Record warns about minority

Since the comment tally on the previous post is creeping into Sammy’s too-long-to-load dial-up zone I thought I’d better get a new thread going.

And while I’m still mulling over all the implications of Jack Layton’s astounding successes in Quebec, I’d like to highlight a terrific editorial in today’s Waterloo Region RecordA minority elephant in the room.

Please read the whole thing but the closing paragraph is a zinger:

This election started with Harper accusing his opponents of plotting an illegitimate coalition government. Ignatieff is right to say what he is considering is not technically a coalition. But at a certain point, this is just semantics. He still has more to tell the voters. In turn, those voters should now realize why Liberal and NDP parties that were so low in the polls when they forced an election were so willing to gamble.

The fact that the Record is taking the opposition parties to task for forcing this election is significant for two reasons. First of all the editorial board usually leans left in keeping with their Toronto Star affiliation.

Secondly there are two incredibly tight races there in Kitchener Waterloo and Kitchener Centre.

I doubt that Andrew Telegdi and Karen Redman are enjoying their morning paper today.

And please don’t forget that you can send positive letters to the editor too!

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If you live in Waterloo Region, please consider volunteering at Stephen Woodworth’s Kitchener Centre campaign office. Thank you.

Canada’s election comes down to this key issueL. Ian MacDonald (Sun)

How crumbling Bloc may change CanadaEric Duhaime QMI:

The coalition also raised its head when megalomaniac Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume came out last week with his shopping list of projects he envisions for his city. From a tramway to a Windsor-Quebec City high-speed train, without forgetting an ice rink and a new arena, his demands represent an extra $25 billion in new spending.

He hadn’t finished making his long wish list when the Bloc leader appeared on the doorstep of City Hall to promise support. Michael Ignatieff’s lieutenant in Quebec, Marc Garneau, sent a press release an hour later to also give Labeaume the Liberals’ blessing.

It was no surprise to see Layton, on his first visit to town, also visit City Hall to once more show how united the three left-leaning parties are in this campaign.

Memo to the ROC – Beware of a minority government.

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297 Responses to Record warns about minority

  1. Bec says:

    This election was NEVER about contempt of anything, ( nothing but staged theatrics) when one honestly looked at the stiff polls that have existed for months prior to this cash cow, Seinfeld election. It was always about the Liberals trying to regain power, once the PM had done all of the hard lifting on the economy.

    Some Canadians seem to think that the Liberals are geniuses or something but if we look at most of their SUCCESSFUL ideas, they were taken from other parties and they have benefited from other’s initiatives. They are a lazy, tired party that wants to move back into the ‘house’ after someone else paid for and did all of the hard ‘renovations’. What they need is a firm, no, ‘go start from scratch and renovate your current, dated 70’s Starter from top to bottom, yourself.’

    • Joanne says:

      What they need is a firm, no, ‘go start from scratch and renovate your current, dated 70′s Starter from top to bottom, yourself.’

      Totally. It would be a favour to the Libs if the voters gave them a good whooping.

  2. Fay says:

    I am hoping the Canadian voter can see through the media attacks. The Toronto voters supported Rob Ford despite the MSM.
    I am watching Stephen Harper on CPAC in NL. It sounds like there are a lot of people there but the camera’s are not panning the crowd in the arena.

  3. E. Mac says:

    Of course, did you expect them to give positive plaudits to the Conservatives?
    Not a chance, but be not discouraged, the Cons will endure and win this election because the common folk will not be swayed or disillusioned as to exactly what the opposition parties are up to. Unless they step into a black hole, they need to press on with their mandate and not be concerned with frivolous accusations that will become clear as the end nears for the opposition parties.
    Press on Pm, press on!

  4. billg says:

    Its evident now that this election was and is about a trial merger between the NDP and the Liberals, if they can make a coalition work then the seeds will be sown for a merger. Now, not to push the anti msm button too hard, but, this is serious s##t, this isnt a campaign trick or a game, this could possibly rip this country apart and, how any self respecting Canadian can shrug it off and say its part of our Parliamentry system is beyond comprehension, and, how the Toronto based media wont see this or investigate this is shameful. You can only give Western Canada the middle finger so many times.

  5. Fay says:

    Speaking of giving the west the middle… Ralph Goodale has done that for years to his own people. I can not understand how and why the people of Wascana continue to re-elect him year after year. I have often wondered if the same funny business goes on there as went on in landslide Annie’s riding in Edmonton.
    Just watching Iggy getting questions handed to him on youtube video of Dmitri Soudas by the national press. Iggy is just horrified and is attacking the conservatives. It is obvious that the media are going to give Iggy a free ride to the very end.

  6. Ontario Girl says:

    There’s Mildewski on CPAC feeding Iggy on the abortion hidden agenda card….Cons. candidate in Sask story. All reporters feeding him the abortion hidden agenda…don’t trust them….you don’t know what you will get with THEM he says….what a joke.
    Get out the lie detector test.

  7. While such a Coalition may be technically legal, that doesn’t make it legitimate. This has NEVER happened before in 144 years of federal Canadian politics so why is it suddenly okay now? Furthermore, Ignatieff has periodically stated that no Coalition will take place if the Liberals don’t win the most number of seats. Some voters actually take him at his word for such statements.

    If Jack & Gilles & Mikey decide to put their egos first and their country second then we are headed to a massive constitutional crisis. I will be one of the first asking for a separation of my province of B.C. and I think even more people in Alberta will be doing the same.

  8. Bec says:

    “I can not understand how and why the people of Wascana continue to re-elect him year after year. ”

    I’ll tell you why they keep electing Ralph, Fay. Ralph, is a completely different guy when he returns to his roots. He puts on his ‘aw shucks’, Saskatchewan hat, attends all sorts of things and is actually very civilized and respected. His riding is also a University riding which plays to the Regina academia.

    From when I first saw him in parliament until today, he is unrecognizable imo. He has become ‘one of them’, big time and I hope his constituents have started to enjoy the experience of what conservative policy feels like and boot him out. Saskatchewan is on a roll and Ralph had nothing to do with that now and he sure didn’t deliver, ‘then’!

  9. Acacia says:

    If a forced Coalition comes into play, what is the law for those provinces who will have likely NO representative MPs in Ottawa, when new taxes are on the platter?

    Are there not laws in canada regarding no taxation without representation?

  10. Mary T says:

    I guess the biased media and iggy in particular are unaware that their darling Obama lost a fight in congress, and PLANNED PARENTHOOD has been defunded in the USA.

  11. Ontario Girl says:

    Gary Goodyear said…”Our party isn’t into racking up surpluses to give out in a sponsorship scandal.”lol Good one.

  12. fh says:

    we are all wondering where the Ignatieff Liberal party received this blast of CASH FUNDS to the liberal party
    anyone heard of The Tides Foundation founded in USA with Canadian branch are they interferring in our Canadian election?
    this is a serious matter
    more at Iceman
    anyone know more about this Foundation?

  13. Michael Harkov says:

    LOL I jut saw a reporter say to Ignatieff – “you say Jack Layton and the NDP have never governed, but frankly neither have you.

    I thought Ingatieff was going to pop an eyeball.

    Ignatieff had the look of a man going into a four day weekend, knowing he’d only have six days to go after that. He knows he is done.

  14. maz2 says:

    Harvard’s Clones: I & O Quagmired.

    Liberal Count Ignatieff: Quagmired.

    “Ignatieff ignores the elephant in the room.”

    “Ignatieff misses the warning sign for coalition quagmire”


    O’Harvard: Quagmired.

    “Bolton: Obama’s quagmire

    Opponents of the Vietnam War — that seemingly endless, inconclusive, increasingly unpopular and ever-more-deadly and costly conflict — called it a “quagmire.” They said it was unwinnable and should never have been fought — and that America must avoid similar future wars. Today, our real risk of “quagmire” is Libya.

    Our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president has gotten things badly wrong. By demanding Moammar Khadafy’s ouster while restricting US military force to the more limited objective of protecting innocent civilians, President Obama has set himself up for massive strategic failure.

    Yet America is now committed.”

  15. Mary T says:

    Any comment from the other Premiers re a coalition govt, with the Bloc being in charge of Canada’s spending.
    How will a coalition affect Provincial elections this fall.
    I doubt that PMSH is not aware of all the rules iggy keeps talking about.
    Re artists, why should we pay for the to travel the world to preform, that is what was cut last time, travelling expenses to travel the world.
    Dave R will have the candidate on that started this whole abortion thing.
    And the media ignores that it was the liberals that defeated the abortion motion, introduced by a liberal MP.
    Abortion is illegal in many 3rd world countries, and I don’t think those leaders will appreciate a Canadian govt telling them they must provide abortions.

  16. maz2 says:

    The Harvard Clones: I & O & Tides.

    Joined at the hip: I & O & Tides.

    Here is the socialist utopia in the words of Mrs. O:

    “We have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

    Socialists would take your world, trash your world, and replace your world with the world of Taliban Jack LaytoNDP’s Separatist Coalition, including Free Abortion.

    You would pay for that with your taxes.


    “Behind Barack Obama 188 ***

    Who Is Behind Barack Obama’s Rise to Stardom? By Victor Thorn. Is Barack … One of the primary vehicles they utilized was the Tides Foundation, to which Soros …”

  17. Liz J says:

    Talk about the last refuges of scoundrels. The Abortion issue is a last refuge of desperate Liberals that’s why it’s going to trump the economy in media questioning and in the printed Leftist rags.

    I have little faith in the electorate in certain areas of the country who will continue to vote Socialist-Left no matter how dangerous that will be for the unity of the Country and economically.

    This is a very scary election because the outcome could result in the worst instability this country has never seen.

  18. jad says:

    Amid all the conversation about the rise of the NDP, as far as I can tell, only Jeffrey Simpson has looked for a reason, and it’s not a pretty one.

    During the French-language debate, searching for nationalist/secessionist voters who lean toward the Bloc Québécois, the NDP Leader pledged to try to reopen the constitutional debate. He would seek to “create winning conditions,” he said, to let Quebec enter the Canadian Confederation.
    This promise was reckless and dangerous at every level. First, Quebec is legally part of the Canadian Confederation. Second, by using the phrase “winning conditions,” he’s borrowing a loaded expression from the Parti Québécois, whose leaders always vow to create “winning conditions” for secession.

    Third, every responsible Canadian leader must know that, after the traumas of patriation, Meech Lake and the Charlottetown accord, the Constitution is the most divisive issue in Canada. To suggest reopening it, without the slightest idea of how to proceed, what to discuss or even a plausible reason why, represents the depth of political irresponsibility.

    The NDP proposes a deeply asymmetrical view of federalism. Most New Democrats outside Quebec want a strong central government; most Quebec New Democrats do not.

    Squaring this circle has forced the NDP into the contortions of one policy for the rest of Canada, and one policy for Quebec: asymmetrical federalism, in other words. Since the NDP has never been taken very seriously in Quebec, and has never come close to federal power, its views on Quebec have never been of much concern. They should be now that Mr. Layton’s party is showing better in the province.

    Why would Quebecrers not like Mr. Layton. He’s proposing to give them their cake and let them eat it, with jam on top and champagne on the side.

  19. dolly says:

    Not sure how to provide link, but you will find the answer to the Tides Foundation at that web address.

  20. dolly says:

    I can’t believe it worked. Congratulate me – it’s my first try. Never too old to learn.

  21. fh says:

    thank you dolly I am wondering how they are linked to the Ignatieff Liberals?
    anyone know how they are linked ? they have a Canadian branch
    The Tides Canada Foundation?
    does this represent interferrence in our Canadian election?
    sounds sinister

  22. Fay says:

    Good job Dolly! I notice that Blogging Tories can find out lots of info on the hidden agenda on the left.
    The Liberal MSM is working hard to keep it hidden.
    Go Blogging Tories… Go Canada.

  23. maz2 says:

    Of Taliban Jack LaytoNDP’s Chow of the socialist Separatist Coalition.

    NDP Chow’s ideas are masked with her sympathy for the “skanks”.

    Beware the Red claws of the socialist Chow.

    Chow’s socialist ideas are Mrs. O’ ideas:

    Chow: “It’s the ideas they bring forward.”

  24. dolly says:

    Man, it’s going to be hard to stop me now since I’ve learned that little trick.. I want you all to see what I found some time ago. Power Corporation. If I can find that graft again I will post it.

  25. Lorraine says:

    Canada’s defecit now down to only 28.3 billion- lots of other good news and positive trends in today’s fiscal monitor-worth a read and repeating to anyone who blabs about the “record 56B defecit”:

  26. Sammy says:

    Sutcliffe has one of the most ‘unbalanced’ reporters on again today..Dan Gardener,and Liz Thompson.This should be another putrid puke-fest.
    BTW,Jo,thanks so much for thinking of poor old me,with new thread..MUCH appreciated!

  27. Joe says:

    So defunding Planned Parenthood is the same as banning abortions? Who knew?

  28. Sammy says:

    Oh-OH! Layton had to apologize for candidate for comparing Indian Residential Schools to the….HOLOCAUST! How much is msm gonna hound him over this stupidity,and outrageous comment?

  29. MadMacs of Bytown says:


    Local Grit candidate describes a possible arrangement, without the Bloc, that is obviously a coalition,and says they don’t use the word “coalition”. Wow! A coalition by any other name …..

    Rise Up! Rise Up!
    Yeasterday’s men – Iggy, Martin, and Chretien

    Cheeses Man

    Caller to Lowell Green this morning-
    Coalition: Fromage-a-trois

  30. Fay says:

    CPAC now have 2 more Liberals on their panel. Dan Gardner and Elizabeth Thompson fanning the the hidden agenda fans on the conservatives.
    Have they had a single right leading panel guest yet? Not that I have seen.

  31. wilson says:

    read a comment this a.m. that Dahlton McGuinty defunded same special interest group,
    and anyone confirm that?

    Layton promised Quebec extra $25 Billion Quebec mayor asked for.
    Layton = Duceppe with a mustache

  32. wilson says:

    When Layton gets back to the West coast, he some some ‘spainin’ to do.
    Such as Layton will force bilingual Judges across Canada,
    but support the seppies on their French only positions in Quebec.

    Not to mention Layton promises huge huge bucks to Quebec,
    and we all know who pays.

  33. Peterb says:

    Did Ignatieff give these MP’s the boot from the Liberal party?
    Given that Igantieff told Toronto voters “If you vote for the Liberal Party you are voting for a women’s right to choose” and the media’s effort to search for the truth and all the facts in questioning all leaders of controversial matters, who will be the first in the media, to ask Igantieff if Jim Karygiannis , Alan Tonks, Dan McTeague, and Paul Szabo are still running as members of the Liberal party, given their stand on pro life?

  34. dolly says:

    Take from this what you want but be sure to do your own due dilgence.

  35. maz2 says:

    Behind Taliban Jack LaytoNDP’s mask, behind commie Duceppe Bloc’s mask, behind the mask of Liberal Count Ignatieff; the PET Cemetery.


    “More Companies Pull Ads From Wonkette After Trig Palin Post

    More companies have joined Papa Johns, Huggies and Vanguard in dropping ads from the liberal, pro-abortion blog Wonkette after it ran a crass post mocking Sarah Palin and her son trig, who has Down Syndrome.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”


    “The Tolerant Left

    Meet Wonkette – blogging sweetheart of the DC Democratic elite.
    Posted by Kate”

  36. Ontario Girl says:

    Just to remind everyone…today is the day PM Harper steps into the CBC snakepit with Peter Mansbridge. He will be interviewed for sure tonight on the National. Ignatieff was on at 3pm eastern in the afternoon also, so PM Harper might be on today at 3PM too…not sure. Also wonder if Kate will be live streaming like she did for count Iggyness?

  37. wilson says:

    Thankyou Olivia,
    shame on you Tasha.

    ‘TORONTO – Olivia Chow went sleeveless Thursday on Sun News Network to support female anchors at the new national station after they were called “skanks” by critics….’

  38. Jen says:

    Dolly and jad, I am convinced that the NDP is working alongside with the USA, Ignatieff as well. In fact, he has been in many committees with Soros.
    Too many coincidences between Obama attacking or trying reshape the American constitution written by the Founding Fathers. And Layton also trying to do the same to the Canadian Constitution is very similar.
    Look at the state of affairs in the states seems to me OBAMA is very unperturbed but, he cannot carry out his plans ‘TOO FAST’ it has to be at a slow pace and when things get into perpestives, meaning, people forget, or those for that matter are struggling to make ends, can’t find a job etc, have no choice but to rely on the government for a ‘slice’ of bread. When that becomes a daily life people’s freedom is basically trampled on.
    I see Layton following that road map with all the milk and honey.

  39. Sandy says:

    Well, so much for me trying to take an extra long weekend off. Okay, so I couldn’t stay away. LOL

    Anyway, I have put up a post on both the rise of the NDP in Quebec and the abortion issue.

    If BLY regulars pop over to CotM, note also a comment by a fairly new blogger by the name of “burpnrun.” He left a link and it is an excellent analysis of the coalition threat. One of the best I have ever read actually. Let’s support him by telling him so.

  40. Louise M. says:

    Here is what Ignatieff said about abortion last October.

    ““My personal view is abortion should be as rare and as infrequent as family planning, good medical care and education can make it,” said Ignatieff.

    “But it should be legal.”

    So, while the PM repeats that there will be no abortion debate or legislation, the fearmongering Liberals say that the PM will open the abortion question. By his own words, Ignatieff is leaning toward introducing legislation which would, you guessed it, open up the abortion debate.

    BTW, does anyone have Brian Lilley’s SunNews email? I can’t find it on the SunNews site.

  41. frmgrl says:

    What does everyone think of the NDP surge? I’m starting to get a little election fatigue.

  42. Peterb says:

    Email to Dan Matheson
    Are you serious when you said on your newscast, that you are at a loss for the reason Conservatives are busy stomping out these little fires? The answer is rather simple because you don’t bother to ask Ignatieff questions on the very same controversial subjects. Ask Ignatieff the question and let us see him dance.
    Ask Ignatieff how he can assure Canadians that he can find billions of dollars to spend on his promises by retendering the CF35 Jet contract – or is he just blowing wind and picking numbers out of the air and he has the protection of the media who don’t want to start any brush fires for Ignatieff?

    Given that Igantieff told Toronto voters “If you vote for the Liberal Party you are voting for a women’s right to choose” and the media’s effort to search for the truth and all the facts in questioning all leaders of controversial matters, who will be the first in the media, to ask Igantieff if Jim Karygiannis , Alan Tonks, Dan McTeague, and Paul Szabo are still running as members of the Liberal party, given their stand on pro life?

  43. frmgrl says:

    I’m shutting off all Canadian media until this is over with. Can’t take it anymore.

  44. Louise M. says:

    Thank you peterb.

  45. TangoJuliette says:

    This is a re-post from “gane-Changer” thread.

    am not looking for any glory or nutthin’, just lookin’ to get this as widespread as possible.

    Hi y’all!

    I’ve been on this theme for the last three elections and finally someone sees things as I do. For a whiled I was beginning to think that I was losing more of my scant resevoir of neaderthal marbles.

    Last posted on the “Game Changer” thread @ 2011 04 20 2 5:03 mark.

    Today’s National Post Editorial p. A12. Plse forgiverthe caps but this is astounding.



    the rest of my long ramble , is almost all true ande verifiable, with one or two items not yet checkerd out.



    t.e.& o.e.

  46. dolly says:

    fh: The only way I can see a link between Tides Foundation US and ours is through Teresa Heinz. She funded the Tides foundation in Pittsburg and through her deceased husband she inherited the Heinz fortune [ketchup] She is now married to John Kerry. That same Kerry that Iggy planned to vote for.

    It seems everything slips across our border from the States. We have, and our own little vote mob being influenced by those two movements. I am sure we have Acorn here also. but of course it will have a different handle. We have already witnessed the ballot box fiasco in Guelph and we better keep an eye on all the other goings on election day. We are just a little behind the States in corruption but then maybe we have been asleep and failed to take notice.

    Jen they are working overtime to fracture this country and I have no idea how we will stop it. I think in time they will win because they are so much more powerful than us little people. I do believe if the States go down then we will follow.

  47. Valencia says:

    I agree with burpnrun. This is a coup and has been planned after Harper was first elected.

    I was told about a conversation with a liberal supporter who was a lobbyist for a First Nation group in 2006. This person had, 2 years previously, been a civil servant and then joined a lobby group. This person told my friend “don’t worry, Harper won’t last long. We will be working very hard to get rid of him anyway we can…” It was assumed that I thought like them and had the same politics. But I was in shock and never did talk to my friend again.

    However, many francophone and quebekers working in the civil service were absolutely fed up with the liberal shenanigans and voted for the Tories or BQ in 2006.

    In my view, strictly as an ex-civil service worker these are my observations regarding the differences in the 2 governments. The Harper government, in general has:
    *more emphasis on ability and skills and less on who you know for top level executive positions (ie fairness and transparency and not an old boys network)
    *more emphasis on data so you get data driven policy, not policy driven data
    *more willing to take risks and tend to be quicker in making decisions

    Although this is likely not true across all departments…just my observations in the agencies and departments I know.

    Harper and his team are generally competent managers of government. On that alone, he gets my vote. (But I like him for a whole host of other reasons, LOL).

  48. fh says:

    WOW dolly that is dynamite is an international civic organization established January 2007
    involved recently
    we need to learn more about these organizations

  49. Ontario Girl says:

    Harper interview on CBC now

  50. Richco says:

    questions about “Tides Foundation” – send the info. and your questions with a request for the SunTV crew to get their researchers on it….it would make a great scoop for them for that last week of the election to find that the visiting professor’s party may be being funded by an American foundation.

    It would make great headlines.

  51. Ontario Girl says:

    Interview with Mansbridge and PM Harper is done. It was in a hockey arena….PM Harper was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!It will be on tonight again on The National. What a difference in this interview and the Ignatieff one. PM Harper is in a class by himself… one else is up to the task….Period.

  52. Fay says:

    Thanks for the heads up Ontario girl on Stephen Harper interview. I just caught the very end of it. Julie van Dusen was not impressed but what about you?

  53. JDot says:

    PM Harper hit it out the the park in the Mansbridge interview. That’s how it is done..

    I always like watching Peter and PM Harper. PM Harper never let’s Peter try to cut him off, or trap him.

    Always great interviews..

  54. JDot says:

    Fay says…

    ” Julie van Dusen was not impressed”

    Ha,ha,ha, I seen that too. That tells you how good the PM was..

  55. ed says:

    If the MSM went after the Liberals and NDP as much as they do the Conservatives, we would be reading about many of the faux pas committed by their candidates which go unreported. The Conservatives are under a media microscope and the opposition are not.

    Layton, the cunning fox, tells lies and gets away with it. He decides to say no to budgets he has not seen. He is responsible for this unnecessary election. The PM compromised with Layton and he said no AFTER meeting with Mulcair. Layton said he would sleep on his decision overnight but he didn’t. Why? Because he was forced to say no immediately by Mulcair and other NDP members.

    I agree entirely with jad’s view ( jad says: April 21, 2011 at 11:27 am) about the NDP and Quebec. The real threat is Mulcair, I don’t trust him at all when it comes to the Canada-Quebec issues. Look up his history to get an idea. Also, he’s often on French TV in Montreal. The Bloc and NDP share a socialist agenda. The NDP are even more likely to give in to Quebec demands that may be harmful to Canada than the Liberals. All of the above = my opinion, that’s all.

    Some questioning Stephen Harper’s leadership. Absolutely ridiculous!! It’s very difficult to get a majority with so many parties. The Bloc should not be there. their main purpose is to destabilize Canada in order to separate. Secondly, the MSM has operated as another opposition party. Thirdly, so many people are hard-wired to their party even when voting for another party would be the mature choice. The bottom line is that Stephen Harper is Canada’s best. He deserves several mandates to clear up the mess left by previous governments.

    Punished myself listening to Michael Harris this afternoon. He’s getting worse. Had callers waiting, delayed so they couldn’t get on. Must have been Conservatives. Listen to his show today here:

    IMHO, these guys (add Sutcliffe) are more clearly, and increasingly, showing their bias while at the same time denying it on air or via e-mails.

  56. jt says:

    Makes a guy wonder why Jack is doing so well in Quebec, eh?

    “….this whole thing would not have happened if the moves hadn’t have been made with the Bloc to lock them in early, because you couldn’t put three people together in one, in three hours. The first part was done a long time ago, I won’t go into details, and the managing expectations, lists from groups, actually, the wisest people in the groups are already coming to the conclusion, some of them are in direct contact, saying probably wouldn’t be too helpful if we had long lists of stuff, right? What we really want is just to get Harper out and get the new group in because it’s going to be a hell of a lot better for everything we believe in, correct? Correct. So let’s stay on that track, and not start debating whether or not it’s twenty five percent change or fifteen percent change over here, let’s get them out, on the basis of unity not the basis of division.”

    “…..What about the legitimacy of the democratic process, yeah, what about it?”

    Jack Layton 2008:

  57. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Fay
    Thanks for the heads up Ontario girl on Stephen Harper interview. I just caught the very end of it. Julie van Dusen was not impressed but what about you?

    I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED. Everything went so smoooothly. PM Harper didn’t let Mansbridge cut him off, even though he tried several times. It was brilliant having the interview out on the hockey ice…Mansbridge looked FROZEN in more ways then one….lollolol…Julen Van Dusen looked SHOCKED because she had no gotcha moments to report. PM Harper talked about subjects of the economy etc that went right over old Peters head. Anyone listening to that interview should see the right man is PM Harper for the job. He explained the coalition of the 3 stooges perfectly even though Mansbridge tried to say they were legal and the other parties right…bla bla bla. PM Harper set him STRAIGHT. Wonder how they will try and HIDE that interview tonight?

  58. maz2 says:

    Where is NDP Chow and her ilk?

    Have they spoken out about this Mohammedan “gang rape case”?


    “BBC | Pakistan: Acquittals in Mukhtaran Mai gang rape case

    Five of six men charged over a village council-sanctioned gang rape in Pakistan have been acquitted by the Supreme Court.

    The court upheld the decision of a lower court, which included commuting the death penalty of the sixth man to life imprisonment.”

  59. JDot says:

    Wow, Krista Erickson on SNN is giving a really tough interview to Flaherty. Good question so far from a Fiscal Conservative stand point.

    Great stuff..

  60. Martin says:

    I thought the Mansbridge-Harper interview went pretty well. He anticipated all the tough questions and did not let Mansbridge jerk him around. On the question of the 2004 letter to the GG, Harper basically stuck to his version which differs from the current Duceppe-Layton one. What he could have said, but didn’t, is that CBC has the video of the news conference from that time which they refuse to show. That answer I would have liked to see Mansbridge’s responce. His answers were in another league compared to Iggy’s.

  61. maz2 says:

    Meet Liberal Ignatieff’s Liberal Bob Rae*, the nephew of Canadian Maurice Strong, aka Uncle Mo, aka Mao Stlong of communist Red China.

    Uncle Mo is also tagged: UNaBomber Mo Strong.


    “Meet Maurice Strong – Board of Directors of Chicago Climate ***

    >>> One joint venture between the Tides Foundation, one of potential first lady Teresa … State Department as ‘terrorist nations.’” To see more videos on Maurice Strong …”


    *Nephew Bob Rae:

    “Bob Rae blasts Harper ‘jihadis'”

  62. Barbara says:

    “Julie van Dusen was not impressed”

    That’s okay, SHE doesn’t impress ME, either.

  63. old lady says:

    Ontario Girl and others who saw the Mansbridge interview with Steven Harper this afternoon, please watch it again tonight and let us know if they have changed anything or left anything out. I don’t trust CBC and expect they will do what they can to lessen any good impression Prime Minister Harper has left.

  64. Peterb says:

    Martin said
    “On the question of the 2004 letter to the GG, Harper basically stuck to his version which differs from the current Duceppe-Layton one. What he could have said, but didn’t, is that CBC has the video of the news conference from that time which they refuse to show. ”

    CTV and CBC have both refused to show it. Can we get Sun TV to show it? I have written them – how about others contacting Sun TV to show it so viewers can see for themselves what Duceppe and Layton said then and not the lies they are telling now.
    This has been a real serious coverup on the part of CBC and CTV so viewers can see for themselves. Sun TV has the chance to expose the CBC and CTV for their biased and partisan reporting.

  65. Peterb says:

    Ignatieff insults Canadian voters for cheap political gain.
    In a rather amateurish attempt to pander for Quebec votes, Ignatieff said this morning that “Quebec voters are the most sophisticated in the entire world” as he grovels for their votes.
    What are the voters of other provinces in his opinion – chopped liver? How far down his scale are we – we would like to know before we cast our ballot?
    What did Canadians in other provinces do or say to be insulted and degraded in this fashion?

    Can we depend on the media to get us the answers or are they committed not to start any brush fires for Igantieff?

  66. Sandy says:

    Re the claim that SNN can show the 2004 video of Layton and Duceppe — some are making big assumptions. If the videos are copyright, SNN would not be allowed to use them under any circumstances, even if they are on YouTube. I know that even we bloggers have to very careful. I know some bloggers don’t worry about it but a brand new TV network sure has to.

    But, you know what, you guys are worrying about topics that few care about. Leave it to the CPC to know what to show or talk about and what not to. Sometimes saying nothing is the better way to go, so as not to bring up the subject again in a major way.

    Many of you noted that the PM stayed on message in his interview with PM. We should do the same, all of us. I was in political communications before. The less said defensively, the better. While clearing the way, we must simultaneously carry the narrative as Jo is doing with this post.

    Right now, most Canadians are shopping for Easter eggs and what to cook for Easter dinner or, if not Christian, organizing what they are going to do on the weekend.

    So, relax everybody and have a good weekend. Remember, all the CPC has to do is win twelve more seats. That’s it!

  67. Liz J says:

    How many Liberals are against abortion? Can we hear from some of them please?

  68. soundofmusak says:

    @ Peterb

    Iggy also reiterated his “you can be a Quebecker first and Canadian second” bit, today. Next, the flapping dickie…

    What an ignoramus.

  69. Richco says:

    Good advice Sandy. I think that as hard as it will be we all need to take a break and reflect a bit on what’s really important.

    I think that things are going just the way that Harper had envisioned.

    Have a good Easter everyone! I’m starting mine tonight.

  70. Martin says:

    I think SunNews would gladly show the video unless there is a question of copyright.
    It was a CPAC news conference? Most viewers have seen it here and I think CPAC has shown it. It would be interesting.

  71. Martin says:

    Iggy says:
    “Quebec voters are the most sophisticated in the entire world” as he grovels for their votes.
    Did he not say weeks ago that he personally was a Quebecer? For the record, he is living in Toronto and all his recent Canadian roots are in that region. I think Quebecois are quick to pick up the nuances of such claims. Maybe that is why he is not doing so great in Quebec.

  72. soundofmusak says:

    Just watching the video of Harper/Mansbridge for the first time. About 1/3 the way along now. Thoughts so far:

    1. Harper is very confident. The contrast with Iggy is startling.
    2. I like the venue. Funny how PMSH is the one standing on a sheet of ice and Iggy was doing all the skating on Tuesday.
    3. The video and audio is the sh!ts. Crewman in frame distracting from the subject. Couldn’t they find a tripod and a boom mike? CBC doing their part for the cause, I guess.
    4. Harper referring to “those other guys” when referring to the coalition. Priceless.

    Okay, back to watching MY PRIME MINISTER… :-)))

  73. Ontario Girl says:

    I think I figured out why the so called poll has the NDP waay up in Quebec. This is to show Canadians that the BLOCK will not be involved in the coalition. Frank Graves (CBC) just said it. This is a smoke screen for Canadians to vote Lib/NDP. Pretending the BLOCK are sinking.

  74. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: old lady
    Ontario Girl and others who saw the Mansbridge interview with Steven Harper this afternoon, please watch it again tonight and let us know if they have changed anything or left anything out. I don’t trust CBC and expect they will do what they can to lessen any good impression Prime Minister Harper has left.

    I’ll be watching…I timed it…20 minutes. My EAGLE eyes will be on it. Now the crazy media are singing the praises of the NDP….BS……this is to sway the public into thinking the BLOCK are out of the coalition…….NOT, NOT, NOT.

  75. wilson says:

    The only way the Bloc is not involved is if Lib + Dippers = 155 has the LibDips combined seats at 115

    Where will they get 40 seats? CPC rock solid bottom at 135
    so at most -12. That means the LibDips have to reduce Bloc to 17 seats…. not gonna happen.

  76. Barbara says:

    Wow – the latest polls have Conservative at 43% and the NDP second! Haha! bye by Liberals it wasn’t nice knowin’ ya!

  77. JDot says:

    Good lord, Tommy is rocking a orange head band on PP, LMAO….

    • Joanne says:

      Good lord, Tommy is rocking a orange head band on PP, LMAO….

      Yeah! Hilarious.

      I gotta tell you I wouldn’t mind seeing Jack the leader of the official opposition and watch Iffy slink back to Harvard.

  78. Ontario Girl says:

    Who is going to finance all the promises of the NDP in Quebec? Who is going to finance all the promises of Ignatieff in Quebec?Whe will finance a coalition of the NDP/LIB/Block? You guessed it. The Alberta oil sands?If I lived in Alberta, I would be letting these jokers here in the east know that they can pi$$ off. Keep dreaming…keep spinning…and raise your money from the have not province of where?????

  79. JDot says:

    Barbara says…

    “Wow – the latest polls have Conservative at 43% and the NDP second! Haha! bye by Liberals it wasn’t nice knowin’ ya!”

    We are close to a majority, make no mistake about it. Nanos is on point trust me. And Just like Tommy F on CBC PP, I am rocking a Orange head band. We are close, so close to a majority.

    I have more comments to come. I am a huge New England Patriots fan. Secretariat’s win at belmont was something the great “Hoodie”(Bill Belichick”), played to the pats on one of there SB runs(trying to find the America’s game link). BB is very similar to Harper, we are close, time to pull away..

    Let’s go!!!!

  80. Jen says:

    That’s the idea Ontario Girl, pretending that the ‘BLOC’ is going down the tubes is a way to ease the voters’ fears so that the coalition can continue breezing through this campaign. This coalition campaign is all planned.
    Duceppe has too much stake here which he has every intentions of collecting one way or the other.

    • Joanne says:

      That’s the idea Ontario Girl, pretending that the ‘BLOC’ is going down the tubes is a way to ease the voters’ fears so that the coalition can continue breezing through this campaign. This coalition campaign is all planned.

      That’s an interesting theory Jen. That thought had crossed my mind today too.

  81. JDot says:

    Just so you know – I am not saying Ipsos numbers are Nanos numbers. I am saying Nanos numbers are on point…

  82. Ontario Girl says:

    Iggy in Montreal….he is going to take away money from the oil sands in Alberta to pay for his promises in Quebec….he is surrounded by students who don’t remember the Liberal promises from the 1990’s. Clapping, clapping, clapping. Iggy thinks the ROC is going to pay into Quebec to get him elected. Now he is onto the native communities and what the wounded EAGLE is going to do for them. Equality, ….now he is off and running. Oh damn, now we have the bull shi$$ter Jacko Layton saying he is going to defeat the harper conservatives. He is going to build in Alberta. I am ready to puke my guts out.

  83. maz2 says:

    Is it the economy, Liberal Count Ignatieff asks?

    Our PET survey/latest poll confirms: It’s the economy, stoopid.

    “Toronto stock market up sharply amid strong earnings, higher oil prices
    The Canadian Press”

  84. jon says:

    RE the CPAC video that many have mentioned in the comments, if it’s an issue of copyright, then how was Sun News able to show a segment of CTV’s QP with Taber and Mercer? I doubt whether CTV would’ve granted them permission if the intent was to bash them. Maybe Sun News hasn’t gotten around to it yet but will soon because I agree with the rest of you — it’s important.

  85. Barbara says:

    The Conservatives really need to start hammering the cap and trade angle. Layton is promising everything to everybody, but nobody is mentioning how EVERYTHING will be more expensive if there’s cap and trade.

    If, somehow there is a coalition of some kind between the left, then for the first time in my life, I would support Western separation.

  86. Fay says:

    I notice that neither National newswatch nor Bourque’s have the ipso reid polling number up. It appears they are in no rush to post the NDP ahead of the Liberals.

  87. Ontario Girl says:

    Funny how Jack talks about the HST as being a Conservative thing in BC and Ont. LIBERAL Govt.’s that picked it up(their option that they chose) but when he is in Nova Scotia where its an NDP Govt. that picked it up, the phoney bologna BS liar doesn’t even bring it up. )I wish Sun TV News would talk about that one. And there is (chalk on a )Peggy Nash that never got elected in the last election standing behind him. Iggy had the CHARGED Pablo standing behind him along with condo rip off Judy Sgro.I don’t believe that poll in Quebec. Now Jack is going around the bush on bill 101 that Jill is talking about. NO clear answer.Changing the subject to PM harper.

  88. maz2 says:

    This is a BIG effing lie in that there “poll”.

    Commie Duceppe’s Bloc is not a national party. It only has candidates in Quebec.

    WTF gives?

    Take the Bloc out of the poll and 50%+ for PM Harper.

    >>> “Support nationally for the separatist party rests at six per cent,”.

  89. jon says:

    Liz J says, “How many Liberals are against abortion? Can we hear from some of them please?

    Saw a clip of Iggy using the term “hidden agenda”. I’m just tapping my foot and looking at my watch, waiting for the reporters to press Iggy to stop using the term….. you know, like they did to Harper at the start of the campaign asking him to put the Libs hidden agenda to form a coalition to bed. But it seems to be 2004 again…. the Lib media has fallen in love with the term all over again.

  90. Sammy says:

    Gee..I’m sure sorry I missed Julie-Van-Hairdo NOT being impressed by PMSH! I’m shocked I tell ya.As far as that sourpuss goes,the ONLY time she would have a smile on her face re: anything to do with PMSH/Cons party,is if they all came down with the ‘plague’ at the same time,and were puking sick in front of that would make her smile….leading to her face cracking in two!
    Maybe we should take up a collection here to send her a hairbrush..and a SLEEVELESS dress! She really needs some ‘sexing’ up!

  91. Ontario Girl says:

    The conservatives need to run those tapes from the NDP in 2008 about taking over the govt.

  92. Mary T says:

    Just back from a funeral for a farmer, killed in a freak accident. Talked to several that were there and the election come up. Are you following the election, answer, not this time, might pay attention next year to the next one.
    Re Tides and associated groups; Glenn Beck did a lot of programs last year on the connection of Soros and this group. It is a very dangerous outfit, as is Soros.
    I do hope the voters in NFLD WISE UP, WISE UP, WISE UP, before May 2nd, as they can be sure, she the coalition kills their loan, and shuts down their oil industry, AB will not pay your way. Hope they are able to take care of the thousands of unemployed oil workers from AB, when they return home.

  93. jon says:

    Barbara says, “If, somehow there is a coalition of some kind between the left, then for the first time in my life, I would support Western separation.”

    I would support a Western separation movement TOO! And I’m from Ontario!! But I sympathize with you. I can’t imagine the rage that we would boil over, watching Iggy, a guy who never won the leadership and never won the election, installed a PM with little (pretty much no) support from Western Canada, treating the people out your way as his serfs.

    I don’t think Iggy cares about the damge he would cause to Canada. He just wants to go around the world after it’s done and have people introduce him as “Canada’s former PM”…. PM, that’s all he wants to be called. Proof that he didn’t come back for us.

  94. Ontario Girl says:

    Barbara says
    If, somehow there is a coalition of some kind between the left, then for the first time in my life, I would support Western separation

    I live in Ontario and I would move out west, if the coalition take over a voted in Harper Govt.

  95. Sammy says:

    Mary,sympathies to you..farming accidents are always such a tragedy,we have had many awful,awful ones here this yr.too.
    I too,for the first time ever,have been engaging folks re the election just to get a feel for how they are responding.Just today,while at our little rural garage,while waiting to get my oil changed,I spoke to bunch of the ‘local-yokels’..most of them are really,really pissed off at the Libs for forcing this election.Full disclosure,I do live in Vic Toews riding,and he has HUGE support..I have seen tons of his signs..2 lib signs,and one lone orange sign,stuck in the middle of nowhere!
    There was one guy at garage,that said,he hopes Harper loses,so I asked him re the coalition.He said it was all ‘made up’ and that ‘if Harper got a majority,it would be a dictatorship’..and we would ‘all lose our right to vote!’ MAN,did he get hammered!I pushed him,to explain this nonsense,so the old ‘contempt’ thing came up..I explained how it was a gang-up by 3 opposition parties,and what about Landslide Annie and Art Eggleton? He was shocked..then said,’oh,well that was in the past!’That shows you the ‘blinders’ that libs wear.Needless to say,he didn’t hang around.

  96. Ontario Girl says:

    Who is paying for Iggy’s ads. Tonight on CBC…first an Iggy ad…then with no break a conservative ad…then immediately after ANOTHER Iggy attack ad. Iggy ads all night on CBC and Global and CTV. They haven’t even paid off their leadership debts and they have the money for this??

  97. Ontario Girl says:

    Sammy says
    Maybe we should take up a collection here to send her a hairbrush..and a SLEEVELESS dress! She really needs some ‘sexing’ up

    LOLOLOLOLOL…she doesn’t have it in her jeans…lol

  98. Jen says:

    I have not heard one reporter question the opposition on these:
    “In my hand I have the BUDGET plans written and worked on by FLAHERTY with all provinces. How can you stand there and tell me that my province is not getting what was/ is needed. How dare you all coalition accuse the conservatives for not working with you- when they have- it is in this BUDGET. How could you do such a thing to subject canadians to a 300million dollar election when you could have supported the BUDGET for THEM not you.
    You keep saying that the PM and the conservatives will not corperate with you? Well, it is you three coalition who are not working with the conservative government not the other way around.”

  99. soundofmusak says:

    I’m reposting this question today hoping for an answer. It appeared in a past thread here at BLY, and also at SDA but no response yet from either.

    At minute 4:00 of Iggy’s interview with Peter Mansbridge, he says that he fought in two elections and won the confidence of the people.

    Which elections has he fought? Won the confidence of the people, how? Who are these people?

    Did I sleep through this?

    Answers, please, I beg you. What did I miss?

    • Joanne says:

      Which elections has he fought? Won the confidence of the people, how? Who are these people?

      His riding in 2006 & 2008? Just guessing.

      Oh wait. I see that’s already been answered.

  100. Ontario Girl says:

    peter B says
    This has been a real serious coverup on the part of CBC and CTV so viewers can see for themselves. Sun TV has the chance to expose the CBC and CTV for their biased and partisan reporting.

    BUT…now they changed their story…now they say it was said in a hotel room.(No TV cameras)

  101. cantuc says:

    Now you all know why the liberals , the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois won’t let go of the long gun registry.

  102. wilson says:

    Iffy won his riding in 2006 and 2008.
    2 elections….

  103. soundofmusak says:


    Thanks, had blinders on. I thought he meant as Lib leader. Duh=me.

  104. Barbara says:

    There is not enough wine in this universe to get me through even 6 months with a coalition government headed by the progressives/communists.

  105. Bec says:

    soundofmusak said,

    “At minute 4:00 of Iggy’s interview with Peter Mansbridge, he says that he fought in two elections and won the confidence of the people.

    Which elections has he fought? Won the confidence of the people, how? Who are these people?”

    Heard it too and reacted the same as you but I just chalked it up to him doing one of those Ignatieff ego/word game things. He fought? (ya right) 2 elections to continue serving as a ‘parachuted’ MP.

    These are the sort of things that Ignatieff has said or written that say one thing but mean another. He then accuses people that use his words in ads as taking them out of context.
    In the statement you referenced, he clearly sounds as though he has fought in the trenches…the bowels and has earned his right with the “people” to lead the country when in fact all he has done is win a seat in Parliament.

  106. JDot says:

    Ipsos Reid…

    CPC – 43

    NDP – 24

    LPC – 21

    Still one week to to go. WE HAVE TO GET OUT THE VOTE!!!!!

    We are close to a majority, the LPC and there MSM friends are going to hit us with everything they have, over the next week. Let’s not get down, lets not whine. Don’t listen to the MSM. We are close to a majority.

    There is no question now we will not win this election, it is just by how much. And who will come in second..

    Let’s Go!!!

    • Joanne says:


      That is crucial. The way to do that is to volunteer at your local CPC campaign office. There is so much to do the day of the election including calling identified supporters and seeing if they need any help getting to the polls.

  107. Martin says:


    Well according to Wiki he was recruited in 2005 and ran in the 2006 election, when Paul Martin was defeated. He ran again in 2008 with Dion with similar results. So he has won the confidence of the electors in Etobikoke-Lakeshore twice. Not totally insignificant of course, but not quite qualifying for what is usually understood by the phrase. He also finished 2nd to S. Dion in the leadership race.

  108. soundofmusak says:


    Hence my reaction to the statement, I think. You explain it perfectly.

  109. fh says:

    Canada’s deficit after 11 months$28.3 billion because of the strong growth of Canada’s economy
    last year deficit was after 12 months $55.6 billion
    anyone catch the media reporting this good news to Canadians?
    strong majority Conservative Government needed to keep economy strong

  110. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: soundofmusak
    I’m reposting this question today hoping for an answer. It appeared in a past thread here at BLY, and also at SDA but no response yet from either.

    At minute 4:00 of Iggy’s interview with Peter Mansbridge, he says that he fought in two elections and won the confidence of the people.

    Which elections has he fought? Won the confidence of the people, how? Who are these people?

    Did I sleep through this?

    Answers, please, I beg you. What did I miss?

    Iggy and the Liberals had Jean Augustine…a black woman who was going to run in her riding…kicked out to make way for his Iggyness…a safe Liberal riding for him to win….then he was put into the leadership election but there wasn’t any…no one but him.. so he was the next leader. He even LOST before all this to DION as leader. he has never really won anything.

  111. soundofmusak says:

    So, what you are trying to say @Ontario Girl, is that he didn’t come back for me?

  112. JDot says:

    Joanne Says..

    “That is crucial. The way to do that is to volunteer at your local CPC campaign office. There is so much to do the day of the election including calling identified supporters and seeing if they need any help getting to the polls.”


    BLY Nation we are in a dog fight for a majority. Anything you can do to help GOTV is gold..

    Once again, there is no question that we are going to win the most seats, the only question is how many. Majority or Minority is up to the ground game now…

    Let’s Go!!!!

    PS:Where the phuck are the CPC ads? I did see two last night during the lakers game last night, which was at about 12:20 eastern time. WTF…

  113. JDot says:


    “there is no question that we are “not” going to win the most seats”.

  114. Mary T says:

    He won the confidence of the voters in his riding, that is all he won. And he had to kick a minority sitting liberal mp to the curb to do it. He didn’t accept the choice of the members of the liberal party by electing Dion, so he kicked him to the curb also. Now he states he will not accept the decision of the voters of Canada and will kick the winning party to the curb. Does he wear steel toed boot when kicking so many under the bus.
    Just got off the phone with Ipso-Reid, but it was a poll on homecare and retirement homes etc. Not one political question. Told them I have never heard of the facilities they asked about, not available in AB, Asked why not a political poll and she said they did one a few days ago and all calls are automatically generated for all polls. She did not ask where I lived. There was a call from that same number a few days ago but wasn’t home so missed it. It was from Quebec. Willl wait and see if I get another one.

  115. maz2 says:

    Count’s Letter of the Day: D. D for d…?


    “Jack Layton wasn’t there on the firearms registry, just ask the victims of the Polytechnique.” – Michael Ignatieff”

    The First American Prime Minister: Quote Of The Week

    “Jack Layton wasn’t there on the firearms registry, just ask the victims of the Polytechnique.” – Michael Ignatieff

    Can you imagine how low this tool would be polling by now without 75% of media running interference on his behalf?

  116. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: soundofmusak
    So, what you are trying to say @Ontario Girl, is that he didn’t come back for me?

    After Ignatief had a lie detector test done…he was in it for himself…lololol..Walking Eagle full of crap.

  117. Sammy says:

    Most interesting in the Ipsos poll,only 9% think Iggy is a good leader..9%! I think he really screwed himself good with that Mansbridge interview.We should be thanking all the cbc reporters for Petey’s help! Bet Mildew Terry is thrilled to bits. Who’da thunk it would be the cbc help put PMSH over the top and sink the ‘big red ship?’
    Bobby Fife whining to Don Martin earlier,about having to stand outside in the cold in Maritimes,as he follows PMSH around.I was thinking his poor cheeks would be as red as a baboon’s arse..or as red as that phony hair of his.Do your job Bobby,maybe some truth-seeking would warm you up!!

  118. jad says:

    Sandy, the CPC only need to win 9 seats as long as they hold on to the three vacant BC seats – Stockwell Day’s, Chuck Strahl’s, and the guy in the Lower Mainland who retired.

  119. Sammy says:

    Carolyn Bennett tweets: Private Members Bill that would equate a fetus to a human life? US tactics.
    To which Brian Lilley responds: You support abortion but I’m shocked that a Dr.thinks it’s not a human life.What is it? A cat?

  120. maz2 says:

    Neo-AGW Progress Report.

    A co-ld-co-production with Liberal Ad$Cam Chretien & Citoyen Kyoto Dionky & Prof. Count Who?

    Special report from Red-Green McGuintyOntario*.


    “Climate non-issue in a cold, spring election”

    “Science a shambles, politicians mostly dodge global warming scare”

    “ealth care, coalitions, corporate taxes. Where’s the looming climate disaster, the threat of the centuries, the end of life as we know it, the meltdown of all meltdowns? It is nowhere in this Canadian election, a non-issue — and for good reason.

    That good reason is not the fact that the election is taking place during a cold spring — although if it were a hot spring it’s almost certain somebody would be waving the climate flag and calling for action.

    Climate issues and carbon controls are non-issues because the science is a shambles and voters do not see global warming as an imminent threat to their welfare or even the welfare of next generations. They want jobs, they want good government, they want health care policy that will make them healthy rather than schemes that get politicians re-elected.

    As for climate change, it is hard to get worked up when faced with a steady drip, drip of scientific evidence that undermines the claims of the official UN climate machine. Rising sea levels? Not happening. Millions of refugees fleeing afflicted areas? Not happening. Rising temperatures? Hard to nail down and incite alarm over when local conditions seem cooler rather than hotter.

    The list of such reversals and backtracks is getting longer, as are the noses of assorted climate modellers and scientists who have been spreading climate alarm for decades.”



    “Time to Deep-Six the Green Energy Act”

    “The second round of large-scale renewable energy projects totalling 872 MW of new generation contracts was announced by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Feb. 24. These contracts included 215 MW of solar and 615 MW of wind renewable, which the Ontario ratepayers will subsidize at a cost (over existing wholesale prices) of $3.3-billion over the next 20 years.`

    Let’s hope this is the last of Ontario’s extravagant installations under the Green Energy Act before the provincial election in Ontario. Whoever wins then—even the Liberals—will hopefully begin the process of dismantling the act.

    When George Smitherman was Minister of Energy and Infrastructure he shepherded the Green Energy Act through the Ontario Legislature. Smitherman was also Deputy Premier and had the full support of Premier Dalton McGuinty, who had announced closure of coal-fired generation plants by 2007 as one of his 2003 campaign promises. That date was moved to 2014 amid concerns about a shortage of power before Ontario became a “have not” province.

    The GEA was fashioned with the advice of environmentalists: Bruce Lourie, Brent Kopperson, Kristopher Stevens, Deborah Doncaster, David Suzuki, all founders of the Green Energy Act Alliance through their respective advocacy groups. The GEA envisaged a plethora of renewable energy to replace coal plants and provide clean air bragging rights for years to come.

    Imbedded in the GEA were powers that superseded rights of municipal governments and created an “energy dictator.” The act stripped the Ontario Energy Board of its ability to regulate the sector in a balanced way and gave the minister the power to simply issue “directives” to the OPA, which had been created by the Liberals in 2004. The GEA gave the minister the following powers:

    “The Minister may enter into such transactions, arrangements or agreements as are necessary to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency and the transactions, arrangements or agreements must conform to such requirements as may be prescribed.”

    “The Minister may direct the OPA to undertake any request for proposal, any other form of procurement solicitation or any other initiative or activity that relates to … the procurement of electricity supply or capacity derived from renewable energy sources.”

    “The Minister may, as part of a direction under subsection (4.1), specify that the OPA is to use a competitive or a non-competitive process as part of the initiative or activity” and

    “… allow the Minister to specify the pricing or other economic factors to be used or achieved by the OPA.”

    With those powers Smitherman and his successors used the embedded powers to sign a $7-billion contract with Samsung and ordered the OPA to create the FIT and MicroFIT programs. The FIT program led to a run to Ontario by investors seeking to cash in on over-market pricing. ”

  121. Sammy says:

    Just channel-surfing,caught the Pundits Guide gal on PP..said Justin’s and Cotler’s seats in trouble!!

  122. Clown Party says:

    Cantuc said: “Now you all know why the liberals , the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois won’t let go of the long gun registry.”

    I’ve been thinking; Biffy needs the military [and ALL police forces] in Canada to get all those registered [and unregistered] guns from collectors, hunters and farmers when Western Canada decides that they do not want to be ruled by the Coalition of the Damned. [Sarcasm off]

    Seriously though, the military is mainly for Canadian defence and protecting our freedoms.

  123. Richco says:

    Really REALLY nice photos of Harper tying up little kids’ skates in NFLD today and talking to them just like a parent would. If you can snag a shot it would be a nice ad to any collection.

    Actually Harper looks very good today in his CANADA jacket and very at home in that arena.

    (I’m taking a break from Easter baking preps.)

  124. batb says:

    Barbara: “If, somehow there is a coalition of some kind between the left, then for the first time in my life, I would support Western separation.”

    jon: “I would support a Western separation movement TOO! And I’m from Ontario!!”

    Barbarba: “There is not enough wine in this universe to get me through even 6 months with a coalition government headed by the progressives/communists.”




  125. Alberta Girl says:

    The above link is the latest Anti Harper site to be posted by my lefty FB friend – I keep calling her a friend, but I am fast running out of patience with her hate.

  126. Martin says:

    “Actually Harper looks very good today in his CANADA jacket and very at home in that arena.”
    Right.That was a master stroke who ever decided, to do the interview standing in the rink. PMSH looked at home, very comfortable, while Mansbridge in his overcoat did not. Usually these interviews are in a living room setting, with Mansbridge comfortable as if it is his home. Their last meeting was like that. Making them stand gave the advantage to the PM. I am kind of surprised the CBC went for that setting,
    glad they did.

  127. wilson says:

    Doom and gloom over at Liblogs.
    Watching the coalitionists go into sheer panic….priceless.

    Now that Iffy has blown a bundle attacking PMSH,
    will they have enough in the kitty to attack Jack too?

    Our friends in BC should listen very closely to Jack’s promises to Quebec.
    Being a ‘have’ province, they get to share in paying for that extra $25 Billion that Jack just promised.

  128. wilson says:

    Alberta Girl,
    send your friend the link to the latest Ipsos poll.

  129. Alberta Girl says:

    Actually Wilson it will be much more fun to just wait till election night and then post a comment when the lefties hopes and dreams for a Harper defeat do down in flames – LOL

  130. Ruth says:

    I don’t think we should gloat too much about the polls just yet….someone on one the shows tonight, maybe Craig Oliver, reminded us that none of these polls contain the youth vote. They aren’t polled on their cell phones, and they mostly vote NDP. Someone needs to tell the youth that they need jobs to pay a lot of taxes for all the social programs of the NDP.

  131. Ruth says:
    copied this from a tweet and it’s not nice. Where has all respect and manners gone.

  132. goodie says:

    I just saw a commercial bashing the conservatives sponsored by avaaz! Unbelievable!

  133. Ontario Girl says:

    Watched the PM Harper and Mansbridge interview.I was asked to check if it was the same as this afternoon or cropped or edited. Nope…it was shown the same as this afternoon. Difference was…when seen a second time it was even better…FANTASTIC. Didn’t know PM Harper was taller then Peter.

    • Joanne says:

      Yeah that Mansbridge-Harper interview was excellent. Didn’t hurt that the PM was interviewed at a hockey rink either.

  134. jt says:

    The GG should just call another election if the Three Stooges lose individually and go to the GG to get their “do over” if they don’t get enough seats individually to form government.

    The Cons ran as a “coalition” in 2006. Progressive Conservative, Reform and Alliance. It was called the Conservative Party of Canada. One vote, one seat, one riding against five other Parties. They got a plurality of seats and got to form government. That is the way it works. It just rots the opposition’s socks that they did! None of them can individually form government with their own or a coalition of policies, unless they run as a coalition. It just rots their socks too that they didn’t and the resulting vote split left them where they are now!

    The Three Stooges should be told to run as a coalition by the GG, if they lose individually this election. One vote, one seat, one riding. No “do over”. No back door maneuvering, no engineered election on false pretenses.

  135. jt says:

    The fifth party was the MSM! LOL!

  136. Don says:

    To those talking about Western Separatism if a Liberal-Socialist-Separatist coalition forms the government even if the Conservative Party wins the most seats, I just want to point out:

    – the Conservatives are on-track to get a majority of the seats in Ontario (and that’s including the City of Toronto)
    – not including the City of Toronto, the Conservatives would easily get about the same proportion of Ontario seats as they will BC seats in this election
    – If Quebec were not included in the national election, the Conservatives would have won a solid majority in the previous election
    – If Quebec and the Atlantic provinces were both excluded in the national election, the Conservatives would have won an overwhelming majority (about 70% of the seats)

    So my point is, I’m not in favour of any sort of separatism in Canada, but if there was an argument to be made because of a coalition of the losers, then it would apply to Ontario, too. So the West should take Ontario with it! Or, even better, kick out Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces – let them be one unitary country; it seems that the Atlantic voters would be happy with Quebec calling the shots, so let them have that directly.

  137. ed says:

    We didn’t see the National tonight here in Montreal. After the Canadiens’ game , they went straight to the Vancouver game. Maybe they did a brief newscast during the first intermission of the Vancouver game?? So we didn’t see the Stephen Harper interview. I don’t think they showed it at all. Maybe they intend to show it Friday night?? They did show a clip of the “at issue” panel during the Canadiens’ game saying it was coming up later. Also, not the slightest hint of the interview in that clip!! Also, why was the Canadiens’ game scheduled for Thursday rather than Wednesday?? Yes, I’m always concerned about conspiracy. Better be safe than sorry. To add to the suspicion, CPC ads are practically non-existent whereas Liberal and NDP ads have been flooding the airways here in Montreal.

  138. Norm says:

    What are we up against?

    Stuff? (for lack of a better word) like this.

    Comments to a Globe and Mail online article

    11:49 PM on April 21, 2011

    Harper — a former member of the Northern Foundation, a white supremist organization — is the first PM in British Commonwealth history to have his/her government found in contempt of parliament. Quite a legacy Harper; you will be a topic in Canadian history books.

    “‘The Northern Foundation was established in 1989, originally as a pro-South Africa group… lists among the founding members of the Foundation both William Gairdner and Stephen Harper … ” [2]

    “… the Northern Foundation was the creation of a number of generally extreme right-wing conservatives, including Anne Hartmann* (a director of REAL Women), Geoffrey Wasteneys (A long-standing member of the Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada), George Potter (also a member of the Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada), author Peter Brimelow, Link Byfield (son of Ted Byfield and himself publisher/president of Alberta Report), and Stephen Harper.” [2]

    [1] Preston Manning and the Reform Party. Author: Murray Dobbin Goodread Biographies/Formac Publishing 1992 ISBN: 0-88780-161-7, pg. 100

    [2] Of Passionate Intensity: Right-Wing Populism and the Reform Party of Canada. Author: Trevor Harrison Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1995. ISBN: 0-8020-7204-6, Pg. 121

    * “Anne Hartman headed up the Ottawa branch of the Northern Foundation and was a founding member, along with Stephen Harper. Many others in the Northern Foundation now belong to the Civitas Society (the non-Neo-Nazi members, only far-right). Anne’s husband Paul, who died mysteriously in 1986, was the leader of the Toronto KKK and a confirmed Odonist.”
    Report Abuse

    Score: 3

    11:48 PM on April 21, 2011

    “The RCMP assisted the party organizers in restricting access to persons not registered for the private event,” one of two statements from the Mounties issued Wednesday said.

    “This was not in accordance with the RCMP’s mandate,” it continued.

    >>>>>harper uses G20 tactics on those not supporting his regime

    whats next if harper gets a majority ?????

    what are those BILLION dollar prisons for…. unreported crime ???

    Unreported crime for harper means those not supporting his regime..

    Expect harper to round up Canadian citizens not supporting his regime….. and then throw them in prison……… ……

    Wake up Canada…. connect the dots…

    almost 70 percent of the German people voted against Hitler,

    Thus, even though Hitler’s vote total had risen, he still had been decisively rejected by the German people.

    On June 1, 1932, Hindenberg appointed Franz von Papen as chancellor of Germany, whom Shirer described as an “unexpected and ludicrous figure.” Papen immediately dissolved the Reichstag (the national congress) and called for new elections, the third legislative election in five months.

    Hitler and his fellow members of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party, who were determined to bring down the republic and establish dictatorial rule in Germany, did everything they could to create chaos in the streets, including initiating political violence and murder. The situation got so bad that martial law was proclaimed in Berlin.

    Strange how history is repeating itself.

    Wake up Canada………harper must be eliminated.”

    Seriously, How can a legitimate news organization allow this crap to be posted under their banner?

    “Wake up Canada………harper must be eliminated.”


    How is this allowed to go without a criminal investigation?

  139. ed says:

    Ipsos Reid poll is great news. After listening to these pollsters on CFRA weeks ago, I was for the first time impressed by a pollster. Nanos is the one I find to be suspect because, for one thing, the PM’s number did not rise after that first debate whereas Ipsos Reid had the PM’s numbers up significantly in the forties. I figured the PM’s numbers to be around 42-44% after the first debate so seeing the 43% today is terrific news because I find Ipsos Reid’s figures to be realistic unlike the others.

  140. ed says:

    If that somewhat surprising change in Quebec proves to be reliable, I feel that some of that movement away from the Bloc will head to the Conservatives, maybe more than people realize. Have to be hopeful. :-)

  141. Ontario Girl says:

    Ruby Dhalla pulling a Carolyn Bennett? She must know she is losing and looking for the poor me sympathy vote…yawn Whats with these Liberals when they are tanking? Read the comments……she is not well liked

  142. JDot says:

    Norm says:
    April 22, 2011 at 12:15 am

    Norm the people who comment on the Globe, are batsh!t crazy. And 80% of the posts are the same person with a different alias.

    But I have to agree, how the H-E double hockey sticks does the Globe not get sued over some of those crazy comments..

  143. Sammy says:

    Here’s the real reason for the ndp ‘surge’..
    Anyone read Calgary Grit’s latest post,asking some serious questions re the dipper policies.Most shocking,was in the comments,someone by the name of Ga*le (remember her??) posted,and said she couldn’t believe she was saying it,that we would be ‘better off with Harper,than Layton!’ Some very interesting tidbits in comments on some scary associations between dippers and questionable people.Why aren’t msm asking Jack any tough questions??

  144. wilson says:

    Canadians know the LPC is desperate and that kind of crap just irriates them, if anyone other than G&M regulars even bother to read it.
    I know when I go to comment sections and the posts are long,
    I don’t stop to read them.

    Paul Wells said the CPC is having an advertising blitz starting Monday.
    It is amazing the CPC numbers have held up this good without extension advertising, except for the first couple of days.

  145. jon says:

    Glad to see Jack is eating Iggy’s lunch. Go Jack, go! Except in BC of course where they’ve got those weird CP-NDP battles which I never understood. Just wondering when the first ad aimed at the NDP will be launched or would that not help sell the coalition the Libs will try and sell post election?

    Either way it’s going to be a tough sell. Libs are already saying it’s “dangerous” to vote for the NDP. The Bloc are saying the same. So how can they tell Canadians after the election that they’re united as one? It’ll be seen for what it is — Libs who want a power grab; a leader who wants “former PM” on his resume so he can be introduced as such around the world after he leaves Canada; separatists who want keys to the treasury so they can piss off the RoC (mainly western Canada) and create the winning conditions for the next referendum; and an ailing leader of the last place party, sick of sitting in opposition and would rather be in gov’t, which he came oh so close to experiencing in 2008.

    Canadians will see right through it, seeing it for what it is — opportunism.

  146. Norm says:

    JDot, I agree, but I just don’t get why the Globe goes this way. My father subscribed to the Globe for 40 years till he passed. I grew up reading it. It used to be a good rag. Now, I don’t give them my money. Online, I do have a look occasionally, so I guess they get some money somehow.

    But then, I used to watch the National with Knowlten Nash too, so I am not perfect.

  147. Sammy says:

    From Van.Sun,column on need for scrutiny of Dipper platform:
    Also,not sure if pev.mentioned,but Cons.candidate in Edm (unning against Dipper Duncan) has filed complaint with EC ove some 550 ‘invalid’ addresses on was an empty field.Hmmm,shades of Landslide Annie?

  148. Sammy says:

    oops,missed a few r’s in,and I’m old!

  149. wilson says:

    The House voted, and a majority voted against funding 3rd world abortions,
    and when the govt is said to defund an organization that funds 3rd world abortions,
    this is a scandal?????
    That decision was made by Parliament, March 23, 2010 and the govt is following through on it.

  150. Norm says:

    “Canadians know the LPC is desperate”. Yes they do and about time.
    “I know when I go to comment sections and the posts are long,
    I don’t stop to read them.”
    Usually me too, but this one caught my eye and seriously made me want to puke.
    What’s “extension advertising”? I think I know what you mean but please give me the official version if you would. Thanks.

    Like I said a couple of days ago, I have a damn good feeling about May 2. Hope you do too!

  151. wilson says:

    “extension advertising”
    Wells said something like, multiples of what the CPC has been spending.

    PMSH is taking the day off tomorrow.

  152. jon says:

    Paul Wells said the CPC is having an advertising blitz starting Monday.
    It is amazing the CPC numbers have held up this good without extension advertising, except for the first couple of days.

    A testament to just how pathetic Iggy is — a deep, DEEP recession (most incumbant govts are defeated at the next election), scandals and controversies — manufactured and ginned up but not the less gifts by the media to him), a cheer-leading media, EC, bureaucrats and other gov’t employees worried about job cuts, and yet he STILL can’t make gains.

    I hope Iggy does the honorable thing on election night and graciously accepts defeat. And I hope the next day and fesses up, finally accepting that he was the problem…. and not using weasel words like “Canadians just didn’t get what I was trying to tell them” or some such, but I expect he will blame everybody but himself. After all, when after he was coronated leader in May 2009, he came thundering into the foyer of the Commons on his first trip there as leader and said to a throng of reporters, [paraphrasing] “Through advertising, the CP managed to frame my predecessor but let me tell you something right now, they’re not going to do that to me!” It was later that fall when he plunged in the polls that he attributed the drop to the CP having framed him.

  153. jon says:

    Ontario Girl says:
    April 22, 2011 at 12:33 am
    Ruby Dhalla pulling a Carolyn Bennett? She must know she is losing and looking for the poor me sympathy vote…yawn Whats with these Liberals when they are tanking? Read the comments……she is not well liked

    It’s time for the CP to paint swastikas and Hitler mustaches on their own signs in battleground ridings…. or would the media chalk that one up to agent provocateurs?

  154. wilson says:

    Duceppe and Iffy may not have enough time to demonize Jack enough to bring down his numbers.
    They both sabotaged their own campaigns, with separatist rants and coalition confirmation.

    Final stretch and the ballot question may be Harper majority or PM Layton.

  155. jon says:

    wilson says:
    April 21, 2011 at 1:08 pm
    shame on you Tasha.

    Sun News running a repeat of Byline with Lilley and he’s discussing that issue with one of the “skanks”. She said that Tasha sent a re-reply saying she will come on Sun News AFTER the election. After the election???? Is she a candidate, too busy stumping? I mean, I know she does that for the CBC. Sun News has Ottawa studios. So what gives?

    Maybe instead of focusing on the female news anchors, conservative red tory CBCer Tasha can actually address some of the issues they’ve raised, such as the CBC’s vote compass sham which Levant did a great job of exposing using visuals, or maybe the CBC’s president saying only a judge can force them to open the books so Canadians can see how they’re flushing our money down the toilet, or maybe the blowing of a million dollars of taxpayers’ money on the Mulroney Opera which will never air….. she likes to mention the CTF a lot doesn’t she? Except when it comes to the CBC, which grease her palm with nominal fees in exchange for her silence it would seem.

    Since Tasha has shown she’s willing to criticize news media, I’ll look forward to her next appearance with Solomon or Wilson on Sunday mornings when she brings up the issues raised by Sun News (real issues, not skanks, plunging necklines and silicone) and ask the both hosts if they can speak on behalf of their emplyoer and ask why Canadians are getting ripped off…… that is if she truly cares about taxpayers as she claims to be.

  156. JDot says:

    Wilson says..

    “Paul Wells said the CPC is having an advertising blitz starting Monday.”

    Whoa, Link please, or just some more info.

  157. JDot says:

    Norm says..

    “but I just don’t get why the Globe goes this way”

    Who knows. The globe use to have a great comment section back in 04-06. Then it just got crazy. But like you say the Globe use to be a really good read now it is not.

    But then I think we can say that about all the papers in Canada. Sadly it is a fast food world..


  158. wilson says:

    JDot, I think it is near the end when Wells talks about what the parties are doing in the lase week, in this Coyne/Wells video

  159. JDot says:

    wilson says:
    April 22, 2011 at 3:44 am


    Wells says(10:24 of your link) ….

    “Starting on Monday or Tuesday the conservatives are going to increase there ad buys by multitudes over anything we have seen so far this campaign”

    I hope so, I sure hope so.

  160. Liz J says:

    Appears Ignatieff and the Liberals are not able to cash in even with all the help from the media.

    Jack and Olivia may be the new residents of Stornoway.

  161. Ruth says:

    Only Ipsos has the Conservatives really high. Are they reliable or is this just a high number so the numbers will crash next week. Guess I really don’t trust any of the pollsters.

  162. Liz J says:

    Wonder if P Martin will advise and accompany Ignatieff on a frenetic trek across the country slagging PM Harper in the dying days of the campaign? We all know how that worked for Martin but desperation leads to desperate acts.

    If the Liberals drop to third place, who can they blame, Ignatieff or his handlers? I say both, Ignatieff keeps coming out with dumb statements on his own.

  163. Ruth says:

    Ipsos says big majority, Nanos says “the Cons enjoy comfortable lead but current support would make it difficult to form a majority gov’t”
    in other words, none of them know until May 3rd. Let’s keep at it.

  164. Alberta Girl says:

    Given what has been discovered in Edmonton Strathcona (U of A riding) with voting irregularities (shades of Anne McLellan’s empty buildings and U of G – unauthorized polls); I would suggest that anyone helping out with a campaign in a tight riding go over their voting lists with a fine tooth comb. Sammy posted a link to AA’s blog above with the details.

    What is it about the left that they think cheating is all fine and dandy???

    • Joanne says:

      Alberta Girl – That’s sounding desperate about what’s happening in Edmonton Strathcona. Here’s the link for anyone who’s interested.

      You’re right about checking voting lists carefully. There has never been an election that is so critical and so important that everyone get out and help in any way you can!

  165. Bec says:

    Is anyone else Scrutineering today? We should get a feel for the voting #’s during these advanced polls. (yes, EC…….”Advanced Polls” start TODAY, not, ‘oh well, whenever someone decides they want to set one up, say on a campus’?)

    • Joanne says:

      Bec – Are you scrutineering? A lot of people here seem concerned about the advance polls and how safe their vote is afterwards. Can you tell us something about the process? Thanks.

  166. Michael Harkov says:

    Well, I’ve heard that the parties are trying everything to get their vote out, so I thought I’d avail myself of that sentiment. Yesterday I’ve made an arrangement with the Liberal candidate in my riding to give me a ride to the advanced polling today, saying that I’ve injured my knee and that I might not be able to get out to vote Liberal. Of course when I get there, I will be casting my vote for the Tory candidate. The pontificating Liberal who will giving me a ride said, “anything we can do to help”. And to myself, I said with an ironic grin, “you have NO idea”. 😉

  167. Bec says:

    Joanne said,
    “Bec – Are you scrutineering?”

    Yes, we are but going for a refresher course prior to the polls opening @ noon. If I have some home time to post after the refresher, I will update you as to that info.

    At this moment, our understanding is that we look for irregularities and observe the sealing of the boxes. My attention will be what happens to those boxes and as well, ineligible voters.

    A reminder though, I live in C country…….honesty is a way of life. :)

  168. Sammy says:

    CROSSES ARE BURNING..CROSSES ARE BURNING AS WE SPEAK! Just did that in lge print to get your attention.One of our favorites appears to be in trouble in to story at NNW.What will we ever do without Headless Fry to kick around!! LOVE IT.

  169. Liz J says:

    Hedy Fry in trouble? All I can say is it’s long overdue.

    Another Liberal female Doc I’d like to see go back to practice is Doc Bennett in the Toronto riding of St Pauls.

  170. Liz J says:

    Michael @ 8:25 am, better not have a lawn sign out when you call for a Liberal ride!

    • Joanne says:

      Michael @ 8:25 am, better not have a lawn sign out when you call for a Liberal ride!


  171. Joanne says:

    I’m still catching up here from yesterday but does anyone happen to have a link to the CTV interview with PM Harper that was done in the Atlantic station? Thanks.

  172. Ontario Girl says:

    Just watched a re-run of yesterday on CPAC this morning, and John Ivison said the conservatives could lose 4-5 seats in BC????Where’s he getting his info from…some Liberal or NDP?That Peter Van Dusen sure loves to keep talking about abortion….he’s like his sister Julie Van Dusen.

  173. Sammy says:

    See you kids later..I’m off to vote today..have to drive 20 kms to do it,but well worth the trip.GET OUT AND VOTE..every one will really matter this election.
    Just read column in our local paper re all-candidates debate (Toews,etc)..sounds like all the Dipper candidate did was to slam PMSH.

  174. Bec says:

    ” John Ivison said the conservatives could lose 4-5 seats in BC????”

    The Western Premiers have all endorsed a Conservative majority. That will carry weight in BC because for the most part, despite the tendency to lean left in many regions, do not want to see a Coalition either. Having said that, BC is VERY important and what is very concerning to me is the fact that the NDP ‘budget’ (promises) favour Quebec and hurt BC, Ontario and the West, big time!

    The media have a duty to expose the $$$ factor in their platform. It’s nationally, very devisive and I guarantee, we WILL have a constitutional crisis with any form of a Coalition.

  175. fh says:

    many damaged conservative signs this am no damage to NDP or Liberal signs but then conservative signs out number them
    I take this as a good sign they must be worried
    we have a top notch candidate for conservatives but it will be a battle I suspect it is a non compete riding favouring the incumbent NDP
    I will keep working hard every day
    strong majority conservative party
    oh oh just heard a back pocket media threat coming Dave Taylor CBC forgive me for I know I have sinned but only have one TV on cable in another room

  176. fh says:

    overheard Hannah t on cbc economy not of concern I looked at poll economy not an option to cast your vote for
    if economy is not strong healthcare and education homecare all the programs we depend on will suffer

  177. batb says:

    Liz J: Jack and Olivia may be the new residents of Stornoway.

    Do you think that would mean taking less than $1.2 millions of taxpayers’ money if this is the case? Instead of first-class travel all the way back to Toronto their house would be just down the street from the HOC.

    Of course, knowing the lifestyle to which the Chow-Laytons have grown accustomed (which has nothing to do with the lifestyles of the group they purport to be speak for, “hardworking Canadian families”) they’d get limo service from the Parliament Buildings to Stornoway.

    What poseurs.

    BTW, the Conservatives in Chow’s riding, Trinity-Spadina, are having trouble keeping their signs from being vandalized or from disappearing altogether. ‘No mention of this in any of our media. “Concerned Canadian” over at SDA, who lives in this riding and who’s voting CPC, had a sign put up in her front yard this week and the next morning found that her fence had been vandalized.

    Goons to the left of me,
    Leftist thugs to the right, here we are,
    Stuck in the middle with them.

    Let’s stop being stuck in the middle! CPC MAJORITY!!

  178. Fay says:

    Jon @1:57am
    Goodpoint on Tasha. Since she can criticize SunTV now, hopefully she will give CBC the same treatment.
    Otherwise she truly is a hypocrite!

  179. Richco says:

    Ivison’s full of crap.
    From today’s stats. in Ontario and West the CPC close & challenging:
    Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
    North Vancouver
    Ajax Pickering
    Brampton – Springdale
    Brampton West
    Kingston & the Islands
    London North Centre
    Mississauga South
    York Center

    So far without Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces that’s 15 total ridings where the CPC is either neck & neck or nipping at heels.

    Add Quebec and the Atlantic provinces and we see in Quebec the CPC leading comfortably in 11 ridings and close/competitive in 2 maybe 3 more.

    Atlantic provinces have the CPC with comfortable leads in 12 ridings and close/competitive in 2 or 3 more.

    Staying that course has never been more important for Harper from here on in.
    If Harper wins those close/competitive ridings it’s a healthy and strong majority.

    We can be proud of that but there’s more work to do for sure.

    I also think that thanks to Stephen Harper and the new SUNTV that it’s becoming cool to be conservative about what we want.

  180. Ontario Girl says:

    Charles Adler said CBC Heather Hiscock had on a “sleevless” top……lolololol

  181. jon says:

    Liz J says: “Hedy Fry in trouble? All I can say is it’s long overdue. Another Liberal female Doc I’d like to see go back to practice is Doc Bennett in the Toronto riding of St Pauls.

    Two I’d like to see lose are the twin blow-hards Holland and Goodale. But you know what? Part of me would like to see them both win, just to see the looks on their faces as they rise in the Commons to ask their questions during QP, sitting in the corner in a rump party, occupying the benches where the NDP once sat, if the Libs did come third. The only thing better is going to be the look on Iggy’s face when he arrives to give his concession speech in Etobicoke-South. I’m not sure what to expect….. to react with knee-slapping laughter or bent-at-the-waist, bust-a-gut laughter.

  182. Martin says:

    Anone wishing to see the Mansbridge-Harper interview, here is the link.

  183. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Joanne
    I’m still catching up here from yesterday but does anyone happen to have a link to the CTV interview with PM Harper that was done in the Atlantic station? Thanks.

    I looked for it but its not to be found….he must of did good.
    BTW..Mark Sutcliff(Liberal) and his two Liberal guests yesterday said Liberals lead in Nova Scotia and NFLD….they say anythingon CPAC now to give their Liberals a boost, even if its a lie.

    • Joanne says:

      Ontario Girl – Thanks. CTV has been running it sporadically this morning but I’ve only been able to catch part of it so far. Yeah PM Harper did well from what I could see. He was interviewed by the same CTV Halifax guy who gave Dion the infamous ‘do-over’.

  184. jon says:

    Sun News anchors Pat Bolland and Alex Peirson just read a tweet from A Coyne who followed Tasha’s lead, criticizing Sun News. After it was read, Alex said, “interesting because it comes from someone who is also a paid CBC contributor”

    LOVE IT!!!!!

    But Alex did miss a great opportunity though. She should’ve asked Coyne through the camera lens if he will bring up the CBC’s questionable spending and it’s lack of openness and transparency during his next appearance. It frustrates me to no end at these missed opportunities. You have to nail their a**es to the wall!!!

    Oh, and BTW, Alex Peirson, one of the “skanks” dresses now exactly as she did when she was an anchor at Global Toronto and the left-wing Citytv…. I recall her wearing a similar short skirt when she filed a report from outside the Brampton court house, covering the trials of the Toronto 18.

    So she wasn’t a skank then but she is now? Clearly the real target is Sun News itself.

  185. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Joanne
    Ontario Girl – Thanks. CTV has been running it sporadically this morning but I’ve only been able to catch part of it so far. Yeah PM Harper did well from what I could see. He was interviewed by the same CTV Halifax guy who gave Dion the infamous ‘do-over’.

    I am sure PM Harper wouldn’t need a do-over…lol….I also see on NNW that ctv is going by the old Graves poll and not the Ispo reid one that has Harper in the 40’s.They just can’t FORCE themselves to give him any credit.
    Another thing I meant to mention a few days ago….Iggy had a question from a reporter who used Jane Taber as to where he got his story from and Ignatieff and Dominic Leblanc burst out laughing. I thought Iggy would like Jane since she falls all over him?It looked rude on their part though.

  186. Dave says:

    Planning to drop as many brochures supporting my local CPC candidate, between now and Easter Dinner time, as my banged up knee will allow … even if I have to hop from house to house. I am proud of the positive content, listing both accomplishments at the local level, and key platform items for the future; this is in stark contrast to the Liberal “hate-brochures” circulating.

    We’re in one of those close ridings, and has us in the lead by about 3pts at the moment. Only won by about 300 votes in 2008, so whatever the final result, I just want to be able to look in the mirror and know I did what I could.

    I feel good knowing those who frequent this blog will be out there doing the same. 😉

  187. jon says:

    And maybe A Coyne can give his thoughts as to why Sun News is not afraid of criticism, dealing with it HEAD ON while the CBC is mum on criticism against it. CBC can’t respond directly because Sun’s criticism against it is bullet proof!!! …. and they know it!

  188. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: jon
    And maybe A Coyne can give his thoughts as to why Sun News is not afraid of criticism, dealing with it HEAD ON while the CBC is mum on criticism against it. CBC can’t respond directly because Sun’s criticism against it is bullet proof!!! …. and they know it!

    Its what CBC DOESN’T report that bugs me the most….everything that they conveniently miss saying in their biased reports.I try not to watch it these days. Too crazy for words.

  189. frmgrl says:

    Brian Lilley has a good column today about the abortion issue. Everyone should read it.
    This isn’t a religious or moral view — it’s science. Thanks to new technologies, including 3D ultrasounds, we know much more now about how a child grows in the womb and the stages of development than when Canada’s abortion laws were struck down in 1988.
    Life truly does begin at conception.
    This seems shocking to Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, a medical doctor who asked on Twitter whether Harper would block a bill equating a fetus to human life.
    Well Dr. Bennett, that’s what it is. Unless you know something the rest of us don’t, such as women sometimes mistakenly give birth to cats, then it is obviously a human life growing inside the womb.

  190. Lorraine says:

    Scary theory here-In the transcripts of Jack’s telephone call in 2008 he confirms that he was working behind the scenes with Broadbent and Chretien to manipulate the menage a coup BEFORE the 2008 election.
    His words-the key was to secure the support of the BLOC early on which happened. Then Dion became putty in their hands-promising Jack 6 cabinet seats and much more.

    This menage a support still exists only NOW but Jack can smell the POWER to take over completely-Ignatieff is weak, pliable and inexperienced. Broadbent behind the scenes is very influential.
    So-what if Jack even has less seats than Iggy but forms a “merger of sorts” with the BLOC-one “party” but with special exclusionary clauses for Quebec which makes him Leader of the Opposition.
    Meanwhile since the Liberals have already postponed their AGM until whenever-Broadbent, Chretien and the others behind the scenes keep working on the Lib/NDP merger-make it official and Voila-this new merged ONE party then has more seats than a Minority Conservative party and without an election or any constitutional wrangling Jack steps in as PM because the merged party has the most seats.

  191. Soccermom says:

    I agree with Lorraine @ 11:18…..there have likely been MERGER talks for months (years)….Bob Rae would be one of the bag men…remember Ujjal after nearly losing his seat last time around? He was another one of them calling for merger…

  192. Bec says:

    OG quote from Brian Lilley;
    “This seems shocking to Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, a medical doctor who asked on Twitter whether Harper would block a bill equating a fetus to human life.”

    Carolyn Bennett is an embarrassment! We have a Grandchild who was born as a 5 months “fetus”. She is now a healthy 6 year old. I worked for someone that gave birth to a 6 month “fetus”. She is now almost 3.

    I know we don’t want to go off on an abortion tangent and that is not what I’m saying here. I am saying, modern technology has made these laws and acceptable time frames, obsolete and while we are talking about obsolete, so is Carolyn Bennett!

  193. Bec says:

    Lorraine is absolutely correct @11:18am + it’s conceivable that Quebeckers think that the RoC would be inclined to relax with a less influential Bloc. We are not!

    Jack is more frightening and we are not done here at all!

  194. jad says:

    The Western Premiers have all endorsed a Conservative majority

    Actually only Stelmach and Wall. Christie Clark, our new BC premier, did not say anything, but that in itself speaks volumes. Her brother was a Paul Martin organizer in BC and she herself has strong ties to the federal Liberals. The fact that she is not showing any support for Ignatieff tells me she doesn’t think he has a chance.

  195. jad says:

    Everyone is laughing about “PM Jack Layton”, but maybe it’s time to think about what an NDP cabinet would look like.

    For instance, Minister of Finance, Tom Mulcair, Foreign Affairs Paul Dewar, Minister of the Environment Linda Duncan, Justice Joe Comartin, Immigration Olivia Chow …. and that’s just if they keep their critics portfolio. Where would Jack put Libby Davies, and then there’s Pat Martin ????

  196. frmgrl says:

    then there’s Pat Martin ????

    Status of women?

  197. Martin says:

    Scarey indeed. One problem Layton would have is squaring his promises to Quebecers (in french) with what he has been telling his western supporters. He, or Mulcair, has supported applying bill 101 (french language) to federal jobs and federally regulated jobs in Quebec. This means french, not bilingual status for federal civil service positions. Layton also mentioned exploring ways to allow Quebec to sign the 1982 constitution. There have been other such promises along these lines. Do westerners really relish more constitutional talks? The media has been very silent on this, but with his increased profile, perhaps someone should ask him these questions.
    This is outside the whole carbon cap-and-trade program which is irreconcilable with western, and Quebec supporters.

  198. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: frmgrl
    then there’s Pat Martin ????

    Status of women?

    LOLOLOL…..He has to win his seat back first. ……..might not happen??It will be a Harper majority anyways so everyone will be sticking their tongue out at the losers….can’t wait!!!!!

  199. maz2 says:

    Socialism is the religion of the Separatist Coalition.

    Here is the natural end result of socialism, the religion of the stomach*:

    “Natives asked for toilets, got pails
    They asked for bathrooms, or at least portable toilets, and they got five-gallon pails.”

    *Socialism = stomach:

    “Le Bon The Psychology of Socialism 1899″ Socialism is in fact nothing but the religion of the Stomach.”

  200. Lorraine says:

    Jack and the manage a coup partners would have no problems “squaring up their promises” because they just take a page from the Liberals-you make the promises to get elected-take power and nobody can do anything about it when you just ignore and break your promises.
    The scenario where the NDP/LIB/BLOC are merged into a de facto one party with a majority would give them at the minimum 4 years and up to 5 years to weild power uncontested-mad people, faltering economy, disasters wouyld not matter-they would be in.
    Jack and BLOC want us to quit being members of NATO-that could happen right away and the dismantling of our military soon after.
    Nothing we could do about it because, as CBC would have to argue like they are today. “it’s constitutional”.It may be bad for Canada but the “almighty rules” as Ignatieff’s nauseating civics lectures keep reinforcing are the rules.

  201. Jen says:

    Pat Martin- justice minister- and you know how he handles women particularly if they are conservatives.

  202. jon says:

    Lorraine, in spite of the NDP’s gain in the polls, I still think the Libs will finish ahead of them. Having said that, if the Libs moved to form a coalition, they’d be destroyed at the next election with Canadians eagerly awaiting to punish them for having been deceived. They won’t drop to the 2 seats that Campbell’s PC’s got but maybe 40 like Turner’s Libs in 84. And what is the long term strategy for each of the coalition partners going into the next election? How can each go back to do what all parties do in the next election which is to attack each other, with the Libs saying the Bloc are bad, the NDP saying the Libs are bad and can’t be trusted? Are the Libs going to promise “No second coalition”.

    The Libs better think long and hard. They can get drunk on power in the short term and destroy their party in the long term, or they can look at these poll numbers, blow the party up and rebuild the proper way, like the CP did, having spent 13 patient years out of power.

    OT but didn’t the Canadian MSM say during the Bush-Gore election that Gore was ripped off because he got the most votes? Different systems but their point still was that whoever wins the most votes wins the election. Even to this day they say Bush was illegitimate. Imagine, he’s illegitimate because he won by a few thousand votes which they dispute while Iggy’s Libs will lose to Harper’s CP by 2+ million votes, not even close, and yet the MSM will try and legitimize a blatant power grab.

  203. Jen says:

    From the Edmonton Sun April 22, 2011
    Letters to the Editors


    Alberta needs to stand up for its own and carry a lot of weight by not sending transfer payments to Ottawa and refusing to accept cap-and-trade. I suspect that our premier does not have the guts, however, as he just talks.
    If Stephen Harper does not get a majority, bring on the Wildrose party to save us from oblivion.
    Dave S.
    (cap and trade is corrupt, has fared badly on an international basis)

    Note to all here, tried to find this particular ‘letter to the editor’ on the web but can’t so I copy from the Edmonton Sun newspaper which I have at hand.

    Dave’s letter is of great concern as it is to most of us here. Even Ontarians, etc are- or have to wonder the future of our great country in the hands of Socialists, separatists and corrupt liberal party and yes the msm, since they are showing no signs of worry.

  204. Martin says:

    Consistency is never the hallmark of leftwing media commentators. Another characteristic they share is a reverence for appointed Supreme Court decisions, when they agree with them. The 2000 US election was finally settled in the US Supreme Court. That is good enough for me, since I am not a US citizen, but it does not keep others from prattling on about a stolen election.

  205. TangoJuliette says:

    ” … I think that…”
    and ” …I think this… ”
    and “…I think that this is…or, I think that that might or could be…”
    and again, “…I think such and such…”
    as well as a few choice musings of “…and I think this about that…”

    Watching pseudo-reporter cum-clairvoyant, CBC’s own “reporter,” Hannah Thibodeau uses the foregoing to lead off almost every segment of her virulent anti-Harper “report” with her hysterical presumptions and highly partisan conjectures of what Hannah “thinks” she knows is going on in the mind of PMSH.

    She “thinks” she knows every motive behind every decisive action undertaken, every campaign strategy embarked upon, every word, every phrase, every sentence and every paragraph uttered, or even thought about. Stunning tour de force. But not journalism.

    Hannah. Listen. There’s no future for you in schlumpping around, trying to creatively incorporate every Librano talking point tied into every Librano campaign meme.
    On the good ship Librano-Pop, you’re just a few days from the Ceeb recalling you from your very temporarily short-lived, secondment to Count Ig’s Magical, Mysterious, Implosion and Self-Immolation Traveling Circus of Ahedonic and Public Auto- Humiliation.

    But here’s your PFD:
    NBA Finals, World Series, Grey Cup, Super Bowl, Masters & Wimbeldon.

    Call me, pleeeease ~ I’m looking for some clear-eyed clairvoyant’s tips in selecting all the winners of the forgoing events, in the remainder of 2011.

    Breathlessly awaiting your prompt response by return post,,
    I remain, as always yr. obt. srvt.


    t.e.& o.e.

  206. Bec says:

    jad said;
    “Actually only Stelmach and Wall. ”

    It was reported here that the joint endorsement occurred during the Western Premier’s meetings.

    re Scrutineering

    We are there as the eyes and ears of the party candidate. It’s primarily to ensure that eligible voters are permitted and what those parameters are….to watch for heavy handedness i.e. turning voters away….literature purposely left in polling stations etc but the deputy has the last word about everything. A Scrutineer can bring concerns to the attention of the deputy and so it’s best to remain on cordial terms with that person.
    Any concerns ignored can be brought to the attention of the candidates rep at any time over the advanced polling period.

  207. Mary T says:

    Notice how Quebec seemed to go ndp after iggy said Quebec voters were the most sophisticated in all of Canada. Does he still believe that.
    Does he, or the media, realize that every time they diss our PM they are dissing all those of us who voted Conservative last time. And nobody likes to be called stupid.
    I would love to see libs as the 3rd party, with about 4 seats less than the ndp. Would they try to form a coalition with the bloc to be the opposition.

  208. Mary T says:

    Just had a minor scare, local ad on our tv said, cable will be shut down for 8 -12 hours for maintenance in upgrades on May 2nd. Second time it ran it is on May 12.
    And I can go to NNW and cbc later today, but probably wont.

  209. Bubba Brown says:

    Good Morning to all, apparently the Iggster determined to wow Canadians opened his pie-hole just a little too wide in his Mandsbridge interview.
    I guess he thought he could just “two-step” his way to power, fat chance, liar, liar, coalition pants on fire!
    Jack is surging, he might just make a better attempt at being opposition than the hapless Ignition-off.
    Reminds me of my youth we used to turn off the ignition on the old 3 ton and glide nearly to a stop, turn the ignition back on and POW! One day we blew the muffler and tail pipe right off, never did find that puppy.
    That is kinda what Iggy has done, can’t sneak around now everybody can hear him coming, no “stealth coalition” possible.
    Things are going well Blue Folks! I will be at my post at MP James Lunneys campaign office on the 2nd of May.
    I will then be helping with the cooking chores brats and burgers!
    If the voters favor us a celebration! If they don’t a planning session for our next opportunity.
    I have a good feeling though.
    TangoJuliette @ 2:54 ahedonic? should perhaps be anhedonic.

  210. maz2 says:

    Leftist Death-Struggle.

    MSM documents the agonizing death-struggle of the leftist brothers.

    Notice the MSM’s use of “surging”.


    “Poll: Surging NDP moves into tie with Liberals
    Globe and Mail”

  211. jad says:

    Bec, you’re right that the three premiers met, but only Stelmach and Wall issued endorsements of a Conservative majority.

  212. cantuc says:

    The left-wing coalition of alternating second, third, and fourth place partys will be rolling out their campaign platform on May 12th .

  213. Joe says:

    Well we know that premier Wall endorsed the Conservatives. Special Ed had his crayons taken away after he was caught drawing on the floor so we are not sure who he endorses. Not that it matters. No one listens to Special Ed anyways.

  214. Fay says:

    I would be surprised to see an endorsement from Manitoban NDP Greg Selinger for Stephen Harper. Especially since the Manitoba NDP government are promising the moon daily as a lead up to a Provincial election this fall.

  215. Sammy says:

    Home from voting..ah that felt good! Didn’t spot any vote mobs out hee in the boonies,and I was the FIRST voter!Must tell you,I was a bit concerned re the people at the polling station.They were a husband/wife,that appeared ill-prepared,and not very sure of procedure,,had NO prep done,there were papers spread all over the sign-in table..I actually had to show the woman how to fold the ballot,as the way she had it folded,totally exposed last person on ballot (Vic Toews,CONS MP),and of course,my X! Also,when I went to drop ballot in the box,the husband said,”oh,we haven’t sealed the box yet!”..I had to re-fold ballot,then wait till they sealed ballot box (and it wasn’t that great a seal job) I asked why the poor prep,and how come someone more experienced wasn’t there to help? Answer was ‘no one wanted to be here today!’..this was an English immigrant couple,and just seemed ill-prepared,uninformed etc.I WILL be calling Elections Canada about this.I just wish I had known,as usually all these Election jobs are filled (rural area,and good opportunity)..but,for some reason,not this time.I certainly would have stepped up and done my civic duty,and worked polling station.Just bizarre.I don’t think it was any real ‘monkey business’ but..if things like that can happen here,what about a really busy city polling station?

  216. Richco says:

    re: – forgot to include two K/W ridings in the close/competitive list from before.

  217. Ontario Girl says:

    CTV just said” the Conservatives running an attack ad on Jack Layton means the Conservatives are “Worried”.”
    Yeah…about the coalition with Jacko as Prime Minister? YIKES.

  218. Sammy says:

    Fay,as you know I also live in Man.,and you are right about Sellinger.Say what you will about Doer,at least he was confident,knew what he was doing..and even tho he was a Dipper,I thot of him as more of a ‘soft’ one.I happen to work for Prov.Gov’t,and I can tell you,the ‘agency’ I work for is going thru major upheaval,and I have NO confidence in the Premier here.I am just waiting to get the political crap from the Union I have to pay dues to,telling me I should vote NDP..I gave them a hell of a blast last time it happened,told them to quit using my ‘dues’ to fund socialism! Needless to say,I wasn’t offered the Shop Steward job again!!!!!! Loved telling them where to stick the dipper crap.
    BTW,where are all the Happy Earth Day greetings????? I celebrated by instead of waiting to vote in my own town,burnt a bunch of gas,in my SUV driving to early polling station 20 kms away…I try to do my part.I also have a lovely fire going (even tho I don’t need it) in the woodstove…and am thinking of firing up the chainsaw,and cutting down a tree or two.Happy Earth Day to me!

  219. Richco says:

    I think that Lorraine’s coalition theory, while interesting will not happen. Why? Here’s a portion of WK’s from today where he puts the reason in very good terms. I think he’s correct. I also remember that there is no love lost between Layton and Bob Rae. I’m also sure that Layton’s not fogotten that tape that the PM has that would blow him right out of the water – and may yet.

    “What now? Well, that’s a really good question. If the NDP make history, and carry their current popularity past the weekend and into next week, they could very well form the Official Opposition. The instant that happens, as I told this PostMedia reporter yesterday in a long chat, the aforementioned Ignatieff and 4S are gone. They’ll all have to resign on election night if they are to escape the enraged, pitchfork-wielding grassroots Grits. Even in 1984′s rout we held onto Opposition status. With that gone – and the staff, and budget and influence that brings – it will be a long, hard slog back.
    We get emails, etc. Yesterday afternoon, not a few Gritty folks called and emailed to say, ruefully, “Damn, I guess Chretien and Broadbent and dinks like you were right. We should’ve gotten together with the NDP when we had the chance.” My response, and as I plan to write in my Hill Times space on Monday: “Uh-huh. Forgive me for repeating myself, which I do all the time, but why the Hell would the NDP be interested now? They look like they’re going to be the Official Opposition, and are on their way up. Why would they want to get together with a party on its way down? The opportunity has passed. Enjoy the next decade of misery.” Well, okay, maybe I wasn’t that harsh, but I was certainly thinking it, in my smallish cranium. I’m just pissed off, you know?”

  220. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery:

    Liberal Count Ignatieff refreshes his family. Why?

    What is this obsession with his family?

    Count’s family* is now in the public space.

    Ignatieff said:

    “I spent my childhood going into the little churches with my Dad on Sunday, and they spoke Russian, so I didn’t understand that, but I knew that this was a big deal for my Dad,” he said.”


    *More of Liberal Count Ignatieff’s family.

    Liberal Ignatieff’s great-grandfather Count Nicolai Ignatieff on the Jews:

    “If you have lived in South Russia, you know
    what the Jew is,” replied Ignatieff. *’ He is dirty,
    he dresses differently from anybody else, he forms
    a society of his own, and he oppresses the people.”

    The pogroms, murder of the Jews: “the
    frightful excesses”.

    “‘ The reader will remember that the Count’s apologetic state-
    ments about the Jews were shortly afterwards followed by the
    frightful excesses at Balta and other large towns in South
    Russia, which surpassed the previous outrages at Warsaw and
    KiefF, and by the expulsion of Jews from Moscow.”

    “Full text of “The Russian advance towards India. Conversations with Skobeleff, Ignatieff, and other distinguished Russian generals and statesmen, on the Central Asian question”

  221. Fay says:

    Just finished watching Theo Caldwell and Monte Solberg. Great television and am loving SunTV.
    Happy Earth Day Sammy from South Western Manitoba. We have noticed that Greg Sellinger has not flown out here for a flood photo op! Maybe saving the environment???
    My husband and I are going to drive our SUV up to check on the cottage. Bring on the global warming it is too cold and wet in Manitoba. The sun used to shine in Manitoba before Kyoto.

  222. Richco says:

    Watching SunTV news at noon today at the end of the segment they had a really funny photo of Ignatieff and some of this candidates at a long table (shot in black and white from the front) and the comment from the fellow (from out west) was that it looked like the picture of The Last Supper but this would be Ignatieff’s Last Supper.
    Very funny. It’s supposed to be up on SunTV’s website…..although I haven’t checked to confirm that.

  223. Joe says:

    Has anyone else noticed how depressed the Libblogs are today? You would think that they believe their party is about to be kicked to the curb on May 2. I won’t say they are wrong but I am not about to bet the kid’s inheritance that they are right. Get out the vote everyone.

  224. Joe says:

    Richo I don’t think that was a picture of the Liberal Last Supper unless they got confused. The Jesus figure and the Judas figure are the same man.

  225. Sandy says:

    After voting in the Advance Poll, I thought I would put up a post that was good news. I watched like a hawk and there was nothing improper at the poll station. The HRO was very strict in fact.

  226. Richco says:

    Joe@3:20 – that’s a hilarious comment!

  227. Bubba Brown says:

    Richco that is funny, notice there is no “Lunch” Jack ate their lunch!! ROFLMAO!
    I predicticted if the Liberals kept up they would slide down to single digets, looka like they will be there in Quebec.
    So Mr ignatieff id going to have a 1/2 hour of himself presiding over various weenie roasts etc.
    Imagine what the Liberals have spent the last two weeks on ads and their numbers are still in freefall.
    Did Bagdad Bob get a loan from the U.A.E.?
    With The greater exposure of his Iggyness driving his numbers down how does the gang feel about donating a few dollars to keep him on for a whole hour?
    Should finish the Liberal party off for at least 10 years IMHCO.
    Yup sounds eerily like Dion “If Canadians could only get to know me”
    He should have gone for broke and had his 1/2 hour on ‘Earth Day” after all it is the birthday of one of his countrymen Vladimir Lenin, that is not a coincidence. IMO
    Could of had Lizzy May on with him and launched Cap and trade woo hoo going for broke.
    Trying not to gloat here but he has been a real dick the last little while. Looks good on him

  228. Sammy says:

    Oh dear! the ‘lefties’ are really,really pissy with Petey! (Mansbridge)..check out:

  229. Sammy says:

    Ooops,that link didn’t work,try:

    Some commenters think Petey set up Iggy so he could get a Senate seat!

  230. Sammy says:

    It gets even better! Even the left see that Milewski HATES PMSH! They are demanding cbc have a do-over of interview with PMSH,and let Mildew have at him! HAHAHA! Now they know what we have had to stomach all these years.

  231. maz2 says:

    Liberal Count Ignatieff is depressed.

    The Count has conceded defeat.

    *I-narcissist or narcissistic? “look at me”.

    Count Ignatieff:

    “It’s now increasingly in the hands of the voters,” Ignatieff told Postmedia News Thursday. “I feel that in the final week, people are going to (look at me and) decide, is this guy listening to me? Does this guy hear me? Is this guy working for me?

    “I want (voters) to say, he’s my guy.”


    “Talks about himself in the 3rd person singular”.

    “His speech is peppered with “I”, “my”, “myself”, and “mine”.”

    “Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?”

  232. jon says:

    Saw one of Iggy’s ad run on Sun News which concludes with him saying: “You deserve better from the govt you pay for.” Notice how he doesn’t say “from the govt you elect”. That ad has been run right from the beginning of the campaign and proves that his plan B — plan A is to form a minority — is to form a coalition. He knew then, as he knows now, that Canadians would not elect him and his party with the most votes.

  233. Martin says:

    That is great news from Mansbridge’s facebook, it confirms my suggestion last night that it must have been the CPC that picked the hockey rink setting. They are fuming that it gave PMSH a great advantage. I agree, and he is not about to do it over again. As Jerry Seinfield might say “This is the interview”.

  234. wilson says:

    Richco’s link, new attack ad.

    That is a powerful message in the ROC, both the attack on Jack AND that Libs are missing from the coalition message.
    Says there is only one way to stop the socialist/separatist conspiracy: vote CPC

  235. Richco says:

    wilson – yeah apparently the NDP say that the CPC truth ad is, um “untrue” – I don’t think so Jack – we’ve got the photos and apparently a tape of the phone conversation to prove that the CPC ad is quite true.

    Pictures don’t lie and Canadians don’t have to guess at what the message is in those ads.

  236. Ontario Girl says:

    Paul Dewer on global was fuming about the new ad…he said it was totally false….good…send that tape to Sun TV News to start running it where they talk about Duceppe etc. Time to expose those liars. Dewer looked like his head was going to explode.

  237. Bec says:

    Hi everyone…on my break from volunteering at a polling booth and for us, the first day of advanced polls at my location was a far,far bigger turnout than expected. (overhearing people say how angry they are at the 3 stooges)

    Based on what I have read here and on BT, many of the same issues occurred at our location too. What is different is that during these advanced polls, they require a hand written address confirmation that has been implemented to avoid people trying to vote twice. It’s a great safety feature but has slowed the lines down tremendously. This process is ONLY for advanced polls. I believe EC has done a good thing with this change.

    As well though, I heard that the organization from EC this election, left a lot to be desired.

    The question that was asked about what happens to the ballot box has an answer now. The ballots are placed in an envelope at the end of each day and sealed. Those ballots leave with the most senior EC person at the poll. That’s the answer I was given.

    • Joanne says:

      The question that was asked about what happens to the ballot box has an answer now. The ballots are placed in an envelope at the end of each day and sealed. Those ballots leave with the most senior EC person at the poll. That’s the answer I was given.

      Thanks Bec. And do you have any idea what happens to the box after that? Is anyone present to witness the seal being broken when the ballots are counted? I’m just throwing that question out there for anyone to answer that might know.

  238. soundofmusak says:

    Hanging in there, Sammy? :-)

  239. soundofmusak says:

    FYI Joanne:

    Thread weighs in at 525KB now.

    Connection Rate Download Time
    14.4K 409.66 seconds
    28.8K 206.73 seconds
    33.6K 177.74 seconds
    56K 108.16 seconds
    ISDN 128K 35.76 seconds
    T1 1.44Mbps 6.57 seconds

    Just sayin’.

  240. Mary T says:

    Hubby and I were no, 50 and 51 at the advance poll today, before 1.00p.m.
    And this in a small rural town in AB. Almost forgot to take off my Harper button.
    Signs are up, met my candidate last night, told him I was a scrutineer on voting day.
    It started to rain during his trip down here, but he just pulled up his rain hood and kept going. He will win by several thousand votes.

  241. Sammy says:

    Thanks for thinking of me Sound! I managed to download the MTS ‘accelerator’ for dial-up,and it has helped quite a bit..hence my not whining! Plus I know Jo is a busy gal..don’t want to complain too much and get sent to my room!
    Thots anyone from Sask here on chances of dippers picking off some seats in your prov? And,what are polls saying about ralphie’s chances? My top picks for libs I really want gone? Wayne Easter! hmmm,just realized it IS Easter! I just never want to hear that screeching,whiny voice in QP again.Mark Holland could really use a loooong holiday from the Hill..Dhalla,just cuz she’s useless…Carolyn Bennett,same reason as I want Easter gone..cannot tolerate listening to her..Ken Dryden,cuz he was a Hab,and being a Leafs fan,that’s reason enough!He puts me to sleep just listening to his long,boring rants..and IGGY! Just leave already,you’ve done enough damage.

    • Joanne says:

      I managed to download the MTS ‘accelerator’ for dial-up,and it has helped quite a bit.

      Good stuff Sammy!

  242. Bubba Brown says:

    woo! just in, Bubbette and I voted took an 1 & 1/2 worth every minute huge turn out in Qualicum Beach.
    All us “grey power” my wife from working in the bank for years knows most of them. They are very, very, po’ed.
    I hope the stooges can feel the love.

    • Joanne says:

      The general feedback seems to be that this advance poll had a huge turnout. Not sure what it will mean for the CPC but it’s great that voters are engaged!

  243. maz2 says:

    Update: Mao Stlong Lepolt: Stlike.

    Mao Stlong, aka Maurice Strong, is the Uncle Mo of Liberal leader Bob Rae*.

    Mao say, vote Ribelar.


    “At the world’s largest port, China’s inflation problem boils over
    Globe and Mail – ‎10 minutes ago‎

    At the world’s busiest container port, China’s inflation problem is becoming an obstacle to global trade. Incensed by spiking fuel costs and consumer prices, truck drivers hauling goods to and from the Port of Shanghai went on strike Wednesday, …

    Shanghai Truckers’ Protest, Adding to Chinese Fears of Unrest New York Times

    UPDATE 1-Third day of Shanghai strike threatens China exports Reuters”

    *Liberal leader Bob Rae’s Uncle Mo:

    “A Global Agenda perpetrated by the likes of Maurice Strong, Soros, Al Gore and Obama.

    Maurice Strong tied to Al Gore and Soros.

    The United Nations has been “fed” an expense budget by the United States and participating countries around the world. Because the United Nations (corruption personified) is afraid that their “money well” may dry up, is promoting the fear of Global Warming to push an agenda for none other than redistributing wealth around the world.

    Al Gore and Maurice Strong will make MILLIONS off the cap and trade carbon credits through the Chicago Carbon Exchange. Notice the word: Chicago? (Obama tied to this too…..)”

  244. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report.

    “Once a sure thing, Liberals now fighting for Jewish vote”

    “The one thing Irwin Cotler never expected in his political career was to be forced to prove his commitment to Jewish causes and the state of Israel.

    “It causes me deep, personal anguish,” said the long-time human rights activist and former Liberal justice minister who is running for the sixth time in Pierre Trudeau’s former riding of Mont Royal in Quebec.”


    Liberal Ignatieff’s great-grandfather Count Nicolai Ignatieff on the Jews:

    “If you have lived in South Russia, you know
    what the Jew is,” replied Ignatieff. *’ He is dirty,
    he dresses differently from anybody else, he forms
    a society of his own, and he oppresses the people.”

    April 22, 2011 at 2:55 pm

  245. maz2 says:

    Watch for MSM’s party endorsements. Coming soon. Stay tuned.

    G-M’s “history” begins at year 1953.

    G-M starts with:

    “Globe endorsements through history”

  246. jon says:

    Conflict of interest…. one that went under the radar

    Ignatieff confirmed support for CBC
    A letter-writer remarked that no political party is paying any attention to the CBC this election campaign.

    This is not the case. Last Sunday, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff hosted a campaign rally in Victoria that was attended by more than 1,000 people.

    During the town-hall style meeting, he took many questions. He was asked about the future of the CBC and he pledged the Liberal party’s full support. Ignatieff promised that the CBC will be present in every corner of Canada, with full funding. He received a standing ovation.

    Malgorzata Karas

    On the standing ovation, I wonder if Terry was among them.

  247. ed says:

    Martin says: April 22, 2011 at 10:31 am.

    Martin, thanks a lot for the link. I’m checking tonight if the interview is on the National here in Montreal. If it’s not and if it wasn’t shown yesterday, then Montrealers and other Quebecers have been shortchanged. That would not be a surprise because hardly any Conservative viewpoints are heard here. :-(

    Sammy says: April 22, 2011 at 7:31 pm.

    Sammy, as a Hab fan, I don’t want Ken Dryden either. I mean, he’s a thousand times worse than a Leaf fan and that’s saying something. LOL Sorry, couldn’t help it. :-)

    maz2 says: April 22, 2011 at 8:42 pm.

    maz2, it seems that the turnout in some Montreal polling stations are quite heavy as well, particularly in Cotler’s riding. Just as much pleasure to see Trudeau go down.

    Why is it that some Liberals and NDP’ers can hardly go a day without lying?? In some cases, it’s so bad they actually lie about their lies. Amazing.

  248. ed says:

    Paul Martin running around with Ignatieff saying the Conservatives will cut funds in health care to reduce the deficit. I think he has it in an ad. Why doesn’t a reporter ask Martin about his cutting funds to health care to the tune of 25 billion dollars. From what I heard, Martin cut funds, etc. in many areas (pensions, for example) to the tune of 98 billion dollars in order to balance the books. And the people suffered.

    There are so many truth ads to put out there, it would take weeks to do so. Just look at Ignatieff, for example, with all of his personal attacks on the PM – and that’s after he said he wouldn’t, that he wanted civility. Meanwhile, Layton talks about honesty while he goes about lying about the PM and spreading misinformation. Oh, yeah, what about Layton referring to members of the Senate as “those criminals” – prime ministerial, a statesman, huh! And you get certain radio hosts praising Layton without any criticism. And the people lose.

    Which leads to one conclusion, Stephen Harper is the ONE. Hopefully, Quebecers will come to their senses and vote for the ONLY decent choice, the REAL path to excellence.

  249. Ontario Girl says:

    Conservative candidate ahead…low and behold…every election this happens, and its a media event just before advance pole voting…………..I was actually expecting it again….

  250. Martin says:

    Ontario Girl: from the NP story Carolyn Bennet says….

    Ms. Bennett, who launched a complaint with Elections Canada over the “Republican-style” tactic, said Toronto police are investigating the tire-slashing incidents in her riding and have been canvassing victims for statements.

    “The description is corroborated with the description given to us by [one of the victims] — a white male, aged 25 to early 30s, and wearing a black leather jacket and baseball cap.”

    Notice a white male 30 wearing a baseball cap, must be a Republican. Such incidents are deplorable, but what in the world do they have to do with the Republican party?

    The Good Doctor, judging by her most recent comments, must really be off her medications.

  251. jon says:

    ed, the question shouldn’t be WHY Martin cut health care because we know why he did — to balance the books.

    The question is why didn’t he, Chretien and the Libs TELL Canadians they would cut health care during the ’93 election? It wasn’t in the Red Book; it wasn’t something they campaigned on either, even though the size of the deficit was fully disclosed.

    Like you, it frustrates me to no end that reporters never ask him that question and yet these same reporters put stock in mere allegations by the Libs that the CP will cut health care even though the Libs are the ones with the proven track record for cuts.

  252. Ontario Girl says:

    This is getting crazy…This same thing happened by some Liberal in Wpg…saying her Liberal supporters were getting phone calls late at night also. Looks like NOTHING is above Liberals when they are in desperation mode…..(needing the jewish vote?)Sick.

    Earlier this week, Jewish voters in the riding were also the brunt of what Ms. Bennett called a “demon-dialer campaign out of the United States,” in which callers harassed Liberal supporters during the Passover seder.

  253. ed says:

    jon, I agree. I wanted a reporter to point out Martin’s hypocrisy. Martin cut funds to health care to reduce the deficit. Now, he criticizes the Conservatives saying they will cut funds to health care. If I’m not mistaken, the PM said clearly he would not do that. I think we’ll take Stephen Harper’s word over Martin’s and Iggy’s any day.

  254. Barbara says:

    Wow, so poor Ruby and Carolyn can’t catch a break. If people are actually slashing tires, that’s awful and they should be punished. But, I’m sorry, this is Carolyn Bennet. She can’t string a coherent thought together without screaming and waving her arms around like a lunatic. It will take a heck of a lot of witnesses before I believe ANYTHING she says.

  255. Martin says:

    “demon-dialer campaign out of the United States,”
    “Republican-style tactic”

    I wish just for once, a reporter would hold Mrs Bennet to her accusations:

    Why is it Republican tactic?, What is your evidence? Why are they targeting your riding? What or whom do you suggest is behind these activities? If you have suspicions, tell us now.
    As we well know, these questions remain unasked, let alone unanswered.

  256. Soccermom says:

    she’d be more believable if she had said it was a “Democratic-style tactic”, because that’s exactly what slashing tires and defacing property is…..

  257. TangoJuliette says:

    Bubba Brown:


    Yup. U R correct. My typo. You must be either a teacher or a proofreader.
    Thanks for the catch. I’ve long suspected that most folks don’t read long submissions. My suspicions are obviously somewhat twisted.


    t.e. & o.e.

  258. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal Count Ignatieff’s O’Harvard buddy.

    What do they share? Their “Likability Gap”.

    Fritz said:

    “The inferior Liberal db was bought from Barak Obama sending our money south.”

    You mean this O’narcissist*?

    >>> “*Many complain of the incredible deceptive powers of the narcissist.”


    “Henninger: Obama’s Likability Gap”

    “Obama.2008 was engaging, patient, open, optimistic and a self-identified conciliator.

    Obama.2011 has been something else—testy, petulant, impatient, arrogant and increasingly a divider.

    Never forget: That historic 2008 victory came with 52.9% of the total vote and 52% of independent voters. David Axelrod recently noted “how small the margin for error is.”

    Presidential personality is well inside the margin of error for 2012, but the one on display recently has not been attractive. And it’s happening a lot.

    This Monday, after wrapping up a White House interview with a Dallas TV reporter, the station reported that Mr. Obama said: “Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, alright?”

    This self-referencing, snappish tone tracks with the president’s “open mic” comments last week at a Chicago fund-raiser. Dismissing the GOP as “nickel and diming” him on budget negotiations, he asked, “You think we’re stupid?” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the president wasn’t embarrassed. But he should be. Not because his comments were caught, but because suddenly he’s sounding more like Travis Bickle (“You talkin’ to me?”) than the president of the United States.”


    “*Narcissistic leaders are nefarious and their effects pernicious. They are subtle, refined, socially-adept, manipulative, possessed of thespian skills, and convincing. Both types equally lack empathy and are ruthless and relentless or driven.”

    “*Many complain of the incredible deceptive powers of the narcissist. They find themselves involved with narcissists (emotionally, in business, or otherwise) before they have a chance to discover their true character. Shocked by the later revelation, they mourn their inability to separate from the narcissist and their gullibility.”

    “*Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?”

  259. maz2 says:

    Of the socialist Separatist Coalition:

    Taliban Jack LaytoNDP said:

    “The negotiating process, I am, by the way in very very regular touch with the leader of the Liberal party, and the leader of the Bloc, frequently every day. At the same time, negotiation processes are underway, and in fact as we speak, our negotiating team that I’ve named to meet with the Liberal negotiating team are discussing the mechanics of a coalition government, and the form that it would take, the structure of cabinet, the way in which the logistics of a coalition government with the Liberals and the New Democrats would work, the key roles, and dispute resolution mechanisms, timelines, et cetera.”

    “Transcript of NDP conference call”



  260. Joanne says:

    Just a reminder here to please keep comments as short as possible during the election period. Thanks.

  261. Alberta Girl says:

    ANOTHER site posted by my Leftie FB friend – with th comment – “keep your eye on the prize”

    Have a gander at the poll on the left side –

    Who will win more votes this election?

    hmmm…they sort of forgot one party dontcha think??? LOL

  262. Alberta Girl says:
  263. Mary T says:

    In the last 2 elections, the DRO for the advance polls brought the ballot box into the polling station, and it was unsealed there, with lots of witnesses and the ballots counted and not mixed with other ballots cast that day. Same procedure for the ballots, each candidate gets a copy of the poll results.

  264. Bec says:

    Joanne said;
    “Thanks Bec. And do you have any idea what happens to the box after that? Is anyone present to witness the seal being broken when the ballots are counted? I’m just throwing that question out there for anyone to answer that might know.”

    I stayed for the entire process last night (Like a good little Scutineer) and here is what actually happens without giving away national secrets.

    The box IS opened carefully with all present to witness and those ballots are counted, NOT opened. Certain items are then placed back into the box in envelops and the box, resealed. That happens throughout the entire advance polling. The DRO and one (can’t remember her title) confirming voters addresses and getting signatures ARE PRESENT election night at the EC headquarters to count the votes from their advanced polls. These people are not allowed to work an election day poll.
    The box and all of the material is kept by the DRO but some of the data is taken to EC .

    The workers that I had the privilege of spending the day with were fun and committed to honesty and the rules to the letter. I did notice though that they had to fine tune a few things as they went along. I can see where there could be abuse if the wrong person had bad intentions. That is why there has been some delays this year. They (EC) have made some changes that should eliminate cheating i.e. addresses and sigs.

  265. Richco says:

    The demographic breakdowns for the CROP poll in Quebec were released.

    Among non-francophones: NDP – 45%, Cons – 26%, Lib – 20%, BQ – 4%, Green – 4%

  266. Dave says:

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be making an important announcement from his “Here for Canada” Conservative policy platform in Mississauga shortly …

    You can join him online and watch it live at

    Saturday, April 23, 2011

    6:00am PDT
    7:00am MDT
    8:00am CDT
    9:00am EDT
    10:00am ADT
    10:30am NDT

  267. maz2 says:

    Rex: Then & Now. The short and curly: Caught by.

    “Rex Murphy: Has a campaign ever meant so little?”


    “These are the musings and imaginings of a man and a party looking for some path past the grim anticipation of a bad showing.”

    “Ignatieff’s coalition comments come too late to be a mistake”

    “The pledge not to form a coalition was always meant to be porous, always meant to leave open some room for the (presumptive) second-place Liberals to find a way around the (presumptive) first-place Conservatives. The word coalition itself is sufficiently elastic to cover many combinations, from a strictly defined written arrangement, to some loose, tacit agreement among three losing parties. And the Liberals, when they wish to be, can be as semantically adept as Bill Clinton at his more inspired.

    Further, the hard-headed strategists in the Ignatieff campaign most certainly knew that leaving the door ajar, just a tad, was just the smart thing to do — as long as it wasn’t too obvious. Never close down an option if you do not have to.

    The Liberals want room to manoeuvre after election day — the ability to say they had never really ruled out some combination with the other parties if the chance to replace a minority Harper government does present itself. They just didn’t want this scenario at the forefront of their campaign.

    Till this week. That’s the telling point of the exchange with Mansbridge. Was it a stumble? Or was it stage two of the necessary preparation for the post-election period? I go with the second option. Mr. Ignatieff, three weeks into the campaign, was surely not caught off-guard by the question.”

  268. Richco says:

    Dave – I’d watch the Live Stream if it was activated. It doesn’t appear to be through the link you provided.

  269. Mary T says:

    CPAC has the PM making his stmt

  270. Bubba Brown says:

    Good Morning, another beauty of a day, we are contemplating an article in the Calgary Herald this morning, regarding the “Morals” of Coalitions. Canadians are NOT amused.
    Myself I don’t give a rats patootie how many scraggly beardey, pony tailed professor’s say “It’s Legal” I will put on my work boots and take it to the streets if they try to take away my vote, with a creepy coalition, with Separatists in the drivers seat.
    I think a whole lot of us feel the same way.
    TangoJuliette @6:34 I am neither teacher nor proof reader just a retired Boilermaker who left school in Gr 9 to make my way in the world. I do confess to being an autodictactic. If something interests me I read up on it.
    I love the comments here, learn something every time I visit! Thanks Jo!

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