Dastardly Dalton

It seems the Teflon on Premier Dad has finally vaporized.

I guess it’s not much fun hanging around with all these messy scandals looming in the background, and angry union folks demonstrating outside your window. Better to cut your losses and run.

But which came first? – The prorogation idea or the McGuinty Exit Plan?  Or was it all part of the Dalton’s Diabolical scheme to avoid the heat from the gas plant inquiries which were inching ever closer to his office?

According to the Star and its sources, the plan to prorogue preceded McSlippery’s resignation. So The Great Dalton Escape ended up being more of a red herring than anything else – in order to divert attention away from the real story. And boy how media sources fell for it. Credit goes to the Star for ferreting out what appears to be the actual game plan.

So did Dalton actually ‘take one for the team’ to help his party hide out and pick up the pieces with a new leader? The whole thing smacks of desperation. And it may end up doing the Liberals more harm than good in the long run.

As L. Ian McDonald points out, McGuinty’s Legacy Team is going to be severely challenged to spin this one into gold.

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McGuinty resigns: Poll shows Ontarians support Premier’s resignation, oppose legislature’s prorogationStar

This Scott Stinson column from several days ago provides an interesting comparison between the Federal Conservative government and the McGuinty Liberals vis-à-vis prorogation:

…Whatever one wants to say about the affront to democracy caused by the last prorogation on Mr. Harper’s watch, he at least staked his government and his job on the outcome of the ensuing election, although it didn’t immediately follow it. Canadians had an opportunity to reject his justifications for it and put someone else in charge; instead they handed him a majority government.

Ontario voters have no such opportunity. Mr. McGuinty’s wish, explained Monday night, is that it will be up to whomever replaces him as premier to bring the legislature back. That could be several months from now: the Ontario Liberals have to determine how and when to hold a leadership race that is coming out of nowhere first.

In the meantime, the scandals that have been front and centre in the Liberals’ terrible fall will not be fully explored. This can’t be emphasized enough: it is possible that the government position on the cancellation of two gas plants has been fully explained, but there is more than enough reason to believe that further embarrassments would have been unveiled by a Finance Committee probe of the affair. The final cost to taxpayers could be revealed as far higher than the $230-million cited by the Liberals. And the amount of political influence on the decision could be firmly established as wide and deep...

Despite prorogation, Ontario Liberals must still release all gas plant documents: opposition Globe

The McGuinty we never knewAdam Radwanski, Globe:

“You judge a leader by the people he chooses to be around him,” a long-time insider says. “And he chose some of the most ruthless operators to be there to help him implement his vision.”

And from the heart of Kitchener Waterloo by-election territoryMcGuinty’s legacy grand but costly (The Record):

The final straw may have fallen last month when voters in the Kitchener-Waterloo riding byelection rejected McGuinty’s candidate and denied the Liberals the seat they needed to regain a legislative majority. Under enough pressure, anything or anyone will give.

But do the truly great leaders quit? Ontario is saddled with a deficit exceeding $14 billion this year. Its people need a sitting legislature that can take the steps that are necessary to rein in spending — and as McGuinty himself concedes, one of these steps will involve the devilishly tricky task of freezing public sector wages.

McGuinty has given much to this province. But this is not the way for him to say goodbye.

A little too generous for my liking.

Dalton McGuinty rules out federal Liberal leadership bidSun

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  1. Tripper523 says:

    I know a lot has been bantered around about this already, but it’s Saturday morning and prime-time for my additional two-cents’ worth. It’s no small coincidence that we have two star-crossed media gems in our face –> The muted reaction to Mickey G’s prorogue parachute AND the Left-wing biases of the U.S. MSM machine so glaringly evident in Debate #2 under the direction of the not-so-eye-Candy moderator.
    It’s a wonder the Righties can ever win anything, when you realize the firm promotional grasp the Mainstream Media has on Left-wing ideology. I realize the argument could be made that this little essay in The Sun comes from a mainly Right-wing newspaper, but, casting that aside, it stands as an illumination of fact, and is an “O-bama-Nation” for both of our countries. Pretty soon we could have the wet-behind-the-ears, big-Daddy-famous Trudeau Junior running Canada, alongside another Lib-Dem in the United States. Together, we would “go down” in history. Not that I want to die young (or I mean, soon…), but I was rather hoping this scenario wouldn’t take the stage in my lifetime…


    • Joanne says:

      …It tells you the same thing. It tells you Canada’s media — covering both houses of government, and almost regardless of province — are up to their own sanctimonious necks in pro-liberal bias.

      Unlike Harper, McGuinty wasn’t trying to dodge an unholy coalition alliance of Liberals, NDPers and Bloc Quebecois forming a government that would bury the country in debt. He was avoiding a motherlode of scandals, contempt charges, and billion-dollar wastes which had run out of excuses and timelines.

      So he took the coward’s way out…

      Terrific SNN article!

  2. jon says:

    I think the opps are missing a golden opportunity here. I think they should hit the streets with a petition, the way they did to protest the HST, signing up as many people as they can to demand the decision to prorogue be reversed, not so much to pressure McLiar to reverse his position, but to box in those possible leadership contenders who would either have to denounce McLiar’s decision to prorogue — which of course they won’t — or dismiss the tens-if-not-hundreds of thousands of Ontarians who want the legislature to be reconvened. The next leader would wear that one going into the next election. The challenge, however, would be to get enough signatures before the fall session would’ve wrap up under normal circumstances for the winter break. If not, then certainly they could present the petition in January, arguing that with all the time lost with the legislature had been shut down, it should be reconvened immediately.

  3. jon says:

    And as for chatter about McLiar possibly seeking the fed Lib leadership? Ain’t gonna happen and McLiar has no intention of running either. If he had unequivocally stated last Mon that he’s not seeking the job, then it would’ve removed a narrative with which he wants the media to fill its time, as opposed to having them talking about the gas plant scandal instead. Besides, what would he do if he won? Split his time between being fed Lib leader and appearing at the public inquiry which the next non-lib gov’t of Ont is certainly to call shortly after they form gov’t?

    • Martin says:

      Correct. It is telling how most of the media complied with this strategy imstead of giving it the ridicule deserved. Kelly McParland was one who put McGuinty’s federal possibilities at zilch. Federal Liberals are not quite that dumb, though it might be good for CPC if they were.

      • Richco says:

        Not to mention the stable of pundits at SNN who thought Kinsella’s spin….well, spin and pretty much dismissed it.

  4. Jen says:

    Don’t yell but
    what about Justin Trudeau for premier of Ontario. He is all charming that can hide the Dalton’s scandals in a neat bow and forgotten.

  5. paulsstuff says:

    “the Left-wing biases of the U.S. MSM machine so glaringly evident in Debate #2 under the direction of the not-so-eye-Candy moderator.”

    The most telling part of that, one that nobody has mentioned, is that she had it written down on paper in front of her, knowing she was going to use it at the best time. Watch the video at that point in the debate, and you see her wave the paper at Romney. That in itself proves she is lying about it was something spontaneous.

    As for McGuinty, he’s sunk. Word has it there are missing emails in that last 20,000 page dump, that show he and other members of his cabinet talked about wasting millions to save a few Liberal seats.

    Not to be outdone, former Liberal cabinet minister Joe Fontana has even more serious things to worry about with the allegations of using government funds for his sons wedding. And if I remember correctly turncoat Scott Brison was the minister in charge of overseeing payments through public works at the time.

    While McGuinty’s actions are reprehensible and sleazy, sadly there is no legal recourse, only hope Ontario voters finally get it. If the allegations against Fontane prove to be true, criminal charges will be laid, as well as an examination of all goverment spending in ihis former riding.

    • Richco says:

      not only is McGuinty sunk Paul but the Liberals in Ontario are sunk too. They now have to play the charade until the next provincial election.

      The opposition have a GOLDEN opportunity between now and then to capitalize on SOOOO Much, staying quiet now, IMO is not an option for either opposition.

      Fontana’s toast in London.

  6. paulsstuff says:

    spelling= need coffee LOL

  7. Michael Harkov says:

    I heard Dwight Duncan on CBC Radio this morning (I know, but you need to hear what your opposition is saying). He said that prorogation was a great idea because nothing was getting done in the legislature , and the Liberals already accomplished a lot of their legislative agenda this term anyway. When questioned about the gas plant scandal, he started rambling about Hudak’s wife involvement in Oakville’s gas plant, and bashing Jim Flaherty, saying that things Flaherty did in relation to transfer payments to the provinces were “bone-headed”, however, Duncan finally had to concede that the federal government INCREASED transfer payments to Ontario……..but it was like pulling teeth to get THAT out him. He rambled a little more about Flaherty’s time as Ontario’s Finance Minister and stated that he was mulling the idea of running for the leadership of the provincial Liberals. He also said that one of the other main reasons for proroguing was that the Liberals didn’t want to have to risk having their minority government defeated in the middle of a leadership campaign. It was amazing that he had the gall to admit that. It was like he had absolutley no concern about what they did.

    Evan Solomon did the interview, it was amazing that he went after Duncan they way he did in regards to the progrogation. Solomon said that he has been hearing that there are some people in the Liberal caucus that are very concerned about how this prorogation thing at such a crucial time is going to play out. If even your most ardent defenders in the media don’t buy your bunk, then these fools have to know that they are in serious doo-doo.

    It is absolutely amazing that these idiots are STILL blaming the last Tory government for their problems. They are abusing the legislature procedure of progrogation for partisan political purposes by avoiding having to face the music regarding their never ending scandals, and to give them free reign and time to choose another leader. Their arrogance is astounding. I thought that the left-wing media was going to give them a pass, but like I said, when even Evan Solomon is starting to call them out on their BS, they know they are in serious trouble.

    • Liz J says:

      Yeah, it’s hard to defend the obviously indefensible, even for Solomon.

      Liberals like Kinsella who have stepped up to praise and name McGuinty as a possible contender for the leadership of the LPC are playing the old game of detraction from the reality of the scandal laden mess McGuinty has made of this province.

    • Richco says:

      Dwight Duncan was also the fellow who at the Finance Committee inquiry said right up front that the power plant moves were political opportunism.

      That lame excuse (also parroted by others on McGuinty’s caucus) about parliament not getting things done is proof of a really bad government in power who have no idea how to govern in a minority. It means they’re bankrupt in the leadership department.

      The Liberals can continue to blame whoever they want. The public no longer believes them. Maybe the Left Leaning Lemming Liberal Media is finally getting it too?

    • Joanne says:

      He also said that one of the other main reasons for proroguing was that the Liberals didn’t want to have to risk having their minority government defeated in the middle of a leadership campaign.

      That doesn’t jive with what Christina Blizzard said so one of them is misinformed:

      What’s most frustrating now is that the Liberals could have continued to govern with an interim leader.

      The rules are different provincially than they are federally.

      Even though there’s a minority government, the Opposition could not have brought a non-confidence motion to bring them down when they’re in disarray.

      The government has to bring that motion. The only way the Opposition can defeat them is on a budget bill.

      I think it had more to do with Project Vapour.

      In any case good for Evan Solomon for holding Dwight Duncan’s feet to the fire. I wonder if there’s a link of the interview somewhere?

  8. Michael Harkov says:

    From that Ottawa Citizen article link above – McGuinty’s pretext for dismissing the provincial parliament was, as the Globe editorial put it, “so that he could focus on the government’s negotiations with public sector workers and the implementation of a wage freeze.”


    I heard Dwight Duncan saying on CBC Radio to Evan Solomon this morning that one of the reasons that they prorogued was to have to avoid having to have an election so close to their leadership race. They baldly used the legislative procedure of prorogration for partisan political purposes, and their Finance Minister (and quite possibly the next Premier) has no problem admitting it.

    They must know that they are up to their eyebrows if they are torching the bridges behind them like this. They know that whoever ends up being leader is going to have a hell of a time picking up the pieces, so now the Liberals prorogue and give themselves some breathing room. Apparently, according to Evan Solomon, there isn’t even a date set out yet as to when the legislature is to reconvene. I thought that it would be impossible for any government to be worse than Bob Rae’s government, but even they look better compared to McGuinty’s government.

    • johndoe124 says:

      So the public sector unions are now deciding when the Legislature is prorogued? Indeed, these guys are far, far worse than Rae. Rae and the NDP were simply incompetent. The Ontario Liberals are pathological.

    • Martin says:

      From Paulsstuf blog on Chretien’s record:

      “November 12, 2003 – Jean Chretien announced that Parliament was prorogued on the eve of the Liberal leadership convention (so Chretien and Martin didn’t have to sit together in the House of Commons and face a dispute over who was Prime Minister). Martin did not become Prime Minister until December 12, 2003 and Parliament did not resume until February 2, 2004 – almost four months later”
      This item is not mentioned that much in msm.

    • jon says:

      They know that whoever ends up being leader is going to have a hell of a time picking up the pieces, so now the Liberals prorogue and give themselves some breathing room.

      While giving themselves what they certainly think is breathing room, having to defend prorogation for whomever becomes the next leader is only going to compound their problems, as well as the party’s. I think they’re in a panic, knowing that they’re toast in the next election and just want to hang on to power as long as they can — just the way Rae did, governing from Sep 90 ’til Jun 95, effectively exhausting the maximum 5 years of a mandate instead of the customary 4 because he knew he and his gov’t were finished anyway.

      As for Duncan specifically, if he announces he’s in the race in the coming days or weeks then for months and months on end Ontarians will have a finance minister whom the opps won’t be able to adequately scrutinize by debating him, and little seen of him/her, only when there’s some sort of funding announcement specifically designed to benefit the party’s fortunes more than what’s actually good for the province. Wonderful.

      • jon says:

        Just one other point. Where exactly is McLiar anyway? Where has he been following his resignation presser and the other for the media that followed shortly thereafter? Forget about him being unaccountable, what about the Media Party? Why aren’t they aggressively pursuing him? And if he’s unavailable for further comment having to justify his outrageous actions and all the madness that continues to result, then why aren’t they reporting, “the premier continues to evade our questions” or “we tried to get answers from McGuinty but he refuses to return our calls”. None of that seems to be happening. It seems the Media Party is aiding and abetting his disappearing act, itself wanting to improve the party’s fortunes in time for the next election. Ironic that in both instances of the Media Party shilling for both the Ont Libs and their federal cousins in the last election (they only began cheerleading for Jack in the final two weeks in an attempt to blunt a Harper majority), the result will see both relegated to 3rd party status. And the Media Party still questions its waining influence. Denial, it is.

  9. bluetech says:

    Off topic…consider it a reader tip :)
    PM Harper took a huge cut in his pension:

    Of course it’s all over the news….right!

    I had to ‘google’ it today.

  10. fh says:

    anyone catch the speaker admonish the ndpq Nathan Cullen for accusing
    the Government of “lying” on Friday QP as language inappropriate in the House
    it does not appear in Hansard

  11. Joanne says:

    Focus Ontario discussing McGuinty’s resignation now. Christina Blizzard on the panel.

  12. Liz J says:

    Seen any polls since McLiar closed up shop and sashayed off stage?

    They have no problem doing useless polling when the know they’ll get the result they want on nonsense like who is the most likeable but when a Liberal prorogues it’s a non-story.

  13. Liz J says:

    “Inside Dalton McGuinty’s mind” by John Robson in Ottawa Sun is an interesting read.

    It’s going to be interesting to watch the lineup ebb and flow for the leadership of the mess that Daddy Dalton created.

  14. fh says:

    O/T great speech video at SDA
    everyone needs to see and listen to this video

  15. fh says:

    Jo, I am in filter

  16. wilson says:

    Curious how the msm has not mentioned the fed Libs role in protests against PMSH when he prorogued Parliament for a couple of weeks in 2010:

    ”…..Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff addressed the crowd on Parliament Hill on Saturday afternoon, commending protesters for their campaign to send MPs back to work.

    “This is a demonstration that shows that Canadians understand their democracy, care for their democracy, and if necessary will fight for their democracy,” Ignatieff said. “This demonstration does not belong to the politicians of any party, it belongs to the Canadian people.”

    MPs were supposed to return to work Jan. 25 after a holiday break, but Harper said he moved to delay the resumption of Parliament in order to focus on strategies for Canada’s economy.

    Ignatieff said Liberal MPs will be back at work Monday, despite the prorogation, to hold public meetings….”


    • Jen says:

      MPs were supposed to return to work Jan. 25 after a holiday break, but Harper said he moved to delay the resumption of Parliament in order to focus on strategies for Canada’s economy.

      As well for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics.

      The mps didn’t complain about that one did they.

    • Joanne says:

      Curious how the msm has not mentioned the fed Libs role in protests against PMSH when he prorogued Parliament for a couple of weeks in 2010:

      Oh exactly. The silence of the federal Liberals & some media outlets about McGuinty’s prorogation is deafening. Where are the cries about democracy being threatened?

      • Gabby in QC says:

        To her credit, the Canadian Press’s Stephanie Levitz pointed out the difference between two of PM Harper’s prorogations [2008 & 2010] and Premier McGuinty’s during yesterday’s This Week with Mark Sutcliffe on CPAC.

        The CP and most of its journalists are no friends of the PM, but Levitz pointed out that PM Harper gave a definite date for when Parliament would be recalled, with the promise that his government would be presenting a budget [2008], whereas Premier McGuinty did not, with the return of the legislature up in limbo.

        The other panelist, Lawrence Martin, did not differentiate between the two, federal vs provincial prorogation. Surprise! Nor did Chretien biographer L. Martin mention that Chretien prorogued Parliament in order to avoid the AG’s report on Adscam. Maybe that’s why Martin kept averting his eyes, looking off into some unidentifiable distance.

        • Liz J says:

          Didn’t Chretien prorogue to shut down the Somali inquiry as well? Don’t suppose L. Martin would have made any mention of that one either.

          • Gabby in QC says:

            I’m not sure Chretien prorogued at the time. According to the Wiki article “The inquiry ran until 1997 when it was cut short by the government in the months before the 1997 election.”

            That suggests what took place was the dissolution of Parliament to hold an election, rather than a prorogation. However, I’m not 100% sure about that.

        • Joanne says:

          To her credit, the Canadian Press’s Stephanie Levitz pointed out the difference between two of PM Harper’s prorogations [2008 & 2010] and Premier McGuinty’s during yesterday’s This Week with Mark Sutcliffe on CPAC…

          Ah good. I must look for that online when I get a moment.

      • jon says:

        “The silence of the federal Liberals & some media outlets about McGuinty’s prorogation is deafening. Where are the cries about democracy being threatened?”

        What I’ve noticed, perhaps this is not the experience of others, is the media’s lack of incorporating public input — specifically hitting the streets for comment. Certainly in the Toronto media market — can’t speak for other news broadcasts in other cities and twons in the province — I haven’t seen a reporting hitting the streets asking “what do you think?” in reference to Queen’s Park being shut down. It seems that when they perceive something that PMSH or mayor Ford does is unpopular, they’re all too eager to get opinion from the street. Not so this time.

  17. Richco says:

    Another good column to day here http://www.torontosun.com/2012/10/19/vapourizing-the-enemy The cartoon on this page is well worth a peek.

    and also Lorrie G’s is a home run today in “Dalton Does Canada” http://www.torontosun.com/2012/10/19/dalton-does-canada

  18. Liz J says:

    Monte Solberg’s column in Ottawa Sun today: “End of Dalton McGuinty’s tilting at windmills” sums it up nicely.

    On another topic, Kevin Page, seems to be a media favourite only because he never has anything positive to say about the government who created his job. They can count on him to bolster their anti-Conservative agenda every time.

    IMO he’s a rather spooky character showing a demeanor befitting for a government doing very badly managing the economy when the opposite is the fact. Can anyone imagine him in such an office during the Chretien/Martin years and how they manipulated the bucks to fix their bottom line?

    • Joanne says:

      Excellent column by Monte. Link here.

      As for Kevin Page, I do my best to ignore him and change the channel whenever he’s on any political shows.

      • Liz J says:

        Well, PBO, Mr Sourpuss will be getting lots of attention, he’s taking the government to court, can’t get enough info to broadcast far and wide, create some ammunition for the Libs and Dipps to use.

        What benefit is it to us to know all the details anyway?

        This is a man who appears to be playing politics of the opposition variety, not quietly doing his job but rather alerting the media even before he has all the facts. What his job description entails isn’t really clear, Baird thinks he’s overstepping his boundaries.

        This “position” seems to be a waste of money, governments have to have some “secrets” because we know how things can be trumped up by the media to feed their agenda.

        Wonder how Page would handle looking into budget matters during Dastardly Dalton’s reign if he had the job at the provincial level? Would we have been saved from bankruptcy? Somehow don’t think so.

  19. fh says:

    I thought Page was hired to keep track of the Governments spending of our Taxpayer dollars not how the Government was saving Taxpayer dollars
    ndpq seem obsessed with finding out how the Conservative Canadian Government is being responsible and saving Taxpayer money
    maybe they are serious about changing their ways??????
    sarc off

  20. Richco says:

    Pay attention to THIS issue, as it has implications in Ontario as well as Quebec.

  21. fh says:

    everyone sign the petition here to ask Ontario Liberals to get back to work


  22. fh says:

    Jo I am in filter
    everyone sign Tim Hudak’s petition to ask Ontario Liberals to get the Parliament of Ontario back to work

    • jon says:

      I’m glad they’re taking the same approach they did with the HST. Surely it will damage all of the leadership candidates, as each will try and differentiate themselves from one another but remain united in defending the indefensible. And the best part about the petition is that because names are always being added to it, the media — if they do their jobs — will have to report on the ever-increasing totals, bringing it up at each and every press conference each of the contenders hold.

  23. Bec says:

    o/t re presidential debate

    O LOST! Bam! Romney’s strategy was awesome and the fact checkers have already checked that he was right with the challenges (grenades) that O tossed his way.

    Best debate!! (imo)

    • Richco says:

      bad storm knocked the power out. Saw half of the debate, half the baseball game and half the Detroit Lions football game.

      I found what I did see boring and too many diversions from questions asked.

      I heard before the debate that there were only 8% undecided. If that’s who the debate was for, I’m betting they’re still undecided.

      I find debates more theatre than any real debate of substance.

  24. Liz J says:

    Thank goodness the debates are over, although as Canadians it is of interest to us who takes the helm in the US we can do zilch about it.
    At this time it appears Romney would be the better choice for Canada’s interests and world affairs.

    For some all it takes to win a political debate is ringing the bell on the BS meter.

  25. Richco says:

    O/T – McGuinty may have knocked this issue off the radar….for now, but rural and small town Ontario voters and communities will NEVER forget.

    • Liz J says:

      Guessing rural and small town Ontario would be what Kinsella refers to as the “rural rump” who support the PC’s at this time.

      The brain power is in rural and small town Ontario while the brain free Liberal/Left voting crowd in the urban areas have the numbers to secure the brain trust. Look where that has landed us in Ontario.

      • Richco says:

        jokes on Kinsella though isn’t it Liz J.? The only rump left in Ontario will soon be his Liberals. Following in the footsteps of their federal cousins. Rump suits them for a long LONG while.
        They deserve it.

  26. Richco says:

    O/T – another Robocall accusation doesn’t pass mustard. Turns out the fault lies with an uninformed voter and not the CPC. http://o.canada.com/2012/10/22/one-of-seven-robocall-cases-sputters-out/

  27. Richco says:

    Another good column from our region today re: Bentley’s booby prize

  28. Richco says:

    Correction on a previous post. It’s wasn’t the Parliamentary finance committee where Dwight Duncan admitted that his party cancelled the gas plants because they were behind in the polls, it was the committee of the opposition investigating things. Found several links, and it should be on Hansard too but here’s just the one from the G&M from that time http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/duncan-admits-liberals-cancelled-ontario-gas-plant-when-behind-in-polls/article4427491/

  29. Richco says:

    Ont. PCs in majority territory….but it’s not solid

    my apologies for the glut of posts today. Waiting for a service guy to fix a fried TV.

    • Liz J says:

      Hey, if the PC’s can’t get a majority given the state of affairs we’re in there simply is no hope. This McGuinty romp has put us in the worst mess in memory.

      There are people, including Hudak who have been thanking McGuinty for his “service”. We are going to be paying dearly into our grand children’s generation for reign, his service is what got us here, sorry, can’t thank him for that.

      If he were my waiter serving up his plate of GREEN, I’m afraid I’d have to refuse to pay the tab let alone tip him.

    • Joanne says:

      my apologies for the glut of posts today. Waiting for a service guy to fix a fried TV

      No problem. My cable is out so I can empathize. But a fried TV? Was it from the storm last night? I would highly recommend getting a surge protector.

  30. Jen says:


    Listen to David Rutherford at the 11 am segment at the 34:36mark on 630ched audio (http://www.630ched.com/news/audiovault/) when he talks about the Gerry Caplan’s article in the G/ M :

    Culture clash splits Canadians over basic values
    Special to The Globe and Mail
    Published Saturday, Oct. 20 2012, 10:05 AM EDT


  31. Fay says:

    Dalton McGuinty having news conference live on Sun TV.

  32. Martin says:

    This earth shattering news is on page one Ottawa Citizen this morning: ‘I’ve talked it over with family and decided not to run” (Dalton McGuinty). The media party continues to play readers for fools with this story. The decision was actually made for him by Ont taxpayers, outraged by his green energy scandals and his reaction to them. This should be the main theme of the news articles, but barely mentioned; his candidacy would be a slap in the face to Canadian political sensibilities.

  33. Jen says:

    So, Dalton said or clarified to the media that his prorogation will only last 18days not months.
    Then, PM Harper two wks proragation was five days.

    Next on headline “Mc Guinty prorogues legislation for 18 days”

  34. bluetech says:

    Jo Ann…o/t sry:

    I frequently check google news for a quick look at what’s happenning. Most often I use the search engine to find out all the good stuff about our Prime Minister because he is never covered.
    Not today.
    Google news carries the story that PMSH “crashed” a wedding party.
    I read the story yesterday…it was a totally random, fun event, but Canadian reporters are twisting it as only they can.


    • Joanne says:

      I saw a bit of that on a morning news show. Pretty cool! Of course you’re right that the media can’t do anything else other than disparage him. It’s in their DNA.

      • Martin says:

        Right, the wedding party looks really, really annoyed with the PM for interupting the proceedings. Its not like they will have any pictures without PMSH.

        • Liz J says:

          The media can’t make anything of this, the wedding party were willing participants, had him in several posed photos so calling it a photo bomb is off the mark.

          Is there no end to stupidity in the jerkdom of journalism?

    • fh says:

      the msm now is against the makers of windbreakers
      who else will they defame?????????????

  35. Richco says:

    More proof….as if we needed it that McGuinty’s plan was hatched at least two month ago

  36. fh says:

    our Canadian Government working hard to improve the health of our Brave Canadian men and women that protect Canadians every day

  37. fh says:

    the speaker was a sleep today Muclair calling the Government of Canada liars twice
    Shelly Glover
    then speaker allowed the French version

  38. fh says:

    sorry Shelly Glover called a point of order on both occasions
    Speaker not doing his job

  39. Anne in swON says:

    We finally have an admission from McGuilty! The chutzpah of the man deserves all the contempt Ontarians can muster!

    “They consumed an entire week with a spurious, phoney contempt motion rather than do the people’s business,” McGuinty said when asked why he shut down all legislative business until at least February 2013.”


  40. Liz J says:

    Dalton politics: When you make a mess, you’re down and out, blame, blame, blame. Take no responsibility, take no helpful suggestions from other elected MPP’s , then shut down the democratic process when the flame get’s too close to your own backside.

    We witnessed implosion of the Federal Liberals and now the Ontario Liberals are heading down the same path.

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