Craig Oliver finds CPC guilty as charged

Well it seems that Craig Oliver must know more than the rest of us.

Several readers had alerted me to Craig Oliver’s over-the-top ‘reporting’ on last night’s newscast. I had to check it out for myself and could not believe what he said.

Please go to the CTV website and click on the video with the title “Are Robocalls the Standard?

I’m going to transpose the part that I find most offensive here. Apologies if I miss and ‘um’ or whatever (starts around the 50 second mark):

Well even though what the Conservative Party did in pretending to be Elections Canada, and that’s what they’re accused of by Elections Canada itself, was probably illegal...”

O.K. So now all we have to do is wait for Judge Craig to announce the sentence. This should save a lot of time and money for Elections Canada.

And who was it that said EC needed more resources? Nah, they have the liberal media. That’s more than enough.

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Monday Update

BC Blue has a terrific post up – Liberal MP has some explaining to do about his robocall story. We demand the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

And from one of the links that BC Blue provides (Ottawa Citizen):

A spokesman for Valeriote said Sunday that the “Laurie McDonald” robocall was provided to Elections Canada last week.

“They haven’t indicated to us it requires any further investigation,” said Jeff Valois.


Gee that’s a little different from what Frank Valeriote himself said:

Valeriote said the call was issue-based and not about suppressing votes. He added he spoke to Elections Canada about the call and the agency confirmed it complied with election law.

So what’s the truth, Frank?

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222 Responses to Craig Oliver finds CPC guilty as charged

  1. Sammy says:

    Sooooo,if there is even a hint of something amiss with any is immediately,and repeatedly ramped up to a Level 100 SCANDAL…screamed from every headline,media-outlet etc……………..but,if it’s a Lib that openly ADMITS to violating Elections Canada rules,it warrants 1 headline,and it’s just a simple ‘oversight’..move along nothing to see here…okey-dokey,no msm bias here.

  2. fh says:

    great post we need to organize and protest the MSM lies and smears as they continue aiding and abetting the Liberals who so far are the only party that after being caught have admitted to election fraud
    I do not want to hear more slime from Liberals or MSM
    the Conservative Government of Canada are innocent I know this

    • Richco says:

      the Consensus Media is dying all by themselves. Let them carry on because it’s helping the CPC and Harper.

      So too is SNN – something we longed for once, and now can enjoy if we choose to.

  3. robins111 says:

    Yup, owl-liver shilling for the libs, shocker.. seems to me that the only people actually identified as lying with robo calls are his sacred cows.

  4. Bec says:

    Can anyone find a link where an Elections Canada official has on record said that “what the Conservative Party did in pretending to be Elections Canada” is “what they are accused of” because I cannot find anything that uses statements other than “investigating” from EC.

    On the other hand, the Liberals were “accused” of nothing by EC nor Oliver and yet look-ie here……some very naughty behaviour that if they were Conservative, WOULD BE illegal……..but they aren’t so it isn’t.

  5. soundofmusak says:

    Would-be senator Oliver on CTV QP 04 MAR 12

    Fast forward to 2:34 and listen to his “question”.

    What media bias?

  6. fh says:

    In my country Canada
    the Election is being reviewed by Elections Canada
    to date Liberals admitted guilt
    Conservatives innocent

  7. Sammy says:

    Has anyone seen anything on cbc this a.m. re the Libs ? I just watched the host (Micheal Sarapio) do a bit with the blonde bimbette political ‘reporter’ Hannah Tibby-Doh!..and what were they discussing? The Dipper -Debate later today..then,some in-depth chit-chat about what great friends the 2 are,and how the bar around the corner from Mikey’s has ‘mac-and-cheese wedgies!’ NOT ONE WORD RE LIBS! Now,that is some solid political reportage cbc!

  8. proudwesterncanadian says:

    Let’s not forget that Mr Oliver is and always will be a great admirer of Pierre Trudeau and most often presents comments and opinions favorable to Liberals.
    And his partner, Robert Fife, once referred on air to conservatives as “knuckle draggers in caucus”.
    I find that there is very little fair and balanced coverage in MSM. CTV is barely above CBC in journalistic bias.

  9. Sammy says:

    Update to my cbc non-coverage: Uh-uh-uh Nancy Wilson will be giving us an ‘update’ next hr on the robocon scandal with her political panel (usually consists of the vile Harper-hating Susan Riley,and Rob Russo)..she also tells us Shiny Pony will be on later to tell us all about how he will ‘be helping out to bring awareness to homelessness’………..hmmmmm,wonder how hard the intrepid Nancy will hammer the Pony on the Valleriotte nonsense.

  10. Ontario Girl says:

    All sentence….the CBC will cover the rallys across the country of Canadians against voter fraud.

    Robocall Queen Bee CBC reporter Hannah Teeebaaaadoe….Red cheeked and showed the NDP leadership crew of the brainless

    Breaking news….CBC Nancy Wilson is going to update us on the robocalls this hour…can’t wait for the torked report.

    • Roy says:

      why do you keep watching CBC I blocked it off my shaw Direct except 1 xchannel and that is only for sports. other wise I don’t watch CBC. I don’t watch CBC news world or Ctv news net. I stick with sunnews network now and so do my mom and step father oh and they watch local global news to. other then that. it’s sunnews for us.

      • jon says:

        I disagree. I think you have to watch both CBC and CTV for compare and contrast purposes. Their critics not watching them is exactly what they want so they can get away without being flagged for not playing up certain angles to stories that completely change the context or not reporting stories at all.

  11. Fred says:

    Craig’s senility is getting worse faster than expected.

    At least he put his teeth in.

  12. Joe says:

    Not being one to race to the court house myself but one wonders when is the time the Conservatives started taking Craig Oliver and his ilk to the bench for a little tune up. What Oliver did was slanderous insofar as it is a complete fabrication. The only people who seem to believe that nonsense are dyed in the wool progressives.

    • Anise says:

      Who were the advertisers on his show. Maybe it’s time we stopped using someones products.

      We have up on TV ourselves a few years ago. Now just watch SNN video chips, so blessedly no Oliver for us.

  13. Roy says:

    joe no one take the foolish old man serious anyways the guys gone senile so the Conservatives they kinda ignore the foolish old man. at least he isn’t on a state Broadcaster channel.

  14. Liz J says:

    Big day today, robocall protesters gathering across the land….calling for a public inquiry to get more mileage out of it.

  15. Richco says:

    Craig Oliver’s probably got acid reflux from eating too much crow that started with the first Harper election win and is carrying on into the Scandal-of-the-Month CTV and LLLM (Lib.Left Lemming Media).

    It should be coming quite clear on why CTV’s eating SNN’s dust in the ratings.

    The faux scandals drummed up by the Liberals puts us closer as Canadians to finally being able to develop a perfect public profile of Liberal “Scandals-R-Us” pushers:

    Liberal (NDP too – can’t tell them apart anyway)
    watch CBC, CTV – consider what comes from these as fact.
    believe in their own entitlement to entitlements.
    are quick to blame everyone else on their losses and failings but rarely, if ever, take the blame for their own screw-ups.
    have no particular direction or offer an alternative to offer.
    have no leader
    have no groundswell of a support base.
    eat crow, waffles, and drink of choice kool-aid (green)
    are broke, both financially and morally bankrupt.

    Pose no threat to the Harper government what-so-ever. Even Kinsella laments about this today. His column’s ok, I don’t agree with his take that this is a BIG and lasting issue….it’s already dying because the country has no appetite for this and it’s looking more likely that the Liberals are up to their necks in it as well. I do agree with WK that Harper’s unbeatable.

    Too nice a day here in Ontario not to be out enjoying it outdoors.

    Have a good one Joanne!

    • There’s not one person you could honestly call a leader in the opposition.They don’t have any integrity at all.

      • Joanne says:

        Well I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that regarding the ‘integrity’. Everyone has some good in them don’t they?

        BTW Gerald, one of your comments is sitting in the spam filter with a warning about malicious content. I had this happen before to a different reader/commenter and I suspect it’s some glitch in the software but I’m not going to take a chance on publishing it just in case there is a problem. Hope you understand.

      • Richco says:

        Fact is that neither opposition has a permanent leader. IMO none of the opposition interim leaders has demonstrated leadership qualities anywhere close to the PM.

        In that way, those two parties have no “political” integrity or integrity when it comes to offering alternative based on issues important to Canadians currently.

        Personal integrity means different things to different people.

  16. Bocanut says:

    craggy owliver still thinks canoeing with trudeau gives him an excuse to be a liberal shill.
    his best before date came and went decades ago.

  17. Fay says:

    It appears old Oliver has stepped his attacks on the conservatives up a notch. It used to be same old … Liberals good ,Conservatives bad. He has now added in fabrication.

  18. Alberta Girl says:

    This is from the FB page of the organizer of the Robocall Rally in Lethbridge.

    Blaine Greenwood (note the different names in the link and the page – not sure if it means anything at all, just interesting)

    “I did a media interview on CTV yesterday … it is important when talking to people not attack one Party but that you say the concept of democracy and the right to vote is being attacked ….. that fraud has occurred and that that requires evidence, a day in court for whoever is responsible and a fine / jail time …… an attack on Harper or the Conservatives will lose the Conservatives listening right away ….. in conservative Lethbridge we had people listening, looking and agreeing”

    so everyone is now backing off declaring this was done by the Conservatives? After the media have done such a great job of tarring them with the brush, now they decided to back away and turn this into a democracy issue”

    So is it now that they have tarred the conservatives with this in peoples minds, their interest is in turning it to democracy. I smell a setup from a great many Coalitiion partners.

  19. Alberta Girl says:

    opps – take that quotation mark from behind the word issue…that paragraph is mine.

  20. Alberta Girl says:

    Joanne – that last comment will make no sense as it appears the comment it applies too must be in purgatory.

    • Joanne says:

      Sorry AG. Just got back from church and brunch. I think everything’s out of the filter now.

  21. Brian says:

    Craig Oliver is beside himself with grief and anger with the CPC winning a majority last year , and he really can’t himself , as he saw the possibility of getting a Senate position at less than ZERO.

    … have a nice day Craig.

    • Brian says:

      … oops

      Craig Oliver is beside himself with grief and anger with the CPC winning a majority last year , and he really can’t contain himself , as he saw the possibility of getting a Senate position at less than ZERO.

      … have a nice day Craig.

    • Brett says:

      Craig Owl Liver was born on Nov 8 1938, making him 74 this year. The Libs have to get back in power, or he will never get appointed to the Senate.

  22. fh says:

    the media are suable they forgot to use the cop out word alleged

  23. jon says:

    Typical reverse-onus stuff from Craig and friends — a guilty-until-proven-innocent burden is established, while for the Libs on such things as Vikileaks, a sole staffer was the only person involved because, well, because Rae and the Libs said so, and for the Consensus Media the Libs word is as good as gold and no need for further investigations and follow-up reporting, hence the loss of interest on the controversy ever since it’s become an albatross around the Libs’ necks.

    Have CTV’s QP on now and looking forward to the panel of so-called journalists at the end of that program and their attempts to mitigate the damage to the Libs on Robocalls. “Not as bad as what the CPoC is accused of”, should be the popular refrain.

    • Joanne says:


      That is exactly it.

      • frmgrl says:

        If they are so sure, they must have proof, if so bring it forward. I would like to see that proof. What we know so is that there has been no proof whatsoever the CPC was involved.

        • Liz J says:

          Craig and company and the rest of the parrots in the MSM must have definite proof to declare CPC guilty. OR, the truth would end their agenda to bring down the Conservative government so they’re posturing and holding off in an effort to exact maximum damage.

      • fh says:

        precisely why I have decided that the Conservatives are innocent
        innocent until UNTIL PROVEN guilty
        the media and opposition are using negative voter suppression
        Canadians are not STUPID

  24. Joanne says:

    Just a general request to please not direct any personal attacks at Craig Oliver; even though CTV pundits seem to delight in doing the same to Conservatives.

    Let’s focus on getting CTV to take responsibility for this report which seems to be very biased, unfair and incorrect.

  25. Bruce says:

    The thing is this, the media in general are not at all listened to by the general population, with the exception of the self importance of their own and us political wonk types, of which every party has their share.

    Old Owl Livers and the rest may as well be shouting from the mountain tops only to hear their own echo.

    • Richco says:

      Canadians (general population) are no longer listening to the media is proven in the PM’s consistently strong polling numbers, the CPC bank account, and in the continuing diving viewers/readers of same media types.

      Tuning them out not on.

  26. Martin says:

    What really impresses, is the effect that a legal libel notice has on some of these people. I am thinking of John Fryer, campaign manager for E May, being forced to apologize to Campaign Research, and to a lesser extent Pat Martin. Martin unfortunately, can rely on the NDP to cover most of his legal costs, but private individuals cannot.
    That being said, I don’t think it is practical for CPC to sue Oliver over his statement, but on the face of it, they would have a good case. Probably just as effective would be for the next consevative MP interviewed on CTV to point out this falsehood.

    • Joanne says:

      I would like to see CTV retract Craig Oliver’s statement in a public way – perhaps on the next newscast this evening.

  27. jon says:

    QP panel wraps up with no mention of Lib robocall, following in the same steps as Vikileaks. Once Robocall becomes a controversy that now centres on the Libs — at least for this weekend’s news cycle — they all lose interest in the subject.

    • Joanne says:

      I was wondering about that. Watched the end of the show and no mention on the panel? None at all? Not even at the beginning???

      • jon says:

        None whatsoever. Not at the beginning, not at the end nor anywhere in between. Odd to have a program whose main purpose is supposed to focus on all the goings-on in Canadian politics, particularly developments in a story that they’ve all become obsessed with… up until 24 hours ago that is. But there was a lengthy panel discussion on the Kony video story, so real Canadian content stuff as you can see.

        I can’t understand where the criticism of CTV comes from. It must be right out of thin air, clearly fabricated by people like me and every other contributor at BLY. Our accusations against them are baseless and without merit.

        • Richco says:

          knowing what you know about the CTV bias did you really expect anything different?

        • Richco says:

          Thanking CTV, CBC and the Left-Leaning-Liberal media for doing what they do best because you’re SO helping PM Harper and the support base (and converts) to the CPC.

          Keep up the great work Craig, Aaron Wherry McLeans,Dan Gardner Ottawa Citizen
          Gloris Gallaway Globe & Mail, Donaldson!!!

    • The CPC will certainly bring it up in Question Period on Monday.

  28. Ontario Girl says:

    All the big guns were out this Sunday morning for a Robocall smear on CTV QP..

    Aaron Wherry McLeans
    Dan Gardner Ottawa Citizen
    Gloris Gallaway Globe & Mail
    Craig Oliver

    Robocalls? The biggest election fraud in Canadian history…31,000 complaints
    discussion? o big guilty looking faces all lined up for news suppression on Frank V.

    • Liz J says:

      Appears once one of their “side” entered into the equation they became lost for words on the subject.

      • Joanne says:

        For sure. Onto the next shiny penny; the next wafer.

        And check this out:

        “On Saturday, a spokesman for Elections Canada wouldn’t confirm whether the agency had spoken to Valeriote, but pointed to the laws on election advertising that say candidates or anyone acting on their behalf has to mention in the message that the ad is authorized by the campaign.”

        Didn’t the original report say EC couldn’t be reached for comment?

        • Liz J says:

          Checked it out, is it OK to say I don’t like that face and I sure don’t like the holier than thou attitude he displayed when he was mouthing off about robocalls in HOC QP.
          The LPC has never been so desperate, raking the muck and joining the hunt for gotchas is all they’re interested in and that includes their so-called “interim” leader. Pathetic.

        • The_Iceman says:

          Has Valeriote even been assesed a penalty? The Liberals say EC knows all about this. If they broke the law, shouldn’t somebody at least have been fined?

          If that were a Conservative, they would have raided the office by now…

          • Joanne says:

            That’s what I was wondering too. Valeriote was on the local CTV channel tonight ‘supporting’ the robo-protest in Guelph. He was asked about his own roboscandlette and answered that it was simply a robocall to correct misinformation about his stance on abortion (I believe the message is pro-choice rather than pro-abortion or something.)

            Anyway no mention that the caller neglected to mention that the call came from his party or that it was an ‘oversight’ – at least not that I heard.

    • All lieberals and all losers.They are certainly out of PM Harper’s league.

  29. Lynnster1 says:

    Well, it looks to me like Craig Oliver is mistating the facts around the conservatives identifying themselves as Elections Canada. From what I remember the call center reported that some of the employees were changing the script. Craig Oliver states that EC themselves accused the CPC of doing this deliberately. Where is the EC report on that? Was that before or after the visit to the call center?

  30. Ontario Girl says:

    Joanne says:

    March 11, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I was wondering about that. Watched the end of the show and no mention on the panel? None at all? Not even at the beginning???

    Answer…NOTHING…the word ROBOCALL was blacklisted today.
    Video’s up on the CTV website….In my earlier comment it was Kevin Newman on the panel of (were so smart know it alls)

    Found one strange comment today though…Kevin Newman was talking about the Kony video and Dan Gardner said it was propaganda and it leaves out facts. At the end Aaron Wherry said “everybody should do the same with their messages this week”.

  31. Sammy says:

    Just to add more ‘heartburn’ to the msm/libs/dips,see new headline at Natnews..Cons still WINNING!

    • wilson says:

      Seem to remember Dion being at 24% as a low point,
      Bob Rae must be setting a new low for the LPC.

  32. Ontario Girl says:

    here’s the link

    PM Harper up to 37%…NDP second and Liberals sinking to third..need some comments on the comment board.

  33. wilson says:

    Vikileaks, the mystery continues.
    Who shopped Minister Toews divorce records to Bob Rae’s boy?

    Dippers viewed the file ‘after’ Vikileaks made public.
    Only persons connected with the case and the ‘media’ can obtain copies of the file.

    Will Bob Rae’s boy protect his source?

    • wilson says:

      add to :
      Only persons connected with the case and the ‘media’ can obtain copies of the file ‘without registering to obtain/view file’.

  34. Bubba Brown says:

    So once again after all the fluster and bluster all the Liberals are left with is the rather sad spectacle of Mr Oliver slandering our Majority Government.
    The interest level amongst the Media Party disappeared faster than ad-scam funds when the Liberals had to try and explain that their Illegal ro-bo calls were, well somehow “different”
    You see, an illegal ro-bo call by a person giving a false name, saying your opponent will ban abortion, well, that is the “Opposite” of voter suppression, because that person is being encouraged to vote?
    Bob Rae thinks now apparently that ro-bo calls are cool.
    The ice man has a good post quoting him.
    These people have no shame or principles.
    No wonder they are in third place, their behavior is becoming increasingly bizarre.
    Even more bizarre is the media cover up of their blatant duplicity.
    Waaaaaa we lost the election.
    Yes you did Mr Rae, now you are losing your opportunity to rebuild your party.
    Warren Kinsella is reduced to digging up Chretain’s past glories.
    I agree with Warren, PM Harper is unbeatable.
    As long as the Coalition “Scream Team” is in hysterical mode.

  35. Bec says:

    Well, after also being sucked in to watch QP on CTV for the first time in a long time perhaps that is the strategy of some manipulating minds @ the sibling of the Mother Corp?
    Make another outrageous allegation that is obviously protected by some sort of freedom of the press rule and have us Conservatives walk right in to THEIR house and have them behave in a civilized manner. What a coup!
    The ratings are boosted and voila, they come up for air and stay on the air to harrass us another day. So are we pawns?

    • Richco says:

      I highly doubt anyone on this blog are being used as pawns, just watching inferior TV political coverage.
      Personal choice.
      We won the election and thanks to SNN and other of our favourite media pundits we can now write our own narrative and make our own news instead of reacting to yet another scandal-of-the-month foisted on a busy and hardworking public.
      The tide has turned significantly for Conservatives in this country. If we choose to see it.
      Bad media reporting and misinformation should be called out for sure but only to those who have the power to act…..WHICH, in this countries case is that Harper majority government.
      Sweep Elections Canada clean Mr. Harper!

      • Well if their were any scandal to be found in the CPC,it would surely be found,as there’s so many so- called journos out there looking and looking,and if they can’t find anything,they then make it up.There’s lots of scandal out there on the opposition,but the left media’s not looking.

  36. wilson says:

    The ‘Occupy’ protestors were a turn off to the general public, not a grassroot movement, but a US protest pushed onto Canadians.
    American billionaires interferring in the NGP hearings,
    and organizing the robocall protests sent to EC, turned legitimate concerns of Canadians into a ‘progressive farce’.

    The media hysteria over robocalls flew right past Canadians,
    we have seen this kind of garbage reporting over and over and over, since PM Harper was elected.

    Very strange that as soon as Matt Meiers (computer genius at Rack9) tracked down the IP address of Pierre Poutine and turned it over to the authorities, the LibLuving media went mute.

    • Martin says:

      I was wondering about that. Since Meier practically gave the address for Poutine, there has been no action from EC. I suspect EC and a few media types know who Poutine is, and that he is not connected with the CPC. Could that be a reason for the sudden lack of curiosity in the story by consensus media?
      Could EC be grilling Poutine in the hope of landing bigger fish?

      • Lynnster1 says:

        I’m wondering at the silence as well. Curiously, after Ivison broke the Mike Meier story; I listened to Craig Oliver on Power Play last week talking about the conservative party “looking” guilty when they were innocent. Quite a surprising statement. If it turns out that Pierre Poutine is some independent agent and he has been caught; investigators may well be mining for more information.

        Either way, it won’t stop the opposition for asking for bi-elections in any riding that they lost. Where I’m sure we could expect robocalling on issue based propaganda.

        • Martin says:

          Right, except Guelph, where Poutine was operating, and where EC is focussing its investigation, Valeriote won easily for the Liberals. The problem is for Lib/NDP to call for by-elections but only where the CPC won. This is going to be very difficult for them, especially if Poutine turns out to be something other than portrayed by the media.

  37. fh says:

    when Craig Oliver Questioned Lisa Raitt
    he made a strange statement with these strange words
    “Your Government”
    Lisa Raitt is a Minister of the Crown and a Minister of our Canadian Government
    I am a hardworking Canadian I took time to vote in the May 2. 2011 election
    I voted Conservative and I am proud to say I have always voted Conservative
    My Mother and Father always voted Federally for the Liberals and they voted Conservative in Ontario
    I will not be swayed to change my vote by the trumped up scandals by the Liberals
    I find the Frank V. admission of Election Fraud reprehensible and his hiding of this fraud even more reprehensible IMHO

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  39. Ontario Girl says:

    First demonstration or rally…St. Johns Newfoundland…they said 50 people showed up but the picture on CBC camera showed about 10-15 with one sign of cardboard about OCCUPY.

    They said the protesters were very upset because NO ELECTED OFFICALS SHOWED UP. (I wouldn’t either after Frank V story in Guelph)

  40. Sammy says:

    Ontario Girl,maybe they should thank their lucky stars no elected official IS showing up! Just heard on Wpg radio,that the political representation there will be Kevin Lamoroux (sp??) Lib hack/sitting MP…and,for the Dippers? Failed Wpg mayoral candidate/former dipper MP,Judy Wasawashingmachine!!! I can’t believe that the Moron of Mouthpieces for Wpg,Pat Martin isn’t gonna be there.Hmmm,maybe he’s still at his real home in BC.Must be something important,cuz when has he EVER missed an opportunity to publicly embarrass himself?

    • Fay says:

      There will be a big turn out in Winnipeg because the unions will bus people to it. Heck, maybe our NDP premier will bus people to the protest on provincial tax payers expense. He already poked his finger in Vic Toews eye on requesting the signing out of Vic Toews divorce. Why stop now!

      • Sammy says:

        I must have missed the memo Fay! I happen to belong (forced membership) to 2 Gov’t Unions (MGEU and CUPE) and I didn’t get an invite..gee am I ever upset! NOT..btw anything happening in Bdn with protests? I wish I could have gotten a heads-up as I still have relates in your area,and we coulda showed up with our own ‘Harper Rules’ signs!!

      • Louise M. says:

        Winnipeg Free Press reports 100 protesters turned out. Of course, as usual the CBC embellished the turnout, reporting more than 300 attended. So typical. LOL

    • Louise M. says:

      I read a protest was planned for Toronto today. Haven’t seen any news on this yet. Maybe no one showed up cause they were all at the annual St. Paddy’s parade.

  41. Ontario Girl says:

    I am “SHOCKED” that the Frankie V story isn’t being mentioned…shocked, I tell you. (Not really) Now the camera angle has changed on the protest coming in real close to distort the fact no one is there except the media.

    Media’s agenda has much in common with the rules of propaganda..

    Say it loud and often, you hope it becomes true.
    Aim it at the lowest intelligence level for greatest effect.
    The bigger the lie, the more readily it is believed.
    Perception is reality.
    Control the flow of information and you control the way people think.

    If it gets too hot in the kitchen, get out of the kitchen, fast.

    Or go mute.

  42. Ontario Girl says:

    Now I see why the leadership of losers of the NDP is being broadcasted today and the only time on CBC…what a pile on against the prime minister and a pack of LIES. He’s underfunding medicare? The Harper Govt wasn’t voted in by all Canadians….bla bla bla…unreal. moderator Vancouver Harper hater Barbara Yaffte is the moderator. 10 minutes and Harpers name has been spoken about 20 times. YUK.yuk comedy festival …Jack this and jack that.

    • The left media has made up my mind for me.I’m going to live in China for 6 months a year.

    • The_Iceman says:

      You might remember Barbara Yaffe for praising Ignatieff’s hiring of Donolo to run his campaign. She thought it was a brilliant move that would turn around Liberal fortunes. How did that turn out? Iggy wiffed worse than Dion!

      Yaffe has very little credibility.

  43. Soccermom says:

    The aim of all this is to overturn the election results and have a do-over. Turmel even said, let’s have an inquiry and then “we can get on with the election”. With the help and resources of the American progressive left, this is their aim. Glenn Beck was spot on.

    Am I the only one thinking that if by chance (and that’s a big IF) Obama loses the election in November, he will not give up power that easily?? There will be riots in the streets, my friends. Count on it. It’ll be Occupy X 1000.

    • Soccermom says:

      The left will not give up power without a huge fight, even if they lose the American election.

      And God help us. Can you imagine Obama for four more years? Will there be an America left? How will Canada withstand this?

      I’m very worried for our two countries right now.

      • As the saying goes,a country or countries will destroy themselves from within.USA owes China over 13 trillion dollars.Who would have believed that years ago.In time China will be a democracy,and USA and Canada will be third world countries.

  44. Ontario Girl says:

    Pat Martin isn’t in Wpg because he’s at the Vancouver “debates” in the audience.

  45. Jan Webb says:

    This tweet was found on Pat Martin’s tweet acct.
    @Nicki_Doyle yeah but in agitate, educate, organize; we’re still at the ‘agitate’ stage. This is only starting to resonate and penetrate.

    I find it telling that this is eerily similar to the social media organization of the Occupy crowd. Don’t forget that one of the instigators who wants “electoral reform” is who clearly has ties to the NDP –check Board members.
    Remember the goal is first to “agitate” first (create chaos) so that it appears our “democracy” isn’t working.
    This will not be the last of similar attack on the Cons, in my opinion.

    • The_Iceman says:

      How many people showed up to the prorogue protests, back when Harper was trying to supress Parliament (rather than pausing for a few weeks to host the Olympics)? The official count was greatly exaggerated (as usual), but the turnout was far far higher than robogate. Today’s turnout is a joke!

      The diminishing returns of crying wolf. Eventually the town folk stop listening.

  46. Jan Webb says:

    OOps! Forgot H/T Iceman in my last post.

  47. Bec says:

    It’s hard to comment @ Sandy’s site and there must be others having the same problem because she has no comments…..
    Is there a trick to her new sign in format?

  48. Sandy says:


    I just happened to come by and see you comment above.

    I have a text box on my right side bar explaining that all you have to do is click on the talking bubble at the top right of every post. I love my new template but this feature is obviously not working too well.

    Can you try and leave a comment and let me know if it is working.

    No tricks. Promise. 😉

  49. Sandy says:

    I went back and re-checked off everything affecting comments in the wordpress platform and it now seems to be working. Don’t know what the problem was but there definitely was a problem because even I couldn’t leave a comment when I signed and came in as a regular reader!

    That explains why I didn’t have any comments on yesterday’s posts either. Yikes, that could have gone on indefinitely.

    Thanks for the heads up Bec. We’re all definitely a team!

  50. Sammy says:

    Well glad that blatherfest in BC is done! Anyone catch Nathan Cullen saying the voting age should be lowered to 16???????????????????????? Yeah,that’ll get the Dippers elected,get the dope-smokin’ Occupiers into the ballot box. BTW,I KNOW there are some pretty great teens,but in my line of work I get to meet lots of kids,and the majority of them couldn’t even tell you who the PM is,but they can tell you what Bieber is up to,where to buy some really ‘fine’ weed,and are hellish good PS3 players.What a stupid idea,altho they are trying to brainwash kids in school,to think like little dipper-clones.Can you just imagine?

    • Bec says:

      That’s likely because in the NDP world, the lalala-land of Utopia is just a magic carpet ride away and who better to follow them into a world of no accountability or reality than a 16 year old, factory raised, impressionable teen.

      These people are very scary. If they were all so hell-bent on improving THEIR version of society, they’d all work for free but that’s not the case. They expect only the successful people, the ones that work hard, to work for free by paying through the nose for the ones that have been warehoused by this ideology and have no reason to work at all.

      They just don’t realize that it’s them that have kept the down trodden from rising up because they enable them to remain dependent.

  51. Martin says:

    CBC claims modest turnouts for robocall protest in Halifax, Montreal, hundreds in Toronto, 300 for Winnipeg. We know from previous experience how challenged CBC is with numbers when estimating crowds. It pretty well depends on whether they are in tune with the protest, ot not. I would say less than a dramatic turnout.

  52. wilson says:

    OMG, did you know the MEDIA and any person (the guy across the street too) who accesses/copies divorce files,
    info included is also tax returns, social insurance numbers …. the works!!!

    And the MEDIA and parties to the divorce are not shown on an ‘access list’

    This has to STOP

  53. Sammy says:

    Looks like the cbc is promoting Cullen.BTW,anyone else think that Ashton was just excrutiating to watch and listen to today? I just find her really,REALLY offensive for some reason.

  54. Mary T says:

    Passing time waiting for the final curling game and watched the debate. Is Mulcair really serious when he says ndpq will form next govt.
    The only good question asked was the ndp only won 18 seats in the west, how do you plan to get them. One answer, former ndp voters will come back from the liberals.
    Did any of those candidates look like a PM. Not in my books.
    Does Niki really think she has any hope of winning, but someone has to be last, her or Singh. (sp) I like Dewar because of his poor french skills.

    • wilson says:

      LOL, the Liberals are depending on the Dippers to have seats in the West for their Coalition of Losers.

  55. Ontario Girl says:

    anyone else think that Ashton was just excrutiating to watch and listen to today?

    all of the above, except, Peggy Nash had a very” chalk on a blackboard” type of drawling thing going on. I hope she wins. I want to hear her talk politics with PM Harper.

  56. Sammy says:

    Just saw the evening news coverage of the MASSIVE protest in Wpg..remove tongue from cheek now..all I saw were a few leftover Occupy Wpg loons,lots of caked black eye-liner(that is sooooo 60’s kids!),some gal with bright pink hair,some face piercings/tattoos,and this halfwits demanding the prorogue of Parl.,and that this is the biggest outrage..blah blah blah.The perpetually outraged Anita Neville showed up (speaking of really bad eye make-up!)………and a rant from Kevin Lamouroux. What a raging success that was.Any updates from your parts of the country?? I’ve done my citizen reporting.

  57. Sammy says:

    Check out Richard Madden’s (ctv) tweets.He has posted a photo of the Roborally from ParlHill today..gee I wonder if he needed a wide-angle lens to capture ALL 12 PEOPLE! Hashtag? Robo-fail!!

  58. Martin says:

    The evening newscast from CTV, about the protests, is a classic in agiprop tchniques.
    The shot of parliament hill appears to be of 30 people (CTV says 60), but shot a hip level within the crowd. The voiceover mentions a “thousand” in Toronto, but again shows a few appathetic protesters, from within the crowd. The voiceover here talks about “thousands of complaints” to EC, of voters being misdirected on election day. The number is mentioned in such a way as to imply thousands of protesters in the streets.
    From the actual pictures, that does not look very likely.

  59. Sammy says:

    Jean Lapierre tells Scott Laurie (after Scott asks if the outrage is spreading)..less than 100 people showed up to rally in Montreal! Scott: the opposition will try and keep this growing,will it work? Jean: NO,not unless they find new evidence,the msm has quit reporting. FAIL!

  60. Martin says:

    As mentioned earlier, P Poutine has now been identified and is about to be debriefed by EC. see NP story here:

    This is good news, may explain some air going out of the media frenzy>

  61. robins111 says:

    NP just posted that Poutine is turning themselves in and is gonna fess up… I’ll burst a blood vein laughing if its a lefty…

    • robins111 says:

      Sorry martin, a new pad and i haven’t figured out how to cut and paste yet.

    • Joanne says:

      Oh this is going to be interesting!!

      • wilson says:

        Is it just wishfull thinking to connect the media black out on ‘robogate’ and Mr/Ms Poutine being a …..Liberal?

        • Martin says:

          Apparently we must wait till tomorrow to find out. I have been suspicious for a couple of days that his identity was known to EC and a few others. The Citizen’s Maher and McGregor are basing their story on sources within EC. They seem to be well connected.

      • Louise M. says:

        The media contacted Guelph campaign worker Sona asking for a comment about the revelation and he tweeted back “an apology first”. With that, I have to conclude he is not the one otherwise he wouldn’t be asking for an apology.

        I’m dying to know who it is. EC will probably not tell so the name will be leaked to the media.

        • jon says:

          Coyne is just showcasing himself for CBC brass for when budget cuts come. Maybe they save money by trimming the At Issue’s panel from 3 to 2 contributors, saving approx $16,000 annually that Coyne makes in contract work for his appearances annually. $500 a week, every week for about 8 months a year? That’s money Coyne doesn’t want to part with, so he’s probably just showing them just how shameless he can be with the hopes that they keep him on board.

  62. Bubba Brown says:

    “Not waiting for the ass-ta-roid”
    Paddling Peeeeairrrrr homeeeee, Oliver, the media in this Country still don’t get it it’s over.
    We won! suck it up ya bunch a Twinkies!
    I really have had about all the “scandal a week” crowd has been dishing up.
    Massive protests? 50 or 60 wool hatted losers ? “No evidence”? ” Liberal robo calls”
    This bunch of has beens and wanna Be’s is stuck in some kinda 50’s melodrama,
    complete with “Drama Queens and Kings”
    Dr Richard Kimble desperately searching for the “one armed robo caller he saw running from the scene”
    I guess I should say “one Legged” cause this “story” don’t have legs.
    They, the Media and the Liberals are still trying to win the last election.
    NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!! You lost the last THREE elections.
    Looks like you are seriously trying for four.
    Reminds this history buff of the French losing the second world war because they were still fighting using the first world war tactics.
    All in all we are in pretty good shape, the more the left howls the more desperate and out of touch they look’
    It is all about jobs and the economy stupid.

  63. paulsstuff says:

    “The media contacted Guelph campaign worker Sona asking for a comment about the revelation and he tweeted back “an apology first”. With that, I have to conclude he is not the one otherwise he wouldn’t be asking for an apology.”

    It was the deputy campaign chair who asked for the apology Louise. He’s the one the media tried to imply alerted Conservative supporters to ignore robocalls before they even started from Poutine. Problem was he was talking about robocalls from the Liberals, ones we just learned about a few days ago.

    Sona has also maintained his innocence, and his mother is quoted in the NP article as him being set-up. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t see the Conservative Party setting up one of their campaign workers to make illegal calls, especially considering he was working in a CPC MP’s office until recently.

  64. paulsstuff says:

    I should note one thing bothers me about poutine. (s)he knew that the Conservative Party was using Racknine. I doubt it would be common knowledge to the average voter what robocall company a party was using, or that they even used one.

    Whoever set up the account would have played a role in the campaign of one of the parties to be aware of the Racknine connection and know who to contact. On the other side of the argument, if it was someone (disgruntled?) involved in say the Liberal campaign , they would also have a list of Liberal supporters for the Guelph riding, as well as their phone numbers.

  65. wilson says:

    ”Someone with knowledge of the affair is expected to share information with Elections Canada on Monday.”

    The only mention of robocall on CTV and CBC is the anti-Con calls made.
    And of course the progressive farce of nationwide protests.

    • wilson says:

      (on CTV and CBC websites, I don’t watch their crap on tv anymore!)

    • jon says:

      CTV, through one of its affiliates, continues to conclude that the CPoC is GUILTY through this headline…

      “Hundreds Protest Election Fraud”

      And of course, none of the people you see in the story actually had their right to vote taken away but instead simply didn’t like the results of the last election and would like a do-over, something the field reporter (a real journalist straight from the studios of Much Music) nor the news anchor (also a former Much Music VJ) touches upon that, choosing instead to allow the rally organizer to state that CRIMES HAVE BEEN COMMITTED without being challenged on that claim or providing context/clarification for the viewer.

      CTV — where the bar is set so low you’d have trouble tripping over it.

  66. paulsstuff says:

    An anonymous just left this comment on my Blog. I’m confused.

    “I think I know who it is
    By reading the article he could have been mentioned and I noticed this blogger has been silent for over a month
    Could be wrong though
    Anways whoever it is he did not get orders from Harper or the national campaign so it is just another PPG scandalc”

  67. paulsstuff says:

    Never mind. He must be referring to Andrew Prescott (christian conservative). He’s already tweeted today asking for an apology from the media as he’s innocent.

  68. Buba Brown says:

    When they start to laugh at you it’s over.
    I went slumming to Bourque, nice picture of Ro-Bo-Bob Rae with the headline
    “Liberals Shoot (temporary) Leader in Foot”
    “admits anti Tory robo call blames oversight for cover up”?
    Must be Liberano for “Damn we got caught`
    I guess he has to blame somebody or thing, sure couldn’t be his fault.
    I am sure some diligent CBC Journalist will ask when he ordered this `hit“ What did he know, When did he know it.
    Maybe Kady or Mr Milewski will jump right on this National Scandal.
    Will Mr Mandsbridge ask Mr Rae if he thought he had done anything wrong
    After all this could not have been done without an OK from the Leader Bob Rae.
    When did he abandon all principal and indulge in `dirty tricks.

  69. maz2 says:

    Where’s the beef? That’s all at G-M. Nothing ’bout Liberal Rae & RoBobs.

    NoSquint Oliver will be up soon. Maybe?

    “John Ibbitson”

    “Why protecting dairy, poultry farmers is no sacred cow for Harper”

  70. Bec says:

    Well considering that the Conservative campaign was also affected by the bogus polling station calls this could get interesting.

    We sure need to admire the effort that Racknine has played in this by offering their(his) expertise. To shut down the legitimate use of Robocalls would be to shut down this guys livelihood. I think the process has a purpose and like anything, once abused should be tweaked and have strict rules. However we are in a world of technology and there will always be abuses so to punish everyone because of a rouge is counter-productive imo.

    • frmgrl says:

      I think the process has a purpose and like anything, once abused should be tweaked and have strict rules.

      I agree. I think at the end of the day in all this we’ll probably see some of those strict rules put in place. That will we a good thing and a benefit for all.

  71. maz2 says:

    Nothing from Red-Green Liberal McGuinty? Nothing from Liberal Citoyen Kyoto Dionky?

    Silence is golden. Silence is deafening. Which one is McGuinty/Dionky?


    “The Year Solar Goes Bankrupt”

    “Get ready for a new round of green bankruptcies, as Europe trims back subsidies for solar companies and taxpayers lose their appetite for subsidizing green power.

    “The mini-bubble resulting from the rush to cash in on solar subsidies in European and U.S. markets is ending, as feed-in tariffs drop in Europe while loan guarantee and tax credit programs tighten up in the U.S.,” says a new report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch according to

    Germany is dialing back subsidies for solar this month by 29 percent with subsequent decreases each month, according to

    Rasmussen has recently released a survey of voters that show a diminishing number of voters support subsidizing the production of the Chevy Volt.

    Only 29 percent of likely voters agree with Obama’s latest proposal to include a $10,000 subsidy in the federal budget to support the purchase of every electric vehicle.

    The survey found that 58 percent oppose the plan, while 13 percent remain undecided.

    And make no mistake, without subsidies solar, electric vehicles, wind power and other alternatives remain a chimera.”

  72. Joe says:

    Other than Poutine (which is still unclear) the only admitted wrong doing regarding Robo calls comes from Frank Valeriote’s campaign. Doncha just love the way Liberals go hunting and bag one of their own? I truly hope that Frank does the honourable thing, resigns his seat and in the resulting by-election a Conservative wins.

  73. ed says:

    VIDEO: Tens of people demonstrate in Ottawa over robocall outrage
    Brian Lilley – March 12th, 2012

    “This was Sunday’s Ottawa robocall protest on Parliament Hill. Weather was beautiful, crowd was small.”

  74. ed says:

    In praise of PM Stephen Harper: outstanding interview by Brian Lilley with British member of the European Parliament. A very informative and revealing commentary about the present and the future.

    VIDEO: Daniel Hannan’s European warning to North America
    Brian Lilley – March 11th, 2012

  75. fh says:

    if possible capture the Brian Lilley video from SNN
    Daniel Hannan’s European warning to North America
    we need to give everyone a chance to see it on BLY

  76. paulsstuff says:

    As I reflect on robogate, the one thing that jumps out at me is how many details of the investigation have been leaked to the media, when EC states they don’t reveal details of ongoing investigations.

    I then notice that neither the Toronto Star nor CBC homepages have even a passing mention of Pierre Poutine’s identity about to be revealed. Which leads me to the conclusion that EC has already identified Poutine, both The Star and CBC have been leaked the identity, and it wasn’t the answer they were expecting, or hoping for.

  77. Alberta Girl says:

    Paul – all’s quiet on twitter too. The usual suspects who have, for weeks, been very vocal are either non existent or are on to other business (which is a relief actually)

    It is all very strange.

  78. fh says:
    please vote our Conservative Phil McColeman need your vote
    you can vote every day
    one vote per day

  79. Martin says:

    Paulsstuff: Robocalls:
    That is exactly my conclusion. I am astounded to check all news sources this morning with no mention of Poutine, and this is a slow news day. The stories still up are the non-existent mass protest marches of yesterday. For an organization that makes no comment on ongoing investigations, EC sure leaks a lot of information. I guess consensus media intends to wait until he is named at which point they will be forced to carry the story. This is another example of events not being news if certain media do not want to report them.
    It will be interesting to watch QP (on today?) and the afternoon political shows; maybe conservative MPs will mention Poutine’s unmasking.

  80. Alberta Girl says:

    Interesting – CTV is announcing that Poutine *MAY* be outed today. Huh???? I thought yesterday, it was a given that he/she was turning themselves in?

    Very, very strange goings-on.

  81. paulsstuff says:

    Yep, apparently Jann Arden getting kicked off a VIA train is more newsworthy than the “greatest electoral fraud in Canadian history”.

    (note: SARCASM ON)

  82. maz2 says:

    Headbangers from Brigitte:

    “Our sister network TVA has a new poll out showing that Quebecers would now vote for the Bloc Quebecois ahead of the NDP (in French). Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a wall to bang my head against.”

    “Hey, did you hear the latest in the robocall scandal? Apparently – and I’m sorry if this comes as a shock to you – there is more evidence of misleading automated phone calls in the riding of Guelph last election. But this time, it’s the Liberals who did it. Ah! Disbelief! Horror! Consternation!”

  83. Martin says:

    If Poutine turns out to be a Lib/NDP or independent operator, I think we can anticipate what the opp/consensus media argument will be. We got a foretaste from Rosemary Barton when Ivison first mentioned his unmasking (Thur?). She said the danger would be conservatives would consider the case solved, and the other ridings where voter suppression was present would be forgotten. I have already seen comments to that effect and you can fill in the number of problem ridings yourself 37, 12 whatever. They will still want an enquiry and by elections for the ridings where they lost.

    • Alberta Girl says:

      I think that is why they will not be outed, because if they are, average Canadians will close the case. Their only hope of delegitimizing the Harper gov’t is for the question that the media have framed re. voter suppression in 57 ridings to remain first and foremost.

      You can bet that if the person had been Conservative, their name would have been all over the media. Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems way too quiet.

      • Bec says:

        I’d bet the ‘camps’ in Guelph know who it is and I am only saying that because of the quotes/tweets published that are attributed to Andrew Prescott.
        I don’t think he would have offered any of that unless he had been given an apology. So unless EC leaked THAT too, my instincts tell me that the camp has been cleared.

        I suspect too that if the media have info they’d be breaking EC laws at this point if they reported it.

      • Richco says:

        I believe that average Canadians closed this case early on, with many not even bothering to open it in the first place.

  84. Gabby in QC says:

    The Iceman has an interesting point about Frank Valeriote’s very strong win in Guelph:
    “Of all the Liberals who ran in the last election, which candidate experienced the largest increase in popular vote? That’s right, none other than Frank Valeriote in Guelph, who had 32% of the vote in 2008 and 43% in 2011, an 11% rise

  85. paulsstuff says:

    “If Poutine turns out to be a Lib/NDP or independent operator, I think we can anticipate what the opp/consensus media argument will be. We got a foretaste from Rosemary Barton when Ivison first mentioned his unmasking (Thur?). She said the danger would be conservatives would consider the case solved, and the other ridings where voter suppression was present would be forgotten.”

    Actually I agree. If I was the CPC and Poutine was related to another party I WOULD push for a deeper investigation. Barton seems unable to grasp the concept that both the opposition and media, which includes her, have pushed the theory that it was widespread and epidemic, part of a cross-Canada scheme.

    Seems to me if that’s the case, and a Lib or Dipper has already been found to have been participating in Guelph, that similar misleading robocalls would also be linked to that party as well.

  86. Sammy says:

    Watching Frankie V on cbc just now,as he tries to provide some ass-cover…hmmm,he is sweating like a pig!

    • Martin says:

      Right. CBC finally reports the basic Post Media story of yesterday, saying that Poutine may be identified today, that he is talking to EC.

  87. Gabby in QC says:

    Both Nycole Turmel & Charlie Angus claimed during QP that a Conservative is going to be named as being Pierre Poutine.

    Did I miss something? I haven’t been checking things too closely in the past 48 hrs.

  88. Alberta Girl says:

    Seems like Robocalls has hit the twitter fan again…still accusing, still demanding public inquiry, still running down conservtives. Sigh

  89. Liz J says:

    Since the Opps and media continue to accuse the Conservatives they must know for sure Conservatives have committed election fraud and are guilty, if they have all the answers why don’t they just give that info to EC and RCMP and get it over with?

    Even the prestigious, (joke), lady Doc Bennett has stood and accused Conservatives of “election fraud”.

  90. Alberta Girl says:

    It does seem like they know something…makes me wonder how they got the info?

  91. Gabby in QC says:

    Bob Rae earlier called for a Royal Commission during QP, never mind an inquiry. He was fit to be tied!

    On a side-note … why do members of the opposition address their so-called questions to the PM when he is not in the House? That is dishonest, pretending he’s there when he isn’t. Why not refer instead to “the government”?

  92. fh says:

    Conservatives are innocent
    the only guilty party in Guelph is the Liberal party

  93. fh says:

    the house rule is members of parliament are not allowed to indicate an MP is absent
    this would apply to our Best Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    he is busy working hard for CANADA

  94. paulsstuff says:

    “It does seem like they know something…makes me wonder how they got the info?”

    Like I said, I’m amazed how many details are leaked from EC when they claim they don’t comment on investigations.

    • Michael Harkov says:

      Yeah, they want to talk about invetigations; maybe they need to start looking at their OWN house.

  95. Bec says:

    I didn’t get that at all from the Opps…..i just got more of the same old, same old but you and I know what they don’t, If this was a rogue conservative, they can run but they can’t hide. They should be more fearful of our disgust than any of this faux outrage from the Opps.

    Unlike the rationalization and sleazy character assassination from the camp that has been busted. To defend that behaviour and deception is just wrong but so Liberal.

  96. fh says:

    re previous Vikileaks also reported by SunTV

  97. Ontario Girl says:

    This in QP today said by Dean del Mastro…On April 30th at 1pm the Liberal leader was teaching Liberal workers how to use robocalls. 5 pm that afternoon the Liberal robocalls started flooding Guelph.
    Liberal Frank Valeriote didn’t just break the EC laws but also the CRT laws.
    The NDP and Liberals will not hand over the lists of the phone numbers they used to make millions of calls costing millions of dollars.
    NDP don’t blow up over this in QP but SUPPORT their coalition buddies.
    Charlie Angus got up and said a Conservative was coming forward for robocalls??????
    Dean del Mastra also brought up something about this website Liberal list .ca on page 5…I missed what he was refering too…??

    • Michael Harkov says:

      And how would Charlie Angus know THAT for a fact? Is someone at EC allegedly leaking things again, like what happened when CBC got wind of a raid about to occur on Conservative headquarters?

      Funny, isn’t it, that Guelph was the event horizon where all of this took place, and Frank Valeriote was involved in robocalls too? That is just a little too pat.

  98. fh says:

    sorry Joanne I have not been able to verify the Bob Rae computer
    you can remove these references
    it was an anonymous comment on Iceman I will keep working to see if it can be verified
    again please remove

    • Richco says:

      and remove my post as well in response to fh’s error please Joanne.

      • Joanne says:

        Richco – After I removed the comment by Fh, then the related ones were more difficult to detect because they ended up out of context. I hope I captured them. Anyone who has concerns can let me know here. Thanks.

    • Joanne says:

      Fh – Done and thanks for being careful.

  99. Mary T says:

    How would one go about getting the location of all polls that were moved re May 2.
    First we need to know where the original poll was to be and the date it was announced.
    Next we need to know where they were moved to, date and time, and maybe why.
    And the name of the person who moved them, was it EC or the DRO for each riding.

  100. frmgrl says:

    Globe and Mail finally reports where the 31000 complaints/contacts that Sun media reported on last week came from.

    • Joanne says:

      And only because Elections Canada disclosed it. Otherwise they would have continued willfully ignoring it I’m sure.

  101. Michael Harkov says:

    Both Nycole Turmel & Charlie Angus claimed during QP that a Conservative is going to be named as being Pierre Poutine.

    If that is true, how they found out before everyone else, and revealing that to everyone else first before EC does needs to be investigated. This is getting farcical.

  102. Ontario Girl says:

    On sun news today guest HEARD said vikileaks came from Bob Raes office. The video is on the website for Sun News at the 6 minute mark …video under Pierre Poutine a low priority.

    as far as Charlie Angus today , maybe it was wishful thinking?????

  103. paulsstuff says:

    “And only because Elections Canada disclosed it. Otherwise they would have continued willfully ignoring it I’m sure.”

    I sent an email to EC Friday asking about the number of actual complaints, and stated I thought it was unfair to Canadians that the ooposition and media were misconstruing the numbers. They replied they don’t disclose details of an investigation
    but agreed the number was inflated

  104. Ontario Girl says:

    On P&P it was very heated…Frank V was stuttering something terrible…got the tail end of it but worth watching the video of it later.
    Caught one thing that Frank wasn’t frank about…Dean del Mastro said the phone # the Liberals used was a spoofed #…it does not and never did exist. Interesting.

    Of course CBC brings up Cotler and talk about Conservatives trying to shift the focus…lol….Frank looks like a Liberano caught with the smoking gun in his hand.Rattled to say the least.

  105. Mary T says:

    Watching Don Martin and Evan’s shows and Frank V is very busy trying to cover his you know what. Del Maestro give a great response and the ndp guy is agreeing with Frank, no big deal. Funny how, if calls were going out to keep people from voting liberal they failed big time. Strange that Frank is the only liberal that increased his vote by 11% when all the other 307 candidates lost votes, some being defeated big time. Including their leader.
    The panel on P&P seem to want it to go away, and say unless charges are laid, and it goes to trial, it will not be an issue next election.

  106. Ontario Girl says:

    That web site Liberal list .ca page 5 states the workshop for how to do robocalls that Dean was talking about. Guess Pierre Poutine didn’t delete?
    Greg Weston thinks Frank V is nothing….(He’s a Liberal after all)..Weston earning his $250 for a 10 minute CBC appearance.
    The 31,000 calls are FINALLY out in the open on National Newswatch in the globe and mail. It says once AGAIN comments….no number but click on and there are a ton of them.

    And BTW, yesterday on the NDP leadership show on CBC a question was asked of peggy nash…I believe it was from Top…about the answers she gave on LEAD NOW and how they are different to what she is saying now???? LEAD NOW.ummmm isn’t that where all those 31,ooo contacts are coming from.

  107. Ontario Girl says:

    Sun TV news the daily brief with David Akin and Frank Valeriote…saying whatever he wants with no Dean del Mastro there to call him on his ramble. I wish it was Ezra there or brian. What a cover up motor mouth. Excuses, excuses, excuses.
    David Akin is a Liberal…… period.Now he has a professor on who says the riding affected by robocalls the voter turnout declined. WTH …..GUELPH!!!!!!!!Not sure where Akin dug this flake up from.

    • Bec says:

      HAHA…..i thought the same thing and yes he can be frustrating but he does try to stay neutral by having opposing pov’s and at least he respects his guest unlike either P&P or PP but because of his wishy-washy show, it’s the one that I miss most often.

  108. Ontario Girl says:

    Stockwell Day told Mark Holland x- Liberal defeated last election, and NDP Blakie that a royal commission would delay this for months and months and months and cost million and millions of dollars and it would end up where it is right now… let the investigation go forward and get at the facts. He also said the way everyone is acting right now on this is just muddying the water and making Canada look bad where it isn’t. It is the best voting system in the world and this isn’t helping anyone.

    He also told Holland and Blakie that YES this is ILLEGAL what Frank V in Guelph did no matter what they say.(They said it wasn’t illegal)

    Now onto Rob Ford Conservative and now its his turn with the lefty’s trying to get rid of him.( head shake).

  109. jad says:

    check out this link to

    You can sign up for a couple of sessions on RoboCalls, or scroll down the User Guide page to see how to set up your RoboCall Payment Plan or record a RoboCall message.

    And a helpful little note at the top says “Please note that some of the guide sections may have been updated in the sections below since the PDF was compiled in January 2012.” So all this information is current, not something that was set up for the last election.

  110. Bec says:

    How the consensus media think..

    If a Liberal stole a car- ‘Aww he was just borrowing it, his bus pass expired and he needed to get to school’

    If a Dipper stole a car- ‘ Entitled’

    If a Conservative stole a car – ” He committed grand theft auto and probably has a chop shop with all the thousands of cars stolen from the city this year hidden in undisclosed locations….more news at 8, 8:05 and until you find this little conservative criminal.

  111. Joanne says:

    I dug up this April Guelph Mercury article FWIW. What a confusing mess this whole thing is turning out to be.

    • Liz J says:

      It was designed/cobbled up to confuse which gives lots of time for accusations against Conservatives which they know will be ratcheted up by the media hacks and taken to the streets by “tens” of protestors/trouble makers interfering in our Canadian democracy.

  112. Martin says:

    “And only because Elections Canada disclosed it. Otherwise they would have continued willfully ignoring it I’m sure”.

    The role of leadnow was disclosed a week ago Fri, so the inflated numbers were known to reporters then. Solomon waved around the leadnow web page the middle of last week. Still as recently as this morning, CBC was still parroting the 31000 complaint number. This evening R Barton admitted the numbers were wildly inflated, but without missing a beat seized on a new number, only 15,000 EC complaints. EC never said today there were that many serious official complaints of robocalls. Anyway, the damage is done, the 31,000 number is out there, whatever retraction is forthcomong.
    Dean Del Mastro mentioned about 30 official phone compaints to EC, before the robocall story ignited and people began trolling for compaints.

    • Joanne says:

      Anyway, the damage is done,

      And that was the plan all along. Fling puffin poo and see how much will stick.

  113. Ontario Girl says:

    This guy Valeriote is a real player. How’s this for playing both sides of the fence

    Personally, I do not support abortion but I don’t feel I have the right to force my religious beliefs on other people,” said Valeriote, who attends both the Church of Our Lady and Lakeside Church. “As a representative for Guelph, I support a woman’s right to choose because that is what I believe most people in Guelph support. Being in government means that I make decisions for the people of Guelph first.”

    (he supports whatever gets him the most votes).
    Hope we find out who Poutine is soon…. might put an end to this media hysteria.

  114. jon says:

    OT but on the omnibus crime bill issue, which CTV National News just did a segment on with the predictable “critics say” used by anchor LaFlamme to criticize the legislation, added that the opposition voted against it citing that it will not reduce crime.

    So does this mean for the Libs, the only other party that can form gov’t other than the CPoC, that the media will press them in the next election to state whether they will repeal the legislation if elected to form gov’t? Or will the media protect the Libs on the campaign trail by not reminding Canadians that they opposed the legislation, knowing that for the Libs the optics for them would be terrible and could hurt them at the polls?

    The media can’t suck and blow at the same time, criticizing tonight’s passing of the bill while not making its repeal an election issue in 2015, fearing that if they did it could hurt the Libs if they did by making them look soft on crime.

    Thousand bucks says the media steer clear of it, knowing that talk of the Libs repealing it could only help the CPoC on the campaign trail. The media instead will hope that its repeal will be done by stealth by a Lib minority gov’t or some coalition of the NDP, and doing so only after the election is over.

    Proof that it’s the other parties, along with the media themselves, that are the ones who harbour a hidden agenda.

    • jon says:

      Sorry for that last post. There’s a lot of redundancy in it. I really need to review what I type before clicking on the post comment button.

      Bottom line, it doesn’t serve the media’s interest which is to see a Lib gov’t elected in 2015 (or a coalition) if they force the Libs to say that they will soften sentences for violent crime… the optics of that hurt the Libs, which is why the media will bury the legislation’s repeal as a topic in the next election.

    • Jen says:

      Jon, even foreigners/immigrants can smell the media’s tactic to perfection, because, most of the immigrants have encountered such tactics in their home country of their birth to not trust them. Some of these immigrants have seen the PM personally to take his word over the media’s own.

      Don’t trust the media. Do your own research and spread it around. In my opinion the media is not working for canada but for some foreign entities that have no use for canada, and canadians.

  115. Peter says:

    “Nobody on this side has anything to fear from a Royal Commission,” Mr. Rae said, his voice growing louder. “We ask for it. We demand it.”

    In the comments section of Globe and Mail
    BC Voice of Reason
    And Bob Rae’s friends and colleagues from Osgoode hall Law School cheer him on!!

    A royal commision is worth millions upon millions of junior lawyer and articling students billing at $300/hour.

    That’s why these commissions cost 15-25 million dollars.
    Since the election can anyone mention one contribution, with his time in parliament, Bob Rae has made to improve the economy of the country. He has spent all his time as a nitpicker where you can make tons of unsubstantiated accusations with spin.

  116. Liz J says:

    Is Poutine guy being hotly pursued by EC or simply allowed to go cold and soggy? One would imagine we’d have the details out quickly if the Conservatives were involved as charged by Craig O and company.

  117. Ontario Girl says:

    Jon says:… but on the omnibus crime bill issue, which CTV National News just did a segment on with the predictable “critics say”

    Too funny. It’s amazing how they all use that “critics say” or “experts say”. The expert or critic or both or just critic Susan Reiley said on CBC that the next govt. will just get rid of the new crime bill. The excuse is the cost is too high for the provinces. Guess the cost to the lives of the victims is worth nothing. Province would rather pay for what..all day kiddy school?

    On Bob Rae…He needs to take down PM Harper and form his NDP coalition before he’s in a rocking chair or wheel chair.

    On Poutine , the longer it takes for whoever it is to surface, the more I think its a Liberal or NDP……unless the person ended up in the hospital suffering from severe stage fright.

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