McGuinty takes his sweet time

Both Christina Blizzard and Kelly McParland have new columns posted online that point out how painfully s-l-o-w Dalton McGuinty’s performance is when it comes to addressing Ontario’s debt crisis.

And in case you missed it, Ontario received a stern warning from Moody’s in December – shape up or else!

You would think that Dalton McGuinty would at least be feigning some kind of urgency but no. He dismissed Don Drummond’s meticulous report as ‘helpful road map’.

And yet the days are rapidly disappearing and as yet no sign of taking this impending crisis seriously.

If you listened to Don Drummond when the report was released you would often hear him say that the Government was free to dismiss any of his suggestions, but they would have to make that money up somewhere else if they are serious about meeting their fiscal targets.

If Moody’s ascertains that the spring budget is inadequate and moves to downgrade Ontario, then I beg the two opposition parties to take down this incompetent McGuinty Government before it does any more harm.

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National Post editorial board: European energy lessons for Dalton McGuinty:

…Mr. McGuinty’s Ontario government has abandoned most of its eco-power initiatives already: Over the past 18 months, it has announced it won’t stick the provincial landscape full of giant wind tower turbines, and it will orphan the small-scale solar-panel farms it encouraged landowners to build because there is no economical way to get the power they generate into the provincial grid. About the only part of its strategy that remains is the higher power prices needed to cover development of the alternate sources that have already gone ahead.

If the Ontario government were to stop now, the province’s consumers would still likely have to pay power costs 20% to 30% higher than in 2008 — the year before the Green Energy Act — for the rest of this decade, just to pay for the failed initiatives to date. Ontarians should tell their government to take a lesson from Europe: It’s time to awaken from Dalton McGuinty’s misguided green dream.

And check out the comments at the Post.

How much longer, Ontario?

Hudak: McGuinty tipping the scales to permanent deficitsOntario PC Party

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45 Responses to McGuinty takes his sweet time

  1. Jen says:

    Of course he is going to take his sweet time, who is going to go after him the media-spare me. That man ruined the lives of many Ontarians with his excessive high taxes to suit ‘his’ own purpose and all the media can do is talk about the fed gov.
    I thought that SNN will be after him like a tick; show Ontarians the Ontarrio ‘debt’ but no, they show the fed’s debt.
    If the media doesn’t show Ontarians Dalton’s debt upon them how do they Ontarians, expect to believe it is true. IMO.

  2. Liz J says:

    Maybe McGuinty is hoping the opposition does take him down, he won’t have to clean out the stables. The way he’s acting he has no intention of doing what needs to be done but he has no trouble making laws to interfere with every facet of our lives.

  3. batb says:

    ‘Talk about an empty suit: that’s McGuilty.

    The guy’s AWOL all of the time. He never has anything articulate to say about anything, crisis or not. In a crisis, he makes himself even less available than normal, if that’s possible, and if he ever deigns to say anything to Ontarians, it’s always couched in platitudes.

    I can’t think of any time that he’s ever said anything that made me sit up and take notice. His pronouncements are stunningly banal and shallow — as are those made by his “finance” minister, both of whom seem completely clueless about how to put Ontario back on the rails after the major financial derailment that’s been happening since McGuinty came to power.

    If not for the support of the unions, unions whose incessant demands are bankrupting the province, we wouldn’t have to endure McGuinty’s excruciatingly inept government and leadership.

  4. TVOR says:

    ONTARIO IS MADE UP OF APPROX., 32% PC’s and 20% fence sitters (small “L”liberals and small “C”Conservatives) and 30% Big “L” liberals and the rest of the total is NDP which is made up of communists, anarchists, socialists and big union.
    If the PC’s can get the fence sitters to vote for them they will be the government.
    Mr. Harper did this in the federal election in Ontario, once the fence sitters saw that Jack Layton and the NDP may be come the government (with or without the Liberals)
    the voters around the GTA and some areas of T.O. moved their vote to the CPC. This is a reality of life in Ontario.

  5. Thucydides says:

    No, repudiating all his “accomplishments” in office by carrying out the Drummond Report (much less alienating the Public service Unions and the “Working Families” front group) will never be part of the McGuinty plan.

    The NDP view the report as a joke and have openly stated the issue is lack of revenues; bring on more taxes. This fits the McGuinty vision of governance so look for some sort of coalition of the big tax and spenders.

    Sadly the PCPO has shown a distinct lack of spine (they should have generated their own report and run on it as their election platform last year), so don’t look for too much action on that front. Instead consider how you and your family will survive the next decade of economic ruin and high interest rates. I’d suggest investing in home gardening and rain barrels to start, then look at your stock of tools and skills to survive a barter economy.

    • Joanne says:

      Christina Blizzard mentions Tim Hudak in a positive light in the column I linked to:

      “Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak was sounding more comfortable in his own skin.

      He was offering alternative solutions–small and large C–such as privatizing slots and casinos and having government perform only a regulatory role in gaming.

      He’s sticking to his suggested public sector pay freeze, which he says would save $2 billion.”

  6. Bec says:

    I see the scrolling on the bottom of the SNN news feed is saying that Ontario may bring in “graduated licences” for Seniors.
    My oh my, is Dalton in some sort of a time warp where he won’t age and will someday have to live with the messes he made of Ontario on the backs of those that built it?
    A serious insult.
    I believe there should be testing at many levels and perhaps Seniors are one of them but to insult them with graduated licencing…..ummmm NO!

  7. paulsstuff says:

    McGuinty’s strategy is painfully obvious. Avoid pissing off the main money supporters of his party, teachers and public sector workers, working families, etc., and hope the opposition forces an election.

    It’s a roll of the dice. Take a chance and get a majority, or lose the election and pin his mess on the PC’s.

  8. batb says:

    Dalton McGuinty, without any hyperbole, is the worst Premier Ontario has ever had. When we needed someone strong at the helm, we got a union-bullied and whipped wimp. ‘Talk about a 97-pound weakling.

    Where’s Charles Atlas when you need him?

    • Jen says:

      Charlie, and the other fed ndpqf do not mind what Dalton is doing to Ontario just as long he attends to the unions bases.

  9. ed says:

    Richard Ciano is the new president of the PC party of Ontario. Happy to hear that after hearing his impressive interview on Nick’s show several weeks ago. If there’s a glimmer of hope for Ontario, this might be it. Apparently, Richard was instrumental in the process that brought Rob Ford victory in Toronto. Hopefully, he can move the PC party in the right direction and inject some high-spirited energy into Tim Hudak’s leadership style. He was not happy with the PC’s tactics, in a number of ways, during the last election. He echoed the views of many who were not satisfied with the PC strategy.

    President’s Message:

  10. jon says:

    McGuinty would like nothing more than a threat of a downgrade, if for no other reason than to give him a justification for doing the right thing which he won’t do unless he can say he was forced to by circumstance.

    Again, as I’ve stated many times previous, McGuinty’s biggest fear is being compared to his predecessor, Harris (Eves was between the two, I know), in any way shape or form.

    This partially explains his inaction on Caledonia as well. If Ipperwash never happened, the situation there might be different today. Plus McGuinty is, at this point, thinking of his legacy, knowing that he doesn’t have the time for voters to see significant change between now and the next election (he doesn’t have the luxury that PMSH has, with a 4 year mandate).

    And with a guy who telegraphs that he is indecisive and refuses to make tough decisions — choosing instead to shift responsibility elsewhere, such as asking for Drummond’s advice in the first place, or blaming the feds — things are bound to get even more chaotic in the coming weeks and months, and Ontarians will be the ones who suffer.

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  12. Liz J says:

    In spite of the unprecedented mess McGuinty has created he still has time to ponder things like graduated driver’s licenses for seniors? How the hell would that work? Would they be graduated down as opposed to up? He gets the gold medal for running interference in every facet of our lives, there’s nothing Daddy D doesn’t know better than we do what’s best for us.

  13. Jen says:

    More bad news for the Conservatives party again.

    • Joanne says:

      PM Harper responds (via David Akin.)

      • Liz J says:

        The PM’s response won’t be enough, this is the next gotcha the opposition and the media are pursuing and there will be another one after this coming down the pipe, it’s all they do while Liberals like McGuinty are given an easy ride. As if he PM would have had anything to do with anything to do with or any knowledge of such antics. To even ask him about it shows little respect for the man or the Office.

        IMO the Ontario quagmire affects the whole country, it’s less for all have-not provinces and more payouts from the provinces who are keeping afloat.Let them trot around shoving microphones in Dalton’s face for a real tragedy and disgrace, then maybe we can take them seriously.

      • Richco says:

        great comments by Harper. I believe him, but most importantly I hope that whatever individual (s) did this are charged harshly.

        You DO know that the usual suspects are already starting to spin this – BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE.

        • Liz J says:

          Yes, spin is the operative word Richco,

          If the NDP hope to gain any momentum or credibility they might want to think twice about putting that toe rag Pat Martin in front of the cameras.

        • Jen says:

          PM should hire his own private detective.

  14. Jen says:

    I am at lost, EC seems to react to every negative move the cons make or assumed made by the cons.
    Isn’t it against the rules for an mp to live and work in one province and be a candidate for another province like Rousseau ndp did.
    Isn’t it against the rules to place your sign in the same blding where voting booth is held at-I remember Deni Coderre story putting his liberal sign on a window where voters went to vote.
    EC REFUSES to collect the loans from the liberals
    NDP got money from the American union and the EC ignores it completely.

    What next?

    • Liz J says:

      Yes, Jen. they’ve conveniently forgotten to pursue Liberal also-rans indebtedness to EC. We know that wouldn’t be the case if Conservatives owed EC money.

      Maybe SNN will find time to dig for that info soon.

      • Richco says:

        From SNN this afternoon apparently Elections Canada have been investigating this for some time and have actual links to individuals NOT the party.

        If it happened and it was an individual working on a CPC campaign that person’s in a LOT of trouble.

        Interestingly in the riding of Guelph there seemed to be a LOT of weird things going on during the federal election and in the end the Liberals won…by a wide margin.

        • Joanne says:

          Well if the allegations are true, then whoever is responsible will be prosecuted.

          • Ruth says:

            The ridings they were naming in Alberta would never have gone to another party anyway, so I don’t know why they think the CPC stole the election. Another hot air scandal.

      • Jen says:

        Maybe SNN will find time to dig for that info soon.

        Never Lizj, which bothers me about the SNN’s silence.

        • Richco says:

          Jen – I’ve been watching the SNN coverage since this issue broke yesterday just before noon. They had it instantly and started the wheels turning. The other networks….not so much.

  15. maz2 says:

    More cuts to socialist McGuinty’s Red-Green arts.

    Shares drop: “Canadian Solar Inc. 6 percent”.


    “Germany Plans Record Cuts in Solar Subsidies to Limit Boom”

    “Germany, the world’s biggest market for solar power, plans record reductions in subsidies for the industry as part of a program to rein in a boom in installations.

    Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen said he plans to cut premium rates for solar power by between 20.2 percent and 29 percent from March 9 and decrease them further each month beginning in May. Plants larger than 10 megawatts won’t get support after July 1.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel, encouraging renewable energy to replace nuclear power stations that close by 2022, wants to chop in half annual solar installations after incentives for the industry pushed capacity past government targets. The cuts are deeper than the 15 percent reduction ordered on Jan. 1 and will hurt manufactures such as Q-Cells SE and Conergy AG.”

  16. Jen says:

    How come the MP’s have a hard time locating which computer was used to send out that scandalous attack on Minister Toews, yet the concensus media immediately identifies a throw away cellphone purchased in Quebec that was used to intimidate voters in Guelph back to the Conservatives. what media personality broke this story and coul he/she provide the source for this information? Or is this just another gotcha moment?

    • Liz J says:

      This has all the earmarks of another Gotcha Goon Gang episode being played out with the opposition and their media partners in feigned fury and shock mode.

      • jon says:

        And it fits right into one of the Consensus Media’s two favourite narratives from which to spin — culture war stuff, like abortion, capital punishment & gay marriage, as well their love to explore subversion of democracy themes, such as in-and-out & prorogation, which for them this one falls in to. They’ll carry this one for months, no doubt, with their usual reverse onus policy imposed on the CP, discovering their love for investigative journalism once again, digging deep, probing, demanding answers and wanting to get to the bottom of things… while crossing their fingers hoping that the Vikileaks author never gets caught.

        • jon says:

          Just wanted to add, not sure yet of the status of the investigation, beyond EC’s, as I’m not yet fully up-to-date on this as a result of tonight’s Leafs game. RCMP too? Regardless, EC, if they had their way, would drag this out, seeing no benefit in releasing any findings with an election 3 years away. Instead they’ll do what they did last time, announcing that they had “just completed” a 5 year investigation of the CP and were laying charges “coincidentally” at the same time as the wheels were in motion to defeat the gov’t last year.

          But it also shows you the ineptitude of both the opposition and the Consensus Media in not saving this for closer to the next election. Their hatred for the CP and PMSH is so intense that they just can’t help themselves, like a kid wanting to unwrap Christmas gifts the night before.

  17. wilson says:

    remember the Copps vs Valeri dirty tricks?
    RCMP can EC called, ever hear a word about the outcome of the investigations? nah.

    ‘…..What’s more, Copps believes that someone broke into her phone system over the weekend and changed an outgoing message that offered her supporters a ride to the nomination vote.

    She says if supporters called her office on the morning of the vote to get a ride to the polls, the confusing message they got was, “Hi, Bob. Please leave a message.”

    Copps suggested she has suspicions on who was involved, but wouldn’t name names.

    “I think whoever tapped into our phone system obviously can be tracked by the police. And we can find out who was involved,” she told CTV News.

    Copps has asked the RCMP and Elections Canada to investigate. …..’

    Read more:

    • Liz J says:

      It may be too much to expect but it’s about time Copps decided to retire gracefully from screeching in public. We’ve heard enough of their “somebody done me wrong” songs when they land in the losers circle.

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  19. Liz J says:

    So, Dalty is moving right along with clean energy and home reno tax credit, all-day baby sitting, so what’s he going to cut from the suggestions given him by Drummond? To top it all off, he’s smiling, not what you’d expect from a leader who should be singing the Moody Blues.

  20. Richco says:

    also, re: McGuinty’s green energy crap, he’s governing with a majority on that score because of the NDP buy-in to all things “green”. So, yes, McGuinty’s likely thinking that it’s clear sailing.

  21. Laura S. says:

    Exactly! What happened in Europe is absolutely horrible. Moreover there is not a slight chance that it would substitute the market with Energy Resources in Canada.
    Private companies took an advantage and started to construct a huge amount of solar energy panels, by which:
    a) raised the price of electricity (because the companies HAVE TO buy green energy)
    b) made landscape look horrible (with fields of black panels)
    c) from the environmental point of view, they are probably causing global warming too – since they are black and they attract the sun more than natural materials.

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