McGuinty – The millstone around our necks

The consensus media outlets are obviously engaged in a full-court press to get McGuinty’s Liberals re-elected in October.

So when I read John Ivison’s column (McGuinty says he’ll stay full four years if re-elected) I wasn’t surprised that he gave Dalton a free pass with all the soft-ball questions.

But when McGuinty has the sheer audacity to say that “we have amassed a deficit for all the right reasons”, I have to take issue.

According to the Fraser Institute Dalton McGuinty has the second-worst fiscal record of all the premiers in the country:

The Liberal leader did a “bad job” of restraining government spending as well as with dealing with Ontario’s deficit, said Fraser policy analyst Charles Lammam.

“Ontario has been in deficit for the last few years and the plan is for Ontario to be in deficit for the next six years, so this reflects poorly on his performance,” said Lamman, co-author of Fraser’s evaluation of Canada’s premiers. “If there is increasing levels of debt, then more tax dollars are going to be spent on reducing that debt, and less money available for public services and tax relief, which Ontario does need to improve its competitiveness on.”

Finally, Ivison says that McGuinty’s “proud of what Ontarians have been able to accomplish in the last eight years”.

Well that would be in spite of him; not because of him.

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McGuinty hellbent on renewable energy. Hang onto your wallets!!!  (See Steve Paikin’s blog)

Also please check out Crux of the MatterThe Dalton McGuinty Liberals do not deserve to be re-elected.

Ivison tries to redeem himself by going after all three leaders – Ontario’s bipartisan spending spree. Fair criticism for the most part. I think we need a candidate who promises nothing other than to try not to screw up.

Dalton’s ‘green’ jobs a mythSun editorial preview:

Premier Dalton McGuinty recently challenged PC Leader Tim Hudak to look green energy workers “in the eyes” and tell them “I’m killing your future.”

We, challenge McGuinty to do this:

Look all Ontario workers in the eyes and tell them why you’re killing three times as many of their jobs through your reckless public subsidy of green energy...

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  1. Richco says:

    good post!

    In case folks missed it here’s another issue that has seen Dalton the hypocrite hoping no one notices – the whole issue of faith in publicly funded schools is about to take off again with a protest at Queen’s Park in the coming days.

    These two columns remind us of the McGuinty gov’t hypocrisy on this issue but it also reminds us, through Chris Blizzard that both the Liberals and PCs were equal cop-outs in their responses.

  2. Liz J says:

    So Daddy Slickums is telling us what we accomplished, eh what?

    From where I sit we need to talk about what Daddy Slickums has managed to do to this province, tax us to the limit and beyond to put us into have-not status with nary a mention of that fact in the media. So, now he’s trying to blame us for this colossal mess, saying it’s what we’ve “accomplished”?

    I’m also getting fed up with the polling going on daily. It’s either Liberal friendly or the people of this province are stuck on stupid and have a love for taxes and poverty.

    • Jen says:

      However Lizj, when you ask ontarians if they knew their province debt and that they are responsible for paying it off not the federal government, are they aware that for Dalton to reduce Ontario’s debt, taxes have to go up, how? where?, is not being questioned by the media.

  3. Bec says:

    It defies logic that Ontarians are giving Dalty-lyin’ a free pass. Do they love the color red and this black hole? Are there that many union members that care nothing for their non-union neighbour?

  4. Martin says:

    I agree Ivison did not pose the hard questions, particularly on the renewable energy issues.
    McxGuinty’s fantasy of building turbines and solar panels for the American market, does not pass the marketability test. Ont., under McGuinty, is one of the few jurisdictions left still willing to offer huge subsidies for wind and solar power. The Ont. market is too small to justify huge investment in manufacturing capacity, unless he plans to pave over even more prime agricultural land with wind turbines.
    Meanwhile the US is distancing itself even further from renewables. See SDA for the story of Solyndra, the solar-panel maker under FBI investigation after going bust despite a $535 M federal loan. Try link
    Also note the pathetic last hurrah of Al Gore. On the surface, this does not look like a prime market for renewable energy hardware.

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  6. Calgary Junkie says:

    I would have thought that the best template for a successful Hudak campaign would have been Harper’s 2005/6 campaign–something like a five-point plan that Hudak could roll out over four weeks or so, fleshed out with SPECIFIC policy proposals introduced on a daily basis.

    It doesn’t look like he’s doing anything of the sort (has he said how and when he will eliminate the deficit ?), but is instead so far largely fixated on McGuinty’s “foreign worker” policy. I didn’t agree with the rhetoric Hudak used, as it wasn’t accurate (McGuinty’s policy only applied to Canadian citizens). And now, it looks like Hudak has abandoned the “foreign worker” phrase. That puts into question his political judgement, and whether he has thought things through sufficiently enough.

    But Hudak shouldn’t let himself get sidetracked by what the Libs are doing, anyway. He should relentlessly advocate and explain HIS policies. The voters need to know, with a fair amount of specifics, what he will DO over four years, if given a majority mandate.

    • Joanne says:

      Well said CJ.

      • Richco says:

        ditto from me CJ.

        Interesting listening to Kinsella being interviewed by David Akin yesterday. Akin made a point of making the observation that McGuinty’s campaign so far mirrors the tact taken by Harper – I believe the work Akin used was “mirroring” – McGuinty so far is “mirroring” Harper, thinking that if he targets immigrants (as Harper/Kenny did) that he’ll be re-elected because that’s where the votes are.

        Kinsella’s response was that was “exactly” the Liberal plan.

        Joanne – the McGuinty tailing Harper was something folks right here caught on to at least a year ago.

        What I don’t understand is why it’s appearing that Hudak’s team didn’t see it also – or if they did why they decided to hammer McGuinty more than sell the specifics behind [changebook]

        I think Hudak will get a minority but that Horwath is still the darkhorse and the leader with the most momentum. The guys are stalled and making incremental gains – but not enough if the NDP should grab onto an issue at run with it.

        I wonder how much voters’ 2nd choice will make?

  7. old white guy says:

    i read that our debt is rising at a rate of 59 million dollars a day. i can’t confirm that but the deficit and debt are way beyond acceptable. provinces can’t print money to pay debt with devalued dollars so we have to cut spending and pay our debt with real money. if dalton is given another term we may never see and end or reduction of our debt. the end result of all liberal policies is increased taxes.

  8. Liz J says:

    There’s so much to go after the McGuinty Liberals on for sure but most know all about that and some will vote Liberal anyway. What people need to hear is what a Hudak government would do.

    It would help if he got some cajones and spell out Conservative policies like a common sense approach to the out of control “Green” energy plot, and all that entails, that McGuinty has foisted upon us and is emptying our wallets and bank accounts.

    It would also help if he’d stick with his good ideas like getting rid of Ontario HRC but no, he went from getting rid of it to “fixing” it and now, nothing?

    We’re all well aware of the fact you can’t please everyone, in politics you need to stay true to your ideology and at least keep your base interested enough to get out and vote.

    So, lets hear what a Hudak government will do, that should outshine McGuinty’s abysmal record, anything would be an improvement to that.

  9. jad says:

    What I would find most scary,if I lived in Ontario, is that if the PCs do not win a clear majority, McGuinty will come to some “arrangement” with the NDP. It’s hard to see Hudak achieving a majority, so it looks like you guys are stuck with McGuinty one way or another.

  10. Bubba Brown says:

    Good morning all! Great posts this morning.
    Mr Hudac had better start rolling out some policy, bricks and mortar Sir, you need a platform to stand tall on.
    Just NOT being McGuinty is pretty thin gruel.
    The “horse race, neck and neck” polls are standard Media Party Liberal support crappola.
    Anyway slightly off topic Jo, an interesting article regarding what people knew and when they knew it.
    Who would vote for, or hire someone to do an important job, if they could not do the job because of illness.
    As I said before we were played big time the last two elections by the NDP.
    Of course the assumption is that the NDP “Miracle” was all them Quebecers suddenly seeing the NDP as the answer.
    I think for this cynical old guy that it was just their last desperate attempt to “coalition” their way to the cat-bird seat.
    Topp the first to throw his hat in the ring is already promising that Quebec get more seats than their population rates. Gonna be interesting.

  11. Calgary Junkie says:

    Further to my post … prior to Harper’s 2005/6 campaign, almost all the pundits thought that he would hammer away at the Libs over Adscam. But he crossed everybody up, and went with his very successful “5 point plan/policy a day” format.

    Hudak is in a similar situation–a largely unknown official opposition, against a tired government. He should largely ignore McGuinty’s screwups–they are pretty well common knowledge anyway. Don’t worry about finding hard-hitting rhetoric to describe what McGuinty is doing or has done. Hudak has to present himself as a premier-in-waiting. He should leave the criticisms of McGuinty to his attack dog candidates, the media, and bloggers.

    I think all Conservative politicians should try and learn from how Harper has campaigned. The guy obviously knows what he is doing, as borne out by his significant progress after each election, starting with 2004.

  12. ladee J says:

    C.J. I am in total agreement with all your remarks today. I keep waiting for Hudak to get some spine but each day I feel slightly more nauseous . We have a very well known candidate who has a good chance to win and I am thinking if he does not it is because of Hudak. Very worried sitting in my little Ontario home. Seriously considering a move to Alberta if Dolt gets back in.

  13. ed says:

    Comments from a guy who would have made a significant impact for the Ontario Conservatives but they did not want him – sad, indeed:

    “On October 6, 2011 (less than one month away), Canada’s largest Province and Industrial Heartland is having a General Election . . . HO-HUM.”

    “Ontario, which has forever been Canada’s workhorse and most dependable Province, has become a welfare Province.”

    “Because Ontario’s politicians haven’t yet received the memo that says Socialism doesn’t work, and buying votes with the people’s money doesn’t work, and paying obscene salaries, perks and pensions to a hugely bloated Public Service doesn’t work either.”

    “3 – And also like the USA, Ontario has a Conservative Party that conducts itself much like America’s RINOS, who are too timid to take a REAL stand on issues and simply say ENOUGH!

    Like America’s PRE-TEA PARTY Conservatives, our Conservatives stand on one principle; which is to get elected and then reelected. Our Conservatives also grow government, increase the Deficit and Debt, and pander to minorities.

    So . . . Who the hell am I supposed to vote for in the October Ontario election?”

  14. ed says:

    “Under the current 8 years of Liberal Provincial Mismanagement, we’ve seen our personal taxes go through the roof. And we’ve seen the cost of doing business through forced salary hikes and additional FORCED paid days off make it very difficult to own and manage a small business.

    We’ve witnessed an explosion in rules and regulations that are paralyzing the growth of business. And we’re drowning in Green Everything Crap that is bankrupting the Province.

    Anne and I have in just one year seen our government controlled electric energy cost DOUBLE from $335 per month to $650 per month WITHOUT increasing our usage by even ONE watt.”

  15. ed says:

    What Election?
    Monday, September 12, 2011
    By: Howard Galganov

    “Imagine paying MORE than $7000 per year in AFTER-TAX dollars just to power our household? How does a regular working family or pension earners deal with that?

    And what is the solution put forward by the Conservatives to deal with this energy fiasco? They will not charge the provincial sale’s tax on this mess, or charge the debt repayment fee, which combined is little more that a spit in the ocean.

    And that best describes the fence, upon which the Conservatives sit on for everything.”


    I will vote for the Conservatives, NOT because I have any faith in their policies or politicians, but ONLY because they aren’t as repugnant as the others, and that’s as sad a commentary as one one can make on our political environment.”

  16. Ruth says:

    This is a bold move, Hudak will kill Samsung deal and 200 jobs.

  17. TangoJuliette says:

    Frome our “For what it’s Worth Dept.”

    Skill-testing questions: Anyone have any valid evidence that Dalt and WK were ever involved in “Frat-Boy” membership in their Hi-school or Univ. Days? Frat Boys or Secret Religious Societies of any kind? AND: Does anyone have a sense of what sort of politics get voiced in homilies and sermons across the province?

    This sort of sacred-sided campaign worked well for PET a few times, according to some librano memoirs recently published. On the federal hustings one would often hear a grit candidate say something along the lines of “…as you may remember, the message of last week’s homily…”



    t.e.& o.e.

  18. Martin says:

    Renegade Tory has a link up about calls to CFRA (Ottawa talk show).

    Locally, Lisa MacLeod incumbent PC member for Nepean-Carleton has stated flatout that a PC government will restore local planning authority, for wind turbines and solar developments; these were centralized under The Green Energy Act. So far I have not heard Hudak repeat this; I think he needs to address the inequities of the GEA. Surely if people knew what the act contained, they would not be so blase about it.

  19. Joe says:

    I was in a small village accessible only by bush plane yesterday and met a civil servant from Ottawa. He wanted to discuss Ontario politics with me because he is very upset with ‘McGuinty’s discrimination’. The civil servant very strongly disagreed with “McGuinty’s bribe to hire foreigners.” My thought was that if a federal civil servant was upset with McGuinty then McGuinty might be in a spot of trouble.

    • Joanne says:

      Especially if that federal civil servant lives in McGuinty’s riding…

      • Richco says:

        and according to recent statistics one in ten Ontarians is now employed by the government.

        That means that for every 9 Ontarians – every age group and status we’re being bureaucratize to death.

        An increase of 70% under McGuinty’s watch.

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  21. Liz J says:

    If McGuinty gets beaten in his own riding Hudak has a majority!

    It appears the media party and the pollsters are in a frenzy, maybe they know something they’re not ready to tell us yet, they’re running scared.
    One pollster said the Conservative support is more solid, their supporters are more likely to actually vote.

    If paying high taxes on all the stuff we need to live every day isn’t motivation to go out and vote against, nothing much is. Not only that, think what another McGuinty win could do to our property values.

  22. ed says:

    “Wednesday, September 07, 2011
    Afternoon Edition – Op-Ed
    He’s Ontario’s great mistake.”

    “Friday, September 09, 2011
    Afternoon Edition – Talk Back
    Dalton McGuinty’s new message is “what we’ve achieved in Ontario the past eight years is nothing short of amazing.” What are some of the amazing things that we’ve actually accomplished? Rob Snow takes your calls on this hot topic.”

  23. Richco says:

    What I’m reading via the posts above is that perhaps Hudak’s [changebook] either isn’t being sold by the leader as much as it should be OR isn’t specific enough?

    More than a few have suggested that here and in earlier posts.

    Focus more on Hudak and less on McGuinty?

    It’s got to concern anyone looking in here and then at Sandy’s because she’s suggesting that the reasons to election Hudak are clearly spelled out, while other conservatives don’t.

    That in itself should concern the Hudak camp because we (conservatives) should be darn sure by now what the leader intends to do BETTER than McGuinty and how.

    What I really dislike about the talking points of both McGuinty and Hudak camps is the repetition that each leader would somehow leave funding in tact or increase spending on Healthcare and Education – yet – some of the biggest boondoggles we’ve seen on in healthcare and education AND, with those two items taking the biggest chunk from our taxdollars are we determined to continue to throw good money after bad and have little accounting for it through fewer and fewer services….but costing more and more.

    I for one don’t hold healthcare or education up as sacred cows to be left untouched in this campaign…..yet there’s little but platitudes and sound bites on both issues.

  24. ed says:

    “Thursday, September 08, 2011
    Afternoon Edition – Talk Back
    We have, under the McGuinty government, a two-tiered welfare and health care system and it’s a disgrace. What do you think? Rob Snow takes your calls on this hot topic.”

  25. Sandy says:

    Reminder to all the Tory naysayers. Hudak “IS” getting out there each and every day exactly as Harris did with his Common Sense Revolution. One point a day!

    A simple five-point plan would not work provincially because most of our services are provincial. And, Ontarians rarely accept a strong conservative message — exception being Rob Ford and some may be having second thoughts in Toronto.

    Remember, I put up 20 reasons to vote PC. (

    Pass it along. Just keep up the fight. There is a huge undecided out there in Ontario and that is who we have to reach, not the rank and file. Both parties already have those numbers.

    Lastly, I simply don’t believe the pollster “tie” mantra. Remember, when Stephane Dion was running neck and neck with Harper? Pure bull!

    That said, yes McGuinty is Mr. Charm. But, just keep hammering that he is a charming liar and that with his ideology about green clean energy, if he is re-elected, we will have a carbon tax in the new year if not before.

    In other words, Hudak may not have a lot of charisma or be perfect but think of the alternative.

    P.S. I have comments turned on during the day and early evening.

    • Joanne says:

      Good stuff Sandy! We needed that pep talk. Thanks.

    • Richco says:

      a reminder also just because there are those, and they may be conservatives who are questioning and, yes, discussing those things about the Hudak campaign that they don’t agree with does NOT make them “naysayers” – let’s put an end to those handy infighting type labels.

      Until this week Hudak hasn’t been putting the emphasis on the specifics of [changebook] as many would have hoped. Campaigns can be flexible enough to adapt and I believe Hudak will.

      I believe we continue to give way too much credit to the consensus media (formerly known as MSM) because they have routinely proven in, now many elections to be very much out of touch with what’s important to Canadians and in our case Ontarians.

      Sandy “Hudak “IS” getting out there each and every day” – he is now that the writ is dropped but as we’ve all known McGuinty’s been on the hustings for months – in the case of my community, the Liberal incumbent seemingly the only one being reported about or interviewed on radio. It’s been thus since May. Apparently no one, it was felt was paying attention. I believe that to be a wrong assumption – every time we opened a hydro bill or paid for our groceries we were thinking about Dalton McGuinty for a very long time – and not in a good way either.

      The impact of local media over the consensus media is too often over looked, but I can tell you that many in small communities like mine believe more that is written in their local papers than in the larger dailies.

      On the ground over the summer the Liberals smoked our local media – with no blow back by some papers at all, no attempt to get the perspective of other party candidates.

      I raised this issue here before. What this started to do to people in my town who I know are conservatives is raise doubts in our candidate that I later found to be unfounded….but nevertheless because there was no profile or info. on other local candidates all folks around here got was one view point and the occasional column by the few right-leaning media types but not much more.

      When I did some digging I found out that since May, one of the local opposition candidates had sent press releases, invitation to events, and responses to the Liberals glut to one of the local papers. I think it was 8 different times when that party was in my town standing up to the Liberals. Guess how many times our of those 8 either saw the local paper attending or publishing?

      If you guessed one – that’s too many.

      Looking only at my community at this moment – an election campaign just isn’t happening in our town that is noticeable. It’s not for lack of effort on the part of opposition parties or candidates either.

  26. TangoJuliette says:

    More, from our “For what it’s Worth Dept.”

    Appropos two-tiere welfare and health – n the health file, Dolt is gonna try to raise the old weary fear-mongering chestnuts of an Ont.P.C. “hidden agenda,” or “they’re gonna destroy Medicare for all time, by introducing a two-tiered approach to health care delivery.

    Some problematic troubles there, for lyin’ Dalt the Dolt! In and around Silicon Valley North and the surrounding HiTech shops scattered around the University of Waterloo, the larger corporations, in league with some of the local medicos, have already established a system where corps pay an annual premium for key biggies, and that gets them to the very front of the queue, for anything from a G.P. check up, to specialists and and all manner of testing etc. ALL this, under Dalt’s librano regime.

    Don’t believe me? Please feel free to check this out. I’m not making this up. I’m not allowed to. Brings to mind an old Negro Spiritual. Something about

    “… there is a tree in paradise,
    the Wise men call it the Tree of Life –
    All my trials, Lord,
    Soon be over.

    If living was a thing that money could buy,
    The rich would live,
    And the poor would die –
    All my trials Lord,
    Soon be over.”



    t.e.& o.e.

  27. maz2 says:

    Help Horwath with campaign quotes/themes.

    Suggestions, please.

    This* is a real goody:

    “*”He came on a bicycle. I escorted him down and he went away on his bike.””


    “Horwath urges Ontario NDP to halt Layton-themed campaigning”



    • Richco says:

      ““Horwath urges Ontario NDP to halt Layton-themed campaigning”

      too late in my riding maz2 – the NDP candidate is using the old federal campaign signs with Jack Layton name in the corner. I couldn’t decide whether the local NDP were politicizing Jack’s death or simply run out of $$ to afford new signs.

      Something else I saw a few days ago that made me wonder about the youth and the hold the NDP seems to have on them is that while at an Ontario university residence I saw a poster in the rez. lobby advertizing the upcoming Terry Fox run. At the top of the poster someone put up a talking bubble above the photo of Fox that said “Run for Jack Layton” – that really disgusted me at first but I realized that for the youth in that rez. who weren’t born when Terry Fox did his run to find a cure for cancer, Layton is the guy they relate to.

  28. Richco says:

    found another gem while still clearing out my office. I saved this editorial from the Ottawa Sun – ( the editorial on April 4, 1999)

    “Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty didn’t invent political hypocrisy, he merely took it to new heights when he urged striking teachers this week to continue their illegal campaign against the Harris government.
    Would this be the same Dalton McGuinty who, a few years back, introduced a private member’s bill in the legislation that would have effectively stripped teachers of their right to strike?
    Would this be the same Dalton McGuinty who cried crocodile tears over the plight of students when teachers in Ottawa-Carleton shut down their classrooms in 1992?
    Who boldly pronounced that teachers and school boards most certainly do not speak for students’ interests when they engage in walkouts or lockouts?
    Would this be the same Dalton McGuinty who called for a students’ bill of rights to protect students from the actions of over-zealous teachers’
    unions, including a statutory right to minimal class disruption?
    Is this the same Liberal MPP who called for the appointment of a student interest advocate to participate directly in negotiating settlements to make sure students’ interests weren’t pushed aside by big labor or school board demands during a dispute?
    Would this be the same Dalton McGuinty who wanted compulsory votes by teachers who are locked in contract disputes?
    Could it possibly be the same Dalton McGuinty who once moaned that: “There is no limit on the length of time parties can negotiate, no restrictions on when a strike may occur, no fixed maximum duration of strikes….”
    Ah, seem that was then.
    Today it’s a different story.
    Or, at the very least, it’s a different Dalton McGuinty.
    Because the latest incarnation told a packed house of striking teachers this week to “take heart” and “to not give up.”
    You’re doing the right thing,” he said.
    The right thing?
    A word of advice for striking teachers:
    Get to know your enemy.
    But first get to know your allies.
    You might be surprised.”

  29. Richco says:

    Info. on provincial debate announced

    Re: Ivison and other journos. – don’t forget that he’s traveling with McGuinty’s campaign – so his columns will favour him.

  30. Richco says:

    love this – it’s PC Gold for our war room

    “Yet since being elected, the McGuinty government has behaved like Imelda Marcus in a Prada store. Spending has grown to $116-billion from $63.4-billion eight years ago — an annual increase of nearly 7%. Net debt has grown to $241.4-billion from $138.8-billion in 2003/04; debt as a percentage of GDP has grown to 37.6% from 28.2 eight years ago; and, net debt per capita has risen to $18,056 for every Ontarian from $11,339. The province has a $16.3-billion deficit and pays $10-billion a year in interest payments.”

  31. ed says:

    Ontario Liberal government’s callousness: CFRA’s Rob Snow highlights it:

    “Thursday, September 08, 2011
    Afternoon Edition – Diet Allowance
    The Ontario government has changes a list of what medical conditions no longer qualify for a special diet allowance. Rob Snow is joined by Madeleine Meilleur, Liberal MPP for Ottawa-Vanier and Minister of Community and Social Services, to explain why.”

    “Thursday, September 08, 2011
    Afternoon Edition – Reaction to Madeleine Meilleur
    After Rob Snow’s interview with the Minister of Community and Social Services, Madeleine Meilleur, he takes caller’s reactions to what she said.”

  32. ed says:

    Why would you vote for someone who has done a poor job of handling the province’s finances?? Isn’t that the bottom line??

    “September 13, 2011 06:32 ET
    The Fraser Institute: Compared to Other Provinces, Ontario and Quebec Governments Do Poor Job of Managing Provincial Finances”

    “… are among the worst managers of provincial finances according to a new analysis of the fiscal records of 10 Canadian premiers, released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading public policy think-tank.

    The McGuinty government in Ontario ranked ninth overall with a score of 34.0 out of 100 while the Charest government ranked sixth with a score of 45.5 out of 100.”

    “Perhaps most troubling is the continued poor performance of Ontario Premier McGuinty, whose record on government spending and controlling debt is among the worst of all premiers. For Ontario to regain its position as an economic powerhouse within Canada, Premier McGuinty needs to curtail spending increases, quickly balance the provincial budget, and lower taxes on personal income.”

    “”To improve the economies of Canada’s two largest provinces, both Ontario and Quebec must reduce taxes to improve the incentives for hard work, saving, investment, and entrepreneurship,” Veldhuis said.”

    “Annual budget deficits in Ontario are worrisome and leave a huge burden for Ontario’s next generation. If this continues, and the government’s current plan indicates that it will for another six years, Ontario’s youth will eventually face either drastic spending cuts, increased taxes, or a combination of both to get the province’s fiscal house in order,” Veldhuis said.

    “The recent recession and ensuing global fiscal crisis have underscored the importance of controlling government spending and debt, lessons to which Canadian provincial leaders need to pay closer attention.”

    “The complete study with detailed data tables is available as a free PDF at”

  33. Norm says:

    So, in this article:

    The author, Tamsin McMahon , quotes:
    1)Robert Drummond from York, a well known campus of fair and open discussion:)
    2) Nelson Wiseman, who also writes this:
    3) Kathy Brock
    NB, yes a 28 page resume.

    How do Conservatives (ie CONS, man I love seeing that 6000 times a day on Globe comments) ever get into power with media like this.

    Because of PEOPLE like US!

    While I no longer live in Ontario, I was born there 51 years ago and lived there for the majority of my life.

    It saddens me to no end, that as children we were the future in the Province of Opportunity and I watch Ontario become the province of despair.

    I still have my Ontario 12 inch ruler given to me in Grade 1 Province of Opportunity – John Robarts Premier.

    Dalton McSquinty MUST be defeated.

    Ok, rant over, thanks for attending:)

  34. paulsstuff says:

    Media reporting on the Ontario election mirrors the federal election. In the federal election we were all told how Ignatieff and the Liberals were running a great campaign, with Ignatieff full of energy. That same media also reported the PM looked tired, uninspired and the campaign was faltering. Then we started to hear from Conservative bloggers who attended those same events and saw the exact opposite of those like Terry Milewski were reporting.

    Hudak is running a safe campaign. He should definately be a little more aggressive and daring. But just like the polls during the federal campaign showed a neck and neck race, internal polling saw no such thing. The people of Ontario are pissed at McGuinty. They are steaming mad over electricity rates, natural gas gas having hst, eco taxes that were hidden. Many don’t like all-day kindegarten.

    While I doubt McGuinty will face as crushing a defeat as Ignatieff and the federal Liberals, I am quite content in feeling the PC’s are on the right path to victory. The time to go for McGuinty’s jugular will be during the televised debates, where the media can’t throw sofballs, and where Hudak and Horvath can put McGuinty on the hot seat over his complete ineptitude as Premier in Ontario.

  35. Sandy says:

    Well said Paulsstuff! However, we have to keep on fighting because there is a huge undecided out there. They need something to vote “for” as well as against McGuinty. Mind you, most political parties tend to defeat themselves.

    Richco at 5:16pm, where did that quote come from? It absolutely says it all and I would like to use it on my blog tomorrow or Thursday.

  36. Sandy says:

    Added an update to “why McGuinty Liberals do not deserve to be re-elected” with Richco’s quote. As soon as I find out attribution, I’ll add that as well. I agree with Richco that it is gold for the PC war room. Let’s hope they are paying attention!

  37. maz2 says:

    The Maple Leaf Forever: Our Fair Dominion.

    “September 13, 1759: Québec: The British win the decisive Battle of Québec. Montcalm and Wolfe, the commanding generals, both perish in battle.”


    “In Days of yore,
    From Britain’s shore
    Wolfe the dauntless hero came
    And planted firm Britannia’s flag
    On Canada’s fair domain.
    Here may it wave,
    Our boast, our pride
    And joined in love together,
    The thistle, shamrock, rose entwined,
    The Maple Leaf Forever.

    The Maple Leaf
    Our Emblem Dear,
    The Maple Leaf Forever.
    God save our Queen and heaven bless,
    The Maple Leaf Forever.

    At Queenston Heights and Lundy’s Lane
    Our brave fathers side by side
    For freedom’s home and loved ones dear,
    Firmly stood and nobly died.
    And so their rights which they maintained,
    We swear to yeild them never.
    Our watchword ever more shall be
    The Maple Leaf Forever


    Our fair Dominion now extends
    From Cape Race to Nootka Sound
    May peace forever be our lot
    And plenty a store abound
    And may those ties of love be ours
    Which discord cannot sever
    And flourish green for freedom’s home
    The Maple Leaf Forever”

    Alexander Muir

  38. Sandy says:

    Okay, found it. It was the second Ivison article posted by Joanne — which was certainly a far cry from the one about his interview with McGuinty.

    • Joanne says:

      Oh I should have read this before posting the earlier comment.

      And I think Richco is onto something when she says what you write may be tempered with whose bus you’re on. (But not always.)

  39. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    “That’s the Liberal Way”-

    While the Ontario press follows little doggies (literally) around McGuinty’s photo-ops or titter like little school girls while the Ontario Liberal Party President “crashes” Hudak’s door-to-door with the latter’s candidate in McGuinty’s riding, one concerned Ottawa radio personality puts it all in perspective for us.
    Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Snow!

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011
    Afternoon Edition – Op-Ed
    Lie. Cheat. Steal.

  40. Sandy says:

    You know what Jo? We were right to talk about Ivison’s interview. It was all that we said it was. That his next article attempted to be balanced is beside the point. Maybe he read our posts. LOL

  41. Can someone please explain to me how in the HELL the media are letting this lying sack of crap not explain himself on the deficit? He quadruples it and it isn’t an issue? Remember in 2003, the media were all over the Eves government about the size of the deficit. Ugh – this angers me to no end.

    • Joanne says:

      Mcguinty has the consensus media in his back pocket so we will just have to be vigilant and call them up on it when they prove to be overly partisan.

  42. Liz J says:

    Maybe Dalton thinks being in have-not status will work for Ontario, after all, Quebec is in perennially have-not status in spite of being resource rich. It should also spell the end of equalization, it won’t be feasible.

  43. maz2 says:

    Fwd. to Liberal McGuintyimigrant. Reward $10,000.00 (Tax Free).

    “The informant called the new tip line at 8 a.m. Tuesday. Officials descended upon the man’s citizenship ceremony at 9:27 a.m., yanking the alleged fraudster out of line just as he was about to be bestowed with the privilege.”


    “Tipline snags citizenship cheat – in 87 minutes”

    “By Kris Sims, Parliamentary Bureau”

    “The citizenship fraud tipline is only a few days old – and it is already snagging possible cheats, QMI has learned.

    Earlier this week a person in the greater Toronto area heard an acquaintance bragging he had hardly spent any time in Canada over the last three years, yet he was set to be awarded citizenship the following morning.

    Citizenship requires applicants to have spent three of the last four years living, working and contributing in this country.

    The informant called the new tip line at 8 a.m. Tuesday. Officials descended upon the man’s citizenship ceremony at 9:27 a.m., yanking the alleged fraudster out of line just as he was about to be bestowed with the privilege.

    Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said the case is proof the tipline works.

    “Canadians are generous people, but have no tolerance and no patience for people who don’t play by the rules, who lie or cheat to become a Canadian citizen,” Kenney’s office spokeswoman Candice Malcolm said. “Canadians have provided our government with a strong mandate to put a stop to citizenship fraud and those who abuse the privileges of Canadian citizenship.”

    The citizenship and immigration website outlines how to report fraud:

    Canadians who know of people who are involved in false representation, fraud or knowingly concealing material circumstances in the citizenship process – for example, pretending to be present in Canada to meet the residence requirements for obtaining citizenship – are encouraged to call the citizenship fraud tipline at 1-888-242-2100.

    The tipline runs from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday. People overseas who want to report an alleged fraud can visit the citizenship and immigration wesbite, or report it by e-mail at”

  44. Bubba Brown says:

    Well a rainy dull day here at last made a chili co carne and a garlic saffron focaccia loaf
    and getting back to on-line world.
    hat tip clown at midnight; why Conservatives should neeveer beelieeve lyin’ media.
    Just settlin’ in with a glass of red porchclimber, no worries my Blue friends!

  45. maz2 says:

    Any resemblance of O’McGuinty to the Big Zero is not coincidental.

    ” Employ everyone in Green Jobs.”

    “X: “The Ancient Mariner brought a curse on the ship in which he sailed by killing an albatross, which they hung around his neck, as a symbol of misfortune. Until the albatross was dropped they were all doomed. Obviously you guys thought Anthony Weiner was your albatross, so you dropped him. Only he wasn’t because you dropped him and still lost. So if there’s an albatross around your necks it’s someone else. Now who could it be?”

    Big Man: “We can can’t change the policies because that defines the party. We’re stuck with that. That takes care of point number one. All the guys around the table think our messaging is wrong. But I don’t really believe that because we’ve spent hundreds of millions on messaging. I have the best messaging that money can buy and if there’s better, it doesn’t exist. So it’s not the messaging.

    But if I understand you correctly there’s an albatross we aren’t dropping that we could. Are you talking about the President.”

    X: “Oh no, he’s the Ancient Mariner, absent the remorse. The albatross … now wait — hear me out, the albatrosses are all the millstones he’s hanging around your necks by raising expectations. Look, he came into office running for Messiah. He promised to make the seas fall. Employ everyone in Green Jobs. He promised people “affordable health care” and presided over the biggest ‘stimulus’ in modern history. He predicted ‘recovery summer’. And nothing happened. But that doesn’t stop him. Just a few weeks ago he presented a “jobs bill” that wasn’t written before a joint session of Congress — and he asked for the joint session in which to present that nonexistent bill. The President doesn’t do small; he doesn’t promise little improvements. The President does only big. The Big Kahuna, the Big Score. Then he gives you the Big Zero.””


    “Post Mortem”

    “Imagine yourself as a political consultant who’s received a call to come down to the Democratic Party headquarters ASAP. You are received in a conference room at which more than a dozen other political consultants are seated, all of them looking like they’ve just lost their pet dog. The big man at the head of the conference table wastes no words.

    Big Man: “Hello X. I don’t need to tell you that Dave Weprin lost Anthony Weiner’s old seat and Kate Marshall got absolutely blown away in Nevada. The pundits are calling it an early indicator of how 2012 will turn out, which means if anything, that we’re doomed.”

    Red-Green Warmistas:

  46. Liz J says:

    Why the polls are close at all is baffling. It appears Ontario voters are OK with a huge debt, lies and higher and higher taxes. Apparently debt and deficits only matter if a Conservative administration racks them up

    If McGuinty is returned will an exodus from this province ensue?

    • Joanne says:

      It’s very frustrating. Kelly McParland’s column says it all – Fiscal restraint doesn’t pay:

      Said Mr. Lammam: “Perhaps most troubling is the continued poor performance of Ontario Premier McGuinty, whose record on government spending and controlling debt is among the worst of all premiers. For Ontario to regain its position as an economic powerhouse within Canada, Premier McGuinty needs to curtail spending increases, quickly balance the provincial budget, and lower taxes on personal income.”

      Troubling to the Fraser people, perhaps. Surprisingly, Ontario voters seem quite content with it.

      I think what we’re fighting here is a huge imbalance in funding and clout. It’s us little guys (grass roots) vs. the big powerful unions and special interest groups which are allowed to compete without restraint against the Ontario PC Party. I’m not sure how we can get the message out other than get involved at the local level and try not to get discouraged.

      • Liz J says:

        I really don’t think McGuinty would be running if he thought he’d be beaten, he’s running on arrogance as much as anything. He figures he has the backing of the Unions and all special interest groups who never support Conservatives, fiscal prudence is not one of their concerns, it’s all about them.

        However, we can hope there’s an awakening to just what is causing the huge bills we get delivered to our mailboxes for hydro and energy. The sneaky part is many will get their biggest hydro bills after the election.

        Toronto is where the Liberals are targeting for support, we know that from the divisive immigrant hiring deal, and their reaction to our opposition to it. Let’s hope there’s enough of the Ford phenomena left hanging around to block them.

  47. maz2 says:

    Liberal McGuinty’s Condom Spring.

    Who Pay? U-Pay.


    “The Ontario Government helps cover the cost of the condoms. ”

    “$159-thousand Spent on Contraceptives last Spring”

    “Ottawa taxpayers shelled out $159-thousand last spring to buy contraceptives for Sexual Health Clinics.”

  48. fh says:

    I agree Jo at 9:18am
    WHAT is the cost to our society and to the TAXPAYER for our decision to fund ABORTION on demand
    excuse for abortion is rape very few rapes result in pregnancy
    25 abortions per 75 live births a statistic I heard Steve Paikin declare
    abortion is used as a method of birth control
    we need to fund birth control the cost in the end is much less

    • Joanne says:

      For sure. I would much rather have the health care system provide (preventive) birth control on demand to all citizens rather than abortions.

  49. Liz J says:

    Do we seem to have a little too much of the “I’m OK Jack” syndrome in certain areas of this province? It’s hard to explain McGuinty’s appeal at this point given his record of high taxes which will get higher if he gets another term. The outright lies seem to just keep flowing, 94% of us have family doctors? Please!

  50. ed says:

    “MadMacs of Bytown says:
    September 13, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    “That’s the Liberal Way”-

    MadMacs, that editorial (Lie. Cheat. Steal.) by Rob Snow is a classic. Hopefully, everyone wil listen to it!! (

    Thank God for CFRA, a real gem of a station that gets out the truth with a hosts of first-rate broadcasters!!

    Tim Hudak should take Rob Snow’s editorial as as a basis for the upcoming debates. Actually, he should be making use of it immediately.

    Also, a message to Tim Hudak: pick up the phone and call Howard Galganov. Ask him to be an organizer and an adviser for you immediately. You’ll not regret it.

  51. Martin says:

    Typical headline in the Ottawa Citizen crowing about its Ipsos Reid poll, suggesting McGuinty’s support is on the rise. Meanwhile, the Sun has their poll showing the opposite. The Citizen, oddly enough, is even more in the tank for McGuinty than they were for the federal Liberals. This may be because the McGuinty is a local boy.
    Since both polls cannot be correct, perhaps it would be wise to ignore them. I recall that polls were not very accurate last May. I find it hard to believe that McGuinty actually does have the reported level of support.

  52. Richco says:

    far too much credibility given to consensus media folks – they’re on their way OUT of the hearts and minds of Ontarians.

    We keep forgetting that we have a choice option to having to listen and fall for the spin of the usual consensus media sheep – I’d sooner believe THIS poll and work with what it says rather than those commissioned by the left…and then spun because seriously they’ve got nothing else.

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