Right place at the right time

This morning my husband and I had the privilege of attending one of those closed-door morning presser-announcements with Prime Minister Stephen Harper at Sport Systems Unlimited in Waterloo, Ontario.

How this started out was my husband being at the local campaign office yesterday when they were looking for a few supporters to be at the event, and our names went on the list.

As we arrived this morning I was concerned we might be a bit late, but as it turned out the whole schedule was delayed due to bad weather last night which forced the plane to land at Pearson in Toronto instead of Kitchener.

We had no problem putting in the extra hour or so waiting for the Prime Minister because there was a good supply of coffee and pastries, and lots of animated discussion.

Gradually the press arrived and set up. We recognized Terry Milewski, John Ivison, Craig Oliver, Bob Fife, and some local CTV personalities.

This was a rare opportunity to see some behind the scene action as to how these pressers are set up, with CPC officials milling about and performing their various duties, RCMP keeping an eye on things, and the general stage area getting set up with lights and a backdrop of factory workers who seemed quite enthused to be there. Some of them were standing for well over a half hour waiting for the PM to arrive but they all seemed in good spirits.

It was also interesting to observe Terry Milewski and Dimitri Soudas share a few lighthearted words. That exchange made me think that maybe we are too quick to judge those media types that always seem to be slagging our side. For them these campaigns must be such a exhausting ordeal – as they would be for the leaders as well. That was just a bit of personal insight for myself to try to be a bit less judgmental.

While we were waiting I heard a crack of thunder and said a quick prayer that any power outage would hold off til after the event was over.

O.K. I don’t want to make this an epic novel so I’ll cut to the chase. Finally Stephen Harper arrived to his campaign theme song Better Now by Collective Soul. Everyone was so excited – clapping and cheering. Laureen accompanied him and she looked radiant in her fashinable outfit and long black boots (photo here.)

Even though she and Prime Minister Harper couldn’t have had much sleep they both looked so fresh and energized. I won’t go into his speech because the press will have covered it but the main points were about assisting business by minimizing red tape and creating a favourable environment for small businesses to prosper and create job opportunities.

PM Harper warned about the inherent risks involved with a “collection of oppositions” in charge of our country.

Questions from the press followed and to me they seemed a little less snarky than unusual. The finally it was over and Prime Minster Harper and Laureen were milling about shaking hands. It was hard to get near him so I just hung back and chatted with a few people including John Ivison who is very, very tall in real life and quite charming.

People were heading out so my husband and I made our way towards the door but it was really teeming by now. I’m talking floods. We headed outside but a huge fork of lightening appeared out of nowhere followed immediately by a deafening crash of thunder. We felt like sitting ducks in those giant puddles so we ran over to an open doorway leading to a loading dock bay and huddled against the wall to wait it out.

It was then that we realized we were standing in the area where the Prime Minister would be exiting. Only folks with accreditation were around. Nobody told us to leave so we just stood there watching as Stephen and Laureen posed for pictures with the employees in the factory. Laureen then smiled and chatted to a few other people before rushing off in her stylish boots through the puddles to the waiting bus.

Prime Minister Harper eventually made his way to where we were standing and we shook hands. As he released mine I told him I would pray for him. He looked back at me, smiled, said “Thank you”, and asked if we wanted our pictures taken with him. Of course we agreed and thanked him. We were both still standing there stunned as he departed for the bus.

What a crazy morning. What an amazing time.

Oh yeah. One more thing. That same gigantic lightening flash had also caused the power to go off just after the event ended.

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  1. batb says:

    God is good, Joanne!

    I’m so glad you and your husband had this experience!

  2. Lorraine says:

    Joanne-thanks so much for sharing. I got a chill -a good one- from recounting your experience. I have shaken Stephen Harper’s hand three times-and every single time in spite of the mobs around him he looks right into your eyes with those incredible blue eyes of his and just lets you know that YOU matter to him.
    I found him magnetic and dynamic and not a showboat at all-a modest humble guy who lived by the mantra “Be the Change you want” so took it upon himself to merge the fragmented right and then lead wityh such pragmatic competetance.
    How can we communicate this to drown out the very dishonest voices who slag this amazing man and azll he has done for our country…and so much more to do if we give him the chance.
    That big boomer was maybe the creator saying he heard your prayers.

  3. Peterb says:

    I see where the wife of Ken Dryden, is asking for support for her husband, and that the voter should reward him for his shabby record in parliament. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but suffice it to say, his cowardly attack on Bev Oda and Helena Guergis was despicable. Where was Dryden’s wife then to try and restore some sanity to her husband and fair play in House debate?
    Where was Ken Dryden to protest the stand of his party on a myriad of issues – the attack on our Canadian soldiers by the Liberal party.
    A reminder that Michael Ignatieff told Canadians Last January that he was anxious to get Parliament back to work, because the Liberals want to continue their Afghanistan probing, and to investigate “the conduct of our troops in the field”. Liberals have been lying through their teeth, that in this probing of the detainee issue, they were not challenging or condemning, our brave men and women in the military, and their actions on the battlefield. They sure weren’t challenging the conduct and actions of the Taliban. They stood four square with Richard Colvin and all his bogus attacks on our soldiers, military leaders and Canadian diplomats. It was Colvin who made charges of torture of Afghan detainees.
    Where was Ken Dryden then to give some balance and fairness to the issues?

  4. Kristen Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing Joanne! I was there as well and it was an amazing time! :)

    • Joanne says:

      I was there as well and it was an amazing time!

      Awesome! Thanks Kristen!

      It was an electric atmosphere, and I don’t just mean the weather. 😉

  5. fh says:

    that sounds like an awe inspiring rally
    Go Conservatives

  6. goodie says:

    That bought tears to my eyes I have imagined that so many times shaking his hand and sayin to him” I’m praying for you” so cool that you actually did it.

  7. Soccermom says:

    AWESOME, Joanne!!

  8. Fay says:

    Joanne your post today is awesome and brings tears to my eyes.
    Stephen and Laureen Harper deserve respect from the National Press Gallery. Their treatment of the Harpers says more about them . Stephen Harper always treats them with patience and respect even though they don’t deserve it.
    I am also praying for a conservative majority.
    Thankyou Joanne for all the hard work you do on this blog. Say Thankyou to your husband for his support also.
    I don’t know how I would survive the vicious attacks from the MSM without my BlueBuds.
    God bless Canada because right now we are dodging a political thunderstorms. Guide us through this turbulent time.

  9. Joanne says:

    That big boomer was maybe the creator saying he heard your prayers.

    Lorraine and others here, I’m glad I was able to convey that feeling of awe at being open to the moment and the grand design. Was afraid it might sound too melodramatic but it is from the heart.

    It also struck me that we can do our best to help towards the outcome we desire, but ultimately we have to trust that God is looking after things and put it in His capable hands.

    So keep working hard and keep praying. I have a good feeling about this.

  10. batb says:

    Back in 2006, I had a few minutes at a rally, one-on-one, with Stephen Harper (before he became PM). He was, as you point out, Lorraine, humble and personable. He actually said to me that he really didn’t understand a lot of the negative stuff the media was putting out about him and the CPC.

    I told him it was because they really didn’t want the c/Conservative point of view out there and encouraged him to clarify his/the CPC’s point of view because they were purposely misrepresenting it.

    It was clear to me that Stephen Harper is no showboat, he’s no narcissist. He is a serious and honest politician who sincerely wants the best for all Canadians. I, it probably goes without saying, am a real fan.

    • Joanne says:

      It was clear to me that Stephen Harper is no showboat, he’s no narcissist. He is a serious and honest politician who sincerely wants the best for all Canadians.


  11. Joanne says:

    I just slightly edited my story near the end to include the fact that he said “Thank you” after I said I’d pray for him. My husband just reminded me of that.

    Actually the funny thing that happened was that he was taking a movie as the PM approached and I guess he forgot the camera was still rolling when we were shaking hands so we have the audio. Too cool! When one of the aides took our camera to take a picture the video actually stopped then but we were able to get a screen capture from the movie and it turned out pretty well.

    The official photographer also took one so we’ll get a copy of that too.

  12. ed says:

    Burpnrun says: April 27, 2011 at 12:09 pm:

    “Folks, this is very, very serious:

    The real threat to Canadian Democracy (Soros, Avaaz, unions, media, etc):

    Folks, there’s only 3 days to get the word out if you come to the same conclusion that I do. This is critical to the success of the CPC on May 2nd.”

    Burpnrun, I went to your site and read the article. Quite chilling, as it seems to fit the puzzle as to what is happening in this election. ABC, for sure. I mean, it’s like a concerted effort by so many individuals and groups to tarnish the PM and the Conservatives.

    The Public Service Alliance of Canada, one of the groups in the above article, has had daily attack ads on CFRA radio,Ottawa, denouncing the PM and coming out against him in this election. In other words, do not vote for Harper.

    I wonder about unions getting involved in this way?? Is it right?? Is it democratic??

  13. ed says:

    CFRA Soundoff
    “Now that the NDP is surging in several national polls, what do you think about the prospect of Jack Layton as opposition leader or prime minister in a coalition government? (Please vote first. To comment, email mornings@cfra.com)”

    1. Happy to see him as opposition leader. I’d rather see the NDP as official opposition than the Liberals

    2. Happy to see him as prime minister. It’s time for a change from the traditional parties and he has run the best and most positive campaign

    3. Scared of both scenarios. The more power Layton has, the more frightened I become

    4. Other

  14. Jan Webb says:

    MP James Moore in our riding today (Esquimalt Juan de Fuca) to help Troy de Souza. He shared that the NDP are down on the HST in B.C., (calling it the Harper Sales Tax) but pumping it up in Quebec. The Atlantic provinces have just had their HST raised and the NDP think that’s great. Jack Layton is saying one thing in one area of the country, yet in French and in QUEBEC, he says another. This will cause HUGE divisions if NDP and Bloc MP’s are in parliament together. Also mentioned the cap and trade is very DANGEROUS to Canada’s economy now and in future.
    I found this link on SUN TV.http://youtu.be/-pjnYdHQYBw
    Tell EVERYONE to watch it. You won’t hear this from the Opposition parties who are trying to keep it under the radar to avoid backlash.
    I am going to keep fighting until 7:00 p.m. on Monday (time our polls close here). I hope you are all doing the same Bluebuds!!!
    Joanne, so glad you spent time with the P.M. He is a gracious and very competent leader. He makes me feel proud to be a Canadian.
    P.S. Please forward this video (copy and past in an email) to family and friends–they NEED to hear this about cap and trade –the Nation Killer.

  15. frmgrl says:

    I believe we are at a crossroads right now in this country. We need to pray now more than ever. We are in danger if Jack gets close to power. Our economy and our security.

  16. bluetech says:

    Thanks Joanne…what a great experience, and a reward for all you do. You quite humbly mentioned that you were asked to participate. That’s wonderful!

    God is faithful to answer prayer. Whenever I sense that this campaign is a strain for the Harper’s I send out a quick prayer. In 2006 I also had the privilege of shaking his hand, and intentionally telling him that I would pray for him, and he said “Thank you’. You experience is very similar.
    I love thunderstorms so that would have added a real pizazz to the meeting.
    We will have to send Happy Birthday greetings too!!

    • Joanne says:

      You quite humbly mentioned that you were asked to participate.

      Bluetech – That’s right! And then the PM asked us if we wanted a photo with him! How crazy is that?

      In 2006 I also had the privilege of shaking his hand, and intentionally telling him that I would pray for him, and he said “Thank you’.

      He is a good man. He looked truly grateful when I said that.

      It’s all still a bit of a blur though.

  17. frmgrl says:

    You know even Kelly McParland on with Charles Adler this afternoon seemed worried/concerned when talking about Jack Layton close to power.

  18. Mary T says:

    Jack getting questions re his quebec candidates being MIA, sort of like iggy, not showing up for work. And why do the coalition and media keep talking about the PM breaking promises when it was coalition members that voted against every one of them. They are responsible for the broken promises they talk about.
    Re asbestos, didn’t iggy say in AB it was a bad thing, then when he was in Quebec saying it was a good thing.
    ABC-anything but a coalition, or always back conservatives.
    To get the youth vote iggy admits to smoking pot, and they should drink wine.
    Wonder if any of those students in Quebec that might get elected will show up with piercings and tatooes. Wonder if any are with the group that protested the summits in Toronto are in London to protest the Royal Wedding. One guy that got arrested twice in Toronto was interiewed on ctv last night, from London.

  19. billg says:

    For 3 years in a row I got to play a game of pick up hockey with 20 Lib MPs. It was always before Christmas and these guys were on their way home, but, for some reason had meetings etc and, well, it worked out that thier last night in Ottawa was a game of hockey and…a few beer after the game. All of them very nice, polite, funny, and down to earth. We are all Canadians, media and politicians. Ask any American sports writer and they will tell you what a joy it is to interview and be around Canadian athletes. We all dislike certain opposition mp’s, but, from the nights I spent with those Lib mps what I learnt was….alot of what goes on is for show, gamesmanship and a whole lot of acting…most of them become very good friends.
    Im away moving my oldest into a TO apartment and out of a dorm so I wont be able to read the fun this blog has become, so, here’s a little prediction.
    Cons 160 Libs 67 NDP 48 Bloc 33 I just cant see how it can be any other way.

  20. frmgrl says:

    Cons 160 Libs 67 NDP 48 Bloc 33 I just cant see how it can be any other way.

    I like that but on what basis did you come up with that projection? Just curious.

  21. Mary T says:

    Who would be deputy PM in a Layton govt, and move up to PM is he had to resign due to ill health. If PM Layton scares you how about PM Mulcair, or PM Pat Martin.
    PM Libby Davies.

    • Joanne says:

      Who would be deputy PM in a Layton govt, and move up to PM is he had to resign due to ill health.

      Thomas Mulcair would be the worst. That guy is one scary dude.

  22. Bubba Brown says:

    Good for you and your husband Jo!
    I went to our local all candidates meeting, very interesting to sit in the back and watch and listen.
    Incumbent James Lunney was very good, cool and calm, he spoke of positive accomplishments.
    The Liberal and NDP candidate were negative, angry women, all they could do was spew the outright lies that are the Liberal faux outrage talking points.
    Jets, Mega Jails, blowing money on G7/G8, phony lakes etc.
    To listen to them one would never know Canada was the envy of the whole world.
    At the very last when each candidate had 2 minutes to wrap up the NDP’er started a mini rant about Helena Guergis.
    I would have loved to ask her if MP Pat Martin was taking anger management regarding his treatment of women.
    I still made it home in time to watch the Canucks put the blackhawks to bed in sudden death overtime!
    Best remark today was Mr Ignatieff saying that 60% of Canadians don’t want PM Harper?
    I guess 40% do.
    75% don’t want ignition-off LOL

  23. Mary T says:

    If that thought doesn’t stampede everyone to PMSH we are lost.
    My son, who has taken a real interest in politics this year says, when the PM gets his huge majority the first thing he should do is tell the reduced Bloc caucus, you campaigned on separation so we will introduce a bill to tell you to get out and stay out.

  24. fh says:

    democraticSPACE as of April 26
    cons 161
    lib 57
    ndp 53
    grn 0
    bloc 36
    ind 1

  25. billg says:

    40 years of watching elections with great interest! The NDP orange crush thing is basically in Quebec. The Cons numbers are majority solid in BC, and Ontario. The Cons are tied with every other party in Atlantic Canada. The NDP can steal socialist seats from the Bloc in Quebec, but, they aint stealing them from the Torys. I keep looking at the numbers and they dont make any sense. The Dippers had 18% in the last election and didnt have 40 seats…how does adding 12% support get you 65 seats? It makes no sense. The Conservative are looking at 140 seats from Quebec to BC, I just cant see how that number will not hold out. Atlantic Canada right now has got to be close to 18 seats for the Cons…so….thats how I came up with my figure, and, as far as I can tell its just as Scientific as anyone elses.

  26. Fay says:

    I made the mistake of watching CBC Evan’s pwer panel. Everytime Joan Crocket has tried to say anything… Evan has allowed the other panel members to drown her out. High fives all around at the CBC on holding Stephen Harper to a minority and promoting Jack Layton as Prime Minister.
    Any guesses why Pierre Peladeaux would make a big deal about this photo shopped photo of Iggy?

  27. Ruth says:

    I agree Fay….Joan got cut off every sentence. Why do they even bother to go on these shows. I ended up shutting it off.

  28. ed says:

    Mary T, this guy has a 90% rate for the last two elections:

    “Milton Chan (http://www.sfu.ca/~aheard/elections/ridings.html) runs a unique site providing riding-by-riding predictions of the contests in each constituency for national and provincial elections This site relies on people submitting their assessment of ridings that they have local knowledge of. Connect to the site and add your two cents worth! This site was uncannily accurate in the past, correctly predicting 91% of the seats in 2008.”

    Current Prediction: Quebec:
    Changed: 2011-04-27 08:59:01

    Conservative Party
    Parti Conservateur 7
    Liberal Party
    Parti Liberal 12
    N.P.D. 2
    Bloc Quebecois 38
    Too Close 15
    Total 75


    Current Prediction: Canada:
    Changed: 2011-04-27 08:59:01

    Conservative Party
    Parti Conservateur 119
    Liberal Party
    Parti Liberal 57
    N.P.D. 33
    Bloc Quebecois 38
    Too Close 60
    Total 308


    Current & Previous Predictions: http://www.electionprediction.org/

    Further info: Andrew Heard, political science department — simon fraser university


  29. Norm 204 says:


    What a wonderful experience. I’m sure the picture of you and your husband with the PM will not end up in a drawer or album. This prairie boy thinks you have already got a spot picked out on the wall of your home.

    • Joanne says:

      This prairie boy thinks you have already got a spot picked out on the wall of your home.

      Thanks Norm. It’s still like a dream but I’ll never forget this day.

  30. Mary T says:

    Is Calgary ready for the influx of voters, 60% of them according to iggy, to vote against PMSH. Only those on the voters list in his riding can vote for or against him. Imagine the disappointment of thousands of voter when they find his name is not on their ballot.

  31. GailM says:

    I’m very happy for you Joanne….what a precious experience! It was so wonderful of you to tell the PM that you would pray for him and I hope that he knows that there are a whole lot of us praying for him all the time.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Joanne says:

      Gail – Thanks. Let’s pray for his strength and health right now. I don’t know how he does it.

  32. Liz J says:

    Folks its great to pray, it’s great to talk about how great our PM is and how great our policies are, on that we agree. BUT we have to start explaining to people exactly what a Layton led government would be like, attack his promises one by one and compare. Right now our financial institutions are heading into panic mode at the prospect.

    We’ve been here before, this is the third time we’ve done well in early polling and in the last week take a coast and end up in a minority.
    If we don’t get through to the people the disaster a Jack Layton led government would do to this country we’re in big trouble.
    No matter how much the likes of Rick Mercer and the MSM think this is some kind of a great phenomenon, it’s not a joke.

    We better take the time to call or email our MPs to get going and spell it out and fast.

  33. GailM says:

    For sure Joanne. I often wonder how he keeps up the pace also, especially given the silly negative stuff that he has to deal with too often. I look forward to him getting back to what he loves to do…..leading Canada and serving Canadians from sea to sea to sea!!

  34. DWT says:

    Re: Bubba Brown says:
    April 27, 2011 at 5:58 pm
    ‘The Liberal and NDP candidate were negative, angry women’

    The NDP’er states that she is a “social activist” – but has worked for a large corporation for some time. I am curious how she managed to get time off to campaign (at such short notice), and how she convinces herself that even after accepting a paycheque from that corporation all these years, she can espouse Layton’s dream of increasing corporate taxes. I also wonder how her employer feels about having an employee that would stab them in the back, should she ever get elected. I trust that the voters of Nanaimo-Alberni would not entertain such an idea, but keep Dr. Lunney who has served us well.

  35. Bec says:

    I’m BLUE with envy, Joanne but NOBODY deserves such an enchanting, surreal moment with this man, more than YOU (and your patient, hubby)!

    I love all of the comments here describing a humble man and nothing grates me more than the LIES, saying the opposite. He is so good and we are so lucky to have him. We will on May 3rd too.

    This little ego trip that some Canadians are having with Jack Layton must be exposed as reckless chaos.
    I’m not sleeping because of the fear, I can only imagine what the PM is doing but he WILL NOT abandon us, not ever!

    • Joanne says:

      I’m BLUE with envy, Joanne but NOBODY deserves such an enchanting, surreal moment with this man, more than YOU (and your patient, hubby)!

      Ha-ha Bec. Thanks. As long as you’re not green!

      Yeah my hubby is really something. First thing in the morning is my best time for writing so he gives me news tips & stuff and then he knows when to leave me ‘in my zone’. And it is his decision to volunteer that really got things rolling towards the events that happened today.

  36. Marian says:

    I’m so glad you could be there! It was a very good event. Many of us noticed the huge lighting strike–thank you for sharing what happened afterwards, the “rest of the story”. I really enjoy hearing these.

    • Joanne says:

      Marian at 7:37 pm – It was one of those ‘peak experiences’ that I will never forget. Someday I’ll tell my baby grandson. 😉

  37. Richco says:

    I’m glad I stopped bye here tonight because your post Joanne is exactly the kind I’ll find here every day. You do those very well and it makes my half-full mindset stay positive.

    One thing I do know about Stephen Harper is that what you see with him is exactly what you get.

    Oh, and thanks very much for the name of the group and song that accompanies Harper from event to event. Now I’m going to put it on my IPod and use it when I walk.

  38. Mary T says:

    What those who vote for ndp do not realize is that they will have to live with the results also. But maybe a lot of them are like that woman in the states who said, Obama will pay my mortgage, pay my gas, or the one who insists that it is Obama giving her her welfare check every month from his stash. She said that on TV.
    I remember watching the oil rigs going south on a daily basis during the NEP. Never again. I remember standing behind oil workers at the bus station, all on their way to the mid-east for jobs.
    Poor NFLD, you will have thousands of men/women returning home to collect welfare and EI, no more AB money sent home to families.
    Be careful what you wish for. Unless it is a conservative majority of at least 15-20 seats. Love Adler’s remark, Iggy could turn out to be Kim Campbell with eyebrows.

  39. Richco says:

    most recent Nanos – I really think now might be a great time for the Harper team to let go of that incriminating tape.


  40. Liz J says:

    Yes Mary @ 7:53 pm, that’s what we have to attempt to get through to those who think they can vote NDP without consequence.

  41. JDot says:

    Great post Joanne..

    Really cool story about meeting the PM..

    Hold on to your hat folks it is going to be a crazy ride..

  42. Dirt says:

    If Jack wins the liberal media will be the biggest loser, the largest media outlets are owned by corporations the self same corporations that have been treating Harper like a serial killer. I wonder what will happen when their corporate tax cuts ends and they have to fire all those lovely liberal urnalists? In the US the direct result of a liberal media getting the great O elected is Chapter 11 filings by liberal media, I guess Ma Bell thinks the shareholders won’t blame them for shilling for the socialists’ flaky party.

  43. Bec says:

    Richco @7:54

    I don’t think the people supporting the NDP and Libs care about the “incriminating tape”.
    The folks that support the NDP only care that the wealthy and middle class be lowered to the same level as those that are not. They want everyone to make the same, regardless of effort and have no understanding that it’s the people they dislike the most who pay the most taxes that support the programs.
    I heard a few of them on the radio today. They are bitter, entitled and want it all without lifting a finger. You can’t get through to that mindset, ever.

  44. Jen says:

    Look out for the NDP led coalition demanding that environment Bill C -311 be re introduced which will cause a catastrophic economical disaster.

    NDP NS government raised the HST.

    Joanne, While reading to my husband your enchanting story and you shaking hands with the PM and telling him that you are praying for him, I too choked with tears.
    Thank you so much Joanne and to your husband for sharing such encounters with us.

    Yes guys, we have to pray for our PM and for our country.

  45. Liz J says:

    How about Jack Layton saying he’ll be Prime Minister Tuesday morning?
    Isn’t that enough to scare the bejeebers out of anyone with the capacity for reasoned thought?

    The very fact he’s close to Stephen Harper, the best PM and leader, we’ve had in memory is an insult of the highest order. Where is all this nonsense coming from? What sort of infestation of brain rot do we have among the electorate in the Eastern part of this country?

    • Joanne says:

      How about Jack Layton saying he’ll be Prime Minister Tuesday morning?

      If that happens, I’ll just go to my happy place and live there forever.

  46. Ontario Girl says:

    O/T…Ignatieff and Chretien on CPAC and he is unhinged again….in Drydens riding

  47. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    If you missed Lowell Green at http://www.cfra.com this morning, the replay is going on now. In the second hour (9-10pm eastern this evening), a couple of callers from Montreal give a pretty detailed analysis of Layton’s Quebec approach and its impact on Duceppe. The podcast is available now.

  48. Bec says:

    The ‘Republic of Western Canada’, Joanne? Please come!:)

    The FB and e-mail maps of the “Republic” are being posted like crazy! WE are spooked out here, big time and have no power. It’s disheartening!

  49. frmgrl says:

    The ‘Republic of Western Canada’, Joanne? Please come!:)

    I’m on board that’s for sure!!

  50. dolly says:

    This nightmare seems to have been going on so long, that I’m not sure I’d be able to find my happy place again. Since I’ve been taking harp lessons, I keep trying to lose myself in it but I find myself right back here. I can hardly wait till this is all over.

    Thanks Jo-Anne for letting us in on your experience at the rally, it must have been truly a dream. Thankyou also for letting us vent here on your blog site it has been better than drinking ourselves to death. LOL

  51. wilson says:

    ”How about Jack Layton saying he’ll be Prime Minister Tuesday morning?”

    Keep saying it Jack! over and over

    This time, there are no surprises, it is a fair fight in that Canadians know exactly what to expect, a coalition of losers with a socialist economy killing agenda
    or a stable Conservative majority.

    I trust Canadians with this decision.
    If Quebecers want school kids and grannies with no fixed address representing them in Parliament, then they get the representation they voted for.

    The lefties in the ROC must be pretty confused right now, orange doors and red doors, and mergers and coalitions, and constitutional wars and Dippers with a win Quebec agenda, more social programs more taxes, cap and trade and jets and jails….
    perhaps lefties are so shallow, this is just a popularity contest for them…
    they will figure it out by Monday.

    I KNOW PMSH will be Prime Minister on May 3rd.
    Hopefully with a majority, to put an end to all this drama.

  52. bluetech says:

    Richco…what did I miss? What incriminating tape are you referring to?

  53. Richco says:

    Bec@ 8:17 “I don’t think the people supporting the NDP and Libs care about the “incriminating tape”.

    It would not be intended to sway the NDP or liberal left, but what it will do is draw more over to the Blue Door.

    If anyone is seriously buying that green koolaid these days then they’ve truly been hoodwinked by the left-leaning media.

    Who do we trust more? The MSM and their attempt to force a race out of this election by doing with Layton what they tried but failed to do with Ignatieff, or Stephen Harper and our gut common sense?

    I just will never understand how such a positive post can get soured by the crap the MSM and PPG are flinging.

    Joanne’s experience was exciting and positive for our side and yes even for the media
    “It was also interesting to observe Terry Milewski and Dimitri Soudas share a few lighthearted words. That exchange made me think that maybe we are too quick to judge those media types that always seem to be slagging our side. For them these campaigns must be such a exhausting ordeal – as they would be for the leaders as well. That was just a bit of personal insight for myself to try to be a bit less judgmental.”

  54. Jen says:

    David Rutherford on CPAC tomorrow but not sure what time. So westerners here and Joanne, Sandy etc. get your phones ready to call in.
    frmgrl, I am with you, Layton and the coalition have been pushing this without ever taking into consideration what will happen to us all. SOCIALISTS never do.

  55. Richco says:

    bluetech – the tape that we’ve only heard partial snippets of re: Layton’s engineering of the Coalition of Losers.

    Actually, now that I think of that Coalition it’s a wonder that Jack’s other two partners…especially Gilles haven’t passed on some dirt themselves. If the Coalition agreement is a signed and legal document which doesn’t expire until June, I’m sure Gilles could think of something to rattle Layton a bit.

  56. wilson says:

    heard at liblogs
    ‘John Duffy in the Globe said that Nanos had the Liberals at 17.5 last night.’

    LPC and NDP seem to be realigning.
    Libs have been out of government long enough that lefties don’w see an ‘experience’ difference?

  57. jon says:

    Now that a Lib-led coalition can, for all intents and purposes, be ruled out, anyone notice how the media is not talking about the deficit anymore? Hmmm. I wonder why. Seems that the MSM knows now that the only way to defeat a CPC minority govt is through an NDP-led coalition and of course deficit reduction is not going to be a high priority for a Layton-led govt. So we can see now that the MSM’s “concern” over the size of the deficit and when it will be eliminated was, in fact, phony.

  58. Martin says:

    Wilson: The Nanos rolling poll for Ont. still has NDP in 3rd place, 25 points behind CPC.
    This link has projections for individual ridings, I see no opportunity for great NDP gains in Ont.
    It is probably better to do your own analysis, then to listen continuously to CBC/CTV
    commentary. If people do not believe most of what they hear on MSM, then why should we believe their interpretation of poll results?

  59. jon says:

    The best part is going to be watching Iggy give his concession speech. I’m going to enjoy that look of crushing defeat on his face. Then again, he knows it’s coming so it won’t be a shock for him.

    I suspect he’ll repeat what Martin did — which is to tell the party he’s had enough and to choose an interim leader before a permanent one can be chosen at a leadership convention. In fact, didn’t Martin announce his resignation as leader the night his Libs lost in 2006?

    Having to move out of Stornaway to make way for Layton would prove to be too humiliating for Iggy for him to stick around. I’d be shocked if he did.

  60. Bec says:

    Richco @ 10:37said
    “I just will never understand how such a positive post can get soured by the crap the MSM and PPG are flinging. ”

    Amen! Sadly tho, the different regions hear a different message……that’s why Joanne rocks! We can all hang out and compare notes! Thanks Joanne! Thanks Blue team!

  61. Peterb says:

    Liberals either have no shame or have a hell of lot of chutzpah.
    Liberals brought Captain Adscam into the campaign now – incredible. Do Liberals have no shame? Conjures up not only memories of Adscam and the rape of Canadian taxpayers and many other bad things but also this in the words of another Liberal Prime Minister, Paul Martin, on Chretien’s infamous Red Book.

    Referring to the Liberal Red Book, the basis for their successful 1993 election campaign: “Screw the Red Book… Don’t tell me what’s in the Red Book. I wrote the g-ddamned thing. And I know that it’s a lot of crap.” (Wilson-Smith, Greenspon, 1996)
    Wilson-Smith, Anthony; Greenspon, Edward (1996). Double Vision: The Inside Story of the Liberals in Power. Doubleday Canada

  62. Ontario Girl says:

    bluetech…here’s a written sample of Layton on the tape…it was a conference call…the actual tape itself is out there….

    This was Jack in a conference call before the 2008 election

    “The ‘Coalition for Canada,’ I love the idea – (but it) could be a deal-breaker for the Bloc,” Layton is heard saying to laughter.

    “‘The Coalition for Canada and Quebec?”‘ he adds, to more laughter.

    “Nothing could be better for our country than to have the 50 (BQ) members out of 75 who’ve been elected in Quebec actually helping to make Canada a better place. We just approach it on that basis and say, ‘We’re willing to make that happen. Here are the things we’re going to be investing in and transforming together.’

    “If they’re willing to work with us, we’re willing to accept that offer.”

    The Conservative take is that Layton’s comments show he began conspiring with the Bloc for months to bring down Canada’s elected government – long before last week’s economic update that precipitated the current crisis of confidence in the Harper minority government.

    The recording is more ambiguous.

    In a discussion over concerns that the Bloquistes will be “offside” on issues, Layton said that’s already been taken into account and strategies have been developed to avoid policy conflict.

    “I actually believe they’re the least of our problems,” he said.

    “This whole thing wouldn’t have happened if the moves hadn’t been made with the Bloc to lock them in early because you couldn’t put three people together in three hours.

    “The first part was done a long time ago. I won’t go into details.”

    Layton suggests reluctant Liberals may be a bigger problem, and he exhorts his MPs to organize public rallies this Thursday and not wait for other coalition partners to do the work.

    “Chances are there are a bunch of Liberals in the other ridings on whom we want pressure placed,” he’s heard saying.

    Layton is heard downplaying the policy questions that could plague a coalition of such disparate party interests, saying everyone will have to curb their wish list.

    “What we really want is just to get Harper out and get this new group in because it’s going to be a hell of a lot better for everything we believe in. Correct? Correct!”

    “You can see where Harper’s going here,” said Layton.

    “He’s going to say it’s the socialists and the separatists and the opportunists getting together. Those are their talking points and so we just need to push back.”

    Layton ridiculed the Conservatives over the issue Sunday night at an Ontario NDP event in Toronto.

    “It’s entirely possible the Conservative party is recording what I’m saying here right now,” Layton told the partisan audience. “Here’s what I have to say to the Conservative party tuned in: ‘good riddance to you!’ “

  63. Mary T says:

    Iggy’s concession speech will start with, I can’t understand why Canadians don’t like me, could it be my constant flip flopping. And what if all this hype re the ndp is just hype and he doesn’t get 100 plus seats. How will he face the tv cameras.
    If by chance any of his phantom student candidates get elected he better send out an e-mail, get rid of all your piercings, leave your face covering at home, cover up your tatoos. You are about to enter the real world and get an education.
    What if they can’t handle the real world and resign asap.

  64. wilson says:

    Did anyone watch the CTV interview tonite with PMSH/Roberson?
    No video up yet.

  65. Mary T says:

    Watch for a sudden increase in paper shredders May 3rd.
    Think of the cost of all those pensions and relocation costs for all those defeated candidates. There goes our balanced budget.

  66. Sammy says:


  67. wilson says:

    From the Globe endorsement:

    Only Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have shown the leadership, the bullheadedness (let’s call it what it is) and the discipline this country needs. He has built the Conservatives into arguably the only truly national party, and during his five years in office has demonstrated strength of character, resolve and a desire to reform. Canadians take Mr. Harper’s successful stewardship of the economy for granted, which is high praise.

  68. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: wilson
    >From the Globe endorsement:

    Wow…thats quite nice. Good news to sleep on.

  69. Bec says:

    The GLOBE, gets it! Whoa there is a conscience…..thankfully!

  70. Michael Harkov says:

    MacLeans – Innovative Research National –

    CPC – 38.4%
    Libs – 24.9%
    NDP – 23.9%

    With Ontario –

    CPC – 41.4%
    Libs – 36.1%
    NDP – 17%

    That is a split left vote if ever there was one.

    100+ seats for the NP? I’m sorry guys, I can’t see how the NDP is doing as well as the media is saying they are. Sure they’ve made some pretty big polling gains, but I see most of it coming from Quebec where we are poised to keep what we have or close to it. We are well ahead in Ontario, and BC, and tied in Atlantic Canada where we used to be well behind. We are already ahead in seat counts in Ontario, and now we are poised to get even more?

    I think we are being sold a load of snake-oil about this NDP surge and Liberal nose dive.

  71. Mary T says:

    This endorsement is not liked by the comments on the story.
    I agree that all this hype re the ndp is just that, hype to get the conservatives to stay home as all is lost.
    How many working for the federal govt realize that Jack is in favor of making Bill 101 mandatory, first in Quebec, then try to get it across Canada. Will we hear a constant barrage from the ndp in QP, if it good for Quebec we will support it, even if it is bad for the rest of Canada.

  72. Bec says:

    I’m finally able to watch the big rally with Ignatieff/Chretien and Dryden…….

    Here’s what the Iffy does……he’s talking like an Am-ur-ican. Holy smokes….he even has the twang. He should sell something on an infomercial…..THAT is what he has done wrong!
    I have not seen it before but I did tonight….he’s an infomercial spin doctor actor, period!

  73. jon says:

    More than an endorsement of Harper, it’s an acknowledgment of how bad Iggy is doing. If there was no “orange crush” or “tsunami” underway (hyperbole is far as I’m concerned…. 60-65 seats for the NDP), the Globe would be endorsing Iggy and the Libs, perhaps believing that there could still be a Liberal minority. Don’t forget, the MSM was still holding out that possibility up until a week ago.

    But with Layton’s surge, mostly at the Libs expense, there is now only a CPC majority or minority now possible. Nothing else can be possible. Even those pollsters and pundits who are talking about even the BEST case scenario for the NDP max them out at 100 seats… some a handful more. But nobody is saying that he can actually win more seats than Harper (when Layton talks about being PM, he knows it’s only in a coalition…. that’s what’s so scary! He’s preparing for it)

    The Globe had only two choices: endorse Harper or endorse nobody since a coalition is only fictitious and even if it did come to pass it would be so unstable, so unpredictable that no paper that would want to retain credibility with its subscribers would want to have the record as having endorsed a coalition when the next election comes and it’s a landslide CPC majority.

    I expect only the Star to openly endorse Layton for PM. They don’t have any credibility to begin with so there’s really nothing for them to lose.

  74. wilson says:

    Michael H, something is not adding up for surem regional breakdowns all over the place between polsters.

    Ekos put out new poll, CPC steady at 34, NDP 28.1, LPC down 22.9

    Ontario numbers:
    NDP 24.4 per cent of decided voters,
    Liberal 29 per cent
    Conservatives 38 per cent.


  75. jon says:

    Last point: what Harper needs to do I think in the final days is to strongly appeal to fiscal Liberal voters who are thinking of backing Jack by on voting day by appealing to their common sense, saying that even dyed-in-the-wool NDP’ers would acknowledge that Jack has no chance of winning the most seats, only being able to finish 2nd, so why, Harper needs to enforce, is Jack talking about becoming PM after the election? It’s because he’s going to form a coalition, Harper needs to hammer home.

    Even Harper has not said in this election that the CP will automatically win…. he has said “we are asking Canadians to elect a strong, stable, national majority CP govt” But Jack is already saying he WILL be PM before the ballots are counted, knowing he cannot win the most votes but that he’s all but sure to finish second. Again, since he cannot win more seats than Harper (even his own supporters would admit to that) then he is already planning a takeover by referring to himself as PM.

  76. Michael Harkov says:

    The NDP is also inching up in vote-rich Ontario, where the party is now drawing 24.4 per cent of decided voters, bleeding some support from the Liberal Party which stands at 29 per cent. The Conservatives still hold a healthy lead in that province at 38 per cent.

    That, right there, is how we are going to get our majority; split vote all the way.

  77. Michael Harkov says:

    Before I sign off for tonight, the Windsor Sar endorses the Tories –

    “Why A Majority Matters”


    Hang tight and fast guys, the night is darkest before the dawn!

  78. maz2 says:

    “*But westward, look, the land is bright!”


    “Globe & Mail endorses Stephen Harper and Conservative Party:

    Harper “has built the Conservatives into arguably the only truly
    national party, and during his five years in office has
    demonstrated strength of character, resolve and a desire to reform.
    Canadians take Mr. Harper’s successful stewardship
    of the economy for granted, which is high praise.””


    “The Globe’s election endorsement: Facing up to our challenges”


    Comments: 1,081


    “*Say not the Struggle Naught availeth”

    “And not by eastern windows only,
    When daylight comes, comes in the light;
    In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly!
    But westward, look, the land is bright!”

    Arthur Hugh Clough


  79. maz2 says:

    Da Citoyen Kyoto Dionky Plan & It’s George’s Fault.


    “Dion’s wife goes rogue?

    Stephen Wicary

    Posted on Saturday, November 21, 2009”

    “Mr. Ignatieff’s leadership is openly questioned, as is his decision to shun the coalition deal struck by Mr. Dion, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe.

    “The time for choices is now,” the message says.”



    “Combative Ignatieff says Tories can ‘go to hell”

    “On the issue of Iraq, Ignatieff said the thing he has learned in dealing with the United States “is you don’t believe what the American tells you.”

    “You go into a room with the Americans, they have their sources of information and you had better be damn sure you have your own. You better be darn sure you don’t let yourself be persuaded by bad evidence.””



  80. Liz J says:

    Something to think about: Layton said he would be PM Tuesday morning but he isn’t polling ahead of the Conservatives so how does he plan to become PM Tuesday morning? Has he got an agreement already signed and ready to trot off to the GG before noon on Tuesday?

    BTW Joanne, thank you a thousand times for this blog, it’s an oasis of sanity and God knows we need some sanity in times like this. I guess it’s thanks to your hubby too, sounds like good team work you have going there.

  81. Liz J says:

    Michael Harkov @ 1:13 am, nice to see some common sense breaking out with an endorsement from the Windsor Star.
    Did I hear long time Dipper MP Joe Comartin from that neck of the woods was in trouble this time around?

  82. batb says:

    After months of negative comment about Prime Minister Harper and his CPC, what does the Probe and Fail endorsement of PMSH and his party mean?

    I guess now that they see their favoured Liberal$ being flushed down the toilet, the thought of a Layton-NDP-led coalition, with Bloc support, is just too appalling to contemplate when thinking of their investments, which in fast order they’d also seeing being flushed down the crapper.

    For the Probe and Fail’s discomfort and about-face, alone, this election’s worth the price of admission. OTOH, is their endorsement of Prime Minister Harper too little, too late? What schlubs and dupes.

  83. Alberta Girl says:

    WOW – just WOW is all I can say about this courtesy of my leftie fb friend


  84. Liz J says:

    Thanks for that link AG, I didn’t know Harris got the boot from the Sun. He’s so hateful towards the PM I cannot listen to him on CFRA either. That hatred started when Harper sided with our traditional allies on the Iraq war issue. Too bad, Harris has a good mind beyond politics. I hope he doesn’t blame the PM for his firing!

  85. Ontario Girl says:

    Good News…the barber shop poll(He is never wrong) has the CONSERVATIVE candidate ahead by a close margin. Cons…37%…..NDP 34%……Lib 29%. The barber has been right 33 of 35 elections. He says it will be VERY CLOSE……This is Charlie Angus riding Timmins James Bay. The editor of the paper has been writting and complaining about the gun registry but said Mon. he is going to vote Liberal, unless something drastic happens this week, although he likes the Cons. candidate and hopes he doesn’t take him off his facebook page.(smirk) The Liberal candidate is an attractive woman.

  86. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report.


    “*Liberal narcissism driving voters to NDP”

    Liberal Count Ignatieff’s Thin-Skin Game Plan.

    Recall Citoyen Kyoto Dionky.


    “Combative Ignatieff says Tories can ‘go to hell”

    “On the issue of Iraq, Ignatieff said the thing he has learned in dealing with the United States “is you don’t believe what the American tells you.”

    “You go into a room with the Americans, they have their sources of information and you had better be damn sure you have your own. You better be darn sure you don’t let yourself be persuaded by bad evidence.””



    “*Liberal narcissism driving voters to NDP”

    “It can’t be much fun occupying Michael Ignatieff’s skin mere days before the national vote he so desperately sought. Compare photographs of Ignatieff today, Paul Martin immediately prior to January 23, ’06 and Stephane Dion as the clock wound down toward October 14, 2008 and the common denominator facial expression approaches pleading.

    Increasingly abandoned by even usually loyal Liberal voters, Ignatieff has gradually morphed from a Clint Eastwood wanna-be who challenged “if you mess with me, I will mess with you until I’m done”, to a candidate devoid of headline-snaring one liners. Best forgotten are statements like Canadians “can smell the whiff of sulphur” emanating from Stephen Harper.

    Attempting to out-tough Conservative attack ads played into the hands of Tory strategists and exposed very thin skin.”


  87. Ruth says:

    Good news Ontario Girl, but I hope there are still some veteran NDPers left to help Jack out. What a disaster if we only end up with all those young ones in Quebec that take their holidays more serious than government business.

  88. Richco says:

    Martin 11:08 – well said and you’re right about the NDP fortunes in Ontario. Simply not in the cards or the data.

    Watching Ignatieff’s even last night in Dryden’s riding was painful. The man was bordering on manic. His speech more about the legacy of Chretien (a legacy that Ignatieff mostly MISSED because he wasn’t living here) and not about him or his party.

    batb “After months of negative comment about Prime Minister Harper and his CPC, what does the Probe and Fail endorsement of PMSH and his party mean?”

    It means that at the end of the day the folks at the Globe go home after a day’s work, raise families and take stock just like the rest of us. They, like us, know intimately how much better they are to live in a Harper governed Canada. At there media jobs there goal is to sell papers and to do that keeping things negative and controversial sells…..positive and common-sense doesn’t.

  89. x2para says:

    Iggy with all his ranting really looks like a Prime Minister in waiting doesn’t he?; seems to me that if liberals ever want power again they have two choices join the conservatives or continue their leftist shift that got them into the mess in the first place; and can 30 percent of voters really be so delusional to vote NDP, or are these people just so selfish they only care what the government can take from me and give to them; for anyone to think that the NDP would be anything but the radical socialist maniacs they are is wishful thinking at best

  90. Liz J says:

    Ignatieff is the picture of the unraveling of a political leader and his party. It ain’t pretty.

    With that in mind, the Conservative team from coast to coast have to start campaigning to explain to the unwitting, in some cases dimwitted voters exactly what will happen to Canada in a Jack Layton led coalition of losers.

  91. Dirt says:

    The Globe and Mail has alot to lose, or should I say their parent company and shareholders do, if the NDP get elected. Face it folks the first thing to tank if Jack wins is the stock market, then those corporations planning expansions will issue press releases saying they aren’t interested in investing in a nation that demonizes them. Lastly Ma. Bell is on the stock market, if she tanks what about all those lovely employed liberal uranlists’ jobs? The Liberal media shot themselves in the foot by their biased anti-Harper reporting and in the end they could lose the most if we are run by socialists.

  92. Alberta Girl says:

    Everyone here saying the tories have to start campaigning…Are they not doing that?? If the media do not cover your campaigns with accurate info if at all, just how do you propose they do that???

  93. Michael Harkov says:

    Ironic, isn’t it, that Ignatieff, who was supposed to be this great saviour of the Liberal party, is going to “lead” them to their worst defeat in Canadian history.

  94. Bec says:

    Michael Ignatieff’s rant and his use of the very childish, “can go to hell” is a metaphor for what is wrong with the Liberal Party. Once they see it, they can move on and rebuild but until that time, they will continue with this ‘blame everyone else’ spoiled child mantra.

    I’ve always wanted him to lose his seat but after this ridiculous behaviour, I want it to hurt!
    If you can’t handle the heat, Michael, stay out of the kitchen!

  95. Jen says:

    Regardless if the Libs win second place Ignatieff made it very clear that he will merge with the NDP but what he is not telling us is that the Bloc is also involved so for those voters who vote liberal, vote also for the NDP and the BLOC as well
    voters who vote NDP, vote also for the Libs and the BLOC
    voters who vote BlOC, vote also for the Libs and the NDP.
    There you have it the libs ndp bloc coalition.

    x2para, according to Professor Ian Lee of the U o Carlton who told Charles Adler on Suntv “our economy (tsx) will drop like a stone”

    So, whatever good the PM stephen Harper and Flaherty have managed for our economy thus far will stop will them. This will be the conservatives legacy.
    The coalition under either Ignatieff or Layton will create their own legacy at the expense of canadians.

    BTW, I hope that David R. is on CPAC today. Time ?, could be the same as alberta time 9am.

  96. Jen says:

    From CPAC, I gathered this information today:

    Talk Radio

    11am ET / 8am PT
    The Rutherford Show with Dave Rutherford on AM 770 CHQR (Calgary, Alberta)
    LIVE from Calgary, Alberta

  97. Ontario Girl says:

    Canada AM interview video.

    Now thats an interview. Beverly Thompson was charming and respectful and PM Harper did great. What a difference in this interview and the one with Donna Freisen. I liked the questions about the kids and the royal wedding. Its a thing of a lifetime BUT the country comes first.

    BTW on CPAC today were supposed to have Dave Rutherford…I will post when I see it on.

  98. wilson says:

    Joanne, I think that is the entire interview, not just a clip of Robertson and PMSH.
    Watched it last night and said huh? that’s it…?

    Maybe some of those 800,000 Lib voters who stayed home last election will rise up and vote CPC to stop Jack.
    Chantal Hebert called it ‘watching a plane crash in slow motion’.

    Iffy and his media blame the ‘just visiting’ ads.
    Those ads worked because Iffy validated them. When Canadians did take a good look, they saw nothing authentic.

  99. Fay says:

    I hope the first thing the G+M does is fire Jon Ibbitson. He has driven the attack on Stephen Harper and openly reported his hatred for our Prime Minister.
    He returned from the victorious Obama campaign in the US to direct the G+M to replace Stephen Harper with Bob Rae.
    By all accounts it appears mission accomplished Jon Ibbitson.

  100. Ontario Girl says:

    Lloyd Robertson’s interview with PMSH.

    My review on this one…PM Harper did very good again…the questions from Robinson were taken from the coalition playbook. At least he didn’t talk over the PM and let him answer. PM Harper is used to these media guys and he is ready for their BS. The Bev Thompson interview was pleasant…this one was good on PM Harpers side but not so much for Robinson…you can see his hostility(CTV)

  101. Ontario Girl says:

    Dave Rutherford will be on CPAC at 11am eastern….. call in show. PM Harper is in Niagara Falls but they have 100km HR winds so no satillite but he will be on later on tape. Ignatieff on now in Quebec running down Layton.

  102. Mary T says:

    Lots of comments today on various blogs about Bob Rae as premier of Ont, and other provincial ndp governments. Think of Bob Rae’s legacy, moved the motion to bring down the Joe Clark govt. Was behind bringing down the Harper govt.

  103. Mary T says:

    It has backfired, instead he is bringing down the liberals.

  104. wilson says:

    Nanos 3 day rolling poll finally catches up (3 days later) with the other polsters.

    But seriously, Quebec numbers are just eye popping, !
    ”Nanos numbers show the NDP with 42.5 per cent support,
    up from 36.5 per cent the day before. This compares to the Bloc at 25.1 per cent.”


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