Prayers for Newtown

As we all struggle to comprehend and process the horrific events that occurred in Newtown Connecticut, there are a lot of simplistic solutions being floated about.

It’s human nature to try to understand these types of events and attempt to prevent them from happening again, but it’s not likely that any one proposal – or even a combination of them – could definitively prevent another Newtown. All we can do is try to reduce the odds.

Meanwhile Christmas preparations seem to ring a bit hollow for many of us while we contemplate the unspeakable grief the families must be suffering right now.

And this is where faith comes in. Prayers for the traumatized survivors; prayers for the families of the deceased, and prayers for all of us who share their pain.

We will never have all the answers in this world. We can only ask God for help and comfort and attempt to pass that along to those around us.

May the peace of Christmas be with us all this year more than ever.

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Father Raymond J. de Souza has similar thoughts: Making sense of the senseless acts of evil in Newtown – NP

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41 Responses to Prayers for Newtown

  1. Tripper523 says:

    In the wake of this unspeakable tragedy, I was surprised to see this… Just goes to prove that “loose lips (or fingers) sink ships”… Once you put your ignorance out of Facebook, you invite persecution from the whole world. May as well grieve with the mourners, even if you’re not sincere… Truly, this is entirely a “God thing”, because we mortals cannot make sense of this, and the evil persisting in this world is something that only God can take care of. Guns are mere instruments. People are the maestros of mayhem, and architects of destruction, persuant to the Evil One’s beckoning…

  2. Tripper523 says:

    Sorry… Should read “out ON Facebook”, and I’m glad I don’t have it.

  3. Gabby in QC says:

    I don’t think there’s one answer or one solution.
    Notice #38, the crime committed in 1540! 7 killed, number of injured unknown, weapons used also unknown.
    Unfortunately, perpetrators of evil deeds have been and continue to be with us.
    Can legislation prevent those crimes? Unlikely.
    Can stricter gun control? Just as unlikely. Although more killing sprees are perpetrated with firearms, other weapons are also used, among them knives, machetes, axes, etc.
    For a full list, see the link above under “A basic description of the weapons used in the murders”

    Another Wiki article lists the incidence of those events around the world. Although the US figures prominently on the list, China tops the list with 21 incidents (22 if Hong Kong is included) so it appears to be a universal problem.

    IMO, in our western societies, the following factors should be considered:
    • the apparently easy availability of assault-type weapons
    • the frequency of violent acts portrayed and even glorified in popular culture, including video games
    • the 24/7 coverage given to such incidents
    • the breakdown of family life and sense of belongingness to a community
    • the lack of fear of some form of retribution, be it temporal or divine
    • and finally, the unwillingness to accept that some individuals are beyond repair, for whatever inexplicable reason, and need to be kept away from the rest of society.
    If individuals have shown signs of previous harmful behaviour to themselves or to others, then perhaps institutionalizing them should be considered, a very difficult decision for their family, I realize.

    • Liz J says:

      Gabby, I agree with all the factors you’ve listed that should be considered.
      The 24/7 coverage of such unspeakable crimes is a really big problem IMO.

      It’s almost impossible to commit an individual to an institution until after the fact, they have their “rights”, they fall through the cracks. If they do get committed they’re soon judged rehabilitated and set free on society. If they require medication and decide not to take it society has to deal with whatever they do.

      • Gabby in QC says:

        “If they require medication and decide not to take it society has to deal with whatever they do.”
        Sad, isn’t it?

  4. Nicola T. says:

    First we go after video games. If the schools asked parents at the beginning of each semester to pledge not to have video games in their home, imagine the change in the culture. If they had contests for the most books read and gave reading lists for some books for (gasp!) the summer, as they used to do when I was young, perhaps we could counter the peer pressure to play video games and become expert at them. It is the peer pressure that defeats all but the most determined parents because your child can always go to someone else’s house to play and of course wants to be accepted by his peers.

    As a side effect, I’m sure education scores would go way up as children read more and spend more time outside playing.

    But this of course will not happen as schools and parents won’t make the effort.

  5. jad says:

    There are 300 million guns in the US, approximately one for every man, woman and child in that country.

    These horrors will continue to happen unless and until the Americans give up this “right to bear arms” mantra, and prohibit not just new weapons but existing ones. The bill that Dianne Feinstein is proposing is similar to the original bill passed in 1994. That did nothing to prevent Columbine and would not have prevented Newtown had it still been in place.

  6. Richco says:

    never mind Joanne. It’s one of the idiot parody sites.
    As you were.
    Time for leaving for vacation.

  7. Bec says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, thoughtful post!

    I spoke to a young-ish Mom today (in today’s terms 35-ish) who has her TV on for her 3 year old most of the day but won’t let her babe watch the old Disney movies. As much as I do get that, those movies were a one time event for a generation.

    For my generation of parenting, PG-13 meant something. It meant you were not allowed to go with out me and NEVER once the video came out, ‘rent’ it.

    So based on what I see, based on what I hear, parenting has become a fad; following the moral ineptness of the stars. In this case and IMO, HOLLYWOOD should be looking in the mirror. The gaming industry, the music industry and social networking should too.

    We just witnessed an American election that loudly supported the entire funding of a ‘woman’s right to choose’ but NOT ONCE did I hear a word from these same people about the mental health, support, control of these corruptions on the mind of a child?

    Look in the mirror is what I want to say to these people because I see a huge hypocrisy.

    Having gotten that off my chest because these days since this tragedy have been surreal, hold your family close this Christmas and thank you Joanne. Merry Christmas!

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Bec. This is a different kind of Christmas for sure but the same values still hold strong – family, love and commitment.

      There are many hurting souls out there and not just in Newtown.

  8. bluetech says:

    Great thoughtful post Jo Ann. We will never be able to comprehend the ‘why’ behind the horror of Newton.The shock made so many of us just want to hold our kids tight, and tell them we love. Of course we should focus on that daily.
    My daughter also pointed out that we are cushioned from horror here…children are massacred daily in some parts of Africa. So heart breaking.
    What we do know for sure is that God sent His son to be Saviour of the world. (Matt.1:21)
    The human heart is desperately wicked, who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9)
    We all need a saviour. (Romans 3:23)
    And so we celebrate our Saviours birth!

    To all Jo Ann’s friends here: Tidings of Comfort and Joy! Keep your eyes on Jesus! Blessings! Merry Christmas!

    • Joanne says:

      My daughter also pointed out that we are cushioned from horror here…children are massacred daily in some parts of Africa. So heart breaking.

      Indeed. Killing innocent children is a particularly heinous crime.

      Thanks for the uplifting Bible passages and good wishes Bluetech. Merry Christmas to you too.

  9. fh says:

    It is very sad that the MSM spends so much time talking about guns.
    God bless the families of this tragic massacre and may God give them courage to face each day forward.
    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  10. fh says:

    the posts on your Blog Jo are eloquent and true and stimulate our ability to contribute
    we appreciate all the work you do to keep the scum posters in the filter
    we should all take a break and appreciate our blessings and our families
    God Bless Canada, God Bless and keep safe our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Laureen , Ben and Rachel.
    Merry Christmas to you Jo and your family and to all the BLY group and their families.

  11. jon says:

    It is very sad that the MSM spends so much time talking about guns.

    What bothers me is how much of the MSM on this side of the border defends Obama’s inaction on his 2008 vow that if elected he’d push for a federal ban on semi-automatic weapons saying that a Republican-controlled congress would’ve stood in his way. But this did not preclude him from at least trying and, if his efforts failed, blaming the other guys. But HE chose to not pursue the issue. Heck, even 2 years ago when his colleague and friend, Gabby Giffords, was shot, he still did nothing.

    The MSM should not be allowed to ger away with using the Republican-controlled congress as a fig leaf to defend their hero’s inaction. On this side of the border, PMSH vowed to hold a vote on the long-gun registry and did, IN SPITE OF NOT HAVING THE NUMBERS in parliament due to his minority gov’t status at the time. Carrying out his commitment to his supporters was not predicateed on him winning a majority… only seeing its success was. PMSH kept to his commitment on a firearms policy while Obama did not. Yet one guy is attacked by the Canadian MSM while the other guy has excuses made for him. It makes me sick!

  12. jon says:

    From the Canadian news channels I watched last night, none featured the part of Obama’s news conference where his inaction was exposed by a reporter.

    Can you imagine the same crop job done to favour PMSH, with a tough question put to him, one that he didn’t like? Hardly. In fact, that part of the presser would’ve been the centerpiece of their reports.

  13. Tripper523 says:

    Well said, bluetech! You have said it ALL. As jon points out, the MSM is probably our most evil nemesis today, wreaking havoc on Canada and the U.S. with wicked desperation. So, we must don the full armor, and persevere as best we can. A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to Joanne and all BLY contributors and readers!! We still have so much to be thankful for, as has been said re. our superb PM and wonderful country, along with countless personal blessings and mercies bestowed.

    • Liz J says:

      Merry Christmas to all in the true spirit of this season.

      “God bless us one and all”. Actually I think He already has.

  14. frmgrl says:

    O/T Seems Pat Martin is at it again!
    He’s a mean one, Mr. Martin.

    Outspoken NDP MP Pat Martin launched into a Twitter tirade for the ages Wednesday night, calling the Conservative Party “rat faced whores” and attacking Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ personal life to express his displeasure over not being invited to an announcement for a local infrastructure project.

    “I’m not ‘worked up’ so much as ‘fed up’ with the rat faced whores in the [Conservative Party] who neglect to invite me to announcements in my riding,” Martin wrote to CTV journalist Mercedes Stephenson on Twitter, who took note of Martin’s angry rant.

    Martin also wrote “f*** you” to a Conservative supporter who challenged him over Twitter.

    • Richco says:

      too bad for Martin. He’s likely milking all of the media attention for all it’s worth because Harper’s still the man for Canada…and Mr. “f*** you” isn’t.

  15. Richco says:

    just noticing how easy it is for us to turn a Joanne’s great message of “Prayers for Newtown” in to something else entirely. Myself included.

    There’s enough blame to go around EVERY time this happens.

    We forget that we in Canada are not immune to random acts of violence either. Remember Brampton Centennial in 1975, Georgetown in 1972/73 (no one killed or injured but a shooter in the school shot the place up).

    What really ticks me off about the bandwagon approach of media that morphs to blogs. One example is the mere suggestion that the Sandy Hill shooter had Autism sent every media outlet into frenzy mode, gathering their “experts” on the subject to add further misinformation to the mix.

    The media may not be right, but as long a people keep tuning in they’ll give the people what they want.

  16. Richco says:

    Father Raymond’s piece is exceptional by the way too Joanne. Thanks for that.

  17. Bubba Brown says:

    I seem to be in the filter Jo :<)

    • Joanne says:

      Really? I’m not seeing anything in there from you Bubba, but sometimes the comments get stuck in cyberspace for a while.

  18. Richco says:

    O/T – WTF? Stunning poll, but a poll nevertheless to be ignored I’m guessing. Kind of makes my head hurt.

    • Liz J says:

      WTF indeed.
      Something like polls showing the Liberals would win if Justin were their leader.

      Guess we can apply the saying “**** for brains to the voters of Ontario and Canada if that’s the case.

      • Richco says:

        I see that McGuinty crawled out from under his rock yesterday to announce his “locked door” policy for all Ontario schools in the wake of the Sandy Hill shootings.

        What a crock and a diversion that whole charade was yesterday.

        I have a better safe school measure for our schools. Keep Dalton McGuinty away from them. Actually, keep all politicians out of our schools for pressers. That’s even better.

        • Richco says:

          oops make that Sandy Hook. Sandy Hill’s where I used to live in Ottawa.

        • Joanne says:

          Actually, keep all politicians out of our schools for pressers. That’s even better.

          I agree. Children have no ability to decide if they want to be seen with the politician. They are being used – plain and simple.

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