What we’re up against

Election 2011 is shaping up to be a contest between Stephen Harper vs. the Coalition of forces that want to take him down:  opposition parties, left-wing lobbying groups and think-tanks, left-wing academia and their brainwashed young followers – all enabled by left-wing media.

Supporters of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are going to have to combat these types of extremely well-organized groups:

Catch 22

Pair Vote (H/T Richco)

Swing 33 (H/T Stephen Taylor via Twitter)

Obviously we need all hands on deck this election.  The Coalition forces are united against us. Please get out and support your local Conservative candidate any way you can.

The future of our country rests in your hands.

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The upcoming Ontario election is going to be just as nasty – Catholic teachers are being forced by their union to target Tim HudakTeachers union raises dues to pay for $3 million campaign against Tories. It’s funny how things have changed. Back when I attended a Catholic grade school we were taught values like fairness and kindness.  WWJD? More and more I find myself wondering what happened to the Catholic Church and the separate school system.


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Inventing a scandal. What the MSM didn’t tell you about Harper’s campaign screeningThe Black Rod (H/T Peter B)

A Tory minority seems as inevitable as its demise – PATRICK BRETHOUR (A rather gloomy prognostication)

Church voter’s guide takes a shot at Tories – Sun

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  1. DWT says:

    I have posted – correction, attempted to post – comments on our local newsrag’s site – no profanity / slurs / name calling, just the facts. For some “unknown” reason, my comments are never approved by the editors, but anyone who posts nasty “dictator” comments is approved in a heartbeat.
    I would cancel my subscription, but I never had one …:)

  2. Lorraine says:

    Canadians are seeing exactly how the opposition, especially the Liberals, abused parliament-inventing scandelettes based on pretty much nothing and personal destruction by muck raking,screeching profanities and abuse at individuals instead of caring about policy or even focussing on the realities and needs of Canadians.

    This tactic would never have worked without a manipulated media who repeat the profanities and abuse with glee instead of ignoring it.

    Watching this I am absolutely convinced the Liberals still have the same backroom power mongers who can make or break anybody they want inthis country-and certain media are their puppets and want back on the gravy train.

    YOu know about this power cabal-they have pulled the strings on Fed. gov. since Trudeau-Harper is the first in more than 40 years they can’t control.

    Without naming names a former butler from one of the power households is once again running in Outremont.


  3. frmgrl says:

    I posted this on the previous thread. I thought I would post it on this one too.
    Where’s the Main Stream Media onthis H/T from David Akin
    Liberal bubble? #LPC supporters couldn’t get in to @M_Ignatieff rally in QC: http://bit.ly/gss87P #elxn41

  4. Springer says:

    Bias in the media is now worse than I’ve ever seen it. They’re not even subtle about it any more.

    Main reason, IMHO, is that PM Harper simply won’t be manipulated by them, refusing to dance to their tune, and all too ready and willing to go over their heads to get his message out to Canadians. For this disrespect for the MSM’s supremacy, they essentially hate the man.

  5. Richco says:

    Hi Joanne – if there was EVER a column that needed responding to it’s Mallick’s from today’s Star. I’m writing a response to her when I’m done here but I think this woman is in desperation mode and needs to have her stupid questions answered by some Harper supporters.

    Not linking to the column here because I don’t want to taint this blog with her crap but seriously folks stand up for Harper like he stands up for us.

  6. Jen says:

    Joanne, my husband couldn’t sleep so he watched CBC NATIONAL last night- bless his soul, saw AMADA LANG here is what she has to say take a look at the video:
    Reality check: Liberal Red Book

  7. Richco says:

    this is my letter to bitter Mallick who seems to be suffering more from leader envy than anything else. (most here will notice a teeny tiny stretch of the truth re: my “uncommitted” position. I’m very committed.)

    “Dear Heather,

    Thanks for your column today. Until I read it I was uninterested and uncommitted to support any of the leaders. I started with an open mind but the more negative rants I hear or read about Stephen Harper, the more I’m leaning more and more towards him.


    Because of the assumptions columns like yours today make about his personality and character. The only reason I can see in the kind of manic spinning against a fellow who seems to be managing our country’s finances very well is to take cheap shots at a man, who unlike other leaders isn’t interested in pleasing the media.

    Despite your attempt, I’ve grown to like that about Mr. Harper. That he puts the country ahead of schmoozing the media is becoming very clear thanks to columns like yours.

    My decision to give Harper my vote is because the press and opposition are spinning so hard that it’s a clue to me that Harper’s indeed doing something very well indeed.

    It feels oddly like Toronto’s when I was undecided. In the I couldn’t stand the bitterness and nastiness that the media and his opponents passed off as being helpful to voters. It was helpful all right but not in the way that you or your colleagues thought.

    Same goes for the federal campaign.

    Keep up the great work.”

  8. Springer says:

    Also, one poster on WK’s blog commented that he was at that particular CPC event yesterday, and that two people who were being rude at the back of the room were escorted out.

    Frankly, I think the whole affair has been deliberately misrepresented and spun until hell won’t have any more of it.

    I don’t believe anything I hear or read from either CBC’s or CTV’s coverage of this election, not a word of it.

  9. Bubba Brown says:

    Indeed Joanne, the one thing that has struck me sitting in MP James Lunney’s campaign office, is the quiet efficiency.
    There is no rehashing of the events of the day. Or hand wringing over silly ass students being tossed out of rallies for whatever reason. Or will it still be a debate if Ellie doesn’t sing?
    These folks are way too focused on the task at hand, there are people coming in for signs, dropping off cheques.
    We are on a mission, way to important to be sidetracked by Malice, Mildew or Professors imitating Leaders.
    Who are presenting warmed over, failed policy, as a platform for the new millennium.
    It’s as if they don’t want Canada to succeed, they hate that we are doing well.
    I think Bankrupt Bob is distancing himself so that he has “deniable culpability”
    i.e. Denial of blame in loose and informal chains of command where upper rungs quarantine blame to the lower rungs.
    He is standing behind the curtain ready to push Mr Ignatieff under the bus.
    The frustation of the left is playing itself out.
    They have nothing else to offer but “never was and has been” Leaders and failed policies.
    We only need to look to Europe to see the results of “Green Shifts & cap and trade”
    We have only to look South to our American neighbors Socialist POTUS, to see our future if we let these people take over our Canada once more.
    A campaign ad praises Canada, presents it a positive light, stirs a patriot hearts.
    Even that is trash talked by these pretenders.

  10. potato says:

    If the media aren’t doing their job of ensuring the voters are informed about the election platform of each of the parties then they are an affront and a threat to democracy in this country. I’m sure Ignatieff, that champion of democracy, is on the case.

  11. greig says:

    One only has to see the vile, hateful, disgusting, racist, anti-Harper, anti-Conservative comments on the CBC website to realize the agenda CBC is promoting and the type of lefty extremists they cater to. Fine, but not on our dime. And what is really disgusting is the fact the comments are reviewed and approved by a taxpayer paid CBC, so-called moderator before being posted. Judging by the “stories” concocted by the CBC since the start of the election, it is apparent the CBC is pretty much spearheading the Liberal campaign.

  12. Expert Tom says:

    It’s not enough for us to just stop watching. We have to start boycotting advertisers of these rags and biased networks. If your cable provider doesn’t carry Sun News Network then cancel and find one that does!

  13. Ruth says:

    Springer at 10:23….check out Sandy’s blog from yesterday. I think that was also one of the comments in the CTV writeup about the story. People at the back were causing a disturbance and were asked to leave. Sandy put this on twitter too, but it doesn’t seem to have resonated with the MSM….they just carry on with their own stories.

    • Joanne says:

      Springer at 10:23….check out Sandy’s blog from yesterday. I think that was also one of the comments in the CTV writeup about the story. People at the back were causing a disturbance and were asked to leave.

      I can’t seem to find that. I hope Sandy drops by here and directs us to that comment. 😉

  14. antfrm says:

    perhaps the reason the opposition parties were as anxious to get THEIR election so soon this spring, was the coming appearance of Sun Media on the horizon, and some chance of a counter to the negative spin they have so ably promoted, and in spite of overwhelming positive economic news. I will work until I die, to expose these cheap fraudsters, for the ill they bring to Canada

  15. DWT says:

    Bubba Brown – you are in my riding! I have maxed out my national donation, but will be dropping to make one at the local level. Hope to see you there.

  16. Dave says:

    Along with the recent “Don’t Yell at the TV” thread, that encouraged a lot of people to get involved at the riding level (including me) …. THIS thread is extremely important and hopefully help some ‘fringe’ centrist Liberals, who may stop by and actually read it, to realize that their party has changed, and changed dramatically.

    The current lot of Liberals, at least the ones calling the shots, have moved so far left that if they ever get in power, I truly believe the Nanny State Progressive movement could be here to stay. Life as we’ve known it in Canada will change. The full court press by the MSM networks, most print media, hate mongers like Mallick and the Professional “anonymous’ targeting sites like Catch22, have an agenda, and it doesn’t include freedom of choice for us, or our kids, or for Capitalism.

    I truly believe, that this is the most important election that many of us will ever see, in our lifetime. I may be overly dramatic here, but I don’t think so.

    • Joanne says:

      I truly believe, that this is the most important election that many of us will ever see, in our lifetime

      I totally agree Dave.

  17. wilson says:

    Kelly McFarland has been hot after the Liberals lately, good to see him back on the ‘right’ side, exposing Liberal lies about our Chris Alexander:

    here is what was reported:
    Chris Alexander, Canada’s former ambassador to Afghanistan, who was courted by the Liberals but is running for the Conservatives in Ajax-Pickering, makes the point that poverty in Canada does not exist at the same levels as in Afghanistan. Yes there are poor Canadians, but we spend billions on efforts to help them, and you simply can’t equate the problems here with those in Afghanistan.

    What do the Ignatieff Liberals twist that into?
    “Conservative candidate Alexander dismisses Canada’s 3.5 million poor — says there is no poverty in Canada”.

    It’s about as dishonest and distorted a claim as could be concocted by a hyper-partisan, name-calling political party….’


  18. Ruth says:

    Message: this is from one of the comments in the story on the CTV website—

    JTN in London

    Sorry people I was there and there were a couple of people yelling at the back and disturbing everyone with their comments. These people were asked to leave.Could have been the ones in the news.Don’t you think tthis whole thing is a little convienient. What crap.

  19. Richco says:

    Grey Globe Goes Lefty
    “The CBC a “dominant player?”
    Market shares for The National, as well as Newsworld, are abysmal, and therefore insanely expensive for $1.1 billion in subsidies, plus all the taxes disguised as carriage fees.”

    Read the whole column

  20. wilson says:

    Media finally dropping their charade about the coalition boogeyman…
    I guess they were forced to,
    all 3 coalition leaders came out this week and said they would not support a minority Conservative budget in the next session, Duceppe said, even if the $2.2 B for Quebec is in it, he will vote against.

    ‘….Stack it all up, set events in motion, and they tumble toward a Tory minority government quickly falling and being replaced by a Liberal government propped up by at least the NDP…’


  21. fh says:

    Wilson that is dynamite the Quebec Bloc leader Duceppe will vote against the HST$ 2.2 billion settlement if Prime Minister Harper puts it in the budget
    I hope Quebec is listening

  22. Ruth says:

    I had the link on Sandy’s site yesterday….can’t find it today, but here it is again. That comment in down through quite a few of them.

  23. frmgrl says:

    Check out SDA.
    The First American Prime Minister, With White Supremacists

    David Akin;

    Liberal candidate called aboriginals “Featherheads”, says they’re lazy. Over to you , Mr. Ignatieff.

    Robert Fife chokes – “Ignatieff orders immediate inquiry into Lib candidate Andre Forbes who once headed Assoc of Whites.”

    Who’s the knuckledragger now, Bob?

  24. Richco says:

    Dave “hate mongers like Mallick” – you’ve got that right! If Tories whether it be bloggers or the CPC itself sweep today’s column under the rug and don’t call her on her blatant and incorrect assumptions what will prompt a fight-back.

    “..it’s not that Harper dislikes journalists, it’s that he dislikes people in general.”
    Mallick’s 6 questions pile-on Harper like the toxic waste that it is.

    Question 4 “What did women ever do to you? Do you resent their modern upstart natures? Was it high school? Did it involve a school dance? I have never seen a political leader who disliked women more, and I’m including Nixon, who flatly said they were too emotional and he didn’t want them in cabinet. With you, there’s a real edge. Why, for example, did you yell at Belinda Stronach? Did that strike you as unwise but irresistibly fun?”

    please don’t let Mallick get away with this – we’ve written the media on more minor slams….Mallick takes the cake on this.

  25. james says:

    Impressed by Amanda Lang’s report. She is a liberal but that is the kind of fair reporting we need to see. Everyone has a political bias I don’t care who you are. You can’t just toss that out when you go to work. But you can report what you find out and be fair about it.

  26. Bruce says:

    Meanwhile in other news, “Liberals eat their own”

    Stephane Dion was unceremoniously tossed under the bus by his fellow Liberals shortly after the last federal election and failed coup attempt of the coalition of losers.

    Liberal convention scheduled for June right after the current federal election.

    Next leader for the Liberals, Bob Rae.

    Say good bye Iggy.

    PS-Joanne, good to see your site is back up and running

  27. Liz J says:

    Check out Kate’s latest post over at SDA.
    Awaiting a holler from Bob Fife et al demanding Ignatieff take action on this one, waiting, waiting, wai…..

  28. hollinm says:

    It has become apparent that the media except the Sun and National Post are out to get the PM and the Conservatives party. Anything they can find negative they will report with great fanfare. The lastest being those two girls that were removed from a rally. Supposedly the PM is now organizing who attends his rallies. Of course trying incessantly to tag the misconduct of Bruce Carson to the PM is a daily occurrence even though Carson left the PMO in 2008. They are now printing everything the Liberal war room says as gospel with the latest being the comparison to the Tea Party ad in the States.
    So Harper has a real challenge in keeping the focus on his economic message. Tomorrow will see if the polling still holds a 10 pt lead after the Liberal platform is refelective in the numbers.

  29. goodie says:

    Does anyone know anything about the new sponsorship book that was supposed to launch on March30? I have looked and can’t find it.

  30. Richco says:

    Sandy’s turn – just got this when I tried to access COTM – haven’t been able to reconnect.


  31. Martin says:

    Todays Ottawa Citizen has a full column by virulent anti-Harper writer Dan Gardner about the contempt of parliament issue. He says that the government was formally found to be in contempt by vote of the house. As discussed here 2 days ago ( Jen 4 5:43) this in untrue, the evidence of the committee was never discussed in parliament. In his haste to bring down the government, Iggy framed his contempt motion before seeing any report. A look at Hansard for 24, 25 Mar confirms this.
    Voting before bothering with the evidence, just who is showing contenpt here?

  32. frmgrl says:

    I think the PM and our candidates need our prayers with all their up against.

  33. fh says:

    ignore Mallick that is the best way to deal with the seekers of recognition
    do NOT recognize do NOT read Mallick
    Richo you are on fire and we appreciate everyone working so hard

  34. maz2 says:

    Here is what Liberal Count Ignatieff’s Separatist Coalition/MSM is up against.

    Say No! to the leftists.


    “Harper is indeed a conservative (by a bit)”

    “In the 1960s, the federal government nationalized 18 per cent of Canada’s GDP – to express, without euphemism, the share of the country’s GDP that the government spent. As it happens, this was the same percentage it spent in 2009, the worst year of the Great Recession. In an oddball way, this documents the cool-hand restraint of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his adroit Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty.”

    “Working in a minority Parliament, with populist mobs demanding vast increases in spending, they nationalized too much GDP. Yet, they managed to keep spending at the same relative level as John Diefenbaker and Lester Pearson did back in the good old days – far below the level Canada’s most profligate prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, did in the statist 1970s and 1980s (when the government took as much as 23 per cent of GDP).

    Mr. Harper and Mr. Flaherty should not have humoured the opposition as enthusiastically as they did. It will take another four years, or more, to get the federal share of GDP back to its pre-recession level. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that a Liberal government (whether dependent on the NDP or not) would have spent much more. Contrast pre-recession spending of the Conservatives with pre-recession spending of the Liberals. In 2006-2008, the Conservatives nationalized (on average) 15.1 per cent of GDP a year. In 2002-2005, the Liberals nationalized (on average) 15.9 per cent. The difference (on average): 0.8 of a percentage point a year.

    This may not seem important. But it’s in fractions of percentage points that limited government wages continuous war with big government. And 0.8 per cent of $1.3-trillion in GDP isn’t insignificant: It’s $10-billion. From this perspective, the minority Conservative government, in its three pre-recession budgets, denationalized $30-billion of GDP.

    When it commandeered only 14.9 per cent of GDP in 2008, the Harper government achieved this country’s best one-year fiscal victory (total expenditures as a percentage of GDP) in 50 years. Compare this percentage with 2004 when Liberal Paul Martin (in his first budget as prime minister) nationalized 16.3 per cent of GDP. The consequence of this 1.4 percentage-point difference was the confiscation, in a single year, of an extra $14-billion of GDP – a hidden tax increase.” (more)


  35. Sandy says:

    Here is the comment that Ruth left which was a copy of a comment under a CTV thread — from a JTN in London. I put it on Twitter to both David Akin and Bob Fife. So, they know about it. I also had a Twitter exchange going with Akin yesterday about the pregnant LFP reporter who got slammed in her stomach by the RCMP — at a LPOC event and asked him why he was talking about that one as well. He eventually admitted the incident. The thing is, it was at the very bottom of the LFP description of the CPC event.

    Glad you back up Joanne. Mind you, I got spoiled yesterday and am missing all the regular BLY commenters who stopped by CotM yesterday. 😉

  36. Richco says:

    Martin, re: the myth of “contempt” – thanks for that post. I’ll be spreading around THAT truth.
    It’s an important reminder that Ignatieff’s up to his junk in hypocrisy.

  37. Bubba Brown says:

    Good comments! DWT I will be in the constituancy office on monday morning from 9:00 till about 1:00. Do drop by!

  38. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    On topic and from the previous thread:
    Wednesday, April 06, 2011
    Teachers Fight Hudak
    Madely in the Morning – 7:45am— Steve Madely is joined by Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun to discuss the Ontario Catholic Teachers Association’s decision to deducting money off the paycheques of all of its teacher members in anticipation of running campaigns against the Progressive Conservatives in the upcoming Ontario elections.


    Lowell Green’s Show at http://www.cfra.com with podcast this pm and broadcast repeat at 8pm eastern. Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod calls in on this subject just after the news in the second hour and a couple of teachers call shortly afterward.

  39. maz2 says:

    Here is the leftist stealth indoctrination of “youth”.

    This must be stopped.

    Say No! to Elections Canada.

    Watch for the MSM to trumpet the “results” after the “students cast their own ballots in a mock election.”

    What will be the “results”? That’s a rhetorical question.


    “Elections Canada goes after youth vote”

    “Elections Canada is targeting young people even though they’re too young to vote.

    Marc Mayrand, Canada’s chief electoral officer, announced the launch of this year’s Student Vote program, which is designed to engage elementary and secondary school students in the May 2 federal election.

    “(This program) helps young Canadians build a knowledge and a desire to vote,” Mayrand said Tuesday in Toronto. “These are two important indicators of voter turnout.”

    Student Vote will teach students about Canada’s democracy, look at candidates’ platforms, and even have students cast their own ballots in a mock election.”


  40. Richco says:

    fh – re: Mallick – I normally DO ignore her. I just couldn’t with this. Have sent copies of my letter and her tabloid trash to Adler, Green, and Lilley just for good measure. Sometimes they’re in a much better position to take on the twits than I am – we are.

    Re: the Catholic teachers union fighting Hudak – this would be the same teachers who invited Elizabeth Witmer (former education minister) to speak at their convention but threw water at her and heckled her the whole time she was there.

    The Toronto Catholic board was disbanded and taken over by the ministry after it was found that trustees were mishandling the $$ and many conflicts of interested unearthed.

  41. wilson says:

    Is there a perfect storm on the horizon?

    Ms Tasha says read the Bloc platform (Ducey didn’t even show up for the launch), the ROC needs to vote CPC to “Bloc the Bloc”
    Stephen Harper’s Conservative party is the ONLY federalist party that can stop Duceppe.


    couple that with REAL separatists refusing to vote Bloc because of the 2008 coalition of losers, and suggesting all Bloc voters spoil their ballot to as the Trudeau Liberals do not come back to power at the hands of Ducey:


  42. wilson says:

    heh, some fun to had in this election,
    everytime Ducey says ‘if it’s good for Quebec’
    everytime Iffy say ‘that guy’
    everytime Jack says ‘working families’:

    ‘Coalition’ drinking game the new buzz

  43. mary says:

    – And now Canada faces an election. And the very moral ground the North American culture is standing on is so liquefying beneath all of us all. And yet the band played on as the “Dancing with the Stars” dances us to today’s themes and indoctrination. The elites of the universities proclaim to know best and the elected US leader has been talked about as being the Savior that the world has been looking for. Now world peace will happen as the new Messiah ushers in the New World Order and the gun firing and young mostly eastern men in their prime seem to be bringing in a new so called “democracies” but if you remove their hoods you will see the flag of their religious brotherhood across their hearts.

    And in this North American lent season we still have the freedom to worship freely in our churches, but underneath the ground of the North American nations their moral ground has been softening for quite awhile now. As we have all sent our young people to be indoctrinated by the elite university types and our youngsters have come home and thrown God and his word out of their lives and brought in new stream-lined so called modern thinking. And what the Liberal government wants to do is what even some “Christian teacher unions” are saying that they want to speak for our children but what they really want to do is re-program our children away from our moral way bible way of thinking, which is that God comes first not the so called wise and learned thinking of the university types.

    If we now elect another university elite type whose moral attempt is to bring radicals and union uprisings like what we saw in Wisconsin, and coupled in their thinking with the uprisings in Egypt and Libya erupting all over the world as so called “democracies.” But their whole purpose is to bring down all present government systems and bring all the rebels together into an eastern religious system temporarily-coupled together with Socialist-elitist funded systems as a precursor to a “One world order” system. And there is no awareness here that the ground our culture is standing on is about to washed away beneath them.

    So in Canada the elites have put up liberal university elitist types to bring down good moral Conservatives and to replace them with so called wise-elitist liberal university types the so called Secular-Saviors that we will all live to regret, in losing our nation and our freedoms to.

    Because what is coming at us is happening fast and furious if we don’t “wake up.”

    God is being told there is no room for him in the inn of “New World order.”

    And the weakening of the solid ground that this nation we have walked on before is happening and our children are being re-programmed before out very eyes by teachers who think differently than us, so that what is coming is coming faster and faster now, so take heed, take heed.

  44. Liz J says:

    When it comes to Quebec and their love affair with the Bloc we have one option, vote in a majority government without Quebec in the equation. Conservative is the only option at this critical time in our history, with the only leader who has the country’s interests at heart and an economic plan to see us safely through this period.

    The Liberal “Family Pack” isn’t going to cut it. They can put it into a fanny pack and walk over the cliff.

  45. Liz J says:

    With Ignatieff stealing ideas from the Dippers the only difference between their supporters is the colour of their Cool Aid.

  46. maz2 says:

    Les Suprematistes Blanc/che? Within da Bloc?

    Merde! Ughly.

    Da leftist Separatist Coalition cannot hide its racism.


    “Duceppe faces NDP call to expel incumbent over aboriginal misstep”

    “A Bloc Québécois MP running for re-election in northern Quebec apologized Friday for suggesting an opponent can’t win because he’s aboriginal.

    Bloc candidate Yvon Lévesque suggested the NDP made a mistake running Roméo Saganash, a longtime friend of his, in the riding of Abitibi–Baie-James–Nunavik–Eeyou.”

    ““Certain voters will not choose the New Democratic Party now that they’re running an aboriginal candidate,” Mr. Lévesque told the news website, Rue Frontenac.

    Mr. Lévesque received an early morning phone call from his leader, Gilles Duceppe.”



  47. maz2 says:

    Only 39 comments at the Tabolo Report at G-M.

    Where are the leftists? Hiding under Liberal Count Ignatieff’s Puffin poop?


    “Ignatieff orders probe into candidate who called natives ‘featherheads’


    Da Count contemplates his ?

    Da prof’s proof* is da Poop:


    *Da proof: H/T Liberal Ad$Cam Chretien.

  48. Liz J says:

    I just heard host Michael Harris on CFRA Lunch Bunch in his rambling talk with his guest pollster Frankie of EKOS and another guest,mention about us being “perilously” close to majority numbers. How about that for showing your colours?

    That’s what we’re up against.

  49. frmgrl says:

    Former veterans watch dog,Pat Strogan urges youth to rise up like what’s going on in the Arab world.
    Stogran said the country needs parties with long-term vision, “grassroots movements like we saw in Cairo and Tunisia and Libya.”

  50. Gabby in QC says:

    Regarding groups who are working to defeat Mr. Harper. It must be remembered that third parties are allowed to advertise for or against politicians. I suppose what should be done is check carefully how much those third parties are spending, are they within the limits, are they Canadian or foreign and so on.

    Information about third parties advertising can be found here:

  51. wilson says:

    Tweet from G&M S. Chase
    ” Harper asked re: expulsions from his rallies; sarcastically responds by thanking CTV for ongoing concern about attendance at rallies #elxn41


  52. ed says:

    Liz J says:
    April 6, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    “I just heard host Michael Harris on CFRA Lunch Bunch in his rambling talk with his guest pollster Frankie of EKOS and another guest,mention about us being “perilously” close to majority numbers. How about that for showing your colours?”

    And yesterday Harris was saying he believed the race will be very close, that it’ll come down to the wire. Yep, this guy really shows his bias, his true colours.

    • Joanne says:

      “I just heard host Michael Harris on CFRA Lunch Bunch in his rambling talk with his guest pollster Frankie of EKOS and another guest,mention about us being “perilously” close to majority numbers.

      I don’t think the left has ever been so scared as they are now. This is a hugely important election.

  53. ed says:

    I’ve never seen it so bad, the all-out assault, onslaught against the Conservatives coming from all quarters. To me this is a well-coordinated, organized attack against the PM. I believe they have planned all of this. All of a sudden, we have all these callers to talk shows spouting anti-Harper rhetoric, even on Conservative radio programs. It’s old style, down in the gutter politics where truth is a liability and lying is an asset. The opposition parties are exhibiting behaviour more suitable to a banana republic. I’m incensed.

    • Joanne says:

      I’m incensed.

      Don’t get mad – get even. Help out in your local riding to elect a Conservative and call in to talk shows and defeat the lies.

  54. Liz J says:

    OMG, what on earth is wrong with former Veterans Ombudsman Pat Strogan’s head? That’s the worst I’ve heard from a military man in this country. Wonder what Lew MacKenzie thinks of that statement?

    Time to hit the campaign trails, do whatever we can to get the truth out. t If this country gets into the hands of the coalition of losers, Strogan and his ilk will find out the meaning of taking to the streets.

  55. wilson says:

    Well, this is a shocker, CBC Boag does a reality check on Libs corpt tax bonanza, runs clip of Jack Mintz saying there will be more like $1.+ billion (not $8 bn) to pay for lib promises.


  56. wilson says:

    Ignatieff and Harper get one-on-one showdown during televised debates
    (for 12 minutes…..ooh Jack and Gilles are going to be not so happy, eh
    this is what PMSH wanted)


  57. maz2 says:

    “CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife said parties often struggle to vet all of their candidates thoroughly after a snap election is called.”

    Fife: >>> “after a snap election is called”?

    More bs from Fife/CTV.

    Who knew there was going to be an election? Everyone knew that.

    Then there is the pesky “maybe” background checks: “maybe nobody did a proper background check into this,” Fife told CTV News Channel by telephone from Compton, Que.

    Why would the Liberals do that? Comte Ignatieff approved this guy. Comte should apologize to the Indians/Metis.

    Cut out your crap, Fife.


    “Ignatieff orders probe into candidate’s aboriginal remarks”


  58. A Proud Canadian Pinko says:

    Your readers sound a tad paranoid.

    Liberal and NDP support exceeds Conservative support. The views of you and your readers DO NOT represent the majority of Canadians.

    What you hear being echoed back to you on television, on the radio, online or in print are the true feelings of the majority of Canadians.

    You folks live in a bubble that’s about to be burst.

  59. DWT says:

    Ed @ 1:16

    There is some truth to what you write. During the extremely short trial here in BC regarding the sale of BC Rail, it was brought to light thast the Liberals (provincial) had organized to call in to radio shows to bolster the Liberal position prior to the sale. They had their scripts and talking points ready.

    “McCullough alleged the two men were being used as “political operatives” as part of the government’s “dirty political tricks” agenda that included staged calls to Campbell while he was speaking on a radio talk show about the merits of the B.C. Rail sale.”

    I have no doubt that they are following the same playbook. The provincial Liberals here in BC are very firmly entwined with the national party.

  60. maz2 says:

    Pat Strogan was a socialist/NDP mole within Canada’s armed forces.

    Among the “first recipients” were NDP MP Stoffer and Stoffer’s accomplice, John Labelle.

    Now we know why NDP Layton is Taliban Jack LaytoNDP.



    October 20th, 2010 – The first recipients of the Veteran’s Ombudsman Commendation Award are honoured.

    Veterans Ombudsman Pat Strogan awarded the first ever Veterans Ombudsman Commendation Award to the following four individuals: Dennis Manuge, Peter Stoffer, John Labelle and Harold Leduc.”

    “Peter Stoffer

    As the critic for his Party on Veterans issues, Peter Stoffer has amassed detailed knowledge of the challenges facing Veterans. Thanks to his tireless advocacy, he has helped bring veterans issues to the forefront and centre of Canadian discourse, championing their cause while holding Ottawa accountable for its responsibility to soldiers.

    John Labelle

    Encouraged by many veterans, John Labelle formed a committee aimed at terminating all reduction formulas that are being applied to Military and RCMP pension plans after seeking and receiving support for a private members bill from Peter Stoffer, MP Sackville-Eastern Shore.”


  61. ed says:

    Aikin’s column in the Sun talks about Iggy going to a diner in Winnipeg. Somebody in the diner calls Iggy a name that Lilly cannot repeat on air. Iggy turns to another guy and asks “do you come here often?” The guy responds, “well, I won’t be back now.” Iggy was shunned repeatedly by people who didn’t want to meet him, says Lilly. If that had happened to PM Harper, guess what the lead headline would be from the MSM? The Star would have run it for days, according to Lilly.


    MadMacs of Bytown noted this earlier.

  62. Peter B says:

    Do Iggy’s words come back to haunt him?
    Does the following sound very eerily Ignatieff like to the media and Canadians?

    “I think we’re in a very bad place when you’ve got someone who wants to be Prime Minister and leader of a coalition who does a background check on the candidates he endorsed and signed nomination papers for, like Andre Forbes, who is reported in various newspapers and magazine articles calling aboriginal Canadians “featherheads”

    This is not a comment out of the blue by Andre Forbes, since he has a history and a organization for several years now that has made aboriginals his focus of attack.

    Andre Forbes is a part of the famed Ignatieff team, that Ignatieff boasts about, so what does that say about Ignatieff’s promise of last Sunday that the Liberal team would see that a Liberal government, would bring running water to all northern reserves that now lack it. Is the Ignatieff team and promises falling apart already and only a week into the election?

  63. maz2 says:

    Speaking of troops, here is the inimitable Mark Steyn.

    Go Mark.



    Topical Take

    Wednesday, 06 April 2011

    It’s election time in Canada, so this may be the last chance I have to mock Michael Ignatieff’s ill-fated venture into politics before he returns to the halls of academe or the green rooms of the BBC. So over the next few weeks we’ll be rerunning some much requested columns on Count Iggy. This was, I think, the first time I wrote about him in the context of the Dominion’s electoral politics – for Maclean’s, during the campaign of January 2006:

    “We need troops, warriors and chieftains,” Michael Ignatieff, parliamentary candidate for Etobicoke-Lakeshore, told a Liberal fundraiser the other day. Don’t worry, he doesn’t mean real troops, with guns and uniforms and so forth, like Scary Stephen wants to introduce to our cities, according to one of the wackier Grit attack ads. Professor Ignatieff was speaking metaphorically, as Liberals usually turn out to be when they get a whiff of cordite in their rhetoric. He only wants metaphorical troops on the streets of Quebec – to save federalism, yet again – though why he added “warriors and chieftains” is a puzzle. It makes the province sound like Afghanistan: “U.S. troops today brokered a tentative ceasefire between Uzbek warriors and Pushtun chieftains.”

    But perhaps that’s the point. As his NDP rival in Etobicoke likes to point out, Professor Ignatieff has been out of the country for 27 years and he’s “out of touch” with Canada. He’s not up to speed, if that’s the expression. When you’ve been wrestling with the Balkans and Iraq across the lecture halls at Harvard and the talk-show sofas of the BBC for two decades, it can’t be easy bringing yourself down to speed for an election about federal daycare. Ignatieff’s been doing his best this election campaign but it’s like watching a classical pianist accompany the clowns in a burlesque house.

    Three years ago, the great man was all over the (international) TV networks and papers arguing in favour of war with Iraq. He framed it in small-l liberal terms: Imagine one day being able to go to Baghdad and sit in a café drinking coffee with Iraqi poets and intellectuals freely discussing the affairs of the world. Well, then, how to make it happen? In his 2001 book Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry, he spells it out bluntly: “There are no peaceful diplomatic remedies when we are dealing with a Hitler, a Stalin, a Saddam, or a Pol Pot.”

    Actually, he doesn’t spell it out that bluntly. Almost any Ignatieff tome spends most of its time swathing an issue in philosophical objections and recoiling from its own logic before eventually, belatedly coming to the right conclusion. Thus, his 2004 book argues that Western democracies “must not shrink from the use of violence,” but the very title captures the self-torture required to reach his position – The Lesser Evil – and, by the time he’s justified the use of violence, he sounds too exhausted to get up to any. Nonetheless, the fact remains that, if he’d come home to join the Conservative party, the Liberals would be running their current Harper attack ads against him: “Michael Ignatieff would have sent Canadian troops to Iraq!”

    Well, American and British troops.”


  64. Barbara says:

    Sorry if anybody’s linked to this already, but for more info on those poor students who were mercilessly thrown out of the rally, go to http://blackrod.blogspot.com.

  65. Liz J says:

    Thanks for that link Barbara @ 1:55 pm.

    It should be comforting for all in this country to know our security people are on their toes.

  66. ed says:

    Joanne says:
    April 6, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    “Don’t get mad – get even. Help out in your local riding to elect a Conservative and call in to talk shows and defeat the lies.”

    Unfortunately, no Conservative running in a riding that is solidly Bloc. Many such ridings. Have to support in other ridings. As for talk shows, been giving them my message for years and continue to do so. I bring up politics, even when no election, to just about everyone I meet (wherever they might be) for years, when appropriate, of course, because of my passion for my country. The posts here give us ammunition to use when discussing with family, friends, and strangers. I wish I lived close to Ottawa. I’d love to confront those opposition members. It would be a field day. Great hobby for seniors, don’t you think?? LOL

  67. Barbara says:

    Liz @ 2:02 pm:

    Really, really sad that professional “journalists” could not have done the same investigating to come up with the facts. I hope this info gets out there so everybody knows just what was really in play.

  68. frmgrl says:

    Barbara,send what you found about the those students to Charles Alder,Brian Lilley,Dave Rutherford,maybe David Akin.

  69. ed says:

    DWT says:
    April 6, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    “During the extremely short trial here in BC regarding the sale of BC Rail, it was brought to light thast the Liberals (provincial) had organized to call in to radio shows to bolster the Liberal position prior to the sale. They had their scripts and talking points ready.”

    DWT, pretty bad what’s going on. Hopefully, the Conservatives get their majority to straighten things out. If there’s any justice, the opposition should be wiped out in this election. BTW, loved to drop in on Bubba Brown myself – and sample his food offerings that he talks about on this blog. LOL Having some family and friends in BC, that might happen one day soon. :-)

  70. John K Calgary says:

    Ignatieff’s ‘Family Plan’ includes recklessness and the riot mentality.
    Vandals and criminals unleashed with immunity of the ’cause’.

  71. Sandy says:

    Thanks to Barbara, I sent a Tweet to Coyne, Akin and Fife. Tomorrow I may put up a post too. I’ve got two I want to do this week, that one and the one about the lie/myth that the HOC actually voted the Conservative government in contempt. There was no such vote. The Non-Confidence motion had the word ‘contempt’ in it but it wasn’t a vote of contempt. There is a big difference. The committee had not even released a report yet, but the opps were in such a big hurry for an election.

    Now, we know why? I imagine the PM knew what kind of a fight he would be in. Now, we are all in it. This election is a referendum on what we want our country to look like for the years to come. No doubt about it. And, the left are out of their minds with worry that they are about to lose control of the federal purse strings.

    I sure hope so.

  72. Liz J says:

    Yes, Sandy, the HOC did not vote the Conservative government in contempt and that’s what’s being spread about. We can just imagine what the desperate gang are spreading door to door.

  73. Valencia says:

    Re the Student Vote

    In my daughter’s high school one of her friends, a senior, was interviewed by the media.
    She was asked about the election. Her response was that she was very excited about this being her first election that she gets to vote and followed up immediately with a comment that she was not sure why this election was called and thought it unnecessary.

    When her interview went on air, only her comments about being excited regarding the election was excerpted but not her other comments. She and her friends, including my daughter, (who were present) were pretty incensed.

    That’s what I call a real education on media bias.

  74. Peter B says:


    April, 2011. The students responsible for the Strip Mob organize another stunt, ostensibly to encourage students to vote in this federal election. They call it a Vote Mob. They tell reporters they are non-partisan.

    Their target—Stephen Harper.

    The main organizer of the Vote Mob is Yvonne Su. She’s a University of Guelph student who describes herself as an activist. She attended the Copenhagen Summit where she thrilled at the clashes between protestors and police.


    “I felt so much power in the people and so much oppression executed by the police. I was not in the group but I felt their struggle so deep within me. The climate change movement has come up again and again against resistance from established systems of our society and to watch as civil society physically clash with police to fight for a cause that runs so deep within me- was life changing.”

    Co-organizer Gracen Johnson is closely associated with the Green Party.


    “It’s been a dynamic and monumental year in terms of global mobilization around the energy-climate-crisis. This weekend is a chance to recharge and once again call all hands on deck.” — Gracen Johnson

  75. ed says:

    Suggestions for quality reporters:

    Eric Sorenson (on Global News)
    Rob Snow (CFRA)
    Daniel Proussalidis (formerly on CFRA, now with Sun Media.)

    I didn’t know Daniel Proussalidis was the reporter on this story:

    “Agreed, Mr. Layton. It wouldn’t be good television. Why didn’t he just stop after giving his “real” answer? Perhaps he was inspired by comments in November from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. When I asked Ignatieff whether he’d ever been through one of the full-body scanners at the airport or had a pat-down he responded with this shocker:

    “If you’re in my business, you live in an airport. And so I have people touching my private parts all day long. And I just – all I have to say is if that’s what we have to do to keep us safe – no, the serious point I make is that we’ve got some very hardworking people. I’m sorry, that really did it to you, didn’t it? You know I didn’t like it much either but it just came out there.”

    That’s not something I really ever want to hear from anyone. Unfortunately, Ignatieff didn’t know that before he made his comments.”


  76. Richco says:

    re: the debate format has been set – including 12 minutes with a one-on-one between Iggy and Harper. Yes!

    I agree that Harper now has him(Ignatieff) where he wants him.

  77. Richco says:

    sorry wilson – i see you posted re: the 12 minute debate face-off already. Agree with your comments that the other two will not like it – and actually I’d be surprised if they don’t cause a fuss.

  78. wilson says:

    Ignatieff roars:
    “I will fight the separatists. I will oppose the separatists. In every meeting in Quebec, I will stand for Canada against the separatists, but they’re fellow citizens, some of them are neighbours, some even are friends.”

    LOL, Iffy has a bit of tweaking to do on his coalition message, eh.
    How stable is the Ignatieff coalition when already they are begging for a fight?

  79. Martin says:

    Sandy 2:32
    Here is a quote from M Ignatieff Hansard for Mar 23:

    ” Mr. Speaker, the problem is the Conservative government is on the edge of being found in contempt of Parliament. The RCMP is investigating the Prime Minister’s former chief of staff. Four of the closest collaborators of the Prime Minister face accusations of election fraud”.
    The next 2 days show no committee report being tabled. Note that Iggy knows they are going to be held in contempt, but members have not yet read the evidence, and never did.
    Sort of like the old movies where they say “we guarantee you a fair trial before we hang you”

    Here is the link, sorry I don’t know how to make it easy:


  80. wilson says:

    It’s worth repeating Richco!
    PMSH got what he wanted, no opening statements and a one on one.
    Poor Jack and Gilles, relegated to the second tier bleachers and Lizzy on the outside looking in.

  81. Richco says:

    wilson – first thing out of Harper’s mouth should be to ask Iggy to qualify who he speaks for the LPOC , the Coalition or both.

    Martin – I had just found that same Hansard piece and was about to send to Sandy. Did Milliken’s make any ruling at all of speak to this?

  82. Gabby in QC says:

    Sorry, but those who are arguing that there was no vote on the contempt motion are wrong. There WAS a vote held on Friday, March 25 2011 otherwise Parliament would not have been dissolved and we wouldn’t be having an election.

    Here are two lists of who voted yea or nay:

    “Vote #204 on March 25th, 2011
    Vote topic
    That the House agree with the finding of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs that the government is in contempt of Parliament, which is unprecedented in Canadian parliamentary history, and consequently, the House has lost confidence in the government.”

    ” (1420)
    (The House divided on the motion, which was agreed to on the following division:)
    (Division No. 204) …”

  83. Gabby in QC says:

    Here’s the report of the committee that “studied” the question of privilege:
    Pursuant to the order of reference from the House of Commons on March 9, 2011, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (hereafter the Committee) is pleased to report as follows. …
    In light of the testimony heard by the Committee on this matter referred to the Committee by the Speaker on March 9, 2011, the Committee concludes the following:
    1. That the government has failed to produce the specific documents ordered to be produced by the Standing Committee on Finance and by the House;
    2. That the government has not provided a reasonable excuse;
    3. That the documents tabled in the House and in Committee do not satisfy the orders for production of documents; nor do they provide a reasonable excuse;
    4. That this failure impedes the House in the performance of its functions; and
    5. That the government’s failure to produce documents constitutes a contempt of Parliament.”

  84. Liz J says:

    So, Gabby, the government fell on the findings of a Committee stacked with opposition members. Great system.

  85. Martin says:

    Ok that is the site I am looking at. I see no record of the committee reporting its findings, Mon, Tue etc. I see other committees tabling their reports, but not the contempt committee. Yes, it was in the non-confidence motion, but could you, someone show the link to the committee’s report to the house.
    Also how does Iggy know the results before the vote is held (Mar 23)?

  86. Liz J says:

    Check out Ardvark’s latest post. Don’t think this is one Iggy will want to hear.
    BTW, does Iggy have US citizenship or was he a pretender?

  87. Richco says:

    with all due respect Gabby there’s a time lag and something’s not squaring with the chronology.

  88. Richco says:

    ooops sorry Martin -you already posted something similar.

  89. Mary T says:

    A must read is the Black Rod linked above, wonder why the msm is not reporting this in their stories about a student being removed from a rally.
    Iggy has fired that candidate in Quebec, but I doubt it will make much of a story re how liberals failed to vet their candidates.
    There are too many inconvenience leaks to try to cause faux scandals for PMSH, -Carson, Bev Oda-not, what else is out there.
    Another reason to get a majority, committees could not be dominated by coalition members, would make things run a lot better. That sure would take the steam out of Bisson, Martin and pals.

  90. Gabby in QC says:

    Agreed, Liz J, the committee was indeed majority opposition, so it was inevitable that they would recommend finding the government in contempt.
    So, there was a report, there was a motion brought forward by Michael Ignatieff on March 25 and there was a vote on the same day. Naturally, the Conservative government was found in contempt because they were in a minority position, so the motion carried 156 to 145.

    However, the issue of Bev Oda did not come up for a vote, at least not that I could find. I went through Hansard from Monday March 21 to March 25, and could not find a vote on it.

    Since out of 40 past elections, only 13 have resulted in minorities, and in the past — before this Conservative government — there wasn’t the same kind of poisoned atmosphere among parties, of course no government was found in contempt. I mean, would a Liberal or Conservative majority government have found itself in contempt? Not bloody likely. This is just more proof of the machinations of the Harper-haters.

  91. Richco says:

    Martin – also, just because the motion is framed by the opposition and included the “contempt of Parliament” phrasing doesn’t mean the gov’t was found in contempt does it? All it says is that the opposition (who penned the bill) find the gov’t in contempt. Doesn’t the “contempt” charge need to be made by a higher power? Authority? Was there an actual ruling of “contempt” – other than in the committee report and in the motion, which were both developed by the oppositions who are not impartial?

    I’m sure I’m not making myself clear but something’s just not sitting well.

  92. Gabby in QC says:

    Richco at 4:14 pm, could you please explain what you mean? What time lag are you referring to? I don’t understand.

  93. Martin says:

    OK I found the report submitted Mon 21 :
    I admitt to being incorrect, sorry about that.

    Mr. Joe Preston (Elgin—Middlesex—London, CPC):
    Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the 27th report of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs regarding the question of privilege relating to the failure of the government to fully provide the documents as ordered by the House.
    Ok, the report was tabled and voted on in the non-confidence motion, rather than separately? Would this be correct.

  94. Gabby in QC says:

    This is the dissenting report by the Conservative government in response to the majority committee report:
    “Dissenting Report from Conservative Members
    of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee
    The Conservative members of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee (PROC) must issue a dissenting report in response to the March 21st PROC report. This dissenting report is made necessary by the fact that the conclusion of the committee’s report does not take into consideration the actions of the Government to comply with the Speaker’s March 9th ruling or the evidence heard at committee. …

    Throughout the entire process, the Opposition showed little interest in the Government’s compliance with the Speaker’s ruling or with the findings of the committee’s hearings.  It was clear that Opposition MPs had pre-judged the outcome of the hearings before they had even begun.  In fact, they appeared to regret the fact that the Government provided the supplemental information.  …

    In conclusion, it is clear that the Opposition members of the committee never intended to do the work laid before them by the Speaker.  They have ignored the substance of the evidence provided by the Government and by the witnesses who appeared.  The report tabled by the committee is simply a piece of partisan gamesmanship that diminishes the important work of Parliament.“

  95. Richco says:

    Thanks Martin/Gabby for clarification.

    So would a Harper majority pretty much negate the findings of that motion? I mean it’s that motion that sent us into and election and if the voters have their say and give Harper his majority it would point to the very obvious bias in that Liberal motion?

    I seriously hope that happens.

  96. Ontario Girl says:

    Did anyone see the PM this morning? He was making his announcement and as soon as he started to talk the PHONE started to ring…it was so loud that PM Harper said it was the loudest phone he ever heard. So someone ran and answered it…then it started ringing again a few minutes later. All this made the PM have to stop and wait to be heard. Bet it was Liberals calling.

  97. Ontario Girl says:

    A few funny comments PM Harper made last night in Quebec. He said the Liberal Platform budget red book was “powder in your eyes with Monopaly money”.and
    “The Liberals ran out of paper or they had no more “Lead in their pencils”.lololol

    Ignatieff said “People don’t come to see my big blue eyes but my values”.Yikes, YUK.

  98. Peter B says:

    Will Ignatieff challenge Bloc in Parliament?

    If Canadians don’t get a majority Conservative government to give parliament stability, and not elections every 2 years, not to mention, no end of squabbling and juvenile behaviour in the House, we just got a preview from Ignatieff himself, in his own words, what we can expect from a coalition.
    Igantieff could not survive without the 50 plus seats of the Quebec Bloc, because his numbers just don’t add up, but he has started his scrap with the Bloc already when Ignatieff told Canadians on Wednesday

    “I will fight the separatists. I will oppose the separatists. In every meeting in Quebec, I will stand for Canada against the separatists,”

    It is not only important, but it is fair to ask Ignatieff if this fight will also happen in Canada’s parliament, where it should occur, because Canada’s future is at stake? Wasn’t that question important enough for the media to ask Ignatief, in this election? Can Canadians believe Ignatieff, or is his desperate quest for power most important to him, and we can expect a change of heart, as he cradles Duceppe and the BLoc to his bosom to retain power? Has he spoke with a forked tongue before ? Has he waffled on the issues before?

  99. frmgrl says:

    I left the Black Rod url at Dave Rutherford’s website blog. Hope he reads it and does something with it.

  100. fh says:

    the committee asked for more documents than had PREVIOUSLY been provided
    when the Documents were presented the opposition members asked Kevin Page to look at the documents and also stated that there was too much presented
    then Kevin Page stated that the documents were not complete rather than specify what more was required and also instead of reading the documents the opposition members decided that the Conservative Government was in contempt they then stated they did not need to include the report of the witnesses but were persuaded to supply up to 10 pages after the Conservative members of committee reminded the committee that Canada was not a Dictatorship all the while the opposition members were stating the report had to be tabled Monday morning.
    I know which parties are in contempt and it is not the Conservative Government
    there should be a written record of this kangaroo committee
    I haven’t searched for it but I know it is on record

  101. Dirt says:

    Really, really sad that professional “journalists” could not have done the same investigating to come up with the facts. I hope this info gets out there so everybody knows just what was really in play.

    End quote:———-

    Thank you for doing the job the Liberal Desk Jocky’s deem below them, at one time urnalists actually fact checked their story and partook of due diligence alas all they seem to do these days is quote anonymous sources and report their phone calls as news.

  102. Richco says:

    Ont. Girl “Ignatieff said “People don’t come to see my big blue eyes but my values”.
    What arrogance! What values? He’s the last guy to speak about values.

    Saw the PM’s presser this morning. Not only did it appear that he couldn’t concentrate with that phone ringing but he really seamed tired…and not as well-polished as he is usually. Even his glasses did nothing for him today. I think he should put the tie back on and leave Iggy looking like a schlump.

  103. Richco says:

    O/T – looks like some teachers aren’t listening to their union. It was individual teachers NOT their unions that gave Mike Harris his two majority wins.


  104. frmgrl says:

    I think he should put the tie back on and leave Iggy looking like a schlump.

    I agree. Nanos latest leadership numbers has PMSH at 109.7, Layton at 54.2 and the Count down at 37.9

  105. Gabby in QC says:

    Richco at 4:31 pm, I doubt that a Conservative majority would negate the finding of contempt. That finding of contempt remains in the history books, whether we find it fair or not. But let’s not forget — that was a motion passed by Parliament, which is composed of partisans, not by a non-partisan court of law, composed of judge and jury.

    That is why the PM referred to it as a parliamentary procedure.

  106. Richco says:

    good post up here with a link to Mark Steyns piece in MacLean’s

  107. ed says:

    A Proud Canadian Pinko says:
    April 6, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    “Liberal and NDP support exceeds Conservative support.”

    And Conservative and NDP support exceed Liberal support.
    And Conservative and Liberal support exceed NDP support.
    When the Liberals and NDP decide to form one party, then you can use your comment above. Meanwhile, the word should be: “exceed.”

    “What you hear being echoed back to you on television, on the radio, online or in print are the true feelings of the majority of Canadians.”

    No, it’s the orchestrated work of a minority of elites and hangers-on that do not represent the values of the average Canadian. You know, lefties – they always go the wrong way instead of the “RIGHT” way.

    “You folks live in a bubble that’s about to be burst.”

    Keep on dreaming.

  108. Richco says:

    Agree Gabby. If Canadian voters know that the gov’t is in contempt and vote for Harper again, this time giving them a majority, it looks better on Harper than it does on those partisans and really makes me wonder about the whole process and how easily partisan it can become to the point where it actually means very little – except to the partisans of course.

    You know, I think it speaks well of the Canadian people too if they can the good in the Harper gov’t and despite the contempt status favour Harper with governance again.

  109. Richco says:

    Question: it was mentioned here last week I think that the Liberals are not running candidates in all 308 ridings. Is that still the case?

  110. maz2 says:

    Who is the “Veteran advocate”?

    >>> “Former veterans’ ombudsman Pat Strogan is joining forces with the small but insistent Progressive Canadian Party.”

    NDP mole surfaces with the Red Tory loser.


    “Veteran advocate joins forces with PC party”


  111. Ruth says:

    CTV is doing very good by having Don Martin host PowerPlay. He started off good, but is slipping fast IMO.

  112. Gabby in QC says:

    Richco at 5:06 pm, like you, I hope the Canadian electorate sees through the manipulations of the political parties and gives the Conservative Party a well-deserved majority.

  113. fh says:

    committee report

  114. frmgrl says:

    Richco at 5:06 pm, like you, I hope the Canadian electorate sees through the manipulations of the political parties and gives the Conservative Party a well-deserved majority.

    We have to pray that they do and I mean pray.

  115. Barbara says:

    Just watched Craig Oliver for a few minutes before I had to shut the tv off. He said that the issue of ejecting the students from Harper’s rally could mean the end of a chance at a majority. Of course, he just skimmed over Iggy’s problem with the racist candidate. CTV news is almost as bad as CBC. Seriously, Olly, it’s time to pack it in. You are past your prime (ageism, no; just you suck at your job).

    I used to go to Bourque because he seemed to be pretty fair, but this election it is unbelievable! Every bold headline is negative for Harper. Wonder who’s paying his bills? Thank God for the internet!

    This election feels different in that people aren’t buying everything the media is trying to sell (it helps that most reporters are over the top, not even trying to be subtle). So many people get their news from blogs and internet, so the public is much more informed and can make more informed opinions. When the Cons. get their majority (fingers crossed), I can’t wait to see the journalists’ heads explode!

  116. Sandy says:

    The vote that brought the gov’t down was a Motion of Non Confidence. It was NOT a motion of contempt. That would have required a separate vote in the HOC. That the motion had the word contempt in it does NOT make it a motion of contempt. They would be two separate types of motions. Richco is right. The committee had not yet submitted their report back to the Speaker. So, Ignatieff could not have known what the Speaker would have said. The committee did not have the power to declare the possibility of contempt. The speaker would have had to return the report to the House for that separation motion.

    Everything provided here only proves my point. If we can’t get it straight, no wonder the media are assuming what Gabby is assuming.

  117. Sandy says:

    A heads up that I am having muscles problems in my right arm and shoulder and have to take a couple of days off.

  118. billg says:

    This is an important question…..anyone know who has the record for continuous posts of over 100 comments?…..holy cow J…I dont have to bother with news…just pop by here and get a daily wrap up. Nice job everyone. Now, go out and play, everything is gonna be ok.

  119. Ruth says:

    Oh Sandy….hope you can tweet that first sentence on to some of the reporters that keep talking about the contempt of Parliament.

  120. Liz J says:

    Sandy @ 5:36 pm, that’s what I thought but then wasn’t sure if it was the contempt that constituted the non-confidence. Talk about confusing!

  121. old lady says:

    The “contempt” ethics committee was not the first time that the opposition bunch pre determined an outcome before the committee had even started. The Aphgan detainee fiasco was the same. The opposition cabal decided which witnesses they believed (Colville) and which ones were lying (Hillier, etc.) before they even testified. that’s just one example.

  122. Sandy says:

    Ruth — I had already tweeted that earlier this afternoon! LOL

    I simply remember when I worked in the Ontario government how staff had to prepare the wording for the various types of “motions.” There are procedures you have to follow. So, its got to be more complex at the federal level. As such, IMO, a vote of non-confidence is quite separate from what would be an motion of contempt of parliament. The latter would not of itself bring the gov’t down. There would have had to have been a separate motion of non-confidence following the motion of contempt of parliament. At least that is what I was taught.

    But, yes, I would like to hear from a neutral constitutional expert on what is what.

  123. ed says:

    billg says:
    April 6, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    ” Now, go out and play, everything is gonna be ok.”

    billg, I hope you’re right. :-) I notice some people here noting that the PM looks tired. I hope he paces himself and realizes he has the weight and strength of his supporters to keep his spirit up on his way to a massive victory!!

  124. Ruth says:

    thanks Sandy. I’m behind reading the tweets today. I had just heard Frank Graves say that the Conservatives were dropping in the polls now on ethics, so I just thought it’s about time people heard the truth instead of what they get from the MSM.

  125. billg says:

    No one is getting lazy or complacent, but, do the math. 90 seats in Western Canada, 40 seats in Ontario, 15 in Quebec and 10 in Eastern Canada is a minimum IMHO.
    I had doubts until the Liberals dropped the newly reconditioned red book, now I dont.
    This campaign will switch to money and taxes very shortly, and, of course a cap and trade green shift. Oh the Conservatives will have bad days, as well the Liberals, but, this thing is shifting….when the CBC questions the Liberals accounting you know its shifting. I’m going out to play road hockey with the neighbors kids.

  126. ed says:

    JDot says:
    April 6, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    “Interesting post from Paul Wells..”

    JDot, yeah that’s a tough call. Limiting the number of questions or having to put up with 10 or 20 “stupid” ones that do not deal with the real issues. The media has been after the PM since day one. They haven’t played fair. If they did, this would not be an issue, IMO. The PM certainly has more patience dealing with these guys than I ever would. I think with more questions, the media would use them to further their attempt to “get” the PM. Pretty sad state of affairs. Talking about ethics, we should direct our attention to the media not just the politicians.

  127. Ontario Girl says:

    I am just listening to that phoney bologna Jack layton right now on CPAC. He is going balistic on Harper and the HST. He never said a word about HST in Nova Scotia because its a NDP Govt. Now he is froathing at the mouth like a rabbit dog against Harper in BC. I hope someone takes that holier then thou NDP to task.

  128. maz2 says:

    Liberal Count Ignatieff supports pulling the plug.

    IggyPR says, Moi-Count, am not now a Fan of “Harper”; nor, have Moi-Count ever been a fan of “Harper”. BTW, what’s a YouTube?


    “YouTube pulls Harper Imagine clip”

    “Thousands of other covers of the song, including a rendition by former U.S. president Bill Clinton, remain on YouTube.”


  129. Gabby in QC says:

    Sandy at 5:36 pm, I am not assuming anything. I merely provided some information from Hansard and other documentation.

    And, to tell you the truth, my motivation was to save you, a fellow conservative, some embarrassment in case you decided to tweet journalists with your contention that there had been no vote — when there had been one, as you can read in Hansard.

    Don’t worry, I promise never to tread on your territory again.

  130. jon says:

    I am just listening to that phoney bologna Jack layton right now on CPAC.

    It’s easy for Jack and the NDP who can make all the promises in the world knowing he will never be elected PM, knowing we can never say he broke his word to Canadians. Or is that the case? Corporate tax cuts and the long-gun registry: two major policies that they reversed themselves on… two-for-two in the big lies dept.

  131. Martin says:

    Sandy: I too would like to hear from a constitutional expert as it is very confusing, even without the media input.

    What is clear from Hansard is that Iggy was talking about the government being “on the edge of being found in contempt”, 2 full days before the non-confidence motion was put before parliament.

  132. Sandy says:

    Gabby — This is hardly my territory. I am just trying to clarify things. Everyone knowns there was a vote of non-confidence which took the gov’t down. Everyone also knows the word contempt was in that motion. What I am saying is that a non-confidence motion may not be the same as a motion of contempt of parliament.

    My issue is that none of us, me included, can be sure what it all means until an expert tells us specifically if the non-confidence motion was the same as a motion of contempt of parliament. I don’t see how they can be because we know the Speaker did not get a committee report and did not rule the gov’t in contempt and thus putting his finding to the entire HOC for a motion and vote on that specifically. When he sent the matter to the committee, it was to obtain further information to ascertain whether there was contempt.

    So, if someone visits here with expertise in parliamentary procedure, perhaps they could tell us which is the truth.

    Because until that happens, we and the media will assume the motion that took the government down was the same as a motion of contempt of parliament. And, it can’t be IMO because there have been others before such as with Joe Clark’s gov’t falling. Yet, the opps claim this was the first time in history.

    I am going to dig into parliamentary procedure to get to the bottom of this. It’s boring but it could make a huge difference to the public.

  133. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal Count Ignatieff’s socialism and his O’Harvard buddy, o.


    “U.S. shutdown could trigger meltdown

    WASHINGTON — Investors are facing two possible U.S. government shutdown scenarios, one of limited impact on markets, and another so potentially devastating that analysts are struggling to fully assess it.

    Neither is sure to occur, but the limited-impact version seemed distinctly possible Wednesday as Democrats and Republicans argued over the federal budget. It would involve the expiration at midnight on Friday of a stop-gap spending measure known as a continuing resolution, or CR.

    The nightmare shutdown scenario, still a few weeks away, would involve Congress failing to raise the national debt ceiling and possibly an unprecedented government debt default.

    “A CR shutdown is a big deal, but not Armageddon,” said Chris Krueger, a policy analyst at financial group MF Global.

    “A default shutdown … would result in panic in both the equities and bond markets,” he said.

    With these scenarios and the US$1.4-trillion federal budget deficit as a backdrop, the game of fiscal chicken under way in Congress is likely to go on for months.”



    “Portugal grabs for financial lifeline

    LISBON – Portugal’s caretaker government said on Wednesday it had decided to seek financing from the European Union in an abrupt turnaround after resisting a bailout for months despite sharply deteriorating financial conditions.

    The nation of 10.5 million became the third member of the eurozone to seek a rescue after Greece and Ireland after months of fending off market pressure to request assistance, as borrowing costs soared amid deepening political instability.

    Prime Minister Jose Socrates said in a televised statement that parliament’s rejection of additional austerity measures last month had aggravated the financial situation, ultimately making the request for aid “inevitable.”

    “I tried everything, but in conscience we have reached a moment when not taking this decision would imply risks that the country should not take,” he said.”


  134. jad says:

    That the House agree with the finding of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs that the government is in contempt of Parliament, which is unprecedented in Canadian parliamentary history, and consequently, the House has lost confidence in the government.

    I have to agree with Sandy on this one. The motion says clearly that the House agrees with the committee, that the government is in contempt, and that therefore the House has lost confidence in the government, so it is simply an attempt by the opposition to muddy the waters by tying the committee report to the confidence vote. If it was an actual vote on the committee report, there would be no mention of confidence, and as Sandy says, a further confidence motion would be required.

    What we got was basically a confidence motion masquerading as a vote on the committee report.

  135. jon says:

    Barbara says:
    April 6, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    This election feels different in that people aren’t buying everything the media is trying to sell (it helps that most reporters are over the top, not even trying to be subtle). So many people get their news from blogs and internet, so the public is much more informed and can make more informed opinions. When the Cons. get their majority (fingers crossed), I can’t wait to see the journalists’ heads explode!

    I think what is most concerning to the liberal media is that in the past they used to have an effect on the daily tracking polls, able to frame the narrative and to adjust and to change the message accordingly, in order to suit Liberal interests.

    They see now that their sway and influence is waning, that Canadians just aren’t listening to them anymore. Too many alternative media sources and a mistrust of the MSM from the average voter has them unable to react, operating their newsrooms still as if it’s the 1970s and 80s with a mindset that if they don’t report something, it never happened and Canadians will never find out we never told them.

    They shouldn’t be forced to change, to report fairly and responsibly, they should want to do so in the interests of preserving whatever integrity they have left.

  136. wilson says:

    Gabby, Richco and Sandy,
    found this Akin/kady post on the contempt or not issue.
    If you read the comments, this same debate is being thrashed out there too.

    There was no vote in the House on contempt, but can a contempt motion be rolled into a non-confidence vote?
    See the comments……. Akin and Craig Oliver said Harper govt not found in contempt, but some learned others so otherwise.

    ”…This afternoon in the House of Commons, MPs began debating “concurrence” in the contempt report from the Procedure and House Affairs Commitee (PROC). Under the procedural rules, three hours of House of Commons time is allotted for that debate. At the end of that debate, MPs will vote to “concur” with that report which would mean that, for the first time ever, a government would be found in contempt of Parliament.

    But there is simply not enough time in the House of Commons calendar today to squeeze in three hours of debate before the House adjourns at 5:30 p.m.

    Under the rules, it is up to the government to schedule the remainder of time of debate on the contempt report and its subsequent vote. But the government can reschedule that any time over the next 10 sitting days. That will never happen because this Parliament ends Friday.

    So bottom line here: This government will never be found in contempt of Parliament….”


  137. Ontario Girl says:

    I must say that last night in Quebec PM Harper wasn’t tired. ….he was awesome and on fire….. he had a totally different speech and it was funny and strong. He had Jacques Demers there and he spoke and all of the Quebec Members of the HOC with the cabinet ministers. There were 1200 people there…Iggy had 100 at his event in Quebec. This was the BEST I saw Harper ever. It would get you pumped. It did me. Of course CPAC didn’t show it. They showed him in the fire fighters building today as a wrap up of yesterday. Don’t kid yourself..CPAC is LIBERAL.

  138. Rich says:

    I believe that under the Chretien government; the Speaker ruled that there was a prima facie case of contempt of Parliament by Art Eggleton and also Ann McClelland and referred the matter to the committee for House affairs and Procedures; the Liberal party held the majority in this committee so the contempt charge was whitewashed and no motion was ever made. Just like today the Liberals with their cohorts have the majority in the committee so the coalition opposition could produce a bogus two page report on the governments refusal to provide necessary costs; never my that these cost were provided in thick binders at committee . Bev Oda was never found in contempt because the committee did not get the report back to the parliament in time before Iggy quickly introduce his non confidence motion. This was hurriedly introduced to prevent the Government from bringing the budget to a vote in the house.
    I tried to find the Art Eglinton & Ann MacClelland rulings on google but was unsuccessful. If anyone is familiar with what prompted the Speakers ruling please let me know.

  139. Gabby in QC says:

    The PM is speaking right now in Ajax-Pickering and at one point he asked, as he usually does in his speech, “why are we having this election?” At which point someone in the audience yelled out — if I heard right — “because Iggy wants to go home!”

  140. frmgrl says:

    Kate at SDA is now on the student,CPC rally,Black Rod story.

  141. Martin says:

    Here is the link for the Anne Mclellan case Mar 2001:

    .”The Speaker ruled that this constituted a prima facie contempt of the House and invited Mr. Toews to move a motion. Mr. Toews moved to refer the matter to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs for further study. The motion was adopted and accordingly, the matter was referred to committee”.

    I have posted a couple of times on this. Similarly to Bev Oda, Speaker Milliken found a likelyhood of contempt and referred the matter to committee. The crucial difference is that the committee with a majority of Liberals found McLellan innocent and that was the end. Bev Oda did not enjoy that luxury.
    I believe the case for Art Eggleton was similar. With a majority government, no Cabinet Minister could be found in contempt.

    Here is a link to the Eggleton case:


  142. wilson says:

    Paul Wells on why PMSH only allows 5 questions:

    ”..But I’m pretty sure that part (only part) of the reason he doesn’t is because it keeps the travelling pack feeling frustrated and, therefore, comically self-obsessed, so we will keep asking variations on “Why are you so mean to us?” ….”

    All journalist/reporters should read his article. (Macleans)
    It explains why the hostile media is irrelevent and ineffectual in bringing down PMSH.
    The media are looking like fools asking insignificant gotcha questions instead of informing the public.

    Iffy’s leadership numbers went down, he’s lower than Dion was,
    keep it up Donolo…… Iffy is wearing the mud his is slinging.

  143. Bruce says:

    From 199 Reasons Not To Vote Liberal;

    52. Chrétien appointing Hon. Roger Simmons (former Trudeau minister convicted of income tax evasion) as Consul-General in Seattle

    Joanne, I sent you an email with the whole file.

  144. Garfield says:

    CPAC is liberal? No kiddin’!
    The cable companies own CPAC and that means Bell Globe Media which also owns CTV.

  145. Martin says:

    A tell tale moment tonight on PP between Don Martin and John Ibbitson of G&M. Ibittson says that Iggy had a great week, is campaigning really well, introduced his platform,… and the polls do not move. It is like, What more can we do!

  146. paulsstuff says:

    “The PM is speaking right now in Ajax-Pickering and at one point he asked, as he usually does in his speech, “why are we having this election?” At which point someone in the audience yelled out — if I heard right — “because Iggy wants to go home!”

    Gabby, I just got back from the rally. Over 1000 people. PM was brilliant. Very upbeat and on message. I’m going to do a post on the rally tommorrow. I want to hold off and see how Terry Milewski and Roger Smith describe it, as both were there.

    By the way, if anyone needed any further proof Roger Smith was a Liberal, he was playing with his blackberry during the entire national anthem singing.

  147. Garfield says:

    Who is Roger Smith’s main squeeze?
    ‘Nuff said?

  148. Ardvark says:

    I know what we are up against and that is why my day so far has went like this:
    I spent most of the morning fixing/replacing signs and then in the afternoon dropped off /installed more signs. A couple of hours trying to catch up on the latest happenings (BTW thanks to everyone here at BLY for the great and timely comments) made a couple of tweets, now grabbing a quick bite and out the door shortly back to campaign HQ for some phone work.

    Tomorrow I go into the belly of the beast, Edmonton Strathcona!

    All that and somewhere I have to find the time to write up a new blog post.

    A majority is not going to happen on its own. You know what to do, so go and do it.

  149. bluetech says:

    Ontario girl…how did you get to see the PM’s speech in Quebec? Is it available anywhere on the net?

  150. bluetech says:

    C’mon Garfield…share!

  151. paulsstuff says:

    I’m guessing Garfield is referencing the Trudeau connection?

  152. Mary T says:

    Caught a little bit of how the debate will be handled, seems like there will be some one on one with the PM and the count. I think the others will have some time between them.
    Sure glad the Mouth is not going to be there.
    Why is layton blaming all the problems in health care on the PM. Didn’t Martin fix health care for generations a while back.
    Isn’t health care a provincial matter, didn’t liberals make drastic cuts to transfers for health care. Remember when the health minister refused to give AB any money unless we provided free abortions. What was her name.
    If all the problems happened in the last 5 yrs, why has it been part of every election campaign for ages. Were liberals and ndpers lying to us when they said it needed fixing in the 90s, and before.

  153. ed says:

    Mulroney dismisses coalition nonsense.
    Charest attacks PM on Newfoundland loan promise.
    D. McGuinty attacks PM on the same issue.
    Iggy today appeals to progressive conservatives. – gives compliments.

    Is there a pattern here??

    I hope all Conservatives stick together to get that majority. I wish the old guard of all parties would get lost. I became a Conservative because of the “new” vision of politics offered, not the old style of patronage and corruption.

  154. wilson says:

    Oh oh media getting cranky over Iffy-speak,
    yah, got a bit of tweaking to do on that love-hate thing yah got going with Duceppe, Iffy

    “Bob Fife to Michael Ignatieff: “What do you respect about a man that wants to break up the country?”

    This keeping the separatists in his back pocket incase he needs them on May 3rd,
    is not going to go well for Iffy.

  155. ruralbelle says:

    The Star’s article today ‘Another student barred from Conservative Party rally’ is of course not giving all the facts http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/970185–another-student-barred-from-conservative-party-rally?bn=1.

    Joanna MacDonald is not a political innocent, she is an executive member of the Sierra Youth Coalition and the Cdn Youth Delegation and a speaker on climate change policy and activism http://sites.google.com/site/guelphsustainabilityweek/project-updates/opportunitiesforyouthintheenvironmentalclimatechangemovementnationalandinternationallevel.

    She attended the Copenhagen Conference http://www.uoguelph.ca/ses/content/joanna-macdonald with Yvonne Su http://thecannon.ca/viewpoints/opinions/copenhagen_summit_a_students_perspective and the Climate Change Conference in Cancun http://www.uoguelph.ca/news/2010/11/student_to_atte.html.

    Just google her… http://search.aol.ca/aol/search?&query=joanna+macdonald%252C+guelph&invocationType=tb50ffwinampie7

  156. wilson says:

    Oh oh, Iffy……
    A Liberal candidate for a Vancouver-area riding was convicted of driving drunk in 2005

    Read more: http://www.canada.com/Liberal+candidate+convicted+drunk+driving/4571333/story.html#ixzz1InWfdj9r

  157. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: bluetech
    Ontario girl…how did you get to see the PM’s speech in Quebec? Is it available anywhere on the net?

    I saw the whole thing last night on CPAC at about 5:40pm eastern. It was the best I ever saw the PM.About 1200 people were there they said.

  158. jon says:

    Why is layton blaming all the problems in health care on the PM. Didn’t Martin fix health care for generations a while back.
    Isn’t health care a provincial matter, didn’t liberals make drastic cuts to transfers for health care.

    Layton’s a hypocrite, saying that Harper is a threat to health care, even though no cuts in health transfers have been made by the Conservatives, in spite of a deficit, which is larger than the one in the ‘90s, when the Libs cut $25 billion to the provinces. Yet he forms a coalition with them anyway.

    One has to wonder if that coalition came to be and were still in charge today, what Layton would be saying as deputy PM if the Libs tried to replicated their “successes” in the ‘90s by making similar cuts…. I suspect he’d be defending it, saying that getting the books in order would mean more stable health funding down the road.

  159. maz2 says:

    “B.C. Liberal candidate has drunk-driving conviction”



    Of Liberal Count Ignatieff’s Liberal candidate Pablo Rodriguez:

    “Lib MP lied to police about drinking before accident
    June 8, 2010 — BC Blue”

    “The real story is starting to emerge about Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez’s night of drinking and driving that ended with him causing an accident and being charged on a drinking offense (see here).

    Police are saying Pablo had red eyes, smelled of alcohol and at first said he had nothing to drink before admitting to “two small glasses of wine”. The most stunning thing to come out of the police report is that Pablo played the political card, repeatedly saying it was due to his being a Liberal that the police were charging him and that his career of 30 years was being threatened.

    I’m not holding my breath for Iffy to remove this lying MP from the Liberal caucus as he will only react to media pressure and if the minimal coverage (see here) so far is any indicator, Pablo has nothing to worry about. (see story here) ”


  160. wilson says:

    tweet CTV, R Madon
    ‘.Layton slams #HST in BC and ON, but called it “innovative” in NS where provincial NDP govt raised it 2%. #elxn41 ‘

    • Joanne says:

      ‘.Layton slams #HST in BC and ON, but called it “innovative” in NS where provincial NDP govt raised it 2%. #elxn41 ‘

      That’s one to promote. Of course Layton’s just practicing to work with Iffy in the coalition.

  161. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Richco
    he really seamed tired…and not as well-polished as he is usually. Even his glasses did nothing for him today. I think he should put the tie back on and leave Iggy looking like a schlump.

    He started out upbeat and then after the mob rat pack media were finished, I think it starts to fray the nerves, when you have to just stand there and take their insults. I think the PM needs to wear some COLOR….he wears to much grey and white…drab looking colors. He needs to spark himself up.Wear BLUE shirts at least. He looks pale. But I don’t want him to do what Iggy does and wear lipstick and eyeshadow etc. At least PM Harper is ahead in the brains dept, where it counts.

    • Joanne says:

      I think the PM needs to wear some COLOR….he wears to much grey and white…drab looking colors. He needs to spark himself up.Wear BLUE shirts at least. He looks pale. But I don’t want him to do what Iggy does and wear lipstick and eyeshadow etc. At least PM Harper is ahead in the brains dept, where it counts.

      Ontario Girl – I agree on all counts.

  162. Maggie says:

    Does anyone else find that this is odd?

    It says how Mrs. Iggy has not yet got Canadian Citizenship and cannot vote in the election. But if they have lived here since 2005, and he has been an MP since 2006, and it only takes 3 years residency to apply surely, she should have it by now? I know that I got my citizenship 5 years (that was the rule then) to the day in 1975 (it cost me $10 and the officer said that I was now a ten buck Canuck?)

  163. Michael Harkov says:

    Maggie, maybe they have no plans on staying after this election, so what would be the point?

  164. cantuc says:

    So if Conrad Black couldn’t be a Canadian citizen and an English lord at the same time , does this affect Ignatief being a Russian count or whatever ? or was that just so Black could get his knighthood ?

  165. ed says:

    “Do I scare you? Is there something sinister about me? Look carefully,” he said drawing some laughter from the crowd. “I am what I am. A patriotic Canadian citizen. I love my country.”

    Ignatieff also reiterated a pledge to build a new bridge, linking the suburb on the south shore of Montreal to the city to replace the aging Champlain Bridge.

    He said Canada’s business crosses on this bridge, …”


    Laughter, no kidding. “A patriotic Canadian ..” LOL The BS keeps coming from this guy. Buying votes again. This guy’s clueless about what crosses that bridge. Someone should tell him about highway 30 on the south shore which was built so heavy truck traffic could bypass the Champlain bridge, and Montreal, as the transports head east and west across the country, and coming up from the US about 45 minutes to an hour south of the bridge. Wasting taxpayers’ money as he recklessly, without due consideration, pursues his desperate bid for power. Shameful!!


    The completion of Autoroute 30 will involve the construction of several structures, specifically intended to maintain the existing road links and involving the redesign of certain interchanges.

    The Western section also includes two major structures that will make it possible to cross two large waterways:

    * The bridge crossing the Beauharnois Canal – spanning close to 2.5 km, with a vertical clearance in excess of 38 metres;
    * The bridge spanning the St. Lawrence River – close to 2 km in length.

    The total investment in these bridges represents more than 40% of the cost of the Western section, and must satisfy certain criteria that have been previously negotiated with the federal government and with the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.

    Last modification of this page : 2011-03-15”



    Traffic will be able to travel along the south shore, east & west, avoiding the Champlain bridge as you travel to Ontario or the Maritimes.

  166. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Maggie
    It says how Mrs. Iggy has not yet got Canadian Citizenship and cannot vote in the election. But if they have lived here since 2005, and he has been an MP since 2006, and it only takes 3 years residency to apply surely, she should have it by now? I know that I got my citizenship 5 years (that was the rule then) to the day in 1975 (it cost me $10 and the officer said that I was now a ten buck Canuck?)

    I find it really odd. She can’t get a govt. job, yet if Ignatieff forms a coalition Govt., he would be the Prime Minister with a wife who isn’t a Canadian. Maybe she hasn’t bothered with her citizenship because they will be heading to the USA after the election.

  167. Ontario Girl says:

    I have been watching CPAC all night and haven’t seen PM Harpers ralley from later today. They show Iggy from this morning, and he’s on there now again bashing Harper with BOB RAE GRINNING,, and then Layton bashing Harper and then Duceppe bashing Harper……….BUT NO PM Harper. Nothing. Normally they show him after midnight when everyone is in bed. Now they arn’t even doing that.

  168. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: ed
    “Do I scare you? Is there something sinister about me? Look carefully,” he said drawing some laughter from the crowd. “I am what I am. A patriotic Canadian citizen. I love my country.”

    I hope he keeps talking. He looks and sounds unhinged. He is doing a pathetic imitation of Obama. I know he bought the Obama campaign tapes. He’s pretty flashy spending taxpayers money in Quebec. A new bridge and a new arena? Duceppe must be paid off. A bridge for CANADA he now says. Oh god…the red book is full of hope.

  169. Fay says:

    Thanks for reporting that Ontario girl. I will be emailing CPAC and maybe more of us should do the same.
    We had a busy day with the nomination of our local PC candidate in Brandon west tonight. Manitoba is one of those provinces with an election on October 4, 2011. A big challenge ahead to remove the NDP from Manitoba.

  170. Barbara says:

    I remember several years ago when Harper first was elected, the media made a huge deal of the fact that his wife still went by her maiden name. Then she changed it, and they made a big deal about that too. Imagine, just for a second, if she wasn’t a Canadian citizen. Bobby Fife and the rest of the liars club would be breathless and sputtering to report that first.

  171. Liz J says:

    Great video up at SDA. Mr Holier-Than-Thou in his affected tone ranting on and on about background checks. The guy is breathless.
    This is one he’ll have to play back to himself. Will he take the blame for not doing a background check on one of his own candidates?

    Let him eat his own words and lick his chops while he’s at it. Damned arrogant worm.

  172. Garfield says:

    Roger Smith’s wife was part of Trudeau’s inner circle in the PMO. Has that connection clouded his objectivity? I would think it would, but that’s just me.
    But then again, what is Fife’s, Milewski’s and the others’ excuse?

    • Joanne says:

      Roger Smith’s wife was part of Trudeau’s inner circle in the PMO.

      I didn’t know that Garfield. Do you have any back-up info? Thanks.

  173. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report: La Gripper, aka Liberal Ad$Cam Chretien.

    One for the Gripper.

    Our Archives wherein TORedStar digs up:

    “Chrétien, wearing sunglasses, wades into the crowd and comes face-to-face with a hat-clad Bill Clennett. He grabs Clennett in a choke-hold, which would later be dubbed the “Shawinigan handshake.”


    “How politicians deal with confrontation”


  174. Liz J says:

    From the Patrick Brethour column linked to we have the loquacious Prof from the U of O, one Errol Mendes, quoted as saying in the event of a minority “there will be no stay of execution; whatever the risks the opposition will move immediately.” “The Tories are doomed in a minority situation.”

    Is Mendes up to his eyeballs in the LPC or just another of the media “experts” who know all the answers, give out free advice that speaks to a particular agenda.

    Anyone reading this article should be out on the streets working to make sure we get rid of the toxic screed spewers by electing a Conservative majority. Let’s prove all the “experts” who are blinded by hate for all things Conservatives wrong.

  175. Ruth says:

    To all the people that are afraid what would happen if the Conservatives got a majority, I think the question should be what will happen to our Country if the Liberals/NDP get in and put in all the social programs that we can never get rid of. Once a National Daycare is in place or any other program, it is very hard to ever end it. Our military would be gutted again so the money could be used for Eldercare. Our investments in the stock market and mutual funds that are just started to grow again would sink like a rock. Scary, scary times ahead, I’d say.

  176. Liz J says:

    In the event the people end up electing a minority Conservative government we now know our choice will not be honoured by the opposition led by the Liberals. The Liberals cannot act alone so a coalition will be the only option for them to grab the reins of power. That means they do not accept the peoples’ choice to govern, in turn they talk about being the great believers in democracy.

    Does it not seem a no-brainer for anyone who cares about the stability of this country at this time to ensure that does not happen?
    Are people allowing themselves to be brainwashed daily by a media pushing an agenda intent on getting rid of the best and most capable PM we’ve had in memory for certain upheaval and chaos?

    • Joanne says:

      The Liberals cannot act alone so a coalition will be the only option for them to grab the reins of power. That means they do not accept the peoples’ choice to govern, in turn they talk about being the great believers in democracy.

      They don’t see it that way. They see it as the people voting in the majority against Harper. That’s why we need a clear Conservative majority.

  177. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal Count Ignatieff’s Separatist Coalition and “Just Visiting”.

    The Count’s Whine: Why do they keep on talking ’bout Moi Separatist Coalition?

    The Count’s Whine List:

    “Mr. Ignatieff, Mr. Layton and Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe have all affirmed that they would not be part of a coalition government, in the event the Conservatives once again take the most seats without obtaining an outright majority.”

    “A supporter of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper holds an anti-coalition sign at a campaign rally in London, Ont. – A supporter of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper holds an anti-coalition sign at a campaign rally in London, Ont. | Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press”

    “Canadians don’t like coalitions: poll”



    “Ignatieff has slim chance of mending battered image, pollster says”

    “Michael Ignatieff has paid such a terrible price for the weeks of relentless Conservative attack ads that preceded this election campaign that it may be very difficult for him to improve his brand.

    Eleven days into the campaign – despite delivering an impressively professional and positive performance, and despite the general favour with which the party’s election platform has been received – the Liberal Leader has failed to create any positive impression with voters, according the Nanos Research daily survey of voter attitudes for the Globe and Mail and CTV.”


  178. Garfield says:

    That info came out in the ’08 election when Roger was slamming the PM. No one picked up on it then, but it stayed in my memory bank.
    Also, CTV has little bios on its people at their website.
    Sorry I didn’t reply last night, campaign duties called.

  179. maz2 says:

    Good news for PM Harper.

    More, and, faster.


    “Que. adopts motion against Lower Churchill funding”

    “Legislature slams federal money for Newfoundland and Labrador hydroelectricity project”

    “Quebec’s legislature unanimously passed a motion on Wednesday criticizing the federal parties for pledging to help a hydroelectricity project in Newfoundland and Labrador.

    The Conservatives were the first to promise financial support to the Lower Churchill project, but both the NDP and the Liberals now say they will do the same.

    The Quebec motion says Newfoundland shouldn’t benefit from Ottawa’s help given that Quebec developed its hydroelectric resources on its own.

    The Charest government has never opposed neighbouring provinces developing their hydroelectric resources but objected to what it saw as an unfair advantage being given by the federal government.

    It appears that Newfoundland “would benefit from a subsidy which would lead to a disparity and unequal treatment of Quebec and the other provinces by the federal government,” said Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau during the debate on the motion.”


  180. Bec says:

    To those wondering how the Ajax-Pickering event went, I just watched it on CPAC and it was fantastic! The audience and PM were completely aligned, best so far.

    This whole election campaign is starting to affect me like the Coalition events of 2008 and so my choice is to get even more mileage out of my brains, mouth and feet than I did then. We can’t just talk about it, we need to be involved everyday, somehow!

    As well, during the rally that I just watched, an audience member responded to the PM with a shout out about Iggy going home after the election which raised a big laugh from everyone.
    I figure if the ignorant questions from the media continue, the audience should start responding with “dumb question” or something that drops the Milewki’s, Fife’s, Smith’s etc down a peg. Let them know that if they don’t listen to us through our e-mails and calls that they will in person.

    Re: Denise Chong, spouse of R. Smith
    “In 1981 she became a senior economic advisor and worked closely with the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau until the end of his term in 1984.

  181. jon says:

    Liz J, the media is surely losing its sway and influence. The fact that they have, in past elections, stated that when Harper uses the “M” word, he goes down in the polls, certainly illustrates this. They don’t realize that the more juvenile the behave, the more they, and not Harper, look bad. I’m not sure what’s coming next. They’ll probably sneak up behind the PM and pull his pants down, or maybe toss cherry bombs at his feet. I don’t think anything can be ruled out in their attempts to knock him off his game.

  182. Richco says:

    Something that we need to be very wary of is that the Liberal media spin is going to ramp up to make a Harper majority something to fear and fear big-time. It’s already starting to happen. The media and opposition are trying to lead voters to believe the worst about a Harper majority.

    The Harper team (and that includes bloggers) need to help voters understand that a Harper majority is nothing to fear. In fact, with a majority we can actually get things done and we will not be mired in the constant threat of an election at the whim of the Coalition when they don’t get their way.

    Harper’s exactly right when he suggests that the Coalition should be what Canadians should fear because it’s true. It will once again put a straightjacket on governance in this country.

    For every media pundit who writes about the “fear” of a Harper majority – they’re trying to pull the vote and trick people….nothing more.

    re: the Heather Mallick column yesterday – I sent a copy of the letter I sent to Mallick to both Adler and Lilley and heard back from both of them. One thanking me VERY much, the other saying that he had rec’d similar notes of disgust. So we’ll see what happens.

    • Joanne says:

      Richco – ‘Fear’ is a great manipulator in an election. People often vote with their hearts rather than their heads.

      I think the PM made a good start defusing the majority concern when he said that the social conservative issues would not be brought forward by a Conservative government.

  183. Richco says:

    Great column today by Christina Blizzard on the teacher unions in Ontario. Sorry, don’t have a link but it’s at TorSun

  184. Liz J says:

    Yeah Bec, that was a great rally in Ajax-Pickering, nice to see Laureen being her gracious self as well, great asset.

    The Count of Ig says “Canadians have not reason to fear electing a government to replace Stephen Harper.”

    Maybe the Count should explain further his plan to replace Stephen Harper should the people return the same result as we had in the last Parliament. He will then have only one option, do what he said he wouldn’t do, form a coalition. If the numbers remain the same or the Conservatives gain a few more seats they’ll need the support of the Bloc to do a take down the duly elected government.

  185. Garfield says:

    Do not let the media discourage you, there is a groundswell of support out there for the PM and the CPC.
    We hear it when sign installers return with tales of people approaching them for signs and wishing to volunteer. We see our signs on lawns of people identified previously as LPC voters. Donations are up, visits to the Campaign office are up and all of our workers are UP.
    However, that does not mean we can coast or take anything for granted, the battle continues until the evening of May 2!

  186. Liz J says:

    BTW, Holland is running scared in Ajax-Pickering, his numbers went down last election.

  187. Richco says:

    “It says how Mrs. Iggy has not yet got Canadian Citizenship and cannot vote in the election.”
    You have to know that the Liberal oppo. team would be all over this if it were Harper’s wife – if it’s true that is.

    Ont. Girl – yes you’re right and the interruptions for Harper in his afternoon speech were getting to him too I think. However I did catch his Ajax/Pickering speech which was really, REALLY a lot better. I think he’s ok to go off script once in a while, he’s less rigid and comes out with some funny stuff sometimes like in that speech when he asked “do you remember the ’70s” and some kid in the front row said “no”.

    I watched Iggy’s speech from Brossard Que. and he’s a horrible speaker – looks down at the ground, licks his lips in nervousness and he’s got his jokes and his Family Plan mixed up – I couldn’t tell one from the other. I did notice that Bob Rae was with him smirking through Iggy’s speech and making faces, looking board the whole time. Funny though Brossard isn’t anywhere near Toronto Centre. Maybe Rae’s party of Iggy’s campaign entourage from now on.

    Re: the whole contempt or not issue – I’m more confused about this than ever so I hope we can get some expert advice from somewhere.

  188. Bec says:

    What is very telling is where they intend to hold rallies. With the exception of a few, they are campaigning in Eastern Canada……leaving the West for Jack to work!
    Spin Assasin posted the Liberal rally map, yesterday.


  189. maz2 says:

    Media? What Media?

    The Media is all agog ’bout Liberal Count Ignatieff’s socialist Separatist Coalition.

    The “experts” are frothing at the gills.

    The howler:

    “There will be more and more of this discussion as election day approaches. Its effect on voter intentions is hard to predict.”


    “The sound of stopping Harper”


  190. Richco says:

    P.S. – I probably wouldn’t be so suspicious of the way the contempt issue is still getting the opposition and their media pups excited if the same culprits hadn’t ramped up every faux scandal so far. They have a history that makes me want to question this too I guess.

  191. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal Count Ignatieff’s O’Harvard buddy, o, and Hope and Change.

    “*Lately, Ignatieff has been saying that the Liberal Party must offer Canadians “hope” and we all know from whom he purloined that word.

    >>> Yes, he does aspire to being considered this country’s Barack Obama.”


    “Obama questions Alberta’s oilsands”

    “President Barrack Obama has waded into the murky oilsands debate, suggesting the resource is potentially “destructive.””



    *From the left:

    “*On Michael Ignatieff”


  192. fh says:

    the media love to talk clothes
    they have nothing to talk about so conservatives should not change
    we are doing great
    keep up the hard work your work will be rewarded when Canada has a Majority Conservative Government

  193. Ontario Girl says:

    Re: the whole contempt or not issue – I’m more confused about this than ever so I hope we can get some expert advice from somewhere.

    They just showed a Conservative campaigning in the area where Karen Redman is trying to get her seat back. CPAC shows the Conservataive door knocking and they cherry pick the door where the guy starts arguing about Bev Oda and contemp of parliament. So the candidate says he will send him some information on the story. Didn’t look good. The candiadate(didn’t get his name) looks like a distinguished smart guy. Hope he gets in. They had Stringbean Liberal Springer with him. Then of course the rest is about Karen Redman and putting her in a great favourable light.

    Last night I had to wait till 12:45AM to see Harper. First they show Iggys morning show…then NDP….then Iggys evening show with Bob Rae….then Duceppe…then Harper in the middle of the night where no one would be up to watch. Bob Rae looked embarressed at Iggys rant.

    • Joanne says:

      So the candidate says he will send him some information on the story. Didn’t look good. The candiadate(didn’t get his name) looks like a distinguished smart guy. Hope he gets in.

      Ontario Girl – That’s my MP Stephen Woodworth. He is a very centrist MP and a very nice man. He never says anything negative about Karen Redman and prefers to keep things on a higher level. I really admire him for that.

      They had Stringbean Liberal Springer with him.

      I actually met Martin Stringer and he is a great guy. Really down-to-earth. Believe it or not he’s the kind of guy you’d really like to sit down with over coffee and talk politics.

      • Joanne says:

        BTW I am planning to do a post focusing just on Kitchener Centre soon. Stephen Woodworth is going to need all the help he can get to keep his seat.

  194. Martin says:

    Liz J:
    Errol Mendes is a much quoted Liberal Ottawa U Professor who was appointed by Paul Martin to PCO. I would not describe him as an expert. This link tells some of his background.


  195. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Richco
    Something that we need to be very wary of is that the Liberal media spin is going to ramp up to make a Harper majority something to fear and fear big-time. It’s already starting to happen. The media and opposition are trying to lead voters to believe the worst about a Harper majority.

    On the noon eastern call in show on CPAC yesterday that host Mark S brought up abortion, the death penalty and gay marriage…then Ivisson ran with it. The panelists on these shows are totally clueless. I know more then they do. Some caller from Quebec was all out of joint because he said Harper was a liar because he didn’t have the HST money in the budget. I heard PM Harper say it would be put in his upcoming platform. It wasn’t in the budget because the deal with Charet wasn’t finalized and then an election was called. The reporters on the panel and the host didn’t know this. So they are shooting off their mouths with assumptions that wern’t true. I sent the facts in an email but it didn’t get read.That call in show is rigged for Liberals.Most of the guests are from CBC. Mark S has a list in his hand on which calls to take the other day. All against PM Harper.

  196. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Bec
    To those wondering how the Ajax-Pickering event went, I just watched it on CPAC and it was fantastic! The audience and PM were completely aligned, best so far.

    I found the one in Quebec to be FANTASTIC…maybe its in the CPAC archives??

  197. Martin says:

    Ontario Girl:
    While we wait for expert analysis of the contempt issue, this link provides some insight. These seem to be knowledegable people. at the end even they disagree. The average voter would be very hardpressed to see the nuances of the argument, may be one reason the Conservatives are not raising it.

  198. Ruth says:

    why in the world would anybody want Karen Redman back in Ottawa
    how can we help

  199. Ontario Girl says:

    actually met Martin Stringer and he is a great guy. Really down-to-earth. Believe it or not he’s the kind of guy you’d really like to sit down with over coffee and talk politics.

    I am just going by things he says on CPAC. To me, he comes across as a Conservative hater and a biased Liberal.

    Was listening to the tail end of a comedy show on CBC radio called minority retorts. It will be on every week. Today they said
    …” Italy like coalition Govt’s so much they have one every year”…lolol
    Harper and Fantino on CPAC now

  200. Liz J says:

    Oh, please, spare us having to look at Karen Redmond in the HOC.

    Remember when Dipper Irene Mathysen, (sp) accused James Moore of looking at pornographic pics on his computer in the HOC? Madam Redmond called for him to be reprimanded as well before finding out the facts, both had to apologize, James was looking at a picture of his girlfriend , who happened to be in a bikini, which was none of their business.

  201. Peter B says:

    Martin Says at 9:38 A.M.

    I wrote Marci Macmillan CTV News on Mar. 26

    Your use of Errol Mendes on your news program tonite should be qualified that he is a Liberal sympathizer not as a non-partisan source – broadcasting ethics would demand that don’t you think?
    I would suspect that he as a professional person would not want to be part of any deception of his history – we and he have a real problem if he does -don’t you think?

    “So maybe the media could report Errol Mendes as “University of Ottawa law professor and former senior Liberal advisor under Paul Martin”.
    Oh, and then there is this. Since 2006, Errol Mendes has contributed over $3,600 to the Liberal Party, including over $200 in the past year.
    Errol Mendes’ opinions might be worth reporting. I’m sure they are well thought out and thought provoking. But that he is also cheek-and-jowl with the Liberal Party in recent years, including a prime ministerial appointment to the PCO, is thought provoking as well.”

  202. Ontario Girl says:

    Very nice friendly campaign stop today for PM Harper on the front lawn of an Italian residence with Julian Fantiono and lots of family members and neighbors. That press are sickening. Their qustions today..
    1/ Radio Canada..”The RCMP and removing a woman from your ralley”
    2/Global Peter Harris…”The controlled media and your control in Govt. lead to “CONTEMPT” of parliament”.
    3/Can Press….”How would you cure the spending desease of the Canadian health care system”?
    4/ Canadian Press…”The National Assembly denounced the loan guarantee. Are you going against Quebec and would you replace the Champlain Bridge?”
    5/ Vaughan Citizen…” People are disappointed they didn’t get to know Mr. Fantino. Can we expect the same from the PMO?”
    There you have it. Hate from the rat pack media. Nothing on the announcement of upping the Tax Fress Savings Acct. from $5000-$10,000. Then CPAC Liberal Peter Van Dusen comes on and says” there is a catch in that announcement…it won’t happen for years. Stay tuned for Michael Ignatieff coming up.” grrrrrrrrrr

    Pm Harper was having pics taken with the people….it was such a nice friendly pleasant stop….minus the media. He must of read my post….he wore color…blue blazer and a lilac shirt. Looked relaxed and ready to keep on with the message. Conservative MAJORITY.

  203. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Martin
    Ontario Girl:
    While we wait for expert analysis of the contempt issue, this link provides some insight. These seem to be knowledegable people. at the end even they disagree. The average voter would be very hardpressed to see the nuances of the argument, may be one reason the Conservatives are not raising it.

    Stephen Woodworth handled the situation correctly . The issue is too complicated to try and explain it at the door. Sending the guy the info was a good reply. The Liberals knew this too I am sure. So they go aroung shooting their mouths off re:Wayne Easter.

  204. Peter B says:

    I ignore the debate whether Government was found guilty of contempt and reduce it to the coalition opposition defeated the government and brought on a 300 million dollar election. There is no exact definition of contempt as it relates to parliament so it is whatever you want to say it is. If the opposition doesn’t like the answers they are getting then they can holler contempt. Fact is that they never found Oda guilty of anything but they carry on with their accusations as if they are proven fact.

  205. Ontario Girl says:

    CPAC call in show…guests TOM CLARK and STEVE MAHER….two Liberals. New Liberal candidate in hot water and Clark is defending him


    Call in……1-877-296-2722 Don’t let them get away with things.

  206. Bubba Brown says:

    Well just a little over 3 weeks to go, we have the “great debate” to look forward to tuesday.
    I will stock up on beer and popcorn, the 12 minutes that PM Harper and the Leader of her Majesties Loyal opposition go mano a’ pinko. will be what this old guy wants to see.
    Gonna be the longest 12 minutes in Mr Ignatieff’s life IMO
    The other co-conspirators not so much, I don’t think Gilles Ducette has a vision for Canada, other than gimme-gimme en francais.
    Jack Layton well, when you look at his balooning expense account, just think what magic Jack could bring to balooning the deficit that the Coalition demanded, and now are shrieking about.
    Funny how some “student activist” who has been outed on SDA, getting his narrow ass booted from a Conservative Rally is still news 3 or 4 days later.
    From his facebook postings he wanted “to take Harper down”?
    Good job RCMP! lots more people want into our Rallys than can get in, we don’t need trouble makers.
    Good job! by RCMP.
    My favorite line is the Liberal “Big Tent” comes with eye holes.
    Funny when this stuff lands on Liberals the Media all are “busy eatin’ lobster rolls” nothing to see here just another Liberal Candidate, that “allegedly” made in appropriate remarks regarding a Cree candidate. That will be gone in one day as a story.

  207. Peter B says:

    Three tweets by Fife questioning Igantieff – believe it

    RobertFife Robert Fife

    Ignatieff refuses to say what Tory crime laws he will repeal to send fewer people to prison. #elxn41 #cdnpoli
    54 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

    RobertFife Robert Fife

    Ignatieff condemns John Reilly’s comments as “utterly unacceptable” but won’t turf him as Lib candidate. #elxn41 #cdnpoli
    54 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    RobertFife Robert Fife

    Lib MP Pablo Rodriquez -facing drunk driving charges – stands behind Ignatieff at newser. #elxn41 #cdnpoli
    37 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

  208. Bubba Brown says:

    “An act of deliberate disobedience or disregard for the laws, regulations, or decorum of a public authority, such as a court or legislative body”
    So refusing to fund a bunch of Palestinian loving oil sands hating busybodies is “contempt”
    I don’t think so, should Bev Oda have expanded on her answer to the “Not” question?
    Perhaps, but if you have taken the time to watch the badgering, bullying at the “Kangaroo Kommitte” I think a reasonable person would agree that saying as little as possible would be the default position.
    Just “yes or no” right MP Pat Martin?
    As for Parliament being in “Contempt” that was moved and passed before the aforementioned Kangaroos got out their report.
    I think the Canadian taxpayers have been held in contempt by the coalition forcing an unneeded and unnecessary election.
    Just so they can attempt another coalition coup, now that is contemptuous behavior. IMHCO
    Just in another Liberal Candidate in hot water, maybe he will use the “Whoppi defense” You know it wasen’t “Rape Rape”
    A Liberal is someone that is convinced that you can pick up a turd by the “clean end”

  209. ed says:

    “A Tory minority seems as inevitable as its demise – PATRICK BRETHOUR (A rather gloomy prognostication)”

    “All talk of a RecklessCoalition© aside, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s assessment of the next Parliament appears to be bang-on: Canada’s new government will either be a Tory majority or a Liberal minority.”


    The above statement is false. Stephen Harper said it’s either a Conservative government or a coalition government, that’s the choice. Another example of how the press alters the message in a subtle way!!

    • Joanne says:

      The above statement is false. Stephen Harper said it’s either a Conservative government or a coalition government, that’s the choice. Another example of how the press alters the message in a subtle way!!

      Good catch Ed!

  210. Peter B says:

    Another “disgusting” candidate on Ignatieff Team
    This “disgusting” candidate in Wild Rose will continue to be on the Liberal team, and remain an advisor and confidant for Ignatieff on crime legislation
    Ignatieff said he was “disgusted ” by the comments of Liberal candidate John Reilly in Alberta, who is poster child for Liberal policy of tough on crime, who suggested not all sexual offenders deserve to go to prison.
    “These remarks are utterly ,totally unacceptable. We find them, in fact disgraceful” but Iohn Oreilly will remain a member of the Ignatieff Liberal team in this election and nobody on Liberal team will question this decision because as Ignatieff has told Canadians “only I speak for the Liberal party” and this makes sense to him.
    Is it any wonder now that the new Liberal crime policy will require no jail cells?
    Only yesterday we learned of another disgusting member of the Liberal team (even by Liberal standards) Andre Forbes, who has been a Liberal candidate in Quebec, since August of 2009.

  211. Liz J says:

    When is a crime not a crime like drunk driving or tossing taxpayer’s money to the wind?

  212. Richco says:

    “I think I’m having a relapse of the monster cough. Carry on gang.”

    Joanne – this week was the first week in over a month that I haven’t had a cough – I had to go back for more high-octane cough medicine AND I found it much better when I carried water around with me 24/7 and kept sipping on it. It was almost as soon as I relaxed I got sick all over again. Nuts! Let’s blame it on global warming and Liberal hot air.

  213. AJ says:

    Interesting information I never knew about this, definitely no time to get complacent. This is definitely a worry for my riding as we Consist of 3 cities, 2 rural, 1 larger medium sized city which is a student town. Although there is marginal support for NDP/Liberal within my the riding, this vote swapping could make the difference, as there is a big Union presence within all three cities.

    This is concerning especially for my city as the MP seems to be uninterested, and he is basically focusing all his efforts in the 1 larger Community. There is no campaign office open here, the phone numbers are disconnected or don’t exist, and when I finally find one that works to ask what the Hell is going on, pardon my language, they could care less. I ask for signs and they don’t show up, it’s incredibly frustrating & i’m starting to get angry, so i’m open to suggestions & tips on how to get this guy motivated. The last thing I want to see is ANY NDP or Liberal presence in my riding.

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