Your next Ontario Premier

We will be in one of those crazy situations very soon where whomever the Ontario Liberal delegates elect for leader will become our next Premier.

So far the field looks unimpressive, with no sign yet that the Liberal Party is interested in trying to court rural areas. Scott Stinson makes this observation in his recent column (Liberal hopefuls vie to become Premier of Toronto, er, Ontario):

…Perhaps more troubling for party supporters is that of the six candidates, only Ms. Pupatello, who represented Windsor West as an MPP, is not from the Toronto area (and yet she’s returning to politics from a stint with a Bay Street firm). Mr. McGuinty’s successive majority governments were reduced to a minority last year largely because the Liberals have cratered outside urban areas; rebuilding support outside Toronto would seem like a key part of any renewal plan. But the candidates for leader can be plotted on a map that ranges from Windsor in the west to only the Don Valley in the east and, er, the Don Valley in the north.

Liberal fortunes in rural areas have only eroded since the 2011 vote, after the government whacked funding for the horse-racing industry and the gas-plant affair blew up, exacerbating beliefs that Liberals only cared about voters in urban ridings. Meanwhile, a recent decision to postpone the conversion of a coal-fired plant in Thunder Bay has angered local politicians and, coming after the unpopular cancellation of regular train service to the far north of the province, threatens to sap any strength the party has left in that region. The mayor of Thunder Bay complained to a local paper that the Liberal-created provincial power authority “doesn’t know where Thunder Bay is, to tell you the truth.”

It’s in this environment, then, that the Liberals will choose a new leader, in Toronto, in a process likely to have a disproportionate amount of Toronto-area delegates. Each riding will send 16 delegates, but a laundry list of “ex officio” delegates drawn from former candidates, party activists and student leaders are also eligible to participate. Those delegates would be expected to mostly come from the party’s stronghold, but with the leadership convention coming on a late January weekend, travel to Toronto from the province’s outer regions could be difficult. It all points to a selection process skewed toward the one place where the Liberals are relatively strong, and away from those places where they need to grow…

Somehow rural Ontarians need to band together and show some clout. It’s not just the physical location of Toronto that’s the problem, but also the mind-numbing culture of dependency that is fostered there by left wing advocates.

Liberal leadership hopefuls need to get out and smell the fresh air and real manure – not the kind they spread amongst themselves in their safe little Fortress Toronto.

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Not a good start:


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Kelly McParland Ontario leadership race consists of five little McGuintys and a former McGuinty:

…They’ll faithfully pursue his last-minute dedication to rescuing the province’s economy, while making up with the public employees who are angry at being targeted for much of the savings, and getting back to “real” Liberalism at the same time. How? Through “renewal”. Which apparently you can buy at the pharmacy and administer at a rate of two tablespoons a day.

Don’t be surprised, though, if that pledge is viewed skeptically by the vast swathes of the province that aren’t Toronto, didn’t vote for the Liberals last time, and have only been getting angrier since. To them, “renewal” would mean getting the windmills out of their yard, ending the siege against the horseracing industry and perhaps even visiting ridings beyond the Toronto commuter zone once in a while…

Please read this and then join me weeping – Ontario solar energy plan zaps taxpayers (Sun):

…All of which confirms the mendicant reputation of the green energy cult that presupposes everything from the natural world is free — which I guess it is, as long as taxpayers and wads of their folding stuff underwrite it.

So we now have a government subsidized way to send money to the legacy foundation of Canada’s most famous fruit fly geneticist. A foundation that is a registered charity enjoying tax exempt status and can issue tax receipts for donations of the same…

No wonder Suzuki endorsed McGuinty!!

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  1. Liz J says:

    Yes Joanne, you hit it, they need to get out and smell the manure!

    They gotta be careful though,we remember Iggy when he said he was going to go out to “smell the barns”, didn’t work too well for him, rural folks can spot BS real quick.

  2. Richco says:

    Really good post Joanne.

    The Sun rumours seem to be all true. It’s happened to the other papers before now. Sadly I think the Sun tried to hang-on but couldn’t any longer.

    Doesn’t bode well for smaller communities either. As aside – I quit writing for our local paper in April because the writing was on that wall for a long time. I moved to an Internet news agency and am glad I did in hindsight.

    RE: Kennedy – I remember a story told to me by a parent who was on a school council at a school in the Cornwall area of Ontario at the time Kennedy ran as a candidate in the last provincial leadership race. The one where he lost to McGuinty. Anyway, apparently Kennedy, on tour for the campaign, decided to stop in at a local elementary school to make an announcement and do a photo op in the school with the kids, teachers etc. The school got wind of it and didn’t let him in during school hours.
    The local media reported on it. My parent-friend was at the school that day and said that watching the Kennedy entourage was pretty funny.

    O/T – here’s more on what we were bantering about yesterday

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Richco. And very sad indeed about Sun. I wonder how Lorrie Goldstein is doing? He hasn’t posted on Twitter since Nov. 10.

      • Richco says:

        I don’t expect we’ve heard (or read) the last of him. If it’s like what happened to us locally, he was close to retiring.

        Maybe SNN will snap him up?

  3. Richco says:

    “Somehow rural Ontarians need to band together and show some clout. It’s not just the physical location of Toronto that’s the problem, but also the mind-numbing culture of dependency that is fostered there by left wing advocates.”

    We did Joanne. It’s why the Liberals will never again hold this riding. It’s actually rural and some northern parts of Ontario that should be challenging the rest of Ontario to get a grip and kick out a Grit:-)

  4. Richco says:

    post w/link stuck in filter

  5. fh says:

    Tim Hudak’s address to ONTARIO Association of Police Service Boards – You Tube

  6. Greg says:

    Most or maybe all of the candidates were at one time education minister under McGuinty. Given the cozy relationship over those years not a good sign for tackling the union.

  7. Greg says:

    To be fair, Glen Murray is from the ‘peg and was never education minister, at least not in this province. Not that being from the ‘peg is supposed to make rural Ontario feel better.

  8. cantuc says:

    Kennedy gets lost fairly frequently . Remember him and Iggy holding that press conference in the wrong field , about an infrastructure project? I can just imagine a lib. leader debate – Martha screeching , Kennedy droning on in that bloody momotone when he won’t stfu. God save Ontario

  9. Anne in swON says:

    O/T Justin Trudeau will have a difficult time fielding questions from certain members of the press (i.e. Sun News) unless he learns to rein in his temper and curb his penchant for hurling insults as illustrated in this brief video with Alexandra Gunn re: Grant Humes’ Liberal campaign signs.

    • Richco says:

      I really like Baby Trudeau’s outbursts. He’s so overly dramatic that it’s comedic.
      I hope he continues because it will work well for Harper and the CPC.

  10. Martin says:

    I suspect a quiet rage is simmering over Liberals actions in proroguing the legislature to avoid censure and look after their succession affairs. One year and 2 byelections later the legislature has passed a budget, some emergency labour legislation and not much else.
    This is not helped by the musing of Sandra Pupatello about delaying still further, while the new leader wins another byelection. The only election the leader will face is the general election caused by a non-confidence motions shortly after the legislature is reconvened. Serious decisions are required now on Ont’s economic and energy files.

    • Joanne says:

      Very well said, Martin. The economy of Ontario is in limbo (or worse) while we watch the press fawn over these twits on parade.

  11. Anne in swON says:

    Oops, I just read Dean’s post with another video of JT. Seems I’m a little late out of the gate.

    • jon says:

      Considering how soft the MSM go on JT, one wonders if those seen in the video walking away with him, who seemingly are trying to shield him from Gunn’s tough line of questions, are part of his official entourage or just those in the Media Party who are trying to do the same. Frankly, it’s hard to tell the difference.

      SNN: Doing the job the MSM wont.


      • Richco says:

        it’s because the MSM in liberal jon. You know that’s what we expect from them right?

        SNN is doing the job and giving us a choice.

  12. fh says:

    Good site for dispelling green malarky

  13. ed says:

    “Anne in swON says:
    November 14, 2012 at 4:48 pm”

    Anne in swON, I love the comments at the two sites you noted. Trudeau, what a putz!! He needs a good slap upside the head. Compliments to Alexandra Gunn for pursuing her questioning of Trudeau. His responses illustrate the imbecile that he is. How pathetic that the Liberals would even consider him as a possible leader for their party. Just when you think the Liberals have hit rock bottom they prove you wrong by going even lower. Trudeau is so far removed from what you expect from a leader it’s not even funny. IMO, he’s totally out of his element.

  14. Bec says:

    I will never, ever……predict the mindset of this bratty, spoiled public and I will never complain about EC after trying to navigate the gong show that the US of A just embraced. We should feel privileged compared to that but after hearing Martha Hall-Finley announce her candidacy in Calgary today, I just want to stick my head in the sand!

    These people took advantage of their last $$$$ re EC but to have her say what she said here and to have the idea that no one cares is shocking.

    Where is accountability? Where is reason?

    • Joanne says:

      These people took advantage of their last $$$$ re EC but to have her say what she said here and to have the idea that no one cares is shocking.

      I must have missed that Bec. What did she say?

    • Liz J says:

      Good one fh, he’s head and shoulders ahead of McGuinty any of the crop running to replace him.
      Glad to see Mike Harris there and being recognized, that was a failure last time around. We need a Mike Harris type plan in this province.

  15. fh says:

    Jo I think I am in filter

  16. fh says:

    everyone sign the petition if you have not already

  17. Richco says:

    “Don’t be surprised, though, if that pledge is viewed skeptically by the vast swathes of the province that aren’t Toronto, didn’t vote for the Liberals last time, and have only been getting angrier since. To them, “renewal” would mean getting the windmills out of their yard, ending the siege against the horseracing industry and perhaps even visiting ridings beyond the Toronto commuter zone once in a while…”


  18. ed says:


    “The LEFT were brilliant in their understanding of several EVIL Truths:

    1 – In general, the majority of people are poorly informed, uninformed, or outright stupid, and prefer to believe in what they WANT to believe, rather than what is true.

    2 – People like stories . . . more than they like reality.

    3 – People would rather watch “Reality TV”, late-night Comedy Shows, and afternoon Chat Shows for their news, rather than REAL news.

    4 – An incredible number of people can’t separate television and movie fiction from REALITY, and vote for the sizzle rather than the steak.

    5 – For several generations, our education system, which is essentially the cornerstone of a nation’s future; from grade school to post university, has veered heavily to the LEFT, to the point of dumbing down our children, removing real competition, leveling a playing field that CANNOT be unlevelled, and making Patriotism a dirty word, while investing far too much in the benefits of teachers and UNIONS . . . opposed to the students.”


    Without a willing, compliant, dishonest and biased media, none of it could have happened. Had the media really done its job . . . for Obama to have ever been in the White House, he would have had to line-up with the rest of the Tourists.”

    Full editorial here:

    There is so much truth here in Galganov’s editorial. The public is uninformed, the media is biased, and not just in the USA but in Canada and the world at large as well. Somehow there has to be a way, a strategy, to bring about a much better informed general public. As it is, what is frightening is that Trudeau will be using the “Obama way” to get himself elected. :-(

  19. Liz J says:

    It doesn’t hurt that McGuinty prorogued at a time when the LPC are hustling and bustling with leadership candidates to make it look like a contest instead of a coronation. Takes some of the limelight off Dalty while he slithers about tossing out money he doesn’t have.

  20. fh says:

    O/T Conservative Canadian Government and the best PM Stephen Harper working hard for all Canadians

  21. fh says:

    3 by elections Conservatives get out the vote advance polls open NOW
    Dale Gann Victoria B. C.
    Joan Crockatt Calgary Centre Alberta
    Erin O’Toole Durham Ontario

  22. fh says:

    I am confused by ndpq’s simplistic view of Olivia Chows proposed 1% tax
    where will the money for it come from?
    HST tax revenues have been allocated in the Federal budget so it cannot come from that tax
    ndpq must therefore impose a new tax of 1% and for the ndpq to state they are not suggesting a new tax is ludicrous
    I believe that the ndpq think of Taxpayers as the ever blooming money tree

  23. Liz J says:

    Olivia is rumoured to be considering a run for the Mayoralty, perhaps her change of mind on the municipal tax is a sign it may be more than a rumour.

    Great column in the Post by Christie Blatchford: “For the man so often painted as Toronto’s clown mayor Rob Ford had a pretty decent day in court”.

    Cow wouldn’t be having to tolerate constant harassing from jackasses and A-holes out to GET her like they are Ford. How people can even find legals to represent them in cases such as this recent one against Ford is mind boggling. Do they not check all the evidence or lack of it before they say yes to taking on a case?

  24. fh says:

    Journalists are fond of saying “talking points’
    if the journalist is truly interested in the work WORK that the Canadian Government is doing on a daily basis for all Canadians they would stop interrupting with the ludicrous
    statement “I don’t want your ?????talking points”
    I guess journalists are not interested in learning what the Conservative Government is doing for all Canadians

  25. Liz J says:

    I’ll take talking points over talking heads skewing the facts to manipulate opinion.
    All politicians answer according to their party’s policies on any given topic, calling it “talking points” is something the media use to make it sound like it’s not legitimate.

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