here, even though Joanne did request that contributors not overdo the links and O/T posts. Sorry Joanne.

        • Richco says:

          for what it’s worth and IMO I think it’s good that Harper’s changing up his cabinet. It needs changing, for many reasons, but one very well could be that Harper will make an exit…..or not.

  24. fh says:

    On reading the comment section I was NOT surprised by them as all were critical of Monte Solbergs pension contrast those comments with this letter of support for ndp MP Denise Savoie pension
    if you know what Denise Savoie’s pension is you could publish it I am not interested as I have supported MP’s pension in the past I am interested in exposing the use of language to manipulate our feelings

  25. fh says:

    MSM and former PM Chretien want us to believe Canada is being lead in the wrong direction excuse me but I do NOT agree

  26. fh says:

    anyone find this disturbing “they are coming for your bank accounts”

  27. Richco says:

    O/T – Ontario politics and what’s may be in store for pensions and age of retirement. Good comments by Hudak.


  28. fh says:

    Conservative Government of Canada new measures
    Safeguarding Canada’s Seas and Skies Act

  29. fh says:

    SDA reminds us of the global cooling misleading information by referral to this article

  30. Joanne says:

    I don’t have a problem with readers posting O/T links unless they have nothing at all to do with politics.

  31. Jen says:

    O/t, folks, Ezra had a gentleman Jay Nordlinger on his show. Jay wrote an article on PM Harper:

    March 11, 2013
    Conservatives, wherever they live, can be pleased with Canadian prime minister

    Leader of the West
    The progress of Stephen Harper,


  32. ed says:

    Fay says:
    March 18, 2013 at 10:31 am

    ” Do the people of Labrador choose to listen to CBC?”

    Fay, you’ve got that right. They have little else as far as I know. As for my earlier post, I believe you see where I’m coming from. I’m simply interested in a level playing field. The reality is that there are ignorant people out there who are easily swayed. Many are poorly educated, uninformed or recent immigrants to our country. I do not mean to be smart-ass here. I feel we have an obligation to ensure that all Canadians have an opportunity to be fully informed. As I stated in my earlier post, my concern is the quality of media and how well-informed the general public is.

    • Richco says:

      the reality is though ed that it may be that some Canadians choose not to be fully informed. That’s not something you, I or the media can control.

      The MSM has never been and never will be a level playing field. Why? Because they’re all competing for the same thing. Your viewership, readership and attention.

      Folks in Labrador may have no choice but to listen to the CBC. Is there no Internet or social media in Labrador for alternative views? Are all people who are forced to listen to CBC in Labrador incapable of seeing through the hype, misinformation and spin?

  33. ed says:

    fh says:
    March 18, 2013 at 10:34 am

    “It is important for all Conservatives to keep track of the MSM and to set the record straight when there is deliberate misleading information”

    fh, I agree with you. The opposition would love to hear that the Conservative followers are turning a blind eye to what they put out to the general public. I believe it’s a responsibility to correct any misinformation, deceit or outright lies. To do otherwise is downright foolish. What’s that saying — “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

  34. ed says:

    Richco says:
    March 18, 2013 at 10:03 am

    “if they’re brainwashed they’re brainwashed by choice. Their own choice.”

    Richco, you have me confused. How do people choose to be brainwashed? What has choice have to do with it?

    Furthermore, the reality is that many people just read the headlines because they’re too busy or are simply not interested. Given that headlines may give a false message or are heavily biased, should we just forget about it or try to find a way to engage these people? That was my point. The alternative is to sit back and do nothing and let the opposition take away the votes.

    By quality of media, I was referring to a better way to reach the general public. I think there’s much room for improvement there. There are many people who lack awareness when it comes to politics for a variety of reasons. They simply go and vote and that’s it. What’s wrong with looking for a fix?

    I have to disagree with your final point. I believe we must be fully aware of what the opposition is up to and confront them all along the way whenever necessary. We need to tune in at times to be aware of their agenda and to point out their inaccuracies. IMO, to ignore them is a big mistake. As for their ratings, I don’t care. More importantly, I’ll pick up on their constant BS and relate it to everyone I know. So if I tell one person, maybe ten will hear about it down the line.

    Anyway, my only concern is the quality of media and how well-informed the general public is.

    • Richco says:

      Folks are brainwashed by choice when they choose to listen to those networks, read those pundits who deal in misinformation, and talk themselves in to believing it, discussing it and giving those same networks/pundits high profile in doing so.

      Why are you so convinced that the opposition is taking away votes? That’s simply not the case IMO. You’re giving the MSM far too much credit for moving the public with their spin.

      The MSM is killing itself. It’s not been relevant over the last many elections has it? Canadians, despite all of the ink and air time of misinformation and inaccuracies over the many years I’ve been visiting BLY, have ignored it all and put the right government in place.

      Sandy Crux wrote a beautiful piece some time ago, trying to change the language of CPC as heroes rather than continue to see us as victims…even in the media. She was right!

      With all of the great info. out there and kudos to our PM and our government, we’re no longer victims waiting for the next mistake so that we can pretend we care about what the opposition is up to. I don’t care because I don’t believe that either Harper or his government are in danger at all by the sorry state of our opposition parties or their media puppies.

      The whole while some media hand on misinformation the gov’t just keeps on trucking just fine.

      It still comes down to a personal choice ed, doesn’t it?

      I choose to believe that the times when CPC, Stephen Harper or his gov’t were defined by the MSM are long gone. Why? Because Harper continues to write his own narrative and Canadians like what they see.

  35. Richco says:

    O/T – Federal Budget speculation link. I do believe that a) Flaherty will pull out all the stops on this budget and b) it’s his last one. I predict that he’ll see his term through and not run again. I also believe, and I could be proven wrong, that Harper’s setting the scene for himself to move on. If he’s looking to make a move it’s going to have to be before the spring of 2014, or wait until he wins another election…..because he will. I believe that we’ll learn more as Harper shuffles his cabinet.

  36. Liz J says:

    Looking at the opposition parties at this time we had all better hope the PM stays on for another term. I don’t see shuffling the cabinet as a sign he’s packing it in, he loves his job, he has said so many times.

    As for Flaherty, why is it being assumed this will be his last budget? Is this all wishful thinking by the Liberals and NDP?

    • Richco says:

      he’s ill. He’s been around for a while and it’s quite possible that he’ll step aside and let his better half carry on the family politic.

      I hope Harper stays too but it’s not just the shuffle. Even if he stays past the next election Harper thinks a few steps ahead of the rest of us always. That’s part of his brilliance as a politician. He’s going to have to take steps to set the stage for a successor.
      Apparently his book’s due out soon, a commemorative to Lord Stanley (Stanley Cup) coming down the pipe.
      Also, Harper lost a bit of focus in the last few months. He’s not as tight with his ship as he has been before.
      So right Liz J., might not be anything at all but one-person’s speculation on a blog that’s accepting of that sort of thing.

  37. Richco says:

    The opposition don’t have a hope. That’s why the new bullets today are once again screaming “merger”. Can you imagine that a Coalition lead by blowhard Tom Muclair and the Pony with good hair. It would be a battle of the egos and hair-blowers.

    • Liz J says:

      I’d go as far as to say it would be hairy and scary!

      • Joanne says:

        The Hairy Scary Coalition. Ha!

        • Richco says:

          Good one Joanne.

          I watched Question Period today for the first time in a long, long while.

          What a strong team Harper has on his side. Many great answers from the the PM, a smack down of the NDP Finance Critic by Jim Flaherty and Pierre P……..has it all over BOTH Opposition leaders all by himself.
          I liked Flaherty’ comeback about the NDP producing a budget with no numbers…..funny. Visions of the old Irish Flaherty charm we’d like to keep around a while. I really do hope he sticks around but….

          Based on what I saw and heard, The Hairy Scary Coalition doesn’t have a hope in h***.

          • Joanne says:

            Good one Joanne.

            Well I’d say Liz deserves the credit, but we could have a lot of fun with this. 😉

            BTW check out this cartoon of Scary!

  38. Jen says:

    I am looking at the Alberta Provencial debate and lo and behold I see Sandra Jansen who once was a journalist in the PC government and, not least my city fr mayor, George Rogers as the deputy speaker.

    Way to go Danielle give it to Alison… she needs it.

  39. ed says:

    Richco, I’m back. :-) I’d like the Conservatives to increase their percentage of the vote in the next election. I do not trust the opposition. When you combine the number that did not vote for the Conservatives the last time, it shows there’s much room for improvement. There remains a fair number of Canadians that need to be illuminated as to why a vote for the Conservatives is the “right” way to go. :-) There are so many on the other side that are misguided in my opinion. Why not go after them? The bottom line to me is to not underestimate your opponents.

    As for the Prime Minister, I want him to stay for another four years and preferably extend that to eight years. That would give his government the necessary time to complete a full overhaul of our country and make it that much better. There is so much that remains to be done.

    We have in Prime Minister Stephen Harper a superstar among world politicians. Superstars do not come along often and, when you have one, you hold onto them as long as you can. I’ll never understand why some in the media are quick to talk about his departure. Wait a minute, maybe they want to get rid of him. :-)

    It’s sort of like having a Wayne Gretsky on your team and, after a number of successful seasons, the talk turns to who’s going to replace him. Hell, keep him for as long as he’s effective for your team or your government. Don’t let him go.

    We are very fortunate to have PM Harper even though too many Canadians do not “yet” fully realize the “gem” we have. It’s rare to find such leadership, you want to hold onto it for as long as possible. If he’s doing a great job for the country and leading it in the right direction, why on earth would you want to have him leave.

    • Richco says:

      all great points ed.
      I don’t want Harper to leave, but I’ve never known Harper to not think ahead and plan for that eventuality. Whatever his decision I’m betting he leaves on a high note.
      I also have faith in the talent and strength of a few in his cabinet who could do just as good a job, mostly because the party is solid.

      The oppositions? Not so much. If Mulcair and Trudeau were better leaders, or had solid parties behind them, they definitely shouldn’t be taken for granted but both are rank amateurs compared to the Harper machine.

      Guess time will tell.

  40. ed says:

    fh, thanks for the article on brainwashing. Yes, that’s the ultimate method. Reminds me of my psych classes. :-) Also reminds me of all those people who have their daily dose of CBC bias. Day in , day out that’s all they hear, year after year. Now, that’s programming. :-)

    • Richco says:

      and yet, even with all of that “brainwashing” which it’s not….because honestly the brain trusts of the news media aren’t that adept, the voting public chose the Harper Conservatives, not just once.
      Their daily dose of bias didn’t fool them.

  41. Richco says:

    O/T – SURPRISE! Well, maybe not. All is not a cohesive in the land of Great Hair and Ponies.


  42. Richco says:

    Here’s another reason to feel really good about how well the Harper government and their team should be staying the course that the PM has set.
    Every once in a while Kinsella’s right. As he is in his latest column for the Sun

  43. Liz J says:

    Sounds like McWinnty has had to admit the cost of that power plant fiasco is way beyond what they told us and wanted us to believe. Chalk it up to more Liberal lies which is second nature to them.

  44. Jen says:

    Surprise, surprise:

    Angry Greens call for Elizabeth May’s resignation

    By Murray Dobbin


  45. fh says:

    beauty Jen
    this is thanks to SDA on birth control
    or is it on misleading or brainwashing or all of the fore mentioned

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