Prorogation hurting Ontario cities

Yesterday’s Waterloo Region Record editorial pointed out that one of the side-effects of the McGuinty Liberals’ self-serving decision to shut the Legislature in order to avoid committee scrutiny is that it is also hurting our cities – Recall Ontario’s legislature:

...But there was nothing normal about the way McGuinty shut down the legislature. For a start, prorogation killed the committee probing the premier’s controversial decisions to cancel construction of two gas-fired generating stations, something the Liberals themselves admit will cost Ontario $230 million. Prorogation also scrapped the committee examining the scandal at the Orgne air ambulance service.

Ontarians are fully justified if they conclude McGuinty misused prorogation to squirm out of a situation that was becoming too embarrassing for himself and his party. When the legislature got too hot, McGuinty cavalierly padlocked the doors and turned on the proroguing air conditioning.

Meanwhile, prorogation tossed almost 100 pieces of legislation in the trash. Two of those pieces of legislation aimed to revise the province’s arbitration laws, something many municipalities say they need to keep the cost of police and fire services under control. Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr had asked Waterloo Region’s three members of the legislature to help pass new legislation that would require an arbitrator to consider a municipality’s ability to pay an arbitrated settlement.

Zehr worries that the settlements being imposed by arbitrators are increasingly unsustainable for municipal governments and taxpayers. But for now, at least, Zehr’s dream of a new arbitration law has been dashed — thanks to McGuinty…

Please read the whole editorial.

Even after Dalton McGuinty announced his resignation he’s still wrecking this province.

Just another disgusting chapter in his #LegacyofShame.

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More problems:  NDP health critic questions fate of Cambridge Memorial expansion with closed Queen’s ParkRecord

And yet another McSlimey scandal is emerging – McGuinty was set to back decision to quit Elliot Lake rescueCBC.

This one may be behind the Globe paywall – Hedge funds reaped $149-million from cancelled Ontario power plant. (Karen Howlett and Paul Waldie)

It’s time to bring down the LiberalsSun

Beware Sandra Pupatello!!!  Martin Regg Cohn explains – Pupatello can’t afford to lose Liberal leadership race:

…But she was less convincing when recasting herself as baggage-free compared to her rivals. After all, Pupatello was at the cabinet table when the Oakville gas plant was cancelled, ORNGE spun out of control and eHealth unravelled.

Now she is trading on her brief time on Bay St. to portray herself as an economic czar with a laserlike focus on job-creation. No specifics yet, just a promise to talk it up.

The uproar over prorogation? Pupatello expressed reservations over shutting down the Legislature, but promptly announced she would keep it locked up even longer to call a byelection for a seat of her own...

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25 Responses to Prorogation hurting Ontario cities

  1. Liz J says:

    Yes, McGuinty is still using his wrecking ball, that’s ONE of the reasons he prorogued. He’s doing what he pleases unchallenged, the opposition MPP’s we elected have been rendered impotent. What are they doing? Well they’re calling their supporters for money. I wish them luck.

    • old white guy says:

      something that should scare us all is that there was 100 pieces of legislation being considered. what in the mane of time would 100 pieces of legislation contain and do we actually need any of them. to contol costs municipalities simply have to say no.

  2. potato says:

    Dalton’s scorched earth policy is working. Too bad he’s too stupid to realize you’re supposed to use it against your enemies.

  3. Jen says:

    just a light story from Bangolore, India

    Canadian PM Stephen Harper ‘marries again’ in Bangalore
    Bangalore, Nov 8, 2012, (PTI):

    “We have married again”, quipped Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as he garlanded his wife Laureen with jasmine buds at the historic Someshwara temple this evening.

    • fh says:

      Great catch Jen
      They look so happy
      All Canadians can be proud of our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wonderful wife Laureen

  4. Richco says:

    “Two of those pieces of legislation aimed to revise the province’s arbitration laws, something many municipalities say they need to keep the cost of police and fire services under control.”

    This hurts the whole of the province, not just cities. Every municipality in the province are depending on these two. McGuinty hurt us all.

    With Sandra Pupatello now in the running for the provincial Liberal leadership things are going to get VERY interesting. Not only for the Liberals but for the PCs and NDP also.

  5. Richco says:

    That Elliott Lake beauty tells me that there’s likely way more that the Liberals want to hide that will slowly come to the surface as McGuinty runs away. Pathetic coward.

    • Frances says:

      That whole Elliott Lake ‘rescue’ was wierd. Hate to bail out Mr McGuinty, but this may well be a case where it was a bureaucrat from Toronto who made the call, with the government stuck because he was an ‘expert’. Certainly there should have been heavy equipment up there much earlier, along with utilizing the real expertise of people such as miners who perform rescues under equally hazardous conditions and know how to prop up unstable areas such as loose backs underground.

      • Joanne says:

        I wrote a few posts about this at the time. It was a massive screw-up all the way around.

        But we were led to believe that McGuinty intervened. Now we see that was only because of optics and much emailing back and forth trying to assess the best political advantage.

        Sounds familiar…

        • Richco says:

          in the link that Joanne provides on this issue seems to me that there was a direct decision made by McGuinty himself. He was prepared to withdraw help until the public pushed back.

          He’s in this up to his eyeballs, and it’s just now coming out.

          Look for more of the same to crop up.

  6. mdh says:

    Prorogation has been used far to much in recent years. I hope that the federal government, and provincial governments set some firm parameters on how and when it can be used.

    Unfortunately, it short circuits the power of the house of commons or legislature, in a way that is contrary to our system of governance.

  7. Greg says:

    There is a difference between Harper’s proroguement, and McGuinty’s. Harper bought time to present the public with a budget to vote on in an election, and avoid a coilition taking power immediately. In other words, he wanted to face the electorate with an informed choice. McGuinty is doing the opposite. He is avoiding giving the public information. Maybe that’s been spun in my head because I’m a partisan, but there’s some truth in it.

    • jon says:

      Not to mention that the planning stages for the 2008 coalition coup came just weeks after the election — long before he prorogued in Dec.

      Almost immediately the opps sought to overturn the result rendered by Canadians whereas McGuinty’s prorogued a year into his mandate and there was no planning to defeat the gov’t by either Hudak and Horwarth.

      Apples and oranges in so many other ways also.

  8. ed says:

    Why aren’t the people of Ontario out in the streets?? Where are they?? No protests, no demonstrations, no strikes, no marches, no storming of the Legislature!! Why are the people of Ontario taking this lying down?? If the government fails to govern, the people should act to see that it does. Come on, people of Ontario, wake up!! :-(

    • jon says:

      Not to beat a dead horse, but “much of” the MSM is partially responsible, as the gas plant scandal has effectively been buried as a story.

      Can you imagine if power plants were under federal jurisdiction and documents showed PMSH and the CPC cost taxpayers a billion as a result of a politically-motivated decision to move those plants to save seats in the last election, just what kind of attention that would be receiving? I shutter at the thought.

      Worse, our MSM will only feel emboldened by what took place in the U.S., having just watched their colleagues south of the border do the same with great success by withholding explosive developments into Benghazi from American voters, putting the kibosh on that story in order to protect Obama in the final days of the election… though the degree to which that would’ve played a role in the final outcome is unknown, but it certainly wouldn’t have helped Obama.

      Expect the same to happen here, which is already showing itself, months ahead of any election, with the MSM showing apathy on an issue that we know would be made the biggest scandal in Canadian history if it was a federal CPC seat-saver program instead.

      • Joanne says:

        Good point about liberal media playing down scandals in both counties if it hurts ‘their’ side.

        All we can do is try to educate people about the importance of getting your news from a variety of sources.

    • Liz J says:

      It’s very frustrating living in Ontario, we could yell from the rooftops to no avail. With prorogation McGuinty has been granted free rein to slink around like a sneaky snake and continue on unchallenged.

      Meanwhile the media is ignoring the jerk, covering instead the people lining up to run for his job and some prize that will be.

      • jon says:

        I think Pupatello gives the Libs their best shot… not at retaining power of course at but at avoiding coming in third. And so many reasons I believe the MSM will favour her. She’s a woman, which would make her the first female premier in Ontario’s history…. they’ll love that. She’s the only one who can say she isn’t tainted with the gas plant scandal. The Libs could hide out longer biding them more time they would feel because she has no seat… she and the MSM can test her out with Ontarians in the meantime — doing polling and checking out the numbers, seeing what traction she’s getting as a premier and what I’m sure will be a series of policy announcements, seeing in what ways she can buy off Ontarians ahead of not only the election but of the reopening of the legislature. Plus most of the others are from the Toronto area…. Pupatello allows the party to avoid saying it’s becoming the Liberal Party of Toronto. So many reasons, I believe, the MSM will push for her. Though the sexual orientation of two others makes them attractive MSM candidates Pupatello gives them the best shot.

  9. jon says:

    OT… watched Byline tonight with fill-in host Anthony Furey and he closed out the program with clips from Lilley’s book signing tour and it showed Pierre Poilievre getting a signed copy. Interesting! They must be furious at the CBC!

    Ironically, though, the CBC, which under normal circumstances would go after Poilievre because they love to criticize conservatives on pretty much anything, won’t utter a peep on this one I bet (though I haven’t watched their news tonight so, please, correct me if I’m wrong), finding themselves reduced to mere venting in their news rooms though they’d probably like to complain to the PMO directly, stating that Poilievre, as a parliamentary secretary and not just some backbencher, is in some sort of conflict of interest and should not be appearing with Lilley — an appearance which the state broadcaster views as an open attack on it’s “independence”

    But why the CBC will never make this a story — certainly not one that’s available for public consumption — is quite simple: it’s not that they wouldn’t love to have a go at Poilievre on this but they know that by doing so they’d open up a can of worms, forced to give average viewers background to the story which means mentioning the book itself, it’s author and his beefs about the CBC. Simply put: Lilley wins on the facts which is why you never see the CBC ever attempting to defend itself, choosing instead to hide criticisms made against it (even when the information commissioner, a non-partisan officer of parl, comes after them, which makes their silence all the more evil).

    Heck, even the liberal news broadcasters in the U.S. show some pride in themsevels by at least attempting to defend themselves… the likes of MSNBC, for example, responding to near-daily attacks from FOX News… but never the CBC, you notice. Better to engage in an argument and to try and defend yourself, I say, rather than projecting weakness by not engaging at all and, worse, ceding the argument to your enemy through that very silence.

    I don’t know when Poilievre actually got his copy signed but I assume it was this evening (?)… if so does anyone believe Solomon will bring the issue up on his program tomorrow? Hardly. He too knows that to air such criticism of Poilievre
    would only invite a discussion into the story in general…. And for someone who only puts on a facade of being a skilled debater (and he is a debater, not the moderator he claims to be), that’s something one desperately wants to avoid.

    • Richco says:

      You give the MSM far too much credit jon. They’re not that bright or correct. The public sees that too I believe and has turned them off long ago.
      As Joanne says, choices exist as to what the public watches, listens to and views when it comes to getting their information.
      It’s not media any more.

      • jon says:

        They wield far more influence than you might think, certainly those centred here in Toronto do, casting an influence around the GTA, particularily the 905…. you need spend some time outside your tiny bubble in Goderich me thinks.

  10. fh says:

    to find information on how the Canadian Government is looking after our veterans

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