Back to the future

Let’s fastfoward to Friday Oct. 7.  Minority situation.

The reality is that Dalton McGuinty would still end up being premier by cobbling together some sort of agreement with the NDP in spite of his protestations to the contrary (or call in a few favours.)

Blue Liberals need to think long and hard about that scenario.

Then only way to save our province is with a strong, stable, Progressive-Conservative majority government.


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On Thursday, Ontarians should vote ConservativeNational Post Editorial:

He [Tim Hudak] is pledging a significant tax break for Ontario families via income splitting. He would prohibit unions from using compulsory membership fees to support political causes the broader membership may not support. He has committed to repairing Ontario’s broken system of public-sector wage arbitration, which contributes to wage increases even amid strained budgets. Under a Hudak government, unions would be made to compete for government contracts against the private sector. And the Conservative leader rightly has pledged to stop forcing costly green electricity schemes onto Ontario ratepayers. Then there are his proposed reforms to the province’s system of training skilled workers, which are long overdue. These all are initiatives that this editorial board would welcome.


Five key reasons to vote for Hudak’s PC candidatesCrux of the Matter
List of McGuinty Scandals with DetailsJack and Coke with a Lime

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Irony Alert!!  This is just too funny considering that I had no idea about the coincidental year the movie was released before titling today’s blog post.

Here’s a possibility I hadn’t considered: Another election???

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  1. Liz J says:

    When, oh when is the media and our Conservative war room going to confront McGuinty about his falsehoods? He’s making claims that simply are not factual, his numbers just don’t add up, and he’s getting away without challenge from anyone. To top it off his government/we are being sued by a turbine outfit for broken contract.

    I’m sick of his pointy fingers, flailing arms and pointy faced fake sincerity.

  2. Richco says:

    win or lose McGuinty’s gone in 6-9 months tops.
    the only problem with the “strong, stable Progressive-Conservative majority government” slogan Joanne is that the McGuinty Liberals beat Hudak to it.

    I’m wondering why Hudak’s campaign team didn’t think to use that for themselves?

    I also don’t discount a coalition between the PCs and NDP (something the media is conveniently missing)

    • Martin says:

      A coalition between PC/NDP is possible, but unlikely simply because on key platform policies they are on opposite sides. The corporate tax rate, the F.I.T
      subsidies, nuclear power construction, they are miles apart. With numbers similar to the Sun prediction, the Libs could be counted on to promise anything, offer anything. In short the NDP could get a better deal from Dalton McGuinty; they would gravitate to whoever would offer the most.
      The only hope for change is a PC majority.

  3. Richco says:

    Don’t believe that Ekos poll either folks because looking back to past elections and especially to the last federal election Grave’s poll missed by a HUGE margin. All other polls that time called for a Harper majority except for Ekos.

    Now today re: provincial election Ekos is spouting off about Dalton’s lead increasing. Total BS compared with the other polls which all have Hudak and McGuinty neck-and-neck, which I believe is closer to the truth.

    Ekos is a PUSH POLL designed to get voters to think something other than the truth….and likely to try to convince PC supporters to stay home.

  4. fh says:

    we need to be sure to GTVO
    this will make a big impact on our PC outcome
    strong stable Progressive Conservative Government for Ontario
    work hard everyone

    • Louise M. says:

      I read advance polls were up very significantly over 2007 in and around Waterloo. I don’t know if it’s because more polling stations were available. I’m thinking it’s more that people want change. I’m predicting a higher voter turnout this time around.

  5. Richco says:

    another one stuck in filter Joanne – it’s an endorsement for Hudak!

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  7. TangoJuliette says:

    Did a fair bit of touring ’round Ontario since the writ was dropped. No matter where I went, I noted that campaign signs were up early on.

    However, coupla observations:

    1.) Did not see one RED liberal sign anywhere. What’s out there arewhat I assume to be librano campaign signs. What makes me think that they are librano signs is that they are sort of poop-brindle brown, with a small, busy, barely discernible party logo at the bottom – and even that is usually buried in the tall grass and weeds.

    Looks to me like the OLP is trying to distance itself from the federal brand of Librano band of thieves, At the same time, most OLP candidates that haven’t abandonned McLiar’s ship of tools, are also trying to distance themselves from shifty premier pop.

    2.) Why are they no ads countering the lies that Dalton keeps spewing? WTHeck, eh?

    3.) Watch for reports of “vandalized property and campaign signs” with ALL the ‘vics’ being librano supporters. Watch for lies and smears and vote-buying practiced by the libranos. Watch too, for potentially damning and damagings signs, grafitti, posters and flyers, all vicious, all to be attributed(implied) to the Ont. Progressive Conservatives, and / or the Ont. NDP. Watch for these events to take p[lace where it is patently clear the the Libranos are seriously trailing behind the competition.

    Watch for this Librano-generated & manufactured “shit-sorm” to start breaking Tuesday night, Weds. morning and Weds. night. These tactics will suck all the life – supporting oxygen out of all campaigns.

    4.) But let’s hope that the turning wheel of Karma has noot yet stopped with just one corrupt Ms. Holland. Spin Wheel, Spin!!




  8. Pickering Tory says:

    I believe that the polls are way off the mark…In fact the PC’s will achieve the majority mandate…however just barely 56 to 57 seats.
    The funny thing is everyone I speak to says they are done with the Liberals and McGuinty.
    From the sex ed curriculum, to the wasted money in e-health scandals, to the lies of not raising taxes, smart meters, a fee for smart meters, HST on utilities, exorbitant prices for electricity…I mean the list just goes on and on and on
    This reminds so much of the mayoral election from last year. As for Hudak not running a good campaign…it’s (in my opinion) has gotten stronger over the last few days.
    As time counts down to Thursday, more and more will put the X next to their PC candidate.

  9. Richco says:

    O/T – here’s a great issue to support

  10. Richco says:

    Good article – I think that the Hudak war room should have gone nasty over this last week on the very issue of trust. Why SHOULD Ontarians trust being lied to again by McGuinty?

  11. maz2 says:

    O’s well.


    “Obama doesn’t regret Solyndra loan”

    “President Obama on Monday defended the administration’s half-billion dollar financial support for the solar-panel company Solyndra which filed for bankruptcy in early September.

    Asked by ABC News if he regretted holding up Solyndra as a model for jobs and clean energy, Obama replied “No, I don’t, because if you look at the overall portfolio of loan guarantees that have been provided, overall it’s doing well.””


    “U.S.-backed geothermal energy company in financial turmoil”

    “Nevada Geothermal Power, which has plans to develop a plant in southern Oregon, is struggling with debt after encountering problems at its only operating plant in remote northern Nevada.

    The New York Times reports that the company’s struggles bear similarities to another federal government-backed startup, solar panel-maker Solyndra, whose failure sparked Congressional hearings. The Times notes, however, that there are significant differences between the two companies. For one, Solyndra received $528 million in government aid while Nevada Geothermal received a much smaller $79 million in loan guarantees and $66 million in grants.”

  12. Bubba Brown says:

    Joanne I have made 4 tries to post a link to “National News and Views” an article lauding Canada as the best place on Earth to do buisness, according to Forbes we are soaring while America sinks.
    Mcguintism must be a virus.
    Anyway if I try to link I get “the website cannot display etc.”
    Great article.

  13. paulsstuff says:

    The desperation of the Star and it’s journalists, who all seem to be writing McGuinty Great/Hudak Bad stories several times a day now tells you all you need to know about how the Liberals feel about their election chances.

    Here in Ajax Liberal incumbent Joe Dickson seems to be down in the dumps over his re-election chances, as well as those of his party.

  14. paulsstuff says:

    By the way, the Star is now using a poll done in only 27 ridings and using it to translate into results for all 107 ridings. If you did that in schoo; I’m pretty sure that would be called an epic failure:

    “A massive poll of more than 23,000 people in 27 key ridings confirms that Ontario appears headed for a hung Parliament after Thursday’s election.

    The Forum Research survey — a follow-up to the firm’s province-wide poll of 40,750, one of the largest samples in Canadian history — examined battlegrounds and found voters seem reluctant to give any party a majority.

    “It’s really, really close. It’s still deadlocked,” Forum president Lorne Bozinoff told the Star on Monday.

    Because of the large number of voters contacted in each riding over the course of the separate polls, Bozinoff has been able to calculate the composition of the 107-seat Legislature.

  15. ed says:

    Joanne, having a terrible time accessing your site tonight. Must be those damn Liberals. LOL

  16. Liz J says:

    If polls are so damned accurate, why bother with voting, simply poll people here and there and declare the winner.

    • Joanne says:

      Heh. And that’s why we shouldn’t get too worked up about polls one way or the other. Look how wrong they all were in the last Federal election!

  17. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report.

    Liberal Ad$Cam Chretien: Wad’s a cripple ax?


    “Party’s over: Harper government moves to kill taxpayer subsidies for political parties”

    “The Harper government will introduce legislation Tuesday to scrap direct taxpayer subsidies for federal political parties over three years, Postmedia News has learned.

    The move eventually will save nearly $30 million annually for the federal treasury, but could cause critical financial shortfalls for many of the parties — particularly the opposition parties which have come to rely on the government subsidies for a large portion of their annual funding.

    Ultimately, it will mean all parties will have to become much more aggressive and sophisticated in persuading Canadians to make their own donations.

    The measure to kill public subsidies, which were first introduced by the Chretien government in 2003, will be contained in a bill which implements a variety of initiatives from Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s June 6 budget.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the pledge to scrap the subsidies during the spring election, and the governing Conservatives are framing the action as necessary to bring greater political integrity to the system and treat taxpayers’ dollars with greater care.

    But opposition parties have said Harper’s motives are actually partisan, and that he is pressing ahead with the plan as part of a broader goal to financially cripple the Conservative party’s rivals.”

  18. maz2 says:

    As MSM will never say: This bodes ill for Liberal McGuinty.


    “Big Turnout Ahead of Thursday’s Election”

    Over 46-thousand Ottawa voters have already cast their ballot in advance polls ahead of Thursday’s election.

    Elections Ontario has released the figures for the advance polls for the seven ridings that touch Ottawa.

    Carleton-Mississippi Mills had the highest voter turnout among Ottawa ridings, with 87-hundred ballots cast in the advance polls.

    More than 81-hundred ballots have been cast already in Nepean-Carleton.

    Advance voter turnout was 63-hundred in Ottawa-Centre, six-thousand in Ottawa-Orleans, 64-hundred in Ottawa South, 59-hundred in Ottawa West-Nepean and 49-hundred in Ottawa Vanier.

    Across Ontario, nearly 625-thousand people cast their ballots in advance polls for the provincial election, up from 452-thousand people who voted in advance polls in the 2007 election.”

  19. Liz J says:

    Surprise, surprise, PEI returned a Liberal Majority. It may have something to do with the red clay.

  20. maz2 says:

    Disclaimer: This is not an incitement to throw rotten eggs at socialist Liberal McGuinty.

    Iceland’s government is socialist with the prime minister a feminist (sic) sister of the Libby Davies ilk.


    “Why are Icelanders pelting their leaders with eggs?”

    “Icelanders angry with the slow pace of the country’s economic recovery threw eggs at members of parliament and other politicians as they headed to mass in Reykjavik Saturday. The president’s wife, Dorrit Moussaieff, climbed over a barricade to mingle with the protesters.

    More than 1,000 protesters were gathered outside the mass that preceded the beginning of a new parliamentary session. That’s a large protest for Iceland, a nation of just 320,000 inhabitants. The country had enjoyed a rapidly expanding economy until the credit crunch hit hard in 2008. Organizers presented the government with a 34,000 signature petition demanding more debt relief for ordinary citizens – and less lenience with the banks at the root of the crisis.

    Most protesters stuck to making noise on pots and pans, but some threw eggs at the politicians. One legislator was slightly injured, and had to be helped up by his colleagues.”

  21. Sandy says:

    Just thought I would mention that it is not possible in an election for a political leader to trash the other leader day in and day out. Even if we think Hudak should trounce on McGuinty’s record. Some in the media have been doing that already. In fact, with only two days to go, if Hudak does that he will be condemned as fear mongering and will lose more votes than he gains. What he has to concentrate on his own PC Changebook messaging.

    Been there and done that. What voters want to know now is not what the other guy has done, but what your gov’t (PC) would do.

    For example, back in 1990, a few days before the election that saw the Rae NDP win, then Premier David Peterson made the comment to the media that if the NDP won there would be children bleeding in the streets because they would destroy health care, or something to that effect. It backfired big time.

    So, stay positive and leave positive comments everywhere you can like Pauls Stuff above about what Hudak would do if his party got a majority:

    remove the HST from our hydro and heating bills;
    remove the debt retirement charge;
    reduce taxes for the little guy;
    introduce some income splitting to help middle class families;
    reduce the debt and deficit gradually;
    reduce the corporate tax rate which would increase investment and jobs;
    freeze the windmill industry;
    allow choice when it comes to smart meters;
    and on and on.

    I still hold on to the belief that the PCs will get a marginal majority, maybe 56 or 57 seats. Advance polls were very busy I am told. I know that 3 or 4 ridings in Niagara will go PC (only Welland will stay NDP for some strange reason). And that is just on geographic region. Speaking of Welland, it is a city that has been depressed since voting NDP provincially and Liberal federally and yet the voters keep doing it and then they complain they are not seeing any largess. Just like Ontario’s north. Well, hello?

    • Joanne says:

      Yes busy advance polls could be a very good sign!

      BTW this is worth watching if anyone saw the leaders’ debate. A parody by some very talented kids. Good to have a chuckle once in a while.

    • Liz J says:

      “Just like Ontario’s north”, so true. In the north it may be a union thing, a mindset that seems ingrained in some regions.

  22. Liz J says:

    Hudak is not for “safe injection sites” for drug addicts either, he has said so. It’s a matter of common sense, this sort of stuff won’t help the addicted or society at large.

    McGuinty’s early sex education plan is off with Hudak as well. People have already spoken and gave McGuinty a thumbs down and he had to back off. He cannot be trusted not to enact it if foolhardy people vote him back to power.

    • Joanne says:

      Just listened to a call-in show about that early sex-ed curriculum. Most callers were not happy with Dalton about this one.

      • Liz J says:

        It’s simply another facet of social engineering and it can also infringe on morality as well. Frankly, it scares the hell out me and it should a lot of people. The Socialists have now resorted to calling those who disagree with this insidious plot of McGuinty’s “homophobes”. Do we need any more proof of the whole motivation of this?

  23. Sandy says:

    In case any of the Blogging Tories who live in Ontario and claim they are undecided happen to stop by BLY, I have this to say: get real. So, what would staying home accomplish other than guarantee another McGuinty gov’t? No political party is perfect. Just get out there and vote for heavens sake!

    While Alberta is having its own challenges at the moment, most here understand that Ontario and Alberta are very different politically. While 40+% of Ontarians did vote for Harris in both 1995 and 1995, make no mistake, the Harris gov’t was not a Reform type conservative gov’t. It was a progressive conservative government — socially progressive and fiscally conservative. For example, my employer and MPP, told me that Harris told his PC caucus that he would not approve any private members bills on the topic of abortion or SSM. Anyway, that was also eleven and sixteen years ago and times and the population have changed.

    Pragmatic is what wins majorities throughout most of this counry — particularly Ontario — and Hudak and our PM know that.

    Disclosure: This may surprise some BLY regulars but I frequently get nasty comments on my Contact Form, not from progressives or the left wing, but those who call themselves Conservatives. It was why I recently had to close my comments although they are open again.

    I just thought I would make it clear that is why I am no longer on the BT aggregator — although I did ask ST a couple of times to put me back on the aggregator for the duration of the Ontario election. However, I didn’ t so much as get a reply.

    Anyway, I got off the BT after the May 2nd vote because I was tired of the constant criticism from other BTs, and their regular commenters, that I wasn’t a real conservative — which is what Joe was hinting at on the other thread.

    And, that is a shame.

  24. maz2 says:

    Liberal-socialist McGuinty Report.

    Socialism’s Grecian Formula.

    “Two daughters are at university studying cosmetics and project management, but these days they have little hope of a job in those fields when they graduate.”

    ““The oldest wants to leave the country, but where would I get the money to help her out? I’ve given up planning for the future. I just accept life as it comes,” she said. “I’ve thought about suicide, but I have to look after my children.””

    “Despair and resignation in Greece as more pain looms”

  25. Mary T says:

    A liberal coalition with the ndp would be a worse disaster for Ont than a slim lib majority, look what the ndp want to implement if they are the balance of power. A strong conservative majority is what is needed.

    • Martin says:

      Exactly. A 1 or 2 seat Lib minority could be held in check against some of McGuinty’s worst ideas, and he could be defeated in a short time.
      A Lib-NDP deal would combine the worst ideas of both, and McGuinty would concede anything to Horwath to remain in power. We know this for sure because he has already denied such plans.

    • Jen says:

      Maryt, what difference would it if either party (ndp Horwath or lib Dalton) or a coalition between them, win . they both stand for the same thing. Right!

  26. Martin says:

    Add T. Kheririddin to commentators that have essentially written off the PC campaign.

    Can’t say I agree with her, especially the argument that describing people as “foreign workers”, rather than recently arrived workers, would be a vote changer for many people. It seems to be for the Toronto media, but surely, McGuinty’s plan itself, should be the vote changer.

  27. Joanne says:

    Well I’m going to head down to the local campaign office right now & see what I can do to help out. At least then I won’t have to beat myself up for another four years.

  28. paulsstuff says:

    This is interesting. This seat projection website has both PC and Lib with 39 seats currently, NDP 16, and 13 to close to call. I would say that it shows Ajax to close to call, whereas I call it a PC win.

  29. maz2 says:

    More O’green jobs cut.

    Fwd. to Liberal Green McGuinty.

    More cuts to Liberal Green McGuinty’s arts.


    “$200 million green-tech subsidy results in -100 jobs”

    What happens when job-stimulus funds get spent on a company that reduces its workforce? It looks like Barack Obama and Energy Secretary Stephen Chu made another “bad bet” in 2009, sinking $200 million into the non-profit National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. NREL isn’t going under, but it’s cutting back staff after getting a big taxpayer subsidy from Porkulus:

    President Barack Obama’s “green jobs” initiatives suffered another major blow late Monday, as the nonprofit National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado, announced a plan to lay off roughly 10 percent of its staff through a voluntary buy-out plan.

    According to the Denver Post, the lab plans to eliminate between 100 and 150 of its 1,350 jobs. The Obama administration supported the NREL in 2009 with roughly $200 million in stimulus grants. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu visited Golden in May 2009 to promote the NREL as a beneficiary of those funds.

    Are you getting the impression that a visit from Obama or Chu might be the kiss of death for green-tech companies? Obama shows up to promote Solyndra and the company sinks into bankruptcy, taking over a half-billion taxpayer dollars with it. Chu personally delivers the jobs-stimulus check to NREL, which then starts trimming jobs.”

  30. maz2 says:

    Liberal McGuinty’s Spanish Socialism = 21%.


    “Spain endures unemployment woes as jobless total hits 4.2 million”

    “Spain experiences worst September increase in registered unemployed in 15 years”

    “Further gloom spread across Spain on Tuesday as it experienced its worst September increase in registered unemployment for at least 15 years to reach 4.2 million people.

    The sudden pickup in the rhythm at which Spaniards have been signing on at unemployment offices was a further blow to a country that already has Europe’s worst jobless rate of 21%. The latest surge was blamed on a number of public sector layoffs as Spain bowed to deficit control demands and regional governments sacked teachers and health workers.

    Regional governments account for a third of public spending and are responsible for health, education and other services. With Spain’s sovereign debt under pressure on the markets, however, they have been ordered to help rein in last year’s 9.2% budget deficit. Cuts in public service workforces have swept the country, with populous Catalonia, for example, cutting its budget by 10% this year.

    Although many of September’s newly unemployed had finished seasonal tourism jobs, at least one in six were regional and municipal workers from health, education or social services, according to employment secretary Mari Luz Rodríguez.

    More alarming still was a drop of 65,000 health, education and other public sector workers contributing social security payments – with the number of teachers at the beginning of the school year dropping for the first time in recent memory, according to officials.

    Spain is just about on target to meet its 6% deficit target this year, though economic growth is grinding to a halt and tax receipts are lower than projected. The jobs pain, which has left 46% of non-students under the age of 25 out of work, is unlikely to go away soon.”

  31. ed says:

    Joanne, that video, Dalton Lies, should be spread across Ontario. Anyone that sees that video and still votes for the Liberals needs to have his/her head examined. Being in the year 2011, I’ll be shocked if the Liberals are re-elected. Surely, Ontarians cannot be that stupid — can they?? In Quebec, Charest’s chief speech writer has resigned over the fact Charest has refused to call for a public inquiry into the scandal here. As bad as it is in Quebec, let’s hope Ontario doesn’t join them in destroying a province and a people. As for Charest and the Liberals, they’re gone come the next election. They say people deserve the government they elect, hopefully Ontarians will make the right choice – nothing less than a PC majority. In the federal election there were high numbers in the advanced voting polls and the Conservatives got their majority. Hopefully, the same holds true for the PCs in Ontario.

  32. Jen says:

    Hey guys ‘Great news’ for a change:

    According to Forbes Magazine ” Canada is the best country in the world to invest”

    How proud are you? I am so proud of Canada and I do thank Forbes Magazine for the good news.

  33. Louise M. says:

    I just received a robo call from Forum Research on my voting intentions. At first, I almost hung up when I heard a recorded voice. But as soon as I heard “Forum Research” I had a feeling it was an election poll.

    There was a question about how likely I would get out and vote. Human nature being what it is, in terms of not wanting to be judged, I’m wondering how many respondents would say they were very likely to go vote even if that was not true. Hm.

    On another matter, the French language paper Le Droit is endorsing the Liberals. What is interesting (and different) is that the editorial also contains endorsements for specific local candidates which include PC candidates. For example, PC Lisa McLeod (Nepean-Carleton), PC Marilissa Gosselin (Glengarry-Prescott-Russell) and Andrew Lister (Ottawa-Orleans) are endorsed. Here’s the link for those interested in reading more.

    • Martin says:

      Right, one of the main sources of error in the Forum poll, is the automated voice, asking your voting intensions. Also problematic is the fact that the poll obviously is limited to those with a line phone, who happen to answer and who are patient enough to listen to the recording. I wonder about call display phones, can they ignore the call?
      Many people would simply hang up assuming another telemarketing call.

      These response error problems negate the shear size of the samples. I think it also makes extrapolation of results very risky. I would like to see how the random sampling was stratified, before I put much stock in the results

  34. Joanne says:

    Back from a targeted lit drop reminding identified voters to cast their ballots on Thursday. This is GOTV time. All hands on deck!

  35. Louise M. says:

    Clown pollster Frank Graves had this to say about his poll giving Dalton a 10 point lead.

    “The OLP is very strong with seniors and boomers — demographics that are most likely to vote. (They were far behind in these crucial segments on May 2.)

    The Liberals have a huge lead among university-educated voters who not only are more inclined to get to the polls, but also have a hopeful, positive orientation to the Ontario government for whom they have overwhelming confidence. Just as in May, there is no burning appetite for change.

    OLP supporters are engaged around positive themes like optimism and happiness. The PCs are engaged around themes of anger, though there aren’t enough persuaded by this message. NDP supporters are younger with a lower socioeconomic status, which means they may well vote less than others.

    Finally, the OLP has a huge advantage in Toronto. Voters there want to hedge their bets to avoid having strong conservative governments in the GTA, Queen’s Park and the House of Commons. It’s only a modest factor in the rest of Ontario.

    How he contorts himself in order to support his party of choice. LOL

  36. ed says:

    Louise M. says:
    October 4, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    “Clown pollster Frank Graves had this to say about his poll giving Dalton a 10 point lead.”
    “The Liberals have a huge lead among university-educated voters who not only are more inclined to get to the polls, but also have a hopeful, positive orientation to the Ontario government for whom they have overwhelming confidence.”

    Gee, looks like these so-called university-educated voters’ education has failed them. Then again, these voters have been served up a McGuinty style Liberal education or what some may call a brainwashing.

  37. Martin says:

    One of my most enjoyable TV moments, when Tory Teneycke pointed out to Graves that he had contributed $11,000 to the Liberal party of Canada.

    I think Frank claims he gave a few hunfred dollars to a conservative friend.
    This is what Ekos is all about.

  38. maz2 says:

    Liberal Basement Bob walloped by reality.

    “It’s a majority government,” said interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae. “It’s in the budget. It’s done.”

    “Opposition gives up fight on political subsidies”

  39. Richco says:

    I’m hoping the PCs pull this out of the bag, but, I have to say in looking back to June and July the Liberls were in overdrive. I remember posting here that there was no challenge of McGuinty in those months. When changebook launched it was a weak launch with the Liberals still seeing no blowback enough to turn heads to the PCs.

    Also the Ipsos numbers appear to be an outlier and don’t jive with the predictions at or the other one that paul mentioned above.

  40. Joanne says:

    Does anyone get the feeling some dirty stuff is going on? A few things on twitter are disturbing.

  41. maz2 says:

    “*But westward, look, the land is bright!”

    After 8 years of Liberal-socialist McGuinty, what do you get?

    >>> “I am bleak about Ontario,” he said. “This is what happens when you have a $15-billion deficit.”


    “How the west has won”

    “Macleans OnCampus”

    “Expert says eastern schools are losing research race”

    ““The intellectual centre of gravity of Canada is shifting west much faster than people realize,” Alex Usher, president of Higher Education Strategy Associates has told The Ottawa Citizen.

    “Twenty years ago, you could have made a case that three or four of the top seven or eight universities in the country were in Ontario. I don’t think you could make that claim today,” he said.

    Western schools are getting more highly prized funding, says Usher. For example, the federal government offered four of its 19 new $10-million Canada Excellence Research Chairs to the University of Alberta, while Toronto and Waterloo got two each and Ottawa got one.”


    “*Say not the Struggle Naught availeth”

    “And not by eastern windows only,
    When daylight comes, comes in the light;
    In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly!
    But westward, look, the land is bright!”

    Arthur Hugh Clough

  42. ed says:

    CFRA Soundoff
    “Is it legitimate for the Ontario Conservatives to predict the Liberals will attempt to re-introduce a same sex education curriculum for elementary schools if the McGuinty government is re-elected?”

    1. No. It’s homophobic. The same sex lesson plan aims at reducing bullying & creating a more inclusive society

    2. Yes-of course it should be debated during the campaign.Kathleen Wynn, former Liberal education minister, made it clear she plans to push for the same sex curriculum Premier McGuinty withdrew last year

    3. Other

  43. ed says:

    Tuesday, October 04, 2011
    Last Push by Hudak
    “Madely in the Morning – 8:10am — Steve Madely is joined by Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak.”

    Very good interview by Tim Hudak.

  44. Fay says:

    Been volunteering all day in my community. I sure hope Manitoba does not have another 4 years governing in Manitoba. The NDP have been in power for 12 years. Manitoba voters used to take turns voting in governments from different parties. I sure hope Manitoba voters prove the Manitoba media party wrong.

  45. ed says:

    Monday, October 03, 2011
    Madely’s Take – October 03
    “Dalton McGuinty’s drive-by smear of Andrea Horwath’s character is laughable.”

    Another great report.

  46. ed says:

    Monday, October 03, 2011
    Afternoon Edition – Op-Ed
    “It’s my Charter Right! Right?”

    Rob Snow, another of his “right-on” commentaries: drug injection centers, prostitution, and polygamy. After all, it’s my chartered right.

  47. ed says:

    “Ontario, which has forever been Canada’s workhorse and most dependable Province, has become a welfare Province.
    And why is that you might ask? BECAUSE . . .
    Because Ontario’s politicians haven’t yet received the memo that says Socialism doesn’t work, and buying votes with the people’s money doesn’t work, and paying obscene salaries, perks and pensions to a hugely bloated Public Service doesn’t work either.”

    “But, Canada’s Liberals, much like America’s Liberals believe in BIG, BIGGER and BIGGEST intrusive Governments.
    They also believe in LOADS of regulations, big taxes, and enough red tape to circle the world, not to mention a bureaucracy that would be the envy of any LEFTIST ideology.
    And just like in America, wherever the LEFT are concerned – Constitutional Rights and Guarantees are mere suggestions open to political and judicial interpretation.”

    “Under the current 8 years of Liberal Provincial Mismanagement, we’ve seen our personal taxes go through the roof. And we’ve seen the cost of doing business through forced salary hikes and additional FORCED paid days off make it very difficult to own and manage a small business.”

    “We’ve witnessed an explosion in rules and regulations that are paralyzing the growth of business. And we’re drowning in Green Everything Crap that is bankrupting the Province.”

    Hopefully, more Ontarians will see the light.

  48. Mary T says:

    OT, but will Pat Martin get up in question period again and make a stmt re more people voted against the govt than for it. Same thing happened in Manitoba tonight.
    Seems the pollsters were wrong again, it was not a close election. But the liberals did hold on to their one seat even tho they were supposed to lose it.

    • Bec says:

      Sad. I’m sorry Manitoba…what a mess when the popular vote is trumped by your top heavy seats in union rich Winnipeg.

      I feel so bad for our Conservative friends in Manitoba.

  49. Fay says:

    I live in Manitoba and I am sad. Fear works in Manitoba . The media party in Winnipeg support the NDP and couldn’t be bothered to air Hugh McFadyen announcement of his resignation of the the PC party. Even guest political scientists on CBC are shocked at the rudeness of Greg Selinger the NDP leader starting his victory speech at the same time as the conservative party concession speech.

  50. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal McGuinty’s socialism: Texas “had to restart mothballed coal plants.”


    “Ontario’s Power Trip: The $4,000 electricity bill”

    “The Ontario Green Act promised to create 50,000 jobs. Our study concludes that each of those jobs will require a ratepayer subsidy of $200,000 annually, which effectively means that — as the LTEP reaches fruition — $10-billion will be extracted from ratepayers each year.

    For the average ratepayer, an annual electricity bill will escalate from $1,700 per year to $2,800 by 2015 and by the time the renewables envisaged in the LTEP are largely in place (expected in 2018) an average ratepayer will be paying in excess of $4,000 annually — well over a doubling. Put another way Ontario’s ratepayers will be paying in excess of 40¢ per kWh, placing them on a par with Denmark, which suffers the highest cost of electricity in the developed world.”


    “Italy downgrade deepens contagion fears over euro debt crisis”

    “Ratings agency Moody’s slashes Italy debt rating by three points, increasing pressure on European governments trying to contain financial crisis”

  51. Liz J says:

    You’d have to know some freaking meddling pollster would come out a day ahead of the election showing the McGuinty Lieberals ten points ahead and poised to make history with three back to back majorities.

    From the beginning I felt McGuinty would not have taken a chance on running if he thought there was any chance he would lose, losing would be a big blow to his aspirations. He knows he can get away with lies and higher taxes, that’s OK with Ontario voters who rewarded him twice.

    Would the pollsters would risk their credibility by fudging results of their polling? Not looking too good for the province of Ontario in the foreseeable future, even with a change in government. It will take a term to mop up for a new administration and if McGuinty is returned we have a nightmare on our hands.

    • Joanne says:

      We’re up against special interest groups like the media party, Working Families, Big Unions, Big Green and dirty campaign tricks, ploys and breeches of ethics that Elections Ontario seems to overlook.

      • Ruth says:

        That is a sad ploy to have everyone looking for their HST cheque when we got it in June. Also sad that the letter is coming on a day when the GST is deposited or mailed to people so they will all think Dalton sent them the federal payment.

      • Liz J says:

        So true Joanne.

        What chance do we have when the special interest groups/what’s-in-it-for-me gang call the shots and and the media party fire them off?

        This province has sunk to a level beyond anything we ever could imagine and apparently there are enough fools to support more of the same. We could be headed to corruption of major proportions if this continues, lies and trickery eventually feed on themselves.

  52. maz2 says:

    Liberal McGuinty’s socialism:

    “Another of his bios notes he is a wine lover, lives “an organic lifestyle” and is a certified trainer in infant massage.”


    “Star investigation: Teacher watchdog writes soft porn for teens”–star-investigation-teacher-watchdog-writes-soft-porn-for-teens

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