Tale of Two Finance Ministers


Jim Flaherty trying to hang in there in spite of health problems,


Dwight Duncan preparing to jump ship.


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Well I guess I’ll give Dwight Duncan some credit for this tweet:


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38 Responses to Tale of Two Finance Ministers

  1. Liz J says:

    Well appears we have an example the tough guy hanging in there and the coward jumping ship.

    Duncan is no different than McGuinty, who, after promising to stay at the helm for the full term, decided to do the ratty thing and jump ship midstream when the waters got too rough. It’s not a sign of good character to make and leave such a mess for others to mop up, not to mention the cost to the people who pay for their incompetency.

    We could ship them off a few tee shirts with ONTARI-OWE in red letters but then the joke is on us, we have to pay.

  2. Liz J says:

    How long before the Ontari-owe government will be forced to declare bankruptcy like California? How long can we pay the big bucks to keep the government going?

    With hospitals laying off staff in already overworked and understaffed facilities, long wait times for much needed procedures and services across the board, Ms Wynne better sharpen her pencils and her wits.

  3. Bruce says:

    Why is it that there hardly ever seems to be cuts in the numbers of administrative, management and clerical staff?

    Almost always front line workers………hmmm.

  4. Fay says:

    Hypocrisy thy name jon ibbitson! Still no reporting on who knew what and when on NDP Jack Layton’s prognosis during an election.
    Front page news on conservative Jim Flaherty battles with a skin disease and now questioning if he is getting enough sleep to do his job?
    I think Jim Flaherty has done and is doing a great job as finance minister and I admire him for his honesty and integrity.
    Media Party not so much!

    • Gabby in QC says:

      I respectfully disagree. I don’t think John Ibbitson ‘s column was an example of “gotcha” journalism. It answered some questions I had. Whenever I saw Minister Flaherty being interviewed, I wondered what was going on with his health. Ibbitson’s column helps to answer those questions in a fair and informative way, IMO.

      It is better to have the facts out there rather than allow speculation and rumours to go unanswered.

      • Joanne says:

        Yeah, Flaherty’s health problems seem quite visible here. Best to explain what’s causing the weight gain and slurred speech.

        • Joanne says:

          The only thing somewhat objectionable about Ibbitson’s column though is the underlying assumption that the condition c/b stress-related.

          Just watched an interview with Bob Fife about that and he was very careful to point out that whether or not the condition is stress-related is between Mr. Flaherty and his doctor. I’ll give Fife credit for that.

          • Richco says:

            He’s suffering the side-effects of strong doses of steroids according to the release from his office.

            I don’t have time to find the link but SNN did carry the news of his office issuing a release.

            • Fay says:

              Both power and politics and power play journal panels discussing coverage of Flaherty illness versus coverage of Jack Layton. Lise frulla even threw in the fact that the media remained silent while Rene Leveque ( I am sure this is the wrong spelling) continued to govern Quebec while suffering from a nervous breakdown.
              This was news to me???

      • Richco says:

        Agree Gabby.
        And, as is being reported it was Flaherty’s office that issued the statement today to prevent rumours from circulating.
        There are those, yes, even among us that will not take it from the horses mouth and continue to grumble.
        Flaherty’s office has provided the facts. Let’s hope that folks from all sides leave the man alone.

  5. Gabby in QC says:

    BTW, given the results of that poll accompanying the article Joanne linked to (Liberals at 15.21%), it’s understandable for Minister Duncan apparently wanting to leave a sinking ship.

    • Liz J says:

      Yeah, bad maintenance can sink a ship. When the Captain jumps off the guy with the figures not balancing could hardly be expected to hang on to take the full responsibility or answer tough questions.

      Let them keep on bailing, treading water with the help of the NDP until we really are in official bankruptcy.

      • Richco says:

        Apparently he was also backing Pupatello in the leadership campaign and making way for her to take his seat in a by-election should she win.

        That seat is now up for grabs.

        I think he may have left anyway. We may see more jump ship yet as more and more comes out about those gas fired plants. Rumours of lots of previously undisclosed info. coming to the surface. With Wynne ruling out an formal inquiry today (too expensive she said), those tidbits might just come out and really tick off Ontarians.

  6. jad says:

    Sad comment on Canadian education that the Ontario Finance minister doesn’t know the difference between “effect”, to bring about and “affect”, to impact.

    And yes, I’m a grammar geek, and no, I don’t think it was a typo. I’ve seen it too many times.

    • Joanne says:

      Good catch Jad. That one got right by me.

        • Richco says:

          so the mystery is solved. It’s a dermatological condition called bullous pemphigold.

          The usual witch hunters have their story.

          I do like Clement’s response in this article. He’s right.

          • Joanne says:

            Thanks for that link Richco. Great response for sure.

            “Clement bristled when asked whether Flaherty should have admitted he was battling health problems earlier.

            “At some point you have to wonder whether it’s fair to ask those kinds of questions of people,” Clement said. “We have private lives as well and I think there is at least a little smidgen of our lives that should not be open to media attention.”

            Clement said it’s legitimate to ask about a minister’s health in cases such as a debilitating illness. “But in this case it is not germane because it has not had [an effect] on [Flaherty’s] ability to do his job.”

            Clement said there was no talk of Flaherty’s health within caucus.

            “When I look at Jim Flaherty, I saw a guy who was working hard for Canada and Canadians, doing a great job, and that certainly didn’t change,” Clement said.”

            • johndoe124 says:

              Wait a second. Admittedly I’m way out of the loop here but how can it be implicitly unethical for Mr.Flaherty to not disclose his illness while being competent yet it is the height of impropriety to question the legitimacy of a senile Liberal senator (don’t remember her name)? The Progressive mind is a sick mind.

              • Liz J says:

                We must always consider the delicate sensibilities of the Progressives.
                They’re ever ready to castigate any Conservative without consideration as to facts or reason, but they cry foul when anyone exposes or questions their actions.

                Rob Ford is an example of such abuse.

              • Richco says:

                Liz J answered you pretty well johndoe124. Enough said.

  7. fh says:

    will keep Minister Flaherty in my prayers
    anyone tired of this latest Elizabeth May
    here is the place to get your facts

  8. Martin says:

    Odd that someone like Duncan would want to resign just a year 1/4 into the mandate; they must run hoping to be the government and in a position of power. It must be awkward for him and McGuinty, who probably want to resign their seats and get on with their lives. They cannot even afford to miss many sittings as the votes are required to keep Wynne in power.

    • Joanne says:

      They cannot even afford to miss many sittings as the votes are required to keep Wynne in power.

      Except that they are still in minority so it will be up to an opposition party to prop them up no matter what. Whichever it is will be pilloried in the next election.

  9. old white guy says:

    i hope flaherty is ok. i do not always agree with his or the pm’s policies but he seems to be doing a reasonable job. i was prescribed prednisone years ago and could not take it, some of the side effects were severe.

  10. fh says:

    some day people will stop being duped I hope it is soon

  11. fh says:

    the number of ABORTIONS does not seem to be related to RAPE
    maybe we need to ask ourselves the question WHY?????

    • Joanne says:

      Are you referring to this FH?

      • fh says:

        Yes Jo Sorry O/T The elements of common law murder are:
        3.” of a human
        This element presents the issue of when life begins. At common law a fetus was not a human being. Life began when the fetus passed through the birth canal and took its first breath.”

  12. ed says:

    I’ll never understand anyone who says the fetus is not human. It goes without saying that it is human. How anyone, in this day and age, can say otherwise is incredible. Most people have not seen the videos and filmstrips that spell out that reality. Go take a look at the so-called teaching hospitals of the past to see reality. The fact that the fetus can be killed in Canada at 20 weeks and beyond is shocking beyond belief. I disagree with the National Post article. I believe there are many late term abortions, more than we realize.

    As for the politicians, yes, where are the leaders today? Look at the major issues in this country that politicians will not touch with a 10 foot pole.

    On the other hand, they’re dealing with a society that reads the headlines and deals with superficial issues. Maybe society receives the politicians they deserve? Just my opinion.

      • fh says:

        I found the link to be a very simplistic opinion of a complex law
        the Canadian Government can not act alone the minds and hearts of all Canadians must be willing to have an adult discussion about the lack of a law for when human life begins and must be protected when this topic is examined many more people will be able to see that the Human fetus is as important as the seal pup or the murderer (no death penalty)
        Prime Minister Harper must as Prime Minister of Canada uphold the current laws and his promise to Canadians

        • Joanne says:

          Good point Fh and I totally agree. It is up to everyday Canadians to pester their NDP and Liberal MPs nonstop. This is the only way things will change.

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