Thomas the Traitor?

The National Post contains an excellent column by Matt GurneyMulcair likes oil sands except when he doesn’t“, which clearly displays NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s Doublespeak on the oil sands.

“You’ll never hear me speaking against the development of the oil sands,” federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair told the Toronto Star last year.

It’s a theme he returned to last month, telling the Calgary Chamber of Commerce that, “the NDP will be a partner with the development of energy resources … we will be there with you.”

However, Mulcair apparently also agrees with the New York Times that President Obama should reject any involvement with Keystone:

…But then he went further, and told reporters that he agreed with Tuesday’s New York Times editorial calling on U.S. President Barack Obama to use his presidential power to reject the pending Keystone proposal.

“Global warming is a real issue,” Mr. Mulcair said. “We’ve got to start taking this seriously.”

So the way Mulcair seems to be trying to square this circle is to say well, the expansion should be in Canada and we should have the jobs – even if we lose out on increased oil exports and prices.

But as Gurney points out that really doesn’t make any sense:

He stands with the oil sands and the energy sector, and agrees we should burn the fossil fuels, but not by sending them south for more money than we’ll make by selling it domestically. Since that would be bad for the planet.

Is everyone clear on this?

No Tom, you can’t have it both ways.

And most of all you can’t defend Canada’s national economic interests and pander to Quebec environmentalists at the same time.

You should never have left provincial politics.

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63 Responses to Thomas the Traitor?

  1. Bubba Brown says:

    Gee what a week Treacherous Tommy outs himself as a global warmest, tax em till they bleed enviro-wacko.
    Global warming is a real issue?
    That is gonna leave skid marks Tom, but then you believe in the “Mortgage fairy”.
    Don’t us Western wealth producers just feel the NDP-Q love?
    Lil Justin goes and gets a haircut and finds out that his face book friends are just as non existant as his policys and as thin as his resume, two thirds of the Justin fan club done dissapeared.
    He is blaming #A global warming
    #B The haircut
    # C Those nasty Conservatives
    He is asking for a rule change so his cyber supporters can figure out how to register to vote for him.
    Typical Liberal Fail………..ask for rule change, blame someone or something else.
    No wonder 81% of Canadians did not vote Liberal last election.
    Could not organize a one man rush to a three hole outhouse.
    Maybe his fans are just like him, no shows over half the time, attention span of a ferret on crack kinda thing.

  2. Liz J says:

    Thomas Mulcair is Opposition Leader here but he’s far out of order going abroad to play that role. IMO that makes him look like traitor.
    He appears to think those who heard what he said in Alberta have no access to what he says elsewhere.

    Isn’t this typical of how the socialist mind works? They demand all kinds of funding while pushing to shut down the engines that feed the economy because they don’t subscribe to their airy fairy doctrine.

    I also think their enviro critic, Megan Leslie is a piece of work, too high on herself to take the time to do her homework before spouting off.

  3. Fay says:

    I am not surprised to watch NDP opposition leader trash job and prosperity in western Canada. He is repeating the message the Maritimes and Quebec have given him. The CBC broadcasts the same message.
    Anyone else wonder if Kady O Malley and Meagan Leslie belong to the same mean girls club?

  4. Blame Crash says:

    Mulclair is both a traitor and a coward, but I’m not complaining because he’s done himself harm. He shot himself in the foot by saying what he did and then he shot himself in the other foot by doing it where he did.
    Plus there’s the hilarious spectacle of a Quebecer going south and playing the role of a Toady to his Yankee confederates.
    But one does have to ask, just who is he trying to ingrate himself to? The answer to that question is all the left wing super rich One Percenters who are now surreptitiously supporting the Liberal Party’s brand new Shiny Phony. He wants to be their pet too.

  5. Liz J says:

    Appears we are about to see another step towards a Shiny Pony coronation, Garneau about to announce he’s getting out of the race .

    • Joanne says:

      Was at the gym this morning and just heard about Garneau when I got back. Wow. This is going to be a two-horse race between the Shiny Pony and Scary Joyce.

      • Liz J says:

        Think we already know who the winner will be, this “contest” for the leadership is just a side show.

  6. rabbit says:

    Mulcair’s got a problem. The NDP is going to be squeezed in Quebec — where its support is ephemeral — and squeezed nationally by the Liberals, who will have a pretty, shiny new leader to appeal to progressives. Mulcair’s rabid demeanor will not stand up well in comparison to Le Dauphin’s flowing locks and winning smile.

  7. Martin says:

    Mulcair’s official title is leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal opposition. From that it is disturbing to see him and his party members running around a foreign country undermining Canada’s interests and degrading the elected government.
    US has a pretty well understood protocol on this type of behaviour. While rigorous opposition from political leaders is expected internally, condemnation of the President and his policies ends at the border. There can be only one President at a time.
    It is hard to imagine American equivalents of Leslie and Mulcair, but then it is hard to think of a presidential hopeful with dual citizenship.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      “… it is disturbing to see him and his party members running around a foreign country undermining Canada’s interests and degrading the elected government.”

      You are exactly right. Whenever Harper-haters go abroad, it is to badmouth Canada and its current government. And then they moan, like Jean Chretien did in today’s Globe & Mail, that Canada’s international stature has been diminished. Little wonder, if that is indeed true. Maybe if they behaved like loyal Canadians … or at least tried to keep a civil tongue in their heads.

  8. billg says:

    Its his job to stand up and call out this government on everything from the environment to gun control to the military, he has a duty to denounce every single piece of legislation put forward and passed by the Harper government, however, to travel abroad and say what he said about Canada is repulsive and demonstrates why the NDP are not taken seriously in this country. When you leave this country as a top political leader you should behave like one. Sorry, but, what a complete ass..!!!
    Stephen Harper must pinch himself sometimes and thank his luck for the ineptness of his political foes.

  9. Joanne says:

    White smoke from Vatican!

  10. Joanne says:

    Tommy’s on P&P trying to dig himself out of that hole.

  11. bettie says:

    I listened to call-in radio on the way to Moose Jaw this a.m…, and the people in Saskatchewan are M.A.D. at Mulcair! Some said there should be a law against sedition.

  12. Lyndia says:

    I read on another paper site that Mulcair has arranged for a keynote speaker at the NDP convention in April. His name is Jeremy Bird–national field director for the Obama re-election campaign. As well as giving a keynote speach, he will also “train the troops” as to how to win an election. Hope someone out there can do some video and let everyone else know what he says.

  13. Martin says:

    I saw a bit of Mulcair with Don Martin on CTV, where he made the astounding statement about Canada being the sole signatory of Kyoto to withdraw from that accord.
    What he failed to say, and what Martin dumbly failed to correct, was that US in a preemptive resolution, passed a Senate motion 95-o against Kyoto, in Dec 1997.
    The administration at the time would have been Clinton-Gore, and Al Gore as VP presided over the Senate. Needless to say the formal Kyoto bill was never even sent to the Senate. So much for the influence of Gore.
    Even the NYT made this point, but for listeners to CTV the distinction is not worth making.
    Actually those with even a short memory can recall Paul Martin castigating George Bush for not signing on to Kyoto.

    • Fay says:

      Thomas Mulclair made the same statement about Canada being the only country in the world to pull out of Kyoto. Evan Solomon made no attempt either to remind Mulclair that the USA was never in Kyoto.
      The MSM is giving MulClair a free pass all around. But the people in western Canada are watching the CTV and CBC sell us down the river and we will not forget!
      At least Don Martin had Premier Brad Wall on to rebut MulClair’s statement. Evan Solomon’s show was an all around love in with the NDP leader.

      • Martin says:

        One gets used to such prattling from Megan Leslie and others, but Mulcair is a former provincial cabinet minister and is, in theory at least, a future PM of Canada. That is what is unacceptable.

  14. fh says:

    Quote by Thomas Paine
    “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering
    medicine to the dead.”
    does this remind you of members of a political party here in Canada?
    I never debate my ndpq friends

  15. wilson says:

    Mulcair ( and little Trudeau) wants to land lock WCda oil and sell it at a $22 pb discount to our Eastern friends only, no pipelines for exporting…hmmm?.
    Didn’t the original Trudeau try that already…. the National Energy Program

    Our oil is too dirty for the US, but just the ticket for Canadian production, refining and consumption?????
    Sounds like Mulcair sees our oil as a tax and grab golden goose for future vote buying handouts. Socializing the oil and gas industry until there’s nothing left for Albertans. Oh heh, REDford beat Mulcair to the punch.

  16. Bubba Brown says:

    “Canada is the only signatory to withdraw from Kyoto”
    To quote The Duke of Wellington
    “If you believe that,( Kyoto) you will believe anything”
    Tom Muclair is as mad as a March hare.
    The U.S. refused to endorse it.
    Dion called his dog Kyoto and forgot all about it for 12 years.
    But like Chretain whining that somehow Canadas standing in the world is “Diminished”
    Truely a Liberal brain fart IMHCO
    I guess PM Chretain throttling a demonstrator, the famous “Hippy Dippy Shake” and having a bunch of students pepper sprayed for holding up signs isn’t at all embarassing or “diminishing”
    Kyoto was a joke, if anyone believes in global warming I am O K with that,
    Y’all can send your money to the UN, keep you paws offa my money.
    Shiny Pony seems to have the Liberal Leadership all sowed up with Mr Garneau withdrawing.
    It is going to be interesting the next two years Little Justin is going to find his every move scrutinized, game on.!

  17. ed says:

    Trudeau wants to extend the deadline for registrations. Out of the blue, Garneau quits and says he’ll support Trudeau. I wonder if the Liberals were worried Garneau might have pulled an upset. Garneau was doing well and then quits. It doesn’t make sense. Either Garneau quit out of disgust or he was told to drop out. I do not see any other reasonable explanation. It makes the whole Liberal election process a total fraud IMHO.

    • Joanne says:

      Coyne is worth reading on this topic.

      Jonathan Kay too.

      • Richco says:

        The LPOC continues to be a dog’s breakfast that’s being lapped up and regurgitated by the left learning media types who would fawn over a well-dressed penguin if it had nice hair, white teeth and called itself a Trudeau.

        You have to know that the Harper team is just salivating at a chance to go up against Baby T right? Even if it’s minus Harper, the CPC have a much MUCH stronger and unified side.

  18. FoxtrotBravo says:

    Muclair is the appointed leader leader of the Quebec joke-vote party. He is at best tragically entertainining, but never relevant. Who cares what he says? Harper sure doesn’t give him the time of day.

  19. fh says:

    O/T great video of father’s speech at his daughters wedding

  20. Richco says:

    O/T – OntariOWE – idiot Liberal government. Need more proof? This just keeps on digging them deeper and deeper.

    Re: You do realize that Mulcair is absolutely no threat to Harper right? The COC war room has got to have a few thick binders of Oppo. on this guy.

    Coyne and Kay columns interesting. I say let Mulcair continue to help this party self-destruct.

  21. Richco says:

    Here’s another good column today re: the truth behind the facade of the LPOC. Weston hints at what many Liberals don’t yet understand. They still have no unified party….and will not under Trudeau.

  22. Jen says:

    Trudeau rakes in money for the lpc which Garneau can’t.
    Trudeau said that he will support the separatist party and or coalition party just so that he can get rid of PM Harper.
    Trudeau may all be smiles but he is just like Mulclair. Will Mulclair use Trudeau to get what he wants-most definitely. Remember Trudeau said that he will join the coalition party which Mulclair and the NDP will hold him to it.

    Elizabeth May went to the States to do the same as Mulclair she then held a press conference in ottawa regarding to her meeting with the congressmen over the KEYSTONE XLP. Never forget Megan Leslie.

    Anyone who goes to a foreign land to speak against Canada vital economy to her people rather than explain to those foreign leaders that Canada’s oilsands and pipelines are relatively safe and sound and is a heavily regulated industry in the world are no more canadians.
    Can you imagine if a chinese politician other than the government itself came to canada to have all their goods boycotte stop because of pollution, can you imagine the devastating effect it will have on its people, their economy. Not only that, for that same chineseman politician to return to China to complain that there are no jobs well, he either would be thrown out put in jail or worse.

  23. Mary T says:

    We have never been told who tommyboy talked to in the USA.
    There are no photos of him at any meetings.
    Gee, trudeau wants to change the rules cause his so called supporters are not registering. And how would the liberals know if one belonged to another party when trying to become a supporter for this vote. Maybe most of those non registered supporters are really members of the ndp/green/conservative who want trudeau so they can vote against him in the future.
    The ndp had trouble with on-line voting in their leadership thingy, so who is surprised the liberals are having the same problems.
    And, what if Garneau’s supporters don’t like trudeau and vote for MHF instead.

  24. Liz J says:

    The LPC is showing it still hasn’t gotten it’s act together, they’ve learned nothing from their past flops.

    I’m assuming Garneau’s support for Trudeau means he thinks/knows there is no one else who can beat the shiny pony among the pathetic list of candidates.

    Thankfully we are in good hands with a solid leader as the Liberals and NDPQ put on their respective gong shows.

  25. Mary T says:

    Trudeau gets his extention re registering to vote.

    • Richco says:

      it still doesn’t help the LPOC in the greater scheme of things, and actually bolsters the future of the COC IMO.

      We really must congratulate the LPOC for giving the gift that keeps on giving.

    • fh says:

      we have missed you Mary T welcome back

    • Liz J says:

      How many were posing as Trudeau supporters with no intention of voting ? How many are not even Liberals?

  26. Martin says:

    The departure of Garneau is a shocker and appears to put an end to the Liberal leadership contest. I am surprised that Libs have learned so little from previous coronation . Paul Martin’s campaign drove all rivals out except for Sheila Copps, but he was never able to put a strong stamp on Liberal government. Michael Ignatieff was more or less appointed when Dion became disposable, with even less successful results.

    I read Andrew Coyne with interest on these developments, he uses fiasco as a descriptor of this leadership contest. I gather he is not a huge fan of Trudeau Jr.
    I suspect there are many more serious Liberal party members to agree with Coyne, but there is not much they can do about it now.

    • Richco says:

      at the end of the day the CPC are no longer victims when it comes to politics in Canada, even though some media like to have their fun and suggest otherwise.

      The Lib. leadership non-race represents what the LPOC have become famous for. They give the illusion of a united party with ideas Canadians can relate to.
      Uh, nope.

      The Trudeau camp and the LPOC by extension is giving us entertainment, not substance. When Canadians can no longer distinguish Justin Trudeau from Justin Bieber, then we’ll see the LPOC on top again. For now Baby T is an empty shell with, nice hair (according to some. Actually the fact that he even HAS hair is a draw in the world of old boy politics), and a pedigree.

      I’m betting that Canadians will see through it all.

      • Liz J says:

        The Liberals are victims of their own stupidity since most of the brains of the outfit left the ship way back when the Chretien and Martin feud came to a head.

        • Fay says:

          The Liberals are victims of the national press gallery. They have manipulated the message to build up justin trudeau. Now they will tear him down unless he does as they say.
          He owes them everything now and will be expected to grant their every demand instead of what is good for Canada. Look how well that is working for the USA!

          • Richco says:

            truth be told Fay the Liberals and National Press Gallery cancel each other out when it comes to relevance. The may need each other but the country needs neither.

  27. wilson says:

    Quote from a Terry Gavin artcle
    Trudeau 2001: “I don’t read newspapers. I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something happens, someone will tell me.”
    He’s not curious, how bland and uncaring is he when not into performance mode?

    I wonder if little Trudeau reads his own mail, or has food tasters.
    Has he every picked up the phone and ordered a pizza?
    One would think not.

    • Martin says:

      I would say at one point in his life he probably did do the normal things everyone does. Trudeau alludes to that in his long newspaper piece about his career to date, how he worked at “middle class” jobs. By chance, I know a guy who ran into him at Whistler where they both worked at the ski slopes. He said he was an affable guy to share a beer with at the pub, very down to earth, and didn’t stand out from any others around the table.
      This is the point in my view, some of the others at least, are as qualified as he is to be MP, or leader of the LPOC.
      Trudeau has enough regular experience to talk about it convincingly, and that is all that matters. It is not as if most reporters are going to try and trip him up.

      • wilson says:

        It’s a performance. He speaks to non-profit organizations, tells them what they want to hear (thanks no doubt to those speech writers who read the newspapers for him) and then charges them $15k .
        It’s not from the heart, it’s theater (as Iggy said, and little Trudeau acts)

        Trudeau’s handlers have been telling Liberals for a long time that he is the front runner, and that is how he became the first choice, polls and liberal media dutifully gushing and embellishing the polls…..

        It’s a house of cards (netflix series, a good one to watch).
        Just about imploded when it was discovered only 1/3 of supporters registered to vote.
        Did Garneau quit because the LPC gave little T and extra week to get ‘supporters’ to registers? Same stacked deck that saw John Manley bow out against Paul Martin….?

        • Richco says:

          “It’s a performance. He speaks to non-profit organizations, tells them what they want to hear (thanks no doubt to those speech writers who read the newspapers for him) and then charges them $15k .”

          Exactly wilson! Bang-on!

          Theatre of the absurd headed by the drama teacher.

  28. fh says:

    we hear about a carbon tax almost every day this is an interesting study of economic outcomes of a U.S. Carbon Tax by National Association of Manufacturers

  29. Bubba Brown says:

    Well shit happens! Once again the man? who would be king is in the doo doo

  30. fh says:

    this is the point of order on decorum in the house of commons

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  32. fh says:

    Take this wiz to see how conservative you are
    questions directed at the conservative American but it is a fun exercise

  33. ed says:

    Garneau was giving Trudeau a really good going over. So much so that it appears that Garneau was pushed out. After all, the Liberal big boys are not going to put up with anyone tearing strips off of Trudeau. Imagine how anyone would feel running as a contender in such a set up!! Anyway, as bad as Iggy was, I think Trudeau will make him look good in the days, months to come. The Liberals are proving once again that they are capable of descending to levels that are increasingly worse than worse. And we thought they had hit bottom, how foolish to have thought so. :-)

  34. Liz J says:

    Not sure what game Garneau is playing, I somehow feel he’s not too happy and may be adding to the widening gulf among Liberals on the leadership front. Have to wonder what’s really going on at control central, if anything beyond shining the pony.

  35. fh says:

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