Please help keep Kitchener Centre Blue

Karen Redman is obviously desperate to get her old job back.

Last night at an All-Candidate’s debate the discussion turned to the subject of minority governments and Redman hauled out that tired, old scary agenda canard:

“…and I wonder if the reason he wants a majority is that so he can turn back women’s rights and deny women the right to choose.”

Do you really want to see Karen Redman back in the House of Commons?

Stephen Woodworth by comparison is very respectful of his opponents and has often attempted to improve the tone of discussion in the House of Commons.

Please help Stephen Woodworth continue to represent Kitchener Centre. It’s not too late to volunteer! Donations also gratefully accepted. Thank you.

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CAW disappoints – Letter to the Record:

I was very disappointed when I read the article in today’s record indicating that the CAW is supporting the Liberal Party in the election. I feel this is undemocratic.

I feel that as a member of the CAW union, I should be able to choose for myself which party my union dues support…

Well so far it’s still a private ballot, but that’s a fair point about the dues. It’s similar to what’s happening with the teachers’ unions at the provincial level.

Paulsstuff has at it here: CAW Workers DO NOT Endorse The Liberals:

Perhaps it’s time the CAW National started focusing on what it is supposed to be doing, focusing on the workers who pay 2 1/2 hours pay per month for supposed union representation.

This CAW member supports and endorses the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper, and openly endorses the Conservative candidate for Ajax-Pickering, Chris Alexander. I, like every CAW member, no, make that every Canadian, has the right to endorse and vote for the candidate and party of their own choice.

But wait! There’s more: CAW short-sighted in abandoning New Democrats – Record:

Only in 15 of those 50 ridings is the autoworkers’ union endorsing the New Democratic candidates.


The union didn’t even bother to call the spurned candidates to explain. Thurley said he first heard about the union’s support of his Liberal opponent when he got a call from this newspaper, asking his opinion.

“It would have been nice to get a phone call,” he said.

What a passive-aggressive, boneheaded move on the part of the union, especially when the New Democrats are surging. Some polls have them in first place in Quebec and, again according to the polls, leader Jack Layton is far more trusted by Canadians than Liberal chief Michael Ignatieff.

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  1. Liz J says:

    Joanne, glad you linked to that Redmond/Mathyssen episode in the HOC. That says a lot about Redmond and a reason not to vote for her. Anyone who jumps on the bandwagon without knowing the facts is not fit to sit as an MP. Something about a clenched teeth grin that doesn’t seem sincere. I’m betting Redmond has been worming about the riding since she lost it.

    We need to work to get our vote out in all ridings.

  2. Brett says:

    No… Redman has been PO’d about losing in the last election because like as true Lieberal, “she is entitled to her entitlements”.

  3. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Quickly O/T-

    It’s Wednesday? Brian Lilley at at 08:10 am eastern with Mark Sutcliffe subbing for Steve Madely who’s in London to broadcast some wedding, or whatever, tomorrow and Friday.

  4. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report.

    Rise up with Jeancula*.

    From the bowels of our depths: Jeancula*.


    “Ignatieff to campaign alongside former PM as days tick down to May 2

    OTTAWA — The alarm bells have gone off in the Liberal big red tent and Michael Ignatieff is calling up the reserves, including Jean Chretien.

    The former prime minister, who led the Liberals to three consecutive majorities, takes the stage with Ignatieff at what’s billed as a “Rise-Up” rally in Toronto this evening.”


    *Liberal Jeancula Ad$Cam Chretien:

  5. Liz J says:

    So Ignatieff thinks he can “rise up” with Jean at his side?
    It might work if folks are into joking around, Jean loves to joke it up, even over Adscam, “what’s a few million?”

    Didn’t Chretien support Rae for the leadership? Wonder if Rae will appear with them to make it a cozy threesome?

  6. Fay says:

    I am betting Bob Rae will be there also to boost Ken Dryden’s vote. I am hoping the intelligence of the voters will support the Conservative candidate Adler .

  7. Garfield says:

    MadMacs of Bytown
    Were you at the terrific rally with PMSH last night at Uplands in Ottawa? What a night! PM on message and his speech resonated with the crowd. Spoke with people around me who were former Libs and former Dippers who were fed up with the BS from both Iggy and Jacko and loved hearing PMSH tell it like it is!
    Wonderful to see Barney Fife, Craig Owliver and Terry Mildew sitting and looking like three little boys who had pooped their pants and didn’t quite know how to handle it!

  8. Roy Eappen says:

    Joanne is as usual right. We need every Ontario seat we can get. Canada needs a Tory majority. I hope you will all volunteer donate and vote for your local Tory candidate.
    And to Joanne I say, thank goodness you are on our side:)

  9. Mary T says:

    Why does Karen R think all women want an abortion. Where will the children come from for all that daycare and college passport stuff come from.

  10. Liz J says:

    When someone is desperate to serve, will do anything to get elected, we have to assume they’re only interested in serving themselves. They aren’t hard to spot.

  11. Calgary Junkie says:

    From your daily Nik on CFRA

    “… we’ve seen Liberal support start to slide in the province of Ontario … now in the last four days, we’ve seen the trend line go south for the Liberals in battleground Ontario …”

    Nik’s graph for Ontario looks great for us–with the gap now at 21.2 over the Dippers and 25.9 over the Libs !

    The media must be pulling their hair out, at what has become of their efforts to consolidate the anti-Harper vote. Only a couple of weeks ago, they were kicking the cane out from under a stumbling Jack, and spinning what a great campaign the unplugged Iggy was having.

    Now, they have done a 180–writing Iggy’s obituary, and running interference for Jack ! Incoherence and inconsistency looks good on all these losers.

  12. x2para says:

    its really funny to hear a liberal talk about a “hidden agenda” seems that when the new breed of liberals get elected they change from the so called centrist party they claim to be, into rabid socialists and union flunkies; just look at the disaster in Ontario to see what two faced lying clowns liberals really are; Iggy’s family fraud should be enough to scare the hell out of any taxpayer outside the public sector but their hidden “progressive” agenda would be almost as bad as the extreme left wing fanatics of the NDP

  13. Lorraine says:

    Getting interesting out there isn’t it.
    In Edmonton Jack Layton has targeted two ridings and injected a whack of money-anecdotal evidence is that Edmonton East Ray Martin NDP and Edmonton Strathcona NDP Linda Duncan are paying “volunteers” $14 per hour-cash -no paperwork so students don’t have to declare it which would affect their student loans.
    No shortage of “takers” for this money.
    I wonder how they will declare this many thousands of dollars to Elections Canada.
    Anything to win – and because they don’t have real grass roots support for volunteers they have to pay for it? Getting dirty out there.

  14. Dirt says:

    I think I’ve figured out why the NDP has surged, I got an automated phone call from some anonymous polling company. They asked who will you be voting for in the election, then they said the NDP press one, Liberals press two or Conservative press three. Now why would the NDP be first in the lineup and second how many people hang up and that counts as a vote for the NDP?

  15. Thucydides says:


    Try and get proof of this. Even if EC isn’t going to do anything, the publication of evidence in the Blogosphere now has a dramatic effect in the Real World (not the media bubble). Just ask Joe Volpe….

  16. WCT says:

    WCT Report … Lizzy Maybe releases her “internal poll” that states she is leading 45% to 38% over Gary Lunn (+-5%) and will win Saanich Gulf Islands. I admit she has a lot of visual support in the riding so we shall see. Advance polling has been busy with long lineups.

    Five days to go and I am off to Elections Canada School to learn “poll clerking 101” – ruler in hand.

  17. Ontario Girl says:

    Check out a reporter questioning Iggy on Malik supporting two Liberal candidates. After the big deal The National made on this sory about the conservative and not a word when its TWO LIBERAL candidates. Astounding. And there stands Dosanjh who was so outraged about the conservative and now tape across his mouth. Video at the 10 minute mark

  18. Bec says:

    The Dippers paying some volunteer, 14.00 cash?
    So I guess only non- Dipper voters that pay their share to Revenue Canada would fund the obscene programs in the ‘Orange Book’?

    If this can be proven, the Dippers are as much cheaters as their buds, the Libs!

    This MUST be outed in the media!

  19. Barbara says:

    Local Imam telling over 1000 people at mosque in Winnipeg to not vote Conservative.

  20. Hans Rupprecht says:

    Worse than the pile on James Moore was Karen Redman’s statement, to rolling cameras back in mid 2005, that the Liberals were considering “not observing any future losses in confidence votes in the House of Commons” during the run up to the sponsorship inquiry.

    Yep, were going to have a dictatorship instead because your vote means nothing…

    Well of course, it all makes sense now seeing as Kitchener used to be “Berlin”, Ontario once upon a time!

    Yes I remember vividly, writing several emails, telling them they could send that proposition straight back to Hell where it belonged.

    Never mind the ‘democratic deficit’, you won’t have any votes at all…

    Yes its all coming back to me now, including all my saved emails, how these cretins would undermine the very Parliament they are sworn to uphold.

    Courtesy of Jack Layton’s response to my email, the Liberals were brought down during the famous WINTER ELECTION 2005/06.

    Yes we understand very well Karen Redman’s interpretation of the ‘maintaining the confidence of the House’ is to ignore it!!


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  21. Richco says:

    A SunTV balanced article for those looking for balance. This just proves that when it comes to dirty tricks that conservatives play those games too. This move was not only stupid on the part of someone well respected in Conservative circles but as the article suggests was intended to damage SunTV’s credibility all at the same time. All I can say is what he HELL was Patrick M. thinking??? To SunTV, one potential wonderful alliance for the conservatives of this country.

  22. maz2 says:


    “Ignatieff pleads with Quebeckers, Rae and Dosanjh renounce NDP
    Jane Taber”

    An epitaph for a dead Liberal Party.

    Celebrate with Tabolo.

  23. ladee J says:

    I agree Joanne, we DO NOT want Karen Redman back in Kitchener Center!! She is a mean bully and it sickens me to think she might knock Woodworth to the curb. He has been a very good MP for our area. I had to call on him for something involving my 95 year old mom and he was right on it. He also never gets nasty towards the other candidates or parties…just runs a very clean campaign. He is one of the members who is consistently present for parliamentary votes etc. We need to really get the votes out on Monday. I will be doing my part that day. hopefully many others will be too!

  24. maz2 says:

    This just in:

    “Toronto committee votes in favour of privatizing garbage collection”

  25. Richco says:

    re: paying volunteers isn’t anything new folks. Lots of candidates do it and more than just he NDP too. Along with cash, food, gifts of appreciation are also ways in which a candidate’s campaign can reward volunteers.

    I believe it’s all above board. As for accounting for it, it’s up to the candidate and his/her financial agent in the end….what EC does about it or if they have in the past is anyone’s guess.

    Not sure if they could do anything because it would have to be proven that the money or money to pay for stuff wasn’t paid for by donation money and not allocated money for campaign expenses.

  26. Richco says:

    Joanne – how large a riding is Kitchener-Waterloo? Is there a map somewhere that shows boundaries? How far north?

  27. Ontario Girl says:

    Karen Redman and the In & Out with questions to Maynard backfired on her

  28. Liz J says:

    The Conservative war room has to smarten up. Why are they not going after the Cap and Trade? Layton and Ignatieff would foist that on us and it’s the same carbon tax Dion went down on.

    This is the crucial time for Conservatives, we seem to get complacent and slide back in the last lap. I shudder to imagine an NDP government but the way the polls are going now we may be on the brink of one hell of a mess in this country.

  29. Mary T says:

    Just wondering, if, as expected the PM gets his majority next week, how will that affect all those depts and agencies that have public servants that have made a career of leaking brown envelopes to the media. Will EC start to treat all parties the same, and admit that all parties did that in an out thing. Will they quit wasting money on lawsuits etc. And what will the poor cbc do, spend 4-5 yrs in la la land, still dissing our PM.
    Will anyone believe their sudden support for the government, will they report the truth. And how many will retire-.

  30. maz2 says:

    Da “bare-knuckle” of da Shawinigan Choker da “folksy charmer who knew how to work a crowd.”.

    H/T Bill Clennet*.


    “The “little guy from Shawinigan” is still revered in Liberal circles as both a bare-knuckle political brawler and a folksy charmer who knew how to work a crowd.”


    *Da “folksy charmer”: Liberal Ad$Cam Chretien.

  31. Martin says:

    Liz J:
    You have to take solace from todays Nanos numbers for Ont., a 21 point lead for CPC over Liberals, and 25 over the NDP. Numbers like these do not translate into huge gains for NDP. I think a lot of orange crush hoopla is media driven, they talk of nothing else, but refuse to ask any hard questions of Layton-Mulcair.

    Have a look at this article from L Gunter.

  32. Mary T says:

    Dave R is giving a run down on ndp candidates in Que, from the guy who ran as a communist in past years, the gal vacationing in Vegas, a 71 yr old lady who no one knows where she lives. And these voters in Quebec want to elect them. Again Quebec will be the laughing stock of Canada.

  33. fh says:

    we are succeeding take heart from the words of Winston Churchill
    “We shall go on to the end……………..we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,……….
    we shall never surrender……………….”
    keep up the hard work it is paying off
    we are working hard to defeat the incumbent NDP in my riding I have a good feeling

  34. Calgary Junkie says:

    To any nervous nellies out there, I just want to remind you of the situation we were in, with one week to go, in the last election … Dion got to within 2 points of us, Bob Fife was reporting that there was “panic” in the Conservative war room, the lefties (including Charest) were all ganging up on is in Quebec with Duceppe training all his guns on us. It didn’t look good. Then Harper kicked into high gear, and pulled off a pretty impressive victory.

    So my point is: don’t underestimate Harper’s campaigning abilities. He knows what he’s doing. As Deborah Gray said about him when he was her assistant in 1989: he thinks strategy all the time. He is privy to polling and other information that none of us, or any of the many pundits out there have any clue about.

    So just relax, and let him carry out his calculated, coherent, consistent, long thought out campaign. There might be some tweaking of the end game tactics, but the overall strategy and narrative remains essentially the same.

  35. Liz J says:

    And another little detail about Jack Layton the media are ignoring, he’s talking about opening the Constitution. S’cuse me but isn’t that something close to sacrilege if it’s mentioned by the Conservatives? Isn’t it a huge story if they mention using the Notwithstanding clause? Never mind there would be no agreement without that clause.

    We can’t coast to the finish and I’m afraid there’s a lot of coasting going on right now, this has become a pattern.

    • Joanne says:

      I just got back from the Prime Minister’s announcement this morning! I had an unbelievable experience. I will share it with you later once I collect my thoughts and have some lunch.

  36. Martin says:

    Liz J
    Right about the constitution. Another item I saw in the NDP platform, is the requirement for Supreme Court justices to be bilingual ( the whole thing is on line somewhere). Thus he is proposing french language for federally regulated postions, and civil service jobs in Quebec, while it will be bilingual requirements elsewhere in Canada. Do most Canadians demand that all jurists who aspire to the SC be bilingual?
    Another trifling question not posed by the press.

  37. Ontario Girl says:

    Oh Lord….CPAC call in show guests…..ready for it? Susan Riley and Lawrence Martin….two Liberal Harper bashing hacks. They should be showing PM Harper from an hour ago…it hasn’t been shown yet

    1-877-296-2722………… its all Liberal callers…yesterday it was Liberal and now they take a few NDP…1 conservative caller about the gun registry. Should be interesting if you can stand it health wise.

  38. Mary T says:

    Wonder what Jack will think of the Board of Education in Calgary announcement today, that french will no longer be a mandatory subject from grade 4 on.

  39. Burpnrun says:

    Folks, this is very, very serious:

    The real threat to Canadian Democracy (Soros, Avaaz, unions, media, etc):

    Folks, there’s only 3 days to get the word out if you come to the same conclusion that I do. This is critical to the success of the CPC on May 2nd.

  40. Richco says:

    CJ “So my point is: don’t underestimate Harper’s campaigning abilities. He knows what he’s doing. As Deborah Gray said about him when he was her assistant in 1989: he thinks strategy all the time. He is privy to polling and other information that none of us, or any of the many pundits out there have any clue about.

    So just relax, and let him carry out his calculated, coherent, consistent, long thought out campaign. There might be some tweaking of the end game tactics, but the overall strategy and narrative remains essentially the same.”

    Well said and thanks because we need to hear that and really believe it. My prediction re: the results on May 2nd – a Harper majority with 161.

  41. Fay says:

    The national Press is actually asking the tough questions of iggy in Sault Ste. Marie, I am watching it on CPAC.

  42. ed says:

    Bec says: April 26, 2011 at 11:47 pm:

    “I don’t think the folks that are supporting Jack in Quebec are doing it to diss the Liberals, I think they seriously relate to Jack. He has hit all of their buttons and he doesn’t realize that the rest of us are listening.”

    “The only guy that has stayed true to Nationalism is Stephen Harper. He has stayed true to ALL regions and hasn’t pimped himself as Michael and Jack have to Quebec.”

    Bec, I agree. Practically all of the new support for the NDP is at the expense of the Bloc. The quebecois see the NDP as the party closest to the values of the Bloc. The Quebec voters are smart, they’ve been listening to Mulcair for years, they know their best bet for getting more and more power is with the NDP, even more so than the Liberals. The Liberals and NDP, with nothing to lose but their self-respect, have been offering the moon but, when it’s all over, should they be lucky, the only thing Canadians will receive, in the final analysis, is NDP and Liberal moonshots.

  43. frmgrl says:

    I am beginning to feel very nervous about what’s happening. Don’t like our chances right now.

  44. frmgrl says:

    It’s starting to get rather depressing. I don’t like the sound of PM Jack Layton. It scares me to death.

  45. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: frmgrl
    I am beginning to feel very nervous about what’s happening. Don’t like our chances right now.

    I just looked at PM Harper on CPAC, relaxed, smiling… the cat that ate the mouse.He was getting a lot of clapping for his answers…the people who don’t like him are media. I’m not worried. I think the polls are media driven BS to manipulate the vote. The MEDIA are not our friends. Case in point the CPAC guests and callers on the rigged Harper bashing show and their nasty Harper comments of lies.
    Tomorrow its supposed to be a radio show from CALGARY…bet the phone calls won’t be 99% LIBERALS.

  46. Alberta Girl says:

    I am beginning to wonder if this sudden love for Jack and the pumping of him actually becoming PM is an attempt to drive votes back to the Liberals. something does not fit in this whole thing. That many canadians cannot be that stupid. something smells.

  47. Alberta Girl says:

    LOL – OG’s last comment appeared as I was typing mine – We “girls” have great minds!

  48. fh says:

    Lawrence Martin states on CPAC with Sutcliffe that PM Harper was given the reins with the economy of Canada in good shape and it would take a buffoon to not come out smelling like a rose my words about rose
    well Canada has had its share of buffoons Trudeau comes to mind with his spending on programs Canada could not afford
    McGinty in Ontario
    What did humongous SURPLUSES in Ottawa do for the average Canadian
    surpluses are as much of a disgrace as deficits
    surpluses mean over taxation of Canadians NOT prudent management
    we must elect a strong Conservative Government to build a great country for Canada

  49. Fay says:

    I agree with AG and OG that polls are overstating Jack Layton love. CBC really does have true love for Jack Layton. There is no denying that fact. I am sure that Kady O has had a big part in that. I believe I read that her family are long time NDP supporters.

  50. fh says:

    frmgrl if you are worried turn off TV and help out at your riding office mood their is all up
    if you are unable to do that get out and talk with friends and neighbours
    Conservatives will WILL get a MAJORITY on May 02, 2011
    you can take that to the bank

  51. wilson says:

    PMSH is going to win, these numbers can break either way,
    minority or majority.

    IF Jack wins enough seats to form official opposition,
    the LPC will implode.
    Quebec electing a bunch of NDP college students and grannies with no fixed address, and reducing the Bloc to 3 seats?
    Good gawd.

  52. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Alberta Girl
    I am beginning to wonder if this sudden love for Jack and the pumping of him actually becoming PM is an attempt to drive votes back to the Liberals. something does not fit in this whole thing. That many canadians cannot be that stupid. something smells

    They are pimping for the coalition. A vote for Jack or Iggy or Duceppe is a vote for them all, because they will form a Govt together. Doesn’t matter now who votes for those 3 parties. That’s why PM Harper says he needs a majority.
    Did you see that Susan Reiley run down PM Harper at the end of the show? Iggy smears Harper(nothing said)…a reporter asks a question of Harper about Layton. Harper talks about him opening up the consitution and Riley says..”I am so mad. First Harper ruins ignatieff’s reputatation and now he is attacking jack”(something like that) I noticed she always waits till the callers are finished(so they can’t call her out on her nasty comments) then she ends with her smear on the PM. What a sad old woman she is.
    Fife’s question was..” Your talking about the boogyman coalition. Most voters say you’ve blown a majority again. Why don’t Canadians trust you?”
    Another reporters says…”How are you going to save your political ship? People trust Layton, not you”……It goes on…”Its not working for you in Quebec. There is an orange wave. Quebec doesn’t want you. Are you sure your not responsible if there is a coalition?
    A reporter asked iggy if he ever smoked pot. Iggy said yes but he had more interesting things to do with his life like a glass of wine after dinner.
    He also said Bay Street has a lack of respect for voters.
    Also on the call in show a woman from Nova Scotia said there was 60 people in her family with relatives , and 40 can vote. They wern’t going to vote Liberal but they took the vote compas test from CBC which told them they were Leaning towards Liberals, so they all voted Liberal at the advance polls.
    Can’t wait till Monday for all of this to be over.

  53. Shane in the 'wack says:

    I went to game 7 between the Canucks and the Blackhawks, my head’s still pounding from the stress but the end result was sweet.
    Anyways, I went 3 other gentleman and we were discussing politics and these guys talked about their respect for Jean Chretin. Well the blood started to heat up. I brought up the point that a vote for the NDP or Liberals was a vote for Cap and Trade.
    Well then it was well I could never vote for Harper because he hasn’t convinced them enough to vote for them. I think it was that that the NDP/Liberal have strayed to far to the left that they couldn’t even hold their noses up to vote. They liked Harper’s fiscal policy but it’s social conservative agenda that they were worried about. Then it came out like all the other elections
    -Harper once was a reformer always a reformer
    -Is going to impose his religious beliefs through policy (Used the Holiday tree or Christmas tree argument)
    -Will ban abortions, he brought it up (No reporters did, it is too socially divisive of an issue, 60 ft pole rule)
    -Immigration policy changes were equated to him closing the borders=he wants all anglo families (What can one say)
    -He picked Israel over Palestine instead of being neutral (Yasser Arafat riches, Jenna, rockets flying into backyard everyday)
    -The corruption (Give me a break, didn’t even bring up Adscam, Shawinigate. When I said under the Liberals, foundations were setup which contain up to $15 billion dollars but the auditor general can’t touch because of a policy they put in place, more dumbfounded looks)
    -It’s better to have a minority to keep him in check (Zero response on the coalition threat)
    -You’ll love this Paul Martin was real good because he balanced the budget and the conservative put us into a deficit (Dumbfounded looks when I advised he raided EI fund, transfers to provinces)
    Blah, Blah, Blah….I fought it every step but let me tell you the blinders were on. These people were so brain washed it was like listening to the CBC. They never heard of some of things I brought up…hmm I wonder why. My suggestions was to watch Sun TV for a bit (Yet another dumbfounded look). I was shocked because they were all 40+ and I thought well connected to politics.
    To some degree policiticans lie but at the same time society has shifted to the individual vs the whole. You can’t 4 people together in almost all cases to get concensus. How is any party going to develop a policy that will not make everyone happy or not feel “lied to” or have a “promise broken”
    The “What’s in it for me”attitude is why I feel people especially youth are turned off some much. Me first, society…huh?

  54. Jen says:

    Ian Lee on Caldwell Account paints a grim view of our nation if a NDP led coalition takes over.
    That tape is needed for all canadians to hear.

  55. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: fh
    surpluses mean over taxation of Canadians NOT prudent management

    Of course no one mentioned where those surplues come from. The Liberals downloaded everything to the provinces and cut $25 billion from health care. Then they stole $56 Billion from the workers through employment insurance.They left a crumbling infastructure and they also set up foundations and wouldn’t let the AG do an audit on them. $9 billion went down the blcak Liberal stink hole. I am glad iggy is bring out Chretien…wonder if he will have his golf balls?

  56. Sandy says:

    Some news:Two regulars left me comments this am that SunNews mentioned my Harper Gov’t Accomplishment list of 70 items this morning, I think Theo Caldwell. Did anyone here hear that? If it is true, that is really exciting because we have to get that good news out there somehow before Monday.

    Re the polls: Remember that when you read about a “national” poll, it includes Quebec which will always bring the final percentage down for the Cons and up for the NDP. Meaning, that if you look at the ROC, the Conservatives are well into majority territory. The MSM don’t want you to know that.

    But, keep that aspect in mind plus remember that there is NO WAY Ontario will ever go NDP again!!!

    As others have said, things are proceeding as we hope.

    • Joanne says:

      Some news:Two regulars left me comments this am that SunNews mentioned my Harper Gov’t Accomplishment list of 70 items this morning, I think Theo Caldwell. Did anyone here hear that? If it is true, that is really exciting because we have to get that good news out there somehow before Monday.

      That’s great Sandy! All your hard work is paying off. I’ve sent that list out to several people myself.

  57. fh says:

    Jack Layton just answered a question about the Manitoba flood situation
    he will insure as PM of Canada that the floods never again cause this much damage ???????
    I wonder if he has any magic wands to spare !!!!!!!!

  58. Mary T says:

    Do those candidates for the ndp in Quebec really exist. I know I will be checking the EC site for all candidates re their income/expenses and in and outs for this election. I also believe this sudden rise for the ndp is plan desperate, to get libs back in line. And to throw off fears of a coalition. It wont work, notice how they come out with this in the last week of the campaign. Canadians will not accept an ndp govt with seats in Quebec only. There will be a real national unity crisis if he wins, and the west will not blackmail, it will just leave.

  59. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Shane in the ‘wack

    I sympathize with you. Your friends watch too much CBC. You should of directed them to this site or the blogging tories website, to eductate them on facts. Send them the site by email??

  60. wilson says:

    ‘Ignatieff leaves door open to possible NDP-Liberal merger’
    Yup, if the Dippers think attaching a sinking ship to their winning team is a good idea…

  61. Richco says:

    the Hill Times last paragraph in particular makes me happy. I can’t stand Gerard Kennedy so am glad that he’s in trouble in his riding.

    “In Ontario, although the NDP is set to win at least two Liberal seats in Toronto, Beaches-East York, held by Maria Minna, and Parkdale-High Park, where Liberal star Gerard Kenney is set to lose the riding back to New Democrat Peggy Nash, it is the Conservatives who are poised to gain from the Liberal implosion in the province. The poll results show the Conservatives are closing in on Eglinton-Lawrence, held by prominent Liberal Joe Volpe, a former leadership contender, since 1988, and at least four ridings from Liberals in the Greater Toronto Area.”

  62. Fay says:

    Wow that is scary to hear Shane in the ‘wack. Maybe they will think about what you said. I suspect a lot of people only read the headlines and the lefty MSM manipulate the message that way.
    Listening to Charles Adler. He is so funny, he just described Iggy as a Kim Campbell with eyebrows.

  63. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Richco
    from the Hill Times

    Thats the same hills times where Joan Byden works. The one who was given the brown envelope about the g-20. I don’t believe a word of it. Layton would make a better PM then PM Harper?lololololololol In their dream world. This is all a media scam.

  64. Mary T says:

    If it is true that ndp will be the opposition with a bunch of missing university students would at least allow Canadians to see what is coming out of these so called learning centers. At least some media are trying to find those candidates. Re Layton saying fixed election dates would stop candidates from taking vacations during campaigns, didn’t he know his candidates were all leaving. Does he even know who they are.
    I still bet a few of them had no intention of winning and will resign asap if they do win rather than face Canadians in QP and show us what fools they are.

  65. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: fh
    Jack Layton just answered a question about the Manitoba flood situation
    he will insure as PM of Canada that the floods never again cause this much damage ???????
    I wonder if he has any magic wands to spare !!!!!!!!

    He will probably tell them he has a new policy plan…where he will have them all walk on water.

  66. Mary T says:

    Would iggy consider Volpe a career politician that he is against.
    Iggy just admitted he smoked pot as a teenager, and they say it doesn’t cause brain damage. Did he inhale.
    Imagine the pile on if the PM said that, what a cheap way to get the youth vote.

  67. Joanne says:

    CJ at 11:35 am – Very good advice. Thanks.

  68. frmgrl says:

    Thanks so much for your encouragement everyone!!! From here on in until after Monday the 2nd, I am only watching Foxnews, and will be praying.

  69. Richco says:

    something that some are also forgetting about the latest media love affair with Jack Layton is that the CPC will also benefit greatly by capturing those right-of-centre Liberal votes.

    It’s not all doom and gloom. When it comes to Ontario there is no way that the NDP would win anything short of “Best in Show”.

    Official opposition might be possible and if it is then I’m glad for that because at least Layton showed up for work every day and worked for his supporters and his riding that put him there.

    Sandy – it pays to network w/ the networks often and remind them of things like your accomplishments list.

  70. fh says:

    Joanne you are keeping us in anticipation of what happened at rally
    I appreciate your hard work and thank you

    • Joanne says:

      Joanne you are keeping us in anticipation of what happened at rally

      I’m working on it Fh. 😉

      Thanks for your support.

  71. Mary T says:

    Where can one find a list of all candidates for every party. One thing those ndp students will have to choose, protest around the world for whatever, or show up for work.

  72. Liz J says:

    Ignatieff better be careful about slagging “career politicians”, he has more than a few in his own caucus, Wascana Ralphie comes to mind.

  73. fh says:

    Mary T this site shows all the ridings no names of candidates
    I printed all 12 pages

  74. Mary T says:

    The canucks had a scare last night but pulled it out in the end, same as the PM will pull it out May 2nd. And the PM is a real hockey fan.

  75. Richco says:

    O/T – the upwardly mobile NDP will definitely effect things in Ontario as we move from the federal election to the provincial one next week. It’s going to put more wind in the provincial NDP sails and may even be a place where those who lost federally to park their organizations/teams.

    I sure hope that Hudak’s watching what’s coming from behind him as well as keeping the McGuinty liberals on their toes because the Ont. PCs are facing a double threat.

  76. Mary T says:

    fh, my son showed me how to get a list of the ndp candidates in Quebec, time consuming but interesting. First go to election prediction, click on a province, then the riding and all candidates are shown for that riding. Then google them, interesting. Some have no info other than their fb page. That actor has gained 19% in a week.
    I was interested to see their listing, and if that is how they will appear on the ballot. It is a statistical fact that many uninformed voters vote for the 1st middle or last name on the ballot. If that hold true, Larry Smith should win.

  77. fh says:

    Beauty Mary T two clicks and I am there

  78. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    “Garfield says:
    April 27, 2011 at 8:24 am

    MadMacs of Bytown
    Were you at the terrific rally with PMSH last night at Uplands in Ottawa?”
    Yes, we were at the rally where we met several friends and acquaintances. Really enjoyed watching the entry and sweep around the inside perimeter of the reception centre by the campaign bus. Always enjoy these events.

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