Should unions help with the cleanup?

Will Sid Ryan and his merry band of sh*t disturbers do the honourable thing and help Toronto taxpayers with the cost of the Occupy cleanup?

As Joe Warmington wrote yesterday, unions have been very supportive of the Occupy movement:

“We support the Occupy protestors as they expose growing economic inequality and corporate corruption. We will add our strength to this peoples’ movement for as long as it takes,” wrote Ontario Public Service Employees Union President Warren (Smokey) Thomas on its web site last month. “We have joined forces with six other unions including ONA, SEIU, CEP, Steelworkers District 6, ETFO and SEP to assist the activists who stand for all of us as they continue to maintain the Occupy sites. The unified strength of these unions has allowed us to make substantial donations. These include portable toilets, generators, and most recently three traditional Mongolian tents called yurts. Plans are also underway to provide a portable kitchen. OPSEU will continue to support this courageous movement as it shapes the changes that lie ahead. We are there for the Occupy activists for as long as it takes.”

There were also members from the CAW involved in this protest and from CUPE too. What do you think of the fact that the well paid union workers sanctioned fronting this occupy movement? 


Well I wouldn’t blame the union workers so much as their well-paid union bosses and goons.

Yesterday Sid Ryan led a march in support of the Occupiers even as the police were attempting to clear out the structures in a non-violent, methodical manner.

Ryan went so far as to aggressively handle Sun reporter Jacqui Delaney when he didn’t like her questions; calling her a sh*t disturber and then storming off before ending the interview.

From a PR point of view the unions would be wise to assume responsiblity for at least some of the cleanup bill. They’re going to need the public’s support as they enact their retaliation plans against inevitable austerity measures at all levels of government.

And Jacqui Delaney deserves an apology.

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Somewhat Related

Oh those CAW Bigwigs love Dalton. (Port Elgin Community is fighting back against CAW Wind Turbine) My Thoughts on Things – Shoreline Beacon:

CAW’s democratic structure prides itself on ensuring “that workers have an equal and valued voice when it comes to decision making.” Meanwhile they spit in the face of residents by crossing the picket line’ drawn by local decision-makers and citizen protesters, by having the province overrule their decisions at the Ontario Municipal Board. The province said we can do it, so we’re going to do it. Top-down mentality is all I see.


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Friday Update

Just say sorry, SidJoe Warmington, Sun (H/T BC Blue)

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107 Responses to Should unions help with the cleanup?

  1. old white guy says:

    let’s just clean it up and make sure it never happens again, even if that means cracking heads.

  2. Liz J says:

    Ryan didn’t look like he was about to get down and dirty by helping with the cleanup, he looked every bit the big boss.

    He had no business laying his paws on the reporter or calling her a s**t disturber for doing her job as a reporter. He showed himself up well storming off like a testy old goon.

    • Jen says:

      Neither would we see any of their ndpq friends… you know, the ones who scream “ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENT”

  3. Mary T says:

    Those protesters have left a bad taste in our mouths, what will I remember= the guy using a police car for a toilet, Ryan being an idiot, and last but not least Ezra exposing the fraud by visiting in the early morning and finding lots and lots of empty tents. Their message, if they had one, got lost a long time ago. I am just so surprised there are so many left leaning young people in our Country and in our schools. Not one of those involved for the past few weeks will ever make a difference, ever become a Steve Jobs, ever do anything important. What a waste of a life.

  4. Bec says:

    Based on the fact that Ryan exposed the Unions as major players in this whinefest, ABSOLUTELY they should help shovel the sh!t, dismantle their infrastructure and cough up some cash for the mess they enabled.

    Will they? Nope! They have a radical, entitled mindset that defies logic and community responsibility is simply not in these goons DNA!

  5. Alberta Girl says:

    “We support the Occupy protestors as they expose growing economic inequality and corporate corruption.”

    I guess Sid and his union thugs would know about “economic inequality” and “corporate corruption”. Aren’t those two things what union’s are all about – being paid more than non union and holding corporations hostage to their demands!

    Guess it takes one to know one.

    • Jen says:

      You are right AG, the unions ceo big shot are a huge organization which they take union dues from those same protesters. If only those protesters only knew that they are being used left right and center.
      So, where is the greed coming from.

  6. Fay says:

    The Brandon University Professor’s union is holding the students and community hostage here. Students locked out of an education since Oct 12. My heart bleeds for these fine young Canadians. Their only crime is wanting an education.
    But our NDP premier is supporting the unions over students in Manitoba.

  7. Bubba Brown says:

    As the “big union” coalition is paying some of these so called protestors, providing funding, paying people to “shit disturb”.
    The portable toilets, yurts, generators etc.
    This is to keep up the facade of “occupation”, it’s really too bad the first tent did not result in arrests.
    The spectacle of extremely well paid, union members bankrolling this rabble for hire is disturbing.
    The election did not giv Sid the result he wanted well let’s just disrupt the life of everyone to make our point, whatever that is.
    Funding Anarchy is a real dead end street, someone in there will seize the moment, violence will start, this will bite the union movement and Sid on the ass IMO.
    We live in a Democracy, perhaps someone needs to point that out to Sid and company.

  8. Michael Harkov says:

    I love the irony of one of Canada’s biggest s*** disturbers calling someone a “s*** disturber” for asking a simple question. Such rank hypocrisy, of course, never seems to bother these union idiots; it is part of their genetic makeup. For such a “peaceful” person, Sid Ryan sure gets all emotional when asked a question. And look at him – dark coat, dark sun glasses, p***** off attitude – all gangsta and everything. What a stupid a**h***.

  9. wilson says:

    Unions flexing their muscle, giving the Harper Govt a glimpse of what is to come should they try to impede the ‘Labour Movement’ by overhauling the federal labour law.

    These mighty unions fear the Harper ‘union busting’ Govt and the National Citizens Coalition.
    And Dippers are going to be right in the middle of it.
    Interesting times ahead.

    • Richco says:

      Remember that as per Paulstuff during the election the rank and file union members on the line supported the CPC…..and did NOT listen to their union thug bosses.

      Sid Ryan and his Entourage are goons. He’d fit right into the Libranos poster from a few years ago.

  10. Michael Harkov says:

    So………the unions packed up and and tucked tail last night to leave the real occupiers to fend for themselves against the police this morning. Sid Ryan, SUCH a leader. Basically, he wished them all well, then…….*poof*. Hahahaha!

    Sid Ryan has been soundly rejected by the voting public three times, and in a predominately union riding no less. His ego is obviously bigger then his ability to read public sentiment. Or perhaps he read it perfectly this time, and got out of Dodge before making any union bties to this rapidly fading and sinking millstone.

  11. Chico says:

    Hey old white guy? Let’s hope something occupies your empty skull some time soon.

    • Joanne says:

      I debated allowing the above comment but after Pat Martin’s Twitter antics it seems rather mild by comparison.

      (This tweet seems rather apropos as well.)

      • MadMacs of Bytown says:

        Joanne- perhaps you might like to address in a thread what has transpired in The House the past couple of days vis-a-vis the disturbance in the visitors gallery and today’s arguments re the oppositions’ support of same (assuming you’ve seen or been apprised of it). According to the Official Opposition, it was civil disobedience which they supported and had to do with a lack of democracy in parliament. The post QP activities were as interesting as the main event.A shameful situation in several respects.
        The NDP’s Miss New York (jobs jabber) didn’t like the answer given by the Minister of Natural Resources and so she called him a grumpy old man to which he really gave a retort about her lack of respect for seniors.
        An interesting moment during the Points of Order when the translators mic got stuck in the open position unbeknownst to her and we could hear her erasing from paper for awhile . A warning buzzer to her went unheeded several times. Several tweets to a Liberal MP alerted the Speaker that it was becoming a concern to the viewers. Work suspended ’til problem was resolved.

        Repeats this evening at 7pm and 11pm eastern on CPAC.

        • Joanne says:

          Sounds interesting MadMacs. Can’t promise that I’ll have time to cover that in a separate post but everyone please feel free to weigh in here. I always allow O/T comments unless they are rude. 😉

          • Joanne says:

            And BTW any Blogging Tories wanting to pick up on these threads are more than welcome to post links here.

  12. wilson says:


    ‘Dalton’s the man to lead federal Liberals, says brother David ‘

    MP David McGuinty, said the federal party should look to Dalton because he could “rebuild the Liberal party, just like he did in Ontario.”

    haha, hope Kinsella is McGuinty’s right hand man, sure loss Spinsella.

    So if McG wants to run federally, will the Ontario Opps bring down the govt instead of allowing the prov Libs to have a leadership race?
    The unions, not the people of Ontario, will be selecting a new leader if there is not a provincial election,
    just like what happened here in Alberta.

  13. Greg says:

    Mary T. You wrote -‘I am just so surprised there are so many left leaning young people in our Country and in our schools.’
    Well my daughter is currently enrolled in University taking a number of arts courses as well as her major. She complains all the time that she needs to hand in crap that reflects the various profs far left ideology or get failing grades. Even if she references valid sources etc, if she doesn’t toe the line, she fails. Discussion of alternative views is openly ridiculed during lectures with a high degree of arrogance on a regular basis. Like minded brainwashed classmates look at dissenters like they are from another planet. Lucky for her she was taught by her parents to think for herself, so she can’t be brainwashed. She writes the garbage and hands it in, but she knows it’s all a load of crap.

  14. Jen says:

    Michael Harkov says:

    November 24, 2011 at 11:19 am
    So………the unions packed up and and tucked tail last night to leave the real occupiers to fend for themselves against the police this morning.

    Michael, you made a point here that Ezra, Delany or another should ask a protester that very question.

    There are protesters at the TSX blding. I guess they want an unstable country to brag about. we really must look like fools. canadian protesters are against a stable banking system. Something other than the protesters are behind all this and I would be surprised that the NDPQ are involved in this as well as CBC-in fact, I would be surprise that CBC is helping the unions the protesters and the NDPQ with our money to disrupt this country but particularly to overthrown the sitting government. Remember, the ndp/bloc/lib were all together to overthrown the Harper government.

  15. Jen says:

    ‘MP David McGuinty, said the federal party should look to Dalton because he could “rebuild the Liberal party, just like he did in Ontario.”

    Gee David , take another look there is Bob Rae.

  16. Bubba Brown says:

    Gee here we are folks The Good (Bob Rae Parliamentarian of the year?)
    The Bad (Dalton McGuinty)
    The Ugly ( Sid )
    The wanna be gansta leaves the troops to face the music, guess he don’t “do” showdowns.
    There really is no cachet to the “Slow-down at the O.K. Corrall”

  17. dmorris says:

    “Will Sid Ryan and his merry band of sh*t disturbers do the honourable thing and help Toronto taxpayers with the cost of the Occupy cleanup?”

    No. But if the Mayor has any balls,he’ll send the Union a bill for the cleanup. Then he can make a statement about why the Union should take some of the responsibility for the mess and chip in,just to be good citizens. If nothing would be fun to see Ryan spluttering in outrage on national TV.

    As for Ryan’s “manhandling” of the gorgeous Jacqui Delaney,if you look closely ,you’ll notice Jacqui initiated the physical contact by pushing against Ryan’s stomach area, probably to position him better for the camera.

    BUT,if one was to take a Liberal/NDP view of this,perhaps Delaney could be charged with assault as she MIGHT have been making a grab at Ryan’s Union member!

    It was just another day in the life of a Reporter confronting a Union boss, no one owes anyone an apology. We have enough political correctness in our lives already, let’s not make an issue out of nothing.

  18. Jake says:

    The CBC won’t report it. Buy a bumper sticker to show your support.

  19. Liz J says:

    Holy crap, Dalton McGuinty as PM? That will take some doing, but he could make another sacrificial lamb for what’s left of the LPC.

    Brother David comparing him to PM Harper, saying he has many of his strengths is the ultimate insult.

    To quote a John Prine song, “It’s a big old goofy world” in Liberal land, they’re all going mad.

    • Jen says:

      What is ontario’ debt again that makes brother david very proud of his brother dalton for creating.

      Dalton’s strength is the media comes from the media period. If Dalton had the strength like PM, he wouldn’t be sucking up to the eco nuts.

  20. Joanne says:

    Just catching up here after having been out most of the day. Someone may have already mentioned it but Justin Trudeau apparently took a shot at Sun readers and Ezra will be addressing that this evening.

  21. dmorris says:

    Dalton McGuinty as Federal Liberal boss is every Conservative’s dream.

    The man has SO much political baggage he would keep the Liberals permanently locked out of the PM’s Residence.

    Just Caledonia alone would ensure the Libs would never hold power again.

    Go Dalton,listen to your wise brother.

  22. Jen says:

    Miniter of Churchill was responsible for the disruption that occured in the HOC yesterday. Malpec is to much. I wish we can get that tape.

  23. Jen says:

    How can we get the tape, malpec seems to praise the protester one who works for the CWB disruption in the HOC.

  24. Martin says:

    McGuinty as federal Liberal leader is an absurdity. The last Ont elected PM was 43 years ago; provincial premiers have never moved up to the PM stage since the 20th century.
    Besides people in other provinces would never be as dumb as Ontarians and vote for him. Still, I wish it were true, it would move him away from actual power, and ensure that the federal Liberals continue their linear decline in seat numbers. Bring it on McGuinty as leader!

  25. Frances says:

    Why yurts? This is North America. The unions could at least show solidarity with the First Nations people by providing teepees.

  26. dmorris says:

    Why “yurts” indeed! With all the dues money floating around,you’d think they could at least spring for some nice Holiday travel trailers for their “occupy” heroes.

    If Ryan was to camp out,I bet he wouldn’t be sleeping in a yurt!

  27. Mary T says:

    Were those yurts made in Canada by union labor-lol
    What was the carbon footprint to bring them to Canada.
    Was any damage done to the ozone layer by those yurts.
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  28. batb says:

    ‘Interesting to compare Sid Ryan, in his $600-shades and chic cashmere coat, with the other union marchers who were wearing baseball jackets, blue jeans, and runners. Ryan’s not as interested in the welfare of hardworking Canadians as he is in Canadians working hard to keep him in the lifestyle to which he’s grown accustomed.

  29. Sammy says:

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed (or even cares!)..but where the H has Libby Davies been? I never see her in the HofC (and she IS pretty hard to miss)..I am wondering if she has been hangin’ with the Occu-pee-er’s in Van? That IS her kinda folk after all!!

    • Jen says:

      Sammy, Libby is there in the HOC, maybe she just popped in to let her folks know that she is working for them and not for the Sid Ryans, gores, soros etc.

  30. Sammy says:

    Oh yeah,make sure you all watch At Issue tonite,the panel discusses the whole cbc/Sun media/’t war..actually it was pretty good.

  31. Stan says:

    Bizzarre, unions helping the protest against bailouts, when the unions were the biggest benificiaries of the autobailouts…
    I dunno who is dumber and more pathetic, the unions for protesting the bailouts, or the occupiers for allowing them in.

  32. Mary T says:

    There are lots of ndpq mps missing on a daily basis.

  33. johndoe124 says:

    Dalton as PM: From have-not province to have-not country.

  34. Liz J says:

    Another lesson learned for Justin T, don’t mess with Sun News whose host journalists practice investigative journalism, Ezra really took the shine off the pony.

  35. maz2 says:

    O/T Help clean up/out the dirtyrats, aka the AGW skepytics. Dalton. (hacked)


    Red-Green Needs Youse.

    Friday is Red-Green Day. Send Moi your gooey clues.

    Do yer bits to save the hurth. Pls don’t make this go right.

    “Happy sleuthing.)”


    “Help us find clues in climate email hacker’s message

    A README.txt file left by ‘FOIA’ with the hacked emails that were dumped online this week contains tantalising clues

    • Post your thoughts in the comments below or email

    “What does this file really tell us, if anything, about the identity of the hacker? I have annotated all the places in the file which I think are of potential interest – and explained why. (Click on the yellow tabs on the file below to read the annotations.)

    For example, there are the stylistic writing quirks. And what about the quotes at the beginning that help to underscore the “motivation” behind releasing the emails? Where do they come from? The motivation is obvious enough, but do these clues help to paint a profile – nationality, cultural heritage, competence with computers etc – of the perpetrator?

    I’ve had a go below but I’m really like to draw on your collective wisdom, so please use the comments below to offer your own thoughts, speculations and theories about what this file might tell us about the hacker’s profile (and the police who are sure to be also scrutinising it for potential clues). If you’d prefer to, you can email me on

    (NB: Hopefully, the specific topic of this blog should be clear to all. Any comments about what does or doesn’t cause climate change etc, are likely to be treated as off-topic by the moderators. Many thanks in advance. Happy sleuthing.)”

  36. Ruth says:

    I liked to know why Ontario is cutting tuitions by 30% at a time when the Province is more than broke. I know it was an election promise, but we really don’t need any more kids going to University. Is it just to create more Occupiers when they get a useless degree with no job future. Or is it to create more jobs for the teachers and professors. That money would have paid for the apprentice programs that the PC’s had been offering and Ontario needs.

  37. Liz J says:

    What sort of degree will be required to “teach” two year old babies?

    Perhaps Dalton will have to check out the Chinese model for education, once weaned its off to classes, the brain washing begins.

  38. maz2 says:

    Change Obama to McGuinty, America to Ontario, Washington to Queen’s Park TO, & it’s still PM Harper’s fault.

    McGuinty grinds gears, etc.

    No need to change this: “Just how miserable a failure this is can hardly be overstated.”


    “A tale of two democracies: Harper steamrolls, Obama grinds gears”

    “The word out of Washington is that after 10 weeks of intense efforts to agree on a plan to cut America’s deficit, the Democrats and Republicans are empty handed. Their deadline expired and now it’s off to celebrate Thanksgiving.

    Just how miserable a failure this is can hardly be overstated. America’s debt has passed $15-trillion. Governments owe almost $50,000 for every man, woman, and child. Everyone knows the problem won’t solve itself and is getting worse by the hour.”

  39. wilson says:

    Thought for sure Ezra would have the clip of wee Trudeau doing the striptease for charity

  40. wilson says:

    Nathan Cullen’s energy program,
    stop oilsands exports and every govt program that is not green;
    build instrastructure to transport hydro power across Canada instead of oil and gas.
    Pay for it with…… guess.

    Essentially, kill the economy by shutting down the ONLY economic driver Canada has right now; and taxing the h out of industry and taxpayers in the process.
    Oh my gawd.

    • Jen says:

      Maz2, NDPQ Cullen and the others should not complain at all, not one bit, when gas/ oil prices go up; even though many canadians like seniors even ‘homeless and soup kitchen rely on oil for heat and cooking. Cullen, instead should praise the gas companies for raising the oil and gas so as to make or force canadians use other means.
      ndpq Cullen willl also have to cut their daily debating to a bare minimun to conserve energy electricity in the HOC.

  41. Gabby in QC says:

    O/T … just out of curiosity, has anyone been trying to post a comment under this Dan Gardner article?

    I’ve been trying since late last night but I cannot get to see the comments that are already there. All I see is a series of flashing rectangles, as if the comment section is being uploaded, but it never does.

    • Joanne says:

      has anyone been trying to post a comment under this Dan Gardner article?

      I try very hard not to read Dan Gardner articles, let alone comment on them. 😉

    • MadMacs of Bytown says:

      Gabby in QC-

      To the best of my knowledge, Ottawa Citizen/Postmedia online articles do not allow for online comment (unless my browser is at fault).
      Dan Gardner’s article does drive one to want to comment but I think you’ll have to settle for e-mail as indicated. I believe he has been known to comment here or at least by twitter with Joanne.
      So, rant away here, I guess.

    • Martin says:

      The problem is with the Citizen website. It is a very primitive tool at best, today the comments for his column simply won’t come up. In general, provision for comments on any article seems to be arbitrary. When comments are available there are a few postings but very little discussion. It seems the paper’s policy is not too encourage too much discussion.
      Generally I find it a waste of time to post there.

  42. frmgrl says:

    Good news folks! Our deficit is shrinking!
    Also,heads up, Mark Steyn is going to be on with Ezra this afternoon.

    • Joanne says:

      Frmgrl – Sorry that your comment was stuck in the filter! I missed Ezra tonight. Hope that will be available online.

    • Jen says:

      Thanks frmgrl for that enlightening news.
      frmgrl, do you like the way SNN Anita Sharma delivers the business news? I do, she seems to have a ray of light even when things look gloomy. Always has a smile on her and beams from ear to ear when the economy or any good news occurs. She lifts you up even on a bad day. Don’t you think

  43. Gabby in QC says:

    Thank you for your input all of you. Some of you may call me a masochist 😉 but I want to know what others who don’t share my POV are saying — and to prove them wrong in the process.

    Actually, comments are allowed on many Ottawa Citizen articles. I’ve been leaving comments there. However, I’ve been having difficulty uploading the comments section on the article I linked to & simply wondered if it’s the site or if it’s me, because late yesterday night I left that webpage open for a long time & went to do other things. When I returned to it, I began having the difficulty previously described.

    Thanks anyway.

  44. wilson says:

    ”The CBC says it accepts a ruling that compels it to turn over sensitive documents to the federal information watchdog,
    and will not appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.”

    Thankyou Sun Media for holding our State Broadcaster to account when no other media outlet, nor the Liberals or NDP, would.
    You won.

    • Joanne says:

      Yes it is a victory for sure but I still wonder if we will ever find out how much Mansbridge and Mercer make?

      • jon says:

        More disturbing than the CBC’s whitewashing of the entire thing — the ruling, the parliementary committee’s goings-on, and calls for a CBC ‘sunshine list’ to be established — is that the other two major networks, both CTV and Global, have not reported on the story. I fully expect the CBC to downplay all stories related to its culture of secrecy… it’s a matter of self-preservation for them. Not justified by any means but understandable from a human nature standpoint. But what of the other two broadcasters? Why aren’t they reporting the story? By not doing so, they telegraph to taxpayers that they really don’t care about us… something for viewers to keep in mind the next time these media outlets feign outrage over what they will allege at some future point is an abuse of the taxpayers at the hands of the Harper gov’t. We will treat their news reports accordingly, and dismiss them for what they really are.

        And for those heaping praise on the CBC for Thursday’s At Issue’s panel, I wouldn’t afford them any at all. The At Issue’s segment is, for the most part, watched by politicos such as you and me, and others, regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum. As a result, the views on the CBC — for or against — are largely entrenched. Such panels don’t change anybody’s mind. Most average Canadians tune out after the first 10 minutes of the National’s news segment. And most of us here stay tuned on Thu night because we know that that’s the night that panel airs. How many of us are watching The National 30 minutes into its broadcast on any other night? Very few, I reckon. As long as the CBC continues to whitewash the issue in it’s main news reporting, they deserve no praise whatsoever IMO.

        And BTW, since Levant revealed that the At Issue’s panel make $500 each per appearance, how much are they being paind over a year? 4 appearances a month over about 9 months (3 months probably a year where there’s no At Issue segment), Bruce, Andrew and Chantel are fleecing the taxpayer for up to $16,000 each every year…. why don’t they decline the money? After all, they’re all talking about what they love talking about anyways.

        • Joanne says:

          $500 per appearance? Yikes!!

          • Jen says:

            The poor people can easily make that money at CBC for nothing even though most of poor do have knowledge on reality than any of those idiots at CBC ever will.

        • Liz J says:

          Yeah, $500.00 for their opinions and who needs their opinions anyway?

          We are all capable of forming our own opinions if given the right information and that’s the kicker, getting the facts from the so-called reporters/journalists is another story.

          • jon says:

            And why is the rate for appearing on P&P for example $250 per appearance while an appearance on Mansbridge’s panel is double that? Does it cost more for the privilege of appearing with the CBC’s on-air head hancho and if so, why? What’s the difference? Is he CBC royalty?

            Guests who appear on both the At Issue and P&P are there to talk about the same thing — politics — and the guests on each appear for approx the same amount of time.

            As for Mansbridge’s salary, I suspect it’s A LOT more than $200,000…. wouldn’t surprise me if it was seven figures actually. How does it compare to that which Robertson of CTV was paid when he anched CTV National News? CTV, as a private company, could’ve paid Roberston whatever they wanted, that’s up to them. But if it’s found that Mansbridge earns double what he did, if not more, then what is Hubie’s excuse for that? Would seem rather rich for the CBC to compain about the F-35 contract, saying that taxpayers could’ve gotten a better deal while overpaying a stuffed shirt like Mansbridge double — of not more — what his chief “rival” in the private sector was paid.

        • Jen says:

          Easy way to make money for nothing. You can just imagine Mansbridge salary -around $200.000.
          CBC is a place where anyone can make money without having two sense of intelligence. So, I don’t see why they (cbc) don’t hire the poor or the homeless to say whatever is told to them. Imagine all the poor people will be off the streets.
          But I guess from not hiring these folks CBC wasn’t going to take any chances doing so since the poor are more intelligent than CBC kady or mansbridge or any other reporter that can’t do a proper job.

        • Norm says:

          I don’t know a single person who has even heard of “At Issue” let alone watched it.

          • Joanne says:

            Well I’ve watched it on occasion but it certainly isn’t worth that kind of taxpayer $$$.

            I want my money back!

  45. wilson says:

    Edmonton police moved in on the occupiers at 4a.m. today.
    Nine protestors sleeping, 3 men were arrested.
    By 7:30 a.m the protestors returned to a fully fenced park.

  46. ed says:

    Should the Liberals let the bill that provides a tax rebate on home heating pass through the Ontario legislature? (Please vote first. To comment, email

    1. Yes, the bill represents the will of parliament and the majority of voters in the provincial election

    2. No, the tax cut will only add to the provincial deficit, and the Liberals have the option as government to avoid a final vote

    3. Other

  47. Mary T says:

    Several years ago it was revealed that Don Cherry’s contract was being renewed, for 500,000. Remember when his side kick got a new contract when it wasn’t going to be renewed. If Cherry gets 500,000, Peter must be in the millions. Think of the money the US anchors get, Katie Curic, 15 million.

  48. Liz J says:

    Christina Blizzard worth a read today in Ottawa Sun.

    Great picture of the sun goggled Big Boss Ryan dressed to the nines in cashmere coat and scarf tied just right shooting his mouth off behind a blow horn.

    Ryan may have to spew the blarney fast and furious with his own membership.

    His “manhandling” of reporter Jacqui Delaney who he called a s**t disturber needs to be addressed BY HIM, he needs to admit he was wrong, he stepped over the line. It was to laugh when he said she touched him first when she merely touched his arm to have him go closer to the cameras. Real bully retort IMO.

  49. jt says:

    What was the original question? “Should unions help with the cleanup?”

    Rob Ford missed an opportunity to smack his sworn enemies, unions. The “occupy” crowd were publicly supported and partly financed with union dues paying rank and file money. Were they endorsed by rank and file or a vote held with members of CUPE, CAW et al?

    Ford should send a bill for the whole deal, get some free advertising on union practices and what unions are all about, the media will have to report this and the unions will receive some bad publicity over it. Use their own published support to “occupy” against them and send a damned bill! Pay up or expect it to appear in your next bargaining session. Take pictures. Especially of Syd manhandling a woman. Put it on a billboard with the caption: “OFL/CUPE/CAW union negotiating practices”, ie arm twisting. This stuff just writes itself.

    • Joanne says:

      I think it would be great if some unions who are disenchanted with Ryan would offer some money towards the cleanup – as a gesture of good will.

      It would totally show up Sid Ryan.

      • jt says:

        Never happen, they are so above that kind of stuff, unless it’s for PC drivel, or “the cause”.

        I have a family member, CAW negotiator, who pumps out the union talking points ad nauseum when he visits. Lives and breathes “tolerance, diversity, LGBT….. whatever”. Makes me wonder when they just do their job, negotiate wages and benefits. I manage to sleep with my eyes open when he does.

        The rank and file are just taken for a ride on their dime. Union members want a raise in pay: ditch your union dues and keep more of your paycheck. Idiots.

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