Opps Want Do-Over?

Is the ultimate goal of the Robocall pile-on and Vilileaks-type attacks to overturn the results of the last election?

Ezra Levant offers his insight in one of his best rants ever!

(H/T Blazing Cat Fur)

Please pay special attention to his references of alleged actions taken by Elections Canada.


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Gabby supplied an interesting tidbit from a radio interview with Senator Mike Duffy yesterday. It’s worth a listen.

And Jean-Pierre Kingsley defines the conditions under which by-elections would be called:

In older for a by-election to be called, an elector in a specific riding would have to prove to a federal judge that the number of electors affected by the robocalls was greater than the number of votes that separated the winner and the second-place candidate.

“If you’re able to demonstrate that, the judge will say a by-election must be called,” Kingsley said.

“This is so serious that when the judgement is made, if you want to appeal that, you have eight days, that’s all. And then it goes to the Supreme Court of Canada directly, and they must deal with it expeditiously.”

It is in the best interests of the Conservative Party to get to the bottom of this matter as soon as possible. The question is, how long will it actually take to do so?

And in whose best interests is it to drag this out? I would be pointing a finger at the media party, and opposition and third-party donation-machines.

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“Who’s calling?” “The Conservatives.”Jason Lietaer:

Goodness knows Elections Canada will let us know of progress, either through official channels or through Postmedia, as it is wont to do.

Even if there were robocalls, Stephen Harper won fair and squareL. Ian MacDonald, Gazette

CPC won 2011 election fair n’ square, yet media & opposition “stuck”Crux of the Matter

That “voter suppresion” ATIP from Elections CanadaLilley’s Pad:

“There was no conduct reported that would bring into question the integrity of the election result overall or the result in a particular riding. Although misconduct was reported in several ridings, there is no complaint that it affected the final result. There is some speculation in the media that the dirty tricks may have affected the result in some close contests.”

With supporting documentation.

Friday Update

Boris Wrzesnewskyj Asks For A Do-OverPhantom Observer

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114 Responses to Opps Want Do-Over?

  1. fh says:

    with the new tech available plus good old searching of phone records it should not take very long to narrow down who what where and when
    also I want to stress employees hired by election Canada should not have phoned people to direct them to the wrong polling booth
    the phone record of election Canada must also be searched
    we can wait for the investigation to be completed

    • Janice says:

      Elections Canada has categorically stated that they do NOT call voters, so the reports of callers identifying themselves as Elections Canada staff are very likely evidence of another breach of the Election Act, namely the impersonation of EC staff.

      These statements by EC were published before the election as soon as the first reports of calls purporting to be from them were made public.

      • wilson says:

        kady reported that the callers themselves shortened the message and said Elections Canada, and were not supposed to.

  2. Michael Harkov says:

    Well, we can all see that the coalition is alive and well, even after we have a majority government. The Opposition couldn’t get the results they wanted from a coalition immediatley after a minority election win for the Tories, so it makes sense that they’d take things to a new level with this newest gambit.

    So now we’re hearing that the latest “count” is up to close to about 40 seats that were “affected” by these robocalls. If the Opposition coalition can have by-elections and win just half of those in turn, they would reduce the government down to a minority. And you just know that instead of trying to pursue an election immediatley with the Governor General first, they will make a bid to form a coaltion government with the pretext of the illegitimacy and corruption of the government. And hey, even if the Governor General opts for an election, then the Opposition gets their “do-over”.

    So there you have it – with the coalition not being able to accept the fact that they LOST the last election, even a majority government is not safe. Aided and abetted by the MSM/PPG party of course.

    • Michael Harkov says:

      I realize that perhaps this scenario seems a little far-fetched, however, after the stunt the Opposition tried to pull with their little coalition ploy, and the constant scandal mongering by the Oppostion, I’m finding myself surprised, even daily, by the extent of the hatred that the Opposition and the MSM/PPG have for this government, this Prime Minister, and this party and it’s members. They call the Conservatives hyper-partisan, but man, this Opposition takes the cake.

      • Joanne says:

        And then there are related third party group members that have a vehement hate-on for the PM.

      • batb says:

        These guys hate democracy, Michael Harkov.

        They show utter contempt for Canadians who voted Conservative. I loved SunTV’s playing of the spin on this faux-scandal: “dirty tricks” and “Nixonian” tactics repeated ad nauseum by the CBC’s Nancy Wilson, Julie Van Dusen, and Wendy Mesley, plus rabid leftards, Pat Martin and Bob Rage et al. They cannot accept that the CPC has a majority government and they’re mad as hell.

        The real scandal is the Liberals and the NDP’s attempts to undermine — and overthrow, using their henchmen in the lamestream, consensus media and Elections Canada? — a duly and democratically elected government by disseminating drive-by smears and presenting them as bona fide complaints.

        As Ezra and Conservative spokespeople are saying, “Prove the allegations.” If there’s been wrongdoing, the perpetrators need to be charged and convicted. If, however, these allegations are simply allegations and fear-mongering, then the Liberals and the NDP need to stop this insidious undermining of Canada’s government. They need to show respect for the electoral process and for those Canadians who voted for the CPC.

        What hyenas and jackals.

    • The NDPPQ had 1 seat in Quebec before the last election,and they figured they could win maybe a few more.They (won?) over 50 more,and there were people on tv saying they didn’t even know some of the ones that won.Some didn’t even live in their constituency.One was in Las Vegas gambling and won a lot,but not in Las Vegas.I now see her sitting there in parliament nodding her head when one of the NDPPQ is talking,and she doesn’t know what in the hell is going on.Now that’s the real scandal.When the leader of a party says they’ll win a few more seats,and wins over 50,then something is seriously wrong.PM Harper didn’t bother having this investigated,as he won a majority and didn’t bother.The problem with PM Harper is he does play by the rules,and the left and media doesn’t. Believe it or not,but I think Mr. Harper is a little naive.I mean when you have dozens of people winning seats when they themselves didn’t think they had a snowball in hell of a chance of winning,then something is definitely wrong.

    • If that happened,good bye Alberta,good bye oil,good bye money,good bye Canada.There’s no way in hell that they could overturn an election,there would be war.

  3. Joe says:

    Speaking of misdirecting voters: I tried to find the correct polling place for my son using Elections Canada website. It took me an hour of searching and I eventually just guessed. I must have guessed right because my son was able to vote. I really don’t see the advantage any party would have in misdirecting voters. A robo call is a robo call. The computer dials the numbers and a person or machine answers anyone who doesn’t know how to screen their calls with caller ID. The person or machine answering would have no idea as to the political leanings of the person answering the phone and would thus misdirect all supporters equally. Of course the other point is how foolish would you have to be to act on the advice of a random phone call instead of relying on the voter card you received in the mail? Oh wait maybe that was the idea behind it all. Libs and NDPers are so stupid they would fall for the gag phone calls and not be able to figure out that their voter card had accurate information while Conservatives are too smart to be fooled.

    • Bec says:

      EXACTLY! Every point is the rational way that a rational person would think and react. Well said, Joe.
      To bad we have the Media Party and the Opps turning this country into the country of ‘dumbing down’.

      • The CPC can’t win this,because if they prove that there was no wrong doing,or if they can’t prove there was any wrong doing,Some people will always believe that there was wrong doing no matter what.The guy from Post Media that started all this was on P&P last night,and he was talking as if the CPC was guilty,and Solomon just sat there and never debated him on it,like he does the Conservatives.

        • james says:

          Except if it comes out it was a libdipper shell org behind this then watch out. The CBC, CTV etc will of course not report of that but with Sun and the blogs word will get out.

  4. Bec says:

    Thanks for posting! I missed that blockbuster from Ezra.

    There is nothing rational about this whole new ‘gate’. I think the whole election caught EVERYONE by surprise but especially EC and some chaos was certainly what I experienced.
    I haven’t much trust in EC to get to the bottom of this for the reasons that Ezra suggests and I can only imagine them rubbing their hands in glee. That IS NOT the way a Canadian should feel about the body that heads up our elections.

  5. Liz J says:

    The amateurs we have in politics in this country at all levels is enough to make a sane person’s brain ache to observe it.

    Then we have McGuinty blaming the West’s prosperity for his mess, keeping the dollar high and chasing away industry from his wretched, over-taxed and over-legislated hell-hole.

    The HOC gong show yesterday with the grand standing by the opposition and the horrible accusations without proof, flying fast and furious, is enough to make you wonder what some people go into politics for if it’s not just power for power’s sake.

  6. Michael Harkov says:

    Here is another thing to mull over………..

    In 1997 the Sponsorship Scandal was in full swing. In 1997 the Liberals won a bare-bones 155 seat majority. How many close Liberal ridings in Quebec were there where the outcome could easily been affected by the influence of the misuse of tax-payers money through the Sponsorship Scandal in those ridings? I, therefore, believe that the Liberals’ 1997 majority government was illegitimate and I demand a “do-over”.

    Goose? Gander.

  7. Brrr says:

    Conservative supporters got these calls, people in ridings that are not even close to “in-play” got them. It was a mish-mash, not an orchestrated campaign. I’m starting to believe that it really was Elections Canada who were responsible for this whole mess.

  8. Gabby in QC says:

    “It is in the best interests of the Conservative Party to get to the bottom of this matter as soon as possible.”

    True but if the Conservative Party found no wrongdoing on their part, would the opposition and their allies believe them?
    The opposition has whined about how the Conservative Party has been successful in defining the two previous Liberal leaders yet they and their media allies have also defined the Conservatives and Stephen Harper, so that no matter what a Conservative spokesperson may say, they will always doubt the veracity of the assertion.

  9. Mary T says:

    How many heads of various govt agencies are due for re-appointment for another term, in the coming months. A lot of those know that they will not get their job back from the CPC. Have the opposition parties promised them a job for life if they help tarnish the PM. Sure seems like it to me. And how many of them fear another majority for PMSH, and will be removed when that happens. And how many of those ex workers on the hill, in whatever capacity, have a large ax to grind. Now, if anyone that received those calls is asked to have a do over that would mean some liberals would have to resign also. Would they be re-elected.
    I doubt new elections will be held, but if they are, only those who voted on May 2nd, in that riding, and at that poll, should be allowed to vote again.
    Funny, no outrage from ec re the robocalls made by ndpqers to voters in the floor crossing riding of that female.
    Could the opposition be trying to force the PM to prorouge the house again till this is settled, or call a snap election.
    I really can’t see canadians putting up with this for the next 4 years, and will turn on the media and opposition big time.
    One way to get even is for Jack’s seat go conservative next month.

    • Liz J says:

      Anything is possible Mary, including prorogation. If yesterday’s performances in the HOC QP is an example of what passes for the nation’s business, prorogation until this latest gotcha is cleared up would make sense.

      The PM would need to have a stable blood pressure to put up with the crap that keeps getting tossed at him and his government.

      • Michael Harkov says:

        Yes, it would make sense, but if the PM prorogues, you just know that after the last mess the Opposition tried to make over the last prorogation, they would just HOWLLLLLLLLLL. The outrage they exhibited the last time would pale in comparison.

    • Richco says:

      a sober column that tells the tale. Harper would have won anyway.

      My husband and I were discussing this at dinner last night. He’s been away for the last few weeks and he informed me that we received calls from the Liberals on the day of the election. I didn’t know that because I wasn’t home when we rec’d (I voted in the advance poll because I knew I was going to be away), them but my husband remembers them because he wondered a few things: why were the Liberals calling US (we never were or have been Liberals), how did they get our number?, being among them.

      It wasn’t even close in our case, with Lobb winning with over 26,000 votes.

  10. Liz J says:

    While the federal parties are in the limelight with the media yelling at each other and making accusations McGuinty is getting a free ride.
    How many know he has seen fit to give a church in his riding half a million of bucks we don’t have?

    • Jen says:

      He has been getting a free ride from day one Lizj,. Once Dalton trains his puppies to obey his command and wills, the puppies obey. No wonder today they continually yap around their master.

  11. Anise says:

    I cannot believe I am the only person who hears that little hesitation before a robot call starts and hangs up. But suddenly all these people are creeping out from under their rocks, remembering a specific call, what was said and all from nine months ago. Political bloggers and their readers may remember a thing like that but I think everyone else is reacting to (media and opp. )suggestions.

    And, I agree with Joe. ECs website is the pits.

  12. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    CFRA’s Lunch Bunch today on http://www.cfra.com at 12:30 noon eastern today.

    Rob Snow, Lowell Green and Sun News Network’s Brian Lilley.

    Lilley on Madely Morning tomorrow at 8:10 a.m. same locale.

  13. Dave B. says:

    1. It may be nothing more than making sure a Conservative doesn’t win in Jack Layton’s old riding. This news was known months ago. Why would they wait till now to make a big fuss about it? The only thing is the upcoming by-election.

    2. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mr. Rae is behind this. Remember how split the Liberal party is. Remember how Iggy was anointed leader while Mr. Rae was told to stand aside. Rae is spitting mad because he wasn’t given a fair shot at the leadership. Does everything in his power to make sure Iggy loses big time. (he knew the Liberals weren’t going to win anyway.) This causes Iggy to ride off into the sunset. Also, notice how a lot of the targeted ridings had absolutely no chance of a Liberal win. Also, he knew the vote subsidy was being eliminated so fewer Liberal votes in a Conservative riding would make no difference. Lastly, make sure the call centre identified themselves as Conservative and then unveil a Robo-call scandal when it serves the Liberal interests. Yesterday’s admission on the vikileaks scandal only has me more convinced I’ve got this scenario nailed. Remember how the leaks were released from an N.D.P. address.

  14. TangoJuliette says:

    J. B.L.Y.

    The libs were toast, and they knew it, as early as mid-April. THEY blew the election.

    Granted, the following may be rather long. Feel free to read, edit, cut or discard, as you see fit. terry

    How to blow an election!

    Bob states his own (unsubstantiated) “assumptions.” 

    These “assumptions” of Bob’s become the bases for Bob’s future declarations of “facts.” 

    These future declarations of “facts” now allow Bob the builder to demand that the government produce all the appropriate evidence that might satisfactorily convince Bob the builder, and his crew, of the government’s innocence of Bob’s allegations, which, as you may recall, are based on lies and conjecture.

    Further, Bob claims that these alleged Conservative Party-driven Robocalls were the major reason for the Liberal party disintegration.

    Unfortunately for Bob, Iggy, Stevie Dion, Justin da Dauphin, the Liberal PofC, and the rest of that hoary band, a book was published, that points to the real reason the Liberals are now in third-class seating. Sorry – no “steerage” seat yet. The book, originally intended to be a panegyric proclamation heralding Iggy as a 21st Century Girolamo Savonarola, Hi-I.Q saviour of the moribund L.P.C. had to shift tones right after May 2, 2011.   
    V O I LA   !!!                
    From Maclean’s Magazine: A Review
    When the Gods Changed: The Death of Liberal Canada, Why the Liberals are yesterday’s party

    Special interests and entrenched fiefdoms doomed the Liberals to electoral  defeat   by Peter C. Newman on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 10:30am 

    Peter C. Newman’s latest political book was supposed to be a close observer’s inside account of the rise of Michael Ignatieff from novelist and Harvard professor to prime minister of Canada, with barely a stop in between. Instead, as Newman followed Ignatieff during his climb to the Liberal leadership and the party’s catastrophic federal election campaign last spring, it became clear that he was chronicling the destruction of the Liberal party. In this excerpt from When the Gods Changed: The Death of Liberal Canada, Newman describes the Liberals’ abject failure to respond to the Conservatives’ devastating anti-Ignatieff ads and the Liberal leader’s hapless debate performance:The attack ads defined Ignatieff in a way the Liberals did not—it turned out, could not—answer. Not because the accusations were true, but because they were repeated with brainwashing frequency.

    How that lapse happened is the great untold story of the campaign. There was, during the 2011 election, no public proof that anything positive was stirring inside the Liberal camp, but in fact nearly $5 million quietly trickled into Liberal headquarters. Those voluntary contributions were greater than the totals mailed in during the last three elections. The Liberal party’s fundraising was actually quite good, much better than that of the NDP or Bloc. The problem for the Liberals was that the power brokers divided the spoils. The Grits had the highest infrastructure costs of all the political parties—every federal-provincial association demanded their own office budgets and staff, plus there was a commission for every special interest within the party, each with its own budget.

    The Liberals’ rotten internal culture meant that the power brokers would rather the party die than lose their little fiefdoms. The party thus left its leader helpless to defend himself. Too busy dividing what remained of fundraising dollars and the public subsidy between its fiefdoms and power brokers, the party was unable to save any for the response to the negative advertising that Ignatieff so desperately needed.
    Gordon Gibson, who was a former senior aide to Pierre Trudeau as well as a former leader of the B.C. Liberals, put the essential problem most succinctly: “The Liberal party is in great danger of becoming an irrelevance. Alas, that assumes there is still something called the Liberal party. What used to be a genuine, large and co-operative organization of like-minded people has been turned into an empty shell by centralizing leaders, and is now populated largely by celebrity followers and power seekers.”

    “It’s not that the money wasn’t there to fight the negative ads,” one of the senior Liberal strategists told me. “We had $23 million in the kitty but nobody could figure out how to get at it. The NDP can run a national party organization and win three times as many seats as we did, on a quarter of our budget. How many regional offices do the Conservatives have? Certainly not the 12 we do.

    “Because every Liberal fiefdom demanded their dollars, we didn’t have access to the funds required to answer the Tory propaganda. Not because the party didn’t have money but because we were spending it on stupid things, like provincial and territorial associations and the Women’s Commission, and all these little party subdivisions that demanded their own budgets. Neither the Tories nor the NDP operate like that. Unlike the Conservative party, we’re not a single entity but a coalition of many different subdivisions, commissions, individual fiefdoms, and provincial associations within a federal structure. Everybody covets their budgets and it’s extraordinarily expensive. For example, we’ve had to hire 50 people to staff a simple nomination meeting. Why? Because we’re still yesterday’s party.”
    Ignatieff, with his easier manners and his rolled-up shirtsleeves, simply could not meet enough people face to face to counter the relentless impression of the advertising. Liberal candidates reported from their doorstep tours that an inordinate number of people volunteered that they didn’t approve of Michael Ignatieff. When they were asked why, they would parrot the Harper attack ads, word for word. (“He’s not there for you . . . ”). When confronted about that parroting, they would be offended, and insist, “I wasn’t influenced by those ads.”

    Guy Giorno, who had been Harper’s chief of staff and ran the Tory 2011 campaign, certainly had no doubts about their supreme significance in the election’s results. “Mr. Ignatieff has no one to blame but himself for not taking the time to respond to the ads,” he declared. “The issue was not the fact that he spent so much time living and teaching abroad. Rather, it was his failure to explain his reasons for returning to Canada. Ordinary Canadians said it looked like he came back just to run for prime minister. You can agree or disagree with the sentiment but that was a real-person reaction. His failure to define himself was his choice.”

    There were dozens of stories that Ignatieff refused to rehearse for the English debate in the 2011 campaign because he had been an ace debater at university and didn’t need a refresher course. In fact, he did rehearse, and quite diligently, with Glenn O’Farrell, a Canadian broadcast executive and former head of the Canadian Broadcasting Association. Not exactly a force of nature as a pretend interrogator. Dumping the ever-wise Rex Murphy, who was responsible for Dion’s unexpectedly good performance two years earlier, was a serious mistake, and might have contributed to Ignatieff’s lacklustre performance in the national televised debate. The Liberals’ own pollster, Michael Marzolini—the chairman and founder of Pollara, one of the best in Canada—was quoted in the Globe and Mail after the election was over, saying that Ignatieff’s dull showing in the leaders’ debates was the beginning of the end. The rise of Jack Layton and the NDP began with Layton so clearly speaking for and to ordinary Canadians during the debates, while Ignatieff just could not make the connection on TV. (Marzolini also complained in mid-campaign to a senior Liberal that the party was paying his fees but paying no attention to his results: “They’ve managed to do the opposite of everything I’ve advised.”)

    The ebbs and flows of the campaign were meticulously tracked by other polling companies, of course, none more imaginatively than Angus Reid’s outfit, whose vice-president Mario Conseco provided me with a private briefing that included a minute-by-minute review of that pivotally significant English leaders’ debate. The most dramatic trend during the last two weeks of the campaign was a tectonic shift away from the Liberals. Their retention rate from the previous election was down to 57 per cent, compared to the Tories’ 82 per cent and the NDP’s 85 per cent. This meant that close to a half of the people who had voted Liberal in 2008, when Stéphane Dion was leader, abandoned their choice. “It became clear as the campaign went on that the Liberals would finish below the dreaded Mendoza line,” Conseco concluded (baseball player Mario Mendoza was known for his defensive skills as a shortstop but was a terrible hitter, often batting less than one hit for every five at-bats, excluding walks).
    After the first week of the campaign, Ignatieff’s approval rating jumped from 19 to 25 per cent but NDP support moved up from 37 per cent to 43. Then came the English debate, and that was where Ignatieff’s stumble, Harper’s unbeatable lead and Layton’s rise had powerful effects. Harper dominated by the simple tactic of never moving his eyes away from the TV cameraman, which had him looking straight into the camera—directly into the audience’s eyes—while the other participants looked sidewise at one another when asking or answering questions.

    Given that Ignatieff was a former professor in the area of international human rights, the expectation was that when debating Layton on Afghanistan, he would shine. Layton, who was not supposed to be a leader in foreign affairs, scored the highest of all with the simple wish: “Bring the troops home from Afghanistan.” Ignatieff’s comeback—“Help the Afghans defend themselves for three more years”—got the segment’s lowest level of approval. In the final part of the debate, Ignatieff’s summarizing view that the choice on May 2 was “between a Harper government and a Liberal government” went off the bottom of the charts—south of the Mendoza line. (There must be a country and western song about that by now.)

    Two weeks before voting day, Ignatieff (including Bob Rae and the rest of the liberal brain-trust) knew he wasn’t going to win, not even in his own riding. The so-called National Liberal Team had assigned only a skeleton crew to Ignatieff’s constituency and did no polling. They paid virtually no attention to the key riding that could easily have been won. He ended up hoping for 50 seats. And if he had won his own constituency, he would have stuck around until his succession was arranged, rather than exiting to see Bob Rae take over as interim leader. (WOW!! ~ tj)


    The party’s worst drubbing was in the Toronto area, once the Grits’s private preserve, which went largely Tory. Yet on election night, a few brave souls—or dreamers who refused to credit the nightmare unfolding on their TV sets—were already reorganizing area ridings, not ready to abandon what had been their fortress.
    Excerpted from When the Gods Changed: The Death of Liberal Canada. Copyright © 2011 Dragonmaster Productions Ltd. Reproduced by arrangement with publisher Random House Canada. All rights reserved.

    Robocalls did not bring down Bob’s crumbling ship of fools. The fools did themselves in.  If  any claims of Robocall schemes are substantiated by factual evidence, all perps and practitioners deserve the harshest penalties available under existing legislation.The same strict penalties must also be applied to those making wild, over-the-top accusations, in the fiercest hyperbole imaginable. Poltitical affiliation and connections of no merit t this stage of the “reveal.”



    t.e.& o.e.

  15. Joe says:

    Quite apart from the robo-call nonsense. Is there anyone else besides me who would love to see a thorough, top to bottom cleansing of Elections Canada? I live in Edmonton Centre and the out and out corruption that took place during Landslide Annie’s re-elections should be grounds enough to fire everyone involved in oversight. Then you add in the in/out nonsense, the flash mob vote etc etc etc and what you have is an election watchdog that is so biased it makes all elections suspect.

    • You would think that EC would be more suspicious of the lieberals and NDPPQ,especially the libs,but they won’t.You never know what’s going to come out off this,maybe the beginnings of the breakup of Canada, as we know it.The libs know they’re finished,so they wouldn’t care.Iggy may even think he has another chance at stardom. lol

  16. Martin says:

    I just want to update the posts by maz2 and Richco yesterday, about the municipal delegates walking out on McGuinty’s speech to the Good Roads convention. Various rural newspapers put the number of protesters abot 80, a significant number in a hotel banquet room.
    Canadian Press pegged the nuber as a “handful” while the ToStar lowered the estimate to “one half dozen” As some blogger pointed out 2 of the protesters were MPPs, so that leaves 4 additional people according to the Star. The posted stories identified at least 6 people from Huron county alone.
    This is just another example of appalling reporting by consensus media. Ottawa Citizen didn’t deign to even mention the story.
    Either consensus media can’t count, or they are willfully misrepresenting the facts.

  17. wilson says:

    ”…The Elections Canada probe into fraudulent phone calls in the Ontario riding of Guelph is focused on one or more individuals directly linked to the Conservative Party, court records show….”

    Liberals won Guelph by over 6300 votes. .
    And Guelph was one of the ridings where electoral districts changed polling stations (from EC list to kady)

    Where is the list of ridings where the number of reported fraudulent calls made a difference in the election results?

    It’s all noise, meant to smear and stick, without proof.

    Bob Rae blames the CPC for the LPC stunning election loss (3rd in a row)
    McGuinty blames Alberta for the disasterous economic situation in Ontario.

  18. paulsstuff says:

    My opinion is someone was deliberately trying to either mislead voters or sully the Conservative Party.

    This I find interesting: “The court order also required the Conservative-connected company to hand over the user names, passwords and IP addresses of anyone associated with the Guelph campaign who used RackNine between March 26 and May 31.

    The order also required RackNine to release records of calls that used the number 450-760-7746. The Bell Canada phone number in Joliette, Que., appeared on call displays of some recipients of the fraudulent election day calls in Guelph.
    Sources close to the investigation have indicated the number was assigned to a disposable “burner” cellphone, purchased with cash and then used to call RackNine.

    FYI-burner cellphone=A prepaid cellular phone, replaced frequently (weekly) (monthly) to avoid leaving a trail and getting caught up in illegal activities.

    So the phone number was from Joliette, Quebec? Hardly a bastion of Conservative supporters. This phone was used to call and mislead voters directly and also through RackNine? That’s pretty odd, no? Why use a burner phone to cover your trail and then call the same company? Why would an Alberta based robocall company have a Quebec based phone number calling Guelph, Ontario. Is it possible the owner/user of this phone hacked Racknine and had access to it’s database, passwords, and caller list?

    That’s my guess. While it will be quite hard to find who made the calls, the purchaser of the phone shouldn’t be that hard to track down. The phone should be able to be tracked to the store it was sold from, and if the buyer used a credit card or debit it will be pretty easy for the RCMP to track. If they paid cash it will be more difficult, but not impossible.

    • frmgrl says:

      Dave Rutherford to talk about the robocalls now with Racknine.

      • frmgrl says:

        Tim Powers on right now,then will be Racknine.

        • frmgrl says:

          Excellent explanation how this whole thing works by Racknine.

          • Fay says:

            Thanks for the heads up frmgrl on that interview with racknine.
            EC visited them in november and they gave them all the info they wanted. They have not been visited by the RCMP.
            WoW the media party appear to have very little credibilty and is definitely out of control!

    • wilson says:

      You can buy burner credit cards too.
      So if the culprit went to such great lengths to conspire ‘without a trace’, why use a known CPC call center? Could have used a centre located in US….harder to trace

    • Gabby in QC says:

      I don’t quite understand some of the information you give here, Paulsstuff. I don’t dispute it, I just don’t understand it.
      • If the phone used was a “burner phone” i.e. a throw-away phone, how did someone — I’m not clear who — find out the number (450-760-7746)? Who provided that info. about the phone number?

      • When you say “The phone should be able to be tracked to the store it was sold from” wouldn’t the RCMP need a warrant to obtain that information? Isn’t that what a lot of people are up in arms about on Bill C-30, that the police should be able to obtain that kind of info.? Would the store that sold that phone keep a record of the sale if it was paid in cash? What if the phone was purchased in the US?

      I agree with you on this: “My opinion is someone was deliberately trying to either mislead voters or sully the Conservative Party.”
      On that related topic, I repeat here something I posted under one of your own threads, something that I still find perplexing and adds to my speculation that there were “third parties” involved in the misleading calls.
      «Then, on the afternoon of April 11, a phone in Volpe’s own campaign phone bank rang. Volunteer Marsha Sands described the call in an affidavit.

      “I picked it up and said hello several times. No voice responded but I could hear voices in the background. I then said, ‘Hello, speak please. You’ve called me.’

      “A female voice, soft and young-sounding, said, ‘Are you going to vote for Joe Volpe in the up and coming election?’ I responded, ‘Who are you? Where are you calling from?’ several times.

      “The caller said, ‘The Conservatives.’ I said ‘What? Who are you?’ Response: ‘Um, we are conducting a survey.’
      ”The caller asked if Sands would like a Volpe lawn sign and hung up when Sands pressed her to identify herself. Sands said she could hear muffled coaching and other voices in the background.»

      The questions that sprang to mind when I read that account:
      • If the Conservatives intended to surreptitiously mislead voters, why would they call a Liberal candidate’s campaign phone bank?
      • Why would they identify themselves?
      • I’m under the impression — perhaps mistaken — that whenever a Conservative Party representative calls or speaks, they always use “the Conservative Party of Canada” NOT simply “the Conservatives” — another detail in that call that leads me to suspect the call didn’t come from the CPC.

    • james says:

      I don’t know how easy it would be to track honestly. You can buy a burner phone at 7-eleven using a credit card and nothing tracks that transaction to that phone. There’s no way for an employee to even know what the phone number would be unless they opened the box. The only way it’s going to be tracked is if they used the phone for other calls or if they still use the phone or something. It’s probably in the trash. They probably did use a burner credit card too but there might be some traceability there.

  19. Joe says:

    Does anyone want to lay odds that IF this is ever cleared up it will turn out that a liberal operative used the cell phone in question?

  20. Martin says:

    I happened to hear A M Tremonti of CBC radio this morning interviewing a worker from a CPC call centre in Thunder bay. This person had noticed some “funny things” going on. When pushed by Tremonti to identify CPC for scripting her to give false information about poll locations, she wouldn’t. Tremonti grew exasperated and ended the talk. She gave a sympathetic interview with Liberal Anthony Rota, who lost by 18 votes. Even he didn’t single out the CPC for being the only ones to use dirty tricks. Then she came to Dean Del Mastro an her whole tone changed, accusatory, aggressive, just palatably hostile. He remarked that the state broadcaster should get the facts straight, that Elections Canada did change the location of some 100 + polls and the CPC was resonding to these changes by informing voters. No responce from Tremonti, but listeners could be left with no doubt who the villains in this story were.

  21. Bubba Brown says:

    Just more of the same folks, no suprises.
    The out of power Liberals and NDPQ-Fer’s will howl at everything, make stuff up and their Media Party pandering poodles will breathlessly report the lies.
    It suspends all belief that anyone with an IQ above room temperture would do whatever some anonamus caller tells them to do.
    The template the oppo’s are following has not changed.
    1-Invent scandal.
    2-Have press conference
    4-The Media Party keeps it at the top of the “News cycle” until even Mandsbridge begins to fall asleep.
    5-It is found out the allegations are untrue.
    Body bags, vaccinations, host gate, marriage rumors, robo-gate the bull goes on.
    The other thing that is happening is the vote share for the oppo’s continues to fall
    Please continue Bob Rae.
    Cheers Bubba

  22. Joanne says:

    Question Period is feistier than usual!

    • Liz J says:

      Bob Rae is still trying to pat himself on the back for his apology yesterday to Minister Toews by calling on the PM to apologize, for what exactly I’m not sure.
      I still say if this is all they want to do, yell and throw accusations and insults, they may as well leave the Hill until this matter is cleared up. We deserve better than this side show of hate filled rhetoric from the likes of Martin and Angus for starters.

  23. Lorraine says:

    I find it very very interesting that the Guelph Conservative candidate’s campaign contacted RackNine one day before the election (1 day after Poutine’s antics began) to provide a bullet call service to their supporters to alert CONSERVATIVE supporters to ignore the fake calls THEY were getting.
    So the bogus Poutine was using a call list that was either Conservatives only or the riding specific one that all campaigns were given by Elections Canada and easily accessed by literally hundreds of people.
    Just THIS fact alone should be front page news and would nullify most of the NDP/Lib hysterics.
    But why spoil a good mud throw-bored media don’t want this circus to end -it so much FUN to smear small businesses and campaign workers and Conservatives!

  24. Jen says:

    Had to post this twitter which I found at bcblue:

    Ottawa journos have admitted having Toews’ divorce docs ‘shopped’ to them. Will they name who these operators were?

  25. Lorraine says:

    Here’s the story and copy of the relevant info that the Guelph CPC campaign needed to send out a roboalert because their supporters were getting bogus calls:


    The documents show that several other numbers, associated with Conservative candidate Marty Burke’s campaign, called RackNine during the campaign.
    The documents say the contact person given for those phone numbers was Andrew Prescott, Burke’s deputy campaign manager.
    Prescott, who swears he had no role in the fraudulent calls, reportedly called RackNine on election day to send out a mass call warning Conservative supporters to disregard bogus calls.

  26. Liz J says:

    Remembering the election happened months ago, how come this is now a big story? Were the Liberal elves busy preparing for this gotcha since then?

  27. Ontario Girl says:

    An Information to Obtain a Production Order was filed at the Edmonton courthouse in November to allow” Elections Canada investigator Al Mathews” to have access to records belonging to RackNine, the Conservative voice broadcasting firm that was used by whoever made the fraudulent calls into Guelph, Ont., causing chaos at a polling station.

    Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/life/Documents+show+Pierre+Poutine+owned+disposable+cellphone+robocall+scandal/6222863/story.html#ixzz1niIbR6Cn

    Why is this info available NOW? CBC said it just received documents and who rused ths court document into QP for Bob Rae? He looked stunned reading it. Did he get it from the CBC? Talk about third parties.

    Then the Ottawa Citizen goes onto saying they are not suggesting that racknine has any wrong doing or involement in the campaign. They don’t want what happened to Pat Martin to fall back on them but its okay to load the story with insinuations against Cons. MP’s. Of course CBC is running wild with their “NEW COURT DOCUMENTS” sounding so sinister.

  28. Ontario Girl says:

    Oh Man…now CBC” again” has a tiny cherry picked clip with Mitt Romney saying his apponent is using robocalls and dirty tricks. WOW..CBC is in full force throttle against the GOVT on all stories…and along comes Kevin Page….sigh

    • Liz J says:

      Enter Kevin Page in the midst of another firestorm being created by the usual subjects, why am I thinking “pile-on”?

      I’m also wondering if Pat Martin has become unhinged and whether he’s in control of himself. What can any politician possibly gain by such over-the-top rhetoric?

  29. Gabby in QC says:

    OK, thanks to Lorraine @ 3:57 pm, I have some answers to some of the questions I asked above. But now I have other questions.
    • Why was an “Information to Obtain a Production Order” filed in Edmonton last November? Why was it not filed soon after the May election if suspicions of some hanky-panky had arisen during the election?

    • Did Elections Canada investigator Al Mathews, whose investigation I assume is not yet complete and thus not yet part of the public record, give this information to the media (Postmedia News, the Ottawa Citizen and Edmonton Journal)? If yes, and the investigation is not yet final, why has that information prematurely been provided to the media?

    • Is that the same information — about Poutine — that was provided to Bob Rae during the latter part of today’s QP?

  30. Richco says:

    O/T Ontario Politics. I don’t believe for ONE minute that McGuinty’s going to listen to rural/small town Ontario. It’s too late for more lip-service.

    • Martin says:

      Right. this story repeats the absurd “handful” of protesting delegates walking out. McGuinty’s promise to listen more closely is falling on deaf ears in Ont. Absolutely nobody believes him, his credibility is that low, almost as low as CBC and Canadian Press, who had reporters there who are mathematically challenged.

  31. maz2 says:

    More cuts to the left-liberal arts.

    Our PET Cemetery spook says, let ’em eat poutine.

    “Critics say the cut is another blow to researchers and community groups who have already lost the reliable data gleaned from the mandatory long-form census, which the Conservatives ended in 2010.”



  32. Ontario Girl says:

    Is that the same information — about Poutine — that was provided to Bob Rae during the latter part of today’s QP?

    He said it was a court document…and CBC were saying they just received this court document.

    If this is an elections Canada investigation, why is court documents being released to CBC and air mailed to Bob Rae in the middle of qp? The NDP had a copy too…don’t think the Conservatives did though.

    Does anyone know who found that cell phone in Quebec? or where it came from?

    • Mary T says:

      If there is a court document, what is the date on it. If it is current, wouldn’t that mean the case is in court now. Have you or anyone heard of this court case.
      The opposition should keep better informed from EC. Racknine has only been asked for records dealing with Quelph, and that was back in November 2011.
      And no calls are made from the premises of Racknine, so saying 31 calls were made from there is wrong.

    • Richco says:

      this says it all doesn’t it? No amount of whines and whimpers from the Opposition Parties (and I use that term loosely) is going to change much at all.

      Watched the replay of QP tonight for the first time in a long time and I’m sure glad I did because Harper’s handling himself and the accusation beautifully, like a true leader, and with confidence. The Oppos. have nothing close!

      The more I see of Harper the clearer it is that he’s got a handle on this.

  33. Bec says:

    I love how a lady from CALGARY (dipper) contacted Pat Martin (Pat Martin from Winnipeg Centre who actually lives in BC? That Pat Martin?) re her being robocalled and subsequently misdirected the following day! She’s ready to sign an affidavit (SNN David Akin segment with P.Martin)

    What is an affidavit worth these days? I’m starting to think, not the paper it’s written on.
    This beyond ridiculous circus has all the makings of a Salem witch hunt and the fact that ANY of US know ANYTHING speaks to the credibility of EC.
    They are not looking good here, not one little bit.

    The reality of the quality and legitmacy of the Dipper candidates from Quebec during the last election has been glossed over from day one by this Canadian media but they are bound and determined to destroy the credibility of good, hard working Conservative volunteers based on nothing but gossip, tweets and pure innuendo. It stinks!

    • Jen says:

      The media including SNN should have paid a lot of attention when the sudden surge ‘orange crush’ was taking place. As normal, some reporters will interview potential candidates but none apparently interviewed the ndp newbies who one lived in one province while she was just helping the ndp being a candidate but had no idea she will be voted. all because of Jack’s smile.
      She or the others had any idea what the ndp policy stood far less knew their constituents.
      It is a good thing that the PM had the presence of mind to notice what was being created to warn the public to drive them to vote otherwise rather than they follow the sound of the ORANGE WAVE. IT is the public who were smart to react. But the PM helped.

  34. fh says:

    Jo in filter with an off topic link
    about abortion

  35. wilson says:

    EC has 30 complaints, ONE is being investigated, in Guelph, where Lib won.
    Noise and smear.

    Wonder how many of those Guelph complaints are from Conservative voters?
    EC doesn’t say.

  36. paulsstuff says:


    Good questions Gabby. Hope this helps.

    1. A “burner phone” which is gangsta for pay-as-you-go phone is assigned a phone number like any other phone when actvated. This number would appear on your call display if they called you.
    2. Elections Canada got a court order, which is how they determined it was a Virgin Mobile burner phone.
    3. When a cellphone is sold, the supplier, in this case Virgin Mobile, will receive confirmation of the sale of the phone, it’s serial number, as well as another identifier which I can’t remember, an SMI number or something like that.

    Something else might come of this phone being traced. These phones usually come with a $25 or $50 prepaid card. It costs 30 cents per call, and quite a bit more if it’s long distance. Even with a $50 card and if all calls made were local, the maximum number of calls that could have been made was 166 if each call was under a minute. Which doesn’t really seem to coincide with opposition allegations thousands received such calls. If the person using the card bought top-up cards, the location of purchase of those cards could also easily be traced.

    The other problem the opposition and media now have with their demands for by-elections is this:

    “Elections Canada received 119 complaints regarding misleading and abusive telephone and robo calls made to constituents during the 2011 general election, as of September 28, 2011. Of these, 30 complaints referred to false information regarding changes to poll locations.” 4 months after the election EC had received 30 complaints. That’s not gonna be enough to trigger by-elections as the former EC head stated.

  37. paulsstuff says:

    ” She’s ready to sign an affidavit (SNN David Akin segment with P.Martin)”

    Let her sign the affadavit, and any others the opposition want to as well. Just be sure they are all required to sign another affadait giving the RCMP and EC the right to search their phone records of incoming calls.

    Might be wise to advise them the penalties for committing perjury, which is what you are guilty of for swearing to a false affadavit.

  38. Mary T says:

    Is this the culprit in the ringy thingy.
    Pierre’s Poutine
    3.5 star rating
    5 reviews Rating Details

    Category: Hot Dogs [Edit]
    71 MacDonell St.
    Guelph, ON N1H 2Z7
    (519) 341-9967

  39. Ontario Girl says:

    On The National just now, Terry Mildewski was on with Mansbridge all puffed up with their” phony head smear story” once again, but with a twist tonight. At the end of the segment, Mansbridge asked Mildewski..”so what do we have against the Conservatives”….and Mildewski answered…”NOTHING”.

    Just one massive smear job and the air has gone out of it, I would say. All were left with is a Govt. smeared by media and the opposition.

    • Bec says:

      Ya, their goal……bombard Ontario and Quebec with innuendo, smears and questions. Their bubble burst when the rest of Canada said on May 2 “hey you guys, we are over here and here and up here and over here and YOU will hear us”. THEY can’t stand that and they cannot stand that Ontario dared to diss THEM.

      There is a budget coming. I hope it’s being tweaked as we speak and that tweak spells CBC. What a crew of non Canadians that group are. They are funded by ALL of us and should be the most non partisan network in this country. Instead they are a JOKE, a very bad JOKE!

  40. ed says:

    How come the Liberal and NDP representatives at those polling stations where people were sent incorrectly did not ask election Canada to investigate at that time? How come not a word about it at that time?

    How come the opposition did not go to the media at that time to complain? Why is it that these accusations are coming out so long after the election has been held?

    The Conservative government is doing a great job. The Liberals and NDP, and the rest of the opposition forces, cannot take it. They’re so damn jealous.

    It’s tough for the Conservative government, so many are plotting against them. Long time Liberal bureaucrats, civil servants, and lefties everywhere, in every hole, have but one goal – to tarnish the Conservatives in any and every way possible.

    The opposition parties are a national disgrace. They offer no alternatives. They are shallow, petty, thrive on non-issues, and fail to bring forth positive, constructive ideas that encourage Canadians and help build a stronger Canada. Despite all of their talk, their behaviour in the House of Commons continues to be repugnant. They continue in their same, old ways, refusing to renew themselves. Covering their heads with brown paper bags would be the decent thing for them to do. They deserve no better.

    Thank God for the Conservative government we have!! In comparison to the opposition parties, the Conservatives have been purely outstanding!!

    • batb says:

      “They continue in their same, old ways, refusing to renew themselves.”

      Their only “renewal,” ed, is the demise of the Conservative Government. I liken them to hyenas and jackals, snarling and howling as they corner their prey, trying to weaken them until they can pounce and tear them apart.

      They are truly despicable and obviously have no concept of democratic rule. Of course, the Librano$ held power with an iron hand, by plenty of underhanded, even illegal, means, with the MSM their unelected allies and cheerleaders, and the NDP has never formed the government, but forever stands stage left looking on in envy.

      God bless Prime Minister Stephen Harper as he and his party weather this **it storm. God bless the Conservatives! God bless Canada!

  41. Anne in swON says:

    “Emerging from a week-long silence, former Conservative staffer Michael Sona is denying any involvement in the automated phone calls that directed voters in the Ontario riding of Guelph to the wrong polling station last year. Mr. Sona was the director of communications to candidate Marty Burke during the election campaign.

    He resigned last week from his position in the office of Conservative MP Eve Adams, but he said he did so only because the controversy prevented him from doing his job.”


  42. ed says:

    O/T: outstanding rant by Rob Snow on cfra today at noon. Topic: premier McGuinty:


    (MadMacs of Bytown mentioned the show at 11;48 am this morning.)

  43. fh says:

    this is great when the police have the affidavits they will be able to trace the phone records and this will lead them to the culprits responsible
    I think it will be a relief for all Canadians to see this matter handled appropriately

  44. Liz J says:

    Then we have tools like Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page. He seems to have a habit of injecting his “reports” into any pile-on started by the Opposition and the media and the “reports” are never positive for the government.

    The screeching accusations we’ve been hearing in the HOC from the opposition is an embarrassment. They’re acting like kids without supervision when the teacher leaves the classroom with this latest gotcha to spew their hatred for the Conservative government and the Prime Minister. This is all they live for, they’re contributing nothing, not even getting their own acts together to be credible oppositions.

    I’m sick of them, as are most Canadians, we see through their antics.
    We have a good government,headed by the best Prime Minister we’ve had in many decades, we’re the envy of the world.

    We deserve better than being embarrassed by fools sitting in opposition aided by their tools in the media. At this point they’re acting like enemies of the country, trying to destabilize the government elected by the people as per our democratic system.

  45. Liz J says:

    Reading the rags this am it appears the air is coming out of the tires of the Robocall Gotcha bus rapidly, the passengers will be hang tailing it off into the cold night.

    Let the litigations begin, apologies not acceptable. The Conservative party had better rehire the young man who “resigned”. If we want to attract good people to the fold to work for the party we need to respect them, not make them scapegoats.

    • Joanne says:

      it appears the air is coming out of the tires of the Robocall Gotcha bus rapidly, the passengers will be hang tailing it off into the cold night.

      I like that visual image. 😉

  46. fh says:

    I do not feel Canadians are willing to sweep the VIKILEAKS under the carpet
    the fact that the party elected and sent to the Canadian Parliament of Canada would use public resources to spread gossip about a member of the crown who was working hard to introduce legislation that would help catch criminals that prey on our Canadian children
    this should be illegal

    • Liz J says:

      I agree, this is one that can’t be let disappear with an apology from Rae who is still bragging about the fact he apologized. That in itself shows he did it for his own benefit, make him look like Mr Big Heart.

    • Jen says:

      and do you detect any police invasion in the vikileaks to spread rumours and personal information across this country. I don’t.

  47. frmgrl says:

    Brian Lilley obtained the same ATIP documents and this is what he has to say.

  48. Alberta Girl says:

    Interesting piece by Brian Lilley. Seems Glen McGregor has a bee in his bonnet for the Tories if this is what he created out of the ATIP documents. http://blogs.canoe.ca/lilleyspad/general/that-voter-suppresion-atip-from-elections-canada/ (Thank GOD for SunTV).

    Also, it appears Pierre Poutine of the Guelph restaurant is actually from Jolliete QC. Curiouser and Curiouser. I would be checking his employees, were any involved in the Guelph student vote that EC allowed to be counted but that Michael Sona tried to have shut down?

    This whole thing is a house of cards that is becoming more and more rickity as the days wear on. But it doesn’t seem to stop the media from continuing to insinuate that it is a CPC masterminded plot and the only thing that will suffice is by-elections (or a do over).

    Even if this does prove to be something done by some 3rd party, the media have put enough innuendo out there that the Haters will never be satisfied.

  49. Alberta Girl says:

    Interesting tidbit here http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2011/D41052.htm

    Received from a tweeter Monica Henry

  50. Alberta Girl says:

    Re the link to Marxist Leninist party…I wonder if any of those 58 candidates were in the disputed ridings. Or if any of them worked for/was involved with Pierre Poutine.

  51. Alberta Girl says:

    Opps – sb 70 candidates – not 58.

  52. Richco says:

    One thing that becomes clear to me after reading Lilley’s blog piece and also Chris Selley’s piece in the National Post this morning, is that this is a symptom of a MUCH bigger problem and that problem is Elections Canada. Time for an overhaul I think.
    I managed a CPC candidate’s campaign office a two federal elections ago, and the screw-up coming from EC were too many to mention.

    I have to say again that Harper’s handling this will all of the leadership and confidence one would expect of the leader of a country. It’s understandable why the left-leaning-lemmings are in a lather – it’s because neither opposition have that kind of leadership on their benches.

  53. Mary T says:

    I notice that the NP has a pic of the poutine place today. Story also mentions that calls came in to that number from numbers in CA and other US places. Could Aavaraz be behind all this, remember their petitions etc. And the head of that org is a Canadian who hates our PM.
    I really feel sorry for Bob Rae (not) that he leads a party that has supporters that are afraid to get out and vote because they got a phone call, and believed it.
    We do not need a govt elected by a bunch of fraidy cats.
    Owner of Pierre’s Poutine says he knows nothing.
    What we need to know is how many ridings were won by small numbers after calls were supposedly made to voters.
    And we need EC to publish a list of all polling stations that had been moved. Every riding has a chief returning officer and that is the person that decides where the polls are. And they can be changed, and I was involved in getting one changed so it was accessible and also to get a rolling poll that went to longterm care facilities and seniors lodges and shut ins. Also got an advance poll set up in our town instead of one over an hour away, for the town voters and at least 2 hrs away for rural voters.
    Another fact is that the sitting MP usually has a lot to do with election staff hired. Considering how many liberals have lost in the last 2 elections before May 2nd, that is a lot of changes probably made in that staff, leaving a lot of those who had the job for years unemployed and angry.
    Re the affidavits, those signing them better be able to prove they voted, or received phone calls. Think of all those that signed that petition re prorogation, with no idea of what they were signing.

  54. ed says:

    Brian Lilly on cfra this morning pointing out the glaring omission in the Post Media original report on the “robocall” issue. Their report and subsequent reports fail to disclose the Elections Canada comment below that “Although misconduct was reported in several ridings, there is no complaint that it affected the final result.”

    “That “voter suppresion” ATIP from Elections Canada
    Brian Lilley – February 29th, 2012”

    “I asked for and received a copy of the same access to information records that Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher of Post Media said they used for their original story. I’m sure they have other documents but this is the ATIP they used. You can read the thing below in full, it was a request for email traffic from Elections Canada on voting day.”

    “While it does mention calls from people claiming to be from Elections Canada and misdirecting people in Guelph it doesn’t really shed much light on the subject that was not already known.

    Beyond this post-mortem comment from Elections Canada:

    “There was no conduct reported that would bring into question the integrity of the election result overall or the result in a particular riding. Although misconduct was reported in several ridings, there is no complaint that it affected the final result. There is some speculation in the media that the dirty tricks may have affected the result in some close contests.”

    “What is fascinating is that the “robocall” issue takes up perhaps three pages of 190 pages released.”

    “We should all remember that it was McGregor that brought the world the “in and out” story which was the last big scandal of widespread election rigging which resulted in a plea deal over administrative charges and not the criminal conspiracy it was played as at time. Are we facing the same thing again? Time will tell.”


    frmgrl and Alberta Girl noted this story earlier.

    Anyway, here’s another example of the media distorting the truth in this case by an act of omission. I firmly believe the opposition forces coming from all corners are in an extreme, desperate mode that have them employing a “destroy at all cost” the Conservative government. We have a decent government that is a threat to those that prefer the “old style way of politics” that gives way to corruption.

  55. ed says:

    Comment stuck in filter??

  56. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report.

    Our latest Robo-Comment*: H/T Pierre Poutine*(sic).

    More cuts/”axes”/”slashes” to the left-liberal arts.


    “Human Resources Minister quietly axes student job centres”

    “Corrections Canada slashes temp-worker program as budget cuts loom”


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