Today’s winners and losers

This is one of those mornings when media outlets with unlimited resources are having a field day with all the shiny stories out there, but bloggers with limited time have a severe case of attention-deficit disorder as we attempt to assimilate all the intrigue on various news fronts.

And so I leave it to you dear readers to ferret out all the pithy aspects of what I see to be the three major Winner/Loser stories today:

(1) By-elections – Lots of winners and losers there. And obviously I’m very pleased Joan Crockatt won that nail-biter in Calgary Centre!

(2) Bank of England woos Mark Carney and wins. How will this affect Canada?

(3) Rob Ford loses his seat as Toronto Major due to “an opportunistic citizen [who] hired a smart and politically savvy lawyer who found a club of an arcane statute with which to tie the hands of a judge who was willing to play ball..” – according to Christie Blatchford.

[For the record, I don’t personally blame Justice Hackland if he honestly felt he had no other legal alternative, and he did allow Ford the option of running again.]

Is it possible that Rob Ford could become the biggest winner as the poster boy for arcane ruling injustice if Ford Nation and other concerned individuals rise up and demand changes to the Ontario Municipal Conflict of Interest Act which even Justice Hackland concedes is “a very blunt instrument and has attracted justified criticism and calls for legislative reform”?

Ford says he will fight this ruling but even if he loses, Rob Ford 2.0 could become an even more formidable candidate in the next election.

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Rob Ford’s conflict nothing compared to Ontario’s LiberalsChristina Blizzard:

What a relief it is in provincial circles that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been kicked out of office for a conflict of interest amounting to a piddly $3,000.
Now perhaps we can hound out of office some of the people responsible for the massive boondoggles at the province.

We can start with former Government Services minister Harinder Takhar.

In 2006, integrity commissioner Coulter Osborne found Takhar broke the Integrity Act by assigning a political ally to manage his business assets in a blind trust. The trustee is supposed to operate at arm’s length from the minister.

Osborne said Takhar was “egregiously reckless” in the way he handled his business assets while in cabinet.

Not only did Takhar not step down. He steadfastly hung in…

And this Waterloo Region Record editorial is almost ‘New-Post Worthy’, but sadly I don’t have the time today. Definitely a must-read – Fix the law that dumped Rob Ford.

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146 Responses to Today’s winners and losers

  1. E. Mac says:

    Good to see Ms. Crockatt take the Calgary riding – Not by much, so they need to work on strengthening their position before the next election. We can’t judge how the position of the party has slipped away but comments by JT and his buddy McGuinty likely helped Croackatt’s cause.
    The bye-election in ON was never in doubt (to me) and I’m glad to see the people had the common sense to do the right thing.
    Congrats to the winners.
    Just a little dig to BC – It will take a while for them to see the light, but anything is possible. What were they thinking/NOT?

    • Joanne says:

      I enjoyed watching the Greens and Dippers go after each other on yesterday’s talk shows. 😉

    • Erick from Calgary says:

      Calgary Centre was held by a red tory who went to work for Redford in the provincial government. It is a riding where there are a lot of young transient people who are voters so this was a coup for her. This riding also encompasses the city ward that is held by the certified left wing (nut) Druh Farrell who will do everything in her power to get cars off the road. Joan is a true conservative and will well represent her riding in Ottawa and I believe her to be more to the Wildrose side of the political forum.

    • jamesan says:

      The most hilarious thing about the Victoria results was the evening news cast where they interviewed the green candidate who lost. He was ecstatic. According to him the greens made a major breakthrough nationwide last night.

      Anyway, I’m from Victoria and there’s lots of nuts here for sure. Thankfully they’re mostly concentrated in the Victoria riding itself so there is room for conservative victories in the suburbs. My guy lost by 400 votes last time. Elizabeth May won because of the gulf islands. Once they’re thrown out of the Saanich riding she’s toast.

  2. Liz J says:

    With so many of the Liberals out pitching woo in Calgary recently, gotta wonder if the results might have taken some of the leg tingling power away from the Shiny Pony?

    • wilson says:

      little Trudeau gets to wear the by election loss, and it looks good on him.

      Libs did very poorly in Durham and Victoria too, perhaps his antiAlberta comments effected those races too.

      • jon says:

        Iggy, for all the knocks against him, at least managed to win one of the 4 by-elections held a few years ago, in Winnipeg south I believe, taking that riding from the NDP. A BIG FAT ZERO for Justin last night.

        And note the break down of the results in Victoria. While a battle between the NDP and Greens emerged, forgotten was that the Libs actually finished behind the CP. If two left wing parties are battling it out for first in a riding full of progressives, then shouldn’t it be expected that the third option for voters there be the Libs and not the CP? Yet the Libs finished dead last. And this is Victoria — not exactly an area of the country unfamiliar with the Shiny Pony. Like Durham, another fail for the Media Party’s messiah with little analysis given to why his “star power” had his Libs finishing behind the conservative candidate in this non-conservative riding.

  3. Alberta Girl says:

    The thing about Alberta is that there is an assumption that Conservatives will win. Therefore, the low turnout in Calgary Centre says to me that many Conservative voters just stayed home while the motivated left, assisted by big names and lots of favourable press and a mayor who basically directed his supporters to vote for ABC (anybody but Crockett), got most of their vote out.

    The silence of the left this morning is gratifying as I wasn’t looking forward to the gloating and predictions of the end of Harper if it had gone the other way.

    • Bec says:

      We think the ‘progressives’ went Liberal and this is a result of our PC/Wildrose bad blood.

      I worked this office for Richardson and the diehard PC’s from days gone by were really stuck in the 90’s.

      • wilson says:

        PCs were very public about moving to the LPC. And there was a huge social media push for ‘progressives’ to ‘all’ vote LPC.
        Nenshi attacks, media antiCrockatt 24/7…

        And Crockatt still won.
        Huge win for her,
        and a lesson for the ‘progressives’ that their undemocratic schemes will not win votes.

  4. Mary T says:

    At least the ndp leader can’t gloat about how close Calgary Center was, the ndp were never in the game. Especially as the ndp almost lost their seat in Victoria.
    Wonder if lizzie and julian will go after each other again today on Evan’s show.

  5. Liz J says:

    Will Nenshi now be hypocritical and offer a fake smile and handshake to Joan Crockatt ? I’d be tempted to tell him to take a hike.

    • Bec says:

      He is as pompous as he looks and sounds imo so I hope someone on her staff put him on hold and forgets.

      His behaviour at the end of these races is electioneering at it’s worst.

      • wilson says:

        On the Calgary chat boards, Nenshi and the Greens are getting blamed for the Lib loss….

        Liberals just can’t understand why the Greens didn’t roll over to get their guy elected. Liberal entitlement, somethings never change eh.

  6. Thing to remember about Victoria: the NDP’s longevity as a force in political politics, combined with some dodgy behaviour by some senior politicians of the so-called “mainstream” faction (Social Credit / Liberal) as well as the city’s role in provincial politics, has created a collectivist-oriented political culture that is very difficult to make a dent in. So it’s not particularly surprising that the NDP would be very strong.

    It looks like the GPC is developing roots as the serious default alternative, so far as BC is concerned.

    • james says:

      It’s actually all to do with the riding boundaries. If you take a look at the provincial ridings and results you’ll see how it all breaks down.

  7. paulsstuff says:

    In my opinion Calgary Centre was a closer race due to the media pile-on of Croakett combined with a mayor who should know better and stay on the sidelines. One thing I have never seen mentioned is why CPC candidates skip debates. Anyone working for the riding associations during a campaign know many of these “debates” are set ups by the opposition parties and candidates who rig the question period and rehearse their attacks prior. They tried it here in the 2011 election with CPC Chris Alexander. What Mark Holland wasn’t expecting was the number of CPC supporters who showed up at the debate in Claremont and called him on his BS.

    And as an aside, it’s breathtaking how far the Liberal brand has fallen. They weren’t even in contention remotely in Victoria and Durham, and count finishing second in Calgary Centre as a victory. Like they say in Nascar, if you finish second, your the first loser.

    • Bec says:

      She didn’t miss them all and the one that keeps being referenced from my understanding was a scheduling conflict.
      She/they can reach hundreds more people at the door than the staged attendees at these forums. It’s partisanship at it’s worst.

      Lee R didn’t have anywhere near the # that this campaign had and not one person questioned that aspect. I also never once heard Richardson give her a hand which was unacceptable imo. The fact that many,many Manning Reformers always helped him, it seemed that he would want to reciprocate.

      This riding (similar boundaries) was vicious in the provincial election so I really expected this when Joan was chosen. I think the PC’s need to chill out if they are going to be so partisan.

    • wilson says:

      progressive strategic vote campaign fail:
      The NDP vote obediently folded into the LPC, old PCs publicly moved to LPC and they still couldn’t win!
      But the Greens sure did well.

    • james says:

      One thing I don’t get is why don’t we start using their tactics and stacking their “debates”? It’s time to start fighting back on this stuff.

  8. Greg says:

    I’m not sure if Ford will do well in any future election. He is being relentlessy painted as a buffoon by the Toronto media, including all the tv stations, except Sun media. I would be concerned that even a portion of Ford nation will be tired of all the controversies and non – controversies the left keep inventing to attack him with. Toronto citizens have the attention span of 2 year olds. they may just want all the loud noises to go away.

    • jon says:

      Most Torontonians live outside the city centre where approx 2/3 reside. The good news is that the left wing candidates that will likely run — Vaughan, Chow, etc. — won’t appeal to many of them. Ford still has lots of support in those areas and any candidate whom he endorses, though I suspect that candidates will employ risk management, telling Ford not to endorse the main candidate… not as a slight against Ford but just not wanting to take that chance by having his opponents saying he’s being endorsed by someone who had just been turfed. If that request is made of Robbie, he’s a good guy and will comply, though I think it would be a mistake if he was told to keep quiet because if he can join with that candidate and push that the leftist cabal of downtown elites are trying to overturn the results of the last election then it could actually help… even some lefties realize this, with Sid Ryan, for example, saying that Ford should not be removed that now he will become a martyr…. especially when the reasons for his removal were in no way connected to his landslide win. The money raised was for a charity and nothing to do with the funding of his campaign.

      Just a note on Vaughan… interesting how he’s one of the main commentators for the left featured on many news stations. Vaughan has worked at virtually all of them over the past 25 years…. CBC, CityTV, CP24 (where the CTV-affilate even gave him his own talk show) and has amassed many friends in the broadcast community though they pretend that he’s just like any other city councilor. When Vaughan host a dinner party and the door bell rings, many of the guests who arrive are probably reporters and anchors, or people in other capacities with those networks who he has established friendships with over decades.

      Proud that Chuck Adler on last night’s show began his Ford segment featuring an interview with Adrianna Batra by saying that in the interest of full disclosure, Batra once worked for Ford.

      Compare that to Evan Solomon, who interviewed Vaughan yesterday and did not disclose that he’s a former CBC reporter, believing apparently that that info was irrelevant to provide to his audience. If that’s the case then I’d like him to give his thoughts on why Adler felt the need to disclose Batra’s prior connections before starting the interview and why he, Solomon, did not and how exactly that fits with the “tough but fair” motto he has adopted to describe himself. Considering the easy questions he was putting to one of Ford’s biggest critics on council, “soft and unfair” would be more accurate.

      …. he might’ve mentioned also that Vaughan is the father of a CBC news anchor as well. Just a thought.

      • jon says:

        Typed that wrong… Vaughan is the father of a child by a CBC news anchor… that being Suhanna Marchand.

        Imagine the outcry from the CBC if Joan Crockett, for example, interviewed on SNN, shared a son with one of its reporters. For sure, one of Solomon’s pundits, like Capstick, who has taken many shots at SNN in the past, probably would’ve brought that up on the the panel… with a smile and wink to from Solomon to Capstick at scoring one for the CBC with Solomon making sure that when he did, the camera was not on him. Heck, Solomon himself probably would’ve brought it up as a “point of interest” in his own attack on SNN which he, like Capstick, has engaged in in the past.

  9. wilson says:

    Pundits Guide points out that where there was a big push on to strategic vote for the Lib candidate, the voter turnout was the lowest, and those who did leave the CPC/NDP candidates voted Green as often as LPC.
    Voters like choice and don’t like to go negative with a vote against someone. They would rather stay home.
    Beware progressives and their undemocratic co-operation schemes….
    Keep door knocking CPC.

    Nenshi is not as influential as he thought he was eh.
    Trudeau gets to wear the Calgary Center loss thru the entire leadership race.
    And Elizabeth May had a very good night. Greens did not roll over for Libs nor Dippers, they voted for their own.

  10. Martin says:

    With respect to Calgary, I noticed the chattering progressives were already saying yesterday that anything under 40% would be a “setback” for PMSH. The headline in NP today says “Tories eke out narrow 4% win” Depends on definition I guess. Expect the media party to focus on this contest today, on the Durham election, not so much. What really is shocking is the 17.3% tally there for Liberals and this is just outside GTA where all the cheerleading for JT is taking place. The Durham result could be seen as vindication for the CPC, that they are on the right track. Two out of three wins in mid term byelections is not a bad outcome, just don’t expect to hear much about in todays broadcasts.

  11. ed says:

    paulsstuff says:
    November 27, 2012 at 10:19 am

    “One thing I have never seen mentioned is why CPC candidates skip debates. Anyone working for the riding associations during a campaign know many of these “debates” are set ups by the opposition parties and candidates who rig the question period and rehearse their attacks prior.”

    Of course, the MSM will never touch on this. Pretty sad we have to fight the media as well.

  12. Ontario Girl says:

    Here is an interesting comment in Christie Blatchford’s article about Mayor Rob Ford and who’s behind the scenes to get rid of him and why…

    wallhousewart> RedCanada•

    I believe in the rule of law when there isn’t hidden interests behind them. The invisible partner in the ousting of Ford was a guy called Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler who put Magder in touch with Ruby. Who is Chaleff-Fredenthaler? He is an activist but also has been designated a “global shaper” by the World Economic Forum. Why does the WEF care about Ford? One of their prime interests right now is city infrastructure and their strategic partners are most of the major international companies. They had to get rid of Ford because he would not spend money on infrastructure. These companies require the ongoing spending of money by government to stay in business. Light rail was going to be ushered in by George Smitherman and his buddy John Tory. John Tory is the Chairman of the Civic Action Alliance which is “helping” the GTA to develop transit. Ford is stopping all this nonsense and the World Economic Forum was not happy. Their “global shaper” had to get in there and help “shape” a positive reaction to light rail and that was getting rid of Rob Ford.

    • Richco says:

      Which Blatchford article are you referring to because there’s nothing close to what you’ve written in the article Joanne links to in her post.
      Also, you haven’t used quotations in your post which tells me that what you’ve posted wallhousewart> RedCanada• is not Blatchford’s words buy your own.
      Please provide clarification.

    • Joanne says:


      More here. This is starting to really stink.

      And this ties Adam to the WEF.

      • Richco says:

        there’s nothing in the link you provided in your post Joanne that quotes Blatchford…if in fact what Ont. Girl posted is a quote.

        Is it? In which Blatchford article can this quote be found?

  13. wilson says:

    Wasn’t the Trudeau effect supposed to win the LPC government in 2015???
    That’s what the pollsters tell us.
    3 out of 3 : placing 2nd, 3rd and 4th …….. the LPC was the biggest loser

    • Richco says:

      for sure wilson. Here in Ontario the McGuinty Boys + Baby Trudeau = bad news for the province. They’ll be a third party rump here next election IMO.

      • wilson says:

        Maybe LPC will trade places with Greens and make even more history as Canada’s 4th party!!!

      • Martin says:

        That is what Forum Research tells us every week. To go from 11 seats to a majority of Ont’s soon to be over 130, would be an enormous task for any Liberal leader. To do this they would absolutely have to win near-urban seats like Durham. Yesterday they finished a distant 3rd. This is the reality Andrew Coyne wrote about last week, the LPC is the 3rd place party no matter who they choose. Should be a very sobering revelation to Trudeau Jr.

        • james says:

          I don’t take him to be the kind of guy who would stick it out either. Once he’s pentioned up he’s out.

      • wilson says:

        Richco, do you think the LPC brains will be regretting pushing Bob Rae out of the leadership race,
        now that it is evident that their boy wonder has his share of even more ‘current’ politically damaging baggage?

        • Richco says:

          No. I think that with the LPC there’s so many with soooo much baggage that it’s going to be impossible for their party to find anyone squeaky clean or not connected to a loser or a loss.

          Saying that though Bob Rae has a HUGE ego and I bet we haven’t heard the last of him.

  14. wilson says:

    Alberta Premier Alison REDford thanks the Katz bunch for a political contribution of $450,000 (?exact $) in the last days of election…. with Katz group looking for govt cash to build his hockey arena.
    Ford uses the wrong letterhead to fund raise for a charity (and cornered someone looking for muni project funding?). He gets tossed from office.

    The difference? REDford has the lefties in her back pocket, and Ford has the lefties in his face.

    • Greg says:

      Yeah, conservatives get accused of being in bed with BIG OIL, Haliburton, Pharma, etc etc, etc, but the real shadow organizations are all lefties. The ACLU was created by the Soviets to undermine the US.

    • Joanne says:

      REDford has the lefties in her back pocket, and Ford has the lefties in his face.

      That was pithy. 😉

  15. Ontario Girl says:

    This is a COMMENT in the COMMENT section by someone called Wallhousewart, in Christie Blatchfords’s article above…load comment’s and it’s in the 3 rd load of comments.

  16. Gabby in QC says:

    About different treatment for liberals vs conservatives … remember former Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez, who refused to breathe into a breathalyzer after he was involved in a collision? A local radio station was reporting earlier that the charges have been dropped. I can’t find any documentation, though.

  17. wilson says:

    Now progressives (and their media) are pushing for preferential ballots, where you list your choices as first second etc. (rather than proportional representation) often the candidate with the most second choices wins…
    That’s how we Albertans elected Honest Ed Stelmach
    And this type of election result, losers winning, is why the LPC have gone to one member one vote.

    Progressives just can’t accept that our system is based on the most ‘first choice’ votes wins, when their party isn’t in the winners circle.

    We do not have 2 party elections, Conservatives vs non-Conservatives.
    And as the recent by elections in Calgary and Victoria illustrates,
    NDP vs Green vs Liberals are competitors.

    It’s the Greens being singled out as the spoiler, and the NDP and Liberals think Greens should just roll over and get out of the race.

    • Bec says:

      That’s what almost every comment from a leftie complained about last night…..’but,but,but….she didn’t win a majority’

      These people are unbelievable, frankly. They all consider themselves ‘progressives’ but I dare them to get in a room together and accomplish what PMSH did…….ps…I don’t believe for a second that this current group of egomaniacs could.

      • wilson says:

        The non-conservatives want to stop the vote splitting but they want the other guy to drop out and support them!
        Liberals think they are ‘entitled’ to be at the top of the heap and the Greens are spoilers ( code word for bothersome insignificant party poopers).

  18. Gabby in QC says:

    Interesting article here:
    “Trudeau-mania absent during yesterday’s federal byelections
    By Andy Radia | Canada Politics – 2 hours 31 minutes ago
    Any sign of Trudeau-mania went MIA during Monday’s federal by-elections in Victoria, Calgary Centre and Durham.
    For months we’ve the heard the media and pollsters tell us that Justin Trudeau’s leadership bid was sweeping the nation. One poll even suggested that a Trudeau-led Liberal party could form a strong-minority government after the next general election. …”

    • james says:

      Purely anecdotal here but I haven’t heard anything about Justin among my non-political friends and coworkers. Has anyone else? If there was a trudeaumania underfoot for the shiny pony surely someone would be slobering over him at some point. Instead NOTHING. So it either hasn’t peaked yet or it’s wishful thinking from a bunch of cheronto media types.

      • Richco says:

        he’s probably pulling a Dalton McGuinty and gone in to hiding until his most recent foot-in-mouth trip-up blows over.

        That’s so typical of Liberals these days. When the going gets tough they get going.

  19. wilson says:

    Joan Crockatt is the first women to be elected in Calgary Center…. she beat out 3 old white guys (sorry oldwhiteguy)

  20. Gabby in QC says:

    During the post-mortem on the results of the three by-elections on Power & Politics, Elizabeth May termed the FPTP system “ridiculous”, saying she will be working towards changing it for the 2015 general election. She did not exclude co-operation with other parties, not specifying with whom or what kind of co-operation.

    By calling the FPTP system “ridiculous” Elizabeth May is implying that all the elections since Confederation lack legitimacy. There have been 41 elections since Confederation and in only SIX of those elections has a party gotten 50+ percent of the popular vote, so implying that the FPTP system is implying the remaining 35 elections lacked legitimacy.

    Just because Elizabeth May would like more of her party members to slide into the House does not mean the election system should be changed to accommodate her.

    Also a note for Liberal Ralph Goodale, who said the notorious Trudeau interview took place over 2 1/2 yrs. ago … Actually, the interview took place exactly 2 years ago, on November 24, 2010, as shown here:

    • Liz J says:

      Good old Ralph the embellisher!

      • Ross G says:

        Ralph is still the only elected official in any western democracy to hold the shameful distinction of having locked up his own farmers for wanting to sell their own grain.

    • wilson says:

      Maybe that is what happened to the NDP vote in Calgary center.
      Greens and Dippers co-operated, as was one of the suggestions she made, one party puts up a so-so candidate and ignores them. ( my translation of how she put it)

    • Gabby in QC says:

      A correction in the 2nd paragraph of my November 27, 2012 at 5:50 pm comment.

      This sentence “There have been 41 elections since Confederation and in only SIX of those elections has a party gotten 50+ percent of the popular vote, so implying that the FPTP system is implying the remaining 35 elections lacked legitimacy.”
      should read
      “There have been 41 elections since Confederation and in only SIX of those elections has a party gotten 50+ percent of the popular vote, so saying that the FPTP system is “ridiculous” is implying the remaining 35 elections lacked legitimacy.”

  21. Gabby in QC says:

    Ralph Goodale wasn’t the only “embellisher” — as Liz J describes him — on today’s Power & Politics. I couldn’t believe Rob Silver, the way he was conflating Rob Ford’s conflict of interest case with minimum sentences handed out for possession of marijuana.

    On the program, Silver equated the ruling in Rob Ford’s case with that of some kid caught with some pot plants in his closet [paraphrase]. I thought Silver was a lawyer!?! If he is, he should know that the law is intended to deal with traffickers, not the kind of kid who’s not smart enough to know that plants need sunlight to grow.

    Under the 4.2.1 Mandatory Minimum Sentences (Clauses 39 to 41)
in Bill C-10
    “… There will be a minimum punishment of imprisonment for one year if certain aggravating factors apply: the offence was committed for a criminal organization; … there was the use or threat of the use of violence … ; a weapon was carried, used or threatened to be used … 
Clause 39 amends the CDSA to impose a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of two years if certain other aggravating factors apply, including that the offence was committed in or near a school, on or near school grounds, or in or near any other public place usually frequented by persons under the age of 18 years. …”

    See, Mr. Silver? Unless that closet kid intends to traffic, uses violence or sells it to other minors, the minimum sentence argument may not even apply to him. It seems as if Rob Silver hasn’t actually read the crime bill he opposes so adamantly.

  22. Bubba Brown says:

    Well blue folks I guess Lil Justin is gonna have to learn a new “Party” trick throwing his awesome self down the stairs and beating up on Westerners did not play too well.
    Got news for Justin, us Westerners can take a punch and go the distance.
    His “stair trick” reminds me of the old Slinky toy commercial.
    “What goes down the stairs without a care, it’s slinky, it’s slinky., for all the girls and boys …..etc
    As for the predictable green bleating about the “unfairness” of people actually voting for the person they want to win, tough nougies!
    If MP’s had to get a majority of the vote 50% + 1 what would Parliament look like after the last election?
    107 Torys
    36 NDP-Q
    2 Liberals neither of which would be Bob Rae
    The late Jack Layton got 20,000 votes, 25,000 did not vote for him.
    Fun with numbers folks.
    Seriously folks by the numbers
    #1 first past the post allows us to choose our government
    #2 Allows us to change Government
    #3 Promotes majority Government whether left or right
    #4 Has a built in radical policy negator
    Proportional Representation promotes multiple parties with radical policies
    enviro, green, etc.
    Dilutes the vote deliberately.
    Promotes coalition Governments.
    It is the only way radical socialists can get power.
    Allows Political Parties to choose who will govern.
    See Germany 1933 National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazis
    Hitler came to power in a coalition Government.
    There was a big to-do around here Parksville – Qualicum about 4 years ago, hundreds of signs about “Powering up your vote”
    If the person you voted for has enough votes to win the “extra votes” go to someone else?
    Not as long as this old guy lives and breathes.
    Anyway 2 out of 3 ain’t shabby

  23. wilson says:

    All CPC media commentary today was without a hint of bragging about winning 2 by elections.
    Good strategy, don’t rub their noses in in, let the non-Conservatives fight amongst themselves instead of giving them a common target.

  24. Martin says:

    It is difficult to see how an individual MP like E May can effect changes to a voting system in place for 145 years. Ont held a referendum on a proposed MMP sytem relacing the FPTP system in 2007. The voting went heavily in favour of the traditional system (63.1 -36.9) I suspect a federal referendum would generate similar results today.
    If she wishes to elect more MPs she should articulate policies that would by themselves generate wide public support. Whining that the present system is ridiculous is not a good way to attract such support. All current MPs including herself have been elected under the present rules, it is hard to make the case that we need special rules for minority interest groups.

    • wilson says:

      May is trying to negotiate a co-operation deal with the Libs and NDP,
      ‘just for 2015’ she says.
      Then once the non-Conservatives win ‘collectively’ (meaning another coalition of losers), they will vote in change to Canada’s electoral system.
      First past the post out and either proportional rep or preferential ballot.

      Maybe we should all buy Green memberships, so when they have their ‘progressive run off elections’ to pick one candidate, we can help Lizzy May knock off a few Libs and Dippers. ha

    • Ross G says:

      But whining is what she is really, really good at doing!

  25. Bubba Brown says:

    Oh and by the way Elizabeth May did not get 51% of the vote in the Gulf Islands either.
    She did get a very respectable 48.13 % over Gary Lunn’s 33.73%.
    I just spotted the “kinder, warmer ” reference as I was sipping a well deserved glass of red before supper.
    I am now cleaning my desk and monitor.
    Cool out here today, above freezing though, made coconut cauliflower curry and samosas, baked not fried.

    • wilson says:

      Justin Trudeau won his riding by only 1.4% more than Joan Crockatt won hers. (38.4%)
      To put that in ‘progressive speak’ 61.6% voted against Trudeau

      Marc Garneau won his riding with 37.2%

  26. robins111 says:

    I just was over at the CBC site reading the comments regarding the by-elections.. there’s enough ground up tooth enamel to fill every pothole on Yonge Street from lake Ontario, to the Pacific.

  27. Jen says:


    Blake Richards, MP
    Just passed Bill C-27 requiring greater accountability & transparency for First Nations, including disclosure of Band Council salaries

    • wilson says:

      Finally!! PMSH has proposed this since 2006, Bloc/Libs/Dippers always opposed, let them rant.

      • Liz J says:

        The supreme idiocy of the Left was sure on display over this Bill. On the one hand they keep carping on about the plight of the poor Natives but vote against the very Bill that will serve to improve and maybe even fix the disgraceful living conditions of the rank and file Indians.

  28. wilson says:

    Harper Govt brought in heavy duty vehicle emissions standards/regs today that mirror US.
    Canada’s #1 ghg emitter is vehicles (25%).
    Changes equivalent to taking 8 million cars off the road. (cleaner air!!)
    Added cost to ‘new’ vehicles $700 – (US says worst case double that) but will save the owners $900 per year in fuel.

    A carbon tax passed on to higher income earners? That should make alot of lefties happy without hurting the economy.

  29. fh says:

    interesting statistics
    ndpq remind us they came second Hmmmm they never indicate what coming second means

  30. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Time for Off Topic again-

    Brian Lilley of SNN coming up at at 08:10 eastern.

  31. Liz J says:

    The anatomy of Rob Ford’s ouster by a band of Socialist/Leftist prigs should scare the bejeebers out of all of us who value democracy.

    They show no respect for the peoples’ choice when it isn’t from their camp. Can communism be any worse?

  32. Jen says:

    Tuesday, November 27, 2012


    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to pick up the slack left by an absent American president who has abandoned freedom across the world.

    Nothing makes Obama look so small as a real leader.

    “[W]hen Israel, the only country in the world whose very existence is under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand,” Harper said last year.

    The Canadian prime minister further affirmed that “as long as I am prime minister… Canada will take not that stand, whatever the cost.”

    “Canadian PM Personally Intervened to Stop PA Statehood Bid at UN” INN, November 27, 2012

    Read more:

    From one of the commenters:

    Hey, Canada, when you’re done with this guy, can we borrow him for, oh, say about 8 years? Don’t worry about the citizenship issue — that’s no obstacle here anymore.

  33. Jen says:

    Odd!! this sounds like Mc Guinty but in a nice polite way from Mark Garneau:

    Globe Politics ‏@globepolitics
    Marc Garneau: ‘Right now, Mr. Harper is a one-trick pony. All he does is focus on natural resources.’ #cdnpoli

    Here we go again.

    • wilson says:

      There are no Lib leadership debates in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and this is why.
      The Liberal enviro policy has been focused on the oilsands since the Dion days with his GreenShaft.
      Ignatieff brought in constitutional lawyers to enviro committee to challenge Alberta’s enviro rights.

      You can bet your bottom dollar the Lib candidates will all agree that the only way to make the oilsands sustainable is to slap on heavy water/soil regulations with a carbon tax attached.
      The oilsands is an easy target for the party with no new ideas, looking for a cash cow.

      Alberta industry has had a carbon tax levied on them for years.

      The money goes into an innovation fund, it was over $150 million in the spring and has been used to fund green projects.
      But heh, neither Mulcair nor Libs seem to know Alberta , we have a new refinery being built from the bottom up, with new world class technology in the design to reduce our carbon footprint.
      They don’t know or don’t acknowledge our refinery because it doesn’t fit in their mission to send cheap oil to the East.

      Our ‘garbage into fuel’ technology (Edmonton) was just offered to the world, free.

      Alberta is home of the first commercial wind farm, decades ago.

      There’s a long list of Albertans innovating in the enviro field, without being legislated nor gifted billions to do so.

    • Bec says:

      “All he does is focus on natural resources.’”

      Ya like ALL Canadians…the greatest ‘natural resource’!

      Those libs/dippers are showing their stupidity on a regular basis.

  34. wilson says:

    sorry about that lengthly Alberta rant, just so frustrated that the ‘progressives’ use Canadians lack of knowledge to bash us.

    -poll today says 2/3 of Quebecers take pride of some sort in the Canadian flag
    – some Quebec commentary came out against Trudeau’s antiAlberta remarks

    Does Quebec want back in?
    Is the corruption case opening their eyes to ‘they don’t always know best’ how to run things, ( self reflection)?
    Is the large presence of the federal NDP softening their antiFed edges.
    Is waking up to a Harper majority without Quebec starting to sink in?

  35. wilson says:

    Alison REDford personally awarded a $10 Billion contract to her husband’s law firm:
    Compare this to Ford using the wrong letterhead.
    This is serious.

    “The minister of justice, as she then was, Alison Redford, in my view behaved unethically and possibly illegally by not recusing herself from making a decision in which she had a private interest, and was in a conflict of interest situation,” said Prof. Arthur Schafer, director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba.

    • wilson says:

      It gets worse for Ali…

      ”…Tim Wade (guy who lobbied Ali for this contract), or his consulting firm, gave nearly $29,000 to the PC Party and various riding associations between 2007 and 2010, including $800 to Calgary-Elbow in 2008 when Redford was first elected…”

      Maybe Andrew Coyne needs to take a good look at Alberta for his next story on corruption in provincial politics.

  36. Bubba Brown says:

    Gee lots of great comments and links.
    As a Conservative I am proud that PM Harper is standing tall on so many portfolios.
    Standing up to the Palestinians at the UN.
    Passing an accountability act to help the Native population being ripped off by the Chiefs and Band Councils.
    This has been voted against by the NDP-Q and the Liberals for all their phony photo-op politicking.
    As for Marc Garneau a man with real world accomplishments to say PM Harper is a one trick pony?
    Let’s see 3 national election victories, best economy in G7, united the right , runs the best most moral Government in this old guys lifetime?
    Are both Liberal candidates from out there in space somewhere?
    Let’s see we have enough oil and gas for what a 1000 years?
    Lets not use this and buy dirty oil buy from the Arabs instead.??
    In spite of the fact that billions of dollars are made by suppliers in Ontario and Quebec along with thousands of good paying jobs, lets just be kind and say Mr Garneau does not get it.
    I don’t see any reference to the “Trudeau effect” I do know that every candidate he has lent his awesome presence to has done everything but burst into flames.
    Thanks Justin you are doing a great job gettin’ all them Conservatives elected.
    Let’s see now five elections six Liberal candidates that had Mr Charisma stand next to them, six defeated Liberal candidates.
    Trudeau effect alright.
    Just keep up the good work Justin ya made “Typhoid Mary” look like a good luck charm.
    When they start laughin’ at ya……. hat tip to Bears rant

  37. Liz J says:

    How exciting, space person Marc Garneau is entering the race against the Shiny Pony. Garneau sure was talking pretty silly in his criticism of PM Harper and his government.

    Getting a little Po’d with these Liberals telling us about “values”, how the Conservatives don’t have Canadian values. It tells us just how off the mark they are criticizing a man and his government elected to majority government. They have no respect for the will of the people, only Liberals know best what’s good for us.

    Sorry Mr Space Man and Shiny Pony, we’ll decide what’s best for us, we won’t fall for your spouting off about unspecific Canadian values.

  38. Bubba Brown says:

    Good link Jo some of those tweets are hilarious!
    Apparently Alberta is light years from Liberal Land.
    From the Alberta voters point of view it will stay that way for a while longer.
    Mr Garneau’s announcement made me hope a grown-up was running against junior T.
    Alas ,we are getting the same old, same old.
    Mr Garneau apparently thinks the Conservative Government is , intolerant, hypocritical, deceitful, etc.
    Oh and doing an awful job on the economy.
    We have gone back to our colonial past he fears, He would like to see us invest in biotechnology, aerospace and video games ?
    I was under the impression Canada was a leader in biotechnology particularly in the West on our farms.
    Growing more with less environmental impact.
    He is of course entitled to his opinions, but not his own set of facts.
    You would think after 3 elections the Liberal brain trust would have figured out that pointing at the other guy and shrieking “SCARY” would have lost it’s rather limited appeal.
    Please continue it is sure working out for us blue people.

  39. Tripper523 says:

    I sure do like that breath of fresh air from the U.S., in the form of Pamela Geller’s “Atlas Shrugs” blog site. She really gives our Prime Minister a fine Eagle Feather to add to his cap of accolades and accomplishments. Mister Harper really is a “world class” leader, and the envy of the Free World. I’m afraid in the case of our domestics, we have to abide in the enjoyment now, because history will show that the majority of Canadians “won’t know what we’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

  40. fh says:

    I am so proud of our Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    He is not afraid to stand up for Israel and he knows from history that that is the only stand that must be taken. The consequences to the rest of the world cannot even be imagined if we do not stand up for Israelies
    PM Harper is the Winston Churchill of 2012

  41. ed says:

    Alberta Girl says:
    November 27, 2012 at 9:04 am

    “The thing about Alberta is that there is an assumption that Conservatives will win. Therefore, the low turnout in Calgary Centre says to me that many Conservative voters just stayed home while the motivated left, assisted by big names and lots of favourable press and a mayor who basically directed his supporters to vote for ABC (anybody but Crockett), got most of their vote out.”

    Yes, it sounds like that could very well be the case. I believe the Liberals are attempting to use the Obama method to entice those who are not well versed when it comes to political knowledge. Scary if this brings about many uninformed voters. Hopefully, the Conservatives will use their grassroots know how to attract and inform the young voters out there. They have to find a way to engage these voters.

  42. fh says:

    video at Pamela Geller’s twitter is a must see
    everything is heating up as they realize that President Obama is out after 4 years

  43. fh says:

    scroll down while reading tweets until you reach
    view video

  44. Jen says:

    From a commenter to Pamela Geller’s article on our PM, reads:



  45. ed says:

    Excellent editorial by Lowell Green about the Rob Ford case on his show Tuesday morning, Nov.27/12. Much new information, details about the issue. Really worth hearing:

  46. fh says:

    you must read all of the article the good news is Germany
    to oppose Palestinian bid at un

  47. wilson says:

    Very proud of our PM, every day.

    Garneau kicked off his leadership bid with the same statement every Lib candidate will use, and every NDP leadership candidate did use:

    “I’m here to defeat Stephen Harper.”

    So… if they all want to defeat SH why no leadership debates in Alberta, Libs and Dippers both have/will skip over Alberta.
    How do you defeat your opponent if you are too afraid to take the fight into his territory?

    • cantuc says:

      redford drops the f-bomb

      • wilson says:

        PCs use ‘Mormon’ attack on MLA Anderson.
        Anderson pointed out that a complaint to the Law Society over REDfords conflict of interest lands on the desk of one of the partners who REDford awarded the contract to.
        How’s that for the PC ‘tangled web we weave’. sad eh.

        41 years of the PCs, long enough to get too lazy to even cover up unacceptable practices.
        We need a Quebec style investigation to expose the corruption.

  48. Liz J says:

    Christie Blatchford in the NP today:”Controversy grows over why judge took ‘nuclear’ option in Rob Ford ruling”.
    I sure hope so, this is outrageous. It’s political hatred gone amok.

  49. Tripper523 says:

    Yes, Joanne! I meant to, and should have, referred to and given specific credit to “Jen” for that great link provided at 9:42 a.m. yesterday, and now for the great add-on at 9:52 p.m. Thank-you Jen, for your work “around the clock” and for bringing in the great resources. Such a reaffirmation of our great leadership!! We do need some “good news” in this topsy-turvy world, and such reports give me that fix…

    • Jen says:

      Tripper523 Read this article then scroll down the page til you see ‘Comments’ then read the comments Mind you, you have to click on the comment to read their full story.

      Canadian PM Personally Intervened to Stop PA Statehood Bid at UN
      Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper personally intervened to pressure PA Chairman Abbas to drop his bid for upgraded status at the UN.

      Here is no 12 full comment:

      12. Thank You Mr. Harper
      I think you should hear this loud and clear. Thank you PM Stephen Harper. You are a wholly and holy righteous gentile, and even if G-d holds back reward for such things in this world, you will surely reap a great reward in the World to Come. Amein.
      Dov Bear, Kochav Yaakov (27/11/12)

  50. Tripper523 says:

    Thanks Jen! I shall delve into this tonight once my eyeballs have unwound a bit from my day job, where I have my face into a computer most of the time. I appreciate your provision here, and I’m grateful we have a PM who attracts such great reports (and comments so rare and interesting) internationally if not as much as we’d like to see at home. We can be Grateful we have such a leader who’s as wholesome and respected as he is… Using the “G word” can be quite appropriate – Gentile, Gentleman, Giant, Great Guy who really Gravitates our nation Globally, and Grieves the Grovelling Lefties (à ) who can’t Grab him…

  51. Bubba Brown says:

    Something to share with y’all an Editorial about our PM!
    Lost in the rehashing of Monday’s federal byelections was the fact that two of three ridings were retained by the Conservatives.Midterm elections don’t typically bode well for reigning political parties. They are often seen as bellwethers of the ruling party’s popularity, viewed as message senders that the electorate isn’t liking what it’s doing.What if the ruling party wins, like Monday? Isn’t that a statement that voters like what they’ve been getting from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his team? That they must be doing something right?Is it OK to admit that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his team is doing a good job?Remember the high expectations that accompanied former Liberal Finance Minister Paul Martin when he became Prime Minister? He failed to meet them. Expectations for Harper were low, but from most angles, one could easily agree he’s exceeded expectations. Consider:• Harper was recently named “World Statesman of the Year” by the Appeal of Conscience organization in New York.• The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development gave mostly a passing grade to Canada’s economy in its new outlook, released Tuesday.• In a democratic world where voters often fancy style over substance, isn’t it a comforting thought to have a true economist, which Harper is, guiding the Canadian ship in the midst of the current global economic storm?• For too long we’ve trumpeted style over substance. Harper’s style, or perceived lack thereof, has been a popular target with court jesters for years, for his so-called robotic style. He understands the economy, and has surrounded himself with a solid team with proven track records. Jim Flaherty has been Harper’s Minister of Finance since he became PM in 2006, and they chose Mark Carney to head the Bank of Canada, who has now been drafted by the Bank of England. • Under Harper’s predecessor, Liberal Jean Chretien, the Canadian dollar hovered in the 60-cent range against the U.S. dollar. Now it’s at par.• Canada’s Economic Action Plan struck a balance between government intervention to shore up a shaky private sector with major, long overdue infrastructure projects, or simply letting free enterprise slide along with financial markets.• Harper has an economic vision for the future of the country, based upon the expansion of oil and gas resource extraction and a pipeline he says is in the national interest. If built, the pipeline will enable Canada to access Asian markets and provide competition for the monopolistic U.S., which extracts up to a $35 per barrel discount on Canadian crude, largely because we have no serious competition. Expansion plus the elimination of the American discount will boost this country’s revenues to where it can cover the impending demands of Canada’s pensions and demand for health services and avoid the fiscal brick wall that other democracies are hitting, namely Greece and Spain. This is thinking of generations to come.• Redistribution of ridings and increasing the number of seats from the West in Parliament. This is significant, in that it brings the West even in terms of power and means that a party no longer has to win Quebec – or make special concessions to same – in order to form government.• Although the Conservatives now hold a majority, Harper became Canada’s longest-serving PM in a minority government in 2011. He surpassed Lester B. Pearson, who is highly regarded as a statesman. What does that make Harper?Harper’s policies are pragmatic and forward thinking. Canada should be proud.
    Hat tip Nanimo Daily news
    Mark MacDonald,publisher

  52. fh says:

    Minister John Baird was awesome at UN
    we will await the result of the yes vote at UN
    with the misleading lying words that preceded I am not very confident

  53. Tripper523 says:

    Much appreciated, fh!! In parentheses I had used the French word for “Left”, but it somehow hit the cutting-room floor. (It was no ‘expletive’, but oftentimes the French can be perceived as profane, or at least obscurely devious, as in the case of Trudoh Lite.)
    I’ve enjoyed the many fine entries on this thread – thanks to all. Bubba Brown, you’ve done another admirable job with your volume of straight-up goods re. the excellence of PM Harper and his incomparable record at Canada’s helm. I join many others when I declare “You Sir, are a treat to read”. Cheers to the PM, and a salute my fellow believers. “These ARE the good old days.”

  54. ed says:

    O/T: Multi-culturalism gone wild.

    “Essentially Mr. Collacott reminded listeners of how our late Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, had introduced this notion of a Canadian Mosaic … or as it is called now, “Multi-culturalism“.

    “But more important, what Mr. Trudeau thought about “Multi-culturalism” afterwards.

    The multi-culturalism idea was originally embraced as a way to welcome new peoples to Canada – to make them feel comfortable here, in their new homeland. It was a well meaning idea of encouraging our new Canadians a link back to their culture and heritage while they transitioned into new Canadians. Sort of like a welcome wagon notion if you like.”

    “But what seemed to have evolved out of it, is the whole Multi-cultural industry.

    Now it seems every other “ethnic” group is out for themselves first… with Canada second.

    According to Martin Callacott, one of the more important statements made by Mr. Trudeau has now been forgotten… or perhaps, conveniently forgotten by many.”

    “It was the statement Mr. Trudeau made towards the end of his tenure. And to paraphrase our late Prime Minister, “… the idea of multiculturalism is my (Mr. Trudeau’s) biggest regret”. It seems that Mr. Trudeau after absorbing in the decade and more of multiculturalism, saw what it ended up being. Multi-Culturalism got perverted into an industry of opportunism and how some view it as a god given right.”

    “So by treading ever so carefully, and avoiding “racist” misunderstandings and overtones… we have taken away our nation’s collective backbone and have become the wussy wet pant citizens of this great nation. And worst, we’ve now allowed marble-mouthed newly landed opportunists to run for public office without ever having a clue of how this nation ticks, let alone our country’s rich and fascinating history.”

    Interesting insight about Pierre Trudeau. I’ve always figured the concept of multi-culturalism had gradually evolved into something other than what it was meant to be. In that sense, much like the way the concept of bilingualism has been distorted.

    If I’m not mistaken, does not junior Trudeau support the present day concept of multi-culturalism?? Now, that would be telling.

  55. wilson says:

    Remember when Warren Kinsella and the Parliamentary Press Gallery were all gaga about Alison REDford…
    well she may be available.

    She lied in the People’s House, to the people.

    The most puzzling part of this scandal is why the CBC broke it?
    Are they competing with SUNnews (which would be a good thing)
    Or do they think they are bringing down one of PMSHs people (which would be oh so wrong)
    Did someone in REDfords caucus shop this out to the CBC? Cuz it sure did take her by surprise.

    • jon says:

      They were shills for Redford’s PC only to stop Wild Rose. With the election having long since passed, the CBC has gone back to lumping all conservatives together. As long as they an say a “Tory gov’t is under fire”, all’s good… it serves their purpose which is to attack conservatives of any stripe before a national audience to frame them generically in such a way.

  56. Joanne says:

    My blog is having some kind of issue. Will have to check into it. Thanks for your patience.

  57. Jen says:

    Stephen Harper Stands for Israel – Where Is Obama?

    Posted on November 27, 2012 by admin

    ‘Watch for God to bless Canada in unusual ways. And, unless the US stands up for Israel without wavering, watch for God to withdraw His hand of blessing that has been upon us for so many years’.

    ‘It is time for those of us who love Israel to enlist others of like mind to pray with us for the peace of Jerusalem and the safety of the Nation of Israel. Let us give thanks for His protection of Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense and so many times before. Let us pray boldly that the Lord will keep Israel from all harm. Let us lift up His people before Him and ask for His blessings upon them (Psalm 122:6). And you know what? Let’s pray for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and thank God for his courageous stand, and let’s pray for President Obama and ask God to get him to stand’.

  58. Liz J says:

    Appears the legal brainiacs on both sides of the Ford saga/legal fiasco have collaborated and the Big Kahuna Justice has decided if the Council votes to have a by-election, Ford can run. If Ford loses his appeal, he will run.
    I’m betting the Big Kahuna has been getting a lot of well deserved flak from all sides for his outrageous decision, the punishment is over the top. He had several other more fitting options but he chose the one least fitting for democracy.

    • Joanne says:

      Yeah that’s an interesting development for sure. Sounds like the judge was feeling some pressure.

      This morning I was trying to put up a new post on Ford with a link to Christie Blatchford’s latest column but the whole thing got tied up somewhere in cyberspace and I basically had to trash it. Hoping to catch up later after a certain busy three-year-old goes home later today. 😉

  59. Bubba Brown says:

    Thank you Tripper523 ! And others
    “Here I stand I can do no other” Martin Luther
    A bigger thank you! to Jo for all her work to keep this site active and a big ‘ol Bubba hug.
    Giving the ultimate compliment of “Righteous” to PM Harper is one for the ages, he did not want the PM job.
    He is a good man.
    Having met him and spoken very briefly, I can assure you all he is no glad handing politician.
    I also think that history and Canada will remember these days as a very special time.
    We are all Jews IMO.
    The UN is corrupt beyond belief and redeeming and we should walk away.
    The Arabs when Israel was once again made so the shattered remains of the Jewish people had a place to go.
    The Arabs gave the three “NO’s” as their answer No recognition
    No Peace
    No Negotiations
    They then attacked the fledgling nation on all sides.
    Add to that the crime against all humanity of deliberate teaching their young hatred, it is easy to understand why these people are not ready for nationhood.
    Or indeed to be included in any gathering of civilized people.
    The UN reminds me of a quote by Hunter S Thompson;
    it was made about television but I think the UN qualifies on so many levels;
    “It’s a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and wild * (and terriosts)
    It is a place where good men die like dogs.
    There is also a negative side to it”

    • Joanne says:

      A bigger thank you! to Jo for all her work to keep this site active and a big ‘ol Bubba hug.

      Awwww…. That was sweet. Thanks Bubba.

  60. fh says:

    I agree with Michael Coren
    “Statehood has obligations. Rule of law, respect for minorities, religious freedom, free press. ”
    from his twitter
    funny MSM is not talking about the new obligations for Palestinians

  61. Tripper523 says:

    If you’re truly interested in human rights, and the dwindling state of your own, have a look at SDA’s recent exposé on our Taj Mahal of White Elephants in Canada Central, ie. Winnipeg. Looks like they have a really serious employee turnover, while the workers at this place are gagged. A huge waste of taxpayers’ money, but non-typically located in a city which should be the nation’s capital. Maybe this is the long-awaited starting trend toward something concrete. Miracles do happen. The Jets came back to Winnipeg, but now the whole NHL structure has lost its dynastic stature of the ultimate crowd-pleasing Canadian pastime. We ourselves cannot function properly without that Sudbury Saturday Night, or the previously-unrestrained Don Cherry. Where are OUR rights?? (Posted by Kate @ 7:11 p.m.) But hey, if you really want to support the rights of others, start spreading this around so someone might get the notion they have the right to cut your head off. It could happen on a bus or anywhere for that matter… >>

  62. fh says:

    this article seems clear to me
    why is it so hard for the ndpq

  63. Liz J says:

    Good one in NP today from Terrence Corcoran:” Clayton Ruby won’t succeed in bringing down Pharoah Ford despite apparent Toronto Spring uprising”

    That Ruby has the audacity to even mention democracy in all this is sickening. What an obnoxious pack of leftist buffoons.

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