Has Dalton McGuinty run out of political lives?


Dalton McGuinty is stepping down!!!

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Christina Blizzard isn’t mincing words in her latest column – Gas plant scandal should finish McGuinty Liberals:

Let’s just call it the way it is.

They lied.

Premier Dalton McGuinty lied.

Liberal House leader John Milloy lied. Energy Minister Chris Bentley lied.

They all assured us, solemn-faced, that all the documents regarding the controversial cancellation of two power plants — one in Mississauga, the other in Oakville — had been released.

Then, on a Friday afternoon on a week when the House isn’t sitting, the Ontario Power Authority quietly dumped another 20,000 documents…

The McGuinty Government is obviously either incompetent or deceitful – or possibly a dangerous mixture of the two.

The question now is how will Ontarians react? It used to be that the top two parties were the default options, but now the NDP is gaining ground and that might embolden Andrea Horwath to join Tim Hudak in voting non-confidence. But the leaders will need input from the voters as to how enraged they are, and what the next step should be.

Has Dalton McGuinty overstayed his welcome as Premier? Let them know.

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Phantom Observer has a new poll up: Do You Think The McGuinty Government Will Survive Its 2013 Budget? Frankly I would have a hard time making a decision on this one. It shouldn’t survive – but will it? Depends how much more incompetence and lying the opposition leaders can stomach I guess.

This is on the CTV Kitchener website – More documents on cancelled gas plants released: PCs want Bentley’s resignation:

The Tories said they would pursue a second contempt motion, this time including Premier Dalton McGuinty and government house leader John Milloy, who also told the legislature that all relevant documents had been released.

Of course John Milloy is MPP for Kitchener Centre. For now.

And Neo highlights a story showing that the $40 Million is likely just the beginning of the Oakville seat-saver bill.

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62 Responses to Has Dalton McGuinty run out of political lives?

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  2. Thucydides says:

    The real problem is while the McGuinty government is clearly not fit to govern, neither of the other parties have really demonstrated they are ready for prime time either.

    If there is an election, look for a minority Conservative government and an endless round of bickering and obstruction rather than swift, firm action to cut the deficit and take care of the debt, offer tax relief and other economic recovery strategies.

  3. Martin says:

    In any normal political situation the McGuinty government would be long gone, given the number and scope of their scandals. The one thing keeping them in power is Andrea Horwath, who fears a PC government worse than a Liberal regime. See this link from SDA for the utter futility of any government based green job initiatives.


    This is one of the largest wind technology firms in the world; if they cannot exist without huge government subsidies, what use are they to Ont? This gives just some indication of McGuinty’s green energy future.

  4. Bubba Brown says:

    Indeed Jo, the idea that somehow if enough of others (taxpayers) money is spent it will cure the “imagined” ills of the world.
    The flaky politicians jumped on the green bandwagon, because they saw a way to raise taxes exponentially, while claiming the high ground.
    When VP Joe Biden stopped laughing for long enough to pledge his faith re abortion, it was an ah-ha moment for me.
    You see that a Liberal while he may be a Catholic, buddhist, whatever would not push upon you what he “personally” believes, right ?
    Of course not, but you WILL damn well pay for it, over and over windmills, abortions, sex reassignment.
    We are treated this week to the “news story” that Obama is sequestered at a golf course cramming for the debate tuesday.
    A little like a weight watchers meeting next to the desert table at a buffet.
    If he has not figured out in four long years of endless vacations what the hell is going on in America, four more days or decades ain’t going to do it IMO.
    He thought he was stepping into a debate with his old party media construct of Mitt Romney.
    Old media thought he was the messiah, how small he looked when he was talking to someone who actually earned his place at the podium.
    Tuesday debate is going to be worse for Obama than the last one.
    IMO a meltdown is entirely possible.
    Liberals, socialists simply can’t handle reality.

    • Joanne says:

      We are treated this week to the “news story” that Obama is sequestered at a golf course cramming for the debate tuesday.
      A little like a weight watchers meeting next to the desert table at a buffet.

      Ha! Good line. 😉

  5. Richco says:

    the PCs have a few problems too. Blizzard highlights those here…..

  6. Richco says:

    Here’s beauty column from John Snobelen

    Two previous posts stuck in filter Joanne.

  7. Richco says:

    A similar take on the split in the Hudak ranks from Cohen here. I can’t say how I feel about this, but I’m becoming numb to all things provincial these days. I don’t know why and I don’t know what will change that. It’s never happened before to me.

  8. Richco says:

    more stuck Joanne – sorry. I should know not to post links but there are some good ones to get us thinking provincially.

    I’m glad my region threw Dalton’s party OUT last election and if there’s another one the PCs will win this riding again only because the local candidate is strong. I’m not sure the provincial party will have much to do with the vote because we see the divisions out here also between rural and urban party interests.

  9. Richco says:

    McGuinty will not make it to the 2013 budget IMO.

  10. Richco says:

    two posts stuck in filter.

  11. Liz J says:

    If ever there were a time to put forth a non-confidence motion against a sitting government this McGuinty regime is it. Any opposition supporting this mess is not doing their job. The NDP and the PC’s are at this point part of the problem by looking after self interest at the expense of the whole province.

    Never mind the crap about not being able to afford an election, too late for that when we’ve reached the point of not being able to afford any more bone headed maneuverings by the government in power who think money grows on trees and wind turbines and gas plants.

  12. Liz J says:

    So it’s been alleged Chris Bentley lied, where was his leader when this all went down? Why would McGuinty not come out and correct him?

    Who is really at fault? Whose ass is being covered in a case like this?
    In our political system does the buck not stop with the leader?

    • Richco says:

      McGuinty not only corrected him but through Bentley under his bus.

      You’re asking questions we all know the answer to Liz J – big question, if an election is held tomorrow I know that my riding will re-elect our PC MPP.

      Can we say that about the other ridings yet? That’s the elephant in our room.

      The outcome of the next election may be something we don’t like.

  13. Richco says:

    not even my posts with no links are getting through now.

    • Joanne says:

      Not sure why this is happening Richco. I checked the filter and none of your parameters are there.

      On another note, I have a busy week ahead so I may not be able to rescue comments from the filter in a timely fashion.

  14. Liz J says:

    Rather rainy and grey day today in this neck of the woods…anyone else watch QP with Kevie Newman today? What a bunch of experts. I don’t know why some of those smart journos don’t get the urge to run for office, they have all the answers. The Conservatives and that Harper fellow just can’t seem to do anything right.

    • Joanne says:

      Yeah I’m giving up on them. Total snooze.

      • Richco says:

        I’ve stopped watching CTV totally for news and/or political interest shows.

        I have the power to choose, so I’m making use of it by watching what encourages me rather than frustrates me.

        That’s the great thing about choice. It empowers the audience in ways we’ve never experienced before.

  15. Dave B. says:

    Don’t count him out yet. I recently visited Toronto and people there are just plain weird. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings any if the big earthquake predicted to hit California someday actually hit and erased everything below the 401 and between the 410 & 404.

    • Joanne says:

      Well I have some family members living in Toronto so I’m not hoping for an earthquake myself. Torontonians are their own special breed though. I think it’s something in the water.

    • Richco says:

      Dave B. – I was surprised when I was in Toronto. Listening to talk radio along the way – a station based out of Toronto. Couldn’t believe the number of callers who called in saying that they’d still vote for McGuinty if an election were held today.

      Stunningly stupid. I think Toronto should adopt the Liberal Lemming as their official animal.

      Busy week also Joanne – I actually made a point of not watching ANY news since Friday and I have to say I feel much better for it. What’s that tell you?

  16. Jen says:

    Richco, Joanne, I feel relaxed not watching any news. AHHHH……do you hear that? Silence.

  17. Joanne says:

    McGuinty’s leaving!!!! Check out Twitter.

  18. fh says:

    Dalton McGuinty just stepped down asking a new Liberal leader be chosen at the Ontario Liberal Party convention

  19. fh says:

    I surmise WK will be on this prorogue of the Ontario parliament

  20. Bruce says:

    The NDP and PC’s will vote non confidence at the earliest opportunity now, that is if the legislature sits again before the Liberals mandate runs out.

    • Joanne says:

      Parliament is prorogued so no vote.

      • Joanne says:

        Brian Lilley talking about that right now. The committees will be shut down so no more contempt motions. No Dalton McGuinty etc. being forced to appear. Slime.

        • Liz J says:

          Slime for sure, real SLIME. It’s going to be hard to defend this and retain an ounce of credibility.

          WK, come on down!

      • Bruce says:

        So, will the Liberals try to rule by Order in Council from now until their mandate runs out?

        That would be political suicide.

  21. Liz J says:

    So isn’t that just ducky, things got too hot, McGuinty has fled Hell’s kitchen.
    As for that word “prorogue”, it’s only a bad thing when Conservatives do it.

  22. Martin says:

    Just happened to be watching CTV when the announcement was made. There is no coverage, no details the story is simply ignored. Over at CBC, the same routine news stories about J Trudeau and the marriage of Russell Crowe and consumer debt. Really interesting their take on important news.

  23. Gabby in QC says:

    I don’t have an opinion on Dalton McGuinty’s resignation but I heard about it on Power & Politics. After Jamie Watts’ discussion with Solomon, the “Firing Line” panel, comprised of pseudo-conservative representative Steve Carter, ex-MP Mark Holland, and President of the NDP Rebecca Blaikie discussed McGuinty’s resignation.

    What struck me about that discussion? How Solomon allowed Holland to monopolize the conversation, with Carter being a close second, and Blaikie being mostly ignored.

    Why did the way the discussion proceeded strike me as strange? Because in a previous segment two women interviewed by Solomon argued that, as opponents of the Northern Gateway pipeline, they, like most women, have a different perspective on issues, unlike the “industrialized” (?) men’s perspective.

    So is that why Blaikie’s opinion on McGuinty’s resignation was largely ignored? Not that I long to listen to NDP-ers! But the two segments were a clear illustration of “progressives” saying one thing and doing another.

  24. wilson says:

    Spinsella on SunTV hinting Dahlton might take a run at the Fed Lib leadership,
    Spinsella predicts he would win, distances himself from being a little Pet guy!!!

    • wilson says:

      only a Liberal could blow 3/4 of $billion of taxpayers money, to save 3 seats and be qualified to run and win the Lib crown…..
      what a shameless lot eh

  25. Gabby in QC says:

    Something else struck me during today’s P&P.

    Twice or three times it was mentioned that Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney said ”Why don’t I become a circus clown?” in reply to a question about whether he planned to vie for the federal Liberal leadership.

    Carney’s retort was interpreted — wrongly, IMO — as a pejorative judgment on politics, describing it as a circus. Sorry, but I think Carney wanted to indicate to the media that keeps asking the same silly question just how silly their questions are, given the two prestigious positions he currently occupies.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much of journalism is interpretation and how little is factual information.

  26. Jen says:

    I don’t think Hudak or any sane person would want to take on McGuinty disaster to later be blamed for it while Dalton walks. Let the NDP take over, maybe she might do an excellent job.

    Prorogation is only good when the libs and ndp uses it.

    • Joanne says:

      Andrea Horwath did give a great scrum after the announcement.

    • Martin says:

      Difficult as it is to imagine, the NDP would be worse, much worse than McGuinty’s Liberals. Horwath’s green energy policies are even more radical; they voted for the GEA and supported wind energy initiatives whenever a vote was held. It doesn’t take too long a memory to recall the chaos of Bob Rae’s regime. Rural Ont cannot abide another green energy government.

  27. Joanne says:

    I’m thinking Dalton’s going for the next shiny ring. Look out Justin!!

  28. jon says:

    I demand David McGuinty SLAM his brother for proroguing the legislature just the way he slammed PMSH on that issue. Will the PPG put him in that position? Don’t hold your breath. As an Ont MP, David has that obligation since the people of Ottawa-South, whom he claims to represent, now cannot get answers into the gas plant scandal.

    Also, found it humorous that Gerard Kennedy’s name came up as a possibility to run and replace McLiar. Boy, wouldn’t that be something? A guy who, like so many other federal Libs, questioned PMSH during the 2008 prorogation, slammed PMSH, more importantly questioning the PM’s commitment to democratic principles while he himself — assuming he ran and won — would be premier of Ont without being elected by its citizens.

  29. fh says:

    Who pays this person? Kady O’Malley
    What a lot of scandal attempting based on LIES!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Richco says:

    On Sept. 12 here I wrote “Dalton’s on his way out. He’ll prorogue provincial parliament just ahead of the Christmas break or sooner if there’s more work-to-rules, the Liberals would be in to a leadership race and quickly we’ll be in to a spring election in Ontario.”

    Pretty close.

    I think the political outcome in Ontario is a crap shoot right now.

  31. Richco says:

    Kinsella makes a very good case for McGuinty heading to federal politics on his blog. You’ll have to go read it because I’m not linking it here. Nothing right now is out of the question IMO.

  32. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Expecting a rather soggy Ottawa Citizen on my porch tomorrow morning. Rain? Frost? No……editorial drool.

    Robert Fife, on CTV news reported that the McGuinty government has been beset by minor scandals. MINOR!

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