Next item on Trudeau’s bucket list – LPC Leader?

When Senator Patrick Brazeau suggested a charity boxing rematch next year , Justin Trudeau declined with the following explanation:

“I got to check off the little box on my bucket list that said, ‘Get in a real fight, participate in a boxing match.’ I’m a parliamentarian, not a boxer,” he said. “I was glad to raise as much money as we did but I will not be in any boxing matches anymore, I’ve got work to do.”

So now we see that Trudeau’s true motive wasn’t so much for charity as for his personal aspirations. If he were truly interested in charity wouldn’t he have left that door open?

What could possibly be going on in a year’s time that might cause a little boxing match to become such an encumbrance? A Leadership Race perhaps?

Oh yes we know Justin said the time was not right with such a young family, but what if this is his moment to really shine?

And those pics portraying Trudeau as winner would be so tempting to use in a campaign.

So why would he want to risk a loss and all the ensuing humiliation by agreeing to a rematch? You can see the logic –  Quit while you’re ahead.


Boxing match –   √_

Liberal Leader – __

Prime Minister – __


*   *   *   *


We love you Justin. We totally do. Pleeeeeze be our prime minister – Pure gold from Kelly McParland

Justin for leader! Okay, maybe notMargaret Wente:

…Justin strikes me as a decent enough guy – expressive, warm and good-looking, like his mother, but also completely innocent of the qualities necessary to revive the fortunes of a party that doesn’t have a clue what it should stand for any more. He’s also from Quebec, which is a fatal liability. The economic and political power of the country have all gone west.

What the Liberals really need is not a handsome fellow with a famous name. They need a manly-girl from Alberta. Those gals can outpunch them all.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t Alison Redford be perfect?

After Danielle wins of course.

*   *   *   *

April 5 Update

Trudeau rules out leadership runSun.  Yeah right.

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114 Responses to Next item on Trudeau’s bucket list – LPC Leader?

  1. Richco says:

    You’re on to something Joanne.

    Not to mention also that Boob Rae had to apologize yet again for a mistake he made re: PM’s pension policy. Rae’s proving to be a screw-up even as interim leader.

    Let Trudeau open the leadership door. I’m pretty sure that the Harper gov’t wouldn’t mind doing battle with Trudeau Jr., actually might relish it.

    • Joanne says:

      Re: Bob Rae – Kady O’Malley actually drew attention to his faux pas, er “honest mistake’.

      Why is it an ‘honest mistake’ if the Liberals do something wrong, but ‘incompetency’ if the Conservatives make a misstep?

      • Fay says:

        My thoughts exactly… Liberals only make honest mistakes????
        And the media party wonder why they are losing credibility.

      • old white guy says:

        another try. i will type slower. as the only living conservative in canada i am tired of the system that allows someone like bob, the buffalo booster rae, become leader of the liberal party. i cannot wait until charest becomes leader of the conservatives after he drops the provincial liberal leadership. i am sure stephen harper is conservative to the bone, he just doesn`t know what the word conservative means. he has three more years to cut spending and balance the budget. he will not succeed because the bureaucracy is in control, not our elected reps. it woould seem it is hopeless to wish that someone in canada would not be a socialist.

    • old whit guy says:

      jeez, my post dissappeared and i cannot remember all that i said. jeez i hate that.

  2. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Foundation says, We support Citoyen Mulcair Bloc; we do not support St. Just.

    More support from Our TO Wing here:

    TO pundit finally gets the message.

    NDPMulcair is Citoyen MulcairBloc.


    “With Mr. Mulcair’s election, in no small part due to his support in Quebec and the sense in the party that he could hold that support, Quebec’s interests will daily shape the NDP.”

  3. “If he were truly interested in charity wouldn’t he have left that door open?”
    Nah. He’d just open a different door. Challenge chef Lynn Crawford to a poutine throwdown, for example. Or do CTV’s celebrity dancing show.
    Look, it simply needs to be said: Tory partisans severely underestimated Justin Trudeau, because (as the Liberals have done with the PM, to their eternal sorrow) they wedded that name to a straw-man construct of their own design. “Dauphin.” Son of PET. Dilettante. Only got into politics because of the name. Lightweight.
    Only a few, less partisan journalists picked up that Justin’s done amateur boxing since his teen years, encouraged by (yes) his father, which equals an experience advantage.
    And if you look at his parliamentary record, he has fewer credentials as an MP than Michael Ignatieff: this year, only associate memberships in three committees, although in the last Parliament he was a steady member of the House Environment Committee. His critic responsibilities are youth, post-secondary education and amateur sport — portfolios which don’t have a high profile for the public agenda.
    Conclusion: Tories have to ditch this straw-man construct of Justin and see the man for what he truly is: an active politician who accepts his heritage but doesn’t want to be seen as the reincarnation of his father, who’s active in politics mainly because it’s what people expect of him. And right now the Liberal Party is in no position to promote this “star” as anything higher than what is he right now; they have other things to worry about.

    • The_Iceman says:

      There were a lot more people than just “Tory partisans” predicting Brazeau would win the fight. The CBC was pumping him as a heavy underdog. They aren’t Tory partisans last time I checked.

  4. M. Haines says:

    If winning a “boxing match” is going to put Justin Trudeau on top of the liberal party…. then there isn’t much to brag about Justin or his party!…. Bobby Rae hasn’t done much to bring his party very far…. if Justin can go 3 two minute rounds in a boxing match – and win – and now liberals as well as the media thinks he is a miracle man… A winner of a 6 minute boxing match fully fit to run our Country – come on! Only liberals and media would think this and there isn’t many of those left.

  5. Bec says:

    “who’s active in politics mainly because it’s what people expect of him.”

    ………….and it’s a bigger pay cheque than a drama teacher.

    I heard Justin interviewed with Brazeau a few times and really, until Patrick passionately talked about losing his Mom to lung cancer, did Justin even mention the ‘C’ word and then did by referencing his Dad’s prostate cancer. I never felt that he was as passionate about the cause as Patrick was but at the same time, he was far more silent with the trash talk. Either confidence or fear? We will never really know because he did win and he gets to set the verbal agenda.

    As far as leadership goes, nothing with the Liberals would surprise me. They were prepared to give a newbie the keys to Stornoway and he was completely untested so to push for the wee Trudeau, not a stretch. It would be a scary thing to have him as PM knowing that he would probably even make Obama look good. He hasn’t got the political sense of fortitude.

  6. Calgary Junkie says:

    My read of the teal leaves is that the LPC will bend over backwards in order to avoid a leadership contest, and find a way to install Rae as the one who leads them into the 2015 campaign. It’s just a question of how they do that, without alienating their supporters. Again, I go back to the money thing, and the “war of attrition” that the LPC is trying to avoid fighting with the CPC (and probably the NDP too).

    The other consideration is that the LPC isn’t really a team, and thus don’t really need a leader. Each candidate is going to be largely on their own–winning or losing based on their history in the riding, campaigning skills, and attachment to the historically important “Liberal” name. Hardly any Liberal is going to ride to victory on Rae’s (or any other leader’s) coattails. It’s each man or woman for themselves.

  7. The_Iceman says:

    He doesn’t want to fight Brazeau again because he doesn’t want to lose. After he won he tried painting his victory as some kind of existential symbol of the fight between Liberals against Tories. Ergo if he were to lose the rematch, that too would have a symbolic meaning.

  8. Ontario Girl says:

    Trudeau flails his arms around like a girl in a 3 round(actually 2 rounds, he lost the first round) fight, and the lefties say this makes him material for the next prime minister. If thats the case, Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield’s ear during a fight.Maybe Mike Tyson should be flown in to run for the Liberal party.

    ps….did they do a drug test after the fight, like the pro’s do, for” performance enhansing drugs?”

    Next year they should do an IQ test on the winner.

  9. fh says:

    Bob Rae has the Liberal election campaign mapped out we have heard that Liberal
    map before
    Bob Rae ” liberals will role retirement age back to 65 from 67″
    Jean Chretien “liberals will get rid of GST’ 1993 election promise BROKEN
    nuff said

  10. fh says:

    I like this way of handling misleading lamestream media reports
    this should be the aim of our Conservative Government to correct misleading repots by the LSM (non sun media NSM)

  11. james says:

    Bob Rae today called for our Prime Minister to resign over the auditor general’s report. It’s absolutely hilarious that a nut like Mulcair is the reasonable one. Anyway I really do hope they keep Bob Rae because he’s pure gold. He should ask for the PM’s resignation every single day over everything. If his soup is cold at lunch : RESIGN HARPER! etc etc etc. You can actually watch the party go down the drain in real time. Amazing.

    • Joanne says:

      It’s absolutely hilarious that a nut like Mulcair is the reasonable one.

      My husband speculated this morning that maybe Bob Rae is doing this for attention. Could be. Really hard to take the guy seriously.

      Yes the worm has turned. The Liberal Party is desperate and the NDP is positioning itself to become a serious government-in-waiting.

      • Jen says:

        Really hard to take the guy seriously

        Especially Joanne when he(BR) bankrupt Ontario then took a $1million payout.

  12. Jeff says:

    Personally, I’d like to hear less about what you think Justin Trudeau’s ambitions are and more about the scandalous ineptitude of this government re. the F-35s!

    Will you suffer anything from this govt for the sake of blind partisanship? Disgraceful.

    • Joanne says:

      That’s the beauty of having a blog. I get to write about what interests me.

      Having said that, the F-35 situation is certainly not one of this government’s finer moments.

      Oh, and for my final comment: What Gimbol said at the link Jen just provided. (Adscam is the yardstick.)

      • Michael Harkov says:

        LOL Jeff you have no interest in really hearing what we here think or have to say on this; all your ilk want in even asking is for us to run around rending our clothes, donning sackcloth and ashes, with our hair on fire, and yelling piteously, “woe are we, woe are we” while we burn our membership cards in protest. Nuh-uh, sorry to disappoint, but whining is a Liberal; shtick; we’ll leave that up to the experts. 😀

    • Michael Harkov says:

      Ah yes, “robocalls” has about used up whatever life it had left as a “wafer”, so its off to the races to find another “wafer”. Will you suffer anything from this Opposition for the sake of blind partisanship? Disgraceful. Meanwhile, the Liberal party continues to wither on the vine. 😀

    • Michael Harkov says:

      Or maybe you want to distract from THIS –


    • james says:

      Oh? What F-35 problem exactly? The auditor general report merely mentioned THERE COULD BE OVERRUNS. We haven’t even bought one yet. The rest of the report was pretty positive. I guess you just watch Rae and his Harper hating speech which was truly third rate I must say.

      • Joanne says:

        Sorry that your comment was stuck in the filter James. And too bad because it was a good one!

  13. Jen says:

    Read his article from Daniel Dickin

    Auditor General’s largely positive report negatively spun by media

    ‘Auditor General Michael Ferguson, the unilingual monster whom the NDP and Bloc Quebecois so vehemently opposed, released his Spring 2012 report today. This report is and will undoubtedly continue to get explosive media attention, as it deals with the F35 JSF program.

    But from media headlines, you’d think the AG was giving a blanket doomsday
    judgment against Prime Minister Harper and his cabinet.’

    Read the rest:

    • Joanne says:

      Awesome link. Thanks Jen.

    • frmgrl says:

      A couple of points. First of all the government has not signed any contract. They only signed a memorandum of understanding.
      Number two, what Mark Dunn just pointed out on SNN is that not one plane has been bought. Yes the process is the problem and government is going to fix it thus the press release Rona Ambrose issued yesterday.

      • Jen says:

        The media in my view have gone against the AG actual report to rewrite his report to suit their agenda.

        • frmgrl says:

          Seems like it’s only Sun Media doing any fair reporting on this issue.
          OTTAWA – The defence department has kept the Conservative government in the dark about costs and risks associated with the $25-billion purchase of new F-35 fighter jets, Canada’s auditor general has concluded.

          In his report on the plan to replace the aging CF-18 fleet, Michael Ferguson says National Defence “did not inform senior decision makers, central agencies, and the (defence) minister of the problems and associated risks of relying on the F-35 to replace the CF-18.”

          • Joanne says:


          • Liz J says:

            Perhaps there needs to be some heads roll in the Defence Department, a major clean-up may be warranted, its a very serious matter. Was politics being played here? Who gains, who loses?

  14. Bubba Brown says:

    Here I sit on the West Coast “suffering” under the Conservative Yoke.
    We are rated # 1 by Forbes
    Rank in the top ten happiest Countries;
    As far as the new jets go, wasn’t that commitment originally made by Liberals?
    But then who can forget the “Helicopter” extravanza by Jean Chretain.
    You know 500 million and nothing to show for it.
    Yes Canada is looking pretty good, lot’s to do, but it is getting done, while the opposition play silly games.
    Suffering ?
    I don’t think so, if we had a NDPQ-F/Liberal Government now that would be suffering.

    • Rich says:

      Liberal hypocracy: 250 million to commit to the development of the F35 in the 1990’s with no :debate in Parliament; purchase of 4 nuclear submarines that can’t float; these subs have no problem submerging but can’t seem to surface when required. Purchase of cormorant helicopters for search and rescue that have a problem flying.

      By the way the four subs are still in drydock costing the taxpayers upwards of 45 million per year; none of these items were ever brought to parliament for debate.

      • Fay says:

        Good point.
        But don”t expect the media party to report the facts.

      • james says:

        To be fair one sub is likely to finally be serviceable and ready for duty in the coming months.

      • Robert M says:

        Sorry but the subs are out dated diesel-electric.
        Vintage post second world war technologies.
        The Brits sold them just to save the cost of scraping them.

    • Mary T says:

      To my knowledge there have been no deaths or fires with these planes. Can’t say the same for the liberal subs. And what did it cost the taxpayer to cancel the helicopter deal. Maybe Rae should check the history of his adopted party.
      And remember another broken promise, no wage and price controls.

  15. maz2 says:

    Comedy writers are in Top Class today.

    See also Creative Writing @ Twits*.


    “Matt Gurney: Union warns of a dark day when fighter pilots will scrub dishes”

    “*CBC to cut 650 jobs over next 3 years”


    • Mary T says:

      And not one of those jobs will be any tv honchos and none will get a salary cut or lose their drivers.

  16. Rich says:

    Polievre is talking now on Socialism must listen now on the HOC

  17. fh says:

    This creative writing by MSM and opposition parties is tending toward being fodder for a LAWSUIT
    I do not hear that “ALLEGED” word in the USA the politicians and media use the word alleged
    without one single piece of evidence the media has decided that the “DIRTY TRICKS” in the Federal Election in Guelph Ontario was caused solely by the Guelph Conservative campaign
    Marty Burke a gentleman who served Canada as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force has been subjected to media hounding to the point that Guelph Police instructed him to put up No Trespassing signs on his Home property in Guelph
    Marty Burke put himself forward to again serve the good people of Guelph if he was chosen by the people in Guelph
    he was not elected however Liberal Frank Valeriote was elected
    I call on Frank Valeriote to make it clear to the Guelph media that they stop hounding his admirable opponent in the election Conservative Marty Burke and to wait for the result of the investigation by Election Canada
    Election Canada should be able to inform Canadians soon who the mysterious Pierre Poutine is and then I expect restitution will be offered to all innocent parties who have been wrongly slandered without one bit of evidence
    it is not anymore alright in Canada to slander people without any evidence
    Frank Valeriote won the riding of Guelph
    What is he afraid of?

  18. Jen says:

    CBC Budget Cuts: Fewer Staff, More Ads As National Broadcaster Slashes Spending

    Posted: 04/ 4/2012 2:13 pm Updated: 04/ 4/2012 4:29 pm

    Don’t forget to vote as you will at the bottom of the page

  19. maz2 says:

    This was referred to above?

    It’s good to know that a segment of MSM is fact-checking the dross spewing from the Liberals.

    “Rae did not acknowledge the blunder he put forth on the weekend when he said Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in line for a six-figure pension top off when he turns 65 because of legislation Brian Mulroney enacted.

    It turns out Liberal icons’ Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau were responsible for the special prime minister’s allowance.”

  20. Bubba Brown says:

    My dear wife was watching CTV and Bob Rae was on demanding PM Harper resign over the F-35.
    He was using an analogy which had the “PM as a piano player in a bordello with no idea as to what was going on upstairs”
    Maybe Bob thinks that’s where jets come from?
    My wife wanted to know how many jets we (Canada) had bought.
    I told her none, not one, nada.
    She said ” well then what is he (Bob Rae) talking about?
    I said he is the temportary Leader of the third place party that lost 43 seats in the last election.
    He does this all day everyday, like the dog down the block that barks at everything and pees on everything he dosen’t bark at, sad really.
    Try not to pay too much attention , they only have 34 seats.
    Canada is doing actually very well, Liberals and NDPQ-F types hate that.

  21. Jen says:

    According to NDPQF Newbie Catherine Borg of Quebec said ‘that the 1812 war means nothing”……

  22. cantuc says:

    Good Lord , I never thought in a million years I’d miss Don Martin but damn , his replacement is a piece of work . His replacement the last couple of days is worse than Solomon or O”Malley. Speaking of O”Malley, she was preaching on twitter about the government was misleading parliament and killing democracy and small furry animals . I asked if that applied to the bullcrap pre-amble in the questions as well like the opposition does every time they ask a question but the usual no reply when she doesn’t have an answer , or Coyne doesn’t answer for her . Is the CBC paying him to cover her back and supply her answers ?

    • frmgrl says:

      I read on twitter earlier this evening Don will be back next week.

    • Jen says:

      Something or someone is holding the media in a noose they are all afraid of something can’t be the government because they are making up lies or inventing lies stories about the government so it has to be the liberals, ndpqf, the bloc or the coalition as a whole. In fact when you watch the media they do tremble in front the coalition party to say anything that will not send them (media) to the ‘stockade’.
      Or there is some entity outside of canada that is frightening the media to behave like this. because really all of them speak the same language their tone and mannerism are the same as if they are in one chorus.
      Hugo Chavez’s media or Obama’s media behave the same same way as ours. Strange? but true.

  23. Liz J says:

    I’m guessing he’s on a scheduled week off. His ramblings while socializing around a watering hole were just bad timing leading us all to speculate about him getting the boot.

    His replacement is a total flop, if that’s all they have to fill-in they had better hang on to Martin.

    • Joanne says:

      Yeah his replacement is terrible. I thought she did marginally better yesterday but still totally boring and her questions are lame.

  24. Liz J says:

    Trudeau won the match but he lost when he opened his mouth to reveal his real motivation.
    Can anyone imagine him going head to head in a debate with Stephen Harper?

  25. fh says:

    article on renewable fuels the problems to be worked out is impact on Food prices and problems with vehicle engines Britain car drivers had some major complaints with corrosion in their car engines

  26. fh says:

    in filter

  27. Ontario Girl says:

    Good News this morning, thanks to the Conservative Govt.” 82,000 “FULL TIME jobs created in March. Manufacturing up along with health care and social asst. to name a few. ALSO, a lower unemployment rate from 7.4 down to 7.2.

    Actually reported on CBC…probably will be buried later today.Will it be the lead off story on The National?Doubt it…Mildewski is too busy with F-35 smears.

    • Jen says:

      I sometimes wished that I was a reporter working on my own following the others listening to their style of questions and neglects to questions which should have been asked repetitively and when the questions slowly subsides; out comes my questions about the liberals paying a quarter (1/4) of billions dollars for a contract since 199? which hasn’t been used. Not only that, I will mention about the subs that was not thoroughly investigated which cost a sailor’s life. This is not the only question of course there will be more.

      So far, I have not heard a reporter ask the liberals serious questions at all.

    • jon says:

      The CBC has to report report the latest jobs numbers as there’s no way around it. But as you’ll often notice with such stories involving good economic news that benefits PMSH and his gov’t, they’ll isolate it to a business/market report with little, if any, reference to the gov’t, wanting to steer clear of giving them credit. Certainly no labels are used when mentioning it. Instead generic descriptors are deployed — “Ottawa” or “feds” or “Canadian gov’t” to name a few. But when the numbers tank then it becomes a political story for the Ceeb, with the blame for the sagging numbers going to the “Harper Tories”.

      • Jen says:

        The plan is already in process jon.

        The media intentions is to say very little or nothing about this gov in terms re to positive news. They plan is to re address this ‘positive’ news when the liberals or the coalition take over the government as their own. Dates, names, and few minor things in the report will change to suit the coalition new government. That is ‘if’ they get into government.

        In other words yesteryears positve news will become the future news under a new heading.

  28. fh says:

    here is a link to memorandum of understanding signed by a number of countries including Canada for the F 35

  29. Mary T says:

    The ndpq has an add out that is supposed to counteract anything the cpc puts out. Trouble is it is only playing in Que and is all in french. Stephen Taylor has it up at his site but no translation. Wonder if Gabby could translate for us.
    Will he put out ads in the rest of Canada in total english, without translation. What is he saying in one province he wont say in the other 9 and territorities.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      Mary, a little late, but here it is, as per your request:
      The first two are from Hansard, questions asked on March 26, Mulcair’s first day as leader of the opposition:
      “Mr. Thomas Mulcair (Leader of the Opposition, NDP):
      Mr. Speaker, since the Conservatives took office, Canada has lost hundreds of thousands of good jobs in the manufacturing sector. The Prime Minister is so clueless that he even went to Electro-Motive in London, Ontario, to tell everyone how great his economic policies were. After all the fanfare, the plant is now closed, and all of those jobs have been exported.
      Now the Aveos workers are in the same boat. In Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto, thousands of families are reeling. Why are the Conservatives not doing anything?”

      “Mr. Thomas Mulcair (Leader of the Opposition, NDP):
      Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives are saddling future generations with the biggest environmental, economic and social debt in our history. They are gutting the manufacturing sector and destabilizing the balanced economy that we have built up since the second world war. Today we learned that Canada’s youth unemployment rate is 14.7% and that 400,000 unemployed young people are looking for work but finding nothing.
      Will the Conservatives address this situation in the budget and provide jobs and hope for our young people?”

      The real ad has Mulcair saying, as he rolls up his sleeves in Jack Layton fashion:
      “We are continuing … [with] A government that listens, a greener and more prosperous economy for everyone … it’s possible. We have a vision, we have a goal: building the future together.”

  30. Fay says:

    BOB Rae spending lots of time on a supposed question of privilege. Basically in fancy words calling the Prime Minister and cabinet liars by picking out sections of AG report.
    He was not allowed to read this into the record yesterday because the speaker classified this speech as debate . Today there is a different speaker and Bob Rae is reading this to put it on the record.
    Only thing changed from yesterday is the speaker.????
    Basically the same rant as he made to his caucas.

    • Fay says:

      I estimate Bob Rae’s rant lasted over 15 minutes and now the conservative peter Van Loan is responding and the Liberals heckling until speaker disciplined the Liberals.

  31. Anise says:

    O/T I think I will have to give up Rutherford until after the Alberta Election. He had an awful PC bag of wind (Rick McIver) on this morning. I was reduced to screaming at the radio `answer the question“just answer one question`. Never thought I`d see the day when Dave couldn’t stop the flow of BS. The question was simple, if all these schools and health centres are so necessary, why were they not in last months budget.

    • Jen says:

      Anise, send Rutherford an email and explain your concern.

      Rutherford before said that mps will be allowed to speak without interruption especially during election time. This is to allow us to really listen to the rants of the person to make our decision. like you just did. you after listening to the rant made up your mind already.

      Rutherford knows exactly what he is doing. Evans on the other hand, interrupts the cons so you wouldn’t have to listen to full story.

      • Anise says:

        Now I have scraped myself off the ceiling and calmed down I can accept that Dave knew what he was doing. Think I even knew it at the time.

        • Bec says:

          Rick has made a huge mistake, Anise! That was truly embarrassing and you are dead on.

          Sadly, Rick IS a fiscal conservative and was a huge asset and influence during the 2008 Troika. (3 stooges coup attempt) Today he sounded like either an arrogant PS candidate of a panicked one. I too was so disappointed having helped him on his mayoralty run. I’d say that was his ‘ take down’ moment and that he’s not going to win any friends or influence another soul, ever.

  32. fh says:

    this site is the AG Michael Ferguson spring report

  33. Mary T says:

    Rick probably lost a lot of undecided voters today with his rant, it was horrible. And he probably increased voters for other WRA candidates in AB.

  34. ed says:

    Mary T says:
    April 5, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Here are the goods on Mulcair:

    It’s with CFRA’s Rob Snow, Nick Vandergragt and Conservative Strategist Geoff Norquay.

    There’s a Quebec view and a Canadian view of this country, Mulcair has the Quebec view – no doubt about it.

  35. Joanne says:

    The power panel on CBC’s Power & Politics was strangely complimentary towards the Harper Gov’t in general today. Mmmm..

    • frmgrl says:

      Would you kindly brief those of us who didn’t watch?

      • Fay says:

        I noticed the same thing CBC Joanne.
        I was concerned when Stephen Mahar had joined the panel. But it appeared they are backing away from attacking the F35 attack after the AG report.
        On the other hand Craig Oliver endorsed and repeated Bob Rae’s rhetoric on the prime minister concerning the F35 AG report.

        • Joanne says:

          Missed Craig Oliver’s tirade. Good.

          • Fay says:

            Anyone else catch the At issue panel tonight. Peter Mansbridge came close to a Bob Rae rant tonight. All panel members were spitting nails and Rex let loose that no defence equipment should be purchased when 20,000 Canadians are loosing their jobs.
            Have the CBC ever endorsed the purchase of equipment for the military?

            • Joanne says:

              Well CBC obviously has skin in the game (ie. a vested interest). So all their opinions need to be viewed through that filter.

              BTW did anyone see the panel on Lang and O’Leary which included Ian Lee? I thought that was quite well done.

  36. Mary T says:

    Maybe Power & Politics are afraid of their jobs.

  37. Bubba Brown says:

    Another day another rant from Bob “resign” Rae……Yawn…….. Muclairs video with the rolled up sleeves ? What is with that?
    As he choose to speak in French I can only suppose he does not want to share his thoughts with the vast majority of Canadians.
    Muclair says there are no jobs?
    Perhaps the “unemployed youth” would like to come out West lots to do here.
    Is he gonna jettison his bicycle shorts too? Just askin’
    The world is coming to an end the CBC is layin’ off booo hoooo.

  38. ed says:

    Rob Snow’s commentary on the lunch bunch, CFRA, with Nick Vandergragt and Conservative Strategist Geoff Norquay:

    On Mulcair: in favor of the carbon tax, amended the Quebec Charter of Rights to include Human Rights, he believes the oil sands are taking more money out of the economy than they are putting in (March 22/12), he blames the oil sands for the decline of Canadian manufacturing, the Sherbrooke Declaration, expanding Bill 101, regulating all of the banks in Quebec that the language of the workplace has to be French, the love of the soft and not so soft separatists in Quebec and their separatist manifesto known as the Sherbrooke Declaration.

    Hear the details here – April 05, 2012:

  39. Bec says:

    Well I’m one of those westerners that does worry about Mulcair.
    He’s extremely divisive, a complete non listening loose cannon re the environment, no economical aptitude at all who hasn’t a clue nor does he care past the borders of his domicile province and yet he pulled off this leadership?

    I worry that the asinine, irresponsible political agenda driven brainwashing that occurs from the usual suspects could sit like mush in the minds of those that are easily coerced. Look at what happened in PQ……..a complete take down of an easily manipulated/swayed population.

  40. fh says:

    off topic but in recent headlines the flying car
    I think this is a better idea to solve our congested highways

  41. fh says:

    I am a Canadian and I am furious that our military are compared to boys shopping at toys R US wanting the most new expensive toy
    Canada asks these men and women to go into battle in foreign lands with instructions to bomb and kill the BAD guys
    well our military are the GOOD guys
    Auditor pencil pushing experts on the bottom line yes Taxpayers expect our money to be spent WISELY we respect the Auditor General he is doing a good job protecting the bottom line but they do not know what equipment Canada’s military need
    I challenge Canadians are WE willing to be CHEAPSKATES on equipment for our military
    the F 35 is still in development we need to know more about it
    do not throw the program out but get a better grip on the process
    stop the blame game and start the game to improve the way Parliament works to make sure our Canadian men and women have the best equipment to carry out the JOBS we ask them to

  42. Sandy says:

    Happy Easter Joanne to you and your family. In fact, I hope all BLY regulars who celebrate the occasion, have a Happy Easter!

  43. Bubba Brown says:

    Well the turkey is in the oven 4 generations of my family will sit around the table today.
    Easter is one of my favorites, spring of the year and I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter.
    This is the DND page the cost of the jets was the cost of the jets.
    Keeping them in the air, salaries, support staff parts, fuel, oil adds up have a look.
    Those costs would be there no matter what the RCAF was flying.
    If Mr Rae had any experience actually running anything “successfully” he would know this.
    Which is why he just isn’t ready for leadership other than on a temporary basis of course. JMO

  44. fh says:

    Great link Bubba we are celebrating with a nice ham
    “Easter is a reason to live and Easter is something to celebrate every day of your life.”
    author unknown but I agree with the message
    happy Easter everyone

  45. fh says:

    when the opposition is losing they maintain that we must support ABORTION
    Isn’t abortion the Killing of Human babies
    aren’t these the same people who feel honest work by sealers who earn their LIVING
    seal hunting should be demonized for killing baby seals
    these people are not doing themselves or anyone else a favour with their diametrically opposite views
    abortion is a necessary medical procedure for some medical and mental illnesses
    go Wild Rose party in Alberta

    • Rich says:

      What has the operating cost (salaries, fuel,etc) got to do with the actual purchase of the plane? Should the purchase cost not reflect the required expenditure for the particular product being purchased?

      The AG did mention that this particular purchase of F35 JSF was a completely different type of purchase because of the joint commitment from our allies. and the actual cost was dependent on how many planes were sold to our allies.
      The more planes sold the cheaper the plane.

      • Joanne says:

        I really think the media and opposition parties are grasping at straws here. On the plus side, we haven’t heard much about robocalls lately. 😉

  46. fh says:

    tremendous catch frmgrl
    that is all we can do get out the truth PMO statement was needed

    • frmgrl says:

      It was retweeted but it originally came from an Andrew Coyne tweet.

      • Joanne says:

        Yeah thanks Frmgrl! So the projected difference is basically operating costs and salaries?

        Oh dear. The media will now have to concoct the next waferchase.

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