Debt becomes Ontario’s Official Opposition

Don Drummond and Moody’s are set to do for the beleaguered taxpayer what the two opposition parties seem in capable of – i.e. hold the McGuinty government to account.

Dalton can’t ignore the giant Debt in the room. It looms increasingly more threatening and must be addressed in the next budget.

The only question is whether it will be slayed with cuts, taxes or a combination of both.

Don Drummond says “we should be having that debate”. However this may be a golden opportunity to force some austerity [source – Star]:

 But reflexively raising taxes will only reduce the pressure to eliminate waste, Drummond counters. It makes more sense to “keep the screws on that process,” forging a consensus to find savings and only considering tax hikes as a last resort — after Ontario gets its house in order.


And here’s the money quote from that same column by Martin Regg Cohn:

He [Drummond] recommends that everything from employment counselling to training and social services be radically overhauled, with many programs spun out to private contractors. Unions would be invited to bid (along with everyone else) for their old jobs — not at the lowest price, but with minimum government standards and value for money in mind.

Mmmm…  That’ll go over well.

Will Dalton McGuinty finally find the intestinal fortitude to say ‘No’ to his buddies in the  Big Public-Sector and ‘Working Families’ Unions?

If past history is any indication, I am doubtful.

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Kelly McParland jumps into the fray – Dire economic outlook puts Ontario government on notice:

If 2% growth is the best Ontario can produce, the government’s main task becomes controlling the decline — i.e trying to keep up appearances while people get used to a long-term deterioration in standards.

That’s not likely what Mr. McGuinty had in mind. While Mr. Drummond has been suggesting 30% spending cuts, Mr, McGuinty has been introducing a 30% tuition break, paid for with more borrowing. Mr. Drummond doesn’t think the province can tax its way back into health, but Liberals are already whispering about raising more revenue via corporate taxes.

And from the Red RecordLiberal spending hits a wall:

The danger is not only that Ontario could continue to be the “have-not” province it became under McGuinty’s reign. It could become a has-been province.

Don Drummond’s economic report will transform Ontario government services – Star:

…One veteran Liberal is worried, however, the government has backed itself into a corner.

“It’s a dangerous game that has been set up. If we do what Drummond wants, then that means firing teachers and nurses, weaseling out of the uploading of services from municipalities and basically reducing the number of people on the public payroll,” the Grit loyalist said.

“If we don’t do what he recommends, then Moody’s (Investors’ Service, the debt-rating agency) might downgrade us, increasing the cost of borrowing.”

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102 Responses to Debt becomes Ontario’s Official Opposition

  1. Calgary Junkie says:

    Ontario voters bought the snake oil, and now will choke on it.

    • old white guy says:

      provincial governments have been borrowing and spending as if they have the ability to print money as the federal government does. they cannot print money and so they are restricted to using revenue already generated by we poor overburdened taxpayers. we are going to hit the wall soon. when we do it will be very painful for those who depend on the province for their sustinance. there will be nothing to get because we will be unable to borrow to give them their cheques. the feds have been increasing the money supply all my life that is why our retirement investments are going backwards. there is just too much to be addressed and we won’t do it provincially or federally.

  2. Liz J says:

    Dalton McGuinty should be run out of office but there’s no chance of the Opps getting together to do it, they’ll sit on their asses and yak away while we pay and pay. While Dalton paints the province green riding on solar and wind we’ll all be in the red for decades to come.

    • Richco says:

      In full agreement with you Liz. My riding went blue this time but as I’ve said here before we can’t tell. I’m getting nothing from my MPP even though I signed up to get updates etc. Hello!!

      The local news has covered the wind farm fight, but there’s nothing new.

      We are soooo screwed in Ontario. I feel sorry for kids coming out of university or looking for jobs right now. Sad.

      • Liz J says:

        Richco, IMO opposition MPP’s have no excuse for ignoring their constituents. The government in power works for all the people and he should be going after the needs of his riding and most especially one that has been ravaged by a natural disaster.

  3. Paul says:

    It is disappointing living in a have-not province with nothing but “progressive” parties.
    Nothing but tax rates will go up…guaranteed

  4. Calgary Junkie says:

    Lots of related stuff on today’s Business News Network. Here is one video on Provincial Debt.

    “… Ontario has similar structural problems to Spain and Italy … we group the provinces into three categories: the good, the bad and the ugly. Only two provinces are good, and thats Sask and NFLD.

    The ugly is Ontario, Quebec and the rest of the Maritime provinces. Ontario is probably the WORST off of all the provinces in Canada, because of the structural problems it has allowed to create over the past 8 or 9 years. Trying to get its way out is going to take quite a bit of shifting. We didn’t see it in the election. We didn’t see the public being prepared …

    • Joanne says:

      Wow. Thanks for that CJ. It was stuck in the filter but well worth waiting for.

      • Calgary Junkie says:

        You’re welcome, Joanne … it seems like whenever I post a link, it gets caught up in your filter.

        Anyway, Provincial Dept, Part 2″ and Provincial Bonds, a good deal ? are two other related BNN videos.

        • Joanne says:

          Boy that one really got stuck in the filter! In fact it didn’t even show up in there until sometime overnight.

          I examined the filter parameters just now to see if anything might be causing this, but no. Do you ever have a comment go through successfully that doesn’t have a link?

          Thanks for these, BTW.

  5. Powell Lucas says:

    Ha-Ha-Ho-Ho…I got out of that hellhole in 1978 and it was the best thing I ever did in my life!

  6. wilson says:

    Sounds like the Ontario government should be under third party management.

    The West needs 45,000 workers, now.
    Trades people often times work 2 weeks in and 1 week home. Some companies fly the workers home.

    Met an Ontario family who moved to Redwater in Feb. (hour out of Edmonton, home of the oilsands upgraders). Within 3 days they all (Mom, Dad, 2 grown sons) had great jobs. Within 7 months they saved enough to buy an acreage with 2 houses on it.
    Lots of opportunity out here.

  7. Clown Party of Canada says:

    Wilson 5:13

    I’m waiting for many industries leaving Ontario and set up closer to oil matket. Hopefully the companies can see that it would be better to build items … such as valves gadges etc. … closer to the maket.

    I heard many people on my travels who came from the “East” and succeeded in Alberta and have no desire to move back. The more people come from Ontario, the more they realised that they were wrong … Western Canada is paradise compaired to Ontario economically.

    • wilson says:

      Yes, no sales tax *just GST), flat 10% provincial income tax, no land transfer fees……

      If McGuinty would shelve the green thing and get onboard with the pipelines, there would be lots of manufacturing jobs for Ontarians.

      Same with Quebecers.
      Of the service jobs to the oilsands a full 44% goes to Quebec and Ontario.
      Time they told the environutz to get out of the way.

      • Richco says:

        Don’t you worry that the most easterners you get out there, the more Liberal your province may become? Just wondering.

  8. Jen says:

    Blizzard: Hang your head in shame, McGuinty 9

    By Christina Blizzard ,QMI Agency

    ‘At least when Mike Harris cut, he took the blame.

    If this government plans to hide behind the stuffed shirt of their hand-picked economist when it comes to making cuts, then they should hang their heads in shame.’

    • Joanne says:

      Oh boy that’s a great column! So many classic lines:

      “There’s not a boon they haven’t doggled.”

      “McGuinty makes overspending sound like a virtue.”

      “Drummond is an unelected, unaccountable patsy for the Liberals.”

      I’m beginning to sense the game plan here. Make Drummond sound like Mike Harris but McGuinty will be oh so much nicer. Meanwhile our debt goes out of control.

      • Richco says:

        Yep, that’s McGuinty for you…..blame everyone but Dalton and his gov’t. Coward!

        I remember many moons ago during Dalton’s first mandate Howard Hampton and the PC leader (whoever it was then) warning the McGuinty gov’t of exactly what’s happening to Ontario now. Daddy Dalton’s mantra was – don’t worry, be happy – too bad Ontario doesn’t have recall legislation. Although unless Hudak would be prepared to fight an entirely different campaign, maybe the outcome would be different?

  9. Liz J says:

    Drummond will take it easy on Dalton, he’ll play the responsible economist but will do enough twists and turns to protect his own credibility as an economist while protecting the Liberal brand in Ontario.

    Wonder who and what will be at the top of the blame list for the sad state of Ontario’s economy and indebtedness? Not enough wind and sun maybe? We won’t mention the continuing lies, they’re still lying, including about jobs created due to green energy.

    • Richco says:

      “Wonder who and what will be at the top of the blame list……..”

      Harper via the spin of the usual suspects.

  10. wilson says:

    Drummond was on Iffy’s team of consultants, for that 2009 alternative (coalition of losers) budget the Iffy liberals were suppose to table, but never did.

    And the federal Libs want Bob Rae to become leader…… #3 pick of the B Team and destroyer of the Ontario economy, the last time.

    Bob Rae, now Dahlton McGuinty. I feel for you guys.
    But heh,
    here in rich Alberta we also have a deficit, over $3B,
    gawd, we have to get rid of Allison Redford, not that she created this deficit, no.
    She is Dahlton in a dress.
    Kinsella and Dipper Duncan from Edmonton endorsed her.
    She’s gotta go.

    • Jen says:

      Most probably Dalton after his disaster to ontario will join his comrade Rae at the fed liberal party where both will feel safe and protected with the media’s help.

    • Anise says:

      Kinsella and Dipper Duncan from Edmonton endorsed her

      Bloody right. Ally cat has to go!

  11. jon says:

    I suspect that what’s at play is a type of door-in-the-face technique by the Libs, with Drummond’s role in the scheme to lay out deep cuts which will be portrayed as to extreme along with no tax increases… McGuinty we’ll say he’s going to take a more “balanced approach” and make some cuts but not as deep and raise some taxes but not excessively… The goal is to placate the public and have them say that at least Drummond’s recommendations won’t be adopted so things could be worse. It’s like when politicians want a raise… if they’re seeking 10%, put out 25% to the public, absorb the rage initially and then “drop” the raise to 10%, at which point the public feels that they affected change to have them back down to a “more reasonable” 10%.

    Meanwhile, as mentioned, the debt will continue to rise and more and more of the province’s shrinking revenue base (which will certainly be exacerbated with increasing taxes even more) will go to interest. As Blizzard stated, at least Harris did what needed to be done…. McGuinty’s a coward.

    • Joanne says:

      Yeah McGuinty is a terrible coward. I think he will use Drummond to be tough where he wants to be but will cave when it comes to the public sector unions.

  12. Liz J says:

    Is having Drummond there an expensive charade to make people feel there may be some hope McGuinty will take his advice? Without an active opposition at Queen’s Park he’ll keep on the same track that got the province in the hole it’s now in. Dalton can continue with his ah shucks grin all the way to the next election, who’s gonna do a thing about it?

    • Richco says:

      Yep, pretty much as you suggest Liz J. – the less face time for McGuinty the less the public will connect him to Ontario’s demise.

      • Jen says:

        the less face time for McGuinty the less the public will connect him to Ontario’s demise.

        I agree with you Richco 100%. Look at Rae, he comes and goes says whatever he feels like on the conservatives while nothing of him on what he did to Ontario is repeated to him.

        However, if Hudak or Mike Harris had done what Rae and now Dalton has done to Ontario, you can better your last penny that the media would be all over them for days months and years to come.
        In fact, Mike Harris still continues to be accused of….. but not dalton or Rae.

  13. Richco says:

    From my local paper. The McGuinty gov’t tried to do this to our Lake (Lake Huron) and spoil our landscapes and vistas, not to mention mess with bird migration and that’s why the Liberals got the door along the whole Huron lakeshore last election. What bugs me is that the only reason McGuinty’s now threatening the folks in the Wolfe Island region of the lake is because he knows damn well that his Liberal loving Toronto, GTA ridings wouldn’t stand for this crap.

    “Goderich Signal-Star
    Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals Inc. has signed a binding agreement with Siemens Canada Limited, to supply up to 130 turbines for its 300MW offshore wind power project on Lake Ontario.
    Windstream holds the only offshore wind power Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contract in the Province of Ontario, which was awarded by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in May 2010. The project is planned to be located from five to 16 kilometers off the southwest shore of Wolfe Island, in eastern Lake Ontario.”

    • Liz J says:

      Looking across at Wolfe Island from Kingston’s Municipal park is an eyesore, a beautiful vista ruined, enough to make one physically ill.

      It’s amazing the residents of those areas are allowing it to go on without a whimper.

      • Richco says:

        We have friends with a cottage on one of the 1,000 islands who tell me that this issue is getting next to no attention outside of their region. I was surprised to see it in our paper but I’m glad because as I said the Liberals tried this stunt on us up and down the Lake Huron/Georgian Bay shoreline. Morons!

  14. Richco says:

    The really clear indication that Dalton McGuinty is up to his eyeballs in trouble is that his boy WK has devoted little or no time on his blog to the guy that he helped get re-elected. Why is that do you suppose?

    Instead WK is trying hard (and failing) to spin negatively in the PM’s direction.

    O/T – lots of ink dedicated this morning to the federal Liberals and the certainty that Bob Rae will take on the leadership – YES, YES, YES!!! As a loyal CPC supporter nothing would please me more (and I’m better please the CPC war room too)!!! Go for it Bobby!! Come on Liberals make Bob Rae your leader…….three strikes and this time you’ll be out for a LONG LONG time.

    • Clown Party of Canada says:

      I agree with you 100%.

      With all three leaders at last convention having a kick-at-the-can in leading the LIEberal Party … with Biffy and Rae (of diaster) not elected by the grass roots … to destruction is priceless. At least DeYawn was elected leader, and the grass roots had their say. After that, all that will be left is to join the NDPQ.

      I would be worried if a “nobody/unknown” was elected leader of the LIEberal party, who actually connected with the Canadians [like Harper.] As long as the grass roots have no say, the LIEberals are doing fine.

      • Richco says:

        sorry…I should have written that better (and I’m betting it pleases the CPC war room too). Fingers… brain:-)

  15. Joanne says:

    Jeff Allan is covering this story right now on Newstalk 570.

  16. Liz J says:

    IMO Rae wins by default, there’s no one else willing to be another sacrificial lamb in the tumbled down Humpty Dumpty party.

    • Jen says:

      I just wondered what those who voted for Dalton under his ‘false’ pretenses are going to say now after they realized that not only did Dalton lied to them but he has ruined their province and most likely their businesses?

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  18. Richco says:

    I just double-checked the option on the PC Ont. website and confirmed that I’m listed to get updates from Tim Hudak. I did get one last week.

    That said, I would rather be getting the updates from my MPP to learn how, through her she’s connecting my region with Tim Hudak and through the party to Queen’s Park.
    The newbies need some exposure and they need to be trusted by the leader to deliver their own messages relevant to their constituents.

  19. wilson says:

    Perhaps it is a good thing that McGuinty is forced to clean up his own mess.

    Equalization is the enabler.
    Quebec and Ontario turn into nanny states and the Have’s pick up the tab.

    Is water not a natural resource?
    Why isn’t Quebec hydro power considered an income re: equalization ?

  20. wilson says:

    Here’s hoping an Albertan’s opinion doesn’t offend:
    There is a reality that Ontarians (unions) are not accepting. Manufacturing for world consumption is gone and it’s not coming back. Sorry.

    When Ontarians get $30 hour (plus benefits) for standing on an assembly line, and the US workers get paid $15 and China pays even less, it’s over.
    When their are more retired auto industry workers getting big pensions than there are workers on the assembly lines, it’s over.
    Move on to better things.
    Ontarians need $30 hour jobs,
    so do BC, Quebec and Alberta workers.

    Mismanagement and overspending is only part of the equation to Ontario’s downfall.
    McGuinty run’s Ontario like a municipality, fluffing up the fringes here and there.

    Revenue that is not taxpayer funded….
    The key to replacing those high paying jobs with high paying jobs:
    Ontario natural resources.
    Ontarians OWN their resources.

    McGuinty appeased the environutz by designating vast areas of Ontario’s north into parks.
    That stops industry and Natives from exploitation of Ontario’s HUGE resource goldmine.
    10’s of thousands of high paying jobs snubbed out by McGuinty (and Charest).

    Why should the West and Newfoundland taxpayers keep doling out the cash from our resources to them, when Ontario and Quebec Premiers refuse to generate revenue from their provinces resources?

    • Sandy says:

      All excellent questions Wilson.

    • Richco says:

      don’t you worry wilson Ontario’s Northland is being exploited too…just not to the benefits that you might envision. McGuinty will do there what he’s done to the rest of the province.

      Here’s the rub though. Where are the plans of the Oppositions on this same issue?…….crickets again.

      • wilson says:

        The Opps? Dippers will never be a real opposition to the McGuinty Liberals, McGuinty out leftied the left.
        Mr Hudak and the Cons will need all the help they can get to go up against the job killing environutz and the 1990’s mind set of the unions.

        the only new jobs not funded by the taxpayer, are resourced based.
        The Oilsands sends 44% of their service/supply jobs to Ontario and Quebec…. get onboard the Northern Gateway Pipeline, for your own good!

        Ontario is so fortune to have untapped resource wealth, with unsubsidized industry wanting to get into action.
        Jobs jobs jobs MR Hudak.

        • Richco says:

          Hudak’s been singing the jobs, jobs, jobs tune but it’s not catching on. Either he’s not the guy to do it or he needs a different approach to make his message ring….it’s a Tinkerbell when it should be BIG BEN.

    • Liz J says:

      No offense Wilson, you have a right to give your opinion, the province you live in is paying out for McGuinty’s mismanagement.

      Quebec is a perennial taker in spite of it’s rich resources and cheap hydro, we can give up on them, they have no shame. Ontario is on the dole due to enviro green crap gone off the rails on a train engineered by McGuinty. On that front we’re the mired in the port of no hope for the long term.

  21. Sandy says:

    I must be doing something right. I just received a comment at CotM that I deleted,that I am a “frothing at the mouth conservative.” That is all progressives can do — not deal with the issues, just attack us personally. Sad.

    • Richco says:

      always an indication that you’re closer to the truth than they want you to be….and yes, that’s all progressives can do.

  22. Liz J says:

    One has to wonder why Drummond would get involved with the mess McGuinty is in. Dealing with a party he apparently supports and his own credibility as an economist seems like a tough assignment.

  23. Joanne says:

    Just catching up after a day of running after a two-year-old.

    Apparently the PM appointed more Senators. That will drive the opposition and liberal media crazy! Bwa-ha-ha…

    BTW Richco covered this at 4:29 but her comment was in the filter.

    • Richco says:

      just saw some of this on Global….Note that if you don’t like swearing don’t watch this, but it’s quite funny.

    • Gabby in QC says:

      Re: the most recent Senate appointments … even the National Post’s John Ivison, who’s by & large quite balanced, joined the silly chorus most journalists on the Power Panel engage in, to the tune of: “Aha! late Friday afternoon announcement! THAT is sooo significant!” What BS!

      You’d think that after 5 years of PM Harper’s “schedule” for making announcements those journos would be accustomed to the fact that the PM works all day, every day, and Fridays too!

      It was also quite entertaining to see Rosie Barton deflated by two statements she attributed to a new Senator, Ottawa police Chief Vern White.
      1. Barton asked White how could he reconcile his position on decriminalizing pot, when the Conservative position is against decriminalization. The Chief said he had never said he was in favour of decriminalization.
      2. Barton then implied he White’s position on the long-gun registry had helped his nomination. White answered in discussing the LGR he had simply tried to debunk the myth that the registry was consulted 30000 a day, which he said was not true. Congratulations, Chief White!

  24. wilson says:

    By 2019 Alberta will be short 77,000 workers.
    If you are interested but don’t know where to start to look for a job:

    • Joanne says:

      You’ve made a lot of great points today Wilson, regarding Ontario’s fiscal crisis.

      I’m still seeing public sector union entitlement as the biggest challenge to getting our books back in balance in every level of government.

      Problem is that unions hold an incredible amount of clout.

      • wilson says:

        Public sector bloat is in Alberta too.
        Our healthcare system is an absolute mess, with over 3500 middle managers , frontline workers are not the problem, layers upon layers of high paid managers and their make work projects is the problem.
        Alberta’s resource wealth is covering up years of mismanagement here too.
        We have a flipping $3B deficit. Unthinkable.

  25. wilson says:

    o/t headline re: Senate appointment
    ‘Failed Tory candidate’… blah blah blah.

    Yah never see headlines about Bob Rae calling him
    ‘Failed Liberal leadership candidate’ , no reference to him being the #3 pick from the B Team, losing to Dion and Ignatieff.
    No, it’s like it never happened.

    • Joanne says:

      Good catch Wilson. I think I’ve become immune. Went right over my head.

      • Richco says:

        but we’re not paying attention to negative media twits any more remember?

        • Joanne says:

          Chacun à son goût. :)

          • Richco says:

            that’s true but it just goes to show you how easy it is to slip back in to hanging on those negative and irresponsible media out there.

            • Joanne says:

              There’s a fine line between ignoring crap and holding shoddy journalists accountable for their bias and errors. The problem is that I’m still not sure exactly where that line is.

    • jon says:

      Yah never see headlines about Bob Rae calling him
      ‘Failed Liberal leadership candidate’

      Saw Barton spouting off on P&P on the appointments, questioning the optics and impartiality of selecting Ottawa’s police chief because of his position on the long-gun registry… as opposed to Paul Martin’s Abella appointment to the Supreme Court knowing in advance how she’d vote on gay marriage, considering her previous rulings on such matters before the Ontario Court of Appeal… No need for types like Barton to have questioned the optics of that, since Abella, Barton and friends knew, would end up ruling in favour gay marriage, consistent with Barton’s “belief” system.

  26. Jen says:

    Friday, January 06, 2012
    2nd elected senator appointed

    I remember her name very well during the senate election as I was the poll cleck.

  27. Liz J says:

    We can expect the same crap from the media every time the PM appoints new Senators. Let them whine and wail and gnash their teeth until they realize nobody beyond their own cabal is listening to them.
    The PM is not going to appoint people who will work against his government in the Upper Chamber, we witnessed that game by the Liberals when they held up the Bills of the Conservative Minority. Those Liberal Senators were there because they were Liberals appointed by a Liberal PM, apparently the system is just fine when Liberals do it.

    The PM is doing his job, he is the person who must fill the Senate seats when they become vacant, that’s our system and the system this PM wants to improve if and when he can get co-operation from the provinces to elect Senators.

  28. Liz J says:

    Far off topic but irksome: Why do we continue trade with Iran, a rogue theocracy considered the biggest threat to world peace?

    As an example, all dates available in all grocery stores in these parts are from Iran.

    • Jen says:

      I am guite baffled at SNN silence to Dalton’s mess to ontario. Normally when news like this arises and which can be a burden to the fed gov. nothing is been said.
      Lizj, you are right, there was no noise from the media when Libs appointed the senators.

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  30. Sandy says:

    OT but I am sure my fellow conservatives are going to be ticked off royally when they find out that Ontario’s PC member Frank Klees (he who was a leadership candidate when Hudak was elected) was opportunist extraordinaire — allegedly involved in the wind turbine business right when his party was against it.

    While the link is just a blog, it is a blog by community activists. Read it and weep for the Ontario PCs and the federal CPC. Read the single comment and it will show the direct link to Larry Smith — a recently re-appointed Senator by PM Harper.


    • Richco says:

      I remember when this hit the media Sandy.
      My sentiments mirror yours but I would add that I’ve heard through the grapevine despite outward appearances the Ont. PCs are still an internally fractured party. Harris would have NONE of this BS…..the good old days:-)

  31. Richco says:

    “There’s a fine line between ignoring crap and holding shoddy journalists accountable for their bias and errors. The problem is that I’m still not sure exactly where that line is.”

    Yes, it’s also subjective depending on perspective. My point Joanne is that although we say we don’t like to hang on the negative, it must be satisfying for some because the discussion increases the more negative the issue, crap, or shoddy journalism.

    Remember before SNN launched the relief that we would finally be able to leave those shoddy journalists and their networks in favour of the offerings from SNN? Just saying that it’s easier said than done and also subjective depending on how one wants to devote their time.

    • wilson says:

      Nothing negative about pointing out the truth.
      Bob Rae is the Liberals #3 choice of Canadians #3 choice to govern.
      The Media Party chooses to forget that when they write about Conservative appointments.

      Perhaps the LPC will turf Rae and go with exCon Scott Brison, Libs #6 choice for leader, 4 & 5 lost their seats in 2011.

  32. Richco says:

    Is our Ombudsman another Liberal hack? Clears CBC in Ford vs. Mary Walsh dust-up.
    This positively stinks!(note the positive spin Joanne:-)

  33. wilson says:

    By the time the 2015 election comes, PMSH will have appointed 62 (out of 105) Senators. (Akin)
    So the West has a bit of a shield, should a future Coalition of Losers steal government.

  34. wilson says:

    Redford is in Quebec talking National Energy Strategy.

    Yah, try to find the upside for Albertans in that!
    As if Alberta’s representative of the Teacher’s Union is fit to negotiate our future resource management. Roll-over Redford.
    Red should get a mandate from Albertans before selling us out to Quebec, eh.

    No talks with Quebec and Ontario unless Charest and McGuinty have signed agreements with resource companies and Native bands to exploit their own natural resources before cashing another equalization paycheque!

    Why should the West exploit our non-renewable resources and then pay Charest and McGuinty to ‘not’ exploit theirs…..
    equalization enables Quebec and Ontario to ‘not’ work, to stay have ‘not’ welfare recipients.

    • Liz J says:

      This little trek to Quebec by Redford might serve to ensure she doesn’t get a mandate from the people of Alberta.

      • wilson says:

        To my delight, Wildrose posted video of Danielle Smith’s leaders speech…. (bottom of the page)

        Western Energy Strategy!!! with BC and Saskatchewan
        And I swear I had not seen her video before I started beaking off about equalization!
        Perhaps Mr Hudak could get some ideas from Ms Smith.

        If the Red Team thinks Albertans have or should get over the NEP, she hasn’t been listening. She has to go.

        I gave in and read Coyne, he wrote about Alberta and Redford so how could I resist. It was a good read, no elitist snarling.

  35. Liz J says:

    If I were a Conservative in Alberta my vote would go to Wildrose.

  36. Richco says:


    Please help my town!|+Columnists+|+Opinion+|+Toronto+Sun#.Twmejm2QI3g.facebook

    • Richco says:

      re: the photo in the Sun article.

      If you were to have taken this photo before the tornado, you would NOT have been able to see any homes because they were shrouded by huge trees. This shot looks east from the worst of the destruction. If you were to turn around at this spot and look west it was much worse.

      This is why it’s hard to think about politics these days.

      • Liz J says:

        Richco, forget Dalton, he’s not going to run for re-election and he won’t listen to anyone or even act on any recommendations from the economist he hired, hell he’s continuing to pass out borrowed money. Go after the PC’s and give them an earful, they are not doing their job by sitting back witnessing the province sink further in debt like pack of useless tools.

        I intend to send off an email to our MPP, who is a really great constituency person, works really hard around the riding at all times. He too needs to hear we want action at Queen’s Park to put up road blocks to McGuinty’s train wreck.

        • Sandy says:

          The problem is that elected opposition members have no power at all — other than write to or speak to the bureaucrats, send out letters to the government party’s cabinet ministers and shaming them into doing something via press conferences and local newspaper columns. When parliament is sitting, they can also ask strategic questions during QP.

          However, as with the opposition at the federal level, they can’t make money flow.

          When my boss the MPP was in the Harris governing party, the next over constituency was held by longtime Liberal Jim Bradley — who of course was in the opposition during the Harris years. The only thing Bradley could do when he wanted something for a constituent was send Cabinet Ministers letters — or ask a question in the House. Sometimes he would also ask my boss to look into something for him.

          From what I have heard via the grapevine, after only 3 months in office, Richco’s MPP is doing what she can.

          What I worry about is that everyone in the Goderich area who is involved in politics in some way (municipal and regional), are walking on eggs so as not to anger the McGuinty crew. Wrong approach. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Letters to the editor. Local newspaper articles complaining, etc.

          Another reason the Liberals are sitting on their hands is because their former Liberal MPP lost the election. In other words, even with a disaster, it’s all political and that is a shame.

          • Richco says:

            “What I worry about is that everyone in the Goderich area who is involved in politics in some way (municipal and regional), are walking on eggs so as not to anger the McGuinty crew. ”

            That’s the caution coming from some Sandy, but there’s a whole other HUGE part of our population that hasn’t been able to move (physically or mentally) past August 21, 2011.
            It’s something that neither money or politics can fix that needs respecting also.

            The book was an attempt at allowing those who can’t or found it hard to begin to move forward, the opportunity to take a small step in helping themselves first and the community at large second. It’s a balancing act…and a delicate one at that.

            You can see why it was hard to really get in to the provincial election or to be excited about the PCs winning big here, but unless she gets some ink and air time telling my community how she’s helping we’ll not know about her efforts.

            Our federal MP has been here throughout and even spoke at the book launch. HE and his office took that initiative. He offered to talk about the book in the Legislature when it resumes too. We also gave a book to him to give to the PM, which apparently he rec’d just before leaving for Christmas.

    • Liz J says:

      It’s obvious McGuinty doesn’t recognize natural disasters, he’s too busy creating his own man made disaster in the province of Ontario which we gave him permission to do through dumb politics and apathy.

      • Richco says:

        McGuinty was sure interested in our disaster the day after it happened and just ahead of the writ being dropped. He was soon followed by the Finance Minister, during the election touring the devastation and holding out a carrot of their being more to come.
        I remember watching Duncan’s entourage, including media hanging on his every word and wondering where they’re going to find the money.

        Just like we’re now finding out that the promises McGuinty made to post-secondary students isn’t NEW money, it’s just being hacked from other students, AND he’s quietly eliminating some of the other grants students have had in the past. Talk about a hidden agenda.

  37. Sandy says:

    As I said above, when I worked for the MPP the thing I found the most unnerving was the role of the opposition — who had even less power than a backbench MPP in the governing party.

    The Goderich issue is all political. A communications strategy needs to be undertaken to shame the Liberals. However, while the PC opposition can make a lot of noise, that is all they can do.

    I have personally watched MPP and communications campaigns that can work and it takes everyone’s involvement. The issue in my time was getting approval for the 1999 world rowing championships — in 1996 at a time when cuts were the theme of the day. I worked behind the scenes and eventually my boss approached every Cabinet Minister and the Premier himself. And, the money came in time to approve the games.

    The games were to be held in the next over riding in Liberal Jim Bradley’s riding. He handed over the issue to my boss and just sat back and watched the flack fly. He would also ask deliberate questions in the House. In other words, he and my boss (a PC) worked together for the betterment of the community.

    If anyone in the PC caucus is reading this, the new Goderich area PC MPP needs to sit down with a Liberal MPP that they like and get along with and develop a clearly thought out communications and action strategy. Only then will anyone get concrete action in Goderich.

    Because it’s all about politics at the top. Remember when Fort Erie lost their only hospital? That riding (which includes my town) had and still has a Liberal MPP, Kim Craitor. He did what he could, yelled and screamed, but it did no good because the decision was made at the top. However, had that riding been PC, the MPP could have done much more because they wouldn’t have risked being thrown out of the Liberal caucus.

    So, Richco, your community officials, including the new PC MPP, have to go to the top, via the media. Until they do, nothing significant is going to happen.

  38. Sandy says:

    In other words, to all the PC Caucus — what we are all saying here is to get up off your duffs and do something concrete and significant for the province and communities who are hurting like Goderich. Stop pussy footing around.

    What we don’t need is weekly e-mails with bland messaging about how the PCs are holding the Liberals feet to the fire. So far, the fire is out. Rather, what we need to hear are your voices loud and clear just as everyone heard Mike Harris’ voice, whether they agreed with what he was saying or not.

    As Richco likes to say, all we hear now is empty “chirping.”

    • Joanne says:

      You tell ’em Sandy!

      There is going to be a new Ontario PC Party President elected soon right? Do you think this could have any kind of helpful impact on the party messaging? I mean right now it sucks.

  39. Sandy says:

    Re your new MPP Richco, remember your MP has experience. He’s been around for several years now. Your newly elected MPP has just three months under her belt. Give her time too. But, while many are hurting and just don’t have the energy or emotional stability at the moment to fight, someone has to take up the banner and not leave it only to the new MPP. She is experiencing a huge learning curve at just the time everyone things she should know exactly what to do. So much depends on whether she hires experienced staff who do know what to do.

    In my case, I have to say I owe a great deal to Liberal Jim Bradley. He invited me to spend a whole day with his staff to ask endless questions and learn the ropes. In turn, I shared everything with my boss and we were off to the races, as it were. But, there is a huge amount to learn.

    In any event, for any Liberals visiting here, for Bradley’s by-partisan invitation, I have never forgotten and am ever appreciative.

    • Richco says:

      I have to disagree with you on a point Sandy. I’ve written here before that the whole summer leading up to the election the PC candidate appeared MIA while the Liberal machine took over the airwaves and media spots. She was elected to be our candidate in April and she was elected because of her experience and connections to their communities to get things done.

      Cutting a newbies some slack is one thing, but the expectation of the MPP getting things done comes with the job she applied for and won.

      In Goderich she got off to a VERY bad start it was felt because when given the opportunity to comment on the money McGuinty promised the town, she was quoted as saying that the community didn’t need the money. Whether she was misquoted or misunderstood by the press wasn’t clear but I do know that she toured the area in November with one of our town councilors.

      As I said Sandy, if she’s working hard for us there needs to be some indication of that from her office in a very public forum, or through updates to constituents.

      As for our CCP MP – he was organized from day ONE and since then has not only worked for us in Ottawa but is seen regularly in and around town.

      Our new MPP got the same news release re: the book as the MP did and could have attended the launch or sent someone in her place. She’s not too recognizable and it might have help her gain a bit of face time with our community.

  40. Sandy says:

    Oops. Should be “when everyone thinks” –not things.

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