No one is smelling like roses

I’m very grateful that we have at least a handful of ethical, objective journalists in Canada, and John Ivison is certainly among that chosen few.

Last night Ivison broke the story of the Liberal robocalls in Guelph complete with audio file – New Guelph robocall attacks Tories, listen to the phone message here. He makes the point at the end that “no one in politics is going to emerge from this dung-storm smelling of roses.”

The RoboFembot did not identify herself as being funded by the Liberal party, which caused Liberal MP Frank Valeriote to hastily explain that it was an ‘oversight’.

Granted there does not appear to be anything criminal here – unethical or mean-spirited perhaps considering the nature of the call.  But it does allow some perspective on a story that most media prefer to skew against the Conservatives –  instead of waiting for Elections Canada to finish the investigation.

A Liberal MP admits his campaign made a mistake by not identifying as the party behind the call. He has ‘apologized’.  Is that good enough?

As Preston Manning stated yesterday, voter suppression is ‘deplorable’. However he also pointed out, “If you try to link these things to any one party, it’s a mistake.”

But most media outlets seem to be reporting by Confirmation Bias which is deplorable in itself. Facts are facts but some seem to be selectively depressed, while others are torqued up to promote a certain agenda. (Of course here we also need to make a distinction from ‘news’ coverage vs. editorials or opinion articles.)

In any case, let’s encourage the few credible journalists we have left – and make sure they know their efforts are appreciated.

For the sake of democracy we need fair reporting.

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I would also like to mention some of my fellow Blogging Tories who have done some amazing work on this file.

Please check out:

A CAW Worker’s Voice Of Reason (Paulsstuff is on fire!)

BC Blue

Spin Assassin

The Iceman

And Stephen Taylor is documenting the apologies.

I know there are more and I invite you to leave links to your posts in the comment section.

We have a terrific team!!

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Andrew MacDougall sets the record straight regarding Elections Canada rules on Guelph Liberal robocalls.

Sandy has a new post up: Proof of “voter suppression” robocalls by Guelph Liberals. Please check it out.

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  1. bluetech says:

    I had several robocalls during the election. As soon as I realised I was listening to an imperonal recording I hung up. Does everyone stop what they are doing and listen to impersonal pre-recorded (spam) calls?
    Same goes for robo-telemarketing calls. My phone, my time…don’t interrupt me.

    • bertie says:

      Exactly bluetech..If your dumb enough to listen to stupid recorded messages,you have a very empty life.You would be better off buying some story tapes if your that lonely.I cannot believe that there are people in Canada that stupid..They receive a card telling them where to go vote from elections Canada,then a stranger on the phone calls them and tells them to go vote somewhere else and they believe the stranger???They don,t deserve the right to vote if they are that stupid.

      • Joanne says:

        Well that’s rather harsh. But on the other hand people need to maybe check with their neighbours if they get a strange call like that? And of course EC.

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  3. batb says:

    “An oversight,” “an accident,” “I forgot,” are the catch words of the “new ethics” (sic). It’s really nobody’s fault that the Liberal caller failed to identify herself as such. I’m sure she “forgot,” I’m sure she’d say that the oversight was “an accident.”

    I hear these excuses all the time in the classroom, which I don’t accept. I challenge them at every turn. When the student answers my question, “why did you do it?” with either a shrug or an “I don’t know,” I don’t accept that either. I probe. I point out that telling me the real reason for the lapse, the disrespect, the lie, might cause them some discomfort but that I want a real answer. They squirm. They say they’re sorry, which I accept only if I’m clear that they really mean it. “Sorry” comes trippingly off the miscreants’ tongues umpteen times in any given day. My motto? “Don’t be sorry, just don’t do it.

    I fear for the future as relativism has invaded the classroom and all the subsequent workplaces of our ethically challenged students. Seeing as only 20% of Canadians hear the Scriptures on a regular basis — the foundation of our ethical and moral DNA in the West — (which means that 80% don’t), we’re heading down a very dark road into moral oblivion.

    To answer some commenters’ concerns from the post below about the CPC’s needing to communicate to the public much more clearly about what’s going on with this latest robocalls scandal, I’m not sure that I agree. I’ve been involved in mud fights with pigs, and have discovered that the mudslinging just gets escalated and that anything you say to pigs, no matter how factual or truthful, is just more fodder for their slop.

    Sometimes, you just have to keep doing what you’re doing and let your enemies so entangle themselves in lies and obfuscation that they eventually suffocate/hang themselves. It takes patience and a lot of self-control not to lash out, when you know you’re innocent, but as the saying goes, “the wheels of the God’s grind exceeding slow but exceeding fine.”

    PM Harper and his government have a country to run, as Professor Michael Bliss points out, and have far bigger fish to fry than the puny piranhas of the Liberal and NDP parties.

    [portion deleted by blog admin]

  4. batb says:

    “the wheels of the Gods grind exceeding slow but exceeding fine.”

  5. robins111 says:

    I have noticed that this faux scandal seems to be running out of legs, it’ll be interesting to see the outcome of the EC investigation, I’ll bet that they only focus on the conservative party and let the libs and dippers slide.

    • Richco says:

      it’s running out of legs because it’s pointing to the Liberals.

      Anyone here who has worked on a campaign has likely had issues with EC. I know I have.

      I think that Harper should simply clean up EC once and for all and while he’s got a majority. I trust him to do that.

    • Would anyone believe any different?The only way that EC will investigate the opposer’s is if there’s hard evidence,and then they’ll try to cover it up for their buddies.

  6. E. Mac says:

    And today’s news – There is more to the story by 3 or 4 Conservative party workers who allegedly have some information of two separate bank accounts they claim was included in Fantino’s election.

    We keep putting our foot into it – This thing has played a dozen times or more on CBC who are running with it.

    Your right, no one is exempt with the behind the scenes and skullduggery.
    I hope this can be cleaned up in a hurry.

    • Joanne says:

      Drip, drip, drip. I’m not worried about this one.

    • Richco says:

      CBC? Not exactly the unbiased and fair reporting post-child Joanne refers to in her post. Quit advertising for those losers….they’re not worth it.

  7. Bec says:

    “He makes the point at the end that “no one in politics is going to emerge from this dung-storm smelling of roses.””

    As much as I acknowledge and appreciate some reality written by a media personality, I still find myself bristling with this assumption.

    As someone that VOLUNTEERED during this election, I question the ethics of another Canadian VOLUNTEER who would agree to making such calls. It has been clarified by the candidate in this case that it was an “oversight” to not identify the party but what about the information?We are left with the understanding that he would have approved it.

    This is more than dung, this was character assassination and is in effect, voter suppression, imo.

    To date, we have heard nothing that suggests that any of these calls (the ones accusing the CPoC ) attacked a candidates ‘character’ and we have yet to see that the CPoC candidate in this riding was anything but ethical and his team attempting to put out fires caused by this other campaign.

    I just think that when there is proven dung, one should acknowledge THAT dung and not categorize everyone at the same level because so far ALL of the proven, real garbage in this past month has been firmly dropped everywhere but the CPoC.

    • bertie says:

      Your right on Bec..I too bristle at the fact,they would like to paint everyone with the Liberal/Ndp dung…It belongs to them,let them carry it.It is the same as the MSM always trying to give Paul Martin credit for the economy of the country being in such good condition and how he always had surpluses..Yet the never mention his theft of 50 billion from the EI fund to do it..Or the shifting of all the
      debt to the provinces to handle..The real enemy of Canada is the MSM .We can handle the opposition parties,but there has to be a way to bring down these anti Canadian MSM..I think PM Harper has got to move faster to replace the Liberal lackey’s that were put in place by Chretien-Turdeau-Martin .And first and second should be CBC and EC.

  8. Richco says:

    Great post!

    “In any case, let’s encourage the few credible journalists we have left – and make sure they know their efforts are appreciated.”

    Yes! They’re there if you want to see them. That’s a choice each individual makes every day. I think your blog is well respected enough, as are the blogs all-stars you like to above that you might consider, as Sandy once did to include a “preferred” list of those fair and balanced journos. and media pundits.

    We all adhere to the tendency of Confirmation Bias to some extent. I think it a very natural response. Confirmation Bias is also a form of spin, and a twisting of information and data to lead people to think like them.

  9. Guelph Guy says:

    The call display on Valeriote’s robo-call was “spoofed” in order to hide the source of the call, appeared to be coming from a disconnected number. THAT is, in fact, illegal. (a CRTC offence, and perhaps an Election Act offence, attempting to hide the source of an “attack ad”.)

    • Joanne says:

      Ah-hah… If that is true then this story needs amplification.

      Can you supply proof of your allegation Guleph Guy? Thanks.

      • Joanne says:

        Aha. Now I see where you’re coming from (Stephen Chase, Globe):

        “Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is alleging the Liberals used a fake return phone number to make the anti-Burke calls.

        “If he wasn’t trying to intentionally mislead the recipients then why did he use a number and exchange that he knew did not exist?”

        Mr. Del Mastro said the number identified as making the call was 226-209-3758.”

  10. Richco says:

    I love this from Spin Assassin’s most recent post, which is beautifully written too;

    “People seem to catch on faster than the sophist intelligentsia will ever give them credit for. They’ve built a whole industry out of telling people they can’t possibly think for themselves. All too often they are the ones who don’t think for themselves. There’s that projection again. They assume we are dumb as they are. On the bright side, the smart people have tuned out.”


    • Look at the P&P Question Of The Day,it’s always against the CPC,as most of us CPC supporter’s don’t watch it,and the ones that do,probably don’t bother giving an answer to the bias question.I haven’t watched CBC since March 2,and we all,and I mean ALL of us has to stop watching it.

      [Portion deleted by Blog Admin]

  11. paulsstuff says:

    Joanne, the bigger story with the Liberal robocall in Guelph is whether Lori/Lauri Macdonald is an actual person, or a fictional name. If it’s a ficticous name then another EC law has been broken, fraudulently representing themelves as another person.

    If it is an actual person, then there must be a receipt and expense claim filed for the local campaign for the value of the recording.

  12. paulsstuff says:

    “The call display on Valeriote’s robo-call was “spoofed” in order to hide the source of the call, appeared to be coming from a disconnected number. THAT is, in fact, illegal. (a CRTC offence, and perhaps an Election Act offence, attempting to hide the source of an “attack ad”.)

    If that’s the case, this robocall broke two, and possibly 3 EC laws. Party identification, falsified contact, and fraudlent representative name given.

    What’s the old saying, three strikes and……

    • Joanne says:

      Here’s another old saying: Remember when you point a finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you.

      • Richco says:

        wouldn’t be ironic if it turned out in Guelph that it was the Liberals behind it and led to a by-election that the Tory’s would scoop?

        All signs are pointing to to Liberals every day.

        • MaryLS says:

          I actually am suspicious that the calls were made by a Liberal — angry about something in the Liberal campaign. To me, the incident smacks of a personal vendetta, rather than a political strategy. It appears that Valeriote would have been sufficiently ahead in polling that to try to reduce his chances with the robocall scam would be a totally irrational move. But anger is a believable motive.

        • batb says:

          I’ve been thinking, and cautiously saying, this all along. It’s got the fingerprints of the Librano$ all over it. Remember Judge Gomery’s saying about the Liberal Party of Canada, that “it operates within a culture of corruption”?

          Truer words were never spoken.

        • Jen says:

          All signs are pointing to to Liberals every day.

          And what makes it more apparent Richco, ist the media particularly the cbc ctv etv SILENCE. It speaks volumes

      • Bec says:

        ……..and Two fingers……one points up…..:)

  13. Calgary Junkie says:

    Make of this what you will … I just did a search in the Elections Canada Database, Quarterly returns, for all Parties, 2007 to 2011, for contributors named “Macdonald” or “Mcdonald”, and could not find anyone named Lori or Laurie.

    • Joanne says:

      Wow! Good for you CJ. I hope Paulsstuff or someone can work this up into another blog post. I won’t have time today. But this is becoming bigger than I initially imagined.

      (On the other hand Paul has covered a lot of this already in a recent post.)

      • Calgary Junkie says:

        It’s too bad her name didn’t pop up somewhere, since the EC website also gives you the contributor’s postal code.

  14. paulsstuff says:

    “Wow! Good for you CJ. I hope Paulsstuff or someone can work this up into another blog post. I won’t have time today. But this is becoming bigger than I initially imagined”

    I’ll be strapped for time today as well. Custom car show where some of the cars I’ve worked on will be on display, and then the Leaf game tonight. Hopefully someone can post about this today. Kinda hard to believe a volunteer has never donated to the party I guess.

  15. paulsstuff says:

    Anyone thought to check the EC database for donations from Pierre Poutine, or Pierre Jones, the name given to Racknine?

    • Calgary Junkie says:

      There’s nobody named “Poutine”.

      If you search on “Pierre”, you get quite a few names starting with “J”, for example:

      Pierre Juneau …$1,100 to LPC in 2008, etc.
      Outremont , QC, Postal code: H2V2A7

      Pierre J. Jeanniot … $1,100 to LPC in 2010, etc
      Montréal , QC, Postal code: H4Z1M1

      Pierre Jean …. $250 to the BLOC in 2009
      Saguenay, QC, Postal code: G7X3Y1

  16. paulsstuff says:

    Interesting comment from oxygentax on my blog:

    “Let google be your guide…

    There’s a Lauren MacDonald that’s a graduate student at the University of Guelph. Think that’s the same person?”

  17. Richco says:

    “Pierre Poutine”
    let’s blame Rick Mercer. Maybe the culprit is a fan of his show and got the not so bright idea from the King of non-comedy? Check the video at the 1:24 minute mark.

  18. Bubba Brown says:

    Bec @9:59
    I agree! As someone else who volunteered during the election and I have since gone on to more involvement on the local level.
    I do not accept that no one is going to come out of this smelling like a rose.
    The green campaign manager that sent a letter to the Globe and Mail and retracted it so fast that it’s a wonder he didn’t get whiplash.
    Then you get a hurt-bunny comment about “Conservative Lawsuits” threatening a “older Man”.
    Truth is the only defense against slander.
    The time I spent in my MP’s campaign office, I could plainly hear the phone calls, the first thing was always to plainly identify who you are calling on behalf of.
    Myself, I am in awe of the work done by bloggers to get the truth out there.
    You know who you are , take a bow, Canada needs you.

    I hope there is a followup here I believe the leaders of the opposition parties should be called in front of a ethics committee.
    Particularly the Liberal Leader Bob Rae.
    He had no proof, just slander, bluster and out right fabrications.
    He ran all the way to the West Coast to try getting a demonstration going.
    The Media, to their shame said “It filled the streets”?
    I heard it was as few as 250 people.
    In Ottawa it looked like a “Massive” crowd of 30 or so.
    I think PM Harper did well, there is no profit in wrestling with a pig in the mud, the pig enjoys it, you just get dirty.
    There will be another scandal next week, the small minds running the Liberal and NDPQ Party’s on a temporary basis, have nothing to offer past insinuation, slander and have never any to back up what they allege.
    Other than their previous statements, they see these printed in a complaint press and begin quoting themselves.
    They are endlessly recycling their own blather.
    Sickeningly returning like dogs to their own vomit.
    Minnows in a big pond indeed, not ready for prime time or permanent leadership.
    If I had made a contribution to either party I would demand a refund.
    We as a party are better than the opposition as it now exists and must work hard to keep it that way.

    • Bec says:

      “Myself, I am in awe of the work done by bloggers to get the truth out there.
      You know who you are , take a bow, Canada needs you.”

      Amen! I beam everyday to be witness to their due dilligence and ethical evaluations. A true arm of the CPoC war room if not THE war room many times.

  19. fh says:

    this Robocall in Guelph funded by the LIBERAL party is voter suppression it is a tactic Elizabeth May describes the tactic is used in the USA phone the party supporters of the CONSERVATIVE party because they are loyal and will not vote for any other party and feed a negative in this case the abortion issue and therefore the CONSERVATIVE voter will stay home rather than vote for a negative they can’t agree with VOTER SUPPRESSION
    these calls were made to CONSERVATIVE VOTERS
    prove that NDP received them and that LIBERAL supporters received them then I will agree they were innocent calls telling us the whole truth and nothing but the truth

  20. Joanne says:

    Well in any case we all need to take another breath here so that we don’t like like the irresponsible MSM that we all deplore.

    Let’s try to stick to the facts and take time and due diligence to flesh out the story.

  21. Mary T says:

    When I received a call from the Justice Minister re a tele townhall, he gave his name, party, e-mail, phone number, and explained the reason for his call. He said something like, following the rules of the CRTC, I must inform you of the following. It was him as I recognized his voice.
    Apparently the CRTC has rules re making robo calls.
    And his phone number showed up, with his name, on my call display.
    I am trying to find those rules.
    As this tele meeting had over 1000 participants, I am sure others got the same message.

    • Loser May sits behind the lieberals in parliament,and when the lieberals are asking a question(a smear would be more like it)May claps her hands and cheers on the lieberals.I seen lieberal Judy Scgro doing the same thing,cheering for the NDPPQ,so they’re all the same,and the CPC is definitely the only real democratic party in Parliament.

    • Brett says:

      I think that letter was from after the 2008 letter. If you scroll down to the comments you’ll see that the coments were from 177 weeks ago.

      However, the comments are pretty illuminating regarding the discussions that were going on vis a vis the parties on the left merging and may be an indicator of the coalition that eventually came to pass. This excerpt from the last comment is particularly interesting:

      “What did in the Greens is far more obvious and odious.
      The electoral system needs to be changed. Until it does the Greens will see nothing come out of their campaigning and voting.
      The other problem is that the Greens just like the NDP are viewed as parties short on substance, and are viewed as holding very few substantial policies on their platform. The name itself tends to marginalize some of the other good parts of the Green platform, such as its defense policy.
      In this campaign, the issue was not letting Harper get a majority. That is what caused all this to become what it was.”

  22. Calgary Junkie says:

    OK, the last of my snooping for today …

    Search on “Lori”, “Laurie”, and “Lauren”, LPC Quarterlies for 2011, and the closest you get:

    Laurie C. Thomas … $550 to the LPC in March
    Guelph ON, Postal code: N1H2G9

  23. Mary T says:

    Calls from political parties, under CRTC rules, must identify the identity of the caller, the purpose of the call and why they’re contacting the voter.

    Google CRTC rules re robo calls. Lots of info there, just copied the above. So, as liberals did not identify themselves guess they broke the rules. Love the fact even the Green Party is involved.

  24. Sammy says:

    CBC just covered the Lori McDonald/Valerriote story..thet stated it IS illegal to NOT identify which party has paid for the ad. Impression I get from any of the cbc ‘reports’ is the Libs did this little wee bad thing…but the Conservatives are WAAAAAAAAAAY worse! Idiots.
    As prev.commented on,that this story seems to be losing it’s legs,I think that IS fact.If the msm were so convinced it was ONLY a Cons party issue,why did none of the so-called reporters at PMSH’s presser yesterday (in the belly of the ‘beast’ of Toronto) not ask him ONE question on this manufactured ‘scandal?’ As more and more Lib-related info comes out..and God forbid for the cbc,Dipper involvement,you will see this completely fall off the radar.

    • Joanne says:

      CBC covered it? Wow.

      • Sammy says:

        Pretty scant tho Jo,kinda mentioned in passing….Nancy uh uh uh Wilson didn’t seem to want to get into a deep discussion with the reporter (some ‘newbie,I think her name was Payton..and she was terrible at telling the story)..same Payton better watch out,as her career at cbc won’t last too long if she breaks rank and actually does a little truth telling!

  25. Mary T says:

    Forgot to say when my call from the Justice Minister was received, it was way after the election and before robocall made the news. Topic of the tele-town hall was the crime bill. There were two calls prior to the meeting, explaining what the topic would be and that I would receive a call from the Minister inviting me to attend. And as I have never contributed to the CPC in my name, those called were not financial supporters only.

  26. fh says:
    very interesting reading at Green party we never go there maybe we should

  27. Liz J says:

    How about we have a do-over election in Guelph and call it square?

  28. Ontario Girl says:

    Glad to know the Conservatives heard the story….

    Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is alleging the Liberals used a fake return phone number to make the anti-Burke calls.

    “If he wasn’t trying to intentionally mislead the recipients then why did he use a number and exchange that he knew did not exist?”

    Mr. Del Mastro said the number identified as making the call was 226-209-3758.

    Don’t get excited that CBC had the report correct…It was 5 minutes of Fantino smearing pretending it was something that just happewned…not in JUNE. And slipped in at the end CBC Laura Payton(not very competant) made a short breathless report BUT missed the fact the Liberal party didn’t identify themselves as the callers. The story was so mixed up and torked it didn’t make sense.

  29. fh says:
    read carefully it mentions the negative approach as voter suppression

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  31. Mary T says:

    For those who wonder how you name and address gets on the voters list, cross posted at BC Blue:
    There is a little box with a question on your tax return, pay attention to it.
    Elections Canada:
    A, are you a Canadian citizen yes no
    B. As a Canadian citizen do you authorize the Canada Revenue Agency to give your name, address, date of birth and citizenship to Elections Canada to update the national register of electors, yes no
    Your authorization is valid until you file your next return. Your information will only be used for purposes permitted under the Canada Elections Act, which include sharing the information with provincial/territorial election agencies, members of Parliament and registered political parties, as well as candidates at election time.
    With all the elections called every two years, I am sure it was difficult to keep up. How many people, when they move, send a change of address to EC.or Rev. Canada. Not very many I don’t think.
    With such a short time to campaign there will be lots of errors in that list.
    The next election is not for at least 4 yrs, think of how many times one will move to attend school, turn 18, move into lodges or long term care, or across the country to another province.
    It amazes me that a leadership campaign takes months, a bill can take years to get passed, but we are expected to elect a govt in 35 days.

    • Frances says:

      Mary – on at least one commercial program in use out there, the answer defaults to ‘Canadian Citizen – yes’. So if you’re not aware, Elections Canada can get your name even if a) you’re not a Canadian citizen; and, b) you don’t want them to use the CRA database.

      Given how frequently people move, especially young people, the CRA database cannot be considered to be particularly accurate. Also, given one does not have to prove citizenship, it would be easy for a non-Canadian to get onto the voters’ list.

  32. Liz J says:

    Another failed attempt to bring down the Conservative government could just be the one to put an end to this nonsense.

    For anyone who thought the Liberals would be gaining strength and might be a better option for official opposition, they might now realize there’s not much of substance to work with there either.

  33. Joseph says:

    Well, after some diligent searching, reading some tea leaves, checking the moss on the side of the tree, and consulting the third cousin once removed from the horse holder of the second wife of the cook of a native shaman, I have proof as good as you get on the CBC, that the robo calls where actually transmitted from Stephen Harper’s secret lair as part of a Jedi mind trick.

  34. Joseph says:

    Forgot to add….unless someone can come up with a better theory…..snicker.

  35. E. Mac says:

    Further to my mornings report re: Fantino’s 2 extra bank accounts alleged by three (former) sworn affidavits, Richard Lorello, Tracey Kent and Carrie Liddy 2010 by-election and 2011 election campaigns. I am not familiar with them or their backgrounds.
    A hint here that says at least one of the three resigned under (acrimonious) conditions. This would perhaps explain some of the actions of this trio.
    Anyone out there heard any more on the subject who can verify/amply on this new item?
    The Huffington Post referes to this item, however a spokesman for Fantino said the allegations are baseless.
    EC won’t say whether it’s investigating.
    If it’s the Conservatives – Yes, if it’s the Liberals – No.
    None of this controversy helps and makes the voters cynical towards ALL parties.

  36. ed says:

    To be politically correct, many people blame everyone when there is a misdeed instead of cutting to the chase and pointing the finger at the one or two who are, in fact, responsible. Lacking courage, we blame everyone. Thank God for those who call a spade a spade. All too often, this type of political correctness occurs.

    batb @ March 10, 2012 at 9:39 am:

    excellent, excellent, excellent!!

  37. batb says:

    Thanks, ed! At times, it seems like an uphill struggle but I care for these kids — and God’s good earth — and want them to learn to be responsible and accountable citizens and members of the human race.

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  39. maz2 says:

    This was paid for by our taxes.

    It’s a $1B+ message from Our CBC.

    Here are Our CBC’s weasel words:

    “Elections Canada was not immediately available over the weekend to confirm that claim.”


    “Robocalls by Liberals also targeted Guelph”

    “Frank Valeriote’s campaign used negative automated calls”

    • Joanne says:

      Valeriote said the call was issue-based and not about suppressing votes. He added he spoke to Elections Canada about the call and the agency confirmed it complied with election law.

      Elections Canada was not immediately available over the weekend to confirm that claim.

      Meaning you don’t have to say who is paying for the call????

    • Bec says:

      The folks commenting at the Mother Corp are what is wrong with the Liberal ideology. Their guy is found out (he was found out, he didn’t come forward) and these people are still accusing others of wrong doing before taking responsibility for theirs.
      As well they blame the PM for all things wrong with these unproven mud slings but not their leader?*
      Unaccountable, whiny elitists. It’s shameful.

  40. Anne in swON says:

    “Valeriote said the call was recorded by a volunteer from his campaign who used a fake name because she feared retribution from anti-abortion activists.”

    The volunteer apparently had sufficient presence of mind to contemplate using a fake name but not enough to include the name of the party she was calling for. Highly unlikely!

    • Joanne says:

      “Valeriote said the call was recorded by a volunteer from his campaign who used a fake name because she feared retribution from anti-abortion activists.”

      Wow. I had missed that line. Rather stunning.

  41. Louise M. says:

    Didn’t the Liberals say they only keep lists of their supporters and not lists of supporters of other parties? If that’s the case, how come Valeriote and company had a list of Conservative supporters? Where did that list come from? Did they build that list or did someone give it to them?

  42. Ontario Girl says:

    For being “The biggest election fraud in Canadian history” the media are pretty quiet today. NOTHING on Global tonight…first time in two weeks.

    • Joanne says:

      Funny that.

      • Richco says:

        Scant in Southwestern Ontario media also…..not even a dent on any news coverage yesterday or today.

        • Joanne says:

          We’ll have to wait for the next wafer to drop I guess.

        • frmgrl says:

          Don’t know about TV but radio,all the news I listened to today in Southern Alberta was QR77 news and nothing there. Just that on the Roy Green show he was going to talk to Bob Rae re-roboscam. I didn’t hear it, I had to go for groceries when it was supposed to air. That’s it!
          But yesterday on our local Global noon hour news they were still on Rob Anders.

        • Bec says:

          WEll I bet the people of Guelph know and if they have any pride will be embarrassed by these spotlights on their town attributed to the Liberal MP’s camp.

          They made national news because of their University’s impromtu polling station and now this? Sounds like some fresh air is needed.

  43. maz2 says:

    TO Red Star:

    “Now the Liberals and NDP have come to this.

    If you think it unthinkable, think again. Television political ads are banned in Britain and voter databases are almost unheard of in Europe. Let’s not let Liberal and NDP insecurity and weakness bring Canada to that. Never apologize for the lawful use of telephone or other forms of direct contact.”

    N.B. Keep in mind that Britain and Europe are presently captives of socialism.


    “Robocalls: Campaign Research speaks

    Campaign Research, the firm that’s taken a bit of a pummelling in the robocalls controversy, is very much present at the Manning Centre conference in Ottawa this weekend. Nick Kouvalis and Richard Ciano have been on panels and in the corridors, making a forceful defence of their trade — and their reputation.

    Given that some of their defence has included shots at the “media filter,” perhaps it’s best to dispense with the filter here and just give you the text of Mr. Ciano’s remarks on a panel this morning. Here you go:”

    “Richard Ciano – Remarks to Manning Center Networking Conference, Ottawa – March 10, 2012

    Right now, as we are here in this room, there are forces conspiring to try and take our ability to effectively communicate our message away, …”.

  44. Joanne says:

    O.K. Let me try to get this straight. So someone called Laurie, or Lori, MacDonald made robocalls on behalf of the Guelph Liberal campaign but forgot to identify herself as a Liberal and that was an ‘oversight’ but she was afraid of retribution so L. MacDonald was actually a pseudonym and she was trying to explain that Frank Valeriote was not pro-abortion when he was pro-choice but his rival was anti-abortion while he was pro-life? Do I have that right?

    And Elections Canada is fine with all that? I’m so confused.

  45. fh says:

    Jo you have it correct
    now everyone enjoy the holiday
    BLY. CAW CRUX BC Blue Blogging Tories Gabby(you started the hornets nest)

    Michael Coren John Ivison
    a job well done


  46. Sammy says:

    and…………NOT ONE WORD re robocalls on CBC National News tonite! Veerrrrrryyy suspicous indeed.Could this be the beginning of the ‘ass-covering’ now that the Libs were deeply involved??
    BTW,some interesting back/forth between Norm Spector and Ian Brodie on twitter.

  47. Ontario Girl says:

    Saw this comment on the Globe & Mail website

    There are rumors that The Liberals are scrambling with something white hot in Kitchener that they don’t want to surface….anybody have any clues regarding that one????

    Yep..biggest election fraud in Canadian history…the complaints are HUGE..MASSIVE

    The National tonight…not a peep. SILENCE and Frankie is scrambling. Bet he stayed home today. Is there a QP on Monday? Arn’t they off for March break week also? Wonder how Owlivers QP will be tomorrow? Lots of editing I bet.

    • Sammy says:

      oooooh,I’m just GIDDY! Really cannot wait to see how the msm non-covers this! Kady has been awfully silent with her tweets today,NO ONE is tweeting/talking/reporting anything,so you just KNOW something is up,and it AIN’T the Conservatives.
      Oh,CTV (the new cbc) National news talking robojunk now. Oh-oh! Sandi Renaldo tells us,that the Libs have been pointing fingers at the Cons,but turns out,they have been doing it themselves! Richard Madden plays the Laurie call,says it IS illegal,then shows an outraged blustering Valleriote! YUM!
      BTW,the HofC DOES sit Monday…now Craig Oliver says this IS a stinging embarrassment for the Libs…but makes excuses sorta for them!

    • Joanne says:

      There are rumors that The Liberals are scrambling with something white hot in Kitchener that they don’t want to surface….anybody have any clues regarding that one????

      Haven’t heard anything but please keep me posted if you do!

  48. Ontario Girl says:

    Robo calls almost gone NOW on National Newswatch..slidding down on the right column . Found this info on CBC story:

    A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the Valeriote campaign calls were illegal because they are supposed to identify which party made them.

    Valeriote said the call was issue-based and not about suppressing votes. He added he spoke to Elections Canada about the call and the agency confirmed it complied with election law.

    On Saturday, a spokesman for Elections Canada wouldn’t confirm whether the agency had spoken to Valeriote, but pointed to the laws on election advertising that say candidates or anyone acting on their behalf has to mention in the message that the ad is authorized by the campaign.

    Automated calls, also known as robocalls or direct voice drop, are a commonly used campaign tool because they are an inexpensive way to let candidates reach a large number of people.

    Elections Canada is currently investigating robocalls in Guelph that falsely claimed to be on behalf of Elections Canada and that tried to direct people to the wrong polling station. Both are against the law.

  49. Sammy says:

    Ontario Girl,check new headline at Natnewswatch!

  50. Frances says:

    Blue – perhaps you could post for the confused: what EXACTLY is a Robocall? Is it just a recorded message, or does it involve some form of automatic dialing but a real person speaks? I doubt I’m the only one wondering.

    • wilson says:

      Hundreds/thousands of telephone numbers are fed into a computer, and the computer (robot) dials the numbers. If a call recipient answers the call, a pre-recorded message is played.
      These calls cost pennies each, no labor costs, very cheap way to get your message to the masses.

      • Frances says:

        Thanks for the clarification. So calls, however dialed, where a real person talks are NOT robocalls.

  51. Ontario Girl says:

    CTV story on this…comments too but mostly sympathy and excuses for the Liberals. CTV Owliver said this is standard procedure dirty trick but embarrassing and offensive. Then he ruined it by saying the Conservatives are accused by Elections Canada. And Sandi said there are still a “staggering” 31,000 complaints and rallys across the country tomorrow. They showed one in Alberta I think and there were about 4 people..,lol here’s the CTV Link

    • Martin says:

      Right just saw this. I believe this is a false statement by Oliver, I don’t recall EC accusing CPC of anything to do with robocalls. Secondly EC have definetly not received 31000 “complaints” about robocalls; we know a great number of these contacts have been initiated by leftish online agiprop groups leadnow and others. Beware of CTV analysis.

  52. paulsstuff says:

    “There are rumors that The Liberals are scrambling with something white hot in Kitchener that they don’t want to surface….anybody have any clues regarding that one????”

    I’m gonna guess voting irregularities, with people voting who weren’t eligible, and perhaps didn’t even live in the riding. Just a guess………..

  53. Ontario Girl says:

    You would be amazed at what you learn by reading comments. This was one:

    That begs the question, though, of what voter suppression robocalls Prescott was referring to on Twitter. It does not seem plausible that Prescott was referring to these pro-choice calls.

    The next one said two days before the election, CBC announced calls were being made saying it was elections canada calling.
    (my guess was this was what he was talking about?)

    Owliver actually said “the Conservatives did worse with what the opposition have accused them of and EC is investigating the Conservatives.(he said the Conservatives are more or less guilty by his statement) As the world turns.

    • Liz J says:

      Of course the Conservatives have to be the guilty ones otherwise there would be no “story”, there would be no reason to trump it up. This dog is getting a little too shaggy.

  54. Bubba Brown says:

    Owl-livers a “staggering 31,000 complaints?
    As I have posted before two of those “contacts” were mine!
    I can hardly wait till EC figures out that “Mr Goatlips and Peeair Poutine”, from SeperationH St Que. share the same IP with Bubba.
    There have been some very biased articles written in our local rag, sickening really.
    I wonder if they will print an apology now that the Liberals have been outed………crickets.

    • Martin says:

      I think Oliver and the anchorwoman went passed the spin cycle here into outright fabrication of the facts. I am appalled by this commentary.

  55. Sammy says:

    I warned ya all! CTV has become the new cbc…they really are more biased than cbc now! Did I really just type that???

  56. fh says:

    Ignore the media scandals in their back pocket
    looks like they can’t find very much or they would be right on it
    we know that Conservatives have NOTHING to hide

  57. Pingback: Craig Oliver finds CPC guilty as charged | Blue Like You

  58. fh says:

    Well if Oliver Craig knows that Conservatives are guilty
    I know that Conservatives are innocent and I know this
    I do not need proof
    the Liberals on the other hand
    we have proof that they are guilty
    I know that liberal Frank V. is guilty
    Frank V. admitted he is guilty
    or did he
    Frank V. is guilty of an “oversight”
    imagine raising money while being the only party
    guilty of election fraud
    Conservatives if you can start with a monthly donation now
    to your local candidate who is still innocent of election fraud
    the biggest scandal in Canada’s history the Liberals say so
    and we must believe them
    the Liberals have been caught committing election fraud
    I am so proud to be a Canadian
    I am so proud of the fact that the Liberal party is allowed to scream
    and demean our Conservative Government aided and abetted by our upstanding MSM while fully knowledgeable about the fact that prior to the May 2, 2011
    Canadian Federal election the Liberal party engaged in Election Fraud
    Canadians voted and elected a strong stable majority Conservative Government
    Unless the opposition parties are deaf Canadians are sick and tired of back pocket scandals
    we do not want to hear ANYMORE
    we want the PARLIAMENT to get to work
    remember Jack Layton Love is better than Hate

  59. Ontario Girl says:

    Rally to end up at a CONSERVATIVE Joyce Batemans office…..what fools..Wonder if Pat Martin will be leading the parade of clowns?

    Winnipeggers are set to gather at River Avenue and Osborne Street Sunday afternoon to protest fraudulent phone calls that were placed to voters in the May 2011 federal election.

    The protest is one of many scheduled across the country that are calling for a public inquiry and new by-elections to be held in ridings where robocalls allegedly took place.

    Those marching say thousands of voters may have been tricked by fraudulent phone calls during the federal election in May 2011, including voters in several Winnipeg ridings. The calls were placed with automated messages to voters saying their polling stations had changed. Opposition parties believe it was to stymie voter turnout.

    Protestors will march from River and Osborne to MP Joyce Bateman’s constituency office on Corydon Avenue March 11.

    Megan Leslie NDP will be speaking at a rally in Nova Scotia…wonder if she will mention how she travelled to the US rallying against the Alberta oil sands? If she had a brain, she’s be dangerous.

  60. Ontario Girl says:

    Nancy Wilson shrill for communist broadcast state:
    Pierre Poutine-Likelyhood voter suppression will go away next election-Do voters care-could this be changing-moving onto the crime bill..whats in it-bill is waste of time and money- lets discuss the critical-tough times ahead- she cut off any mention of frankie boy in Guelph when expert (cough) Stephen Beranski said the Liberals were found robocalling shrill Nancy cut him off and said-don’t know the legality of THAT.

  61. Ontario Girl says:

    Susan shrill reiley…wow..she coughed up Frankey V in Guelph…He had a family of 5 sign up, even the dog – Guelph MAY BE LEGAL -Politicians should run ETHICAL lives like Canadians…haha(and media should do the same)
    On the crime bill….are the cons going to pass this bill?” Just watch them”. Cons don’t listen to experts. Canadians will be suffering a loss unless some “FUTURE” govt. does something.(she likes the thieving Liberals)

  62. Ontario Girl says:

    Rosemary clueless Barton:
    The BUDGET is more important then this(robocalls in Guelph) -the cell phone in guelph was fraudulent,lying phone calls, – the shadey things in Guelph gives leggs because canadians get a glimpse behind dirty tricks, thats why Bob Rae wants changes to EC laws
    crime bill- she sympathized with the criminals…brought up the judge who overturned the law for the man posing with the gun.
    Coronation strret Rosemary….Harper brains wanna be…CBC “EXPERT”..HAHAHA

    They are going to cover the Harper bashing NDP clueless LIVE at 3pm. Gotta get some more dirt on the channel.

  63. maz2 says:

    “But the demonstrations brought only modest turnouts in Halifax and Montreal.”

    In other newsses:

    “Jann Arden ‘booted’ from VIA train with pooch”

  64. maz2 says:

    More of “Stephen Harper’s Conservatives”.

    But, Ottawa has the grip.


    “Robocalls controversy hasn’t hurt Tory support: poll”

    “Stephen Harper’s Conservatives haven’t slipped in popularity despite the robocalls controversy that has gripped debate in Ottawa, according to a new poll”

  65. Jen says:

    Like I said before, CPC reminds me of ISRAEL, one is surrounded by media and people that want them gone and the other Israel, is surrounded by countries that want them gone as well.

    CPC are blamed for everything but if the other parties are found to be the guilty ones then the media comes out to say ‘all parties do it’ but, by that time the CPC have been ripped apart without proof.

    I just wondered ‘how much is the media cbc ctv and the usual others are getting from ‘outsiders’ to destroy the CPC for no reason at all?

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