The Audacity of Uniting

Lorrie Goldstein outlines the differences between the Tea-Party and Occupy Wall Street in today’s column Hippies vs. white Old Guys.

But there is also a middle area where the two groups share some similarities – they’re just approaching it from opposite angles.

Goldstein explains:

…The problem with the Tea Partiers, however, is that while they correctly focus like a laser on the inherent dangers of Big Government, they tend to dismiss any regulation of Big Business, no matter how reasonable, necessary or logical, as inherently evil.

The Occupy Wall Streeters, while great at pointing out the dangers of Big Business (more accurately, crony capitalism), aren’t actually against the government arbitrarily intervening in the marketplace to pick winners and losers.

They just want different winners and losers which is why, as Don Watkins of the Ayn Rand Center notes, they are far more incensed about bank bailouts, than say, bailouts of unionized auto manufacturers, or economically unviable but politically correct “green” energy companies.

In other words, Tea Partiers and Occupy Wall Streeters have each identified half the problem.

It would be in both their interests, and the start of real solutions, to unite under one banner of protest, and recognize all of it.

Is there a chance these two grassroot movements could find common ground and unite? Time’s Roya Wolverson explores that possibility complete with a Venn diagram (created by Blogger James Sinclair).

So somewhere in the middle is a mutual disgust for Big Government bailouts of greedy, irresponsible Big Corporations.

Who knows? Hope and Change may yet come to America.


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I found James Sinclair’s post so interesting – especially his own footnote #3:

3. By all means, leave a comment if you think I’m wrong, but it’s a myth that big corporations are anti-government, right? They don’t want to have to compete in a free market, they want to “compete” in an artificially restricted market.

This made me think of Premier WindTurbine’s Green Energy obsession and all the unsustainable  government handouts that go along with it. Should we Occupy Queen’s Park and yell out that we’re Taxed Enough Already?

*   *   *   *


Solvency issues force Arise to close German plantRecord:

…Arise and its competitors have been battered by an oversupply in solar markets globally, Vainionpaa said.

“Since early 2011, the industry has been dealing with a flood of low-priced Chinese manufactured inventory, which continues to place sustained downward pressure on PV (photovoltaic) cell prices.”

Somebody broke Obama’s green-job creatorKelly McParland

“Smart” Meters: More Radiation Than a Cell TowerStop Smart Meters!

Did George Soros fund Occupy Wall Street? National Post

Jonathan Kay on Occupy Wall Street: It’s a symptom of something seriousNational Post:

…Both movements are full of people (including Tea Party hero Ron Paul) who oppose America’s involvement in costly foreign wars when the United States is going bankrupt at home. Both groups are disgusted with the Wall Street pig trough that has been slopped up by the Bush and Obama administrations alike. And both groups want to see a tax code and fiscal policy that isn’t larded up with backdoor special-interest tax breaks and earmarks…

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18 Responses to The Audacity of Uniting

  1. old white guy says:

    as one of the overtaxed, over regulated citizens of this country i have one question. what is a corporation? i will tell you what it is not. it is not an entity void of people. people make up all corporations and those people pay taxes from the ceo to the factory worker on the line and the shareholders. understanding that all governments and businesses are made up of and run by people should at least make one think.

  2. maz2 says:

    13 October, 1812, Battle of Queenston Heights.

    A Tribute to Sir Isaac Brock.


    “The battle of Queenston Heights was a British victory early in the War of 1812 that turned back the first American attack on the Niagara front. Although the United States and Canada shared a very long border, in the north west there were only two realistic lines for American attack – from Detroit at the western end of Lake Erie, or across the Niagara River at the eastern end of the lake. The United States decided to attack in both of these areas, in the expectation that the weak British forces in Upper Canada would be unable to respond to the simultaneous attacks. Unfortunately for the Americans, their attacks could not be coordinated. The Detroit campaign began in July 1812 when an American army crossed the Detroit River, but ended in disaster on 16 August with the surrender of Detroit to Major-General Isaac Brock.”


    “There they nearly captured Major General Isaac Brock, the British commander in Upper Canada. He had spent the previous night at Fort George. He was alerted to the fighting at Queenston by the sound of the American guns, and had dashed south to investigate. Once at Queenston he had climbed up the escarpment to a British redan just below the top of the height, to get a better look at the American attack. While he was at the redan, the first American party reached the top of the crest, and charged the British position. Brock was forced to flee back into the village.

    Once there he immediately ordered a counterattack. At the head of 100 regulars and 100 Lincoln militia, Brock led the attack directly up the slope of the escarpment. He was hit by two American bullets, and was killed by the second. The attackers retreated back into the village.”

  3. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal socialist McGuinty’s TO Party.

    Taliban Jacques Bloc Separatist’s Orange Crush.

    “*He came on a bicycle. I escorted him down and he went away on his bike.”


    “Toronto ‘biggest pimps’ in North America?”

    “TORONTO – Neon-lit city-licensed body rub parlours may soon be popping up everywhere in a neighbourhood near you if a staff committee at City Hall has its way.

    At least one city councillor is fuming over plans by a consultative committee for suggesting on Tuesday that permits for body rub parlours be increased tenfold or more from the existing 25 to “several hundreds” by early next year.

    “This will make us the biggest pimps in North America,” an outraged Giorgio Mammoliti said on Wednesday. “These clubs will be springing up in strip malls and residential areas across the city.””

    “*He came on a bicycle. I escorted him down and he went away on his bike.”

    “Layton found in bawdy house: Ex-cop”

  4. Martin says:

    Premier’s wind obsession:
    This link provides hourly reports from IESO on wind generated electricity (see side bar on right)
    Current total electyricity demand 16523 MW
    total generation 17239 MW
    Wind generation 105 MW .6% of production
    If all approximately 800 wind turbines today generate .6% of demand, how many many would have to be built to generate significant amounts of electricity?
    The story linked above mentions industry claims of wind supplying 20% of the province’s requirements.

    This is utter fantasy. Paving over all the cropland in SW Ont. could never reach that figure, what would be the cost?
    Without even considering social and health costs, McGuinty’s Green energy plan is just a pipe dream.
    This is understood in rural Ont., but has yet to be appreciated in the cities.

    • Liz J says:

      Thing is, “forward together” McGuinty will not listen, he’s moving forward over the cliff with his wind and solar green energy “pipe dream” and taking us along to pay the price, we voted ourselves no choice in the matter.

      Few need bother to complain either, we set a record for low voter turnout, obviously making a point about how badly the Conservative campaign trumped all, even for conservative purists. We get what we deserve when it comes to governance when people can’t get off their asses, use their heads and vote for who looks best over all for the common good. McGuinty sure isn’t the right choice, we’ll all pay and for many the cost will be beyond their ability to pay.

      • Bec says:

        He and his separated at birth bud D.S-ki should be required to have this garbage and these eyesores on their property and their only source of energy.

        Neither of them nor their elitist supporters seem to be signing up to have it in front of their million dollar condo or waterfront downtown T.O. property to prove that it’s an acceptable and reliable option. Why not?Until then, it’s nothing more than an ideological agenda.

  5. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal socialist JC Red-Green McGuinty and O’red-green O’s First Solar, SunPower Corp. and ProLogis.


    “Green energy tagged saviour”

    “ECONOMY: Panel hears from experts who say green energy adds much-needed diversity to a troubled manufacturing sector”

    “Green energy offers a glimmer of hope to Southwestern Ontario’s troubled manufacturing sector, but there are still hurdles to overcome, an economic panel heard Wednesday.

    Manufacturing exports driven largely by the automotive sector, are sagging in the region, thanks largely to the troubled U.S. economy and high loonie.

    But in green energy manufacturing, there is “opportunity,” said Jay Myers, chief executive of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, “Manufacturers in southern Ontario are very concerned about productivity, the priority is to find new customers and green energy . . . offers new opportunity,” Myers said.

    “They are still focused on automotive and diversity right now is good.””


    “Solar Project That Received $1.2 Billion Federal Loan Sponsored by Financially Troubled Firm”

    “With the Solyndra scandal still swirling, the Obama administration is under pressure to reveal the financial condition of the solar companies that received $4.75 billion in similar federal loan guarantees on the last day of the program.

    Republican lawmakers on two House committees are seeking details about the loans given to . Of those three companies, troubling financial revelations have emerged about SunPower, which sponsored a solar project that received a $1.2 billion loan, more than twice the money approved for Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy last month after receiving a $528 million loan.

    The Energy Department says on its website that the $1.2 billion loan to help build the California Valley Solar Ranch in San Luis Obispo County, a project that will help create 15 permanent jobs, which adds up to the equivalent of $80 million in taxpayer money for each job.

    But the Energy Department stands by the project.”

  6. Martin says:

    20,000 green jobs or whatever figure McGuinty bandies about, are another fantasy.
    Most wind energy jobs are short term construction jobs, after it is maintenance and watchman positions. I don’t think CAW will rush to fill these.

    To set up manufacturing capacity for turbine parts, you require an export market, Ont is too small. USA is moving away from the Green boondoggle, even Al Gore is preaching to emplty pews. So where will the market for wind turbines come from?

    Sadly, there is no international market, Ont. under McGuinty is the only jurisdiction left, clinging to a green Suzukian utopia.

  7. Jen says:

    Joanne listen to the tape from Money Talks with Michael Campbbell on Dalton Mac guinty , have not province and even about the media.

    Make sure you have the date set on: 12-11 @12pm then after the commerical, slide to 13:10 to hear ‘money talks.

    I think you might like to hear him.

    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Jen. I’ll look forward to listening to that.

      Going to have a small procedure done on my wrist tomorrow so not sure if I’ll be able to type for a while.

      But carry on! 😉

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  9. maz2 says:

    Mao Stlong* Lepolt.

    You wan soral paners? Cheap.

    Liberal leader Basement Bob Rae, Uncle Mo* Strong’s nephew, said: *.


    “Canada to feel bite of Chinese trade slowdown”

    “A slowdown in China’s trade growth is raising fears that the engine of the global economy is cooling, and dragging on Canada’s already sluggish economy.

    Exports from China increased at the slowest pace in seven months in September, as demand from major trading partners Europe and the United States waned and a stronger Chinese currency pinched manufacturers. The pace of import growth also slowed sharply, heightening concerns that demand for materials from resource-rich nations such as Canada will decline.

    “The signs of a slowing Chinese economy come as Canadian companies are increasingly targeting China and other emerging countries as a market for their products. The fresh evidence of China’s vulnerability to slowing growth in Europe and the United States suggests that these relatively new markets for Canadian exporters will not be immune to a downturn.

    “It’s not a very good sign, that’s for sure,” said Jayson Myers, president and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.”

    “*Bob Rae blasts Harper ‘jihadis'”

  10. maz2 says:

    Liberal socialist McGuinty and O’s green jobs plan: Build better and higher port-a-potties and they will come.

    ““I am merely suggesting that if we have public toilets they can be used.””

    Q: Mr. Gorbagreen! Is human waste not bio-degradable? If not, why not?

    A: Of course. It’s elementary physics, comrade.


    “Gorbachev: Putin should move on and Obama stay”



    “Greens Want Port-a-Potties on Top of Mount Everest”

    “Green groups say there’s just too much poop on top of Mount Everest, not to mention trash and even corpses.

    Eco Himal is asking the Nepalese government to put port-a-potties on the famous peak, which they say has become fouled by generations of climbers who leave deposits that can last forever given the climate.

    “Human waste is a problem, of course,” the group’s director, Phinjo Sherpa, told AFP. “I am merely suggesting that if we have public toilets they can be used.”

  11. maz2 says:

    Mao Stlong* Lepolt.

    “This is just the beginning of what promises to be a turbulent time for China.””


    “China’s trade slip stokes global fear”

    “Concern about China’s ability to keep the global economy going intensified Thursday as the country’s trade surplus shrivelled for a second straight month to US$14.5-billion, leaving Beijing’s currency-appreciation program in doubt as a trade war with the United States continues to simmer.

    The drop in the trade surplus was not as jarring as it was a month ago when it fell to US$17.8-billion from US$30.5-billion in July, but still fell short of economists’ estimates of around US$16.3-billion.

    “Although some decline in exports growth was expected given the weaker global demand growth, the magnitude of the fall was clearly significantly larger than expected,” Yu Song, economist with Gao Hua Economics Research, said in a note. “If this downward trend is maintained, we believe it will push the policy stance one step closer to an incrementally looser one. The pace of currency appreciation may also slow if exports growth continues to soften.”

    The weak September report showed serious declines in both export growth, down to 17.1% year-over-year, and import growth, off 20.9%.
    At a press conference moments after the September trade report was released, Lu Peijun, deputy head of the Chinese customs administration, warned that the higher yuan was hurting Chinese exports, Reuters reported.”

    ““The trade data confirmed that China is likely to have already been in the throes of a ‘hard landing’ in the third quarter,” Diana Choyleva, economist with Lombard Street Research, said in a report Thursday. “China’s cyclical hard landing is unavoidable but more worryingly it threatens to open Pandora’s box. This is just the beginning of what promises to be a turbulent time for China.””

    *Maurice Strong, aka Mao Stlong, is Liberal leader Basement Bob Rae’s uncle.

  12. Kunoichi says:

    I don’t see the OWS protesters and their supporters ever working with the Tea Partiers. They hate Tea Partiers with a passion. The folks I know who support the OWS and want to have this “revolution” here in Canada would die before admitting any commonality between OWS and the political right.

    • Joanne says:

      Yeah I have to agree that it’s quite a stretch – especially since OWS seems to be comprised of such a motley group of unions, anarchists and professional demonstrators as well as the odd sincere person who’s just plain fed up.

  13. maz2 says:

    Leftists and MSM declare:

    O’narcissist* is another FAILed professor from Harvard like his ex-buddy ex-Liberal Count Ignatieff.

    >>> “The former academic is regularly accused of taking too professorial a tone: talking down to the public rather than to them.”

    O’narcissist* Cold Not Cool.

    “*The narcissist is able to provoke in his milieu, in his casual acquaintances, even in his psychotherapist, the strongest, most avid and furious hatred and revulsion.”


    “How Barack Obama went from cool to cold”

    “Barack Obama’s measured approach won him the White House. So why do supporters think he lacks the ‘fierce urgency of now’?”

    “This is a rare tale of Obama both directly facing down an opponent and losing his cool. But during the past year many of his supporters have wished he would show such flashes of anger, urgency and passion more often (if perhaps a bit more focused and less macho and juvenile).”

    “… in office he has come across as aloof at a time of acute economic pain and insufficiently combative when faced with an increasingly polarised political culture. The former academic is regularly accused of taking too professorial a tone: talking down to the public rather than to them.”



    “The lack of empathy, the aloofness, the disdain, the sense of entitlement, the constricted sense of humor, the unequal treatment and the paranoia – render the narcissist a social misfit. The narcissist is able to provoke in his milieu, in his casual acquaintances, even in his psychotherapist, the strongest, most avid and furious hatred and revulsion. To his shock, indignation and consternation, he invariably induces in others unbridled aggression.

    He is perceived to be asocial at best and, often, antisocial. This, perhaps, is the strongest presenting symptom.”

    “*Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?

    Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. – 8/13/2008”

  14. Soccermom says:

    the ONLY thing that the Tea Party has in common with the thugs at the Occupy protests is that both groups involve many people. That’s it. The OWS group is full of useful idiots, it’s astroturf started with big unions, with many old hippies stirring the pot and motivating. There are marxists, socialists and communists there, most of whom hate America and the western lifestyle…radicals and anarchists who leave filthy messes and are spoiling for a fight.

    Ahmadenijad supports it, every dictator supports it, Al Gore supports it and Bob Rae supports it. There’s nothing good and decent about this group whatsoever. Even the Nazi Party of America supports it.

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