Dalton suddenly MIA on Dutch Disease

In the wake of the powerful blowback against Thomas Mulcair and his anti-west sentiments, I have to wonder why Dalton McGuinty isn’t out there supporting the Leader of the Opposition in his Dutch Disease ramblings.

After all the Ontario Premier uttered similar “simplistic” musings earlier this year. Did he since have a change of heart?

Obviously Tom Mulcair didn’t learn a thing from the backlash McGuinty received, but the whole thing does have me wondering if Andrew Coyne is right (if I interpret the implications of his argument correctly).

Is Dalton McGuinty finally realizing that Ontarians see themselves as more in sync ideologically with the hard-working West than the entitled East?

Or as Coyne says, does “oil-consuming Ontario now sees its interests aligned with the oil-producing West?”

Certainly the recent student riots in Quebec must be having a negative affect on that old Ontario-Quebec alliance.

The way forward is westward.


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46 Responses to Dalton suddenly MIA on Dutch Disease

  1. Bec says:

    Dalton started the attacks against the West and in particular AB with his Copenhagen koolaid drinking rant. The weakling Premier of AB at the time was lacking the intestinal fortitude to bite back and with the media sheeple in Dalton (and Jean’s) back pocket, Ontario voters were likely empowered to support this inept green guru.

    NOW he is losing the farm and maybe, just maybe Ontario voters who supported this man’s chaos are feeling like fools.
    Unless they plan to shut down the auto industry and ride bikes on the 401, continue to watch a deficit reach a point that their great-grandchildren will still be paying, I predict they are waking up and he knows it.
    AS well, his bff baby brother is a federal LIB and to let Mulcair be an idiot could be motivated by an intention to bolster that camps chances too.

    Regardless. had it not been for the very popular Premier Wall, this statement from Mulcair would have been a 1 day story because we elected a Dalton dud too.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Does anyone have the statistics about how many lucrative jobs in Ontario and Quebec are directly related to manufacturing equipment and providing services to the oil , energy and mining industries in the West?
    Money talks louder than blowhard ego maniac NDP socialists.

    • Blame Crash says:

      And let’s not forget to mention all those things that are manufactured in Ontario that operate from oil products. Things like Fords, Chevys, Chryslers, etc, etc…
      But I suppose that Mr. Comical Ali Mulclair, being the economic and technological genius he styles himself to be, would, at the same time he’s forcing the shut down of the Alberta economy would also force these manufacturers to use electric motors that run off of Quebec electricity.
      You see, that’s what this is really all about. It’s about knee capping the West and Canada as a whole, while also manipulating and rigging things so that the lazy free loading Quebec louts can just live high off the hog whilst doing as little as possible. Equalization payments and Churchill Falls are just two examples of this sort of corrupt scheme of theirs.
      This is just a continuation of what they have been doing all these years so it’s no big surprise to see this Quebec buffoon want to carry on these sort of low brow tactics.

  3. Mary T says:

    Another statistic needed is how many workers in AB commute back and forth to other provinces, and send their money home to keep them off welfare. I would love to see a mass rally in Fort Mac (the unofficial capital of NFLD) of all those workers.
    Que turned their back on the Queen years ago, how about those workers turning their backs on mulcair when he shows up.

  4. jad says:

    Sorry to go O/T so early in the thread, but I have a question about the judge’s ruling tossing out the result of the last election in Boris W’s riding.

    I understand that there were 79 “irregularities”, but why would anyone assume that ALL of them, or even ANY of them benefitted the Tory candidate ? Those people could just as easily have voted for Boris W., or anyone else on the ballot, and no-one can prove which way it was.

    It seems to me ridiculous to penalize someone (the Tory guy) for something he didn’t do, didn’t control, and possibly didn’t even know about. If, as the judge says, it was all Elections Canada’s fault, then surely the fairest course of action is to criticize them, and move along, not ask for a do-over.

    • Joanne says:

      The worst part was when Mulcair got on his soapbox and tried to link it to the Tories and robocalls. That was extremely disingenuous and further undermines Mulcair’s credibility as a leader.

  5. Bubba Brown says:

    The “Disease” is rampant socialism, absurd entitlement, belief in a fairy story of Environmental Armageddon.
    The progressive socialist types whether NDPQ-F’ers or Liberals are still dreaming of a Unicorn that will c**p rainbow fairy cakes and pay for their green fantasy.
    I think it is time for the people in this country that are paying for this nonsense to give one of these fools a tune-up.
    Mr Muclair would be a good place to start, ignorant and arrogant with an anger management problem, some “leader”
    Let them know what real people think of their stupidity and wasteful ways.
    The spoiled little “boycotters” are in wah-wah mode this morning, about time.
    “Every Generation Of Western Civilization is invaded by Barbarians, they are called children Hannah Arendt”
    This is the first invasion I am aware of Hannah, maybe “entitlement infection” would be more accurate.
    To which I must add My parents generation lived through the depression, fought a world war against dictators and fascists.
    They handed us the boomers the greatest period of prosperity for ordinary people in the history of this planet.
    Canada was part of the invasion of Europe we never took any more land from any of the Countries that we invaded then that was needed and necessary to bury our dead.
    Some 67 years later some dweeb from Belgium after wandering around Canada for a couple of weeks, starts flapping his waffle hole about what we are doing wrong?
    It’s time people got off the couch and took ownership of this Canada back. JMO

  6. wilson says:

    Ontario Facts

    •The oil sands will generate roughly 858,000 person years of employment for the province of Ontario. That is enough work to employ 34,000 Ontario residents for twenty-five years.
    Investment and Economy

    •Oil sands development will contribute up to $63 billion to Ontario’s GDP over the
    next 25 years.

    Taxes and Royalties

    •Oil sands production and development activities could generate up to $444 billion in taxes and royalty revenue for Canadian governments. After Alberta, Ontario will contribute the most oil sands-related revenue at $20.5 billion.

    •In more than 40 years, oil sands mining has disturbed about one hundredth of one per cent of the Canadian Boreal forest (704 km2). This is less than one-fourteenth the size of the Greater Toronto Area.

  7. Bocanut says:

    With apologies to a true Canadian icon-Stompin’ Tom Connors.
    Stompin Tom Mulcair’s new theme song:

    Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s ‘Question Period’ tonight.
    Tensions grow, the media blows, and the scrum slides down the floor.
    The reporters bump ’cause Barton’s plump and NDP rookies all go insane.
    When someone roars, “Thomas is a whore”, at the good ol’ bash the West Game.

    :: CHORUS ::
    OH! The good ol’bash the West game, is the best game you can name.
    And the best game you can name, is the good ol’ bash the West game.

    • Joanne says:

      Pretty funny! The only part I personally don’t like is the Barton reference. I don’t like fat jokes myself, and I don’t think she’s even in that category.

      • Bocanut says:

        I agree,
        I would have put Duffy in there but he’s not longer part of the Ottawa journaloser cabal.

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  9. Mary T says:

    Who is surprised the judge made his decision when the PM would be out of the country and an appeal must be made in 8 days, starting with a long week end. It must be appealed, regardless that the media says if it is it proves the PM is afraid to face the voters. How many other close election results could be overturned if this is allowed to go undefended.

  10. Liz J says:

    Can anyone imagine this happening if the Liberals were in the winning circle? Just because the Conservative candidate won the opposition and their media hacks will use this opportunity to lay all blame on the Conservatives. It’s just another in the ongoing gotcha goolag the losers and their minions dwell in, there can be no acceptance in their world for the people’s choice unless they are the winners.

    As for Elections Canada, they need to be cleaned out.

  11. Gabby in QC says:

    On “Dutch Disease” … I don’t feel qualified to comment on Dalton McGuinty but, generally speaking, the culprits are the usual suspects, the enviro-wacko crowd, who cannot tolerate another leaf being disturbed. It’s called “degrowth” by some.
    Holly Dressel
    Alain Gras
    David Suzuki
    Andrea Levy
    Elizabeth May
    Elizabeth Peredo Beltrán

    François Schneider
    Joan Martinez-Alier
    Joshua Farley (TBC)
    Luc Ferrandez (TBC)
    John Fullerton
    John Grim

    Juliet Schor
    Mary Evelyn Tucker
    Peter Victor
    Serge Mongeau
    William Rees”

    I know, I know … some of you may say “typical” Quebecers! but they’re not ALL Quebecers. Plus, take a look at the snail logo on the right-hand side of that link:
    “Our conference is part of an ongoing degrowth discussion, including conferences held in Paris (2008) and Barcleona [sic] (2010), and another to be held in Venice in September 2012.”
    No comment needed. You get the gist.

    The same movement, taken to its most extreme, looks like this (h/t SDA):

  12. Lorraine says:

    Re Entibicoke: IMO the decision made by the Returning Officer after the election and after the recount because it was a close election should stand.
    The Elections Canada RO is the final authrity on the results in every riding.
    Any irregularities by the Elections Canada staff on registrations should have been flagged at that time and they were not.
    Otherwise the authority of all 308 ROs is now questionable and all elections results will be up for debate.
    No matter which way the decision went it should stand.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      I agree. As I wrote earlier elsewhere …

      IMO, this judge’s decision calls into question all previous recounts of close election results.
There was a recount immediately following the May 2 election, as required by law.

      “Recount confirms Tory win in Etobicoke Centre

      Published On Mon May 23 2011

      … The few heart-marked votes were among the 800 reviewed by a judge in a recount for the Etobicoke Centre riding, after Conservative candidate Ted Opitz squeaked past Wrzesnewskyj, the incumbent, by just 26 votes on election night.
A recount is automatically required when the difference in votes between first- and second-place candidates is less than 1/1000th of the total votes cast in a riding. …”

      So, the first judge declared the election valid but the second judge says the contrary. In this case, the losing candidate decided to contest the recount whereas in other cases the losing candidate just accepted the result of the recount. I bet they must be wondering … what if …

    • Joe says:

      Oh tut tut now. You should know by now that Canada stopped being a democracy the instant Queen Betty signed on the bottom line bringing into effect Trudeau’s abortion aka the constitution and the charter. This is just the latest chapter in governance by judiciary. It just kind of takes away all pretenses of democracy and shows the ugly face of totalitarianism by the ‘elites’.

  13. Mary T says:

    Will anyone want to be the DRO is there is a by-election. What a sore loser Boring whathisname is. And it doesn’t help the liberals in any way. Sore losers is what they are.

  14. Mary T says:

    There are a lot of unhappy liberal candidates across Canada, considering they lose about 30 seats/election for the last several ones held. Could that mean they might hold on to 5 after the next one. Wonder how many of them lost in close calls. This decision by said judge can’t be allowed to stand.

    • Martin says:

      This quote from CBC News:

      “Later, on Power & Politics, he (Rae) told Barton that the Liberal party will be examining the ruling closely and looking to see if it might apply in other ridings where the results were close”.

      Clear evidence as if any was needed, that the Liberals NDP and media party do not and will not accept the results of last May. Even though the srewup came from EC and they have already confirmed the results from a recount, the Liberal candidate is able to get a judicial order to void the election.

      Simply repeating election fraud and CPC like a mantra, they are able to forward their agenda. We need an appeal ruling and quickly.

  15. Bubba Brown says:

    De-Growth the planet?
    Hmmmmm Maybe Tommy Muclair is trying to do just that. Attack the economic engine of Canada, stall it out.
    How is he going to explain the loss of all that nice oil-sand lolly to the “boycott brats”
    Interesting that all the eco-nuts are on board for this, the day Suzuki donates all his mansions including his pristine wilderness he turbo-Beaver float planes into to pick blue berries, just imagine the carbon footprint on that bowl of berries?
    Yup the day I see little Davy peddling his bike around Gastown and across Canada I will take him seriously.
    As for “nude portraits” how about one of 787 Dundas Street the site of the “Velvet Touch” Rub and Tug ? Hmmmmmm

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  17. paulsstuff says:

    Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan won two elections by a handful of votes, and voting irregularities far greater than the margin of win.

    Ditto Ujal Dosanjh, who in 2008 defeated Wai Young by 18 votes. A recount confirmed Dosanjh after only 15% of the ballot boxes were counted, with the judge ruling it wasn’t necessary to count the remaining boxes, despite protests from Ms. Young and the Conservative Party.

    Both cases went before a judge, with the judge ruling no -by-election was needed.
    Ironically, I’ve tried posting that same info several times today and the moderator won’t allow it to be posted.

    • Liz J says:

      So shall we dare to speak the unspeakable, the politics of the Judiciary and EC might be at play?

  18. paulsstuff says:

    Oops, wrong thread. In regards to Mulclair’s claim of “Dutch Disease”, it seems the automitive manufacturing sector in Ontario is ramping up production, aand at a time when the dollar is at or above par.

    The reason? Turns out that as there is more demand for new vehicles, more manufacturing is needed. The mining sector is also doing quite well. The reason? Demand for the product.

    To be fair, swimming pool manufacturers are down. Turns out every house in Greece has already purchased one. And with an unemployment rate in the stratosphere, the prospect of Greece placing orders for Ontario manufactured goods isn’t looking so good.

  19. Gerry from GTA says:

    People seem to forget that when McGuinty won the leadership of the Liberal Party of Ontario he was running on a “service economy” — he did not understand that the economy of Ontario was based on manufacturing (specifically auto sector) and this was based on cheap abundant electric power — funny since he came to power we went from lowest power costs in NA to highest power costs in NA. Blowing up one clean coal generating plant in favour of dirty coal generating plants supporting exported manufacturing jobs via Team Canada Missions by Jean Chretien do not help a manufacturing economy.

    He was the son of an Ottawa based Politician who lived in the bubble of Ottawa and had no concept on how this province ran. His policies reflected that.

    He was personally responsible for the serious curtailment of manufacturing jobs in Ontario — nevermind the unholy alliance between Peterson & Rae which quadrupled the debt for Ontario Hydro in the mid-80’s with the moratorium on Nuclear Power — It was an NDP/Liberal alliance that really was the “dutch disease” for Ontario and what they did to Ontario Hydro Nuclear Division. That is the real source of the failure of the Ontario Economy.

    Also nobody seems to mention how Chretien has a mansion in China and the Head office for Canada Steamship Lines (formerly controlled by Paul Martin and handed over to his sons) (who received a $160 M CDN grant) is now based in China. Somehow the NDP where very silent on the Team Canada Missions during the Chretien years.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Why is not Ontario Manufacturing bidding on jobs in the Oil Sands?

  20. fernstalbert says:

    The only disease in Canada is the virus known as “economic envy”. Symptoms include delusion and bluster. Get that man a valium – he needs it badly. Cheers.

  21. Liz J says:

    As we struggle with allergies, try to salvage our lawns being ravaged by weeds and grubs and pay high utility bills old Dalty will maintain a code of silence for the summer. Given his actions over his time in charge of this once booming province MIA might be a good thing.

    • Joanne says:

      I’m convinced Dalton won’t call a byelection in Kitchener-Waterloo until the weed season is over.

  22. fh says:

    interesting anyone remember who was Prime Minister in 1974
    wait for it Justin Trudeau’s Dad Pierre

  23. fh says:

    follow up interview of Victoria Grant on Press For Truth TV


  24. fh says:

    Jo I think I am in filter

  25. Liz J says:

    Another failure of Dalty’s pointed out by John Robson in today’s Sun:
    “McGuinty’s menu hard to swallow” Again every facet of our lives has been tampered with, Daddy D wants full control of our lives.

    Then we have WK in the Sun going after Mulcair with: “Angry Tom messenger of his own destruction”, hey, we’ve already been onto that.
    It’s my observation the eyes have it and Tommy Mulcair has anger in those eyes.

  26. ed says:

    O/T: Nick on cfra.com. This guy is not afraid to speak up. He’s on now from 9am to 11am eastern on cfra.com where you can listen. First hour: language fairness in Ontario.

  27. ed says:

    “WK in the Sun going after Mulcair..”

    Now that’s something I can live with. This will be fun. :-)

    BTW, here’s an excellent book: The Trouble With Canada … Still. by William D. Gairdner. (2010)

    “… Canada’s profound move to the left of the past half century.” Conrad Black.

  28. Bubba Brown says:

    Good points paulstuff @ 9:00 I remember how those two election results were fast forwarded by Judges, there were lots of irregularities.
    Mr Muclair is a serial ranter and just getting started, If Western Premiers are just `messengers for Harper` what exactly is he channeling for `Jack`s Vision.
    Remember when folks……….Stephen Harper was an angry man.
    The media sure tried to sell that to us 24-7.
    How come Mr Angry Muclair gets a pass.
    Mr Muclair calls Lord Black a British Criminal.
    Lord Black invites him to repeat his remarks outside the house.
    Tommy of course ignores anyone who does not accept his rantings, typical narcissistic behavior.
    Whatever happened to Jacks last letter, `Love is better than anger.

  29. Jen says:

    BB, “How come Mr Angry Muclair gets a pass.”

    Simple, the messengers in the media are letting it happen.

  30. Jen says:


    Graphic: How Quebec’s tuition compares

    Jake Edmiston, Richard Johnson May 18, 2012 – 8:08 PM ET | Last Updated: May 19, 2012 12:02 AM

    There’s one fact that usually gets slipped into the bottom of news reports on the Quebec student protests: that the province has some of the lowest tuition rates in Canada. But how low is low? The National Post’s graphics department compares:


  31. Liz J says:

    Surprise, surprise, Boris Whatshisname is polling 10 points ahead of Ted Opitz in the riding of Etobikoke Centre. Let’s hope this is dealt with swiftly before this all gets out of hand with Liberals poised to make noise and accusations.

    • Richco says:

      Even if the Liberals win this one, so what?
      They’re still no threat to the CPC or the Harper gov’t.
      None whatsoever.

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