Ignoring cries for help

Christie Blatchford’s column in today’s National Post is a gripping but disturbing read – ‘I would do it again’; Court hears horror of alleged honour killing.

The Sahfia trial opened yesterday and some of the evidence presented was shocking:

…In a detailed opening address of 90 minutes, Ms. Lacelle told the jurors they would hear from a variety of witnesses, including those to whom Rona Mohammad and the children had confided their fear of Mr. Shafia and Hamid.

In fact, what was most galling about the prosecutor’s overview of the evidence to come was how very openly the teenagers had rebelled against their parents – once, from a street corner in Montreal where the family lived, they begged a stranger to call 911 for them because they were so afraid to go home – and how little Canadian authorities and Canadian law helped them.

In fact, Quebec child protection authorities twice investigated complaints from Sahar’s school, once little more than three weeks before the four bodies were found.

In the first instance, Ms. Lacelle said, the social worker deemed the complaint to be “founded” – true, in other words – but closed the file anyway when Sahar wouldn’t talk to her once she learned that the worker would be obligated to tell her parents what she’d told her.

The next time she interviewed the girl two days later, “Sahar was wearing the hijab” and claimed things had improved at home.

In the second instance, though police in Montreal interviewed the children separately and had them open up about their maltreatment – including the fact that Mr. Shafia allegedly “often threatened to kill them” – the child protection worker interviewed the girls in the presence of their parents.

Unsurprisingly, they clammed up or recanted their earlier allegations, and the worker closed the file…

Obviously we have a problem here. How can young Muslim Canadians feel safe going to authorities about concerns for their own safety if they’re just going to be thrown back into the situation with the male family members’ knowledge of their complaints? It’s like throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire.

We tell these young immigrants they are safe in Canada, but the mixed messages must be difficult to live with.

The girls wanted to be free Canadians but the father, second wife and older brother were obviously repulsed by their behaviour. The children tried to get help. One even attempted suicide:

But Sahar, too, was rebelling. She had a boyfriend. She loved makeup and clothes, like her big sister. She wanted to be a gynecologist, and was moved by the plight of her native sisters in Afghanistan.

Once, miserable at facing the prospect of having to wear a hijab, she tried to kill herself. According to Rona Mohammad’s diary, Ms. Yahya snapped, “She can go to hell; let her kill herself.”

But it was the little girl, Geeti, who fought her parents most ferociously and who begged most blatantly for help.

“She told her school,” Ms. Lacelle said. “She told the police. She told youth protection.”

What she told them was that she wanted to be out of her family home, to be placed with a foster family…

So while we all ponder how we as a society failed Jamie Hubley, let’s also give some thought as to how we can help young Muslim Canadian girls caught in this prison of male dominance, polygamy and oppression – even if it’s not politically correct to do so.

Will it get better for them??

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Blast from the not-too-recent-past – Premier McGuinty weighs in on school’s Muslim prayer controversy. Those poor menstruating girls are being sold out by political correctness.

And another very poignant tale: A collision of cultures and wivesRosie DiManno, Star

Christie Blatchford has a second column out on this trial – Diary of ‘honour killing’ victim reveals competitive, misogynist culture.

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  1. maz2 says:

    Mao Stlong* Lepolt.

    *H/T Liberal leader Basement Bob Rae is a nephew of Red China’s Maurice Strong.


    “Bob Rae blasts Harper ‘jihadis'”



    “Shocking Foshan incident reveals an unspoken illness at China’s core”

    “The story of a driver hitting a child on purpose isn’t just down to our compensation laws – it goes back to the cultural revolution”

    “Yajun Zhang”

    “Two-year-old Wang Yue, just before she is hit by a van in Foshan, south China. Photograph: AP”

    “Two questions: firstly, if your car accidentally knocks down a child, do you call the ambulance or run the girl over again? Secondly, if you see a little girl dying on the ground, do you try to save her, or ignore her and walk away?

    These questions sound ridiculous and crazy, but a few days ago a driver in Foshan, south China, ended up nearly killing a two-year-old girl, Yueyue, by running her over twice rather than face the hassle of a possible lawsuit. Meanwhile, many people walked by the girl’s mangled body, ignoring the situation, until a scrap collector on a bicycle stopped and saved her life. The girl is currently fighting for her life in hospital.

    Perhaps the most tragic thing is that this is hardly unique, just the latest and worst of a series of similar incidents where suffering has been greeted with indifference.

    If any good can come of this, it is that the Foshan incident has sparked discussion in China. Many have criticised the passersby and blamed China’s compensation culture for their cold-heartedness, citing a well-known case in 2006 when someone who helped an injured old lady get to hospital was ordered by a judge to pay her compensation. (The judge’s argument was: who helps somebody like that unless they are at fault?)

    Others say that Chinese traffic laws encourage bad behaviour among drivers – that they are only required to pay compensation of ¥200,000 for a death caused by a car accident, but must pay all the medical treatment for the rest of victim’s life if the accident is non-fatal.

    Whatever the reasons are and wherever we place the blame, there is no excuse for witnessing a human being dying without doing anything to help. ”


  2. Bec says:

    You’d think that someone who aspires to ‘Social Work’ would be blessed with an instinct but more times than not, these stories and situations are exposed.
    I’m often more disappointed with social services than impressed and I suspect it’s from the layers and layers of bureaucracy that have been added too and tweaked to the point of pathetic dysfunction.

    How can a dysfunctional system provide safety and counsel to a dysfunctional situation?

  3. Alberta Girl says:

    Well, well, well…seems “social workers” have different rules for different races.

    I remember clearly when our 16 year old left home claiming “mistreatment” to the social workers (not true btw – she was just mad that we locked the door and stood in front of it to keep her from going out at midnight on a school night…something she has since apologized for btw). When she got out and didn’t come home, we called the school the next day and were told that she had gone to social services and they couldn’t talk to us – the school went against s.s. and told us that she was in school, which was a great relief – she also came home that night.

    This was over 18 years ago so perhaps things have changed, however here we have a situation where the social workers KNOW how muslim parents react to their children wanting to change, and yet they tell the parents EVERYTHING and a situation where a 16 year old runs away from a home where they have NEVER had a complaint and without investigating further, they just take the 16 year old’s word?

    Unfortunately, I think S.S. is a provincial responsibility???? So hoping the Tories change the laws probably won’t help.

  4. Garfield says:

    Maz2, do you ever stay on topic? Just asking!
    Perhaps you should have your own blog.

    • Joanne says:

      Maz2 marches to the beat of a different drummer. 😉

      • Sandy says:

        Regarding Maz2 — We all get long winded at times. My bad as well. But, unfortunately Maz2’s posts are so long and off topic most of the time that I have begun to just scroll through them to the next comment. Which is unfortunate because sometimes he or she contributes some good points.

        O/T is fine here. Joanne has no problem with it. The problem with Maz2, however, is the lengthy copying of other sources that is annoying. All Maz2 has to do is put the link. If we want to read his source, we will. If not, we won’t.

        Re your post today Joanne — I’m glad you have broken the silence!!! Thanks.

  5. Joanne says:

    Long day today with a 2-year-old who decides he doesn’t need naps anymore. I am wiped out! 😉

  6. Bubba Brown says:

    It takes courage to do the right thing, I think if Mr Hudack had of come out and taken a stand on the occupation of a Toronto school every friday, by a religious group.
    Which from all accounts treats young women as unclean, third class people.
    This is not my Canada.
    This is not how women are to be treated in Canada.
    I think he would of not only be doing the right thing he would have shown he had what it takes to be a leader.
    Weather or not that translated into more support, doesn’t matter, as adults we all know sometimes there is a price to pay, for standing up and saying, this is wrong.
    This is wrong on so many levels, this is Canada not some backwards third world hell hole ruled by a combination of superstition and fear.
    So now the trial is being held up so the interpreters can do whatever it is they just have to do, when everyone else on the planet is just getting on with it.
    If our ways conflict with theirs so badly why don’t they just stay where they are.
    I am the offspring of immigrants I realize things were different over there.
    They are different over here too, ADAPT!
    Your superstitions, belief do not trump our laws.
    If we allow this to happen their there will become our here. Unacceptable.

  7. Joanne says:

    The crazy thing is that some people in this culture think that the moment their errant women are killed that this somehow redeems their ‘honour’. For them the shame of prison is nothing compared to if those girls had lived and continued to act like normal Canadians.

    How do we in Canada even begin to wrap our heads around that and be able to deal with it on a deterrence basis?

    • Richco says:

      Easy one for me Joanne. When you become a Canadian Citizen it is absolutely clear that Canadians believe that there is no honour in killing, plain and simple.

      What bothers me most is that Canadians are going to be paying for the outcome one way or the other is these murderers are found guilty.

      A good deterrence for me is to send them back from the country they came to us from.

  8. maz2 says:

    “misogynist culture”?

    That’s Mohammedanism, aka Islam.

    MSM piece here* does not identify the “misogynist culture” of Mohammed.

    These words/names* tell the story:

    “*Mohammad Shafia” and “Rona Amir *Mohammad” and “Tooba *Mohammad Yahya”.

    MSM says, “its members behave like, well, children.” No, they behave like Mohammedans.

    MSM’s pc kills.

    Here is the killer quote: “On Fridays, the judge told the jurors, the lunch schedule will be shifted so the interpreters, all male, can get to mosque for prayers.”


    “*Christie Blatchford: Diary of ‘honour killing’ victim reveals competitive, misogynist culture”


  9. jt says:

    Interpretors? What is this a “show trial”? This is Canada. What are these people doing here if they can’t speak either of our official languages? They are mocking this country with their need for “interpretors”.

    This “trial” is a charade and our legal profession are showing contempt to Canadian law and society by pandering to this parasitic culture, willfully imported by our political class!

    The proponents are showing their contempt for our laws and society and thumbing their noses at Canadian law, aided and abetted by the Canadian legal profession.

    • batb says:

      “What are these people doing here if they can’t speak either of our official languages?”


      Jason Kenney and the CPC are introducing a bill that will require immigrants to Canada to pass a proficiency test in either English or French.

      “The ability to communicate effectively in either French or English is key to the success of new citizens in Canada,” said Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in a statement on Friday. “This change will encourage applicants to ensure that they can speak English or French when they apply for citizenship, thereby improving the integrity and effectiveness of the citizenship program for Canada and for new Canadians alike.”


      Of course, the usual naysayers in the chattering class are throwing up objections: Donald Galloway, a law professor at the University of Victoria, said the proposal shows the Harper government puts the economy above the humanitarian needs of its residents.

      If they aren’t proficient in either English or French, they don’t come to Canada. When you think about the

  10. maz2 says:

    More Mohammedanism.

    Not only are women the target of Mohammedanism’s vile culture; but, men with a voice are also targets.


    “Egyptian gets three years for insulting Islam on Facebook”


  11. maz2 says:

    (O/T, but, … Thank you, Joanne for your space. Words fail.)


    “Modern China is many things, but mostly it’s tragic”


    • Joanne says:

      Oh my. Maz2 is getting short & pithy. 😉

      • Richco says:

        contrary to popular opinion I still like the machinations of maz2’s posts…on topic or not.

        It works some times better than others but it’s no big deal to skip posts that don’t interest you, long, short, pithy or a snorefest.

  12. ed says:


    Heard on Michael Campbell’s Money Talks program: more on the global-warming fraud: the full article is here: http://www.thegwpf.org/the-climate-record/4125-donna-laframboise-the-delinquent-teenager.html

    Donna Laframboise: The Delinquent Teenager
    Monday, 17 October 2011 15:29 Matt Ridley, The Rational Optimist

    “Her book The Delinquent Teenager is now available on kindle and will shortly be in paperback. It is one of the most important pieces of investigative journalism in recent years. It demolishes the argument that we need the mainstream media because the blogosphere will never do the hard work of investigative journalism. The opposite is true.”

  13. ed says:

    O/T: Also heard on Money Talks:

    “In the EU, there are over 26,911 regulations on cabbage. This is one example of a major problem in Europe: over-regulation.”

    Doesn’t that sound where Ontario is going?? Does McGuinty want to take Ontarians the way of the EU, California, etc., etc..??

  14. ed says:

    “Will it get better for them??”

    Maybe we should follow the Dutch model when it comes to new immigrants to Canada??

  15. Jen says:

    O/T, Joanne, maybe you could put this warning message at the top.

    Watch for computer scan scam: Police 29
    QMI Agency

    First posted: Saturday, October 22, 2011 09:21 AM EDT

    If you receive a call from someone informing you that your computer isn’t working properly and that a new product will improve its performance, call the police.


  16. Bubba Brown says:

    I have been getting the “compooter is be aving the virus” “I am employee of Microsoft”
    Loads of fun, I ask how the weather is in Zimbawbe and if Robert Mugabe is still eating kittens.
    I must have had about six or 8 calls about my errant compooter.
    Dang I was hoping it was a groupie wantin’ to meet big ol Bubba.
    When all else fails I break out my educated south asian accent and berate the caller for targeting a homie.
    Sadly some people have responded.
    The bank, Microsoft, or any other institution will NEVER call you asking for information. NEVER!
    Beautiful day in Qualicum sunny warm, did have a frosty windshield last week damm!
    A stuffed pork loin in the oven gettin’ happy, happy all is right in my little corner !
    Cheers! Check it out!

  17. Liz J says:

    So, an elderly woman can’t be treated by hospital nurses and doctors when she happens to fall as a visitor in a hospital, but rather has to wait for an ambulance for treatment? Outrageously inane, we need to have a massive injection of common sense into the system. Remembering too that McGuinty has promised home visits/house calls by our doctors and nurses but not if you happen to injure yourself in the very place you would be taken by an ambulance.

    Help! Get me outta here!

  18. Liz J says:

    Why would we be surprised McGuinty would be a cop out on the issue of prayers in the public schools by saying he has faith in the school boards?

  19. Joanne says:

    This article is worth checking out for those who are worried about leftwing academic elitism continuing to infiltrate our universities – They hijacked the humanities, then my canoe by Margaret Wente (Globe).

    • Bec says:

      Hilarious but after reading the comments, I’m still worried! :)

      • Joanne says:

        Yes she’s very brave to write something like that in the Globe. Heh.

        Looks like a lot of comments rolling in from various sides.

    • Joanne says:

      BTW not sure when I’ll get a new post up. Still recovering from an exhausting week.

      • Bec says:

        2 year old boys ARE exhausting especially when they give up the sigh,….. nap! Just wait until you are part of the potty training agenda….EGHAD haha!

        I’m with ya!

    • Joanne says:

      Please do. I read that too and was wondering if the mother’s defense will be that she was forced into it?

      • Bec says:

        Or that she too was abused? Forced, had no say etc etc? Will she use the very system as an excuse that her children were fighting?

        When I see her being excused from the proceedings, I am left wondering if we are going to see a ‘battered wife syndrom’?

  20. Richco says:

    O/T – on the local front I hope you can all understand the difficulty I’m having right now supporting either our CPC or the Ont. PCs

    The PCs and Hudak were awol during the campaign when it came to paying a visit to my town destroyed by an F3 Tornado. The other candidates were here in support. McGuinty’s $5million dollar drop in the bucket to help us recover doesn’t even come close the the $100million dollar bill.

    When Slave Lake burnt down, Harper went there for a tour and offered financial support. To date from the feds. for our town…..nothing. Maybe it’s coming? Only one death and several injuries but over 150 families affected and/or homeless and it’s far from business as usual for our town Square which took the brunt of the damage. Our heritage buildings are being slowly demolished and while our officials and many of the town’s people are putting on a brave face for the media – we need a miracle.

    It’s hard finding interest in politics both federally and provincially when all around the place you’ve called home for 25 years people are going through almost collective depression. There are some good things starting to happen but not nearly fast enough for some and too fast for others.

  21. Richco says:

    my political contribution for today – Dalton’s still told a whopper to win THIS seat.

  22. Liz J says:

    How can any free democracy deal with those who come here and practice Sharia within their own homes or enclaves until they actually do something like this? These people are protected by our Charter to practice a religion even though it’s practices are not within our laws, they are fully aware of it.

    Even when they are charged we are left wondering if they will be given punishment to fit the crime. It should be grounds for deportation when anyone is caught practicing such Barbarism in the guise of religion.

    How do you deal with and help young people, mainly girls and women, who are being terrorized within their own families by males in their own families before it’s too late? Multiculturalism and the Charter are not helpful in this regard, they feed the problem.

    We have a long way to go when it comes to spelling out what we expect from newcomers to this country who come from places we have little or no history with.

    • Joanne says:

      I agree 100%.

      I also think we have no right to criticize Sharia in Libya when we can’t deal with our own problems here.

      • Liz J says:

        True, but why is Sharia a factor in this country at all? Why do we have people coming here deciding to ply their 12 century “customs” which are not acceptable or legal in this country which was founded on Judeo-Christian principles which have evolved with the times?

        It’s about time we spell it out, come here, live by and within our laws where men and women are equal, join our society, no hiding and shunning us under garb like burkas. Our faces are our identity, we do not hide them, that’s for Halloween and robbers. It’s difficult to stomach watching men go about in modern clothing while their women are hidden and abused as they see fit according to the dictates of sharia. Who would dress like that by choice?

        Suffice to say we should be very wary and concerned for our own country first and foremost. Weed out the extremists sounds easy, it isn’t.

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