Wooing the Union Vote

The NDP is often referred to as “Liberals in a hurry”, but even the Ontario NDP doesn’t seem to be far enough left for the public sector unions.

Andrea Horwath received 76.4 per cent support in a leadership review today, but her conciliatory approach regarding the budget does not seem to be winning her any points from Sid Ryan. He wants her to force an election over McGuinty’s threats of an imposed wage freeze in the public sector.

And in a moment of sublime irony the Liberals accused the Dippers of being in bed with the unions (Star):

Liberal MPP David Orazietti (Sault Ste. Marie) said it should make taxpayers nervous that New Democrats are so closely tied to public-sector unions.

“It calls into question who really makes the decisions.”

New Democrat operatives countered that the Liberals have enjoyed plenty of labour support, including teacher unions, as part of the Working Families Coalition that has been active in previous elections.


Which all goes to show that when it comes to unions and their entitlements there are no loyalties.

Yes the love affair between Dalton and the unions seems to be over.  Andrea Horwath could reap the benefits, but to do that she would have to submit to the will of the powerful public sector.

But if that does happen could the Ontario Liberals eventually become as irrelevant as their federal cousins?

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Push to tax income of the top 1% is stronger than ever — and no less riskyJoseph Brean, NP

Terence Corcoran: Occupiers aim for the big time – FP


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Cohn: NDP’s Andrea Horwath breaks convention and exhorts idea of change – Star:

“New Democrats have shown the world they can tackle deficits,” she lectured delegates, who responded with lukewarm applause.

And she restated her campaign pledge to make minority government work, rather than reflexively oppose the Liberal line as the OFL’s Ryan had insisted.

“The path of easy, simple opposition to everything can be very tempting — it frees you from having new ideas,” she argued. If the NDP aspires to power, “we won’t get there with the same old ideas and status quo solutions, but by embracing change.”

Mmm… Maybe unions are losing their clout?

Monday Breaking News:

Budget Vote will take place April 24.  With Ontario budget in limbo, Duncan admits Liberals divided over NDP tax proposal — Globe.

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49 Responses to Wooing the Union Vote

  1. WTF says:

    Popcorn futures just went up ;-))

  2. robins111 says:

    I wonder if the dippers will ever figure out what letting the vampire of the unions have just a small taste really means..

  3. paulsstuff says:

    I disagree. The unions love affair with McGuinty is in full bloom. Ryan and other public sector union leaders would love to see another election, with the outcome hopefully (for them) being a McGuinty minority.

    The way I see it, McGuinty and his MPP’s are merely paying lip service in the leadup to a possible election, trying to appear tough with the unions. Once ensconed in a majority government, McGuinty’s new found religion for being fiscally responsible would be thrown out in a millisecond and Ontarians would once again witness pay raises for government employees far exceeding private sector workers.

    Of course McGuinty would need to find new tax revenue for his union buddies, with the sheeple who once again allow themselves to be duped by McGuinty fotting the bill through more taxes.

    Anyone doubting this scenario might ask yourself why the Working Families Coalition, aka unions supporting Ontario Liberals, hasn’t gone after McGuinty. In fact their website is still all about Hudak and Mike Harris, the guy who hasn’t been in office for 10 years.

    • Joanne says:

      Aha… So it’s a ruse. Pretty risky gamble but I wouldn’t put anything past McGuinty and his Working Family Buddies.

    • Richco says:

      I think you’re dead-on Paul.

      I also think that at least in the education sector there’s quite the theatre being played out for Ontarians at the moment. I see the McGuinty government purposely luring the teacher unions (ETFO in particular) in to a strike. Why?
      Teachers’ strikes save millions of $$$$….it’s an easy way out for McGuinty AND he gets to be the hero too.

      I have heard that internal polling shows that while the rural seats that are currently Conservative will stay conservative, but that the NDP will be the big winners and pick up in places like Windsor, Ottawa and Hamilton…which if that happened would grown that party considerably. The NDP is the only party with momentum currently. Sad but true.

  4. paulsstuff says:

    “(for them) being a McGuinty minority” should be (for them) being a McGuinty majority.

    • Martin says:

      But where could a Liberal majority be found? Rural Ont. is completely closed for McGuinty, even Glengarry-Prescott-Russell could probably be persuaded to change next time. With public information of the Drummond Report, the AG Report and sundry reports on energy price predictions, I see nowhere for McGuinty to pick up any additional seats. I just cannot see him risking his fate by going to the voters for a 4th try. Even the most tolerant of urban voters may eventually lose patience with Liberals.

  5. Bec says:

    When it gets to the point that the unions are controlling the dialogue and decisions in a Province, it suggests a very large part of the population is being chronically ignored.

  6. ed says:

    Wonder if the new PC party president could make the difference, should an election be called?? If I’m not mistaken, he got Ford in. Anyway, he seems quite impressive.

  7. Liz J says:

    So Warren K say’s in the Sun today “Smith changes her tune and is completely off-key” and those who don’t live in Alberta better be paying attention!
    Appears the Lib/Left are really paying attention, question is, what are they really worried about? When the “A” word pops up you gotta know the bottom has been scraped.

    • Bec says:

      Yup, bottom of the barrel scraping for sure. I’ve always found it interesting how the interest to having a simple dialogue is never possible with the fear mongering progressives. How the phrase ‘pro-c’ only means THEIR right to choose, never anyone else’s. I mean if they want the right to choose, follow it through from start to finish and I mean THE start and THE finish.

      There are many, many HEALTH related issues that are not funded. Eyes for example or what about dental issues? There are people that are waiting well over ‘9 months’ for a MRI or cat scan and they have NO choice.
      So either we start a dialogue about the reality of funding our services and trying to sustain them or we continue to be like WK and throw out fear bombs because that’s all they know how to do.

  8. Mary T says:

    Does anyone know how much is spent on abortions in AB in an average year. We never hear that figure, or how many are preformed each year. If women had to pay their own costs, how much money would be freed up for equipment, staff, clinics etc. You want one, you pay for it.
    And why would the govt force a woman to go to a doctor to have one, who does not believe in it.

  9. fh says:

    there is absolutely no reason for Abortion to be paid for by the Taxpayer
    if the woman is having financial problems and is on welfare then the procedure if medically necessary could be covered by the taxpayer funded health care
    think of the money that could be freed up to pay for necessary health care

  10. fh says:

    budget fear mongering on Sutcliffe
    Sutcliffe argues with callers that do NOT support his Liberal view
    callers who support him go on and on
    link to 2012 Federal budget plan

  11. Richco says:

    There’s a very weird vibe setting itself up in Ontario these days re: an election. VERY weird. Reminds of the end of the David Peterson reign. I just hope that the results IF we’re heading to an election don’t mirror that result….but it smells eerily similar and with Horwath holding momentum as leader and looking not too bad compared to the other leaders…..well, we sure as HELL don’t want to go there! But, if she starts winning back the unions close to McGuinty…..we’re seriously moving out of this welfare state.

    Here’s the latest reminder of why Dalton McGuinty Liberals will never again be elected in this area http://www.am920.ca/news.php?area=details&cat_id=4&art_id=22570

  12. Richco says:

    And our next story is all about Daddy Dalton in the la-la-land of green energy….getting kicked by Lorrie G.

  13. Jen says:

    For Ontarians who might be interested to respond to this piece of information on:
    Fuschi’s Canadian Forum-
    Milking Ontario’s Suckers


  14. Richco says:

    That Cohn piece that you linked to Joanne makes me wonder where the list is that proves that the NDP has “shown the world they can tackle deficits”….because seriously I missed that memo.

    I think that how the union vote may play out will tell this tale. I don’t believe for a minute that they’ve lost their clout with either the leader of the NDP or Liberals….where they’re losing their clout is with the rest of the voters in the province. It would seem to me that a strategy of pretending to work together while lobbying hard for that union vote is what Horwath’s doing.

    I hate the NDP…..but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Horwath has something I like about her that works and connects. It’s also helping her that she’s getting more than her fair share of news clips and media face time and sound bites.

    The PCs out here are very quiet again. My town’s in a very weird place compared with the rest of the riding. Where the wind turbines and green energy are still huge, the economy and jobs (lack of them), plus tornado recovery is taking all of our focus.

    • Bec says:

      Dippers deficit slashing is called MUCH higher taxes for both the high 1%ers and Corporations.
      The memo that Horvath may be missing is that eventually the high non socialist 1% earners will leave Ontario and the Corporations have already started.
      That would leave the Ontario Government ‘Corporation’ to carry the load which from what I can see could be the reason for the LARGE deficit?

      Dippers do not tackle deficits in provinces already weakened WITHOUT increasing taxes. It’s not in their DNA. So yes, she likely has a plan but the plan will make Ontario another Quebec. High taxes and financial dysfunction when everyone leaves. That is what JC has done to a once vibrant Quebec. Sad but true.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      “… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Horwath has something I like about her that works and connects.”

      Take my comment with a grain of salt, since I don’t follow Ontario politics … but I think people connect with a positive outlook more so than with the ‘angry, the sky’s about to fall’ approach. I know I’m getting really tired of that approach on the federal scene, no matter which party uses it. The few times I’ve seen Horwath interviewed on TV she seems very positive about what her party can accomplish rather than concentrating on pointing an accusatory finger at the government all the time. Even though Jack Layton didn’t always practice what he preached about wanting more civil discourse, see what it did for him in Quebec?

      I mean, even in our daily lives, who wants to listen to constant nagging and whining? So why would the public favour politicians who do so constantly?

      • Bec says:

        I totally agree! Except sometimes (OFTEN) it’s the media that controls the message….the dicing and spicing.

        As for Jack, what he told PQers was the total opposite to what he told Westerners on many occasions. The media enabled that aspect by not questioning it. Was that because they didn’t expect him to win or because he was ‘Jack’? We will never know but when an individual leader gets to the point that they could take the reins, questions and answers to those questions are essential imo.
        Double speak and double standards should never be tolerated no matter how a leader presents themselves during a soundbite.
        It should be facts and truth in policy which is why out here in AB one of the things from the WRA leader we are jumping all over is a ‘recall’ process for elected MLA’s.
        I don’t need someone that has camera charm although that helps but I absolutely need someone to tell me the truth no matter how painful it may be and I want the media to provide that which they do not.

        • Gabby in QC says:

          “… it’s the media that controls the message …”
          True enough. All the more reason for political partisans like bloggers AND the party itself to be watchful & ever ready to counter misinformation. Not by ridiculing the adversary but by calmly and coolly countering misinformation, a party and its supporters can convey the party’s own message.

          I don’t recall who (a commenter) once said that the Conservative party, rather than spend money on silly attack ads (even if Gerry Nicholls thinks they’re effective) should spend that money on a TV or internet program broadcast immediately following the Sunday political shows, so that most of those criticisms could be countered. I think that’s a good idea.

          An upbeat but realistic message would be more persuasive than all the nasty put-downs that pass for debate, IMO. This ad was a prime example of positive messaging:

      • Richco says:

        I agree Gabby.

  15. fh says:

    Jo check filter

  16. Unions are playing both sides of the fence with the Liberals-Democrats and don’t have the resources to reinstall a majority Union.
    If Andrea/(advisors) believed she/onndp benefits outweighed the risks we would have seen a short-list of demands not suggestions, including a coalition and seats in the cabinet.
    Iggy pulled the plug on Dion and went to the voters unprepared and out of touch with public sentiment. The media in the bubble could not understand the message was not resonating outside the converted. Andrea may have more self-awareness of the bubble and does not see an widespread interest base she can tap into to secure or advance her leadership/party.

  17. fh says:

    when media have nothing they go to abortion this chart gives statistics I have never seen before

  18. fh says:

    Monte Solberg on Alberta
    Ontario PC need to look at the Wildrose campaign

    • Joanne says:

      Ontario PC need to look at the Wildrose campaign

      I agree – to a point. Definitely the PC Party of Ontario has to demonstrate that is actually different from the Ontario Liberal Party. I think that may be finally sinking in. I hope.

  19. Martin says:

    “… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Horwath has something I like about her that works and connects.”
    True she is a capable spokeswoman for the left. However, she is greatly helped along by a compliant press not asking her probing, tough questions, With 17 seats she is in no danger of having to think about serious executive decisions. By default, she is the main person providing the muscle for McGuinty’s wind energy fiascos, and so destroying the community framework of rural Ont. There is little need for this, NDP is not connected financially the way McGuinty, Crawley, Peterson and other Liberals are, she does it for ideological reasons. Thus in the 2 PMB in the legislature this session, not a single NDP MP has voted against the government. Obviously she sees the NDP potential in urban Ont and rural people can lump that reality.
    I cannot see her forcing an election now, if she did she would have some tough questions to answer.

  20. ed says:

    O/T: Fed cheques will no longer be in the mail

    The Canadian Press
    OTTAWA – The federal government won’t be able to use that time-honoured stalling tactic – the cheque is in the mail – much longer.

    It’s phasing out the use of government cheques to deliver payments to Canadians over the next four years.

    It will rely instead on direct deposit, saving some $17.4 million a year and reducing paper consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions while it’s at it.

    The government estimates that it costs about 82 cents to issue a cheque, whereas a direct-deposit payment costs only 13 cents.

    “The government of Canada is committed to using taxpayer dollars wisely,” Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose said in a news release Wednesday.”

    Another smart move on the part of the Conservative party of Canada. I guess the Liberals couldn’t figure that out all those years they were in power.

  21. ed says:

    Heard talk about a possible election on April 25th. Well, have to be hopeful!! Also heard that this time nominations will be open to all those who wish to run for the PC party. Getting away from the old boys’ network?? The last election there were numerous complaints about this issue. Maybe that new president is starting to make his moves?? Also, talk about how the press in Ontario give scant coverage to PC activities. Wonder if that Liberal hierarchy in Ontario is more deeply embedded than at the federal level??

  22. ed says:

    This week Nick welcomes John Yakabuski, PC MPP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke to answer your questions: many interesting points on a number of issues, presto scandal, etc.:

    “Ontario’s budget deficit for the past year: 15.2 billion.

    Total budget deficit for all remaining Canadian provinces and territories: 5 billion.

    Quebec has the second highest budget deficit at 1.5 billion – about 10 times less than Ontario.”


    • jon says:

      And the media show more concern and are more preoccupied with the federal deficit than they are with Ontario’s, which is kinda strange considering that most journalists reside in this province. And as residents their pocketbooks are hit harder by the province’s deficit. Because Ont represents about 1/3 of Canada’s population, if you were to extrapolate then the province’s $15 billion deficit would be the equivalent of $45 billion, well below the $25 billion the feds are saddled with. Yet more news reports are devoted to attacking the Harper gov’t on the deficit than that which the McGuinty gov’t has amassed.

      • Jen says:

        Jon, it goes to show you that Ontario lacks media reporters to even bother reporting to the public the grave situation Dalton has created for the province of Ontario.
        Nothing will surprise me jon that most Ontarians have any clue that their province has become a ‘HAVE-NOT’ and very deep in debt province.
        BTW, don’t be surprise that the media awaits for the next sucker political party probably a PC to dump Dalton’s mess upon. I don’t think that the media will do ‘so’ to Horwath.

    • Bec says:

      Even with mind bending transfer payments they cannot quit spending, giving away social programs that no other Province can afford to waste $$ on.
      It’s truly a kick in the face.

      I’m so angry at my provincial govt in AB for stupid spending but this seriously takes the cake. Of course……aren’t they ALWAYS Libs or Dippers?

  23. ed says:

    Bec says:
    April 15, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Bec, I think the quebecois were fed up with the bloc not getting it done so they moved to the closest party to their way of thinking, the NDP and their union views. I also believe that the Mulcair impact on the quebecois is under-rated. Heck, he was on French tv all the time, so it seems. He seemed to do more than Layton who at the time may have been already dealing with health problems??

    • Jen says:

      Bec, Mulclair frequent interviews on the French channel is to remind the folks that he is in control now and not Layton. Mulclair has a plan his own personal plan that is. He is no more interested in the NDP but to see whether he can get himself established as the new PM of Quebe (remember he wants two budgets one for Can and one for Que) which tells me he plans to separate from the rest of the country.
      But, the only way for him to do so is that he needs to show the quebecers what he is made off that he can stand up to the ‘english’ fed gov.
      In other words, Mulclair needs to show Quebec that he is ‘for’ Quebec 100%.

  24. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Brian Lilley guest-hosting Lowell Green’s Island of Sanity this week http://www.cfra.com 10am-noon eastern.

  25. Sammy says:

    CTV news ‘reporter’ Richard Madden hit a new low on the National news last eve! He is supposed to be covering PMSH on his current trip….and what does he lead off with?? New SCANDAL! PMSH’s face was partially ‘hidden in the team photo!’ Really?? How pathetic can you get.

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