Who’s really to blame for the state of Ontario’s economy?

No, it’s not Dalton McGuinty.

It’s Ontario voters who don’t want to have an adult conversation about fiscal reality.

And as Kelly McParland and many others point out, all three party leaders are only too happy to enable that kind of head-in-the-sand approach:

The Liberals, addicted to 7% annual spending hikes, can’t deliver on 45 new promises and subsidize tuition for 80% of university students while somehow cutting costs and balancing the budget. The Tories can’t match Mr. McGuinty’s spending pledges while reducing expenditures and chopping taxes.

Can’t be done. Not going to happen. But neither candidate — nor the NDP, which is just as bad — wants to talk about it and so are conducting a sleepwalkers’ delight of a campaign, arguing about side issues of minimal importance while voters nod off, killing time until hockey season begins.

The problem is that if we don’t have this adult conversation about health care, education and where that money is going to come from, we are going to ruin our children’s future.

Ontario voters need to take some responsibility here. You have an opportunity to get involved and use your gift of democracy.

But I know. It’s easier just to go to work (those of you still have a job) to pay those increasing taxes and levies, and then doze off in front of the tube.

As you were.

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39 Responses to Who’s really to blame for the state of Ontario’s economy?

  1. ed says:

    Joanne, could you check the filter? Yesterday I posted the report by the Fraser Institute which relates to your post today. There were two url’s in my post, maybe that was the problem?? Thanks!!

    • Joanne says:

      Oh boy. There’s a lot of stuff stuck there. Thanks for the heads-up. Will deal with it right now.

      • Joanne says:

        All legitimate comments released. And there were some great ones from you Ed, and Paullstuff and Maz2 and others.

        Please feel free to repost any and I’ll try to be a bit more attentive re: the filter. Thanks.

  2. Carolyn Dahl says:

    I think the cold, harsh reality of our economic situation here in Ontario requires drastic measures, measures that would most likely offend people, and we wouldn’t want to do that in the middle of a campaign election, now would we?

  3. Gabby in QC says:

    I don’t follow provincial politics and don’t know if this controversy has any bearing on the Ontario election http://www.newstalk1010.com/News/localnews/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10289162

    The local radio guy was discussing it just now and thought some of you might be interested in it. He also talked to the Fraser Institute’s Charles Lammam re: the fiscal performance of provincial premiers, rating them, with Dalton McGuinty ranked in 9th position. That may be what Ed posted about above, so I won’t provide a link.

  4. Richco says:

    far too much credibility given to consensus media folks – they’re on their way OUT of the hearts and minds of Ontarians.

    We keep forgetting that we have a choice option to having to listen and fall for the spin of the usual consensus media sheep – I’d sooner believe THIS poll and work with what it says rather than those commissioned by the left…and then spun because seriously they’ve got nothing else.


  5. Liz J says:

    When we see a New York City district electing a Republican to Congress we have to wonder if there isn’t an awakening there as well. It seems when things go bad, bank accounts and wallets emptying out to survive, the people look for more common sense conservative measures.

    The city of Toronto had enough of Miller’s bad management and elected a straight shooter, no fancy talk. Lets hope those same people stay on the same track and vote for change at the provincial level.

  6. Bubba Brown says:

    Great post Jo! I ran across this speech made by someone who has been vilified by all the usual suspects.
    Ontario voters as you suggest must quit listening to the “fast train to nowhere, green stupidity, day care everywhere and smart meter, windmill candidates”
    Europe went down that road and is facing ruin, America must toss Obama and his ruinous regime.
    Here in BC I now see that smart Meters will be installed starting this fall.
    A letter to the editor suggests it is due to a new law forbidding mercury switches, which are in said “smart meters” these will be installed by American contractors according to the writer.
    This is a good speech! change the names, locations and it rings as clear as a bell.
    It’s time “we the people” started paying attention. JMO

  7. Sandy says:

    Whenever anyone says you can’t reduce taxes, increase spending and pay down the deficit at the same time, they are WRONG. You can. In fact, Mike Harris did just that. First he lowered income taxes from 58% of the federal portion to 34%. That was $2000 dollars more a year in everyone’s pocket. The result? People spent that money and the gov’t got more PST.

    Then, with business friendly policies in place, more investors expanded or created new businesses — which meant more people had to be hired. The result? With more people employed, more people paid taxes, even the lowered taxes. Then, because of economic stability, they started buying houses and household goods which in turn meant retail businesses were booming. Result? Revenues poured into Queen’s Park — allowing the gov’t of the day to increase spending while simultaneously reducing the deficit.

    The biggest job killer are tax increases for the opposite reasons I have given above.

    Anyway, don’t just listen to me, listen to Rob Snow via this link from MadMacs. Click on the bottom link and listen to his CFRA op ed from yesterday and he tells us why Ontario was booming during the Mike Harris years and how it is the McGuinty gov’t that is destroying this once great province, just as Bob Rae’s NDP did before him.


    We have to get this message out there. Progressives and that includes the liberal media, just don’t get it. The program Hudak is proposing CAN work.

  8. Richco says:

    If anyone here wants to know where Ontario’s Minister of Finance is right now, he’s in Goderich with the Huron-Bruce Liberal incumbent Carol Mitchell. Saw them campaigning on our town Square that was just opened up to traffic after the tornado. Most business are closed and nothing to see…..really.

    This is as opportunistic as it gets folks. The Liberals are also the only party that kept its campaign office in Goderich when both other parties – the NDP and PC were thoughtful enough to leave the business space available open for those displaced businesses who may need a place to temporarily call home.

    • Joanne says:

      That totally stinks.

    • Ruth says:

      that tornado came at just the right time for Carol Mitchell’s re-election in Huron Bruce.

      • Richco says:

        in hindsight I should have parked my car and joined the entourage so as to get the other perspective. Ironically, I just finished a piece expressing how most in our town would just as soon take a pass at this election than have to go through the campaign.

        Once I calmed down from seeing the spectacle a silver lining dawned on me. The Liberals wouldn’t have sent Duncan here if they weren’t either losing or close to the PC candidate.

        I have to believe that’s the case, but again, because the Liberals are the only party to choose to keep an office in town they, in my mind at a very local level appear arrogant. Imagine a whole town to themselves.

        • Ruth says:

          “Imagine a whole town to themselves.”
          wow….just the same as Toronto now. Dalton pretty much has it all wrapped up too.

  9. Liz J says:

    Hey Richco, Liberals figure they’re more important than the rest, they are the governing party and the others are mere wannabes. Their arrogance rises above all considerations.

    Wondering who McGuinty will have by his side during the last week of the campaign? I’m sure Suzuki would be available to tout his pie-in-the-sky green energy plot and he won’t arrive in a horse and buggy, that would come too close to the era he’s pushing this province back to.

  10. Richco says:

    Just got off the phone with the PC candidate. She and the NDP (who also gave up campaign office here on compassionate grounds) could use this information to their advantage at some point. If SNN or Chris Blizzard are visiting this just proves that there’s nothing the Liberals will not do to be in power.

    It’s shameful and Ruth you’re right – the timing of this disaster couldn’t have been worse also there’s that carrot of promised $$$ by Dalton that our town needs desperately so our usually right-leaning members are playing the “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth game” – I guess I might be doing the same thing? It’s a tough position to be in – for darn sure.

    • Bec says:

      Send that suggestion as a private citizen to SNN or CB, Richco. As I read what you wrote, I felt total outrage at the thoughtless arrogance.

      However when I heard and then read that not all pollsters have the McGuinty Fiberals looking swell, I was elated! A healthy Ontario is ESSENTIAL to a healthy Canada!

  11. Martin says:

    Richo: One thing McGuinty and Mitchell don’t need just now is this story of local farmer Shawn Drennan and another lawsuit against their detested wind turbines.
    Mitchell is the Agriculture Minister, supposed to be the spokesperson for farmers and the industry. This will be her undoing in Huron-Bruce I believe.

  12. paulsstuff says:

    “Do all you can to fight against those Smart Meters! They’re just tax machines”

    Joanne, i discovered something quite interesting. I’m stuck with a smart meter and time use electricty rates. I went over my bills for the past year, got out the calculator, and used the figures from Veridian’s website to compare my costs using the smart-meter as compared to regular rates where you pay so much for the first 600 kilowatts and then a higher rate for anything above.

    Now keep in mind that I do laundry, run the dishwasher and have the greatest portion of my hydro use done at the lowest off-time rate. So with all the inconvenience from doing laundry, etc., after 9:00PM, the net result is I would have had a lower bill on 5 of my previous 6 bills if I just did my laundry and everything under the rates using 600kwh and did it any time of the day. The only bill where i saved money by using the smart meter my savings for two months was $1.33.

    Brilliant McGuinty, absolutely friggin brilliant.

    • Joanne says:

      We need more reports like this. The reality is not living up to the hype. And on top of that we’ll be getting higher hydro rates as the local facilities try to off-load this extra expense with the installation of the ‘Smart tax machines’.

  13. Sandy says:

    I don’t have the links but I got two Google alerts today of interest — an article in the Star today where McGuinty says a PC government would raise property taxes — which is an outright lie because the provincial government can’t do that — and another one in the Toronto Sun where Dalton McGuinty, actually says “Hudak has to realize there is only one taxpayer!”

    I nearly choked I laughed so hard. The nerve of this guy.

    Re the polls, I am very suspicious. The Sun poll shows the PCs 9 points ahead and others show the reverse. I keep getting Google alerts from the Ottawa Citizen that says the Liberals have the momentum. I don’t think so. This is beginning to look very much like when Rob Ford won and the CPC on May 2nd. The media is now openly trying to influence the election outcome.

    • jon says:

      McGuinty is getting a free ride from the press pool covering him. No tough questions, just them allowing their mics to be used as bullhorns — both to sell himself and his gov’t’s record and to attack Hudak as well, going completely unchallenged in both instances. You’ll even have individual reporters creating spin off narratives for McGuinty, interviewing 3rd parties to back his talking points, finding those they can find to criticize Hudak’s positions and policies that he states on any given day and interviewing them to follow state their objections. With McGuinty though? Not so much. He apparently has no critics, apart from the 2 opposition parties. Take the CTF criticism of McGuinty on his claim of having reduced the deficit by 43%… anyone seen that angle played up in any reporting? I certainly haven’t. Funny though how when it was about the G20 and the so-called “fake lake”, the media couldn’t get enough of the CTF, booking them for as many interviews as they could. Now that they’re critical of McGuinty, they needn’t be heard from anymore.

      • Joanne says:

        Yeah I agree McGuinty is getting a free ride so far in this election.

        BTW here is an interesting piece from Ipsos asking the media to be more discretionary with polling results and who they use. A somewhat self-serving piece but worth reading nonetheless.

  14. paulsstuff says:

    “The media is now openly trying to influence the election outcome.”

    That’s what I’ve been saying all along Sandy. McGuinty is in trouble and he knows it. The media did the same crap with Ignatieff and Smitherman, hoping that reporting imaginary momentum would get voters to jump on the bandwagon.

    Hudak’s campaign stop in Ajax, was packed and he looked and sounded great. Most of the houses that had Conservative Chris Alexander lawn signs now have PC Todd McCarthy signs, including mine. Haven’t seen many Liberal signs for incumbent MPP Joe Dickson on house lawns, mostly along the sides of roads.

    If anybody really needs a clear sign of what is actually going on in this election, it’s quite similar to the 2006 federal election, where Liberal brass decided Paul Martin was a liability and candidates made little mention of him now had him on their campaign literature. Ditto for McGuinty.

    In my opinion we’ve had no gaffes thus far, other than the imaginary ones in WK’s head.

  15. Sandy says:

    Great to hear Paulsstuff about events in Ajax. I am worried in Niagara Falls/Niagara-on-the-Lake because Liberal Kim Craitor actually did a good job. He bucked McGuinty on many things. That said, PC George Lepp is a good man and if there is province-wide change, he will win. But, things are relatively quiet.

    However, cynic alert. As many may know the Niagara Health System is a mess. Plus two hospitals were closed in the last four years — Fort Erie and Port Colborne.

    So guess what happened a couple of weeks before the writ was dropped?

    McGuinty shut down the NHS board and sent in a provincial supervisor to straighten things out. So, the media are absolutely quiet on any topic to do with NHS when clearly the Liberals made a huge mess out of things.

    Moreover, we don’t get stats any more about all the people who were dying of C-Difficile in the three largest hospitals. With the result that everyone I know says that if they get sick, they’ll drive to Emergency at Grimsby Memorial which is part of the Hamilton system.

    Yet, as usual the Liberals are getting away without any accountability at all.

  16. Bubba Brown says:

    Paulstuff @ 6:45 Thanks for that I can’t even get a letter to the editor printed in our local rag. BC Hydro is going to spend a billion dollars putting these things in and as has been suggested they are just a tax machine.

  17. Ruth says:

    they really are trying to buy Huron Bruce, just like Richco was saying…..

    Finance Minister makes pledge towards economic development fund after touring Goderich Square – http://bit.ly/oq5SQs

    • Richco says:

      Yep Ruth. I don’t think we’re getting the same kind of stellar PC campaign here as Paul and Sandy are. Maybe it’s because the Liberals are STILL getting all of the air time and ink AND being very aggressive everywhere – just not in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe.

      I get the distinct impression that this election is being fought harder in other places.

      It’s going to come down to campaigns and who’s got the best team on the ground.

  18. maz2 says:

    Of Breivik and Wang Hongbin.

    Socialism’s aim/goal: the killing of human personality and its submersion in the collective. This begins with abortion.

    “If one is unable to join the anarchic social order, or make peace with the totalitarian regime, then what can be expected?”

    “Is it the frustration of a man who longs for a sense of community but is only served up something phony with which to take its place? ”


    “Breivik And The Triumph Of Liberalism”

    “Perhaps in Breivik we see the results of psychological conflicts manifesting whenever the artificial can no longer contain the drive for a natural based political expression. If so and in his type, the individual, the isolated liberal man, has nothing to hold on to, or orient himself with. If one is unable to join the anarchic social order, or make peace with the totalitarian regime, then what can be expected? Is it the frustration of a man who longs for a sense of community but is only served up something phony with which to take its place? Within a killer’s twisted thinking, and within his hyper-individualist violent actions, perhaps one can observe and begin to understand the results of tensions inherent in liberalism, both classic and modern.”



    “Man kills four in China horror axe attack”

    “A man armed with an axe attacked children and parents in a city street in central China today, killing four people and wounding two.

    Villagers identified the perpetrator of the attack on the outskirts of the city of Gongyi as a local farmer with a history of mental illness, said a city government spokesman.

    The spokesman said one young girl was among those killed while another was seriously wounded when the alleged assailant, Wang Hongbin, began attacking people on a main street in Gongyi’s Shecun township at about 8.40am (1.40am BST). The spokesman said Wang was detained but gave no other details. ”

    “Assailants in most attacks were either mentally unstable, bore grudges against their victims, or were angry over personal failures.”


  19. Jen says:

    Did you seen Michael Coren’s 22 year old guest, what a breath of fresh air to hear such a young girl say that she is a christian and a conservative.

  20. maz2 says:

    Socialist-Liberal McGuinty’s Profanity & Desperation Parade.


    “‘Seize’ baton, McGuinty tells businesses”

    “Dalton McGuinty says it’s the business community’s turn to pick up the “damn baton” and create more jobs for Ontarians.”


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