Stay focused on priorities

As Parliament resumes I’d like to take a moment to thank the Coalition for provoking the spring election that led to our Strong, Stable, Conservative Majority Government.

Let the ‘secret agenda’ begin!  Bwa-ha-ha.

But seriously. I agree with Monte Solberg. Let’s get down to work. Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally has the  the luxury of ignoring the antics of the opposition, and can now concentrate fully on Canada’s most urgent priorities.

However the various provincial elections turn out, we will still have the comfort of knowing that we have a competent Conservative Government in Ottawa.

*   *   *   *


Is the Hidden Agenda here yet?Kelly McParland

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  1. maz2 says:

    Neo-AGW Progress Report:

    H/T Liberal Citoyen Kyoto Dionky.

    ““They must recognize we’re in a post-Kyoto situation,” he said.”

    “Mr. Kent was speaking from Washington, where he was attending the Major Economies Forum on Climate Change, a meeting of 21 countries attempting to get some pre-agreements in place before the major Convention on Climate Change conference in Durban, South Africa, in December.”


    “No new oil sands emissions rules this year: Peter Kent”

  2. Liz J says:

    I’ve never felt more confidence in a Prime Minister, we are so lucky to have such a person serving us at this time. We are starting to resemble the country our forefathers carved, it will take more time but it’s getting there. Already we see more respect for our Armed Forces and the Monarchy.

    I shudder to think of how low we will go in Ontario if McGuinty gets back to power and pushes us off the cliff with green energy but at least the country has a steady hand.

  3. Calgary Junkie says:

    One of the best indicators of how well PM Harper is doing in the next session, will be the number of cheap shots he gets from the likes of Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark and Danny Williams.

    Let the ridiculous nit-picking of every trivial thing PM Harper does and doesn’t do begin !

  4. Mary T says:

    The coalition forced the election, and the fear of another one, via Que, gave the PM his majority. My son says that when Layton told a meeting he liked the sound of PM Layton, that was the turning point for voters outside of Quebec.
    Peter Van Loan was just on tv, laying out the priorities for the coming session. He says bill will be passed, after long being opposed by opposition, in some cases as long as 5 yrs.
    Mulcair on now and it seems the ndp hasn’t learned a thing re being against whatever.
    He has not reached a decision re leadership.
    I wonder how long before he tries to get provincial ndp members ineligible to vote in a leadership race, as Que has no provincial wing. I think he is admitting he has no hope in hades of winning in the west.
    Now a question to him about a weighted vote. He says that is not what he is saying.
    Also, can’t give other areas more seats without Que getting the same.

  5. Mary T says:

    I can’t believe Don Martin, telling Quebec, sorry, but your not growing in population and even with the 30 new seats, you will still have about 25% of seats.
    He also said, re Mulcair, that outside of Que, he is not a factor.
    If Mulcair can’t get a weighted vote, or sell around 50,000 memberships, watch for him to pull a Buchard.

  6. Jen says:

    The liberals now want to take credit for forcing a minority government into ‘Stimulus spending’, but not the ‘deficit’. And the reporters said “???”
    Of course the PM had no choice but to do as they wish or else they would have brought him down and God forbid, the opposition parties in coalition will be running this country by now.

    The PM once again flies to NY to tackle ‘trade’ to help our nation survive. Jim Flaherty most likely is with him.

    I hope Joanne that you ontarians write to Hudak to enourage him to ‘stand’ his ground and not be intimidated by Dalton’s false accusations.
    Dalton started a ‘storm’ in which Hudak has to be prepared to ride the waves to stand still which will not be easy.

  7. maz2 says:

    Socialism’s Grecian Formula:

    Greece’s proposed new property tax:

    >>> “It will be collected via the electricity bill – the most reliable way for collecting taxes in Greece.”

    “Pity the Greeks”

    “ATHENS: Europe is out of sympathy with Greece. It is the country that threatens the dream of “ever closer union”. It is blamed for undermining the very existence of the single currency. The White House frets that the country could endanger the world economy. Greeks are caricatured as lazy and feckless.

    Europe’s leaders have lost patience and turned up the threats. The message is clear. The Greek government must either live up to commitments to reduce its deficit, or the next tranche of bail-out money will be withheld.

    So, last weekend, a new tax was pulled from the hat. A property tax. At first – as usually happens – it was well received in Brussels.”


    “Greece ‘to export solar power to Germany’

    (AFP) – Aug 27, 2011

    ATHENS — Wracked by debt but blessed with abundant sunshine, Greece plans to develop some 20,000 hectares of solar power parks in a bid to export renewable energy to Germany, a report said on Saturday.

    Top-selling Ta Nea daily said the project, which has a tentative budget of 20 billion euros ($29 billion), could create 60,000 jobs at a time when Greece is battling a deep recession and record unemployment figures.

    Germany is looking for alternative energy sources after chancellor Angela Merkel’s government decided to shut down all 17 of the country’s nuclear reactors over 11 years, following the disaster at the Fukushima plant in Japan in March.”

  8. wilson says:

    Those savy Quebec seppies have outsmarted themselves.
    They voted for a coalition of losers (thanks to Frank Graves poll, thanks Frank!)
    and gave Canada a Conservative majority!

    Quebecers have been saying ‘not enough, we want more’ for so long, they are now empty handed.

    “Bloc had chance to guarantee Quebec seats, but blew it”

    • Liz J says:

      It’s been my contention all along Quebec’s so-called savvy voters blew it, their little plot to get seats with power via a coalition of losers backfired.
      The Seppies have been neutered in the process, but one of their big supporters is now interim leader of the Jack Layton party so what will we see come of this half and half arrangement with the NDP, will it last or will the next election see the Seppies rise up again? How long can the NDP be credible across Canada and keep toadying to Quebec demands?

    • Calgary Junkie says:

      “The House of Commons is a “rep-by-pop” legislature. By convention, Quebec receives no fewer than the 75 seats it has held in the House since 1979. Equally, under the constitution and ever since confederation, Quebec’s seats constitute the baseline for calculating any expansion of the House. And the number of Quebec’s seats cannot be reduced.”

      If only this was common knowledge amongst the motley crew aka our parliamentary press gallery. Just imagine all the hilarious entertainment us junkies would get from listening to Topp, Mulcair, Turmel, etc etc (even Bob Rae), make fools of themselves, as they try to spin their un-spinnable “position” on why Quebec should get more seats too.

      Come on ppg, pull up your socks, do your job, and start PRESSING these Opposition MPs to give more SPECIFICS on how many seats Quebec should get, and the math they used to derive their numbers.

      The CPC has put its cards on the table: ON 18, BC 7, AB 5.

      How long before we get to see the hand that these gobbledygook spewing Opposition MPs are holding ? Surely you “reporters” are as tired as us junkies of hearing “Quebec is special, a nation, blah blah blah”.


  9. wilson says:

    Drill baby drill!

    Natural gas, cheap clean energy right at home.
    Ontario has shale gas reserves, exploitation means jobs.
    Big money jobs.
    The industry has come along way in drilling for gas reserves, less costly, more efficient.

    ”…..What about Ontario’s own shale resources? “The question obviously comes up,” said Terry Carter, petroleum resources geologist with Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources.
    For the most part, he said, the province’s shale potential has slipped under the industry’s radar….”–alberta-firm-eyes-ontario-s-untapped-shale-gas

  10. Mary T says:

    OMG, it is going to be a pain to listen to QP with Nycole leading the way. She is up now paying tribute to Jack, and I have great difficulty understanding her english. She is switching back and forth from french and english. However, in both languages she is making many stops and starts and correcting pronounciation of english words.
    PMSH now paying tribute to Layton. Pays tribute to Olivia, and Nycole didn’t.

  11. Mary T says:

    Empty chairs behind Rae. Rae outshines Nycole in his tribute to Jack.
    Bloc leader up now, so far no english. Now lizzie gets her moment.
    Now Olivia is speaking. -Thanks Nycole, thanks PM for State funeral,

  12. Mary T says:

    Sorry to read that Searching for Liberty is going in new directions and today is his last post.

  13. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal McGuinty’s Plan for the Electrification of Ontario.

    The role of the MSM:

    “Pravda, Izvestia, and especially Ekonomicheskaya Zhizn 2 must be instructed to popularise the Plan for the Electrification both as a whole and as regards its concrete points dealing with individual parts, bearing in mind that there is only one “single economic plan”.”

    Communist Stalin*: Been there, done that.


    “*A Plan for the Electrification of Russia.”

    “J. V. Stalin
    A Letter to V. I. Lenin
    March 1921”

    “Comrade Lenin,

    During the last three days I have had the opportunity to read the symposium: A Plan for the Electrification of Russia. 1 My illness made this possible (it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good!). An excellent, well-compiled book. A masterly draft of a really single and really state economic plan, not in quotation marks. The only Marxist attempt in our time to place the Soviet superstructure of economically backward Russia on a really practical technical and production basis, the only possible one under present conditions.

    You remember Trotsky’s “plan” (his theses) of last year for the “economic revival” of Russia on the basis of the mass application of the labour of unskilled peasant-worker masses (the labour army) to the remnants of pre-war industry. How wretched, how backward, compared with the Goelro plan! A medieval handicraftsman who imagines he is an Ibsen hero called to “save” Russia by an ancient saga. . . . And of what value are the dozens of “single plans” which to our shame appear from time to time in our press—the childish prattle of preparatory-school pupils. . . . Or again, the philistine “realism” (in fact Manilovism) of Rykov, who continues to “criticise” the Goelro and is immersed to his ears in routine. . . .

    In my opinion:

    1) Not a single minute more must be wasted on idle talk about the plan.

    2) A practical start on the work must be made immediately.

    3) To this start must be devoted at least one-third of our work (two-thirds will be required for “current” needs) in transporting materials and men, restoring enterprises, distributing labour forces, delivering foodstuffs, organising supply bases and supply itself, and so on.

    4) Since the staff of the Goelro, for all their excellent qualities, lack a sound practical outlook (a professorial impotence can be detected in the articles), we must without fail include in the planning commission live practical men who act on the principle — “Report the fulfilment,” “Fulfil on time,” etc.

    5) Pravda, Izvestia, and especially Ekonomicheskaya Zhizn 2 must be instructed to popularise the Plan for the Electrification both as a whole and as regards its concrete points dealing with individual parts, bearing in mind that there is only one “single economic plan” — the Plan for the Electrification, and that all other “plans” are just idle talk, empty and harmful.


  14. Liz J says:

    Whatever Quebec “gets” from this Conservative government will be only what’s fair and reasonable. There can be no legitimate accusations of pandering, we got this Majority without Quebec. The Libs and Dipps will be posturing and pandering, vying for Quebec votes, the Dipps to keep them and the Libs to grab them. Should be fun to watch unfold over time.

  15. maz2 says:

    The kulaks/wreckers are ripping to shreds Liberal McGuinty/Stalin’s Plan for the Electrification of Ontario.

    “McGuinty, meanwhile, said Sunday he will reduce subsidies to the feed-in tariff if re-elected to a third term.

    “Yes,” he said when asked if he will cut FIT rates. “With every passing year, particularly in the area of solar technology, those prices keep coming down and our FIT rates will keep coming down.”

    McGuinty did not say/stay focused, he said focus.

    McGuinty is in retreat; kick him hard & OUT.


    “Ontario Votes: Green energy plan fizzles, figures show”

    “TORONTO — Ontario’s contentious green energy legislation, quickly emerging as the most substantive single policy difference between the Liberal and PC election campaigns, has so far resulted in virtually no renewable energy in the province.

    As of Sept. 2, all projects stemming from the Green Energy Act amount to 86 megawatts (MW) of power.

    That is equivalent to 0.25 per cent of the province’s 34,882 MW of installed capacity.

    The fact that power derived from the green energy act forms such a small proportion of Ontario’s power generation mix raises questions about the pace of the Liberal party’s signature subsidy plan, known as the Feed-in Tariff (FIT).

    Those questions were amplified late this week when the National Post revealed that a solar plant used for a Liberal campaign photo op days earlier had temporarily shut down production.”

  16. Liz J says:

    You know folks, it’s all down to getting off our duffs and getting out to vote. We need to be active, get our voters out, even if we know our Conservative candidate is a shoo-in, never assume anything.

    The smarty pants are saying the people will vote for McGuinty because they don’t know Hudak. I say vote for McGuinty because they do know McGuinty, what he has done to us and will continue to do if elected.

  17. Liz J says:

    OOPS, that should read: “I say vote vote for HUDAK because they do know McGuinty…..”!!!

  18. Joanne says:

    Opening salvos in Question Period are interesting. You can clearly see the difference in philosophy between the NDP and Conservative when it comes to ‘jobs creation’.

    For the Conservatives it means encouraging businesses to invest here. To the NDP it means that the Government should hire more public servants. And ne’er the twain shall meet.

  19. Michael Harkov says:

    So much work in Parliament to do, so few Liberal mouthpieces left over from the last election to distract from that work. 😀

  20. Liz J says:

    “And ne’er the twain shall met”. Thanks be to God, amen to that!

    Now on to saving Ontario, we stand to lose business big time due to the greening madness of the present incumbent causing taxation beyond reason.

  21. Mary T says:

    I loved our sides response to questions re the cwb, from MPs who have no farmers in their riding or if they do, are from areas outside the cwb.

    • Jen says:

      Correct me here Maryt, which farmers is ‘doornob refering too: western farmers only or all farmers across this nation?

    • Michael Harkov says:

      After the last election, do the Liberals have no MPs from ridings that are inside the jurisdiction of the CWB? If not, doesn’t that tell you something? 😉

  22. Richco says:

    O/T – re: Ontario Election – haven’t rec’d my Notice of Registration in the mail yet, but someone asked me today if there was a change in the Advance Poll dates this time….that they run for consecutive days. Is that a fact? Thinking that town mail is still a bit slow but should I have the registration card by now?

  23. maz2 says:

    NDP/Socialism’s natural end result: “a commmon meal” “famine”.

    “There’s a real famine,” insists Samat Eftehar. “I don’t mean a famine where there is nothing to eat, like in Africa. I’m talking about a famine where people can’t even afford to buy meat once a month.”



    “Eating from bins – the new make do”

    “A man eating a common meal next to a church in Thessaloniki on 9 September”

    “On 19 September, the Greek government announced new cuts designed to convince its partners to hand over the 6th tranche of international aid. Meanwhile in the streets of Athens, more and more people are searching for a cheap way to feed themselves.”

  24. maz2 says:

    No nuance? No waffling? No equivocation?

    The candour is from ?

    “The fact of the matter is, western farmers voted for marketing freedom and that is what they are going to get.”

    “The wheat board gets to pick its own voters, Mr. Harper said. “I guess if they could do that over there, the Liberal Party could even win an election in the West. The fact of the matter is, western farmers voted for marketing freedom and that is what they are going to get.”

  25. fh says:

    watching Anderson Cooper with his mom Gloria Vanderbelt
    she said ” we are not put on this Earth to see through one another but to see one another through”
    Good saying

  26. Mary T says:

    Doornob was so over the top in his speech it was hard to tell. He just said, at the end, if the Speaker would find the govt in contempt he would move the motion.
    Isn’t that backward, shouldn’t legislation be introduced, debated, and then possibly found in contempt by a committee, then move a motion in the HofC.
    Notice how Pat Martin was loud and angry today, guess he didn’t hear Nycole call for respect etc, to honor jack.
    Where was Libby or Mulcair today, no questions.
    Everyone is saying if he can’t win, he wont run, so what will Mulcair do. Will he work nice with a new leader.

  27. Mary T says:

    I read that someone is forming a new separtist party in Quebec, maybe that is where Mulcair will end up.

  28. maz2 says:

    The natural end result of Pat MartiNDP’s socialism:

    “Greek media reports indicate the list includes shedding 20,000 more state workers, reducing or freezing salaries and pensions, increasing a heating oil tax, shuttering money-losing state companies, cutting health spending and picking up the pace of privatizations.”

    “Europe braces for Greek default”

  29. Joshua says:

    I saw that piece by Monte.Hits it right on the mark.Now that parliment is back ill be prowling the blogs and getting some cutting done to balance the country’s budget so we can start eliminating that deficit.

  30. Bec says:

    Thanks for doing this post, Joanne so that I can keep up! I broke my wrist in early Aug and it’s been killing me to not comment (when it doesn’t take 20 min) but the TEAM BLY has been so on top of things!
    I sense that SNN has depleted the traffic on all the blogs but you are still keeping the action flowing.

    I missed QP today and will for the balance of the week so this updating is just awesome. Thanks guys! (only 10min this time :)

  31. maz2 says:

    Mao Stlong Lepolt*.

    How many soral paners you wan, McGuinty?

    *H/T Liberal leader Basement Bob Rae’s Uncle Maurice Strong somewhere in China.


    “China solar panel factory shut after protests”

    “A solar panel factory in eastern China has been shut down after protests by local residents over pollution fears.”

    “Some 500 villagers staged a three-day protest following the death of large numbers of fish in a local river.

    Some demonstrators broke into the plant in Zhejiang province, destroying offices and overturning company cars before being dispersed by riot police.

    Tests on water samples showed high levels of fluoride, which can be toxic in high doses, officials said.

    The BBC’s Juliana Liu in Shanghai says the Chinese villagers see the plant’s closure as a victory.”

  32. Bubba Brown says:

    I see Bob Rae is talking about an “unemployment crisis” and asks just what the Government is gonna do about it.
    I am spitballin’ here but I am assuming Bankrupt Bob is speaking of the Liberals that were “laid off” by the very savvy Canadian voters.
    Gee Bob I guess they will have to go to work “openly” for Power Corp.

  33. Soccermom says:

    there’s no way Mulcair will ever be more than a grouchy Quebec agitator…he’s not likeable in the least…and has as much warmth as an icicle….

    • Bec says:

      I think his ‘conspiracy theory’ rant re Bin laden was the nail in the coffin. His complete disdain for anything outside of que is bad but that made him ridiculous on a bigger scale.
      He won’t run, I predict.

  34. jon says:

    Now that Romeo Saganash is running for the leadership of the NDP, why aren’t the others dropping out? That’s what I’d like to know. Saganash is an aboriginal and the NDP has never had an aboriginal leader. Heck, everyone who has led the party has been white. And it appears the party’s choice to replace Layton will continue that trend. Don’t the NDP believe in quotas and affirmative action programs? If Topp, Mulcair and co. run for the leadership, Saganash is put at a disadvantage. I think they should put their money where their mouths are and stape aside, allowing Saganash to be acclaimed as the next NDP leader… the fact that they would even run against them shows just how racist the NDP truly is.

  35. maz2 says:

    Socialism’s natural end result: suicide.

    Socialism is the ideology of Liberal McGuinty.

    “Put mother rabbit in a different place from the little rabbits,” the note began.”

    “Mr. Petrakis survived that suicide attempt. But Greece’s collapsing economy and the ruin of his business would soon push him to a more determined effort.”

    “Suicides in Greece Rise Since Before Crisis Began”

    “Greek Crisis Exacts the Cruelest Toll”

    “HERAKLION, Greece—The first time he despaired of his debts, Vaggelis Petrakis drank a poisonous brew of beer and gasoline.

    A note he left didn’t mention the financial woes of his fruit and vegetable business, of which his family was well aware. Instead, he left instructions for his children on how to look after his animals. “Put mother rabbit in a different place from the little rabbits,” the note began.

    Then he had second thoughts and called his son, Stelios, who took him to a hospital. Mr. Petrakis survived that suicide attempt. But Greece’s collapsing economy and the ruin of his business would soon push him to a more determined effort.

    “It was shame, fear, pride, dignity,” says his son. “Whoever you ask, they will say he was a man of dignity.”

    Two years into Greece’s debt crisis, its citizens are reeling from austerity measures imposed to prevent a government debt default that could cause havoc throughout Europe. The economic pain is the price Greece and Europe are paying to defend the euro, the centerpiece of 60 years of efforts to unite the Continent. But as Greece’s economy shrinks, its society is fraying, raising questions about how long Greeks will be able to take the strain.”

  36. Liz J says:

    We are still left wondering just how ill Jack Layton was when he appeared to be pushed by the Party to trigger an election. Did they know they needed him to win and put that ahead of what may have been better for Layton himself?

    IMO, Jack Layton took the soul of the party with him, they know it, they knew it. Who they choose to lead them really doesn’t matter. Their support in Quebec put them where they are and that support is fickle.

  37. Richco says:

    posted a post here this morning Joanne. Stuck in the filter?

  38. Mary T says:

    Why or why did Jack appoint Nycole as interim leader and why did the caucus agree with him. Was it revenge for Mulcair forcing him to not support the budget, thus forcing an election. Did Mulcair plan to take over the leadership after Jack would resign after losing seats, aka iggy. With only less than 2000 members in Que who voted for those MPs and how strong is that support. With so few paid up members, that is not great support after 5 yrs of working hard to build the party.
    Funny how the best laid plans of mice and men go astray.
    Instead of a coalition with Jack as PM they gave PMSH a majority. Perhaps we owe Que a thank you.
    Another thing Mulcair has to worry about, will the new leader keep him on as a deputy or house leader.

  39. Richco says:

    If there was any doubt whatsoever that Dalton McGuinty was stealing a page from the Harper Conservatives, you can’t get much more proof than this from Radwanski’s column in the Globe this morning

    “It was in response to an inevitable question about minority government scenarios that the Ontario Liberal Leader, campaigning for a third term as premier, seemingly had a little fun. At a time of economic uncertainty, he said, voters would be wise to elect a “strong, stable, Liberal majority government.”

  40. maz2 says:

    Leftists: same old, same old script.

    It’s George’s fault; it’s Mike’s fault.

    The leftist’s bony fingers; always pointing to shift blame.

    O’s fault:

    “*The decline in Obama’s political fortunes, the Great Disappointment, can be attributed to four main factors: the intractable legacy bequeathed by George W. Bush; Republican resistance amounting to sabotage; the unrealistic expectations and inevitable disenchantment of some of the president’s supporters; and, to be sure, the man himself.”

    McGuinty’s fault:

    “Ontario Votes: McGuinty raises spectre of Mike Harris-era Tories
    Ottawa Citizen”

    *O’s fault:

  41. Bubba Brown says:

    Thoughtful comments on events the last little while.
    It is the MSM’s loss that they have indeed been useless when it came to questioning or even exploring the issues of the day.
    Some politicians such as the Late Jack layton and his Wife Olivia Chow are given a pass when it comes to gross expense account misuse.
    As for the extent and cause of Jacks illness and death, I agree Jo, there will always be questions in our minds.
    But here we are, a interim leader who is harder to understand than Dion, does not know Canada is the only country to have more people back to work than before the recession, unless of course you are looking at the out of work Liberals LOL.
    The NDP as Her Majesties Loyal Opposition, badly need to get their act together, with only 1500 or so card carrying members in Quebec, Muclair is looking pretty sad.
    Going to be interesting.
    I am waiting for Quebec to start another seperatist Party.
    I wonder how many of the NDP newbies will jump ship?
    PM Harper has much to do, must be nice to have a clear road ahead.
    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really make a difference in this Canada of ours.
    I am hoping Ontario has had enough of McGuinty’s Green Nightmare and they elect a sensible, sane Government.
    I see Greece is planning a massive Solar Farm to pull it out of the fire?
    The thinking that got you in the hole ain’t gonna get you out. JMO

  42. Mary T says:

    Hasn’t some former Bloc MP started a new a new separatist party, Frank something or is that what you are referring to Bubba.

  43. Mary T says:

    I have been watching the debate re the smuggling act, and for over an hour there has not been one word of english spoken by those que mps, and they are the only ones speaking. If the ndp plans to increase support in the rest of Canada they better tell those mps to speak some english. But, they are keep a lot of translators employed.

  44. Mary T says:

    Finally, a liberal speaking english. Catch the latest post by BC Blue and see how the ndp are covering up their women mps. Guess they can’t stand looking at a little skin. lol
    But, if they cover up this cleavage, what else are they covering up.

  45. Jen says:

    In your face BOB RAE. Imagine him criticizing Flaherty on financing when he BOB RAE ruined the province of Ontario.

    Boy! Flaherty has no intention of letting Bob Rae forget about Ontario’s bankrupt.

  46. Bubba Brown says:

    MaryT @ 1:18 it was this, check out the faces on these three! Then scroll down for the comments! Hilarious!
    That the Dipper New Kids that don’t want to speak English is telling me they are just more of the same old same old.
    We can thank our lucky stars we didn’t end up with a coalition with Quebec’s New Dippers holding the whip.

  47. Mary T says:

    Maybe the hidden agenda of the ndp is to speak no english, hear no english, believe no english, in an effort to turn us off QP. Wont work, it will just make us more hateful towards quebec and any future que leader of the ndp.
    Funny how the ndp supports all pride parades and the nakedness, but when one of their own has a pic taken with a little cleavage, they cover her up. Do as I say, not as I do. BC Blue has the photos, as does NNW.
    Strike averted at air canada. Good going Lisa, threatening back to work legislation. Wonder if the ndp union supporters told the union to settle so they didn’t have to filibuster again and let canadians know they are union first last and always.
    The only union I would not support back to work law would be the CBC.
    Went to that site Bubba and had a good laugh. But that is not the new party I was talking about. Will try to find the story.

  48. Martin says:

    Legault would win majority government in Quebec: poll

    This may be the new party referred to by Mary T .

  49. Joanne says:

    Gotta give CBC credit for going live to PM Harper’s UN address just now.

  50. Anise says:

    Tory Redux and Toronto Tory (Blogging Tories) re the carbon tax story, I love it.

  51. maz2 says:

    “*It is he himself, lui-mème.”

    “**I’m an Obama Sap.””

    “This is his sole legacy: a massive post-traumatic stress disorder.”

    “Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?”


    “What pundits should fear most about getting things wrong isn’t the scorn and gloating that other writers will pour on them after their error has been revealed. Its the consequences. Marty Peretz of the New Republic, who was sympathetic to Barack Obama in 2008 now writes Obama’s Middle East Is in Tatters, Utter Tatters. That is the title of his article, by the way. What follows is if anything, more savage.

    >>> *It is not actually his region. Still, with the arrogance that is so characteristic of his behavior in matters he knows little about (which is a lot of matters), he entered the region as if in a triumphal march. But it wasn’t the power and sway of America that he was representing in Turkey and in Egypt. For the fact is that he has not much respect for these representations of the United States. In the mind of President Obama, in fact, these are what have wreaked havoc with our country’s standing in the world. So what—or, rather, who—does he exemplify in his contacts with foreign countries and their leaders? His exultancy gives the answer away. It is he himself, lui-mème. >>>

    Which is to say Obama started all wrong, got it all wrong. Now everyone, especially Israel, will be lucky to simply get out of the impending crash in one piece. But Peretz isn’t the only one who has felt the scales dropping from his eyes. There’s David Brooks** who writes, “I’m a sap, a specific kind of sap. I’m an Obama Sap.”

    “Bayes and Nice People”

  52. Martin says:

    I’m not surprised McGuinty is considering a carbon tax, only that one of his ministers blurted out the truth. This is just what Ontarians need, with already rapidly increasing energy bills.
    Hudak really has to hammer McGuinty relentlessly over this newest “hidden tax”.
    Interesting to see how the press will handle this story.

    • jon says:

      Simply put, the media won’t. Have they ever in this election? Not so far. And if they haven’t already, they’re not.

      I make a point of watching as many different newscasts as I can before bed. I think that’s a fair way to judge the media and how they’ve covered the day in the campaign, not necessarily how events actually unfolded though. Compare how the media covered PMSH to how they’re covering McGuinty now. Both leaders of incumbent parties seeking re-election for their respective gov’ts. Yet they were more aggressive toward PMSH… Harper deciding to limit questions is a red herring. They showed antagonism towards him on policy announcements as well. McGuinty, by comparison has gone through the election relatively unscathed so far.

      If any leader of a gov’t needs to be put on the defensive for his record, it’s McGuinty… the media know this, but they’re so hell-bent on preventing a conservative 3-peat that they’ve decided to abandon their principles.. if they had any to begin with.

  53. Liz J says:

    Do we have McGuinty’s hidden agenda?

  54. Bubba Brown says:

    The great Carbon Tax Fraud by Faultin’ Dalton.
    He ain’t ever gonna get that back in the sack “suprise” He Lied Again!
    MaryT those three reminded me of three hungry crows watching a Raven eat their lunch LOL

  55. Martin says:

    Carbon tax story is now up at Ottawa Citizen :

    Already a ham handed retraction has been made by MPP Dave Levac:

    Hours later, he issued a statement saying he “misspoke.”

    “I confused a cap-and-trade program with a carbon tax,” Levac said in the statement. “While a cap-and-trade system has been discussed, a carbon tax is not and has never been on the table. In fact, the premier has been clear and definitively ruled this out, permanently.”

    A satirist would have trouble improving on this material from McGuinty Liberals.

  56. Mary T says:

    Martin, that is is the story and party I was referring to. Just forgot where I read it.

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