Reading the political tea leaves

I don’t often link to columns by Warren Kinsella but this one is one is riveting – Stick fork in Grits, they’re done.

Kinsella doesn’t try to attack the Conservative’s truth ad about Bob Rae. On the contrary – he agrees with it:

It worked with Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, and it’ll work even better with Rae: He has a record in government that can be attacked. Heck, it deserves to be attacked.

Raelians, in full self-denial, will say they aren’t worried about the spots, of course. They’ll say the ads’ existence demonstrate that it is the Tories who are worried about Rae. Why else run them, they’ll ask.

Because, for starters, Rae has decided to break his promise — he’s after the permanent leadership post.

A few weeks ago, one of his Toronto loyalists summoned some former Michael Ignatieff staffers to a meeting. Rae walked in and said, “I’m running for leader.”

That’s not all. Rae and his apparatchiks are doing their utmost to ensure that no other Liberal gets a fair shot at running for leader.

After the Paul Martin debacle of 2003, you’d think Grits would know by now that coronations are a seriously bad idea. These guys don’t ever learn from history, and so they’re doomed to repeat it.

Now what would be Warren Kinsella’s motive in being so provocative? Is it simply more evidence of a deeply fractured party?

But then at the end he proffers this tidbit:

Without an arrangement with the NDP, and with Bob Rae as leader, the Liberals are heading towards gritterdamerung. The end times.

And that certainly does seem to be one of the possible outcomes – a type of ‘arrangement’ or coalition of the left although I seriously doubt that the NDP would allow a Liberal to be the leader of such a venture.

But on the other hand, isn’t Bob Rae both?

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Excellent post by Jeff at A BCer in TorontoRae ad a well-aimed Conservative grenade into the Liberal tent. I find it fascinating to watch all this strategy from the other side.

Conservative ads could force Bob Rae to make decision on Liberal leadershipJohn Ivison, NP:

…Senior Conservatives said last year that they weren’t planning to waste their time and money assassinating the character of a stop-gap leader. Perhaps they just got tired of waiting for it to become official.

Whatever the catalyst, it has resuscitated the deep uneasiness many Liberals feel about Mr. Rae continuing to act as interim leader while not ruling out his ambitions to run for the job permanently. In a report last year, former Liberal president Alf Apps suggested it would be unfair for the interim leader to run for the full-time job, given the in-built advantages of incumbency, such as control over caucus appointments and access to party funding and communications resources

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  1. Michael Harkov says:

    From the article – A few weeks ago, one of his Toronto loyalists summoned some former Michael Ignatieff staffers to a meeting. Rae walked in and said, “I’m running for leader.”

    Things are about to get real, REAL ugly over there. Make sure that you get your popcorn early! 😀

  2. Sammy says:

    I love it when the Libs are ripping each other apart!! Most interesting tidbit in WK column was the comment about Rae’s arrogance..he seems to be even more so than Iggy,and that sure went over well with the regular folk! Yet..the msm seem to lap up Rae’s smugness,and give him air-time for every little thing.This could be his undoing,and nice to know the msm would be helping his demise!!!!

  3. It’s not that surprising that WK would be hard on Bob Rae. Have a look at his previous column:

    I have a feeling that WK blames Mr. Rae for his being ostracized from the Liberals’ “inner circle,” hence his antipathy. It doesn’t make him wrong about the efficacy of this new attack ad, but it does explain the whiff of “if they would only listen to me” about this one.

    As for the desire for a united left, the current circumstances say it won’t happen, because the current Liberal elders are too proud to consider it. Because a “united left” means the NDP will be the senior partners and the Liberals the junior.

    Why? The NDP has the advantage in current representation, grassroots fundraising and (with the OLO and upcoming coverage of the leadership convention) media exposure. All the Liberals have is corporate history and power in the Senate — and that plus a toonie will get you a double-double. Since Liberal pride won’t allow them to resist being second place in any coalition arrangement, the Left will have to wait until the elders retire from the scene before union becomes possible.

    • Michael Harkov says:

      It seems like it was jsut yesterday when it was the other way around, where the Liberals were the potential senior partners, and the NDP the juniour. That has GOT to sting. 😀

    • Joanne says:

      If Nathan Cullen were to become NDP leader, I think there could be some kind of ‘co-operation’ between the parties. Check this out.

      Our ‘friends’ from Leadnow…

  4. Michael Harkov says:

    I just read it again, and this article is going to explode all over Liblogs today, you watch. It is going to, once and for all, smoke out Rae and make him say, finally and unequivocally one way or the other, whether or not he intends to take the job.

    Now Rae either has to admit that he wants the job, thus making himself out to be a liar and making mockery of their leadership process (again), or he stays true to his word and steps aside. Either way, Rae is done.

    Interesting, isn’t it, how much effect this one little ad from the Tories has had? I think that this ad is brilliant in so many ways and is arguably one of their best to date.

    • Joanne says:

      It is going to, once and for all, smoke out Rae and make him say, finally and unequivocally one way or the other, whether or not he intends to take the job.

      And hence, the timing! Brilliant for sure.

  5. frmgrl says:

    I heard Rae is not a happy camper over this ad. Guess the truth hurts, eh!

  6. Calgary Junkie says:

    My take on all this … it’s mostly about the money. This ad is the latest skirmish in the”war on attrition” we are waging against the Grits (which Tom Flanagan first wrote about in the Globe a couple of years ago). Force them to spend money now, that they would prefer to accumulate for an election campaign.

    Rae told Soloman the LPC will respond in kind, and it will supposedly depend on how much they can raise for their counter-attack. But who in their right mind would donate to defend an interim leader ???

    It just doesn’t make any sense, from a donor’s point of view. If you replace “LPC” and “Rae” with “NDP” and “Turmel”–then you can see how totally absurd the whole Grit appeal for donations will seem.

    The Dippers wouldn’t waste a nickel, defending Turmel, and neither should the Grits, in defending Rae. But this whole stirring of the pot by us will smoke the Grits and Rae out, on what their true intentions are–Inquiring junkies want to know !

    • Joanne says:

      Ah yes. It is a dastardly clever move by the CPC!

      BTW check the update.

    • Michael Harkov says:

      If Rae does end up becoming permanent leader, the subsequent ads write themselves – “he lied to to own party, what is to say he won’t also lie to you”?

      And as CJ said, not only does it smoke out Rae, it also forces the Liberal party donor base to demand a concrete answer as to Rae’s intentions. This ad reaches out in different directions and is so multi-faceted on different levels. I’m quickly beginning to believe that this is their best ad to date.

      • Calgary Junkie says:

        Yes, the Liberal donors are definitely entitled to know what the heck is going on, leadership-wise.

        They were bamboozled by the LPC in early 2009, when a lot of money was donated to supposedly defend Iggy against our dastardly “just visiting” ads. So how did the LPC respond back then ?

        They posted a 90 second clip on YouTube, of Iggy babbling about himself. The LPC never aired anything on regular media, that I am aware of. That 2009 Grit appeal for money was basically a scam.

    • Michael Harkov says:

      CJ, and if the Liberal party donors refuse to pony up to help pay for ads in response to defend Rae, then this is a sure indication that Rae is being hung out to dry by their donors. And there is no way that their party brass can afford to ignore that.

  7. Bubba Brown says:

    Bob Raes reaction to this humble truth ad is very telling.
    His “hurt bunny” act after all his shite slinging and posturing is pathetic.
    I am getting the popcorn ready and maybe a little red this will be sweet.
    Eh,Tu Bob……………………..

  8. Liz J says:

    Have the Liberals redone the divide with the Iggys and the Raes? We seem to be hearing from Iggy a bit lately and one would think he’s had about enough of politics unless he’s sticking around for evening up the score on his old pal Bob.

  9. paulsstuff says:

    I thought Jason Kenney missed a great opportunity yesterday when Solomon grilled him over the federal deficit and the Rae attack ad. It seems to me the best response would be finance minister Jim Flaherty was the one who cleaned up the mess and damage Rae did to Ontario, and is the one that has led the Canadian government, and by extension, all Canadians remakably through a global economic meltdown in far better shape than most countries.

  10. frmgrl says:

    Brian Lilley has a very good take the ads, WK’s column and Rae’s leadership aspirations.

  11. cantuc says:

    Watched evan solomon gushing on Rae yesterday , even saying ” you son-of-a-gun” , at something Rae didn’t answer , damn near puked . Then the liberal tool tried to attack Kenney . Kenney kept smirking at solomons liberal talking points . Must have driven the bed wetting tool crazy . It was fun watching .

    • Jason Kenney will be the next PM after PM Harper,Garneau will be the liberal leader,and Nathan Cullen will be the NDP leader.Mulcair will never stay with the NDP if he’s not elected leader,and he won’t be.

      • cantuc says:

        He’s earning it . He’s very busy and cleaning up a giant mess , but then quite a few of the conservative cabinet ministers are . Kenney doesn’t have to resort to name calling or trying to silence dissent . He always seems to know his file .

  12. wilson says:

    The left is totally fractured.
    Dippers divided on original party ‘values’ and move to the center. Libs without values and policy, ripe for the pickings from Dippers, ready to morph into what it it takes to join forces with the left.

    Funny how the media proclaim the CPC fears Rae and Mulcair the most……
    One swipe at Rae and the LPC is flattened.
    Imo, Mulcair is the easiest target for the CPC.

  13. Jen says:

    Rae’s ‘PROROGATION’ seem to be amiss in the ads but the CPC know what they are doing. But here is a reminder:

    Bob Rae, King of proroguing: Blizzard
    As Ontario premier, this former Dipper put the Legislature on hiatus 3 times

    By Christina Blizzard ,QMI Agency
    First posted: Sunday, January 24, 2010 01:03 AM EST

    Let me tell you about the biggest rogue who’s a pro when it comes to prorogation.

    Stephen Harper, you say?

    Absolutely not.

    I give you Bob Rae, King of the Prorogues.


    • jon says:

      I was thinking that also. Rae on that issue is certainly hypocritical. But the issue is prorogue is, for many Canadians, inside baseball. Best to keep the message simple. Plus with a majority gov’t, that issue now is not all that relevant now. And as with the newer, more refined ads against Iggy, I’m sure there’s more to come. With a majority gov’t, however, probably won’t see those until closer to 2015.

  14. Jen says:

    Where is PAUL MARTIN? Why hasn’t he come out to defend Rae whom he embraced into the LPC, knowing full well what Rae did to Ontario.
    Paul Martin is only heard and seen when he has something to say against the CPC.

  15. Sammy says:

    Graham James gets 2 years in jail. As one of the victims said in presser,this is a ‘national travesty’..calls on ALL politicians to do something. What a despicable outcome.

  16. maz2 says:

    K’s Land: Ontario/Quebec axis has collapsed.

    H/T Liberal Ad$cam Chretien/MartinJr.


    “#2 — Globe | Hobbled by debt, Quebec to table budget amid rising public anger

    If there is one message Quebec Finance Minister Raymond Bachand will deliver to voters in Tuesday’s budget, it is that the province’s public finances are under control and the government is on target to eliminate the deficit by the 2013-2014 fiscal year.


    #3 — LFP | Vital corn prices may falter

    High flying corn prices, an important boost for Ontario’s farm economy in the past couple of years, could be dramatically lower by harvest time, a U.S. market expert warned yesterday.”

  17. Bec says:

    This little ‘Coronation’ that occurred has me wondering even more about the ‘wee Trudeau’s’ comment re a joining of the left. Although he has since backed off of that retort, it does give rise to an ah ha moment.

    And watching the little media rats bare their, this weeks wild side, means the CPoC has hit a nerve. Ya gotta love those forks!

  18. fh says:

    Way off topic
    GRAHAM JAMES sentenced to two years for sexually assaulting young boys who played hockey and dreamed of being great hockey players.
    Did James not use threats against his victims is that not extortion?
    he threatened to end the dreams of these young boys unless they submitted to his sexual assaults
    I do not understand the LAW or JUSTICE

  19. james says:

    Here’s my hope. I hope that Rae gets coronated and soon after Poutine is outed as a Rae bagman. It won’t harm any hardcore liberal vote at all which is all they have left anyway but it will kill a formal libdipper coalition. Mulcair the troofer will then ride his horse over the edge next election and the left will spend years in the woods.

  20. wilson says:

    ”Mulcair wants NDP to set up $3.38 million fund to take on Tories in 2015”

    Wonder how many ‘anonymous’ donors from the US, Unions and antiCPC activist groups will jump to this call for cash…?

    • Jen says:

      Ask Evan Solomon. I am sure that he knows already in order to help with the process.

    • Liz J says:

      Hopefully there’s a law against non-Canadian entities donating but they’re so desperate they’d find a loophole anyway.

      The NDP is telegraphing very well how dangerous they would be to this country should they ever get their grubby hands on power.

      • frmgrl says:

        Hopefully there’s a law against non-Canadian entities donating but they’re so desperate they’d find a loophole anyway.

        I hope so too. If not,something needs to be done tout sweet.

      • Bec says:

        “As of January 1, 2007, only citizens and permanent residents of Canada can make political donations to registered parties, registered electoral district associations, candidates, nomination contestants and leadership contestants.”

        (from EC website)

        However these weasels and unions seem to find every loop hole possible to advertise as we witnessed in the Ontario provincial election.
        Some charitable organizations need some serious housecleaning and scrutiny. They are making it tough for the legitimate charities.

      • I think there’s going to be a lot of scandal in the NDP come election time in 2015.The scandal and dirt is there and the CPC will make the NDP look silly,especially with their union bosses,and Leslie going to the states to stop the oil pipeline.The CPC will have more attacks on the NDP than they ever did on the libs.The NDP are hippocrates.

        • Jen says:

          Correct me if I wrong here.
          Meggy Nash was working with Union boss Lowenza before deciding to run for the ndp party the last election

  21. Jen says:

    EVANS better be prepared to tackle all three parties

    In others words Evans has to defend:
    -NDPQF especially when they want to shut down the oilsands and our economy.
    – LPC especially Bob Rae who put his province months of recession without a legislative government; the adscam and etc.
    -Coalition of three parties that wanted to ‘overthrow’ a duly elected Cons government and the massive budget which they all prevented from passing.

  22. maz2 says:

    Of socialism’s buildings.

    Putting Jack on ice.


    “NDP Leadership: Ottawa headquarters to be named after Jack Layton”–ndp-leadership-ottawa-headquarters-to-be-named-after-jack-layton


    “Bulgaria’s abandoned Socialist monument is secretly on the ice planet Hoth”

    “We’ve looked at some abandoned Bulgarian Socialist architecture before, but never like this. This winter, photographer Timothy Allen braved snowstorms and horrific cold to shoot the UFO-like Buzludzha monument in the Bulgarian Balkans. The resulting pictures look like the lost Communist equivalent of Echo Base.”

    “Allen traveled 250 kilometers outside of Sofia to get these incredible photos. The snow picked up during his shoot, and he even took a harrowing -25°C hang-gliding expedition to grab some aerial shots. Explains Allen of the building’s history:”.

  23. robins111 says:

    Cantec, I watched that pitiful whining by Evan Solomon with poor bobby being clubbed by the mean ol’ conservatives. I. have never seen such a blatantly sniveling on Canadian tv. Solomon was positively simpering to bobby and I halfway expected him to offer to shine bobs shoes.

  24. frmgrl says:

    O/T Reading on various twitter posts, apparently Lorne Gunter has joined the Sun Media team. No longer with Postmedia. I think he’ll fit in quite nicely.

  25. Liz J says:

    Sun News wins the Arthur Meighen Freedom award!

  26. Sammy says:

    Don Martin to Paul Wells on PMSH’s 10th anniversary as leader: “I never thot he’d get this far!”………..too bad Donnie,he’s PM of a MAJORITY gov’t now shut the hell up!

    • And the best PM in a long while,always working for Canada.I think by 2015 PM Harper will be trusted by a lot more Canadians,as they’ll see how great he is by his actions over the next 3 years.PM Harper is the best leader in the world at the moment.

    • Jen says:

      Donnie, has no idea who or what the PM is or is doing for Canada.
      All Donny knows is that he is to busy promoting the ndp that want to shut down our nation.

  27. maz2 says:

    Mao Stlong* Lepolt.

    “Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.”

    Mao say, Moi told youse.


    “In public, Mr. Rae dismisses the thought he might run to be permanent leader as “idle speculation.” But in his own mind, it seems, he already has the job. If you doubt this, go to the website and scroll to the Meet Bob Rae section, where he is introduced as “Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.””

    *Liberal leader Rae is a nephew of Maurice Strong, c/o Red China.

  28. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Off Topic Heads Up-

    Tim Patterson, Tom Harris, and Ian Clark join Late Night Counsell host John Counsell tonight at 10pm-midnight eastern.

  29. Joanne says:

    Another O/T but this one really hurts – Tory lobbying firm linked to Working Families.

    • frmgrl says:

      Brian Lilley talked about this tonight on his show.

      • Bec says:

        Yes and he did a great job. To the point he may reconsider, I’d say. Those Lilley hammers have to hurt.

        • Richco says:

          just got one big FAT headache reading that Blizzard piece.

          All of the work people have done to out Working Families and how they targeted Hudak and the Ont. Conservatives….’ya just got to shake your head.

  30. ed says:

    O/T: Suzuki slams ‘insulting’ Conservative rhetoric on oilsands
    20/03/2012 9:22:05 PM


    “Conservative senators have launched an inquiry into an issue they describe as U.S. interference in Canadian affairs. Along with government ministers, they say U.S. foundations fund several Canadian environmental groups, many of which oppose the Alberta oilsands.”

    “Blogger Katheryn Marshall, for example, recently wrote that these charities “collect all the subsidies that registered charities enjoy, and yet do almost nothing but spend all day long hollering attacks against the oilsands.

    “Far from limiting their political protests, their very existence centres around political activism — and political activism of a very particular type: to attack Canadian business and jobs,” she wrote in a recent blog.

    Marshall noted in another blog that the group ForestEthics, an organization that opposes the oilsands, has received more the $1 million from American backers.”

    “Suzuki’s message said the Senate inquiry lends nothing to the environmental debate. He said the accusation of foreign funding is a distraction and a bid to demonize legitimate advocacy.”

    Talk about BS. Read the rest of what Suzuki says in this article. His comments are the “real insult.” They are an insult to the intelligence of Canadians. He fails to address the issue, another typical lefty tactic. Talk about losers!! And, by the way, how come so many of these groups have charitable status??

    • Martin says:

      The approriate place to complain about Suzuki is to contact Senator Nicole Eaton heading the Senate inquiry, with a personal message. see

    • robins111 says:

      A bunch of us have discovered that the letter that Dr. Doomsday created for sending online can be edited. Naturally we’ve changed the wording demanding further investigation and a forensic audit, and then posted it. With any kind of luck, we can goad him into an on screen petulant rant that he’s famous for.

      For further info, go to sda… if you’re interested…

  31. ed says:

    O/T: Hockey Night languishes in Cherry’s long shadow
    By Mark Sutcliffe, Ottawa Citizen March 18, 2012


    “The problem for CBC is that Hockey Night in Canada is dominated by Coach’s Corner, the popular intermission segment featuring Cherry and Ron MacLean.”

    Sutcliffe calls this a problem?? Say what!!

    “Coach’s Corner is a strange phenomenon, a bizarre mix of hockey, politics and mythology that clings to an outdated notion of the sport and the nation.”

    What the heck is he talking about!!

    “Rather than address current-day issues in the league, the segment tends to focus on themes that only Cherry cares about.”

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Cherry does deal with current issues.

    “… and then gets misty eyed as he honours fallen Canadian soldiers.”

    Oh, how terrible is that. Cherry shows his true emotions while respecting Canadian soldiers and Sutcliffe doesn’t like it.

    “And it maintains a testy relationship with the league’s head office, clearly demonstrated in the hostile exchanges between MacLean and Gary Bettman. Imagine such a touchy on-air dynamic between the commissioner of any other sport and its lead broadcaster.”

    Oh, how terrible. Better to be politically correct, — yeah, right!!

    “That says as much about this peculiar country as it does of Cherry. Imagine a list of the greatest Americans of all time including Terry Bradshaw or Tim McCarver, let alone seeing one of them place ahead of George Washington.”

    Another guy that insults Canada and Canadians. Wonder why so many Canadians like Cherry, — well, maybe because he’s not politically correct like so many are. And he has a heart.

    “So important is the Saturday night tradition, Cherry also finished three spots ahead of Wayne Gretzky and 12 places in front of his cherished former charge, Bobby Orr.”

    Maybe because they are in the past. Many new, recent fans.

    After reading this article, it’s obvious Sutcliffe does not like Cherry, doesn’t mind political correctness, doesn’t care for individuals that take a stand, with a mind of their own and a heart to match, and demonstrates a lack of knowledge when it comes to the game of hockey.

    • Liz J says:

      Don Cherry is Don Cherry, nothing phony about him, he’s a very patriotic Canadian with a big heart.
      I got fed up with Sutcliffe yesterday and turned him off as I often do. He must have been short of something to talk about and wanted to get his views on Cherry off his chest.

    • Jen says:

      Cherry has more love and respect for canada and our soldiers than Mark S. has in the smallest bone in his body.

      I have heard callers called into Mark S. show on CPAC to give him a piece of their mind regarding some topic they are dicussing which frankly Mark S has no clue of. Instead, what Mark S. is there for is simply for a photo-op with his pals.

  32. maz2 says:

    Of the words “Jihadist” and “jihadis”.

    MSM headlines: H/T Mohammed and Liberal leader Bob Rae.


    “Toulouse: ‘Jihadist’ escaped from jail in Afghanistan”

    “Bob Rae blasts Harper ‘jihadis'”

  33. Liz J says:

    With summer temperature hitting Ontario this week and breaking records has global warming finally arrived?
    Or, have all those wind turbs been roiling up McGuinty’s hot air?

    It’s great to see the grass but it’s McGuinty grass with all the damage caused by grub seekers still evident. Another season of weeds and eyesores springing forth.

  34. fh says:
    this video I found a Jack’s worth a look listen

    • Jen says:

      O’ REILY couldn’t have said it clearer, because we have that ‘very very’ same problem in CBC, CTV and all their friendly get together medias: they lie, manipulate, suppress edit what shouldn’t be edited.

  35. Mary T says:

    Those e-mails being sent to the senators are great, SDA.
    OT but must brag a bit, our 3rd gr/grandsons arrived in this world at 11.00 last night, beautiful six pound boy. Mother, father and baby doing well.

  36. Jen says:


    Britain is confined in the EU, but our sundered kindred thrive across the seas
    By Daniel HannanPoliticsLast updated: March 17th, 2012

    ‘I don’t want to overstate things. Canada’s liberal elites have been repulsed, not replaced. They still run the bureaucracies, fill the university faculties and set the dominant media narrative. They can often rely on human rights activists and Left-wing judges to advance the agenda that was defeated at the ballot box. None the less, Canada has a Conservative government that, unlike ours, can implement its manifesto without being overruled by foreign functionaries.’

  37. fh says:
    great speech Daniel Hannan at CPAC 2012
    congrats Marz T another Conservative
    makes us all hopeful for Canada’s future

  38. Jen says:


    While the PM is of to Asia to battle for our country. Here we have a ‘dangerous’ party that want to do the reverse like this story from:

    COLUMN: Fatah – The left and its infatuation with jihadists
    Brian Lilley – March 21st, 2012

    Craig Scott, the NDP, and the Taliban

    by Tarek Fatah

    ‘Taliban detainees in Afghan prisons have a new champion in Canada’s parliament.

    Thanks to the NDP and voters in Toronto-Danforth, law professor Craig Scott was elected Monday to fill the seat vacated by the late NDP leader, Jack Layton.

    Who is Craig Scott? His website describes him as having “done substantial work on the Afghan detainee (Taliban) issue” that has obsessed the NDP since 2006, when the party first raised the issue of mistreatment of Taliban prisoners.’

    Read more:

  39. Liz J says:

    It appears the NDP got their man to represent their ideologies to the nth degree with Scott. It’s hard to believe we have that many Taliban sympathizers anywhere in Canada, that issue alone should be enough to turn a thumbs down. Alas, we’re talking about the hard Left whose ideology blocks out common sense and reason where the rights of perpetrators of crimes trump the victims.

    I couldn’t live in or near a riding that would elect someone who “worked” on Taliban prisoners rights while our troops were in the field fighting and dying.

  40. ed says:

    Jen says:
    March 21, 2012 at 10:52 am


    Britain is confined in the EU, but our sundered kindred thrive across the seas
    By Daniel HannanPoliticsLast updated: March 17th, 2012

    ‘I don’t want to overstate things. Canada’s liberal elites have been repulsed, not replaced. They still run the bureaucracies, fill the university faculties and set the dominant media narrative. They can often rely on human rights activists and Left-wing judges to advance the agenda that was defeated at the ballot box. None the less, Canada has a Conservative government that, unlike ours, can implement its manifesto without being overruled by foreign functionaries.’

    Wow, Jen, that paragraph really says it all!! Fantastic, something that should be repeated over and over again!! It would make the “perfect truth ad.”

  41. frmgrl says:

    Ya’ all should tune into SNN later. Lorne Gunter will make his debut appearance with Krista Erickson.
    Lorne Gunter ‏ @lornegunter

    Shld be on Canada Live at about 3:25 East, 1:25 Mtn. Tune in if u can.!/lornegunter/status/182494418476089344

  42. frmgrl says:

    Quite an interesting post by Gerry Nichols on Bob Rae,the media, and PM Harper:
    Media Falling for Tory Trick
    And it’s equally absurd to claim Harper is in any way shape or form afraid of Rae. It would be like suggesting Hulk Hogan was afraid of Woody Allen.

    What’s to fear? Rae is a past-his-prime politician who leads a third place, cash-starved, intellectually-bankrupt, down-in-the polls political party that lacks a regional base.

    Yeah, I’m sure Harper is just shaking in his boots.

    If anything, it’s more likely Harper and the Tories would dearly love to see Rae stay as Liberal leader.

    And so when Ibbitson and Yaffe and other writers praise Rae to the high heavens, it’s music to Tory ears.

    • Richco says:

      Gerry’s right!

    • Jen says:

      frmgrl, here is another section to Yaffe article:
      “Rae is a guy with an enviable CV: a law degree from the University of Toronto and a PhD from Oxford in England. He’s a Rhodes Scholar, an officer of both the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario, a past chair of the Royal Conservatory and the Toronto Symphony. He has a suitably folksy side as well, with a website labelling him “a family man, author and fisherman.
      By contrast, Harper, with a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Calgary, has more pedestrian credentials.”

      WoW! very impressive. but there is a problem, BOB RAE bankrupt, and prorogued his province of Ontario which I take it from the media silence that they approve of Bob’s job on Ontario.

      PM Harper a simple man like most of us took us through the most difficult time during the election and is still doing the job which the opposition cannot do.
      Obama went to Harvard yet he is having trouble figuring out the ‘no- brainer’ comment made by PM Harper that, ‘jobs are needed and the pipelines was as easy a solution to solve the ‘no jobs problems’ in the states..

    • Bec says:

      It’s funny that the central Canadian media are being whipped into a frenzy over Bob Who.
      This guy wrote his own political obit. The CPoC are simply paying to post it.

      Donation time!

    • jon says:

      It’s shocking that Rae wants everyone to forget his record, and that he looks himself in the mirror and sees a possible future PM, which make no mistake about it he does. Most former leaders, especially those who have led a gov’t and have retired with a successful — even somewhat successful — record don’t re-enter politics with ambitions to become leader with the hopes of heading a gov’t again, ESPECIALLY those with terrible records, as Rae has. The fact that he sees himself as even having a shot at being PM, in spite of his record (worse, expecting everyone else to just forget that record), tells us all what he thinks of himself.

      As an aside, a few days ago, CTV’s Don Martin attacked Jason Kenney and came to the defense of Rae by asking why the CP is bring up a nearly 20-yr-old record BTW Don, not even 17 years since Rae was last premier).

      Of course, when PMSH wins in 2015 (another majority, of course) but decides in 2018 that he’s retiring, and fmr. Ont premier Mike Harris decided that he wanted to re-enter politics and wanted the leader’s job, Don and his Media Party cohorts would say the same in his defense, wouldn’t they?

      • Bec says:

        Don Martin has become such a turncoat doofus. I remember him being a truly fun journalist. Now he’s simply an order taker and I hope he gets an occasional tip.

        I also know that our Premier Ralph, when Mayor Ralph referred to some of our issues in Calgary as those ‘eastern creeps and bums’…..etc.

        One of the GREATEST Premiers in Canadian history to date KNEW that he could not run for PM and that statement was one of the reasons. He had been Mayor, not the Premier but a LEGACY is a LEGACY! Maybe Bob Rae should think before he acts or speaks. It has a way of coming back to bite you.

  43. fh says:

    please excuse my misspelling of your name Mary T
    congrats on new gr granson to everyone

  44. maz2 says:

    Just in from Liberal Comedy Hour: A RoboRae Ponder-osa.

    “Liberals voted for a special fund at their convention to counter negative attacks so their next leader is not destroyed like Michael Ignatieff and Stephane Dion.”

    More just in:

    “P.E.I.’s Wayne Easter said the party should counter because “any attack, whether it’s an interim leader or permanent, is an attack on us all.”

    Quebec’s Denis Coderre said it’s time for the party to open its wallet and “never ever let them define any of our leaders, interim or not.”

    Newfoundland’s Scott Andrews chalked up the attacks to mischief on the eve of the NDP convention this weekend to elect Jack Layton’s replacement.”

    “Liberals ponder whether Rae worth defending”

  45. James says:

    I just want to give you all a perspective on Bob Rae from someone who’s never set foot in Ontario other than Pearson on my way elsewhere. To me the man is an angry liberal. You know what I mean. He’s the guy at the party that even liberals don’t want to talk politics with because he’ll just rant and rant and rant. So good luck with that Liberals.

  46. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal A$cam MartinJr*: I know nuttink.

    “*There, in a dimly-lit and incense-clouded corner, was the man of the hour, resplendent in robes and his trademark hat. He was shaking hands with our pale-faced Canadian leader.”

    “*Of course, Martin was also there representing Canadian interests in the region. SNC Lavalin…”.


    “Retired marine who owns transport business insists he had nothing to do with alleged Saadi Gaddafi plot, gets lie-detector test”

    “MEXICO CITY — When he retired to San Diego after 28 years in the U.S. Marines, Gregory Gillispie thought his working days were behind him, but he soon got bored.

    To keep busy, he launched an airplane brokerage, which was hired last July to transport Canadian Cynthia Vanier and her entourage to wartime Libya for a fact-finding mission.

    Eight months later, two of Mr. Gillispie’s business associates are in a Mexico jail, accused of conspiring with Ms. Vanier to smuggle members of Libya’s Gaddafi family to an oceanfront hideaway near Puerto Vallarta.”


    “*My moment with Moammar”

    “As we sprinted across Moammar Gadhafi’s front lawn, we had to swerve to avoid the camels.

    It was a bizarre obstacle course: dozens of the ungainly creatures, sitting, standing, and yes, fornicating.

    It was December, 2004. Our media bus holding a dozen journalists, cameramen and photographers had been delayed after taking a wrong turn on the way in from the Tripoli Airport. Then-prime minister Paul Martin was already in the Bedouin tent inside the compound that the Libyan leader still calls home. If we didn’t hustle, we’d miss the one photo-op: a brief handshake.

    As we jumped off the bus, Alphee Moreau, the PMO’s advance man at the time, shouted: “Run! Run! Be careful, the camels are dangerous!””

  47. Liz J says:

    The Liberals who don’t want Rae as leader are quite happy with the ad, the rest of the divide are all concerned because they know how well such truthful ads worked when we defined Iggy out of the gate.

    The Liberals need to have a meeting, either fix the divide or they’re done.
    Looking at the likes of sorehead Holland, still a media darling, is a reminder of how bankrupt they are.

  48. maz2 says:

    Of “the so-called progressive vote,”?

    Vote progressive?

    Choice? RoboBob/BlocNDPMulcair/Coalition.

  49. Liz J says:

    According to Coyne in his column in the NP today the Liberals shouldn’t be worried about the Conservative ad, he thinks it’s mild. He also has the audacity to compare Rae’s deficit as premiere of Ontario to the Harper FEDERAL deficit.

    It’s also funny how the Liberal defenders talk about it being 20 years ago since Rae did his handiwork, this from the same pack who tried to tarnish the Harper Conservatives by dredging up the Mulroney years.

    • Joanne says:

      Ever since Coyne publicly announced he was voting Liberal last election, I’ve taken everything he’s written with a grain of salt.

  50. Martin says:

    I don’t think anyone need to worry too much about Bob Rae. No elected premier since confederation has ever moved on to PM, the last one to hold both offices was Charles Tupper just after confereration. I can’t see Rae being the first to overcome this, suspect Liberals can’t either. From CPC view, he would be a good choice though.

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