The Medical Monster

The front page of today’s National Post contains a story by Tristan Hopper about late-term abortions that I’m sure was intended to evoke sympathy for women that find themselves in this particular situation.

After an ultrasound at 21 weeks “Carol” was told that the baby she was carrying had a severe bone disorder. She requested and received an abortion due to the “emotional trauma” of it all.

What struck me after reading this article was how modern science has been the cause of so many ethical dilemmas lately. Yes some medical advances have certainly benefited mankind but others have left us in a moral no-man’s land.

In earlier times (before ultrasounds) a woman in this kind of situation would give birth and then the child might live a short time thereafter depending on the severity of the condition.

But now women get to play God and might even elect to have an abortion because they don’t want to give birth to a child with any kind of defect – even one as minor as a cleft palate. (H/T – BerthaWilsonMotion)

But the monster isn’t really medical advancement. Rather it’s our failure as a society to even have the stomach for a debate about such matters.

Our elected officials are letting us down. But that’s only because we ourselves continue to take the path of least resistance.

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Notable Links

This is a Must-Read letter in the Star(!) Canada isolated on abortion debate:

…The simple fact that Canada is one of the only countries in the world (along with the U.S.) to permit abortion on demand without a gestational limit is, I have found, less well known back home than it is here in the U.K. or elsewhere, which suggests that much of the blame must be laid at the door of Canada’s incredibly insular media…

Also great letter in National Post“Catch 22s and Abortions” (A Toronto doctor goes also goes after the liberal media):

That was a clever Catch-22 that Dr. Carolyn Bennett offered to Jonathan Kay when she challenged him to “find one late-tem abortion performed in Canada to a healthy mother with a healthy fetus.”

She would well know that such information is impossible to obtain in Canada, where both federal and provincial government agencies are scandalously lax at collecting basic data on abortion, and frankly obstructionist to freedom-of-information requests. The recent brush-off given by the Ontario government to such an enquiry is but one example. Statistics Canada has had trouble even obtaining the number of abortions performed at private clinics, much less other basic demographic data. To complete the picture, Canada’s socially liberal mainstream media roll over in supine apathy when abortion questions are raised…

Dr. Paul Ranalli, Toronto.

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53 Responses to The Medical Monster

  1. fh says:

    Joanne thank you for this extremely well thought out post today. You have gone to the heart of our problems.
    We are told by our ndpq members of Parliament that we as a society must plunder on in the dark ages except EXCEPT if it proves their THEIR point that we must choose to kill our fetuses when medical science tells us our fetes will be born with an abnormality.
    We should then be able to argue that when medical science tells us that our fetus is normal the abortion should be aborted (pun intended).

    • Joanne says:

      Indeed. The logic is inconsistent. The extreme pro-choicers resort to nasty name-calling when they’re backed into a corner.

  2. Liz J says:

    Given the present political dynamic this may be our best chance at getting action on this “Monster”. MP’s need to hear from us in large numbers on this or any issue to embolden them to take action.

  3. Joanne says:

    O/T Patrick Brazeau apparently kicked out of Tory caucus.

  4. fh says:

    bcblue heard a roomer about Patrick Brazeau being arrested on a domestic matter

  5. Joanne says:

    Doesn’t look good for Brazeau. He must have snapped.

  6. Mary T says:

    Was Paplo kicked out of caucus when he had charges of drunk driving against him. No. Robert Fife has been out for this senator for a long time. He is still in the senate and will vote accordingly and keep his pay and perks.
    It will take years before the libs have a majority again, and if they or the ndp ever form govt, doubt if any of their bills will pass.

  7. Liz J says:

    Brazeau may have some personal issues, we really don’t know. However, the media can be a problem for people in politics, some simply cannot handle the pressures well.

    • Joanne says:

      It’s disappointing. I originally had great hopes for him as an aboriginal Senator, but lately it’s just been one problem after another – and this latest development must have been the final straw for PM Harper.

      • Liz J says:

        Agree, it must have been the final straw for the PM. I’m sure he thought Brazeau’s would be a good representative and role model for his aboriginal people. Maturity may also be a factor, especially when the media decide to sneak about looking for stuff.
        They have noses for the more vulnerable it seems, especially Conservatives.

  8. Richco says:

    Meanwhile in Ontario politics. Hudak unveils yet another good policy white paper, trying to catch the attention of everyone including their support base…………crickets not chirping but silent.

    Silent also apparently are the responses that folks around here are getting when they email PC HQ and use the links to their riding assn. provided to renew party memberships.

  9. Joanne says:

    Fh, I deleted that one comment about the sicko on Twitter. That guy looks like such a head case that I don’t anything to do with him including having his twitter name posted here.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  10. Liz J says:

    Does anyone know whether someone appointed to the Senate can be booted out rather than being just forced to take a leave of absence?

    IMO Brazeau should resign his seat in respect for the position and the Prime Minister who put his faith in his ability to serve in a manner befitting the honour.

    • Joanne says:

      I agree Liz but apparently there are strict rules about being kicked out of the Senate. Unless he is convicted of the crimes he is charged with, they can’t do much.

      But yes he should resign for sure.

  11. Liz J says:

    An editorial/opinion from the Ottawa Sun today:”Leaders out of their mines” paints a picture that should spur the Feds to take severe measures to deal with the “management” at Spence’s Attiwapiskat domain. DISGUSTING and SICKENING.

    Wonder what Chuckie Angus thinks we should do to improve the lives of the mere residents of that place when we can’t bypass the Fish Broth Queen?

    Hopefully the feds are able to take some action with teeth, the residents of that place need help and no amount of OUR money seems to be helping them.

  12. fh says:

    Thanks Jo he seems to be getting more deranged by the day

  13. fh says:

    for all who need facts in a hurry

  14. fh says:

    This is my thoughts on”Not criminally responsible because of a mental illness”.
    Their are many schizophrenics stats say one for every one hundred people have schizophrenia.
    Of this large number of schizophrenics only a small percentage commit murder.
    It is not fair and it is cruel to the victims of these mentally ill people, that commit murder, to say the mentally ill are not responsible.
    Their punishment needs to be seen to be responsible and their follow up needs to be rigorous. The schizophrenic is never cured but only controlled. It is a brain disease that can produce hallucinations and severe delusions.
    Treatment needs to match the persons brain disorder and this is not an easy task.
    The side effects of the treating drug is the usual reason the schizophrenic will stop all medication.
    For society to be safe the treatment can be given by injection at the Doctors clinic on a weekly regime. This is not required if the person can have blood work to make sure that they are taking their medication.
    We cannot say that we must do nothing because the murderer was found not criminally responsible because of a mental illness. Common sense dictates that a life was taken and we are all responsible. We are responsible to make sure the ill person receives treatment for the rest of their life and that they are monitored carefully .

  15. Richco says:

    O/T – Good News, Bad News Ontario Politics
    The good news is that the Liberals under Wynne never did get a bounce from their decision. The bad news is that the Liberals should be doing MUCH worse.

    More bad news IMO is that both oppositions should be doing MUCH better.
    It means also that the Hudak white papers may have missed there mark too.

    More bad news is that Wynne has made Liz Sandals the Education Minister.

    • Liz J says:

      More bad news than good news there Richco! Liz Sandals Education Minister, now that’s really rich.

      If this doesn’t stir the opposition to push for an election there’s little hope. Wynne and her pickings will hang on for the rest of the term.

      Wasn’t there a poll recently saying the people of Ontario were not interested in what’s going on in politics right now? If that is true, how can we consider the legitimacy of the polls showing the parties in a dead heat?

      What a colossal mess.

    • Martin says:

      Careful, the Abacus poll is not a random sample, wouldn’t infer anything without knowing how the sample was selected.

  16. fh says:

    miltonconservative Dr. Ben Carson his meaning of “Think Big”
    this is how we all can Think Big

  17. Joanne says:

    Just warning regulars that I may need to take another break.

    Politics can be so frustrating.

    • Liz J says:

      Yeah, politics can be frustrating and not good for one’s health, especially the blood pressure!

      • Joanne says:

        Exactly. You have to know when to back away and take a deep breath.

        • Richco says:

          It’s becoming harder and harder to care about politics these days.

          I’ll always be solidly a Harper Conservative but on the provincial front I’m turned off completely. Can’t explain it and it’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve felt like this.

  18. fh says:

    better info found here on wrestling possible drop from olympics

  19. Jen says:

    They talk about women not being in the work force and when this one (lady) is look what her own did to her:

    O/T, here is what the NDP did to the NDP senator appointed by Paul Martin.

    Senator Lillian Dyck

    Dear friends,
    I was appointed to the Senate of Canada in the spring of 2005 by former Prime Minister Paul Martin. In my naiveté, I decided to become a New Democratic Party (NDP) senator, but was immediately rejected by the leader of the NDP, Jack Layton. The federal NDP did not know me as I had not been politically and publicly active and they had not bothered to contact me to enquire about my senate appointment. In fact, they did not do their homework to find out that I was a First Nations, First Generation Chinese, Feminist, Scientist and Senior University Administrator. The NDP would not allow me to join their caucus, but the NDP women did invite me to their meetings. After a year or so, I changed my designation to Independent NDP and then in 2009, I joined the Liberal caucus.

    read on:

  20. fh says:

    Jen fantastic link Thank you

  21. ed says:

    fh says:
    February 10, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    “Inspirational speech credit to Jack’s news watch

    Wow, this guy’s outstanding. We need more individuals like him!! Well worth watching.

    Thanks, fh.

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