Is the McGuinty Era over?

Even though I’m still technically on a sabbatical of sorts, I thought it might be appropriate to say a few words about the change in leadership in the Ontario Liberal Party.

Part of the raison d’être of this blog was to have a venue to rail against Dalton McGuinty’s incompetence, so it is strange that last night’s changing of the guard left me feeling somewhat deflated. Perhaps it’s because I don’t really expect an improvement in the sense of fiscal management – especially if the NDP sells out and ends up propping up this minority government with its democratically-unelected leader.

I suspect Andrea Horwath might be feeling a tad nervous right now with Kathleen Wynne’s leftist political skew encroaching on her territory. So we will probably see the NDP supporting the Liberals out of fear of an election that could bleed support from Horwath.

That could mean that the Ontario economy could tank even further before things get so bad that our credit rating is downgraded. Then an election might finally be inevitable.

I’m not seeing a rosy picture here. Think I’ll go back into seclusion for a while.

Comments may be on for a couple of days. If anyone can see an upside this (other than not having to listen to McGuinty anymore), I’m all ears. Thanks.

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A Few Noteworthy Links:

Ontario’s premier-to-be Kathleen Wynne says she wants to avoid an election, but do her opponents?Scott Stinson

National Post editorial board: Cleaning up after Dalton McGuinty.

Blowin’ in the windLorrie Goldstein

Kathleen Wynne’s sexual orientation will prove the least of her worries when the legislature returnsAndrew Coyne:

Of the leadership candidates, only Kennedy was unequivocal in warning how deeply disaffected many voters had become with the party, and how urgently it needed to change its approach. McGuinty’s departure from the scene will presumably help to some degree, but not if the new leader is perceived as being more of the same: as Kennedy said in his convention speech, “we can’t slap a different face on an old poster and call that renewal.” Yet how much change or renewal can a senior minister in that same government credibly claim to represent?

And from the It Seems like only Yesterday Files: “McGuinty promises to stay full term if re-elected”CTV (Jul. 25, 2011)

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65 Responses to Is the McGuinty Era over?

  1. fh says:

    Welcome Jo even if just for one post
    Missed you
    Love your background

  2. fh says:

    Sandy linked to this article
    I am adding it here in case not everyone will see it and it is worth the time to read the article

    • fh says:

      Sorry everyone needs to see Sandy’s comment the article relates to Kathleen Wynne as she was involved

  3. ed says:

    Hi, Joanne.

    I echo your sentiments as well. Just like at the federal level, these provincial Liberals seem to be reluctant to change their ways. I think the only hope is that the people of Ontario will come to their senses and wake up. Heard Tim Hudak being interviewed on CFRA recently and he was really impressive. His performance was greatly improved from that of the past. Kathleen Wynne keeps talking about being gay, who cares!! Are there not important issues to be dealt with? Well, at least, the choice is clear for the people: vote Liberal or NDP and get the lefty agenda or vote Conservative and move to the right. In the short time, the only hope for an election is the Ontarians going out on the streets en masse and demanding an election. Of course, that only happens in countries where people are fighting for democracy.

    • Joanne says:

      Ontario Lemmings will have to contact the Opposition leaders if they want change and accountability.

  4. bluetech says:

    Welcome back! Is that a Northern Ontario waterfront scene? Beautiful!

    Would have felt better about any Lib candidate that recognised the mess and promised to clean up.
    That was not the message,
    Now it is Hudak’s turn to get tough.

    • Joanne says:

      Welcome back! Is that a Northern Ontario waterfront scene? Beautiful!

      Thanks and yes it is from Northern Ontario. 😉 As I said in the main post I’m not back for good. Just visiting. Heh. Testing the blogging water again.

  5. bluetech says:

    ed…exactly! The gay-tag is getting tired.
    John Baird is one amazing MP, and we never hear him drag it out that he is gay.

    • Joanne says:

      I agree. These days it’s a non-issue and doesn’t need to be flaunted.

      Someone on Twitter remarked that it’s not Wynne’s sexual orientation that’s the problem – it’s her political orientation! I can’t remember who it was that came up with that one but it is brilliant.

  6. Bec says:

    WE sure do miss you, Joanne but I’ll weigh in on the (another? oh sigh…) lousy choice for an interim female Premier.

    Who cares that she’s a female, who cares that she is gay, who care, really! If Horwath was smart, she’d behave and call out everything similar to what Danielle Smith is doing here in AB. Wake up the senses of the voters and cancel the honeymoon early!!

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Bec. I miss you guys too. Still trying to get my priorities straight though. Blogging takes up so much time.

  7. jon says:

    Don’t really have anything to post on this issue yet…. just wanted to say welcome back, Joanne. I kept checking your blog periodically, knowing that your interest in the Ontario political scene would have you back at some point with the changes that are underway. Exciting times ahead.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Jon. Not necessarily back for good but hard to resist a post on this issue. 😉

      • jon says:

        Yes, I did not read fully, too excited that a new post for comment had been put up.

        Having said that, one thing that has bothered me so far since Wynne’s win is some of the media coverage so far.

        On Saturday she did an interview with CP24 in which she stated that she’d like to see the “new gov’t” convening on Feb 19. Ancors Anne Rhomer and Stephen Ledrew, along with Paul Bliss of CTV News did not challenge her on that point.

        It seems that the media too will attempt to brand this as a bew gov’t. Disgusting times ahead in addition to the exiting times.

        • Joanne says:

          Well I guess it will be a new Parliament with a Throne Speech and everything, but a lot of the same old guard will be in Cabinet I’m sure.

  8. Liz J says:

    Joanne, I like the word “sabbatical” it’s something we can be happy to grant you if it means you’ll come back from time to time !

    I too love your background pic of a peaceful northern lake many of us have spent summers at.

    As for the state of affairs in provincial politics, it’s a mess and there’s little hope of an election before more damage is done to this province.

    The fact Wynne even had to mention her sexual orientation was another sign we have something of an activist to deal with, it has little to do with anything else. We really don’t give a rat’s bum about such matters and it certainly will not fix the McGuinty mess.

  9. Liz J says:

    Oh, and BTW, there’s no other blog that compares to BLY for keeping up with political issues and discussing them among friends, kinda like kindred spirits. Shutting down is akin to losing your neighbourhood coffee shop where friends gather for coffee and chit chat.
    Another added bonus, it can help the blood pressure!

    • Fay says:

      Totally agree Liz J.
      I miss BLY and all the common sense debate.

      • Joanne says:

        Now I’m feeling guilty. 😉

        • Richco says:

          If it will rid your guilt Joanne, I didn’t miss you as much as the others….even though I appreciate the work involved in blogging. Sandy and some other Tory bloggers are giving regulars here many choices to contribute their opinions and perspectives.
          I see your blog more as people in a neighbourhood talking over the back fence. Comfortable and pretty much in-sync. with one another.

          Where Ontario is concerned the very fact that Wynne’s been echoing Dalton McGuinty from the start of the campaign to her presser yesterday, I’m betting nothing changes.

          As for her track record and baggage before she became an MPP, there’s so much for the PC oppo. to choose from, that they’ve been given a gift with Wynne IMO.

          I think that Pupatello would have been a harder one for Hudak to deal with on a couple of fronts.

          Anyway. Do what you want to not because you have to or feel obligated but because you love it and what you receive from your work is meaningful for you and makes a difference in your life and that of your family. Nothing else is important. Nothing.

  10. fh says:

    good site to remind us where we need to work hard to get ourPC message out

  11. Martin says:

    I was very surprised that Wynne got the nod on Sat. From my Liberal friends, ideology is all about winning, and I would think Wynne hives Liberals even more into the GTA. I don’t think Libs can form a majority government without more than just one rural seat, If so, they would have done last time and we would never have heard of a McGuinty retirement. Perhaps the situation with Pupatello was too awkward and risky with another by election. On the other hand it would have allowed them to present some kind of new regime, something they cannot do now. But as jon mentions, they will certainly try, with the full aid of most media. Perhaps this is why there is so much spin on Wynne being the “first” of so many things for Ont. Expect Dalton McGuinty to become a non person in Liberal ranks very soon.

    I think this puts enormous pressure on the NDP, if they are seen to be propping the government up further. I would expect a very short regime for Wynne, but I don’t know. It is all in the hands of A. Horwath.

  12. fh says:

    PC Ontario radio ads
    they need your donations now if you can help please make a donation $25 dollars can keep ads going thank you

    • Richco says:

      they better answer the phones and email inquiries for memberships too don’t you think fh?

      • Joanne says:

        Don’t miss the livechat on right now. Good opportunity to voice your concerns.

      • fh says:

        I understand you are having some problems Richco.
        Hope you are able to get these matters dealt with soon.

        • Richco says:

          It’s not just me having these communication difficulties fh. Take a look at Sandy’s post about how when Hudak was unveiling his Path to Prosperity, an EXCELLENT document on our plans for education in Ontario, the live feed didn’t work and it was difficult finding a link the white paper. She was right to offer constructive criticism.

  13. Liz J says:

    Will we have an onslaught of polls geared to show the PC’s ahead and prevent the Liberals and NDP from triggering an election?

    It could mean we’ll have the NDP and Liberals teaming up for two years, with deals and concessions and making this province impossible to afford to live in or invest in, actually we’re already there. When Wynne brought up about being gay she telegraphed she’s targeting special interest groups and that will include teachers’ unions.

    • Richco says:

      Liz J. – I think that the NDP-Liberal tag team will be exactly how it moves ahead, and for the reasons you suggest.

  14. Bubba Brown says:

    Welcome back Jo, the beat goes on.
    The regulars have been out and about commenting, myself included, sharing my “tart” wisdom with the rest of the mighty blue blogosphere.
    Liberals? For a party that attempts to present itself as having “no buisness in the bedrooms of the Nation” they are as fixated on their sexual peccadilos as a groupy at a rollin’ stones concert. “ouch”
    Our non-elected BC Premier who thinks it a compliment that an anoymous caller calls her a “MILF” .
    Me I just don`t want her as POMP (Premier of My Provience.)
    So McGuilty has handed off to Kathlenne Wynn hoping that somehow the good people of Ontario will forgive the Liberals.
    Good luck with that.
    I sure most folks don`t care whose bed her slippers get parked under.
    That as pointed out by katewerks we are living in a Country where a former PM`s son is contesting the leadership of a once major political party with his fathers mistressbaby mother.
    I see in the flop and fail Ringo Robinson Canadas first openely shoplifting MP has come out of the closet for Ms Wynn.
    Being Liberal and gay apparently is a very promising resume for a Liberal Premier.
    I really don`t think you could make any of this up.
    I hope Mr Hudak lays out his policies and thoughts for the way forward.
    As for BC the Conservatives here are not ready to be taken seriously.

  15. Gabby in QC says:

    Well, like others have said, no other conservative blog — the only ones I visit — compares to yours, Joanne. I feel homeless — or maybe that’s too harsh a word. Aimless?

    Just some info, s.v.p.: Is the picture others have commented on found at the top or at the bottom of the post? I see it only at the bottom & cannot see it on your twitter account. Geez, don’t tell me I’m going to have to upgrade to a more powerful computer. That would be my FIFTH!

    • Joanne says:

      Hi Gabby & thanks for the kind words. Personally I’m seeing the background as sort of tiled.

      • fh says:

        I am able to see it as ripples in water and rocks trees and ramp.
        I have a new Mac a Christmas gift for my tough year from my spouse.
        I do deserve it it was the most horrible year spouse had Surgery ??? possible Cancer NO CANCER found
        All is well I look forward to a better MUCH better year
        I am counting my blessings

  16. fh says:

    Gabby picture is full background it is on both sides
    it is so great to have Joanne on today I really appreciate her thoughtful blog posts

  17. Martin says:

    This links to the opening jockeying for position of Horwath and Hudak.

    Horwath is demanding an inquiry into the gas plant cancellation as one of her conditions. I really hope she means it, could be a short term if true.

  18. fh says:

    this is better information than Kevin Page

  19. Liz J says:

    Speaking of Kevin Page, lets hope if there’s going to be another PBO appointed he/she will have at least some semblance of neutrality. Page was anything but. He was such a darling of the media and the the opposition is all the proof we need of his anti-Conservative bent.

  20. fh says:

    this is interesting was highlighted on our Facebook (support the PM)

  21. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Seems like old times.

    Early heads-up:
    The Steve Madely Show with guest host Rob Snow and weekly regular contributor, Sun News Network’s Brian Lilley, on at 8am eastern.

    • Liz J says:

      Thanks MadMax, that should be good……

    • Joanne says:

      Seems like old times

      Heh. Yeah well we’ll see where this is going. Maybe I can keep up the blog on a reduced basis.

      • MadMacs of Bytown says:

        From this angle, sounds fine. No need to keep up to a prescribed pace. The quality is there and so we’ll keep checking back. Simple as that. Right folks?

        • Joanne says:

          Thanks Madmacs. That might work out as long as everyone is patient with comments stuck in the filter, etc.

          • Richco says:

            Agreed with MadMacs Joanne. We’re all reading the headlines. The quick comments here stand on their own and showcase themselves nicely for all who visit. What we don’t need more of are news aggregates. They’re are many from which to choose. I like that you highlight only what’s pertinent to your post and are not simply collecting links.

  22. Liz J says:

    It’s hard to have any respect for the NDP when members like Charlie Angus keep carping on stuff like the cost of security for our PM on his trip to India.
    If Mulhair wants to improve their credibility he may want to rein in some of his MP’s who continue to have less than relevant or appropriate outbursts. Pat Martin comes to mind as well. Tiresome.

    • Joanne says:

      They don’t look like a government-in-waiting when they wail about things like security. That’s the role of the RCMP. And they forget their own leader could become PM someday.

  23. ed says:

    Wow, it didn’t take long, look at all the comments. :-) Really says something about this blog!! I agree with everyone, I haven’t found a better blog. It’s as simple as that. If you like something, you’ll keep on coming back. BLY has that special appeal.

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