McWynnty’s Throne Speech

Sun News probably said it best – Wynne’s speech a load of bull:

...First, the Liberals aren’t a “new government”. They merely have a new leader, who they chose after their old leader shut down the legislature for 127 days to escape opposition questioning about Liberal financial scandals.

Second, there’s no way the Liberals can guarantee their 50-year “Big Move” transit plan will produce “guaranteed measurable results,” since their minority government may not be in power a year from now.

Indeed, what Wynne’s speech actually shows, is that the new Liberal boss isn’t any different from the old Liberal boss, Dalton McGuinty. And that Ontario deserves better.

Yes it’s just same old, same old – if not worse.

And as the Sun editorial also mentions, the language of the speech itself was Bafflegab straight out of the George Orwell Doublespeak Dictionary:

  Take, for example, how Wynne purports to inform residents of the Greater Toronto Area that her government is going to impose higher taxes and road tolls on them, without ever using the words “tax” or “toll”, ostensibly to pay for improved public transit.

To wit: “If we continue to argue about the tools this investment will require, then we are deaf to the symphony of progress that echoes around us.


Don’t believe it? You can check it out here, along with other stomach-churning euphemisms and platitudes such as, “Your government will tackle its flaws and celebrate the perfections of its people.”

Hey Kathleen! What about the imperfect people?

This pile of pablum is an insult to Ontarians. We deserve better.

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More gas plant liesChristina Blizzard, Sun:

Just a day after the Liberal government had bickered with the Tories, trying to get them to drop their contempt motion in return for a select committee on the gas plants, a whole whack of new documents landing in our laps.

Heads should roll at the OPA. Or just dump the whole agency, as PC Leader Tim Hudak has pledged to do. It’s a Liberal make-work project that was supposed to put energy generation at arm’s length from the government.

Clearly it didn’t. When the Liberal campaign team said jump, they asked, “How high?”

Scott Stinson: Ontario PC leader remains consistent in demands for real change – National Post:

Mr. Hudak, though, is opposing a party led by an untested new leader that has taken all of three days to become newly enmeshed in scandal. Should we be really be surprised he wants to take it down?

Please read the whole column. It includes an excellent summary of the McWynnty gasplant scandal timeline (for future reference).

[Another earlier timeline here at Global.]

NDP says Wynne not truthful on gas plant documentsCP24

The government was warned last November by the Ontario Power Authority that there “likely” would be more documents unearthed, but Liberals — including Wynne — insisted as recently as Wednesday that they’d all been released last fall.

Another Must-Read here: Premier Kathleen Wynne inherits Dalton McGuinty’s mess by Lorrie Goldstein.

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101 Responses to McWynnty’s Throne Speech

  1. Richco says:

    She used the term “Your NEW government” over and over and over again throughout the speech.

    I agree with the Sun’s take that there’s nothing new about it, but I also take issue with Wynne calling it “my” government. No it’s not! It’s the gov’t that was decided but approx. 2,000 Liberal members…….hardly “our” government.

    Both oppositions came out strong but Hudak looked terrific and the accompanying truth ad that aired yesterday morning was a great one-two punch.

    Keep it up!

    We’re still having major issues in my riding for PCs to renew memberships locally. Anyone here looking in from Huron-Bruce and Bruce County riding assns. please answer your emails and phone calls. The links on the PC website aren’t working.

    • Joanne says:

      I also take issue with Wynne calling it “my” government. No it’s not! It’s the gov’t that was decided but approx. 2,000 Liberal members…….hardly “our” government

      For sure. I bristled at that phrase too. She can’t say that unless the Liberals win the next election.

    • Liz J says:

      It’s no time for PC riding Associations to be asleep at the switch even in safe PC ridings.

      • Richco says:

        Just for fun, and because I’ve heard more than a few comments locally about failed attempts to contact local riding assns. I just tried all of the links myself. Send test messages to all and even left a message at the link to the riding association off of the MPP page. Everything bounced back.

        I don’t blame people for being annoyed.

        I haven’t renewed myself, come to think of it, so I’m wondering if I even want to chase them? I’d like to but……………..

        • Joanne says:

          Latest: Opposition wins chance to reopen gas plant issue in committee. Or something like that.

          • Richco says:

            Hudak, Elliott and MacLeod totally rocked Question Period.

            Wynne was her usual self. She likes to hear herself talk. Problem is that she uses a lot of fluffy words but says very little of importance when you get down to it.

            This first day back and she’s already proven to be true to her word about carrying the McGuinity legacy. She dodged every clear question that was put to her. Same old Liberal government. It’s a NO-WYNNE for Ontario.

        • bgospc says:

          Richco, I’m with the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound riding association. I haven’t heard of the problems you’re mentioning, but I’ll pass your comments on to where they need to go for a fix.

          I know that we’ve been receiving all types of notifications – if you want, you can try sending one to me to see if it goes through for you.

          • Joanne says:

            Well there you go Richo! Contact info here.

            • Richco says:

              I actually send the failed message to my MPP and PCHQ Joanne. In our case when one sent an email to the riding assn. link it either bounced back (as when I did a test yesterday), or no one responds (as in the case of the few who have contacted me re: their frustrations since before Christmas.

              Hopefully this will be worked out soon.

          • Richco says:

            bgospc – Thanks. I was able to speak with my MPP yesterday who told me that yes, they were having difficulties. Apparently there is a new riding website in the works that will allow for local on-line membership joining and renewal.
            I gave her the names of folks who inquired from me – I worked on the riding assn. for a while and some people still think I’m there. I’m not but the questions and concerns arise sometimes. They’ll be contacted when the site is up and running.

            • Haley says:

              richco – can you please contact me at to discuss this matter? We are not aware of any issues with our contact system, but would like to explore this issue that you are having further. We have tested our systems and everything appears to be in working order, but would like to discuss to make sure we are looking in the right place.


            • bgospc says:

              Richco, I sent an email out last night and they did some test emails but all went through okay. I think they would probably need to know exactly where you started your email from as if you did it from the website, it wouldn’t bounce back.

              Every riding has their own website now, thanks to PC HQ that are in various stages of readiness.

              To get a full list of all of them, go to and to go to Huron-Bruce, go to

              • Joanne says:

                Thanks for the feedback! I hope this helps our friend Richco. I am very encouraged by your concern and efforts here.

          • Richco says:

            I appreciate your assistance bgospc. I have been to all of those links.

            Myself and some others have left email messages at the links listed since before Christmas, and it wasn’t until yesterday that we all rec’d responses.

            When I used the link that went to my MPP initially it bounced right back. It was then that I copied the failed message and sent to the MPP’s private email address. That’s when I got some action.

            Most people locally want to renew and donate locally not through HQ. As do I. That will apparently happen now as myself and others have been told that once the MPP’s new website is up and running we’ll be notified and renewal can take place.

            • Joanne says:

              That’s an excellent idea to donate to your own riding association rather than HQ.

              • Richco says:

                It’s preferred here. That way you know where the money goes.

                We actually have a really terrific pre-Christmas fundraiser for our PC candidates. We partnered with some local turkey producers and local butcher to combine a membership renewal, with getting a deal on turkey products. When we renew and donate a certain amount we get a choice of about six packages. It’s worked so well to raise local funds for our PCs that the federal EDAs are now doing it for Easter…….just got my federal renewal and donation form in the mail. The products for Easter are all ham/pork products, plus some steaks from the same local butcher.

  2. Liz J says:

    McWynnty is really just a caretaker posing as the Big Cheese.
    Until she gets elected by a majority of Ontario voters she can then claim the throne. She may get a lot of time to play the Big Cheese thanks to Horwath who talks a lot, and talks with bravado but doesn’t follow through.

    • Jen says:

      If! the NDP are renowned for their lengthly talks but are quick to not follow through. They particularly the fed NDP talk and talk about their love for the little guy, poor the lonely etc but when it comes to vote for them, the NDP find some excuse not to vote.

  3. Martin says:

    From the throne speech:
    “Because communities must be involved and connected to one another.
    They must have a voice in their future and a say in their integrated, regional development.
    So that local populations are involved from the beginning if there is going to be a gas plant or a casino or a wind plant or a quarry in their hometown”

    Any community in Ont with a proposed wind plant has been pretty vocal, They don’t want one next door. Just how can this be reconciled with her government’s commitment to renewable energy development? The two goals remain mutually exclusive; it is not simply a communications problem. Rural people understand perfectly what wind development means to their communities.

  4. Bubba Brown says:

    Life imitates art does it not?
    The good people of Ontario have just been gifted some lame rhetoric by a lame politician neither of which is worth a dry dog fart.
    Cue the mono-rail song, when an episode of the Simpsons closely resembles your Province you need to make some big changes.

  5. Courtney says:

    The Liberals will remain in governance with the help of the NDP thereby representing the voting intentions of a majority of Ontarions. Sounds fair to me.

    • Joanne says:

      Over to you my dear readers. 😉

    • Liz J says:

      So when did the NDP and Liberals become one party?

      In our system it’s majority attained by one party that goes on to form government, it has nothing to do with “intentions”. People vote for the party of their choice, the party getting the vote of the majority takes office, two parties deciding to join forces does not represent the wishes of the majority’s choice to govern. This stuff is what one might call abuse of power when elected people to keep a bad government in power to force their own agenda.
      The last thing Ontario needs in it’s present state is an NDP influence.

    • Martin says:

      Have a look at one of the interactive maps of the 2011 voting results, and tell me how it’s fair for the LIB/NDP to govern. There are vast tracts of rural Ont coloured blue, Libs are down to 1 seat there. NDP have maybe 2 rural seats in southern part of the province. Both parties support wind industrialization for rural areas, but not for urban regions where the power is required. Local planning authority has been neutered by the Green Energy Act, a Liberal bill supported by Horwath and other NDP members. Lib/NDP policy is to begin construction of as many industrial wind plants as possible while they still cling to power.

    • Richco says:

      If that’s the only way the Liberals can cling to power, is by hitching a ride on the even more popular NDP leader then the Liberals will get what they deserve. The true left voters would rather the real thing and not a fake socialist like Wynne. The right of the provincial Liberal voters will move to the PCs or fly the coop to the feds.

      What’s really fair to me Courtney is that the Liberals become Ontario’s third party rump where they belong.

    • johndoe124 says:

      If the voting intentions of the majority are Progressive then the majority of Ontarians are petty tyrants. How is that fair to anyone?

      • Joanne says:

        Not really crazy about that John Doe handle. Surely you can come up with something a bit more imaginative.

      • Richco says:

        do try to keep up johndoe124. How about we let voters….ALL OF THEM not just the converted of the Liberal faithful decide?

        Seems to me to be the fairest idea of them all.

  6. fh says:

    Courtney in order for voting intentions to be properly represented we need a two party system.
    We can eliminate one of the parties which one would you recommend eliminating?
    Coalition Governments do not work. All three parties have different policies.
    Canada is Governed by the Party that receives the most votes. Three parties divi up the votes three ways.
    The two parties that lose always maintain that the majority of voters did not vote for the winning Party. We can change that by having two parties. If not then we will continue to have to hear the screams of the majority of voters did not vote for the WINNING Party no NO matter which of the three gets the most seats in our Governments Provincial or Federal. Totally redundant argument.

    • Richco says:

      We’re moving to a two party system in Ontario already. The squeeze is on the Liberals and they know it. Next election it will be between the genuine NDP or the PCs. That’s two party enough for me. The Liberals will not be a contender.

  7. Sandy says:

    O/T Jo. I am having a major problem with comment advertising spam. Over 600 so far this month. Most have the subject: Lista de Email but with completely different e-mail addresses and websites. Some are for prescription drugs, most are just nonsense. I have no idea how they are getting through to my filter because I have comments on full moderation.

    Anyway, I am in the process of making my main domain again in the hopes that the problem is the domain URL

    So, if my blog is “missing” for 24 hours or so, it is just going through the propagation process and will show up again.

    That said, things are looking up at my Etsy store. It’s sure keeping me busy but the change is creative and fun. So, won’t be publishing much at CotM anyway. Even if there is an Ontario election, I am just so burned out, I am not sure what I will or will not do. Reading Liz J and Richco, I realize I am not alone in feeling that way!

    Glad you are back.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks for the update Sandy and glad your new venture is going well.

      Yeah it’s important to get away from politics once in a while. Amazing how much better it is for the blood pressure!

      • Liz J says:

        Right, Joanne, politics and blood pressure are a volatile mix and so many people seem to be afflicted with hypertension these days, myself included.
        Having a place to let off steam sure helps!

  8. paulsstuff says:

    Note To Tim Hudak: When McWynnty (love that Joanne) stands during question period again and states Mike Harris destroyed health care, could you please point out it was the Liberals who delisted things like eye exams and physiotherapy. And you might also point out under Harris health care spending increased at a greater rate than under Liberals.

    • Joanne says:

      When McWynnty (love that Joanne)

      Can’t really take credit for that. Saw it on Twitter but it fits. 😉

      Ontario Libs also delisted chiropractic services I believe. More to come I’m sure.

    • Richco says:

      Yes! It it would be a very good idea for Hudak and co. to start debunking the “blame Mike Harris” mantra that is always the fallback and kneejerk position of the Liberal government when they’re cornered……because it worked once upon a time for them.

      It’s not working any more because the McWynnty gov’t has left this province in worse shape then did Bob Rae even. Actually Mike Harris and his legacy of getting the province back on track after Rae and doing what he said he was going to do looks pretty darn good up against either McGuinty or Wynne.

  9. jon says:

    “First, the Liberals aren’t a “new government”. They merely have a new leader, who they chose after their old leader shut down the legislature for 127 days to escape opposition questioning about Liberal financial scandals.”

    I agree. I’ve always been bothered by the “new gov’t” label that not only Wynn uses frequently but the Media Party has apparently adopted as well. This is the same gov’t. A new gov’t only comes along after a different party replaces another in power. Or you can have the same gov’t elected to a “new mandate”. It also bother me how it’s been labeled as “unprecedented” that a gay woman is now the premier of the province. Well, she wasn’t elected by anyone in the province other than her constituents in Don Valley West; instead she was chosen by Liberal delegates — people who are not averse to such a thing as gay marriage is also LP policy.

    And since Wynn likes to say this is a “new gov’t”, then considering that she hasn’t been elected by a single Ontarian outside her own riding to govern this province, shouldn’t they be pressing her to seek a mandate from the people? The average lifespan of a minority gov’t is 12-18 months. And this April will mark the 18 month mark of this SAME gov’t being in power. But instead, we’re getting the same old thing from the Media Party who, as the end of 2005, following the Gomery report into another Liberal scandal, tried to save the Martin Liberals by doing their best to stave off an election. It failed then and it will fail this time too.

    An on that note, what’s with the Media Party’s use of singular names preceding the term “gov’t” in their reporting? How often did we hear the “Harris-Eves” Tories used in their reporting back in the day. It seems using the “McGuinty-Wynne” Liberals as a descriptor doesn’t suit their interests this go around.

  10. Liz J says:

    Headline in NP caught my eye: “Andrew Coyne: Liberal Party would rather be a personality cult than transform itself”. Ain’t that stating the obvious!
    We all know how that’s been working out for them, it’s all recent history but they still don’t get it. They exemplify the definition of stupidity.

  11. Liz J says:

    What we all need to do now is email Horwath and let her know we don’t appreciate her continuing to prop up this corrupt government.

    The Liberals have been outed yet again, they insisted there were no more docs regarding the power plant fiasco and that has turned out to be another lie. BTW, Hudak insisted all along there were more.
    Wynne’s reaction? She says she’s disappointed, yeah, for whom?

  12. fh says:

    Tim Hudak is the only person with a clear policies for doing things differently to bring about the CHANGE Ontario needs to get back to a healthy economy in Ontario
    the job will NOT be easy but we need an election so that Tim Hudak can start moving Ontario to a balanced budget, Jobs and healthy economy

  13. Richco says:

    Don’t believe THIS for one minute

    Check the timeline and this is a pollster that push polls for the left. The truth is that after this week and if the pressure by both opposition leaders continues Wynne and her party are done in Ontario for a very long time.

    • Joanne says:

      Exactly. When I saw the headline and the source, I didn’t even bother to click on the link knowing it would be irrelevant now.

      • Richco says:

        Hudak’s team has had one outstanding week! Solid.
        Horwath’s had a good week too……although I be that now she wishes she never said she’d pass the Throne Speech…..sucker. Turns out that the NDP giving that dog’s breakfast a pass might do the NDP more damage. GRRRRREAT!

        The poll was taken BEFORE Wynne was chosen to be the Lib. Leader. OLD, OLD and irrelevant but nice try by the pollster….no one’s buying it.

  14. Joanne says:

    In case anyone from PC HQ is reading, I love that Tim Hudak is showcasing the female talent like Christine Elliott, etc.!

    • Martin says:

      Right, also stellar work on the anti-wind turbine effort from Lisa Thompson and Lisa MacLeod.

      • Joanne says:

        Yes both of those ladies are excellent.

        The party would be very wise to play up the strengths of the ‘team’.

      • Liz J says:

        There’s a lot of strength in the party to pull the PC’s to victory, my MPP, John Yakabuski among them.

        The longer Horwath supports the Liberal mess the less her credibility, it’s simply irresponsible. Never have we been more in need of turfing a government in this province than now.

        • Joanne says:

          There is indeed a lot of bench strength in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. I also admire Peter Shurman and have had the pleasure of hearing him speak.

          BTW Horwath now says she will still support the Liberals on the Throne Speech as promised, but all bets are off after that (my phrasing).

  15. An election has to be called as soon as possible. What is happening in Ontario with this Gang Green in power is bordering on CRIMINAL!
    I don’t know how much more Ontario Citizens can take here with this daily scandal ridden bunch of losers!

    • Liz J says:

      Right we need an election BUT the only people standing in the way is the NDP. Horwath is talking tough while supporting this ugly mess of lies and deceit that is the Liberal government of Ontario.

      McWinnty is simply trying to whitewash the scandal ridden she has taken over and Horwath is an accomplice.

  16. Liz J says:

    BTW, if McWynnty can call bankruptcy and scandals a “symphony of progress”, for a learned person she doesn’t know the meaning of ”symphony” or “progress”. Outrageous.

  17. Liz J says:

    OT but interesting from the NP today “The Big Shift: Conservatives poised for decades of power in Ottawa” from a book by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson.

    Maybe someone should refer this info to those pollsters who have Justin Trudeau becoming PM if he wins the leadership, no?

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  19. fh says:

    I f anyone here is thinking of voting NDPQ or Liberal see this H/T SDA and Adrian!

  20. fh says:

    I found this at chasingapplepie and in case anyone missed it please take time to read it
    it is excellent

  21. fh says:

    we should take this trip down memory lane with the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper

  22. Jen says:


    take a look at this video and listen to her. She misled the students and you will gather where…after you hear her.

    Elizabeth May ( Arbutus Global Middle School 2013)

  23. Liz J says:

    Hudak has promised to call a judicial inquiry into the gas plant fiasco if he forms government.
    How come that isn’t front page news?

    • Richco says:

      why didn’t the PCs mention this in the leg. today? Could have. It’s important to keep up the momentum from last week.

      Don’t be fooled by the OSSTF’s presser this morning either. It’s not a return to normal for extra-curricular for students. In fact, it’s more a diversion for the Liberals off of the gas plants in the headlines, and a face saving for this particular teacher union which continues to lose the PR battle in the public eye. Also, this is the same union which funded some of the Lib. leadership candidates in that contest….including Wynne. She owes them something….and we all know that they’ll expect something for their support. That’s what’s really behind this facade IMO.

  24. Richco says:

    Joanne – are you still preferring mid-length posts and less of a flurry of links and one-liners in succession and O/T?

    • Joanne says:

      Yes that would certainly be my preference, Richo. Thanks for mentioning it.

      • Richco says:

        ok – watching Question Period this morning was painful. I don’t believe the Premier answered ONE question put to her directly.

        She’s definitely learned something from McGuinty. Like how to dodge questions. She’s pathetic.

      • Richco says:

        crickets are chirping.

        • Richco says:

          re: your request for no more flurry of link posts.
          I don’t tend to open links posted on blogs because my system has been virus infected too many times. It’s not good practice.

          • Joanne says:

            Good plan not to open those links Richco. It’s always up to the reader to make that decision. If anything looks particularly suspicious I’ll check it out.

            I do also have the option to use comment moderation if warranted.

            • Richco says:

              Thanks Joanne.

              I just felt that with O/T posts and links you were very clear.

              When the O/T links and posts take over a thread… that you take great care in writing I feel badly because you write great posts.

              Still you’re right about people making choices about what to read and what links to open. I do know that it has gummed things up in the past.

              Consider this feedback from one person.

          • fh says:

            Richco the best protection against virus infection
            would be to start your own Blog and set up all the controls that are necessary for Jo and Sandy
            I find your contribution to Jo’s blog extremely thoughtful and helpful I hope your problems with Ontario’s PC party have been resolved to your satisfaction We cannot afford to lose even one member of our team

            • Richco says:

              Just what this has to do with Joanne’s request escapes me fh.

              I’m very careful with sources of links.

              That doesn’t mean I need my own blog. I could, in fact throw that option right back at you and suggest that we’re all pretty savvy conservatives here and plugged in to more than our fair share of news and blog items. Actually, some here are as active on other blogs and post exactly the same links.

              Joanne’s request was clear…I thought.
              It had nothing at all to do with “problems with Ontario’s PC party” whatsoever.

        • Liz J says:


  25. fh says:

    Oscar winning film Argo Fact or Fiction
    should Canadians be concerned definitely
    British upset
    people say we Canadians are petty for caring I do not think that standing up for our courageous Diplomats is being petty

  26. Liz J says:

    It’s $ payback time for Helena Geurgis’ frivolous lawsuits…..

    Also, Theresa is taking herself to the UN, should be interesting, they deserve each other. Of course we’ll be footing the bill and this time she’ll be eating!

  27. Richco says:

    Back to McWynne’s Ontario here’s one example of why Huron-Bruce went Blue last election. It’s because we have a hard-working MPP in Lisa Thompson who right from the get-go was in the gov’t’s face on wind turbines. The link provided is a Huron news agency

    In Question Period today….which has just ended Toby Barrett pretty much nailed Premier Wynne, who made herself Minister of Agriculture, on an agriculture question that she was NOT prepared to answer.

    Lisa MacLeod was awesome on her feet drilling the Premier on the alleged secret deal Wynne is making with OSSTF (the union representing secondary schools). MacLeod reminded everyone that parents and Ontarians aren’t stupid. That when a union supports a candidate for election with $$$$ there’s always, ALWAYS something that the union wants in return.

    OSSTF Dist. 12 managed to make nice donations to a few of their favoured Liberal candidates….including Wynne. MacLeod and the PCs want to know what deal the unions bought with their money? I’d like to know too.

  28. Richco says:

    MacLeod and our PCs knock it out of the park today with this also Joanne. This is something everyone should support IMO. It makes so much sense…..common sense.

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