Ontario post-McGuinty

Waiting for the day Dalton McGuinty leaves the Premier’s chair has been a raison d’être of this blog (among a few others.)

So it is somewhat ironic that I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this very important event but I’ll throw the topic out here to readers.

Kelly McParland has a terrific column in today’s Post. The print headline is different from the online one and pretty much says it all – “McGuinty Steps Down. Political survivor, but little more.”

Well Dalton McGuinty certainly has done an effective job trashing this province as McParland points out:

So where’s his record of big achievements? After nine years there should be a long list of notable accomplishments. No doubt the Liberal press office is even now churning out papers heaping accolades on the premier and the rich legacy he can savor in retirement, but, from the point of view of the Ontario electorate, what are the rewards of the McGuinty years?

The economy is in lousy shape. The manufacturing base has eroded and the province that was once considered the mighty engine of Canadian prosperity now pockets over $3 billion a year in equalization payments, a “have not” province that needs outside help just to get by.

The deficit is triple what it was when he came to power. Liberals marked the departure of the Eves government with gasps of horror, revealing that they’d been left with a shortfall of $5 billion by a Tory government that had claimed the books were balanced. Five billion? If Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, who delivered an economic statement just hours before McGuinty’s resignation, had been able to boast a deficit of just $5 billion he’d have been swarmed by caucus mates ready to carry him through the streets in triumph. Instead Duncan owned up to a $14.4 billion shortage.

Then there’s the prorogation aspect:

His resignation, crafty in the surprising way McGuinty has, buys his party some time. It seems unlikely the opposition will defeat the Liberals when they lack a leader, and in any case Mr. McGuinty secured them a prorogation of the legislature to gather their faculties. Remember when Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament and was assailed for kneecapping Canadian democracy? McGuinty, in his best Premier Dad demeanor, managed to do the same thing and make it sound like a last loving gift he was leaving the province.

Lots of angles to this story including the possibility of a colossal stink-bomb waiting in the wings as Trusty Tory suggests.

And will Dalton’s leaving Ontario politics mean he’ll be entering federal? Will the lemmings follow?

Stay tuned.

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Cracks show in Ontario Liberal ranks over prorogationGlobe:

On Thursday, former provincial cabinet minister and MPP Gerard Kennedy went further and called the decision to prorogue the legislature “concerning.”

And Sandy has a terrific post up: Beware McGuinty Liberal govt’s spin strategy called “Project Vapour”.

Liberals’ gas plant code names include ‘Project Apple’Star

Dalton McGuinty planned to suspend legislature before deciding to quitStar

Prorogation tool used by all partiesChristina Blizzard:

…What’s most frustrating now is that the Liberals could have continued to govern with an interim leader.

The rules are different provincially than they are federally.

Even though there’s a minority government, the Opposition could not have brought a non-confidence motion to bring them down when they’re in disarray.

The government has to bring that motion. The only way the Opposition can defeat them is on a budget bill…

That is very important. So why prorogue?

Dear Diary: Dalton McGuinty says ‘see ya!’ to OntarioNational Post:

Well, that’s it, then. I cleaned out my desk, switched off the lights, and, wouldn’t you know it, almost forgot to prorogue the legislature! After work, I brought my caucus out for milkshakes — my treat — to announce the news. “There are long, hard days ahead. Long days. A gargantuan deficit, an air ambulance service run amuck and this gas plant scandal just does not seem to be going away … well, see ya,” I said, handing the finance minister a stack of folders marked “Labour thingz.”

( . . .)

Please don’t miss the rest. It’s hilarious!

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75 Responses to Ontario post-McGuinty

  1. Liz J says:

    I’m equating McGuinty’s resignation with being robbed and the robber getting away.
    What kind of person would trash a house they’re looking after only to walk out, sit back and watch while someone else cleans it up?

    • Joanne says:

      Exactly. But in his own deluded mind he probably thinks he did a good job.

    • fh says:

      Liz J that is the best analogy

    • Jen says:

      That is why Dalton prorogued legislature so that when the next government forms he will bear the ‘HUGE’ responsiblity of cleaning up. Meanwhile Dalton recovers as if nothing had happen as if he went on a long vacation rested and is ready to return.

  2. maz2 says:

    “*Goodbye Lenin”.

    Goodbye McGuinty.

    “*The last remaining Lenin statue in Ulan Bator is hoisted away.”


  3. fh says:

    Glad to see Kady O’Malley is right on this Ontario scandal it is all our Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s fault ???????????
    Who pays Kady O’Malley sounds ndpq reasoning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joanne says:

    Apologies ahead of time if any comments get stuck in the filter over the next few days. Very busy. Thanks.

  5. Kevin says:

    He left a legacy alright! Ask the people of Caladonia, ask the Ontario Public Service employees, ask the Taxpayers of Ontario that have to pay for the Green Energy money pit for starters and the list goes on………

  6. Dave B. says:

    Why can’t the opposition form a coalition Gov’t and recall the legislature? They can’t agree on policy, however, they could keep this Power Plant SCANDAL on the front burner until all the crooks responsible for this are in jail. They can call in the auditors to trace all the money. Some of the lost money is legitimate expenses. How much was funneled back into the Liberal Party?

    • Liz J says:

      Good idea but the opposition didn’t take advantage of the McGuinty minority so they’ll likely float along, letting this abominable mess be bulldozed over.

      The idea that the federal Liberals like Kinsella would sing his praises and want him to run for the leadership is astoundingly dumbfounding.

      • Richco says:

        Liz J. – Even I can admit that McGuinty played the political game very well, but he was an awful leader.

    • Richco says:

      They can Dave B. – see Joe Warmington’s column in the Sun today. That’s exactly what he’s advocating for.

      I don’t think it’s out of the question.

      The question is though, whether Hudak and Horwath will see that possibility?

  7. Liz J says:

    Anthony Furey has a good column in the Ottawa Sun today :”Dalton McGuinty leaving Ontario in worse shape than he found it.”

    Of course Dalty says the exact opposite, he says we’re better off, this from a guy who surpassed Buffalo Bob Rae’s reign of disaster as premier.
    Chalk it up to the usual Liberal attitude, heavily inflicted with delusions of grandeur he cannot take responsibility for his actions, it’s still the fault of Mike Harris.

  8. Martin says:

    I have been predicting this for some time, still I expected him to retire last summer with some grace, rather than be forced out by the legislature. Again I underestimated the awkward gall of the man, in proroguing the legislature to prevent a non-confidence motion or further censure. I am a bit frustrated that the PCs didn’t table such a motion when they had the chance, maybe they too underestimated him.
    The Sept elections were a last desperate gambit, when that failed he was at the mercy of the opposition.
    As for any federal possibilities, I think it a complete non starter. Outside of Toronto and urban Ottawa he would have zero support. Given the fuss Ont Liberals like Rae and his brother made over prorogation of parliament, supporting him would be absurd. I suppose they could make a special case for him, but not too many would buy it.

    • Richco says:

      “As for any federal possibilities, I think it a complete non starter.”

      Have to disagree with you there Martin. Moving federally is a good strategic move for McGuinty. He’s well respected by other provinces and provincial leaders, has a winning team in place to hit the brick running AND currently there are 5 provinces that are looking for a liberal leader. McGuinty could play a huge part in those IMO as a Senior member.

      • Richco says:

        what will effectively kill McGuinty’s chances are his sorry record in Ontario where he is grossly unpopular.

  9. Richco says:

    “And will Dalton’s leaving Ontario politics mean he’ll be entering federal? Will the lemmings follow?”

    That suck of hot air you heard this morning is the collective intake and hope of the LPOC lemmings looking for an anyone but Justin Trudeau to save them.

    I think that the timing of Dalton’s provincial resignation fits in with the LPOC’s leadership election.

    Given that we all know that McGuinty will stop at nothing to get in to a position of power…including ruining a province, his ego is obviously big enough to try for the big National prize of PM. THAT would be a gift to Harper IMO.

    • Joanne says:

      At the very least Justin’s nose will be out of joint since he’s no longer the centre of attention with the liberal media.

  10. maz2 says:

    Red-Green agenda and its husband flushed down the Black Hole of socialism.

    Of socialist McGuinty’s legacy: an Ontario wasteland.

    “But the centerpiece of the McGuinty agenda was his controversial green energy policy.

    The idea here had three parts. First, electricity consumers would subsidize new forms of power generation, such as wind power, through their hydro bills. Coal would be phased out as a source of electricity generation and replaced by natural gas.”

    “Second, these green power generators (all private, incidentally) would buy their equipment from Ontario manufacturers.

    Third, to encourage foreign multinationals like South Korea’s Samsung to locate their windmill manufacturing plants in Ontario, the provincial government would offer generous subsidies.

    For a premier who prided himself on caution, the green energy policy was a remarkably daring attempt to use the power of government to rebuild Ontario’s tattered manufacturing sector.

    But like the rest of the McGuinty agenda it soon ran into trouble — from rural residents worried that windmills were making them sick, from suburbanites who didn’t want new gas turbines built near their homes, from hydro users angered by their rising energy bills.

    In the end, through a crazy-cat combination of Liberal deviousness and government incompetence, all of these contradictions came to a head.

    On Monday night, McGuinty said he realized that it was time for his party to try someone new. What he meant was that, politically, he had no choice.

    So he announced his resignation. In doing so, he took his government’s entire agenda with him.”

    “McGuinty resigns: The self-inflicted death of Dalton McGuinty’s bold agenda”


  11. Bubba Brown says:

    So he prorogues and resigns, where are the howls of outrage?
    Over proroguing of course, resigning not so much, seppuku would have been a popular choice.
    He left the bridge of the sinking SS Ontario after repeateadly ramming the iceberg of green ideology at full speed.
    He is OK , a soft landing in his golden parachute of a wonderful pension.
    Giving Justin of Trudeau a little competition? Good Grief!
    Political cartoon? Or WTF?
    Meanwhile out here on the left coast Mr Cummings and the BC Conservatives seem to have demonstrated only that a constitutional requirement for a leadership review is optional.
    Oh and if you don’t like that and the fact that the twice pensioned Mr Cummings is pulling a thousand a week out of party coffers to compensate himself for leading, hit the road!
    OT I am going to watch the Obama -Romney debate I hope the moderater is less biased this time.
    With Hillary under the bus, Oblamer needs a real good crosscheck I am hopeful.

    • wilson says:

      Hillary took responsibility then promptly blamed ‘Security experts’ for the decision to not provide more security…
      the coverup still remains, the reason a terrorist attack on 911 anniversary was called a protest against some silly youtube vid, when the Obama admin knew it was a terrorist attack

  12. wilson says:

    D McD ran away from being held accountable for the mess he made to ‘spend more time with his family’ and so ‘the Lib party in Ontario could renew’…

    so draft McD is all hype to keep the LPC on the charts and deflect from a failed Premier’s cynical prorogation.

    This is a great opportunity for Mr Hudak to grab media attention with PC’s vision to turn around the Ontario economy (no whining, no finger pointing)

    • Richco says:

      You’re right wilson. Hudak released a great policy initiative last week. All eyes should of been on him. What happened? Some of his own caucus held a new conference on the abortion issue at the same time. SOOOO, you can guess what happened can’t you? The long-awaited policy papers were trumped in the next day’s headlines by his own people.

      Can you feel our frustration?

      • wilson says:

        The PCs have to get with the program, promote ONE agenda, not their agenda….. their leaders agenda! Don’t derail the campaign (which started last week)

        For (have not) Ontarians the #1 issue is jobs and the economy,
        #2 jobs/ economy
        #3 jobs/ economy

  13. fh says:

    this video ad by Thomas Peterffy speaks the TRUTH

  14. Richco says:

    while too many were gushing over McGuinty today leave it to SNN to come up with some hard facts here https://www.facebook.com/sunnewsnetwork

  15. Joanne says:

    Whew! You guys have been busy! Several comments released from the filter.

  16. Moebius says:

    A complete failure since the beginning of his leadership. I remember the “Fair Share Health Tax” lie well. The subsequent scandals and corruption are really Opposition Party failures, as they never seem able to capitalize on them.

    Time for Hudak to offer a truly fiscally conservative alternative, or Horwath will gather the left-over anything-but-Liberal votes. Put a muzzle on the social conservatives, or it will be another Liberal government.

    • Jen says:

      I would rather have another liberal to take over Dalton’s place. Putting a CP will only end up being blamed for Dalton’s disaster. No, let another liberal sucker deal with the problem for a change.

  17. ed says:

    O/T: Obama versus Romney.

    Hard to believe initial reaction from media commentators that Obama won tonight. Were they watching and listening to the same town hall meeting?? Although Obama did better than his last performance (which is not saying much), there’s no way he won. I believe Romney was an easy winner. He scored decisively on more than four occasions. I’m shocked by the initial comments by the pundits on PBS, Brooks and Shields. IMHO

    • Bec says:

      I agree, Ed. What the heck were they watching? Obama will be outed once the fact checkers get going and in particular his oil and gas garbage as well as his Rose Garden recollection on that ‘terror’ word that he used in a completely different context.

      Al he did was attack, attack, attack and never once really said a single tangible thing he would do differently. A typical, defensive reaction.

    • wilson says:

      Obama won the ‘performance’ in the same way he won the election … but Romney definitely won ‘hope for change of direction’ . And that seems to be what Americans are looking for.
      Candy Crowley was jaw droppingly pushed around by Obama, like a star struck fan.

  18. Liz J says:

    Well anyone watching the debate who can say Obama won were definitely hearing and seeing something I didn’t see. The moderator seemed to think she had the right to help Obama out with the Libya question, they were lying, it took them fourteen days to declare it was a terrorist act. Shouldn’t anyone paying attention to the news not be aware of that?

    IMO, Obama was sputtering through and he was nervous.

    • Fay says:

      It looked to me like this question on Libya was rehearsed by Obama and Candy Crowley. Obama pointed at the moderator and requested she play the transcript to support his words . Candy looked at Romney and defended the president. Romney stood in disbelief staring at the moderator!!!
      The CNN panel spent an hour defending the president and Candy Crowley on the Bengaze tragedy. I got the impression that CNN were prepared for this defence with selected quotes from the rose garden.

  19. Liz J says:

    Well, if the Liberals think Windmill McGuinty ,who left Ontario in a hell of a mess, he simply walked out, shut the door on all his scandals by proroguing and they think Canada will benefit from his leadership?
    How thick can they get? Is Liberalism that sick?

  20. Jen says:

    Read this article:

    Bob Rae, King of proroguing: Blizzard

    As Ontario premier, this former Dipper put the Legislature on hiatus 3 times




    Check this one out as well:

    The Prorogue Score.


  21. Martin says:

    Jen: “I would rather have another liberal to take over Dalton’s place”.

    I appreciate the sentiment, but those of us desperately involved in the wind development fight, cannot afford another Liberal-NDP regime. The plan of the McGuinty team is to get as many wind plants as possible under comstruction, so that a succeeding government will have to accept them. I have no faith in a Liberal, or NDP regime to change course on wind development, it is their main energy policy.
    A PC government would hopefully initiate a moratorium on construction, while waiting for serious health risk studies. I see this as a first step to biting the bullet and ending the FIT gravy train, and beginning the costly process of cancelling other wind factory contracts. Better now than in the future, when more massive projects are built.

  22. fh says:

    World Statesman PM Stephen Harper
    I am proud to be a Canadian

  23. ed says:

    O/T: further comments on the Obama – Romney town hall meeting:

    We watched the whole thing and jotted down our impressions:

    Romney was convincing, Obama was unconvincing. Obama got in some low blows. He keeps calling Romney a liar. Obama was struggling. He keeps on attacking Romney. Romney is well-prepared, doing very well. Good retorts by Romney. Romney cites Canada on several occasions, referring to the pipeline and low corporate taxes (15%). – showing viewpoints similar to Stephen Harper’s government. Obama goes off topic a number of times. Romney was well-spoken, clear – better than Obama. – correcting Obama’s comments about him more than a few times. Obama counted on his rhetoric as usual. Both were guilty of not responding to the questions asked by the people present, more so Obama. Near the end, Obama was grasping at straws by talking about everything other than the question asked. Obama made the most interruptions and used up time that was Romney’s. Romney nailed Obama, at the beginning, on four occasions. After that, I stopped counting but there were more to come. As for Romney’s comment, “binders full of women”, a “real” woman would not be offended by such a reference in the context in which it was uttered. Of course, the media makes a big deal out of it. The reality is that Romney was actively looking for women to be in his cabinet. That doesn’t sound like a man with little respect for women. Sadly, some women will not vote for him because of his comment. How absurd!! If women want to be equal, they’ll have to get beyond that attitude. IMHO.

  24. ed says:

    Well, I just found someone else that believes Romney won the town hall meeting:

    “Second Debate . . . Why Romney Won BIG Wednesday, October 17, 2012
    By: Howard Galganov”

    “As I’ve written in the past . . . DON’T LISTEN TO THE INSIDER PUNDITS. They are just as disconnected, with a few exceptions, as are the politicians they comment about.”

    “Perhaps Ryan wouldn’t have missed opportunities as they say he did if Ryan wasn’t continuously interrupted by Biden (82 times), ….”

    “IN FACT . . . Romney was RIGHT – and Crowley was wrong, REALLY-REALLY WRONG, for which she almost immediately apologized for AFTER the debate was over. ”

    “How many times does Romney have to explain his simple FIVE-PART recovery plan, before people who say that there is no plan on the table finally get it?”

    “… all they have to do is go to Romney’s Web Site and read the detailed FIFTY-SEVEN point plan . . .”

    “I heard FOX News’ Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren state how an aggressive debate like this is offensive to women . . . WHAT? I think a comment like that by Kelly and Van Susteren is offensive to women.”

    “IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . Romney Cleaned-Obama’s-Clock – and the last debate on Monday will be the final nail in the coffin …”


  25. Liz J says:

    If, as has been reported, US authorities “repeatedly warned CFIA over safety problems at XL food facilities” and we have had products put on the market containing e-coli, who is really minding the store?

    • Gabby in QC says:

      I don’t want to minimize the seriousness of food safety but the way this has been covered by the usual suspects is not surprising. The reality is that many foods present dangers if handled improperly, be it in the processing plant or in one’s home. For example:

      Having said that, I’m going to engage in what many readers may consider my usual annoying sing-song: the Harper Government’s communications strategy sucks. By now, the Conservatives should have realized that the majority of the media hates them, so why run away from the media and behave like the three wise monkeys of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” fame? Instead of avoiding the media, thus allowing them to fill in the blanks …
      • The Agriculture Minister should have shown more concern, even if it entailed some dramatic emoting, rather than saying matter-of-factly no tainted meat had reached the shelves. That seems to have not been the case, if reports are to be believed. The Minister staying away from QP for two or three days only added to the opposition’s claims that he wasn’t being truthful. Even if he was involved in talks with CFIA officials during his absence — absence which was never made clear — he should have been more available to the media, holding pressers.

      • The Health Minister and the Chief Public Health Officer should have held press conferences at the earliest indication of the outbreak, advising the public on how to properly handle foods, beef in particular, also explaining what the symptoms of E. coli are.

      • The public should have been advised that if they had any doubts about the meat in their freezers/fridges, they should cook it thoroughly, or dispose of the meat, or return it to the store where they bought it. The minute I heard there was a recall, I checked to see which retailers were involved, and seeing “my” supermarket listed, I promptly returned the meat I had bought the day before. I was refunded, no problem.

      • Either the PM or the Agriculture Minister should have promised a full investigation & public disclosure of what went wrong and what penalties, if any, would apply to XL Foods once the investigation had been completed.

      Staying away from the media accomplishes the reverse of what is intended. It only goads them into trying to find or even create more negative “news”. Like they themselves like to put it: you have to throw them (the media) some red meat once in a while.

  26. Liz J says:

    Wondering if people realize even though McGuinty has prorogued things will still be done and we won’t know a damned thing about it. He will be doing things his way, no opposition.
    Just because he doesn’t want to show up for work doesn’t mean the PC’s and NDP have to stay home.

    What’s stopping them from sittng in the house and keeping track of and informing us of just what the sneaks are up to?

  27. Bubba Brown says:

    Ed @ 10:52 Candy threw Obama a softball allowing him to fluff himself up and manfully say that Hillary worked for him He is the boss of her.
    This was predicted and I think rehearsed.
    Obama said to Candy “read the transcript” “read it louder” as if a speech made a month ago, hardly noticed, would be in front of her.
    If it was indeed in front of her, indeed how else could she “read the transcript”
    For the record Obama still has not called the Benghazi attack terrorism anywhere I can find.
    They have stopped blaming some silly video and apologizing for it, the damage is however been done.
    Obama still did not answer that mans question, he did seek him out for some face time after the “debate” and turned on the star power, with some lame story about “endangering Americans” if he said who was responsible. Bullsh*t.
    He is responsible.
    I think this was a setup from the git-go.
    But this is just one old guys opinion, Candy and Obama had practiced this little two-step.

  28. Bubba Brown says:

    Indeed Fay! Media here are just as much about their favorites also, as they are down south.
    They simply are not interested when a story goes against their favorites.
    That gave rise to “new media” Drudge broke the Clinton/Lewinsky story.
    Sun broke the Velvet touch story.
    We are here, we are watching, and now our MSM presstitutes are all enamored of Justin boo-boo.
    Funny how good old global warming is gettin’ colder.
    Al Gore is gettin’ invisible and Suzuki is going quiet.
    I just don’t like getting peed on by some non entity with a microphone who is trying to tell me it’s raining.
    They don’t speak for us!

    • Martin says:

      The news that the planet may not have warmed significantly in the last 17 years has not reached CBC. They have the headline up reporting that the disbanded Roundtable on Economy and Environment recomends Canada moving to a low carbon economy. This is sort of the strategy that worked so well for McGuinty in Ont. I’m sure that P&P will highlight this report later today.

      • Jen says:

        My environment is:

        The media is getting colder while we are getting warmer or shall I say hot on their case.

  29. Joanne says:

    Just back from a little three-day jaunt. Thanks for keeping things going here everyone!

    Will take me a bit of time to catch up.

  30. Sandy says:

    Jo — I thought your readers might be interested in my latest post. I guess its hard to stay completely away from politics. LOL

    Here is the link.

    • Richco says:

      I read your post Sandy and think that in the coming months the more we learn about how Project Vapour was a strategic plan to cover-up what McGuinty’s Liberals were doing AND that the higher-ups were calling the shots, the more criminal this is going to become.

      Kinsella’s [alleged] role in all of this – throw up a smoke screen, which he [allegedly] did by his diversionary spin of McGuinty heading to federal politics.

      I believe that this exit has been planned and timed for at least a month(or more). Signs and cracks developed that didn’t add up.

      I hope that whoever is elected by the Liberals to be the next Premier realizes that when the specifics of Project Vapour start to surface, the provincial Liberals could find themselves soundly in third party opposition status for a very VERY long time.


      [Slight edit by Blog Admin due to penchant of a certain named person to allegedly threaten lawsuits.]

    • Joanne says:

      Great post Sandy!

      Project Vapour would also likely still be buried if the Liberals had won the Kitchener-Waterloo byelection. And I doubt McGuinty would have stepped down.

  31. Sandy says:

    Richco, I believe you are right in that this issue could have the same outcome for Ontario Liberals as the federal Liberals — third party status — unless Toronto voters aren’t paying attention again.

  32. Tripper523 says:

    I know we’re talking about McFlinty’s new Empty Chair and the latest perogy, which of course is somehow attributable to “the wiles” of Mr. Harper, having collaborated with the GG this revolutionary concept of “if you can’t fix it, dismiss it.” We all know however, and as the beloved Sun Media so appropriately pointed out (the lone true spotlight), there is no comparison between one provincial leader “retiring to avoid accountability” and a national leader showing accountability by “avoiding the fruition of a coalition conspiracy”. These events affect us directly and immediately, but I’m still compelled to leave this sideshow for the big show to the south, where Romney tries to unseat the biggest empty chair in the world. Tonight they’re sparring in fun at a dinner event, which is always entertaining in a prescribed lighthearted interlude. The last debate revealed considerably more qualities possessed by these two presidential candidates. Ed, I agree with all of your observations and am again astounded (but not surprised) at the overreaction of certain defamatory Leftie media types who will amplify certain misguided perceptions to suit their own cravings for sabotage. You’re right when you state that “real” women would not be offended by the speed-of-tongue, condensed description “binders full of women”. One iota of insight is enough to realize that Romney wasn’t referring to a catalog, the sorts of which most of these paranoiac hypocrites already subscribe to. Mitt’s candidness and enthusiasm came across in a lot more passionate expression of concern for his country’s future than did the incumbent O-bomb-a, who appeared to be desperately trying (and failing) to get that elusive toe-hold.

  33. ed says:

    Tripper523 says:
    October 18, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    “Mitt’s candidness and enthusiasm came across in a lot more passionate expression of concern for his country’s future than did the incumbent O-bomb-a, who appeared to be desperately trying (and failing) to get that elusive toe-hold.”

    Tripper523, precisely!! Romney definitely had the passion and he displayed intensity in his comments. Looking forward to the next debate on Monday. :-)

  34. ed says:

    Bubba Brown says:
    October 18, 2012 at 11:43 am

    “For the record Obama still has not called the Benghazi attack terrorism anywhere I can find.”

    Hi, Bubba. The next debate on Monday should be interesting. Listening to an American station, I heard that the Benghazi attack will be on the agenda among other items. I think the topics will be on international affairs, if I heard correctly.

    As for media bias, I was astonished to hear it coming from the mouths of Brooks and Shields after the town meeting. These guys are on PBS and usually they do not show bias. Even after the first debate, they were lukewarm towards Romney giving him only an edge. However, a couple of days later, they changed their tune acknowledging that Obama suffered a big setback. Biased or simply getting it wrong, makes you wonder at times?

  35. Bubba Brown says:

    Ed @ 11:00 Hi yourself Ed, I guess I am not the only one to see the set-up an excellent analysis at SDA.
    It is kind of weird that Obama walked directly to Kerry Ladka.
    Who is no undecided voter apparently a occupy fan.
    Some debater Obama, even when he knows the question he can’t make the play.
    Michele jumps right in clapping she knew too.
    Obama is sinkin’ and stinkin’ Nov 7 can’t come soon enough.

  36. Gabby in QC says:

    For another side of the presidential candidates
    H/T SDA

    Romney was outstanding, Obama so-so.

    • Liz J says:

      Agree, Romney was outstanding. Loved his poke at Biden….”he’ll laugh at anything”.

    • wilson says:

      Obama seemed to have to dig deep to not appear like he felt defeated, imo. Where was wife Michelle O??
      In 2nd debate Obama said ‘when I WAS President…’ crickets about that slip from the media.

  37. fh says:

    for anyone who missed this worth a look at Hunter’s
    I laughed till I cried


  38. fh says:

    sorry I didn’t see your post Gabby
    great stuff worth pointing to by all who saw it

    • Gabby in QC says:

      No problem whatsoever, Fh. My post was borrowed from SDA and as you said, good stuff needs to be shared, not just the negative stuff.

  39. Richco says:

    Ok Ontario PCs WTFs with this stuff?? It’s not helping.

  40. fh says:

    found on the internet I am not sure of the author but I like it

  41. Liz J says:

    It’s being alleged London’s Mayor and former Liberal MP dipped into federal coffers to pay for his son’s wedding. It wasn’t chump change either, some $20 thousand bucks. We do put on lavish spreads now don’t we?

    Did he think it would pass without notice as a venue for a Liberal government gathering? Say it isn’t so Joe.

    Isn’t this the same fella who called on our PM to “get his ass down here”?

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