McGuinty’s Green Failure

If you missed The Agenda last night, please take the time to check out this segment on the environmental and economic effects of the Green Energy Act in Ontario.

This is a very well-balanced panel with Steve Paiken, who is possibly the most objective host and moderator in the broadcast medium.

Please note the problem of Ontario’s inability to store power derived from renewables (wind and solar). This is what forces us to export power at a loss – and guess who pays for that?

Due to manufacturing decline, Ontario now has too much power vs. demand. And yet our rates continue to escalate.

Another busy day ahead on the home-front but I would love to hear your comments on this show and any other related issues.


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97 Responses to McGuinty’s Green Failure

  1. fh says:

    it is impossible to store electricity if you use less you pay more and the surplus is sold and you pay more
    we need a rebellion against this insanity

    • Liz J says:

      Oh yeah, we need a rebellion for sure, we need it to be led by the opposition elected to Queen’s Park where it can bring down McGuinty and his green madness.

      Electricity costs are through the roof and then we look at the lawns which are supposed to be green but are all torn up due to being infested with grubs and weeds instead of grass we see big dollar signs to repair as well. We can’t afford McGuinty’s Ontario, he has to be booted, we need an election now.

      • Greg says:

        I get about 6 calls a week from companies wanting to provide lawn care. I tell them it’s full of weeds and I’m happy with McGuinty’s lawn care. Mostly they laugh.

      • Sandy says:

        Liz J– See my comment below at 9:37am. All hands on deck. I am hoping the Ontario NDP have the guts to take down the McGuinty gov’t on Tuesday. It may tick off Ontario “liberal” voters but it would be for the good of the province, in both the short and long term.

    • old white guy says:

      rebellion, you bet. spain has cancelled all subsidies for wind power and germany has cancelled them for solar power. spain found that for every so called green job 2.5 real jobs were lost. the power was not reliable. germany decided they did not have enough sunny days, heh. someone should comment on the actual life sapn of things like wind mills and solar panels and the cost to replace them. we only have them because of tax money being used to pay for them and how much more will be needed to replace them.

  2. Bocanut says:

    How that guy from the Pembina Institute and that woman continue to preach about Global Warming and expect to be taken seriously is beyond me.
    McKittrick and the engineer made fools out of both of them.
    The Ontario PC’s could use some clips of that show if an election is forthcoming.

    • Greg says:

      I work a little down the street from Pembina. If RIM had focussed more on phones and less on setting up a centre for international governance their stock might still be worth something.

    • Sandy says:

      Bocanut — I had a post up the other day, some may remember, about how I agreed with Danielle Smith that the science was not settled.

      Well, I found out real quick what warmers are like. One fought me on both my blog and on Twitter. The hysteria is still very much there under the surface. The problem is that many academics have based their professional careers on this fallacy and now can’t give it up.

      Of course I was called a denier. I explained I was not a denier, just that I didn’t know, that the science is not settled, that there is no consensus.

      But, I have to tell you, them are fighting words to the true believer.

      • old white guy says:

        i would love to see these warming freaks go without oil for one day, 24 hours, with me as the arbiter of their effort. they would have to stand naked in a aboreal forest to do so. these fools don’t realize that oil is needed to make solar panels and wind mills and darn near everything else we actually need.

      • jt says:

        Pictures worth a thousand words:

        Puts today’s temperatures in perspective.

  3. fh says:

    sorry just put a link to Germany without a note
    in filter

  4. Greg says:

    I see that Suzuki has taken off his mask. His recent statement admitting that the green movement is incompatible with economic growth ie, you can’t have both should scare the crap out of anyone who voted for McGuinty’s green myth. (His statement was in a Globe Marg Wente story)

  5. Sandy says:

    Beware an Ontario phenomenon. Remember when the Ontario Liberals referred to Tim Hudak as a scary Mike Harris clone but then stopped doing that.

    Well, given my post on Wednesday about how badly the Toronto Sun covered Hudak NOW, I see exactly what the media and liberal supporter strategy is — trivialize and ignore.

    The one thing that ticks off conservatives the most is when a PC leader acts liberal. Understatement of the year!

    So, that is the strategy.

    I got tons of comments I didn’t publish and that was the spin. Meaning, one way to make sure the McGuinty gang stay elected or get re-elected is to convince the Tory rank and file he is really a leftist or a liberal or another version of McGuinty. It is very sneaky, but unfortunately it has been very effective.

    So, guys if you see comments anywhere taking that stance against the Ontario PCs or Hudak himself, please drop any URL on Hudak or my latest piece.

    We have to fight fire with fire. Hudak is not Allison Redford and never will be.

    The other spin is that the Ontario PCs are quiet or not doing anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the media don’t report anything, then it seems as though the ONPCs are not doing anything. But follow Hudak on Twitter and the man never stops.

    Anyway, I am going to start posting more of their press releases. I may be accused of being a “Tory hack” but that is okay. I have broad shoulders! 😉

    • old white guy says:

      as an old conservative i want conservatives to stand up and shout not sit down and whine. a real conservative would rail at the things going on not speak with that soft muted tone that we have become used to hearing. get mad, stay mad and change things. i will not vote for some wimp who when elected will roll over and continue the socialist policies that have been pushed on us all my life.

      • Sandy says:

        Old White Guy — You are not listening.The reason the media is so angry with Hudak is because he “is” making noise. Moreover, he is no more a whimp than Stephen Harper or Preston Manning.

        So, don’t fall for the lying crap.

        There will always need to be socialist policies in Ontario. I have an adult son with autism who receives ODSP benefits. Being conservative does not mean being mean and inconsiderate of the most vulnerable in our society, quite the opposite IMO.

        Speaking of social benefits, am I to assume you have refused the federal OAS or provincial health benefits? If you have, then you have been very fortunate not to ever need any help from any level of gov’t.

        In other words, before we start trashing socialist policies, we need to define what those policies are that we would give up.

        • Sandy says:

          I am really disappointed that Ontario conservatives don’t see how easily they are being manipulated by progressives and the consensus media. Convince conservatives that Hudak is a wimp and a progressive and their work is done for them.

          It’s all spin and B.S. The proof is in the pudding. McGuinty keeps getting elected because conservatives stay home on election day.

          • Richco says:

            The problem is though Sandy is that most conservatives I know aren’t paying attention to Hudak but to the MPP’s that they elected to get that message out for him….at the local level. If that’s not happening for some then there’s a very legitimate reason for some conservatives to feel that Hudak’s being too quiet.

            The other issue that I’m hearing from my circle of conservatives is that are elements of this budget that they like and haven’t heard about a platform on that same issue from either Hudak or MPP.

            Conservatives here did NOT stay home on election day Sandy. You have to stop saying that. We did what was required of us, and so too did many other ridings in rural Ontario. The rest of the PC Ontario nation has some catching up to do.

        • Soccermom says:

          Taking care of the most vulnerable in our society is not “socialist”. It’s a traditionalist conservative ideal, as we donate more to charity than any “socialist”. It’s a traditional Christian way of doing things. Helping your neighbour, taking care of them. The first thing socialists (progressives, marxists, commies) do is get rid of religion and put the state in charge of everything.

          Progressives would rather have mandated people like my handicapped son be aborted rather than become a burden on society. Never ever forget that eugenics is in the history of the progressive movement. And judging from abortion stats and how these progressives attacked Sarah Palin’s son, Trig, they continue to have disdain for the less fortunate.

          “Socialist” is giving taxpayer money to people who are healthy to sit on welfare “just because”.

          And I daresay our health care system would be much healthier with our income taxes being cut and more private options available. We should be able to spend more of our own money on our own families. And on the charities we wish to support. And I say that as a mother of a child with Down Syndrome.

          Charity comes from the heart, not a mandated thievery from the government.

    • Martin says:

      Right. The problem is getting Toronto based media to pay attention to T Hudak. Simply putting out press releases does not do the trick, PC strategists have to find a way to get their message out. A more aggressive approach is called for, but I don’t really have ideas on how to implement it. Very frustrating, as McGuinty is vulnerable on energy planning plus a host of other issues.

      • Sandy says:

        Martin, they are already using a more aggressive approach. But, if Hudak is too insistent, the media accuse him of being nasty as they are doing now about voting against the Liberal budget.

        He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

        Join Twitter and Follow @timhudak and see for yourself. It is not as easy as you suggest. I mean, even Hudak can’t even convince conservatives, how is he going to convince the MSM.

        No, the problem is that Ontario conservatives have accepted the opposition view that everything the PCs are doing or suggesting is wrong. So, guess who wins? Not the conservatives that is for sure.

        No, there also has to be an attitude change by Ontario conservatives. Those in windmill infested rural areas already did what had to be done, they now have PC MPPs.

        The problem is with conservatives who live in urban areas. Even my riding of Niagara Falls is Liberal, losing to the PC candidate by only a few hundred votes.

        The notion that Ontario just has to get rid of the “progressive” word and they would win is nonsense. Ontario is not Alberta and never will be. I wish that weren’t so but it is.

        I mean, even I am having trouble convincing fellow conservatives about Hudak.

        • Soccermom says:

          maybe because the “progressive” is still in the name “progressive conservative”

          “progressive conservative” = liberal

          Yeah yeah, I know I’ve had this argument with you before…LOL

  6. Sandy says:

    By the way Jo, there is a campaign going on (I am on the e-mail list) with Ontario parents with autism, families who live near wind turbines. Remember, the ONLiberals won’t listen to anyone about possible negative health affects because the Green Energy Act won’t allow appeals.

    Well, kids or adults with autism have extremely sensitive hearing and apparently the wind swishing noise 24/7 is making their symptoms much worse. I know it would do so if my son had to live near a situation like that.

    At this point, I am just keeping up with the issue until I have something to write (eg., apparently there is some research on the topic out there somewhere) but the protest, when it happens, will be huge.

    Apparently, my post connecting the Ontario wind energy boondoggle (of up to $1.1 billion a year) to the closing of Thistletown Regional Centre, started the ball rolling by pointing out how the McGuinty govt’s anti-human pro-warming ideology was influencing their priorities — by putting people last.

    So, yes, blogging is making a difference and that is what keeps me going when I suffer times of burn out.

    • Bec says:

      That makes perfect sense.

      I can’t imagine the torment that this would cause someone with increased auditory let alone a child. I think of little ones on an airplane as an example and when I see that I can relate to these people entirely.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      I came across an article which may interest you via commenter peterj at SDA.

      • Sandy says:

        Yes Gabby, Paul and his wife Lisa at Quixote’s Last Stand are doing great work in this regard. I am on their e-mail list and what everyone is doing is getting the proof of the negative impact on children with autism. When they are done I will publish posts on it too. Just waiting. But, I’m really glad the news is getting out there.

        Like their adult son, my adult son with an ASD is very noise sensitive and constant whirling and whooshing would cause him great pain and discomfort.

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  8. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Brian Lilley interview with Tim Hudak coming up at on Lowell Green Show. Listen in.

  9. Bubba Brown says:

    The Science is NEVER settled!
    Galileo, Copernicus knew conventional thinking was just plain wrong and suffered mighty for it.
    Global warming is the scam of the millenium, the fraudsters are running for the exits all that is left are the cool aid drinkers and McGuinty types who want to enrich their friends and themselves.
    Wildrose is a breath of fresh air, folks had better look very carefully at the NDPF-Q
    they want to tax us back to the stone age too.
    I found Muclairs info-propaganda very, very weird, the disiple of Jack thinks he is ready to leave the temple? Not yet grasshopper!
    Will be Canucks Sunday and Wildrose Monday!

  10. Martin says:

    More infuriating than the revalation of taxpayers subsidizing Michigan and NY consumers with cheap electricity exports, is this analysis by Gallant and Luft of wasted green energy. Wind generated power in Ont. is not replacing coal fired electrcity but hydro power, by dumping water over Niagara, rather than through the
    the turbines. This because wind power comes onto the grid erratically, and spilled water is the quickest way to curb the surplus. It is almost impossible to call such foolishness energy planning, this alone cost Ontarians $400 m more than necessary in 2011.
    Other than FP, few other media outlets are interested in these excesses. Urban readers remain blissfully unaware of the insanity of McGuinty’s energy schemes.

    Judging by the hysterical coverage of the Alta election by Toronto media, they seem more concerned with this contest, than sound government for Ont. Excessive concern over the environment in northern Alta, is balanced with indifference to the degradation of the Ont rural kandscape with industrial wind towers.

  11. Paul says:

    Mr. Hudak may not be Alison Redford, he is a long way from Mike Harris. Convince me he won’t pander to the teachers…

    • Sandy says:

      Paul said “convince me he won’t pander to the teachers?” How can I do that if you choose to ignore reality. Tim Hudak was invited to run for the Harris Tories by Harris himself. In other words, he comes out of the Harris tradition, first elected in 1995.

      I am a retired teacher. Do you think I can’t be a conservative in the Mike Harris tradition? I already was, working as the EA to one of Harris’ MPPs.

      My frustration is there is likely nothing I can say that will convince you, Martin and OWG to the contrary.

      Anyway, Jo, my apologies, this is your blog and I shouldn’t be dominating the thread.

      So I’ll be quiet now.

      • Richco says:

        As this is no longer Harris’s Ontario I have to agree with Paul Sandy.

        The way Harris dealt with the education file was why I switched from the NDP to the PCs. Educationally I think that Hudak and McGuinty are similar. Paul’s comment of whether Hudak would pander to the teachers is fair. I don’t know that answer. Should we?

        • Sandy says:

          I said I’d be quiet but since some questions are directed at me, I’ll respond as best as I can.

          Think about this. If John Tory had been elected and received a PC majority gov’t in 2007 (when millions of PC supporters are known to have stayed home), where would we be today?

          The FB issue would not have gone ahead and we would not have had the Green Energy Act and everything that came with it.

          Think about that. No wind farms. No sky high hydro rates.

          Now, it is true that rural Ontario elected PC MPPs, including your MP Richco. However, I doubt you realize just how busy your MPP, all without any publicity. She and her staff will be working hard doing what all MPPs do.

          I used to hear the same thing about my MPP. He worked 60-70 hours a week but if the media didn’t cover him, people complained he was not doing enough.

          Which brings me to yesterday. How many Ontarians here knew that PC MPP Ted Arnott, tabled a resolution yesterday for the Liberals to develop a 25-year plan to eliminate the accumulated debt, which would start right after the deficit is eliminated. All or most of the PC MPPs were there.

          The problem is that the media did not cover that resolution because the Liberals rejected the resolution outright — meaning anything that makes Liberals look bad is not given the time of day.

          In fact, I am just putting up a post about that resolution. In the Hansard notes, Arnott mentions that the current so-called austerity budget they are planning a $15.2 billion deficit for 2012. The problem is that their deficit in 2011 was $15.3 billion deficit. How austere is that?

          So, the reality is we have to figure out how to get more PCs to vote the next time, including those who live in my riding of Niagara Falls (because we still have a Liberal) and those in the GTA, Ottawa and the City of Toronto.

          The PCs need at least 20 more seats and that is reality. Meaning, that it is not just about those ridings that now have PC MPPs, it’s all those that we lost by just a few hundred votes that are the problem.

          And, I have no doubt, that some of those who did stay home frequent here, even if they are not regular commenters.

          • Richco says:

            “I doubt you realize just how busy your MPP, all without any publicity. She and her staff will be working hard doing what all MPPs do. ”

            Why do you doubt that Sandy? What I believe her to be doing is supporting and promoting the party’s and Hudak’s message(s), and doing so intertwined with other duties.

            If folks are not reading, seeing or hearing it, how do they know that it’s happening…how does anyone know? Unless they have personal dealings with the MPP they don’t.

            What I do know is that MPPs have staff whose job it is to connect to media and make sure they’re hitting the press and/or airwaves. If there’s a barrier they’re trained on how to overcome those with media who refuse or neglect their material. I know this for a fact.

            “How many Ontarians here knew that PC MPP Ted Arnott, tabled a resolution yesterday for the Liberals to develop a 25-year plan to eliminate the accumulated debt, which would start right after the deficit is eliminated.” Do you know for a fact that no local paper in his riding didn’t or will not cover this?

            Sandy, the comment raised and my response wasn’t about whether Hudak is doing enough or not, it was responding to Paul’s point.

          • Sandy says:

            Richco and Paul — I obviously can’t convince anyone anything about Hudak. Hudak has said he would freeze public sector wages. What more can he say?

            It is obvious that the liberal media and Liberals have won — they have labelled him a progressive and it appears that Conservatives won’t believe anything to the contrary.

            So, I guess that means we are stuck with the Liberals or at the worst the NDP.

            Depending on what happens tomorrow, it may be time to consider moving to Alberta.

            Imagine, with the WR, not only no provincial sales tax but a flat 10% provincial income tax. That would save the average Ontario family thousands.

      • Sandy says:

        When I interviewed Tim Hudak, we spoke of his coming out of the Mike Harris tradition. He said he was surprised anyone would say he is progressive. The point is, he is not Mike Harris. He is Tim Hudak. So, he wants to be Premier as himself, not someone else. That is the only reason he doesn’t go around trying to sound like Mike Harris Junior. It would never work any more than Thomas Mulcair trying to be Jack Layton.

        Anyway, before he became a polician, he was in the top management of Walmart Canada, hardly the bastion of progressiveness. He is a pro-business, pro-capitalist, pro-lower taxes campaigner.

        However, I am very close to giving up trying to explain all that because I am fighting the likes of Kinsella who started this whole progressive nonsense.

        What has to happen is the voters in the large cities have to do what the folks did in Richco’s riding. And, until that happens, no majority Ontario PC gov’t is possible. That the urban citizens would prefer a Liberal McGuinty gov’t is very annoying because they do not have to live beside wind farms. In fact, just complain about like they did near the Scarborough Bluffs and the whole project is cancelled.

  12. Mary T says:

    Who remembers when the science was settled re the atom. Remember when it couldn’t/would never be split.

  13. Liz J says:

    You’d almost have to think the majority of Ontario people are incapable of reasoned thought to allow McGuinty’s green fetish to take us to ruin in the first place and that is to include the PC’s who stayed home on election day then blame their own leader. It was well known before he was elected to this majority he was green from end to end and would not listen to anyone. In his mind it’s green or nothing, damn the cost, damn the economy and damn the people trying to survive his green madness.

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  15. maz2 says:

    This may be of interest to Ontario progressives.

    UK socialists also have a McGuinty Plan.


    “Labour’s plan for cheap electricity”

  16. Bec says:

    YAY! My Alberta riding is part of a controversy because of……whoops a teacher/principal.
    It’s a block from my house and I have commented on these sites re the $$$$ spent by this individual compared to ALL of the other party’s. So she is using her school allegedly as part of her campaign?

    Teachers are one of the loves of my life but when there are some that allegedly stoop to a level of unfairness, they have lost me. They all get brushed with the same stroke because of a few and in this election in particular. Our ATA was bought by this socialist Premier and we are about to be Ontario. Pray for us!

  17. Mary T says:

    My riding is also making the news re a principal in Cardston making comments via a newsletter or something. Sorry to tell him, I voted yesterday. Also of notice is that advance polls are busy, today and yesterday. Bet tomorrow will be very busy.
    Should be a huge turnout this year, more than the 40% last time. I never ever expected the PCs to get so dirty, but I don’t think it will work. Our riding still 87% WRA, 10% pc.
    Got a news release today from our past MLA and cabinet minister supporting the pc guy. He ended by saying Pat is a man of few words and much action. Gee, he sat across from me at the leadership debate, and Pat talked, and talked and talked. Took 20 minutes instead of the 7 allowed for opening stmts. And as the night went on, he got worse. And Bob, you commented the next day that he was rather longwinded, have you forgotten that.

  18. Jen says:

    It was mention in the news radio qr77, calgary ‘ that calgary ADV Poll is very busy; so far in one polling station in Calgary had 300 voters.
    Alison is worse than Stelmach, she is or has become ‘poison’ to her own party and those who are pc mlas and to Albertans to are or were pcs.

    Joanne, why don’t you put a ‘ONTARIO DEBT CLOCK’ on your blog.
    Seems to me that media are afraid to even look at it ( O.D.clock) far less brag about it.
    If Ontarian bloggers had the ‘clock on their blogs, eventually the media will have to change their tune.

  19. Richco says:

    re: local radio news this morning – what we’re getting in the Ontario headlines today is all about how hard the Liberals and NDP are working to pass the budget. If there’s an opposing view either the media’s not picking it up or the MPP hasn’t issued anything.

    What about your paper this week Ruth? Let’s compare.

    Local paper…Sun Media owned this week page 3 (half page) a Liberal MPP’s smackdown of the local PC’s criticism re: agricultural issues.

    • Richco says:

      here’s the lead story from the local radio station this morning

      • Richco says:

        If this and the local papers is how many out here get their news…well, you get the picture by now.

        You’re right Sandy….just because the media does not, or will not report on the PCs doesn’t mean they’re not doing anything, but as someone said…I think Martin the party needs to get around that somehow because that’s exactly what happened in the summer months ahead of the election last year. PCs stayed too quiet and let the left dominate the news….they got away with it.

        I was in a position to help our local candidate get more ink…and helped put pressure on local paper’s publisher but in the end it was her people who had to get tough with them. I know that our CPC MP fought hard to win the media over…he did finally but the new MPPs should be doing that as well.

  20. fh says:

    unfortunately the McGuinty Ontario budget does not address the problems that the Drummond report stated needed to be addressed
    Ontario wake up and take action we need an election

    • Joanne says:

      That’s right. Drummond said if McGuinty chose to ignore some of his recommendations then the $$$ would have to be made up elsewhere. From what I’ve seen we’ll still be in that big red hole.

      • Richco says:

        not to mention that if Dalton ignores Drummond’s report we’ve essentially wasted our good money on Drummond.

        Actually, if the PCs were smart they’d adopt many of the Drummond recommendations as their own. I see all kinds of benefits to doing that including making a play for some disenchanted Ontario Liberals out there… that do exist but who the Liberal spinners don’t want to believe are out there.

  21. fh says:

    to learn about the solid Ontario PC team visit

  22. fh says:

    Jo I may be in filter

  23. fh says:

    jeopardy contestants can’t name the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
    Why funny?? Because the Lamestream media never refer to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
    Name how many times yesterday anyone on our MSM(NSM) referred to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper . My answer NONE times yes that is ZERO Times
    Best Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper he makes me proud to be a CANADIAN

    • frmgrl says:

      The only media who is respectful I believe and refers to Prime Minister Stephen Harper a majority of the time is Sun Media. They are more respectful of the office than the media party or NSM(NonSunMedia).
      Same with Dave Rutherford,he also most of the time refers to Prime Minister Stephen Harper or just The Prime Minister when talking about him.

    • Jen says:

      do you have a link to this fh?

  24. Stephen Skyvington says:

    Comment from the London Free Press

    Politician as ‘CEO’ does little for citizens


    Last Updated: April 21, 2012 12:00am

    Ronald Reagan was the first one in 1980.

    Followed by Brian Mulroney in 1984.

    Who was followed a year later, in Ontario, by David Peterson.

    Mike Harris was also one, as is Stephen Harper.

    So was Paul Martin, Jr.

    Mitt Romney will definitely be one, should he win this fall’s U.S. election.

    And just who are these people?

    Chief executive officers — one and all — of something called “Government Inc.”

    Starting with the former governor of California, who served as president of the United States from 1981 to 1989, we saw a new type of leader emerge when Reagan first took the oath of office.

    Gone was the Age of Camelot — back when a youthful John F. Kennedy had the courage to challenge the citizens of America to “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

    With the dawn of the ’80s came the dawn of a new era in politics.

    No longer would politicians answer a question with an actual answer. No longer would they actually say what was on their mind.

    What we get now is spin, pure and simple.

    There is a term we use in my business. That term is “stay on message”.

    If a politician is in a media scrum, or responding to an opposition inquiry in question period, you don’t answer a question with an answer. You answer a question with your message.

    The goal, quite simply, is to make sure your guy doesn’t make a mistake and say something that gets him — and, by extension, the government — in trouble.

    Because trouble in politics is to be avoided at all costs — or so we have come to believe. Politicians of all political stripes have, over the past 30 years, perfected the art of saying nothing.

    While this puts money into the pockets of consultants like me, it does very little for average citizens, who clearly want to believe that the people running their country are honest, hard-working individuals, driven by a desire to do good. People who always tell the truth and never, ever lie.

    Perhaps the biggest lie of all that has been foisted upon the unsuspecting public over and over again during this time is that government can be run like a business.

    One CEO of Government Inc. after another has patiently explained to its shareholders — aka the voters — that happy days would indeed be here again, and soon, if only we had the courage to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, cut taxes, and trim the fat from government. If business can balance its books — and even, God help us, turn a profit — then so too can our political institutions.

    The problem, of course, is that government can’t be run like a business, was never meant to be run like a business, and never will run like a business.

    Now, I don’t mean to disparage today’s new breed of political chief executive officers. I’m sure all of these people have done some great things — or will before they’re done.

    But my message to future generations is simply this: Don’t be afraid to take a stance. Believe in yourself and believe in the truth.

    And don’t settle for being just a CEO when you can be a leader.

    Stephen Skyvington is the president of PoliTrain Inc.

    • Joanne says:

      Best just to give a link rather than reproduce the whole thing – for many reasons. Thanks Stephen.

  25. Jen says:

    Many of us Albertans have already voted in the adv poll. I guess most of us have already made up of our minds of who we were going to vote for.
    David R. has kept us informed on the PC government on a more or less regular basis.
    which unfortunately , was not done on Dalton’s gov far less on Dalton himself. If the media had done their job reporting on Dalton’s high debt etc. Dalton would not have been re-elected again.

  26. Liz J says:

    It could be Dalton got re-elected because PC’s stayed home because they were not happy with their leader, that’s the stupidity that prevails among too many PC’s I’m afraid. Another factor being those on the gravy train and those who are dependent on government cheques all of whom believe a under Conservative government they’d be drastically cut.

    For the life of me I have no other explanation as to why a proven liar who has put us into have-not status and continues down that path would get rewarded with a third majority.

    • Richco says:

      Ont. PCs in my riding and many more like it in the province did NOT stay home.
      We got the job done. A Liberal will never again be elected in many of these ridings thanks to the work of the teams on the ground and riding associations.

  27. Jen says:

    Found this:
    Ontarians rally against McGuinty in Toronto

    By QMI Agency

    ‘Thousands of Ontarians will chant down Premier Dalton McGuinty at a rally at Queen’s Park Saturday afternoon.

    The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) says community and labour groups from towns and cities as far away as Timmins will demand “fair taxation from banks and corporations.”

    “McGuinty lost his majority during the last election because Ontarians wanted to see more balance and fairness from his government. If McGuinty ignores voters and refuses to find compromise with the NDP, then the blame is going to land squarely at the Premier’s feet,” OFL President Sid Ryan said in a statement released early Saturday morning. “McGuinty can’t ask struggling families to make greater sacrifices if he isn’t also going to ask banks and corporations to scale back their profits. Our economy can’t prosper unless there is a plan for everyone to share in the recovery.”

    The 3 p.m. rally will be followed by a march through Toronto’s elite shopping district.’

    • Richco says:

      I saw the clip on the news. It was NOT “thousands”…..not even close. Heading up the protest the secondary school teachers’ union and Mr. Ryan. The mouthpiece for the gov’t was Kathleen Wynne, who, when Harris was Premier was doing all of the screaming. Karma will always rule.

  28. Gabby in QC says:

    “If a politician is in a media scrum, or responding to an opposition inquiry in question period, you don’t answer a question with an answer. You answer a question with your message.
    The goal, quite simply, is to make sure your guy doesn’t make a mistake and say something that gets him — and, by extension, the government — in trouble.
    Because trouble in politics is to be avoided at all costs — or so we have come to believe.”

    Mr. Skyvington, I agree that most politicians often give evasive answers to avoid “trouble”. But who has thrived and still do thrive when politicians speak their mind? The media and the commentariat. They relish “quotable” quotes torqued out of context to attract an audience supposedly avid for enlightment, thus avoiding doing the humdrum and often unexciting research needed to inform and explain an issue. Plus, they equate being rude with asking probing and substantive questions.

    One minor but relevant example: a few weeks ago, the Minister of International Trade, back from a trade mission to China, talked about “bilateral economic complementarities” in a scrum. A reporter, not on camera but whose voice sounded like The Toronto Star‘s Tonda MacCharles’s, rudely asked: “What the hell is complementarity?” The same question, equally aggressive, was asked more than once. I kid you not.

    Had I been faced by such aggressive interrogation, my instinctive reaction would be to reply: “Scr#w you! Get a dictionary!” But the Minister coolly and calmly tried to explain what he meant. Yes, “complementarity” may be a vague concept, but did it require that adolescent outburst from a prominent member of the Press Gallery?

    Other examples, too numerous to mention, can be found in so-called interviews conducted by the CBC’s Evan Solomon, who without fail interrupts his Conservative guests in mid-sentence but usually allows other guests to ramble on unchallenged. So, I can understand government representatives taking the easy way out, repeating talking points, hoping to be heard among all the “but”, “to be fair”, and “I get that” that Solomon habitually interjects.

    • Liz J says:

      We sorta know all that but what’s the fix?

      Sadly the only fix is an election and without a plan laid out to improve the sorry mess we may just end up with the same result.

  29. fh says:

    Is Dalton misleading Ontario when he states PC party have not read the BUDGET?

  30. Alberta Girl says:

    Maybe the Ont election is why Kinsella is against Danielle Smith in the AB election. Because if she gets in here, it coulds mean Ont won’t fall for the scary stuff anymore. Ont will be more inclined to listen to Hudak and more inclined to sweep out the old guard. Kinsella has skin in the Ont game and AB is scratching at that skin. He doesn’t like it.

    My thoughts although I don’t know too much about Ont politics. I just think if Daniells Smith wins, her charm federally will refocus all campaigns on change and her ideas re equalization and personal rights will catch on. The old guard won’t like it.

    • Joanne says:

      Because if she gets in here, it coulds mean Ont won’t fall for the scary stuff anymore.

      Interesting theory. That could explain his fear-mongering alright. I was just watching a clip on SNN where Mark Steyn mentioned Kinsella using the Flintstone ‘documentary’ meme regarding Stock Day, and whoops here it is again with relation to Danielle Smith.

      His attacks smack of desperation and worry.

    • Richco says:

      Could be that the LPOC and the Kinsella’s of the party are looking to scoop Remond for their next leader.

  31. Liz J says:

    Wonder how Suzuki, Gore and green obsessed McGuinty will be celebrating “Earth Day”?

  32. fh says:

    Prime Minister Harper honouring the strong Jewish community by participating in the National Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony

  33. Liz J says:

    NDP leader Horwath says the McGuinty Budget is profoundly flawed, the ball is in her court since the PC’s are voting nay but does anyone seriously think she’ll vote it down?

    • Joanne says:

      but does anyone seriously think she’ll vote it down?

      No it’s just about how much she can squeeze out of McGuinty in exchange for her support.

  34. John B. says:

    And Ontario is not the only place in the world, where this thing happens. There are serious problems inside of European Union too. But the question is not to stop using the renewables, but how store the energy created by them without producing a risk for our electrical network.
    I think that many of the “green” laws are important move forward, because they create a new environment of sustainability, which should be our top goal. The support is great, especially when you realize, how many people joined Earth Day 2012 in Toronto.
    What I propose is a level of understanding between green and other politics. There should be a constant debate and scientific research on how to protect the Earth and use as less natural resources as possible.

    • Joanne says:

      But the question is not to stop using the renewables, but how store the energy created by them without producing a risk for our electrical network.

      And how use renewables without the ridiculous subsidies needed to sustain them. That’s the biggest problem right now. It’s killing the Ontario economy.

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