Smiling Jack the Economic Kneecapper

Lorrie Goldstein wants our attention today, and I think we should give it to him – Economic kneecapping -Layton’s proposed cap-and-trade scheme is utter madness:

If NDP Leader Jack Layton wins a minority government May 2, supported by the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois, he plans to make Canadians pay a new charge estimated at $21.5 billion over the next four years for the right to emit man-made carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Under Layton’s proposed cap-and-trade plan, this money will be paid by ordinary Canadians in higher retail costs for goods and services, along with job layoffs and lower salaries and benefits for workers.

Layton’s plan is to impose cap-and-trade on us soon after the NDP takes power.

We know this because in outlining his proposal during the election, the NDP estimated it will collect $3.6 billion from cap-and-trade in this fiscal year alone, which started April 1 and ends March 31, 2012…

As Lorrie points out, this could very well cripple our recovering economy; especially if the Obama administration doesn’t follow suit and leaves us in an uncompetitive position.

And make no mistake – Those costs would have to be passed onto the consumer which would be devastating to our trade and make life more difficult for ordinary Canadians.

A NDP-led coalition would have no trouble getting their Junior partners (Libs and Bloc) to support such a scheme because Ignatieff already has it in his platform and the Bloc would be crazy not to go along with it.

Why would Canadians willingly do this to themselves on May 2?

RISE UP and fight this insanity!!

Time is running out.

*   *   *   *


CTV ‘Fact check’The NDP’s cap-and-trade revenue plan:

Indeed, critics say a cap-and-trade system would take years to set up and would leave taxpayers with a massive bill in the interim.

But Layton shrugged off the attack, saying that he would simply adjust his plan until the system — which would force big polluters to pay up — was implemented.

“If the revenue doesn’t come in quite as fast as projected … then we’ll have to pace the various introductions of programs,” he said Monday at a stop in Saint John, N.B.

He also maintains that he could get his system in place within a year.

On his party’s website, Layton writes: “If revenues from pricing carbon are delayed or are lower than planned, then the investments will also be delayed or will be phased in more slowly than planned.”

However, Layton has not spelled out which programs would in fact be held back.


Dr. Roy has three newspaper endorsements for the Tories. Please let me know if you find others. Thanks.

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209 Responses to Smiling Jack the Economic Kneecapper

  1. Dirt says:

    It won’t cripple our economy it will destroy it, heating costs will go skyrocketing the working class and the elderly will suffer greatly under cap and trade. The union thugs oh they’ll be just fine because they are the high income earners with the most disposable income.

  2. Michael Harkov says:

    I’m still seeing a Tory majority with a split Lib/NDP vote thanks to Ontario, BC, and Atlantic Canada while we take the West as usual. At the very least we would get a minority, but there is NO WAY that Layton would turn down the chance to be PM; he would form a coalition with a Liberal/Bloc remnant. Imagine it – a Tory Official Opposition with 145 seats. Wow.

    But say, for argument’s sake, that Layton becomes Prime Minister and the NDP becomes the government, with their token Quebec candidates in the form of university students and grandmothers as MPs (CABINET MINISTERS!!!!) in whatever form (minority, coalition, whatever); their platform is going to ruin our economy – full stop.

    I would expect that a socialist NDP minority government that is based out of Quebec and propped up by a Liberal/Bloc remnant is NOT going to appeal to westerners. I can easily see a separation movement flaring up there, and you know, if this were to all come to pass, I’d seriously consider moving out west before I need a passport to even get there.

  3. Bec says:

    It’s time for the big gun networks to demand some answers from Jack! It’s been reported that he wouldn’t answer questions in Edmonton last night and shame on the Albertans cheering this man on. If he can’t/won’t answer questions, he hasn’t told anyone the truth.

    If he wants to play with the big boys, it’s time he be treated like one. The media have treated him like a buddy and not a threat in this election. Well now he is so ASK him and DEMAND an answer!

  4. Michael Harkov says:

    Bec, Layton won’t answer questions in Alberta because he doesn’t need Alberta to form and head a coalition government; everything would come from Quebec and bits and pieces everywhere else.

    No more sugar-coating it – if we get a minority Tory government, Layton and whoever ends up leading the Bloc and Liberals are going to form a coalition and their policies are going to ruin our recovering economy. It will be 1990-1995 Ontario writ large in national form. This is probably the most dangerous time in our nation’s history, more dangerous than Quebec separatism. If this nightmare does come to pass, we are screwed, plain and simple.

  5. Clown Party says:

    If he gets in, the West will seriously think of getting out. [We would have a East and West Canada – just like North and South Korea.]

    Do not know what Non Democradic Party and Quebec will do, they need the Oil Sands money.

    If the Oil Sands were shut down for one year, they would change their minds about Climate Change/Global Warming pretty fast.

    He would be as welcome as Trudeau was, after he gave his Trudeau salute from a train in BC.

  6. Michael Harkov says:

    Libby Davies, Thomas Mulcair, and Pat Martin as Cabinet Ministers. Imagine that. Imagine Bob Rae, Hedy Fry, and Mark Holland as Cabinet Ministers from the Liberal side of a coalition government. Maybe those particular Liberals won’t retain their seats, but just imagine the potential.

    I was glad as hell to end up with Mike Harris as a majority Premier in Ontario after a runious NDP run. I would rather avoid having to go that route on the federal scene in order to get a majority Tory government.

  7. Liz J says:

    For the first time in my life I fear for the country.
    If Layton gets power by hook or by crook we’re headed for economic disaster the equal of which most of us living today never could imagine.

    Of course, the sad part is, he the only way he can get power is by stupid voters voting stupidly. Here we are in the best situation in the wold during a recession and the bozos in this country want to oust the government that got us there.


    Perhaps we better take to the streets in droves like we protested the prospect of a coalition BEFORE Monday instead of after. Anyone ready to organize?

  8. Soccermom says:

    and don’t forget, to go along with this utter madness will be REBATES for lower income Canadians to offset their carbon taxes/extra taxes they have to pay….higher income Canadians will be paying the WHOLE FREIGHT on any kind of environmental tax….This is nothing more than wealth redistribution. It’s happening right now in B.C. as we speak, with the carbon tax. And the bureaucracy to distribute those cheques will add to our woes….you can count on it.

  9. Liz J says:

    And another thing, has anyone bothered to translate what Layton is saying in Quebec? What is he going to do with the Constitution?

  10. Michael Harkov says:
  11. Michael Harkov says:

    Ignatieff can say anything he wants at this point; he’ll be given the boot Tuesday morning; he’ll probably be to told to resign Monday during his concession night.

  12. Garfield says:

    I still have a problem seeing the Liberals supporting the NDP from a third place position! Remember that this is the party that perfected arrogance. Who among us can really picture Bob Rae, Marlene Jennings, David McGuinty or the rest of that gang taking marching orders from Smiling Jack?
    I have an easier time seeing “Blue Liberals” leaving the Liberals for the Tories if only temporarily.
    I also wonder if people are downplaying their support for the CPC intentionally to take some of the opposition pressure off in Public Opinion polls? I admit doing this in previous polls by times.

    • Joanne says:

      I still have a problem seeing the Liberals supporting the NDP from a third place position! Remember that this is the party that perfected arrogance. Who among us can really picture Bob Rae, Marlene Jennings, David McGuinty or the rest of that gang taking marching orders from Smiling Jack

      That thought has crossed my mind too. But the Libs would have no problem supporting an NDP minority government on Cap and Trade.

  13. Richco says:

    I really think folks here are stirring an unnecessary pot because the numbers just don’t add up for Jack. He has no organization on the ground or an GOTV team in Quebec….period, and there is nothing suggesting that Harper has anything to fear from Layton.

    The MSM and PPG seeing the Waffle-led Liberals sinking badly needed another candidate to hitch their wagons to. Layton was that choice.

    I just returned from one of my riding’s campaign offices and if you want to deal with the truth instead of believing the horrors of the MSM and PPG go visit a Conservative campaign office.

    You’re spinning way too wildly. If you believe in Harper you’ll remember that he’s likely thought out every different scenario and outcome this election could produce and is prepared for whatever that is.

    Seriously trading your fears into trust for the fellow who deserves it – Stephen Harper.

    Tomorrow and in to Saturday all eyes will be on London England and NOT the federal election.

    Just read a very nice press release from PM Harper announcing that Canada’s gift to the Royal Couple will be a $50,000 donation to the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary – chosen by the couple as one of the beneficiaries to celebrate their wedding.

    With so much really good press out there pulling for Harper (and they exist) today and building we really must feel proud of what this man is accomplishing.

    If we’re praying for him some faith needs to accompany that if you believe that Harper would not let the country fall into NDP or coalition hands.

  14. fh says:

    we need to get out in our ridings today and help anyway we can
    take our message out to everyone don’t be shy but be respectful
    take Sandy Crux list of conservative accomplishments
    take the conservative platform points
    do NOT lose hope
    we are going to succeed to get a strong Majority Conservative Government for Canada
    Deficit is below 30 billion Not north of 50 billion
    we have the best PM at the helm let us keep PM Harper at the helm
    we have all worked hard but we must NOT stop until May 02, 2011

  15. Fay says:

    We all know that Bob Rae will replace Iggy when the NDP and Liberals merge . But the MSM is hiding this fact from Canadians. Jon Ibbitson is manipulating the message to sneak Bob Rae on Canadians.
    This was only a token statement by the G+M toward the Conservative party to appease corporate Canada. The message in every other column at the G+M is anti Stephen Harper.
    The G+M are playing a dangerous game with Canadians to keep the old boys of Toronto in Power.

  16. Barbara says:

    Seriously, am I freak’n dreaming??? The NDP? This world has gone completely insane. Part of me thinks the pollsters MUST have it wrong. Then the other part of me thinks, “what if they’re right?”

    Harper just got us through one of the worst economic disasters and if the NDP/Unions/Communists have any kind of power, all the strides the country has made will be lost. Add ANY kind of carbon trading system and EVERYTHING goes up in price. Will they make it impossible for the oil sands to operate? What about Human Rights Commissions? Instead of shutting them down, will they add more? What kind of other crazy environmental schemes would they put in place?

    I can’t believe how crazy the world has become. Look to the US to see how much power the Unions/socialists, are getting, and I just shake my head and hope to God people think before they vote.

  17. Dave B. says:

    Remember Chretien won a majority with 38%. I see the same happening Monday. 10% of Laytons support will wake up over the weekend.

  18. Liz J says:

    Yeah Joanne, that Cap and Trade/Carbon tax needs to yelled about, louder and louder to reach thick skulls. Socialists don’t grasp reality, they think money grows on trees, governments can take care of us all from cradle to grave, damn the source of the monies to pay for them.

    Our PM needs to buy a time slot on National TV and spell the gloom and doom scenario we appear to be entering into, it’s his duty as the PM. One would think he’d know enough to do dot that as he watches his majority evaporate before his eyes. He’s a clever statistician no?

    We have the money, now how do we get that through to the so-called war room?

  19. Richco says:

    Rutherford nails it – the only message is the one that supports a Harper majority. It’s within reach and if people are expecting him to be balanced and impartial – tough cookies. It’s a Harper majority he’s about today.

    Thank-you Mr. Rutherford!

  20. Martin says:

    Liz J:
    “And another thing, has anyone bothered to translate what Layton is saying in Quebec? What is he going to do with the Constitution”?

    That is mostly Mulcair, who has disappeared from the english media, and for good reason. The NDP is a classic good cop, bad cop scenario, only the bad cop will pull all the strings. He is anything but a happy smiling candidate; the irony is many Canadians flirting with the NDP, have never heard of Mulcair. He is absolutely the heir in waiting, and could take over direct control anytime soon. He is the real nightmare Canadians would be facing. I said before, make Layton repeat in english what Mulcair is saying in french.

  21. jad says:

    Amidst all the doom and gloom, a couple of random thoughts that may cheer a few people up.

    National polling numbers are showing the NDP only 6 points behind the Tories, but these are being skewed by the huge number the NDP has in Quebec. When the Bloc vote in Quebec was around 40%, it showed up nationally as being around 10%. Now we see the NDP at 40% in Quebec, which I believe is adding about 10% to their national number. So the so-called “Orange wave” is really only a Quebec phenomenon, and while there is reason to be concerned, I don’t think it’s time to panic just yet. I think the Tories are still on track to pick up seats in the 905 and 416 even though they are “only” 13 points ahead, and from the latest polls they seem to be holding up in BC as well.

    And if the apocalypse does happen, I don’t think Jack’s little coalition will be quite as easy to achieve as he imagines. If the NDP success is due largely to picking up Quebec seats from the Bloc, I have a hard time seeing the Bloc as a coalition partner. The NDP and the Bloc are indistinguishable on so many issues affecting Quebec, that an NDP government would completely destroy any reason for the Bloc’s existence.

    Skippy ( puts forward a good case for the Liberals not supporting an NDP-led coalition either.

    Just a couple of things to ponder.

  22. jad says:

    Jo, I have just sent you an email.

    • Joanne says:

      Jo, I have just sent you an email.

      Thanks. My email inbox is a scary place. I’m afraid to go there now.

  23. Michael Harkov says:

    Richco, with all due respect, I am NOT losing faith or trust, but that doesn’t mean I’m about to bury my head in the sand about what is happening. What has happened is that the NDP and the Liberals have traded places. All I am reiterating is what is at stake if we get even a minority government, which is still a very distinct possibility.

    In that worst case scenario, instead of the Liberals being the head of a coalition government, it could be the NDP and they will be a stronger head of that coalition, because the Liberals and the Bloc will be in utter disarray, and in no position at all to be overly demanding. Make no mistake about it, it would be the NDP Show.

    You and I realize that our base is solid, the most solid of all the parites. But this message should be directed at people who are wavering, or blue Liberals that have given up, or the undecided or the unengaged that are charmed by a political shyster like Layton. If that scares those people, all the better, because it should, and if we can make them realize that only a Tory majority is the only way to ease that fear, then so be it.

  24. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal Count Ignatieff’s O’Harvard buddy:

    >>> “the U.S. first-quarter economic growth was slower than expected.”

    Canada: Owns the podium.

    “Commodity prices climbed as the price of oil moved ahead 17 cents to US$112.93 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Gold prices rose $18.30 to $1,535.40 per ounce. Copper was unchanged at $4.22 a pound. Still, the mining and energy sectors were a drag on the TSX.

    The information technology sector, up 1.4 per cent, led the main index higher with shares in market heavyweight Research in Motion (TSX:RIM) up 2.6 per cent or $1.37 to $54.13, as the industry buzzes with rumours that the company could showcase new smart phones at its annual conference next week in Florida.

    CGI Group (TSX:GIB.A) also boosted the sector. It was up three per cent or 63 cents to $20.65 after it announced a second-quarter profit of $117 million, up 43 per cent from $81.6 million in the same period last year.

    Several key Canadian companies reported earnings that beat analyst expectations, including Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan (TSX:POT), which said its first-quarter profits hit a new record of $732 million. Shares added 12 cents to $54.30.

    Other outperformers included the Jean Coutu Group Inc. (TSX:PJC.A), whose shares rose seven cents to $10.52 after reporting earnings, and Domtar Inc. (TSX:UFS), up $2.99 to $89.24.”

  25. Richco says:

    Michael – no one here has their head in the sand and knows well what’s at risk. I just don’t believe the media hype and I explained my reasoning for it. The media has forced a contest to happen when one wasn’t happening with Ignatieff. The media has switched puppets but it’s the same gang pulling the strings.

    Layton’s not fooling anyone.

    If those wavering are cruising the Tory Blogs, knowledge about risk would be part of what they’d find but Joanne’s post from yesterday about her Harper encounter is why I hope people choose Harper – not out of fear because playing on people’s fears is what we hated about Ignatieff’s message about Harper.

    • Joanne says:

      Layton’s not fooling anyone.

      I’m afraid he seems to be fooling a lot of people. We can have faith and still warn others about what they might be too blind to see.

      You are entitled to your opinion Richco but please don’t try to shut people down here that are voicing concerns.

  26. Richco says:

    jad – you’re absolutely right – the numbers don’t lie and can be manipulated which is what I believe the MSM, PPG and paid pollsters are doing with the NDP.

  27. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report.

    Ashes to ashes; dust to dust.

    Jeancula calls Iggy Who? a “somebody”.

    Jeancula meant a nobody, a has-been, a never-was.


    >>> Liberal Jeancula Chretien could/would not say the Count’s name.

    That is the fate of Count Ignatieff: a nameless * : an asterisk to a footnote in Canadian history.

    Ibbitson said:

    >>> “but limited himself a single reference to Mr. Ignatieff, calling him “somebody who has a team, somebody who has a real program … somebody who will make a good prime minister of Canada.””

  28. Lorraine says:

    Proud of PM Harper-praying like crazy for a CPC majority. Getting ugly out there.

    Very disturbing and un-Canadian with Ignatieff preaching HATE!!! Last night:
    “Rise up Canada -get Angry-Rise Up-feel the HATE.”

    This demonization has really gone to far-to stir up hatred and anger when the debate is policies on running our country???

    Please, dear God, send this horrible human being back to whatever Harvard rock he slithered out from under. He claims to be a “human rights” expert and he comes to a democracy and preaches HATE????

  29. Michael Harkov says:

    Layton’s not fooling anyone.

    Yes he is, and it doesn’t do us any good at all if we ignore that like the Liberals did.

    I just don’t believe the media hype and I explained my reasoning for it.

    I accept that reasoning, and I daresay that most people do here as well. The problem is that not everyone is engaged as we are. We don’t need to preach to the converted. It is those people that don’t pay attention to politics that are buying into this “orange wave” that we have to speak to, and it is the dispirited blue Liberals that need a place to go even if it is only one election. I would rather be frank with blue Liberals, lay it all on the line and see them at the ballot box, rather than leave them disinterested and demoralized at home.

  30. Jen says:

    CPAC shut off David to air Ignatieff

  31. wilson says:

    Ekos poll is showing NDP at a plateau over the last 2 days, Nanos is rediculously 3 days behind the curve.
    These numbers do NOT reflect the battles that are going on in the ridings,
    50+ ridings that can swing our way.

  32. Bubba Brown says:

    Good morning! A lot of the things that go bump in the night disappear with the morning light.
    Apparently smiling broadly, promising a crackdown on those nasty job and wealth creating, corporations trumps scowling lip-licking Liberal angst, which also promises a nation killing carbon tax.
    Tweeldum or Twedeldee carbon tax for free money?
    Another MSM created pile of orange crappola IMO
    Orange or red the economy is DEAD!
    The Loyd Robertson vs PM Harper interview was very good, Lloyd is looking as myopic and as dotty as old Olivers.
    I am so tired of the “can’t you be nicer to the raving lunatics that are doing everything they can to make Parliment dysfunctional meme”
    It must be difficult not to just say its the economy stupid!
    Making nice to power hungry women abusing Limousine Liberals, expense account women abusing NDP’ers does not make them your friends.
    Leadership is not easy, there are times when people must have reality explained to them
    We are headed into the home stretch, calmly, resolutely, we will face the numbers on monday night.
    Tuesday we will take the hand the voters deal us.
    Today I am off to Dr Lunneys Campaign office, monday I will be manning the Barbecue, watching the numbers come in.

  33. wilson says:

    Gotta snicker at the Libluvin media.
    Canadians have Iffy at rock bottom, 11% support as PM material,
    and what does CPAC etc do….. give us more Iffy!
    Dear MSM, how has saturating the airwaves with Iffy worked for yah so far?

    Yes, many Canadians will jump on the Orange bandwagon,
    they want change
    change from listening to Iffy run down our PM, non-stop for 3 years, and some co-operation in Parliament.

    In all honesty, Libs with 3rd party status will go a long way in turning off the hateful noise coming from the Liberals and their media.
    Lib/media could spend the next year ripping each other apart,
    while Parliament gets something done… with a CPC majority

  34. Liz J says:

    The Liberals are taking care of their own demise, it’s time we set our sights on the Jack Party. Jack is getting cockier by the minute, something the people of this country would never tolerate from Stephen Harper.

    Wonder who they expect to hire people? Where will all the jobs come from? Where will all the doctors and nurses come from? Will they work for free for the state? Is Jack and crew channeling Commie Cuba?

    Who will be able to afford gas when Cap and Trade/Carbon tax is invoked? Who will be able to pay for utility bills when green energy is our only source of power?

    Folks may not realize it but electing the Jack Party will be the first step to taking us back to the “Dirty Thirties”.

  35. Michael Harkov says:

    Richco, no one is advocating for you to “shut down”. All we are saying is that denying what is happening right in front of our faces does us a disservice; doing so has, in part, led to a nose-dive in Liberal support. I would rather not fall victim to the same fate. It isn’t a zero-sum game here; we can be pragmatic by acknowledging the reality of what is happening, and yet do so without the cost of keeping our faith and positive outlook.

    Trust me, we share your optimism. But I don’t believe it helps us to ignore what is happening.

  36. Richco says:

    “I accept that reasoning, and I daresay that most people do here as well. The problem is that not everyone is engaged as we are. We don’t need to preach to the converted. It is those people that don’t pay attention to politics that are buying into this “orange wave” that we have to speak to, and it is the dispirited blue Liberals that need a place to go even if it is only one election. I would rather be frank with blue Liberals, lay it all on the line and see them at the ballot box, rather than leave them disinterested and demoralized at home.”

    Thank-you Michael – I wasn’t trying to shut you down. I still believe that someone’s playing Fun With Numbers as jad suggested. I have more faith in Canadians and like having just come from a riding campaign office and talking with folks there, then reading the fear just doesn’t jive. It really doesn’t.

    My apologies Joanne for my previous post – please remove it. I want this majority more than anything for us, for Harper and everyone else. I don’t believe for one minute that he’ll be sideswiped by the NDP – not without a fight.

    • Joanne says:

      Richco – Comment at 12:21 pm unapproved as requested.

      I think we all need to take a breath here. Use some of that frustration and drop by your local campaign office to see what they need.

      Don’t forget letters to the editor too! I hope it’s not too late for that.

  37. Michael Harkov says:

    Richco, let me put it to you another way. It doesn’t hurt us to keep out eye on that situation. But it WILL hurt us if we let it go without addressing it forcefully.

  38. Richco says:

    Micheal “Richco, no one is advocating for you to “shut down”

    I understand you. “Richco but please don’t try to shut people down here that are voicing concerns.” That is an accusation by Joanne. I was responding to those words – which are wrong. There is nothing in what I wrote that supports that comment.

  39. Liz J says:

    I think it’s healthy to have a blog like this one where we feel we can air our frustrations even with our own party, it’s like talking among family. All is not positive and if we don’t face up to the reality of what is transpiring we’re not doing ourselves any favours.

    All we need to do is go back to the past two elections where we were doing well in the polling until the last days of the campaign and to quote the famous Iggy, “we didn’t get it done”.

    We’re all hoping for that majority but we can’t get it by living in a dream world, we have to get all our forces out fighting the enemy which we should consider to be dangerous to our welfare and the economic state of this country.

    Keep your eye on the prize while fighting with all your might to get your mitts on it. The Conservative war room needs a jolt.

  40. wilson says:

    No surprise about Coyne voting Iffy,
    most elitist journalist in the Enchanted Forest.

    Coyne was a cheerleader for Dion too…..

  41. Richco says:

    “Andrew Coyne just got on my last nerve”

    Catchy isn’t it:-)

    Please remove my post @12.21 Joanne – it’s too long and thanks to Michael have cooled my jets somewhat. I don’t believe that I earned your accusation though, but that too is your opinion. I’m not going anywhere.

  42. Richco says:

    don’t forget that Andrew Coyne is the brother of Debra Coyne who is the mother of Pierre’s love-child. Blood thicker than elections I guess.

  43. Richco says:

    “I think we all need to take a breath here. Use some of that frustration and drop by your local campaign office to see what they need.”

    I had just come from there before I started reading blogs this morning. That’s what got me encouraged and positive – because I had a glimpse of internal polling and it’s so encouraging I could burst, that reading the posts here just didn’t fit with that mood.

  44. james says:

    Rosemary Barton on twitter:
    Some of these teens are asking better questions than me. #elxn41

    Someone is finally starting to come to their senses a little too late.

  45. Martin says:

    “don’t forget that Andrew Coyne is the brother of Debra Coyne who is the mother of Pierre’s love-child. Blood thicker than elections I guess.”

    They are cousins actually, I don’t know how close, also have no idea how friendly they are.

  46. Alberta Girl says:

    Courtesy of my FB friend – here is how the NDP are going to win on Monday

  47. Alberta Girl says:

    Jack is getting cockier by the minute, something the people of this country would never tolerate from Stephen Harper.

    Liz…that is a VERY good point – I may tweet that if you haven’t already.

  48. Sammy says:

    Andrew Coyne/CBC..need you say more?? I am thinking that there will be a barrage of Cons ads this wk-end highlighting ndp,carbon tax,etc.I continue to have faith,and I BELIEVE the people of Canada have some brains and will do the right thing.As for Union involvement with ndp..I happen to work for an NDP’t agency.We got word at start of new fiscal yr.,we are to expect SEVERE cutbacks..only absolute neccessities will be covered (this agency provides service to families in crisis),as you know,I have had serious problems with my Union throwing money at these IDIOTS…and to cut funding to the really good work we have been doing to keep families united,will swirl down the toilet.Nice work NDP! And you say you are the party for ‘families?’ have NO CLUE the damage you are doing.I love my work,my families…I have done so much work on my own time,because I CARE..this never gets claimed.I am so very angry with this Layton brainwashing,I could cry.My ‘families’ will hurt more than you could know.

  49. Martin says:

    I read the blog linked here by skippy-posts, it is an interesting prediction of the destruction of the LPC. The comments mostly from downtown TO however, are disturbing. A lot of them are voting NDP more as a protest, or lark, to harm the Libs.
    This is never a good idea, these people should remember how Bob Rae came to power in Ont. A lot of them seem to give little consideration to CPC. This election is too important to vote on a whim.


    • Joanne says:

      Lorrie Goldstein just replied to an email I sent him and mentioned that he’ll be on The Caldwell Report today on SunTV.

  50. Greg says:

    Heh, I just typed Iggy on my Blackberry Torch and it auto corrected to Iffy

  51. Sandy says:

    I decided to put up a post on a similar topic today too in the hopes of turning the tide.

  52. james says:

    Vote May 2 – #elxn41 outcome depends on close races in many ridings, some of which will be decided by a handful of votes

    does this sound like someone who’s confident we’re in the lead?

  53. Sandy says:

    Richco, I have stayed quiet for the past few days but I no longer think any of us are stiring the pot. Many of us, you included know what happened in Ontario in 1990. Millions of people had a protest vote. We never dreamed (yes I was one of them) that the NDP would get elected. We thought the David Peterson Liberals would get a minority and would have to work with Miller’s PCs.

    And, that is what can happen, quite unexpectedly when enough people thumb their noses at the two main parties.

    Yes, we have to get the information out there just what an NDP coalition would mean – particularly to the 18-30 years olds who were only children during the Bob Rae years.

  54. Liz J says:

    Wonder who Joe Who is voting for? I read somewhere he’s voting against the Conservatives.

  55. Michael Harkov says:

    EKOS has us recovering a bit. We are actually up in BC and Ontario, the NDP dropped 2 points in Ontario. We are down a bit in Quebec, but that isn’t where a majority would come from. We are up 4 points in Atlantic Canada. Every bit helps at this point.

    I see Ontario and it is a vote-splitters dream. A majority is still definetly in the cards. :)

  56. Ruth says:

    Liz J …think this is what you are looking for
    Praising ‘high standard’ of conduct, Joe Clark backs Scott Brison

  57. Mary T says:

    Lots of calls, and comments re the failure of PMSH to keep all his promises. We have to get the word out that it was the coalition/opposition parties that voted against all of those promises. It was them, not us, that made sure those promises were broken. Why is no one asking Jack why he voted against everything, before reading anything.
    Do those people really want to elect MPs who will vote no on everything with no thought, and then they will change their vote on an issue that got them elected.

  58. Fay says:

    Andrew Coyne bias to the Liberals is another reason why I am glad I cancelled my MacLeans subscription.
    We have all watched the the Liberal MSM attack Stephen Harper daily. The only media that gives the conservatives a fair shake is the National Post and the SUN chain.
    I believe we can all come to the conclusion that the majority of the National press Gallery will be voting Liberal.
    I just pray that Ontario voters will support Stephen Harper because this orange crush will defeat conservative MP’s in Winnipeg.

    • Joanne says:

      Andrew Coyne bias to the Liberals is another reason why I am glad I cancelled my MacLeans subscription.

      I have dirt-cheap trial subscription and it will be running out soon. No way will I renew it – even if it’s free!

  59. Peterb says:

    Canadians rejected Ignatieff’s books they rejected his politics.

    As Liberals contemplate their navel, as to where their disastrous campaign went wrong, and why their attempt to sell Ignatieff as a Prime Minister was a dismal failure it is rather obvious to Canadians.
    Liberals have tried to convince Canadians that Ignatieff would be an excellent choice because he is a brilliant person who has authored 17 books.
    The Canadians response is – can you name me one person who has even read one of them? Who cares?
    Not very impressive, not very influential, not very motivating.

  60. Liz J says:

    Ruth @ 1:48 pm, thanks, that’s it. They’re old PC’s.

    There are far too many lies that have been allowed to become entrenched. Things like access to information for instance. The Conservatives have a far better record than the Liberals.

    So too is Opposition leaders calling the PM a liar when he’s the straightest shooter of the bunch. This will go down as a disgraceful campaign of desperate for power opposition parties, this election is about nothing else.

  61. Sammy says:

    Don Martin just said,that a lot of people DON’T want PM Layton.Polling could be a ‘wake-up call’ and pull back support for Layton.

  62. james says:

    RosieBarton on twitter:
    Some of these teens are asking better questions than me. #elxn41

    Someone just realised something a little too late I think.

  63. Bec says:

    I can’t figure out why cry-baby, Iffy isn’t attacking Jack Layton with fist pounding statements like “they (conservatives) can go to hell” when it was JACK who outed Iffy’s terrible (employment) attendance in the HoC. That is when the Liberal fortunes changed. Jack did it, Iffy! Take a swipe at Jack!

  64. Greg says:

    The conservatives should look at the NDP possible roster and publish an obviously very scary looking NDP cabinet.

  65. Liz J says:

    Bec, maybe Iffy isn’t attacking Jack because he may become his “leader”. I’m sure iffy would like an important posting in Jack’s cabinet. Oh the horrors! Oh the nightmare.

  66. Sandy says:

    The EKOS poll shows one very worrying trend and that is the rise of the NDP in the Atlantic provinces. Let’s hope the undecided change their minds and vote Conservative.

    Joanne — I am going to do a blitz over the next few days. Each time my post goes off the main page of the BT aggregator, I’ll change the date stamp and put up another — particularly the accomplishments.

    In that way, when an undecided goes to Google “what has the Harper gov’t accomplished” they’ll see my titles.

    So, BTs who visit here, let’s all do this — what Joanne calls a blogburst! Just the positive ones — as Richco recommends, why people should vote Conservative!

  67. Sammy says:

    Have FAITH kids! See Lorne Gunter’s new post at Full Comment..Why an NDP surge won’t stop a Tory majority

  68. Cassie says:

    The MSM is running rampant with ‘shock jock’ (for Jack Layton) infomercial ads. Layton is refusing to answer questions on the implications, all destructive to our economy of the Cap and Trade Plan. Citizens’ alarm bells should be going off already re his slick salesman’s skills. Also, he’s slithering away from questions on where the money’s coming from for his 70 billion dollar social programs, indistinguishable from the Lib’s platform.

    Canadians will see this come the ballot box, not to mention the left coalition/merger that would allow foreign interests, specifically China’s sights on our incredible resources.

    SNN is interviewing American economics experts talking about the Chinese elite leadership’s threats to our Canadian economy, an economy that right now under our Conservative government rivals China’s. Due all to the astute, competent management of Stephen Harper and Minister Flaherty.

    The MSM is fear mongering the public and the Layton surge, knowing Canada’s economic gains will be lost to foreign interests if Layton gets to run the economy.

    Not going to happen. The grassroots will blitz over the weekend and the info will get circulated.

    Sandy’s got a new post up exposing the threat to our country. Excellent.

    It’s pushback time over the weekend and it’s MAY DAY. We can seize on both kinds. Canadians can and will say NO to the plan to destroy our country and economy at the polls, before it devolves into any kind of military threat.

  69. Sandy says:

    Hey guys, let’s not lump all former PCs with Joe Clark. I am a former PC and think the guy is incompetent, always has been. Couldn’t even count when they took the vote when his gov’t fell in 1979. Problem-solver he is not!

    In fact, the current Conservative party is a mixture of us all. And, frankly, no Reform-like party could govern this country because we need a centrist/right approach to get enough votes to be a majority — which we are finding out in this election.

  70. Sandy says:

    By the way, credit where credit is due. It was Cassie’s idea to have a blitz!!!

  71. Michael Harkov says:

    Here is my contribution that blitz, a little bit of common sense –

  72. Liz J says:

    I’m wondering if there will be a bit of fear come over Liberals in Toronto over the weekend? Will they decide a vote for their own will help Jack and vote Conservative? I can’t imagine them wanting to take orders from Jack in a coalition.

  73. Mary T says:

    The liberals have taken 5 yrs and refuse to accept they lost any election, and are in opposition. How will they handle being no, 3 in the HofC.
    Adler discussing if iggy is stable. LOL

  74. Cassie says:

    I wish we could all head to the GTA and camp out, blitzing in person in the inclusive big blue tent. My physical pain is getting to me. LOL. It’s ‘pushback time’ and Andrew Coyne is disgusting. He hasn’t been making any sense on AT ISSUE — just shooting his mouth off to no avail.

    And Ignatieff calling our government, acclaimed by the internationals for good management, a “REGIME” is the main offense over this campaign. Referring to our gov’t as if we’re Egypt, Libya, Syria… yes he needs his personal head read.

    And ‘smiling Jack’ needs to answer questions of CAP N TRADE plan, NOW, over the weekend IN THE MSM. Take your pick!

  75. Sandy says:

    Joanne — Please check your e-mail.

  76. Alberta Girl says:

    “He hasn’t been making any sense on AT ISSUE — just shooting his mouth off to no avail. ”

    You should be following him on twitter!!! Between him and Wells and throw in Kady and Rosie Barton and Susan Delacourt and David Akin and you understand why we are in this mess.

    I do wonder though…given the amount of tweeting they do, do they actually do any work????

  77. maz2 says:

    Of the socialist brothers, Jack, Jill, and Mikey: Separatist Coalition’s Troika*.

    All have sprung from the forehead of socialism.

    Their affinities/similarities all lead to a totalitarian culture.

    Their links to the totalitarianism of Mohammedanism.

    “the similarities within totalitarian art demonstrate “the universality of the mechanisms of totalitarian culture.””


    “What Is Totalitarian Art?”

    “As Golomstock argues, the similarities within totalitarian art demonstrate “the universality of the mechanisms of totalitarian culture.”

    “Golomstock arrived at this insight in the late 1950s when he was working as a children’s guide in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, in Moscow. He discovered that children who were well versed in the Stalinist art of the previous decades were unable to tell the difference between Nazi and Soviet works. “It was then,” he writes, “in the bowels of the totalitarian system, ‘in the belly of the whale,’ that I first had the idea of this book: it arose from an intuitive sense of the strange closeness between two artistic systems that were . . . ideologically hostile to one another.”

    By cataloging and reproducing hundreds of images, some never before published, of paintings, posters, and sculptures and juxtaposing

    Soviet, German, Italian, and Chinese works to one another, Golomstock has fleshed out that original intuition. His exploration of these works, and his unearthing of the multitude of stories surrounding their origin, production, and fate, is invaluable. Totalitarian Art is an indispensable work of reference on the art produced under four regimes that, between them, are responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people.


    Golomstock’s story about Soviet schoolchildren is eerily reminiscent of how Oleg Grabar opened his groundbreaking 1973 book, The Formation of Islamic Art. Grabar noted that if a person with a “modicum of artistic culture” were leafing through hundreds of images of major works of art from all over the world, he would, without fail, be able to identify those that experts label “Islamic art.” But what makes Islamic art unique? Grabar was quick to show that it had little, if anything, to do with Islam. Many works of art made by or for non-Muslims are appropriately studied as examples of Islamic art. There is, after all, a Taj Mahal in India made by Indians drawing on Hindu, pre-Islamic traditions and a Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem made by Christian artisans whose craft was Byzantine in origin. Yet experts regard both architectural masterpieces as unquestionably Islamic. What is Islamic about the art, Grabar writes, is its “special overlay, a deforming or refracting prism which transformed, at times temporarily and imperfectly, at other times permanently, some local energies or traditions.”

    *Rockaby Troika:

  78. wilson says:

    Wikileaks memo just smacked Iffy upside the head… details at Sun NN.
    Wilkins : Iffy lack of leadership, vacation in France etc

  79. Mary T says:

    If I remember rightly, a lot of us said that something big would hit the fan the last few days before the election, and it would be impossible to get the word out. Seems we were right. Seems like Jack is backing off a lot of his promises, refusing to answer questions,
    perhaps he is afraid he might win and have to try to implement those impossible goals.
    And it was reported that one of his Que candidates CAN’T SPEAK FRENCH. Wonder where she lives. Leave it to Quebec to screw Canada anyway they can.
    Wonder if those eastern callers to Dave R today were prepared to get a blast.

  80. Here’s my new post on how cap-and-trade legislation worked out in Spain, and how even our American Democrats would not pass it when they had control of the House, Senate and the Presidency:

    NDP leader Jack Layton would kill jobs and raise energy prices with cap-and-trade

  81. james says:

    LPC is leading in Ontario now. NDP in BC. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a coalition with Jack as PM. Congratulations MSM mission accomplished. Enjoy.

  82. frmgrl says:

    The way things are going it looks like we have a problem!!! I am really worried and scared. Jack Layton and the NDP are a freight train I don’t think we can stop! What do others think?

  83. Ruth says:

    frmgrl….I agree. I was afraid this would happen when everyone wanted the youth to get involved in voting.

  84. wilson says:

    PMSH and BTs did a fantastic job of getting the word out about a coalition.
    The media fought us, the Libs fought us, but they were forced to admit that, that was the reason for this election….. to get the coalition of losers into power.

    ANY combination, LibBlocDip or now DipLibBloc is still a coalition of losers with ‘what’s good for Quebec’ dominating their agenda.
    Dippers will do everything they can to keep their new BFF’s happy.

  85. Martin says:

    James: what poll do you refer to. has an average of all polls, none show LPC ahead in Ont. CPC is still ahead there.

  86. maz2 says:

    “What do others think”?

    Count Igg speaks like a troll:

    Blah blah blah in 2 languaes + Iggy Speak.

    Iggy can staop da freight tarin He’s scary.

    Whad ya thinK?

    So. Iggy has 3 languages. Iggy and troll:

    Evidence? Verbatim Iggy:

    “If I went a little too far, I don’t want to leave that impression. I have a lot of respect the linguistic competencies of people who are not at ease in French or in English, but what I mean to say was what I look for in my candidates is a comprehension of both official languages.”

    Dat’s da Iggy: da proof is da proff.


  87. Sandy says:

    I saw this YouTube video at Jack’s Newswatch. It is absolutely hilarious and could be a good metaphor for an NDP led coalition.

    Enjoy. We could all use a good laugh right now.

  88. Michael Harkov says:

    LPC is leading in Ontario now. NDP in BC. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a coalition with Jack as PM. Congratulations MSM mission accomplished. Enjoy.

    NO other poll is showing a Liberal lead in Ontario; that is laughable, the Tories have a good sized lead in every other poll there. Sorry James, I don’t buy this outlier.

  89. wilson says:

    Yet another poll with CPC 35, NDP 30 and Libs 22

    My gawd, how many seats will the LPC lose at 22%?
    If Libs truly are at 34% in Ontario, they must be below 20% everywhere else to be only 22% nationally!!!
    If Jack’s strength is Quebec numbers bumping up the national number,
    Lib + Dip will definitely need the separatists to seize govt.

  90. frmgrl says:

    It’s really hard to believe what’s going on. It’s bizarre. How can common sense people want a Jack Layton lead government is beyond me!!!

  91. wilson says:

    james is referring to Haris Decima pol…. which is pretty much as unreliable as Nanos, it is poll numbers taken over the last 8 days, only 1100 people.

  92. wilson says:

    ”How can common sense people want a Jack Layton lead government”

    Look at the other option the lefties have,
    Iffy and the Adscam party of Chretien and Martin.

  93. frmgrl says:

    I just took my own advice and burned off some steam canvassing.

    What is the sense on the ground where you are Joanne?

  94. bluetech says:

    Just found a nice picture of PM Harper and Laureen taken at Niagara Falls today. Enjoy!

  95. Fay says:

    Unbelievable watching Don Martin laughing and joking about Jack Layton as prime Minister. No big deal to CTV as long as they have a coalition and can push out the conservatives. Don Martin and Craig Oliver have created this monster. Ha Ha Ha Don Martin laughing and thinking this wonderful.

  96. frmgrl says:

    No big deal to CTV as long as they have a coalition and can push out the conservatives.

    I truly grieve for my country if this is the type of people we have.

  97. frmgrl says:

    Not finished: should go on to say; “if this is the type of people we have that vote.”

  98. wilson says:

    Dewar was asked by Krista on Sun NN if the NDP are considering a merger with the LPC, he said something like ‘ why would anyone want to merge with Liberals now’

  99. wilson says:

    Ezra and Lilley having a few laughs about the NDP candidate line up.
    My gawd there are a lot of kooks on the NDP team.
    Just running a video of Libby Davis presenting to the House that 911 was an inside job…

  100. SomeGuyinOttawa says:

    Let’s not panic because of the NDP poll numbers. Stay the course. Plan A is for a majority Conservative win obviously. Plan B would be to get support from “blue” libs who would not support a coalition (especially one led by the NDP). I think this is doable if the number of seats required is 5 to 10.

  101. Fay says:

    NDP supporters in Manitoba suggesting Canada hire the US airforce to patrol and protect Canada. A Canadian military is a waste of money.
    How can the Maritimes vote for a party that will shut down our military?

  102. Richco says:

    SomeGuyinOttawa – panic? Not I, and not Sandy on Aprl 26 @ 9:36am or on April 25th @ 10:23 – same message.

    just downloaded Harper’s campaign song and believing every word of it.

  103. frmgrl says:

    My gawd there are a lot of kooks on the NDP team.

    Exactly, what a disaster. We will be living in bizzaro world. Good grief! Blue Liberals and others for that matter, please think before you vote,please!!!

  104. wilson says:

    Jacko promises to crack down on oil companies:
    “..If this doesn’t work, the NDP leader says he’ll “look at other measures,” which may include regulating gas prices…”

    Yup, crank up the cost to oil companies with
    -immediately cut off any subsidies (which are for infrastructure)
    -raise corp taxes 3%
    -impose a cap and tax
    and THEN regulate what oil companies can charge.

    oh my gawd, throw up those firewalls NOW right now

  105. frmgrl says:

    Joanne, what is the sense in the ground war where you are? What is the mood?

    • Joanne says:

      Frmgrl – It’s going to be a tight race between incumbent Stephen Woodworth and Liberal hopeful Karen Redman. Not sure how it’s going to go but lots of signs for both. The NDP candidate here is very credible and a nice guy (Peter Thurley) so that could be a factor at the last minute.

  106. SomeGuyinOttawa says:

    Richo: Yes let’s all stay positive and do everything we can to help our local Conservative candidates.

  107. wilson says:

    Not sure if this was posted yet,
    but a need to read to get a bit of direction on just where the Dipper surge is concentrated and it’s affect on a CPC majority.

  108. james says:

    I don’t think a lot of you understand that by and large this campaign is over tonight.

  109. Alberta Girl says:

    The latest FB surge

    sigh…this truly is going to be won by the FB crowd isn’t it…most of these people probably haven’t paid taxes yet or even know how government works.

  110. wilson says:

    I don’t think you understand that the CPC GOTV is the best of all the parties, and polsters always underestimate CPC support by as much as 2% and over estimate LPC support.

    And I am going to make a prediction, james,
    that many of those who say they are going to vote NDP are just as flaky as the NDP candidates themselves, and 1/3 won’t vote NDP if they vote at all.

  111. Alberta Girl says:

    Gee James – what do you know that the rest of us don’t…thought the vote didn’t happen till Monday??

  112. Sammy says:

    They lay out the carbon-tax thing by party stance..ndp in the tank with them

  113. Bubba Brown says:

    “it is not the end, it is not the beginning of the end, it is rather the end of the beginning” W. Churchill
    This journey of ours James, has gone on for most of our adult lives.
    Some 40 years in my case, we in the west were ignored, except for our resources.
    I believe all this “poll talk” is just that talk.
    Cap n’ Trade Jack has proved that smiling broadly, promising the moon, may impress some of us, in Quebec.
    The West is a very different story.
    BTW what happens tonight James?
    Is Ellie May gonna sing? Just askin’

  114. Mary T says:

    Just checked the election prediction site, and BC has no greens elected. Yesterday we had 119 seats and today we have 130. Still several too close to call, and lizzie is not one of them.

  115. Mary T says:

    How many of those fb people will get out and vote and what ridings are they in.
    They could all vote ndp in my riding and maybe get a couple of thousand votes.
    Might be embarassing for Jack when a lot of his phantom candidates have to go somewhere else to vote, than in Quebec. If any are elected I expect a few of them to turn on Jack and tell him, you said I wouldn’t have to do anything or even show up. Now you expect me to move to Ottawa, wont do it.

  116. james says:

    Tomorrow’s the royal wedding and then well… it’s the weekend and people don’t watch the news or much tv especially in the spring. Yes I know the conservative GOTV is the best in the business because I’m part of it.

    • Joanne says:

      Yes I know the conservative GOTV is the best in the business because I’m part of it.

      Good for you James!

      We’re still in D2DITV but will soon be switching over.

  117. Sammy says:

    David Coletto,the Sun pollster just said because of vote-splits,and the high #’s for the Cons in Ont..they STILL COULD GET A MAJORITY. Wear your knees out to your neighbours..and hope like hell,that over the wk-end the Cons hit back hard with some ads against the NDP.Wipe that smirk off Layton’s face.And..could the damn msm start making Layton answer some questions?
    He has Cons winning 147 seats.,ndp with 69.Libs,60..they are speaking now about floor-crossers,from Libs.Who would you think??

  118. Ruth says:

    I’m still not convinced that the wedding will spoil all other news on Friday. It will be over by 7:30 Eastern time….what are they going to watch for the rest of the day. Have many times can all of those reporters rehash the same thing.

  119. Michael Harkov says:

    I think that if it is tight, say 150+ seats for the Tories, we would see some floor crossers for the sake of stability. It is only a net gain of 7 seats, which is easily achievable

    I know, I know, we’ve heard talk of floor-crossers before, but being so close to a majority and not quite being, it is very possible that it will shake some blue Liberals lose.

  120. frmgrl says:

    Wear your knees out praying..

    You’re darn right!! Instead of maybe getting up extra early to watch the royal wedding how about we spend that time on our knees? Our country is at stake here folks!!! Catch the royal wedding high lights later. Every channel will be carrying the high lights, even the web you’ll be able to catch them. We have bigger fish to fry!

  121. Ontario Girl says:

    On Dave Rutherfords call in show today, Jason Kenny asked a question…”Can you imagine Libby Davis in Cabinet?”…………YIKES!!!!!.

  122. Sammy says:

    C’mon kids..I wanna know,who do you think would cross? I’m serious here.Really interested in your thots. I know the list is very long,who I don’t want,but are there any serious contenders?

  123. Sammy says:

    Good Lord Ontario Girl! I just lost my lunch on your last post. YIKERS!

  124. Lorraine says:

    EKOS seat projection-CPC minority-139 NDP-98 Lib-56 BLOC-14 Other-1
    Enough opposition seats for a Layton PM coalition with Liberals without BLOC.

  125. paulsstuff says:

    This is a pretty important media endorsement Joanne. Metroland publishes newspapers three times a week that are delivered to almost all homes in Durham Region.

  126. paulsstuff says:

    Ignatieff had no problem at the beginning of the campaign getting into bed with Jack Layton. Now he’s having second thoughts after realizing jack will be the one on top.

  127. Michael Harkov says:

    LOL Paulsstuff

  128. wilson says:

    That Ekos projection shows CPC moving up 8 seats from April 24,
    and they are catching yesterdays scores….. with the assumption that the NDP voting intentions translate into seats, NOT.
    Today’s numbers give the Lib Dip 154, 1 short of a majority

    131 -139
    62- 56

  129. Mary T says:

    For those that are tired of elections every year or so, look at that prediction and think, when would the next one take place. Certainly within two years. Iggy will probably quit so that would mean a by-election. Also a lot of those phantom ndp candidates might say, no way will I serve. I seriously doubt that Jack will take that many seats from the Bloc.
    Who would be the new speaker.
    Wonder what will happen to layton’s ego if he only gets about 40 seats.

  130. Mary T says:

    Giles going after the ndp candidates in Quebec, and the fact some don’t speak french, are on vacation and just don’t show up.

  131. wilson says:

    depends on the Libs who get elected.
    They may not cross over but form a break away party that refuses to sit in a coalition government.
    But then if Jack is the leader of Off Opps AND the coalition needs the Bloc in their little socialist 3some…. maybe a lot of Lib MPs will be willing.

  132. paulsstuff says:

    For those fretting over James comments about recent polls, take a look at this.,_2008

    • Joanne says:

      Adler was talking about the possibility of a 1st & third party coalition ie between the Tories & Grits.

  133. Michael Harkov says:

    Looking at Paul’s link, EKOS had the Tories 3 points off low in 2008.

    It is going to be close.

  134. Michael Harkov says:

    Joanne, would the Tories really form a coalition with the Liberals after what they’ve said about coalitions all of this time? And would the Liberals form a coalition with anyone now that they wouldn’t be calling the shots as the leading coalition member-party?

    Of course, politics being what it is what is yesterday, is yesterday. But things being what they are, which would the Liberals form a coalition with, the Tories or the NDP? I think we all know the answer to that one; even though it would make more sense for the third party,whoever that is, to form a government with the party that won the most seats.

    And the interesting thing would be, that there doesn’t really need to be floor-crossers from the Liberals per se to get a majority coalition/arrangement government going. Remember Alliance members that broke away from their caucus and helped form the DNC/PC arrangement? They wouldn’t be floo-crossers, they wouldn’t be members of their original party either.

    One thing I know is that these are interesting times, and we may see interesting measures come out of them by political necessisty and expedience.

  135. Jen says:

    GOTCHA FIFE. Your lover boy Layton and his gangster CAN NOT NOT institute a CAP n Trade without first opening the Constitution. which can be blocked by the premiers.

    Layton, you are some piece of work to not mention this to your people as you refused the BUDGET that was for them/us.

    • Joanne says:

      So THAT is why Layton i sso keep [is so keen?] to open the Constitution; he wants to implement his little cap and trade scheme in order to pay for his plethora of social spending.

      We need to get this out!

  136. Michael Harkov says:

    GOTCHA FIFE. Your lover boy Layton and his gangster CAN NOT NOT institute a CAP n Trade without first opening the Constitution.

    So THAT is why Layton i sso keep to open the Constitution; he wants to implement his little cap and trade scheme in order to pay for his plethora of social spending.

    What a friggin’ weasel…….he will willing to open up all kinds of angst among Canadians by opening the Constitution just so he can spend like a drunken sailor. What a f****** weasel!

  137. frmgrl says:

    So THAT is why Layton i sso keep to open the Constitution; he wants to implement his little cap and trade scheme in order to pay for his plethora of social spending.

    Jackie is caught!

    GOTCHA FIFE. Your lover boy Layton and his gangster CAN NOT NOT institute a CAP n Trade without first opening the Constitution. which can be blocked by the premiers.

    I know for certain that the premiers in both Alberta and Saskatchewan WILL block it. Count on it! What a mess he’ll get us into.

  138. frmgrl says:

    Why is it that the only media looking into this is the Sun media?

  139. Mary T says:

    I am sure there are some things that provincial premiers would like to put in, or take out of the constitution. Like, the right to own property.
    My choice, the right not to speak french in Canada, the right not to have everything translated into french, in Canada. The right not to be bilingual to get a job with the federal government, or any position as a judge at any level of the court in Canada.
    That should take about 3 yrs of meetings. And for good measure, get rid of the charter of rights and freedoms.

    • Joanne says:

      And for good measure, get rid of the charter of rights and freedoms.

      Yeah if we’re going to open the Constitution let’s look at the whole thing. I’m in for that.

  140. Martin says: reports E Mays riding as CPC 35.7 to 28.8 for Greens.

    Its a bit premature to talk of floor crossings yet, but if conservatives were just shy of a majority by 6-7 seats, and the Libs thoroughly discredited with no effective leader, a few MPs could simply refuse to support a defeat of the government. They wouldn’t have to do anything, just stay home, or abstain. A minority government would still hold some advantages.

  141. paulsstuff says:

    ” They wouldn’t have to do anything, just stay home, or abstain.”

    So, in other words, just keep doing what the Liberals have been doing since 2006.
    I said before the government fell that Ignatieff was playing chicken, thinking either Layton or Duceppe would cave and support the Conservatives. 22% in polls tells me Iggy lost the game of chicken.

  142. Ruth says:

    “We need to get this out!”
    yes, we do need to get it out Joanne and a tweet to Rosemary Barton would be good. She has been with Jack Layton most of the campaign, or to another reporter that might get it out there.

  143. Bec says:

    Can someone confirm where this was discussed and Jack was outed? Sun News? Adler?

    This was brought up by Danielle Smith when the ‘Orange Book’ surfaced and she did say that the Constitution would have to be opened. It totally sat under the radar with the useless media.

  144. frmgrl says:

    Can someone confirm where this was discussed and Jack was outed?

    It was on Adler’s Sun TV program.

  145. wilson says:

    Bec, it was on Adler.

    Senator Duffy coming up on Lilley

  146. Martin says:

    I meant if the very first item of business was to defeat the minority government on the budget, and begin the coalition strategy, 6-7 Lib MPs might not have the stomach to follow Rae or whoever is in charge. This assuning they are in 3rd and Layton would be PM in waiting. The government has to be defeated, they are not just going to resign
    and hand over the government.

  147. paulsstuff says:

    I agree Martin. I could see a scenario where some Liberals decide to vote with a Conservative minority government, or abstain on confidence votes. I think it would have more to do with them looking to protect their own re-election chances in the future.

  148. Alberta Girl says:

    finally got our receivers and have been glued to SUN TV… I LOVE refreshing.

    I miss Mike Duffy on the election news


    ROB FORD will endorse Harper tomorrow!

  149. Michael Harkov says:

    Joanne, yes I meant “keen”. Sometimes my thoughts are racing so fast that my fingers on the keyboard have to catch up, LOL; that is how fast things are moving right now.

    It totally blows my minds, it all makes sense now – Layton says he wants to open the Constitution to bring Quebec into the fold, BUT that will be his cover to implement his cap and trade so he can raise the cash for his massive spending. He says he will delay that spending until revenue catches up, but who knows when that will be? So either Layton has to break his campaign spending promises because he never really expected to form any kind of a government, or he will keep his promise and ruin our economy.


  150. Ontario Girl says:

    looks like Jennifer Ditchburn has been doing some dirt digging….what a nothing story all blown up to look like some scandal…I reported the one comment on the story …its a lie.

  151. Alberta Girl says:

    Why don;t these idiots in the media do their JOB and ask :surging Jack” some hard questions instead of digging up bits of dirt. I have been watching Sun TV for exactly 2 hours and I can honestly say I HATE THE MSM!!!

  152. wilson says:

    National Post,
    sums it up perfectly:

    ”…While the NDP once might have seemed like a safe place for disaffected voters to park their protest vote, that is no longer the case — especially since Mr. Layton has shown himself to be alarmingly sympathetic to the power-grab demands of Quebec nationalists during this campaign.

    In other words, if the Tories do not get a majority, we could end up with a government led by quasi-separatist socialists, propped up by full-blown separatists and leavened by a rudderless Liberal party in a state of leadership flux…”

  153. Alberta Girl says:

    I should clarify that Sun TV has made me realize what idiots we have in our MSM and I HATE THEM – – not Sun TV…LOL

  154. wilson says:

    ”… a government led by quasi-separatist socialists, propped up by full-blown separatists and leavened by a rudderless Liberal party in a state of leadership flux…”
    National Post Editorial Board

    Is this line tweetable or what!!

  155. wilson says:

    Sun NN sponsors have greatly improved since their first week.
    Iffy and Dr Ho have taken a powder. Tho I’m sure SNN was very appreciative of the ad buys.
    The channel must be catching on!

  156. maz2 says:

    I & O narcissists*.

    Ignatieff: “they can go to hell”. “slamming his fist on the table.”

    Tasha gets it: Iggy-narcissist has been injured.

    Count Ignatieff: “Angry Ego Man”.

    ““I am not going to complain about it because it seems to give the other guys too much damn credit. I don’t give these guys damn credit for anything,” the Liberal leader said, slamming his fist on the table. “I am not going to let other people frame me up … they can go to hell is what I have thought basically for two and a half years.

    “I have spent my whole life dealing with bullies. Some of them had guns,” he said in a reference to his days as a journalist working in foreign countries. “You think this stuff shuts me down? You got to be kidding.”

    “The other remarkable thing in the above passage is the use of the first person. Six times in seven sentences. Ignatieff can’t go more than a few words without uttering “I” or “me” or referencing… himself.”

    “The narcissist likes to talk about himself and only about himself. He is not interested in others or what they have to say, unless they constitute potential Sources of Supply and in order to obtain said supply. He acts bored, disdainful, even angry, if he feels that they are intruding on his precious time and, thus, abusing him.”

    “Narcissistic injury inevitably leads to narcissistic rage and to a terrifying display of unbridled aggression. The pent-up frustration and hurt translate into devaluation. That which was previously idealized – is now discarded with contempt and hatred.”

    *”Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?”

  157. Alberta Girl says:

    I think Sun TV is shocking the providers with it’s popularity. I was talking to our provider today about another matter and brought up Sun TV needing special receivers. She made a comment that gave me the impression that they were overwhelmed with the requests for Sun TV!

    I am very impressed and amazed at what I have learned. I makes me realize how shallow our so called “main” stream media are going around digging up little scandals instead of digging into some of the shady going’s on within Jack;s compaign not to mention his desire to reopen the constitution.

  158. maz2 says:

    Taliban Jack Cane/NDP will need two canes now. OTOH, let’s hope Jack gets well soon and retires ASAP. Can Mulcair fill Jack’s elevator shoes?

    PM Harper/Minister Flaherty have been vindicated.

    Vote Conservative.


    “Chrysler CEO Says Repaying $7.53 Billion to U.S., Canada Will Boost Image”

    “Chrysler Group LLC Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne said repaying U.S. and Canadian government debts will elevate the image of the automaker’s brands after its bankruptcy two years ago.

    The automaker said today that it plans to repay $7.53 billion in loans from U.S. and Canadian governments this quarter as it moves toward an initial public offering and a merger with its Italian partner Fiat SpA. (F) While the government-funded bailout hurt the company’s public perception, the damage wasn’t “lethal,” he told reporters today in Detroit.”

  159. ed says:

    Well, it looks like the Nanos poll is doing what I figured right from the start. I found their numbers suspect early on. I predicted they’d find a “cute” way to narrow the gap between the Conservatives and the Liberals as the election date moved closer. I figured they might even have the Liberals tied or ahead near the end. Well, they couldn’t use the Liberals so the NDP was the alternative. And now they have Layton ahead of the PM as the best leader. The fact that the PM’s numbers, according to Nanos, did not rise after he won decisively the first debate makes no sense. The fact that the PM’s numbers remained around 39% for a week or two without movement while the others did seems unusual. Nanos explained it away, rather quickly, by saying it appeared Harper had reached a ceiling. And so it was, according to their numbers. And now, supposedly, the Conservative numbers are dropping significantly. Sorry, I don’t buy it at all. And I don’t buy the idea of a “daily” poll every morning and every evening. How scientific is that!! And those Quebec results, such an immense change in so short a time, I don’t buy either. From early on in the campaign, my overall impression was that of a “setup.” And I feel that today more than ever based on the daily evidence coming from all quarters, from all anti-Harperites.

  160. Michael Harkov says:


    No wonder Layton is trying to avoid the media now –

    Remember when Layton took Ignatieff to task for missing Parliament and that if you want a promotion you have to actiually show up to do the job? Well, today some reporters just threw that right back in his face about his MIA candidates and pylon candidates. It is about time someone starts getting tought with this weasel.

  161. Michael Harkov says:

    LMAO!!!! –

    MEDIA: “I’m sorry. Mr. Layton? No. I need you to answer that question in a real way. This is a woman who is applying for a job. That is what she is doing here in this election campaign and she has made a decision – as have a number of other candidates – not to show up for parts of the job interview. You made an allegation to Mr. Ignatieff, during the debate, about being absent from work and now you’re putting up candidates who are absent for a job interview. How is that acceptable to you and to Canadians?”

    Layton: “I’m extremely proud of our team. This is a hard-working group of people from all backgrounds. Some of them had family plans that couldn’t be changed and I think a lot of Canadians are going to understand that can happen.”

    MEDIA: “So then missing a job interview—

    LAYTON: “I’ll let you interrupt me as often as you want, but I’ll try to answer as best I can.”

    MEDIA: “But you’re not answering the question. That’s why I’m interrupting you.”

    LAYTON: “I’m going to try.”

    MEDIA: “That’s why I’m interrupting you.”

    LAYTON: “Okay fine. So my view is that people are doing their best to represent the views that we have and are putting forward to Canadians and Canadians have a choice when they go into vote on that ballot, it’s a question of whether they want to vote for change or they want to vote for the same old thing that they’ve had in the past.”

    Barton: “Or for someone who doesn’t show up for their job interview.”

    Layton: “Here’s a person who had some family plans that couldn’t be changed. That happens in life. I’m very proud of our team. It’s a hard-working team that is ready to serve.”

    Another reporter tried again.

    MEDIA: “Mr. Layton, my entire family is on a beach right now while I am here covering the election. At least one of the candidates could do the same thing. I am skipping my vacation to be here with you and cover this important national event. Why can’t your candidates do the same thing?”


  162. Jen says:

    Ezra Levant show on Layton must be aired right across this nation.
    Frmgrl, Hunter, Sandy, Paulstuff etc- get today’s Ezra show right now and study or shall I say, listen to one of Ezra’s guest a woman name Elsie or something, she tells the other side of Layton. But what she said ” when I heard that Jack was leaving for Ottawa, I was happy and I am afraid for Canada if Jack becomers PM.”, scared the life out of me.
    There is more, so please, get that video ‘QUICK’.

  163. frmgrl says:

    I think this was the same person who was on with Adler earlier talking about how cap and trade is unconstitutional.
    Cap and Break Up

  164. ed says:

    The Epsos-Reid polls seem more realistic. For one, they don’t come out everyday. Be interesting to see their next poll. The MSM and others continue to spread the myths in this election, the myths that put down the Conservatives any which way. Also, here come all those groups out there to attack the PM. On CTV Montreal evening news, we hear from a poverty group, a gun registry group, and the lefties’ all time favourite, Suzuki. He piled into the PM crying about, you guessed it, the global warming/climate change fraud. So there you have it, in a nice little package, three groups telling people not to vote for Stephen Harper. And there was other negativity on the newscast against the Conservatives, as if there wasn’t enough.

  165. Alberta Girl says:

    The person on Ezra’s show was Sue Levy who used to be on council – or wrote about council in Toronto. The Cap andTrade person on Adlers was some woman from Vancouver.

    And yes, Sue Levy described Jack’s time in Toronto and what we can expect if he actually gets to implement his kooky ideas.

    Of course Ezra also brought up the missing candidates and the fact that Jack and Oliva lived in subsidized housing and Jack used private health care.

    It was very enlightening – definitely watch it if you can and post it on your blogs.

  166. Bec says:

    I’ve referred to Jack as a ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ and he most certainly is fitting that mold now, imo.

    We all know people like Jack. They come into our lives, smiling, schmoozing, BS-ing and then we find out they are nothing more than a ‘Fagin’ as in Oliver Twist….

  167. frmgrl says:

    The Cap andTrade person on Adlers was some woman from Vancouver.

    Yes, check my link above. I’m pretty sure it’s the same person who wrote the column in the Financial Post. You must read it!

  168. Alberta Girl says:

    Sorry frmgrl – I thought you were saying the woman on with Ezra was the same person on with Adler? I misunderstood.

  169. james says:

    Before you get all excited about the media turning on Jack just remember the CBC has….

    RosieBarton -Some of these teens are asking better questions than me. #elxn41

    On the job.

  170. frmgrl says:

    Sorry frmgrl – I thought you were saying the woman on with Ezra was the same person on with Adler? I misunderstood.

    That’s OK. I’m sure it’s all straightened out now.

  171. Martin says:

    Rosemary Barton had a portion of the segment posted by Michael Harkov at 11:50
    She was in the North and reported in her clip, but the full exchange was not shown.
    I really want to see him trying to explain away his candidates behaviour, unexplaneable really, but CBC doesn’t bother with it.

    Maybe some teens could report better than Barton as well.

  172. Tripper523 says:

    Yes Bec, we do indeed have a twisted version of Dickens’ Fagin in our midst with Taliban Jack. It ain’t over until Bubba’s “Ellie May” sings (better than The Fat Lady), and that will be the sweet melody of a Conservative Majority a-la Rob Ford style. The so-called alternatives to PM Harper’s solid national representation are nothing more than specters – images without substance, Stooge coalitionists who are to be ignored. “There is a way which seems ‘right’ to the common man (or woman), but the end thereof are the ways of death.” If it sounds good, don’t believe it! Snake oil, smoke & mirrors, it’s a concocted hoax invented by people of a depraved mind. No offense to the Lefties, but for the sake of Canada and Canadians, to vote anything but Conservative is anathema.

  173. Mary T says:

    If Layton and the ndp are at 30%, that means 70% of canadians don’t want him.
    And more than that don’t want liberals.

  174. ed says:

    The real Jack Layton?? Wow, this is quite the article!! This should cause people to think twice before casting their ballot!!

    Terence Corcoran: Just a smiling Jack-in-the-box
    Apr 25, 2011 – 11:12 PM ET | Last Updated: Apr 25, 2011 11:13 PM ET


    “The New Democrats’ spin machine, which can usually convince a flock of media types to jump into the wash cycle, has scrubbed up Mr. Layton as a smiling, …”

    “Exactly how many Canadians actually want to turn over a major power role in Ottawa to one of the most off-the-wall grandstanding left-wingnuts of our time — …”

    “When he ran for mayor of Toronto in 1991, Mr. Layton famously produced 300 election promises with a price tag of $1-billion.”

    “Mr. Layton, from his first days in politics in the 1980s, maintained a classic left-wing anti-corporate and ultra-green political stance and a sterling record as a promoter of the unworkable and impractical.”

    “Few people have looked at the platform, a Laytonian laundry list of plans and schemes that would lock Ottawa into decades of expanding programs.”

    “Total cost by 2014 is $6.2-billion per year for the green package alone, to be paid for with $7.4-billion in revenue from a fantasy federal cap-and-trade carbon control scheme.”

    Read the full article which contains much more here:

  175. wilson says:

    Good thing PMSH beat the coalition drum right from the start of this campaign,
    made Iffy fess up to the ‘arrangements’,
    because there is no way there would be time now, with this orange crush (which is a phrase started at SunNN if I’m not mistaken) to get that reality into people’s heads.

    May the big orange crush destroy their coalition partners,
    and the Blue Team come up the middle for the big win.

  176. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report.

    Liberals’ shell game is afoot with the Shawinigan Choker at our throats. Again.


    “Chrétien asking Liberals to shell out for final ad blitz
    Ottawa Citizen – ‎3 hours ago‎
    Former prime minister Jean Chrétien is asking Liberals to donate to the party’s coffers for a last-minute television advertising blitz.

    Grits are desperate The Province

    Liberals’ town hall flags, but Ignatieff fires them up at the end Globe and Mail”

  177. maz2 says:

    Send the Red Separatist Coalition to the PET Cemetery.

    It’s the economy. Send that message to the 3 Troika Stoopids.

    Vote Conservative.

    More: >>> Of Liberal Count Ignatieff and his O’Harvard buddy.


    “Canada’s GDP rises 3.3%”

    “Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) rose 3.3% in Y 2010, following a 2.6% decline in the previous year, Statistics Canada announced Thursday.

    Every province and territory recorded an increase in the year, especially in sectors like construction, mining, Oil and Gas extraction, and manufacturing.

    Among the provinces, growth rates surpassed the national average in Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta and British Columbia, while Ontario matched the national rate. GDP increased by 8.9% in Nunavut, the fastest pace of any region.

    In the Mineral and Oil concentrated provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and Alberta, GDP advanced 4.8% and 4.0%,”.


    “Fresh blow for global economy as US slows

    Consumer spending hit by rapid rise ininflation and a stagnant jobs market”

    “Slumping government spending, weaker exports and renewed caution on the part of consumers conspired to slow economic growth in the US in the first three months of 2011.

    The world’s largest economy grew at an annualised rate of 1.8 per cent in the first quarter – down from its 3.1 per cent pace at the end of last year – underscoring the sluggish and volatile nature of the recovery from recession.”

  178. maz2 says:

    A Dedication for Taliban Jack LaytoNDP, Pat MartiNDP, MulcairNDP, DewarNDP, et al, and the leftist MSM.

    A juxtapose for the Red socialist Separatist Coalition.

    H/T Fatah’s Mohammedans.


    “Battle Rages Over Libyan Border Crossing with Tunisia
    Voice of America – ‎31 minutes ago‎
    Libyan soldiers and rebel forces battled for control of a Tunisian border crossing Thursday, while government forces continued an assault on the port town of Misrata.”

    “Conservatives murdering Canadian democracy”


  179. Liz J says:

    Enjoying the Royal Wedding this am. Beautiful.

    Sorry to mention it but hope Jack Layton isn’t the PM to greet the young couple when they come to Canada.

  180. fh says:

    I wonder are conservatives being used?
    Liberals need to knock out NDP

  181. jon says:

    Sun News: ’96 Cop Report: Jack Layton Found In Suspected Bawdyhouse.

  182. jon says:

    Expect the rest of the media to give this story the same treatment as Clinton-Lewinsky. Jack’s “private life” they will collectively argue. they will put specific emphasis on “a smear campaign” at work. There hopes was a Lib-led coalition but they’ll take an NDP-led coalition if it means getting rid of the CP govt.

  183. Mary T says:

    Do you have this yet, Montreal Gazette endorses conservatives.

  184. Mary T says:

    I am sure that everyone that goes to a massage parlour gets undressed and goes to bed. Fife reported that Jack did not know that illegal activities were going on in other areas of the bldg. According to ctv, nothing to see here, move along. It might not happen before the election but wait for the gal to be found and tells her story on tv. Will ruin any chance layton has with the GG. Wait for the policeman to go public.
    The truth will come out, before layton has a chance to be PM. Maybe that is the first knife in his back, who will be leader if layton is forced out.

  185. Peter says:

    I am deeply disturbed by the NDP popularity, their ( and their electors’ ) economic illiteracy being the main reason. There is more to a society than economics, but when someone clearly misunderstands ( or misrepresents) how a society works from economic point of view, they should not run a country. Having been born and grown up in a country much less fortunate than Canada is, I do not understand why Canadians would inflict upon themselves this kind of nonsense. Any university student would flunk Economics 101 if he argued along the NDP lines. It makes me so sad to see that while some Cubans, North Coreans, Chinese today risk their lives to free themselves from failed socialist regimes, Canadians do not even subject Jack the Commie to a resonable due dilligence of his past and present statements and opinions.

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